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Tournaments for Sunday 18th February 2018
EventSiteFEDWebsiteResultsLivePGNUK TimeRd
Other events today
TCh-HUN 2017-18HungaryHUNWebsiteResults6
Frauenbundesliga 2017-18GermanyGERWebsiteResults9
78th Noteboom OpenLeidenNEDWebsiteResultsLive08:005
Nebesna Sotnya Mem RapidLutskUKRWebsiteResultsLive08:008
17th Rochefort Open 2018RochefortFRAWebsiteResultsLive08:302
XII Termo-Eko Cup 2018JurmalaLATWebsiteResults08:306
TCh-CZE 1 Liga ZapadCzech RepublicCZEWebsiteResultsLive09:008
TCh-CZE 1 Liga VychodCzech RepublicCZEWebsiteResultsLive09:008
Aarhus Chess House GMAarhusDENWebsiteResultsLive09:009
Nebesna Sotnya Mem RapidLutskUKRWebsiteResultsLive09:009
Nebesna Sotnya Mem RapidLutskUKRWebsiteResultsLive10:0010
Northumbria Masters 2018NewcastleENGWebsiteResultsLivePGN10:008
Nebesna Sotnya Mem RapidLutskUKRWebsiteResultsLive11:0011
78th Noteboom OpenLeidenNEDWebsiteResultsLive13:006
3rd Sat Djenovici Feb GMDjenoviciMNEWebsiteResultsPGN13:302
3rd Sat Djenovici Feb IMDjenoviciMNEWebsiteResultsPGN13:302
XII Termo-Eko Cup 2018JurmalaLATWebsiteResults14:007
17th Rochefort Open 2018RochefortFRAWebsiteResultsLive15:003
Northumbria Masters 2018NewcastleENGWebsiteResultsLivePGN15:309
Graz Open A 2018GrazAUTWebsiteResultsLive16:002
Graz Match 2018GrazAUTWebsiteResultsLive16:002


4NCL 2017-18 (England ENG)
Sat 11th Nov 2017 - Mon 7th May 2018 - Official Site - Live

4NCL 2017-18 (11 Rds League Club TC: 90m:30m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games | Live


4NCL 2017-18 England ENG Sat 11th Nov 2017 - Mon 7th May 2018
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
1Guildford 17-17-17½-½7½-½7-18-01244
2White Rose 11-75½-2½5½-2½7½-½6-25½-2½1031
3Oxford 11-73½-4½4½-3½5-35½-2½6½-1½826
4Grantham Sharks 1½-7½2½-5½4½-3½4-45½-2½4-4621
53Cs 1½-7½2½-5½3½-4½4-46½-1½6-2523
6Spirit of Atticus A½-7½3-52½-5½1½-6½4½-3½4-4316
7Barbican 4NCL 21-72-62½-5½2-63½-4½5½-2½216½
8The ADs0-82½-5½1½-6½4-44-42½-5½214½
1Cheddleton 15-34-45½-2½5½-2½6½-1½6½-1½1133
2Guildford 23-56-25-35½-2½5½-2½4½-3½1029½
3Wood Green HK4-42-64½-3½4½-3½5½-2½7-1927½
4Barbican 4NCL 12½-5½3-53½-4½4½-3½5½-2½7-1626
5Blackthorne Russia2½-5½2½-5½3½-4½6-25-35½-2½625
6West is Best 11½-6½2½-5½3½-4½2-65-35-3419½
8Cambridge University 13½-4½1-71-72½-5½3-53-5014
16 teams

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