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THE WEEK IN CHESS 1208 1st January 2018 by Mark Crowther


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1) Introduction
2) World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2017
3) Wei Yi - David Navara Match 2017-18
4) 93rd Tradewise Hastings Congress 2017-18
5) 47th Rilton Cup 2017-18
6) 28th Cracovia 2017-18
7) 125th New Zealand Open 2018
8) 55th Groningen Chess Festival 2017
9) Belt and Road Hainan Open 2017
10) 3rd IIFL Wealth Mumbai Open 2017-18
11) Kazakhstan Cup Final 2017
12) Matches of Chess Stars 2017
13) 41st Zurich Christmas Open 2017
14) 14th Paderborner Schachtuerken-Cup 2017
15) 6th Lorca Open 2017
16) 8th Arco Christmas Open 2017
17) 26th Donau Open 2017
18) XXXVI Ludwika Zamenhofa Memorial 2017
19) 27th Erfurt Schachfestival 2017
20) 27th North American Open 2017
21) Bremen Silvester Open 2017
22) 34th Boeblinger Open 2017
23) 3rd HSK Weihnachtsopen 2017
24) Jolimark HK Open 2017
25) Karlstad Open 2017
26) 4th Arica Open 2017
27) 200th MGU Open 2017
28) 1st Al Ain Junior U20 2017-18
29) African Juniors 2017
30) Zolochiv Chess Winter 2017
31) Third Saturday Djenovici December 2017
32) Bhopal International Open 2017
33) Doroshkevich Memorial Amateur Open 2017
34) 1st Schilcherlandopen 2017-18
35) TCh-GER Junior U20 2017
36) Pan-American Intercollegiate 2017
37) TCh-HUN 2017-18
38) Active Team Events
39) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
World Rapid and Blitz Championships 20174215 games
Wei Yi - David Navara Match 2017-182 games
93rd Tradewise Hastings Congress 2017-18203 games
47th Rilton Cup 2017-18272 games
28th Cracovia 2017-18120 games
125th New Zealand Open 201810 games
55th Groningen Chess Festival 201760 games
Belt and Road Hainan Open 201749 games
3rd IIFL Wealth Mumbai Open 2017-18307 games
Kazakhstan Cup Final 201754 games
Matches of Chess Stars 201711 games
41st Zurich Christmas Open 201760 games
14th Paderborner Schachtuerken-Cup 201735 games
6th Lorca Open 201767 games
8th Arco Christmas Open 2017203 games
26th Donau Open 201761 games
XXXVI Ludwika Zamenhofa Memorial 2017243 games
27th Erfurt Schachfestival 2017132 games
27th North American Open 2017162 games
Bremen Silvester Open 2017177 games
34th Boeblinger Open 201766 games
3rd HSK Weihnachtsopen 201756 games
Jolimark HK Open 2017408 games
4th Arica Open 201790 games
200th MGU Open 201747 games
1st Al Ain Junior U20 2017-1835 games
African Juniors 201718 games
Zolochiv Chess Winter 201736 games
Third Saturday Djenovici December 20177 games
Bhopal International Open 201788 games
Doroshkevich Memorial Amateur Open 2017105 games
1st Schilcherlandopen 2017-1830 games
TCh-GER Junior U20 2017332 games
Pan-American Intercollegiate 201748 games
TCh-HUN 2017-1860 games
7893 games


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American Chess Magazine 4

Ginger GM - Chess Grandmaster Simon Williams

1) Introduction

My thanks to Olexandr Prohorov, Holger Lieske, Mitko Iliev, Tapio Tikkanen, Mattias Lestander, David Clayton, Dennis Monokroussos, Patrick Bensch and everyone else who helped with this issue.

Viswanathan Anand won the World Rapid Championship in Riyadh a title he last won in 2003. Magnus Carlsen chased him hard before losing to Alexander Grischuk in the final round. Carlsen was some way off the pace after the first day of the blitz championship but scored a blistering 8.5/9 to secure the title with a round to spare. Sergey Karjakin and Viswanathan Anand were a point and a half behind. Carlsen plays Hikaru Nakamura in the final of the speed chess. Carlsen was delighted to finish 2017 with the blitz title. 2018 will see him defend his main World Title in November, he will certainly hope to play better classical chess than he did in 2017. There is much to look forward to I wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2018. I will be glad to put 2017 behind me and hope for a better 2018.

I recently celebrated my 1200th issue (TWIC issue 1200). My thanks to those who have donated, these continue to be extremely important in allowing me to keep TWIC going. If TWIC is important and useful to you please consider giving a donation.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


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2) World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2017

The World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships took place 26th to 30th December 2017.

In the Rapid event Viswanathan Anand beat Vladimir Fedoseev 1.5-0.5 in a bitlz tie-break to win the title. Anand took a quick draw in the final round and had to wait for other results before knowing he was in a tie-break, Magnus Carlsen shared the lead with him but lost to Alexander Grischuk. Anand last won the rapid title in 2003. Ju Wenjun led the women's rapid for much of the event and took a quick draw to ensure the title in the final round.

The blitz championship was won by Magnus Carlsen who was two points behind the leader Sergey Karjakin going into the final day but only took 4 rounds to reach the lead. Carlsen scored 8.5/9 to secure the title with a round to spare finishing on a score of 16 points.. Karjakin finished second and Viswanathan Anand added a bronze medal to his gold in the rapid, both finished on 14.5 points.

World Rapid 2017 Riyadh KSA Mon 25th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 15 Standings:
112Anand ViswanathanGMIND275810.500.02735
28Fedoseev VladimirGMRUS277110.500.02731
37Nepomniachtchi IanGMRUS278010.500.02705
468Bu XiangzhiGMCHN265410.000.02742
51Carlsen MagnusGMNOR290810.000.02725
65Grischuk AlexanderGMRUS281310.000.02716
745Savchenko BorisGMRUS268510.000.02686
837Mamedov RaufGMAZE269510.000.02654
926Guseinov GadirGMAZE271410.000.02652
1018Svidler PeterGMRUS27439.500.02730
119Wang HaoGMCHN27709.500.02729
1214Yu YangyiGMCHN27529.500.02698
1316Onischuk VladimirGMUKR27489.500.02683
1442Artemiev VladislavGMRUS26879.500.02681
1520Ding LirenGMCHN27349.500.02678
1643Harikrishna P.GMIND26879.500.02668
1795Grigoriants SergeyGMRUS25729.500.02631
1890Zhao JunGMCHN26009.500.02592
1969Pantsulaia LevanGMGEO26549.000.02734
2092Saric IvanGMCRO25979.000.02693
2171Rakhmanov AleksandrGMRUS26499.000.02690
224Mamedyarov ShakhriyarGMAZE28149.000.02689
2347Alekseev EvgenyGMRUS26819.000.02683
2439Safarli EltajGMAZE26949.000.02674
253Aronian LevonGMARM28199.000.02664
2650Duda Jan-KrzysztofGMPOL26789.000.02663
2711Korobov AntonGMUKR27659.000.02663
2832Wang YueGMCHN27029.000.02661
2957Kokarev DmitryGMRUS26689.000.02659
3015Le Quang LiemGMVIE27509.000.02644
3129Zhigalko SergeiGMBLR27079.000.02641
3279Akobian VaruzhanGMUSA26209.000.02618
3313Karjakin SergeyGMRUS27579.000.02608
3421Anton Guijarro DavidGMESP27329.000.02606
3565Dreev AlekseyGMRUS26598.500.02716
3687Kravtsiv MartynGMUKR26108.500.02710
3748Kasimdzhanov RustamGMUZB26798.500.02698
3838Cheparinov IvanGMFID26948.500.02668
3917Rapport RichardGMHUN27488.500.02653
4023Sjugirov SananGMRUS27298.500.02641
134 players
World Rapid TB 2017 Riyadh KSA Mon 25th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 2 Standings:
1Anand, ViswanathanGMIND27821=1.5
2Fedoseev, VladimirGMRUS27180=0.5
2 players
World Blitz 2017 Riyadh KSA Mon 25th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 21 Standings:
11Carlsen MagnusGMNOR298616.00.02742257.0
23Karjakin SergeyGMRUS285414.50.52745253.5
320Anand ViswanathanGMIND273614.50.52712245.5
419Wang HaoGMCHN273714.00.02716249.5
52Aronian LevonGMARM286314.00.02685239.0
65Ding LirenGMCHN283713.50.02722251.5
723Petrosian Tigran L.GMARM270513.50.02710251.0
825Yu YangyiGMCHN270113.50.02708251.0
913Korobov AntonGMUKR276013.50.02707248.5
1012Mamedyarov ShakhriyarGMAZE277013.50.02697242.5
119Svidler PeterGMRUS279713.50.02692247.0
124Vachier-Lagrave MaximeGMFRA285313.00.02747264.0
1321Grischuk AlexanderGMRUS272513.00.02689246.5
1466Savchenko BorisGMRUS261913.00.02686245.5
1532Melkumyan HrantGMARM268613.00.02655238.0
1611Le Quang LiemGMVIE277113.00.02654232.0
1717Mamedov RaufGMAZE275513.00.02625223.5
1838Adly AhmedGMEGY267813.00.02599216.5
1957Dreev AlekseyGMRUS264012.50.02708250.5
2049Amin BassemGMEGY265512.50.02694237.0
217Nepomniachtchi IanGMRUS281012.50.02692248.0
2253Vidit Santosh GujrathiGMIND265112.50.02691239.5
238Artemiev VladislavGMRUS279812.50.02677231.5
2410Leko PeterGMHUN279012.50.02654233.0
2514Harikrishna P.GMIND275912.50.02652230.5
2643Li Chao BGMCHN266812.50.02638224.0
2731Bu XiangzhiGMCHN268812.50.02598217.0
2833Wang YueGMCHN268612.50.02593215.0
2937Pantsulaia LevanGMGEO267912.50.02577206.0
3079Jobava BaadurGMGEO258512.00.02728249.0
3173Rapport RichardGMHUN260012.00.02720244.0
3254Sjugirov SananGMRUS264512.00.02713242.5
3362Fedoseev VladimirGMRUS262912.00.02703244.5
3465Bacrot EtienneGMFRA262112.00.02699242.0
3578Zhigalko SergeiGMBLR258612.00.02693232.0
3639Bortnyk OlexandrGMUKR267712.00.02676241.0
3751Quparadze GigaGMGEO265412.00.02662228.0
3815Salem A.R. SalehGMUAE275712.00.02646229.0
3936Laznicka ViktorGMCZE268112.00.02602217.5
4022Ponomariov RuslanGMUKR271112.00.02594220.0
138 players
World Rapid Women 2017 Riyadh KSA Mon 25th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 15 Standings:
14Ju WenjunCHN253711.50.02459133.5
217Lei TingjieCHN245011.00.02429127.0
311Paehtz ElisabethGER246710.50.02433127.0
424Khotenashvili BelaGEO242510.00.02449128.0
536Pham Le Thao NguyenVIE239010.00.02441131.5
65Dzagnidze NanaGEO250810.00.02423124.0
792Fataliyeva UlviyyaAZE208510.00.02421110.5
838Atalik EkaterinaTUR238910.00.02354119.5
910Danielian ElinaARM24739.50.02422128.0
1093Assaubayeva BibisaraRUS19499.50.02416109.0
1113Goryachkina AleksandraRUS24609.50.02415125.5
1283Shuvalova PolinaRUS22419.50.02415119.5
1315Huang QianCHN24539.50.02370118.0
1418Shen YangCHN24509.50.02319110.0
152Kosteniuk AlexandraRUS25869.00.02435131.5
1675Mamedjarova TurkanAZE22869.00.02435122.0
1716Guo QiCHN24519.00.02416125.5
186Tan ZhongyiCHN25029.00.02397118.0
1912Harika DronavalliIND24669.00.02394127.0
2020Sebag MarieFRA24459.00.02390118.0
213Gunina ValentinaRUS25669.00.02382108.5
2228Padmini RoutIND24099.00.02371125.5
231Lagno KaterynaRUS25909.00.02366106.5
248Ushenina AnnaUKR24829.00.02364109.0
2526Socko MonikaPOL24219.00.02361105.0
2627Nechaeva MarinaRUS24199.00.02354109.5
2788Tokhirjonova GulrukhbegimUZB21718.50.02419123.0
2868Charochkina DariaRUS23078.50.02415114.5
2937Girya OlgaRUS23908.50.02385116.5
3021Krush IrinaUSA24418.50.02327105.5
3122Cramling PiaSWE24398.50.02320110.5
3233Li RuofanCHN23978.50.0228199.5
3386Enkhtuul Altan-UlziiMGL22068.50.0225592.0
3473Vijayalakshmi SubbaramanIND22978.00.02432111.0
3547Karavade EeshaIND23698.00.02426115.0
3659Mammadova GulnarAZE23378.00.02423117.5
3723Abdumalik ZhansayaKAZ24398.00.02395116.5
3852Berend ElviraLUX23558.00.02385113.0
3948Zhukova NataliaUKR23678.00.02360114.0
407Stefanova AntoanetaFID24978.00.02353108.0
100 players
World Blitz Women 2017 Riyadh KSA Mon 25th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 21 Standings:
112Dzagnidze NanaGMGEO245316.50.02431253.0
23Gunina ValentinaGMRUS254316.00.02426255.0
32Ju WenjunGMCHN254814.01.02406249.5
41Lagno KaterynaGMRUS261914.00.02449260.5
553Cramling PiaGMSWE232613.50.02428257.0
64Tan ZhongyiGMCHN254313.50.02427252.0
76Kosteniuk AlexandraGMRUS252613.50.02413254.5
819Abdumalik ZhansayaIMKAZ241713.50.02395252.5
936Kulon KlaudiaWGMPOL236113.50.02361245.5
1093Mammadzada GunayWGMAZE203713.00.02448260.0
1111Ushenina AnnaGMUKR245713.00.02379246.5
1228Zhukova NataliaGMUKR237213.00.02326221.0
1316Danielian ElinaGMARM242913.00.02251208.0
1414Goryachkina AleksandraWGMRUS244012.50.02400241.0
1524Javakhishvili LelaIMGEO239512.50.02396230.0
1610Lei TingjieGMCHN246112.50.02393251.0
179Paehtz ElisabethIMGER246712.50.02358231.0
1820Khotenashvili BelaGMGEO241212.50.02320221.5
1917Hoang Thanh TrangGMHUN242212.50.02307216.0
2026Michna MartaWGMGER239312.00.02419251.5
2151Padmini RoutIMIND233012.00.02414240.0
2215Bodnaruk AnastasiaIMRUS243212.00.02387239.0
2362Batsiashvili NinoIMGEO230912.00.02378234.0
2422Skripchenko AlmiraIMFRA240512.00.02376227.0
2561Shen YangIMCHN231112.00.02370226.0
2638Pham Le Thao NguyenIMVIE235912.00.02363225.0
278Sebag MarieGMFRA248112.00.02357232.5
2841Zhu ChenGMQAT235412.00.02355228.5
2939Voit DariaFMRUS235811.50.02376235.0
3043Nechaeva MarinaIMRUS234811.50.02371235.0
3155Guo QiIMCHN232411.50.02369226.0
3213Krush IrinaGMUSA245111.50.02363237.0
3333Buksa NataliyaWGMUKR236811.50.02360233.0
3489Nakhbayeva GuliskhanWGMKAZ213611.50.02349212.5
357Stefanova AntoanetaGMFID251711.50.02343225.5
365Harika DronavalliGMIND253711.50.02338228.0
3742Berend ElviraWGMLUX235211.50.02325218.0
3883Vo Thi Kim PhungWGMVIE221011.50.02318221.0
3973Zawadzka JolantaWGMPOL226611.00.02376230.5
4034Saduakassova DinaraIMKAZ236311.00.02352227.5
100 players

3) Wei Yi - David Navara Match 2017-18

Wei Yi played David Navara in a four game match 31st December to 3rd January 2018.

Wei Yi-Navara Match Match Yancheng
Wei, Yi - Navara, David 0-1 41 B12 Caro Kann Advanced
Navara, David - Wei, Yi ½-½ 39 C42 Petroff's Defence
Wei Yi-Navara Match Match Yancheng (CHN), 30 xii 2017-2 i 2018
Name Ti NAT Rtg 1 2 3 4 Total Perf
Navara, David g CZE 2740 1 ½ . . 2936
Wei, Yi g CHN 2743 0 ½ . . ½ 2547

4) 93rd Tradewise Hastings Congress 2017-18

The 93rd Tradewise Hastings Congress takes place 28th December 2017 to 5th January 2018. Leading players: Deep Sengupta, Alexandr Fier, GA Stany, Jakhongir Vakhidov, Danny Gormally, Yiping Lou, Arghyadip Das, Mark Hebden, Alexander Cherniaev etc

Hastings Masters 2017-18 Hastings ENG Thu 28th Dec 2017 - Fri 5th Jan 2018
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
14Vakhidov JakhongirGMUZB25004.5
22Fier AlexandrGMBRA25764.0
5Gormally Daniel WGMENG24774.0
6Lou YipingIMCHN24624.0
11Arkell Keith CGMENG24164.0
63Stany G.A.IMIND25023.5
8Hebden Mark LGMENG24453.5
10Wegerle JoergIMGER24213.5
17Derakhshani BornaFMFID22983.5
22Taylor Adam CFMENG22423.5
43Byron Alan MENG20993.5
56Norinkeviciute RasaWFMLTU19933.5
74Salmons CalumENG17563.5
141Sengupta DeepGMIND25863.0
7Das ArghyadipIMIND24513.0
9Cherniaev AlexanderGMRUS24363.0
12Kristiansen JensGMDEN24153.0
13Lalic BogdanGMCRO24153.0
16Murphy Conor EFMENG23133.0
19Mannion Stephen RIMSCO22853.0
20Maisuradze NinoWGMFRA22563.0
24Buchenau FrankFMGER22363.0
27Royset PalNOR22083.0
28Graham David BENG22043.0
31Eames Robert SFMENG21593.0
35Sun XinyueWFMCHN21463.0
39Boino ClaudioPOR21233.0
49Sugden John NENG20593.0
50Willson OllieENG20573.0
53Hewson Brian W RENG20073.0
3114Bates Richard AIMENG23782.5
15Radovanovic JovicaFMSRB23202.5
18Muir Andrew JIMSCO22972.5
21Pitschka ClausFMGER22492.5
23Britton Richard LFMENG22392.5
25Wall Tim PFMENG22362.5
29Oyama AkitoENG21852.5
33Willow Jonah BENG21522.5
34Stanisz PatrykPOL21502.5
38Villiers ThomasENG21362.5
44Coleman David JCMENG20762.5
45Rayner FrancisWLS20712.5
46Verma AdityaENG20692.5
47Ter Steeg Marcus Dr.GER20662.5
48Tserendorj BatsaikhanUSA20662.5
51August DanielGER20562.5
52Berger KonstantinGER20412.5
61Rogacewicz MikolajPOL19612.5
62Larsen AndreasAIMNOR19532.5
63Stoyanov ViktorENG19502.5
84 players

5) 47th Rilton Cup 2017-18

The 47th Rilton Cup takes place 27th December 2017 to 5th January 2018

47th Rilton Cup 2017-18 Stockholm SWE Wed 27th Dec 2017 - Fri 5th Jan 2018
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
13Piorun KacperPOL26514.514.517.014.0
212Aravindh Chithambaram Vr.IND25864.015.016.513.5
34Grandelius NilsSWE26474.013.516.513.0
42Krasenkow MichalPOL26714.013.515.512.0
57Gledura BenjaminHUN26134.
620Narayanan SrinathIND25324.013.014.512.0
718Hillarp Persson TigerSWE25374.012.515.012.0
844Sammalvuo TapaniFIN24164.012.513.512.5
919Santos Latasa JaimeESP25364.
1016Rasmussen Allan StigDEN25434.011.514.011.5
1125Nihal SarinIND25074.011.513.510.0
1211Antipov Mikhail Al.RUS25884.010.512.511.5
1329Salomon JohanNOR24754.010.512.011.5
1414Liang AwonderUSA25733.514.016.512.0
158Tari AryanNOR25933.514.016.012.0
169Alekseenko KirillRUS25903.513.015.512.0
1737Lobanov SergeiRUS24413.513.015.011.5
18100Golikov DaniilRUS22203.512.515.011.0
1915Chigaev MaksimRUS25553.512.513.512.0
2022Praggnanandhaa RIND25173.512.513.511.5
2127Blomqvist ErikSWE24993.512.014.011.5
31Usmanov VasilyRUS24673.512.014.011.5
2336Das SayantanIND24423.511.513.59.5
2413Kulaots KaidoEST25793.511.013.09.5
2560Livner AndersSWE23503.510.511.510.0
2621Kotronias VassiliosGRE25243.014.016.511.0
276Hammer Jon LudvigNOR26203.
2828Leenhouts KoenNED24783.013.516.011.0
2930Thybo Jesper SondergaardDEN24733.
3057Haug JohannesNOR23593.
3175Baglan EsatTUR22953.012.514.59.5
3253Schekachikhin MaksimRUS23683.012.514.09.5
3333Dragnev ValentinAUT24583.012.513.510.5
3423Tikkanen HansSWE25153.
3595Jakel WolfgangGER22273.
3639Hauge Lars OskarNOR24393.
3750Larson MatthewUSA23823.
3810Sokolov IvanNED25893.011.514.09.5
3962Estremera Panos SergioESP23393.011.513.510.0
4032Vogel RovenGER24633.011.513.010.0
415Volkov SergeyRUS26453.
4259Sarkar JustinUSA23513.
4351Haria RaviENG23743.
4490Thogersen RasmusDEN22603.
4517Ivanov SergeyRUS25403.010.512.09.5
4624Santos Ruiz MiguelESP25093.010.512.08.0
4743Henderson de la Fuente LanceESP24193.010.511.09.0
4835Ostrovskiy AndreyUKR24483.
4966Arman DenizSWE23243.
5070Pogosyan StefanRUS23123.
126 players

6) 28th Cracovia 2017-18

The 28th Cracovia takes place 27th December to 4th January 2018.

28th Cracovia Open A Krakow POL Wed 27th Dec 2017 - Thu 4th Jan 2018
Leading Round 6 (of 9) Standings:
13Mista, AleksanderGMPOL258745.016.0023.00
21Romanov, EvgenyGMRUS262645.015.5023.00
35Levin, Evgeny A.GMRUS254445.015.5023.00
47Kovalev, AndreiGMBLR250445.015.0022.00
52Zubov, AlexanderGMUKR262634.517.0025.00
64Bernadskiy, VitaliyGMUKR258334.516.5024.50
722Kaczmarek, AleksanderFMPOL235234.515.5023.50
823Belous, MikhailFMUKR234844.513.5020.00
918Gumularz, SzymonFMPOL237644.513.0020.50
1014Hnydiuk, AleksanderIMPOL241234.513.0018.50
1120Tomczak, MikolajFMPOL237244.512.5019.00
1225Zylka, StanislawFMPOL233644.511.5018.00
138Repka, ChristopherIMSVK248734.017.5024.00
149Jarmula, LukaszIMPOL246334.015.5023.50
1521Krykun, YuriyFMUKR237234.013.5021.00
1624Jedynak, RadoslawGMPOL234134.013.5020.50
1728Dietmayer-Kraeutler, MarcoFMAUT232834.013.5020.50
1812Skawinski, ArkadiuszFMPOL243234.013.0021.00
1911Sielecki, ChristofIMGER243424.012.5019.00
2030Galperin, PlatonUKR232244.012.5019.00
2126Eggink, Ryszardk+POL233334.011.0017.50
2213Janik, IgorFMPOL241344.011.0017.00
2329Kucza, KarolFMPOL232524.09.5014.00
246Yevseev, DenisGMRUS251433.514.0021.50
2510Kolosowski, MateuszIMPOL243423.514.0021.50
2649Toma, KatarzynaWGMPOL225223.514.0018.50
2775Szczepaniak, Lukaszk+POL213833.513.5020.50
2816Molenda, MarcinFMPOL238823.513.0020.50
2951Ratsma, MidasNED225023.513.0018.50
3066Gierulski, Kamilk+POL219933.512.5017.50
3127Horvath, DominikFMAUT233033.512.0018.50
32102Dahl, BaardENG203123.512.0018.00
3352Dubinski, MateuszCMPOL224933.512.0017.50
3439Nowicki, Bartoszk++POL228423.512.0017.50
3557Bus, KonradkPOL223723.511.5018.00
3619Szustakowski, AntoniFMPOL237623.511.5017.00
3761Bukojemski, AdamkPOL222423.511.5017.00
3833Nilssen, John ArniIMFAI231123.511.0017.00
3948Krasnokutskaya, SofiyaUKR225513.511.0015.00
4084Kasperek, RyszardmPOL211833.510.5017.00
109 players

7) 125th New Zealand Open 2018

The 125th New Zealand Open takes place 1st to 9th January 2018.

125th ch-NZL Open 2018 Palmerston North NZL Mon 1st Jan 2018 - Tue 9th Jan 2018
Leading Round 1 (of 9) Standings:
12Libiszewski, FabienGMFRA25301.00.011
26Ker, Anthony FIMNZL23111.00.011
38Gong, Daniel HanwenFMNZL22721.00.011
410Ang, Alphaeus Wei ErnCMNZL22191.00.011
514Steadman, Michael V RFMNZL21661.00.011
61Demuth, AdrienGMFRA25381.00.010
73Johansen, Darryl KGMAUS23741.00.010
85Borsos, BogdanIMUKR23151.00.010
97Dive, Russell JohnIMNZL23091.00.010
109Stojic, DusanFMAUS22511.00.010
1113Gao, HansNZL21671.00.010
1231Schmitz, ManuelaWFMGER18961.00.010
1335Qin, Joy Shu YanWCMNZL17391.00.010
144Hague, BenFMNZL23680.50.001
1518Duneas, JohnCMNZL20350.50.001
1630Jackson, L. RossNZL19060.50.001
1734Yan, CarolineNZL17590.50.001
1836Salasan, HaranAUS16600.50.001
1938Li, Rodney Xiang ReiNZL14870.50.001
2011Smith, Robert WFMNZL22010.50.000
2115Goormachtigh, JohanFMBEL21590.50.000
2217James, JackCMNZL20640.50.000
2319Jule, AlexandraWIMAUS20330.50.000
2423Schmitz, Andreas ArnoldCMGER19980.50.000
2537Qin, Nicole Shu YuWCMNZL16130.50.000
2612Lukey, Stephen GFMNZL21790.00.001
2716Fan, Allen Chi ZhouCMNZL20730.00.001
2820Dowden, R. AnthonyNZL20280.00.001
2922Timergazi, LaylaWIMNZL20000.00.001
3024Punsalan, Vyanla MWCMNZL19870.00.001
3126Milligan, HelenCMNZL19580.00.001
3228Goodhue, NathanNZL19080.00.001
3332Seabrook, RoyNZL17840.00.001
3421Rains, EdwardCMNZL20080.00.000
3525Savige, Colin BAUS19640.00.000
3627Li, Xiang Wei WilliamNZL19580.00.000
3729Nicholls, LeightonNZL19060.00.000
3833Caldeira, JohnFIJ17790.00.000
38 players

8) 55th Groningen Chess Festival 2017

The Groningen Chess Festival took place 22nd to 30th November 2017. Leading players: Maxim Turov, Benjamin Bok, Sergei Tiviakov, Evgeny Postny, Dmitry Kryakvin, Vojtech Plat, Roeland Pruijssers, Sipke Ernst etc

Benjamin Bok edged out Evgeny Postny on tie-break after both scored 7/9. Dennis De Vreugt beat Eelke De Boer 2.5-1.5 in a four game match.

55th Groningen Open 2017 Groningen NED Fri 22nd Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12Bok BenjaminNED26017.051.540.539.25
24Postny EvgenyISR25817.049.539.037.50
31Turov MaximRUS26186.552.041.036.00
49Kislinsky AlexeyCZE25136.547.536.533.50
514Kuipers StefanNED24406.547.036.032.00
63Tiviakov SergeiNED25836.053.041.534.25
76Plat VojtechCZE25676.052.541.032.75
87Pruijssers RoelandNED25436.047.036.528.25
915Beerdsen ThomasNED24196.
1021Rahul Srivatshav PIND23315.552.040.531.25
1110Anurag MhamalIND24885.550.039.529.25
125Kryakvin DmitryRUS25805.549.038.026.25
138Ernst SipkeNED25325.548.037.026.25
1418Warmerdam MaxNED23565.547.537.029.00
1516Schoppen CasperNED23955.546.035.525.75
1631Stoyanov TsvetanFID22425.544.534.023.75
1720De Jong MigchielNED23315.544.034.024.00
1811Van Foreest LucasNED24815.543.533.523.25
1929Kathmale SameerIND22645.542.034.522.50
2013Zelbel PatrickGER24565.538.530.022.00
2119Lubbe MelanieGER23455.
2241De Boer BasNED21365.033.526.516.25
2326Schippers MauriceNED23024.543.535.017.75
2448Elgersma SimonNED21004.541.532.519.25
2517Maatman NickNED23674.541.032.019.00
2623Abbas DanielENG23194.540.531.516.75
2727Kokje JorisNED22824.540.531.516.50
2828Van Dael SiemNED22684.540.030.516.75
2934Van Ketel RaoulNED22144.539.032.015.00
3050Theulings Paul-PeterNED20894.539.030.017.50
3133Beukema JasperBEL22334.538.529.017.25
3237Sparenberg ErikNED21884.537.028.516.00
3347Damen JipNED21054.535.027.512.25
3412Lubbe NikolasGER24744.043.533.518.00
3530Pel BonnoNED22474.043.533.516.25
3643Weggen JeroenNED21264.042.532.517.25
3736Michalczak ThomasGER21944.039.532.015.25
3832Van Meegen RuudNED22354.038.529.014.25
3935Guelsen TaylanGER22134.035.527.011.00
4038Godbole AtharvaIND21784.035.526.513.25
62 players
University Challenge 2017 Groningen NED Fri 22nd Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 4 Standings:
11De Vreugt DennisNED240910=12.5
22De Boer EelkeNED231001=01.5
2 players

9) Belt and Road Hainan Open 2017

The Belt and Road Hainan Open took place 17th to 26th December 2017. Jianchao Zhou won with 7/9.

Belt and Road Hainan Open Sanya City CHN Sun 17th Dec 2017 - Tue 26th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
13Zhou JianchaoCHN25977.
28Bai JinshiCHN25566.50.550.039.0
35Sandipan ChandaIND25666.50.547.536.5
41Lu ShangleiCHN26416.00.549.538.0
14Ma ZhonghanCHN24716.00.549.538.0
62Wen YangCHN26055.
718Peng XiongjianCHN24105.
811Xu YinglunCHN25395.
99Xu XiangyuCHN25495.
1021Chen FanCHN23775.
116Bogdanovich StanislavUKR25645.00.045.535.0
1210Zhao Zong-YuanAUS25435.
134Batchuluun TsegmedMGL25685.00.042.533.5
1416Dai ChangrenCHN24375.00.040.531.5
1528Xiao YiyiCHN23115.
1629Nie XinyangCHN22775.00.039.531.0
177Sivuk VitalyUKR25604.50.048.537.5
1813Liu YanCHN24794.
1925Liu ChangCHN23574.50.043.533.5
2017Zhu YiCHN24224.
22Xu ZhihangCHN23734.
2227Chen Qi BCHN23464.50.038.530.5
2326Zhang ZijiCHN23554.50.038.530.0
2434Peng HongchiCHN22214.
2520Zhao YuanheCHN23944.
2623Jia HaoxiangCHN23664.00.040.530.5
2724Lin YiCHN23644.
2819Xiang ZeyuCHN23954.
2932Zhao ChenxiCHN22514.
3015Li YankaiCHN24564.
3137Huang RenjieCHN21894.00.035.528.5
3230Nguyen Thi Thanh AnVIE22654.00.035.528.0
3312Li DiCHN24854.
3438Zhao ShengxinCHN21833.
3536Luong Phuong HanhVIE21923.00.034.527.0
3633Wang Shixu BCHN22252.
3735Gu TianluCHN21972.
3831Zhang FuhanCHN22652.
3939Ning KaiyuCHN21692.50.031.524.5
4040Song YuxinCHN20632.
40 players

10) 3rd IIFL Wealth Mumbai Open 2017-18

The 3rd IIFL Wealth Mumbai Open takes place 30th December 2017 to 7th January 2018.

3rd IIFL Wealth Mumbai Op Mumbai IND Sat 30th Dec 2017 - Sun 7th Jan 2018
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
15David AlbertoGMITA25713.
71Srija SeshadriWIMIND22033.
316Horvath AdamGMHUN24733.
415Deepan Chakkravarthy J.GMIND24733.
19Harsha BharathakotiIMIND24513.
142Karthik Kumar PradeepCMIND19193.
74Tukhaev AdamGMUKR25753.
6Maghsoodloo ParhamGMIRI25703.
22Nitin S.IMIND24413.
38Kulkarni VikramadityaIMIND23253.
113Rozum IvanGMRUS25953.
17Deviatkin AndreiGMRUS24713.
39Fadi MarkoFMEGY23233.
77Pratyusha BoddaWIMIND21633.
1532Erigaisi ArjunFMIND23593.
36Dhulipalla Bala Chandra PrasadIMIND23343.
40Rathanvel V SFMIND23233.
1862Pradeep Kumar R AIND22363.
1914Yeoh Li TianIMMAS24803.
2061Saurabh AnandIND22413.
2129Ravi Teja S.IMIND23782.
2273Patil PratikIND21992.
2325Laxman R.R.GMIND24132.
43Debarshi MukherjeeIND23132.
45Kandil AdhamIMEGY23122.
2612Karthikeyan P.IMIND24972.
2770Tiwari ArjunIND22052.
2831Gukesh DCMIND23622.
109Nguyen Phuoc TamVIE20352.
3010Shyam Sundar M.GMIND25272.
3151Aditya MittalCMIND22882.
53Deshmukh AnupIMIND22832.
33180Karthik Gopal GIND18052.
3428Sidhant MohapatraIMIND23822.
76Shashikant KutwalIMIND21722.
3634Sammed Jaykumar SheteIND23512.
59Lye Lik ZangMAS22472.
38184Aditya GuhagarkarIND17912.
3944Abu Sufian ShakilIMBAN23122.
4063Kumar GauravIND22312.
200Hari SureshIND17352.
203Aneek DasIND17292.
438Tran Tuan MinhGMVIE25442.
21Barua DibyenduGMIND24482.
4566Deshpande AniruddhaFMIND22252.
72Sauravh KhherdekarFMIND22022.
479Swapnil S. DhopadeGMIND25332.
257Barde OmIND15212.
49192Potluri Saye SrreezzaIND17742.
501Gupta AbhijeetGMIND26102.
315 players

11) Kazakhstan Cup Final 2017

The Kazakhstan Cup Final took place 23rd to 29th December 2017. Anuar Ismagambetov edged out Bakhtiyar Nugumanov on tie-break after both scored 6/9. Only one game per round of the women's event won by Alfia Nasybullina on tie-break from Yelena Ankudinova after both scored 8/9.

Kazakhstan Cup Final 2017 Astana KAZ Sat 23rd Dec 2017 - Fri 29th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
17Ismagambetov AnuarKAZ25426.50.526.756.0
24Nugumanov BakhtiyarKAZ23886.50.525.754.0
35Akhmetov AyanKAZ24166.00.022.504.0
42Stupak KirillBLR25885.50.023.503.0
510Kostenko PetrKAZ24165.
66Kazakov KonstantinKAZ23904.
73Makhnev DenisKAZ23823.
88Askarov BakhtiyarKAZ24223.00.514.751.0
99Vahidov TairUZB24283.00.511.251.0
101Sisabayev KuanyshKAZ22791.50.04.750.0
10 players
Kazakhstan Cup Final 2017 Astana KAZ Sat 23rd Dec 2017 - Fri 29th Dec 2017. Category: 7. Ave: (2425)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Ismagambetov, Anuar GM KAZ 2542 # = 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 6.5 2578
2 Nugumanov, Bakhtiyar FM KAZ 2388 = # = = 1 = 1 = 1 1 6.5 2595
3 Akhmetov, Ayan IM KAZ 2416 0 = # 1 = 1 1 1 = 1 6.5 2592
4 Stupak, Kirill GM BLR 2588 1 = 0 # = = 0 = 1 1 5 2450
5 Kostenko, Petr GM KAZ 2416 0 0 = = # 1 = 1 = 1 5 2469
6 Kazakov, Konstantin FM KAZ 2390 0 = 0 = 0 # = 1 1 = 4 2386
7 Makhnev, Denis IM KAZ 2382 0 0 0 1 = = # 1 0 = 3.5 2350
8 Askarov, Bakhtiyar KAZ 2422 1 = 0 = 0 0 0 # = = 3 2300
9 Vahidov, Tair GM UZB 2428 0 0 = 0 = 0 1 = # = 3 2300
10 Sisabayev, Kuanysh KAZ 2279 0 0 0 0 0 = = = = # 2 2221
Kazakhstan Cup Final w Astana KAZ Sat 23rd Dec 2017 - Fri 29th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12Nasybullina AlfiaRUS20748.01.031.757.0
24Ankudinova YelenaKAZ21338.
39Alekseeva IrinaRUS21315.
43Balabayeva KseniyaKAZ17945.
510Barmagambetova SakypzhamalKAZ18904.
66Muratova SaltanatKAZ17934.00.013.502.0
77Mukhit AisezymKAZ19933.50.011.503.0
81Muratova AnelKAZ19393.00.07.752.0
95Kurmangalieva LiyaKAZ15502.00.07.751.0
108Demeuova GulziyaKAZ17721.
10 players

12) Matches of Chess Stars 2017

The Matches of Chess Stars took place in Kiev 24th to 28th December 2017. Alexander Beliavsky just managed to beat Kirill Shevchenko 3.5-2.5 by winning the second of two rapid games on the final day.

Matches of Chess Stars Kiev UKR Sun 24th Dec 2017 - Thu 28th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Beliavsky, Alexander GGMSLO2542==01=13.5
2Shevchenko, KirillGMUKR2547==10=02.5
2 players
Matches of Chess Stars w Kiev UKR Sun 24th Dec 2017 - Thu 28th Dec 2017
Leading Round 5 (of 6) Standings:
1Osmak, IulijaIMUKR23551=111-4.5
2Unuk, LauraWIMSLO23340=000-0.5
2 players

13) 41st Zurich Christmas Open 2017

The 41st Zurich Christmas Open took place 26th to 30th December 2017. Christian Bauer edged out Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu, Vitaly Kunin and Luca Moroni on tie-break after all scored 5.5/7.

41st Zurich Christmas Zurich SUI Tue 26th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
12Bauer ChristianGMFRA26475.531.522.524.50
21Nisipeanu Liviu-DieterGMGER26715.531.022.524.75
34Kunin VitalyGMGER25685.530.022.522.50
48Moroni Luca JrIMITA25305.530.022.022.50
53Donchenko AlexanderGMGER25695.032.023.521.50
69Burmakin VladimirGMRUS25265.
75Wagner DennisGMGER25665.032.022.522.00
86Vorobiov Evgeny E.GMRUS25585.030.021.520.75
913Karthik VenkataramanFMIND24755.029.521.020.25
1023Colmenares AurelioFMSUI23535.028.520.020.25
1132Terbe JuliannaWIMHUN22595.
127Pikula DejanGMSRB25314.529.521.017.75
1316Kaczmarczyk DennisIMGER24244.528.521.016.25
1412Vorotnikov Vladislav VGMRUS24764.528.520.516.75
1518Raja HarshitIND24204.528.519.517.00
1610Kurmann OliverIMSUI25054.527.520.017.25
1720Riff VincentFMFRA23874.527.019.014.75
1859Hugentobler PatrikFMSUI21504.526.518.515.75
1917Lötscher RolandIMSUI24224.526.018.516.00
2028Moor OlivierIMSUI23164.525.519.015.50
2121Akshat KhampariaIMIND23644.525.518.515.75
2229Florescu Codrut-ConstantinIMROU23094.524.517.514.00
2378Kalaiyalahan AkshayaFMENG20674.524.517.014.50
2422Paehtz ThomasGMGER23564.524.517.013.25
2527Arcuti DavideFMSUI23294.523.517.013.50
2615Cvitan OgnjenGMCRO24474.032.523.017.75
2711Henrichs ThomasIMGER24774.030.522.015.75
2814Jenni FlorianGMSUI24694.029.020.515.00
2919Borgo GiulioIMITA23914.028.520.015.50
3052Georgescu LenaWFMSUI21794.
3169Wagner Leopold FranziskusGER21134.
3238Pitzanti MatteoITA22434.026.519.513.25
3350Heinatz GundulaWIMSUI21834.026.018.513.50
3442Der Manuelian HaikUSA22164.025.518.513.00
3524Stillger BernhardFMGER23354.025.018.513.75
3637Wyss ThomasFMSUI22434.
3754Potterat MarcSUI21784.024.518.511.00
3833Doric NenadIMCRO22574.024.517.512.25
3956Levrand RolandSUI21604.024.517.511.00
4058Akermann ThomasSUI21534.024.517.010.50
106 players

14) 14th Paderborner Schachtuerken-Cup 2017

The 14th Paderborner Schachtuerken-Cup took place 27th to 30th December 2017. Konstantin Landa finished in clear first place with 17/21 (3 points for a win).

14th Schachtuerken Cup Paderborn GER Wed 27th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Landa, Konstantin260459s135w118s12w14s½6w13s½17.076.094.0
2Barzen, Pascal224753w111s132w11s026w17s112w½16.070.091.0
3Gutman, Lev239880w121s115w½14s116w½8s11w½15.066.090.0
4Levin, Felix247577w136s124w17s½1w½16s½23w115.066.086.0
5Skembris, Spyridon238538s156w18s½42w125s½15w½14w115.064.083.0
6Wagner, Alexej228839w145s114w010s123w11s026w115.063.089.0
7Jugelt, Tobias243481s131w123s14w½15s½2w035s114.064.085.0
8Kirnos, Evgeni222682w179s15w½17s½33w13w034s114.060.079.0
9Gazic, Josip222575s128w½66s125w043s141w111s½14.058.074.0
10Scharfenberg, Mich216684s155w½49s16w068s134w½31s114.056.071.0
11Koenig, Christian202790s12w092s½38w142s127w19w½14.054.076.0
12Bock, Juergen227641s084w155s132w½36s118w12s½14.053.077.0
13Hamid, Emran218072w133s½91w½29s117w066s132w114.053.069.0
14Kemper, Meinolf211873s157w16s13w018s½19w15s013.063.086.0
15Dorst, Johannes218892s127w13s½19w17w½5s½17w½13.062.088.0
16Boehm, Juergen220137s½61w128s165w13s½4w½20s½13.058.083.0
17de Roda Husman, Ju224850s166w½41s18w½13s125w½15s½13.058.082.0
18Schmuecker, Marcus220429w146s11w077s114w½12s045w113.057.083.0
19Eckardt, Joshua221976w178s½44w115s021w114s033w113.054.074.0
20Naidich, Vasiliy209630s½85w137s½96w131s½47w116w½13.052.069.0
21Richter, Gerald207771s13w050s½49w119s075w141s113.047.074.0
22Boehm, Uwe205883s½96w½30s½62w175s½76w142w113.042.057.0
23Topolewski, Dirk218847w167s17w046s16s053w14s012.057.081.0
24Nagel, Bernhard221297s151w14s027w141s½31w½28s½12.057.075.0
25Thomas, Ingo2085106w½103s169w19s15w½17s½12.057.074.0
26Juegel, Marcel218062s141w081s175w12s029w16s012.054.076.0
27Whitmire, James Da1994108w115s047w124s030w111s063w112.048.072.0
28Groneberg, Joerg200674w19s½16w079s½95w158s124w½12.047.070.0
29Hufendiek, Ekkehar194118s0101w151s113w046w126s060w112.045.073.0
30Fuhlrott, Tim188620w½58s½22w½51w127s091s153w112.039.072.0
31Niediek, Cedric206387w17s053w176s120w½24s½10w011.053.076.0
32Kuckling, Hannah204686s134w12s012s½54w½37w113s011.052.082.0
33Irkilmez, Yakub1989104s113w½43s½48w18s070w119s011.050.071.0
34Ackermann, Hans We227040w132s080w½37w165s110s½8w011.049.076.0
35Dusbaba, Karel2111100w11s039w½80s144w½67s17w011.047.074.0
36Becker, Norbert2101105w14w038s½39s112w040s½67w111.043.074.0
37Bluebaum, Johanna193416w½60s120w½34s078w132s066w111.042.072.0
38Adair, Robin19725w087s136w½11s0100s165w143s½11.039.072.0
39Fartmann, Oliver19716s090w135s½36w099s168w½70s111.037.065.0
40Thier, Simon195934s0109w154w093s½88s136w½68s111.036.055.0
111 players

15) 6th Lorca Open 2017

The 6th Lorca Open took place 26th to 30th December 2017. Alexei Shirov took clear first with 7.5/9.

6th Lorca Open 2017 Lorca ESP Tue 26th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Shirov AlexeiLAT26317.5254324362725
27Del Rio De Angelis Salvador GESP25207.0246624252652
34Peralta FernandoARG25567.0244523992629
46Forcen Esteban DanielESP25417.0243623832611
59Matinian NikitaRUS24997.0243023762600
63Bogner SebastianSUI25867.0242723742605
72Predke AlexandrRUS25997.0237523582590
85Vasquez Schroeder RodrigoCHI25477.0236923482577
916Giaccio AlfredoARG24306.5239323502518
1015Pulvett Marin DanielVEN24446.5235623492518
1118Raghunandan Kaumandur SrihariIND24046.5233023082474
1213Liu GuanchuCHN24626.5232922812422
1312Hirneise TobiasGER24666.5225122112399
1454Ramirez Medina VictorESP22226.5219520652329
1557Tudela Corbalan CarlosESP21906.5217321962362
1611Gascon Del Nogal Jose RafaelVEN24796.0236323272455
1714Plaskett H JamesENG24556.0234022792419
1839Lianes Garcia MarcosESP23006.0227822622395
1936Mingarro Carceller SergiESP23236.0224921992327
2010Gavrilov AlexeiRUS24826.0223022782407
2125Hirneise JensGER23726.0221722262351
2228Medarde Santiago Luis MarcosESP23506.0221622052330
2324Komljenovic DavorinCRO23726.0219621202245
2421Djuric StefanSRB23836.0208621332258
2527Bjerre JonasDEN23655.5231922862366
2631Bressac StephaneFRA23435.5231522252308
2719Ramiro Ovejero Juan LuisESP23865.5221522392282
2859Martinez Fernandez AdrianESP21895.5220922312312
2933Del Rey DiegoESP23285.5220521862271
3071Hagesather EllenNOR21265.5219221652275
3117Alvarado Diaz AlejandroESP24095.5218822172297
3294Gomez Sanjuan Hector FernandoESP20155.5216421712248
3337Kovacevic SlobodanSRB23185.5216222132293
3473Perez Garcia RobertoESP21215.5214420852137
3546Serra Canals OriolESP22545.5209621402235
3660Travkina AnastasiaRUS21885.5205720752161
3730Sanchez Jerez Emilio MiguelESP23445.5202720332162
3868Alonso Garcia AaronESP21425.0227422792336
3970Laliena Solanes LuisESP21405.0225622652333
4075Nimmy A.G.IND21095.0219421382224
159 players

16) 8th Arco Christmas Open 2017

The 8th Arco Christmas Open took place 26th to 30th December 2017. Roberto Negro edged out Peter Dittmar, Giovanni Siclari, Alberto Perino and Marco Lezzerini on tie-break after all scored 5.5/7.

8th Arco Christmas Open Arco ITA Tue 26th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
16Negro RobertoITA21675.530.033.51987
21Dittmar PeterGER22805.529.533.02025
33Siclari GiovanniITA21945.529.031.52029
425Perino AlbertoITA18855.528.030.01959
57Lezzerini MarcoITA21635.527.030.51942
62De Santis AlessioITA22225.030.033.52045
74Medancic RikardCRO21875.029.032.02000
812Bardone LorenzoITA21025.027.030.01874
911Trauth Michael Dr.GER21095.026.529.51931
1014Zenari MarcoITA20195.026.529.51853
1122Comai SamueleITA18925.026.028.01835
1210Horn PeterGER21115.025.529.01917
1313Tonina FilippoITA20625.025.026.01837
149Ager JosefAUT21275.023.025.51773
1516Mortola AlbertoITA19924.525.027.51891
1617Lumachi GabrieleITA19914.524.527.01880
175Migliorini MatteoITA21764.523.526.51909
1815Privitera FrancoITA20064.523.525.51784
1928Paveglio MattiaITA18614.029.033.01976
208Dobboletta AlexITA21554.027.030.01910
2124Picco RuggeroITA18914.026.029.01895
2232Fratini MauroITA18244.024.525.01789
2323Buglisi MassimoITA18914.024.026.51825
2418Moser GabrieleITA19464.024.026.51741
2538Dentale RaffaeleITA17104.024.025.51631
2630De Nisi RobertaITA18404.023.526.01707
2748Gaudiosi AndreaITA16014.023.025.01755
2819Mora MassimoITA19254.023.025.01754
2935Miatto MarcoITA17614.023.025.01748
3021Sala Tiziano PaoloITA18944.022.024.51715
3134Pedrotti LucianoITA17664.022.024.51662
3233Penzo AmletoITA18214.020.522.01614
3329Schaberg WolfgangITA18433.526.028.01837
3426Von Freymann FranzGER18793.523.526.01718
3545Seccia AlessandroITA16333.523.525.51793
3631Bernard FedericoITA18383.523.024.01720
3727Viola EnricoITA18633.522.524.51791
3837Bisaro AndreaITA17453.522.524.01765
3940Mancin MicheleITA16963.522.023.01737
4044Lena LeonardoITA16343.520.522.51672
76 players

17) 26th Donau Open 2017

The 26th Donau Open took place 26th to 31st December 2017. Andrei Istratescu won with 6/7. Hopefully a file of games from the final round 7 will be made available.

26th Donau Open 2017 Aschach AUT Tue 26th Dec 2017 - Sun 31st Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
11Istratescu AndreiGMROU2583624.52684
22Maiorov NikitaGMBLR254725.02577
310Rogulj BrankoIMCRO239723.02551
48Schneider-Zinner HaraldIMAUT240222.52457
53Antal GergelyGMHUN2523524.52516
66Tratar MarkoGMSLO2459522.52457
716Polajzer DaniloIMSLO2271521.02409
811Reich ThomasIMGER2373520.52399
917Pisu Robert-DanielROU2261520.52352
1015Rieger RobertFMAUT2275520.02391
114Horvath JozsefGMHUN252220.52299
1220Schelle ArturGER221920.02343
137Drnovsek GalIMSLO240420.02302
145Zelcic RobertGMCRO250119.52334
1418Jurek JosefIMCZE225619.52334
1613Sandhoefner FlorianFMAUT229219.52205
179Schwabeneder FlorianFMAUT239818.52258
1819Ly DominikAUT223117.52261
1914Matras OndrejFMCZE227816.52085
2023Salvenmoser StefanAUT2200418.02177
2137Mayrhuber NikolaWFMAUT2092417.02121
2227Exler VeronikaWIMAUT2157416.52249
2363Postlmayer JakobAUT1903416.02242
2421Sirnik BostjanSLO2210416.02174
2522Suta AndrazSLO2205416.02154
2652Bauer SebastianAUT1992415.52182
2740Freimueller PeterAUT2046414.52226
2825Liepold StefanGER2160414.02026
2926Leisch LukasAUT215917.02211
3028Brcar AlesSLO215216.52171
3138Murko DavidSLO207916.52076
3230Koller Hans-JuergenAUT214716.02208
3372Grabenweger HansAUT185315.02177
3424Obermayr HermannAUT217315.02137
3535Kovacsy BarnabasHUN211814.52060
3643Burrer FabianAUT202813.52176
3754Niedermair HannesAUT197613.02151
3845Birklbauer ToniAUT202612.52027
3955Galavics HermannAUT197312.02019
4012Mostbauer FlorianFMAUT231912.02016
76 players

18) XXXVI Ludwika Zamenhofa Memorial 2017

The XXXVI Ludwika Zamenhofa Memorial took place 27th to 31st December 2017. Igor Kovalenko edged out Daniel Sadzikowski on tie-break after both scored 7/9.

XXXVI Zamenhofa Mem Bialystok POL Wed 27th Dec 2017 - Sun 31st Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Kovalenko, IgorGM26395737462469.7
2Sadzikowski, DanielGM25845735.545.52477
3Aleksandrov, AleksejGM258946.54152.52503
4Heberla, BartlomiejGM255556.536.5472438.9
5Omelja, Artem241446.53544.52458.7
6Kveinys, AloyzasGM25484637.5492406
7Bobras, PiotrGM25134637482383.4
8Kanarek, MarcelGM2505563646.52440.1
9Bartel, MateuszGM2609563343.52420.8
10Lewtak, DamianM235845.534.5452396
11Krzyzanowski, MarcinIM245745.534.5452368.8
12Grib, RomanIM244635.533.5422348.9
13Tihonov, JurijGM237155.533422440.2
14Cukrowski, FilipFM241045.53038.52303.1
15Markowski, TomaszGM25584541522476.6
16Walter, SzymonK22463533412401.1
17Wieczorek, OskarIM24634532.5422402
18Karpus, MichalFM23284532.541.52451.8
19Warakomski, TomaszGM25373532.541.52344.2
20Lewicki, MiroslawCM24043532422349.2
21Szpar, MiloszFM23674531.540.52398.2
22Czerwonski, AleksanderIM2386452735.52273.7
23Psyk, RadoslawK+222234.53647.52462
24Sieciechowicz, MarcinIM238744.533.5442411
25Klekowski, MaciejIM249834.533.5432347.4
26Barski, RadoslawIM245244.53341.52334
27Szostko, JakubFM226224.53341.52406.6
28Kosakowski, JakubFM231534.532.541.52358.9
29Naboka, SergeyFM235034.528.538.52310.2
30Berzinsh, RolandIM242134.52836.52297.3
31Nasuta, GrzegorzIM246334.52835.52247.2
32Jakubowski, KrzysztofGM25264437482412.1
33Mis, MieszkoK22401434442457.4
34Warakomska, AnnaWIM22381433412392.3
35Teclaf, PawelCM23933432412381.4
36Sowul, BartoszK+22223432412349.2
37Nowak, LukaszK+22884429.538.52356.1
38Leniart, ArkadiuszIM25023429382311.8
39Sliwicka, AlicjaWFM23374428372341.3
40Hrymowicz, ArturI++21323422.530.52272
54 players

19) 27th Erfurt Schachfestival 2017

The 27th Erfurt Schachfestival took place 26th to 30th December 2017. Alexander Lagunow edged out Roland Schmaltz and Felix Meissner on tie-break after all scored 6.5/8.

27th Erfurt Master Open Erfurt GER Tue 26th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 8 Standings:
13Lagunow AlexanderGER24056.540.033.25
21Schmaltz RolandGER24716.536.531.25
37Meissner FelixGER23336.529.527.50
422Osmanodja FilizGER22436.036.027.00
54Wöllermann JanGER23996.034.528.00
624Nothnagel Marian CanGER22266.034.526.50
719Pallas SebastianGER22646.032.024.25
814Petkidis AnthonyGER22936.031.524.75
9145Fasshauer JacobGER18795.536.527.25
1017Liedtke MatthiasGER22735.535.524.00
1110Paul JohannesGER23265.534.525.00
1211Wichmann CliffGER23145.534.025.50
1359Wiley Tom E.ENG21155.534.024.50
1418Steinacker AlexGER22695.533.024.50
1512Schulz KarstenGER22935.532.525.25
165Pfreundt JakobGER23805.532.522.75
17105Böhm ChristianGER20245.530.522.75
1832Neukirchner PascalGER21985.529.521.50
1920Weber MaxGER22595.529.021.50
2041Nguyen Alex Dac-VuongGER21695.528.521.25
219Fries-Nielsen Jens OveDEN23285.037.522.75
228Glantz RobertGER23315.036.022.75
2393Kuznecovs NikitaLAT20495.034.020.25
2437Sobolevsky LeonidUKR21825.033.521.25
2565Sauer MarkoGER21065.033.520.75
2636Partzsch LukasGER21835.033.520.50
276Lagunow RaphaelGER23765.032.021.50
2846Vöge TobiasGER21565.032.019.25
2927Nguyen Huy DatGER22145.030.519.75
3049Naundorf MaikGER21565.030.019.00
3150Middelhoff CorneliusGER21495.029.018.00
3252Wecker MartinGER21395.028.518.50
3338Boos MarkusGER21795.028.518.25
3468Wanie KarstenGER21005.027.517.75
3515Spitzl VinzentGER22874.536.520.00
362Enders PeterGER24554.534.519.25
3726Stein RobertGER22154.533.519.25
3829Poghosyan TigranGER22114.533.519.00
3940Polster ChristianGER21714.533.517.25
4055Klaus ChristianGER21284.533.019.00
148 players

20) 27th North American Open 2017

The 27th North American Open took place 26th to 30th December 2017. Robert Hess took first place on tie-break from Samuel Sevian, Ruifeng Li, Dionisio Aldama and Arun Prasad Subramanian after all scored 7/9.

27th North American Open Las Vegas USA Tue 26th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Hess, Robert LGM2568D37W72W33W29D4W8W13D2D77441st-5th/Bonus $4140.00
2Sevian, SamuelGM2614W90W23L48W21W22W10W6D1D37431st-5th $3940.00
3Li, RuifengGM2569D59W95D36W27W15W48D5W6D27421st-5th $3940.00
4Aldama, DionisioIM2403W85W52D9W24D1W20L7W35W14741.51st-5th $3940.00
5Prasad Subramanian, ArunGM2490D72W37W122W26W87D6D3D7W137411st-5th $3940.00
6Bryant, John DanielIM2437W106W21W12W48W20D5L2L3W236.543.56th-8th $633.34
7Moradiabadi, ElshanGM2528D56W59D30D40W85W25W4D5D16.541.56th-8th $633.34
8Patel, AdvaitIM2478L52W93W86W46W23L1D12W38W266.538.56th-8th $633.34
9Kolev, Atanas IvanovGM2552W71W31D4D15L48W51D17D12W36640.59th-10th $114.29
10Shmelov, DenysIM2420W83W51W27D20W25L2D34D11D18640.59th-10th $114.29
11Ghaemmaghami, EhsanGM2545W54W32D26D43W97L13W22D10D166409th-10th $114.29
12Hilby, CraigIM2390W124W99L6W82D39D24D8D9W35639.51st-2nd U2400 $900.00
13Wheeler, CameronIM2384W114L20W83W127W109W11L1W34L5639.51st-2nd U2400 $900.00
14Corrales Jimenez, FidelGM2512W44L50D54W68W18D22W53W43L46389th-10th $114.29
15Li, ZhaozhiIM2412W60D81W75D9L3D55W87D32W456379th-10th $114.29
16Mandizha, FaraiIM2406W79W38L20L85W59D49W51W28D11635.59th-10th $114.29
17Brattain, Mika Andrew2404D41D62D49W44D53W75D9D21W37635.59th-10th $114.29
18Li, BenFM2318W115D77L34W71L14W116W85W48D10635.51st-2nd U2400 $900.00
19Hong, AndrewFM2327L58W108L85W74W56W77L35W62W346331st-2nd U2400 $900.00
20Gabuzyan, HovhannesGM2581W88W13W16D10L6L4D45W41D325.542
21Aaron, Deepak2307W112L6W92L2W61D29W25D17D225.540.5
22Sheng, JoshuaIM2392W108W58D25W77L2D14L11W69D215.539.5
23Tiglon, BryceIM2385W89L2W57W99L8W111D39W65L65.539
24Paragua, Mark CGM2513W116W40D97L4W122D12D48D36D275.538.5
25Schmakel, Sam AFM2430W64W69D22W50L10L7L21W44W535.537.5
26Perez, Robert M2397W93W70D11L5L51W68W55W42L85.537.5
27Kavutskiy, KonstantinIM2369W120W35L10L3W118D70W49D39D245.537.5
28Lin, Andy2144D42L36W113D69W81D31W33L16W505.536
29Bick, Gabriel James2416W129W84D50L1D55D21L38W90W495.535.5
30Moon, Benjamin Barry2317W101D65D7L39D57W52L41W71W585.535.5
31Kiewra, KeatonIM2382W63L9D67D54W37D28D44D53W665.535
32Zhu, Jack2380W103L11W78L109W54D85W90D15D205.535
33Wang, AnnieWIM2330W100D34L1D49D52W72L28W88W645.535
34Checa, NicolasIM2474W91D33W18D97D43W87D10L13L19540
35Gorovets, AndreyGM2523W118L27W38H-W50D43W19L4L12539.5
36Coleman, TeddyIM2386D86W28D3D41W62D39D65D24L9539.5
37Lehmann, Spencer George2209D1L5D103W108L31W100W47W40L17538.5
38Guo, ArthurFM2240W47L16L35W93W99D97W29L8D42537.5
39Brown, MichaelIM2506D49W56D46W30D12D36D23D27U-537
40Taghizadeh, RayanFM2346W102L24W60D7W121D65L43L37W52536.5
129 players

21) Bremen Silvester Open 2017

The Bremen Silvester Open took place 27th to 30th December 2017. Jari Reuker won with 6/7.

Bremen Silvester Open Bremen GER Wed 27th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Reuker, JariGER23346.0
2Grigorian, SpartakGER23445.5
3Schulz, DanielGER20155.5
4Mueller, OliverGER22905.0
5Wachinger, NikolasGER22435.0
6Hoeffer, DavidGER22835.0
7Ngo, Minh DucGER20405.0
8Hoerstmann, RudiGER22524.5
9Boehning, KilianGER21014.5
10Colbow, CollinGER20084.5
11Reuker, MatthiasGER21114.5
12Wachinger, DavidGER19554.5
13Pollmann, SaschaGER20804.0
14Mueer, SebastianGER22533.0
15Schuette, MarcGER21324.0
16Gorzinski, DariuszGER20164.0
17Bokelmann, JoachimGER19643.0
18Pahl, TheisGER19234.0
19Stieglitz, DirkGER20724.0
20Schaefer, MaikGER17714.0
21Benecke, ThorstenGER20784.0
22Schwenteck, PeterGER18044.0
23Lammers, MarkusGER23193.5
24Sturm, TobiasGER20283.5
25Hoffmann, LukasGER22763.5
26Pahl, ErikGER17943.5
27Jung, GeraldGER18973.5
28Modder, FrankGER18743.5
29Stern, PhilippGER17063.5
30Wemssen, LotharGER19813.5
31Meyer, ThorstenGER20192.5
32Hoehn, LennartGER02.0
33Lange, Martin, Dr.GER18513.0
34Klemm, RobertGER17953.0
35Kuenitz, BernhardGER18943.0
36Lambers, GabrielGER14123.0
37Seidenstuecker, Hans-LennartGER17033.0
38Moriz, SebastianGER02.5
39Hattenhauer, KlausGER18142.5
40Block, TimoGER17512.5
53 players

22) 34th Boeblinger Open 2017

The 34th Boeblinger Open took place 26th to 30th December 2017. Arik Braun edged out In Panneerselvam, Mads Andersen and Misa Pap on tie-break after all scored 7/9.

34th Boeblinger Open 2017 Boeblingen GER Tue 26th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Braun, ArikGMGER25835047.02415
2Panneerselvam, InIMIND24525047.02411
3Andersen, MadsGMDEN25985047.02395
4Pap, MisaGMSRB24915047.02315
5Lin, ChenGMCHN24775136.52381
6Noe, ChristopherIMGER24684056.52374
7Naumkin, IgorGMRUS24215136.52330
8Mu, KeCHN24364146.02380
9Krause, BenedictFMGER24554146.02361
10Nagy, GaborIMHUN24694146.02341
11Rosner, JonasFMGER24183066.02339
12Yankelevich, LevIMGER24353066.02336
13Dann, MatthiasIMGER25175226.02333
14Zumsande, MartinIMGER24605226.02309
15Nemeth, MiklosIMHUN24873066.02291
16Ochsner, Bjorn MoIMDEN24553066.02288
17Menezes, ChristopIMAUT23795226.02262
18Can, IsikFMTUR23345226.02250
19Shishkin, VadimGMUKR24595226.02245
20Boe Olsen, FilipFMDEN22945226.02237
21Carow, JohannesIMGER24393066.02219
22Bruedigam, MartinFMGER24133066.02203
23Baldauf, MarcoIMGER24984235.52325
24Schmidek, EmilFMGER23724235.52303
25Kumsiashvili, NikIMGEO24154235.52271
26Schitco, IvanFMMDA23152075.52265
27Ng, Jen ShengCMMAS20754235.52257
28Kuklin, ValentinFMGER23773155.52257
29Jahncke, GisoFMGER24034235.52251
30Flick, AntoineFMFRA23443155.52231
31Fischer, SebastiaGER22704235.52211
32Leeb, SimonGER22004235.52193
33Perreard, NicolasSUI18964235.52184
34Ozbay, EceWCMTUR20395315.52154
35Petermann, MichaiGER22515315.52154
36Gschnitzer, AdriaGER23835315.52128
37Lee, Qing AunFMSGP22062165.02279
38Kostic, VladimirGMSRB23254325.02278
39Schmitz, ThorstenFMGER22464325.02276
40Szabolcsi, JanosIMHUN23244325.02263
137 players

23) 3rd HSK Weihnachtsopen 2017

The 3rd HSK Weihnachtsopen took place 27th to 30th December 2017. Markus Hochgräfe edged out Can Ertan on tie-break after both scored 6/7.

3rd HSK Weihnachtsopen Hamburg GER Wed 27th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
12Hochgräfe Markus Dr.GER24116.
24Ertan CanTUR23636.030.521.526.50
31Genov PetarFID24575.532.523.023.50
45Nedic DusanGER23435.
53Souleidis GeorgiosGRE24015.030.521.520.25
69Meier David GeffreyGER21595.027.519.519.25
77Schroeder ChristophGER22175.026.520.018.00
819Günther PatrickGER20525.025.017.515.25
913Jordan JürgenGER21114.530.021.017.50
1023Popvasilev KaloyanGER20324.529.522.016.50
1126Keyser PhilippGER19804.528.522.016.50
1218Keyser RobinGER20684.527.519.514.75
138Kahlert ThomasGER22054.525.518.015.50
1416Koop SörenGER20924.524.517.514.25
1510Franke LutzGER21354.524.017.013.75
1663Krüger ArthurGER12424.523.517.014.25
176Bracker ArneGER22344.030.521.515.50
1815Grötzbach DanielGER20944.029.520.515.50
1914Magnussen HelgeGER20994.029.020.514.25
2024Giraud ValerianGER20204.
2111Wenzel BirgerGER21324.028.020.514.25
2222Neumann FrankGER20404.
2335Nyenhuis YannekGER18474.026.519.012.75
2428Fegebank FritzGER19414.
2527Kurth MichaelGER19574.025.017.513.75
2612Cording ThomasGER21194.
2731Hourigan GerritGER18983.529.021.513.75
2817Möller DustinGER20693.528.020.011.50
2929Becker ThomasGER19273.526.519.511.50
3060Redlich KoljaGER16113.526.519.012.50
3133Schramm FynnGER18733.525.518.08.75
3221Pubantz JanGER20423.525.517.511.00
3330Rudolph Jens-ErikGER19203.525.017.59.75
3437Koop Th.BörgeGER18363.524.518.011.25
3525Atri JamshidIRI20073.524.019.09.25
3632Reuter MaximilianGER18823.524.016.09.25
3748Raedisch PeterGER16193.520.013.57.75
3841Koch Ralf-JohannesGER17673.520.013.07.50
3936Schwarzkopf Jörg Dr.GER18363.
4034Schulz Hans-JuergenGER18703.
64 players

24) Jolimark HK Open 2017

The Jolimark Hong King Open took place 23rd to 27th December 2017. Karen H Grigoryan won with 8/9.

Jolimark HK Open 2017 Hong Kong HKG Sat 23rd Dec 2017 - Wed 27th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Grigoryan Karen H.GMARM2571804841
23Pascua HaridasIMPHI24247052.544.5
32Zeng ChongshengGMCHN25477050.542.5
45Li BoIMCHN23447045.538.5
57Causo DenielFMPHI22796.5048.540.5
64Zuo YifanCMCHN23536.504841
76Zou ChenFMCHN22916.504739
89Wong Meng KongGMSGP22526.504437
910Chan LuisFMAUS22176.504235.5
108Aoshima MiraiJPN22656050.542.5
1111Cai ChaoruoCHN2192604639.5
1214Nakamura NaohiroJPN2104604639
1315Villanueva NelsonFMPHI20826045.538.5
1427Liu ChengHKG1801604437
1539Auyeung Chi Hung JonathanSGP1657603832
1622Zhou AidenCAN1902603832
1734Tamang Dal BahadurHKG17126036.531
1816Molofej DenisLTU20815.504941
1917Chan JamesCAN20655.504538.5
2019Wong BrianFMHKG20385.504538.5
2113Dew BrianFMHKG21405.5044.537.5
2226Concio Michael Jr.PHI18535.5042.535.5
2320Chen BainingCHN20175.504235.5
2418Nouri AlekhineFMPHI20435.504235.5
2521Wang ZeCHN19455.5039.533
2638Lu BenjaminUSA16645.5037.531.5
2787Sun YucanWCMCHN05.5037.531.5
2853Cheng Chen Yu- AlexanderTPE15095.503730
2923Chen Meng Boon MarcusSGP1870504538
3012Chan KrisAUS2153504537
3130Chan Jia Jie AlexanderSGP17565043.537
3224Oh Benjamin Yao TengAGMHKG18555043.535.5
3333Deng Yu Dong MichaelCMHKG1731504337
3454Lee Zhia Chen ZacharyMAS14825042.535.5
3528Ho In Hei HenryHKG17815041.534.5
3663Hu Yik KwanHKG1365504135
3725Chan Chak ManCMHKG18545039.532.5
3836Wong Shyun Fwu AldrinAIMSGP1694503932.5
3964Cheng Chen Li- AndrewTPE1360503832.5
4074King Oliver BaekhoHKG1152503731
97 players

25) Karlstad Open 2017

The Karlstad Open took place 27th to 30th December 2017. Kristian Stuvik Holm won with 6/7.

Karlstad Open 2017 Karlstad SWE Wed 27th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
11Holm Kristian StuvikNOR24316.028.5
23Backelin RikardSWE23225.530.0
37Vernersson PerSWE22815.529.0
44Rosberg SimonSWE23085.528.5
515Nyander JoakimSWE21695.527.0
65Solberg JoachimNOR22995.526.5
716Sousa Ludy Helsio PauloNOR21535.030.5
89Silseth SimonSWE22525.026.0
20Rishovd SveinNOR21025.026.0
106Hobber AndersNOR22905.023.0
1114Angskog KentSWE21844.528.0
122Ernst ThomasSWE23754.526.0
34Wegerif AndrewSWE19624.526.0
1411Krantz ChristopherSWE22414.525.5
21Wahlund MaxSWE20894.525.5
1612Lindgren MatsSWE22174.525.0
13Malm Lindberg HenrikSWE22124.525.0
1835Haugland Rasmus LNOR19564.524.5
36Wilsbeck Jan B.NOR19444.524.5
2025Stray GunnarNOR20424.523.5
218Haugli PetterNOR22634.522.5
18Holm RagnarNOR21134.522.5
2355Sjol HenrikNOR17994.521.5
2410Grueso Cordoba SantiagoSWE22414.027.0
2527Olsson Bo 1966SWE20164.026.5
2644Muntean VictorSWE18824.024.5
2728Rukovci ShemsiKOS20024.024.0
2847Westerlund OlaSWE18654.023.5
2933Johnson DanielSWE19664.022.0
49Omtvedt PerNOR18514.022.0
3119Johansen OivindNOR21064.021.0
3226Eriksson Magnus 1955SWE20314.020.5
54Lundell JensSWE18004.020.5
3422Fransson LennartSWE20764.020.0
42Koski ViljoSWE18954.020.0
3629Andersson LarsSWE20013.527.0
3724Satonen ArtoFIN20473.524.5
40Magnussen PalSWE19273.524.5
3939Andersson Kjell-AkeSWE19293.524.0
41Alfven JorgenSWE19243.524.0
82 players

26) 4th Arica Open 2017

The 4th Arica Open took place 10th to 16th December 2017. Sandro Mareco edged out Anton Demchenko on tie-break after both scored 8/10.

4th Arica Open 2017 Arica CHI Sun 10th Dec 2017 - Sat 16th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
13Mareco SandroGMARG26338043.0
21Demchenko AntonGMRUS26608042.0
35El Debs Felipe De CresceGMBRA25377.5044.5
410Martinez Alcantara Jose EduardoFMPER24937.5044.0
52Adly AhmedGMEGY26377.5041.5
614Garcia Cardenas PabloIMCHI24317044.5
713Salinas Herrera PabloIMCHI24337044.0
88Di Berardino Diego RafaelIMBRA25117043.5
97Hernandez Guerrero GilbertoGMMEX25257042.5
109Santiago Yago De MouraGMBRA24987042.5
114Flores DiegoGMARG26097042.0
1216Sriram JhaGMIND23837041.0
1319L'ami AlinaIMROU23017040.0
1415Perez Gormaz MatiasFMCHI24117039.0
1511Rodriguez Vila AndresGMURU24597038.5
166Kiriakov PetrGMRUS25287038.0
1721Diaz Villagran RobertFMCHI22706.5036.5
1825Iturry WilliamPER22006.5036.0
1920Vergara Jofre FelipeFMCHI23016.5036.0
2040Gonzales Curse Flavio FernandoFMPER20636.5033.0
2112Quintiliano Pinto Renato R.IMBRA24416039.0
2217Olivares Olivares ClaudioFMCHI23616037.0
2318Duarte LeonardoIMARG23346036.5
2428Vigil LucasARG21606035.5
2522Aguilar Luis MiguelFMBOL22546035.0
2638Condori Aranya EdwinPER20846034.5
2724Mesias Rojas RabindranathCMCHI22146034.5
2831Parraga Mejia AlejandroBOL21356033.5
2929Reinuaba Escobar CarlosCHI21486033.5
3037Catalan Roman FranciscoCHI20876032.5
3136Marin Muñoz RoqueCHI20906032.0
3246Suasnabar Benavides Jesus GabriCMPER19626032.0
3333Gutierrez Montes SebastianCHI21156031.5
3442Cordero DanielaWIMBOL20326031.5
3550Morales Flores MonserratCHI19356031.5
3635Ramirez Maria EugeniaWFMBOL21006031.0
3770Ercoli Ercoli Fernando EugenioCHI17426030.5
3854Aguirre Adaros Joaquin AntonioCHI18976030.0
3949Rodriguez Mayorca JosephPER19436029.5
4062Lopez Herrera PieroPER17986029.5
121 players

27) 200th MGU Open 2017

The 200th MGU Open took place 30th to 31st December 2017. Hristo M. Hristov edged out Gergana Peycheva on tie-break after both scored 5/6. Congratulations to Mitko Iliev on reaching a nice landmark so quickly.

200th MGU Open 2017 Sofia BUL Sat 30th Dec 2017 - Sun 31st Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
12HRISTOV Hristo M.21185.0
3PEYCHEVA GerganaWFM21075.0
34DERESHKI Dario20744.5
45METEV Martin18923.5
7GINEV NikolaAIM17433.5
66HUEBNER Thomas Dr.17903.5
71ILIEV DimitarNM21453.0
812MLADENOV Andrey15523.0
99KOSTOV Nikolay16312.5
1016IVANOV Plamen02.5
1115TENEV Bogdan14522.5
128PUNCHEV Ivan16882.5
1313SAPAREVA Magdalena14962.5
1410GEORGIEV Nikolay Zh.15882.0
1511SIMEONOV Daniel15762.0
1614SIMOV Zahari14890.5
16 players

28) 1st Al Ain Junior U20 2017-18

The 1st Al Ain Junior U20 takes place 30th December 2017 to 5th January 2018.

1st Al Ain Junior U20 Al-Ain UAE Sat 30th Dec 2017 - Fri 5th Jan 2018
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
12Abdusattorov NodirbekIMUZB25163.
25Harutyunian Tigran K.IMARM24873.
10Hakobyan Hovhannes H.ARM22703.
17Ahmed FareedFMUAE19973.
56Mousavi Seyed KhalilIMIRI24593.
7Mohammad Nubairshah ShaikhIMIND23803.
8Danielyan VaheFMARM23373.
9Davtyan ArturFMARM23053.
13Sultan IbrahimIMUAE21173.
15Poormosavi Seyed KianIRI21123.
16Asadi MotahareWFMIRI20133.
29Singh GurmeherIND16463.
131Ghosh DiptayanGMIND25563.
143Mosadeghpour MasoudGMIRI25033.
4Gholami AryanIMIRI24993.
1614Al Hosani OmranCMUAE21163.
1711Garayev KananFMAZE22602.
1830Ahmad Al RomaithiUAE16432.
1920Sebt Rasoul Seyede SetareWCMIRI19532.
2012Asatryan SonaWIMARM21712.
18Lakshmi Krishna Bhushan DIND19732.
19Ammar SedraniFMUAE19702.
21Shanya MishraIND19022.
23Hareb Nasser Hareb AlshamsiUAE17582.
25Salem Ahmed SalemUAE17302.
26Ahmed Rashed Al HefetiUAE17072.
32Al Maamari Wafia DarwishWCMUAE16052.
2822Al-Zaabi SultanCMUAE18752.
2924Saif AhmedUAE17522.
36Sidharth Balaji SridharanAFMIND14772.
42Amal Fadel S M AlshamsiWCMUAE13992.
44Ebrahimi FatemehIRI13932.
45Sultan Fadel Saeed M AlshamsiUAE13862.
50Nawaf Ali Al-MansooriUAE13092.
54Abdulla M Hamed AlneyadiUAE12782.
65Hmouda A H BinhmoudaUAE12332.
67Khalil HananUAE12202.
73Alyazia Humaid AlhasaniUAE11822.
3928Jalali SabaIRI16822.
33Jasmeher Singh KathuriaIND15932.
143 players

29) African Juniors 2017

The African Juniors took place 22nd to 29th December 2017. David Silva won with 8/9.

African Juniors 2017 Lome TOG Fri 22nd Dec 2017 - Fri 29th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
13SILVA DavidIMANG22578.00.0403.57.0
21FAWZY AdhamIMEGY24347.50.0397.57.0
34ANWULI DANIELFMNGR22527.00.0394.07.0
42HBACHA AchrafCMTUN22766.00.5401.55.0
56NASSR AhmedIMALG20376.00.5383.55.0
65BRAHAMI LamineFMALG20495.00.0377.05.0
77OYELABI JonathanNGR16695.00.0374.04.0
88ADUAMA DavidGHA04.51.5360.04.0
917NIAMKEY Elijah PharellCIV04.51.5359.03.0
1014FOUA Aroll JuniorCIV04.50.0358.54.0
1118TCHOULI Djouanang Frederic MarcelCMR04.02.0381.04.0
1215KOUAME Ange NicaiseCIV04.01.0377.52.0
139AGBODO Koffi Vincent JuniorTOG04.00.0372.04.0
1413DE SOUZA DavidTOG03.50.0344.52.0
1512AYENA Yao TimotheeTOG03.00.0357.52.0
1616LABODJA SamirTOG03.00.0350.02.0
1711NOUEKPE Christ-RoiTOG01.50.0343.01.0
1810AMOUSSOU Georges Hector AyedonTOG00.00.0339.50.0
18 players

30) Zolochiv Chess Winter 2017

The Zolochiv Chess Winter took place 3rd to 8th December 2017. Ulvi Bajarani won with 7.5/9.

Zolochiv Chess Winter Zolochiv UKR Sun 3rd Dec 2017 - Fri 8th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Bajarani, UlviAZE24747.5
2Garayev, MuradAZE22896.5
3Ismayilov, GanjaliAZE23086.5
4Dourtmes, PhilipUKR23286.0
5Gutsko, NikolaiBLR23266.0
6Strovsky, MikhailTOG22766.0
7Winichenko, MikhailUKR22846.0
8Polyakov, MaximUKR24035.5
9Yushinov, NikolayUKR21955.5
10Doronin, OlegKAZ21075.0
11Kaliuzhny, AndreyUKR22915.0
12Kuzmenko, VolodimirUKR21855.0
13Odnorozhenko, EvgenyiUKR23104.5
14Sadykov, IljasTKM22504.5
15Osmetkin, AnatolyRUS21534.5
16Blednov, StanislavUKR24834.5
17Kul-Mukhammed, SanzharKAZ22154.5
18Ryvkin, VsevolodUKR23803.0
19Smirnov, OleksandrUKR20793.0
20Mikhitarian, ArtemUKR19553.0
21Suponev, TimofeyUKR24094.0
22Dzhamalov, YakovUKR20973.0
23Baimagambetova, AliyaKAZ22602.5
24Dadashli, NarminAZE22462.5
25Malikhin, EvgeniUKR17101.5
26Kozhukhov, VolodimirUKR16931.5
27Korman, RomanUKR16340.0
27 players

31) Third Saturday Djenovici December 2017

The Third Saturday Djenovici December took place 16th to 25th December 2017. Evgeny Gleizerov won with a perfect 9/9.

3rd Sat Djenovici Dec IM Djenovici MNE Sat 16th Dec 2017 - Mon 25th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12Gleizerov EvgenyRUS24909.
29Ivic VelimirSRB23447.
36Nikcevic NebojsaMNE24346.018.500.01.0
41Petijevic VasoMNE22615.
510Nikolic NebojsaMNE23344.016.500.02.0
64Bujisic VlastimirMNE21944.010.750.00.0
77Kontic DjordjijeMNE23143.512.000.00.5
83Miljkovic MilanBIH21633.08.500.00.5
95Dolgun CanTUR20552.04.750.00.0
108Lazarevic ZoranMNE18571.
10 players
3rd Sat Djenovici Dec IM Djenovici MNE Sat 16th Dec 2017 - Mon 25th Dec 2017. Category: None. Ave: (2245)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Gleizerov, Evgeny GM RUS 2490 # 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 9 2217
2 Ivic, Velimir FM SRB 2344 0 # 1 = = 1 1 1 1 1 7 2454
3 Nikcevic, Nebojsa GM MNE 2434 0 0 # 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 6 2349
4 Petijevic, Vaso FM MNE 2261 0 = 0 # = 1 = = 1 1 5 2286
5 Nikolic, Nebojsa MNE 2334 0 = 1 = # 0 0 1 0 1 4 2192
6 Bujisic, Vlastimir FM MNE 2194 0 0 0 0 1 # = = 1 1 4 2207
7 Kontic, Djordjije IM MNE 2314 0 0 0 = 1 = # = = 3 2197
8 Miljkovic, Milan FM BIH 2163 0 0 0 = 0 = = # = 1 3 2129
9 Dolgun, Can TUR 2055 0 0 0 0 1 0 = = # 0 2 2046
10 Lazarevic, Zoran MNE 1857 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 # 1 1962
3rd Sat Djenovici Dec FM Djenovici MNE Sat 16th Dec 2017 - Mon 25th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
12Yildirim Ibrahim HalilTUR17089.
25Bubanja MasanMNE19377.026.750.03.5
33Perisic MilutinMNE05.
44Bubanja MilosMNE17445.016.750.01.5
56Milosevic AndjelkoBIH17412.55.500.00.5
61Tomic DaniloMNE18041.58.500.01.5
6 players

32) Bhopal International Open 2017

The Bhopal International Open took place 21st to 28th December 2017. Nguyen Duc Hoa won with 8.5/10.

Bhopal International Open Bhopal IND Thu 21st Dec 2017 - Thu 28th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
17Nguyen Duc HoaGMVIE25048.
28Yeoh Li TianIMMAS24808.00.062.567.0
36Tran Tuan MinhGMVIE25448.00.060.566.0
45Atalik SuatGMTUR25458.00.058.563.0
527Shailesh DravidFMIND23068.00.057.562.5
615Gukesh DCMIND23628.00.056.561.5
73Tukhaev AdamGMUKR25758.
82Rozum IvanGMRUS25957.50.064.570.0
91Gareyev TimurGMUSA26067.
1024Sangma RahulIMIND23117.50.061.566.0
1112Girish A. KoushikIMIND24127.
129Himanshu SharmaGMIND24697.50.059.564.5
1392Harshavardhan G BIND19847.50.055.559.5
1435Prakash RamIND22457.
1510Khusenkhojaev MuhammadIMTJK24517.
1630Deshmukh AnupIMIND22837.
1713Ravi Teja S.IMIND23787.
1816Erigaisi ArjunFMIND23597.
1925Rathnakaran K.IMIND23077.00.058.564.0
2042Senthil Maran KIND22087.00.057.562.5
2117Kunal M.IND23527.00.057.562.0
2218Saravana Krishnan P.IND23507.
2329Gajwa AnkitFMIND22847.
2431Ajay Krishna SIND22817.
2532Sekar BIND22747.00.056.560.5
2622Muthaiah AlIND23167.
2733Ram S. KrishnanIND22557.
2841Nayak RajeshIND22117.
2971Singh Arvinder PreetIND20617.00.055.560.0
3011Nitin S.IMIND24417.
3151Panesar VedantIND21617.00.054.559.5
3236Saurabh AnandIND22417.00.053.558.0
3359Dixit NikhilIND21327.
3457Jishitha DWFMIND21407.00.051.556.5
354David AlbertoGMITA25716.
3644Patil PratikIND21996.
3734Masango SpencerZIM22536.
3856Bharat Kumar Reddy PoluriIND21416.50.057.561.5
3949Shelke SankarshaIND21736.
4075Nguyen Phuoc TamVIE20356.
322 players

33) Doroshkevich Memorial Amateur Open 2017

The Doroshkevich Memorial Amateur Open took place 20th to 29th December 2017. Alexei Terzi won with 8/9.

Doroshkevich Amateur Open Sochi RUS Wed 20th Dec 2017 - Fri 29th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
130Terzi AlexeiFMBLR22338.
217Apryshko GlebFMRUS22827.
311Novitzkij DmitrijIMBLR22987.
446Baraeva MarinaWIMRUS21796.
539Mukhutdinov TigranRUS22106.
624Rjabzev KonstantinIMRUS22656.
713Volkov SergeiFMRUS22946.
84Inozemtsev SergeiRUS23146.
914Purygin AndreiFMRUS22936.
1029Egorov PavelRUS22406.
1125Zasukhin VadimRUS22576.
1241Pranizin GennadyRUS21896.
1351Lagashin PavelRUS21486.
1436Dashko AndreyRUS22196.
152Krapivin VladislavIMRUS23186.
161Hambardzumian YuriIMARM23246.
1719Murzin VolodarFMRUS22816.
1842Eryshkanova AnastasiyaWFMRUS21886.
195Tolstikh NikolayIMRUS23126.
2032Trubchaninov TimurFMRUS22246.
2128Tsvetkov AndreyCMRUS22446.
2221Galakhov SergeyRUS22786.
2333Vlassow ValentinFMRUS22236.
246Lopukhin AnatolyRUS23105.
2589Mesropian KhachaturARM19695.
269Denishev MaratFMRUS23015.
2768Prokhorko MikhailRUS20955.
2834Dilanyan GrigorFMARM22225.
298Kozlov OlegIMRUS23035.
3035Mumdgan SurenRUS22205.
3115Filipenko Alexander VIMRUS22915.
3249Potapova MargaritaWFMRUS21635.
3331Stukan MartinCMRUS22335.
3455Makoveev IlyaRUS21375.
3567Bogachkov VladislavRUS20995.
3610Alexeev AlexeyIMUKR22995.
3769Morin AndreyRUS20835.
3871Timchenko EvgenyRUS20745.
3958Palkovich DenisFMUKR21315.
4072Nuristani ImanRUS20585.
118 players

34) 1st Schilcherlandopen 2017-18

The 1st Schilcherlandopen takes place 29th December 2017 to 6th January 2018.

1st Schilcherlandopen Deutschlandsberg AUT Fri 29th Dec 2017 - Sat 6th Jan 2018
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
12Kantans TomsGMLAT24843.
29Thakur AkashFMIND23383.
325Srienz Christian Mag.FMAUT21703.
410Sarno SpartacoIMITA23143.
53Schreiner PeterIMAUT24573.
65Schnider GertIMAUT24263.
711Hopman PieterFMNED23073.
834Wegerer Fred Ing.FMAUT21003.
94Womacka MathiasGMGER24383.
1016Danner GeorgIMAUT22913.
117Spalir JernejFMSLO23612.
1212Wallner JoachimFMAUT23062.
1333Pitica Silviu ValentinITA21022.
1426Tölly MichaelAUT21482.
1515Chkhaidze NikolozFMGEO22942.
1618Bonstingl GeorgAUT22482.
1723Furman BorisFMRUS22112.
188Mazi LeonIMSLO23522.
1917Krebs JohannFMAUT22642.
2028Peyrer KonstantinAUT21292.
2121Perhinig Robert Mag.FMAUT22292.
2231Ongut Tamas GunesAIMHUN21192.
2322Fauland PeterMKAUT22182.
246Smirnov ArtemIMRUS23932.
251Diermair AndreasIMAUT25002.
2657Tscheinig GertAUT19402.
2724Ernst Michael Mag.AUT21772.
2832Nickl Klaus Prof.MKAUT21022.
2949Cordara MicheleFMITA20022.
3020Kantane AnnaWIMPOL22432.
3147Krishnater KushagerAGMIND20212.
3258Kordzadze NinoAUT19172.
3330Berke AnaWIMCRO21222.
3419Singer RichardFMAUT22452.
3563Weißensteiner LukasAUT18862.
3642Horvath RekaMkAUT20442.
3735Kölber DanielAUT20882.
3843Kejzar PetraSLO20392.
3946Juvan JakaSLO20262.
4056Kubik GerhardAUT19492.
130 players

35) TCh-GER Junior U20 2017

The German Junior Team Championships took place in various cities depending on age-group 26th to 30th December 2017. I give the games from the Open Under-20 section only.

TCh-GER Junior U20 2017 Duesseldorf GER Tue 26th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1SG PorzNRW214911
2Hamburger SKHAM218911
3SK Doppelbauer KielSHO20439
4SF SasbachBAD21199
5USV HalleS-A19989
6OSG Baden-BadenBAD21028
7USV PotsdamBRA19498
8SG BochumNRW20347
9TuS CoswigSAC18927
10SC Bavaria RegensburgBAY19317
11SK Koenig PlauenSAC19027
12Heilbronner SVWÜR18606
13LSV Turm LippstadtNRW19515
14SK FrankenthalRLP18054
15Duesseldorfer SKNRW19244
16Schachforum DarmstadtHES16130
16 players

36) Pan-American Intercollegiate 2017

The Pan-American Intercollegiate took place 27th to 30th December 2017. WEBSTER A won.

Pan-Am Intercollegiate Columbus USA Wed 27th Dec 2017 - Sat 30th Dec 2017
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1WEBSTER A2724 5.57218100
2ST LOUIS UNIV2702 5.074.7518.5100
3TEXAS TECH A2615 5.07220.599
4TX RIO GRANDE VALLEY A2650 5.067.517.599
5WEBSTER B2634 5.063.2518.599
6UNIV TEXAS DALLAS B2560 5.061.7516100
7TX RIO GRANDE VALLEY B2479 4.561.518100
8UNIV TEXAS DALLAS A2593 4.060.2516100
9UNIV TEXAS DALLAS C2529 4.052.7517100
10UNIV OF MICHIGAN A2462 4.051.515.599
11HARVARD CRIMSON2422 4.043.513.5100
12UNIV OF CHICAGO A2336 4.03912100
13ARIZONA STATE UNIV A2153 4.03613.599
14UNIV OF CHICAGO B2149 4.032.251298
15UNIV OF ILLINOIS A2088 4.029.2515100
16UNIV MD BALTIMORE CO A2342 3.552.517100
17UNIV TEXAS DALLAS D2241 3.545.7516100
18UC BERKELEY2382 3.541.513.5100
19WEBSTER D2212 3.540.514.5100
20COLUMBIA UNIV2240 3.53914100
21UNIV OF TORONTO A2364 3.53912100
22PRINCETON UNIV2223 3.534.513100
23UNIV TEXAS AUSTIN A2149 3.53313.599
24NEW YORK UNIV2014 3.5261299
25UNIV OF ILLINOIS B2119 3.038.7514100
26WEBSTER C2296 3.038.2513.5100
27CARNEGIE MELLON UNIV2253 3.036.513.5100
28TX TECH C2248 3.03612.5100
29WASHINGTON UNIV IN ST LOUIS2095 3.029.512.5100
30UNIV OF MD COLLEGE PARK1952 3.025.759.599
31UNIV MN TWIN CITIES A1907 3.023.7510.599
32NITTANY LIONS1871 3.022.7510.598
33UW WHITEWATER1834 3.0201098
34ARIZONA STATE UNIV B1904 2.525.510.5100
35UNIV OF MICHIGAN B2042 2.52212.5100
36UNIV TEXAS DALLAS E1876 2.520.59.5100
37UNIV MN TWIN CITIES B1856 2.519.59100
38MIAMI DADE COLLEGE1939 2.519.259.5100
39RUTGERS SCARLET KNIGHTS1862 2.518.7510.5100
40OSU SCARLET1786 2.5189.5100
58 players

37) TCh-HUN 2017-18

The Hungarian Team Championship takes place 25th November 2017 to 6th May 2018.

TCh-HUN 2017-18 Hungary HUN Sat 25th Nov 2017 - Sun 6th May 2018
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Aquaprofit-NTSK I.47.59.510.59836.5
2ASE Paks458.59.56.5629.5
4Aquarena Kobanya SC43.5689.5527
5Penzugyor SE42.58.58.56525.5
6Duocor-Makoi SVSE42.5669.5424
7HUSI SC41.55.567.5320.5
9Dunaharaszti MTK4343.56116.5
10MTK Budapest42.562.54.5115.5
10 teams

38) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

TCh-FAI 2017-18

The Faroe Islands Team Championship takes place 22nd October 2017 to 17th March 2018.

TCh-FAI 2017-18 Faroe Islands FAI Sun 22nd Oct 2017 - Sat 17th Mar 2018
Leading Round 2 (of 10) Standings:
1Klaksvik 1**347.040
Havnin 1**347.040
3Sandavagur 1**46.540
4Kollafjordur 111**2.000
6Gota 100**0.000
6 teams

TCh-CZE 2017-18

The Czech Extraliga takes place 18th November 2017 to 8th April 2018. The lower Zapad and Vychod leagues have also started.

TCh-CZE Extraliga 2017-18 Czech Republic CZE Sat 18th Nov 2017 - Sun 8th Apr 2018
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
11. Novoborsky SK*7920.08.5
3Vystaviste Lysa nad Labem*615.54.5
4SK DURAS BVK Kralovo Pole*7614.04.0
5SK Zikuda Turnov*6614.03.0
6GASCO Pardubice*5613.03.0
7Labortech Ostrava*610.52.0
8Moravska Slavia Brno*45410.52.5
9BSS Frydek-Mistek44*29.52.0
10SK Slavoj Poruba3*09.00.5
11SK mesta Lysa nad Labem23*08.51.0
12Tatran Litovel11*03.50.0
12 teams
TCh-CZE 1 Liga Zapad Czech Republic CZE Sat 18th Nov 2017 - Sun 8th Apr 2018
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1Bartos Unichess*5551219.56.5
2TJ Neratovice A*3920.56.5
3SK Dopravni podnik Praha35*46718.05.5
4TJ Bohemians Praha3*45717.55.5
5SK Sokol Vysehrad*345716.55.5
62222 SK Polabiny B44*46618.05.5
7TJ Slavia Hradec Kralove2*5615.03.5
8SK OAZA Praha5*613.54.5
9TJ Pankrac43*416.04.0
10QCC Ceske Budejovice34*415.04.5
11TJ Neratovice B32*012.02.0
12SK JOLY Lysa nad Labem C3*010.52.5
12 teams
TCh-CZE 1 Liga Vychod Czech Republic CZE Sat 18th Nov 2017 - Sun 8th Apr 2018
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1TZ Třinec*541019.07.0
2Slavoj Ceský Těsin*565919.56.5
3BSS Frýdek-Mistek "B"*6918.55.0
4SK Staré Město*5917.56.0
5Slavia Kroměřiž3*47719.56.5
6SK Gordic33*618.06.0
7Sachy Hosťalkova*616.05.5
8KVS Ekodivize Opava24*415.04.5
9TJ Ostrava "A"*4414.53.5
10Panda Rychnov nad Kněžnou A4*413.53.5
11Lokomotiva Brno A214*18.51.0
12Agentura 64 Grygov3*012.53.0
12 teams

TCh-AUT 2nd Bundesliga 2017-18

The Austrian Team Championship 2nd Division takes place 13th October 2017 to 7th April 2018.

TCh-AUT 2nd Mitte 2017-18 Austria AUT Fri 27th Oct 2017 - Sat 7th Apr 2018
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
1SC MPÖ Maria Saal 2*3441123.50
2SV Steyregg*441023.00
3UNION Ansfelden*4331021.50
4SPG Sparkasse Pinggau-Friedberg*553924.50
5SPG Fürstenfeld/Hartberg32*3819.50
6RbEj Gleisdorf1*4819.00
7Schachfreunde Graz31*3415.50
8SPG Sauwald332*414.50
9ASK St. Valentin23*316.00
11ESV ASKÖ Admira Villach2*213.50
12SC DieKlagenfurter2*010.50
12 teams
TCh-AUT 2nd West 2017-18 Austria AUT Fri 27th Oct 2017 - Sat 7th Apr 2018
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
2Hohenems II*53919.50
4Jenbach 2*4454818.50
6ASK Salzburg2*3715.50
7Sparkasse Neumarkt323*3312.50
12Rochade Rum2½3*19.50
12 teams
TCh-AUT 2nd Ost 2017-18 Austria AUT Fri 27th Oct 2017 - Sat 7th Apr 2018
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
1SC Data Technology Pressbaum/E.*43919.50
2ASVÖ Pamhagen 22*44819.00
3SK Austria*818.50
4SC Donaustadt*423716.00
5SK Sparkasse Bad Vöslau*4616.00
6L.A. Kraftanlage Ottakring2*615.50
7Blackburne Nickelsdorf2*4614.50
8SK Advisory Invest Baden34*25515.50
9SK Hietzing24*212.50
10ASVÖ Mattersburg23*112.50
12SK Mostarrichi13*19.50
12 teams

56th TCh-DEN ExtraCon 2017-18

The 56th Danish Team ExtraCon takes place 18th November 2017 to 11th March 2018.

56th TCh-DEN Ex 2017-18 Denmark DEN Sat 18th Nov 2017 - Sun 11th Mar 2018
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Team Nordea Skanderborg 1722
2Bronshoj 1419.5
3BMS 1718
4Nordre 1516.5
5Hillerod 1416
6Jetsmark 1515.5
7Aarhus/Skolerne 1214.5
8SK 1968 1213.5
9Nordkalotten 1212.5
10Bov 1212
10 teams

Dutch League 2017-18

The Dutch League takes place 16th September 2017 to 21st April 2018. Next round 6 3rd February 2018.

Dutch League 2017-18 Netherlands NED Sat 16th Sep 2017 - Sat 21st Apr 2018
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1LSG IntelliMagic#--76.556.5--7932
2En Passant-#55---
3Kennemer Combinatie-5#-54.5--66626.5
6HMC Calder5-5.533#5.5---522
8MuConsult Apeldoorn-3.5-64.5--#64424
9Groninger Combinatie-3.544--74#-222.5
10Pathena Rotterdam34.54---36-#220.5
10 teams

Frauenbundesliga 2017-18

The Frauenbundesliga takes place 1st October 2017 to 25th March 2018. I haven't been able to find any games at all from this event.

Frauenbundesliga 2017-18 Germany GER Sun 1st Oct 2017 - Sun 25th Mar 2018
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
1SK Schwaebisch Hallxxx44.56661026.5
2Hamburger SKxxx43.5655.51024
3OSG Baden-Badenxxx33.54.554.5920.5
4SC Bad Koenigshofen23xxx44.56719.5
5Rodewischer SM22.5xxx4.53.56618.5
6SF Deizisau1.52xxx4.555618
7SK Lehrte02.51.5xxx4.54412.5
8Karlsruher SF1.51.51.5xxx43.5412
9SV Allianz Leipzig012.52xxx3.529
10Doppelbauer Kiel101.52.5xxx318
11SV Medizin Erfurt0.5123xxx16.5
12SV Hofheim01.5012.5xxx05
12 teams

Bundesliga 2017-18

The German Bundesliga takes place 21st October to 1st May 2018. Baden-Baden are defending champions and top seeds. Next rounds 3th-4th February 2018.

Bundesliga 2017-18 Germany GER Sat 21st Oct 2017 - Tue 1st May 2018
Leading Round 6 (of 15) Standings:
1OSG Baden-Baden66001235.5
2SG Solingen66001234.5
3SV Werder Bremen65101032.5
4DJK Aufwaerts Aachen6312829.5
5Schachfreunde Deizisau6420829
6SV 1930 Hockenheim6420829
7SK Schwaebisch Hall6330625
8SF Berlin 19036330624
9USV TU Dresden6222622.5
10SV 1920 Hofheim6231520.5
11SV Muelheim Nord6240420.5
12FC Bayern Muenchen6132419.5
13Hamburger SK6141320
14SG Speyer-Schwegenheim6141318.5
15MSA Zugzwang 826051113.5
16SK Norderstedt 19756060010
16 teams

TCh-FIN 2017-18

The Finnish Championship takes place 16th September 2017 to 11th March 2018. Next rounds 3rd-4th January 2018.

TCh-FIN 2017-18 Finland FIN Sat 16th Sep 2017 - Sun 11th Mar 2018
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
1SK ComeOn, Helsinki61113
2TammerSh, Tampere61113
3MatSK, Espoo688
4EtVaS, Vantaa687
5Aatos, Helsinki678
6SalSK, Salo677
7JyS, Jyvaskylä660
8KymS, Kotka65-3
9KS-58, Helsinki64-11
10TuTS, Turku63-3
11HSK, Helsinki52-17
12KarjUra, Karjaa60-21
12 teams

TCh-SVK 2017-18

The Slovakian Team Championship takes place 30th September 2017 to 5th March 2018. Next rounds 6th-7th January 2018.

TCh-SVK 2017-18 Slovakia SVK Sat 30th Sep 2017 - Mon 5th Mar 2018
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1Slovan Commander*661224.00
2SK Dunajska Streda*45551019.00
3Reinter Snina*25918.00
4SK Modra46*6719.50
5SK Prakovce -*546718.50
6SK Junior CVC Banska Bystrica3*615.50
7Liptovska sachova skola*615.00
8TJ Inbest Dunajov234*413.50
9SK AQUAMARIN Podhajska*314.00
10TJ Slavia UPJS Kosice2*313.50
11SK Osuske233*312.50
12SKS Dubnica nad Vahom½32*09.00
12 teams

Belgian Interclubs 2017-18

The Belgian Interclubs takes place 24th September 2017 to 29th April 2018. Next round 4th January 2018.

TCh-BEL 2017-18 Belgium BEL Sun 24th Sep 2017 - Sun 29th Apr 2018
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
1KGSRL 11028
2Wirtzfeld 1926.5
3Amay 1825
4Brasschaat 1620.5
5CRELEL 1619
6KSK47-Eynatten 1521
7KBSK 1520.5
8Wachtebeke 1418
9TSM 1316
10Fontaine 1218.5
11KSK Rochade 1217.5
12CREC 109.5
12 teams

TCh-NOR Eliteserien 2017-18

The Norwegian Eliteserien takes place November 3rd 2017 to 4th March 2018. Games from the first 3 rounds are now complete.

Frauenbundesliga AUT 2017-18

The Austrian Frauenbundesliga takes place 24th November 2017 to 8th April 2018. In contrast to the German Frauenbundesliga games are already available.

Frauenbundesliga AUT 2017-18 Austria AUT Fri 24th Nov 2017 - Sun 8th Apr 2018
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1Mayrhofen/SK Zell/Zillertal*469.00
2ASVÖ Wulkaprodersdorf*369.00
3SC Extraherb WS½*47.50
4ASVÖ Pamhagen*347.00
5Spg. Steyr*2246.50
6SK Baden12*336.00
7SK Dornbirn*26.50
8SV Ökothek St. Veit/Glan012*13.00
9Schach ohne Grenzen½*03.50
10SV Chesshero Rapid Feffernitz½1½*02.00
10 teams

TCh-AUT 2017-18

The Austrian Team Championship takes place 16th November 2017 to 7th April 2018.

TCh-AUT 2017-18 Austria AUT Thu 16th Nov 2017 - Sat 7th Apr 2018
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1Schachklub Sparkasse Jenbach*817.00
2mpimmo Wien - SK Ottakring*354717.50
3SIR Royal Salzburg*3713.50
4SC MPÖ Maria Saal*5616.50
5SK Hohenems*615.00
6SV Raika Rapid Feffernitz3*3411.00
7Schachclub Sparkasse Götzis33*3311.50
8SV Pillenkönig St. Veit*212.00
9ASVÖ Wulkaprodersdorf*429.50
10Grieskirchen/Bad Schallerbach11*427.50
11Schachklub Absam232*19.50
12ASVÖ Pamhagen½½½2*03.50
12 teams

4NCL 2017-18

The 4NCL takes place 11th November 2017 to 7th May 2018. Next rounds 3-4 13th to 14th January 2017.

4NCL 2017-18 England ENG Sat 11th Nov 2017 - Mon 7th May 2018
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1Guildford 17½-½8-0415½
2White Rose 15½-2½6-2411½
3Oxford 13½-4½6½-1½210
43Cs 12½-5½6½-1½29
5Spirit of Atticus A1½-6½4½-3½26
6Grantham Sharks 1½-7½4½-3½25
7Barbican 4NCL 22-63½-4½0
8The ADs0-81½-6½0
1Guildford 25-34½-3½4
2Cheddleton 14-46½-1½310½
3Wood Green HK4-44½-3½3
4Blackthorne Russia3½-4½5½-2½29
5West is Best 13½-4½5-32
6Barbican 4NCL 13-54½-3½2
7Cambridge University 13½-4½2½-5½06
16 teams

TCh-ISL 2017-18

The Icelandic Team Championship takes pleace in two parts. The first 5 rounds took place 19th to 22nd October. The remaining rounds 1st-3rd March 2018. Games now available. My thanks to Gunnar Bjornsson and those who entered the games.

TCh-ISL Div 1 2017-18 Reykjavik ISL Thu 19th Oct 2017 - Sat 3rd Mar 2018
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
29Skakfelagid Huginn a-sveit550031.0100
36Skakdeild Fjolnis531124.070
47Taflfelag Reykjavikur532021.060
54Skakfelag Akureyrar a-sveit523021.040
63Skakfelagid Huginn b-sveit523016.540
75Taflfelag Gardabæjar522116.050
88Skakfelag Akureyrar b-sveit514013.520
910Skakdeild KR514011.020
102Skakdeild Breidabliks og Bolungarvikur a50509.000
10 teams
TCh-ISL Div 2 2017-18 Reykjavik ISL Thu 19th Oct 2017 - Sat 3rd Mar 2018
Leading Round 4 (of 7) Standings:
1Taflfelag Reykjavikur b-sveit*44518.580
2Skakfelag Reykjanesbæjar*5518.080
3Skakdeild Hauka*43514.550
5Hrokar alls fagnadar2*410.020
6Skakfelagid Huginn c-sveit2232*9.010
7Skakfelag Selfoss og nagrennis113*8.530
8Taflfelag Reykjavikur c-sveit½11*4.000
8 teams

TCh-SWE Elitserien 2017-18

The Swedish Team Championship Elitserien takes place 20th October 2017 to 18th March 2018.

TCh-SWE Elitserien Sweden SWE Fri 20th Oct 2017 - Sun 18th Mar 2018
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1Malmo AS3300617.5
2Lunds ASK3300617.0
3SK Team Viking3210414.5
4Limhamns SK3210414.0
5SK Rockaden, Sthlm3210412.0
6Stockholms SS3120211.0
7Eksjo SK312029.0
9Farsta SK3030010.0
10Upsala ASS303006.0
10 teams
TCh-SWE Superettan Sweden SWE Fri 20th Oct 2017 - Sun 18th Mar 2018
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1Wasa SK3300617
2Vasteras SK3300616.5
3SK Rockaden Umea3300614
4Kristallens SK3111311.5
5Schack 08, Norrkoping3120212
6Vaxjo SK3120211
7Orgryte SK3120210
8Burgsvik Alva SK312029.5
9SS Manhem302119.5
10SK Kamraterna303009
10 teams

2nd Bundesliga 2017-18

The 2nd Bundesliga takes place 8th October 2017 to 15th April 2018. Likely some games will become available.

39) Forthcoming Events and Links

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