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World Chess Championship 2012 (Moscow)

FIDE World Championship Venues Anand-Gelfand in Moscow Hou-Koneru Tirana

The World Chess Federation, FIDE have announced the venues for their World Chess Championship Matches. They had two bidders for the Viswanathan Anand against Boris Gelfand Match of 2012 and they chose Moscow in May over Chennai. In addition the women's match between Hou Yifan and the Humpy Koneru takes place in Tirana, Albania in November 2011. A new press release with only the minor change (as far as I could see) that it would take place in Skolkovo, Moscow, which is the sponsors choice, instead of generically in Moscow. Information that could have been added later. Very puzzling.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


The Federation Internationale des Echecs is pleased to announce that following the evaluation of the bids for the World Chess Championship Match 2012 and the recommendations by the World Championship and Olympiad Commission, it has awarded the organization of the match to the Russian Chess Federation.

The match will be held in May 2012 in Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia and offers the World Champion Vishwanthanan Anand from India, and the Challenger Boris Gelfand from Israel, a prize fund of 2,550,000 US dollars.

FIDE thanked the Russian Chess Federation for its winning bid and will work together with the RCF to ensure that the match is organized under the best conditions for both players.

FIDE President showed his appreciation for the significant commitment that the Russian leadership was also making to introduce a national chess in schools program at regional and Federal levels, with substantial investment to be made in this key development area.

The FIDE President, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov expressed his gratitude also to the All India Chess Federation who worked very hard to put in a very competitive bid with the support of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

In view of the commitment shown by the AICF and the appreciation of FIDE towards the development of chess in India, the AICF would be given a first option of three months following the match in Moscow, to make a proposal for the organization of the World Chess Championship Match 2013.

FIDE is further pleased to announce that the Women’s World Chess Championship Match between Women World Champion Hou Yifan from China and the Challenger Humpy Koneru from India, will be held in Tirana, Albania in November 2011 for a prize fund of 200,000 euros.

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