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Kasparov vs Short Blitz (Match)

Garry Kasparov to play Blitz Match against Short on Oct 9th

Short against Kasparov in Game 2.

Short against Kasparov in Game 2. |

Garry Kasparov plays another blitz match (Following his win against Vachier in Clichy), this time against Nigel Short who he faced in The Times World Chess Championship in 1993. Short hasn't beaten Kasparov in any form of chess since game 16 of that match but their games are frequently very lively. They last faced each other (but for a consultation game last year) in the Final of the Reykjavik Rapid in 2004 and initial reports suggested this would have a rapid element too. However it seems it will be 8 games of blitz chess at 5 minutes + 2 seconds per move starting at 6pm UK time on Sunday Oct 9th. Part of the 5th Anniversary of Your Next Move in Leuven, Belgium. Live Streaming

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