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ROC Nova College Weekend 2010 (6)

ROC Nova College Weekend 2010

Matthew Sadler. Photo © Frits Agterdenbos.

Matthew Sadler. Photo © Frits Agterdenbos. |

The ROC Nova College Weekend tournament was won by Matthew Sadler who retired from professional chess some years ago and doesn't play so much these days.

ROC Nova College Weekend 2010 (Haarlem NED)
Fri 2nd Jul 2010 - Sun 4th Jul 2010 - Official Site - Results - Chess Vista Photo Report

Open A (33 players 6 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:105m+10m+5spm(41)) - Games in PGN: Games

Open A (33 players 6 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 105m+10m+5spm(41)) - Games in PGN: Games


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ROC Nova College GpA Haarlem (NED), 2-4 vii 2010
Final Round 6 Standings:
Pl Name TiRating Score TPR W-We BH-HiLo
1Sadler, Matthew GM2590527090.8616
2Kravtsiv, Martyn GM25464.526030.514
3Van Oosterom, Chiel IM23814.524900.9714
4Turov, Maxim GM25124.525260.2513
5Van den Doel, Erik GM2576425760.0715
6Swinkels, Robin GM2485425470.5815
7Perez Garcia, Hebert 2047423722.0112.5
8Peng, Zhaoqin GM23883.523800.0915.5
9Haslinger, Stewart GM25483.52461-0.5415
10Ris, Robert IM24183.524300.2315
11Turova, Irina IM24093.52292-0.614
12Hortensius, Lisa 20803.523261.5313.5
13Wunnink, Michael 22953.52271-0.0312.5
14Strating, Sybolt FM23213.523430.2312
15Haast, Mark 23203.52298-0.1112
16Kerkvliet, Max 19573.521971.4611
17Vroombout, Enrico 2150322300.4313
18De Roode, Peter 21482.521980.2313
19Beeke, Bob 22022.52132-0.5112
20Von Meijenfeldt, Bart 21912.52209-0.0312
21Van der Lende, Ilias 21412.521690.1111.5
22De Bruijn, Aad 19632.520520.4911
23Mulder, Bart-Piet 22152.52009-1.3810.5
24De Ruiter, Danny 21722.52161-0.29.5
25Nieland, Wim 19612.520360.49.5
26Lie, Michael 21312.52099-0.279
27Lambrechts, Koen 223322002-1.7711
28Thoma, Sophia 1935220120.398
29De Roode, Martijn 20611.51955-0.869.5
30Sparreboom, Wil 19701.51875-0.569
31Helder, Marc 21201.51976-1.148
32Ypma, Peter 216011801-2.7210
33Burggraaf, Jan-Theodoor 196901584-0.1110

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