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Italian Team Championship 2014 (Games and Results)

Italian Team Championship 2014

The Italian Team Championship takes place in Condino Wed 30th Apr - Sun 4th May 2014. Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave are all in the team lists.

46th Italian Team Championship 2014 (Condino ITA)
Wed 30th Apr 2014 - Sun 4th May 2014 - Official Site - Results - Live

46th TCh-ITA 2014 (7 Rds Swiss Club ) - Games in PGN: Games

46th TCh-ITA 2014 (7 Rds Swiss Club ) - Games in PGN: Games


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46th TCh-ITA 2014 Condino ITA Wed 30th Apr 2014 - Sun 4th May 2014
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
11Obiettivo Risarcimento PadovaITA7601131320.5165
34Libertas NeretoITA73139916.5116.5
52WorldtradingLab Club 64ITA73317715107
613Augusta PerusiaITA72237714.593.5
88SS Triestina 1904ITA72237714.578.5
97SS Torinese AITA7223771488.5
109S.S. Milanese 1881ITA7331771480
116Partenopea WestendITA7124661499
1210Banca NuovaITA71246613.587.5
1312Pizzato Elettrica Scacchi MarosticaITA71246613.577
1415C.S.B. VipITA7034441053
1616A.S.I. BolognaITA7052228.548.5
16 teams

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