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FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2014 (Games and Results)

FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2014

Magnus Carlsen happy as he receives his prizes.Photo ©';

Magnus Carlsen happy as he receives his prizes.Photo ©'; |

The FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championships took place in Dubai 15th (opening ceremony) to 21st June 2014. Rapid event 16th-18th June 15 rounds, time control 15m+10spm. Blitz 19th-20th June 21 rounds 3m+2spm. 122 entries,

Magnus Carlsen secured an amazing double of World Rapid and Blitz titles in Dubai to go with his classical title. Carlsen was pressed hard on the final day when Ian Nepomniachtchi started with 6/6 to take clear first with four rounds to go. Carlsen however responded well and his turn around from a lost position against Rauf Mamedov in round 19. Then Carlsen beat Yudin in round 20 whilst Aronian beat Nepomniachtchi. Carlsen only needed to avoid loss for the title in the final round but after safe play he beat Anton Korobov for the title which was a good job as Nepomniachtchi beat Morozevich. This was not an easy or certain win for Carlsen in either the Rapid or Blitz event and to win both is a very great achievement. As is holding all three world titles at the same time. "17/21 is certainly deserving of first place." Magnus Carlsen, "an incredible score" - Anand.

All available games and standings.

Day 1: Rapid Day 1

Day 1 saw Ian Nepomniachtchi, Fabiano Caruana, and Sergey Karjakin start with 4.5/5. Half a point behind were Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Magnus Carlsen, Laurent Fressinet, Le Quang Liem and Sergey Movsesian are on 4pts Baadur Jobava, Viswanathan Anand and Alexander Grischuk are in a group on 3.5pts, Hikamura Nakamura scored 3 and Levon Aronian 2.5pts. Last year Mamedyarov's winning score was 11.5/15, as Nepomniachtchi said in interview consistency is really important in the event.

Day 2: Rapid Day 2

Day 2: Magnus Carlsen hit the lead alone on 8/10 after two days of the FIDE World Rapid Championship. A complex draw vs Karjakin and an escape vs Fressinet were followed by three wins in a row vs Kryvoruchko, Movsesian and Caruana. Carlsen faces Levon Aronian in Round 11 on Wednesday. Aronian scored 4.5/5 on day 2 including wins vs Karjakin and Nakamura. Half a point further back on 7/10 Nepomniachtchi, Caruana, Tomashevsky, Grischuk, Yu Yangyi, Anand and Svidler.

Day 2: Rapid Day 3

Magnus Carlsen wins the World Rapid Title

"Clearly the strongest swiss tournament of all time." Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen won the World Rapid Championship with 11/15 half a point clear of Fabiano Caruana and Viswanathan Anand. He admitted "The last day was just extremely tough"... "Levon [Aronian] played a very good interesting game and I had to use all my powers just to stay alive."

Carlsen then lost to Anand from a position where he stood better (after going wrong in the opening) "There's basically no way I can lose that position except for blundering a piece in one move." In Astana 2012 Carlsen led the World Rapid before collapsing completely and those negative thoughts started to come to him. He also took some time out whilst waiting for a round to finish to go bowling.

"I take it very seriously but you cannot constantly be focused otherwise you lose your mind." Carlsen

Carlsen struck back immediately to beat Yu Yangyi. Then against Grischuk he went wrong in the opening and then raeched a position where he realised his position was "in complete ruins". Having run his clock down trying to find an answer he played on and somehow survived and then when Grischuk started to go wrong Carlsen realised it was "suddely anybody's game. I felt I need to play for a win." This was the win that earned Carlsen the title. His mental toughness in recovering from his loss to Anand rather than collapsing as many have done before was impressive.

Teimour Radjabov who lost just a single game in the first round didn't put much in Carlsen's way for the draw he needed in the final round as his tie-break was clearly better than those who could catch him. In second was Fabiano Caruana who had been near the top all the way through and the only undefeated player was Viswanathan Anand who finished in third.

Day 4: Blitz Day 1

Magnus Carlsen led by half a point going into the final down. Carlsen will now be looking to complete the double here with the 21 round blitz over the next two days, if he does I believe it will be one of his major achievements in chess.


Leading players: Magnus Carlsen, Aronian Levon, Alexander Grischuk, Viswanathan Anand, Fabiano Caruana, Nakamura Hikaru, Sergey Karjakin, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Peter Svidler, Gelfand Boris, Vitiugov Nikita, Ian Nepomniachtchi etc. Play starts at 3pm local time 12pm UK time each day.

World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2014 (Dubai UAE)
Sun 15th Jun 2014 - Sun 22nd Jun 2014 - Official Site

World Rapid 2014 (122 players 15 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:15m+10spm) - Games in PGN: Rapid Games

World Blitz 2014 (122 players 21 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:3m+2spm) - Games in PGN: Blitz Games

World Rapid 2014 (122 players 15 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 15m+10spm) - Games in PGN: Rapid Games


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World Rapid 2014 Dubai UAE Mon 16th Jun 2014 - Sun 22nd Jun 2014
Leading Final Round 15 Standings:
14Carlsen MagnusNOR282711.02730131.00.0
22Caruana FabianoITA284010.52741131.00.0
39Anand ViswanathanIND277010.52723127.50.0
47Aronian LevonARM278510.52717128.00.0
515Morozevich AlexanderRUS273210.52696117.50.0
631Tomashevsky EvgenyRUS269310.02728128.50.0
78Karjakin SergeyRUS278110.02727133.00.0
83Grischuk AlexanderRUS282810.02708128.00.0
913Radjabov TeimourAZE275010.02705123.00.0
106Svidler PeterRUS278710.02685123.00.0
1132Bacrot EtienneFRA269210.02680113.50.0
1245Yu YangyiCHN26689.52717128.50.0
1325Mamedov RaufAZE27059.52619106.00.0
1433Jobava BaadurGEO26889.02725122.00.0
1549Nguyen Ngoc Truong SonVIE26609.02719124.00.0
1657Iturrizaga Bonelli EduardoVEN26529.02717116.00.0
1728Movsesian SergeiARM26969.02711124.00.0
1844Guseinov GadirAZE26719.02709119.00.0
1918Le Quang LiemVIE27249.02688120.50.0
2040Efimenko ZaharUKR26779.02672112.50.0
2120Wang HaoCHN27169.02654109.50.0
2219Eljanov PavelUKR27169.02643111.50.0
2380Antipov Mikhail Al.RUS25769.02642106.00.0
2411Nepomniachtchi IanRUS27688.52735124.00.0
2536Fressinet LaurentFRA26818.52733122.50.0
2668Yudin SergeiRUS26268.52712112.50.0
2765Salgado Lopez IvanESP26308.52701117.50.0
2873Riazantsev AlexanderRUS25978.52698116.50.0
291Nakamura HikaruUSA28418.52697124.00.0
3075Bartel MateuszPOL25938.52682113.50.0
3134Naiditsch ArkadijGER26878.52678115.00.0
3241Meier GeorgGER26778.52665116.00.0
3323Vallejo Pons FranciscoESP27098.52660114.00.0
3459Matlakov MaximRUS26498.52659112.50.0
3527Moiseenko AlexanderUKR26998.52652117.50.0
3624Vitiugov NikitaRUS27088.52637112.00.0
3754Fedoseev VladimirRUS26568.52634106.50.0
3839Zhigalko SergeiBLR26798.52624108.50.0
3916Cheparinov IvanBUL27278.52616109.00.0
4043Van Wely LoekNED26748.02713119.50.0
4170Dubov DaniilRUS26248.02681108.00.0
4214Vachier-Lagrave MaximeFRA27498.02677119.50.0
4352Najer EvgeniyRUS26578.02674113.00.0
4429Kryvoruchko YuriyUKR26948.02663115.50.0
4564Adly AhmedEGY26348.02663111.50.0
4635Potkin VladimirRUS26828.02661110.50.0
4746Sargissian GabrielARM26658.02660105.50.0
4822Dreev AlekseyRUS27098.02656111.50.0
4926Ragger MarkusAUT27018.02635106.50.0
5087Lu ShangleiCHN25368.02611105.50.0
113 players

World Blitz 2014 (122 players 21 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 3m+2spm) - Games in PGN: Blitz Games


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World Blitz 2014 Dubai UAE Sun 15th Jun 2014 - Sun 22nd Jun 2014
Leading Final Round 21 Standings:
14Carlsen MagnusNOR283717.02738257.50.0
29Nepomniachtchi IanRUS281616.02740256.00.0
31Nakamura HikaruUSA287916.02734256.50.0
48Le Quang LiemVIE281714.02718254.50.0
57Mamedyarov ShakhriyarAZE282213.52722252.50.0
63Aronian LevonARM286313.52707250.00.0
76Anand ViswanathanIND282713.52694251.50.0
812Mamedov RaufAZE276613.52666233.50.0
932Sargissian GabrielARM268913.02716245.00.0
1017Morozevich AlexanderRUS274113.02673233.00.0
1114Svidler PeterRUS275713.02651228.50.0
1286Yudin SergeiRUS255912.52747249.00.0
1329Dreev AlekseyRUS270112.52725250.50.0
1437Harikrishna P.IND266912.52718248.50.0
1521Wojtaszek RadoslawPOL272612.52691231.50.0
1613Korobov AntonUKR275812.52686234.50.0
1710Grischuk AlexanderRUS280112.52675236.00.0
1823Iturrizaga Bonelli EduardoVEN272212.52673231.50.0
1916Bacrot EtienneFRA274412.52670231.00.0
2035Vitiugov NikitaRUS267412.52666222.00.0
2126Radjabov TeimourAZE270612.52659231.50.0
2222Tomashevsky EvgenyRUS272512.52659231.00.0
2330Malakhov VladimirRUS270012.52645219.00.0
2415Nguyen Ngoc Truong SonVIE274612.52642217.50.0
2534Eljanov PavelUKR267412.52622213.50.0
2636Polgar JuditHUN267312.02751251.50.0
2743Meier GeorgGER266312.02739255.00.0
2861Fedoseev VladimirRUS262812.02703237.00.0
2957Andriasian ZavenARM263312.02702231.00.0
3067Matlakov MaximRUS261812.02700233.00.0
3155Cheparinov IvanBUL263612.02690240.50.0
325Vachier-Lagrave MaximeFRA283512.02680235.00.0
3389Salem A.R. SalehUAE253912.02658210.50.0
3420Dubov DaniilRUS272912.02651222.50.0
3539Lu ShangleiCHN266811.52713251.50.0
3631Caruana FabianoITA269711.52678230.00.0
3744Safarli EltajAZE266111.52667232.50.0
3827Fressinet LaurentFRA270511.52666227.50.0
3950Van Wely LoekNED264711.52653219.00.0
4028Riazantsev AlexanderRUS270311.52646228.00.0
4111Yu YangyiCHN277111.52614213.50.0
4238Zhigalko SergeiBLR266911.52527200.50.0
4349Laznicka ViktorCZE265011.02724244.50.0
4440Wang HaoCHN266811.02709241.50.0
4578Anton Guijarro DavidESP258111.02677225.50.0
4662Jobava BaadurGEO262811.02641220.00.0
4733Savchenko BorisRUS268411.02622216.50.0
4885Al-Modiahki MohamadQAT255911.02621213.00.0
4925Najer EvgeniyRUS270711.02615209.00.0
5051Naiditsch ArkadijGER264311.02599209.50.0
116 players

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