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99th British Chess Championship 2012 (Games and Results)

99th British Chess Championship 2012

The 99th British Chess Championships took place in North Shields 23rd July to 4th August 2012. Gawain Jones beat Stephen Gordon in play off for the title on Saturday 4th after both scored 9/11. 2 Jones dropped his queen but somehow Gordon couldn't finish him off and eventually even went on to lose. Jones didn't give any chances in winning game 2 and taking the title. Yorkshire Chess are have reports..

99th British Championships 2012 (North Shields ENG)
Sun 22nd Jul 2012 - Sat 4th Aug 2012 - Official Site

99th ch-GBR 2012 (11 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:100:50:15+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games

99th ch-GBR Playoff (2 players 2 Rds Match Indiv TC:20m+10spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Playoff

99th ch-GBR 2012 (11 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 100:50:15+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games


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99th ch-GBR 2012 North Shields ENG Sun 22nd Jul 2012 - Sat 4th Aug 2012
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Jones, Gawain CGMENG26551111½1½1½½19.02687
2Gordon, StephenGMENG25391110111½11½9.02655
3Howell, David WGMENG2620½11½11½½½118.52621
4Gormally, DanielGMENG25051½1½0111½017.52472
5Hawkins, JonathanIMENG24991101½110½1½7.52456
6Arkell, Keith CGMENG244111011½01½1½7.52462
7Turner, MatthewGMSCO25081½1½10110017.02468
8Conquest, StuartGMENG2501½1½½1½½½1½½7.02388
9Palliser, RichardIMENG2482½1001½1½½117.02274
10Hanley, Craig AIMENG241910110110½106.52302
11Houska, JovankaIMENG240601½11½½½10½6.52332
12Eggleston, DavidFMENG23231½010101½1½6.52245
13Roe, Simon JENG227510½101010116.52219
14Adair, James RENG2262½1010½½½11½6.52318
15Ledger, Dave JFMENG22460½1011101106.52328
16Osborne, MarcusENG2245½11½0½½½1106.52415
17Harvey, Marcus RENG21341011100½½1½6.52368
18Foo, William JENG2009½1½10011½016.52323
19Kolbus, DietmarIMGER23211001½1½½½½½6.02190
20Rudd, JackIMENG2295001111100106.02237
21Walker, David JFMENG227601½1½100½1½6.02197
22Townsend, M PaulENG22520½½101½110½6.02185
23Hanley, James LENG22440111000½1½16.02221
24Brown, MartinENG2224001½001½1116.02027
25Holland, James PENG22001½11½0½1½006.02466
26Burnett, JimENG2174100½101½½½16.02230
27Mackle, DominicENG213010½1101001½6.02377
28Jackson, James PENG21261101½½½0½016.02336
29Chapman, Terry PENG229010½11½0100½5.52242
30Storey, CharlesFMENG22470110110100½5.52242
31Mason, Donald JENG2244½1½000½½1½15.52126
32Shaw, RobertFMENG2220011010½½½½½5.52132
33Sugden, John NENG21420½½½½1011½05.52130
34Weller, Jean-LucENG2115½½10101½1005.52264
35Waters, Clive LENG21060110110½½0½5.52212
36Batchelor, PeterENG210310½1½0½0½½15.52277
37Varnam, Liam DENG207010½001½101½5.52216
38Maroroa, SueWIMNZL20350½½0½11½½½½5.52141
39Murphy, Hugh WENG218011000½001½15.02112
40Walker, NicholasENG2179011½001½1005.02147
41Oswald, Graeme EENG21780½00½0111015.02000
42Shaw, PeterENG21680011½½01½0½5.02077
43Surtees, Mike JENG2113½0011001½015.02045
44Combie, Alex BENG203910001½0½1105.02110
45Lenier, Jude AENG2016010½001110½5.02102
46Grattage, MatthewENG1986100½1=100105.02160
47Poobalasingam, PeterFMENG22630½½1101½0004.52095
48Jaunooby, Ali RENG216510100010½014.52069
49Coathup, Roger HENG213601100½½½0104.52082
50Foster, James MENG2037001011½00104.52074
51Whitfield, CraigENG20200½½½01000114.52042
52Tambini, JasperENG1958000101001½14.51975
53Burke, MitchellENG19170000½10½1½14.52003
54Wall, Tim PFMENG234701½0½½½10004.02003
55Ledger, StephenENG208910½0½0100104.02091
56Wadsworth, MatthewENG2037100010½½½½04.02065
57Jain, RadhaENG18680½10½1½0½004.02070
58Bhatia, Kanwal KWFMENG2103½½½01½000½03.51944
59Fabri, HenrikENG2004 *½½00001100½3.51948
60Elwin, Adrian GENG1985½00101½00½03.51983
61McDonald, IanSCO187601000½0½10½3.51820
62Hall, David EENG2103100100000103.01937
63Dodds, EdwardENG1861 *1½00000½0013.01940
64Hoare, Amy BENG19580000½½0½0001.51693
65Hackner, Oskar AENG2014-----0+----1.01511
65 players

99th ch-GBR Playoff (2 players 2 Rds Match Indiv TC: 20m+10spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Playoff


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99th ch-GBR Playoff North Shields ENG Sun 22nd Jul 2012 - Sat 4th Aug 2012
Leading Final Round 2 Standings:
1Jones, Gawain C BGMENG26552
2Gordon, Stephen JGMENG25390
2 players

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