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4NCL 2016-17 (Games and Results)

4NCL 2016-17

The 4NCL took place 19th November 2016 to 1st May 2017. Guildford 1 won the title.

4NCL 2016-17 (Reading ENG)
Sat 19th Nov 2016 - Mon 1st May 2017 - Official Site

4NCL 2016-17 (11 Rds League Club TC:90m:30m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games

4NCL 2016-17 (11 Rds League Club TC: 90m:30m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games


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4NCL 2016-17 Reading ENG Sat 19th Nov 2016 - Mon 1st May 2017
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Guildford 16½-1½6½-1½8-05-34½-3½7-17½-½1445
2Cheddleton 11½-6½6-25½-2½4-45-33-55½-2½930½
3Guildford 21½-6½2-62½-5½5-34½-3½5-35½-2½826
43Cs 10-82½-5½5½-2½2-64½-3½4½-3½6½-1½825½
5White Rose 13-54-43-56-24-45-34-4729
6Barbican 4NCL 13½-4½3-53½-4½3½-4½4-44½-3½4½-3½526½
7Wood Green HK1-75-33-53½-4½3-53½-4½5-3424
8Grantham Sharks 1½-7½2½-5½2½-5½1½-6½4-43½-4½3-5117½
1Blackthorne Russia4½-3½6-24½-3½3-54½-3½5½-2½5-31233
2Barbican 4NCL 23½-4½6-22-56-25½-2½5½-2½5½-2½1034
3Oxford 12-62-66-25½-2½6½-1½3-56½-1½831½
4South Wales Dragons3½-4½5-22-65½-2½4-45½-1½3½-4½729
5North East England5-32-62½-5½2½-5½5½-2½4½-3½3½-4½625½
6Anglian Avengers 13½-4½2½-5½1½-6½4-42½-5½5½-2½6½-1½526
7Kings Head2½-5½2½-5½5-31½-5½3½-4½2½-5½5½-2½423
8Celtic Tigers3-52½-5½1½-6½4½-3½4½-3½1½-6½2½-5½420
16 teams

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