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40th Chess Olympiad Istanbul 2012 (8)

40th Chess Olympiad Istanbul Round 8 2012

Vassily Ivanchuk against Vladimir Kramnik. Photo ©

Vassily Ivanchuk against Vladimir Kramnik. Photo © |

The 40th Chess Olympiad Istanbul Round 8 took place on Wednesday 5th September 2012.

After the 8th Round Russia extended their lead to 2 points after defeating the defending champions Ukraine and moving to 15/16 points. Sergey Karjakin scored the decisive result in beatin Andrei Volokitin thus far he hasn't scored enough wins but this one was really important. China, Armenia, USA, Germany and Philippines are all on 13 points.

China beat Poland 3-1 in Round 8 of the women's competition and have a one point lead over Russia who were held by Ukraine..

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Leading Men's Round 8 Results:

RUS 2.5-1.5 UKR (Kramnik 1/2 Ivanchuk, Ponomariov 1/2 Grischuk, Karjkain 1-0 Volokitin, Moiseenko 1/2 Tomashevsky), CHN 2-2 AZE (Wang Hao 1/2 Radjabov, Mamedyarov 1-0 Wang Yue, Ding 1-0 Mamedov, Guseinov 1/2 Bu), ARM 3-1 UZB (Aronian 1/2 Kasimdzhanov, Filippov 1/2 Movsesian, Akopian 1-0 Dzhumaev, Kvon 0-1 Sargissian), MKD 1-3 USA (Vlad Georgiev 0-1 Kamsky), GER 2.5-1.5 HUN (Naiditsch 1-0 Leko was decisive with black blundering in the ending, Almasi 1/2 Khenkin. ), ENG 1-3 PHI (Adams 1/2 So, Barbosa 1-0 Jones, Short 0-1 Torre, Paragua 1/2 Pert) Jones was in trouble early on but it took 102 moves for Barbosa to finish him off. Short went wrong coming up to first time control against Eugenio Torre and paid the price, FRA 2.5-1.5 CUB (Vachier 1/2 Dominguez), IND 2-2 SRB (Sasikiran 0-1 Ivanisevic), ESP 0.5-3.5 ISR (Vallejo 1/2 Gelfand, Sutovsky 1-0 Salgado), LAT 1-3 NED (Shirov 1/2 Giri, Van Wely 1/2 Miezis), ROU 1-3 ARG (Lupulescu 0-1 Peralta), CRO 1.5-2.5 POL (Saric 1/2 Wojtaszek), GRE 2-2 SLO (Papaioannou 1/2 Beliavsky), CZE 2.5-1.5 MDA (Laznicka-Bologan),

Leading Women's Round 8 Results:

POL 1-3 CHN (Socko 0-1 Hou-Yifan), RUS 2-2 UKR (Kosintseva 1/2 Lahno), FRA 3-1 ESP (Skripchenko 1-0 Matnadze), UZB 2.5-1.5 HUN (Muminova 1/2 Hoang), VIE1.5-2.5 IND (Le 1/2 Dronavalli),

Top boards from the men's event now available.

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