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40th Chess Olympiad Istanbul 2012 (7)

40th Chess Olympiad Istanbul Round 7 2012

Kramnik against Rajdabov (on 5/5 so far!) in Round 7. Photo ©

Kramnik against Rajdabov (on 5/5 so far!) in Round 7. Photo © |

The 40th Chess Olympiad Istanbul Round 7 took place on Tuesday 4th September 15:00 local time 13:00 BST. Russia take control of the men's event and having faced down most of their rivals it's theirs to lose as they have a 1 point lead. Grischuk's win took them to a win vs Azerbaijan. Armenia's sights may have to be on the bronze after losing to China who they out rated. China catch Russia and Poland in the women's event.

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Leading Men's Results Round 7: AZE 1.5-2.5 RUS (Radjabov 1/2 Kramnik, Grischuk 1-0 Safarli, Mamedyarov 1/2 Karjakin, Jakovenko 1/2 Mamedov) Grischuk slow conversion of an extra pawn puts Russia in a very strong position, CHN 2.5-1.5 ARM (Wang Hao 1/2 Aronian, Movsesian 0-1 Wang Yue, Ding 1/2 Akopian, Sargissian 1/2 Bu. Movsesian's over-aggression just got him into trouble and a massive counter-attack proved decisive) China in good shape for a push for the title, PHI 2-2 HUN (So 1/2 Leko. Wesley So apparently missed a win and in the end the veteran Eugenio Torre had to use all his experience to beat Ferenc Berkes and save the match for PHI), UKR 1-0 ESP (Ivanchuk 1-0 Vallejo was the decisive result. One wonders what would have happened if Ivanchuk had won in round 1. He's struggled a bit since but gets back to a 50% score with this win, Illescas 1/2 Ponomariov), MDA1.5-2.5 GER (Bologan 1/2 Naiditsch) wins for Khankin and Gustafsson win the match for Germany, ARG 2-2 IND (Peralta 1/2 Sasikiran, Ruben Felgaer's win on board 3 was matched by Gupta's on board 4), USA 3.5-0.5 TUR (Nakamura 1-0 Solak, Ipatov 0-1 Kamsky, The US team finally deliver a big win having become becalmed with three drawn matches), ISR 2-2 FRA (Gelfand 1/2 Vachier, Fressinet 0-1 Sutovsky. Sutovsky's win matches for France by Tkachiev's win vs Avrukh), GEO 1.5-2.5 ENG (Mchedlishvili 1/2 Adams, Jones 1/2 Gagunashvili, Pantsulaia 0-1 Short, Howell 1/2 Shanava) Short is in my fantasy team on board 3 exactly because he had the potential to score like this 6/7 undefeated now, MEX 1-3 UZB (Leon Hoyos 1/2 Kasimdzhanov), ITA 1.5-2.5 MKD (Caruana 1-0 Vlad Georgiev but in the end the Italian team is defeated by lower rated Macedonians), BUL 1.5-2.5 NED (Veselin Topalov beat Anish Giri in a fine result for him having struggled for much of the year. Sharp game settled on the run up to first time control. Van Wely 1/2 Cheparinov, Delchev 0-1 Smeets, Stellwagen 1-0 Nikolov),

Leading Women's Results Round 7: RUS 2-2 POL (Gunina 1/2 Socko), GEO 1.5-2.5 CHN (Dzagnidze 1/2 Hou Yifan) If I worked this out right the favourites China take the lead, UKR 2-2 FRA (Lahno 1/2 Skripchenko. All games drawn, Maria Muzychuk dropped a piece but was allowed to give perpetual check by Sophie Milliet), SRB 2-2 VIE (Bojkovic 1/2 Thi), HUN 2.5-1.5 MNE (Hoang 1/2 Vojinovic).

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