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3rd Danzhou GM 2012 (Games and Results)

3rd Danzhou GM 2012

The 3rd Danzhou GM tournament took place 29th May - 7th June 2012. Bu Xiangzhi took the trophy on tie-break from Ni Hua after both scored 6/9 a point clear of the field. Women's World Champion Hou Yifan finished dead last on 3/9 and now travels to Kazan for the Women's Grand Prix on with an opening ceremony on Saturday 9th June.

3rd Danzhou GM Chess Tournament 2012 (Danzhou CHN)
Tue 29th May 2012 - Thu 7th Jun 2012 - Official Site - Results - Live

3rd Danzhou GM (10 players 9 Rds SRR Indiv TC:90m:30m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games

3rd Danzhou GM (10 players 9 Rds SRR Indiv TC: 90m:30m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games


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3rd Danzhou GM Danzhou CHN Tue 29th May 2012 - Thu 7th Jun 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Bu XiangzhiGMCHN265662603
2Ni HuaGMCHN2673624.503
3Wen YangGMCHN2550521.750.51
Yu YangyiGMCHN2626521.750.51
5Ding LirenGMCHN2679520.7502
6Zhao JunGMCHN25774.518.2502
7Zhou JianchaoGMCHN26093.515.500
8Wang YueGMCHN26903.51501
9Zhou WeiqiGMCHN26243.514.7501
10Hou YifanGMCHN2623313.7500
10 players

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