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15th HZ Open 2011 (1)

Top players all win in Round 1 of the HZ Open

Burgemeester Roep of the municipality made the opening move of the first board.

Burgemeester Roep of the municipality made the opening move of the first board. |

The 15th HZ Open in Vlissingen is now under way. Top seeds are Arkadij Naiditsch and Yasser Seirawan. Below is a rough translation of the first press release in Dutch.

The fifteenth edition of the HZ tournament is unlike previous years, unfortunately, not quite full.

In contrast, the participants have never been as strong as this year. After one minutes silence in memory of Huub van Dongen, the arbiter launched the first round.

The main candidate for the title, the German number one Arkadij Naiditsch, was not so heavy taxed in beating the Spaniard Garcia Serrano.

The number two seed Yasser Seirawan also won. Henk Westerman held on a bit longer but could not manage hold the popular American, who apparently did not suffer from jet lag after his performance at the world championships for national teams in China.

The first surprise of the tournament came in the name of Vlissingen Martin Wester Weele. De Zeeuw had great advantage against the Israeli IM Tal Haimovich. The game was ultimately a draw after a remarkable incident. Wester Weele conducted an illegal move, and before that he had pressed the clock, put Haimovich (with only one second left) the clock and called the official. Of course, his request for two minutes extra time rejected. Wester Weele was quick to make a draw offer and thus peace was signed.

15th HZ Open Vlissingen NED Sat 30th Jul 2011 - Sat 6th Aug 2011
Leading Round 1 (of 9) Standings:
1Naiditsch, ArkadijGM270611.03041
2Seirawan, YasserGM263511.02970
3Landa, KonstantinGM262811.02963
4Smeets, JanGM262811.02963
5Postny, EvgenyGM261811.02953
6L'Ami, ErwinGM261111.02946
7Ikonnikov, VyacheslavGM255311.02888
8Pavlovic, MilosGM254111.02876
9Sveshnikov, EvgenyGM251411.02849
10Hoffmann, MichaelGM249311.02828
11Henrichs, ThomasIM247511.02810
12Deepan Chakkravarthy J.GM247011.02805
13Zaragatski, IljaIM246911.02804
14Burg, TwanIM245011.02785
15Van Haastert, EdwinIM242111.02756
16Sveshnikov, VladimirIM240711.02742
17Poetsch, HagenIM240311.02738
18Tan, MatthewFM240011.02735
19Bosboom, ManuelIM239911.02734
20Leenhouts, KoenIM239711.02732
21Eisenbeiser, AmadeusIM238611.02721
22Van Eijk, SanderFM238011.02715
23De Jong, MigchielIM237611.02711
24Kuipers, StefanFM236511.00
25Bezemer, ArnoFM234811.02683
26Dahm, JochenFM234511.02680
27Vishnu Prasanna. VIM234011.02675
28Fernandez, Daniel HowardIM232811.02663
29Ortmann, DavidFM232211.02657
30Afek, YochananIM229811.00
31Provoost, Simon229511.00
32Van Dooren, DirkFM229011.02625
33Admiraal, Miguoel224611.02586
34Van Den Berg, Ad224411.02583
35Bus, Tom223711.02578
36Tiggelman, Rene223311.02576
37Laarhoven, Thijs222811.02576
38Heltzel, JoostCM222511.02575
39In't Veld, Daan222411.02574
40Haast, AnneWIM222311.02568
41Hamelink, DesireeWIM222011.02562
42Nabuurs, Joep221811.02559
43Meurs, Tom221711.02552
44Colijn, Stefan220711.02548
45Duchene, Rene220611.02546
46Van Den Berg, Bram220611.02546
47Brown, AndrewIM220211.02544
48Ten Hagen, Yorick218911.02539
49Lacrosse, MarcFM218511.02531
50Smits, Sebastiaan218011.02530
238 players

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