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129th Varsity Match (Games and Results)

129th Varsity Match 2011

This year's Varsity Match between Oxford and Cambridge took place, Saturday 5th March at the RAC Clubhouse on Pall Mall, London, and was once again being generously sponsored by Henry Mutkin. The time control was 2 hours for 40 moves, followed by a 1 hour quickplay finish. GM Amon Simutowe was the top board for Oxford and drew with IM Gabor Pinter. Simutowe doesn't have a March rating as presumably Zimbabwe haven't paid their FIDE dues. Oxford won the match 4.5-3.5. Read John Saunders report on the Varsity Match.

1wAmon SimutoweGreen TempletonZAM2481g½-½Gabor PinterQueens'HUN2363m
2bDavid ZakarianPembrokeARM23621-0Peter RobersonChurchillENG2274
3wRavindran ShanmugamBalliolSIN2293f1-0Mitesh ShridharChurchillUSA2116
4bAthanasios TsanasSt CrossGRE2264½-½Christopher GrawSidney SussexGER2257
5wRobbie ColemanWolfsonSCO20421-0Sven QuistHomertonGER2150c
6bSteffen SchaperExeterGERe2000½-½Mikhail TyomkynCorpus ChristiGER2106
7wMurray DavidBrasenoseENGe20240-1Richard LeeChrist'sENGe2000
8bSusan YuLinacreENGe16800-1Izabella KhazagerovaFitzwilliamRUS2080

129th Varsity Match (London ENG)
Sat 5th Mar 2011 - Sat 5th Mar 2011 - Official Site

129th Varsity Match (16 players 1 Rds Match Team TC:120m:60m) - Games in PGN: Games

129th Varsity Match (16 players 1 Rds Match Team TC: 120m:60m) - Games in PGN: Games


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129th Varsity Match London ENG Sat 5th Mar 2011 - Sat 5th Mar 2011
Player List
717371Pinter, GabormHUN236301984Cambridge
412384Roberson, Peter TENG227401989Cambridge
2029430Shridhar MiteshUSA211801989Cambridge
24617601Graw, ChristopherGER225701988Cambridge
4640365Quist, Sven Roy, Dr.cGER215001970Cambridge
24640492Tyomkyn, MikhailGER210651984Cambridge
418781Lee, Richard W YENG1985Cambridge
4153960Khazagerova, IzabellaRUS208001979Cambridge
8700168Simutowe, AmongZAM1982Oxford
13301276Zakarian, DavidARM236201979Oxford
5801770Shanmugam, RavindranfSIN229301989Oxford
4206061Tsanas, AthanasiosGRE226401983Oxford
2461323Coleman, RobbieSCO204201989Oxford
24662704Schaper, SteffenGER1987Oxford
413534David, Murray JENG188001990Oxford
413097Yu, YangshanENG1989Oxford

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