THE WEEK IN CHESS 978 5th August 2013 by Mark Crowther

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1) Introduction
2) 46th Biel International Chess Festival 2013
3) 41st Sparkassen Chess-Meeting 2013
4) 100th British Chess Championships 2013
5) Politiken Cup 2013
6) 3rd Riga Tech Uni Open 2013
7) HZ Open 2013
8) Dutch Open 2013
9) European Individual Women's Championship 2013
10) 16th Olomouc Chess Summer 2013
11) 9th Gazi Open 2013
12) Arad Open 2013
13) First Saturday August 2013
14) 39th Sitges Open 2013
15) Karpacz Open 2013
16) 5th Rethymno Open 2013
17) World Youth U16 Olympiad 2013
18) 4th Terre degli Elimi 2013
19) 8th Vladimir Dvorkovich Open 2013
20) 17th Godesberg Open 2013
21) 23rd Pobla De Lillet Open
22) 39th Badalona Open 2013
23) 3rd China Rapid 2013
24) DSK International 2013
25) Quebec Open 2013
26) Pays de Charleroi International 2013
27) 18th Creon Open 2013
28) 2nd Fano Chess Festival 2013
29) 114th US Open 2013
30) 10th Plancoet Open
31) 17th Battle of Senta Open 2013
32) Stockholm Open 2013
33) XI Miguel Najdorf Festival 2013
34) Euro Chess Tournament 2013
35) XXII Team Championship of Macedonia 2013
36) Chinese Team Championship 2013
37) Active Team Events
38) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
46th Biel International Chess Festival 2013115 games
41st Sparkassen Chess-Meeting 2013424 games
100th British Chess Championships 2013317 games
Politiken Cup 2013903 games
3rd Riga Tech Uni Open 201311 games
HZ Open 2013162 games
Dutch Open 201330 games
European Individual Women's Championship 2013924 games
16th Olomouc Chess Summer 2013150 games
9th Gazi Open 2013202 games
Arad Open 201384 games
39th Sitges Open 201330 games
Karpacz Open 201317 games
5th Rethymno Open 2013238 games
World Youth U16 Olympiad 201356 games
4th Terre degli Elimi 20135 games
39th Badalona Open 201320 games
3rd China Rapid 201328 games
DSK International 201363 games
Pays de Charleroi International 2013142 games
114th US Open 2013130 games
10th Plancoet Open63 games
17th Battle of Senta Open 201335 games
XXII Team Championship of Macedonia 2013163 games
Chinese Team Championship 201360 games
4372 games

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1) Introduction

My thanks to Roland Wimmer, Olexandr Prohorov, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Dave Clayton, Jakub Fuksik, Istvan Brindza, Louis Morin, Matiss Silis, Theodore Dimitriadis, Wojtek Bartelski and everyone else who helped with this issue.

I enjoyed very much Michael Adams victory in the Dortmund tournament and I certainly wasn't that surprised as I think he has been playing well for quite a little while now. This is probably Adams biggest tournament result with previously his results in the FIDE Knockouts being his best. Adams now travels to Tromso for the World Cup later in the week and must have improved his chances there. Vladimir Kramnik chased Adams most of the way before his single loss to Dmitry Andreikin but he too looks in good shape. Biel saw four of the six players tie for first and first was settled in favour of Maxime Vachier-Lagrave after a blitz and Rapid playoff. Hoang Thanh Trang won the European Women's Championship. Locally the British Championship continues along with many, many opens. This time next week as mentioned the FIDE World Cup will be under way in Tromso. Although I dislike the format there are many, many of the world's best including Aronian and Kramnik and it could be very special if the best reach the latter stages, but the two game matches make shocks almost inevitable.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) 46th Biel International Chess Festival 2013

The 46th Biel Chess Festival 2013 took place 22nd July to 2nd August 2013. The main GM event took place in honour of Olivier Breisacher the organiser who died just after last year's event. Indeed it has been a sad year for the event with the loss of Hans Suri, Lucio Barvas and Rino Castagna who were all closely associated with the tournament. Four players tied for first in the Breisacher Memorial with Maxime Vachier-Lagrave beating Alexander Moiseenko in a rapid match to take the title after they'd eliminated Bacrot and Liren Ding in a Blitz Semi-Final. In the Master Open Pentala Harikrishna took first ahead of Mateusz Bartel and Dragan Solak.

Breisacher Mem P/O Biel SUI Mon 22nd Jul 2013 - Thu 1st Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 2 Standings:
1Moiseenko, AlexanderGM2699112
2Bacrot, EtienneGM2714000
1Vachier-Lagrave, MaximeGM2719112
2Ding LirenGM2714000
1Vachier-Lagrave, MaximeGM27191=1.5
2Moiseenko, AlexanderGM26990=0.5
6 players
Breisacher Memorial Biel SUI Mon 22nd Jul 2013 - Thu 1st Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
1Vachier-Lagrave, MaximegFRA2719**½0½½0111½½142743
4Moiseenko, AlexandergUKR2699½1**½½½0½011142747
2Bacrot, EtiennegFRA2714½½½½**½½142780
3Ding, LirengCHN271410½1**½½½1142744
5Nepomniachtchi, IangRUS271700½1½½½½**½½102671
6Rapport, RichardgHUN2693½½00½0½½**62563
6 players
Biel Master Open Biel SUI Mon 22nd Jul 2013 - Thu 1st Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Harikrishna, PentalaIND26806058.568.5665.0
2Bartel, MateuszPOL26195068.072.0662.5
3Solak, DraganTUR25985068.071.5677.0
4Bu, XiangzhiCHN26646148.070.0669.5
5Gharamian, TigranFRA26555157.568.5646.0
6Adianto, UtutINA25486237.564.0631.5
7Megaranto, SusantoINA25245157.562.0630.0
8Grachev, BorisRUS26834167.072.0660.0
9Salem, A R. SalehUAE25316327.069.0654.5
10Smeets, JanNED26436327.069.0644.5
11Hausrath, DanielGER25164167.068.5647.0
12Zhao, XueCHN25536327.065.5645.5
13Saric, IvanCRO26396327.065.0632.0
14Ganguly, Surya SheIND26284167.064.5632.5
15Cvitan, OgnjenCRO25624167.064.0630.0
16Malakhatko, VadimBEL25296327.061.5627.0
17Kurnosov, IgorRUS26574256.567.5630.0
18Antipov, Mikhail ARUS24905336.565.5646.0
19Sandipan, ChandaIND26233176.565.5641.5
20Farid, Firman SyahINA23966416.561.5616.5
21Donchenko, AlexandGER24774256.560.5616.5
22Saric, AnteCRO25654256.560.5615.0
23Medina, Warda AuliINA22864256.556.0590.5
24Raetsky, AlexanderRUS24124256.555.5603.0
25Huang, QianCHN24872186.068.0654.0
26Sebenik, MatejSLO25114346.061.0621.5
27Braun, ChristianGER23605426.059.5604.0
28Masruri, RahmanINA21743266.059.5584.5
29Wirig, AnthonyFRA24964346.058.5599.0
30Nuri, KambezSUI22444346.058.5596.5
31Rindlisbacher, JanSUI22196506.058.0587.0
32Sukandar, Irene KhINA23654346.058.0585.5
33Gaehwiler, GabrielSUI22675426.057.0577.0
34Minko, VladimirRUS23123266.056.5584.5
35Studer, NoelSUI23245426.056.5576.0
36Patuzzo, FabrizioSUI23325426.055.5569.5
37Bartel, MichalPOL22764346.054.0565.0
38Cebalo, MisoCRO24384346.053.5597.5
39Hasenohr, BenedictSUI22766506.053.5577.0
40Gloor, RogerSUI23406506.051.5563.0
85 players
Biel Rapid Open Biel SUI Mon 22nd Jul 2013 - Thu 1st Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Pentala, HarikrishGMIND26806037.547.0377.0
2Grachev, BorisGMRUS26835047.051.5365.0
3Chanda, SandipanGMIND26236127.050.0362.0
4Kurnosov, IgorGMRUS26576127.049.5370.5
5Gharamian, TigranGMFRA26556127.048.0367.5
6Ganguly, Surya SekGMIND26286127.047.5371.5
7Ding, LirenGMCHN27145047.044.5364.0
8Moiseenko, AleksanGMUKR26995136.549.0367.0
9Smeets, JanGMNED26436216.546.5371.5
10Zhao, XueGMCHN25536216.546.5351.0
11Solak, DraganGMTUR25986216.545.0373.5
12Susanto, MegarantoGMINA25246216.544.5360.5
13Saric, AnteGMCRO25656216.544.5353.5
14Zubarev, AlexanderGMUKR25506216.541.0353.5
15Wirig, AnthonyGMFRA24966306.048.0345.5
16Donchenko, AlexandIMGER24774146.046.5354.0
17Saric, IvanGMCRO26394146.045.0341.5
18Farid, Firman SyahIMINA23965226.044.5338.0
19Cvitan, OgnjenGMCRO25626306.042.0345.5
20Bartel, MateuszGMPOL26196306.042.0341.5
21Ludwig, Peter GER22656306.041.0353.0
22Medina, Warda AuliWIMINA22865226.041.0337.0
23Adianto, UtutGMINA25485315.550.0358.5
24Hausrath, DanielIMGER25164235.545.5329.5
25Kelecevic, NedeljkIMSUI22314235.543.0337.5
26Kolly, JacquesFMSUI22605315.542.5322.0
27Masruri, Rahman INA21744235.542.0334.5
28Brunner, NicolasIMFRA24164235.541.0311.0
29Jussupow, ArturGMGER25874235.540.0343.5
30Meylan, Andre SUI20945315.538.5335.5
31Grandadam, Patrik SUI22134235.537.5344.5
32Citra, Dewi AnastaWFMINA21385315.537.5327.5
33El-Mais, Ibaa SUI20805315.537.0326.0
34Cruceli, Salvatore SUI21304235.536.0324.5
35Sadeghi, Hassan SUI22015315.535.5320.5
36Schiendorfer, EmanFMSUI23924325.046.0343.5
37Muhamad, Lufti AliCMINA22794325.045.0340.5
38Sebenik, MatejGMSLO25115405.045.0332.0
39Sukandar, IrineWGMINA23655405.045.0328.0
40Braun, ChristianIMGER23605405.043.5330.0
117 players

3) 41st Sparkassen Chess-Meeting 2013

The 41st Sparkassen Chess-Meeting took place 26th July to 4th August 2013. Michael Adams probably had his best tournament win of his career in winning with 7/9 half a point clear of Vladimir Kramnik who also scored heavily. In sad news IM Jens Kotainy was disqualified from the open being accused of receiving outside advice via his phone on the way to starting with 7/7.

41st GM Dortmund GER Fri 26th Jul 2013 - Sun 4th Aug 2013. Category: 19. Ave: (2709)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Adams, Michael GM ENG 2740 # = = 1 1 = 1 1 1 = 7 2926
2 Kramnik, Vladimir GM RUS 2784 = # 1 = 0 1 1 1 = 1 6.5 2867
3 Leko, Peter GM HUN 2737 = 0 # 1 = = = = = = 4.5 2706
4 Naiditsch, Arkadij GM GER 2710 0 = 0 # 1 0 = 1 1 = 4.5 2709
5 Andreikin, Dmitry GM RUS 2727 0 1 = 0 # = 0 = 1 = 4 2664
6 Meier, Georg GM GER 2610 = 0 = 1 = # = 0 = = 4 2677
7 Caruana, Fabiano GM ITA 2796 0 0 = = 1 = # 0 = 1 4 2656
8 Wang, Hao GM CHN 2752 0 0 = 0 = 1 1 # 0 1 4 2661
9 Khenkin, Igor GM GER 2605 0 = = 0 0 = = 1 # = 3.5 2641
10 Fridman, Daniel GM GER 2629 = 0 = = = = 0 0 = # 3 2593
Round 1. Fri 26th Jul 2013
Khenkin, Igor 1/2-1/2 Leko, Peter 60 D85 Gruenfeld
Meier, Georg 1-0 Naiditsch, Arkadij 53 D81 Gruenfeld
Kramnik, Vladimir 1-0 Wang, Hao 26 D16 QGD Slav
Fridman, Daniel 1/2-1/2 Adams, Michael 54 C47 Four knights
Andreikin, Dmitry 0-1 Caruana, Fabiano 43 D80 Gruenfeld defence
Round 2. Sat 27th Jul 2013
Leko, Peter 1/2-1/2 Caruana, Fabiano 28 C84 Ruy Lopez
Naiditsch, Arkadij 1/2-1/2 Kramnik, Vladimir 39 C67 Ruy Lopez
Wang, Hao 1-0 Fridman, Daniel 48 C42 Petrov
Adams, Michael 1-0 Andreikin, Dmitry 64 C67 Ruy Lopez
Khenkin, Igor 1/2-1/2 Meier, Georg 45 D37 QGD
Round 3. Sun 28th Jul 2013
Meier, Georg 1/2-1/2 Leko, Peter 41 D81 Gruenfeld
Fridman, Daniel 1/2-1/2 Naiditsch, Arkadij 23 D85 Gruenfeld
Andreikin, Dmitry 1/2-1/2 Wang, Hao 12 D10 QGD Slav defence
Caruana, Fabiano 0-1 Adams, Michael 41 C67 Ruy Lopez
Kramnik, Vladimir 1/2-1/2 Khenkin, Igor 47 D16 QGD Slav
Round 4. Mon 29th Jul 2013
Leko, Peter 1/2-1/2 Adams, Michael 27 D36 QGD
Naiditsch, Arkadij 1-0 Andreikin, Dmitry 49 C70 Ruy Lopez
Wang, Hao 1-0 Caruana, Fabiano 39 A07 Reti
Khenkin, Igor 1/2-1/2 Fridman, Daniel 44 E06 Catalan
Meier, Georg 0-1 Kramnik, Vladimir 38 E06 Catalan
Round 5. Tue 30th Jul 2013
Kramnik, Vladimir 1-0 Leko, Peter 47 A37 English
Caruana, Fabiano 1/2-1/2 Naiditsch, Arkadij 53 C45 Scotch
Adams, Michael 1-0 Wang, Hao 31 A15 English, 1...Nf6 (Anglo-Indian defense)
Andreikin, Dmitry 1-0 Khenkin, Igor 27 B12 Caro-Kann
Fridman, Daniel 1/2-1/2 Meier, Georg 52 A35 English
Round 6. Thu 1st Aug 2013
Leko, Peter 1/2-1/2 Wang, Hao 52 C11 French
Naiditsch, Arkadij 0-1 Adams, Michael 26 D53 QGD
Khenkin, Igor 1/2-1/2 Caruana, Fabiano 58 B08 Pirc
Meier, Georg 1/2-1/2 Andreikin, Dmitry 17 E16 Queen's Indian
Kramnik, Vladimir 1-0 Fridman, Daniel 34 A13 English opening
Round 7. Fri 2nd Aug 2013
Fridman, Daniel 1/2-1/2 Leko, Peter 60 E32 Nimzo-Indian
Wang, Hao 0-1 Naiditsch, Arkadij 33 A05 Reti opening
Adams, Michael 1-0 Khenkin, Igor 31 B18 Caro-Kann
Caruana, Fabiano 1/2-1/2 Meier, Georg 61 C11 French
Andreikin, Dmitry 1-0 Kramnik, Vladimir 33 D30 QGD
Round 8. Sat 3rd Aug 2013
Leko, Peter 1-0 Naiditsch, Arkadij 34 D41 QGD
Khenkin, Igor 1-0 Wang, Hao 31 E91 King's Indian
Meier, Georg 1/2-1/2 Adams, Michael 39 E00 Catalan opening
Kramnik, Vladimir 1-0 Caruana, Fabiano 76 D85 Gruenfeld
Fridman, Daniel 1/2-1/2 Andreikin, Dmitry 80 E60 King's Indian, 3.Nf3
Round 9. Sun 4th Aug 2013
Andreikin, Dmitry 1/2-1/2 Leko, Peter 37 E53 Nimzo-Indian
Naiditsch, Arkadij 1-0 Khenkin, Igor 37 B12 Caro-Kann
Wang, Hao 1-0 Meier, Georg 66 A07 Reti
Adams, Michael 1/2-1/2 Kramnik, Vladimir 14 B27 Sicilian
Caruana, Fabiano 1-0 Fridman, Daniel 63 C11 French
Helmut-Kohls-Turnier Dortmund GER Fri 26th Jul 2013 - Sun 4th Aug 2013. Category: 9. Ave: (2471)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Wagner, Dennis IM GER 2465 # = = = = = 1 1 = 1 6 2597
2 Bok, Benjamin IM NED 2532 = # = 1 = = = = 1 = 5.5 2545
3 Bluebaum, Matthias IM GER 2513 = = # = = = = 1 = 1 5.5 2547
4 Nalbandian, Tigran GM ARM 2434 = 0 = # = = = 1 1 1 5.5 2555
5 Poetsch, Hagen IM GER 2442 = = = = # 1 0 0 1 = 4.5 2475
6 Hoffmann, Michael GM GER 2462 = = = = 0 # = = = = 4 2429
7 Savchenko, Viacheslav IM UKR 2412 0 = = = 1 = # 0 = = 4 2435
8 Feygin, Michael GM GER 2533 0 = 0 0 1 = 1 # = = 4 2421
9 Orlov, Andrey GM RUS 2535 = 0 = 0 0 = = = # = 3 2339
10 Zelbel, Patrick IM GER 2385 0 = 0 0 = = = = = # 3 2356
41st Sparkassen Open Dortmund GER Fri 26th Jul 2013 - Sun 4th Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Wagner, Alexej222096037.547.5
2Heinert, Eugen21299612747
2Scheider, Julian23059612747
4Schmittdiel, EckhardGM24359504746.5
5Michalczak, ThomasFM22999504745
6Torres-Kuckel, RafaelFM226995136.544
7Heck, NorbertFM228096216.542.5
8Kartsev, Soel22239522646.5
9Schroeder, Kevin20799522644.5
10Friedel, Marcus21209414644
11Imcke, Patrick19628512644
12Schiefelbusch, Dirk21339522642.5
13Agrest, InnaWIM21939522636
14Webb, Laurence EFM228694235.546
15Kuckling, Hannah195395315.542
16Schmuecker, Marcus225594235.541
17Huckebrink, Chris203493155.540.5
18Koenig, Christian211493155.540.5
19Aleksiev, Iliyan93155.540.5
20Begna, Bozidar204295315.538
21Nielsen, Frode B.201594235.536
22Hecht, Carsten208794235.532.5
23Zolfagharian, Kevin20109432541
24Schoder, Volker20959324540.5
25Vogt, Marc Jonas18939432539
26Reisberg, Andre19559324538
27Zweschper, Erich21169324537.5
28Krueger, Andre21209432537.5
29Simanowski, Mio18649216537.5
30Garbuszus, Juergen20719324537
31Kartsev, Alexandr22479324536.5
32Boehm, Juergen21899216533.5
33Carrasco, Paul20349432533.5
34Businger, Paul20739216531.5
35Algars, Olle20909432529.5
36Eckardt, Joshua202392254.542
37Zimmermann, Dirk205092254.537.5
38Strathoff, Martin205994414.537
39Meyer, Juergen207594414.536.5
40Plassmann, Dominik207892254.536
83 players

4) 100th British Chess Championships 2013

The 100th British Chess Championships takes place 29th July to 10th August 2013. Gawain Jones, David Howell, Mark Hebden, Stephen Gordon, Jonathan Hawkins, Daniel Gormally etc.

100th ch-GBR 2013 Torquay ENG Sun 28th Jul 2013 - Sat 10th Aug 2013
Leading Round 7 (of 11) Standings:
1Howell, David W LGMENG26391111½1½6.02734
2Hebden, Mark LGMENG25551½111½½5.52618
3Williams, Simon KGMENG248111011½15.52542
4Ghasi, Ameet KIMENG245911½10115.52557
5Arkell, Keith CGMENG2444110½1115.52502
6Jones, Gawain C BGMENG26431½½½1½15.02435
7Gordon, Stephen JGMENG25211111½½05.02554
8Gormally, Daniel WGMENG249611100115.02437
9Lalic, BogdanGMCRO24891½1½1½½5.02412
10Zhou, Yang-FanIMENG24691110½1½5.02437
11Kosten, Anthony C.GMFRA24581½1101½5.02461
12Palliser, Richard J DIMENG2453½1101½15.02437
13Ward, Chris GGMENG2432110½1½15.02426
14Fernandez, Daniel HowardIMSIN234611101015.02495
15Mackle, DominicENG221610111½½5.02466
16Hawkins, JonathanIMENG25171½1½1½04.52418
17Wells, Peter KGMENG24791½111004.52431
18Flear, Glenn CGMENG2456½½1011½4.52246
19Knott, Simon J BIMENG2318110½1½½4.52317
20Carr, Neil LFMENG2290½0101114.52172
21Longson, AlexanderENG22791½½½½½14.52390
22Meszaros, GyulaIMHUN2255½110½1½4.52286
23Weaving, RichardENG21961011½014.52356
24Anderson, JohnENG2189½½½10114.52230
25Yeo, Michael JENG21701½010114.52345
26Haria, RaviENG213301½1½1½4.52377
27Hackner, Oskar AENG20630110½114.52328
28Emms, John MGMENG24691½0½1½½4.02217
29Bates, Richard AIMENG23750111½0½4.02218
30Eggleston, David JFMENG236311010014.02253
31Chapman, Terry P DFMENG230811½½0104.02365
32Ledger, Dave JFMENG23051½01½104.02311
33Kolbus, DietmarIMGER22881½1½½½04.02425
34Rudd, JackIMENG228010110104.02325
35Eames, Robert SFMENG2244011½½104.02201
36Storey, CharlesFMENG22141½½01014.02336
37Weller, Jean-LucENG21721½0½1014.02238
38Graham, David BENG216510½½½½14.02079
39Duff, RufusENG2157½½½011½4.02137
40Purdon, ColinENG2140010½½114.02129
106 players

5) Politiken Cup 2013

The Politiken Cup took place in Helsingor 27th July to 4th August 2013. Top players: Ivan Cheparinov, Romain Edouard, Parimarjan Negi, Hrant Melkumyan, Sergey Erenburg, Robin Van Kampen, Sabino Brunello, Jan Timman, Nils Grandelius etc Games and standings on this page. Parimarjan Negi took clear first with a great 9/10 score a point clear of a group on 8 points including Ivan Cheparinov.

Politiken Cup 2013 Helsingor DEN Sat 27th Jul 2013 - Sun 4th Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
1Negi ParimarjanIND26349.055.059.75
2Cheparinov IvanBUL26788.059.057.00
3Edouard RomainFRA26628.057.555.25
4Maze SebastienFRA25478.054.552.50
5Hansen Sune BergDEN25498.054.552.25
6Timman Jan HNED25848.053.051.75
7Brunello SabinoITA25938.052.551.00
8Van Kampen RobinNED25958.049.047.00
9Erenburg SergeyUSA26157.555.048.50
10Melkumyan HrantARM26327.555.048.25
11Bekker-Jensen SimonDEN24147.550.546.25
12Bulski KrzysztofPOL25347.550.543.25
13Ochsner Bjorn MollerDEN23437.549.042.75
14Smerdon DavidAUS25217.055.045.00
15Hector JonnySWE25097.055.044.50
16Glud Jakob VangDEN25207.054.044.00
17Schandorff LarsDEN25227.053.544.50
18Halkias SteliosGRE25657.053.045.00
19Grandelius NilsSWE25737.052.544.50
20Danielsen HenrikISL25107.052.541.00
21Kunin VitalyGER25027.052.040.50
22Aabling-Thomsen JakobDEN23707.051.543.25
23Carlstedt JonathanGER23877.051.543.00
24Andersen MadsDEN24777.051.042.50
25Rasmussen Allan StigDEN25027.051.041.75
26Svane RasmusGER24277.050.541.25
27Tari AryanNOR23837.049.539.50
28Haugli PetterNOR22877.047.039.00
29Louis ThibaultFRA22227.047.037.50
30Nilssen John ArniFAI23537.047.036.00
31Arvola BenjaminNOR23477.046.536.00
32Larsen KarstenDEN22707.045.538.00
33Rydstrom TomSWE21727.044.533.50
34Kristiansen JensDEN23966.551.539.25
Stojanovski SandiDEN22706.551.539.25
36Portisch LajosHUN24796.550.539.25
37Argandona Riveiro InigoESP23886.550.539.00
38Englert FabianGER22826.550.537.25
39Teplyi IgorDEN24096.550.037.75
40Carstensen JacobDEN23846.550.037.50
309 players

6) 3rd Riga Tech Uni Open 2013

The 3rd Riga Tech Uni Open takes place 5th to 11th August 2013.

3rd Riga Tech Uni Op Riga LAT Mon 5th Aug 2013 - Sun 11th Aug 2013
Leading Round 1 (of 9) Standings:
1Kovalenko IgorGMLAT26461001
Socko BartoszGMPOL26461001
Vovk YuriGMUKR26081001
Van Kampen RobinGMNED26061001
Kulaots KaidoGMEST25811001
Gleizerov EvgenyGMRUS25671001
Burmakin VladimirGMRUS25651001
Yemelin VasilyGMRUS25641001
Miezis NormundsGMLAT25571001
Neiksans ArtursGMLAT25571001
Ulibin MikhailGMRUS25531001
Dragun KamilGMPOL25461001
Vysochin SpartakGMUKR25311001
Baburin AlexanderGMIRL25201001
Naroditsky DanielIMUSA25031001
Thorfinnsson BragiIMISL24931001
Kveinys AloyzasGMLTU24911001
Antipov Mikhail Al.IMRUS24881001
Sipila VilkaIMFIN24741001
Ziska Helgi DamIMFAI24681001
Pileckis EmilisIMLTU24671001
Collins Sam E.IMIRL24631001
Ahlander BjornIMSWE24461001
Boruchovsky AvitalIMISR24411001
Agopov MikaelIMFIN24391001
Smirnov ArtemIMRUS24391001
Lanka ZigurdsGMLAT24271001
Paravyan DavidRUS24261001
Ponizil CyrilIMCZE24211001
Dastan Muhammed BatuhanIMTUR24171001
Baghdasaryan VaheIMARM24141001
Thorfinnsson BjornIMISL24031001
Tari AryanFMNOR24011001
Berzinsh RolandIMLAT24001001
Carlstedt JonathanIMGER23871001
Beinoras MindaugasIMLTU23781001
Laurusas TomasLTU23771001
Klenburg MikhailIMUKR23711001
Bedouin XavierIMFRA23671001
Mishuchkov Nikolai M.IMRUS23671001
173 players

7) HZ Open 2013

The HZ Open takes place 3rd to 10th August 2013.

HZ Open 2013 Vlissingen NED Sat 3rd Aug 2013 - Sat 10th Aug 2013
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1Harikrishna, P.GMIND26961113.03115
2Krasenkow, MichalGMPOL26351113.03062
3Landa, KonstantinGMRUS26321113.03070
4Reinderman, DimitriGMNED25981113.03039
5Lalith, Babu M.R.GMIND25761113.03012
6Ernst, SipkeGMNED25601113.03000
7Ikonnikov, VyacheslavGMRUS25551113.02987
8Huschenbeth, NiclasGMGER25421113.02987
9Zaragatski, IljaIMGER25051113.02950
10Swapnil, S. DhopadeIMIND24891113.02944
11Burg, TwanIMNED24861113.02950
12Henrichs, ThomasIMGER24581113.02903
13Van Delft, MerijnIMNED24151113.02880
14Bosboom, ManuelIMNED23961113.02866
15Leenhouts, KoenIMNED23791113.02863
16Akshat, KhampariaIMIND23541113.02844
17Von Meijenfeldt, BartNED22021113.02862
18L'Ami, ErwinGMNED262611½2.52521
19Zhao, XueGMCHN256211½2.52477
20Harika, DronavalliGMIND247911½2.52405
21Tan, MatthewIMNED244411½2.52373
22Kohlweyer, BerndIMGER244011½2.52365
23Ris, RobertIMNED242411½2.52351
24Berkovich, Mark AIMISR23751½12.52287
25L'Ami, AlinaWGMROU235811½2.52240
26Freeke, MatthieuFMNED23321½12.52208
27Bezemer, ArnoFMNED229211½2.52441
28Timmermans, MarkNED228711½2.52416
29Van Foreest, JordenNED22841½12.52221
30Mostertman, MilanNED22801½12.52217
31Kerigan, DemreTUR225711=2.52769
32Kuling, LodyNED22461½12.52217
33Vedder, RichardFMNED223811½2.52365
34Maatman, NickNED220711½2.52342
35Meertens, MartinGER217711½2.52374
36Dijkhuis, TychoNED217611½2.52326
37Rosmuller, AntonNED20911=12.52527
38Ratsma, MidasNED205711½2.52591
39Ducarmon, QuintenIMNED24381102.02220
40Kuipers, StefanIMNED24371012.02169
250 players

8) Dutch Open 2013

The Dutch Open took place in Dieren 23rd July to 1st August 2013. Top players: Erwin L'Ami, SP Sethuraman,Alon Greenfeld, Viacheslav Zakhartsov etc... Top seend Erwin L'Ami and Deep Sengupta finished on 7.5/9.

Dutch Open 2013 Dieren NED Tue 23rd Jul 2013 - Wed 31st Jul 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1L'Ami, ErwinGM264011½11½1½17.551.041.02712
2Sengupta, DeepGM25551½1½111½17.550.041.252654
3Zakhartsov, Viacheslav V.GM256011½½½½1½16.553.037.252549
4Belkhodja, SlimGM24321½11½10½16.547.031.52513
5Greenfeld, AlonGM256111½½1½1½06.051.531.52504
6Akshat, KhampariaIM235411½½101106.049.029.02470
7Zakhartsov, Vladimir2324011101½½16.044.027.252385
8Van Eijk, SanderIM2431½1-½111016.041.026.02391
9Sethuraman, S.P.GM256211½1010½½5.551.528.252483
10Goudriaan, EtienneFM23691½1½101½05.548.025.252393
11De Jong, MigchielIM234511½½010½15.546.525.02380
12Hendriks, WillyIM2417½11010½1½5.544.524.52356
13Van Foreest, Jorden227610111½0½½5.542.523.02396
14Pijpers, Arthur2338½110½½½½15.542.024.752287
15Zwirs, Nico2250101010½115.542.022.252333
16Admiraal, MiguoelFM23201½1½0½½1½5.540.022.52299
17Pruijssers, RoelandGM2549½11½01½½05.047.024.252340
18Maatman, Nick22071½0½101105.044.522.02287
19Heemskerk, WimFM223901½10½1105.041.520.752173
20Beukema, StefanFM22951101000115.041.519.52251
21Ratsma, Midas20361001001115.038.518.52229
22Hoogland, DirkCM21550½0½1½1½15.036.018.252201
23Von Meijenfeldt, Bart2184½1+0½010½4.545.520.02199
24Ypma, Peter21781½001½1½04.544.020.52214
25Dijkhuis, Tycho215201011½½½04.544.017.752249
26Wempe, Joost227110½11½00½4.543.017.02222
27Jonker, Fred2141½0½½½110½4.542.519.752207
28Vogel, JaapFM220210½½½½½½½4.541.519.752157
29Evengroen, Henk-Jan20271½0½0101½4.540.518.02192
30Vos, Tjark203410½100½1½4.539.018.752197
31Lentjes, Noud199500+11100½4.539.017.02186
32Merza, Morris212000½111½½04.538.517.02198
33Kollen, Zyon2209½01101½½04.538.516.752183
34Hachijan, Armen22140110100½14.537.016.02111
35Losekoot, Pascal21011½0½0½½½½4.045.519.252212
36Gerlagh, Joris201001½½110004.041.516.02176
37t Jong, Ewoud208610½½½0½½½4.040.018.252146
38Tromp, Pieter2086½010½½½014.039.016.252157
39Sparenberg, Erik210500101½½014.039.013.52102
40Beerdsen, Thomas2071001½01½½½4.038.015.252105
58 players

9) European Individual Women's Championship 2013

The European Individual Women's Championship took place in Serbia 23rd July to 3rd August 2013. Top seeds: Anna Muzychuk, Nana Dzagnidze, Kateryna Lagno, Tatiana Kosintseva and Pia Cramling are the top seeds. Hoang Thanh Trang took clear first with 9/11. I had a few problems with the game numbering so represent the games again.

ch-EUR Ind w 2013 Belgrade SRB Tue 23rd Jul 2013 - Sat 3rd Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Hoang Thanh TrangGMHUN24679.0242173.079.0
2Melia SalomeIMGEO24288.0245272.577.0
3Mkrtchian LilitIMARM24548.0240470.575.5
4Cmilyte ViktorijaGMLTU24978.0239368.573.5
5Kosteniuk AlexandraGMRUS24898.0239367.071.5
6Khotenashvili BelaIMGEO25128.0238869.074.5
7Socko MonikaGMPOL24358.0236065.069.5
8Kashlinskaya AlinaWGMRUS23347.5243369.573.0
9Arabidze MeriWGMGEO23207.5243273.577.5
10Pogonina NatalijaWGMRUS24787.5240768.072.5
11Kovanova BairaWGMRUS23717.5239870.074.5
12Muzychuk AnnaGMSLO25947.5239369.073.5
13Girya OlgaWGMRUS24377.5239169.575.0
14Stefanova AntoanetaGMBUL24977.5236265.070.0
15Ozturk KubraWGMTUR22937.5236065.069.0
16Cramling PiaGMSWE25237.5235664.570.0
17Javakhishvili LelaIMGEO24657.5232459.063.5
18Atalik EkaterinaIMEUR24307.5231959.063.5
19Milliet SophieIMFRA23967.5229860.565.0
20Arakhamia-Grant KetevanGMSCO23857.5228059.063.5
21Kovalevskaya EkaterinaIMRUS24077.0242570.575.5
22Daulyte DeimanteWGMLTU23637.0240369.574.5
23Guramishvili SopikoIMGEO24217.0238067.072.0
24Lagno KaterynaGMUKR25427.0237968.574.0
25Gunina ValentinaGMRUS25077.0236968.573.5
26Dzagnidze NanaGMGEO25587.0236867.071.5
27Gaponenko InnaIMUKR23937.0234766.570.0
28Kosintseva TatianaGMRUS25287.0233265.070.5
29Matnadze AnaIMESP24127.0230062.067.5
30Zhukova NataliaGMUKR24717.0229661.566.5
31Bodnaruk AnastasiaIMRUS24407.0229560.065.0
32Paehtz ElisabethIMGER24547.0224858.562.5
33Goryachkina AleksandraWGMRUS24016.5241770.075.0
34Ziaziulkina NastassiaWGMBLR23216.5239266.069.5
35Khurtsidze NinoIMGEO24436.5238467.072.5
36Schleining ZoyaWGMGER23686.5238264.568.0
37Savina AnastasiaIMRUS23686.5237467.572.0
38Romanko MarinaIMRUS23686.5235264.569.5
39Peptan Corina-IsabelaIMROU24396.5235064.570.0
40Schut LisaWIMNED22776.5234962.065.0
169 players

10) 16th Olomouc Chess Summer 2013

The 16th Olomouc Chess Summer tournaments take place 31st July to 8th August 2013.

16th Olomouc GM Olomouc CZE Wed 31st Jul 2013 - Thu 8th Aug 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Simacek PavelIMCZE24683.57.750.00
2Mirzoev AzerGMAZE25363.57.000.00
3Narayanan SrinathIMIND24753.06.750.00
4Krejci JanGMCZE25212.56.250.00
5Akkozov BerikFMKAZ23772.55.750.00
6Mammadov ZaurIMAZE24372.55.500.00
7Rzayev BahruzIMAZE24292.05.750.00
8Bures JaroslavIMCZE23792.05.000.00
Simantsev MikhailGMUKR24732.05.000.00
10Cerveny PetrFMCZE22851.53.750.00
10 players
16th Olomouc IM Olomouc CZE Wed 31st Jul 2013 - Thu 8th Aug 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Tokmachev MikhailFMRUS23564.08.750.00
2Biolek RichardIMCZE24373.57.500.00
3Obsivac JosefFMCZE22983.08.250.00
4Efroimski MarselWIMISR22973.06.750.00
5Klima LukasIMCZE23532.55.500.00
6Kholopov Alexander A.FMRUS23102.54.500.00
7Jurek JosefIMCZE22782.05.000.00
8Kubik MichaelCZE21542.04.000.00
9Wiley Tom EFMENG22562.02.750.00
10Dobes VojtechCZE21060.51.000.00
10 players
16th Olomouc Open Olomouc CZE Wed 31st Jul 2013 - Thu 8th Aug 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Plat VojtechIMCZE24705.09.516.05
2Pasiev RakhimIMRUS23764.59.515.54
3Stachanczyk JacekPOL22274.59.515.04
4Ageichenko GennadyIMRUS23024.010.517.04
5Vrana JanFMCZE23564.010.016.53
6Dukaczewski PiotrIMPOL22334.010.016.03
7Kazakov KonstantinFMKAZ23074.09.516.54
8Furman BorisFMRUS21644.09.515.53
9Sabuk PiotrPOL22394.09.014.53
10Hjelmaas LarsFMNOR22704.08.514.54
11Maryasin BorisIMISR23324.08.514.53
12Schmid ThomasAUT21974.08.013.04
13Beil ZdenekIMCZE22384.08.013.03
14Johansson JanIMSWE23943.510.517.53
15Kanovsky DavidIMCZE23913.510.517.02
16Siembab BartoszPOL22233.510.015.52
17Kireev AlekseiIMRUS23373.59.515.53
18Mackowiak MarekPOL21743.59.515.03
19Blazeka MatejFMCRO22823.59.016.53
20Volodin ViktorIMRUS21883.59.015.03
21Kriebel TadeasFMCZE23513.58.515.53
22Schmidt RaulIMROU23713.58.515.03
23Tregubov AndreyRUS23333.58.514.02
24Zakharchenko ArnoldIMUKR21793.58.513.53
25Jasny StanislavIMCZE23113.58.014.03
26Gunajew RafalFMPOL23103.58.013.02
27Zavurka RomanCZE21723.58.012.52
28Dvorak MartinCZE21803.57.514.53
29Musaev RasulFMRUS23013.57.513.52
30Ragaa HassanEGY20673.57.512.53
31Prandstetter EduardIMCZE22703.57.012.53
32Balacek TadeasCMCZE22203.010.016.02
33Sergienko SergeyIMRUS23793.09.516.52
34Kelkar AbhishekIND22443.09.516.02
35Karhanek PavelCZE21053.09.014.52
36Osmanovic FarukGER20023.08.013.52
37Pesce GabrieleITA22103.08.013.02
38Marek MatyasCZE20423.08.011.02
39Ptacnikova LenkaWGMISL22393.07.513.53
40Pogan NikolasGER22843.07.513.52
139 players

11) 9th Gazi Open 2013

The 9th Gazi Open took place 27th July to 3rd August 2013. Athanasios Mastrovasilis took clear first wtih 8/9.

9th Gazi Open 2013 Gazi GRE Sat 27th Jul 2013 - Sat 3rd Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Mastrovasilis AthanasiosGMGRE2523852.546
2Papadakis MichalisGRE22227.55343
3Tsilidis AlexandrosFMGRE22546.55436.25
4Kelires AndreasCYP20876.553.536.75
5Antic DejanGMSRB24706.55235.5
6Kanakaris GeorgiosGRE23106.55235.25
7Townsend M PaulENG22466.545.531
8Panagiotakos NikolaosGRE219165233
9Maris IoannisFMGRE195465131
10Lirindzakis TimotheosIMGRE2286648.530.75
11Sideris NikiforosGRE214364831
12Gamback BjornSWE214064828.25
13Stefanatos NikolaosGRE1900645.527
14Fragiadaki EiriniGRE150564022.5
15Bras EmanouelGRE20225.550.529
16Klokas KonstantinosGRE21325.550.528
17Anagnostopoulos KonstantinosGRE20975.54928
18Fragiadakis DimitriosGRE19475.54824.75
19Varholakova NikiWFMSVK21725.54322.75
20Androni KonstantinaGRE19535.54221
21Kolomvakis SteliosGRE182154926.5
22Milonakis GeorgiosGRE2213548.522
23Fragiadakis EmanouelGRE1938547.525.25
24Kiriakakis IoannisGRE150354722.75
25Sandalakis NikolaosGRE196154421.5
26Vrba MichalSVK201954420.5
27Pissadakis DimitriosGRE1482543.520.5
28Kadianis GeorgiosGRE1691542.519.75
29Despotakis VasiliosGRE1791542.519
30Vagionakis MarkosGRE1602541.520.75
31Serpetsidakis NikolaosGRE1610541.518.75
32Petrakis NikolaosGRE161654121.5
33Katsivardas EleftheriosGRE160454017.5
34Vitsaxakis NikolaosGRE1488538.518.25
35Stavrianos VasiliosGRE153553819.5
36Emmanouilidis KostasGRE19464.54620.5
37Eleftherakis StavrosGRE19164.541.516.75
38Fakidis SimosGRE14444.540.518.25
39Predeftakis GeorgiosGRE16334.540.516
40Papadakis Georgios D.GRE15584.539.514
83 players

12) Arad Open 2013

The Arad Open takes place 3rd to 9th August 2013.

Arad Open 2013 Arad ROU Sat 3rd Aug 2013 - Fri 9th Aug 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Shishkin VadimGMUKR25084.023275.010.00
2Enchev IvajloIMBUL24504.021934.08.50
3Tarlev KonstantinIMUKR25453.522175.59.75
4Balog ImreGMHUN25343.521685.59.25
5Abramovic BoskoGMSRB24293.521676.09.75
6Balla Tamas-KristofFMROU23763.521505.08.25
7Palamar CristianNMROU21113.521324.06.75
8Baratosi DanielIMROU24023.521104.58.00
9Petenyi TamasIMSVK24803.521036.09.25
10Petrisor Adrian-MarianIMROU24013.520925.08.25
11Cvetkovic SrdjanIMSRB23523.520894.57.75
12Doros Radu-MarianNMROU23073.520824.57.50
13Arngrimsson DagurIMISL23853.520144.06.75
14Dobre Claudiu-CristianFMROU23313.519714.58.25
15Czebe AttilaGMHUN24673.519705.08.00
16Georgescu Tiberiu-MarianIMROU24193.519615.08.75
17Sadilek PeterCMAUT22613.519535.08.75
18Sedlak NikolaGMSRB25863.519524.57.75
19Kasparov SergeyGMBLR24843.519004.56.75
20Murariu AndreiGMROU25333.021604.56.50
21Ciorica Mihai-VladIROU18353.021205.06.25
22Stojanovic DaliborGMBIH25143.021195.07.25
23Filip LucianIMROU24533.020974.56.75
24Kozhuharov SpasIMBUL24613.020865.57.75
25Daianu Cristian-ClementFMROU22333.020484.56.00
26Marin Victor-MihaiIROU19473.020395.06.00
27Markovich GadiISR21893.020174.56.50
28Dragomirescu Robin-AlexandruIMROU23683.020145.57.50
29Pavel Sebastian-IonutIROU20723.019843.55.75
30Thesing MatthiasIMGER23833.019594.05.75
31Chircu VadimMDA21983.019574.56.50
32Chima Radu-NiculinIROU20723.019274.05.50
33Siclovan Cristian-DanielCMROU21313.019214.05.50
34Deac Bogdan-DanielCMROU22243.019185.07.25
35Vrencian LehelFMROU21903.019084.06.50
36Rusan Paul-CristianFMROU22893.018963.55.75
37Dolana Andrei-TheodorCMROU21783.018825.07.25
38Marinescu MirceaNMROU21693.018764.05.50
39Tomici StefanCMROU22233.018734.06.25
40Nastase Robert-PaulCMROU20993.018734.05.50
242 players

13) First Saturday August 2013

The First Saturday August tournaments take place 3rd to 13th August 2013.

FSGM August 2013 Budapest HUN Sat 3rd Aug 2013 - Mon 12th Aug 2013
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
1Berczes DavidGMHUN25482.01.000.02
Stefansson HannesGMISL25262.01.000.02
3Idani PouyaIMIRI24791.50.750.01
4Skytte RasmusIMDEN24311.01.000.01
5Jia HaoxiangCHN23631.00.500.01
Tesik CsabaFMHUN23531.00.500.01
7Santarius Erik FUSA22630.50.750.00
8Konnyu JanosIMHUN23230.50.250.50
Varga ZoltanGMHUN24490.50.250.50
10Bagi MateFMHUN23670.00.000.00
10 players
FSIM August 2013 Budapest HUN Sat 3rd Aug 2013 - Mon 12th Aug 2013
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1Betaneli AlexanderFMUSA22471.51.000.01
2Nguyen Thi Mai HungWIMVIE22251.50.500.01
Korley KassaFMUSA22771.50.500.01
4Petran PalIMHUN23171.01.250.00
5Kantor GergelyFMHUN23711.01.000.00
Resika Nathan A.FMUSA22341.01.000.00
7Szeberenyi AdamIMHUN23231.00.750.00
8Szalanczy EmilIMHUN22851.00.500.01
9Von Bahr OskarFMSWE23110.50.500.00
Sean Winshand CuhendiINA22870.50.500.00
Farago SandorIMHUN22700.50.500.00
12Wiander MichaelCMSWE21390.00.000.00
12 players
FSFMA1 August 2013 Budapest HUN Sat 3rd Aug 2013 - Mon 12th Aug 2013
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
1Juracsik JozsefHUN21421.51.500.01
2Jensen LeifDEN19971.51.000.01
Farkas RichardHUN21761.51.000.01
4Mayer IstvanFMHUN20381.01.500.00
5Krstulovic AlexFMHUN19811.01.000.00
6Ekenstierna AdrianSWE18471.00.500.01
7Magyar OttoFMHUN21921.00.500.00
8Skytte TorillNOR19340.50.500.00
Kovacs ArthurHUN19950.50.500.00
Darazs ZoltanHUN21240.50.500.00
10 players
FSFMA2 August 2013 Budapest HUN Sat 3rd Aug 2013 - Mon 12th Aug 2013
Leading Round 2 (of 10) Standings:
1Bartha SandorFMHUN21352.00.500.02
2Juhasz BelaFMHUN21942.00.000.02
3Kenani DariushSWE20461.50.250.01
4Hansen VernerDEN18850.50.750.00
5Pakh AlexUSA00.00.000.00
Gruter MartinSWE18540.00.000.00
6 players
FSFMB August 2013 Budapest HUN Sat 3rd Aug 2013 - Mon 12th Aug 2013
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1Hoac EdvinSWE16032.01.000.02
Fredholm LisaSWE16572.01.000.02
3Lukacs AlbertHUN19172.00.500.02
4Steer JozsefHUN19182.00.000.02
5Sandberg FilipSWE01.01.000.01
6Bacsi AndrasHUN18711.00.500.01
7Altman JoshuaENG16141.00.000.01
8Bakos ViktorHUN15800.50.250.50
Darnell AntonSWE17430.50.250.50
10Nemeth OttoHUN17200.00.000.00
Jarai CsengeSUI13610.00.000.00
Kalkman - De Koster FranzkeNED16120.00.000.00
12 players

14) 39th Sitges Open 2013

The 39th Sitges Open took place 22nd to 31st July 2013. Karen Grigoryan won with 7.5/9.

39th Sitges Open Sitges ESP Mon 22nd Jul 2013 - Wed 31st Jul 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Grigoryan Karen H.GMARM25507.5485239.5
2Barsov AlexeiGMUZB25307485136
3Pulvett DanielIMVEN2405745.54937
4Vocaturo DanieleGMITA25366.5495337
5Movsziszian KarenGMARM24996.5444734
6Ynojosa Felix JoseIMVEN24056.5444732.5
7Hauge Lars OskarNOR2206647.55135.5
8Munoz Pantoja MiguelGMESP24576465034
9Arenas DavidIMCOL24376465032
10Firman NazarGMUKR2526645.55032
11Hayrapetyan HovikGMARM24866444832.5
12Avila Jimenez XavierFMESP22426434628.5
13Sequera Paolini JoseIMVEN239464345.531.5
14Guerra Mendez Jose AngelIMCUB250564245.526
15Cori T. DeysiWGMPER243963942.525
16Kovchan AlexanderGMUKR25775.5444730.5
17Uribe Arteaga DanielCOL22745.54345.530
18Buchenau FrankFMGER22595.540.54427
19Vittorino Carlo GiovanniFMCOL22965.53436.524
20Hansen Torbjorn RingdalIMNOR2492543.54630
21Zapata Arbelaez EstivenCOL19995404322.5
22Cori Quispe KevinPER21185404221.5
23Gallego Alcaraz Andres FelipeIMCOL2414539.541.529
24Capellades Subirana MarcFMESP226053941.525
25Vidarte Morales ArturoIMESP2344538.54125.5
26Blandon Villa Diego FCOL219653740.524
27Llaverias Sanmarti LlibertESP1987536.539.522
28Guerrero Sierra Juan CarlosIMCOL2227536.53922
29Salomon JohanNOR22115363924.5
30Chirivi C Jenny AstridWIMCOL220553235.521
31Montilla Carrillo EstebanFMESP22614.5444727.5
32Coll Enriquez LluisMKESP22014.539.54224.5
33Posada Juan ManuelFMCOL20994.53941.523
34Dalo HermesVEN21484.538.539.524
35Dominguez Rueda JuanMKESP21124.53840.519
36Moreno Garcia Elizabeth PaolaWIMVEN20254.5384020.5
37Blandon Luis GuillermoCOL19954.53537.520
38Sanchez Bernardino Miguel AESP20314.5353721
39Birnkraut TimGER17684.5353719.5
40Fernandez Egea AndresESP19974.5293017.5
81 players

15) Karpacz Open 2013

The Karpacz Open took place 22nd to 30th July 2013. Wojciech Moranda won with 8.5/9. The round 8 games are currently missing.

Karpacz Open 2013 Karpacz POL Mon 22nd Jul 2013 - Tue 30th Jul 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Moranda, WojciechGMPOL257088.538.5050.00
22Malaniuk, Vladimir PGMUKR252967.538.0050.50
33Sieciechowicz, MarcinIMPOL246267.037.0049.50
44Klim, KamilmPOL236266.038.5051.00
57Obrusnik, MichalkPOL223066.038.5050.50
614Sikora, RafalIPOL186256.033.0042.00
76Siembab, Bartoszk++POL225855.539.0051.50
813Lewtak, DominikIPOL186345.533.5041.50
915Siwon, ZbigniewIPOL178845.530.5039.00
1011Grzeskow, AdrianI+POL193045.037.5049.50
119Parol, PawelI+POL199545.036.5044.00
128Polok, KacperkPOL218745.034.5045.50
1325Jankowiak, TomaszIIPOL154645.033.5041.50
1417Luczka, SzymonIIPOL165155.032.5041.50
1527Piela, DominikIIPOL147845.030.5038.50
1610Kmak, WieslawIPOL195844.538.5050.00
1726Dwilewicz, AgataIPOL150244.535.0044.00
1819Bernaszuk, KrzysztofIIPOL157344.531.5041.50
1924Jankowiak, PiotrIIPOL154734.531.0039.00
2022Bebnik, MalgorzataIPOL155634.530.0038.50
2129Kotas, KacperIIIPOL143034.527.0033.50
225Bednarek, SylwesterFMPOL233644.040.5053.00
2320Mucha, MarekIIPOL155944.031.0040.50
2431Abratanski, WojciechIIPOL130334.029.5038.00
2521Marszalek, JakubIPOL155644.028.0037.50
2623Paluch, AndrzejIIPOL154834.028.0036.00
2733Pisarski, StanislawIIPOL034.028.0035.50
2812Sadzikowski, MarianIPOL186844.026.5035.00
2932Winkler, MichalIIIPOL128923.526.5034.50
3028Bazylewicz, ZygmuntIIPOL145923.521.5027.50
3116Sowa, MartynaI+POL175123.029.5036.50
3235Czerwonski, JakubIIIPOL023.028.0035.50
3318Dybowski, ArturIIPOL162733.027.5035.00
3434Dybowski, OskarIIIPOL012.527.5035.00
3530Pyzio, AmeliaIIPOL132812.524.5030.50
3636Kucharska, HelenaIIIPOL012.025.0032.00
3737Dybowski, RobertIVPOL001.521.0027.50
37 players

16) 5th Rethymno Open 2013

The 5th Rethymno Open took place 28th July to 4th August 2013. Dmitry Svetushkin won with 7.5/9.

5th Rethymno Open Rethymno GRE Sun 28th Jul 2013 - Sun 4th Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Svetushkin DmitryGMMDA26037.
2Banikas HristosGMGRE26097.00.553.541.5
3Kapnisis SpyridonGMGRE24497.00.552.041.0
4Ankit R. RajparaIMIND24216.50.052.541.0
5David AlbertoGMITA25896.
6Tukhaev AdamGMUKR25206.50.051.540.5
7Borovikov VladislavGMUKR25646.
8Skembris SpyridonGMGRE24586.
9Baron TalGMISR24696.50.049.538.0
10Kharitonov AlexandrGMRUS25386.50.048.538.5
11Krishna C.R.G.IND23396.
12Popilski GilGMISR25066.00.052.540.5
13Maiorov NikitaGMBLR25386.
14Georgiadis IoannisIMGRE24496.00.051.540.5
15Pap MisaGMSRB24896.
16Goumas GeorgiosGRE23816.00.048.537.0
17Simeonidis IoannisFMGRE22386.00.047.538.0
18Sturt Raven MUSA23086.
19Theodorou NikolasGRE21256.00.044.533.5
20Lekic DusanIMMNE24306.
21Ashwin JayaramIMIND24705.50.052.541.0
22Zinchenko YaroslavGMUKR25365.50.051.540.0
23Rychagov AndreyGMRUS25445.
24Berezovics AlexanderFMRUS22255.50.048.537.5
25Markidis KonstantinosGRE23765.
26Soukos KonstantinosGRE21425.50.046.537.0
27Stavrianakis IoannisFMGRE22985.50.046.536.5
28Phadke SohanIND22115.50.045.535.5
29Kourkoulos-Arditis StamatisGRE21855.
30Aggelis NikolaosFMGRE23545.50.044.535.5
31Flaata Alexander R.NOR21035.50.044.534.5
32Naoum SpyridonGRE22075.50.044.533.5
33Kalogridakis GeorgiosGRE20585.
34Papadopoulos ArgiriosGRE19275.
35Papadopoulos GeorgiosGRE20725.50.042.533.0
36Skagseth Havard MNOR19305.50.034.526.0
37Serntedakis AthanasiosGRE19725.00.046.536.5
38Harestad Hans KroghFMNOR23185.00.045.535.0
39Kokolias KonstantinosGRE21355.
40Tzouganakis PanteleimonGRE22015.
115 players

17) World Youth U16 Olympiad 2013

The World Youth U16 Olympiad took place 22nd to 29th July 2013. Indian won ahead of Russia and Turkey. My thanks to Wojtek Bartelski for grabbing some of the broadcast games.

WY U16 Ol 2013 Chongqing CHN Mon 22nd Jul 2013 - Mon 29th Jul 2013
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
54China 1106221429.00
66USA 2106221426.00
911China 2106311326.00
105Australia 1106311324.00
1413Czech Republic106311321.00
1536SDQD NO.2 MIDDLE SCHOOL106401225.00
1628WXXL CHESS CLUB106401224.50
1934BJJM CHESS CLUB105321222.00
2027South Korea105321218.00
2235CQBS MIDDLE SCHOOL105411124.00
259USA 1105411122.00
2837South Africa 2105411121.50
3042SZZZ CHESS CLUB104331121.00
3243CQFLHY SCHOOL104331119.50
3422England 1104421021.50
3626England 2105501021.00
3818Australia 2105501020.50
4061CQLNBS MIDDLE SCHOOL104421020.00
72 players

18) 4th Terre degli Elimi 2013

The 4th Terre degli Elimi took place 24th to 28th July 2013. Andrea Amato took clear first with 6/7. A small number of games were published on ChessVibes.

Terre degli Elimi Op Erice ITA Wed 24th Jul 2013 - Sun 28th Jul 2013
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1AMATO AndreaPA229165.0027.5029.502511
2Georgiev VladimirGMMKD25445.55.0030.0032.502444
3Przezdziecka MartaWGMPOL22975.55.0028.0031.502443
4Arnaudov G. PetarIMBUL24875.55.0027.0030.502456
5Van Dongen CorNED23575.55.0025.0028.502336
6Van Assendelft FlorisIMNED23815.54.0029.0032.002411
7Adrian ClaudeIMFRA22215.54.0025.0028.502332
8Rudolf AnnaWGMHUN23015.53.0025.5028.502429
9Lammens TimFMNED23164.54.0029.0032.002299
10Masternak GrzegorzIMPOL23394.54.0028.0031.502271
11Konijn BartNED22644.54.0027.5031.002239
12Toma KatarzynaWGMPOL23054.54.0026.0029.502246
13Van Weersel ArletteWIMNED21764.54.0025.5028.002205
14Groenewold Jan JorisNED21754.54.0024.5027.502093
15Duijker RickFMNED22584.54.0024.0027.002145
16Bous FlorianGER20724.54.0024.0026.502084
17Ljubisavljevic Zivojin ZIMSRB22154.53.0025.5028.002111
18Clijsen MarkNED21594.53.0025.0028.002177
19Knol GeonNED21464.53.0024.5027.002127
20Novak KsenijaWFSLO20994.53.0023.0026.002133
21CORSINO GianlucaCMPA20944.53.0023.0025.002181
22RAVAGNANI TizianoCMSS19604.53.0023.0024.002104
23Martinez AyelenWIMARG210344.0025.0028.002122
24Haast AnneWIMNED227744.0024.5027.502059
25AGHAYEV MiraghaFMAT229943.0028.0031.002207
26MOVILEANU DanielaCMRM203043.0026.5029.002126
27STIRPE ClaudioCMFR202943.0026.5028.502191
28MARZADURI RiccardoCT193143.0025.0027.002137
29SPINELLA AndreaPA180843.0022.0025.002012
30MORELLO GuidoCMPA204843.0021.5024.002019
31BIFULCO MichelCMPA202643.0020.5021.002032
32GELARDI DavideME185443.0018.5019.001929
33Van Den Berg BramNED223141.0023.5026.002024
34Kampman TijmenNED20943.53.0026.0028.502058
35VALGUARNERA GirolamoPA20863.53.0025.5027.502086
36Nabuurs MartNED22433.53.0025.0028.002099
37DI MISA SalvatorePA19623.53.0025.0027.001986
38Cazacu GabrielaMDA18453.53.0022.5025.001957
39CAMPO RenatoCMTP19983.53.0022.0024.501954
40Schlee UlrichGER18023.53.0021.5023.501912
82 players

19) 8th Vladimir Dvorkovich Open 2013

The 8th Vladimir Dvorkovich Open took place 22nd to 30th July 2013. Ivan Popov won with 8/9. I couldn't find any games.

8th V Dvorkovich Op Taganrog RUS Mon 22nd Jul 2013 - Tue 30th Jul 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Popov IvanGMRUS26328.052.543.07
2Kryakvin DmitryGMRUS25847.554.545.06
3Belous VladimirGMRUS25516.555.044.54
4Andreev EduardGMUKR25016.551.543.55
5Weetik VjacheslavFMRUS24466.053.044.05
6Tsyhanchuk StanislavIMBLR24126.048.039.55
7Mikhailov SergeyFMRUS23476.047.039.05
8Chernyavsky AlexanderRUS22526.046.041.05
9Zakharov AlexanderIMRUS23566.045.540.05
10Petrov ArturFMRUS24026.041.034.55
11Kotenko PavelIMRUS23675.550.542.04
12Khlian EduardIMRUS24195.547.539.04
13Esipenko AndreyFMRUS22035.546.038.54
14Sukhareva EvgeniyaRUS22485.541.535.54
15Elizarov DmitryFMRUS23955.539.531.55
16Kononenko DmitryUKR22855.045.538.55
17Poley VladimirIMBLR23265.044.536.54
18Dmitrenko ViktorIMUKR23745.044.036.53
19Berdychevaskaya NatashaWFMRUS21995.042.037.53
20Pavlov NikolayRUS21275.042.035.05
21Kovalchuk AlexeyRUS22355.041.535.54
22Shubny AleksandrRUS20365.039.533.55
23Petrova OlgaRUS22275.039.533.55
24Mandrikin IgorRUS23115.039.032.54
25Prokopenko A.RUS21135.036.031.04
26Kim YanaRUS19834.546.538.04
27Solovyev ArtemUKR21674.545.538.04
28Zakaryan DavidRUS22764.545.037.53
29Belenkov DmitryRUS20524.544.038.04
30Guschin Vladimir I.RUS21204.540.535.04
31Musalov RuslanRUS23674.043.037.03
32Osipov Adam V.RUS20724.039.033.03
33Dida IgorRUS19344.038.534.03
34Shemshadov AloyarRUS04.035.530.03
35Grigorieva DariaRUS19704.035.031.03
36Krivochkin IlyaRUS19254.034.031.04
37Jakenberg JussiSWE20634.033.029.03
38Shilyakin GennadyRUS20064.032.529.04
39Sipetin VladislavRUS20824.031.527.03
40Zavershinsky ViktorRUS03.537.030.52
56 players

20) 17th Godesberg Open 2013

The 17th Godesberg Open takes place 3rd to 11th August 2013.

17th Godesberg Open Bad Godesberg GER Sat 3rd Aug 2013 - Sun 11th Aug 2013
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
162Schneider, German22002.02033
21Boidman, Yuri240322002.01912
32Khanukov, Boris235922002.01898
43Rotstein, Jefim234022002.01892
54Marcziter, Dmitrii226622002.01874
67Mantau, Jan220522002.01870
76Mueller, Marco220522002.01858
812Evers, Leo212322002.01829
911Rosskothen, Arnd214722002.01818
1014Krebs, Dietmar208022002.01815
1117Ebert, Mario205922002.01792
1222Spreemann, Ralf201122002.01788
1316Florstedt, Johannes205922002.01786
1431Kautz, Stefan194522002.01760
1518Mittmann, Johannes205422002.01594
1649Kronseder, Michael177921011.52133
1727Moeller, Jeremy195921011.51929
185Winterberg, Lukas224221011.51882
1915Wahl, Frithjof206021011.51787
209Schoen, Ralf217321011.51755
2120Eigemann, Frederik201621011.51718
2238Andrijenko, Anatoliy186821011.51589
2337Bitsch, Heinz187821011.51583
2424Mueller, Achim197121011.51545
2523Kohler, Otto199221101.02041
2669Hemmann, Clemens21101.02002
2725Jonas, Rainer197021101.01997
2826Poell, Guenter196021101.01988
2963Gelsok, Philipp21101.01980
3044Grosse-Gehling, Thomas181421101.01978
3171Quaegwer, Gerhard21101.01960
3264von der Lippe, Hans-Bernd21101.01912
3367Rahmen, Christian21101.01898
3470Akkerboom, Johan Cornelis21101.01870
3521Goldenstein, Arnd201221101.01849
3610Weiler, Wolfgang214921101.01846
3729Tominski, Norbert194821101.01844
3819Schwab, Thomas205321101.01842
3932ter Steeg, Marcus193821101.01812
3945Auschkalnis, Reinhard180921101.01812
82 players

21) 23rd Pobla De Lillet Open

The 23rd Pobla De Lillet Open takes place 2nd to 10th August 2013.

23rd Pobla De Lillet La Pobla de Lillet ESP Fri 2nd Aug 2013 - Sat 10th Aug 2013
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1Tarrago Antoni MauriciMKESP22513.
2Kovacevic SlobodanIMSRB23373.
Gomez Jurado Luis AlbertoFMESP22973.
Ribera Bazan JoseAND21173.
5Herreros Fernandez MiguelMKESP22423.
Bautista Sanchez JoanMKESP21853.
7Mestre Bellido HectorIMESP23122.
8Triadu Cassa JordiESP21672.
9Asensio Linan TeodoroMKESP21582.
10Capellades Subirana MarcFMESP22502.
11Movsziszian KarenGMARM25022.
Maes WimFMBEL22642.
Travesset Barba JoaquimMKESP20742.
14Tejero Royo FerminMKESP21192.
15Simon Padros EmiliFMESP22212.
Vinardell Cruanas SergiESP21652.
Ruiz Bellon ManuelESP19532.
18Prats Cabaces LluisESP19372.
19Garcia Castellote OscarESP20602.
20Moya Arau CarlesESP20182.
Corriguelas Armillas FredericESP19922.
22Tardio Fran EmilioESP18512.
23Cervello Tost FerranESP20492.
Nadal Fajardo RicardESP18892.
25Penaranda Grilo Juan CarlosESP18992.
26Ayza Ballester JordiFMESP22172.
Macaya Ruiz AlfonsMKESP20962.
28Germes AlainFRA20292.
29Povill Batlle RamonESP18372.
30Van Briemen Willem-JanNED20232.
Simon Olle JordiESP19282.
32Povill Claros XavierESP18032.
33Menac Comas Joan RamonMKESP21622.
Sanpera Bonet Juan CarlosMKESP21312.
Guasch Murtra Josep MariaESP19812.
Diaz Lopez PedroESP19562.
37Gaona Gonzalez GerardESP20312.
Riera Sola LluisESP19702.
39Escofet Llongueras JoanESP17862.
40Harutian Arthur WilliamESP15072.
93 players

22) 39th Badalona Open 2013

The 39th Badalona Open takes place 2nd to 10th August 2013.

39th Badalona Open Badalona ESP Fri 2nd Aug 2013 - Sat 10th Aug 2013
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1Flores Rios Mauricio GMCHI251931.53.56
Fluvia Poyatos Joan IMESP249131.53.56
3Vocaturo Daniele GMITA25492.524.55.5
Dvirnyy Danyyil IMITA25492.524.55.5
Alsina Leal Daniel GMESP25382.524.55.5
Perez Mitjans Orelvis GMESP24752.524.55.5
Escobar Forero Alder IMCOL24662.524.55.5
Lorenzo De La Riva Lazaro IMESP24492.524.55.5
Ynojosa Felix Jose IMVEN24052.524.55.5
Colon Garcia Enrique FMESP23802.524.55.5
11Guerra Mendez Jose Angel IMCUB25162.524.55
12Munoz Pantoja Miguel GMESP24562.51.545.5
Valdes Romero Leonardo IMCRC24402.51.545.5
14Vittorino Carlo Giovanni FMCOL22962.51.545
15Chueca Forcen Alberto FMESP23132.51.53.55
16Panelo Marcelo IMARG24382.51.534.5
17Valsecchi Alessio IMITA24122.513.55.5
Espinoza Palomino Willyam FMPER23632.513.55.5
19Gallego Alcaraz Andres Felipe IMCOL24212255
20Bremner Adam SCO2228224.55
21Narciso Dublan Marc GMESP2505224.54.5
22Delisau Gil Oriol ESP2103224.54
23Macias Murillo Bryan IMECU226121.544
24Jerez Perez Alfonso IMESP237721.53.54.5
25Kjartansson Gudmundur IMISL243421.53.54
26Prasca Sosa Rafael IMVEN242621.53.53.5
27Perpinya Rofes Lluis Maria IMESP24032145
28Vidarte Morales Arturo IMESP2351213.54
Vehi Bach Victor Manuel IMESP2307213.54
Uribe Arteaga Daniel COL2266213.54
Meessen Rudolf FMBEL2238213.54
32Salazar Aura Cristina WIMCOL2186213.53
Bru Rullo Llatzer ESP2119213.53
34Valls Marti Artur MKESP22192134
35Barbero Sendic Alejandro FMESP23632133
Garriga Cazorla Pere ESP21302133
37Villuendas Valero Adrian FMESP230020.534
38Chirivi C Jenny Astrid WIMCOL220620.533
39Lyell Mark FMENG22191.524.54
40Oms Fuentes Lluis FMESP22881.524.53.5
94 players

23) 3rd China Rapid 2013

The 3rd China Rapid 2013 took place 30th July to 1st August 2013. Ni Hua edged out Wang Yue, Zhou Jianchao and Wei Yi on tie-break after all scored 4/7.

3rd China Rapid 2013 Shenzhen CHN Tue 30th Jul 2013 - Thu 1st Aug 2013. Category: 15. Ave: (2624)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Pts TPR
1 Ni, Hua GM CHN 2661 # = = 1 1 0 = = 4 2669
2 Wang, Yue GM CHN 2705 = # = = = = 1 = 4 2663
3 Zhou, Jianchao GM CHN 2572 = = # = 1 = 0 1 4 2682
4 Wei, Yi GM CHN 2557 0 = = # = = 1 1 4 2684
5 Yu, Yangyi GM CHN 2657 0 = 0 = # 1 1 = 3.5 2620
6 Li, Chao b GM CHN 2686 1 = = = 0 # 0 1 3.5 2615
7 Xiu, Deshun GM CHN 2556 = 0 1 0 0 1 # 1 3.5 2634
8 Hou, Yifan GM CHN 2600 = = 0 0 = 0 0 # 1.5 2398

24) DSK International 2013

The DSK International took place 20th to 29th July 2013. Alexander Ipatov won with 8/9. Games now available.

DSK GM Open 2013 Cape Town RSA Sat 20th Jul 2013 - Mon 29th Jul 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Ipatov AlexanderGMTUR25838.042.035.75
2Tiviakov SergeiGMNED26547.045.033.50
3Arnold Marc TGMUSA25255.546.027.25
4Gwaze RobertIMZIM24335.045.520.50
5Tischbierek RajGMGER24225.042.519.25
6Kasparov SergeyGMBLR24705.042.018.50
7Emojong ElijahIMUGA23114.542.016.75
8Cawdery DanielFMRSA23454.537.013.75
9Haznedaroglu KivancGMTUR24174.042.013.50
10Gluckman DavidIMRSA22503.536.011.75
11Van Den Heever DonovanFMRSA22803.534.012.50
12Kobese WatuIMRSA23433.038.511.25
13De Villiers CharlesFMRSA22553.038.58.25
14Solomons DeonFMRSA21791.536.05.00
14 players

25) Quebec Open 2013

The Quebec Open took place 21st to 28th July 2013. Lazaro Bruzon Batista won with 7/9. Games from the final rounds still not available.

Quebec Open 2013 Montreal CAN Sun 21st Jul 2013 - Sun 28th Jul 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Bruzon Batista LazaroGMCUB2689726.535.5
2Rozentalis EduardasGMLTU26196.52934.75
3Moradiabadi ElshanGMIRI25516.526.534.75
4Kovalyov AntonGMARG26066.526.533.75
5Sulskis SarunasGMLTU2559627.531.75
6Sokolov IvanGMNED2650627.530.75
7Hambleton AmanIMCAN2480626.529
8Cheng BindiIMCAN240662629.5
9Panjwani RajaIMCAN2409624.527
10Gerzhoy LeonidIMCAN24625.528.528.5
11Chirila Ioan-CristianGMROU25285.52527.75
12Molner MackenzieIMUSA25015.52526.25
13Perez Rodriguez Luis ManuelGMCUB24275.52524.75
14Sambuev BatorGMCAN25305.52222.75
15Ostrovskiy Aleksandr AFMUSA2403526.525.5
16Perez Garcia Rodney OscarIMCUB236452624
17Arencibia WalterGMCUB2526525.522.5
18Wang RichardIMCAN2377524.522
19Oliva Castaneda KevelFMCUB2423524.521.75
20Vera ReynaldoGMCUB246252420.5
21Shetty AtulyaFMUSA231452219.5
22Porper EdwardIMCAN2453521.519.75
23Kiewra Keaton FIMUSA242252119
24Jiang LouieFMCAN232452117.5
25Roussel-Roozmon ThomasGMCAN24764.523.518.25
26Adithya B.IND23014.52320
27Thavandiran ShiyamFMCAN23384.522.516
28Song MichaelCAN22424.52218
29Cao JasonFMCAN20604.521.517.75
30Piasetski LeonIMCAN22794.521.516.75
31Kleinman MichaelFMCAN22984.52118
32Sapozhnikov RomanFMCAN22724.519.516.25
33Preotu RazvanCAN2277425.519.75
34Calugar ArthurIMCAN228242418.75
35Leveille FrancoisFMCAN2279423.517
36Rodriguez EricFMUSA229042314.5
37Tomb MarounLIB2133420.512.5
38Masse HuguesCAN2187419.511.25
39Ibrahim AnthonyCAN216141711
40Kraiouchkine NikitaCAN22343.52313
55 players

26) Pays de Charleroi International 2013

The Pays de Charleroi International took place 27th July to 3rd August 2013. Igor Rausis edged out Aloyzas Kveinys and Tanguy Ringoir on tie-break after all scored 7.5/9.

Charleroi Open 2013 Charleroi BEL Sat 27th Jul 2013 - Sat 3rd Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Rausis Igor254597.541.5224546.52600
2Kveinys Aloyzas247997.5412214462545
3Ringoir Tanguy247197.540.5222644.52560
4Hautot Stephane23669738217138.252430
5Eliet Nicolas24029737.5217739.52442
6Vandevoort Pascal23849736.52130402403
7Le Quang Kim22429736207736.52314
8Okhotnik Vladimir240397352093392365
9Sarrau Jelle230596.536.5212534.752316
10Geenen Marc223596.535.5207636.252259
11Dal Borgo Albin220396.534.52092332271
12Callier Christophe206096.532.5194531.252116
13Uhoda Philippe211796.530.5197733.752143
14Henris Luc217096.528182229.52051
15Tomov Georgi23019636.5215032.252305
16Maalla Abdessadek21189636216233.52294
17Bomans Arno22049633205733.752196
18Van Houtte Thierry217496332006322142
19Capone Nicola214996331988302122
20Mueller Martin21009632.5196530.252095
21Noiroux Kevin224396322029302176
22Van Cappellen Jonas214496312008262143
23De Strycker Nathan20339631198131.752112
24Van Melkebeke Willem19889631197525.52099
25Gilles Jean-Claude19799629.5184925.751981
26Audin Thierry19749629188627.252012
27Degembe Pierre20189628.5187325.752003
28Krasucki Youri20189628.5186127.251991
29Maes Tibo17789628194324.52010
30Lheureux Benoit182896281831231986
31Fontaine Pierre205696271758251952
32Lacroix Bruno220795.534.5210628.752200
33Marte Sebastien203495.531.51960252059
34Verspecht Thierry205185.531.5194528.752092
35Barbier Wim211595.5311986272074
36Spanoghe Ivan215695.530193428.52023
37Kurpnieks Vairis205695.530192124.752007
38Van Vlaenderen Koen195095.529.51975262044
39Van Uytven Eric213495.529.51896291987
40Dessomme Francois194295.528.5191924.51994
187 players

27) 18th Creon Open 2013

The 18th Creon Open took plce 29th July to 4th August 2013. Andrey Sumets edged out Maxime Lagarde and Andrey Vovk on tie-break after all scored 7/9. Games from this event not yet available.

18th Creon Open 2013 Creon FRA Mon 29th Jul 2013 - Sun 4th Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1SUMETS Andreyg258374555½2643
2LAGARDE Maximeg2526742½522584
3VOVK Andreyg2567741½49½2591
4ARDELEAN George-Catalinm25054352½2554
5GOZZOLI Yannickg25234149½2502
6CARMACIU Lucian-Catalinm24164149½2470
7HAUB Thorsten Michaelm247139½492413
8MANOLACHE Mariusg250438½472458
9LOISEAU Quentinm238838½472342
10GENOV Petarg2458642½52½2469
11LAZAREV Vladimirg2410641492423
12DEMUTH Adrienm2463640½47¾2390
13DONCEA Vladimirm2423640½502388
14FANTINEL Thibaultf227064048½2305
15TOUZANE Olivierm231463744½2271
16IVANOV Jordanm236843½532439
17NAVROTESCU Catalinm236342½492421
18JOLLY Jean-Francoism237840½49½2367
19SAFRANSKA Andagf232239472251
20FRICK Christoph22323947½2191
21SALLES Louis217638½45½2286
22BOUDRE Jean-Pierrem230335½412160
23GALLANT Aurelien210435½43½2155
24SAUCEY Michelf2254540482232
25NAVROTESCU Andreea-Cristianaff2112540492217
26HERRY Serwan1847537442115
27SAVALLE Alexandre2011537432076
28TERNAULT Mathieu2176536432158
29PASSAGER Jean-Pierre2202536432139
30PILTE Nicolas2110535½41½2028
31BILLIAR-BOURGY Vincent1814535422049
32MEZOUAGHI Miloud2137533½402015
33MALASSAGNE Isabelle1995531½371886
34ROSELLE Tristan187253136¼1930
35DELORME Lauriemf2183530½34½1967
36BOUGUERRA Tayeb193953035¼1999
37KIRK Ezraf229040472191
38JAUREGUIBERRY Cedric211938½45½2101
39SANCHEZ Francois21043744½2083
40ROCH Florian171235½43½2031
83 players

28) 2nd Fano Chess Festival 2013

The 2nd Fano Chess Festival took place 29th July to 4th August 2013. Yuri Solodovnichenko took first place on tie-break from Axel Rombaldoni and Ivan Ivanisevic. I couldn't see any games.

2nd Fano Open 2013 Fano ITA Mon 29th Jul 2013 - Sun 4th Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
14Solodovnichenko YuriGMUKR25556.545.549.534.75
26Rombaldoni AxelIMITA24946.545.047.032.00
31Ivanisevic IvanGMSRB26496.542.045.531.75
45Prohaszka PeterGMHUN25546.047.550.031.25
53Burmakin VladimirGMRUS25596.046.550.032.00
68Shytaj LucaIMITA24566.
72Banusz TamasGMHUN25885.547.553.031.75
89Stella AndreaIMITA24475.546.048.528.00
913Rindlisbacher LarsFMSUI23155.544.048.027.00
1010Caprio GuidoIMITA24155.542.045.525.00
1114Ambartsumova KarinaWGMRUS23065.541.545.525.50
1211Bonafede AlessandroFMITA23805.541.544.023.75
137Drazic SinisaGMSRB24645.539.541.523.00
1424Bonagura StefanoITA21655.535.038.522.25
1515Costantini RobertoFMITA22905.043.547.023.25
1612Zakharov AleksejFMRUS23315.042.546.023.00
1723Persson AndreasSWE21675.039.543.522.00
1820Klimentov RomanRUS22195.034.538.020.25
1917Angelini MarcoITA22654.539.543.018.00
2018Rossi Aldo AFMITA22604.538.542.018.50
2121Csonkics TundeWGMHUN22054.537.541.019.00
2238Tonel GiuliaITA19734.534.036.516.00
2341Difronzo AndreaITA19434.531.033.515.75
2442Rezzuti VincenzoITA19304.529.031.012.50
2526Rago RiccardoITA20844.037.541.516.25
2619Brancaleoni MaurizioFMITA22484.036.540.516.75
2730Panella FiammettaITA20504.
2840Di Primio EugeniaITA19434.
2943FATHI Hassan1NPU19214.035.539.017.75
3044Rebeggiani AndreaITA19104.034.037.516.50
3135Petrone GianmarioITA19934.033.537.016.00
3239Coppola FedericoITA19574.
3336Gambardella PieroITA19924.
3433Der Manuelian Haik OUSA20073.539.543.019.25
3532Simonetto AdrianoITA20263.539.042.520.25
3634Klimentov EvgenyRUS20063.537.039.513.00
3725Lantini MarcoITA21193.533.035.011.00
3837Cardarelli AngeloITA19803.530.532.57.75
3927Chierici MariannaWFMITA20762.535.038.59.50
4022Gromovs SergejsFMITA22022.533.536.015.50
45 players

29) 114th US Open 2013

The 114th US Open took place 27th July to 4th August 2013. Julio C Sadorra, Josh Friedel and Mackenzie Molner finished on 8/9. I put together a frankly terrible looking file of games from the various live coverage sources working on the idea that something is better than nothing. Maybe the organisers will have a better file later.

114th US Open 2013 Madison USA Sat 27th Jul 2013 - Sun 4th Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Sadorra, Julio CGM26408.0
2Friedel, Joshua EGM25958.0
3Molner, Mackenzie SIM25588.0
4Lenderman, AleksandrGM26657.5
5Corrales Jimenez, FidelGM26537.5
6Chirila, Ioan CristianGM26007.5
7Hungaski, RobertGM25417.5
8Holt, ConradGM26277.0
9Ivanov, AlexanderGM26227.0
10Ghaem Maghami, EhsanGM26047.0
11Fedorowicz, John PGM24917.0
12Martin-Del-Campo, RobertoGM24867.0
13Mulyar, Michael AIM24817.0
14Rosen, Eric S-REFM24097.0
15Watson, John LIM23587.0
16Baginskaite, CamillaWGM23557.0
17Schmakel, Sam A23467.0
18Mo, Kevin23437.0
19Aramil, William James23327.0
20Li, Ruifeng23267.0
21Haubrich, Scott A20447.0
22Hoyos, Manuel LeonGM26686.5
23Bryant, John DanieFM25276.5
24Sarkar, JustinIM25276.5
25Burnett, Ronald WayneIM24176.5
26Haskel, Jeffrey23706.5
27Chakraborty, Dipro23046.5
28Feng, Roland22686.5
29Iwu, Okechukwu Anele Nneji22646.5
30Checa, Nicolas De T22416.5
31Rubsamen, Cornelius22396.5
32Rosenthal, Nichola22006.5
33Auger, Michael William21926.5
34Yuvarajan, PrathibaWIM21816.5
35Mattson, Dane M21696.5
36Andrews, Uri21686.5
37Cooklev, Steven21626.5
38Rea, Andrew B21506.5
39Tiglon, Bryce21426.5
40Dejmek, Mark W21156.5
519 players

30) 10th Plancoet Open

The 10th Plancoet Open took place 28th July to 3rd August 2013. Vlad-Cristian Jianu won the event with 7.5/9. Games from the first 6 rounds only currently available.

10th Plancoet Open Plancoet FRA Sun 28th Jul 2013 - Sat 3rd Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1JIANU Vlad-Cristiang2560422677
2DGEBUADZE Alexandreg2520742½2588
3LINTCHEVSKI Daniilg252942½2557
4GULIYEV Namigg256942½2526
5KUKOV Velislavm237040½2552
6BRYZGALIN Kirillg2470382440
7DAS Arghyadipm2493382424
8ROSER Kevinm239533½2305
9DE WIT Texf2293642½2472
10VOVK Yurig26086402421
11MIRON Lucian-Costinm25446392416
12MANEA Alexandrum23896392401
13BAILET Pierrem24746382420
14VEDMEDIUC Sergheim2460637½2372
15EPISHIN Vladimirg2598636½2472
16TERRIEUX Kevinm2422636½2342
17DESLANDES Pascalf2279422451
18TIRARD Hugom2421422413
19MILCHEV Nikolaym243341½2389
20MLADENOV Plamenm240541½2382
21MENG Rogerf230740½2397
22RJABZEV Konstantinm2290392280
23PETRE Nad-Titusm237138½2344
24BLEUNVEN Andre222138½2302
25VAN DER EIJK Martijn2183382253
26LEROY Didierm2305362206
27BIANCHI Guillaume2172362204
28BERNARD Jacques2211352172
29TUGUI Adrian2387544½2406
30BITAN Banerjee2295542½2394
31KONGUVEL Ponnuswamym23195422395
32BOUGET Alexandre22575402291
33BERNARD Christophem2255538½2224
34GRIMBERG Gilbertf22965382261
35BERGEZ Lucm23955372231
36NAJART David21565362262
37DIONISI Thomas23015362214
38DAURELLE Hervef22135362192
39O'DONNELL Conor20895362169
40BIZOVI Mihai21375362157
103 players

31) 17th Battle of Senta Open 2013

The 17th Battle of Senta Open took place 14th to 31st July 2013. Sinisa Drazic won with 7/9. Games from the final two rounds now available.

17th Battle of Senta Senta SRB Sun 14th Jul 2013 - Wed 31st Jul 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Drazic SinisaGMSRB2464750.53946
2Dudukovic NikolaFMSRB23216.55132.547.5
3Kosanovic Goran AGMSRB23726.550.53446.5
4Nestorovic DejanIMSRB24116.5483244.5
5Nadj Hedjesi BalindIMSRB238964530.542.5
6Dragovic MomciloFMSRB2387644.52940.5
7Lazic MiroljubGMSRB24675.545.52842
8Stankovic MilosSRB2396551.530.546
9Radusinovic LazarSRB23105442540
10Desnica VladanSRB225754326.539.5
11Balog ImreGMHUN2547542.52739
12Vucinic GojkoSRB225254225.538.5
13Farkas TiborIMSRB22505392436.5
14Stanojevic BrankoIMSRB2302538.523.536
15Domany ZsofiaWIMHUN21585382134.5
16Tancik KristijanFMSRB2272537.52334.5
17Leskur DejanIMSRB23914.546.527.543
18Cica DraganSRB20634.54424.540.5
19Nagy Attila NSRB22064.53920.536
20Simonyi ZoltanFMSRB22204.53521.532.5
21Miladinovic LenaWFMSRB208344321.539
22Manojlovic SavaSRB2127442.521.539.5
23Andrijevic MilanIMSRB2322441.52540
24Sente DamirSRB2082440.522.537
25Pregarac ValterSLO213643819.534.5
26Markovic AleksandarSRB2111436.51735
27Kaszas ViktorSRB2040435.51733.5
28Suc TimothySLO21374351832
29Bejatovic BojanaMKD2002434.51733.5
30Agoston AronSRB216243415.532.5
31Kovacs ArthurHUN1995432.516.532
32Kokeza MirkoFMSRB23153.537.519.534.5
33Korponai AkosSRB17863.5372034
34Vranic LjubomirSRB22253.534.51933
35Djuza ZivkoSRB20633.534.514.533.5
36Sakic LorandSRB19713361733.5
37Savic DraganSRB2106230827.5
37 players

32) Stockholm Open 2013

The Stockholm Open takes place 5th to 11th August 2013.

Stockholm Open 2013 Stockholm SWE Mon 5th Aug 2013 - Sun 11th Aug 2013
Top 10 Player List of 46
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Karlsson, Lars GM SWE 2411 1700057
2 Poley, Vladimir IM BLR 2306 13500090
3 Olund, Joar SWE 2226 1714848
4 Evertsson, Lennart SWE 2200 1705156
5 Revelj, Oskar SWE 2164 1707116
6 Ask, Josef SWE 2158 1704583
7 Andersen, Jens Knud GER 2152 4616910
8 Samuelsson, Sven-Gunnar SWE 2100 1704966
9 Belokon, Artour RUS 2083 4121490
10 Palmqvist, Fredrik SWE 2040 1710346

33) XI Miguel Najdorf Festival 2013

The XI Miguel Najdorf Festival takes place 5th to 13th August 2013.

XI Miguel Najdorf Op Warsaw POL Mon 5th Aug 2013 - Tue 13th Aug 2013
Top 10 Player List of 50
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Piorun, Kacper GM POL 2552 1130420
2 Jakubowski, Krzysztof GM POL 2507 1112848
3 Warakomski, Tomasz IM POL 2503 1124552
4 Romanishin, Oleg M GM UKR 2494 14100088
5 Stachowiak, Kamil IM POL 2470 1119966
6 Kanarek, Marcel IM POL 2463 1126822
7 Sadzikowski, Daniel IM POL 2455 1132253
8 Malisauskas, Vidmantas GM LTU 2455 12800031
9 Strzemiecki, Zbigniew IM POL 2437 1126687
10 Staniszewski, Piotr IM POL 2432 1100220

34) Euro Chess Tournament 2013

The Euro Chess Tournament consists of a number of under 20 events.

35) XXII Team Championship of Macedonia 2013

The XXII Team Championship of Macedonia took place 29th July to 4th August 2013. Alkaloid. Skopje won the title.

XXII TCh-MKD 2013 Struga MKD Mon 29th Jul 2013 - Sun 4th Aug 2013
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Alkaloid. Skopje*5561438.00
2Gambit Aseko-See. Skopje1*431128.00
3BM Kisela Voda. Skopje½2*434922.50
4Stevo Patako. Bitola½½2*4817.50
5GSK Kochani½32*454720.00
6GSK Kumanovo132*3417.50
8Karpos. Skopje½½222*011.00
8 teams

36) Chinese Team Championship 2013

The Chinese Team Championship takes place 20th April to 19th December 2013. I managed to grab games from rounds 9-10 before they were perminantly lost. I believe the current round of games may be taking place in Wuxi. I continue to hope for a full file.

Chinese Teams 2013 Beijing CHN Tue 30th Apr 2013 - Thu 19th Dec 2013
Leading Round 10 (of 22) Standings:
12 teams

37) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

TCh-SUI 2013

The Swiss Team Championship takes place 17th March to 13th October 2013. Round 4-5 22nd-23rd June games avilable. Next rounds 7th-8th September 2013.

TCh-SUI 2013 Zuerich SUI Sun 17th Mar 2013 - Sun 13th Oct 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Riehen 11027½
2Reti 1826½
3Winterthur 1823
4Luzern 1723½
5Geneve 1621½
6Zuerich 1523
7Schwarz-Weiss Bern 1215
8Bodan 1214½
9Mendrisio 129
10Wollishofen 1016½
10 teams

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2013

The first weekend of the TCh-POL Ekstraliga took place 24th to 26th May 2013. The next rounds are 30th August to 1st September 2013.

TCh-POL Ekstraliga Wroclaw POL Fri 24th May 2013 - Sun 15th Sep 2013
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1KSz Stilon Gorzow WielkopolskiPOL2494613.5
2WASKO HETMAN KatowicePOL2603612.5
3KSz Polonia WroclawPOL2573410.5
4GK Baszta MOS ZninPOL248749.5
4TKKF Drogowiec KrakowPOL239249.5
6ASSz Miedz LegnicaPOL2444210
7Rotmistrz Twoja Szkola GrudziadzPOL244327.5
8IMPACT Team OstrodaPOL239116.5
9KSz Odrodzenie KozuchowPOL231516
10AZS Politechnika Poznanska PoznanPOL241604.5
10 teams

TCh-CRO II Liga 2013

The Croatian Teams 2nd league takes place 5th to 10th November 2013. Rounds 4-6 take place 4th to 6th October 2013.

TCh-CRO II Liga 2013 Split CRO Fri 5th Apr 2013 - Sun 10th Nov 2013
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1ŠK Zadar. Zadar*4613.020.50
2GŠK Mravince-Cemex 2. Mravince*34511.516.25
3ŠK Mornar. Split*5412.010.50
4ŠK Petar Sedlar-Pepe. Kaštela*449.018.00
5ŠK Makarska. Makarska3*439.514.75
6ŠK Primošten. Primošten2*4339.012.00
7ŠK Sveti Vid. Klis2*338.512.50
8ŠK Sveti Vid. Privlaka223*17.04.50
9ŠK Omiš. Omiš123*16.04.25
10ŠK Petar Žaja. Aržano*04.50.00
10 teams

38) Forthcoming Events and Links

11th Davos Holiday Open 2013

22nd Kavala Open 2013

2nd Washington International 2013

TCh-ESP CECLUB Div2 2013

43rd Annual Continental Open 2013

Stare Mesto Open 2013

FIDE World Cup 2013

10th IGB Dato Arthur Tan Malaysian Open 2013

22nd ZMDI Open 2013

3rd Split Open 2013

XXV Jirasek Mem 2013

14th Miquel Mas Open 2013

88th ch-FRA 2013

47th Villa de Mislata Op 2013

18th Vienna Open 2013

28th Schwarzacher Open 2013

33rd Bratto Open 2013

4th Sarkany-Aranytiz 2013

9th BDO Chess Tournament 2013

Brasschaat Open 2013

Lichtenberger Sommer 2013

3rd Isthmia Open 2013

TCh-ESP CECLUB Div1 2013

15th Sants Open 2013

2nd Paleros Open 2013

US Chess League 2013

12th Kesarovski-Stanchev Memorial 2013

12th Sunny Beach Open 2013

6th Sabadell Open 2013

10th LGA Premium Cup

RSB Grand Prix Open 2013

Sinquefield Cup 2013

World Juniors 2013

FIDE Women Grand Prix Tashkent 2013

Nordic Women Championship 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Paris 2013

Topalov-Laznicka Match 2013

12th Forchheim Sparkassen-Open 2013

Norwegian Club Championship 2013

Vasteras Open 2013

Oslo Chess International 2013

Russian Championship Super Final 2013

World Chess Championship Women 2013

17th Unive Ches Tournament 2013

European Club Cup 2013

14th Liberec Open 2013

World Chess Championship 2013

European Teams 2013

4th Brno Open 2013

5th Pilsen Open 2013

89th Hastings Congress 2013-14

Bay Area International 2014

Prague Open 2014

13th Marienbad Open 2014

Reykjavik Open 2014

2nd Lanta Open 2014

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