THE WEEK IN CHESS 948 7th January 2013 by Mark Crowther

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1) Introduction
2) Hastings International Chess Congress 2012-13
3) XLII Rilton Cup 2012-13
4) XXIII Krakow Open 2012-13
5) Schachfestival Basel 2013
6) 11th Parsvnath Delhi International 2013
7) XXIV Roquetas Open
8) 16th Bad Zwesten Open
9) 18th Bosnjaci Open
10) 1st Mare D Inverno Open
11) 120th New Zealand Congress
12) Australian Open 2013
13) 29th Geneva Open
14) 1st Wittelsbach Christmas Open 2012
15) 28th Post Open
16) 25th Staufer-Open 2013
17) Czech Christmas Open 2012
18) ITT Cerrado LAB GM 2012
19) Giri Vienna Simul 2013
20) VII Magistral da Hebraica
21) 1st Interchess Cup 2012
22) 9th Vandoeuvre Open
23) ch-Moscow QF 2013
24) Active Team Events
25) Corrections
26) Carlsen record rating confirmed in January 2013 Rating list
27) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
Hastings International Chess Congress 2012-13403 games
XLII Rilton Cup 2012-13193 games
XXIII Krakow Open 2012-13269 games
Schachfestival Basel 2013305 games
11th Parsvnath Delhi International 2013109 games
XXIV Roquetas Open80 games
16th Bad Zwesten Open122 games
18th Bosnjaci Open148 games
1st Mare D Inverno Open19 games
120th New Zealand Congress72 games
Australian Open 2013277 games
29th Geneva Open32 games
1st Wittelsbach Christmas Open 20122 games
28th Post Open31 games
25th Staufer-Open 2013271 games
ITT Cerrado LAB GM 201226 games
Giri Vienna Simul 20132 games
VII Magistral da Hebraica10 games
Corrections2 games
2373 games

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1) Introduction

My thanks to Roland Wimmer, Olexandr Prohorov, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Eduard Piacun, Klaus-Juergen Herlan, Dennis Monokrousses, Harald Grafenhofer, Kenneth W. Regan, Michael Freeman and everyone else who helped with this issue.

The new chess year is about to start and 2013 promises something very special. Magnus Carlsen starts the year as world number one and with the highest rating ever. Carlsen may very well finish it as World Chess Champion. There is however work on the way. Carlsen starts the new year in Wijk aan Zee on Saturday (I will be in commentary on ICC) with a tremendous field. World Chess Champion Anand will no doubt try and have some say about Carlsen becoming world champion and I saw some small signs at the end of the London tournament where we saw glimpses of the old Anand. Anand says he will play up to 5 events in the first half of the year. Hopefully Anand will be able to find some form there. One player not in Wijk aan Zee is Vladimir Kramnik who looks very well prepared and in the best form in a number of years. I would not rule him out of winning the Candidates tournament in London in March. Things look different for Levon Aronian who had a more variable 2012. Aronian's form and confidence could easily return quickly and he will be hoping to be quick out of the blocks too. These are not the only players who may come to define this year. No doubt Svidler, Grischuk, Ivanchuk, Gelfand or Radjabov are all capable of winning a world championship match. Fabiano Caruana and Sergey Karjakin are not in the candidates but both had strong results in 2012 and may come through even more strongly next year. All this is speculation, bring on the games.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) Hastings International Chess Congress 2012-13

The 88th Hastings Masters took place 28th December 2012 to 5th January 2013. Top seed Gawain Jones finished in first place alone on 7.5/10, especially important was a long grind until he found a way past Daniel Alsina Leal in round 9., Jones edged out Andrey Sumets, Kaido Kulaots, Andrey Vovk, Sarunas Sulskis, Daniele Vocaturo, Hjorvar Gretarsson, Jonathan Hawkins, and Rui Gao on 7. I give all the games again as I am not sure what corrections I made to the final version of the file. I changed Stephen Mannion to Stephen Burns-Mannion.

Hastings Masters Hastings ENG Fri 28th Dec 2012 - Sun 6th Jan 2013
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
1Jones, Gawain C BGMENG26441½1½11½½1½7.52678
2Sumets, AndreyGMUKR263810111½½½1½7.02562
3Kulaots, KaidoGMEST258111½½0101117.02498
4Vovk, AndreyGMUKR2567=1½1011½1½7.02511
5Sulskis, SarunasGMLTU2550½111½1½½½½7.02589
6Vocaturo, DanieleGMITA25211½1110½½½17.02492
7Gretarsson, Hjorvar SteinnIMISL251611½=½½1½½17.02497
8Hawkins, JonathanIMENG250711½011½½1½7.02518
9Gao, RuiIMCHN24501½½111½½½½7.02611
10Alsina Leal, DanielGMESP25111½11½½½10½6.52530
11Hamitevici, VladimirIMMDA2440011½101½½16.52349
12Zhou, Yang-FanIMENG2419100½1111016.52373
13Ashton, Adam GFMENG2366101½½½1½½16.52361
14Burns-Mannion, Stephen RIMSCO23511½0=111½016.52562
15Knott, Simon J BIMENG23250½111½0½116.52288
16Flear, Glenn CGMENG248111½½0½1½½½6.02414
17Arkell, Keith CGMENG247011½½011½½06.02452
18Kjartansson, GudmundurIMISL240411½½1001½½6.02500
19Farid, Firman SyahIMINA2338=½11½½½½016.02379
20Prosviriakov, VladimirIMUSA2293011½½01½1½6.02322
21Sihite, Chelsie MonicaWIMINA2277=½½11½0½½16.02377
22Gu, XiaobingWGMCHN2209101011½1½06.02454
23Rayner, FrancisWLS2166011½½½1½106.02396
24Hebden, Mark LGMENG2547½½0101110½5.52217
25Williams, Simon KGMENG2515==1101½½½05.52344
26Rendle, Thomas EIMENG23811½0½1½10½½5.52279
27Rudd, JackIMENG22880111½001015.52273
28Stewart, NeilFMGER226401½½1010½15.52261
29Eames, Robert SFMENG2263½10101½½105.52310
30Sreeves, ClementSCO222301101½0½1½5.52297
31Jaunooby, Ali RENG2178011½½0½0115.52233
32Anderson, JohnENG21610½½011011½5.52119
33Kvisla, Johannes LuangtepNOR214810½½111½005.52416
34Wadsworth, Matthew JENG20671½00=11½105.52272
35Panjwani, RajaIMCAN2402+½0111½0--5.02445
36Haydon, David LFMENG23150½110==-1½5.02206
37Ledger, Dave JFMENG226610101001015.02179
38Kirk, EzraENG2254½1011001½05.02313
39Furman, BorisFMRUS22370½11001½015.02164
40Melekhina, AlisaFMUSA222101011010015.02152
41Burnett, JimENG217201100=10½15.02078
42Byron, Alan MENG2167==1½00101½5.02132
43Grant, Alan GSCO216501101001015.02161
44Hagen, Anders GjerdrumNOR2126100½½1½½105.02176
45Atako, Chino CENG21171½00½01½1½5.02174
46Duff, RufusENG2114½111000½105.02271
47Maroroa, SueWIMENG203710001½110½5.02120
48Taylor, Adam CENG194610½0½0½½115.02039
49Pert, NicholasGMENG25571½1½½½½0--4.52370
50Kwiatkowski, Feliks JCMENG223200=11100014.52098
51Flear, ChristineWIMFRA215610½01101004.52192
52Ternault, MathieuFRA2147½½010110½-4.52172
53Armstrong, Malcolm JENG2046100½0½1½104.51955
54Haria, RaviENG20320100=011014.52018
55Spanton, Tim RENG20200½001011104.51942
56Steil-Antoni, FionaWIMLUX21690½1½0½½01-4.02020
57McKenna, Jason PENG21021½101½0---4.02359
58Jones, William E GENG209410011½½---4.02213
59Gregory, Stephen JENG20861½000½10014.01901
60Ramstad, HavardNOR207110100=½0104.02044
61Lenier, Jude AENG2069=½0½½101004.02135
62Flynn, DavidENG19210½010100½14.02003
63Higgs, JoshuaENG17920½0½0101014.01918
64Mitchell, RobertNZL169000½½0011104.01815
65Willson, OllieENG16500½001½½1½04.01927
66Talsma, PaulNED22290½110001003.51996
67Rumsey, Victor BENG2138 *01=0=0010½3.51786
68Hutchinson, Norman AENG21081½0½0½00103.52042
69Cafferty, BernardFMENG210510½0=01½003.51970
70Safarian, AlekAUS20501=000½100½3.51890
71Pickersgill, Adrian OENG2029010100½1003.51980
72Murphy, Conor EENG1956½01=010=--3.51973
73Tarhon, BrianENG1844½00½1½00½½3.51930
74Cekulis, MarisAUS1811000½0½½1½½3.51698
75Snape, Ian LENG22450110010---3.02161
76Barton, R AlanENG2080100100½00½3.01878
77Stonehouse, Tom HENG1922 *01001010003.01771
78Gunn, Michael JENG177200½01½00=½3.01856
79Macrae, James SSCO171700½10½00½½3.01840
80Pooley, Mark CENG169300½00½01103.01704
81Dennis, Nigel WENG1904010010000½2.51734
82Clayton, TristanENG183000½1==----2.51820
83Almond, Richard JENG2112-1--1-----2.02754
84Reuben, StewartCMENG20451-------1-2.02703
85Gibbs, Daniel CENG17950010010---2.01773
86Shierlaw, HamishNZL158200½½0½½0002.01592
87Waddington, Mike PFMENG211710½0000---1.51870
88Kent, PaulENG1596000+0½00--1.51427
88 players

3) XLII Rilton Cup 2012-13

The XLII Rilton Cup took place 27th December 2012 to 5th January 2013. Michal Krasenkow took clear first with 7.5/9. A fuller version of the games file from the early rounds than given last week is now available.

XLII Rilton Cup Stockholm SWE Thu 27th Dec 2012 - Sat 5th Jan 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Krasenkow MichalGMPOL26287.548.553.0
2Shimanov AleksandrGMRUS26307.049.054.0
3L'ami ErwinGMNED26257.045.049.0
4Smirin IlyaGMISR26526.551.556.5
5Sipilä VilkaIMFIN24256.548.052.0
6Socko BartoszGMPOL26316.547.552.0
7Ivanov SergeyGMRUS25506.045.549.5
8Rombaldoni AxelIMITA24646.044.548.5
9Blomqvist ErikIMSWE24486.044.547.5
10Cramling PiaGMSWE25166.043.547.5
11Socko MonikaGMPOL24456.042.045.5
12Nithander VictorIMSWE24436.041.044.0
13Åkesson RalfGMSWE24416.041.043.5
14Volodin AleksandrGMEST25066.039.541.5
15Urkedal FrodeIMNOR24695.544.048.5
16Westerberg JonathanFMSWE23205.544.047.5
17Gleizerov EvgenyGMRUS25575.543.047.5
18Ulibin MikhailGMRUS25335.540.543.5
19Miezis NormundsGMLAT25965.539.542.5
20Hillarp-Persson TigerGMSWE25465.537.541.5
21Johansson LinusSWE23125.041.044.0
22Poley VladimirIMBLR23275.040.043.5
23Kristiansen JensGMDEN24545.040.042.0
24Schneider StefanSWE23125.038.541.5
25L'ami AlinaWGMROU23905.037.540.5
26Lindberg BengtIMSWE24325.037.539.5
Lissäng ChristopherSWE22575.037.539.5
28Lindgren PhilipSWE22325.037.039.0
29Kolbus DietmarIMGER23025.035.538.5
30Tari AryanNOR22685.033.536.0
31Jacobsen BoDEN23195.033.035.0
32Henriksson JohanFMSWE22705.032.534.5
33Martynov PavelFMRUS22984.545.048.0
34Cicak SlavkoGMSWE25794.542.046.0
Zaiatz ElenaIMRUS24274.542.046.0
36Nielsen Egilstoft RógviFAI22084.540.543.5
37Thingstad EvenNOR22454.540.043.0
38Ölund JoarSWE21934.540.042.5
39Zadruzny NicolajSWE22574.539.542.0
40Eriksson JörgenSWE22134.538.541.5
79 players

4) XXIII Krakow Open 2012-13

The XXIII Krakow Open took place 27th December 2012 to 4th January 2013. Kamil Dragun took clear first with 7/9.

XXIII Krakow Open Krakow POL Thu 27th Dec 2012 - Fri 4th Jan 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
113Dragun, KamilIMPOL246157.040.0051.0037.0
21Mastrovasilis, DimitriosGMGRE261646.541.0052.5035.0
36Jakubiec, ArturGMPOL251856.540.0051.5034.0
47Baryshpolets, AndreyIMUKR250256.539.5050.5035.5
516Hansen, Torbjorn RingdalIMNOR244456.537.5046.0034.0
617Sieciechowicz, MarcinIMPOL244356.536.5045.0033.0
721Golichenko, IlijaIMUKR241456.534.0043.5033.5
811Jedynak, RadoslawGMPOL247536.037.5047.5031.0
99Bernadskiy, VitaliyIMUKR250056.036.5047.0032.5
1012Duda, Jan-KrzysztofIMPOL246846.034.0043.0029.0
1118Strzemiecki, ZbigniewIMPOL243456.033.5042.5030.5
122Moranda, WojciechGMPOL255945.541.5053.0032.0
133Stupak, KirillGMBLR252655.540.5051.0031.5
1419Brodowski, PiotrmPOL242255.535.5045.0029.5
1526Matuszewski, MichalmPOL237535.535.0044.5028.0
1622Malinovsky, KarelFMCZE239655.534.0042.5029.0
174Malaniuk, Vladimir PGMUKR252345.533.5042.5027.5
188Shishkin, VadimGMUKR250145.533.5042.0027.5
1915Sadzikowski, DanielIMPOL244945.532.0041.0028.5
2020Hnydiuk, AleksanderIMPOL241645.532.0041.0027.5
2125Grinev, ValeriyFMUKR237645.531.0040.0027.0
225Mozharov, MikhailIMRUS251835.040.5051.0032.0
2310Sivuk, VitalyIMUKR248245.037.0047.0028.5
2434Pohjala, HenriFMFIN231235.033.5041.5025.0
2533Wieczorek, OskarmPOL231655.031.5041.0026.0
2623Mishuchkov, Nikolai M.IMRUS239425.031.5040.5025.0
2724Zawadzka, JolantaWGMPOL238945.030.0039.0024.5
2827Aliavdin, NikolaiIMBLR237145.030.0038.0020.0
2937Sobjerg, ErikDEN227735.029.5038.5024.5
3028Krzyzanowski, MarcinmPOL235245.029.5038.5023.5
3148Wisniowska, KlaudiamPOL218855.029.5037.5021.0
3247Lewtak, DamianmPOL219534.536.5044.0023.5
3351Ivaschenko, DmitryUKR217524.535.0045.5024.0
3439Gajek, RadoslawkPOL227234.533.5043.0024.0
3562Khamidov, KomilI+POL209544.533.5042.5023.0
3669Paszewski, MateuszI+POL201714.533.0042.5023.0
3729Maki-Uuro, MiikkaIMFIN234214.533.0042.0025.5
3814Hirneise, TobiasIMGER245724.531.5040.0025.0
3942Skawinski, ArkadiuszFMPOL223944.531.5040.0022.0
4065Snihur, PiotrI+POL206444.531.0041.5019.5
77 players

5) Schachfestival Basel 2013

The Schachfestival Basel took place 1st to 5th January 2013. Boris Grachev took first place on tie-break from Levente Vajda, Robin van Kampen and Andre Istratescu after all scored 5.5/7.

Basel Master Open 2013 Basel SUI Tue 1st Jan 2013 - Sat 5th Jan 2013
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Grachev, BorisGMRUS26884035.525.034.0
2Vajda, LeventeGMROU26035115.523.531.0
3Van Kampen, RobinGMNED25814035.523.030.0
4Istratescu, AndrejGMFRA26544035.522.531.0
5Vachier-Lagrave, MGMFRA27113045.022.531.0
6Fier, AlexandrGMBRA25733045.022.032.0
7Melkumyan, HrantGMARM26564125.021.031.0
8Edouard, RomainGMFRA26863045.021.030.0
9Ghaem Maghami, EhsGMIRI25723045.020.528.0
10Pelletier, YannickGMSUI26043045.020.028.5
11Vorotnikov, VladisGMRUS24644125.020.027.5
12Bartel, MateuszGMPOL26294125.019.529.5
13Turov, MaximGMRUS26303134.521.031.0
14Mladenov, Svetlin BUL24074214.520.527.5
15Hansen, EricIMCAN25684214.520.029.0
16Heimann, AndreasIMGER24893134.519.530.0
17Milosevic, GoranIMSUI23283134.519.529.0
18Lekic, DusanIMMNE24114214.519.527.0
19Georgiadis, NicoFMSUI23694214.518.526.0
20Toth, BelaIMITA23523134.518.525.5
21Maier, ChristianIMGER23543134.518.026.0
22Dann, MatthiasFMGER24324214.518.025.0
23Maisuradze, NinoWGMFRA23063134.517.527.5
24Faibisovich, VadimIMRUS23494214.517.023.0
25Loetscher, RolandFMSUI23954304.020.029.5
26Kurmann, OliverIMSUI24562144.018.528.5
27Gavrilov, AlexeiGMRUS25013224.018.528.0
28Schmidt-Schaeffer, GER23563224.017.528.5
29Flueckiger, ChristiFMSUI23442144.017.029.0
30Filipovic, BrankoIMCRO23694304.017.026.0
31Bogdanovich, GrigoIMRUS23433224.016.528.5
32Vulevic, VjekoslavFMMNE22993224.016.524.5
33Dimitrov, AtanasIMGRE23462144.016.026.0
34Tschann, Stephan GER22244304.015.026.5
35Hendriks, WillyIMNED24202054.015.025.5
36Nuri, KambezFMSUI22414304.015.025.0
37Bhend, EdwinIMSUI22482144.012.521.5
38Guo, EmmaWIMAUS20061153.516.026.0
39Aguera Naredo, JavFMESP24173313.516.025.0
40Grandadam, NicolasFMSUI23222233.515.526.0
89 players

6) 11th Parsvnath Delhi International 2013

The 11th Parsvnath Delhi International takes place 5th to 13th January 2013.

11th Parsvnath Open New Delhi IND Sat 5th Jan 2013 - Sun 13th Jan 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 10) Standings:
1Panchanathan Magesh ChandranGMIND25803.
2Lalith Babu M.R.GMIND25413.
3Lu ShangleiGMCHN25263.
4Kuderinov KirillIMKAZ24333.
5Aleksandrov AleksejGMBLR26073.
7Murshed NiazGMBAN24733.
8Ram S. KrishnanIND23273.
9Laxman R.R.GMIND24433.
10Grover SahajGMIND24723.
Saptarshi RoyIMIND24113.
12Vaibhav SuriGMIND25033.
13Karthikeyan MuraliIND23413.
14Ashwin JayaramIMIND24603.
15Gupta AbhijeetGMIND26373.
16Rathnakaran K.IMIND24343.
17Shyam Sundar M.IMIND25013.
18Ankit R. RajparaIMIND24073.
Deshmukh AnupIMIND22463.
20Adhiban B.GMIND25583.
21Gagare ShardulFMIND24033.
22Dzhumaev MaratGMUZB25543.
23Swapnil S. DhopadeIMIND24743.
24Anurag MhamalFMIND23992.510.55.05.75
25Aravindh Chithambaram Vr.FMIND23422.510.05.56.25
26Lokesh P.IND21982.
27Ziatdinov RasetGMUSA23542.
28Udeshi AdityaIMIND24032.
29Himanshu SharmaIMIND24062.
30Phoobalan P.IND23282.
31Vishnu Prasanna. VIMIND24882.
32Stany G.A.IMIND24542.
33Czebe AttilaGMHUN24942.
34Akshayraj KoreIMIND24632.
35Teske HenrikGMGER25122.
Wan YunguoCHN24972.
37Suvrajit SahaIMIND23362.
38Kunte AbhijitGMIND25102.
39Ghosh DiptayanFMIND24422.
40Kulkarni RakeshIND23062.
105 players

7) XXIV Roquetas Open

Jim Plaskett won the Roquetas Chess Open 2nd to 6th Jan 2013 with a score alone of 7.5/9 ahead of Elo favourites Granda, Narciso, Mirzoev etc.

XXIV Roquetas Open Roquetas de Mar ESP Wed 2nd Jan 2013 - Sun 6th Jan 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1PLASKETT H JamesGMENG24957.5277340.041.5
2IBARRA JEREZ Jose CarlosIMESP25387.0265439.037.0
3DAS ArghyadipIMIND24667.0264338.037.5
4DEL RIO DE ANGELIS Salvador GGMESP24717.0259438.037.0
5GRANDA ZUNIGA Julio EGMPER26367.0258636.534.0
6NARCISO DUBLAN MarcGMESP25497.0257336.034.0
7MIRZOEV AzerGMAZE25476.5261039.036.0
8LOPEZ MARTINEZ Josep ManuelGMESP24996.5253637.535.0
9KHAMRAKULOV Ibragim S.GMESP25096.5252938.035.5
10RZAYEV BahruzAZE23706.5247735.532.5
11BELEZKY AlexanderIMUKR24276.5241536.033.0
12JANEV TihomirFMBUL24136.0255639.533.5
13PEREZ MITJANS OrelvisGMESP24966.0255439.034.0
14ENCHEV IvajloIMBUL24296.0246535.532.5
15CUENCA JIMENEZ Jose FernandoIMESP24796.0246237.534.0
16CAMACHO COLLADOS MarcosESP24286.0244136.033.0
17ROY CHOWDHURY SaptarshiIMIND24516.0242436.532.0
18GONZALEZ DIAZ JulioESP22456.0239334.531.0
19ALOMA VIDAL RobertIMESP23896.0237032.530.5
20POGORELOV RuslanGMUKR24096.0234031.529.0
21BAS MAS Jose JoaquinESP22296.0233533.031.0
22DEL REY DiegoIMESP23836.0232632.030.0
23NAVARRO LOPEZ-MENCHERO DanielESP23136.0228330.028.0
24NICOLAS ZAPATA IreneWIMESP22246.0225733.027.5
25NIKOLOV MomchilGMBUL25455.5241037.032.0
26KOVACEVIC SlobodanIMSRB23265.5235534.530.5
27GAVILAN DIAZ MarioFMESP22555.5231034.028.0
28SANCHEZ BOTELLA Luis JavierESP21965.5227835.029.0
29CLAROS EGEA ChristianESP22315.5226332.528.0
30VEGA GOMEZ Francisco B.ESP22545.5225433.028.0
31RUIZ SANCHEZ Miguel AngelESP22455.5220728.027.0
32CRUZ RAVINA Francisco JavierFMESP23355.5216929.027.5
33FERNANDEZ SILES LuisFMESP22845.5215630.528.5
34VILLASENOR RUBIO Emilio JoseESP22315.5210030.025.5
35ARANAZ MURILLO AmaliaWFMESP22515.0234136.528.5
36SANTOS RUIZ MiguelESP20785.0232534.526.0
37TUDELA CORBALAN CarlosFMESP22425.0229433.526.0
38GONZALEZ PEREZ ArianFMCUB24735.0228632.528.0
39NEDELEA Ariton-VasileROU22395.0223728.521.5
40DIAZ CAMALLONGA CarlesESP21675.0223636.027.5
122 players

8) 16th Bad Zwesten Open

The 16th Bad Zwesten Open took place 2nd to 6th January 2013. Viesturs Meijers won with 6/7. Games from the final round not yet available.

16th Bad Zwesten Op Bad Zwesten GER Wed 2nd Jan 2013 - Sun 6th Jan 2013
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Meijers, ViestursGMLAT24786106.023.5159.5
2Sukaylo, Aleksey GER20104035.528.0161.5
3Orlov, AndreyGMRUS25404035.528.0160.5
4Paehtz, ThomasGMGER24204035.526.5152.0
5Braun, Ingram GER19724125.027.0161.0
6Wokrina, Andre GER20634125.026.5150.0
7Sarkoezy, Benjamin GER20904214.529.5157.5
8Mundorf, Johannes GER22023134.529.0152.5
9Cherny, Andrey GER22144214.528.0158.0
10Reh, Philipp GER20564214.525.5147.0
11Schnelting, Michael GER20714214.524.5154.0
12Noble, Alexander GER20774214.524.0146.5
13Feicht, Arno GER20624214.523.5149.5
14Chetverik, MaximIMRUS22493134.523.5146.5
15Halt, David GER21034304.026.0145.0
16Beerdsen, Thomas NED20723224.025.5151.0
17Schnegelsberg, Karl-Heinz GER20744304.025.0148.0
18Schmidt, Kai-Uwe GER20444304.021.5142.0
19Strate, Gerda GER19594304.021.0144.0
20Simon, Thomas GER19554304.020.5134.5
21Zahn, Alina GER18633313.525.0143.0
22Werner, Martin GER19843313.524.5139.5
23Wuestehube, Harry GER19122233.523.0142.5
24Struening, Timo GER18993313.522.5138.5
25Zalewski, Ulrich GER17802233.520.0136.0
26Weber, Andreas GER18753403.027.0139.0
27Forgach, Andreas GER19512323.023.0147.0
28Schneider, Udo GER18031243.023.0132.5
29Brockhaus, Philip GER16021243.021.0139.0
30Niemeyer, Norbert GER17653403.021.0128.5
31Weber, Samuel GER17193403.021.0127.5
32Bauch, Frank GER19532323.020.5135.0
33Straschnej, Paul GER15542323.019.5134.0
34Soeder, Maximilian GER16703403.019.0127.0
35Schmehl, Torsten 17111332.522.5142.5
36Neve, Peter NED17882312.521.5128.5
37Simon, Stefan GER13312412.520.5134.5
38Felber, Gerald GER17561332.519.0130.0
39Brockhaus, Lennart GER12562412.517.0117.5
40van Randtwijk, Mick NED14932412.515.0116.5
48 players

9) 18th Bosnjaci Open

The 18th Bosnjaci Open takes place 3rd to 9th January 2013.

18th Bosnjaci Open Bosnjaci CRO Thu 3rd Jan 2013 - Wed 9th Jan 2013
Leading Round 7 (of 9) Standings:
1Delchev AleksanderGMBUL26166.030.034.05
2Dizdarević EmirGMBIH24985.531.035.04
3Fercec NenadGMCRO24935.529.533.05
4Sedlak NikolaGMSRB25755.529.533.04
5Žufić MiroslavIMCRO24395.528.532.55
6Sertić RudolfIMCRO23745.527.530.54
7Sarić SinisaIMSRB24185.527.530.54
8Aczel GergelyHUN24485.527.030.55
9BlaEeka MatejMKCRO22825.524.527.05
10Rogulj BrankoIMCRO24225.523.526.55
11Zovko MarioMKCRO22395.029.031.03
12Burović IsmetFMBIH23395.028.531.53
13Žaja IvanGMCRO24885.027.530.54
14Jakić IvanFMCRO24165.027.030.05
15Abdil HalilFMBIH22825.026.529.55
16Živković VjekoslavIMCRO23805.026.529.53
17Ascić PeroFMCRO22935.025.028.04
18Bosnjak NinoMKCRO22315.025.027.55
19Kovacević SrećkoICRO21115.024.027.05
20Hodak StevoFMCRO21785.023.025.55
21Petrusić ToniMKCRO22614.529.533.54
22Cabarkapa NovakFMSRB23134.529.032.53
23Djingarova EmiliaWGMBUL22704.529.032.04
24Sulc DamirFMCRO22484.528.530.53
25Muskardin MarioMKCRO22164.527.529.54
26Kovacević BlaEimirIMCRO24464.527.031.03
27Vajic GoranBIH22494.527.030.54
28Burović RijadBIH18414.526.529.53
29Kumic FilipSRB22064.526.028.53
30Bobanac MiroFMCRO22974.525.528.54
31Dorić NenadIMCRO23044.525.527.02
32Babić ZvonkoMKCRO21934.525.526.03
33Plenković ZdenkoFMCRO23804.524.527.54
34Berke AnaWIMCRO21664.524.527.54
35Kljako DamirFMCRO21904.524.026.54
36Vincze RobertHUN21024.524.026.04
37Vujnović PatricijaNMCRO20104.027.529.53
38Iveljic IgorFMBIH23234.026.529.04
39Stocko JosipMKCRO21934.026.028.53
40OEanić MarijanFMCRO21344.025.528.54
137 players

10) 1st Mare D Inverno Open

The 1st Mare D'Inverno Open took place 2nd to 6th January 2013. Robert Ruck won with 7/9. Games from the final round 6-9 are not yet availabe.

1st Mare DInverno Op Gabicce Mare ITA Wed 2nd Jan 2013 - Sun 6th Jan 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Ruck RobertGM25717.051.038.502340.8
2Petkov VladimirGM25646.549.535.002315.1
3Szabo Bence23666.547.033.752236.8
4Drazic SinisaGM24716.049.531.502299.7
5Bodiroga PredragIM23876.047.029.502270.2
6Calavalle Giulio21996.042.525.502168.0
7Capaliku Aleks21376.037.024.002106.2
8Bae TorsteinIM24425.548.528.252268.9
9Rambaldi FrancescoFM23105.548.027.002255.2
10Caprio GuidoIM24095.545.024.502244.4
11Formento Paolo21845.543.524.752172.7
12Brancaleoni MaurizioFM22355.543.523.502194.6
13Altini NicolaFM23435.045.022.502223.3
14Rago Riccardo20615.043.521.002150.1
15Bjerke SiljeWIM22105.043.020.002208.6
16Moroni Luca Jr21615.042.519.752163.9
17Rovedi Mauro20495.039.019.002090.1
18Altini Daniele22834.543.518.502186.0
19Bisi Samuele20544.543.021.002189.6
20Marsili Riccardo21004.539.518.252126.7
21Rebeggiani Andrea19124.536.015.502023.8
22Miracola Massimilian21434.046.520.252210.9
23Lucchi Lorenzo21014.043.016.002155.0
24Dionigi Riccardo19104.040.515.002090.9
25Santeramo Alessia18934.039.525.002070.1
26Rigo Gianfrancesco20224.038.012.252055.0
27Fronzi Ettore19254.037.512.002034.4
28Ferraguti Francesco19254.037.015.252016.7
29Lantini Marco21864.037.015.002077.9
30Dobboletta Alex19764.036.513.252039.6
31Vesce Emanuele18913.537.514.752052.1
32Tazzioli Luca19333.533.09.501974.9
33Pipitone Antonio19203.040.515.252117.6
34Buratti Marco19913.033.012.001985.8
35Guzzetti Luigi Enric19173.029.57.751920.2
36Sanguinetti Edoar19862.536.511.002055.5
37Coronel Joshua19432.535.59.502019.4
38Mondal Prince19382.531.06.001942.8
39Guglielmi Dante19172.030.55.501934.9
40Cavatorta Fosco19302.030.55.251955.2
40 players

11) 120th New Zealand Congress

The 120th New Zealand Congress takes place 31st December 2012 to 10th January 2013.

120th ch-NZL Wellington NZL Mon 31st Dec 2012 - Thu 10th Jan 2013
Leading Round 8 (of 11) Standings:
13Wastney, ScottFMNZL23817.033.02575
22Hague, BenFMENG24306.035.02441
38Green, EwenFMNZL21845.534.52365
46Steadman, MichaelFMNZL22715.035.02367
54Smith, RobertFMNZL23215.034.02350
61Ker, AnthonyIMNZL24524.528.52223
79Van Der Hoorn, MarkNZL21654.523.02193
810Nijman, BrianNZL21544.035.02267
911Goodhue, NathanNZL21464.032.02181
105Russell, AthulaSRI22743.533.02163
1114Forster, WilliamNZL20783.531.02168
1215Fuatai, FuataiNZL20713.525.02080
137Thomas, BenNZL22603.027.02083
1412Stuart, PeterNMNZL21303.026.02100
1518Li, William (Xiang WNZL19703.024.526.52053
1616Nyberg, MichaelNZL20623.024.526.52079
1717Reedy, BrendanNZL20142.026.51909
1813Milligan, HelenWFMNZL20822.025.01931
18 players

12) Australian Open 2013

The Australian Open takes place 2nd to 13th January 2013.

Australian Open 2013 Cammeray AUS Wed 2nd Jan 2013 - Sun 13th Jan 2013
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
1Khenkin IgorGMGER26595.525.517.022.75
2Ikeda JuntaFMAUS23455.522.014.019.25
3Zhao Zong-YuanGMAUS25375.024.016.519.25
4Illingworth MaxIMAUS24085.
5Cheng BobbyFMAUS23775.020.513.517.50
6Sukandar Irine KharismaWGMINA23625.018.512.515.50
7Brown AndrewIMAUS22614.525.016.517.00
8Johansen Darryl K.GMAUS24414.524.016.518.00
9Solomon Stephen J.IMAUS24104.523.515.515.75
10Choong YitaAUS21614.523.515.015.75
11Ly MoulthunIMAUS24174.522.015.015.25
12Stojic DusanFMAUS22354.521.515.014.75
13Li Zuhao LukeNZL22614.521.514.514.25
14Nakauchi GeneFMAUS21914.520.513.514.25
15Tan JustinAUS22844.519.013.014.50
16Boyd TristanFMAUS23064.518.513.013.25
17Morris MichaelAUS21684.
18Xie George WendiIMAUS23824.023.515.014.00
19Perera PasanAUS19234.
20Zelesco KarlAUS21434.
21Smirnov AntonAUS22074.021.013.512.50
22Sengeravdan OtgonjargalWFMMGL21534.020.513.011.50
23Luchtmeijer Anthonie PieterAUS21084.
24Tao TrevorIMAUS24404.019.513.011.75
25Papantoniou JohnAUS20584.019.513.010.50
26Champion PatrickAUS19874.019.012.510.50
27Wallis ChristopherFMAUS22834.
28Canfell GregoryFMAUS23604.
29Hursky Karel PAUS20754.
30Lester George EAUS19703.525.017.013.50
31Wei MichaelAUS21073.522.014.510.25
32Chen PengyuAUS21213.521.515.010.25
33Shi EricAUS17553.520.513.011.25
34Iskandar Bin AbdullahSIN19943.520.013.58.50
35Charles GarethAUS21593.519.513.59.75
36Bishop JoshuaAUS18353.519.513.59.00
37Rowlison ColinAUS17853.519.012.59.50
38Chek Adrian CarlAUS20813.519.012.09.50
39Loh ZacharyAUS19453.518.513.58.75
Sreetharan KishoreAUS19393.518.513.58.75
112 players

13) 29th Geneva Open

The 29th Geneva Open took place 26th to 30th December 2012. Etienne Bacrot edged out Vadim Malakhatko on tie-break after both scored 5.5/7. A reworked games section is now available with additions and some corrections from last week.

29th Geneva Open Geneva SUI Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Bacrot EtienneGMFRA27035.530.02675
2Malakhatko VadimGMBEL25595.529.02636
3Maze SebastienGMFRA25465.028.52566
4Kovacevic AleksandarGMSRB25605.028.02551
5Guliyev NamigGMAZE25455.028.02520
6Murariu AndreiGMROU25295.027.52532
7Libiszewski FabienGMFRA25035.026.52491
8Colmenares AurelioFMSUI22265.024.52338
9Huss AndreasIMSUI23265.022.52392
10Vuilleumier AlexandreIMSUI23044.527.02352
11Gerber RichardIMSUI24194.527.02346
12Burnier DavidFMSUI23344.526.52390
13Zozulia AnnaIMBEL23514.524.52351
14Terraz ChristianSUI20984.523.02198
15Rambaldi FrancescoFMITA23084.027.02322
16Suba MihaiGMROU24204.026.52320
17Berset PhilippeSUI21114.025.02303
18Preissmann EmmanuelFMSUI22304.025.02289
19Steenhuis JanSUI21494.023.02142
20Bacrot NathalieFRA20944.020.52069
21Cesareo FabioSUI21524.019.02058
22Kovacevic VladimirSRB21983.524.52143
23Cadei FredericSUI21303.524.02099
24Gautier AnandFRA18853.523.52188
25Gautier SelvanFRA19813.523.52131
26De La Rosa DamianSUI20453.522.02083
27Murati ShkelzenSUI20893.521.52123
28Anusca Madalina-MariaROU20733.520.52061
29Bagri JaspaulSUI21783.520.01995
30Gurtner DanielSUI21533.519.51926
31Vianin PascalSUI21963.025.02130
32Graells RicardoSUI21633.024.02087
33De Abreu OrlandoFRA20343.021.02045
34Noyer OlivierSUI20263.020.51962
35Fritz AxelGER19463.019.01957
36Pleininger RudolfSUI19973.018.51970
37Prunescu DanielESP20253.018.01916
38De Kalbermatten AdrienSUI18023.016.51911
39Hofer NatanielSUI17982.521.51984
40Frauchiger ThomasSUI18162.519.01852
50 players

14) 1st Wittelsbach Christmas Open 2012

The 1st Wittelsbach Christmas Open took place 26th to 29th December 2012. Nikita Meskovs took clear first with 6/7. A couple of annotated games appeared on the website.

1st Wittelsbach Open Kelheim GER Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sat 29th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Meskovs, Nikita23146.029.0
2Pezerovic, Edin24425.530.0
2Kantans, Toms23555.530.0
4Maier, Alexander23065.529.5
5Berchtenbreiter, Maximilian23605.528.0
6Promyshlyanskyy, Vitaliy22375.527.0
7Giessmann, Stephan22455.526.0
8Fuhrmann, Max21555.027.5
9Weber, Daniel18665.026.5
10Maurer, Heinrich21315.025.5
11Zhou, Wile19475.022.0
12Fernandez-Garcia, Relman 4.529.5
13Eibl, Maximilian21374.528.0
14Stoeckl, Stephan21264.526.0
15Seifert, Werner20004.525.5
16Winterholler, Christina18804.525.5
17Schindler, Gernot, Dr20234.524.5
18Seidenschwarz, Holger19894.523.5
19Weigert, Wilhelm20244.523.5
20Seitner, Ralf 4.523.5
21Kunz, Konstantin22284.522.5
22Kues, Manuel20024.521.5
23Kreuzer, Helmut21324.028.5
24Watzenberger, Stefan 4.027.0
25Vilsmeier, Christian 4.026.5
26Strobel, Christian 4.024.5
27Schmitz, Marc 4.024.5
28Braun, Thomas, Dr21624.024.0
29Kaiser, Dominik 4.024.0
30Kuempers, Ulrich20664.023.5
31Bartmann, Florian 4.023.5
32Arnold, Sebastian 4.022.0
33Simon, Guenther 4.021.5
34Grasser, Martin19164.021.5
35Schmitz, Bjoern 3.525.5
36Meul, Willi18563.525.0
37Hessler, Markus17623.524.5
38Swierzy, David 3.524.5
39Braun, Kristin18363.524.5
40Zwetz, Jasmin 3.523.5
84 players

15) 28th Post Open

The 28th Post Open took place 26th to 30th December 2012. Alex Berelowitsch edged out Felix Levin and Walter Wengenroth on tie-break after all scored 6/7. A reasonable number of games now available.

28th Post Open Duesseldorf GER Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Berelowitsch, AlexGMGER25425026.026.027.25
2Levin, FelixGMGER24995026.025.526.00
3Wengenroth, WalterFMGER22356106.022.025.00
4Coenen, Michael GER22575115.524.023.00
5Kolkin, Michail UKR23315115.520.520.25
6Probst, Andreas GER20575105.519.522.25
7Takeuchi, Eiki GER20395115.518.520.25
8Tkachuk, Sergij, Dr GER21564125.023.520.75
9Heinert, Eugen GER20044115.022.520.50
10Vasiljev, Jurij LAT20484125.022.518.75
11Luncescu, Christia GER21555205.022.018.50
12Bakhmatov, EduardFMGER22114125.020.520.75
13Coenen, Siegfried GER19664125.019.519.75
14Schneider, Manfred 19005205.019.021.00
15Walter, Andreas GER20034125.019.021.00
16Neumair, Jerome GER20793045.019.020.75
17Kosin, Jens GER19723045.019.019.00
18Singh, Marcel GER18104125.018.516.75
19Dischinger, FrankFMGER21174125.018.021.25
20Winckler, Andreas 17104204.521.017.50
21Schulz, Ruediger 19833134.520.518.25
22Meertens, Martin GER21013134.520.516.00
23Sponheim, Marko GER20093134.519.518.50
24Schueller, Tobias GER18473134.519.017.50
25Wuesten, Christian GER18582044.518.518.75
26Kaiser, Daniel 17643134.518.514.00
27Wiesebach, Wolfgan GER18693134.518.016.25
28Hansen, Moritz 16894204.518.013.50
29Herzum, Peter GER18553134.516.516.25
30Arndt, Olaf GER18524214.515.514.75
31Hartung, Thomas, Dr GER18124214.515.514.50
32Kostowski, Ireneus GER16744204.515.512.75
33Weber, Bernhard GER18124204.514.512.25
34Spickermann, Sven 18614204.513.512.75
35Sokalska, OlenaFMUKR18864214.513.012.50
36Bondarchuk, Vadim GER19643224.021.516.00
37Vovchik, Vladimir GER16884304.020.016.00
38Henrotte, Nils GER18662134.018.515.50
39Wengenroth, Karl 16774304.018.014.00
40Biessner, Eberhard GER17123224.017.514.00
124 players

16) 25th Staufer-Open 2013

The 25th Staufer-Open took place 2nd to 6th January 2013. Rainer Buhman edged out Vladimir Burmakin, Vladimir Epishin and Frank Zeller on tie-break after all finished 7.5/9.

25th Staufer-Open Schwaebisch Gmuend GER Wed 2nd Jan 2013 - Sun 6th Jan 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1.Buhmann, Rainer2598116W187S151W113S15W112S½3W½4W12S½7.552.5393.0
2.Burmakin, Vladimir256590S177W1107s+19W17S½3W½14W16S11W½7.552.0377.0
3.Epishin, Vladimir258288W182S128W126S120W12S½1S½5W17S½7.551.5387.5
4.Zeller, Frank2398169W157S149W131S16W½16S112W11S020W17.551.0383.5
5.Dgebuadze, Alexand253247W1164S123W110S11S030W113W13S040W17.052.0375.0
6.Geske, Julian2390205S180W143S115W½4S½23W147S12W029S17.049.5370.5
7.Starostits, Ilmars2468105W1112S174W121S12W½14S½73W112S½3W½7.048.5390.0
8.Gutman, Lev2498181W186S155W130S112W021S0103W124S141W17.046.0355.0
9.Gheng, Josef2314229S150W½33S1163W116S080W153S111W½21S17.045.5354.0
10.Kahrovic, Mersid2282174W159S1160W15W0114S120S0112W174S122W17.042.5365.0
11.Bracker, Frank237696W0218S1118W1131S1111W151S½48W19S½23W17.042.5347.5
12.Zubarev, Alexander259499S175W158S137W18S11W½4S07W½19S½6.552.0370.0
13.Jurek, Josef2325142S152W154S11W075S125W15S038W½53S16.548.0367.5
14.Manakov, Ilya2345146W139S127W½78S161W17W½2S028S½48W16.548.0362.5
15.Bravo Lutz, Sebast2223153W191S1134W16S½17W½24S½16W120S½34W½6.547.5361.5
16.Kugler, Florian2222175W1113S½127W162S19W14W015S054W164S16.546.5346.5
17.Reschke, Stefan2365155S192W136S125W½15S½53W½35S½44W½63S16.546.5343.5
18.Bathray, Johannes 70W140S121W068S127W½29S0128W178S149w+6.545.5346.5
19.Schroeder, Jan-Chri2300121W179S1117W12S0158W147S045W173S112W½6.544.0361.5
20.Krivoborodov, Egor2513192S1144W135S129W13S010W121S½15W½4S06.051.0368.0
21.Seifert, Christoph2244215S1104W118S17W052S18W120W½22S½9W06.049.5364.5
22.Kalinitschew, Serg2472180S1114W125S039W136S½54W151S121W½10S06.046.5354.5
23.Hahn, Markus2201191S183W15S0162W198S16S079W126W111S06.046.0352.0
24.Kersten, Uwe2302115S1162W132S½139W125S½15W½63S18W044S½6.046.0344.5
25.Jussupow, Nadia2152182W1136S122W117S½24W½13S0111W½68S139W½6.045.5351.0
26.Mueller, Reinhold2308201W1131S148W13W054S½45S½82W123S062W16.045.5346.0
27.Koop, Thorben2147193S195W114S½32W½18S½33W½50S½125W135S½6.045.0349.0
28.Chandler, Patrick2212188S169W13S052W088S181W1114S114W½38S½6.045.0348.5
29.Sohlmann, Jan-Henn2253220W181S176W120S048W018W175S157S16W06.044.5363.0
30.Heimrath, Reiner2273224S184W1161S18W032S15S057W080W175S16.044.5351.0
31.Braun, Peter2236265W185S193W14W050S½48S½39W0102W177S16.044.5348.0
32.Zuehlke, Burkhard, D2048197W134S124W½27S½30W0116S½93W155S½73W16.044.0350.5
33.Lemke, Johannes2011198W½120S19W0182S155W127S½49W½42S½74W16.044.0340.5
34.Krassowizkij, Jaro2400183S132W095S½219S192W136W½43S135W½15S½6.044.0332.5
35.Smolny, Frieder2169189W1122S120W0117S1112W½61S117W½34S½27W½6.043.5352.0
36.Bluma, Marcel2097218W1132S117W076S122W½34S½40W0136S1104W16.043.5335.0
37.Schild, Christoph2316196W1102S189W112S056W173S078W½39S½82W16.043.0345.5
38.Bluhm, Sonja Maria1957226W173S½42W½48S0242W156S197W113S½28W½6.042.5342.0
39.Bartonicek, Zdenek2042207S114W0200S122S0178W1150W131S137W½25S½6.042.5330.5
40.Oberhofer, Andre2287141S½18W0165S1143W1125S½162W136S152W15S06.042.0338.5
265 players

17) Czech Christmas Open 2012

The Czech Christmas Open took place 26th December 2012 to 2nd January 2013. David Kanovsky took clear first place with 7.5/9. Games from rounds 5 to 9 (the file says it's been updated to round 7 but hasn't yet at the time of writing) are missing.

Czech Christmas Open Litomysl CZE Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Wed 2nd Jan 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Kanovsky DavidIMCZE24127.541.554.02258
2Cerveny MartinFMCZE23287.039.050.52220
3Heydarli KananIMAZE23016.539.550.52212
4Sodoma JanIMCZE23796.538.549.02212
5Sabol MarianFMCZE23416.535.546.02145
6Sharashenidze AkakiFMCZE23516.040.052.02249
7Novotny MichalFMCZE22746.038.549.02158
8Cerveny PetrCZE22696.038.549.02154
9Daniel MartinCZE20816.034.043.52136
10Jasny StanislavIMCZE23036.033.042.52092
11Sabuk PiotrPOL21955.539.050.02149
12Hajek LukasSVK21555.538.049.02136
13Bombek PeterFMSVK22615.536.547.02134
14Jedlicka AlesFMCZE22235.536.546.52178
15Chudinovskikh Alexander MIMRUS22635.536.045.02075
16Mejzlik OndrejCZE22335.535.045.52128
17Szumilas PiotrPOL22045.535.044.52080
18Kastner OldrichCZE20885.532.541.52043
19Pulpan JakubCZE20995.531.541.02021
20Seidl StepanCZE21855.531.041.01992
21Chladek VaclavCZE20505.530.039.51983
22Kubik MichaelCZE21405.036.046.02160
23Mejzlik VojtechCZE20525.035.544.02097
24Maciol RyszardPOL21905.034.544.02041
25Jablon StephenUSA19315.034.542.02095
26Pekar VaclavCZE21575.034.043.52043
27Jozefek MichalSVK20604.537.545.52149
28Vyprachticky DavidCZE20924.535.043.52064
29Sedy PavelCZE21374.534.543.52100
30Hrabal MichalCZE21004.534.044.52022
31Kimerling MartinSVK20474.533.042.52009
32Spacek OliverSVK19984.532.041.52061
33Anaskin ArsenijCZE18554.531.539.52006
34Chiu HowardCMSIN20424.531.040.52071
35Schaefer ReykGER21124.529.538.51954
36Lys JosefFMCZE21584.529.037.51998
37Hajek OskarCZE18294.528.036.01963
38Johnova EliskaCZE18484.527.035.51995
39Spacek MarcelSVK18464.525.032.01873
40Skoda MartinCZE20174.032.041.52096
64 players

18) ITT Cerrado LAB GM 2012

The ITT Cerrado LAB GM took place 18th to 22nd December 2012. I got the IM event but somehow missed the GM tournament won by Joshua Ruiz.

ITT Cerrado LAB GM Bogota COL Tue 18th Dec 2012 - Sat 22nd Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
1Ruiz C Joshua DIMCOL23197.50.030.255
2Alvarez Pedraza AramisGMCUB25136.50.027.003
3Cordova EmilioGMPER25686.00.025.502
4Almeida Quintana OmarGMCUB25224.50.020.501
5Rivera AlbertoIMCUB23384.00.017.501
6Rojas Barrero Andres HumbertoCOL22171.50.06.250
6 players

19) Giri Vienna Simul 2013

Anish Giri gave a clock simul in Vienna on January 4th against talented juniors from which two of the better games are available.

Giri Vienna Simul Vienna AUT Fri 4th Jan 2013 - Fri 4th Jan 2013
Player List
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Giri, Anish GM NED 2720 24116068
2 Huber, Martin Christian AUT 2139 1623435
3 Mesaros, Florian AUT 2045 1629220

20) VII Magistral da Hebraica

The VII Magistral da Hebraica takes place 5th to 13th January 2013.

VII Hebraica IM Sao Paolo BRA Sat 5th Jan 2013 - Sun 13th Jan 2013
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
1Viana Da Costa FernandoBRA22772.00.021
2Liascovich LucasIMARG24001.50.011
3Aranha Filho Alvaro Z.FMBRA22701.50.011
4Terao Rodrigo AkiraFMBRA24071.01.002
5Maia Luciano MaltaFMBRA22691.01.001
6Blit JacquesIMARG23241.00.501
7D'israel DavyARG21991.00.500
8Abdalla Luiz Guilherme AurellFMBRA23350.50.001
9Villalba MarceloIMPAR21810.50.001
10Feliciano Ebert VanessaWFMBRA22350.00.001
10 players
VII Hebraica IM Sao Paolo BRA Sat 5th Jan 2013 - Sun 13th Jan 2013. Category: 2. Ave: (2290)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Liascovich, Lucas IM ARG 2400 # 1 1 2181
2 Aranha Filho, Alvaro Z. FM BRA 2270 # 1 1 2235
3 Viana Da Costa, Fernando BRA 2277 # 1 1 2335
4 Maia, Luciano Malta FM BRA 2269 # = 0.5 2199
5 Blit, Jacques IM ARG 2324 # = 0.5 2407
6 D'Israel, Davy ARG 2199 = # 0.5 2269
7 Terao, Rodrigo Akira FM BRA 2407 = # 0.5 2324
8 Villalba, Marcelo IM PAR 2181 0 # 0 2400
9 Abdalla, Luiz Guilherme Aurelli FM BRA 2335 0 # 0 2277
10 Feliciano Ebert, Vanessa WF BRA 2235 0 # 0 2270

21) 1st Interchess Cup 2012

The 1st Interchess Cup took place 28th December 2012 to January 4th 2013. Vojtech Rojicek won with 7/9. I was under the impression games were available but couldn't find them.

1st Interchess IM Frydek Mistek CZE Fri 28th Dec 2012 - Fri 4th Jan 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Rojicek VojtechIMCZE24506.025.250.04
2Olsarova KarolinaWIMCZE22415.521.751.04
3Straka JozefFMSVK23485.521.750.03
4Vesselovsky SergueiIMCZE23555.022.500.01
5Nguyen Thai Dai VanCZE20815.021.500.03
6Emdin MarkRUS21645.020.250.03
7Styazhkina AnnaWFMRUS21614.516.000.03
8Talla VladimirGMCZE23873.517.500.01
9Motycakova MonikaWFMSVK21323.514.000.01
10Pagerka MartinSVK22611.56.000.01
10 players

22) 9th Vandoeuvre Open

The 9th Vandoeuvre Open took place 2nd to 6th January 2013. Anthony Wirig won with 7.5/9. I couldn't find any games.

9th Vandoeuvre Open Vandoeuvre les Nancy FRA Wed 2nd Jan 2013 - Sun 6th Jan 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1WIRIG AnthonygFRA24657.5422690
2DAVID AlbertogITA2599742.52638
3CORNETTE MatthieugFRA25647422622
4MALAKHATKO VadimgBEL2550737.52596
5WAGNER DennismGER24576442530
6COLLINS Sam E.mIRL2471643.52553
7HAMBLETON AmanfCAN24626422536
8TURNER Matthew JgSCO2504641.52555
9HOVHANISIAN MhermARM2480640.52529
10HAUB Thorsten MichaelmGER2460639.52509
11KHOTENASHVILI BelamGEO24986392497
12LE ROUX Jean-PierregFRA25696392480
13DONCHENKO AlexandermGER24015.5432483
14TERRIEUX KevinmFRA24115.5432470
15SANIKIDZE TornikegGEO25675.540.52464
16BEDOUIN XaviermFRA23905.5362347
17HETEY LaszlomGER23715.535.52358
18ALONSO GARCIA Rene MarcialmCUB23675.5342358
19GUEDON StephanefFRA22235.531.52260
20DAULYTE DeimantegfLTU2223539.52451
21IDER BoryafFRA23895382341
22BRUNNER NicolasmFRA24205372348
23WILEY Tom EfENG22415372344
24EL ADNANI MokhlissfMAR23845372341
25YANKELEVICH LevGER21775362370
26MOUSSARD JulesmFRA24375362344
27RINDLISBACHER LarsfSUI23705362327
28SULASHVILI MalkhazmGEO2387535.52305
29VELICKA PetrgCZE24695342324
30ZOZULIA AnnamBEL23515342292
31UMUDOVA NargizmfAZE22245332282
32MINKO VladimirfRUS23014.5372316
33LEMEAUX DavidFRA22804.5372276
34RINDLISBACHER JanSUI22244.5362263
35DEBEAUNE RobinFRA21194.533.52230
36PIETRASANTA JeremyfFRA22094.533.52164
37SZOTKOWSKI JakubCZE21314.532.52212
38CIVIT PierreFRA20224.5322222
39GOSSET ArnaudFRA22364.5302137
40PAK Alexander RUS21234.5282192
71 players

23) ch-Moscow QF 2013

The Moscow Championship Quarter Finals take place 3rd to 13th January 2013.

ch-Moscow QF 2013 Moscow RUS Thu 3rd Jan 2013 - Sun 13th Jan 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Turutin AlexanderFMRUS23894.09.010.04
2Ulko JaroslavIMRUS24383.59.58.53
3Dvalishvili Pavel S.IMRUS24113.08.59.03
4Kuprijanov AnatolyRUS21763.08.57.03
5Prokopchuk YuryRUS23163.08.08.03
6Gordievsky DmitryFMRUS24363.08.07.03
7Khatoev EduardFMRUS23183.07.57.02
8Koshevoy SergeyRUS21902.510.07.02
9Babikov IvanFMRUS23172.59.57.52
10Paravyan DavidRUS22962.59.56.52
11Chizhikov VladislavRUS22192.59.05.52
12Denishev MaratRUS22052.57.05.02
13Afanasiev NikitaRUS22592.011.57.02
14Krivenko SergeyRUS23752.010.56.01
15Sarana AlexeyRUS22202.09.55.51
16Gusev DenisRUS21652.09.06.02
17Losev DmitryIMRUS23052.08.04.51
18Maslov IvanRUS20272.07.55.00
19Mirzoeva ElmiraWGMRUS22762.07.05.02
20Merezhko IgorFMRUS21842.07.04.01
21Kukhmazov ArsenRUS21632.06.53.02
22Kuznetsov KirillRUS21862.06.04.51
23Krylov IvanRUS22222.05.53.51
24Kasyanov AndreyRUS22122.04.53.02
25Kharmunova NadezhdaWIMRUS22061.58.54.01
26Kovtunenko AlexandrRUS21571.57.55.01
27Gurvich VitalyRUS18871.56.02.51
28Kudenko AlexanderRUS20591.09.54.01
29Spichkin AlexanderRUS22241.08.04.01
30Gorin AlexandrRUS21001.07.03.01
31Kachar VladimirRUS22701.06.51.01
32Lobodanov DmitriRUS22120.58.51.50
33Kalinin NikitaRUS21880.08.00.00
34Evdokimov AlexeiRUS22470.06.00.00
34 players

24) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

Chinese League 2012

The Chinese league was a marathon event over 22 rounds. Rounds: Beijing 28th Apr - May 1st, Taizhou 27th-29th June, Shanghai 11th-13th July (turned out to be Tianjin), Shenzhen 14th-17th Sept, Hangzhou 6th-9th October and finally Danzhou 21st-24th Dec 2012. (info Shanghai Jianqiao Academy Team took the title.

I'm hoping an archive of games turns up still, if anyone sees games from the final rounds let me know.

SVK Extraliga 2012-13

The Slovakian Extraliga takes place 27th October 2012 to 3rd March 2013. Next rounds 5-6 19th to 20th January 2013.

TCh-SVK Extr 2012-13 Bratislava SVK Sat 27th Oct 2012 - Sun 3rd Mar 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
112DUNAJSKA STREDA sk44001222.50
27BRATISLAVA sk Slovan44001221.00
36BRATISLAVA sk Doprastav43011019.50
41CADCA sk Caisa4310921.50
54DUNAJOV tj Inbest4211717.00
610KOSICE 7 Statocnych4121416.50
78LIPTOV sk Magic4121414.50
83DUBNICA NAD VAHOM sks4121413.00
92TRENCIN pk4130316.00
1011KOSICE tj Slavia4130313.00
119MODRA sk403119.50
125NITRA nsk404008.00
12 teams

TCh-BEL 2012-13

The Belgian Team Championship takes place 23rd September 2012 to 17th March 2013. Round 6 was on 16th December 2012. Round 7 13th Jan 2013.

TCh-BEL 2012-13 Belgium BEL Sun 23rd Sep 2012 - Sun 17th Mar 2013
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
1Amay 110105
2Wirtzfeld 19115
3CREC 18106
4KSK47-Eynatten 18103
5Borgerhout 18100
6Fontaine 1896
7Anderlecht 1795
8KSK Rochade 1598
9KGSRL 1591
10Deurne 1287
11Zottegem 1180
12KSK47-Eynatten 2175
12 teams

Dutch League 2012-13

The Dutch League takes place 15th September 2012 to 20th April 2013. Round 5 was on 15th December 2012. Round 6 16th Feb 2012.

Dutch League 2012-13 Amsterdam NED Sat 15th Sep 2012 - Sat 20th Apr 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1En Passant2469 6 1034
2Accres Apeldoorn2410 830½
3Voerendaal2427 7629
4SO Rotterdam2404 5 6 526½
5Utrecht23794 5 523½
6HMC Calder2381½ 56520½
7Groninger Combinatie2337 6 423
8Kennemer Combinatie2351 4 423
9BSG2326 34 5 322
10De Stukkenjagers2284 4 018
10 teams

Frauenbundesliga 2012-13

The Fraubundesliga started 6th October and runs through to 10th March 2013. Second set of games from the early rounds now available. Most of Round 5 16th Dec 2012. Round 6 19th Jan 2013.

FrBundesliga 2012-13 Germany GER Sat 6th Oct 2012 - Sun 10th Mar 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
1Schachverein Muelheim Nord5 + 3 4 917½
2Bad Koenigshofen5 + 33 5 6821½
3SF 1891 Friedberg5 + 4 5 4819
4OSG Baden Baden4 3 + 715½
5USV Volksbank Halle533 + 2 4 5 617
6Rodewischer Schachmiezen5 4 + 5414½
7Hamburger SK von 18304 2 + 4 414
8SK Grosslehna51 2 + 5 414
9SF Deizisau5 2 + 3 313½
10SV Chemie Guben4 1 3 + 311
11Schachverein Wattenscheid 193052 1 ½1 + 06
12Karlsruher SF 18534 02 1 + 0
12 teams

TCh-CZE Extraliga 2012-13

The Czech Extraliga and various quite strong secondary leagues are well under way. Rounds 1-2 of the Extraliga took place 3rd to 4th November 2012. Rounds 3-4 took place 1st to 2nd December 2012. Rounds 5-6 16th to 17th Feb 2012. The 3rd round of the 1st Division leagues took place on 25th November 2012. Round 4 9th December 2012. Round 5 13th January 2013.

TCh-CZE Extraliga Prague CZE Sat 3rd Nov 2012 - Sun 28th Apr 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
11. Novoborsky ŠK*451020.05.0
2Rapid Pardubice*667921.57.5
3TJ Tatran Litovel*1915.53.5
4BŠŠ Frydek-Mistek47*720.06.5
5ŠK Slavoj Poruba*35617.05.0
6Vystaviště Lysa nad Labem3*615.53.5
7ŠK Zikuda Turnov2*615.53.5
8Labortech Ostrava*3615.53.0
9A64 VALOZ Grygov5*4414.02.5
10AD Mahrla Praha25*314.03.5
11TJ Bohemians Praha13*312.03.5
12TŽ Třinec4*111.51.0
12 teams
TCh-CZE 1st Zapad Prague CZE Sat 3rd Nov 2012 - Sun 28th Apr 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1ŠK ERA Poštovni spořitelna*561222.08.0
2ŠK Holdia DP Praha B*561221.08.5
3ŠK AD Jičin*451019.05.0
41. Novoborsky ŠK B*5918.56.5
5TJ Pankrac*44818.05.0
6QCC Česke Budějovice4*7719.06.5
7TJ Slavia Hradec Kralove4*5715.03.5
8JOLY Lysa nad Labem B34*416.04.5
9TJ Sokol Praha - Kobylisy333*012.53.0
10Sokol Praha - Vršovice*011.03.0
11ŠK Sokol Vyšehrad1*010.52.0
122222 ŠK Polabiny A223*09.53.0
12 teams
TCh-CZE 1st Vychod Prague CZE Sat 3rd Nov 2012 - Sun 28th Apr 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1SK Slavia Orlova “A“*5541020.56.5
2Šachovy klub Karvina “A“*5918.56.0
3ŠK Duras BVK Kralovo Pole “A“3*917.54.5
4Tatran Litovel “B“*916.04.5
5A64 PROCLIENT Grygov “B“*34716.05.0
6ŠK Stare Město “A“*6617.55.5
7Beskydska šachova škola o.s. “B“*616.04.5
8Slavia Kroměřiž “A“3*53615.54.0
9ŠK Gordic Jihlava453*415.55.0
10ŠK Caissa RHEA Třebič “A“35*315.03.5
11ŠK Zlin “A“4*113.54.5
122222 ŠK Polabiny “B“2*010.52.0
12 teams

51st TCh-DEN ExtraCon 2012-13

The 51st TCh-DEN ExtraCon takes place 28th October 2012 to 3rd March 2013. The 3rd round was this weekend but the games are now available. Round 4 13th Jan 2013.

51st TCh-DEN ExtraCon 2012-13 Copenhagen DEN Sun 28th Oct 2012 - Sun 3rd Mar 2013
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1K41 1 614
2Jetsmark 1 413½
3Aarhus/Skolerne 313½
4Team Nordea Skb 1213
5Nordre 1412½
6SK 1968 1211½
7Bronshoj 1311
9Obro 110½
10BMS Skak 1 210
10 teams

TCh-HUN 2012-13

The Hungarian Team Champion take place 16th September to Sun 21st Apr 2013. Round 5 was on 12th December 2012, games now available. Round 6 27th Jan 2013.

TCh-HUN 2012-13 Budapest HUN Sun 16th Sep 2012 - Sun 21st Apr 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Aquaprofit-NTSK 107.5 997.543
2ASE Paks 8 7 7.589.540
3HVSE 5.5 668.5834
4ASS-Makoi SVSE 46.5 8.575.5 31.5
5MLTC2 67.5 6.57.529.5
6Penzugyor SE4.55 67 6.529
7Hungaropharma Decs 63.54.556 25
8Dunaharaszti MTK34.565 6 24.5
9BEAC I343.56.55.5 22.5
10Toth Laszlo SE4.52.54 4.55.5 21
10 teams

Bundesliga 2012-13

The Bundesliga second weekend took place 11th to 12th November 2012. Rounds 5 and 6 took place 8th to 9th December 2012. OSG Baden-Baden now leads alone on 100%. Rounds 7-8 on 2nd-3rd Feb 2013.

Bundesliga 2012-13 Germany GER Sat 20th Oct 2012 - Sun 7th Apr 2013
Leading Round 6 (of 15) Standings:
2SG Solingen501461130
4SC Eppingen4205829½
7SG Trier321234722½
13SF Berlin15033220
16 teams

TCh-FIN 2012-13

The Finnish Team Championship takes place 28th September 2012 to 10th March 2013. Rounds 5-6 was 17th to 18th November although the schedule isn't quite as cut and dried as that. More games available. Round 7 12th January 2013. My thanks to Henri Koskinen for the news.

TCh-FIN SM 2012-13 Finland FIN Fri 28th Sep 2012 - Sun 10th Mar 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
1Velhot, Porvoo611+20
2Tammer-Sh, Tampere611+16
3EtVaS, Vantaa69+6
4Aatos, Helsinki68+4
5SalSK, Salo46+6
6MatSK I, Espoo66-3
7JyS, Jyvaskyla64-3
8Kimmel, Joensuu64-8
9VammSK, Sastamala63-8
10HSK, Helsinki63-9
11OSS, Oulu63-10
12MatSK II, Espoo62-11
12 teams

TCh-AUT 2nd Bundesliga 2012-13

The Austrian 2nd Division Mitte division has started. Rounds 4-5 were on 24th-25th November 2012. Round 5-6 22nd-23rd March 2013.

TCh-AUT2 Mitte12-13 Austria AUT Fri 19th Oct 2012 - Sun 21st Apr 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
1RbEJ Gleisdorf*435920.00
2Spg. Grieskirchen/B.Schallerbach*3444918.50
3Schachverein Wolfsberg*818.50
4Schachclub MPÖ Maria Saal*818.50
5Schachklub Sparkasse Fürstenfeld3*4515.50
6Spg. Sauwald2*333514.50
7Union Styria Graz3½*4513.50
8ESV Austria Graz2*3315.50
9SC Die Klagenfurter232*313.00
10ASK St. Valentin233*212.00
12SV Steyregg3½*110.00
12 teams

4NCL 2012-13

The 4NCL started in Sunningdale 3rd-4th November 2012. Rounds 3-4 12th-13th January 2013.

4NCL 2012-13 Sunningdale ENG Sat 3rd Nov 2012 - Sat 11th May 2013
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1Barbican 4NCL 14½-3½5-34
2Wood Green Hilsmark 14-47-13 14-45-33
4Cambridge University 13½-4½5-32
5Cheddleton 13-55-32
6Guildford 23-54-41
7BCM Dragons1-74-41
8Sambuca Sharks3-53-50
1Guildford 17-16½-1½4
2White Rose 15½-2½7-14
3South Wales Dragons2½-5½4½-3½2
4Jutes of Kent1-75½-2½2
5Warwickshire Select 11-74½-3½2
6Blackthorne Russia3½-4½4-41
7Barbican 4NCL 21½-6½4-41
8Wood Green Hilsmark 23½-4½2½-5½0
16 teams

TCh-NOR Eliteserien 2012-13

The Norwegian Teams Eliteserien takes place 2nd November to 7th April 2012. Played in three sets of fixtures. Rounds 1-3 2nd-4th November 2012 (games available). Rounds 4-6 11th-13th January 2013. Rounds 7-9 5th-7th April 2013.

TCh-NOR El 2012-13 Oslo NOR Fri 2nd Nov 2012 - Sun 7th Apr 2013
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1 OSS2402610.58
2 SK 19112300510.55
3 Kristiansund2424410.54
4 Bergens2335310.53.5
5 Asker2217392.5
6 Moss23682102
7 SOSS Selvaagbygg225328.53
8 Black Knights2305283
9 Trondheim214825.52
10 Akademisk2254171
10 teams

TCh-ISL 2012-13

The first half of the Icelandic Team Championship took place 5th to 7th October 2012. Final half is 1st-3rd March 2013. Games now available.

TCh-ISL 2012-13 Reykjavik ISL Fri 5th Oct 2012 - Fri 1st Mar 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 7) Standings:
1Taflfelag Bolungarvikur A * 422.570
2Vikingaklubburinn A4 * 722.050
3Taflfelag Reykjavikur A * 621.580
4Taflfelag Vestmannaeyja A * 620.540
5Godinn-Matar A2 * 517.060
6Hellir A½23 * 13.020
7Skakfelag Akureyrar A½ * 7.000
8Taflfelag Bolungarvikur B½1½ * 4.500
8 teams

TCh-AUT 2012-13

The Austrian Team Championship takes place 2nd November 2012 to 24th March 2013. Rounds 1-3 took place 2nd to 4th November 2012. Rounds 4-6 take place 17th to 19th January 2013.

TCh-AUT 2012-13 Austria AUT Fri 2nd Nov 2012 - Sun 24th Mar 2013
Leading Round 3 (of 11) Standings:
1SK Advisory Invest Baden*613.50
2SK Sparkasse Jenbach*611.50
3ASVÖ Signum Siebdruck St.Veit*44611.50
4SK MPÖ Maria Saal*5410.00
5SV Raika Rapid Feffernitz*63311.50
6SK Absam1*337.50
7SK Zwettl*3327.50
8Union Ansfelden0*26.00
9SK Hohenems3*18.00
10ASVÖ Wulkaprodersdorf3*18.00
11SK Husek Wien23*17.50
12SK Sparkasse Fürstenfeld½23*15.50
12 teams

25) Corrections

Couple of corrections to recent issues PGN. Fier,A-Weindl from last week which had the players the wrong way round. Also wrong result to Zadar Open game Saric 0-1 Ivanov from the final round the issue before that.

26) Carlsen record rating confirmed in January 2013 Rating list

Magnus Carlsen's win in the London Chess Classic gained him 13 rating points and took him to 2861 10 points past Garry Kasparov's 1999 record rating. Vladimir Kramnik reclaimed the number two spot after gaining 15 points in London whilst Levon Aronian lost the same amount. World Champion Viswanathan Anand dropped to 7 in the world as Sergey Karjakin overtook him. Hikaru Nakamura jumped 9 points and back to 9 in the world and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov edged past Alexander Grischuk to complete the top 10. I use the full rating list for working on tournaments and games and noticed that for Basel players outside the top 100 from Hungary (now back in as of 3rd Jan) and Montenegro don't have ratings, presumably their Federations have fallen behind in payments. This and the complete removal of players from the list (eg 20 English players who aren't ECF members, Cubans who have left Cuba those are just the ones I know about) is not terribly convenient if you actually want to use the list for real work.

FIDE Rating List January 2013. Top 100
11Carlsen, MagnusNORGM28611328488
23Kramnik, VladimirRUSGM28101527958
32Aronian, LevonARMGM2802-1328158
44Radjabov, TeimourAZEGM279327930
55Caruana, FabianoITAGM2781-1278211
67Karjakin, SergeyRUSGM27805277511
76Anand, ViswanathanINDGM2772-327758
88Topalov, VeselinBULGM277127710
913Nakamura, HikaruUSAGM2769927608
1011Mamedyarov, ShakhriyarAZEGM27662276411
1110Grischuk, AlexanderRUSGM276427640
1215Morozevich, AlexanderRUSGM275810274811
139Ivanchuk, VassilyUKRGM2758-827664
1419Wang, HaoCHNGM275215273713
1516Svidler, PeterRUSGM2747274711
1614Gelfand, BorisISRGM2740-11275111
1712Kamsky, GataUSAGM2740-22276211
1818Gashimov, VugarAZEGM273727370
1923Leko, PeterHUNGM27353273211
2017Jakovenko, DmitryRUSGM2734-7274110
2122Ponomariov, RuslanUKRGM27331273211
2225Andreikin, DmitryRUSGM2727427236
2333Adams, MichaelENGGM27251527108
2424Tomashevsky, EvgenyRUSGM272527250
2520Dominguez Perez, LeinierCUBGM2723-11273411
2621Wojtaszek, RadoslawPOLGM2723-11273411
2726Volokitin, AndreiUKRGM272227224
2828Areshchenko, AlexanderUKRGM272027200
2927Giri, AnishNEDGM272027200
3031Vachier-Lagrave, MaximeFRAGM271127110
3132Moiseenko, AlexanderUKRGM271027100
3234Navara, DavidCZEGM271027100
3350Kasimdzhanov, RustamUZBGM270913269611
3445Ding, LirenCHNGM2709727024
3536Malakhov, VladimirRUSGM270927094
3635Cheparinov, IvanBULGM270927090
3738Naiditsch, ArkadijGERGM270827080
3837Shirov, AlexeiLATGM270827080
3940Le, Quang LiemVIEGM270527050
4042Riazantsev, AlexanderRUSGM270527050
4143Akopian, VladimirARMGM270427040
4239Nepomniachtchi, IanRUSGM2703-427076
4344Bacrot, EtienneFRAGM270327030
4454Berkes, FerencHUNGM2702926939
4530Jobava, BaadurGEOGM2702-927114
4656Bruzon Batista, LazaroCUBGM2701926929
4747Fressinet, LaurentFRAGM270027000
4829McShane, Luke JENGGM2698-1527138
4948Harikrishna, P.INDGM269826980
5041Polgar, JuditHUNGM2696-927058
5157Short, Nigel DENGGM2696426923
5249Efimenko, ZaharUKRGM269626960
5351Wang, YueCHNGM269626960
5453Vallejo Pons, FranciscoESPGM269426940
5552Vitiugov, NikitaRUSGM269426940
5658Alekseev, EvgenyRUSGM269126910
5746Korobov, AntonUKRGM2690-12270211
5859Almasi, ZoltanHUNGM268926890
5955Inarkiev, ErnestoRUSGM2688-526936
6070Yu, YangyiCHNGM2688726814
6160Grachev, BorisRUSGM268826880
6261Movsesian, SergeiARMGM268826880
6362Rublevsky, SergeiRUSGM268826880
6464Edouard, RomainFRAGM268626860
6565Sutovsky, EmilISRGM268426840
6666So, WesleyPHIGM268226820
6769Bologan, ViktorMDAGM268126810
6871Van Wely, LoekNEDGM2679126781
6963Eljanov, PavelUKRGM2678-926874
7072Nisipeanu, Liviu-DieterROUGM267726770
7173Motylev, AlexanderRUSGM2676-126773
7274Sasikiran, KrishnanINDGM267626760
7367Bu, XiangzhiCHNGM2675-726824
7478Li, Chao bCHNGM2674426704
7575Gyimesi, ZoltanHUNGM267426740
7676Laznicka, ViktorCZEGM267426740
7777Kryvoruchko, YuriyUKRGM267126710
7879Fridman, DanielGERGM266726670
7981Sargissian, GabrielARMGM266626660
8085Gareev, TimurUSAGM2665226632
8182Potkin, VladimirRUSGM266526650
8280Sokolov, IvanNEDGM2663-426671
8388Gharamian, TigranFRAGM266126610
8490Onischuk, AlexanderUSAGM266026600
8592Khenkin, IgorGERGM265926590
8693Zvjaginsev, VadimRUSGM265826580
87Melkumyan, HrantARMGM26569
8894Nielsen, Peter HeineDENGM265626560
8984Tiviakov, SergeiNEDGM2655-8266322
9095Ragger, MarkusAUTGM265526550
9196Dreev, AlekseyRUSGM265426540
9297Istratescu, AndreiFRAGM265426540
9383Matlakov, MaximRUSGM2653-1026639
94Khismatullin, DenisRUSGM265217
9599Filippov, AntonUZBGM265226520
96100Kobalia, MikhailRUSGM265226520
9798Smirin, IliaISRGM265226520
9868Zhigalko, SergeiBLRGM2651-31268213
99Khairullin, IldarRUSGM265012
100Iturrizaga, EduardoVENGM26500
101Tkachiev, VladislavFRAGM26500

27) Forthcoming Events and Links

73rd ch-ARM Higest League 2013

Paul Keres Memorial Rapid 2013

75th Tata Steel Wijk aan Zee 2012

Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2013

Moscow Open 2013

35th Georgi Tringov Mem 2013

GRENKE Chess Classic Baden-Baden 2013

Vladimir Petrov Memorial 2013

Guam International Open 2013

Reykjavik Open 2013

Zurich Chess Challenge 2013

O2C Doeberl Cup 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Lisbon 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Madrid 2013

27th Pula Open 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Berlin 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Paris 2013

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