THE WEEK IN CHESS 947 31st December 2012 by Mark Crowther

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1) Introduction
2) Piterenka Rapid/Blitz 2012
3) Hastings International Chess Congress 2012-13
4) World Cities Team Championship 2012
5) AICF-AAI Cup 2012
6) Groningen Chess Festival 2012
7) XLII Rilton Cup 2012-13
8) XXIII Krakow Open 2012-13
9) 6th Augusta Aragon Open
10) 23rd Metropolitan Chess FIDE Invitational 2012
11) 1st Manresa Masters
12) Ptuj Open 2012
13) 21st Donau Open 2012
14) 22nd North American Open 2012
15) 29th Geneva Open
16) 36th Zurich Christmas Open
17) 3rd Arco Christmas Open 2012
18) 48th Annual American Open
19) 9th Paderborner Schachtuerken-Cup
20) CXU Obro New Year 2012
21) Pan American Intercollegiate 2012
22) Schachfestival Erfurt 2012
23) Norberto La Porta Open 2012
24) Algeria-Turkey Chess Match 2012
25) ch-CAN Junior 2013
26) ch-CZE Blitz 2012
27) Czech Christmas Open 2012
28) 1st Wittelsbach Christmas Open 2012
29) 21st Montecatini Terme 2012
30) 28th Post Open
31) 29th Travemuender Open 2012
32) 5th Marseille Festival 2012
33) Antwerp Winter Open 2012
34) Bethune Open 2012
35) Wolfsberg Open 2012
36) Chinese League 2012
37) Active Team Events
38) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
Piterenka Rapid/Blitz 201225 games
Hastings International Chess Congress 2012-13155 games
World Cities Team Championship 2012380 games
AICF-AAI Cup 201218 games
Groningen Chess Festival 2012196 games
XLII Rilton Cup 2012-13155 games
XXIII Krakow Open 2012-1390 games
6th Augusta Aragon Open25 games
23rd Metropolitan Chess FIDE Invitational 201245 games
1st Manresa Masters4 games
Ptuj Open 201270 games
21st Donau Open 2012106 games
22nd North American Open 2012165 games
29th Geneva Open14 games
36th Zurich Christmas Open102 games
3rd Arco Christmas Open 201273 games
48th Annual American Open31 games
9th Paderborner Schachtuerken-Cup35 games
CXU Obro New Year 2012111 games
Pan American Intercollegiate 2012221 games
Schachfestival Erfurt 201245 games
Norberto La Porta Open 201265 games
Algeria-Turkey Chess Match 201264 games
ch-CAN Junior 201345 games
ch-CZE Blitz 201280 games
Czech Christmas Open 201275 games
2395 games

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1) Introduction

My thanks to Roland Wimmer, Olexandr Prohorov, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Jack Peters and everyone else who helped with this issue.

The period straight after Christmas is one of the busiest for opens and this issue reflects that. Of interest was Shirov's appearance in Zurich and Bacrot's in Geneva. The Groningen Open was won by Zaven Andriasian, Alexander Kovchan and Sipke Ernst. Right now the Hastings Masters continues. One of the most interesting events of the week was the Piterenka Rapid/Blitz tournament which was a one day rapid and blitz exhibtion event eventually won by Sergey Karjakin after an Armageddon Blitz game with no increment. The course of the game was simple, Grischuk got a huge position, started winning lots and lots of material but both players had no real time left and he eventually allowed stalemate and as he was white lost the playoff. It seems that a friendly event ended in a way that some of the players thought wasn't so friendly. Even if the video showed the players managing very well with virtually no time it seems to me the modern player doesn't like games ending this way.

Many years ago at the Leeds rapidplay I saw an English GM play for money against a strong untitled player at blitz. The clocks were adjusted down if the GM won so he could start the game with as little as 1 minute vs 5 for his opponent. The only thing that really counted was flag fall especially when down to the last few seconds. Shock moves that make no sense, moving pieces close to the clock etc, the full art of blitz chess for money. It is all a balance between position on the board and position on the clock. With the advent of the increment this knowledge is being lost. I think it is very rarely necessary to have such sudden death games. Pairs of blitz games until there is a finish at the already too fast time control of 3 minutes plus 2 seconds a move is surely the way to go if you want the result to have something to do with chess played on the board (although I think the extensive use of this time control recently has shown that it too doesn't lead to all that good a standard of chess). On the other hand maybe the knowledge on how to play non-increment blitz should be saved.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and prosperous 2013.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) Piterenka Rapid/Blitz 2012

The Piterenka Rapid/Blitz tournament was a very strong one day tournament with Sergey Karjakin, Alexander Grischuk, Ian Nepomniachtchi and Dmitry Jakovenko. There were two parts Rapid 10 minutes + 5 seconds per move and Blitz: 3 minutes + 2 seconds per move. Rapid: Karjakin, Grischuk 4, Nepomniatchtchi 3, Jakovenko 1. Blitz Grischuk, Nepomniatchtchi, Karjakin 3.5/6 Jakovenko 1.5. Thus Grischuk and Karjakin tied for first. In an amazing conclusion to the blitz armageddon final game Grischuk had an overwhelming advantage of two rooks and three pawns up vs rook but allowed stalemate. Many, many moves were played in the final seconds of the game (Grischuk had 5 mins to start (but had to win) and Karjakin 4 no increment). At the end Grischuk had two seconds left, Karjakin one but it was stalemate. You can see the video below. Karjakin thus won land in the Piterenka holiday village in Moscow that sponsored the event.

Piterenka Rapid Moscow RUS Sat 29th Dec 2012 - Sat 29th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Karjakin, SergeyGMRUS2775**½1½½4.010.50
2Grischuk, AlexanderGMRUS2764½0**114.08.50
3Nepomniachtchi, IanGMRUS2707½½**3.0
4Jakovenko, DmitryGMRUS274100**1.0
4 players
Piterenka Blitz Moscow RUS Sat 29th Dec 2012 - Sat 29th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Grischuk, AlexanderGMRUS2764**11103.510.25
2Nepomniachtchi, IanGMRUS2707**½13.59.25
3Karjakin, SergeyGMRUS277500**113.58.25
4Jakovenko, DmitryGMRUS274101½000**1.5
4 players
Piterenka Blitz P/O Moscow RUS Sat 29th Dec 2012 - Sat 29th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 1 Standings:
1Karjakin, SergeyGMRUS2775½½
2Grischuk, AlexanderGMRUS2764½½
2 players

3) Hastings International Chess Congress 2012-13

The 88th Hastings Masters takes place 28th December 2012 to 5th January 2013. Leading players: Gawain Jones, Andrey Sumets, Kaido Kulaots, Nick Pert, Sarunas Sulskis, Mark Hebden etc. Live coverage from 2:15pm GMT each day.

Hastings Masters Hastings ENG Fri 28th Dec 2012 - Sun 6th Jan 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 10) Standings:
1Sulskis, SarunasGMLTU2550½1113.52674
2Vocaturo, DanieleGMITA25211½113.52623
3Alsina Leal, DanielGMESP25111½113.52614
4Duff, RufusENG2114½1113.52497
5Jones, Gawain C BGMENG26441½1½3.02605
6Sumets, AndreyGMUKR263810113.02511
7Kulaots, KaidoGMEST258111½½3.02608
8Vovk, AndreyGMUKR2567=1½13.02570
9Pert, NicholasGMENG25571½1½3.02524
10Gretarsson, Hjorvar SteinnIMISL251611½=3.02631
11Williams, Simon KGMENG2515==113.02922
12Flear, Glenn CGMENG248111½½3.02622
13Arkell, Keith CGMENG247011½½3.02562
14Gao, RuiIMCHN24501½½13.02583
15Kjartansson, GudmundurIMISL240411½½3.02661
16Farid, Firman SyahIMINA2338=½113.02382
17Rudd, JackIMENG228801113.02429
18Hawkins, JonathanIMENG250711½02.52443
19Hamitevici, VladimirIMMDA2440011½2.52241
20Panjwani, RajaIMCAN2402+½012.52452
21Ashton, Adam GFMENG2366101½2.52329
22Knott, Simon J BIMENG23250½112.52093
23Haydon, David LFMENG23150½112.52298
24Prosviriakov, VladimirIMUSA2293011½2.52332
25Sihite, Chelsie MonicaWIMINA2277=½½12.52221
26Eames, Robert SFMENG2263½1012.52397
27Kirk, EzraENG2254½1012.52379
28Furman, BorisFMRUS22370½112.52245
29Talsma, PaulNED22290½112.52195
30Jaunooby, Ali RENG2178011½2.52283
31Byron, Alan MENG2167==1½2.52366
32Rayner, FrancisWLS2166011½2.52227
33McKenna, Jason PENG21021½102.52343
34Hebden, Mark LGMENG2547½½012.02211
35Rendle, Thomas EIMENG23811½0½2.02346
36Burns-Mannion, Stephen RIMSCO23511½0=2.02398
37Ledger, Dave JFMENG226610102.02279
38Stewart, NeilFMGER226401½½2.02205
39Snape, Ian LENG224501102.02311
40Sreeves, ClementSCO222301102.02263
41Melekhina, AlisaFMUSA222101012.02112
42Gu, XiaobingWGMCHN220910102.02383
43Burnett, JimENG217201102.02180
44Steil-Antoni, FionaWIMLUX21690½1½2.02068
45Grant, Alan GSCO216501102.02093
46Kvisla, Johannes LuangtepNOR214810½½2.02265
47Ternault, MathieuFRA2147½½012.02052
48Hutchinson, Norman AENG21081½0½2.02223
49Jones, William E GENG209410012.02064
50Barton, R AlanENG208010012.02008
51Ramstad, HavardNOR207110102.02142
52Pickersgill, Adrian OENG202901012.02072
53Murphy, Conor EENG1956½01=2.02060
54Zhou, Yang-FanIMENG2419100½1.52144
55Kwiatkowski, Feliks JCMENG223200=11.52044
56Flear, ChristineWIMFRA215610½01.52199
57Rumsey, Victor BENG2138 *01=01.51871
58Hagen, Anders GjerdrumNOR2126100½1.52038
59Atako, Chino CENG21171½001.52196
60Waddington, Mike PFMENG211710½01.52062
61Cafferty, BernardFMENG210510½01.52074
62Gregory, Stephen JENG20861½001.52090
63Lenier, Jude AENG2069=½0½1.52161
64Wadsworth, Matthew JENG20671½001.52082
65Safarian, AlekAUS20501=001.51952
66Armstrong, Malcolm JENG2046100½1.51902
67Taylor, Adam CENG194610½01.51940
68Flynn, DavidENG19210½011.51976
69Clayton, TristanENG183000½11.51820
70Macrae, James SSCO171700½11.51927
71Anderson, JohnENG21610½½01.01892
72Almond, Richard JENG2112-1--1.02852
73Reuben, StewartCMENG20451---1.02767
74Maroroa, SueWIMENG203710001.01892
75Haria, RaviENG203201001.01882
76Stonehouse, Tom HENG1922 *01001.01816
77Dennis, Nigel WENG190401001.01797
78Tarhon, BrianENG1844½00½1.01828
79Gibbs, Daniel CENG179500101.01788
80Higgs, JoshuaENG17920½0½1.01913
81Mitchell, RobertNZL169000½½1.01735
82Kent, PaulENG1596000+1.01136
83Shierlaw, HamishNZL158200½½1.01670
84Spanton, Tim RENG20200½000.51643
85Cekulis, MarisAUS1811000½0.51656
86Gunn, Michael JENG177200½00.51656
87Pooley, Mark CENG169300½00.51606
88Willson, OllieENG16500½000.51636
89Megaranto, SusantoGMINA2529----0.00
90Medina, Warda AuliaWIMINA2313----0.00
91Dewi, Aa CitraWFMINA2161----0.00
92Espinosa Cancino, MonicaSCO1570----0.00
93To be arranged0 *----0.00
94Opponent ill - rearranged0 *----0.00
95Opponent ill - rearrange0 *----0.00
95 players

4) World Cities Team Championship 2012

The World Cities Championship took place 22nd-28th December 2012. Leading players: Tomashevsky, Giri, Vachier, Moiseenko, Fressinet, Wang Yue, Short, Edouard, Kryvoruchko, Ivan Sokolov, Tiviakov etc. Initially 6 groups of 4 teams play 3 rounds to produce teams for the final knock-out phase with 16 teams. Hoogeveen beat Tashkent 2.5-1.5 in the final thanks to a win from Sergei Tiviakov. Novi Sad drew 2-2 with Tashkent in the 3rd-4th playoff, I presume Novi Sad's win on top board meant they finished 3rd on tie-break. Romain Edouard edged out Maxime Vachier-Lagrave on tie-break after both finished on 7/9.

World Cities Team Al-Ain Final KO UAE Fri 21st Dec 2012 - Sat 29th Dec 2012
Leading Final Knockout Standings:
3Novi SadSRB
16 teams
World Cities Team Al-Ain Preliminary UAE Fri 21st Dec 2012 - Sat 29th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 3 Preliminary Standings:
1Lund - Sweden*257.00
2London - UK*348.00
3Dhaka - Bangladesh21*336.00
4Al Ain - UAE½1*03.00
1Saratov - RUS*368.00
2Ptuj - SLO*236.00
3Tashkent - UZB*26.50
4Chennai - IND12½*13.50
1Lviv - UKR*13448.00
2Athens - GRE3*347.50
3Riga - LAT1*47.00
4Canberra - AUS01½*01.50
1Astana - KAZ*258.00
2Baku - AZE2*357.50
3Istanbul - TUR½1*324.50
4Timisoara - ROM1*04.00
1Paris - FRA*334610.014.00
2Chicago - USA1*347.56.50
3Teheran - IRI11*25.51.00
4Kampala - UGA0½½*01.00.00
1Hoogeveen _ NED*2458.540.5
2Novi Sad - SRB*347.035.5
3Wu Xi - CHN2*225.533.5
4Cairo - EGY012*13.018.0
24 teams
Al Ain Classic 2012 Al-Ain UAE Fri 21st Dec 2012 - Sat 29th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Edouard RomainGMFRA26867.00.562549
2Vachier-Lagrave MaximeGMFRA27117.00.552602
3Kotanjian TigranGMARM25186.50.062581
4Golizadeh AsgharGMIRI24766.50.062465
5Wang YueGMCHN26966.50.042645
6Ehlvest JaanGMUSA26036.50.042568
7Parligras Mircea-EmilianGMROU26286.50.042537
8Grigoryan Karen H.IMARM25136.00.062431
9Miroshnichenko EvgenijGMUKR26286.00.052529
10Ezat MohamedIMEGY24506.00.052511
11Sveshnikov EvgenyGMLAT25146.00.042577
12Paragua MarkGMPHI25336.00.042504
13Jumabayev RinatGMKAZ25676.00.042501
Bajarani UlviIMAZE24256.00.042501
15Can EmreGMTUR24486.00.042495
16Senador EmmanuelIMPHI23525.50.052475
17Kravtsiv MartynGMUKR25935.50.052467
18Manakova MariaWGMSRB23385.50.052385
19Darini PouriaIMIRI25225.50.042450
20Dimakiling OliverIMPHI24535.50.042433
21Tarasova ViktoriyaWIMRUS22545.50.042398
22Kazhgaleyev MurtasGMKAZ25965.50.032542
23Karthikeyan MuraliIND23155.50.032508
24Abdel Razik KhaledIMEGY24485.00.052409
25El Ghazali Youssef M.IMEGY22445.00.052357
26Sanal VahapFMTUR23825.00.042514
27Hungaski Robert AndrewIMUSA24695.00.042499
28Ali Marandi Cemil CanFMTUR23545.00.042475
29Esen BarisGMTUR25765.00.042474
30Shyam Nikil P.IMIND24315.00.042473
31Rajesh V A VFMIND23705.00.042433
32Lodhi MahmoodIMPAK23535.00.042394
33Ibrayev NurlanGMKAZ24065.00.042308
34Ji DanCHN23415.00.032573
35El Gindy EssamGMEGY24865.00.032475
36Javanbakht NimaFMIRI24065.00.032462
37Soloviova LizaWGMUKR22875.00.032396
38Yasseen AlyIMEGY22805.00.032376
39Mammadov ZaurIMAZE24595.00.032253
40Kotsur PavelGMKAZ25504.50.042558
166 players

5) AICF-AAI Cup 2012

The AICF-AAI Cup took place in New Delhi 21st to 30th December 2012. Players: Wojtaszek, Negi, Alekseev, Korobov, Gupta and Sasikiran. 27 year old Anton Korobov with 6.5/10 took first place by a point from Evgeny Alekseev. The top seed Radoslaw Wojtaszek finished on 4.5 and a lost significant number of rating points.

AICF-AAI Cup 2012 New Delhi (IND), 21-30 xii 2012 cat. XVIII (2684)
1 2 3 4 5 6
1. Korobov, Anton g UKR 2702 * * ½ ½ 1 ½ ½ 0 1 1 ½ 1 2790
2. Alekseev, Evgeny g RUS 2691 ½ ½ * * ½ ½ 1 ½ 0 ½ 1 ½ 2719
3. Sasikiran, Krishnan g IND 2676 0 ½ ½ ½ * * ½ 1 ½ ½ 0 1 5 2686
4. Gupta, Abhijeet g IND 2662 ½ 1 0 ½ ½ 0 * * ½ ½ ½ ½ 2652
5. Wojtaszek, Radoslaw g POL 2734 0 0 1 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ * * ½ ½ 2638
6. Negi, Parimarjan g IND 2641 ½ 0 0 ½ 1 0 ½ ½ ½ ½ * * 4 2621
Round 1 (December 21, 2012)
Alekseev, Evgeny - Korobov, Anton ½-½ 42 B53 Sicilian Hungarian
Gupta, Abhijeet - Sasikiran, Krishnan ½-½ 52 D15 Slav Defence
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Negi, Parimarjan ½-½ 50 A15 English counter King's Fianchetto
Round 2 (December 22, 2012)
Korobov, Anton - Gupta, Abhijeet ½-½ 87 D97 Gruenfeld Russian
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Alekseev, Evgeny 1-0 39 E32 Nimzo Indian 4.Qc2
Negi, Parimarjan - Sasikiran, Krishnan 1-0 50 C95 Ruy Lopez Breyer
Round 3 (December 23, 2012)
Alekseev, Evgeny - Negi, Parimarjan 1-0 55 B53 Sicilian Hungarian
Sasikiran, Krishnan - Korobov, Anton 0-1 47 E17 Queens Indian
Gupta, Abhijeet - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw ½-½ 46 A62 Benoni
Round 4 (December 24, 2012)
Korobov, Anton - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw 1-0 78 E12 Queens Indian Petrosian
Sasikiran, Krishnan - Alekseev, Evgeny ½-½ 75 E00 Catalan
Gupta, Abhijeet - Negi, Parimarjan ½-½ 104 D80 Gruenfeld 4.Bg5
Round 5 (December 25, 2012)
Alekseev, Evgeny - Gupta, Abhijeet 1-0 46 B01 Centre Counter
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Sasikiran, Krishnan ½-½ 37 E56 Nimzo Indian
Negi, Parimarjan - Korobov, Anton ½-½ 36 C84 Ruy Lopez Centre Attack
Round 6 (December 26, 2012)
Korobov, Anton - Alekseev, Evgeny ½-½ 33 E53 Nimzo Indian
Sasikiran, Krishnan - Gupta, Abhijeet 1-0 31 D94 Gruenfeld Closed
Negi, Parimarjan - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw ½-½ 37 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Round 7 (December 27, 2012)
Alekseev, Evgeny - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw ½-½ 36 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Sasikiran, Krishnan - Negi, Parimarjan 1-0 45 A48 King's Indian Defence /c2-c4
Gupta, Abhijeet - Korobov, Anton 1-0 27 A40 Unusual Replies to 1.d4
Round 8 (December 28, 2012)
Korobov, Anton - Sasikiran, Krishnan ½-½ 38 E59 Nimzo Indian
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Gupta, Abhijeet ½-½ 56 A15 English counter King's Fianchetto
Negi, Parimarjan - Alekseev, Evgeny ½-½ 38 C67 Ruy Lopez Berlin
Round 9 (December 29, 2012)
Korobov, Anton - Negi, Parimarjan 1-0 45 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Sasikiran, Krishnan - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw ½-½ 41 E04 Catalan
Gupta, Abhijeet - Alekseev, Evgeny ½-½ 75 E06 Catalan
Round 10 (December 30, 2012)
Alekseev, Evgeny - Sasikiran, Krishnan ½-½ 34 B17 Caro Kann
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Korobov, Anton 0-1 36 E11 Bogo Indian Defence
Negi, Parimarjan - Gupta, Abhijeet ½-½ 60 C67 Ruy Lopez Berlin

6) Groningen Chess Festival 2012

The traditional Groningen Chess Festival tookplace 19th to 30th December 2012. Zaven Andriasian, Alexander Kovchan and Sipke Ernst finished on 7/9. John van der Wiel beat Jorden Van Foreest 3-1 in a challenge match.

Groningen Open A Groningen NED Fri 21st Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Andriasian, ZavenGMARM260511½1½11½½7.051.539.52679
2Kovchan, AlexanderGMUKR257911½½11½½17.051.038.752666
3Ernst, SipkeGMNED256211½½11½½17.050.538.02690
4Kampen van, RobinGMNED2570½11110½1½6.553.037.02617
5Pancevski, FilipIMMKD251211½½11½0+6.552.036.02582
6Hansen, EricIMCAN2539½½1½½1½116.543.031.02497
7Michalik, PeterGMSVK2508111101½½06.051.531.52592
8Gormally, Daniel WGMENG24951110101106.051.531.52524
9Hovhanisian, MherIMARM247711½½101½½6.050.030.52526
10Bok, BenjaminIMNED252211½½110½½6.049.530.52547
11Das, ArghyadipIMIND247611½½011½½6.049.030.752506
12Hausrath, DanielIMGER248311½01½1½½6.048.530.02526
13Roy Chowdhury, SaptarshiIMIND244111½1½01016.047.528.02533
14Barua, DibyenduGMIND2410½11½101016.047.030.02538
15Deviatkin, AndreiGMRUS2569½11011½106.045.527.252495
16Drozdowski, KacperFMPOL2426½½110½11½6.044.528.02475
17Donchenko, AlexanderIMGER2401½10½110116.043.027.02390
18Matnadze, AnaIMESP240111010½½116.042.526.752397
19Naroditsky, DanielIMUSA248311½½0011½5.550.529.52459
20Breder, DennisIMGER24380½111½½1-5.545.527.02466
21Maris, IvoNED20861101001½15.544.024.52472
22Schoorl, RobFMNED236610½1½011½5.542.523.52361
23Brunello, SabinoGMITA258301101½½1½5.541.526.252402
24Pacher, MilanIMSVK2436½101½½1015.541.023.52347
25Majhi, AnkitNED198400+01½1115.534.019.252263
26Mostertman, MilanNED2250½½½01101½5.046.023.52453
27Beukema, StefanFMBEL2262011½1½0105.046.021.52407
28Burg, TwanIMNED24981110100015.044.521.52375
29Wallace, John PaulIMAUS23981½101010½5.043.521.02353
30Mammadova, GulnarWGMAZE2363101½01½105.043.520.752391
31Baghdasaryan, VaheIMARM2388110½½10½½5.042.521.252265
32Pijpers, ArthurNED23511010110015.042.018.52318
33Ben Artzi, IdoISR22971010101015.041.019.52278
34Overdam van, JulianNED22681010111005.041.016.52342
35Eggleston, DavidFMENG235210½10½1½½5.039.519.02321
36Mamedjarova, TurkanWGMAZE227701½1½½½015.039.021.02278
37Afek, YochananIMISR23111010½10½15.038.519.02262
38Berkovich, MarkIMISR2359½½½1½01015.038.518.752309
39Arslanov, ShamilIMRUS2386½10101½105.038.518.252297
40Maatman, NickNED216701110½½½04.545.521.02371
91 players
Groningen Chall 2012 Groningen NED Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sat 29th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 4 Standings:
1Van Der Wiel, John T.HNED2427½½113
2Van Foreest, JordenNED2222½½001
2 players

7) XLII Rilton Cup 2012-13

The XLII Rilton Cup takes place 27th December 2012 to 5th January 2013.

XLII Rilton Cup Stockholm SWE Thu 27th Dec 2012 - Sat 5th Jan 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Krasenkow MichalGMPOL26284.024412395
2Shimanov AleksandrGMRUS26303.524492401
3Urkedal FrodeIMNOR24693.025212443
4Sipilä VilkaIMFIN24253.025212431
5Zaiatz ElenaWGMRUS24273.025072421
6Ivanov SergeyGMRUS25503.024652405
7Smirin IlyaGMISR26523.024612413
8Socko BartoszGMPOL26313.024462401
9Gleizerov EvgenyGMRUS25573.024302380
10Nithander VictorIMSWE24433.024292342
11Ulibin MikhailGMRUS25333.024082356
12Cramling PiaGMSWE25163.023922348
13Thingstad EvenNOR22453.023822300
14Cicak SlavkoGMSWE25793.023562325
15Blomqvist ErikIMSWE24483.023482293
16Rombaldoni AxelIMITA24643.023072280
17Johansson LinusSWE23123.022252187
18Poley VladimirIMBLR23272.525832465
19Engqvist ThomasIMSWE23122.525352426
20Akesson RalfGMSWE24412.524922413
21Westerberg JonathanFMSWE23202.524832387
22Johansen StianNOR20182.524722419
23Socko MonikaGMPOL24452.524582372
24Martynov PavelFMRUS22982.524012315
25Lindberg BengtIMSWE24322.523652316
26Miezis NormundsGMLAT25962.523532325
27L'ami ErwinGMNED26252.523322254
28Andriyanov IvanRUS20102.522942276
29Hillarp-Persson TigerGMSWE25462.522882270
30Kassani SamSWE20992.522872273
31L'ami AlinaWGMROU23902.521782157
32Volodin AleksandrGMEST25062.521572093
33Schneider StefanSWE23122.024112329
34Ölund JoarSWE21932.024032379
35Nielsen Egilstoft RogviFAI22082.023862309
36Kristiansen JensIMDEN24542.023782317
37Kolbus DietmarIMGER23022.023732299
38Eriksson JörgenSWE22132.023662289
39Norlin EgorSWE21122.023622339
40Lindgren PhilipSWE22322.023592296
79 players

8) XXIII Krakow Open 2012-13

The XXIII Krakow Open takes place 27th December 2012 to 4th January 2013.

XXIII Krakow Open Krakow POL Thu 27th Dec 2012 - Fri 4th Jan 2013
Leading Round 6 (of 9) Standings:
11Mastrovasilis, DimitriosGMGRE261645.022.0031.5022.0
221Golichenko, IlijaIMUKR241445.018.5026.0021.0
313Dragun, KamilIMPOL246134.523.5032.0022.5
46Jakubiec, ArturGMPOL251834.523.0031.5022.0
57Baryshpolets, AndreyIMUKR250244.522.5031.0023.0
62Moranda, WojciechGMPOL255944.522.5031.0020.5
711Jedynak, RadoslawGMPOL247534.521.5029.0019.0
816Hansen, Torbjorn RingdalIMNOR244444.521.0029.0020.5
919Brodowski, PiotrPOL242244.520.5027.5019.5
1017Sieciechowicz, MarcinIMPOL244344.518.5026.5020.5
115Mozharov, MikhailIMRUS251834.022.5031.0021.5
119Bernadskiy, VitaliyIMUKR250034.022.5031.0021.5
1326Matuszewski, MichalPOL237534.020.0028.0017.0
1420Hnydiuk, AleksanderIMPOL241634.019.5026.5017.5
1525Grinev, ValeriyFMUKR237634.018.5026.5017.0
164Malaniuk, Vladimir PGMUKR252334.017.0024.5015.5
1722Malinovsky, KarelFMCZE239644.016.0023.5017.0
183Stupak, KirillGMBLR252633.521.5029.5019.5
1930Klekowski, MaciejPOL233833.520.5028.0017.0
208Shishkin, VadimGMUKR250133.520.0027.5016.5
2129Maki-Uuro, MiikkaIMFIN234213.520.0026.0016.5
2218Strzemiecki, ZbigniewIMPOL243433.519.5027.0018.5
2315Sadzikowski, DanielIMPOL244933.519.0027.0018.0
2439Gajek, RadoslawPOL227233.519.0027.0014.5
2512Duda, Jan-KrzysztofIMPOL246823.519.0026.5017.0
2669Paszewski, MateuszPOL201713.519.0026.5014.5
2762Khamidov, KomilPOL209533.519.0026.0015.0
2851Ivaschenko, DmitryUKR217523.519.0026.0014.5
2931Janczarski, MichalPOL232823.518.5025.5015.5
3014Hirneise, TobiasIMGER245723.517.5024.0016.0
3124Zawadzka, JolantaWGMPOL238933.517.5023.5014.0
3237Sobjerg, ErikDEN227723.516.5023.5015.0
3346Lewicki, MiroslawCMPOL220033.021.5029.5014.0
3410Sivuk, VitalyIMUKR248223.021.0029.5017.5
3534Pohjala, HenriFMFIN231223.020.0026.0014.5
3649Bakalarz, LeszekFMPOL217823.019.5027.0013.0
3747Lewtak, DamianPOL219523.019.5025.5013.5
3833Wieczorek, OskarPOL231633.019.0026.5015.0
3967Wee, Chu En KelvinSIN204813.017.5024.0012.0
4043Klimentov, RomanRUS223823.017.0024.0012.0
77 players

9) 6th Augusta Aragon Open

The 6th Augusta Aragon Open took place in Zaragoza 22nd to 30th December 2012. Azer Mirzoev edged out Julio E Granda Zuniga on tie-break after both scored 6/9.

6th Augusta Aragon Open Zaragoza ESP Sat 22nd Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Mirzoev AzerAZE25537.542.053.037.5
2Granda Zuniga Julio EPER26417.541.552.037.0
3Arizmendi Martinez Julen LuisESP25767.041.553.035.5
4Vassallo Barroche MauricioESP24487.039.050.535.0
5Strikovic AleksaSRB25097.039.049.537.5
6Paunovic DraganSRB24907.039.049.535.5
7Gonzalez Perez ArianCUB24917.038.047.536.0
8Narciso Dublan MarcESP25516.543.555.538.0
9Garza Marco SergioESP24386.543.555.537.0
10Lopez Gracia FernandoESP23686.543.555.038.5
11Rzayev BahruzAZE23706.542.053.035.5
12Belezky AlexanderUKR24276.542.053.034.0
13Cifuentes Parada RobertoESP24736.540.552.035.5
14Forcen Esteban DanielESP24696.540.051.036.0
15Ramiro Ovejero Juan LuisESP23626.540.051.034.0
16Bellia FabrizioITA24486.536.547.033.5
17Glavina PabloARG24476.
18Quintin Navarro AlbertoESP22206.041.552.534.5
19Antoli Royo Joaquin MiguelESP24126.
20Accattato Martin MarioESP21746.039.048.533.5
21Sanchez Botella Luis JavierESP22086.
22Roche Simon Manuel AngelESP21346.
23Lana Rodriguez DavidESP23006.036.548.032.0
24Colom Sienes EduardoESP20286.036.546.530.5
25Romon Poves RaulESP22996.
26Iagar Razvan-GabrielROU21766.036.046.531.5
27Palacin Algas AngelESP19576.
28Arnetta Maria TeresaITA20256.
29Schmitz ManuelaGER20326.
30Schmitz Andreas ArnoldGER20526.032.541.526.0
31Suarez Uriel AdrianESP22435.540.551.532.5
32Gines Abad PedroESP20885.537.548.530.5
33Bentivegna FrancescoITA23355.537.548.032.5
34Iturbide Arnedo OscarESP21325.537.047.531.0
35Juberias Segura SantiagoESP20455.537.046.029.5
36Lamas Mercadal ManuelESP21915.536.547.031.0
37Diez Jover AlbertoESP18945.536.545.026.0
38Fernandez Gil Ruben CarlosESP19765.535.546.028.5
39Ruperez Benito AntonioESP18395.532.041.528.5
40Garcia Estruch JorgeESP18015.531.040.525.0
172 players

10) 23rd Metropolitan Chess FIDE Invitational 2012

The 23rd Metropolitan Chess FIDE Invitational 2012 took place 19th to 23rd December 2012. Melikset Khachiyan and Samuel Sevian scored 6/9. My thanks to Jack Peters.

23rd Metro Invit Los Angeles USA Wed 19th Dec 2012 - Sun 23rd Dec 2012. Category: 8. Ave: (2442)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Khachiyan, Melikset GM USA 2479 # = 1 = = = = 1 1 = 6 2563
2 Sevian, Samuel USA 2343 = # = = = 1 1 = = 1 6 2578
3 Ramirez, Alejandro GM USA 2554 0 = # = 1 = = = = 1 5 2472
4 Chibukhchian, Artur GM ARM 2448 = = = # = 1 0 = = = 4.5 2441
5 Shen, Victor C IM USA 2419 = = 0 = # = 0 1 = 1 4.5 2444
6 Yang, Darwin IM USA 2493 = 0 = 0 = # 1 = 1 = 4.5 2436
7 Yankovsky, Roman IM RUS 2474 = 0 = 1 1 0 # = = 0 4 2395
8 Matikozian, Andranik IM ARM 2426 0 = = = 0 = = # = = 3.5 2363
9 Kiewra, Keaton F IM USA 2422 0 = = = = 0 = = # = 3.5 2364
10 Amanov, Zhanibek IM KAZ 2359 = 0 0 = 0 = 1 = = # 3.5 2371

11) 1st Manresa Masters

The 1st Manresa Masters took place 19th October to 21st December 2012. Juan Mellado Trivino won with 6.5/9. Final round games now available.

1st Manresa Masters Manresa ESP Fri 19th Oct 2012 - Fri 21st Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1MELLADO TRIVINO JuanIMAND24506.526.250.04
2BARON ISANTA Jose MariaFMESP23456.024.500.05
3MENAC COMAS Joan RamonMKESP21395.522.000.04
4GONZALEZ RODRIGUEZ Jorge AIMCOL23725.521.250.03
5BARBERO SENDIC AlejandroFMESP23485.520.500.05
6LORENZO DE LA RIVA LazaroIMESP24655.019.500.03
7MONELL CAMARASA DavidMKAND22594.520.500.02
8RYAN JosephFMIRL22624.517.500.02
9HERREROS FERNANDEZ MiguelMKESP22792.07.250.02
10ALBETS ARMENGOL RolandESP21470.03.500.00
10 players

12) Ptuj Open 2012

The Ptuj Open took place 22nd to 29th December 2012. Matej Titan edged out Danilo Polajzer on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9.

Ptuj Open 2012 Ptuj SLO Sat 22nd Dec 2012 - Sat 29th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Titan MatejSLO21357.551390
2Polajzer DaniloIMSLO22957.54937.50
3Vukmirovic DusanSLO210174737.50
4Krumpacnik DomenIMSLO2353647.5370
5Cojhter KarlSLO20615.54836.50
6Solmajer LukaSLO20695.54434.50
7Murko DavidSLO163454938.50
8Podkriznik AleksanderSLO1787544.5340
9Spelec DarkoSLO2066542.531.50
10Klajderic DavidSLO1500539300
11Carli LaraSLO1626538290
12Nikolic StankoSLO1907534.5270
13Gunsek AlfredSLO16034.544340
14Napast ViktorSLO20934.543.533.50
15Zagorsek DavidSLO16194.541.5340
16Grah MatejSLO16644.540300
17Kuzner CirilSLO18174.538320
18Janzekovic AljaSLO15414.533.5260
19Bohak JankoSLO2068444340
20Kontler SasaSLO1856440310
21Suta AndrazSLO1776439.530.50
22Selisek LeonSLO1581432.5270
23Suta TomazSLO15073.532.526.50
24Kovacec KlemenSLO1376335.5300
25Tolic MatoSLO19762.53629.50
26Cresnik MatijaSLO15002.52923.50
27Vidovic BojanSLO162723628.50
28Kolaric AnkaSLO15000.531.524.50
28 players

13) 21st Donau Open 2012

The 21st Donau Open took place 26th to 31st December 2012. Lukas Handler won with 6/7.

21st Donau Open 2012 Aschach AUT Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Mon 31st Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
113Handler LukasFMAUT2369625.02627
29Diermair AndreasIMAUT240723.52524
310Froewis GeorgIMAUT239923.52516
42Horvath JozsefGMHUN253923.52495
525Sadilek PeterCMAUT224822.02503
63Koziak VitaliIMUKR250321.02444
714Biti OzrenIMCRO2363523.02498
81Buhmann RainerGMGER2598521.52392
921Schwabeneder Florian AUT2291521.52372
108Rogulj BrankoIMCRO2422520.52375
1119Menezes ChristophFMAUT2303520.02320
127Schreiner PeterIMAUT2439519.52321
1312Wallner JoachimFMAUT2373519.52310
1429Kessler Luca AUT2234518.52271
1540Liepold Stefan GER2172517.52232
165Neuman PetrIMCZE247122.02389
1720Wacker PeterFMGER230022.02353
1823Wertjanz David AUT225921.52413
194Krstic UrosIMCRO248721.02345
2022Burlacu Bogdan ROU227620.52418
216Kovacevic BlazimirIMCRO244618.52282
2248Rieger Robert AUT212418.52228
2331Haskel Jeffrey USA222617.52298
2433Sandhoefner FlorianFMAUT222117.02214
2569Navratil Jiri CZE203716.52319
2665Mesaros Florian AUT204516.02308
2718Hiermann DietmarFMAUT231315.52173
2844Huber Martin Christian AUT2139419.52337
2915Juhasz KristofFMHUN2343419.02205
3042Sadilek MaximilianMKAUT2165418.02300
3149Holzmann HerbertFMAUT2121418.02233
3236Konrad Edmund AUT2203417.02190
3324Beil ZdenekIMCZE2253417.02165
3426Matt Fabian AUT2248417.02162
3553Stadler Alexander GER2071417.02111
3680Windhager Hannes AUT1989416.02235
3792Maier Christoph AUT1937416.02228
3846Posch Roland AUT2126416.02143
3917Knoll HermannIMAUT2318416.02124
4011Szabolcsi JanosIMHUN2387414.02108
109 players

14) 22nd North American Open 2012

The 22nd North American Open took place 26th to 30th December 2012. Timur Gareev ran away with the event with 8/9.

22nd North Am Op Las Vegas USA Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Gareev, TimurGM26608
2Bryant, John DanielFM24167
3Li, ChaoGM26706.5
4Shankland, SamGM25956.5
5Ramirez, AlejandroGM25546.5
6Amanov, ZhanibekIM23596.5
7Erenburg, SergeyGM26376
8Kacheishvili, GiorGM26026
9Friedel, Joshua EdwardGM24946
10Gurevich, DmitryGM24856
11Chibukhchian, ArthurGM24486
12Liou, YianFM23526
13Hammer, Jon LudvigGM26335.5
14Lenderman, AleksandrGM26195.5
15Gelashvili, TamazGM25665.5
16Kekelidze, MikheilGM24915.5
17Molner, Mackenzie SIM24795.5
18Cernousek, LukasIM24505.5
19Cheng, BindiIM23975.5
20Troff, Kayden W23655.5
21Bodek, Michael HFM23165.5
22Griffith, Kyron W22305.5
23Shabalov, AlexandeGM25785
24Yankovsky, RomanIM24745
25Krush, IrinaIM24595
26Aldama, DionisioIM24345
27Vellotti, Luke HarmonFM23385
28Tate, Emory AIM23025
29Hua, David A22545
30Brown, Michael William22465
31Kunche, NikhileshFM22175
32Hu, Bryan21545
33Matikozyan, AndranikIM24264.5
34Mandizha, FaraiIM24154.5
35Santarius, Erik F23034.5
36Lucky, DavidFM22824.5
37Wu, Christopher22534.5
38Colas, Joshua22044.5
39Wheeler, Cameron21654.5
40Aripov, Iskandar21654.5
84 players

15) 29th Geneva Open

The 29th Geneva Open took place 26th to 30th December 2012. Etienne Bacrot edged out Vadim Malakhatko on tie-break after both scored 5.5/7.

29th Geneva Open Geneva SUI Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Bacrot EtienneGMFRA27035.530.02675
2Malakhatko VadimGMBEL25595.529.02636
3Maze SebastienGMFRA25465.028.52566
4Kovacevic AleksandarGMSRB25605.028.02551
5Guliyev NamigGMAZE25455.028.02520
6Murariu AndreiGMROU25295.027.52532
7Libiszewski FabienGMFRA25035.026.52491
8Colmenares AurelioFMSUI22265.024.52338
9Huss AndreasIMSUI23265.022.52392
10Vuilleumier AlexandreIMSUI23044.527.02352
11Gerber RichardIMSUI24194.527.02346
12Burnier DavidFMSUI23344.526.52390
13Zozulia AnnaIMBEL23514.524.52351
14Terraz ChristianSUI20984.523.02198
15Rambaldi FrancescoFMITA23084.027.02322
16Suba MihaiGMROU24204.026.52320
17Berset PhilippeSUI21114.025.02303
18Preissmann EmmanuelFMSUI22304.025.02289
19Steenhuis JanSUI21494.023.02142
20Bacrot NathalieFRA20944.020.52069
21Cesareo FabioSUI21524.019.02058
22Kovacevic VladimirSRB21983.524.52143
23Cadei FredericSUI21303.524.02099
24Gautier AnandFRA18853.523.52188
25Gautier SelvanFRA19813.523.52131
26De La Rosa DamianSUI20453.522.02083
27Murati ShkelzenSUI20893.521.52123
28Anusca Madalina-MariaROU20733.520.52061
29Bagri JaspaulSUI21783.520.01995
30Gurtner DanielSUI21533.519.51926
31Vianin PascalSUI21963.025.02130
32Graells RicardoSUI21633.024.02087
33De Abreu OrlandoFRA20343.021.02045
34Noyer OlivierSUI20263.020.51962
35Fritz AxelGER19463.019.01957
36Pleininger RudolfSUI19973.018.51970
37Prunescu DanielESP20253.018.01916
38De Kalbermatten AdrienSUI18023.016.51911
39Hofer NatanielSUI17982.521.51984
40Frauchiger ThomasSUI18162.519.01852
50 players

16) 36th Zurich Christmas Open

The 36th Zurich Christmas Open took place 26th to 30th December 2012. Levente Vajda took clear first with 6/7 half a point clear of Mateusz Bartel, Hrant Melkumyan, Christian Bauer, Alexei Shirov, Falko Bindrich, Yannick Pelletier and Igor Kurnosov on 5.5 points.

36th Zurich Christmas Open Zuerich SUI Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1.11.Vajda, LeventeGMRUM26036.033.5210.5
2.7.Bartel, MateuszGMPOL26295.532.5213.0
3.4.Melkumyan, HrantGMARM26495.532.5200.0
4.8.Bauer, ChristianGMFRA26275.532.5199.5
5.1.Shirov, AlexeiGMLAT27085.531.5203.5
6.19.Bindrich, FalkoGMGER25455.530.0206.0
7.10.Pelletier, YannickGMSUI26045.530.0200.5
8.5.Kurnosov, IgorGMRUS26455.528.5195.5
9.2.Grachev, BorisGMRUS26885.033.0201.5
10.13.Ghaem Maghami, EhsanGMIRI25725.031.5205.5
11.3.Istratescu, AndreiGMFRA26545.031.0194.5
12.21.Cvitan, OgnjenGMCRO25355.030.5202.5
13.15.Sanikidze, TornikeGMGEO25675.029.5192.0
14.17.Bogner, SebastianGMGER25625.029.5191.0
15.14.Fier, AlexandrGMBRA25675.029.5185.0
16.23.Pikula, DejanGMSRB24855.028.5195.5
17.27.Lekic, DusanIMMNE24055.028.0185.0
18.24.Arribas Lopez, AngelIMESP24775.027.5186.5
19.18.Anton Guijarro, DaviIMESP25585.026.5188.0
20.25.Zude, ArnoIMGER24675.025.5181.5
21.22.Pavlovic, MilosGMSRB25135.024.0185.5
22.12.Prohaszka, PeterGMHUN25734.533.0196.5
23.9.Baramidze, DavidGMGER26154.531.0201.0
24.16.Stojanovic, MihajloGMSRB25664.530.5195.5
25.44.Studer, NoelFMSUI22784.530.5186.5
26.20.Sebenik, MatejGMSLO25434.530.0192.0
27.26.Kurmann, OliverIMSUI24564.530.0184.5
28.43.Weindl, AlfredIMGER22954.529.0194.0
29.63.Villegas, Pierre MNC22024.527.5178.5
30.71.Schiendorfer, Floria SUI21784.524.5178.5
31.6.Turov, MaximGMRUS26304.524.0184.5
32.57.Milekic, Daniel SRB22254.524.0183.0
33.119.Guo, EmmaWIMAUS20004.523.5182.0
34.40.Friedrich, NorbertFMGER23044.030.5186.5
35.37.Gloor, RogerFMSUI23134.029.0185.0
36.28.Moor, OlivierIMSUI23814.028.0182.5
37.34.Goldstern, FilipFMSUI23184.028.0178.0
38.33.Milosevic, GoranIMSUI23284.027.5180.5
39.29.Filipovic, BrankoIMCRO23744.027.0190.5
40.31.Rindlisbacher, LarsFMSUI23704.027.0188.5
133 players

17) 3rd Arco Christmas Open 2012

The 3rd Arco Christmas Open took place 26th to 30th December 2012. Alessio De Santis took clear first on 6/7.

3rd Arco Christmas Arco ITA Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
13DE SANTIS AlessioFM22816.030.032.52106.7
21LETTIERI GiuseppeFM23805.530.033.02082.7
32MICHELI CarloFM22845.528.531.52088.4
414GIANCOTTI EraldoCM20405.029.032.52021.6
54SPORNBERGER Maximili22655.029.031.52074.9
67RAINERI ValerioCM21515.027.531.01938.6
76Trauth Michael Dr.21555.026.530.52013.7
815MORA MassimoCM20115.025.528.51755.9
919LEZZERINI Marco19284.526.529.51898.3
1012Gehrke Rolf20644.525.528.51836.6
118Horn Peter21494.525.028.01968.7
1220ALLEGRANTI LucaCM19274.525.027.51938.1
1316THURNER Markus19674.525.027.01880.6
1413SPORNBERGER AndreCM20584.525.027.01775.7
1535SIMONI Giulio17044.524.027.01807.7
1621PETRAGNANI Alessandr19224.522.023.51673.7
1711BEVILACQUA MaurizioCM20924.026.029.01896.0
1823PERICH StefanoCM18704.025.528.51963.3
1936SERESIN Francesco16934.023.526.51961.6
2044MARZIALI Giulio15764.023.525.51875.6
2117BENAGLIA GiovanniCM19394.023.025.51847.3
2224PANIGA Danilo18594.021.023.01881.4
2340SPORNBERGER Peter16684.021.023.01862.3
2428BISARO Andrea17774.021.021.51747.6
2529MARTINI Giorgio17724.020.522.01639.1
2626TAGLIAFERRI Valerio18143.527.029.01876.3
275DAPPIANO Andrea (W)CM21833.525.528.51954.6
289ROMAGNOLI RobertoCM21103.524.027.51838.0
2952YARHUNKIN OleksandrNC14403.523.526.01817.7
3022BINDER Andrea18823.523.025.51876.1
3146PELLICORO Roberto15173.523.025.51843.0
3243ZANIN Luca16383.519.020.51650.0
3351ZANIN Andrea14553.519.020.01641.3
3441RAIMONDI Celso16603.518.519.51629.7
3531TONINA Filippo17553.025.027.51837.3
3610CAMPINI MarcoCM20983.024.026.01874.1
3725PIVOVAROV Michail18143.021.523.01673.9
3849TOMAT Ugo Numa14793.021.023.01679.9
3930PANDINI Giuseppe17623.021.022.51697.7
4048BRAGHIERI Umberto15003.021.021.51686.3
58 players

18) 48th Annual American Open

The 48th Annual American Open took place 22nd to 25th November 2012. Khachiyan Melikset won with 6.5/7. Games now available. My thanks to Jack Peters.

48th American Open Anaheim USA Thu 22nd Nov 2012 - Sun 25th Nov 2012
Leading Final Round 8 Standings:
1Melikset KhachiyanGM2546 6.5
2Andranik MatikozyanIM2510 6.0
3John Daniel BryantFM2518 6.0
4Julian LandawFM2349 5.5
5Enrico SevillanoGM2596 5.0
6Josh FriedelGM2576 5.0
7Varun Krishnan2374 5.0
8Eduardo OrtizFM2292 4.5
9Jack PetersIM2434 4.5
10Roman YankovskyIM2560 4.5
11William DuckworthFM2309 4.5
12Joel BanawaFM2439 4.0
13Pablo Pena2245 4.0
14Shijie Chen2290 4.0
15Dionisio AldamaIM2607 4.0
16Cau Le2217 3.5
17Eugene YanaytFM2314 3.5
18Alexandre KretchetovFM2424 3.5
19Takashi Kurosaki2225 3.5
20Yusheng Xia2251 3.0
21Vanessa West2213 3.0
22Andy Applebaum2146 3.0
23Larry RemlingerIM2392 2.0
24Kesav Viswanadha2209 2.0
25Richard Pugh1595 1.0
26Pablo Pena2245 0.0
26 players

19) 9th Paderborner Schachtuerken-Cup

The 9th Paderborner Schachtuerken-Cup took place 27th to 30th December 2012. Vladimir Epishin edged out Andrey Orlov on tie-break after both scored 6/7.

9th Schachtuerken Cup Paderborn GER Thu 27th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Epishin, Vladimir257545w134s17w12s½3w½18s110w16.030.025.00
2Orlov, Andrey253741w162s129w11w½25s115s13w½6.027.522.00
3Karpatchev, Aleksa248158s142w18s½31w11s½6w12s½5.529.521.50
4Borovikov, Vladisl256568s116w112s125w½6s½5w½14s15.528.522.25
5Kaufeld, Juergen232873w126s½17w114s½8w14s½15w15.528.021.50
6Schmuecker, Marcus218563s156w½19s113w14w½3s028w15.027.520.75
7Mundorf, Johannes220074w136s11s072w114w½20s111w½5.026.017.75
8Kemper, Meinolf214482w189s13w½9w½5s064w131s15.025.015.25
9Boidman, Yuri242891w½37s126w18s½15w033s135w15.024.518.50
10Trella, Thomas240427s½72w½59s140w129s131w11s05.024.517.75
11Steinle, Carsten220687s½65w114s075s130w116w17s½5.023.517.25
12Wagner, Alexey219061w138s14w039s½73w128s½26w15.023.516.75
13Giel, Olaf210137w½91s181w16s039w½41s125w15.021.014.25
14Schmitz, Philipp210867w181s½11w15w½7s½47s14w04.527.517.50
15Scharfenberg, Mich215366s159w½56s130w19s12w05s04.526.516.50
16Wittke, Rene208951w14s038w½48s117w111s039w14.525.516.75
17Altenbernd, Jannis187919s½49w15s061w116s058w142s14.524.515.25
18Becker, Norbert216988s157w½40s½36w127s11w021s½4.524.514.50
19Hoette, Philipp206617w½90s16w046s120w038s137w14.524.013.25
20Ruecker, Bastian185642s058w½87s149w119s17w064s14.522.514.00
21Fox, Daniel212656s063w160s144w128w½25s½18w½4.522.015.75
22Meyner, Hannes225360s130w027s063w158s½36w132s14.521.515.00
23Boehm, Juergen220775w132s036w074s138s½60w140s14.520.013.25
24Sundorf, Jannik219436s074w172s076w157s140w½44s14.518.512.75
25Gazic, Josip229485w133s132w14s½2w021w½13s04.029.015.00
26Tran, Duc Cuong207743s15w½9s053w137s½27w112s04.026.515.25
27Fenner, Martin199810w½28s½22w147s118w026s066w14.025.515.50
28Jesse, Ingemars231672s½27w½64s132w121s½12w½6s04.025.515.00
29Boos, Markus215448w144s12s057w110w039s½30w½4.025.513.75
30Willenberg, Max205086w122s147w½15s011s054w129s½4.025.013.25
31Huesmann, Thomas224484w139s183w13s035w110s08w04.025.011.50
32Schroeder, Kevin202576w123w125s028s059w134s122w04.024.013.50
33Busche, Klaus205854s125w043s½51w½55s19w057s14.023.013.50
34Richter, Gerald209953s11w061s½56w143s½32w065s14.023.012.75
35Langer, Christian211565s½77w157s½83w131s043w19s04.021.011.00
36Zaerban, Jan-Chris197624w17w023s118s052w½22s078w13.526.512.75
37Esser, Thomas194213s½9w071/+62s126w½42w½19s03.525.011.75
38Braun, Ingram197270s112w016s½52s½23w½19w080s13.524.511.25
39Haskenhoff, Jan204678s131w076s112w½13s½29w½16s03.524.511.00
40Fox, Jonas203790w½46s118w½10s082w124s½23w03.524.010.50
91 players

20) CXU Obro New Year 2012

The CXU Obro New Year tournament took place 27th to 30th December 2012. Jonny Hector won with 6/7.

CXU Obro New Year Copenhagen DEN Thu 27th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1 1Hector, JonnyGM25396
2 4Ochsner, Bjorn MollerFM2311
3 2Nilssen, John ArniIM23635
4 5Andreasen, PerFM23005
5 7Rosenkilde, Alexander22555
6 9Thuesen, Mogens22535
7 11Stojanovski, Sandi22265
8 13Olsen, Peter21915
9 15Haubro, Martin21685
10 16Porte, Henrik21565
11 17Haubro, Sigfred21305
12 6Claussen, Bjorn BrinckIM2260
13 27Andersen, Rune Egede2043
14 26Wilbrandt, Simon Pil2043
15 29Ulrich, Thomas2041
16 34Kirkegaard, Niels1985
17 3Hansen, MadsFM23134
18 8Christensen, Bo Garner22554
19 10Rostgaard, Tobias22394
20 12Koskela, NiinaWGM22114
21 14Kirknel, Thomas21774
22 20Nielsen, Klaus21024
23 21Grau, Peter Christian20844
24 22Skjoldager, Per20774
25 23Pedersen, Thomas Vils20734
26 24Thestrup, Sixten20724
27 30Rohr, Thomine StolbergWFM20344
28 32Petersen, Martin Reib20194
29 31Vesterli, Michael20194
30 45Pedersen, Lars Wisler18814
31 18Brondum, EricFM2127
32 19Nohr, Finn2109
33 25Percivaldi, Martin2066
34 28S, Christian2042
35 33Agertoft, Rasmus1991
36 35Holst, Lasse1975
37 36Olsen, Michael R W1971
38 37Nielsen, Morten1969
39 40Petersen, Nils1957
40 41Zachariassen, Bjarne1956
68 players

21) Pan American Intercollegiate 2012

The Pan American Intercollegiate took place in Princeton 27th to 30th December 2012. Event had live video commentary. UT Dallas A took the title.

Pan-Am Intercollege Princeton USA Thu 27th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1UT Dallas A25975150.522.525.5
2Webster B254551402124
4Webster A269151322225
5Illinois A2156598.51617
6UT Brownsville A24884127.52023
7Texas Tech A251741172123.5
8Lindenwood A2387498.518.521.5
9Wash U A21814871921
10Toronto A22334841920.5
11Princeton A224348317.518.5
12Texas Tech B19644611718
13UT Austin20054491415
15UT Dallas B23563.5781820.5
16UT Dallas C20733.572.51820
18UT Brownsville B21273741521.5
21UMCP A213836413.520.5
22Harvard A20833611420
23Wash U B1815361915
24Princeton C19343591117.5
26Webster C1856344.59.515.5
27Princeton B19683391420
28Texas Tech C1782337.51014
29ASU A21482.56714.518.5
30U Chicago19972.552.51116
31University of West Indies22102.54611.515.5
32Lindenwood B16102.53612.516.5
34Toronto B1429237.511.515
35Penn State1612234.512.515.5
36Illinois B1651233.51115
37ASU B16382288.512.5
39UMCP B862268.511.5
44 players

22) Schachfestival Erfurt 2012

The Schachfestival Erfurt took place 26th to 30th December 2012. Ketino Kachiani-Gersinska won the WGM event with 6.5/9. Alexander Zubarev had the best tie-break of 9 players tied on 6/8 in the open. Games from the open not available.

2nd Erfurt WGM Erfurt GER Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012. Category: 4. Ave: (2330)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Kachiani-Gersinska, Ketino IM GER 2366 # = 1 0 = = 1 1 1 1 6.5 2492
2 Rajlich, Iweta IM POL 2410 = # = 1 = = = = 1 = 5.5 2401
3 Gaponenko, Inna IM UKR 2405 0 = # = = = = 1 1 1 5.5 2402
4 Ohme, Melanie WGM GER 2322 1 0 = # = 1 0 1 = = 5 2374
5 Osmanodja, Filiz WF GER 2199 = = = = # = 1 = 0 1 5 2388
6 Yildiz, Betul Cemre WGM TUR 2379 = = = 0 = # 1 = 1 = 5 2368
7 Levushkina, Elena WGM GER 2288 0 = = 1 0 0 # = = 1 4 2292
8 Michna, Marta WGM GER 2383 0 = 0 0 = = = # 1 1 4 2281
9 Klek, Hanna-Marie GER 2239 0 0 0 = 1 0 = 0 # 1 3 2215
10 Havlikova, Kristyna WIM CZE 2310 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 0 0 # 1.5 2059
Erfurt Open 2012 Erfurt GER Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 8 Standings:
1Zubarev AlexanderUKR25946.039.04
2Jaracz PawelPOL25486.038.04
3Kasparov SergeyBLR24756.037.55
4Lubbe NikolasGER24066.037.04
Seger RüdigerGER23906.037.04
6Köpke ChristianGER23596.036.04
7Hambleton AmanCAN24226.035.05
8Ducarmon QuintenNED24026.035.04
9Slobodjan RomanGER25296.034.54
10Michna ChristianGER22795.535.54
11Müller MichaelGER22395.535.04
12Petr MartinCZE25215.535.03
13Thinius MarcoGER23555.534.05
14Hess ChristianGER22695.534.04
15Lammers MarkusGER23715.532.54
16Hilverda AlexanderGER23255.531.55
17Bräuer FranzGER22625.527.54
18Hetey Laszlo Dr.GER23735.036.53
Skibbe WilliGER22515.036.53
Eichner SebastianGER22925.036.53
21Tischbierek RajGER24725.034.55
22Krklec DanielGER22655.034.53
23Schreiner TillGER22505.034.04
24Schulz KarstenGER23335.033.53
25Hansch KarstenGER20575.031.53
26Urban LarsGER20735.031.52
27Brüggemann JoachimGER23445.031.03
28Meulner KlausGER21435.030.04
29Grigorian SpartakGER21415.030.03
Dehmel JensGER20645.030.03
31Pitschka ClausGER21965.029.53
32Hoffmann LukasGER21625.028.03
33Wehner JanisGER21525.027.53
34Günther ChristianGER21154.535.03
35Schöne MariaGER21974.533.04
36Hansch TorstenGER20964.532.54
37Graf RolandGER21744.532.53
38Kürsten RüdigerGER21594.532.04
39Kasparova TatianaBLR21224.532.02
40Höffer DavidGER22254.529.54
126 players

23) Norberto La Porta Open 2012

The Norberto La Porta Open took place 15th to 27th December 2012. Sandro Mareco edged out Diego Flores on tie-break after both scored 7/9.

Norberto La Porta Op Buenos Aires ARG Sat 15th Dec 2012 - Thu 27th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Mareco SandroGMARG25687.00.538.542.5
2Flores DiegoGMARG25997.00.537.543.5
3Liascovich LucasIMARG24006.50.035.544.0
4Paveto KevinFMARG23026.
5Cuevas AlexFMARG22466.50.033.543.0
6Varela GastonFMARG23756.50.033.542.5
7Alonso SalvadorGMARG25246.
8Dolezal CristianIMARG24126.
9Villanueva MarioIMARG23856.
10Tokman ArielARG22936.
11Slipak SergioGMARG24446.50.030.538.5
12Ruperez MiguelARG21456.50.025.536.0
13Ricardi PabloGMARG25076.
14Real De Azua ErnestoIMARG24656.
15De Dovitiis AlejoIMARG23496.
16Converset Juan JoseFMARG22506.00.029.538.0
17Rodriguez Jorge LuisFMARG24016.00.028.537.5
18Caceres Recalde FernandoARG22056.
19Tomeo IvanARG20616.
20Sorin ArielGMARG24515.
21Bronstein Luis MarcosIMARG23595.
22Pichot AlanFMARG23005.
23Mahia GustavoIMARG23805.
24Perez MaximilianoARG22795.50.030.539.0
25Herman DiegoARG22015.
26Fabian GastonFMARG23405.50.028.537.5
27Quenallata LucianoARG21805.
28Marey MauroARG21675.
29Molini RodrigoARG19935.50.026.533.5
30Godoy Olazabal ArturARG20265.50.024.536.5
31Vazquez MaximilianoVEN21105.50.023.533.0
32Fiori HectorARG21475.50.022.534.0
33Papez Boris AlejandroARG20455.
34Spata GermanARG22635.
35Uelf MaximilianoARG21725.
36Cativelli GerardoARG21705.
37Pineiro DarioARG21355.00.027.539.5
38Barrionuevo PabloIMARG22765.00.026.534.5
39Bustos CristianARG21615.
40Paniagua Chnelik SebastianARG21845.
120 players

24) Algeria-Turkey Chess Match 2012

The Algeria-Turkey Chess took takes place 23rd to 31st December 2012. Turkey beat Algeria 25-7 in the men's event and 14-11 in the women's.

ALG-TUR Men 2012 Algiers ALG Sun 23rd Dec 2012 - Mon 31st Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 8 Standings:
2 players
ALG-TUR Women 2012 Algiers ALG Sun 23rd Dec 2012 - Mon 31st Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 8 Standings:
2 players

25) ch-CAN Junior 2013

The Canadian Junior Championship took place 26th to 31st December 2012. Richard Wang won with 6.5/9.

ch-CAN Junior 2013 Toronto CAN Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Mon 31st Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Wang RichardIMCAN2454*½10½½11116.526.000.05
2Qin Zi Yi (joey)CAN2449½*½1½10½116.025.250.04
3Kleinman MichaelFMCAN23680½*½½1½1½15.521.500.03
4Preotu RazvanCAN230010½*½½½½½15.021.500.52
5Jiang LouieFMCAN2406½½½½*01½1½5.021.500.52
6Sapozhnikov RomanFMCAN2440½00½1*½½014.016.750.02
7Kraiouchkine NikitaCAN235101½½0½*0½½3.516.250.01
8Song MichaelCAN23220½0½½½1*½03.515.250.01
9Szalay KarolyCAN239200½½01½½*½3.514.000.01
10Chiku-Ratte Olivier KentaCAN21870000½0½1½*2.59.500.01
10 players

26) ch-CZE Blitz 2012

The Czech Blitz Championship took place on 15th December. There were Men's, Women's and Junior sections which had preliminary Swiss Open tournaments followed by knockouts to settle the final placings. Vojtech Plat beat David Navara and Viktor Laznicka in the final KO phase to take the Men's title, Terezu Olsarovou won the women's title and Tomas Kraus the Juniors.

ch-CZE Blitz Men Prague CZE Sat 15th Dec 2012 - Sat 15th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 13 Standings:
1Laznicka ViktorGMCZE267411.089.5106.589.75
2Plat VojtechIMCZE250210.086.0102.576.75
3Navara DavidGMCZE27109.088.5105.569.00
4Polak TomasGMCZE25209.083.5100.065.25
5Jirovsky MilosGMCZE24539.
6Hracek ZbynekGMCZE26158.587.0104.563.50
7Konopka MichalIMCZE24538.580.096.057.25
8Meduna EduardGMCZE24168.084.599.057.50
9Rausis IgorGMCZE25108.
10Suran JanFMCZE23598.077.590.051.25
11Neuman PetrIMCZE24718.074.590.051.00
12Biolek RichardIMCZE24498.067.580.049.00
13Cvek RobertGMCZE25417.585.0101.555.50
14Zwardon VojtechFMCZE24367.578.594.045.50
15Velicka PetrGMCZE24697.573.089.044.75
16Kislinsky AlexeyGMCZE24027.569.581.542.25
17Kociscak JiriFMCZE24217.089.0105.050.75
18Novotny MichalFMCZE24037.076.592.544.50
19Pisk PetrIMCZE23897.076.590.545.25
20Rasik VitezslavIMCZE25167.
21Jirka JiriIMCZE24117.071.581.537.50
22Blatny PavelGMCZE24207.070.082.543.50
23Marsalek ZdenekCZE22897.068.580.038.50
24Svoboda SvatoplukFMCZE23346.578.093.543.50
25Bernasek JanIMCZE25066.575.589.040.00
26Mirumian VigenGMCZE25116.573.588.539.25
27Babula VlastimilGMCZE25856.571.586.538.00
28Hinks-Edwards Thomas R JIMCZE24146.570.583.035.50
29Zvara PetrIMCZE24196.569.081.536.25
30Voloshin LeonidGMCZE24266.
31Priehoda VitezslavIMCZE24146.
32Biolek Richard Jr.IMCZE23996.
33Cifka StanislavFMCZE24096.071.585.032.50
34Jirovsky PavelIMCZE23316.069.582.536.25
35Cernousek LukasIMCZE24506.063.577.533.00
36Buchnicek PetrFMCZE23526.060.570.530.50
37Vyskocil NeklanIMCZE23815.577.090.535.25
38Cuhra MartinCZE22365.566.075.024.75
39Orsag MilanIMCZE23845.560.573.527.25
40Neckar LubomirIMCZE23605.555.564.521.50
52 players
ch-CZE Blitz Women Prague CZE Sat 15th Dec 2012 - Sat 15th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 13 Standings:
1Mareckova MartinaWFMCZE208010.083.598.574.50
2Olsarova KarolinaWIMCZE22679.082.598.065.25
3Kulovana EvaWGMCZE22518.585.5101.564.25
4Olsarova TerezaWIMCZE22678.585.5101.564.25
5Orsagova SilvieWIMCZE21818.578.089.550.75
6Sikorova OlgaWIMCZE22578.082.598.556.25
7Medunova VeraWIMCZE21188.
8Sabolova GabrielaCZE18998.072.583.549.50
9Jinova LucieCZE20977.584.5100.555.75
10Zakoucka AdelaCZE19947.578.588.545.50
11Eretova JanaCZE20717.080.091.541.75
12Marikova JanaCZE20027.076.086.540.25
13Novosadova KristynaCZE21587.075.590.542.75
14Valickova MartinaCZE20646.570.581.042.25
15Vlckova KaterinaCZE18536.568.579.533.25
16Janska JitkaCZE18396.564.574.029.25
17Kubikova HanaWFMCZE21456.564.572.533.00
18Korenova MartinaWIMCZE22146.076.592.540.00
19Grussova HelenaCZE19816.071.582.529.50
20Richterova NatasaCZE19966.071.581.032.50
21Folkova MartinaCZE21836.069.578.530.25
22Zpevakova JanaCZE19126.068.077.530.50
23Sabolova KristynaCZE18836.
24Holusova TanaWFMCZE20646.066.576.527.50
25Gallinisova VaclavaCZE20275.562.572.523.25
26Modrova HanaWFMCZE19255.560.068.022.00
27Balkova AnnaCZE19435.065.575.024.75
28Mozna EvaWFMCZE19274.062.071.516.00
29Nemcova KarinCZE16581.566.576.08.50
30Neumanova MonikaCZE17011.064.574.01.50
30 players
ch-CZE Blitz U18 Prague CZE Sat 15th Dec 2012 - Sat 15th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 13 Standings:
1Pulpan JakubCZE20999.583.599.071.75
2Kraus TomasCZE22909.582.096.568.00
3Toman OndrejCZE21019.581.094.566.25
4Balacek TadeasCMCZE22169.085.5100.064.00
5Machan JanCZE20629.079.593.059.75
6Zezula RudolfCZE19958.083.599.055.75
7Suchomel AlesCZE20558.080.093.553.75
8Flasar JaroslavCZE20048.079.594.056.75
9Blahynka MartinCZE21528.
10Walek PetrCZE20207.584.5100.053.00
11Dobes VojtechCZE20857.580.593.049.25
12Zvara DavidCZE20917.577.091.548.75
13Haman JakubCZE21347.569.081.042.25
14Kratochvil Vit 98CZE19447.086.5102.052.25
15Braun MarekCZE22537.080.595.046.25
16Liska JiriCZE17947.
17Kostka VitCZE18917.066.574.532.00
18Starek StanislavCZE20837.064.576.538.50
19Ptacek TomasCZE18527.058.065.530.25
20Mikes JanCZE20476.579.594.545.00
21Hollan MartinCZE17286.572.086.540.00
22Chmel KristianCZE20646.571.085.540.25
23Kozusek DanielCZE19666.077.091.538.75
24Vykouk JanCZE19876.077.086.531.00
25Miculka DavidCZE19036.
26Pospisil MartinCZE20076.
27Sedivy MartinCZE19476.069.078.533.00
28Cap AdamCZE20146.068.580.536.00
29Pulpan MatejCZE17636.066.574.527.25
30Franek JanCZE19766.
31Hollan PetrCZE17476.059.068.526.00
32Jelinek MichalCZE17095.558.067.520.25
33Meduna EduardCZE20345.076.592.033.25
34Dvorak AdamCZE20305.069.582.026.75
35Mares JanCZE19295.068.077.521.25
36Lhotka JiriCZE20724.557.564.518.75
37Wagner VojtechCZE17974.064.073.511.50
38Eret JonasCZE18294.
39Vlasak MartinCZE18633.060.568.09.50
40Korenova MagdalenaCZE14140.
40 players

27) Czech Christmas Open 2012

The Czech Christmas Open takes place 26th December 2012 to 2nd January 2013.

Czech Christmas Open Litomysl CZE Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Wed 2nd Jan 2013
Leading Round 6 (of 9) Standings:
1Kanovsky DavidIMCZE24125.516.524.02241
2Cerveny MartinFMCZE23285.015.524.02198
3Cerveny PetrCZE22695.014.020.02045
4Jedlicka AlesFMCZE22235.013.019.02105
5Heydarli KananIMAZE23014.515.023.02180
6Novotny MichalFMCZE22744.514.522.02138
7Chudinovskikh Alexander MIMRUS22634.511.517.51942
8Sharashenidze AkakiFMCZE23514.016.024.02228
9Mejzlik OndrejCZE22334.014.522.02123
10Jozefek MichalSVK20604.014.520.52097
11Sodoma JanIMCZE23794.014.021.52171
12Bombek PeterFMSVK22614.013.521.52119
13Hajek LukasSVK21554.013.521.52081
14Sabol MarianFMCZE23414.013.019.02102
15Vyprachticky DavidCZE20924.012.518.51994
16Mejzlik VojtechCZE20524.012.518.02058
17Maciol RyszardPOL21904.011.518.51983
18Sabuk PiotrPOL21953.516.023.02151
19Sedy PavelCZE21373.514.019.52108
20Daniel MartinCZE20813.513.520.52113
21Kubik MichaelCZE21403.512.519.02148
22Kastner OldrichCZE20883.512.519.01991
23Szumilas PiotrPOL22043.512.518.52071
24Skoda MartinCZE20173.511.517.52069
25Anaskin ArsenijCZE18553.511.517.02001
26Jasny StanislavIMCZE23033.511.016.52048
27Pekar VaclavCZE21573.016.023.02073
28Spacek OliverSVK19983.013.520.02128
29Hrabal MichalCZE21003.012.518.52011
30Jablon StephenUSA19313.012.517.02055
31Liduch FilipCZE17073.012.018.02027
32Tejkal JiriCZE19643.011.517.51995
33Schaefer ReykGER21123.011.517.51988
34Pulpan JakubCZE20993.011.517.02006
35Seidl StepanCZE21853.011.017.01969
36Goluch PiotrPOL22533.011.016.51986
37Lewicki PawelPOL19343.07.011.01847
38Chiu HowardCMSIN20422.513.019.52080
39Lys JosefFMCZE21582.513.019.52017
40Kimerling MartinSVK20472.513.019.02054
64 players

28) 1st Wittelsbach Christmas Open 2012

The 1st Wittelsbach Christmas Open took place 26th to 29th December 2012. Nikita Meskovs took clear first with 6/7. I couldn't find any games.

1st Wittelsbach Open Kelheim GER Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sat 29th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Meskovs, Nikita23146.029.0
2Pezerovic, Edin24425.530.0
2Kantans, Toms23555.530.0
4Maier, Alexander23065.529.5
5Berchtenbreiter, Maximilian23605.528.0
6Promyshlyanskyy, Vitaliy22375.527.0
7Giessmann, Stephan22455.526.0
8Fuhrmann, Max21555.027.5
9Weber, Daniel18665.026.5
10Maurer, Heinrich21315.025.5
11Zhou, Wile19475.022.0
12Fernandez-Garcia, Relman 4.529.5
13Eibl, Maximilian21374.528.0
14Stoeckl, Stephan21264.526.0
15Seifert, Werner20004.525.5
16Winterholler, Christina18804.525.5
17Schindler, Gernot, Dr20234.524.5
18Seidenschwarz, Holger19894.523.5
19Weigert, Wilhelm20244.523.5
20Seitner, Ralf 4.523.5
21Kunz, Konstantin22284.522.5
22Kues, Manuel20024.521.5
23Kreuzer, Helmut21324.028.5
24Watzenberger, Stefan 4.027.0
25Vilsmeier, Christian 4.026.5
26Strobel, Christian 4.024.5
27Schmitz, Marc 4.024.5
28Braun, Thomas, Dr21624.024.0
29Kaiser, Dominik 4.024.0
30Kuempers, Ulrich20664.023.5
31Bartmann, Florian 4.023.5
32Arnold, Sebastian 4.022.0
33Simon, Guenther 4.021.5
34Grasser, Martin19164.021.5
35Schmitz, Bjoern 3.525.5
36Meul, Willi18563.525.0
37Hessler, Markus17623.524.5
38Swierzy, David 3.524.5
39Braun, Kristin18363.524.5
40Zwetz, Jasmin 3.523.5
84 players

29) 21st Montecatini Terme 2012

The 21st Montecatini Terme Open took place 27th to 30th December 2012. Fabio Bruno edged out Marco Codenotti, Francesco Frugoli, Igor Efimov, Pietro Mola, Gianluca Finocchiaro and Paolo Vezzosi on tie-break after all finished on 5/6. I couldn't find any games.

Montecatini Terme Op Montecatini Terme ITA Thu 27th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
11BRUNO FabioIM24295.022.524.52186.8
24CODENOTTI MarcoFM23625.022.024.52148.8
316FRUGOLI FrancescoCM21995.019.522.52126.2
43EFIMOV IgorGM24135.019.022.02118.8
511MOLA PietroFM22405.018.521.52054.2
624FINOCCHIARO GianlucaCM20955.018.521.52046.8
78VEZZOSI PaoloIM23075.018.019.51897.0
823DISTASO Antonio20994.519.022.02079.5
96SARNO SpartacoIM23354.519.022.01936.8
1041GAROFALO SimoneCM20174.518.020.52088.0
1121MELONE AntonioCM21144.021.024.02130.7
12126PASQUALETTI Enzo15004.021.024.02115.0
1315OMERI SilvanCM22084.020.523.52072.0
1414PASSEROTTI PierluigiFM22244.020.023.02092.8
159AGHAYEV Miragha22614.020.023.02049.5
162LAKETIC GojkoIM24254.019.522.02027.7
1728FRANCIOSI FaustoCM20694.019.521.52101.2
1813NANNELLI Paolo22304.019.521.51974.7
1926BORASO AlessioCM20804.019.021.02049.3
2063LODICI Lorenzo19314.019.020.52019.8
215SIBILIO MarioFM23494.018.521.51978.7
2236SAGRIPANTI MicheleCM20324.018.521.01987.8
2377VOCATURO Riccardo18904.017.520.02086.4
2420TEUTSCH AlexanderCM21154.017.019.51975.5
2530PICCIRILLO EdoardoCM20604.017.019.51905.2
2632BISI SamueleCM20544.017.019.51863.5
2733NOVELLI CristianoCM20514.016.519.01985.5
2825VARVAGLIONE AntonioCM20844.016.018.51993.3
2952DI PRIMIO EugeniaCM19794.015.517.01935.2
3058BETTAZZI Alessandro19564.015.016.01733.0
3147CASTROGIOVANNI CarloCM19964.013.014.51914.5
3234VANACORE FrancescoCM20484.013.014.51821.3
3361CALABRESE Claudio19463.520.021.52010.7
3417PALTRINIERI NicholasCM21713.519.021.52031.3
3512RAMONDINO RenzoFM22303.517.520.01967.2
3627GAZZARRI AlbertoCM20803.517.519.51979.0
3729MAURIZIO AntonioCM20613.517.519.02059.7
3848CORDARA MicheleFM19953.517.519.02055.5
3949MOVILEANU DanielaCM19863.517.518.52111.0
4044BARBISO TizianaCM20083.517.019.52010.5
128 players

30) 28th Post Open

The 28th Post Open took place 26th to 30th December 2012. Alex Berelowitsch edged out Felix Levin and Walter Wengenroth on tie-break after all scored 6/7. I couldn't find any games although at one point I thought I saw some early games in text format that seem to have been removed.

28th Post Open Duesseldorf GER Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Berelowitsch, AlexGMGER25425026.026.027.25
2Levin, FelixGMGER24995026.025.526.00
3Wengenroth, WalterFMGER22356106.022.025.00
4Coenen, Michael GER22575115.524.023.00
5Kolkin, Michail UKR23315115.520.520.25
6Probst, Andreas GER20575105.519.522.25
7Takeuchi, Eiki GER20395115.518.520.25
8Tkachuk, Sergij, Dr GER21564125.023.520.75
9Heinert, Eugen GER20044115.022.520.50
10Vasiljev, Jurij LAT20484125.022.518.75
11Luncescu, Christia GER21555205.022.018.50
12Bakhmatov, EduardFMGER22114125.020.520.75
13Coenen, Siegfried GER19664125.019.519.75
14Schneider, Manfred 19005205.019.021.00
15Walter, Andreas GER20034125.019.021.00
16Neumair, Jerome GER20793045.019.020.75
17Kosin, Jens GER19723045.019.019.00
18Singh, Marcel GER18104125.018.516.75
19Dischinger, FrankFMGER21174125.018.021.25
20Winckler, Andreas 17104204.521.017.50
21Schulz, Ruediger 19833134.520.518.25
22Meertens, Martin GER21013134.520.516.00
23Sponheim, Marko GER20093134.519.518.50
24Schueller, Tobias GER18473134.519.017.50
25Wuesten, Christian GER18582044.518.518.75
26Kaiser, Daniel 17643134.518.514.00
27Wiesebach, Wolfgan GER18693134.518.016.25
28Hansen, Moritz 16894204.518.013.50
29Herzum, Peter GER18553134.516.516.25
30Arndt, Olaf GER18524214.515.514.75
31Hartung, Thomas, Dr GER18124214.515.514.50
32Kostowski, Ireneus GER16744204.515.512.75
33Weber, Bernhard GER18124204.514.512.25
34Spickermann, Sven 18614204.513.512.75
35Sokalska, OlenaFMUKR18864214.513.012.50
36Bondarchuk, Vadim GER19643224.021.516.00
37Vovchik, Vladimir GER16884304.020.016.00
38Henrotte, Nils GER18662134.018.515.50
39Wengenroth, Karl 16774304.018.014.00
40Biessner, Eberhard GER17123224.017.514.00
124 players

31) 29th Travemuender Open 2012

The 29th Travemuender Open took place 27th to 30th December 2012. Oleg Korneev edged out Rasmus Svane and Hans-Joerg Cordes on tie-break after all scored 6/7. I couldn't find any games.

29th Travemuender Op Travemuende GER Thu 27th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Korneev, OlegGMESP26025026.030.0
2Svane, RasmusGER23885026.029.0
3Cordes, Hans-JoergFMGER22695026.027.0
4Mainka, RomualdGMGER24575115.529.0
5Maiorov, NikitaGMBLR25544035.528.5
6Fries-Nielsen, Jens OveIMDEN23655115.528.0
7Voloshin, LeonidGMCZE24265115.526.5
7Laubsch, BerndFMGER23095115.526.5
7Ritscher, Jan-PaulFMGER22644035.526.5
10Leisner, HannesGER21974035.525.5
11Sergeev, VladimirGMUKR24714125.030.0
12Vogel, RobertFMGER22533045.028.0
13Kuhn, GerdGER21314125.027.0
14Laqua, ChristianGER21394125.026.5
15Schuette, MarcFMGER22154125.025.0
16Stotyn, FabianGER21025205.023.5
17Okhotnik, VladimirGMFRA24335205.023.0
17Eschke, LarsGER21764125.023.0
19Stips, FelixITA22224125.021.5
20Pererva, ViktorGER20154125.020.0
21Powierski, EmilGER21534214.527.5
22Dietze, FrankGER21634214.526.5
23Schulz, JensGER22344214.526.0
24Feldtmann, ThomasGER22764114.525.0
24Homuth, ManfredGER21554214.525.0
26Ilgner, AndreasGER21563134.523.0
27Puth, DieterFMGER21803134.522.5
27Raddatz, MichaelGER20464214.522.5
29Haselhorst, HelmutGER20993134.522.0
30Rossen, ClausDEN21863134.521.0
31Wilton, LarsDEN21322054.520.0
31Rudolph, PeterGER21273134.520.0
33Schmidt, HaraldFMGER23654304.028.5
33Bulygin, AntonRUS20333224.028.5
35Pick, StefanGER21254304.027.0
35Krause, BenedictGER20803224.027.0
35Schulenburg, TorbenGER20671064.027.0
35Astrom, LarsSWE19313224.027.0
39Weber, MaxGER21113224.026.5
40Neitzel, MirkoGER19033224.026.0
149 players

32) 5th Marseille Festival 2012

The 5th Marseille Festival took place 26th to 30th December 2012. Jean-Marc Degraeve edged out Joseph Sanchez, Vladimir Georgiev and Jonathan Dourerassou on tie-break after all scored 7/9. I couldn't find any games.

5th Marseille Open Marseille FRA Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1DEGRAEVE Jean-Marcg25847462634
2SANCHEZ Josephg2533743½2605
3GEORGIEV Vladimirg25477432609
4DOURERASSOU Jonathanm24547422501
5ENCHEV Ivajlom2411741½2501
6SALVADOR Rolandg247144½2449
7NIKOLOV Momchilg254243½2465
8RUSEV Krasimirg2539432485
9RIFF Vincentf2340402400
10COLLAS Didierm240136½2384
11SANDU Mihaelagf2199642½2368
12DEMUTH Adrienm2480641½2354
13LOISEAU Quentinf2370641½2350
14JANEV Tihomirf2413641½2309
15BELLAHCENE Bilelf2361640½2305
16ARNAUDOV G. Petarm24836402317
17NETZER Jacques2286639½2301
18HOUARD Yannick22466392346
19MALASSAGNE Raphael21046392219
20MILU Romeo-Sorinm2405638½2246
21PRUVOT Louis21706382307
22JOIE Sebastienf2329637½2210
23FIGIER Anthony17646331941
24MULLON Jean-Baptistem2404452392
25PETROSSIAN Armenf2418432302
26RIFF Jean-Noelm2480422293
27VEYS Vincent207840½2148
28COLLAS Silviam228539½2220
29DEVOILLE Hugo194036½2027
30CHAUVET Vincent2146362001
31MONCAMP Gilles217535½2068
32BREST Jean-Francois207435½2028
33TEYCHENE Jean-Louis190535½2005
34GOETTELMANN Guillaume20305422199
35GOLDSZTEJN Gildasm2415541½2272
36MESSINGER Karl2087539½2143
37MISHKOVSKI Lubomir2034539½2067
38NOIREAUT Hung1890539½2059
39BURRI Quentin18865382016
40SCRIPNIC Dumitru20445382012
119 players

33) Antwerp Winter Open 2012

The Antwerp Winter Open took place 26th December to 30th December 2012. Ulvi Sadikhov edged out Benjamin Decrop and Christophe Callier on tie-break after all scored 7.5/9. No games available.

Antwerp Winter Open Antwerp BEL Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Sadikhov UlviAZE2203F97.52194
2Decrop BenjaminBEL1873F97.52115
3Callier ChristopheBEL2073F97.52123
4Ismail TamerBUL1810F96.51927
5Van Landeghem GuntherBEL1601F95.01822
6Lehmann StefanGER2030F94.51854
7Apemiye AustinNGR2055F74.51970
8Schick JonathanBEL1623F74.01528
9Vincent GwijdeBEL1710F93.51788
10Stuer HendrikBEL1829F93.51665
11Vincent AylaBEL1249N93.51326
12Zuccaro GuidoITA1738F93.01571
13Conde Chijeb Manuel JeESP1776F42.01858
14Van Esbroeck JozefBEL1244N92.01141
15Pensaert RudyBEL081.51187
16Wlogalski OlivierBEL1915F10.01131
16 players

34) Bethune Open 2012

The Bethune Open took place 26th to 30th December 2012. Maxime Lagarde took clear first with 7.5/9. I couldn't find any games.

Bethune Open A 2012 Bethune FRA Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Sun 30th Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12508LAGARDE MaximeF41½2581
22385LEENHOUTS KoenF422469
32457RINGOIR TanguyF41½2475
42282HAAST MarkF640½2375
52407BITALZADEH AliF639½2358
62250BOMANS ArnoF6382368
72410JEREZ PEREZ AlfonsoF636½2303
82367ALONSO GARCIA Rene MarcialF402299
92406NAVROTESCU CatalinF402277
102104VAN CAPPELLEN JonasF382331
112235NABUURS MartF36½2252
122011SEKANDAR KambizF35½2294
132017LEVESQUE ThomasF352280
142275LE QUANG KimF540½2296
152185VERSTRAETEN ReinaertF540½2273
162250LLANEZA VEGA PatriciaF5392246
172113SANDERS Isaac BF538½2258
182208NAUDION GregoireF538½2206
192236KAMBRATH YannickF537½2200
202089BURGNIES StephaneF5352236
212197NOIROUX KevinF5352232
222117HORTENSIUS LisaF534½2229
231989SUEZ-PANAMA GillesF530½2175
242123ROGIERS JanF36½2162
252245VAN DEN BERG BramF34½2127
262098AGLAVE ArnaudF33½2092
272146ROGER MehdiF33½2090
282140VAN DE PERRE TomF32½2081
292226BURG BrentF322102
302024MASSOELS ThomasF31½2096
312026DE VLEESCHAUWER MaartenF282066
322067LENAERTS LennertF4372155
332228DENAYER EricF4322070
342204NABUURS JoepF431½2022
352013VAN DE WYNKELE EricF427½2023
362106NAVROTESCU Andreea-CristianaF342085
372223BOIZANTE YvainF33½2029
382011GOOSSENS HanneF32½2063
392030DELBECQ JeannotF322008
402044SOBRY SebastienF312041
52 players

35) Wolfsberg Open 2012

The Wolfsberg Open took place 26th to 31st December 2012. Zoran Jovanovic edged out Imre Hera on tie-break after both scored 5.5/7. No games available.

Wolfsberg Open 2012 Wolfsberg AUT Wed 26th Dec 2012 - Mon 31st Dec 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Jovanovic ZoranGMCRO25035.5259932.523.5
2Hera ImreGMHUN25735.5256631.022.5
3Szczepkowska-Horowska KarinaWGMPOL23785.0250531.022.5
4Kozul ZdenkoGMCRO26385.0250231.523.0
5Kovacs GaborIMHUN24615.0246830.022.0
6Csonka AttilaIMHUN24255.0246030.521.5
7Tomazini AljosaFMSLO22865.0241228.019.5
8Spalir JernejSLO22625.0237828.520.5
9Moser EvaIMAUT24434.5243031.022.5
10Tratar MarkoGMSLO25164.5238030.021.5
11Nemeth MiklosIMHUN24494.5235128.521.0
12Danner GeorgIMAUT23364.5229125.518.0
13Genser HaraldFMAUT22904.5227428.019.5
14Schnider GertFMAUT23144.5226626.018.5
15Schneider-Zinner HaraldIMAUT23694.5225927.020.0
16Koban MarkusAUT19684.5214220.514.0
17Jeran BostjanSLO22234.5203021.515.5
18Sakelsek TadejIMSLO24384.0224326.518.5
19Nickl Klaus Prof.MKAUT21384.0201921.015.0
20Ramusch Arnulf Dr.AUT20054.0200819.513.5
21Tomazini ZanFMSLO23563.5227229.521.5
22Wegerer Fred Ing.FMAUT21943.5222125.018.0
23Koziol KamilPOL19793.5218925.519.0
24Sternat Roland Mag.AUT20863.5218429.021.5
25Ernst Michael Mag.MKAUT22053.5213125.018.5
26Rass EwaldAUT19713.5211426.019.0
27Eberhardt ChristianAUT03.5208126.018.5
28Hrenic MisaSLO20173.5206825.519.5
29Toefferl HeimoMKAUT21363.5205425.018.0
30Kollmann ChristophAUT20273.5203025.017.0
31Klement OttomarAUT18993.5195623.517.0
32Smole AlbertMKAUT20803.5190221.014.5
33Tscheinig GertAUT19143.5182820.514.5
34Fritzer Friedrich Dr.AUT17163.5172018.012.5
35Ciorica Mihai-VladROU17493.0204127.019.0
36Tscheinig SandroAUT17743.0201721.015.5
37Savio Alfred Jun.AUT20353.0196121.514.5
38Jicman Ligia LetitiaWIMROU21793.0190023.516.5
39Gaug HerbertAUT18603.0189422.516.0
40Wutscher KarlAUT18883.0184421.515.0
41Busuioc AlexandraAUT15783.0181417.012.5
42Turian HansAUT19852.5208827.019.5
43Jakits LeopoldAUT19792.5193522.016.5
44Napetschnig MartinAUT18762.5192423.517.5
45Mostoegl KonradAUT19862.5191223.516.5
46Weber HaraldAUT18772.5184020.014.0
47Reichmann EgonFMAUT22692.0215425.018.0
48Mursteiner GerhardAUT02.0175423.517.5
49Ciorica Ovidiu-NicolaieROU16022.0171320.515.5
50Pletz BorisAUT02.0163018.013.5
51Koban ViktorAUT19391.5188521.015.0
52Mulaj JakupAUT18501.5181020.515.0
53Huber MarioAUT19611.5180124.017.5
54Pressl HaraldAUT18491.5163822.516.5
55Koschel StefanAUT01.5149021.515.5
56Titz Heimo Dr.FMAUT21661.5022.515.5
57Tiefenbacher Richard Jun.AUT20441.0216623.516.5
58Müller MarkusGER17461.0103517.513.0
58 players

36) Chinese League 2012

The Chinese league was a marathon event over 22 rounds. Rounds: Beijing 28th Apr - May 1st, Taizhou 27th-29th June, Shanghai 11th-13th July (turned out to be Tianjin), Shenzhen 14th-17th Sept, Hangzhou 6th-9th October and finally Danzhou 21st-24th Dec 2012. (info Shanghai Jianqiao Academy Team took the title.

I'm hoping an archive of games turns up still, if anyone sees games from the final rounds let me know.

TCh-CHN 2012 Beijing CHN Sat 28th Apr 2012 - Tue 9th Oct 2012
Leading Final Round 22 Standings:
16Shanghai Jianqiao Academy Team2215343466.5
24Beijing AIGO Team2213363266.5
38Jiangsu Taizhou Team2214533165.5
42Chongqing Team2212732761.5
59Shandong Gree Team229762459.0
63Tianjin Qin Huangdao Team2211922457.0
712Wuxi Huafang Construction Team227962052.5
811Hebei Sports Lottery Team2251161645.5
97Guangdong Huateng Club Team2251251547.5
1010Qingdao School Team2231091546.0
111Zhejiang Yinzhou Team2241261448.0
125Chengdu Bank Team2221281244.5
12 teams

37) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

SVK Extraliga 2012-13

The Slovakian Extraliga takes place 27th October 2012 to 3rd March 2013. Next rounds 5-6 19th to 20th January 2013.

TCh-SVK Extr 2012-13 Bratislava SVK Sat 27th Oct 2012 - Sun 3rd Mar 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
112DUNAJSKA STREDA sk44001222.50
27BRATISLAVA sk Slovan44001221.00
36BRATISLAVA sk Doprastav43011019.50
41CADCA sk Caisa4310921.50
54DUNAJOV tj Inbest4211717.00
610KOSICE 7 Statocnych4121416.50
78LIPTOV sk Magic4121414.50
83DUBNICA NAD VAHOM sks4121413.00
92TRENCIN pk4130316.00
1011KOSICE tj Slavia4130313.00
119MODRA sk403119.50
125NITRA nsk404008.00
12 teams

TCh-BEL 2012-13

The Belgian Team Championship takes place 23rd September 2012 to 17th March 2013. Round 6 was on 16th December 2012. Round 7 13th Jan 2013.

TCh-BEL 2012-13 Belgium BEL Sun 23rd Sep 2012 - Sun 17th Mar 2013
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
1Amay 110105
2Wirtzfeld 19115
3CREC 18106
4KSK47-Eynatten 18103
5Borgerhout 18100
6Fontaine 1896
7Anderlecht 1795
8KSK Rochade 1598
9KGSRL 1591
10Deurne 1287
11Zottegem 1180
12KSK47-Eynatten 2175
12 teams

Dutch League 2012-13

The Dutch League takes place 15th September 2012 to 20th April 2013. Round 5 was on 15th December 2012. Round 6 16th Feb 2012.

Dutch League 2012-13 Amsterdam NED Sat 15th Sep 2012 - Sat 20th Apr 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1En Passant2469 6 1034
2Accres Apeldoorn2410 830½
3Voerendaal2427 7629
4SO Rotterdam2404 5 6 526½
5Utrecht23794 5 523½
6HMC Calder2381½ 56520½
7Groninger Combinatie2337 6 423
8Kennemer Combinatie2351 4 423
9BSG2326 34 5 322
10De Stukkenjagers2284 4 018
10 teams

Frauenbundesliga 2012-13

The Fraubundesliga started 6th October and runs through to 10th March 2013. Second set of games from the early rounds now available. Most of Round 5 16th Dec 2012. Round 6 19th Jan 2013.

FrBundesliga 2012-13 Germany GER Sat 6th Oct 2012 - Sun 10th Mar 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
1Schachverein Muelheim Nord5 + 3 4 917½
2Bad Koenigshofen5 + 33 5 6821½
3SF 1891 Friedberg5 + 4 5 4819
4OSG Baden Baden4 3 + 715½
5USV Volksbank Halle533 + 2 4 5 617
6Rodewischer Schachmiezen5 4 + 5414½
7Hamburger SK von 18304 2 + 4 414
8SK Grosslehna51 2 + 5 414
9SF Deizisau5 2 + 3 313½
10SV Chemie Guben4 1 3 + 311
11Schachverein Wattenscheid 193052 1 ½1 + 06
12Karlsruher SF 18534 02 1 + 0
12 teams

TCh-CZE Extraliga 2012-13

The Czech Extraliga and various quite strong secondary leagues are well under way. Rounds 1-2 of the Extraliga took place 3rd to 4th November 2012. Rounds 3-4 took place 1st to 2nd December 2012. Rounds 5-6 16th to 17th Feb 2012. The 3rd round of the 1st Division leagues took place on 25th November 2012. Round 4 9th December 2012. Round 5 13th January 2013.

TCh-CZE Extraliga Prague CZE Sat 3rd Nov 2012 - Sun 28th Apr 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
11. Novoborsky ŠK*451020.05.0
2Rapid Pardubice*667921.57.5
3TJ Tatran Litovel*1915.53.5
4BŠŠ Frydek-Mistek47*720.06.5
5ŠK Slavoj Poruba*35617.05.0
6Vystaviště Lysa nad Labem3*615.53.5
7ŠK Zikuda Turnov2*615.53.5
8Labortech Ostrava*3615.53.0
9A64 VALOZ Grygov5*4414.02.5
10AD Mahrla Praha25*314.03.5
11TJ Bohemians Praha13*312.03.5
12TŽ Třinec4*111.51.0
12 teams
TCh-CZE 1st Zapad Prague CZE Sat 3rd Nov 2012 - Sun 28th Apr 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1ŠK ERA Poštovni spořitelna*561222.08.0
2ŠK Holdia DP Praha B*561221.08.5
3ŠK AD Jičin*451019.05.0
41. Novoborsky ŠK B*5918.56.5
5TJ Pankrac*44818.05.0
6QCC Česke Budějovice4*7719.06.5
7TJ Slavia Hradec Kralove4*5715.03.5
8JOLY Lysa nad Labem B34*416.04.5
9TJ Sokol Praha - Kobylisy333*012.53.0
10Sokol Praha - Vršovice*011.03.0
11ŠK Sokol Vyšehrad1*010.52.0
122222 ŠK Polabiny A223*09.53.0
12 teams
TCh-CZE 1st Vychod Prague CZE Sat 3rd Nov 2012 - Sun 28th Apr 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1SK Slavia Orlova “A“*5541020.56.5
2Šachovy klub Karvina “A“*5918.56.0
3ŠK Duras BVK Kralovo Pole “A“3*917.54.5
4Tatran Litovel “B“*916.04.5
5A64 PROCLIENT Grygov “B“*34716.05.0
6ŠK Stare Město “A“*6617.55.5
7Beskydska šachova škola o.s. “B“*616.04.5
8Slavia Kroměřiž “A“3*53615.54.0
9ŠK Gordic Jihlava453*415.55.0
10ŠK Caissa RHEA Třebič “A“35*315.03.5
11ŠK Zlin “A“4*113.54.5
122222 ŠK Polabiny “B“2*010.52.0
12 teams

51st TCh-DEN ExtraCon 2012-13

The 51st TCh-DEN ExtraCon takes place 28th October 2012 to 3rd March 2013. The 3rd round was this weekend but the games are now available. Round 4 13th Jan 2013.

51st TCh-DEN ExtraCon 2012-13 Copenhagen DEN Sun 28th Oct 2012 - Sun 3rd Mar 2013
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1K41 1 614
2Jetsmark 1 413½
3Aarhus/Skolerne 313½
4Team Nordea Skb 1213
5Nordre 1412½
6SK 1968 1211½
7Bronshoj 1311
9Obro 110½
10BMS Skak 1 210
10 teams

TCh-HUN 2012-13

The Hungarian Team Champion take place 16th September to Sun 21st Apr 2013. Round 5 was on 12th December 2012, games now available. Round 6 27th Jan 2013.

TCh-HUN 2012-13 Budapest HUN Sun 16th Sep 2012 - Sun 21st Apr 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Aquaprofit-NTSK 107.5 997.543
2ASE Paks 8 7 7.589.540
3HVSE 5.5 668.5834
4ASS-Makoi SVSE 46.5 8.575.5 31.5
5MLTC2 67.5 6.57.529.5
6Penzugyor SE4.55 67 6.529
7Hungaropharma Decs 63.54.556 25
8Dunaharaszti MTK34.565 6 24.5
9BEAC I343.56.55.5 22.5
10Toth Laszlo SE4.52.54 4.55.5 21
10 teams

Bundesliga 2012-13

The Bundesliga second weekend took place 11th to 12th November 2012. Rounds 5 and 6 took place 8th to 9th December 2012. OSG Baden-Baden now leads alone on 100%. Rounds 7-8 on 2nd-3rd Feb 2013.

Bundesliga 2012-13 Germany GER Sat 20th Oct 2012 - Sun 7th Apr 2013
Leading Round 6 (of 15) Standings:
2SG Solingen501461130
4SC Eppingen4205829½
7SG Trier321234722½
13SF Berlin15033220
16 teams

TCh-FIN 2012-13

The Finnish Team Championship takes place 28th September 2012 to 10th March 2013. Rounds 5-6 was 17th to 18th November although the schedule isn't quite as cut and dried as that. More games available. Round 7 12th January 2013. My thanks to Henri Koskinen for the news.

TCh-FIN SM 2012-13 Finland FIN Fri 28th Sep 2012 - Sun 10th Mar 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
1Velhot, Porvoo611+20
2Tammer-Sh, Tampere611+16
3EtVaS, Vantaa69+6
4Aatos, Helsinki68+4
5SalSK, Salo46+6
6MatSK I, Espoo66-3
7JyS, Jyvaskyla64-3
8Kimmel, Joensuu64-8
9VammSK, Sastamala63-8
10HSK, Helsinki63-9
11OSS, Oulu63-10
12MatSK II, Espoo62-11
12 teams

TCh-AUT 2nd Bundesliga 2012-13

The Austrian 2nd Division Mitte division has started. Rounds 4-5 were on 24th-25th November 2012. Round 5-6 22nd-23rd March 2013.

TCh-AUT2 Mitte12-13 Austria AUT Fri 19th Oct 2012 - Sun 21st Apr 2013
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
1RbEJ Gleisdorf*435920.00
2Spg. Grieskirchen/B.Schallerbach*3444918.50
3Schachverein Wolfsberg*818.50
4Schachclub MPÖ Maria Saal*818.50
5Schachklub Sparkasse Fürstenfeld3*4515.50
6Spg. Sauwald2*333514.50
7Union Styria Graz3½*4513.50
8ESV Austria Graz2*3315.50
9SC Die Klagenfurter232*313.00
10ASK St. Valentin233*212.00
12SV Steyregg3½*110.00
12 teams

4NCL 2012-13

The 4NCL started in Sunningdale 3rd-4th November 2012. Rounds 3-4 12th-13th January 2013.

4NCL 2012-13 Sunningdale ENG Sat 3rd Nov 2012 - Sat 11th May 2013
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1Barbican 4NCL 14½-3½5-34
2Wood Green Hilsmark 14-47-13 14-45-33
4Cambridge University 13½-4½5-32
5Cheddleton 13-55-32
6Guildford 23-54-41
7BCM Dragons1-74-41
8Sambuca Sharks3-53-50
1Guildford 17-16½-1½4
2White Rose 15½-2½7-14
3South Wales Dragons2½-5½4½-3½2
4Jutes of Kent1-75½-2½2
5Warwickshire Select 11-74½-3½2
6Blackthorne Russia3½-4½4-41
7Barbican 4NCL 21½-6½4-41
8Wood Green Hilsmark 23½-4½2½-5½0
16 teams

TCh-NOR Eliteserien 2012-13

The Norwegian Teams Eliteserien takes place 2nd November to 7th April 2012. Played in three sets of fixtures. Rounds 1-3 2nd-4th November 2012 (games available). Rounds 4-6 11th-13th January 2013. Rounds 7-9 5th-7th April 2013.

TCh-NOR El 2012-13 Oslo NOR Fri 2nd Nov 2012 - Sun 7th Apr 2013
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1 OSS2402610.58
2 SK 19112300510.55
3 Kristiansund2424410.54
4 Bergens2335310.53.5
5 Asker2217392.5
6 Moss23682102
7 SOSS Selvaagbygg225328.53
8 Black Knights2305283
9 Trondheim214825.52
10 Akademisk2254171
10 teams

TCh-ISL 2012-13

The first half of the Icelandic Team Championship took place 5th to 7th October 2012. Final half is 1st-3rd March 2013. Games now available.

TCh-ISL 2012-13 Reykjavik ISL Fri 5th Oct 2012 - Fri 1st Mar 2013
Leading Round 4 (of 7) Standings:
1Taflfelag Bolungarvikur A * 422.570
2Vikingaklubburinn A4 * 722.050
3Taflfelag Reykjavikur A * 621.580
4Taflfelag Vestmannaeyja A * 620.540
5Godinn-Matar A2 * 517.060
6Hellir A½23 * 13.020
7Skakfelag Akureyrar A½ * 7.000
8Taflfelag Bolungarvikur B½1½ * 4.500
8 teams

TCh-AUT 2012-13

The Austrian Team Championship takes place 2nd November 2012 to 24th March 2013. Rounds 1-3 took place 2nd to 4th November 2012. Rounds 4-6 take place 17th to 19th January 2013.

TCh-AUT 2012-13 Austria AUT Fri 2nd Nov 2012 - Sun 24th Mar 2013
Leading Round 3 (of 11) Standings:
1SK Advisory Invest Baden*613.50
2SK Sparkasse Jenbach*611.50
3ASVÖ Signum Siebdruck St.Veit*44611.50
4SK MPÖ Maria Saal*5410.00
5SV Raika Rapid Feffernitz*63311.50
6SK Absam1*337.50
7SK Zwettl*3327.50
8Union Ansfelden0*26.00
9SK Hohenems3*18.00
10ASVÖ Wulkaprodersdorf3*18.00
11SK Husek Wien23*17.50
12SK Sparkasse Fürstenfeld½23*15.50
12 teams

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