THE WEEK IN CHESS 930 3rd September 2012 by Mark Crowther

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1) Introduction
2) 40th Chess Olympiad 2012
3) Botvinnik Memorial 2012
4) 2nd Metropolitan International
5) 11th Kesarovski-Stanchev Memorial 2012
6) 3rd Oliver Gonzalez Memorial 2012
7) 5th Sabadell Open 2012
8) First Saturday September 2012
9) Houtman Open 2012
10) Moscow Blitz 2012
11) 24th Schlosspark Open 2012
12) BDO Chess Tournament 2012
13) 12th European Senior Championships 2012
14) 4th Pilsen Open 2012
15) e2e4 Hinckley Congress 2012
16) Active Team Events
17) Carlsen rating rises to 2843 in September 2012 List
18) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
40th Chess Olympiad 20122786 games
Botvinnik Memorial 2012799 games
2nd Metropolitan International218 games
11th Kesarovski-Stanchev Memorial 201270 games
3rd Oliver Gonzalez Memorial 20128 games
5th Sabadell Open 201219 games
First Saturday September 201240 games
24th Schlosspark Open 201210 games
BDO Chess Tournament 201260 games
12th European Senior Championships 2012133 games
4th Pilsen Open 2012265 games
e2e4 Hinckley Congress 201210 games
4419 games

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1) Introduction

My thanks to Roland Wimmer, Olexandr Prohorov, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Frits Agterdenbos, Jack Peters, Miklos Orso and everyone else who helped with this issue.

The Chess Olympiad in Istanbul is well under way. It looks like it will be a close battle. Today Armenia and Russia drew at the top of the men's tournament.

However my big news is the ending of the sponsorship deal with the London Chess Centre. TWIC Magazine has produced a summary of the games of the week since September 1994. This started as a hobby and then eventually became an institution after the London Chess Centre sponsored me from 1998 with money that allowed me to do this for a living. There have been huge changes in the chess world since then. TWIC will continue for the forseeable future whilst I decide how I will make a living and how I will support the production of the magazine section. Whilst for many years the magazine was my main focus of effort this has expanded to constructing a website, programming to produce TWIC, reporting daily on major events, etc etc. TWIC will continue as a download from ChessBase only to the end of the month, after that it will only be available from a website that will come online shortly. I'm listening to proposals, thinking about producing subscription services, joining with others, doing other web work, I am pretty sure TWIC will continue for some time. The sheer amount of work I do has given me huge experience but has also left me spread fairly thin unable to do anything quite to my satisfaction. I will no doubt bring in other people if TWIC can generate the income. I also am looking actively at using my experience in more lucrative areas away from chess. If you think I might be a person who can contribute to your company's project let me know. I'm also available for freelance chess work. In this economic climate it's simply time to look at where I am professionally. However I want to place on record my thanks to Malcolm Pein whose sponsorship through the London Chess Centre and general support and ideas have kept TWIC going and evolving all these years. Indeed his support has kept TWIC free and hopefully it has played a part in helping chess players throughout the world.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) 40th Chess Olympiad 2012

The 40th Chess Olympiad takes place in Istanbul, Turkey 27th August (Opening 28th R1) to 9th September 2012. Play starts 15:00 local time, 13:00 BST. Elo favourites Russia haven't won the title since 2002, defending champions Ukraine and Armenia are all close to full strength. England with Adams, Jones and Short are about as strong as could be expected given that McShane is only a part time player.

Olympiad 2012 Istanbul TUR Mon 27th Aug 2012 - Mon 10th Sep 2012
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
95United States Of AmericaUSA302873.515.0
1217Czech RepublicCZE302867.514.0
1750Bosnia & HerzegovinaBIH302861.513.5
157 players
Olympiad Women 2012 Istanbul TUR Mon 27th Aug 2012 - Mon 10th Sep 2012
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
1123Czech RepublicCZE410867.014.5
295United States of AmericaUSA212664.012.5
127 players

3) Botvinnik Memorial 2012

The Botvinnik Memorial was part of the Russian Cup and took place 24th August to 2nd September 2012. 8 players tied on 7/9 with Alexander Areshchenko taking first place on tie-break. Only the leading boards from rounds 8 and 9 are currently available.

Botvinnik Mem 2012 St Petersburg RUS Sat 25th Aug 2012 - Sun 2nd Sep 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Areshchenko, AlexanderGMUKR2691111½1½½1½7.055.544.02745
2Popov, ValerijGMRUS2557111½½10117.052.541.02720
3Zvjaginsev, VadimGMRUS2671111½½½11½7.051.540.02724
4Romanov, EvgenyGMRUS25951½111½½½17.051.040.52675
5Inarkiev, ErnestoGMRUS26831½10111½17.050.540.02668
6Khairullin, IldarGMRUS26331½1½1½1½17.050.039.52687
7Kharchenko, BorisIMUKR24761½1½1½½117.050.039.52674
8Matlakov, MaximGMRUS266311½½101117.049.037.52678
9Aleksandrov, AleksejGMBLR2597111½1½1½06.557.045.02678
10Alekseev, EvgenyGMRUS2673111½½1½½½6.555.044.02673
11Lintchevski, DaniilGMRUS2558111½½½1½½6.554.042.52617
12Lysyj, IgorGMRUS262411110½½1½6.553.042.02645
13Bukavshin, IvanGMRUS2476111½½110½6.553.041.52674
14Demchenko, AntonIMRUS26031½111½½016.551.540.52651
15Onischuk, VladimirGMUKR2547111½½½0116.550.539.02630
16Khismatullin, DenisGMRUS26361½½1½1½½16.549.039.02611
17Khalifman, AlexanderGMRUS26211½01111½½6.548.037.02536
18Grigoryan, AvetikGMARM25791½½1011½16.547.037.52529
19Pridorozhni, AlekseiGMRUS253311011011½6.547.036.02565
20Andriasian, ZavenGMARM26001½1½0½1116.546.536.02548
21Yevseev, DenisGMRUS25351½11½01106.053.041.52603
22Ovetchkin, RomanGMRUS2526111½½½½016.051.540.52619
23Fedorov, AlexeiGMBLR257911½½½1½106.051.041.02560
24Hovhannisyan, RobertGMARM2612½111½10106.051.040.52556
25Pakhomov, EgorIMRUS241711011½1½06.051.040.52552
26Lovkov, RomanIMRUS2424111½½½0½16.049.539.52562
27Dvoirys, Semen I.GMRUS2533½1110101½6.049.538.52546
28Levin, Evgeny A.GMRUS25121½1½½1½016.049.037.52530
29Yemelin, VasilyGMRUS257911½1½0½½16.048.538.02514
30Kalegin, EvgenijIMRUS24801101½½½½16.048.538.02431
31Ponkratov, PavelGMRUS25981½11½½0½16.048.537.52523
32Fedoseev, VladimirGMRUS24981½1½011016.048.537.02503
33Tiviakov, SergeiGMNED267411½01½½½16.048.038.02539
34Goganov, AlekseyIMRUS2525½1110½1½½6.048.037.52513
35Timofeev, ArtyomGMRUS263911½0½11106.047.536.52533
36Zenzera, AlexeyRUS23311½½011½1½6.046.037.52490
37Alekseenko, KirillFMRUS24301101½½1016.046.036.02495
38Rogozenco, DorianGMROU2504110½110½16.045.535.52483
39Ponfilenok, VladimirRUS2392011½1011½6.044.535.02364
40Yakovich, YuriGMRUS2525½11½½01½16.044.534.52462
223 players

4) 2nd Metropolitan International

The 2nd Metropolitan International took place 14th-18th August 2012. Timur Gareev and Dionisio Aldama finished on 7/9. Games now available my thanks to Jack Peters.

2nd Metropolitan Int Los Angeles USA Tue 14th Aug 2012 - Sat 18th Aug 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Gareyev, TimurGM2658W12D14D24W22W19W8D3W9D47
2Aldama, DionisioIM2425W36D32L4W31D11W33W17W19W97
3Akobian, VaruzhanGM2617W27W22D19W11D8W17D1HH6.5
4Shabalov, AlexanderGM2553D28W47W2D20D9D5W25W14D16.5
5Yang, DarwinIM2486D39D28W45W24D32D4D7W10D86
6Ludwig, Daniel JIM2483D35D39D28D47W13L25W31W23W166
7Khachiyan, MeliksetGM2478W31D25L11W27W20D32D5D16W146
8Moradiabidi, ElshanGM2570W13W23W16D32D3L1L9W15D55.5
9Sevillano, EnricoGM2526D29W34W25D19D4W18W8L1L25.5
10Garcia, Gildardo JGM2390D52D35W39W13L17D16W30L5W275.5
11Sevian, Samuel2316D38W52W7L3D2D21L19W30W255.5
12Jayakumar, AdarshFM2292L1D40W52D44D15L31W36W43W245.5
13Troff, Kayden WFM2279L8W55W18L10L6W39W26D21W205.5
14Matikozyan, AndranikIM2400W40D1D17D16D33W26W32L4L75
15Amanov, ZhanibekIM2380D41W37L32D36D12D34W33L8W285
16Vellotti, Luke Harmon2297W56W21L8D14D26D10W22D7L65
17Bojkov, DejanGM2556W45D24D14W23W10L3L2D25U4.5
18Amanov, MesgenGM2516L47W38L13W35W45L9HHH4.5
19Molner, MackenzieIM2491W30W26D3D9L1D23W11L2U4.5
20Shytaj, LucaIM2486D34W29W33D4L7D22D23D27L134.5
21Ippolito, DeanIM2448W46L16D47D28W44D11D27D13U4.5
22Pruess, DavidIM2375W42L3W35L1W28D20L16D29D264.5
23Young, Gregory2368W43L8W41L17W47D19D20L6D294.5
24Peters, JackIM2355W51D17D1L5D36L30W34W35L124.5
25Liou, YianFM2350W49D7L9D37W29W6L4D17L114.5
26Remlinger, Larry AIM2330W44L19D46W30D16L14L13W34D224.5
27Kavutskiy, KonstantinFM2281L3D48W40L7W37W36D21D20L104.5
28Brown, Michael William2247D4D5D6D21L22D41W37W31L154.5
29Vibbert, Sean2240D9L20W43D50L25D35W44D22D234.5
30Lessler, Peter2200L19D43W51L26W42W24L10L11W384.5
31Jie, Edward Lee Kai2129L7D44W38L2W40W12L6L28W424.5
32Hess, Robert LGM2624X54D2W15D8D5D7L14UU4
33Ishkhanov, Tigran2324W55HL20W46D14L2L15L38W434
34Amerkeshev, Madiyar2153D20L9L44W52W38D15L24L26W464
35Krishnan, Varun2146D6D10L22L18W48D29W41L24D364
36Wheeler, Cameron2105L2W53D50D15D24L27L12W46D354
37Chiang, Jonathan1982D50L15W55D25L27D47L28D51W454
38He, Tommy OFM1982D11L18L31W49L34W48D46W33L304
39Nilsson, Martin2165D5D6L10D42D46L13D48D41D443.5
40Hills, Kenneth2100L14D12L27W43L31D44D49L42W513.5
56 players

5) 11th Kesarovski-Stanchev Memorial 2012

The 11th Kesarovski-Stanchev Memorial takes place in Sunny Beach 1st-9th September 2012.

11th Kesarovski Open Sunny Beach BUL Sat 1st Sep 2012 - Sun 9th Sep 2012
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
14Cioara Andrei-NestorIMROU2496202
26Drenchev PetarGMBUL2487202
38Ermenkov EvgenijGMBUL2429202
410Nikolov SashoIMBUL2422202
512Dimitrov RadoslavIMBUL2411202
613Doncea VladimirIMROU2404202
718Michalczak ThomasFMGER2366202
820Maier ChristianIMGER2345202
926Vatter Hans-JoachimFMGER2305202
1032Jasny StanislavIMCZE2296202
1160Atanasov RadislavBUL2150202
123Petrov MarijanGMBUL251120
135Bernadskiy VitaliyIMUKR249320
147Bratanov ZsivkoIMBUL244420
159Georgiev KrumGMBUL242320
1614Mammadov AyazIMAZE240320
1715Golubka PetrIMUKR239920
1816Enchev IvajloIMBUL239720
1917Pantev VeselinFMBUL238120
2033Todorov OgnjanIMBUL228220
211Nabaty TamirGMISR2590201
2224Golcman EvgenyRUS2329201
2362Stamnov AleksanderFMMKD2148201
2468Arnaudov PetarBUL2134201
252Spasov VasilGMBUL25810
2611Fiebig ThomasIMGER24140
2722Rosner JonasFMGER23330
2825Aghayev NijatAZE23180
2928Ivanov Stojan LubomirovBUL23030
3029Bazarov KonstantinFMRUS23010
3166Kubik MichaelCZE21380
3269Ninov DayanBUL21300
3370Monev AlexanderBUL21290
3434Voiteanu GabrielFMROU226902
3561Bar AvivISR215002
3637Manolov IvanIMBUL224302
37110Stefanov EmilBUL184602
38146Vasilev ViktorBUL002
3923Spassov LiubenGMBUL23290
4030Bonev TodorBUL23000
146 players

6) 3rd Oliver Gonzalez Memorial 2012

The 3rd Oliver Gonzalez Memorial takes place in Madrid 1st-9th September 2012. I rescued some round 2 games from the viewer but it isn't clear if a proper file will be made available.

Oliver Gonzalez OpA Madrid ESP Sat 1st Sep 2012 - Sun 9th Sep 2012
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
1Vovk AndreyGMUKR25492.
Narciso Dublan MarcGMESP25232.
Moreno Ruiz JavierIMESP24922.
Arribas Lopez AngelIMESP24672.
Pogorelov RuslanGMUKR24222.
Espinosa Aranda AngelIMESP24222.
7Kravtsiv MartynGMUKR25812.
8Fedorchuk Sergey A.GMUKR26462.
Anton Guijarro DavidFMESP25462.
Horvath AdamGMHUN24952.
Rubio Mejia Luis IgnacioIMESP24302.
Valles Moreno IvanESP23852.
Ortega Ruiz Jose M.FMESP23002.
Aranaz Murillo AmaliaWFMESP22132.
15Forcen Esteban DanielIMESP24691.
Barria Zuņiga DanielIMCHI24321.
17Meszaros TamasIMHUN24281.
Silva Rodriguez JulioESP21021.
19Almagro Llamas PabloIMESP24551.
Barez Menendez HectorFMESP21671.
21Martin Rueda DanielFMESP22971.
Jimenez Martinez Jose VicenteESP22771.
23Gomez Ledo Roberto CarlosIMCUB24311.
Ruiz Sanchez OrlenFMCUB24221.
Santos Jose AlvesPOR22651.
Vega Gomez Francisco BorjaESP22201.
Remolar Gallen JoseESP21371.
Alvarez Abejon AmilcarESP21051.
29Hernandez Carmenates HoldenGMCUB25611.
Martin Duque JesusESP22611.
31Lariņo Nieto DavidIMESP24871.
Roa Alonso SantiagoIMESP24261.
Moreno Tejera EmilioFMESP23581.
Elissalt Cardenas HectorIMCUB23531.
Perez Gonzalez Jose ManuelFMESP23331.
Suarez Uriel AdrianESP22451.
Santos Ruiz MiguelESP20501.
Touceda Torres JonathanESP01.
39Ciuro Muņoz RicardoESP21021.
40Rabadan Velasco RaulFMESP23471.
98 players

7) 5th Sabadell Open 2012

The 5th Sabadell Open takes place 30th August to 7th September 2012. Hopefull a game file will become available. The chess-results section only has games not broadcast but I don't have a source for the live games except for round 4 currently.

5th Sabadell Open A Sabadell ESP Thu 30th Aug 2012 - Fri 7th Sep 2012
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Cordova EmilioGMPER25723.
2Burmakin VladimirGMRUS26083.
3Aroshidze LevanGMGEO25683.
4Oms Pallisse JosepGMESP24613.
5Arenas DavidIMCOL24063.
6Rodriguez Garcia VictorFMCUB23833.
7Gallego Alcaraz Andres FelipeIMCOL23773.
Jareno Badenas AleixESP20293.
9Perez Mitjans OrelvisIMESP25043.
10Colon Garcia EnriqueFMESP23393.
11Alarcon Casellas RolandoFMCUB24713.
Vidarte Morales ArturoIMESP23533.
13Jimenez Fraga Pedro AlejandroFMCUB24462.
14Vigoa Apecheche YaniraWGMCUB22432.
15Panesso Rivera HenryIMCOL23392.
16Garriga Cazorla PereESP20432.
17Lorenzo De La Riva LazaroIMESP24442.
18Vehi Bach Victor ManuelIMESP23572.
19Ryan JosephFMIRL23002.
20Dalo HermesVEN21302.
21Campos Cayuelas AdriaESP20022.
22Larduet Despaigne CarlosFMCUB23702.
23Rojas Keim LuisIMCHI24262.
24Gomez Jurado Luis AlbertoFMESP22502.
Capellades Subirana MarcFMESP22372.
26Orozco Lina YomayraWCMCOL21502.
27Clavijo Jorge MarioIMCOL23192.
Flores De Paco DavidESP20062.
29Ayza Ballester JordiFMESP22082.
30Barba Rios EnricESP20032.
31Garcia De Blas EstebanESP19872.
32Gonzalez Rodriguez Jorge AIMCOL23962.
33Collado Pallas DavidMKESP21162.
34Serra Pages JordiMKESP22241.
35Salagran Ferragut GuillemESP18991.
36Sayrol Clols Josep MariaESP21491.
37Ramirez Carrizo Victor JoseESP21091.
38Orozco Luz ElenaCOL21141.
39Porta Tovar OriolESP19241.
40Tardio Fran EmilioESP18251.
60 players

8) First Saturday September 2012

This month's First Saturday tournaments take place 1st to 11th September 2012.

FSGM Sept 2012 Budapest HUN Sat 1st Sep 2012 - Mon 10th Sep 2012
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
1Toth ErvinIMHUN24732.01.000.0
2Lalic BogdanGMCRO24751.51.250.0
3Skytte RasmusIMDEN23981.51.000.0
4Flumbort Andras DrGMHUN25031.01.000.0
Ashwin JayaramIMIND24731.01.000.0
6Johansson JanIMSWE24101.00.500.0
7Battey AlexanderIMUSA23640.50.750.0
8Kantor GergelyFMHUN23100.50.500.0
9Todorovic Goran MGMSRB25020.50.250.0
Konnyu JanosIMHUN23280.50.250.0
10 players
FSIM Sept 2012 Budapest HUN Sat 1st Sep 2012 - Mon 10th Sep 2012
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1Nguyen Huynh Minh HuyIMVIE24352.01.000.0
2Lengyel BelaIMHUN22501.51.000.0
3Szalanczy EmilIMHUN22371.50.250.0
4Brustkern JuergenFMGER22481.01.000.0
Galyas MiklosIMHUN24291.01.000.0
6Farago SandorIMHUN22341.00.500.0
7Lyell MarkFMENG22251.00.000.0
Wunnink MichaelNED22651.00.000.0
9Petran PalIMHUN23310.50.750.0
10Szeberenyi AdamIMHUN23540.50.500.0
11Scharrer PatrickFMITA22740.00.000.0
Sadilek PeterCMAUT22620.00.000.0
12 players
FSFMA Sept 2012 Budapest HUN Sat 1st Sep 2012 - Mon 10th Sep 2012
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1Krstulovic AlexFMHUN18432.00.500.0
2Juracsik JozsefHUN21491.51.750.0
3Darazs ZoltanHUN21371.50.750.0
4Langer ChristianGER21291.50.500.0
5Akots GaborFMHUN22691.01.250.0
6Trajber Csaba DrHUN20181.01.000.0
Faellman MicaelSWE20591.01.000.0
8Hilbenz Guntram DrGER19241.00.750.0
9Maehrlein ChristophGER21271.00.000.0
10Pogats Jozsef JrHUN18080.50.500.0
11Letay GyulaFMHUN19960.00.000.0
Bohus AdamHUN17500.00.000.0
12 players
FSFMB Sept 2012 Budapest HUN Sat 1st Sep 2012 - Mon 10th Sep 2012
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
1Barla JanosHUN17742.02.000.0
2Nemeth OttoHUN18241.01.000.0
3Lukacs AlbertHUN18461.00.000.0
Mayer IstvanFMHUN20721.00.000.0
Benyoussef SalemLBA16611.00.000.0
Korondi MartonHUN15491.00.000.0
7Mihajlova DianaENG14560.00.000.0
Gruz JanosHUN18200.00.000.0
Csiba TiborHUN15360.00.000.0
Szabo MiklosHUN13400.00.000.0
10 players

9) Houtman Open 2012

The Houtman Open took place on 1st September 2012. Erwin L'Ami took clear first with 6/7. Couldn't see any games.

Houtman Open 2012 Gouda NED Sat 1st Sep 2012 - Sat 1st Sep 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Ami, Erwin l'GMNED260711½111½6.02772
2Solleveld, MaartenGMNED254111½1½½15.52658
3Sadler, MatthewGMENG26351½101½15.02549
4Pruijssers, RoelandGMNED2517½1½11015.02549
5Wiel, John van derGMNED2422½1½11½½5.02463
6Cekro, EkremIMBEL2393½111½½½5.02488
7Carlier, BrunoIMNED239110101115.02456
8Meng, RogerNED23361½1011½5.02504
9Van Kampen, RobinGMNED256411110½04.52469
10Polaczek, RichardIMBEL23981½010114.52350
11Haast, MarkNED2347½1001114.52317
12Reinderman, DimitriGMNED25591½101½04.02449
13Sprenger, JanIMGER252110101104.02336
14Slingerland, FredIMNED23121½01½014.02334
15Van Overdam, JulianNED230811010014.02371
16Muhren, BiancaWGMNED229210110104.02366
17Heemskerk, WimFMNED2248½101½014.02260
18Middelveld, MartineNED2145011010½3.52252
19Royakkers, GuidoNED2126½0½011½3.52191
20Slingerland, CarolineWFMNED2108001½1013.52120
21Van Lommel, PatrickCMNED2091½0½½½½13.52193
22Kevlishvili, RobbyNED1953½1100103.52264
23Sziva, ErikaWGMNED225710011003.02145
24Rooij, Raymond deNED21970001½½13.02164
25Evengroen, Henk-JanNED2139½0½10103.02175
26Oranje, RichardNED205300½1½103.02097
27Evengroen, JanNED205001100013.02176
28Van der Leij, ArjanNED203200100113.02049
29Manoch, MauriceNED201700011103.02116
30Ypma, PeterNED22391½010002.52143
31Van der Kaap, JosNED221600110½02.52091
32Van Overdam, JanNED2196010100½2.52122
33Baarle, John vanFMNED219201½00½½2.52085
34Ahlers, BenNED209701½00102.52147
35Van Harten, MaartenNED2003100001½2.52103
36Hendriks, RichardNED2107½010½002.02051
37De Wit, MichelFMNED2278000010½1.51862
38Smits, SebastiaanNED21660½001001.51881
39Oosterlaken, EdNED19830½000011.51896
40De Lange, HansNED179101000001.01789
40 players

10) Moscow Blitz 2012

Alexander Morozevich won the Moscow Blitz Championship with 17/21 two points clear of Vladimir Malakhov. This is Morozevich's first appearance since his withdrawal from Biel.

Moscow Blitz 2012 Moscow RUS Sun 2nd Sep 2012 - Sun 2nd Sep 2012
Leading Final Round 21 Standings:
1Morozevich AlexanderGMRUS278117.0164.75
2Malakhov VladimirGMRUS270015.0146.00
3Chadaev NikolaiGMRUS270514.5132.00
4Nepomniachtchi IanGMRUS266614.0134.00
5Belous VladimirIMRUS254214.0131.00
6Bareev EvgenyGMRUS266313.5133.75
7Dreev AlekseyGMRUS270513.5123.25
8Grigoriants SergeyGMRUS254913.0115.00
9Popov IvanGMRUS266112.5110.75
10Grachev BorisGMRUS269512.5106.75
11Korotylev AlexeyGMRUS257312.0108.50
12Glek IgorGMGER242011.5109.00
13Dubov DaniilGMRUS258910.591.25
14Dlugy MaximGMUSA25199.077.00
15Khruschiov AlexeyGMMDA24418.576.00
16Rychagov AndreyGMRUS24248.568.00
17Seliverstov VladimirFMRUS24947.564.25
18Dvalishvili Pavel SIMRUS25377.061.25
19Reshetnikov AlexeyIMRUS25035.552.25
20Kalinichev AndreyFMEST24145.543.25
21Smagin SergeyGMRUS25513.525.50
22Zlochevskij AlexanderGMITA24892.519.00
22 players
Moscow Blitz w 2012 Moscow RUS Sun 2nd Sep 2012 - Sun 2nd Sep 2012
Leading Final Round 19 Standings:
1Ambartsumova KarinaWIMRUS232114.0124.50
2Girya OlgaWGMRUS241414.0115.00
3Charochkina DariaWIMRUS242313.5114.00
4Drozdova DinaRUS225413.0114.00
5Matveeva SvetlanaIMRUS237913.0102.25
6Mirzoeva ElmiraWGMRUS223912.5114.50
7Kovalevskaya EkaterinaIMRUS242712.095.75
8Chasovnikova EugeniaWGMRUS224811.588.00
9Vasilevich IrinaIMRUS228911.083.25
10Zakurdjaeva IrinaWGMRUS230110.589.00
11Savina AnastasiaWGMRUS232710.587.00
12Fatianova TatianaWGMRUS229310.083.00
13Shaydullina SandugachWGMRUS22249.070.00
14Kalinicheva ElenaRUS20658.061.00
15Gansvind Valeriya IWFMEST22187.046.00
16Ivanova KarinaRUS19725.534.50
17Glibka YuliaRUS20135.037.75
18Bogumil TatianaWFMRUS21064.545.75
19Minogina TamaraWIMRUS22443.523.25
20Fainberg LiudmilaRUS02.09.50
20 players

11) 24th Schlosspark Open 2012

The 24th Schlosspark Open took place 23rd to 26th August 2012. Oleg Korneev edged out Felix Levin and Yuri Boidman on tie-break after all scored 6/7. Some additional games are available.

24th Schlosspark Open Wiesbaden GER Thu 23rd Aug 2012 - Sun 26th Aug 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Korneev, OlegGMESP25815026.0
2Levin, FelixGMGER25105026.0
3Boidman, YuriIMGER24276106.0
4Poetsch, HagenIMGER24624035.5
5Meijers, ViestursGMLAT24924035.5
5Schroeder, Jan-ChristianFMGER23324035.5
7Jahnel, GuentherFMGER22825115.5
8Geske, JulianFMGER23915115.5
9Junesch, GerhardGER22915115.5
10Mueller, RalfFMGER24144035.5
11Carlstedt, JonathanIMGER23524125.0
12Gawehns, KlausFMGER23785205.0
13Puschendorf, SteffenGER22104125.0
14Nagel, BernhardGER22234125.0
15Krenz, ValeriyGER22614125.0
16Sokratov, StanislavGER21654125.0
17Kiese, MatthGER22204125.0
18Tischendorf, MichaelGER21984125.0
19Ruppert, WolfgangGER21244125.0
20Seegers, HendrikFMGER22175205.0
21Kalepky, HelmutGER20843045.0
22Seickel, Ralf21504125.0
23Feicht, ArnoGER20645205.0
24Minor, SamuelGER22224214.5
25Haas, Frank-MartinGER21843134.5
26Commercon, SimonGER21764214.5
27Von den Steinen, BenjaminGER21373134.5
28Goloborodko, DmitroGER21243134.5
29Sarkoezy, BenjaminGER20754214.5
30Marzahn, HeikoGER20273134.5
31Zeyer, OliverGER20294214.5
32Nabavi, ParwisSUI21723134.5
33Minz, MichailGER20963134.5
34Baskin, RobertGER20574214.5
35Stiefel, RolandGER20594214.5
36Stabolewski, AndreasGER22144214.5
37Wagner, DirkGER20423134.5
38Kolker, VladislavGER20284214.5
39Pioch, ThomasFMGER21832054.5
40Seidel, JuergenGER20594214.5
172 players

12) BDO Chess Tournament 2012

The BDO Chess Tournament took place 25th August to 2nd September 2012. Yaroslav Zherebukh won with 7/9.

BDO Premier 2012 Haarlem NED Sat 25th Aug 2012 - Sun 2nd Sep 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Zherebukh, YaroslavGMUKR262911½½11½1½7.02687
2Burg, TwanIMNED247111½½½½1½½6.02609
3Nijboer, FrisoGMNED253510½½½1½015.02520
4Swinkels, RobinGMNED2482½½1½½01½½5.02526
5Klein, DavidFMNED2447½½½01½01½4.52487
6Vaibhav, SuriIMIND2502½½½10½½0½4.02438
7Dambacher, MartijnIMNED2480½½01½0½½03.52403
8Kuzmicz, KrystianIMPOL24640½½1000½13.52405
9Donchenko, AlexanderFMGER241700001½1½½3.52410
10De Jager, JaapFMNED24040½10010½03.02367
10 players
BDO Premier 2012 Haarlem NED Sat 25th Aug 2012 - Sun 2nd Sep 2012. Category: 10. Ave: (2483)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Zherebukh, Yaroslav GM UKR 2629 # = 1 = = 1 = 1 1 1 7 2687
2 Burg, Twan IM NED 2471 = # = 1 1 = = 1 = = 6 2609
3 Swinkels, Robin GM NED 2482 0 = # = = = = 1 1 = 5 2526
4 Nijboer, Friso GM NED 2535 = 0 = # 0 = 1 = 1 1 5 2520
5 Klein, David FM NED 2447 = 0 = 1 # = = 0 = 1 4.5 2487
6 Vaibhav, Suri IM IND 2502 0 = = = = # = = 0 1 4 2438
7 Dambacher, Martijn IM NED 2480 = = = 0 = = # 0 1 0 3.5 2403
8 Kuzmicz, Krystian IM POL 2464 0 0 0 = 1 = 1 # = 0 3.5 2405
9 Donchenko, Alexander FM GER 2417 0 = 0 0 = 1 0 = # 1 3.5 2410
10 De Jager, Jaap FM NED 2404 0 = = 0 0 0 1 1 0 # 3 2367
BDO Challengers 2012 Haarlem NED Sat 25th Aug 2012 - Sun 2nd Sep 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Bosboom, ManuelIMNED2383½½11101016.02457
2Schoorl, RobFMNED2341111½½½01½6.02462
3Pijpers, ArthurNED233310½1½½1½05.02381
4Wantola, IvoFMNED2330½½0½1½1½½5.02381
5Van Delft, MerijnIMNED23910110½½10½4.52331
6Afek, YochananIMISR2301½100011104.52341
7Lampert, JonasGER2267101½½½0½½4.52345
8Willemze, ThomasIMNED23870½01½10½½4.02289
9Bartel, MichalFMPOL229600½½000113.02217
10Ilic, Zoran SIMSRB2344½½00½½00½2.52171
10 players
BDO Challengers 2012 Haarlem NED Sat 25th Aug 2012 - Sun 2nd Sep 2012. Category: 4. Ave: (2337)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Schoorl, Rob FM NED 2341 # 1 0 = 1 1 = = 1 = 6 2462
2 Bosboom, Manuel IM NED 2383 0 # = 1 0 1 1 1 1 = 6 2457
3 Wantola, Ivo FM NED 2330 1 = # = 1 0 = = = = 5 2381
4 Pijpers, Arthur NED 2333 = 0 = # 1 0 = 1 = 1 5 2381
5 Afek, Yochanan IM ISR 2301 0 1 0 0 # 1 1 1 0 = 4.5 2341
6 Van Delft, Merijn IM NED 2391 0 0 1 1 0 # = = 1 = 4.5 2331
7 Lampert, Jonas GER 2267 = 0 = = 0 = # = 1 1 4.5 2345
8 Willemze, Thomas IM NED 2387 = 0 = 0 0 = = # 1 1 4 2289
9 Bartel, Michal FM POL 2296 0 0 = = 1 0 0 0 # 1 3 2217
10 Ilic, Zoran S IM SRB 2344 = = = 0 = = 0 0 0 # 2.5 2171
BDO Open A 2012 Haarlem NED Sat 25th Aug 2012 - Sun 2nd Sep 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Hopman, Pieter23101½11101117.52343
2De Ruiter, Danny21351110111½17.52381
3De Saegher, Chris21961111011½½7.02350
4Van der Lende, Ilias2169101½110½16.02167
5Ritsema, Ronald20471½010½1116.02175
6Kohler, AranFM22391110110½05.52147
7Schoehuijs, Erik2122½110011015.52117
8Pijpers, Peter2090 *1001011½15.52037
9Roorda, Thijs206110110110½5.52164
10Haver, Bas20231½0½110½15.52117
11Vos, Tjark1959110011½105.52143
12Van Den Berg, Ad22251½½110½½05.02081
13Havenaar, Jan2118011½001½15.02076
14Bodicker, Rob2070½01½01½½15.02034
15Vlugt, Frans199401½½101105.02080
16Stolwijk, Colin1980½1½½110½05.02228
17Boelhouwer, Collin2068 *110½010104.52050
18Hoekstra, Peter2014½101100014.52062
19Bakker, Joop199200½1½½½½14.51982
20Littel, Leo19900½0½0+½114.51945
21Haver, Daan1977101½101004.51979
22Breedveld, Andre20930011100104.01950
23Ory, Jean Paul19930½1001½014.01955
24Donkers, Joran1990010011½½-4.02033
25Van der Lende, Nathalie1952½001½11004.01993
26Kolodkin, Daniil192301½0½½0½14.02061
27Freer, Robert18610111000104.02035
28Straat, Evert-Jan20960½01½0½013.51797
29Hylkema, Remco20331010001½03.51822
30Cornelisse, Ticho19531001100½-3.51964
31Westerman, Henk195000½0½1½013.51915
32Van Veen, Wout18660½0½10½103.51913
33De Freytas, Paul1854½½00½½½103.51918
34Arp, Frans2091½====½-0-3.01828
35Nieland, Wim19910½1½00½½03.01889
36Joziasse, David1946-½10½½-½03.01924
37Mollenkamp, Brian19100½0½½0½013.01919
38Hellenberg, Jan2009110½000002.51851
39Vreeburg, Jan1945½00000½½+2.51764
40Van Veelen, Thomas1870 *00-½1-0102.51882
41 players

13) 12th European Senior Championships 2012

The 12th European Senior Championships took place 18th-26th August 2012. Nikolai Pushkov edged out Viktor D Kupreichik and Evgeny V Mochalov for gold after all scored 7/9. More games now available.

12th ch-Euro Sen Kaunas LTU Sat 18th Aug 2012 - Sun 26th Aug 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Pushkov NikolaiGMRUS23907.0250747.051.5
2Kupreichik Viktor DGMBLR24347.0250646.551.0
3Mochalov Evgeny VIMBLR23947.0246743.547.5
4Bogdanov ValentinIMUKR23746.5247848.051.0
5Balashov Yuri SGMRUS24506.5247750.555.5
6Butnorius AlgimantasGMLTU23886.5244047.052.0
7Chernikov Oleg LGMRUS24116.5241749.053.5
8Gruzmann BorisFMRUS22846.5241442.546.5
9Maryasin BorisIMISR23246.5239744.048.0
10Tratatovici MosheFMISR22796.0235945.049.5
11Golcman EvgenyRUS23306.0233341.545.0
12Kaunas KestutisIMLTU22556.0232941.045.0
13Karasev Vladimir IIMRUS23806.0230740.544.5
14Malmdin Nils-AkeFMSWE22976.0230042.546.0
15Thormann WolfgangFMGER22516.0228640.042.5
16Giulian Philip MFMSCO22666.0227138.542.5
17Postler ReinhardFMGER22686.0226541.544.0
18Ivanets VladimirFMRUS22015.5234048.051.5
19Mishuchkov Nikolai M.IMRUS24065.5229845.049.0
20Hecht Hans-JoachimGMGER23575.5226242.046.0
21Wahlbom MagnusSWE22895.5221442.547.0
22Kristiansen ErlingFMNOR22035.5221142.546.5
23Finnlaugsson GunnarISL20625.5220441.044.0
24Nordby BerntNOR21505.5217737.540.0
25Johnsen OysteinNOR18855.5214436.039.0
26Barle JanezIMSLO23825.0230347.551.5
27Hohler PeterFMSUI22015.0229848.051.5
28Berkovich Mark AIMISR23665.0227645.549.0
29Romcovici VictorIMMDA21465.0225046.049.0
30Kraidman YairGMISR22535.0224743.046.5
31Furman BorisFMRUS22555.0224742.545.5
32Nevednichy Boris MIMMDA22285.0220342.546.0
33Grinberg Iosif P.RUS22025.0218641.045.0
34Vaitonis VytautasLTU20055.0218537.040.0
35Visockis JanisLAT21555.0218140.543.5
36Levchenkov VitalyFMLAT22785.0217438.042.0
37Malachi AvrahamISR21275.0216442.045.0
38Bylino OlegFMUKR20755.0214140.542.5
39Batakovs OlegsLAT21155.0213638.040.5
40Gousseinov AguifFRA20175.0211938.041.0
103 players
12th ch-Euro Senior w Kaunas LTU Sat 18th Aug 2012 - Sun 26th Aug 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Fomina TatyanaWIMEST21897.5242043.047.0
2Strutinskaya Galina N.WGMRUS23026.5235744.548.5
3Gaprindashvili NonaGMGEO23566.5224444.548.0
4Miednikova SwietlanaWIMRUS21776.0228145.548.0
5Bogumil TatianaWFMRUS20885.5218142.546.0
6Polyakova NataliaWIMRUS20665.5210841.044.5
7Fatalibekova ElenaWGMRUS22735.0219646.550.0
8Khmiadashvili TamarWGMGEO21335.0212743.045.5
9Dotan ValeriaWFMISR20755.0199538.038.5
10Kruusiauk HeddaEST19285.0197236.038.5
11Melashvili NinoWIMGEO21684.5210439.041.5
12Kartanaite MarijaLTU04.5203241.044.5
13Tsifanskaya Liudmila A.WIMISR21334.5202342.044.0
14Januseviciute DonataLTU17934.5195536.036.5
15Blagonadezhnaya IdeyaRUS18924.5184535.035.5
16Baliuniene MargaritaLTU04.5176429.029.5
17Frantsuzova LyudmilaRUS17684.0187432.533.0
18Kalashnikova LarisaWFMRUS18964.0183134.535.0
19Abramjan LarisaRUS18773.0175934.535.0
20Shmyreva TatianaRUS17092.5109328.529.0
21Berezovskaya VeraRUS01.0105930.532.5
21 players

14) 4th Pilsen Open 2012

The 4th Pilsen Open took place 18th-25th August 2012. Petr Neuman took first place with 7/9. Games now available.

4th Pilsen Open 2012 Plzen CZE Sat 18th Aug 2012 - Sat 25th Aug 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Neuman PetrIMCZE24767.043.554.541.75
2Plischki SebastianIMGER23656.542.052.536.25
3Haba ZdenekCZE22366.540.051.035.25
4Chudinovskikh Alexander MIMRUS22486.540.050.534.25
5Vlasak LukasFMCZE22916.540.050.534.00
6Bartos JanFMCZE22116.538.048.033.25
7Mukashev AssanKAZ22176.536.547.031.25
8Kireev AlekseiIMRUS23456.043.052.532.75
9Piankov EvgenijIMUKR23386.039.049.530.50
10Vecera PetrCZE19865.538.547.525.75
11Smilek PetrCZE19915.538.049.026.75
12Michalek JanIMCZE23275.537.547.527.00
13Fiala JaroslavCZE22255.536.046.525.50
14Ondrejat MiroslavCZE20605.536.046.024.75
15Sladek JaroslavCZE20115.534.044.024.50
16Vorobyov YrijFMUKR22545.534.043.025.00
17Chalus KarelCZE20495.532.541.024.25
18Hollan MartinCZE16705.
19Palkova HanaCZE19715.033.542.520.75
20Sura JaroslavCZE21235.033.042.520.25
Hercik JosefCZE19355.033.042.520.25
22Eretova JanaCZE20875.
23Kejzlar LubosCZE19205.032.542.020.00
24Hajek JiriCZE18745.
25Saez Coma AlejandroESP19065.
26Kantor JozefSVK18845.027.536.018.00
27Eret JonasCZE18694.532.041.019.25
28Novy JanCZE17234.531.540.017.50
29Spacek JanCZE17624.531.539.517.75
30Roew RolfGER18114.531.040.017.75
31Cecil PavelCZE19654.531.039.517.00
32Dungl MartinCZE19914.531.038.516.00
33Berka LubosCZE18624.530.539.018.00
34Simacek VaclavCZE18294.530.036.013.25
35Silhavy MiroslavCZE17814.529.536.513.00
36Simet MartinCZE16424.529.038.518.75
37Kalista KarelCZE18914.526.535.513.00
38Hollan PetrCZE17184.
39Maly AntoninCZE18474.
40Smrckova SvetlanaCZE15784.027.535.515.25
60 players

15) e2e4 Hinckley Congress 2012

The e2e4 Hinckley Congress took place 24th to 27th August 2012. Jonathan Hawkins took clear first with 6/7. Some additional round 7 games are now available.

Hinkley Open 2012 Hinckley Island ENG Fri 24th Aug 2012 - Mon 27th Aug 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Hawkins, JonathanIMENG2507111½1½16.02574
2Arkell, Keith CGMENG2451111½1015.52464
3Ghasi, Ameet KIMENG241811110½15.52454
4Nelson, Jonathan PENG220511010115.02318
5Weaving, RichardENG2149=½111105.02400
6Spence, David JENG22501101½014.52229
7Merry, Alan BENG2210=1101104.52290
8Shaw, PeterENG21680111½104.52168
9Clarke, Brandon G IENG215810½11104.52234
10Pleasants, Allan JWLS2070½1101014.52094
11Stewart, AshleyENG20130½11½½14.52198
12Hasman, CengizTUR2132½½1½½014.02041
13Burrows, Martin PENG21200½½11½½4.01970
14Bonafont, Philip RENG205110½1½014.02142
15Whitfield, Craig MENG202001101104.02142
16Milson, Samuel AENG20020+0½11½4.01973
17Ganger, RajanENG196510½==½14.02202
18Truman, Richard GENG19591001½½14.02089
19Fernandez, Daniel HowardIMSIN237011010=-3.52227
20Barnes, Michael HFMENG222010½1½0½3.52037
21Clark, Ian CENG2050½001½½13.51996
22Burke, Steven JENG204110=0½1½3.52004
23Craft, IsaacENG1993110½0103.52077
24Grattage, MatthewENG19860½100113.51980
25Abbott, Mark VENG1968=010½=13.51992
26Kreuzer, Christopher R LENG194710101½03.52097
27Messam-Sparks, LateefahENG1947=½0½½½13.51998
28Hall, David EENG21030½101½03.01962
29Stembridge, EdENG2059=½100103.01994
30Bennett, Dominic LENG20370½011½-3.01995
31Slinger, Tony JENG202501100013.01955
32Stepanyan, HenrikENG20220½01½013.01959
33Harnett, Robert JENG2013==½10½-3.02046
34Robinson, John KENG1982=½001103.01960
35Horspool, Philip JENG2051=½½0=½-2.51837
36Gibson, Christopher AENG1990=½0½½½02.51861
37Paul, NathanaelENG19501000½102.51864
38Malik, FarazENG1846 *=1010002.51942
39Wang, Xingliang AnnaENG18330001½102.51803
40Tarhon, BrianENG1787=½½000+2.51761
49 players

16) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

Chinese League 2012

The Chinese league is a marathon event over 22 rounds. Rounds: Beijing 28th Apr - May 1st, Taizhou 27th-29th June, Shanghai 11th-13th July (turned out to be Tianjin), Shenzhen 14th-17th Sept, Hangzhou 6th-9th October and finally Tianjin 19th-22nd Dec 2012. (info Games should follow. I have some from rounds 9 and 10 but none from round 8 yet. Hopefully they will appear on the internet at The Chess Results Server where there were also additional games which I didn't have time to process.

TCh-CHN 2012 Beijing CHN Sat 28th Apr 2012 - Tue 9th Oct 2012
Leading Round 10 (of 22) Standings:
13Tianjin Qin Huangdao Team107211528.5
24Beijing AIGO Team105141428.5
38Jiangsu Taizhou Team105231329.5
46Shanghai Jianqiao Academy Team105231328.5
52Chongqing Team106311328.0
69Shandong Gree Team104241227.5
712Wuxi Huafang Construction Team104241227.0
81Zhejiang Yinzhou Team10352823.5
910Qingdao School Team10145721.0
105Chengdu Bank Team10163520.0
117Guangdong Huateng Club Team10172420.0
1211Hebei Sports Lottery Team10064418.0
12 teams

TCh-SUI 2012

The Swiss Team Championship takes place 18th March - 21st October 2012. Round 5 was on 24th June 2012. Games and results now available. Round 6 22nd September 2012.

TCh-SUI National A Zuerich SUI Sun 18th Mar 2012 - Sun 21st Oct 2012
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Riehen 1926½
2Zuerich 1723
3Geneve 1722½
4Luzern 1621½
5Reichenstein 1620
6Reti 1520½
7Winterthur 1419½
8Wollishofen 1418
9Mendrisio 1214½
10Neuchatel 1014
10 teams

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2012

The Polish Ekstraliga takes place 4th May - 30th September 2012 over three long weekends. David Navara and Radoslaw Wojtaszek are the highest rated players. There is a long break until rounds 4-6 (14-16 Sept) and then rounds 7-9 (28-30 Sept).

TCh-POL Ekstraliga Warsaw POL Fri 4th May 2012 - Sun 30th Sep 2012
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
11KSz WASKO HetMaN Szopienice Katowice2500622
28GK BASZTA MOS Znin245061.52.5
410KSz POLONIA Warszawa2483412
54KSz STILON Gorzow Wlkp.2417421.5
65IMPACT TEAM Ostroda236721.51.5
79ROTMISTRZ TWOJA SZKOLA Grudziadz240020.50.5
82KSz POLONIA VOTUM Wroclaw241722.51
93MLKS NADNARWIANKA Pultusk2350011.5
106LKS WRZOS Miedzyborow2317010
10 teams

17) Carlsen rating rises to 2843 in September 2012 List

Magnus Carlsen strengthened his grip on the number 1 spot after his performance in Biel. The top 10 has the same players with Nakamura rising to 5 in the world and within reach of Fischer's 2785 US record. Morozevich drops to 10 in the World but his ill-health brings into question when he will play again. Anish Giri enters the top 20 in the world with a gain of 19 points. Viktor Bologan lost 22 points in Biel, Wang Hao hained 16 points to rise to 15th in the world after Biel.

FIDE Rating List July 2012. Top 100
11Carlsen, MagnusNORGM28436283710
22Aronian, LevonARMGM281628160
33Kramnik, VladimirRUSGM279727970
44Radjabov, TeimourAZEGM278827880
57Nakamura, HikaruUSAGM27835277810
66Anand, ViswanathanINDGM278027800
75Karjakin, SergeyRUSGM2778-727859
88Caruana, FabianoITAGM277327730
910Ivanchuk, VassilyUKRGM276927690
109Morozevich, AlexanderRUSGM2758-1227702
1111Grischuk, AlexanderRUSGM2754-927639
1212Topalov, VeselinBULGM275227520
1313Svidler, PeterRUSGM2747-227499
1414Kamsky, GataUSAGM274627469
1523Wang, HaoCHNGM274216272610
1615Gelfand, BorisISRGM273827380
1717Gashimov, VugarAZEGM273727370
1816Leko, PeterHUNGM273727370
1921Jobava, BaadurGEOGM2734427304
2035Giri, AnishNEDGM273019271110
2120Tomashevsky, EvgenyRUSGM273027300
2219Ponomariov, RuslanUKRGM2729-5273411
2322Mamedyarov, ShakhriyarAZEGM272927290
2424Dominguez Perez, LeinierCUBGM272527250
2525Jakovenko, DmitryRUSGM2724227229
2626Adams, MichaelENGGM272227220
2737Volokitin, AndreiUKRGM27189270911
2828Andreikin, DmitryRUSGM2718327159
2929Fressinet, LaurentFRAGM2714271410
3041Shirov, AlexeiLATGM2714827066
3136Bruzon Batista, LazaroCUBGM2713227119
3227Wojtaszek, RadoslawPOLGM2713-427174
3330Almasi, ZoltanHUNGM271327130
3432McShane, Luke JENGGM271327130
3518Bologan, ViktorMDAGM2712-2227348
3633Naiditsch, ArkadijGERGM271227120
3734Riazantsev, AlexanderRUSGM271227120
3839Sasikiran, KrishnanINDGM270727070
3931Bacrot, EtienneFRAGM2705-8271320
4067Korobov, AntonUKRGM270522268311
4146Movsesian, SergeiARMGM27057269811
4243Nepomniachtchi, IanRUSGM270427040
4356Areshchenko, AlexanderUKRGM270211269111
4438Malakhov, VladimirRUSGM2700-8270810
4540Moiseenko, AlexanderUKRGM2699-7270611
4648Sokolov, IvanNEDGM26993269610
4742Vitiugov, NikitaRUSGM2699-627059
4844Polgar, JuditHUNGM269826980
4945Short, Nigel DENGGM269826980
5061Vachier-Lagrave, MaximeFRAGM269711268621
5147Vallejo Pons, FranciscoESPGM2697269714
5249Ding, LirenCHNGM2694-1269513
5353Le, Quang LiemVIEGM269326930
5454Rublevsky, SergeiRUSGM269326930
5551Sargissian, GabrielARMGM269326930
5662Wang, YueCHNGM26916268510
5755Navara, DavidCZEGM269126910
5857Van Wely, LoekNEDGM269126910
5963Harikrishna, P.INDGM26905268511
6050Efimenko, ZaharUKRGM2689-5269411
6171Cheparinov, IvanBULGM26898268110
6270Georgiev, KirilBULGM26875268225
6358Akopian, VladimirARMGM268726870
6459Sutovsky, EmilISRGM268726870
6560Kryvoruchko, YuriyUKRGM268626860
6664Berkes, FerencHUNGM268526850
6752Eljanov, PavelUKRGM2684-9269311
6865Kasimdzhanov, RustamUZBGM268426840
6979Bu, XiangzhiCHNGM26831326709
7066Inarkiev, ErnestoRUSGM268326830
7176Alekseev, EvgenyRUSGM2682926739
72100Edouard, RomainFRAGM267826265221
7372Dreev, AlekseyRUSGM2677267710
7480Ragger, MarkusAUTGM2677726707
7569Bauer, ChristianFRAGM2676-6268221
7668Laznicka, ViktorCZEGM2675-826836
7775Gyimesi, ZoltanHUNGM267426740
7874Tiviakov, SergeiNEDGM267426740
7973Grachev, BorisRUSGM2672-3267511
8083Onischuk, AlexanderUSAGM2672626668
8177Ni, HuaCHNGM267126710
8278Zvjaginsev, VadimRUSGM267126710
8381Balogh, CsabaHUNGM266826680
8499So, WesleyPHIGM26671526529
8582Zhigalko, SergeiBLRGM266726670
8684Li, Chao bCHNGM266526650
8786Najer, EvgeniyRUSGM266426640
8893Gareev, TimurUSAGM26635265818
89Potkin, VladimirRUSGM26639
9088Gharamian, TigranFRAGM266326630
9187Matlakov, MaximRUSGM266326630
9289Nielsen, Peter HeineDENGM266226620
93102Kurnosov, IgorRUSGM26608265211
9496Jones, Gawain C BENGGM26585265311
9585Negi, ParimarjanINDGM2658-626649
9692Motylev, AlexanderRUSGM265826580
9797Fridman, DanielGERGM2657426539
9890Petrosian, Tigran L.ARMGM2657-426619
99Meier, GeorgGERGM265620
100Gupta, AbhijeetINDGM26549
10195Bartel, MateuszPOLGM265426540

18) Forthcoming Events and Links

Granda-Mecking Match 2012

FIDE Grand Prix London 2012

Oslo Chess International 2012

28th European Club Cup 2012

Eilat International Open 2012

Chess Train 2012

16th Unive Tournament 2012

16th Unive Crown Hoogeveen NED Fri 19th Oct 2012 - Sat 27th Oct 2012
Player List
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Nakamura, Hikaru GM USA 2775 2016192
2 Giri, Anish GM NED 2693 24116068
3 Tiviakov, Sergei GM NED 2656 1008013
4 Hou, Yifan GM CHN 2623 8602980

World Youth Chess Championships 2012

FIDE Grand Prix Tashkent 2012

4th London Chess Classic

XLII Rilton Cup 2012-13

Guam International Open 2013

Reykjavik Open 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Lisbon 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Madrid 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Berlin 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Paris 2013

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