THE WEEK IN CHESS 925 30th July 2012 by Mark Crowther

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1) Introduction
2) 45th Biel International Chess Festival 2012
3) 99th British Championships 2012
4) Ukrainian Championship 2012
5) FIDE Women's Grand Prix Jermuk 2012
6) Politiken Cup 2012
7) 30th Andorra Open
8) 7th Nana Aleksandria Cup 2012
9) Dutch Open 2012
10) Austrian Championship 2012
11) 23rd Czech Open 2012
12) Washington International 2012
13) ch-PHI Grand Finals 2012
14) 11th Condom Open 2012
15) 16th Battle of Senta Open
16) Wojtaszek vs Jobava Match 2012
17) 12th Condino Open 2012
18) 24th Southern California Ch 2012
19) 27th Avoine Open 2012
20) 38th Sitges Open 2012
21) 67th Oklahoma Open State Ch 2012
22) 6th AD San Juan 2012
23) Open Women's Bulgarian Championship 2012
24) Quebec Open 2012
25) XIV International Ch of Gdansk 2012
26) Corporation Center Cup 2012
27) Russian Online Blitz Grand Prix Open 2012
28) Pacific Southwest Open 2012
29) TCh-POR 2012
30) Russian Team vs Russian Fans Correspondence Match
31) CECLUB 1st Div 2012
32) Active Team Events
33) 20th Montcada Open 2012
34) 22nd Heart of Finland Open 2012
35) 9th Plancoet Open
36) Pays de Charleroi International 2012
37) 17th Creon Open 2012
38) 2nd Science Park Amsterdam Chess Tournament 2012
39) Slovenian Championship 2012
40) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
45th Biel International Chess Festival 2012158 games
99th British Championships 2012 175 games
Ukrainian Championship 2012 24 games
FIDE Women's Grand Prix Jermuk 201230 games
Politiken Cup 2012434 games
30th Andorra Open180 games
7th Nana Aleksandria Cup 2012179 games
Dutch Open 201290 games
Austrian Championship 2012197 games
23rd Czech Open 2012 908 games
Washington International 201238 games
ch-PHI Grand Finals 2012120 games
11th Condom Open 2012123 games
16th Battle of Senta Open212 games
Wojtaszek vs Jobava Match 20128 games
12th Condino Open 2012150 games
24th Southern California Ch 201228 games
27th Avoine Open 2012410 games
38th Sitges Open 201290 games
67th Oklahoma Open State Ch 201243 games
6th AD San Juan 201245 games
Open Women's Bulgarian Championship 2012106 games
Quebec Open 201288 games
XIV International Ch of Gdansk 2012233 games
Corporation Center Cup 2012236 games
Russian Online Blitz Grand Prix Open 20121 game
Pacific Southwest Open 201222 games
TCh-POR 2012140 games
Russian Team vs Russian Fans Correspondence Match1 game
22nd Heart of Finland Open 2012107 games
2nd Science Park Amsterdam Chess Tournament 20121 game
Slovenian Championship 20123 games
4575 games

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1) Introduction

My thanks to Roland Wimmer, Olexandr Prohorov, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Michael Nielsen, Frank Berry, Adolivio Capece, Jack Peters, Sergey Abramov, Oscar de la Riva Aguado, Michael Kopylov, Holger Lieske, Paulo Rocha and everyone else who helped with the issue.

I hear comments sometimes that many major chess websites are "Magnus Carlsen fanboys". However there is no doubt in my mind that Carlsen is the new big beast in the jungle to compare with Kasparov and Karpov in the past. He is the standard by which all other chess players are currently measured. Carlsen and Levon Aronian are the very best reasons to feel glad to be following top chess right now. The fact he achieves his results by moves he finds over the board as opposed to home/computer preparation makes his games all the more entertaining (some players ideal seems to be to play all their games without having to find anything of their own over the board, the days that all results are achieved in this way is the day when top class professional chess dies, although good preparation clearly has a place in the game, far too many players research their way to killing all interesting play in the game, especially with black, in other words they don't back their actual chess skill against their opposition and want to settle things without ever having to think). Today Carlsen beat Wang Hao from a position where a draw was the most likely result. Elsewhere there was much more summer chess with many interesting players.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) 45th Biel International Chess Festival 2012

The Biel Chess Festival takes place from 23rd July to 2nd August. Magnus Carlsen returned to defend the title he won last year. Alexander Morozevich also returned to an event where he has seen much success but he lost his first two games and then became so ill he was forced to withdraw and Viktor Bologan stepped in to play the games he was supposed to play. Hikaru Nakamura, Wang Hao, Etienne Bacrot and Anish Giri are the other players in this 6 player 10 round Double Round Robin. The blitz KO tournament was won by Hikaru Nakamura who beat Etienne Bacrot in the final. Bacrot eliminated Carlsen in the first round. Below are the standings and games. The official site has plenty of coverage including live commentary, videos and reports. I have not had the time to devote to doing some of my own reports as I would like to have done. Will be tweeting bits and pieces of news to the end now. Magnus Carlsen beat leader Wang Hao to join him on 13 points. The game looked like it should finish in a draw but yet again Carlsen played wonderfully in a simplified position.

45th Biel GM Biel SUI Sat 21st Jul 2012 - Fri 3rd Aug 2012
Leading Round 7 (of 10) Standings:
1Magnus CarlsenNOR2837713
2Wang HaoCHN2739713
3Anish GiriNED2696712
4Hikaru NakamuraUSA2778710
5Etienne BacrotFRA271376
6Victor BologanMDA273251
6 players
45th Biel Masters Biel SUI Sat 21st Jul 2012 - Fri 3rd Aug 2012
Leading Round 7 (of 11) Standings:
13Harikrishna, PentalaGMIND268474035.528.0167.0
211Turov, MaximGMRUS264274035.527.5154.5
38Edouard, RomainGMFRA264674035.526.0153.0
420Wen, YangGMCHN256973045.030.0158.5
56Kurnosov, IgorGMRUS266373045.028.5163.0
62Vachier-Lagrave, MaxiGMFRA268673045.028.5157.0
712Melkumyan, HrantGMARM263973045.027.5158.0
813Saric, IvanGMCRO263875205.027.5155.0
95Grachev, BorisGMRUS267474125.027.5154.0
101Movsesian, SergeiGMARM269873045.027.0161.5
117Postny, EvgenyGMISR265373045.027.0160.5
1217Pelletier, YannickGMSUI259974125.027.0156.0
1318Shankland, SamuelGMUSA257973045.026.5149.5
1415Roiz, MichaelGMISR261573045.026.0158.0
1533Meins, GerlefIMGER247574125.026.0155.5
169Meier, GeorgGMGER264473045.025.5158.0
1735Vorotnikov, VladislavGMRUS244674125.025.0156.5
1814Khairullin, IldarGMRUS263173045.025.0151.0
1910Rodshtein, MaximGMISR264273134.526.5156.5
2016Avrukh, BorisGMISR260574214.526.5154.0
2128Kraemer, MartinIMGER250673134.526.5151.0
2224Golod, VitaliGMISR254773134.526.5148.5
2227Bok, BenjaminIMNED251273134.526.5148.5
244Bauer, ChristianGMFRA268173134.526.0153.0
2523Sengupta, DeepGMIND254872054.525.5150.0
2659Gloor, Roger SUI225174214.525.0152.0
2721Le Roux, Jean-PierreGMFRA255974214.525.0148.0
2847Konguvel, PonnuswamyIMIND231974214.522.0147.5
2948Burnier, DavidFMSUI231574214.521.5141.5
3049Gara, AnitaIMHUN231273134.518.5140.0
3119Maze, SebastienGMFRA257373224.029.0155.0
3236Vishnu Prasanna, VasaIMIND243573224.027.0150.5
3332Czebe, AttilaGMHUN247874304.027.0149.0
3422Adhiban, BaskaranGMIND255373224.027.0144.0
3526Pavlovic, MilosGMSRB253073224.025.5141.5
3625Ulibin, MikhailGMRUS253174304.025.0149.0
3745Schiendorfer, EmanuelFMSUI235572144.024.0151.5
3840Boruchovsky, AvitalFMISR241673224.024.0149.5
3943Pruess, DavidIMUSA237574304.024.0148.5
4029Hungaski, RobertIMUSA248872144.024.0136.5
112 players
Biel Exhib Blitz Biel SUI Sat 21st Jul 2012 - Fri 3rd Aug 2012
1Wang HaoCHN2739512
2Hikaru NakamuraUSA277858
3Anish GiriNED269658
4Magnus CarlsenNOR283746
5Etienne BacrotFRA271354
6Victor BologanMDA273220
6 players

3) 99th British Championships 2012

The 99th British Championships take place 22nd July to 4th August 2012. Gawain Jones is the top seed and leads on 6/7 alongside Stephen Gordon.

99th ch-GBR 2012 North Shields ENG Sun 22nd Jul 2012 - Sat 4th Aug 2012
Leading Round 7 (of 11) Standings:
1Jones, Gawain CGMENG26551111½1½6.02726
2Gordon, StephenGMENG253911101116.02621
3Howell, David WGMENG2620½11½11½5.52627
4Hawkins, JonathanIMENG24991101½115.52480
5Turner, MatthewGMSCO25081½1½1015.02480
6Gormally, DanielGMENG25051½1½0115.02418
7Hanley, Craig AIMENG241910110115.02354
8Rudd, JackIMENG229500111115.02272
9Conquest, StuartGMENG2501½1½½1½½4.52296
10Arkell, Keith CGMENG244111011½04.52411
11Houska, JovankaIMENG240601½11½½4.52306
12Ledger, Dave JFMENG22460½101114.52334
13Holland, James PENG22001½11½0½4.52553
14Mackle, DominicENG213010½11014.52456
15Jackson, James PENG21261101½½½4.52454
16Palliser, RichardIMENG2482½1001½14.02207
17Kolbus, DietmarIMGER23211001½1½4.02219
18Chapman, Terry PENG229010½11½04.02327
19Walker, David JFMENG227601½1½104.02217
20Poobalasingam, PeterFMENG22630½½11014.02236
21Storey, CharlesFMENG224701101104.02263
22Osborne, MarcusENG2245½11½0½½4.02433
23Harvey, Marcus RENG213410111004.02339
24Weller, Jean-LucENG2115½½101014.02283
25Waters, Clive LENG210601101104.02212
26Foo, William JENG2009½1½10014.02303
27Grattage, MatthewENG1986100½1=14.02227
28Eggleston, DavidFMENG23231½010103.52215
29Roe, Simon JENG227510½10103.52180
30Adair, James RENG2262½1010½½3.52289
31Townsend, M PaulENG22520½½101½3.52134
32Shaw, RobertFMENG2220011010½3.52148
33Walker, NicholasENG2179011½0013.52207
34Burnett, JimENG2174100½1013.52178
35Batchelor, PeterENG210310½1½0½3.52293
36Foster, James MENG2037001011½3.52162
37Maroroa, SueWIMNZL20350½½0½113.52089
38Jain, RadhaENG18680½10½1½3.52160
39Wall, Tim PFMENG234701½0½½½3.02057
40Hanley, James LENG224401110003.02186
65 players

4) Ukrainian Championship 2012

The Ukrainian Championship takes place 26th July to 7th August 2012. Pavel Eljanov and Andrei Volokitin Andrei have started with 3/4.

81st ch-UKR 2012 Kiev UKR Fri 27th Jul 2012 - Tue 7th Aug 2012. Category: 17. Ave: (2662)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Pts TPR
1 Eljanov, Pavel GM UKR 2693 # = = 1 1 3 2867
2 Volokitin, Andrei GM UKR 2704 # = = 1 1 3 2813
3 Korobov, Anton GM UKR 2678 = # = 1 = 2.5 2772
4 Ponomariov, Ruslan GM UKR 2726 = # 0 1 1 2.5 2774
5 Areshchenko, Alexander GM UKR 2691 = # = = 1 2.5 2718
6 Kuzubov, Yuriy GM UKR 2623 = 0 1 # = 2 2680
7 Zubov, Alexander GM UKR 2617 = = # = 0 1.5 2575
8 Fedorchuk, Sergey A. GM UKR 2634 0 = # = = 1.5 2577
9 Efimenko, Zahar GM UKR 2689 = 0 = # = 1.5 2574
10 Vovk, Yuri GM UKR 2562 0 0 1 = # 1.5 2575
11 Moiseenko, Alexander GM UKR 2711 0 0 = # 1 1.5 2582
12 Miroshnichenko, Evgenij GM UKR 2621 0 = = 0 # 1 2489

5) FIDE Women's Grand Prix Jermuk 2012

The FIDE Women's Grand Prix took place in Jermuk 16th-29th July 2012. In spite of a final round defeat (all the leaders lost) Hou Yifan won with 7/11.

FIDE WGP Jermuk 2012 Jermuk ARM Mon 16th Jul 2012 - Sun 29th Jul 2012. Category: 11. Ave: (2506)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Pts TPR
1 Hou, Yifan GM CHN 2617 # = 0 = = 1 = = 1 1 = 1 7 2598
2 Kosintseva, Nadezhda GM RUS 2516 = # = 1 = 1 1 1 0 0 = = 6.5 2570
3 Lahno, Kateryna GM UKR 2537 1 = # 1 = = 0 = = 1 = = 6.5 2568
4 Koneru, Humpy GM IND 2598 = 0 0 # 1 = 1 0 1 1 = 1 6.5 2563
5 Ju, Wenjun WGM CHN 2518 = = = 0 # 1 0 1 = = = 1 6 2541
6 Ruan, Lufei WGM CHN 2483 0 0 = = 0 # 1 = 1 = 1 1 6 2544
7 Zhao, Xue GM CHN 2556 = 0 1 0 1 0 # = 1 0 = 1 5.5 2502
8 Danielian, Elina GM ARM 2480 = 0 = 1 0 = = # = = = = 5 2473
9 Mkrtchian, Lilit IM ARM 2450 0 1 = 0 = 0 0 = # 1 = 1 5 2475
10 Kovalevskaya, Ekaterina IM RUS 2417 0 1 0 0 = = 1 = 0 # 1 0 4.5 2449
11 Munguntuul, Batkhuyag IM MGL 2447 = = = = = 0 = = = 0 # 0 4 2410
12 Khurtsidze, Nino IM GEO 2456 0 = = 0 0 0 0 = 0 1 1 # 3.5 2378

6) Politiken Cup 2012

The Politiken Cup takes place 28th July to 5th August 2012.

Politiken Cup 2012 Helsingor DEN Sat 28th Jul 2012 - Sun 5th Aug 2012
Leading Round 3 (of 10) Standings:
1Cheparinov IvanGMBUL26773.02.05.50
Burmakin VladimirGMRUS25903.02.05.50
Rasmussen Allan StigGMDEN24963.02.05.50
Zude Erik DrIMGER23843.02.05.50
Colpe MalteGER22843.02.05.50
6L'ami ErwinGMNED26153.02.05.00
Markus RobertGMSRB25993.02.05.00
Popovic DusanGMSRB25793.02.05.00
Timman Jan HGMNED25753.02.05.00
Halkias SteliosGMGRE25703.02.05.00
Hector JonnyGMSWE25303.02.05.00
Danielsen HenrikGMISL25113.02.05.00
Aagaard JacobGMDEN25063.02.05.00
Glud Jakob VangIMDEN25003.02.05.00
Brynell StellanGMSWE24983.02.05.00
Blomqvist ErikIMSWE24573.02.05.00
Kristiansen JensIMDEN24273.02.05.00
Carstensen JacobFMDEN23663.02.05.00
19Malakhov VladimirGMRUS27123.02.04.50
Schandorff LarsGMDEN25163.02.04.50
21Sokolov IvanGMNED26763.01.54.50
Bulski KrzysztofIMPOL25543.01.54.50
Starostits IlmarsGMLAT24943.01.54.50
24Dreev AlekseyGMRUS26773.01.04.00
Hillarp Persson TigerGMSWE25753.01.04.00
Nilsen Joachim BirgerNOR22153.01.04.00
27Merkesvik SondreNOR18922.52.05.25
28Cherednichenko SvetlanaWGMUKR22932.52.04.75
29Salgado Lopez IvanGMESP26352.52.04.25
Schlecht DanielGER23792.52.04.25
Nielsen Lars AaesFMDEN22542.52.04.25
32Hansen Sune BergGMDEN25772.51.54.25
33Svane RasmusGER23672.51.53.75
Jorgensen DennisDEN22312.51.53.75
Wurtz JacobDEN20422.51.53.75
36Bekker-Jensen SimonIMDEN23942.51.53.50
Bejtovic JasminIMBIH23852.51.53.50
Matthiesen MartinFMDEN22852.51.53.50
Rostgaard Tobias ValentinDEN22462.51.53.50
40L'ami AlinaWGMROU23722.51.53.25
292 players

7) 30th Andorra Open

The 30th Andorra Open took place in Erts-La Massana 21st-29th July 2012. Jon Ludvig Hammer took the title on tie-break ahead of last year's winner Kiril Geogiev, Miguel Illescas Cordoba and Julen Luis Arizmendi Martinez after all scored 7/9. Hammer won a large trophy and wondered how much it would cost to transport on Ryan Air. Local resident David Norwood scored a respectable 6/9.

30th Andorra Open Andorra la Vella AND Sat 21st Jul 2012 - Sun 29th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Hammer Jon LudviggNOR2638726993943
2Georgiev KirilgBUL2680726953741.5
3Illescas Cordoba MiguelgESP26017267538.541.5
4Arizmendi Martinez Julen LuisgESP25597259235.539
5Iturrizaga EduardogVEN26286.525733541
6Alonso Rosell AlvarmESP25026.5257235.540.5
7Granda Zuniga Julio EgPER26576.525713439.5
8Negi ParimarjangIND26616.5255633.538.5
9Kogan ArturgISR25876.525233542
10Szabo KrisztiangHUN25486.525213438
11Narciso Dublan MarcgESP25396.5249332.537
12Prasca Sosa RafaelmVEN24156.524843238.5
13Berczes DavidgHUN25306.524573236
14Fernandez Reyes LisandrofCUB23676.5224126.532.5
15Burg TwanmNED2470625543440.5
16Marin MihailgROU2548625423539.5
17Demuth AdrienmFRA2460625363340
18Solodovnichenko YurigUKR25986253334.541
19Peralta FernandogARG2602625213340
20Comas Fabrego LluisgESP2514624523339
21Norwood David RgAND2494624503238
22Del Rio De Angelis Salvador G.gESP2547624153138.5
23Valdes LeonardomCRC23806241530.537
24Berkovich Mark AmISR23666231630.534
25Getz NicolaimNOR2354622982936
26Silva Rodriguez FernandoESP2179622402834.5
27Dgebuadze AlexandregBEL25635.524413437.5
28Jerez Perez AlfonsomESP24075.524223141
29Zoler DangISR25275.5240732.538.5
30Vila Gazquez XaviergESP24545.5240532.538.5
31Vehi Bach Victor ManuelmESP23625.5239829.537
32Jose Queralto DanielAND21335.523682637.5
33Torres Juan CamiloCOL23065.523662937.5
34Panelo MarcelomARG24525.523453035
35Castro Jose LuisVEN22525.5232328.536.5
36Wegerle JoergmGER24215.5231428.535
37Alexandrova OlgamESP24175.523003036.5
38Llaneza Vega PatriciawmESP22255.522922735.5
39Hernandez Sanchez Jairo AndresfCOL22885.5226327.535.5
40Ballester Llagaria Luis EduardoESP22105.522442737
146 players

8) 7th Nana Aleksandria Cup 2012

The 7th Nana Aleksandria Cup took place 14th-20th July 2012. Giga Quparadze edged out David Kalashian, Davit Maghalashvili and Sargis V Manukyan on tie-break after all finished on 7.5/9. A vastly improved file is now available.

7th Nana Aleksandria Poti GEO Sat 14th Jul 2012 - Fri 20th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Quparadze GigaIMGEO24597.544.555.041.0
2Kalashian DavidIMARM24087.542.555.038.5
3Maghalashvili DavitIMGEO24727.539.551.037.5
4Manukyan Sargis VARM23497.536.547.036.0
5Nigalidze GaiozIMGEO24417.041.552.537.5
6Javakhadze ZurabGEO24157.
7Gharagyozian ArturARM22547.037.547.532.5
8Iskandarov MisratdinAZE23847.036.545.532.0
9Mammadov ZaurIMAZE24266.540.051.037.5
10Hayrapetian ArmanIMARM23636.539.551.535.5
11Lomineishvili MaiaIMGEO23606.538.550.036.0
12Azaladze ShotaIMGEO24846.538.050.532.5
13Oleksienko MikhailoGMUKR25476.538.049.533.5
14Zarkua DavitIMGEO24666.538.048.033.0
15Hayrapetyan HovikIMARM24586.041.053.536.0
16Purtseladze MakaIMGEO23486.040.552.534.0
17Beradze IrakliGEO23276.
18Chighladze IveriIMGEO23586.
19Gavasheli AnaWIMGEO21346.039.051.529.0
20Morchiashvili BachanaIMGEO23526.
21Minasyan ArnoldARM22046.037.547.031.0
22Lomsadze DavitGEO23606.
23Khomeriki NinoGEO19456.
24Shamatava AnaGEO20516.035.545.029.0
25Kocharyan ArtushARM20986.035.544.028.0
26Benidze GiglaGEO19826.034.044.527.5
27Khelaia GiorgiGEO20515.542.552.032.5
28Patsia ZviadGEO21685.540.550.032.0
29Shalamberidze AkakiIMGEO23425.538.549.533.5
30Matevosyan SedrakARM21895.538.049.029.5
31Tiraturyan DavidARM21675.538.047.530.0
32Qalagashvili PridonGEO21505.537.548.031.0
33Sibashvili GiorgiGEO20335.537.547.529.0
34Bakhtadze KhvichaGEO22935.536.046.029.0
35Ayyad MaherFMBRN21745.535.546.029.5
36Gamzardia GiorgiFMGEO21185.535.043.027.0
37Barseghyan HarutyunARM19985.534.544.028.5
38Ghazaryan YuryARM17705.533.544.024.0
39Yayloyan KonstantinARM19115.533.543.027.5
40Gharibyan Karen VARM21475.532.542.027.5
148 players

9) Dutch Open 2012

The Dutch Open takes place 24th July to 2nd August 2012.

Dutch Open 2012 Dieren NED Tue 24th Jul 2012 - Thu 2nd Aug 2012
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Ikonnikov, VyacheslavGMRUS25371111½4.52753
2Raznikov, DannyIMISR246211½½14.02536
3Hendriks, WillyIMNED242211½½14.02481
4De Jong, MigchielIMNED23581½11½4.02626
5Smeets, JanGMNED26201½1013.52466
6Greenfeld, AlonGMISR255611½½½3.52510
7Bakre, TejasGMIND248211½½½3.52504
8Pijpers, ArthurNED234110½113.52279
9Houben, JaapNED2269100113.02227
10Arjun, BharatCMIND2250½10½13.02266
11Maatman, NickNED21230½1½13.02347
12Beerdsen, ThomasNED2044½1½013.02297
13Evengroen, Henk-JanNED1968101103.02309
14Popilski, GilIMISR24501100½2.52249
15Heemskerk, WimFMNED2252½10½½2.52186
16Schouten, NicoNED2232½01102.52165
17Colijn, StefanNED2220011½02.52147
18Vogel, JaapFMNED21790½½1½2.52148
19Hoogland, DirkCMNED216901½½½2.52237
20Maris, IvoNED2044½½1½02.52234
21Van Liempt, MichaelNED195410½012.52189
22Sowray, Peter JFMENG2375½01½02.02008
23Efroimski, MarselWIMISR2187100102.02048
24Zwirs, NicoNED217301½½02.02178
25Go, BenjaminNED21640½½102.02118
26Van Lanen, AntoonNED2147001012.02141
27Van Mierlo, GuidoNED2089½½½0½2.02084
28Van Osch, MeesNED2071000112.02080
29Vos, TjarkNED1958010½½2.02092
30Ypma, PeterNED21750½0½½1.51858
31Von Meijenfeldt, BartNED21230½0101.52035
32Vereggen, LarsNED20510½0011.52052
33Ellenbroek, TonNED20470010½1.52039
34Vesters, MelchiorNED1974½01001.52042
35De Bruijne, ArianNED1934100001.01976
36Markus, JohnNED2147000000.01387
36 players

10) Austrian Championship 2012

The Austrian Championship took place 21st-29th July 2012. David Shengelia took clear first with 7/9.

ch-AUT 2012 Zwettl AUT Sat 21st Jul 2012 - Sun 29th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Shengelia DavidGMAUT25457.051.541.039.25
2Schachinger MarioFMAUT23826.553.041.537.25
3Fröwis GeorgIMAUT23666.549.038.533.00
4Wallner JoachimFMAUT23096.549.038.033.00
5Baumegger SiegfriedIMAUT24476.547.537.532.75
6Kreisl RobertIMAUT24046.
7Menezes ChristophAUT22736.
8Srienz ChristianNMAUT23006.044.034.526.50
9Denk AdolfFMAUT22726.042.033.525.75
10Pötz FlorianIMAUT24155.551.541.529.50
11Neubauer Martin Mag.IMAUT24335.548.538.027.75
12Kilgus GeorgFMAUT24105.548.037.027.75
13Pilaj Herwig Mag.IMAUT23385.546.036.526.00
14Knoll HermannIMAUT23135.546.036.524.75
15Schroll Gerhard Dr. MMag.IMAUT23945.546.036.026.00
16Weiss ChristianIMAUT24175.045.535.524.75
17Kummer HelmutIMAUT23625.
18Hofmann ThomasAUT20825.
19Danner GeorgIMAUT23705.043.533.522.75
20Schneider-Zinner HaraldIMAUT23775.043.032.521.00
21Kessler LucaAUT22425.042.533.019.75
22Schwabeneder FlorianAUT22665.041.533.020.00
23Bachofner AndreasFMAUT22195.
24Ernst Michael Mag.MKAUT21825.039.531.019.25
25Wertjanz DavidAUT22645.039.030.519.25
26Woeber Friedrich DI.NMAUT21835.037.028.519.25
27Ager JosefNMAUT21704.543.033.518.75
28Kreindl HelmutNMAUT22054.540.531.517.50
29Halvax GeorgFMAUT23014.540.030.017.25
30Mesaros FlorianAUT20364.539.030.017.25
31Sandhöfner FlorianFMAUT22284.538.030.017.50
32Matt FabianAUT22114.536.029.015.75
33Wagner StefanNMAUT22084.529.520.513.50
34Bezler Rainer Mag.NMAUT22424.042.532.516.25
35Lenz AlarichMKAUT21974.
36Weilguni Johann Dr.AUT21674.
37Rogetzer KlausMKAUT20834.042.032.516.50
38Kropik MartinAUT21294.039.530.015.00
39Kleiser GregorFMAUT22694.039.030.515.75
40Zsifkovits Robert Dr.MKAUT21524.037.029.514.00
58 players

11) 23rd Czech Open 2012

The 23rd Czech Open is under way the main open at the end of the festival is under way. There was also a strong rapid event was won by Bogdan Lalic on tie-break from Rainer Buhmann after both sides 7.5/9.

23rd Czech Open Rapid Pardubice CZE Thu 12th Jul 2012 - Sun 29th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Lalic BogdanCRO24957.541.051.5
2Buhmann RainerGER25717.540.051.0
3Arutinian DavidGEO25567.043.054.5
4Kravtsiv MartynUKR25827.041.052.0
5Schlosser PhilippGER25967.040.051.5
6Navara DavidCZE26797.039.050.0
7Shanava KonstantineGEO25787.038.548.5
8Ghaem Maghami EhsanIRI25777.036.548.0
9Hess RobertUSA26397.036.046.5
Antipov Mikhail Al.RUS24707.036.046.5
11Novikov StanislavRUS25846.538.050.0
12Coleman TeddyUSA23796.044.054.5
13Zakhartsov ViacheslavRUS25426.040.551.0
14Ivanov OlegUKR25056.039.051.0
15Mozharov MikhailRUS25316.039.050.0
16Pap GyulaHUN25666.038.550.5
17Oparin GrigoriyRUS24806.038.049.0
18Simantsev MikhailUKR25316.038.048.5
19Akesson RalfSWE24486.038.048.5
20Andreev EduardUKR25136.038.047.5
21Hasangatin RamilRUS25046.037.548.0
Zwardon VojtechCZE23836.037.548.0
23Yatsenko AlexeyRUS24756.037.047.5
24Plat VojtechCZE24926.035.545.0
25Zakhartsov VladimirRUS23216.035.045.0
26Maximov DmitryUKR24806.033.544.0
27Gutman GennadiUKR24936.033.542.5
28Rausis IgorsCZE24966.033.044.0
29Neuman PetrCZE24766.033.043.0
30Strebkovs AndrejsLAT23566.031.039.5
31Kononenko DmitryUKR26085.538.549.5
32Kratochvil KarelCZE22135.537.547.5
33Savitskiy SergeyRUS23675.536.547.5
34Potapov PavelRUS25235.536.047.0
35Nabaty TamirISR25825.536.046.5
36Sipos IstvanHUN24635.536.046.0
37Zpevak PavelCZE23795.536.044.5
38Kulicov OlegRUS24295.534.545.5
39Velicka PetrCZE24625.534.544.0
Zaslavsky MikhailISR24415.534.544.0
164 players
23rd Czech Open A Pardubice CZE Thu 12th Jul 2012 - Sun 29th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Nabaty TamirGMISR25827.5249040.551.5
2Rasik VitezslavIMCZE24917.0248739.049.0
3Sandipan ChandaGMIND26187.0244739.051.0
4Danin AlexandreGMRUS25257.0242737.046.5
5Nisipeanu Liviu-DieterGMROU26486.5247440.551.0
6Votava JanGMCZE25206.5246438.548.5
7Khusnutdinov RustamGMKAZ25036.5245641.051.0
8Kononenko DmitryGMUKR26086.5245240.552.0
9Buhmann RainerGMGER25716.5245141.552.5
10Arutinian DavidGMGEO25566.5245139.050.0
11Piorun KacperIMPOL24896.5244940.051.0
12Lalith BabuGMIND25296.5244637.548.0
13Gretarsson Hjorvar SteinnIMISL25076.5243237.546.5
14Plat VojtechIMCZE24926.5242035.545.5
15Jaracz PawelGMPOL25306.5241837.547.5
16Stocek JiriGMCZE25736.5241237.048.0
17Ivanov OlegIMUKR25066.5239335.044.0
18Boros DenesGMHUN24856.5236434.543.5
19Michiels BartIMBEL25156.5230931.540.5
20Gavrilov AlexeiGMRUS24986.0250843.555.5
21Kravtsiv MartynGMUKR25826.0244238.550.0
22Krejci JanGMCZE24766.0243439.049.0
23Petr MartinGMCZE25256.0243037.049.0
24Hess RobertGMUSA26396.0241338.048.5
25Chernyshov KonstantinGMRUS25346.0241035.045.0
26Mozharov MikhailIMRUS25006.0240935.045.5
27Steinberg NitzanISR23266.0240838.546.5
28Toth ErvinIMHUN24776.0240639.049.5
29Shanava KonstantineGMGEO25786.0240137.548.0
30Lintchevski DaniilGMRUS25636.0239634.544.5
31Oparin GrigoriyIMRUS24806.0239239.049.5
32Stefansson HannesGMISL25156.0239136.046.5
33Zorko JureIMSLO24766.0236932.040.5
34Givon AsafFMISR23366.0232732.040.5
35Graf FelixGER23946.0230932.042.0
36Bures JaroslavIMCZE23926.0230930.039.5
37Kasparov SergeyGMBLR24936.0228132.541.5
38Narayanan SrinathIMIND23995.5249341.052.5
39Velicka PetrGMCZE24625.5245439.049.0
40Zilka StepanIMCZE25175.5245038.048.5
259 players

12) Washington International 2012

The Washington International takes place 28th July to 1st August 2012. There is a strong field headed by Gata Kamsky.

Washington Int. 2012 Washington DC USA Sat 28th Jul 2012 - Wed 1st Aug 2012
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Gata KamskyGM27443.5
2Alexander OnischukGM26663.5
3Timur GareevGM26583.5
4Justin SarkarIM23963.5
5Tamaz GelashviliGM26043.0
6Alexander ShabalovGM25343.0
7Joshua E FriedelGM25033.0
8Kidambi SundararajanGM24593.0
9Cristina-Adela FoisorIM24013.0
10Michael A MulyarIM23863.0
11Masha KlinovaIM23183.0
12Sergei AzarovGM26582.5
13Mikheil KekelidzeGM24942.5
14Adam HuntIM24472.5
15Thomas BartellFM24102.5
16Matthew J Herman23942.5
17Ovidiu-Doru FoisorIM23812.5
18Aleksandr OstrovskiyFM23512.5
19Michael H BodekFM23242.5
20Jared Defibaugh22632.5
21Christopher Gu22252.5
22Mihaela V FoisorWIM22202.5
23Joel BenjaminGM25592.0
24Dean IppolitoIM24292.0
25Sabina-Francesca FoisorWGM23562.0
26William MorrisonFM23302.0
27Adarsh JayakumarFM23002.0
28Richard J Tuhrim22682.0
29Mikhail VasilyevIM22672.0
30Alex Barnett22432.0
31Oladapo Oluto AduIM22222.0
32Francisco Guadalupe II22142.0
33Kevin Wang21862.0
34Joshua Colas21262.0
35Ernesto Prieto21042.0
36Awonder LiangFM19222.0
37James SchuylerFM23451.5
38Eric S RosenFM23281.5
39Ian D ThompsonFM22431.5
40Iryna ZenyukWIM22421.5
55 players

13) ch-PHI Grand Finals 2012

The Philippines had a final event the "Battle of Grandmasters Men's Division" which took place 15th-25th July 2012. Mark Paragua won the event with 11.5/15. Julio Sadorra, Eugenio Torre (who qualifies for his 21st Olympiad a record is claimed) and Oliver Dimakiling finished on 10 points.

ch-PHI Grand Final Boracay PHI Sun 15th Jul 2012 - Wed 25th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 15 Standings:
1PARAGUA MarkGMPHI250811.50.076.503.5
2SADORRA Julio CatalinoGMPHI252510.01.565.253.0
3TORRE EugenioGMPHI246910.
4DIMAKILING OliverIMPHI241510.00.569.503.5
5BARBOSA OliverGMPHI25549.01.562.753.5
6LAYLO DarwinGMPHI24899.01.562.003.5
7ANTONIO Rogelio JrGMPHI25489.00.063.754.0
8GOMEZ John PaulGMPHI25398.
9BARCENILLA RogelioGMPHI25017.00.548.003.5
10SALVADOR RolandGMPHI24847.00.547.753.0
11BITOON RichardGMPHI24426.50.543.502.5
12PASCUA HaridasFMPHI23106.50.543.002.5
13SEGARRA RandyFMPHI22835.
14SENADOR EmmanuelIMPHI23534.01.023.500.5
15MEJIA GiovanniPHI19324.00.031.502.0
16NAVA RoderickFMPHI23973.00.015.750.0
16 players

14) 11th Condom Open 2012

The 11th Condom Open took first place on tie-break from Dragos-Nicolae Dumitrache and Aleksandr Karpatchev after both finished on 6.5/9. Games now available.

11th Condom Open Condom FRA Sat 14th Jul 2012 - Sat 21st Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Prie, Ericg251042½372536
2Dumitrache, Dragos-Nicolaem244742½34½2521
3Karpatchev, Aleksandrg243141½35½2526
4Dgebuadze, Alexandreg2563641½332477
5Anton, Teodorf2423641½31½2427
6Manea, Alexandrum2369641322429
7Petre, Nad-Titusm2362640322354
8Marholev, Dimitarm2356638½30½2346
9Bujisho, Benjaminm239163830½2365
10Gertosio, Franck 2215638292291
11Carmaciu, Lucian-Catalinm238640½312368
12Bressac, Stephanef232040½30½2321
13Ouerk, Yanis 21773627½2226
14Manole, Stefan 205934½25½2173
15Favarel, Antoine 2267536272227
16Lacroix, Romain 2230535½262180
17Boukhris-Ferre, Yacine 2057534½252162
18Larand, Manuel 2044534232099
19Iwanesko, Alexandre 221338272149
20Forestie, Pierre 214037262138
21Sanchez, Nicolas 216835½252160
22Roques, Olivier 191334½23½2099
23Dupouy, Francois 194532½20½2043
24Vandervorst, Jean-Marc 204430½19½2011
25Fejzovski, Enver 215729½201969
26Roussiere, Christophe 204129141983
27Labat, Jory 2034436202016
28Marty, Brice 202743421½2063
29Ramahef, Eric 2052432½22½2001
30Attal, Maxence 1975431½191965
31Tchefranoff, Stephane 195843117½1967
32Garrel, Alain 203843015½1912
33Grezels, Florian 1866429½17½2001
34Benamozig, Jean-Marc 186642917½1957
35Berthelot, Nathan 197834½19½1981
36Vaillant, Stephane 197032191928
37Curely, Etienne 183728½161899
38Martin, Eric 181625½13½1824
39Lebraud, Eric 203225¼12½1794
40Vainguer, Guillaume 1766328151785
47 players
11th Condom IM Condom FRA Sat 14th Jul 2012 - Sat 21st Jul 2012. Category: 5. Ave: (2369)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Cioara, Andrei-Nestor IM ROU 2484 # = = = = 1 1 1 = 1 6.5 2522
2 Inkiov, Ventzislav GM BUL 2460 = # = = = 1 = = 1 1 6 2483
3 Ardelean, George-Catalin IM ROU 2510 = = # 0 = = 1 1 1 1 6 2478
4 Ider, Borya FM FRA 2371 = = 1 # = 0 = 1 = 1 5.5 2448
5 Saada, Julien FM FRA 2315 = = = = # = = = = = 4.5 2375
6 Van Elst, Andreas FM FRA 2300 0 0 = 1 = # = 0 = 1 4 2333
7 Velten, Paul FM FRA 2390 0 = 0 = = = # = 1 = 4 2323
8 Joie, Sebastien FM FRA 2304 0 = 0 0 = 1 = # = 1 4 2333
9 Ravot, Sylvain FRA 2278 = 0 0 = = = 0 = # = 3 2254
10 Villegas, Pierre MNC 2274 0 0 0 0 = 0 = 0 = # 1.5 2106

15) 16th Battle of Senta Open

The 16th Battle of Senta Open took place 14th-21st July 2012. Evgeny Gleizerov edged out Imre Balog on tie-break after both finished on 7/9. A full game file is now available.

16th Battle of Senta Senta SRB Sat 14th Jul 2012 - Sat 21st Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Gleizerov EvgenyGMRUS25657.050.046.0
2Balog ImreGMHUN25427.049.045.5
3Nestorovic DejanIMSRB24046.549.545.5
4Matsenko SergeiIMRUS24606.047.043.0
5Vujic MihailoFMSRB23576.046.042.0
6Arsovic GoranIMSRB24266.045.541.5
7Zivkovic SavaFMSRB23406.044.541.5
8Stankovic MilosSRB23696.043.040.0
9Dragovic MomciloFMSRB23645.545.042.5
Andrijevic MilanIMSRB23455.545.042.5
11Tancik KristijanSRB22895.544.041.0
12Lukovic VladimirFMSRB23295.048.546.0
13Strugnell CarlFRA22345.046.544.0
14Nadj Hedjesi BalindIMSRB23815.043.540.0
15Agoston AronSRB20865.043.539.0
16Vucinic GojkoSRB21505.042.039.5
17Radusinovic LazarSRB23305.042.038.5
18Farkas TiborIMSRB22565.040.037.5
19Dudukovic NikolaSRB23025.039.536.5
20Kholopov Alexander AFMRUS22895.038.035.5
Andrejic VladicaSRB21825.038.035.5
22Kumic FilipSRB22165.037.535.0
Dimic PavleFMSRB21165.037.535.0
24Ardeleanu AlinIMROU23354.547.043.5
25Scepanovic LabudFMSRB22054.542.038.5
26Banovic IvanSRB20724.538.537.0
27Vranic LjubomirSRB21924.538.535.5
28Stojkovska MonikaMKD19094.538.035.5
29Cabarkapa NovakFMSRB22544.045.542.0
30Szabados KarolySRB20914.043.539.5
31Paroski SinisaSRB21844.042.038.5
32Pletl AkosSRB22514.039.537.0
33Manojlovic SavaSRB20774.039.036.0
34Bejatovic BojanaMKD19414.037.034.5
35Sakic SimeonSRB19614.036.033.5
36Parnicki ZlatkoSRB21944.031.029.5
37Simonyi ZoltanFMSRB22193.540.036.5
38Saric SinisaIMSRB24623.535.533.0
39Zarkovic MilaSRB19963.533.031.5
40Kaszas ViktorSRB20113.532.531.0
49 players

16) Wojtaszek vs Jobava Match 2012

Baadur Jobava beat Radoslaw Wojtaszek in the Classical and Rapid parts of this match 2.5-1.5. This maybe acts as a turning for Baadur who has had bad results recently in a couple of events that fortunately for him were not rated.

Classical Match Poznan POL Tue 24th Jul 2012 - Sat 28th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 4 Standings:
1Jobava, Baadur27301½½½2.5
2Wojtaszek, Radoslaw27170½½½1.5
2 players
Rapid Match Poznan POL Tue 24th Jul 2012 - Sat 28th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 4 Standings:
1Jobava, Baadur2730101½2.5
2Wojtaszek, Radoslaw2717010½1.5
2 players

17) 12th Condino Open 2012

The 12th Condino Open took place 22nd-28th July 2012. Francisco Vallejo Pons was by far and away the best player and won with 7/7.

12th Condino Open Condino ITA Sun 22nd Jul 2012 - Sat 28th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
11Vallejo Pons, FrancisGMESP2697728.5
24Medancic, RikardIMCRO22235.528
33Brun, DarioITA22625.527
42De Santis, AlessioFMITA2349530.5
57Popa, ClaudiuITA2146524
69Garonzi, MartinoCMITA2025523
75Marguerettaz, DavyITA22144.528
824Simoncini, FrancescoITA18394.526
918Weil, DanyFRA19014.524.5
1016Lezzerini, MarcoITA19484.523.5
1113Buratti, MarcoCMITA19944.523
1221Forno, RobertoCMITA1883427
136Panjkovic, AleksandarSRB2163426
1419Girelli, SergioITA188942426.5
1522Sanzani, PierluigiITA185942425.5
1612Barucco, MattiaITA2000423.5
1714Petragnani, AlessandrITA1963420
188Beccaris, GabrieleITA2042418
1920Schaberg, WolfgangITA18873.526.5
2011Innocenti, LucaITA20043.525.5
2117Nepi, EzioITA19273.524.5
2210Murgia, AndreaITA20173.524
2315Poletti, FaustoITA19503.522.5
2433Petragnani, Gian GiacITA17333.52122.51823.3
2534Forno, DiegoITA17153.52122.51805.3
2632Menon, MicheleITA17473.52122.51719.1
2723De Paoli, EmilioITA1851327
2827Caldara, SistoITA1780323.525.5
2935Cambria, GilbertoITA1697323.524
3025Pedrotti, LucianoITA1812321.523.51876.4
3129Bortolotti, SilvanoITA1772321.523.51844.9
3226Weinberg, EmanueleCMITA1786321
3338Bondoni, BernardinoITA1584318
3441Pellicoro, RobertoITA15302.520.5
3539Licandro, MicheleITA15772.518.5201736.3
3637Agostinetto, AlessandITA16562.518.5201682.6
3731Pieri, EnzoCMITA1750221.5
3836Simoni, GiulioITA1680221
3940Calabrese, MaurizioITA1541219.5
4030Galas, FrancoITA1756216.5
44 players

18) 24th Southern California Ch 2012

Jack Peters reports that he and 15-year old Varun Krishnan tied for first place in the 24th annual Southern California Championship, held on the weekends of July 14-15 and July 28-19 in Monterey Park, a suburb of Los Angeles. Peters was pleased to win but says the most important news is that the sponsoring Southern California Chess Federation announced that this will be the last state invitational championship because they cannot afford to run a tournament with a prize fund of $2,300.

24th Southern Calif Monterey Park USA Sat 14th Jul 2012 - Sun 29th Jul 2012. Category: None. Ave: (2232)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Pts TPR
1 Peters, Jack IM USA 2355 # 1 = 1 0 1 1 1 5.5 2445
2 Krishnan, Varun USA 2146 0 # 1 1 1 = 1 1 5.5 2474
3 Kretchetov, Alexandre FM RUS 2342 = 0 # = 0 1 1 1 4 2266
4 Akopyan, Harutyun FM USA 2208 0 0 = # 1 1 1 0 3.5 2236
5 Taylor, Timothy IM USA 2290 1 0 1 0 # 0 0 = 2.5 2122
6 Yanayt, Eugene FM USA 2270 0 = 0 0 1 # 0 1 2.5 2125
7 Clawitter, Craig USA 2118 0 0 0 0 1 1 # = 2.5 2146
8 Stein, Jeremy A USA 2128 0 0 0 1 = 0 = # 2 2089

19) 27th Avoine Open 2012

The 27th Avoine Open took place 21st-29th July 2012. Maxim Lagarde took clear first with 7.5/9.

27th Avoine Open Avoine FRA Sat 21st Jul 2012 - Sun 29th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Lagarde, MaximemFRA2505+60N+26B+11N=21B=2N=22B+23N+9B+13N7.544.525802584
2Lazarev, VladimirgFRA2442+42B+35N+58B+56N=1B=14N=20B=10N+24B744.525082509
3Jolly, Jean-FrancoismFRA2409=47N+90B+95N+23B=21N=9B+61N=4B+26N74324232430
4Haub, Thorsten MichaelmGER2466+62B+59N=55B=17N=58B+89N+15B=3N+20B742.524742481
5Colin, VincentmFRA2391+97B=32N=34B+60N+33B+36N=57B=16N+28B74223942402
6Petre, Nad-TitusmROU2362+152B=34N+32B=55N+208B=15N+58B+57N=12B741.524272428
7Dumitrache, Dragos-NicolaemROU2447+117N+38B-9N+31B-25N+99B+60N+106B+37N74122742371
8Anton, TeodorfROU2423=41B=65N+75B=29N+207B+64N+55B=20N+35B740.523172361
9Bon, MichaelfFRA2304+103B+44N+7B=57N+17B=3N+12B-1N=10B6.54725152515
10Song, JulienfFRA2398+116B=27N+64B=15N+56B+30N=14B=2B=9N6.54424132416
11Perrin, GuillaumefFRA2349+153N+19B-1B=62N+42B=32N+18B=25N+56B6.54423302330
12Inkiov, VentzislavgBUL2460+45N+25B-21N+49B+37N+24B-9N+38B=6N6.543.523972410
13Tirard, HugomFRA2452+33B-56N+157B+34N=55B+27B+22N+14N-1B6.543.523682406
14Navrotescu, CatalinmROU2391+71N+69B=23N+89B+27N=2B=10N-13B+61N6.54324022406
15Barbot, PierreFRA2271+50N=29B+112N=10B+210N=6B-4N+153B+72N6.54323122311
16Guliyev, NamiggAZE2539+115B=18N-56B+105N+29B=59N+44B=5B+58N6.54222432384
17David, VincentmFRA2392+91N+43B+68N=4B-9N-61B+143N+140B+59N6.54123232347
18Ribeiro, RomainFRA2204+118N=16B+166N-22B+90N+19B-11N+165B+57B6.54123492338
19Aubry, YannisFRA2104+129B-11N+81B=113N+73B-18N+158B+114N+55B6.539.521602159
20Marholev, DimitarmBUL2356=90N=47B+50N+45B+152N+25B=2N=8B-4N64523132313
21Kostiuk, TatianagfUKR2327+98B+48N+12B=1N=3B-57N+115B=56N=46B64423822382
22Payen, ArnaudmFRA2351=65B+41N+28B+18N=57B=1N-13B+62N=25B64423362336
23Decosse, Jean-FabienFRA2216+53N+94B=14B-3N+41B+108N-1B=70N+98B64422702270
24Godart, FrancoisfBEL2317=51N=163B+53N+71B+308N-12N+33B+31B-2N64322322243
25Duboue, PeioFRA2189+66B-12N+356B+101N+7B-20N+92B=11B=22N642.523272327
26Bouget, AlexandreFRA2202+108B-1N+102B=70N+65B=67N+155B+54N-3B642.521902194
27Nabavi, ParwisSUI2164+137N=10B+219N+63B-14B-13N+266B+65N=30B641.522992286
28Le Masle, RaphaelFRA2007+37N=63B-22N=74B+310N+210B+68N+39B-5N641.522972230
29Roger, MehdiFRA2097+211B=15N=30B=8B-16N=66N+239B+167N+96B64122682241
30Safranska, AndagfFRA2298+78N=31B=29N+77B+107N-10B=91N+71B=27N64121972210
31Navrotescu, Andreea-CristianaFRA2100+73B=30N=36B-7N+80B+134N+214B-24N+108B64122192208
32Eden, JamesFRA2129+212N=5B-6N+130B+123N=11B=93N+184B=63N64122102203
33Messinger, KarlFRA2060-13N+264B+238N+39B-5N+139B-24N+122B+107N640.522392211
34Lebret, Jean-MichelFRA2101+154N=6B=5N-13B+112N-105B+147N+155B+118N640.522122192
35Purenne, BenoitFRA2167+124N-2B-77N+192B+165N+128B+118N+63B-8N64022062204
36Gerard, NicolasfFRA2279=163N+51B=31N+40B+113N-5B=153N=91B+90N64021632178
37Frick, ChristophGER2258-28B+211N+119B+116N-12B+137N+101B+110N-7B639.521972206
38Gesing, OliverGER2165+102B-7N=159B+167N=103B+104N+67B-12N+101B63921912191
39Pietrasanta, JeremyFRA2272+109B+356N-57B-33N+40B+102N+98B-28N+97B638.521692169
40Auvray, JulietteFRA1941+100B-58N+84B-36N-39N+188B+217N+111B+117N63821962196
360 players

20) 38th Sitges Open 2012

The 38th Sitges Open took place 20th-28th July 2012. Evgeny Vorobiov took clear first with 7.5/9.

38th Sitges Open Sitges ESP Fri 20th Jul 2012 - Sat 28th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Vorobiov Evgeny EGMRUS25867.553.040.00.0
2Arenas DavidIMCOL24067.050.535.00.0
3Czakon JakubIMPOL24817.049.536.50.0
4Rodriguez Garcia VictorFMCUB23837.048.535.50.0
5Mirzoev AzerGMAZE25456.551.534.00.0
6Movsziszian KarenGMARM24696.549.033.50.0
7Laxman R RGMIND24226.547.531.50.0
8Alarcon Casellas RolandoFMCUB24366.546.031.00.0
9Pakleza ZbigniewIMPOL24686.
10Gallego Alcaraz Andres FelipeIMCOL23776.046.530.00.0
11Vidarte Morales ArturoIMESP23536.045.531.00.0
12Sequera Paolini JoseIMVEN24076.
13Barrientos Sergio EGMCOL25006.
14Jimenez Fraga Pedro AlejandroFMCUB24465.551.031.50.0
15Kiewra Keaton FFMUSA23615.549.531.00.0
16Perez Mitjans OrelvisIMESP25045.545.027.00.0
17Rabineau ClementFRA22705.545.026.00.0
18Hernando Rodrigo Julio AMKESP23115.543.528.00.0
19Tallo Dominguez ImarMKESP21885.541.526.00.0
20Fernandez Aguado EnriqueIMESP23575.539.028.00.0
21Espinoza Palomino WillyamFMPER22965.538.527.50.0
22Roy Chowdhury SaptarshiIMIND23915.537.523.50.0
23Debray ChristopherIMFRA23805.048.529.50.0
24Hjelmaas LarsFMNOR22735.048.527.00.0
25Gardner LeeUSA21765.
26Hernandez Moya YuleisyWFMCUB21775.043.523.50.0
27Hauge Lars OskarNOR21125.
28Castrillon Gomez MelissaWFMCOL21815.042.527.00.0
29Papadopoulou VeraWIMGRE21895.042.525.00.0
30Larduet Despaigne CarlosFMCUB23705.
31Saptarshi RoyIMIND23894.547.526.50.0
32Chirivi C Jenny AstridWIMCOL22124.545.526.00.0
33Palit SomakIMIND23934.544.027.00.0
34Franco Valencia Beatriz IreneWFMCOL22534.543.024.50.0
35Farran Martos Francesc XFMESP23214.539.524.50.0
36Franco Valencia AngelaWFMCOL21704.539.524.00.0
37Vinas Racionero JosepESP20924.539.521.00.0
38Sanpera Bonet Juan CarlosMKESP21434.539.022.00.0
39Orozco Lina YomayraWCMCOL21504.539.019.50.0
40Naslund MikaelFMSWE21384.538.521.50.0
85 players

21) 67th Oklahoma Open State Ch 2012

The 67th Oklahoma Open State Championship took place 21st-22nd July 2012. James Tyner a local player without a FIDE rating list entry took clear first with 4.5/5.

67th Oklahoma Open Tulsa USA Sat 21st Jul 2012 - Sun 22nd Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 5 Standings:
1Tyner, James4.5
2Braunlich, Tom22043.5
3Amburn, Tom21503.5
4Galant, Sergey21483.5
5Nugent, Mike19473.5
6Paolercio, Tony3
7Metpally, Jason17123
8Niggel, Chris21722.5
9Zelnick, David20082.5
10Johnson, Chuck19102.5
11Ogundipe, Akin2.5
12Wharry, Steve19902.5
13Temple, Judson18742.5
14Bulleigh, Adam18642.5
15Ravits, Richard2
16Berry, Jim20071.5
17Case, Rick1.5
18Maldonado, E Jr.17441.5
19Long, James20441
20Berry, Frank18741
21Klenda, Mike18960.5
21 players

22) 6th AD San Juan 2012

The 6th AD San Juan took place 23rd-29th July 2012. J Deepan Chakkravarthy took first on tie-break from Venkatesh and Obregon Rivero after all finished on 7/9.

6th AD San Juan Open Pamplona ESP Mon 23rd Jul 2012 - Sun 29th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Deepan Chakkravarthy JGMIND24687.044.553.50.0
2Venkatesh M RIMIND25067.
3Obregon Rivero Juan CarlosFMCUB24857.038.547.50.0
4Khamrakulov Ibragim SGMESP25076.543.554.00.0
5Ortiz Suarez Isan ReynaldoGMCUB25626.543.553.00.0
6Fernandez Romero ErnestoIMESP24726.543.552.50.0
7Ninov NikolaiIMBUL25016.543.552.50.0
8Reinaldo Castineira RoiIMESP24686.541.049.50.0
9Moreno Ruiz JavierIMESP25046.538.548.00.0
10Guerra Mendez Jose AngelIMCUB24286.536.045.00.0
11Krishna C R GIND22736.041.550.00.0
12Larino Nieto DavidIMESP24696.
13Ibarra Jerez Jose CarlosIMESP25306.
14Martinez Duany Lelys StanleyGMCUB24746.
15Buchenau FrankFMGER22996.
16Pena Riasco AlexanderFMCOL22456.035.541.50.0
17Paunovic DraganGMSRB25215.542.551.50.0
18Cruz Ravina Francisco JavierFMESP23455.540.549.00.0
19Yeo Michael JENG21795.539.546.50.0
20Vila Dupla AurelioFMESP21635.539.047.00.0
21Montanes Arribas AdrianESP22105.538.545.50.0
22Martin Duque JesusESP22415.538.046.00.0
23Fernandez Cardoso AlexeyFMCUB24275.537.045.00.0
24Ugalde Ezcurra Jose MiguelESP21795.537.045.00.0
25Ortega Lopez MikelESP18975.536.042.50.0
26Ruiz Sanchez OrlenFMCUB24165.535.543.50.0
27Gonzalez Pabollet Jesus MariaESP19705.529.034.00.0
28Navarrete Delgado SergioESP22205.040.547.50.0
29Uran Bermudez Oliver KevinVEN21475.
30Sanchez Vergara AlbertoESP20935.
31Rodriguez Martinez FernandoESP19035.037.543.50.0
32Burguete Archel EduardoESP22105.
33Cardenas Serrano SergioESP21245.035.541.50.0
34Mindeguia Guruceaga Juan JesusCMESP22185.
35Argaya Urdaniz MiguelESP19905.033.540.00.0
36Ocon Galilea Francisco JoseESP19775.
37Blazquez Gomez MiguelESP20365.
38Chakravarthi Y V KIND20535.032.536.50.0
39Zamarbide Inarrea BorjaESP21685.
40Aliane Diez AaronESP16115.030.538.00.0
92 players

23) Open Women's Bulgarian Championship 2012

The Open Women's Bulgarian Championship took place 23rd-29th July 2012. Elena-Luminit Cosma edged out Angela Dragomirescu on tie-break after both scored 6.5/9.

Open ch-BUL w 2012 Vratsa BUL Mon 23rd Jul 2012 - Sun 29th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Cosma Elena-LuminitaWGMROU23436.537.547.54
2Dragomirescu AngelaWIMROU22426.536.546.04
3Voiska MargaritaWGMBUL22906.039.549.53
4Ionescu IrinaWGMROU22476.036.546.53
5Maksimovic SuzanaWGMSRB22305.537.548.03
6Koskoska GabrielaWIMMKD20945.536.546.54
7Yordanova SvetlaWIMBUL21115.533.543.54
8Raeva ElitsaWIMBUL23185.533.043.04
9Bauyrzhan ArnashKAZ18015.531.541.03
10Schleining ZoyaWGMGER23655.035.545.54
11Cherednichenko ElenaWFMUKR21675.035.044.53
12Ivanova SimonetaBUL19565.032.039.03
13Salimova NurgyulWFMBUL17534.533.042.03
14Milutinovic StefanaSRB18964.531.540.04
15Vasileva VeronikaBUL17484.527.536.02
16Shivacheva DonikaBUL16984.034.042.53
17Sirkova DarenaWFMBUL19854.032.540.02
18Pencheva IvaBUL17994.029.037.52
19Atanasova ElitsaBUL17274.028.035.02
20Radeva ViktoriaWCMBUL17674.026.534.52
21Kantardzhieva ToniBUL19434.026.034.02
22Olea LilianaROU20143.530.538.53
23Penkova MarianaBUL03.526.034.01
24Lakinska SimonaMKD16553.023.529.01
25Valeva AnaBUL14542.023.029.00
25 players

24) Quebec Open 2012

Wesley So won the Quebec Open with 7.5/9 which took place 21st-28th July 2012.

Quebec Open 2012 Montreal CAN Sat 21st Jul 2012 - Sat 28th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1SO WesleyGMPHI26507.537.50
2BRUZON BATISTA LazaroGMCUB27117.038.25
3SUMETS AndreyGMUKR26186.535.00
4KOVALYOV AntonGMARG26145.524.25
6GERZHOY LeonidIMCAN24595.522.50
7PANJWANI RajaIMCAN23925.521.75
8THAVANDIRAN ShiyamFMCAN23015.521.50
10ROZENTALIS EduardasGMLTU26005.022.00
11NARODITSKY DanielIMUSA24865.020.25
12PEREZ GARCIA Rodney OscarIMCUB24125.018.25
13SAMBUEV BatorGMCAN25425.018.00
14SMITH Bryan GIMUSA24414.523.75
15BOJKOV DejanGMBUL25564.520.25
16HANSEN EricIMCAN24604.519.50
18PIASETSKI LeonIMCAN22904.518.50
19NORITSYN NikolayIMCAN24604.019.00
20JIANG LouieFMCAN23374.018.00
21KLEINMAN MichaelFMCAN22934.014.00
KRAIOUCHKINE NikitaCAN22044.014.00
23QIN Zi Yi JoeyCAN21984.013.25
24CALUGAR ArthurIMCAN22734.012.00
25BERUBE AntoineCAN21523.511.75
26VOSKANYAN VahagnFMCAN22403.08.50
PRAHOV ValentinBUL22093.08.50
28GREEFF MelissaWGMRSA20913.07.50
29YANG DarwinIMUSA24982.510.00
30MASSE HuguesCAN22322.59.25
31HUMPHREYS MichaelCAN21792.05.00
32LEVEILLE FrancoisFMCAN23011.57.50
32 players

25) XIV International Ch of Gdansk 2012

The XIV International Championship of Gdansk took place 22nd-29th July 2012. Vidmantas Malisauskas won with 7.5/9.

XIV ch-Gdansk Int Gdansk POL Sun 22nd Jul 2012 - Sun 29th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12Malisauskas, VidmantasGMLTU24607.540.5052.00
21Cyborowski, LukaszGMPOL25557.044.0056.50
33Grabarczyk, MiroslawGMPOL24427.042.5052.00
44Strzemiecki, ZbigniewIMPOL24337.039.5050.00
57Khamitskiy, SergeiIMBLR22906.543.5055.00
611Kempinski, TomaszPOL22046.539.5049.00
710Rybak, TomaszPOL22216.536.0046.50
817Kobus, SebastianPOL20976.535.0045.50
912Bugalski, MichalPOL21936.532.5043.00
105Janczarski, MichalPOL23576.039.5050.00
1125Kotlowski, TomaszPOL19956.038.0049.00
1216Olejarczyk, BogdanPOL21176.036.5047.50
1326Ulanowski, KarolPOL19876.036.0045.00
1423Stovring, ClausDEN20136.035.0045.50
1528Gorniewicz, OskarPOL19616.033.5043.00
1613Zielinski, StanislawPOL21396.033.0043.00
1771Zhuk, IvanBLR16426.033.0042.00
1829Wrzesinski, PawelPOL19606.030.0039.50
199Piesik, PiotrPOL22265.536.0047.50
2021Marszk, KazimierzPOL20505.536.0047.00
2115Pioch, ZygmuntPOL21205.536.0046.50
228Zolnierowicz, KrzysztofIMPOL22265.535.5045.50
2322Gluszko, MonikaPOL20155.534.5043.50
2491Dackiewicz, MarekPOL05.533.0042.50
2535Walkusz, MiroslawCMPOL19385.533.0042.50
2648Szymanowski, MateuszPOL18335.531.5042.00
2732Smalara, KazimierzPOL19515.531.5041.00
2824Grajczak, AdrianPOL19995.531.5040.50
2919Kanarkiewicz, MichalPOL20795.037.5046.50
3014Zielinski, WojciechPOL21225.036.5045.50
3127Kumala, AleksanderPOL19745.034.0043.00
3281Tarajkiewicz, KrzysztofPOL15745.032.5042.00
336Piankov, EvgenijIMUKR23385.032.0042.50
3418Zielinski, MaciejPOL20965.032.0041.50
3564Pham, JuliuszPOL17145.029.5039.50
3679Wyczling, BartoszPOL15915.029.0037.50
3749Grota, MateuszPOL18155.028.0039.00
3820Szczepaniec, StanislawPOL20595.028.0037.50
3993Blaszczuk, AndrzejPOL05.028.0036.00
4068Kotlowska, AnnaPOL16475.028.0036.00
95 players

26) Corporation Center Cup 2012

The Corporation Center Cup took place 15th-25th July 2012. Anton Shomoev took clear first with 7.5/9.

Corporation Center Izhevsk RUS Sun 15th Jul 2012 - Wed 25th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Shomoev, AntonGMRUS25821½1½11½117.547.536.52745
2Kovalenko, IgorGMUKR2556111½10½1174736.52697
3Ponkratov, PavelGMRUS258911½½11½½½6.553.535.52657
4Maletin, PavelGMRUS25961101½1½1½6.550.533.52596
5Bocharov, DmitryGMRUS26001½1½111½06.548362634
6Smirnov, PavelGMRUS2592110111½016.54834.52628
7Grigoriants, SergeyGMRUS257511½½½1½½16.54733.52587
8Nikologorskiy, KonstantinFMRUS23641011½½11½6.547322557
9Shaposhnikov, EvgenyGMRUS25451101101½16.546.5332585
10Fedorov, AlexeiGMBLR25621110½½½116.546.5332578
11Aleksandrov, AleksejGMBLR26021½½01½1116.54629.52536
12Kokarev, DmitryGMRUS26161½1½½1½½½650.532.52602
13Bezgodov, AlexeiGMRUS250811½½½½½½1649.531.52525
14Khismatullin, DenisGMRUS26641011½1½10649322564
15Lysyj, IgorGMRUS2632½1½110½1½648312548
16Iskusnyh, SergeiGMRUS24781½1½½011½644.5312556
17Ozolin, MaximIMRUS238010½1011½1644.527.52397
18Nugumanov, BakhtiyarKAZ2279101001111639262368
19Ibragimov, IldarGMUSA25391111½10005.55436.52581
20Bukavshin, IvanGMRUS248711½½½1½0½5.552.5322536
21Panarin, MikhailGMRUS254911½½1010½5.550.5322489
22Goganov, AlekseyIMRUS2509111½½0½015.550322510
23Matinian, NikitaRUS24251½½½1½1½05.548.530.52544
24Dzhangobegov, VladimirFMRUS2360½101100115.54826.52447
25Ovetchkin, RomanGMRUS250111½½½½½105.547.531.52503
26Vokarev, SergeyGMRUS24371½½1½½01½5.546.529.52533
27Shinkevich, VitalyIMRUS247611½½01½105.545312480
28Fatkhutdinov, GafiyatFMRUS2354101100½115.54426.52391
29Khayrullin, DenisFMRUS23630111½½0½15.54327.52348
30Pogromsky, MikhailIMRUS24161001½11015.54325.52361
31Ogloblin, NikolayIMRUS23531010011½15.540.5252286
32Ziatdinov, RasetGMUSA238510110½1105.539.5292414
33Ermolaev, EvgenyRUS2116001½11½½15.539.522.52363
34Smirnov, AlexeyRUS2414½00111½1½5.53923.52275
35Iliushkin, EvgenyFMRUS22641010½10115.53625.52301
36Kabanov, NikolaiGMRUS2496110101100550302446
37Predke, AlexandrRUS2464111½0001½54929.52417
38Balashov, Yuri SGMRUS24461101½010½548.5292478
39Artemiev, VladislavIMRUS247711010½½1054728.52402
40Kharlov, AndreiGMRUS25171½½½010½154225.52318
110 players

27) Russian Online Blitz Grand Prix Open 2012

The tournament has a prize fund of $38000 and is organized by the Russian Chess Federation at ChessOK Playing Zone.

The 4th qualifying tournament of the Online Grand Prix took place July 29, 2012. 329 chess players participated in the competition, including 47 international grandmasters and 43 international masters.

1. Baadur Jobava - 11.5 / 13

2. Grigoryan Avetik - 11

3-4. Andriasian Zaven, Lushenkov Mihail - 10.5

5-6. Panarin Mihail, Hasangatin Ramil - 10

7-12. Andreikin Dmitriy, Hismatullin Denis, Linchevskij Daniil, Bukavshin Ivan, Lysyj Igor', Liascovich Lucas - 9.5

13-27. Bortnik Alex, Amonatov Farrukh, Vlad Artemiev, Golovin Leonid, Savchenko Boris, Fedoseev Vladimir, Vladimir Onischuk, Antipov Mikhail, Andrej Devyatkin, Pogromskij Mihail, Artem Timofeev, Vastruhin Oleg, Pavel Smirnov, Kopylov Aleksandr, Oparin Grigorij - 9

28-45. Matlakov Maksim, Pavel Ponkratov, Kiselev Vitaliy, Aleksandr Zubov, Sjugirov Sanan, Badmacyrenov Oleg, Geller Yakov, Yudin Sergei, Ponomaryov Dmitrij, Dlugy Maxim, Iskusnyh Sergey, Papin Vasilij, Maksim Vasil'ev, Mokshanov Aleksej, Matinian Nikita, Rychkov Oleg, Sergei Lavrov, Bortnik Nikolay- 8.5

46-60. Inarkiev Ernesto, Solodovnichenko Yuri, Grischenko Sergej, Alexandr Ulanov, Gabrielyan Artur, Roman Ovechkin, Askarov Bahtiyar, Rozum Ivan, Stupak Kirill, Fingerov Dmitrij, Dmitrij Kokarev, Aldohin Ivan, Darmin Dmitrij, Terry Lujan Renato Alfredo, Vlassov Nikolai - 8, etc.

The final tournaments will take place August, 14. Read more details at: Further details on the chessok website.

28) Pacific Southwest Open 2012

The Pacific Southwest Open took place 30th June to 1st July 2012. Tatev Abrahamyan won with 4.5/5.

Pacific Southwest Op Woodlands Hills USA Sat 30th Jun 2012 - Sun 1st Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 5 Standings:
1Abrahamyan, Tatev24044.5
2Sevillano, Enrico25854
3Yankovsky, Roman25714
4Bryant, John D24324
5Peters, Jack24203.5
6Taylor, Timothy W23973.5
7Kurosaki, Takashi21913.5
8Lu, Albert21543.5
9Ruddell, Solomon M19973.5
10Duckworth, Mark23503
11Hermansen, Ron22583
12Purcell, Brendan T21913
13Stein, Jeremy A21153
14Azimova, Karina21003
15Sheng, Joshua20763
16Kim, Willis A20373
17Huang, David20273
18Nita, Marian Nick21822.5
19Crisologo, Raoul21232.5
20Muller, Axel20922.5
21Jain, Shaurya R20492.5
22Korba, Nicky20262.5
23Taghizadeh, Rayan19812.5
24Lopez, Edgar M18842.5
25Viswanadha, Kesav21692
26Anderson, Craig R21432
27Taylor, Michael J19442
28Wang, Annie19342
29Zhang, Kelly19332
30Sevilla, Fernando18882
31Yakubovich, Gregory18762
32Morford, Steven N18282
33Enrico, Patrick Lee17692
34Chase, Philip M19601.5
35Waddell, William18181.5
36Popova, Elena19711
37Salvaryan, Hovanes18571
38Chang, Aaron18461
39Currell, John R18001
40Estolas, Brendyn18190.5
41 players

29) TCh-POR 2012

The Portuguese Team Championship took place 21st-29th July 2012. AA de Coimbra 'A' won.

TCh-POR 2012 Matosinhos POR Sat 21st Jul 2012 - Sun 29th Jul 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1AA de Coimbra 'A' * 224322023
2Academia Xadrez Gaia 'A' * 23224421022
3ADRC Mata de Benfica 'A'2 * 1319018.5
4GD Dias Ferreira 'A'21 * 218218.5
5ACR Vale Cambra/Oscacer 'A'2 * 32318020
6CPND Albufeira 'A'½2321 * 316016.5
7FC Barreirense 'A'1½ * 314014
8Clube TAP 'A'02½21 * 312011.5
9CX Montemor-o-Velho/CTGA 'A'10½11 * 21109.5
10Santoantoniense FC 'A'½0½½½12 * 906.5
10 teams

30) Russian Team vs Russian Fans Correspondence Match

To Celebrate the 175th Anniversary of a match between Alexander Petrov and three St. Petersburg chess players in consultation there was a match between the Russian Chess team and their fans who could sign up online. Peter Svidler, Alexander Grischuk, Sergey Karjakin and Evgeny Tomashevsky make up the Russian side. The Russian team played a rather dubious continuation which Svidler suggested as giving the game character. The fans soon took a draw by repetition.

31) CECLUB 1st Div 2012

The Spanish CECLUB 1st Division is about to start. No dates for the later rounds but the early ones take place until 5th August 2012.

32) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

Chinese League 2012

The Chinese league is a marathon event over 22 rounds. Rounds: Beijing 28th Apr - May 1st, Taizhou 27th-29th June, Shanghai 11th-13th July (turned out to be Tianjin), Shenzhen 14th-17th Sept, Hangzhou 6th-9th October and finally Tianjin 19th-22nd Dec 2012. (info ). Games should follow next week. I have some from rounds 9 and 10 but none from round 8 yet. Hopefully they will appear on the internet at The Chess Results Server where there were also additional games which I didn't have time to process.

TCh-CHN 2012 Beijing CHN Sat 28th Apr 2012 - Tue 9th Oct 2012
Leading Round 10 (of 22) Standings:
13Tianjin Qin Huangdao Team107211528.5
24Beijing AIGO Team105141428.5
38Jiangsu Taizhou Team105231329.5
46Shanghai Jianqiao Academy Team105231328.5
52Chongqing Team106311328.0
69Shandong Gree Team104241227.5
712Wuxi Huafang Construction Team104241227.0
81Zhejiang Yinzhou Team10352823.5
910Qingdao School Team10145721.0
105Chengdu Bank Team10163520.0
117Guangdong Huateng Club Team10172420.0
1211Hebei Sports Lottery Team10064418.0
12 teams

TCh-SUI 2012

The Swiss Team Championship takes place 18th March - 21st October 2012. Round 5 was on 24th June 2012. Games and results now available. Round 6 22nd September 2012.

TCh-SUI National A Zuerich SUI Sun 18th Mar 2012 - Sun 21st Oct 2012
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Riehen 1926½
2Zuerich 1723
3Geneve 1722½
4Luzern 1621½
5Reichenstein 1620
6Reti 1520½
7Winterthur 1419½
8Wollishofen 1418
9Mendrisio 1214½
10Neuchatel 1014
10 teams

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2012

The Polish Ekstraliga takes place 4th May - 30th September 2012 over three long weekends. David Navara and Radoslaw Wojtaszek are the highest rated players. There is a long break until rounds 4-6 (14-16 Sept) and then rounds 7-9 (28-30 Sept).

TCh-POL Ekstraliga Warsaw POL Fri 4th May 2012 - Sun 30th Sep 2012
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
11KSz WASKO HetMaN Szopienice Katowice2500622
28GK BASZTA MOS Znin245061.52.5
410KSz POLONIA Warszawa2483412
54KSz STILON Gorzow Wlkp.2417421.5
65IMPACT TEAM Ostroda236721.51.5
79ROTMISTRZ TWOJA SZKOLA Grudziadz240020.50.5
82KSz POLONIA VOTUM Wroclaw241722.51
93MLKS NADNARWIANKA Pultusk2350011.5
106LKS WRZOS Miedzyborow2317010
10 teams

33) 20th Montcada Open 2012

The 20th Montcada Open takes place 25th July to 3rd August 2012.

34) 22nd Heart of Finland Open 2012

Jaan Ehlvest won the 22nd Heart of Finland Open with 7.5/9 which took place 9th-15th July 2012. I've put together a file off all the games I could find.

35) 9th Plancoet Open

The 9th Plancoet Open takes place 29th July to 4th August 2012.

36) Pays de Charleroi International 2012

The Pays de Charleroi International takes place 28th July to 4th August 2012.

Charleroi Open 2012 Charleroi BEL Sat 28th Jul 2012 - Sat 4th Aug 2012
Leading Player List of 135 players
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Zubarev, Alexander GM UKR 2596 14104385
2 Shchekachev, Andrei GM FRA 2528 4107730
3 Kveinys, Aloyzas GM LTU 2523 12800040
4 Ringoir, Tanguy IM BEL 2427 208027
5 Vandevoort, Pascal IM BEL 2388 200310
6 Sarrau, Jelle BEL 2306 207608
7 Rooze, Jan FM BEL 2294 200050
8 Wiley, Tom E FM ENG 2283 401765
9 Le Quang, Kim FM BEL 2282 200700
10 Maes, Wim FM BEL 2268 201073

37) 17th Creon Open 2012

The 17th Creon Open takes place 30th July to 5th August 2012.

38) 2nd Science Park Amsterdam Chess Tournament 2012

The ACP Golden Classic was won by Vassily Ivanchuk with a score of 5/6 undefeated. He beat Anna Muzychuk who nevertheless finished on 50% for an excellent result. Gata Kamsky beat the luckless Jobava Baadur and Le Quang Liem drew with Emil Sutovsky in an excellent final round. The games of the event weren't rated. The event saw adjournments at move 40 for the first time in many years at the top level but it was the extra half hour of thinking time to move 40 that probably made the most difference to the quality of the games.

Somehow I missed putting in the Round 3 game Muzychuk-Jobava in a couple of weeks ago.

39) Slovenian Championship 2012

3 more games from the Slovenian Women's event.

40) Forthcoming Events and Links

15th Olomouc Chess Summer 2011

World Juniors U20 2012

65th ch-RUS Superfinal 2012

16th Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament 2012

10th Davos Open 2012

2nd Riga Tech Uni Open 2012

Euro Chess Tournament 2012

Irish Chess Championships 2012

XIII Miquel Mas Figueres International Open 2012

2nd Split Open 2012

French Championships 2012

2nd Metropolitan International

ZMDI Open 2012

World Chess Olympiad 2012

11th Kesarovski-Stanchev Memorial 2012

FIDE Grand Prix London 2012

28th European Club Cup 2012

Eilat International Open 2012

Chess Train 2012

16th Unive Tournament 2012

16th Unive Crown Hoogeveen NED Fri 19th Oct 2012 - Sat 27th Oct 2012
Player List
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Nakamura, Hikaru GM USA 2775 2016192
2 Giri, Anish GM NED 2693 24116068
3 Tiviakov, Sergei GM NED 2656 1008013
4 Hou, Yifan GM CHN 2623 8602980

World Youth Chess Championships 2012

FIDE Grand Prix Tashkent 2012

4th London Chess Classic

XLII Rilton Cup 2012-13

Reykjavik Open 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Lisbon 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Madrid 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Berlin 2013

FIDE Grand Prix Paris 2013

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