THE WEEK IN CHESS 907 26th March 2012 by Mark Crowther

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1) Introduction
2) European Individuals 2012
3) Moscow Women's Championship 2012
4) ch-St Petersburg w 2012
5) Kasparov Khaylitsha Simul 2012
6) Winter Chess March 2012
7) 28th Budapest Spring Festival 2012
8) 1st El Haouaria Festival 2012
9) 4th Societat Coral Colon IM
10) Belgrade Spring Open 2012
11) 1st Lanta Open 2012
12) Catalan Team Championship 2012
13) Hungarian Teams 2011-12
14) TCh-CZE Extraliga 2011-12
15) Active Team Events
16) 14th WGM Rector Cup
17) Reykjavik Chess Festival 2012
18) High Wycombe Congress 2012
19) ch-URU 2012
20) UT Dallas GM Inv 2012
21) 28th Cappelle-la-Grande Open 2012
22) 10th Khazar Cup
23) 6th Georgy Agzamov 2012
24) First Saturday March 2012
25) Bunratty Chess Festival 2012
26) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
European Individuals 20121032 games
Moscow Women's Championship 201260 games
ch-St Petersburg w 201236 games
Kasparov Khaylitsha Simul 20121 game
Catalan Team Championship 201260 games
TCh-CZE Extraliga 2011-12185 games
Reykjavik Chess Festival 20121 game
High Wycombe Congress 20122 games
ch-URU 20122 games
UT Dallas GM Inv 20123 games
28th Cappelle-la-Grande Open 20121 game
10th Khazar Cup7 games
6th Georgy Agzamov 20125 games
First Saturday March 201255 games
Bunratty Chess Festival 2012127 games
1577 games

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Download the Chess and Bridge 2012 catalogue in pdf format.

Strategic Nimzo-Indian

1) Introduction

My thanks to Alexander Prokhorov, Roland Wimmer, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Chris Bird, Dragan Babic, Ignacio Garcia, Miklos Orso, Rade Milovanovic, Nick Barnett, Sean Hewitt and everyone else who helped with the issue.

The 13th European Individual Championship in Plovdiv dominate affairs this week. With 348 players there aren't any major European Open events on the same dates. The strength in depth and also the preparedness of those who play in the event has led to a lot of very hard fought draws at the top end. 10 players have 5/6 going into the first rest day. Predicting a winner is impossible at this moment. The World Chess Championship match between Viswanathan Anand and Boris Gelfand moves ever closer, 1 month 15 days, and they have launched the official site at: Finally there is the sad news that Grandmaster Yuri Razuvaev has died at the age of 66. At his peak in the 1980s he later went on to be an influential coach.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) European Individuals 2012

The 13th European Individual Championship takes place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria from Tuesday 20th March - Saturday 31st March 2012. (Rest day 26th, play at 13:00 UK time apart from the final round at 11am). Leading players: Fabiano Caruana, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Dmitry Jakovenko, Anish Giri, Alexander Riazantsev, Nikita Vitiugov, Etienne Bacrot, Baadur Jobava, Boris Grachev, 15 players 2700 and over, 45 of the top 100 players, and 98 players of the 350 rated over 2600. 23 qualification places for the next World Cup are available. I'm unclear if there are players already pre-qualified or potentially ratings qualified etc. There is zero tolerance to lateness in the event and the change to summer time caught out a number of players on Sunday.

European Individuals Plovdiv BUL Tue 20th Mar 2012 - Sat 31st Mar 2012
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
1Naiditsch ArkadijGMGER27025.0286420.523.5
2Fressinet LaurentGMFRA26935.0286021.024.5
3Kuzubov YuriyGMUKR26155.0285621.523.5
4Jones Gawain C BGMENG26355.0285218.020.5
5Inarkiev ErnestoGMRUS26955.0284118.021.0
6Khismatullin DenisGMRUS26565.0282717.519.5
7Vachier-Lagrave MaximeGMFRA26825.0282120.023.5
8Matlakov MaximGMRUS26325.0280317.520.5
9Korobov AntonGMUKR26795.0279720.522.5
10Azarov SergeiGMBLR26675.0278315.518.0
11Movsesian SergeiGMARM27024.5278517.018.5
12Melkumyan HrantGMARM26284.5278420.524.0
13Bacrot EtienneGMFRA27064.5278317.520.0
14Caruana FabianoGMITA27674.5277919.021.0
15Lenic LukaGMSLO26374.5277820.022.5
16Jakovenko DmitryGMRUS27294.5277619.021.5
17Andreikin DmitryGMRUS26894.5277220.023.0
18Sutovsky EmilGMISR27004.5276319.022.0
19Riazantsev AlexanderGMRUS27104.5276017.520.0
20Cheparinov IvanGMBUL26644.5275818.521.5
21Malakhov VladimirGMRUS27054.5275317.019.5
22Timofeev ArtyomGMRUS26504.5274620.022.5
23Kobalia MikhailGMRUS26664.5274619.021.5
24Vallejo Pons FranciscoGMESP26934.5274617.519.5
25Bologan ViktorGMMDA26874.5274319.021.5
26Jobava BaadurGMGEO27064.5273417.019.0
27Pantsulaia LevanGMGEO25954.5272417.019.5
28Kulaots KaidoGMEST25854.5271519.522.0
29Ragger MarkusGMAUT26544.5271418.521.5
30Akopian VladimirGMARM26844.5270618.021.0
31Fridman DanielGMGER26534.5270417.019.5
32Ivanisevic IvanGMSRB26454.5269616.519.0
33Istratescu AndreiGMFRA26334.5264614.516.0
34Stocek JiriGMCZE26064.5263416.018.0
35Azaladze ShotaIMGEO24194.0287819.022.0
36Nyzhnyk IllyaGMUKR25854.0273620.021.0
37Vitiugov NikitaGMRUS27094.0272321.525.0
38Esen BarisGMTUR25554.0271921.523.5
39Radulski JulianGMBUL25524.0271921.023.0
40Dreev AlekseyGMRUS26984.0270618.021.0
348 players

3) Moscow Women's Championship 2012

The Moscow Women's Championship took place 17th-25th March 2012. Dina Drozdova took clear first with 7.5/9.

ch-Moscow w 2012 Moscow RUS Sat 17th Mar 2012 - Sun 25th Mar 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Drozdova DinaRUS22147.536.537.05
2Pustovoitova DariaFMRUS23086.037.532.55
3Vasilevich IrinaIMRUS23806.035.533.04
4Grigoryeva Olga AWFMRUS21576.033.027.05
5Frolova EkaterinaRUS20055.538.029.04
6Kharmunova NadejdaWIMRUS21915.537.532.54
7Ambartsumova KarinaWGMRUS23185.535.029.54
8Burtasova AnnaWGMRUS22765.033.525.03
9Zizlova SofiaRUS21495.030.523.05
10Mirzoeva ElmiraWGMRUS22585.030.021.55
11Fominykh MariaWIMRUS22784.536.527.54
12Gvanceladze AnnaWFMRUS22014.531.523.04
13Dogodkina JuliaRUS21614.530.518.54
14Utiatskaja IrinaRUS19154.528.521.54
15Morozova UliaRUS18754.528.520.05
16Tereshechkina MayaWFMRUS20644.527.018.54
17Severina MariaRUS22214.035.526.04
18Vlasova DariaRUS18794.026.513.54
19Zakharova EvgeniaRUS18313.028.015.54
20Zakharova AnnaRUS18703.025.514.03
21Khropova LarisaWFMRUS20331.027.07.04
21 players

4) ch-St Petersburg w 2012

The Women's Championship of St Petersburg took place 17th-25th March 2012. Maria Butuc took clear first with 7.5/8.

ch-St Petersburg w St Petersburg RUS Sat 17th Mar 2012 - Sun 25th Mar 2012. Category: None. Ave: (2066)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Pts TPR
1 Butuc, Maria WIM RUS 2160 # = 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7.5 2498
2 Korchagina, Viktoria WFM RUS 2103 = # = 0 1 1 1 1 1 6 2254
3 Balaian, Alina RUS 2203 0 = # = 1 1 1 1 1 6 2242
4 Belenkaya, Dina WFM RUS 2229 0 1 = # 1 0 1 1 1 5.5 2186
5 Ivkina, Olga WIM RUS 2272 0 0 0 0 # 1 1 1 1 4 2040
6 Zavgorodniaya, Alena RUS 1900 0 0 0 1 0 # 0 1 1 3 1999
7 Chuprova, Irina RUS 1890 0 0 0 0 0 1 # = = 2 1895
8 Chernyak, Viktoria RUS 1869 0 0 0 0 0 0 = # 1 1.5 1839
9 Andreeva, Yulia RUS 1965 0 0 0 0 0 0 = 0 # 0.5 1634

5) Kasparov Khaylitsha Simul 2012

Garry Kasparov was in South Africa to launch his Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa. Kasparov met with RSA President Jacob Zuma on March 23rd 2012. Kasparov gave a simul on the 22nd March where he was held to a draw by Daniel Barrish. Here are a couple of stories about that. Story in the local press about Barrish's draw and a really quite weird UK Daily Mail article. Below is the game with brief lines by Barrish.

Khaylitsha Simul Cape Town RSA Thu 22nd Mar 2012 - Thu 22nd Mar 2012
Player List
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Kasparov, Garry GM RUS 2812 4100018
2 Barrish, Daniel RSA 1742 14304600

6) Winter Chess March 2012

The Winter Chess March events took place in Can Picafort 18th-24th March 2012. No games available.

WinterChess GM March Can Picafort ESP Sun 18th Mar 2012 - Sat 24th Mar 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Petkov VladimirGMBUL25096.526.500.04
2Del Rio De Angelis Salvador GGMESP25336.025.000.04
3Arnold Marc TIMUSA25026.024.250.04
4Vishnu Prasanna VIMIND24065.019.500.03
5Skytte RasmusIMDEN23764.519.500.02
6Piasetski LeonIMCAN22874.018.250.01
7Bakre TejasGMIND25134.016.750.02
8Lammers MarkusIMGER23843.514.250.02
9Brih SaidFRA23953.010.250.02
10Anton Guijarro DavidFMESP24762.511.750.00
10 players
WinterChess IM March Can Picafort ESP Sun 18th Mar 2012 - Sat 24th Mar 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Coleman TeddyFMUSA23566.529.000.05
2Martinez Martin DavidIMESP23866.524.750.05
3Ivanov JordanIMBUL23875.022.000.01
4Nicolas Zapata IreneWFMESP21275.019.250.04
5Mascaro March PedroIMESP24024.519.750.03
6Arjun BharatCMIND22104.017.250.02
7Jayakumar AdarshUSA22694.016.000.02
8De Nacimiento Montano AngelESP21793.513.000.02
9Cubas Pons Juan MiguelFMESP23483.015.000.01
10Perez FlavioFRA22693.012.000.02
10 players

7) 28th Budapest Spring Festival 2012

The 28th Budapest Spring Festival takes place 26th March - 3rd April 2012.

8) 1st El Haouaria Festival 2012

The 1st El Haouaria Festival took place 17th March - 4th April. No games available. Igor Miladinovic took clear first place with 7.5/9.

1st El Haouaria Op El Haouaria TUN Sat 17th Mar 2012 - Wed 4th Apr 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Igor MILADINOVICgmSER25557.540.50.0441.0
2Hamdouchi HichemgmFRA26177.039.00.0429.5
3Bruno FabioimITA24357.037.50.0440.0
4Alfonso Romero HolmesgmESP25017.037.00.0414.5
5Gleizerov EvgenygmRUS25707.036.50.0442.0
6haddouche MohamedimALG24107.034.50.0405.0
7Vijayalakshmi SubbaramanimIND24156.536.00.0420.5
8Ulibin MikhailgmRUS25156.535.50.0427.0
9Pikula DejangmSER25256.535.00.0420.5
10Sriram JhagmIND24066.534.00.0440.0
11Plamen Dimitrov MladenovimBUL23896.533.50.0435.5
12Petrov MarijangmBUL25276.532.50.0402.5
13Amir ZaibicmTUN21746.530.50.0386.5
14Lazic miroljubgmSER24526.036.00.0414.5
15Azer MirzoevgmAZE25606.033.50.0403.0
16Sebbar AliMAR22906.031.50.0403.0
17Kaabi MejdiimTUN23446.031.00.0413.5
18 Stupak KirillgmBEL25316.030.00.0387.5
19Pogosian ManvelBLR24066.030.00.0398.5
20Boudriga Med AliTUN21316.029.00.0401.5
21Hergli AmirTUN21736.028.00.0362.0
22Seraoui MohsenALG21966.028.00.0358.5
23Serge DelsenyFRA19926.025.50.0354.0
24Georgy timoshenkogmUKR25695.535.50.0390.5
25Ezat MohamedimEGY24415.532.50.0405.5
26Adnani MoklisfmMAR24045.532.50.0408.5
27Amdouni ZoubaierTUN22795.531.50.0376.0
28Naciri ZouhirMAR22455.531.00.0389.5
29Sarwat walaaimEGY23265.530.00.0398.5
30Villegas PierreMNC22785.530.00.0387.0
31Jalal HazharIRQ20035.528.00.0392.5
32Salhi NouressadatALG21155.524.50.0325.0
33Hassan Sayed BarakatimEGY23735.030.00.0378.0
34Abbes AliTUN21405.029.00.0387.0
35Jemai AkramTUN21465.028.50.0394.5
36Hamdouchi AdinawgmFRA22585.028.00.0362.5
37Maisuradze NinowgmFRA23205.027.00.0377.5
38Idrissi ChafikMAR22045.026.50.0385.0
39Moulay MehdiALG20475.026.50.0384.5
40Knors RudiBEL21185.026.00.0378.0
120 players

9) 4th Societat Coral Colon IM

The 4th Societat Coral Colon IM takes place 10th January - 4th April 2012. All-play-all that has a round per week.

4th Coral Colon IM Sabadell ESP Tue 10th Jan 2012 - Wed 4th Apr 2012
Leading Round 7 (of 9) Standings:
1Colon Garcia EnriqueFMESP23085.015.250.04
2Rojas Keim LuisIMCHI24184.515.000.03
3Lorenzo De La Riva LazaroIMESP24124.513.750.03
4Cruz FilemonIMPER24284.013.000.02
5Ryan JosephFMIRL22894.011.250.02
6Banos OscarMKARG22553.511.250.02
7Tallo Dominguez ImarMKESP21703.58.000.03
8Avila Gimenez XavierFMESP23292.54.500.02
9Gonzalez Raul OmarFMESP22311.55.000.01
10Subirats Ruiz SergiESP21601.02.500.00
10 players

10) Belgrade Spring Open 2012

The Belgrade Spring Open takes place 24th March - 4th April 2012.

Belgrade Spring Open Belgrade SRB Sat 24th Mar 2012 - Sun 1st Apr 2012
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
1Radlovacki JovanIMSRB24072.
Skare GoranFMSRB23192.
Stamenkovic AleksandarFMSRB22882.
Ivanovic NikolaSRB22702.
Cetkovic MiodragIMMNE22302.
Vulinovic RadivojeMNE22242.
Vucinic GojkoSRB21902.
Jovicic RadosavSRB21882.
Maksimovic MarkoSRB21862.
Arsenovic MilosSRB21672.
Milijanovic GoranSRB21602.
12Ugrenovic AleksandarSRB19382.
13Dimitrijevic SrdjanSRB23062.
14Jovanovic Aleksandar DSRB22202.
15Mihajlovic MiodragFMSRB21902.
Tisma IvanSRB21242.
Kuzmanovic RatkoSRB19382.
Petrovic Milan MSRB19192.
19Stamatovic AleksandarSRB22141.
20Martic IvanFMSRB23921.
Maric DraganFMSRB22211.
Lazarevic Zoran VSRB21111.
Vucinic FilipSRB18351.
24Starcevic GoranFMSRB21921.
Dimic PavleFMSRB20711.
Jandric DamjanCMSRB20111.
27Djurdjevic Petar SFMSRB20041.
28Jakovljevic ZivotaFMSRB21481.
Dunjic DraganSRB21401.
Rodic DraganFMSRB20661.
Nikolic VladimirSRB20091.
32Penev IvanSRB20361.
Nikolic MilutinSRB11701.
34Ilic AleksandarSRB21151.
Stefanovic MilanSRB20751.
Mitrovic RatkoSRB18921.
37Petrovic PetarFMSRB21251.
Milutinovic Dejan DSRB21101.
Mancic CedomirSRB21021.
Tadic KatarinaSRB20971.
93 players

11) 1st Lanta Open 2012

The 1st Lanta Open takes place 22nd-28th March 2012.

1st Lanta Open Koh Lanta Island THA Thu 22nd Mar 2012 - Wed 28th Mar 2012
Leading Round 5 (of 7) Standings:
1Wiwatanadate PoompongTHA20804.58.513.54
2Siebenburger VlastimilCZE20914.08.012.03
3Paldus PetrCZE19744.07.513.04
4Vinod GopalIND20443.59.516.03
5Mojzis JanCZE21533.58.014.52
6Mlynek PetrCZE21263.56.010.53
7Hrtko VladimirSVK21363.010.016.03
8Cvikl MichalCZE20233.08.514.53
9Hasler UrsSUI19913.07.012.03
10Kalousek ZdenekCZE19793.07.011.53
11Thanatipanonda ThotsapornTHA21013.05.58.53
12Wiesebach WolfgangGER19472.59.515.02
13Hacaperka MichalCZE19132.58.014.02
14Jares JiriCZE19962.58.012.02
15Nakvanich SahapolTHA18912.010.516.52
16Bettman JanNED18892.09.015.02
17Doskar MiloslavCZE17292.08.012.02
18Lim Kian HwaMAS18912.07.511.52
19Lipcak JiriCZE02.06.510.51
20Jina LubosCZE17892.06.010.01
21Benes KarelCZE16192.04.59.01
22Lasek FrantisekCZE18041.58.514.51
23Fridrich ZdenekCZE15711.55.59.00
24Glacner KarelCZE16491.08.012.01
25Orlicek KarelCZE18511.07.012.50
26Petruzalek RadimCZE16620.56.09.50
26 players

12) Catalan Team Championship 2012

The Catalan Team Championship takes place 28th January - 21st April 2012. Rounds take place almost every week. Round 8 17th March 2012. Games for round 7 are now available complete. Round 8 was on the 24th March.

TCh-CAT 2012 Barcelona ESP Sat 28th Jan 2012 - Sat 21st Apr 2012
Leading Round 9 (of 11) Standings:
12 teams

13) Hungarian Teams 2011-12

The Hungarian Team Championship take place 25th September 2011 - 20th May 2012. Round 8 25th March 2012, games not yet available. Round 9 22nd April 2012.

TCh-HUN 2011-12 Budapest HUN Sun 25th Sep 2011 - Sun 20th May 2012
Leading Round 8 (of 11) Standings:
1Aquaprofit-NTSK 877.56.58.510 910.5 67
2HVSE 6.599.58.59.5 811.562.5
3MLTC4 5.51078 54
4ASE Paks5 5.5 9.57.59 7.58 52
5Z.Csuti-Hydrocomp SK4.55.55.5 756.5 6.5949.5
6Hungaropharma Decs5.535.52.5 8.5 56.5 945.5
7Penzugyor SE3.52.5 4.553. 42.5
8ASS-Makoi SVSE23.56.537 4.55.5 941
9Toth Laszlo SE 2.52 5.572.56.5 95.540.5
10Honved ASE3 54.5 5.55.5 6.5736
11Komaromi VSK SE1.54445.5 35.5733.5
12Vasas SC 0.5 33 36.55526
12 teams

14) TCh-CZE Extraliga 2011-12

The Czech League takes place 8th October 2011 - 22nd April 2012.

Extraliga Rounds 7-8 on 3rd-4th March 2012. Extraliga Final Rounds 9-11 20th-22nd April 2012.

Zapad and Vychod Round 10 was on 18th March 2012 games now available. Final rounds 1st April 2012.

TCh-CZE Ext 2011-12 Prague CZE Sat 8th Oct 2011 - Sun 22nd Apr 2012
Leading Round 8 (of 11) Standings:
11. Novoborsky SK*4742043.515.5
2SK Rapid Pardubice4*4555552039.512.0
3SK Labortech Ostrava14*555551633.59.0
4BSS Frydek-Mistek3*5351536.09.5
5A64 VALOZ Grygov3*4661332.09.0
6Vystaviste Lysa nad Labem4334*41233.57.5
7Slavoj Ostrava - Poruba332*551230.59.0
8SK Zikuda Turnov334*4561133.08.0
9Tatran Litovel3534*61031.59.0
10SK Zlin33*5626.55.5
11TJ Bohemians Praha3232*6322.57.0
122222 SK Polabiny3232*022.03.5
12 players
TCh-CZE Liga 1 Zapad Prague CZE Sat 8th Oct 2011 - Sun 22nd Apr 2012
Leading Round 10 (of 11) Standings:
1SK Mahrla Praha*655673058.521.0
2JOLY Lysa nad Labem B*645462049.517.5
3ERA-Postovni sporitelna A*351849.015.5
4TJ Slavia Hradec Kralove2*345451743.011.0
5SK Holdia DP Praha B325*4561641.012.5
6TJ Pankrac4*34651439.511.5
7SK AD Jicin33445*5441343.012.5
81. Novoborsky SK B33*461338.09.5
9OAZA Praha24444*61137.010.5
10SK Sokol Vysehrad1½52½2*6926.56.0
11Sakal Kozolupy½23334*5831.08.0
12ERA-Postovni sporitelna B½½324223*123.04.0
12 players
TCh-CZE Liga1 Vychod Prague CZE Sat 8th Oct 2011 - Sun 22nd Apr 2012
Leading Round 10 (of 11) Standings:
1TZ Trinec * 472850.015.0
2A64 Grygov B * 45662551.017.5
32222 SK Polabiny B44 * 4541638.512.5
4SK Duras BVK Brno-Kralovo Pole * 435451441.512.5
5Slavia Orlova4 * 52361341.511.5
6Tatran Litovel B33 * 4631339.512.0
7Sachovy klub Karvina1346 * 45441338.010.5
8Slavia Kromeriz2454 * 41240.513.0
9SK Gordic3244 * 51134.59.0
10SK Zlin B53 * 938.012.5
11Labortech Ostrava B4543 * 832.08.0
12SK Stare Mesto2324 * 735.09.5
12 players

15) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

TCh-BEL 2011-12

The Belgian Team Championships are under way. Round 10 18th March 2012. Games available. Final Round 11 1st April 2012.

TCh-BEL 2011-12 Belgium BEL Sun 9th Oct 2011 - Sun 1st Apr 2012
Leading Round 10 (of 11) Standings:
1CREC 118202
2Amay 115170
3Ans 114161
4KGSRL 113154
5KSK47-Eynatten 212169
6Fontaine 110160
7KSK Rochade 19158
8KSK47-Eynatten 18156
9Borgerhout 16127
10Anderlecht 15132
11KBSK 14141
12Jean Jaures 12123
12 teams

TCh-AUT 2nd Bundesliga 2011-12

The 2nd Division of the Austrian Bundesliga is split into Ost, West and Mitte sections. The West League is now complete.

TCh-AUT 2 West 2011-12 Vienna AUT Fri 7th Oct 2011 - Sun 29th Apr 2012
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1SC Absam * 4444442245.5
2Goetzis2 * 24331637.0
3Zillertal2 * 333411333.5
4ATSV Ranshofen * 424331236.0
5Kufstein / Woergl 2 * 534241134.0
6Schwarzach4321 * 4251132.0
7Bregenz22332 * 34930.0
8ASK Salzburg½34243 * 32929.0
9Rochade Rum232243 * 4832.0
10Hohenems 22522 * 43729.5
11Sparkasse Jenbach 23322 * 3729.0
12Schwaz231433 * 728.5
12 teams
TCh-AUT2 Mitte11-12 Vienna AUT Fri 7th Oct 2011 - Sun 29th Apr 2012
Leading Round 9 (of 11) Standings:
1Union Ansfelden*4343541634.50
3SV Steyregg2*333431228.50
4SpG. Sparkasse Grieskirchen/Schallerbach33*3331128.00
5Strassenbahn Graz3*131026.00
6Union Styria Graz Kleine Zeitung2*4524828.00
7ASK St. Valentin232*3825.50
8SK MPO Maria Saal3331*½34823.50
9ESV Austria Graz12354*727.00
10SK Sparkasse Fuerstenfeld22333*725.00
11SC Die Klagenfurter2323*623.50
12SV ASVO Fundermax St. Veit/Glan32*121.50
12 teams
TCh-AUT 2 East 11-12 Vienna AUT Fri 7th Oct 2011 - Sun 29th Apr 2012
Leading Round 7 (of 11) Standings:
13Husek Wien97111534.50
29Raiffeisen Waehring94231133.50
48SK Wien-Ottakring93151131.00
55ASVO Mattersburg93241027.00
62ASVO Lackenbach9441929.50
76Spg Data Technology Eichgraben9441925.00
84ASVO Pamhagen9342830.00
1012Blackburne Nickelsdorf9342821.50
111ASVO Wulkaprodersdorf9252622.50
1211SK Advisory Invest Baden9180215.00
12 teams

Dutch League 2011-12

The Dutch League takes place 17th September 2011 - 22nd April 2012. Round 8 31st March 2012.

Dutch Teams 2011-12 Amsterdam NED Sat 17th Sep 2011 - Sun 22nd Apr 2012
Leading Round 7 (of 9) Standings:
3De Stukkenjagers22813657936½
4SO Rotterdam24034458738½
5HMC Calder241046576737
8Accres Apeldoorn23625345632½
10 teams

Bundesliga 2011-12

The Schachbundesliga 2011-12 takes place 14th October 2011 - 15th April 2011. The German event is the world's premier national team competition 15 rounds with possible tie-breaks 27th-29th April 2012.

Rounds 12-13 17th-18th March 2012. Baden-Baden beat Bremen in round 12 to take a big step towards the title.

Rounds 14-15 14th-15th April 2012.

Bundesliga 2011-12 Germany GER Fri 14th Oct 2011 - Sun 15th Apr 2012
Leading Round 13 (of 15) Standings:
1OSG Baden-Baden1312102467.5
2Werder Bremen1310212163
3SC Eppingen139222059
4SG Solingen139311959.5
5SF Katernberg137511549.5
6SV Wattenscheid 1930136521453
7SV 1930 Hockenheim135441452.5
8SG Trier136611354.5
9SF Berlin 1903135531349
10SV Muelheim Nord135621251
11SK Turm Emsdetten134721046
12Hamburger SK134721045.5
13SK Koenig Tegel13391739.5
14USV TU Dresden133100640.5
15SC Hansa Dortmund13184637.5
16SC 1950 Remagen131102441.5
16 teams

Basque Teams 2012

The Basque Team Championship took place 14th January - 10th March 2012. Gros X. T. (Donostia-SS) took the title, games from the first 6 rounds only are available.

Basque Teams 2012 Vitoria-Gasteiz ESP Sat 14th Jan 2012 - Sat 10th Mar 2012
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Gros X. T. (Donostia-SS)29.5
2Sestao Naturgas Energia .A. (Sestao)29
3Ruta de Europa .A. (Subijana)20.5
4San Viator (Vitoria-Gasteiz)20
5Batalla (Irun)18
6Conteneo Haitzak (Bilbao)17
7Zuri Baltza (Bilbao)13
8Orvina .A. (Pamplona)12.5
9Easo (Donostia-SS)10.5
10Altzaga (Leioa)10
10 teams

TCh-ISL 2011-12

The Icelandic Team Championships rounds 1-4 took place 7th-9th October 2011. Final Rounds 5-7 2nd-3rd March 2012. Games from final rounds not yet available. TB A won the event.

TCh-ISL Div1 2011-12 Reykjavik ISL Fri 7th Oct 2011 - Sat 3rd Mar 2012
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1TB A*687742.512
2Hellir A*84435.08
3TV A2*5634.010
4TR A*32.510
5SA A03*322.06
6TB B0425*322.05
8Fjolnir A14*14.51
8 teams

TCh-AUT 1st Bundesliga 2012

The first three rounds of the Austrian Bundesliga 1st league took place 20th-22nd Janaury 2012 in Baden. Rounds 4-7 took place 1st-4th March 2012. Games available from the excellent live coverage. Final rounds 8-11 19th-22nd April 2012.

TCh-AUT 1st 2012 Vienna AUT Fri 20th Jan 2012 - Sun 22nd Apr 2012
Leading Round 7 (of 11) Standings:
1SK Sparkasse Jenbach*34461329.50
2SK Advisory Invest Baden3*55461129.00
3SK Hohenems*45241025.50
4ASVO Wulkaprodersdorf2*2345924.00
5SK Sparkasse Fuerstenfeld14*4821.00
6ASVO Poechlarn/Mauerbach1*4818.50
7ASVO Fundermax St. Veit/Glan2*3720.50
8SIR Bernhard Glatz23*43620.50
9SK MPO Maria Saal14232*4518.50
10SK Zwettl22*416.50
11SV Raika Rapid Feffernitz23*318.50
12SpGem. Kufstein Woergl00122*010.00
12 teams

Frauenbundesliga 2011-12

The Frauenbundesliga takes place 29th October 2011 - 22nd April 2012. Rounds 8 and 9 were on 11th-12th February 2012 and games are now available. The final rounds 10 and 11 are on 21st-22nd April 2012.

Frauenbundesliga Germany GER Sat 29th Oct 2011 - Sun 22nd Apr 2012
Leading Round 9 (of 11) Standings:
1OSG Baden Baden9 + 4 4 61841
2Bad Koenigshofen9 + 3 41533½
3Hamburger SK 183092 + 4435 61333½
4SF Friedberg 189193 + 233 1132½
5USV Volksbank Halle9 + 3541131
6Karlsruher SF 18539224 + 51030½
7Rodewischer Schachmiezen9 23 + 34451029½
8SV Muelheim-Nord 19319 33 + 4827
9SV Chemie Guben9½3 3½2 + 45 823
10Rotation Pankow921 22 + 220½
11SV Stuttgart Wolfbusch9 0 ½1½1 1 + 211½
12TSV Schott Mainz9½ 0½21½2 + 010½
12 teams

4NCL 2011-12

The 4NCL started over the weekend of 12th-13th November 2011 in Staverton Park. Rounds 5-6 11th-12th February 2012. Games available. Round 7-8 31st March - 1st April 2012.

4NCL 2011-12 Staverton ENG Sat 12th Nov 2011 - Mon 7th May 2012
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
1Wood Green Hilsmark 15½-2½7-15½-2½8-05-36-21237
2Guildford 12½-5½8-06½-1½7½-½6-25½-2½1036
3Barbican 4NCL 21-73-55-35½-2½5-34½-3½824 12½-5½0-85-32½-5½4½-3½4½-3½619
5The AD's0-81½-6½3-55-34-44½-3½518
6Anglian Avengers 13-5½-7½2½-5½5½-2½3-54-4318½
7Bristol 12-63-53½-4½4-44-43½-4½220
8Blackthorne Russia2-62½-5½3½-4½3½-4½3½-4½4½-3½219½
1Cheddleton 14½-3½4½-3½5-35½-1½3½-4½6-21029
2Barbican 4NCL 13½-4½4½-3½2-65-35½-2½6½-1½827
3White Rose 13½-4½3½-4½5-34½-3½4½-3½4½-3½825½
4Wood Green Hilsmark 23-56-23-54½-3½3½-45-3625
5Jutes of Kent3-53½-4½3½-4½4½-3½5-34½-3½624
6Cambridge University 11½-5½2½-5½3½-4½3½-4½5-34½-3½420½
7Oxford 14½-3½3½-4½4-3½3-53-52½-5½420½
8Guildford 22-61½-6½3-53½-4½3½-4½5½-2½219
16 teams in two groups

16) 14th WGM Rector Cup

The 14th WGM Rector Cup takes place Monday 26th March - 3rd April 2012.

17) Reykjavik Chess Festival 2012

Fabiano Caruana survived a scare against Hou Yifan in the final round to win the Reykjavik Chess Festival 2012. Hou missed big chances in a mutual time scramble on the run up to move 40 but even had chances after that. The game ended in a draw as did the top four boards. Caruana will gain a few ratings points to help maintain his new top 10 status winning with 7.5/9. 7 players finished on 7/9 Ivan Sokolov, David Navara, Gawain Jones, Boris Avrukh, Hou Yifan (who didn't gain that many rating points), Sebastien Maze and Henrik Danielsen. One game correction from last week.

18) High Wycombe Congress 2012

Keith Arkell won the High Wycombe Congress with 5/5. My thanks to organiser Sean Hewitt for the games. One game correction from last week.

19) ch-URU 2012

The Uruguay Championship took place 9th-18th March 2012. Favourite Andres Rodriguez Vila won with 10/11. A couple of corrections to the round numbers from last week.

20) UT Dallas GM Inv 2012

The UT Dallas GM Invitational took place 10th-16th March 2012. This Scheveningen event saw Giorgi Kacheishvili as the top seed score 6/10, Ray Robson 7/10. The missing round 8 games now available, my thanks to Rade Milovanovic.

21) 28th Cappelle-la-Grande Open 2012

One additional game now available.

22) 10th Khazar Cup

Some final round 11 games now available.

23) 6th Georgy Agzamov 2012

The 6th Georgy Agzamov tournament took place 5th-15th March 2012. Maxim Turov took first place on tie-break from Mikheil Mchedlishvili and Anton Filippov on tie-break after all scored 7/9. There are a small number of additional games from round 7.

24) First Saturday March 2012

The First Saturday March events took place 3rd-13th March 2012. GM Group won by Laszlo Gonda and complete. Games from the final rounds of the IM group not yet available, they will follow next week along with some corrections to the GM group. FM games now complete, my thanks to Miklos Orso.

25) Bunratty Chess Festival 2012

The Bunratty Masters took place 17th - 19th February 2012. Nigel Short, Michael Adams and Gawain Jones finished on 5/6. Michael Adams won the title after beating Nigel Short in a blitz play-off game that doesn't seem to be available. Keith Arkell and Constantin Istratescu were half a point further back. Andrei Istratescu (who defaulted his Sunday morning game), Malcolm Pein and Simon Ansell finished on 4 points. There is now a nice report on the event by Gerry Graham. Now the games section is complete.

Bunratty Open Bunratty IRL Fri 17th Feb 2012 - Sun 19th Feb 2012
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Short, NigelGM26411111½½5.02796
2Adams, MichaelGM270911½1½15.02772
3Jones, Gawain C.GM256611½1+½5.02680
4Arkell, Keith C.GM25021½½½114.52560
5Ionescu, ConstantinGM24531½½½114.52514
6Istratescu, AndreiGM26131110-14.02665
7Pein, MalcolmIM24101011½½4.02494
8Ansell, SimonIM241710½1½14.02440
9Hebden, MarkGM25501101½03.52472
10Galego, LuisGM2496110½103.52458
11Williams, Simon K.GM2513½110103.52448
12Trent, LawrenceIM2240=110013.52420
13Collins, Sam E.IM2440110½½½3.52388
14Baburin, AlexanderGM24821½01½½3.52330
15Lopez, AlexIM240010½1½½3.52395
16Short, PhilipFM2218010½113.52244
17Rendle, ThomasIM23691½½½013.52419
18Fitzsimons, David22651010½13.52218
19Griffiths, Ryan-RhysFM2326101½½03.02326
20Orr, MarkIM219201½10½3.02269
21Donaldson, JohnIM2390101½½03.02328
22Quinn, MarkIM23961010103.02313
23Cooper, LawrenceIM23261½½½0½3.02335
24Regan, NatashaWIM2096½0½½½13.02078
25Murphy, Oissine19000½10½+3.02032
26Osborne, Sam21180011½½3.02123
27Healy, Tom1983=00½+13.01955
28Berry, NeilFM22511½½00½2.52188
29O'Connor, Jonathan2064010½102.52147
30Maroroa, Sue199001½0012.52099
31Fox, Anthony20780½½10½2.52060
32Courtney, John2000010½102.52099
33Doyle, Hugh1948001½½½2.52079
34Moynihan, Kieran21020½½½102.52054
35Cafolla, Peter2002010=012.52080
36Duffy, Seamus20010½½0102.01940
37Quinn, Rory2107001½½-2.01997
38O'Donnell, Conor E.1944000+102.01831
39De Jonge, Henk19770½½0102.01968
40Benson, Oisin P.19990001012.01936
44 players

26) Forthcoming Events and Links

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