THE WEEK IN CHESS 871 18th July 2011 by Mark Crowther

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1) Introduction
2) 44th Biel Chess Festival 2011
3) 8th World Teams 2011
4) 5th Leiden Chess Tournament 2011
5) Science Park Amsterdam Chess Tournament
6) 1st Hangzhou WGM 2011
7) XXIX Andorra Open
8) 13th Sant Marti Open
9) 16th Balaguer Open
10) 2nd Vaujany Chess Festival
11) 3rd Artemis Cup 2011
12) 5th Mangalore Open 2011
13) III Corporation Cup
14) Najdorf Memorial 2011
15) ch-PHI
16) ch-SWE 2011
17) 15th Battle of Senta Open
18) 1st Roszke GM
19) 2nd Girona Open
20) 30th St Veit Open
21) 3rd Magic Valley IM
22) 66th OCF Oklahoma Open
23) 8th South Wales International 2011
24) European Youth Teams 2011
25) I Goi Mailako GM
26) IPCA World Championship 2011
27) ITT Grafica Yael 2011
28) Myrhorod Open 2011
29) XX Championship of Macedonia Open
30) XXVI Tadeusza Gniota Open
31) ch-USA Cadet 2011
32) 13th Mahalla Open
33) 38th ch-IND w Challengers 2011
34) 34th Barbera del Valles Open
35) Wroclaw Chess Festival
36) First Saturday July 2011
37) 111th ch-SUI 2011
38) 31st Benasque Open
39) 48th Canadian Open 2011
40) 6th Poti Chess Festival 2011
41) Asian Zonal 3.1
42) Oberwart Open
43) 101 Years of FC St Pauli
44) 118th Scottish Championships
45) 9th Niki Open
46) International Championship of Slovakia 2011
47) Opatija Chess Summer
48) ch-Central Serbia 2011
49) 4th Summer Solstice Open
50) ch-SLO Qualifier
51) 34th Ikaros International
52) 3rd Rethymno Open
53) Polugaevsky Memorial 2011
54) 21st Heart of Finland 2011
55) ch-BRU 2011
56) Active Team Events
57) Commonwealth and South African Open
58) 22nd Czech Open 2011
59) 34th Taminco Open
60) 10th Condom Open
61) 86th ch-Paris IdF 2011
62) Karvina Open
63) 7th Rhone Open
64) 13th Saint-Lo Open 2011
65) Minsk Open 2011
66) Norwegian Championships 2011
67) 2nd SPI Open
68) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
44th Biel Chess Festival3 games
8th World Teams 201140 games
5th Leiden Chess Tournament46 games
Science Park Amsterdam Chess Tournament331 games
1st Hangzhou WGM 201125 games
XXIX Andorra Open40 games
13th Sant Marti Open100 games
16th Balaguer Open24 games
3rd Artemis Cup 201150 games
III Corporation Cup42 games
Najdorf Memorial 2011182 games
ch-PHI46 games
ch-SWE 201110 games
1st Roszke GM30 games
2nd Girona Open39 games
3rd Magic Valley IM45 games
66th OCF Oklahoma Open83 games
European Youth Teams 201196 games
I Goi Mailako GM18 games
IPCA World Championship 2011188 games
Myrhorod Open 2011269 games
XX Championship of Macedonia Open21 games
XXVI Tadeusza Gniota Open164 games
ch-USA Cadet 201128 games
13th Mahalla Open46 games
38th ch-IND w Challengers 2011274 games
34th Barbera del Valles Open113 games
Wroclaw Chess Festival156 games
First Saturday July 201171 games
111th ch-SUI 2011102 games
31st Benasque Open61 games
48th Canadian Open 2011268 games
6th Poti Chess Festival 2011100 games
Asian Zonal 3.126 games
Oberwart Open245 games
101 Years of FC St Pauli338 games
118th Scottish Championships121 games
9th Niki Open150 games
International Championship of Slovakia 2011209 games
Opatija Chess Summer105 games
ch-Central Serbia 2011557 games
4th Summer Solstice Open11 games
3rd Rethymno Open240 games
Polugaevsky Memorial 2011551 games
21st Heart of Finland 2011153 games
ch-BRU 201163 games
Commonwealth and South African Open699 games
34th Taminco Open26 games
86th ch-Paris IdF 20111 game
Karvina Open217 games
2nd SPI Open45 games
6868 games

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Download the Chess and Bridge 2011 catalogue in pdf format.

1) Introduction

My thanks to Alexander Prokhorov, Roland Wimmer, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Graham Jurgensen, David Cohen, Jan Bey, Jakub Fuksik, Radu-Catalin Chirila, Dan-Constantin Gurgui, Dinu-Ioan Nicula, Eirik T. Gullaksen, Frank Berry, Lennart Ootes, Sean Hewitt and everyone else who helped with the issue.

One can hardly ask for better than the world number one Magnus Carlsen back in action in Biel in a field with Shirov, Caruana, Morozevich, Vachier and Pelletier. But there is more. The World Team Championship with a strong field headed by number three Levon Aronian. Aronian was defeated by Candidate Gata Kamsky in the second round. In addition to that there is the Dortmund tournament starting later this week with Vladimir Hikaru Nakamura, Ruslan Ponomariov, Anish Giri, Le Quang Liem and Georg Meier. In addition to which we're in the full swing of the summer festival season. I'm not sure I won't have to start leaving some of the weaker or more difficult events out, there is simply too much to do to cover it all. Anyhow this issue has over 6000 new games plus a corrected file of games from the Commonwealth Championships so there is a lot of entertainment on show.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) 44th Biel Chess Festival 2011

The Biel Chess Festival takes place 16th-29th July 2011. The big news is that with a special sponsor they have secured the participation of Magnus Carlsen. Alongside him are Fabiano Caruana and Alexander Morozevich who have just completed high profile tournament wins, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Alexei Shirov amd Yannick Pelletier.

Three points for a win and one for a draw.

Biel ACCENTUS GM 2011 Biel (SUI), 18-29 vii 2011 cat. XIX (2709)
1 2 3 4 5 6
1. Carlsen, Magnus g NOR 2821 * * . . . . . . . . 1 . 3
2. Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime g FRA 2722 . . * * . . ½ . . . . . 1 2711
3. Shirov, Alexei g ESP 2714 . . . . * * . . ½ . . . 1 2694
4. Caruana, Fabiano g ITA 2711 . . ½ . . . * * . . . . 1 2722
5. Morozevich, Alexander g RUS 2694 . . . . ½ . . . * * . . 1 2714
6. Pelletier, Yannick g SUI 2590 0 . . . . . . . . . * * 0
Round 1 (July 18, 2011)
Shirov, Alexei - Morozevich, Alexander ½-½ 24 C11 French Defence
Caruana, Fabiano - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime ½-½ 45 B96 Sicilian Najdorf
Pelletier, Yannick - Carlsen, Magnus 0-1 88 D85 Gruenfeld Defence
Biel MTO Biel SUI Sat 16th Jul 2011 - Fri 29th Jul 2011
Leading Player List
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Grachev, Boris GM RUS 2680 4129199
2 Bu, Xiangzhi GM CHN 2675 8601445
3 Gharamian, Tigran GM FRA 2670 13301527
4 Cheparinov, Ivan GM BUL 2669 2905540
5 Ni, Hua GM CHN 2662 8601160
6 Rodshtein, Maxim GM ISR 2637 2806851
7 Bauer, Christian GM FRA 2637 603767
8 Baklan, Vladimir GM UKR 2620 14102196
9 Stevic, Hrvoje GM CRO 2619 14502569
10 Filippov, Anton GM UZB 2606 14200988

3) 8th World Teams 2011

The 8th World Team Championship takes place in Ningbo, China with 10 teams of 5 players competing for the title. Round 1 Sunday 17th July. Last Round Tuesday 26th July. Top players Levon Aronian, Sergey Karjakin, Vassily Ivanchuk, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Vugar Gashimov, Alexander Grischuk, Teimour Radjabov, Gata Kamsky, Peter Svidler and Nikita Vitiugov.

8th World Teams Ningbo CHN Sun 17th Jul 2011 - Wed 27th Jul 2011
Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
1Russia * 3346.00
2Armenia * 235.50
3Azerbaijan * 2335.00
4China2 * 34.50
5Ukraine * 24.00
6Israel½ * 323.50
7India1 * 213.01
8Hungary12 * 13.01
9USA12 * 13.00
10Egypt1 * 02.50
8th World Teams Ningbo CHN Sun 17th Jul 2011 - Wed 27th Jul 2011
Round 2 on 2011/07/18 at 15:00
Bo.10 RussiaRtg-6 HungaryRtg3 : 1
1.1GMKarjakin Sergey2788-GMLeko Peter2717½ - ½
1.2GMGrischuk Alexander2746-GMAlmasi Zoltan27261 - 0
1.3GMNepomniachtchi Ian2711-GMPolgar Judit26991 - 0
1.4GMVitiugov Nikita2733-GMBalogh Csaba2643½ - ½
Bo.7 AzerbaijanRtg-5 IndiaRtg3 : 1
2.1GMRadjabov Teimur2744-GMHarikrishna Pentala26691 - 0
2.2GMGashimov Vugar2760-GMSasikiran Krishnan2681½ - ½
2.3GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2765-GMGanguly Surya Shekhar26271 - 0
2.4GMGuseinov Gadir2625-GMNegi Parimarjan2642½ - ½
Bo.8 UkraineRtg-4 ChinaRtg1½:2½
3.1GMIvanchuk Vassily2768-GMWang Hao2718½ - ½
3.2GMEljanov Pavel2697-GMWang Yue2709½ - ½
3.3GMEfimenko Zahar2706-GMLi Chao B2669½ - ½
3.4GMAreshchenko Alexander2682-GMDing Liren26540 - 1
Bo.9 IsraelRtg-3 EgyptRtg3 : 1
4.1GMSutovsky Emil2700-GMAdly Ahmed26311 - 0
4.2GMSmirin Ilya2676-GMAmin Bassem2609½ - ½
4.3GMPostny Evgeny2618-IMShoker Samy2475½ - ½
4.4GMNabaty Tamir2584-IMEzat Mohamed24301 - 0
Bo.1 USARtg-2 ArmeniaRtg2 : 2
5.1GMKamsky Gata2741-GMAronian Levon28051 - 0
5.2GMOnischuk Alexander2675-GMMovsesian Sergei27000 - 1
5.3GMShulman Yuri2617-GMAkopian Vladimir2667½ - ½
5.4GMSeirawan Yasser2635-GMSargissian Gabriel2663½ - ½
Round 1 on 2011/07/17 at 15:00
Bo.1 USARtg-10 RussiaRtg1 : 3
1.1GMKamsky Gata2741-GMKarjakin Sergey2788½ - ½
1.2GMOnischuk Alexander2675-GMNepomniachtchi Ian27110 - 1
1.3GMShulman Yuri2617-GMSvidler Peter2739½ - ½
1.4GMHess Robert2609-GMVitiugov Nikita27330 - 1
Bo.2 ArmeniaRtg-9 IsraelRtg3½: ½
2.1GMAronian Levon2805-GMSutovsky Emil27001 - 0
2.2GMMovsesian Sergei2700-GMRoiz Michael2669½ - ½
2.3GMAkopian Vladimir2667-GMPostny Evgeny26181 - 0
2.4GMSargissian Gabriel2663-GMNabaty Tamir25841 - 0
Bo.3 EgyptRtg-8 UkraineRtg1½:2½
3.1GMAdly Ahmed2631-GMIvanchuk Vassily27680 - 1
3.2GMAmin Bassem2609-GMEfimenko Zahar2706½ - ½
3.3GMEl Gindy Essam2510-GMMoiseenko Alexander27150 - 1
3.4IMShoker Samy2475-GMAreshchenko Alexander26821 - 0
Bo.4 ChinaRtg-7 AzerbaijanRtg2 : 2
4.1GMWang Hao2718-GMRadjabov Teimur2744½ - ½
4.2GMWang Yue2709-GMGashimov Vugar27601 - 0
4.3GMLi Chao B2669-GMMamedov Rauf2679½ - ½
4.4GMYu Yangyi2672-GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar27650 - 1
Bo.5 IndiaRtg-6 HungaryRtg2 : 2
5.1GMHarikrishna Pentala2669-GMLeko Peter2717½ - ½
5.2GMSasikiran Krishnan2681-GMAlmasi Zoltan27261 - 0
5.3GMGanguly Surya Shekhar2627-GMPolgar Judit26990 - 1
5.4GMGopal G.N.2576-GMBalogh Csaba2643½ - ½

4) 5th Leiden Chess Tournament 2011

The 5th Leiden Chess Tournament 2011 took place Thurday 7th Jul 2011 - Sunday 17th Jul 2011. Sergei Tiviakov took clear first place on 7.5/9 with a final round win against leader Predrag Nikolic. Tiviakov also beat David Howell in Round 8 who then went on to win in the final round to finish level with Nikolic on 7/9.

5th LCT Rapid Match Leiden NED Thu 7th Jul 2011 - Thu 7th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 2 Standings:
1Giri, AnishGMNED27011
1Timman, JanGMNED27011
2 players
5th LCT Open A Leiden NED Thu 7th Jul 2011 - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Tiviakov, SergeiGMNED262311½½11½117.554.545.02690
2Nikolic, PredragGMBIH262911½1½11107.056.542.252683
3Howell, David W LGMENG26251111½½1017.055.041.02689
4Van Der Wiel, John T.H.GMNED245111½½½½11½6.552.536.252497
5Polak, TomasGMCZE254011½1½101½6.552.036.02504
6Chytilek, RomanIMCZE238111½011½½16.548.031.52469
7Van Wessel, RudyFMNED23711½101½1½16.547.532.752383
8Deepan Chakkravarthy J.GMIND2470111½1½½0½6.053.533.252542
9Van Den Doel, ErikGMNED2574111½½10106.052.031.752544
10Padurariu, Ioana-SmarandaWIMROU21641½½110½1½6.048.530.52466
11Mashinskaya, IuliaIMRUS2333110½11½½½6.048.030.52366
12Hasangatin, RamilGMRUS251511½½10½½16.048.029.752432
13Slingerland, FredIMNED239011010½½116.046.027.752330
14Pijpers, ArthurNED22961011½½½½16.045.026.252394
15Meng, RogerNED22821010111½½6.043.525.752314
16Van Overdam, JulianNED22151=½1½½½105.548.528.252348
17Llaneza Vega, MarcosIMESP24651½11001015.548.027.52315
18Spirin, OlegIMRUS24911110½0½1½5.547.526.752362
19Kirana, MarcoNED2150101½½½½1½5.547.026.52344
20Pena Gomez, ManuelIMESP24201½½110½015.547.026.02287
21Ducarmon, QuintenFMNED235211½0½½1½½5.546.527.252287
22Farrand, TomJCI225610½1101105.546.525.52276
23Vishnu Prasanna. VIMIND234011½½1001½5.546.025.52323
24Erwich, FrankFMNED2360==1½11½0½5.545.527.52385
25Vistisen, LarsDEN22011=01=110½5.545.526.252344
26Wilschut, PeterNED220610½11½10½5.545.023.252353
27Wantola, IvoFMNED233311010½1015.544.522.752281
28Van Ketel, RaoulFMNED2311½1½100½115.543.524.752203
29Senlle Caride, MiguelESP22710011½11½½5.537.021.752184
30Spaan, NathanaelNED22091=½1010105.045.522.52211
31Van Dongen, CorNED23811100110015.045.022.02205
32MacKinnon, KeithCAN2201101½01½105.045.021.752235
33Van Helvoort, RobNED2190=1½½01½105.044.521.52246
34Richardson, Keith BENG21221010110105.043.021.02223
35Van Halderen, HermanNED20810½11010½15.043.019.752119
36Bakker, GuidoNED20881½½0011015.042.521.252165
37Van Der Laan, DinardNED2277==01110015.041.523.02164
38Van Overdam, JanNED20620=1½001115.040.020.52116
39Van De Laar, ClementNED21270110100115.037.018.02078
40Von Meijenfeldt, BartNED21541001½½1015.037.016.752117
97 players

5) Science Park Amsterdam Chess Tournament

The Science Park Amsterdam Chess Tournament took place 9th-17th July 2011. Dusan Popovic finished on 7/9 edging out Roeland Pruijssers, Aleksandr Lenderman, Nikola Sedlak and B Adhiban on tie-break as they also finished on the same score.

Science Park Amsterdam Open A Amsterdam NED Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Popovic, DusanGMSRB256911½11½½1½7.055.541.752652
2Pruijssers, RoelandIMNED246111½111½017.052.038.52679
3Lenderman, AleksandrGMUSA252511½10111½7.050.037.02638
4Sedlak, NikolaGMSRB258011½1½½11½7.050.537.752666
5Adhiban, B.GMIND254211½101½117.053.539.752636
6Tan, MatthewFMNED240011½01½11½6.548.031.52549
7Haslinger, Stewart GGMENG2548½11½½1½016.049.532.02482
8Friedel, Joshua EGMUSA253111½1½01016.049.029.02494
9Van Assendelft, FlorisFMNED23931½10½11016.047.529.252377
10Neverov, ValeriyGMUKR25001½½11½½016.046.028.52469
11Nijboer, FrisoGMNED25461011½½½½16.045.029.252456
12Riemersma, LiIMNED24161½½1½10½16.044.527.752438
13Horvath, CsabaGMHUN251711½½1½0105.552.028.52507
14Miedema, DavidIMNED2399½110101105.547.525.52402
15Wiersma, EelkeIMNED2390110½101½½5.545.023.752380
16Schoorl, RobFMNED226201101½1105.544.024.52342
17Van Hengel, HugoNED22030½11½011½5.542.524.752365
18Bezemer, ArnoFMNED234811½½0½1½05.049.026.252420
19Bosboom, ManuelIMNED2399½1101½½0½5.046.523.752319
20Klein, DavidFMNED23661011½001½5.046.523.02327
21Reinderman, DimitriGMNED261811½0½½10½5.046.023.02386
22Posedaru, BogdanFMROU2354½1101½½0½5.045.022.52362
23Tan, JonathanNED215301110½01½5.045.021.752358
24Lombaers, PeterNED20971½010½0115.044.023.52346
25Kohler, AranFMNED2225½1011010½5.044.021.52328
26Ootes, LarsNED2376101½0½0115.042.522.02254
27Visser, Henk JanNED22251001101105.041.518.02342
28Vroombout, EnricoNED21750110110105.041.517.52366
29Goes, StenNED21040½11½01105.040.523.02310
30Mellema, AndriesNED213101½10½1015.040.520.252357
31Sanders, Isaac BENG2105½001110½15.040.020.02288
32Testa, AdrianoITA226910½0½11105.040.019.52261
33Hovenga, AljeNED222100111½0½15.040.019.02298
34De Rover, Yong HoonNED22751001010115.040.018.02220
35Van Weersel, ArletteWIMNED22371½00½-1115.039.022.252274
36Otte, MarijnFMNED2244½½1½0½1015.039.018.752198
37Afek, YochananIMISR229801½1½100½4.540.518.252256
38Timmermans, IvoNED2232½10½1½0½½4.539.017.752266
39Pauw, SanderNED21150100+½1104.539.016.52219
40Van Der Eijk, MartijnNED2139½000101114.531.512.02195
77 players

6) 1st Hangzhou WGM 2011

The 1st Hangzhou WGM is yet another new event in China. I have seen the claim this is the strongest women's tournament ever. World Chess Champion Hou Yifan is the leading player. No Humpy Koneru however, I guess these events are practice for the champion and not for her challenger.

1st Hangzhou WGM Hangzhou CHN Thu 14th Jul 2011 - Sat 23rd Jul 2011. Category: 11. Ave: (2524)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Ju, Wenjun WGM CHN 2515 # = = 1 1 1 4 2769
2 Kosintseva, Tatiana GM RUS 2557 = # = = 1 = 3 2600
3 Kosintseva, Nadezhda GM RUS 2560 = = # = = 1 3 2588
4 Harika, Dronavalli IM IND 2513 = # = = = = 2.5 2530
5 Zhao, Xue GM CHN 2470 0 = = # 1 = 2.5 2518
6 Hou, Yifan GM CHN 2575 0 = # 1 = = 2.5 2520
7 Sebag, Marie GM FRA 2510 = = 0 # 0 1 2 2462
8 Zhu, Chen GM QAT 2485 0 0 = 1 # = 2 2455
9 Dzagnidze, Nana GM GEO 2537 0 = = 0 # 1 2 2455
10 Zatonskih, Anna IM USA 2522 0 = = = 0 # 1.5 2364
Round 1. Thu 14th Jul 2011
Kosintseva, Tatiana 1/2-1/2 Ju, Wenjun 40 B90 Sicilian
Zhu, Chen 1/2-1/2 Zatonskih, Anna 53 D31 QGD
Harika, Dronavalli 1/2-1/2 Zhao, Xue 119 E15 Queen's Indian
Sebag, Marie 1/2-1/2 Kosintseva, Nadezhda 31 C95 Ruy Lopez
Hou, Yifan 1/2-1/2 Dzagnidze, Nana 27 C60 Ruy Lopez
Round 2. Fri 15th Jul 2011
Kosintseva, Nadezhda 1/2-1/2 Harika, Dronavalli 25 C65 Ruy Lopez
Dzagnidze, Nana 0-1 Ju, Wenjun 44 E62 King's Indian
Zatonskih, Anna 1/2-1/2 Kosintseva, Tatiana 35 A48 King's Indian
Zhao, Xue 1-0 Zhu, Chen 44 D87 Gruenfeld
Hou, Yifan 1-0 Sebag, Marie 32 B53 Sicilian, Chekhover variation
Round 3. Sat 16th Jul 2011
Zhu, Chen 0-1 Kosintseva, Nadezhda 61 E32 Nimzo-Indian
Harika, Dronavalli 1/2-1/2 Hou, Yifan 24 E00 Catalan opening
Sebag, Marie 1-0 Dzagnidze, Nana 56 B40 Sicilian defence
Ju, Wenjun 1-0 Zatonskih, Anna 41 E04 Catalan
Kosintseva, Tatiana 1/2-1/2 Zhao, Xue 58 C67 Ruy Lopez
Round 4. Sun 17th Jul 2011
Dzagnidze, Nana 1-0 Zatonskih, Anna 55 E04 Catalan
Zhao, Xue 0-1 Ju, Wenjun 32 E92 King's Indian
Sebag, Marie 1/2-1/2 Harika, Dronavalli 81 C78 Ruy Lopez
Hou, Yifan 1/2-1/2 Zhu, Chen 53 C07 French
Kosintseva, Nadezhda 1/2-1/2 Kosintseva, Tatiana 14 C69 Ruy Lopez
Round 5. Mon 18th Jul 2011
Zatonskih, Anna 1/2-1/2 Zhao, Xue 82 A15 English opening
Ju, Wenjun 1/2-1/2 Kosintseva, Nadezhda 19 E06 Catalan
Kosintseva, Tatiana 1-0 Hou, Yifan 38 B42 Sicilian
Zhu, Chen 1-0 Sebag, Marie 47 D17 QGD Slav
Harika, Dronavalli 1/2-1/2 Dzagnidze, Nana 40 D43 QGD semi-Slav

7) XXIX Andorra Open

The 24th Andorra Open takes place in the Ski Resort of Arinsal 16th-24th July 2011. Kiril Georgiev is the top seed but for UK chess fans the return of David Norwood may be of the most interest. Apparently he also played something like 5 Catalan League games also but after starting to compile games from the league the organisers stopped and never provided a final file so only games that were broadcast ended up being saved.

XXIX Andorra Open Arinsal AND Sat 16th Jul 2011 - Sun 24th Jul 2011
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
1Georgiev Kiril gBUL26542.002.00.0
Hamdouchi Hicham gFRA26282.002.00.0
Damljanovic Branko gSRB26112.002.00.0
Arizmendi Martinez Julen Luis gESP25552.002.00.0
Kogan Artur gISR25482.002.00.0
Narciso Dublan Marc gESP25442.002.00.0
Ibarra Jerez Jose Carlos mESP25302.002.00.0
Zoler Dan mISR25272.002.00.0
Gonzalez Vidal Yuri gCUB25032.002.00.0
Venkatesh M.R. mIND24802.002.00.0
Das Arghyadip mIND24712.002.00.0
Rodriguez Guerrero Enrique gESP24492.002.00.0
Wegerle Joerg mGER24462.002.00.0
Caspi Israel mISR24432.002.00.0
Gagarin Vasilij mRUS24282.002.00.0
Jerez Perez Alfonso mESP24162.002.00.0
Mascaro March Pedro mESP24132.002.00.0
Panelo Marcelo mARG24132.002.00.0
Klenburg Mikhail mUKR24122.002.00.0
Vehi Bach Victor Manuel mESP24032.002.00.0
Mullon Jean-Baptiste mFRA24002.002.00.0
22Almeida Quintana Omar gCUB25482.001.50.0
Moussard Jules mFRA24262.001.50.0
Tania SachdevIND24192.001.50.0
25Iturrizaga Eduardo gVEN26032.001.00.0
Peralta Fernando gARG26012.001.00.0
Berkovich Mark A mISR23962.001.00.0
Popilski Gil mISR23762.001.00.0
Sochacki Christophe fFRA23582.001.00.0
Bykov Alexey fRUS22782.001.00.0
Porat MayaISR22742.001.00.0
32Norwood David R gAND24911.502.50.0
Hendrix JudithNED17571.502.50.0
34Del Rio De Angelis Salvador G. gESP25091.502.00.0
35Lillo Castay Victor fESP22811.501.50.0
De La Riva Aguado Jorge kESP22791.501.50.0
Albets Armengol RolandESP21691.501.50.0
Ben Porat OrISR21601.501.50.0
Van Steenwinckel HugoBEL18181.501.50.0
40Villegas PierreMNC22551.003.00.0
153 players

8) 13th Sant Marti Open

The 13th Sant Marti Open takes place 13th-21st July 2011 in Barcelona.

13th Sant Marti Open Barcelona ESP Wed 13th Jul 2011 - Thu 21st Jul 2011
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Cruz JonathanIMPER24064.514.010.00.0
2Bacallao Alonso YusnelIMCUB25324.512.08.50.0
3Alarcon Casellas RolandoFMCUB24534.511.58.00.0
4Perez Mitjans OrelvisIMESP24524.014.510.50.0
5Aroshidze LevanGMGEO25394.
6Cruz CristhianIMPER24704.
7Moskalenko ViktorGMUKR25914.
8Karlsson LarsGMSWE24824.
9Jimenez Fraga Pedro AlejandroFMCUB24644.
10Gonzalez Rodriguez Jorge A.IMCOL24344.
11Leon Hoyos ManuelGMMEX25483.515.511.00.0
12Gonzalez Garcia JoseGMMEX25223.513.59.50.0
13Delgado Ramos HectorFMCUB24883.513.59.00.0
14Pogorelov RuslanGMUKR24303.513.09.00.0
15Matnadze AnaIMGEO24283.513.08.50.0
16Mestre Bellido HectorIMESP23803.512.08.00.0
17Munoz Pantoja MiguelIMPER24823.511.57.50.0
18Neffe AxelGER22603.511.57.50.0
19Martinez Ramirez ErikMKESP22573.510.06.50.0
20Pilgaard KimIMDEN24423.
21Gonzalez Perez ArianFMCUB24903.
22Rios Cristhian CamiloFMCOL24243.
23Thompson Ian DFMENG22743.
24Randazzo AdrianMKITA22263.
25Dalo HermesVEN20493.
26Abreu Delgado AyramGMCUB24793.
27Ryan JosephFMIRL22673.
28Vidarte Morales ArturoIMESP23593.
29Obon Temprano SergiMKESP22553.
30Cruz FilemonIMPER24063.
31Martinez Romero MartinCOL22353.
32Lorenzo De La Riva LazaroIMESP23913.
33Capellades Subirana MarcMKESP22603.
34Beltran Rueda SantiagoIMESP23763.
35Carstensen JacobFMDEN23913.
36Gavilan Diaz MarioFMESP22663.
37Avila Jimenez JavierMKESP22573.
38Moreno Martin DanielMKESP21763.
39Cuartas Jaime AlexanderGMCOL25422.514.09.50.0
40Exposito Amaro JosueMKESP22582.514.09.50.0
92 players

9) 16th Balaguer Open

The 16th Balaguer Open takes place 17th-25th July 2011. Vladimir Burmakin is the top seed.

16th Balaguer Open Balaguer ESP Sun 17th Jul 2011 - Mon 25th Jul 2011
Leading Round 1 (of 9) Standings:
1Burmakin VladimirRUS25791.
Hernandez Carmenates HoldenCUB25701.
Alvarez Pedraza AramisCUB25511.
Moradiabadi ElshanIRI25321.
Janev EvgeniBUL25281.
Gomez Garrido CamiloCUB25241.
Volodin AleksandrEST25231.
Larino Nieto DavidESP24951.
Oms Pallisse JosepESP24891.
Pozo Vera SandroCUB24711.
Guerra Mendez Jose AngelCUB24501.
Colovic AleksandarMKD24501.
Fernandez Cardoso AlexeyCUB24501.
Mellado Trivino JuanAND24331.
Gomez Ledo Roberto CarlosCUB24281.
Roeder MatthiasGER24201.
Ivanov JordanBUL23981.
Westerinen Heikki M JFIN23551.
Trepat Herranz JoanESP23521.
Kovacevic SlobodanSRB23251.
Coll Ortega JordiESP23031.
Arribas Robaina MaritzaCUB22921.
Piasetski LeonCAN22891.
Ramon Solans AlbertESP22801.
Barbero Senidic AlejandroESP22641.
Ramon Perez Jose LuisESP22221.
Guadamuro Torrente AnabelESP21771.
Iagar Razvan-GabrielROU21621.
Quintas Galeano LluisESP21551.
Fandino Reyes RoquelinaCUB21451.
Codina Garcia JoseESP21331.
Rodrigo Yanguas MariaESP21021.
Tuz MykolaESP20801.
Gutierrez Martos FerranESP20711.
Aranzana Areste AlbertoESP20651.
Gensana Berzunces JoanESP20131.
Villa Gimenez CarmeloESP20131.
Verdes Nadal RamonESP19951.
Perez Cabas JoseESP19591.
Torner Planell JordiESP19351.
83 players

10) 2nd Vaujany Chess Festival

The 2nd Vaujany Chess Festival takes place 14th-22nd July 2011. Andrei Istratescu is the top seed. I couldn't find any games.

2nd Vaujany Open Vaujany FRA Thu 14th Jul 2011 - Fri 22nd Jul 2011
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1ISTRATESCU AndreigFRA2645462997
2ROOS DanielmFRA23823.55.52638
3NEVEDNICHY VladislavgROU25233.55.52588
4NANU Costica-CipriangROU252636.52487
5BERBATOV KiprianmBUL247236.52458
6CHATALBASHEV BorisgBUL2596362547
7LOBZHANIDZE DavitmGEO2483362461
8KUKOV VelislavfBUL2377362455
9MLADENOV PlamenmBUL2391362440
10JOIE Sebastien FRA2264362366
11BERESCU Alin-MilegROU246535.52545
12OLIVIER Jean-ChristophemFRA238835.52494
13JUHASZ KristoffHUN2334352382
14TISSEYRE Yannick FRA2097352311
15DELEVA Michael FRA227534.52378
16OLARASU GabrielagfROU228734.52368
17DI NICOLANTONIO LucasfFRA23252.572330
18MILCHEV NikolaymBUL23882.56.52418
19SZABO Gergely-Andras-GyulagROU25512.56.52402
20HORVATH JozsefgHUN25352.562370
21KOVACS Lajos HUN22252.55.52224
22MOAL AlainfFRA21892.55.52213
23HOUARD Sebastien FRA21162.55.52188
24BISBY Daniel LfENG22572.54.52219
25HAVER Bas NED202326.52177
26MAHIOUZ Oualid FRA210526.52162
27BEA BoglarkaffHUN214326.52136
28FRICK Christoph GER2177262182
29VIENNOT Dylan FRA2150262123
30BAN Daniel Peter HUN2161262122
31GAUTIER Selvan FRA1766261980
32QUENETTE Remi FRA2185252102
33NEUHAUSER Salome FRA2082252030
34JUNCA Stephane FRA207024.52034
35PHAM Toan Thanh NOR2088242093
36BAUDEWYN Ludovic FRA1850241999
37ATANANE Cedric FRA20501.55.52121
38DELEVA Mathias FRA19821.55.52031
39CALIN Miguel FRA20011.552116
40SZAJBELY Zsigmond HUN21541.552098
59 players

11) 3rd Artemis Cup 2011

The 3rd Artemis Cup in Crete takes place 12th-19th July 2011. Azer Mirzoev leads with 6/7 with a couple of rounds to go.

3rd Artemis Cup 2011 Leros GRE Tue 12th Jul 2011 - Tue 19th Jul 2011
Leading Round 7 (of 9) Standings:
1Mirzoev AzerGMAZE24156.028.026.006
2Mastrovasilis AthanasiosGMGRE25375.529.525.254
3Nikolaidis IoannisGMGRE25455.529.524.754
4Czebe AttilaGMHUN25265.529.025.504
5Hunt Adam CIMENG24365.526.521.755
6Mastrovasilis DimitriosGMGRE26045.028.523.003
7Horvath AdamGMHUN24785.027.521.254
8Gordon Stephen JGMENG25335.027.019.254
9Zawadzka JolantaWGMPOL24055.026.518.005
10Matthiesen ArneFMDEN23135.026.019.504
11Meszaros TamasIMHUN24625.026.018.004
12Jeremic VeljkoGMSRB25195.025.020.505
13Pavlidis AnastasiosFMGRE23234.529.019.003
14Csonka Attila IstvanIMHUN23734.528.518.503
15Estremera Panos SergioIMESP23644.527.518.003
16Devereaux Maxim LIMENG23764.527.018.002
17Kakadelis StrGRE20624.526.516.253
18Calzetta Ruiz MonicaWGMESP22934.526.015.254
19Bokros AlbertIMHUN24704.525.516.754
20Paulet IozefinaWGMROU22334.525.513.754
21Sahl Sheila BarthWIMNOR21904.524.014.503
22Kerigan DemreTUR21974.524.013.254
23Partac ElenaWGMMDA21064.522.513.004
24Pavlidou EkateriniWIMGRE22204.026.511.504
25Spiropoulos Panagiotis IGRE20864.025.513.004
Jacobsen Hans EndrupDEN19174.025.513.004
27Kafetzis GeorgiosGRE19844.025.511.004
28Keramiotis MichailGRE16554.024.012.253
29Tsakiris HaralambosGRE19674.023.011.004
30Borsuk AngelaIMISR22544.022.510.504
31Karypidis IasonGRE16164.022.510.004
32Alevizakis PanagiotisGER18604.022.010.253
33Kriklanis IgnatiosGRE17204.021.510.004
34Marougas GeorgiosGRE10004.019.59.504
35Lampadariou NikolaosGRE18453.525.012.753
36Polizou DionisiaGRE18943.525.010.253
37Soultatis KostasGRE20503.525.010.003
38Karnachoritis PetrosGRE10003.521.011.252
39Hatzopoulos IoannisGRE16173.521.08.753
40Langer PeterDEN14263.520.57.253
77 players

12) 5th Mangalore Open 2011

The 5th Mangalore Open takes place 16th-23rd July. I couldn't see a source for games.

5th Mangalore Open Mangalore IND Sat 16th Jul 2011 - Sat 23rd Jul 2011
Leading Round 3 (of 11) Standings:
1Natarajan CIND22153.
2Stany G AIND24353.
Himanshu SharmaIMIND24283.
4Karthikeyan PIMIND23823.
Navin Kanna T UIND23553.
Lahiri AtanuIMIND23493.
Deshmukh AnupIMIND22983.
Maheswaran PFMIND22513.
Ramakrishna JFMIND22193.
Suresh Kumar T JIND21903.
11Konguvel PonnuswamyIMIND24003.
Shyam Nikil PIMIND23983.
Shivananda B SIMIND23963.
Saptarshi RoyIMIND23853.
Phoobalan PIND23323.
Krishna C R GIND23303.
Kulkarni ChinmayIND23083.
Praveen Prasad PIND22743.
Antonio Viani D'cunhaIND22603.
Sriram SarjaIND22153.
Aravindh Chithambaram VrIND22123.
Santu MondalIND21933.
Surendran NIND21873.
24Swapnil S DhopadeIMIND24143.
Nitin SIMIND23653.
26Thipsay Praveen MGMIND24443.
Anwesh UpadhyayaIMIND24293.
Suvrajit SahaIMIND23623.
Sangma RahulIMIND23593.
Premnath RIND22713.
31Dusthageer Ibrahim MIND22123.
Chattarjee LaltuIND22023.
33Snehal BhosaleIND20393.
34Ramnath Bhuvanesh RIMIND24222.
Babu N SudhakarIMIND23262.
36Thejkumar M SIMIND24482.
37Dangmei BoscoIND02.
38Arun Karthik RIND23142.
Pradip GhoshIND22182.
Hegde Ravi GopalIMIND22152.
421 players

13) III Corporation Cup

The III Corporation Cup takes place 15th-24th July 2011.

III Corporation Cup Izhevsk RUS Fri 15th Jul 2011 - Sun 24th Jul 2011
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
1Khismatullin, DenisGM2656112.03.00.03093
2Fedorov, AlexeiGM2598112.03.00.03063
3Kokarev, DmitryGM2596112.03.00.03060
4Ponkratov, PavelGM2593112.03.00.03055
5Dvoirys, Semen I.GM2554112.03.00.03022
6Harutjunyan, GevorgGM2464112.03.00.02972
7Nozdrachev, VladislavFM2443112.03.00.02997
8Kupreichik, Viktor DGM2433112.03.00.02856
9Yaksin, Oleg2414112.03.00.02938
10Vasilevich, IrinaIM2367112.03.00.03027
11Aitbayev, Aslan2346112.03.00.02992
12Aleksandrov, AleksejGM26091½1.52.5.2530
13Bezgodov, AlexeiGM2503½11.52.0.2404
14Petrosian, Davit G.GM24781½1.52.5.2448
15Shinkevich, VitalyIM2474½11.52.0.2391
16Balashov, Yuri SGM24401½1.52.5.2407
17Tunik, GennadyGM24401½1.52.5.2444
18Smirnov, Alexey2415½11.52.0.2333
19Kanter, EduardIM2411½11.52.0.2283
20Artemiev, VladislavFM24011½1.52.5.2539
21Nukin, AskhatFM23381½1.52.5.2407
22Demianjuk, Alexander23171½1.52.5.2416
23Tologontegin, SemeteyFM2311½11.52.0.2154
24Iliushkin, EvgenyFM2281½11.52.0.2464
25Chernyuk, Mikhail22631½1.52.5.2657
26Bezgodova, MariaWIM2208½11.52.0.2710
27Shaydullina, SandugachWGM21581½1.52.5.2662
28Bezgodova, SvetlanaWIM2154½11.52.0.2607
29Lastin, AlexanderGM2611½½1.01.5.2271
30Volkov, SergeyGM2607011.01.0.2263
31Kovalenko, IgorIM2567101.02.0.2298
32Nakhapetiane, PogosFM2517101.02.0.2278
33Dzhumaev, MaratGM2481½½1.01.5.2198
34Pushin, VladimirFM2430011.01.0.2148
35Khruschiov, AlexeyGM2409101.02.0.2374
36Terentjev, VladislavFM2388101.02.0.2331
37Krutko, AnatolyFM2386101.02.0.2328
38Dmitriev, IgorIM2385101.02.0.2324
39Ozolin, MaximIM2381½½1.01.5.2078
40Filipenko, Alexander VIM2357101.02.0.2281
84 players

14) Najdorf Memorial 2011

The Najdorf Memorial takes place 14th-22nd July 2011.

Najdorf Memorial 201 Warsaw POL Thu 14th Jul 2011 - Fri 22nd Jul 2011
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
12Markowski, TomaszGMPOL26113.56.0010.5039.5
211Romanishin, Oleg MGMUKR25263.55.008.5039.0
38Malakhatko, VadimGMBEL25483.54.509.0039.0
414Starostits, IlmarsGMLAT25003.54.508.5038.5
520Staniszewski, PiotrIMPOL24143.54.008.5039.5
63Kempinski, RobertGMPOL26003.54.008.0038.0
71Macieja, BartlomiejGMPOL26123.05.5010.0028.5
86Swiercz, DariuszGMPOL25533.05.009.0028.5
917Simonian, HrairGMARM24613.05.009.0028.0
1010Czarnota, PawelGMPOL25413.04.508.5028.5
1015Malisauskas, VidmantasGMLTU24773.04.508.5028.5
1213Jakubowski, KrzysztofGMPOL25103.04.009.0038.0
1329Szczepkowska-Horowska, KarinaWGMPOL23393.04.008.5037.0
1419Dragun, KamilIMPOL24283.04.008.5028.5
157Vysochin, SpartakGMUKR25523.04.008.0037.0
1527Kantans, TomsFMLAT23453.04.008.0037.0
174Babula, VlastimilGMCZE25723.04.007.5027.0
1826Krzyzanowski, MarcinmPOL23703.03.506.5026.5
1930Kukawski, MaciejmPOL23383.03.006.5026.5
2023Nguyen, PiotrmPOL23783.03.006.0036.0
2124Wieczorek, OskarmPOL23742.56.0010.5028.0
2234Klim, Kamilk++POL23282.55.509.0027.5
2325Deszczynski, AdammPOL23742.55.0010.5028.0
249Olszewski, MichalGMPOL25412.55.0010.5027.5
2571Licznerski, LukaszI++POL21222.55.0010.5017.0
2616Warakomski, TomaszIMPOL24732.55.0010.0028.0
275Brodsky, MichailGMUKR25632.55.009.5017.0
2844Duda, Jan-KrzysztofFMPOL22742.55.008.5017.0
2994Leczycki, PawelI++POL20022.54.509.5027.0
3012Piorun, KacperIMPOL25142.54.509.0017.0
3131Solys, LaimutisFMLTU23342.54.008.0026.5
3286Goslawski, MichalIPOL20412.54.008.0026.0
3322Zozulia, AnnaIMBEL23812.54.007.5025.5
3336Stoma, PawelmPOL23222.54.007.5025.5
3538Janczarski, Michalk++POL23162.53.507.0026.0
3618Sieciechowicz, MarcinIM24542.53.506.5026.5
3791Krasiewicz, Robertk+POL20152.53.506.5024.5
3837Lagowski, PatrykIMPOL23212.53.007.0024.5
3941Warszawski, BartoszmPOL22962.53.006.5026.0
4042Adamski, JanIMPOL22892.05.5011.0016.5
97 players

15) ch-PHI

The Philippines Championships take place 16th-23rd July 2011. Wesley So is the top seed.

ch-PHI Manila PHI Sat 16th Jul 2011 - Sat 23rd Jul 2011
Leading Round 5 (of 13) Standings:
1So WesleyGMPHI26584.50.08.500.0
2Laylo DarwinGMPHI25283.50.56.750.0
3Bitoon RichardIMPHI24913.50.55.500.0
4Nolte RolandoIMPHI24333.01.08.750.0
5Torre EugenioGMPHI24913.00.55.750.0
6Barbosa OliverIMPHI25143.00.55.750.0
7Antonio Rogelio JrGMPHI25652.51.07.500.0
8Paragua MarkGMPHI25452.50.04.750.0
9Gomez John PaulGMPHI25292.50.03.750.0
10Garcia Jan EmmanuelIMPHI24042.00.04.500.0
11Sanchez JosephGMPHI25342.00.03.500.0
12Barcenilla RogelioGMPHI25181.
13Salvador RolandGMPHI25271.00.02.750.0
14Ranola YvesIMPHI23770.
14 players
ch-PHI w Manila PHI Sat 16th Jul 2011 - Sat 23rd Jul 2011
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1Mejia Cherry AnnWFMPHI19493.50.04.500.0
2Perena CatherineWIMPHI21043.
3Frayna Janelle MaePHI18753.50.03.750.0
4Jose Rulp YlemWFMPHI20243.00.03.500.0
5Mendoza BeverlyWIMPHI20542.
6Docena JedaraPHI20492.00.02.500.0
7Fronda Jan JodilynPHI20762.00.01.500.0
8Mirano MiraPHI16981.50.03.750.0
9Mendoza Shania MaePHI17881.00.02.500.0
10Acedo Rowelyn JoyPHI01.00.00.500.0
11Palomo Jenny RosePHI18750.50.01.750.0
12San Diego Marie AntoinettePHI00.
12 players

16) ch-SWE 2011

The Swedish Championship takes place 16th-24th July 2011. Jonny Hector started with 2/2.

ch-SWE Master Elite Vasteras SWE Sat 16th Jul 2011 - Sun 24th Jul 2011. Category: 10. Ave: (2493)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Hector, Jonny GM SWE 2568 # 1 1 2 2600
2 Grandelius, Nils GM SWE 2542 # = 1 1.5 2623
3 Hillarp Persson, Tiger GM SWE 2547 = # 1 1.5 2712
4 Lindberg, Bengt IM SWE 2391 # = = 1 2437
5 Cramling, Pia GM SWE 2472 = # = 1 2494
6 Eriksson, Johan IM SWE 2401 = # = 1 2352
7 Berg, Emanuel GM SWE 2604 0 # 1 1 2532
8 Westerberg, Jonathan FM SWE 2313 0 = # 0.5 2279
9 Tikkanen, Hans GM SWE 2596 0 = # 0.5 2327
10 Carlsson, Pontus GM SWE 2496 0 0 # 0 2576
Round 1. Sat 16th Jul 2011
Lindberg, Bengt 1/2-1/2 Cramling, Pia 49 B32 Sicilian
Westerberg, Jonathan 1/2-1/2 Eriksson, Johan 21 B84 Sicilian
Hillarp Persson, Tiger 1/2-1/2 Grandelius, Nils 20 D38 QGD
Berg, Emanuel 1-0 Carlsson, Pontus 35 B19 Caro-Kann
Hector, Jonny 1-0 Tikkanen, Hans 32 B48 Sicilian
Round 2. Sun 17th Jul 2011
Hector, Jonny 1-0 Berg, Emanuel 31 B94 Sicilian
Carlsson, Pontus 0-1 Hillarp Persson, Tiger 57 B42 Sicilian
Grandelius, Nils 1-0 Westerberg, Jonathan 30 A04 Reti opening
Eriksson, Johan 1/2-1/2 Lindberg, Bengt 48 E37 Nimzo-Indian
Tikkanen, Hans 1/2-1/2 Cramling, Pia 75 A15 English, 1...Nf6 (Anglo-Indian defense)

17) 15th Battle of Senta Open

The Senta Open takes place 16th-23rd July 2011. No games currently available.

15th Senta Open Senta SRB Sat 16th Jul 2011 - Sat 23rd Jul 2011
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1Nadj Hedjesi BalindSRB23543.
2Savic Miodrag RGMSRB25202.
3Pavlov SergeyIMUKR25052.
Nestorovic DejanIMSRB24042.
5Ardeleanu AlinIMROU23942.
6Markovic Zoran SIMSRB23512.
7Petkovic RadosavFMSRB22802.
8Savic DraganSRB21602.
9Domany ZsofiaWIMHUN21992.
Kumic FilipSRB20882.
11Sirotanovic ObradFMSRB22752.
12Cabarkapa NovakSRB21772.
13Saric SinisaIMSRB24722.
14Klasan VladimirSRB23522.
15Dragovic MomciloFMSRB23802.
Radovanovic DusanSRB23722.
Stankovic MilosSRB23642.
18Amstadt AronHUN22812.
19Ivanov BorislavBUL22011.
20Miladinovic LenaSRB20741.
21Neaga Horia-Dumitru-IustinROU17941.
22Farkas TiborIMSRB22601.
Pletl AkosSRB22441.
24Cica DraganSRB19731.
25Dudukovic NikolaSRB22511.
26Nestorovic LazarIMSRB24281.
27Radusinovic LazarSRB22831.
28Vucinic GojkoSRB20811.
29Balla Tamas-KristofFMROU24061.
Vujic MihailoFMSRB23211.
Tancik KristijanSRB22731.
Vranic LjubomirSRB21741.
33Simonyi ZoltanFMSRB22271.
34Desnica VladanSRB21771.
Bogdan Horia-DanielROU18801.
36Delgado-Vlaic AdrianROU19211.
37Kovacs ArthurHUN20991.
38Siclovan Cristian-DanielROU21160.
39Marjanovic DejanBIH21530.
40Kokai PeterSRB20880.
43 players

18) 1st Roszke GM

The 1st Roszke GM took place 18th-27th June and was won by Levente Vajda with 8/10.

1st Roszke GM Roszke HUN Sat 18th Jun 2011 - Mon 27th Jun 2011
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
1Vajda LeventeGMROU25108.030.500.06
2Erdos ViktorGMHUN26097.027.000.04
3Sax GyulaGMHUN25136.526.250.03
4Kosic DraganGMMNE24854.518.250.01
5Kosanovic Goran AGMSRB23832.59.250.00
6Papp PetraWIMHUN22301.54.750.00
6 players

19) 2nd Girona Open

The 2nd Girona Open takes place 14th-22nd July 2011.

2nd Girona Open Girona ESP Thu 14th Jul 2011 - Fri 22nd Jul 2011
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Salagran Ferragut GuillemESP17664.
2Parramon Ros FrancescESP20493.
3Salgado Allaria CarlosFMESP23253.
4Perez Lopez Josep AntoniESP19623.
5Mas Recorda PereESP20743.
6Subirana Bonet DanielESP20073.
7Huici Bentue DavidESP20793.
8Alvarez Serra JordiESP19833.
9Serra Labrador CarlesESP20293.
10Parals Marce Luis 2ESP20673.
11Mundet Riera Jaume MCESP21253.
12Mundet Riera JoaquimESP18753.
13Jimenez Ortiz GonzaloESP18993.
14Barrera Clot Carlos 1ESP21083.
15Gimenez Aguirre Ismael AlejoESP16983.
16Diaz Munoz SergiESP20612.
17Medina Masdeu RasenESP17572.
18Colomer Camarasa JordiESP19502.
19Bonell Gleich XavierESP16282.
20Urbano Cabrera MoisesESP17822.
21Torrent Lagresa Josep MESP16622.
22Marpons Areste JoaquinESP02.
23Vidal Palou JordiESP17042.
24Caballero Maytin JesusCUB20862.
25Barberan Costa EloiESP02.
26Dellonder Domenech EsteveESP16252.
27Volkov VladimirESP17902.
28Iglesias Santos DavidESP02.
29Iglesias Santos RodrigoESP02.
30Saurina Suner Francesc XavierESP18672.
31Mirasol Obrador MiquelESP18252.
32Vidal Zamora CristinaESP16902.
33Alarcon Pages SalvadorESP17392.
Curiel Perez VictorioESP02.
35Donaire Benito Josep AntoniESP02.
36Casas Garriga JosefinaESP02.
37Camps Torrents JosepESP14392.
38Martin Fernandez SantiagoESP18671.
39Villa Carrillo JulioESP01.
40Casellas Delemus JordiESP01.
66 players

20) 30th St Veit Open

The 30th St Veit Open took place 9th-16th July 2011. Flavio Guido won with 7/9. No games available.

30th St Veit Open A St Veit AUT Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Sat 16th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Guido FlavioIMITA24017.049.538.037.75
2Kiss AttilaIMHUN23716.549.038.034.00
3Schnider GertFMAUT23756.048.538.031.00
4Wertjanz DavidAUT22346.048.038.529.75
5Hartl DanielFMAUT22956.
6Schmidlechner AlexanderNMAUT22226.046.036.529.00
7Salihovic AmarBIH21506.
8Praznik NikoFMSLO23395.550.539.528.25
9Leitner Gerald DI.AUT22125.549.538.527.75
10Schmid ThomasGER22525.047.537.024.25
11Sucher Johannes Mag.MKAUT21955.047.036.524.00
12Praznik AntonFMSLO21855.046.535.523.00
13Binder MorizAUT18895.044.034.523.25
14Kersic MatejSLO21575.
15Kuess MarioAUT21065.
16Tomitz HermannAUT21045.040.531.521.00
17Mar KarmenWIMSLO22375.040.531.520.50
18Koop ThorbenGER20335.
19Schwarz OliverGER21405.
20Neff Gregor Ing.CMAUT22054.544.034.521.75
21Hafner RobertAUT21134.543.533.520.75
22Valent Peter Dkfm.AUT19934.540.531.018.50
23Ferk MartinAUT19464.534.526.014.75
24Wild HelmutGER19654.042.533.016.00
25Schnegg Anna-LenaAUT19964.041.032.516.25
26Enne Harald Mag.AUT19884.
27Praxmarer ChristianAUT20314.038.530.014.50
28Eichhorn AlfredAUT20484.036.527.013.50
29Newrkla AlexanderAUT20154.
30Jeraj ZlatkoSLO21094.031.524.011.50
31Koller HubertMKAUT21253.540.031.013.50
32Bauer Manfred Mag.MKAUT19683.538.029.514.75
33Enzendorfer AlfredAUT21393.535.528.012.50
34Kahlig MartinAUT20313.038.530.09.75
35Bodner AlfredAUT20113.033.525.09.00
Schober MichaelAUT19063.033.525.09.00
37Morze GertAUT19443.
38Granabetter Josef Mag.AUT20033.
39Wild KatharinaGER19083.031.524.08.00
40Schober PeterAUT17443.030.523.09.00
42 players

21) 3rd Magic Valley IM

The 3rd Magic Valley IM tournament took place 4th-12th July 2011. Piotr Nguyen won with 6.5/9.

3rd Magic Valley IM Rodatychi UKR Mon 4th Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011. Category: 1. Ave: (2255)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Nguyen, Piotr POL 2378 # 1 1 0 = 1 1 1 0 1 6.5 2408
2 Meleshko, Vladimir UKR 2286 0 # = 1 1 1 0 = 1 1 6 2377
3 Vetoshko, Volodymyr UKR 2212 0 = # = = 1 = = 1 1 5.5 2340
4 Zajarnyi, Anatolyi IM MDA 2337 1 0 = # = 0 1 1 = = 5 2289
5 Mirzoev, Emil UKR 2138 = 0 = = # = = 1 1 = 5 2311
6 Golubeva, Oksana WFM RUS 2133 0 0 0 1 = # 1 = = 1 4.5 2269
7 Grekh, Andrey IM UKR 2378 0 1 = 0 = 0 # = 1 = 4 2199
8 Kigel, Dmytro FM UKR 2210 0 = = 0 0 = = # 1 1 4 2217
9 Petrenko, Svetlana IM MDA 2209 1 0 0 = 0 = 0 0 # = 2.5 2094
10 Andrenko, Irina WIM UKR 2272 0 0 0 = = 0 = 0 = # 2 2033
Round 1. Mon 4th Jul 2011
Andrenko, Irina 0-1 Vetoshko, Volodymyr 45 B23 Sicilian
Meleshko, Vladimir 1-0 Golubeva, Oksana 45 C19 French
Mirzoev, Emil 1/2-1/2 Grekh, Andrey 60 E46 Nimzo-Indian
Petrenko, Svetlana 1/2-1/2 Zajarnyi, Anatolyi 45 B00 KP
Kigel, Dmytro 0-1 Nguyen, Piotr 34 B06 Robatsch defence
Round 2. Tue 5th Jul 2011
Kigel, Dmytro 1-0 Petrenko, Svetlana 41 B23 Sicilian
Zajarnyi, Anatolyi 1/2-1/2 Mirzoev, Emil 24 A05 Reti opening
Grekh, Andrey 1-0 Meleshko, Vladimir 45 B73 Sicilian
Golubeva, Oksana 1-0 Andrenko, Irina 42 B22 Sicilian
Nguyen, Piotr 1-0 Vetoshko, Volodymyr 30 A81 Dutch defence
Round 3. Wed 6th Jul 2011
Vetoshko, Volodymyr 1-0 Golubeva, Oksana 26 C19 French
Andrenko, Irina 1/2-1/2 Grekh, Andrey 25 B23 Sicilian
Meleshko, Vladimir 1-0 Zajarnyi, Anatolyi 46 B00 KP
Mirzoev, Emil 1-0 Kigel, Dmytro 19 B00 KP
Petrenko, Svetlana 1-0 Nguyen, Piotr 35 C02 French
Round 4. Thu 7th Jul 2011
Petrenko, Svetlana 0-1 Mirzoev, Emil 58 B32 Sicilian defence
Kigel, Dmytro 1/2-1/2 Meleshko, Vladimir 20 B23 Sicilian
Zajarnyi, Anatolyi 1/2-1/2 Andrenko, Irina 87 B06 Robatsch (modern) defence
Grekh, Andrey 1/2-1/2 Vetoshko, Volodymyr 63 C78 Ruy Lopez
Nguyen, Piotr 1-0 Golubeva, Oksana 39 C15 French
Round 5. Fri 8th Jul 2011
Golubeva, Oksana 1-0 Grekh, Andrey 27 B22 Sicilian
Vetoshko, Volodymyr 1/2-1/2 Zajarnyi, Anatolyi 28 B00 KP
Andrenko, Irina 0-1 Kigel, Dmytro 51 C58 two knights defence
Meleshko, Vladimir 1-0 Petrenko, Svetlana 34 C80 Ruy Lopez
Mirzoev, Emil 1/2-1/2 Nguyen, Piotr 63 B09 Pirc
Round 6. Sat 9th Jul 2011
Mirzoev, Emil 0-1 Meleshko, Vladimir 46 D35 QGD
Petrenko, Svetlana 1/2-1/2 Andrenko, Irina 76 B70 Sicilian
Kigel, Dmytro 1/2-1/2 Vetoshko, Volodymyr 27 B31 Sicilian
Zajarnyi, Anatolyi 0-1 Golubeva, Oksana 37 C15 French
Nguyen, Piotr 1-0 Grekh, Andrey 36 A02 Bird's opening
Round 7. Sun 10th Jul 2011
Grekh, Andrey 0-1 Zajarnyi, Anatolyi 35 B00 KP
Golubeva, Oksana 1/2-1/2 Kigel, Dmytro 36 C47 Four knights
Vetoshko, Volodymyr 1-0 Petrenko, Svetlana 30 B49 Sicilian
Andrenko, Irina 1/2-1/2 Mirzoev, Emil 51 B23 Sicilian
Meleshko, Vladimir 0-1 Nguyen, Piotr 32 C18 French
Round 8. Mon 11th Jul 2011
Meleshko, Vladimir 1-0 Andrenko, Irina 53 B06 Robatsch (modern) defence
Mirzoev, Emil 1/2-1/2 Vetoshko, Volodymyr 53 D35 QGD
Petrenko, Svetlana 1/2-1/2 Golubeva, Oksana 37 C02 French
Kigel, Dmytro 1/2-1/2 Grekh, Andrey 26 B40 Sicilian defence
Nguyen, Piotr 0-1 Zajarnyi, Anatolyi 55 A40 Queen's pawn
Round 9. Tue 12th Jul 2011
Zajarnyi, Anatolyi 1-0 Kigel, Dmytro 40 B01 Scandinavian defence
Grekh, Andrey 1-0 Petrenko, Svetlana 27 B12 Caro-Kann
Golubeva, Oksana 1/2-1/2 Mirzoev, Emil 33 B22 Sicilian
Vetoshko, Volodymyr 1/2-1/2 Meleshko, Vladimir 19 C67 Ruy Lopez
Andrenko, Irina 0-1 Nguyen, Piotr 40 C11 French

22) 66th OCF Oklahoma Open

The 66th OCF Oklahoma Open took place 9th-10th July 2011. Abhishek Mallela won with 4.5/5.

66th OCF Oklahoma Op Oklahoma USA Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 5 Standings:
1Mallela, Abhishek20854.514
2Root, DougIM2470413
3Langer, MichaelFM2180412
4Braunlich, Tom22043.515
5Batshaikhan, Orgil21003.514
6Orton, BillNM21393.513
7Zelnick, David20063.513
8Hare, Ciaran O19323.512
9Veal, Joe Dean19493.512
10Galant, Sergey2148314
11Paolercio, A 313
12Bragg, William312
13Graham, Shaun1992311
14Temple, Judson1881310
15Thompson, Dexter310
16Johnson, Chuck18572.5 8
17Berry, JamesFA20162.5 8
18Carlson, Martin18762.5 7
19Maldonado, E Jr17262.5 6
20Webb, Mike K.19662.5 5
21Anderson, Greg2.5 4
22Markley, Jim1912210
23Nickels, Erik17072 7
24Kline, Les18522 6
25Anderson, Steve2 5
26Reynolds, Chris2 5
27Garrett, William----22
28Root, William1.510
29Anderson, Mark18411.5 7
30Fritze, Skip17721.5 7
31Maldonado, E Sr18371.5 6
32Winters, William1.5 4
33Irwin, Phil18851.5 2
34Lee, Wellington2019110
35Kecskemety, S ----1 9
36Torrijos, Oscar----0 7
37Stepp, Bob19720 2
37 players

23) 8th South Wales International 2011

Peter Wells won the 8th South Wales International with 7.5/9. Games not yet available.

8th South Wales Int Penarth WLS Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Thu 14th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Wells, PetergmENG
2Arkell, KeithgmENG7
3Cobb, JamesimWLS
4Eggleston, DavidfmENG
5Gretarsson, HjorvarfmISL
6Petrov, MarijangmBUL
7Radulski, JuliangmBUL
8Johansson, Orn LeoISL6
9McPhillips, JosephENG6
10Brown, MartinENG
11Brown, ThomasWLS
12Byron, AlanENG
13Davis, AshleyWLS
14Jaunooby, AliENG
15Martyn, RafeENG
16Pleasants, AllanWLS
17Rayner, FrancisWLS
18Rudd, JackimENG
19Turner, JosephWLS
20Waterfield, JohnENG
21Davis, LeeWLS5
22Marusenko, PetrimUKR5
23Menadue, JeremyENG5
24Schmitz, ManuelawfGER5
25Sverrisson, NokkviISL5
26Bridges, PaulWLS
27Bryant, RichardENG
28Freeland, AlexWLS
29Menon, DavinWLS
30Mottonen, AriFIN
31Ralphs, NigelWLS
32Rodriguez, Juan TalaveraWLS
33Schmitz, AndreasGER
34Taylor, RobertWLS
35Van Dierman, ArieNED
36Wilen, EeroFIN
37Gosling, BrianENG4
38Hickman, JohnWLS4
39Hollan, MartinCZE4
40Hollan, PetrCZE4
69 players

24) European Youth Teams 2011

The European Youth Teams take place 14th-22nd July 2011 in Iasi Romania. Boys and Girls Under-18 sections.

TCh-Euro Open U18 Iasi ROU Thu 14th Jul 2011 - Fri 22nd Jul 2011
Leading Round 3 (of 7) Standings:
64ROMANIA 1311136.022.0
811ROMANIA 3312025.516.0
117ROMANIA 2302114.521.0
12 teams
TCh-Euro Girls U18 Iasi ROU Thu 14th Jul 2011 - Fri 22nd Jul 2011
Leading Round 3 (of 7) Standings:
11ROMANIA 1330064.58.50
33HUNGARY 1321044.04.00
42ROMANIA 2311133.51.75
66HUNGARY 2311132.55.00
88ROMANIA 3303001.00.00
8 teams

25) I Goi Mailako GM

The I Goi Mailako GM in Donostia takes place 13th-20th July 2011.

I Goi Mailako GM Donostia ESP Wed 13th Jul 2011 - Wed 20th Jul 2011
Leading Round 6 (of 10) Standings:
1Libiszewski FabienGMFRA24804.00.00.0
2Argandona Riveiro InigoIMESP23883.01.50.0
3Flear Glenn CGMENG24833.01.00.0
4Franco Alonso AlejandroIMESP24523.00.50.0
5Gonzalez De La Torre SantiagoIMESP24602.51.00.0
6Prie EricGMFRA24902.50.00.0

26) IPCA World Championship 2011

The IPCA World Championship took place in Piestany 2nd-9th July 2011. Andrei Obodchuk dominated with 8/9.

WCh-IPCA Open A Piestany SVK Sat 2nd Jul 2011 - Sat 9th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Obodchuk AndreiIMRUS23738.039.050.542.0
2Yarmonov IgorIMUKR23226.538.551.035.0
3Valenta VitCZE21466.536.547.032.5
4Strekalovski ViktorRUS21136.039.551.532.0
5Bernardi RubenITA21625.538.049.530.5
6Zavarsky JurajSVK20265.535.047.027.0
7Vodyasov EvgenyRUS22245.535.046.529.0
8Chalukhin AnatolyRUS05.533.543.025.5
9Mikheev StanislavIMRUS22925.035.547.027.0
10Anfinogenov ArtemRUS21005.035.046.527.0
11Nowak LukaszPOL15965.033.042.525.5
12Tillmann MarcSUI19545.
13Pronin VladimirRUS20375.031.540.526.5
14Doronkin GrigoryRUS18895.030.540.523.5
15Tatarcik VladimirCZE19115.028.539.520.5
16Kovacevic KrstoCRO19654.533.042.523.5
17Marievsky MaximRUS20484.532.543.022.5
18Tersinsev AndreyRUS17854.
19Melnik GalinaWFMRUS20114.031.539.519.5
20Kestlane HarryEST04.030.038.517.0
21Virfel RomanRUS17744.
22Kurochkina ElenaRUS18144.028.537.019.5
23Koszela StanislawPOL18723.536.045.522.5
24Koerber AntoninCZE18123.529.538.514.0
25Kaydanovich MarinaRUS18193.528.536.513.5
26Ardamica MarekSVK03.028.536.016.0
27Dirnbach MarcelSVK03.
28Konkolova NikolaSVK03.026.534.015.0
29Shchukina EkaterinaRUS02.526.536.015.0
29 players
WCh-IPCA Open B Piestany SVK Sat 2nd Jul 2011 - Sat 9th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Gnechko RuslanUKR07.535.042.533.5
2Bondarets VadimIMUKR23237.037.547.534.0
3Curien NicolasSUI21967.035.545.033.0
4Sergeyev AlexanderFMKAZ23467.035.044.533.5
5Uogele AnicetasLTU21426.037.547.029.0
6Curidlo JanSVK18455.031.038.523.5
7Afric IvanCRO19244.530.038.022.5
8Lukic TomislavCRO18614.037.545.525.5
9Chilla RadoslavSVK18544.031.539.520.0
10Konkol EmilSVK04.026.033.519.0
11Stepanova FainaRUS14512.531.039.015.0
12Prokupek VaclavCZE02.029.036.514.0
13Voitsekhovskaya AlexandraRUS02.027.034.511.0
14Sergeyeva AnnaKAZ00.526.035.51.5
14 players

27) ITT Grafica Yael 2011

Two Grafica Yael events have already taken place and there is a GM event to follow in Torre Blanca. I couldn't find any games.

Grafica Yael ITT Torre Blanca ARG Wed 13th Jul 2011 - Thu 21st Jul 2011
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Bassan RemoFMVEN23563.05.000.02
2Fabian GastonFMARG23172.54.250.01
3Saldano Dayer HoracioIMESP24282.53.500.02
4Mayorga NicolasFMARG23302.53.250.01
5Barrionuevo PabloIMARG23142.04.750.01
6Paveto KevinARG21892.04.250.00
7Real De Azua ErnestoIMARG24382.03.750.01
8Filion CharlesCAN22321.53.000.00
9Converset Juan JoseARG22281.02.250.00
10Granara Barreto Sebastian AFMURU21781.02.000.00
10 players
Grafica Yael Open Torre Blanca ARG Wed 13th Jul 2011 - Thu 21st Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Mayorga NicolasFMARG22936.028.50.0
2Converset Juan JoseARG22286.028.00.0
3Sirbu George-AdrianROU21755.529.50.0
4Avila LucasARG20955.523.50.0
5Mocca PabloARG21015.027.50.0
6Zamani AndresARG05.027.50.0
7Lopez DiegoARG21585.025.50.0
8Ferrara AlexisARG22145.025.00.0
9Tokman ArielARG22075.024.00.0
10Bustamante LeonidasARG21455.021.00.0
11Gimenez SantiagoARG22704.533.00.0
12Bertaccini DanielARG21794.526.00.0
13Herrera PabloARG20804.524.00.0
14Koch JuanARG20694.524.00.0
15Quinzio MartinARG20084.523.50.0
16Pineiro DarioARG21804.522.00.0
17Pucill FacundoARG21484.027.00.0
18Salvatti DiegoARG20924.025.50.0
19Lida Garcia FernandoARG20354.025.00.0
20Chan DanielARG04.024.00.0
21Mashal RubenARG21014.023.50.0
22Anino SergioARG22194.023.50.0
23Flamhum HernanARG20684.022.00.0
24Calens DiegoARG20784.021.50.0
25Galarce RubenARG21394.021.00.0
26Acosta MartinARG04.020.50.0
27Rustein EduardoARG04.020.50.0
28Lidovsky SergioARG18203.525.00.0
29Zampedri IgnacioARG19193.523.00.0
30Maglione JorgeARG03.522.00.0
31Parma PamelaARG18753.519.00.0
32Ruiz Panelo MartinARG18653.518.00.0
33Saffiotti CeciliaARG03.517.00.0
34Mengochea AndresARG03.515.50.0
35Speziale TomasARG20373.026.00.0
36Porta Campos NicolasARG16683.024.50.0
37De Cesare RicardoARG20243.024.00.0
38Lazaroff JorgeARG03.024.00.0
39Lo Presti RobertoARG20993.022.50.0
40Quenallata LucianoARG22103.022.50.0
64 players

28) Myrhorod Open 2011

The Myrhorod Open took place 9th-14th July 2011. Oleg Budnikov won with 7/9. Final round games are not yet available.

Myrhorod Open Myrhorod UKR Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Thu 14th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Budnikov OlegUKR24287.
2Tovmasian VardgesARM23716.549.535.00.0
3Alexikov AlexanderIMUKR23536.549.035.00.0
4Nosenko AlexanderIMUKR25216.548.533.50.0
5Grinev ValeriyUKR23796.548.034.00.0
6Melnichuk MikhailUKR23156.546.032.50.0
7Golubka PetrFMUKR24096.544.030.50.0
8Shalimov ValeryIMUKR23676.540.030.00.0
9Solovchuk AlexeyUKR23756.
10Chernov EvgenUKR22916.047.532.00.0
11Nesteretz AnatoliyUKR24306.046.529.50.0
12Kononenko DmitryUKR22786.041.524.50.0
13Omelja ArtemUKR22935.551.534.50.0
14Tytynnik ArtemFMUKR22345.549.032.50.0
15Krupko AlexeyUKR21945.546.529.50.0
16Bilokha SergeyUKR22185.546.029.00.0
17Guk IljaFMUKR22805.539.024.00.0
18Arkhipov VladimirUKR21315.539.024.00.0
19Nikolaev LeonidFMUKR23425.538.527.00.0
20Vatinyan GorUKR19655.536.020.00.0
21Sergienko VladislavUKR21995.
22Yurasov OlegUKR05.047.528.00.0
23Tichonov JiriUKR21295.046.525.50.0
24Kutsyj AlexanderFMUKR23395.045.530.00.0
25Naboka SergeyUKR21405.045.529.00.0
26Karnaukh AnatolijUKR22095.042.526.50.0
27Berezka AlexandrUKR21575.040.525.00.0
28Tsirulnik MaritsaUKR21455.
29Kravchenko LeonidUKR22315.037.524.00.0
30Ivaschenko DmitryUKR21945.037.522.00.0
31Mulenko AlexanderRUS20655.036.520.50.0
32Andrienko PetrUKR20214.547.024.50.0
33Plaksin ValeriyUKR21804.544.027.00.0
34Morozova JuliaWFMUKR21094.544.023.50.0
35Solovyev ArtemUKR21364.542.524.00.0
36Rudakova ZhanettaUKR20154.540.520.50.0
37Tikhomirov AlexeyFMUKR22224.539.023.00.0
38Korniyuk MariyaWFMUKR21044.539.019.00.0
39Sokolenko YaroslavUKR04.537.519.50.0
40Petrova IrinaWFMUKR21254.
70 players

29) XX Championship of Macedonia Open

The 20th Open Championship of Macedonia takes place 16th-24th July 2011.

20th ch-MKD Open Struga MKD Sat 16th Jul 2011 - Sun 24th Jul 2011
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
1Stojanovski DejanIMMKD24272.00.02.02
Nikolov SashoIMBUL24122.00.02.02
Bogdanovski VlatkoGMMKD24112.00.02.02
Pancevski FilipIMMKD24102.00.02.02
Vasovski NikolaIMMKD23122.00.02.02
6Gochev MladenBUL22922.00.01.02
Koteski DjorgjiMKD22772.00.01.02
Krstev EmilMKD22172.00.01.02
9Zmijanac DuskoFMSRB21791.50.02.51
10Dancevski OrceIMMKD23841.50.02.01
Veleski RobertMKD22411.50.02.01
12Menkinoski RisteFMMKD23451.50.01.51
13Stanojoski ZvonkoGMMKD24911.00.03.01
Jacimovic DragoljubGMMKD24431.00.03.01
15Popovic Aleksandar MFMSRB23211.00.02.51
Ilic ZoranFMMKD22571.00.02.51
Matijevic FilipSLO19321.00.02.51
18Skrceski GavrilMKD22671.00.02.01
Borsos BogdanIMUKR22531.00.02.01
Petrovski IgorMKD22341.00.02.01
21Stojanovski KirilMKD21441.00.02.01
Koskoska GabrielaWIMMKD21431.00.02.01
Hadzi - Manev LjubomirFMMKD21341.00.02.01
Kacakovski DimitarFMMKD21301.00.02.01
Stojkovska MonikaMKD19001.00.02.01
26Vladimirov VladimirMKD21621.00.01.51
Vasilevski IgorMKD01.00.01.51
28Hristovski SrdzanMKD21451.00.01.01
29Petrov GeorgiSRB22661.00.01.00
30Tairi KrenarMKD17420.50.02.00
31Andonovski LjubisaFMMKD23170.50.02.00
Sekulovska VesnaWFMMKD21300.50.02.00
Dema DrilonMKD00.50.02.00
34Bejatovic BojanaMKD19780.50.01.50
Nikolovska DraganaMKD17390.50.01.50
36Gjeorgjievski DoneMKD18980.00.03.00
Nikolovski NikolaMKD18260.00.03.00
Shabanaj LefterALB00.00.03.00
39Aleksovski AleksandarMKD19800.00.02.50
40Zhezhov EmilMKD17930.00.02.00
42 players

30) XXVI Tadeusza Gniota Open

The 36th Tadeusza Gniota Open took place in Police, 5th-13th July 2011. Spartak Vysochin edged out Vadim Shishkin and Vidmantas Malisauskas on tie-break after all scored 6.5/9.

XXVI Tadeusza Gniota Police POL Tue 5th Jul 2011 - Wed 13th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Vysochin, SpartakGMUKR25526.540.5051.004
2Shishkin, VadimGMUKR24576.537.5046.504
3Malisauskas, VidmantasGMLTU24776.536.0045.506
4Aliavdin, NikolaiIMBLR23926.039.0049.004
5Poetsch, HagenIMGER24036.037.5047.505
6Olszewski, MichalGMPOL25415.540.5051.504
7Grabarczyk, MiroslawGMPOL24595.539.0049.502
8Neiksans, ArtursIMLAT24955.539.0048.003
9Starostits, IlmarsGMLAT25005.538.0048.504
10Urban, KlaudiuszIMPOL24565.537.5047.502
11Kantans, TomsFMLAT23455.536.0044.503
12Maes, WimFMBEL22455.533.5039.504
13Tokarczyk, TomaszI++POL21995.531.0039.504
14Kalinitschew, SergeyGMGER24315.037.0048.004
15Hnydiuk, AleksanderIMPOL24325.033.5043.504
16Kula, RobertFMPOL23515.031.0040.004
17Chlost, MarlenaWFMPOL21985.028.5035.005
18Moritz, AronkGER20914.533.0042.503
19Figura, Atila GajoFMGER23584.533.0041.504
20Chojnacki, KrzysztofIMPOL24374.531.0040.003
21Korbal, ArkadiuszI+POL20524.530.5039.503
22Shilov, SergejFMUKR22554.529.5039.004
23Aglave, ArnaudkBEL20814.529.0035.004
24Pawlicz, AdamIPOL20444.527.5035.504
25Schmidt, WlodzimierzGMPOL23984.527.0034.502
26Jacek, KrystianI++POL21114.034.0040.003
27Okon, DariuszkPOL22004.031.0040.503
28Zschaebitz, KlausFMGER20883.530.5039.003
29Maruszczak, JoannaI+POL17353.529.5038.502
30Graf, PawelkPOL21413.528.0037.001
31Dogoda, RafalIPOL18703.527.5036.003
32Jacek, RoksanaI++POL18073.527.0033.003
33Oleniak, WlodzimierzIUKR18593.525.5031.502
34Radwan, LeszekkPOL21263.024.0031.002
35Maliszewski, JaroslawIPOL18253.023.5029.002
36Maniocha, AndrzejkPOL21912.525.5033.502
37Makukins, MaksimsIIILAT16381.024.5030.500
38Olenderek, TomaszkPOL21340.028.0037.50
38 players

31) ch-USA Cadet 2011

The US Cadet Championship took place in Crossville 12th-15th July 2011. Arthur Shen edged out Michael Bodek on tie-break after both scored 5/7.

ch-USA Cadet Crossville USA Tue 12th Jul 2011 - Fri 15th Jul 2011. Category: None. Ave: (2158)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Pts TPR
1 Shen, Arthur FM USA 2155 # 1 = = 1 1 = 1 5.5 2388
2 Bodek, Michael H USA 2191 0 # = 1 1 1 1 1 5.5 2383
3 Ostrovskiy, Aleksandr A FM USA 2294 = = # = 1 0 1 = 4 2188
4 Shetty, Atulya USA 2116 = 0 = # 0 1 1 = 3.5 2164
5 Cao, Kevin Y USA 2131 0 0 0 1 # 0 1 1 3 2111
6 Brown, Michael William USA 2121 0 0 1 0 1 # 0 = 2.5 2061
7 Mo, Kevin USA 2095 = 0 0 0 0 1 # 1 2.5 2065
8 Wang, Andrew C USA 2158 0 0 = = 0 = 0 # 1.5 1928
Round 1. Tue 12th Jul 2011
Cao, Kevin Y 0-1 Shen, Arthur 45 B87 Sicilian
Brown, Michael William 1-0 Ostrovskiy, Aleksandr A 52 D10 QGD Slav defence
Mo, Kevin 0-1 Shetty, Atulya 31 B63 Sicilian
Bodek, Michael H 1-0 Wang, Andrew C 27 B90 Sicilian
Round 2. Tue 12th Jul 2011
Shen, Arthur 1-0 Brown, Michael William 81 C84 Ruy Lopez
Ostrovskiy, Aleksandr A 1-0 Mo, Kevin 23 B90 Sicilian
Shetty, Atulya 0-1 Bodek, Michael H 34 B78 Sicilian
Wang, Andrew C 0-1 Cao, Kevin Y 37 C64 Ruy Lopez
Round 3. Wed 13th Jul 2011
Wang, Andrew C 0-1 Shen, Arthur 32 B51 Sicilian
Cao, Kevin Y 1-0 Shetty, Atulya 69 B89 Sicilian
Bodek, Michael H 1/2-1/2 Ostrovskiy, Aleksandr A 20 B10 Caro-Kann
Mo, Kevin 1-0 Brown, Michael William 71 C97 Ruy Lopez
Round 4. Wed 13th Jul 2011
Shen, Arthur 1/2-1/2 Mo, Kevin 38 B90 Sicilian
Brown, Michael William 0-1 Bodek, Michael H 20 E37 Nimzo-Indian
Ostrovskiy, Aleksandr A 1-0 Cao, Kevin Y 45 C64 Ruy Lopez
Shetty, Atulya 1/2-1/2 Wang, Andrew C 47 A15 English, 1...Nf6 (Anglo-Indian defense)
Round 5. Thu 14th Jul 2011
Shetty, Atulya 1/2-1/2 Shen, Arthur 43 A37 English
Cao, Kevin Y 0-1 Brown, Michael William 55 C53 Giuoco Piano
Bodek, Michael H 1-0 Mo, Kevin 27 B90 Sicilian
Wang, Andrew C 1/2-1/2 Ostrovskiy, Aleksandr A 64 B19 Caro-Kann
Round 6. Thu 14th Jul 2011
Shen, Arthur 1-0 Bodek, Michael H 59 B76 Sicilian
Ostrovskiy, Aleksandr A 1/2-1/2 Shetty, Atulya 66 C00 French
Brown, Michael William 1/2-1/2 Wang, Andrew C 85 E92 King's Indian
Mo, Kevin 0-1 Cao, Kevin Y 39 C64 Ruy Lopez
Round 7. Fri 15th Jul 2011
Ostrovskiy, Aleksandr A 1/2-1/2 Shen, Arthur 41 B84 Sicilian
Shetty, Atulya 1-0 Brown, Michael William 65 C53 Giuoco Piano
Wang, Andrew C 0-1 Mo, Kevin 44 B90 Sicilian
Cao, Kevin Y 0-1 Bodek, Michael H 76 B72 Sicilian

32) 13th Mahalla Open

Sameh Sadek won the 13th Mahalla Open in Egypt which took place 4th-11th July 2011. Final round games not yet available.

13th Mahalla Open El-Mahalla El-Kubra EGY Mon 4th Jul 2011 - Mon 11th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Sadek SamehEGY23518.543.00.054.5
2Ezat MohamedEGY24307.541.00.056.0
3Sameeh HanyEGY22127.539.50.054.0
4Ezat AbdallahEGY22507.
5Hassan Sayed BarakatEGY23867.
6Wageih KareimEGY23037.
7Elgabry MohsenEGY23337.
8Abd El Fatah Reda FadelEGY21457.
9Elhalwagy IslamEGY07.
10Yousry SalahEGY23487.
11Nada MoustafaEGY06.533.50.048.0
12Abdel Elah AhmedEGY21506.532.50.051.0
13Hesham AbdelrahmanEGY23096.532.50.048.0
14Amin AshrafEGY22806.531.50.047.5
15Sayed HanyEGY21476.531.00.047.0
16Hanafy SalahEGY20946.531.00.044.0
17Anwar AshrafEGY21276.530.00.043.5
18Darwish Mahmoud HamdyEGY21146.
19Zayan OsamaEGY22296.
20Eldesoky HatemEGY22746.
21Labib Ibrahim HasanEGY24016.
22Salah SayedEGY21756.
23Atea KhaledEGY22016.
24Fadi MarkoEGY20976.
25Naby Saiid AEGY23506.
26Zein HaniEGY06.
27Abdel Fatah Mohamed HamedEGY19996.
28Ameir MohebEGY21586.
29Elzayady AhmedEGY21846.
30Negm AhmedEGY21046.
31Waheed MohamedEGY19696.
32Kamal EdmonEGY18586.
33Abdel Fadil MohamedEGY22166.
34Atea SaadEGY22945.533.50.050.0
35Abdel Razik AhmedEGY20825.532.50.051.5
36Elsenbary ElsayedEGY20825.531.00.048.5
37Sameir MahmoudEGY20115.530.50.046.0
38Saad Ahmed MohamedEGY20815.528.00.042.0
39Shafek MohamedEGY20745.526.00.043.0
40Ataoot MohamedEGY05.525.50.043.5
177 players

33) 38th ch-IND w Challengers 2011

The 38th Indian Women's Challengers event took place 2nd-10th July 2011. Bhakti Kulkarni edged out R Bharathi on tie-break after both scored 8.5/11.

38th ch-IND w Challe Chennai IND Sat 2nd Jul 2011 - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Kulkarni BhaktiCMIND23178.581.575.568.5
2Bharathi RWFMIND21178.576.571.065.0
3Pratyusha BoddaIND20647.578.573.568.0
4Nimmy A GIND22227.578.073.067.0
5Cholleti SahajasriIND20237.574.570.064.5
6Meera SaiWIMIND21197.573.068.063.0
7Chandika DivyasreeIND21237.572.568.062.5
8Roy PallabiIND19447.572.067.562.5
9Savetha C HIND19927.571.067.062.0
10Michelle Catherina PIND20527.570.566.061.0
11Harini SIND20227.570.565.560.5
12Saranya JWFMIND21217.570.065.059.5
13Swati MohotaWFMIND20517.566.062.057.0
14Nandhidhaa PvIND21017.075.069.563.5
15Supriya JoshiIND18297.073.569.563.5
16Mahalakshmi MWFMIND19017.073.068.563.0
17Bala Kannamma PIND19317.072.568.062.0
18A AkshayaIND19667.071.566.561.0
19Shweta GoleIND19227.069.064.559.5
20Madhurima ShekharIND18547.068.063.559.0
21Sree Lakshmi VIND18767.067.563.058.0
22Pon NkrithikaWFMIND20757.066.562.557.5
23Smaraki MohantyIND17546.568.063.558.5
24Preethi RIND20656.568.063.558.0
25Shvetha VIND17666.567.563.558.0
26Sithalatchumi AIND19396.567.562.557.5
27Hema Priya NIND18856.564.560.556.0
28Janani JIND18086.564.059.555.0
29Bakshi RutujaIND18036.562.059.054.5
30Shiny DasIND16706.562.058.053.5
31Sunyasakta SatpathyIND19286.
32Lasya GIND18986.067.563.058.5
33Visalatchi RIND19416.
34Shristi J ShettyIND19276.066.562.057.5
35Nisha N PatkarIND18126.065.561.056.0
36Sheena EIND18826.064.560.555.5
37Ardra v HIND17876.
38Vaishali RIND16666.062.559.055.0
39Bindu Saritha KWFMIND18976.062.558.053.5
40Varshini VIND17766.062.059.555.0
101 players

34) 34th Barbera del Valles Open

The 34th Barbera del Valles Open took place 4th-12th July 2011. Levan Aroshidze took clear first place with 7.5/9.

34th Barbera del Val Barbera del Valles ESP Mon 4th Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1AROSHIDZE LevanGMGEO25397.543.0652.0
2GEORGIEV KirilGMBUL26547.041.0649.5
3PERALTA FernandoGMARG26016.542.5452.5
4LEON HOYOS ManuelGMMEX25486.540.5649.5
5ARIZMENDI MARTINEZ Julen LuisGMESP25556.538.5446.5
6DELGADO RAMOS HectorFMCUB24886.538.0544.5
7GONZALEZ GARCIA JoseGMMEX25226.538.0446.5
8CUARTAS Jaime AlexanderGMCOL25426.536.5545.0
9CARLSSON PontusGMSWE24966.536.0641.0
10L'AMI AlinaWGMROU23126.042.5450.5
11ITURRIZAGA EduardoGMVEN26036.040.5350.5
12GONZALEZ PEREZ ArianFMCUB24906.039.5546.5
13BRYNELL StellanGMSWE24956.035.0441.5
14HERNANDEZ CARMENATES HoldenGMCUB25705.542.5551.0
15NARCISO DUBLAN MarcGMESP25445.542.5351.0
16MATNADZE AnaIMGEO24285.542.0549.5
17VAN RIEMSDIJK Herman CIMBRA24035.541.0448.0
18CARSTENSEN JacobFMDEN23915.538.5543.5
19PERPINYA ROFES Lluis MariaIMESP23955.538.5445.0
20VEHI BACH Victor ManuelIMESP24035.538.0445.0
21BACALLAO ALONSO YusnelIMCUB25325.537.5445.0
22VASSALLO BARROCHE MauricioIMESP24165.537.5445.0
23ASIS GARGATAGLI HipolitIMESP24315.537.5344.0
24CANAL OLIVERAS JoanMKESP22475.537.0543.5
25KASHTANOV RuslanIMRUS23605.535.0441.0
26MARMILI GiulioITA21655.534.5440.5
27CRUZ LLEDO PabloESP22695.533.5438.5
28PEREZ MITJANS OrelvisIMESP24525.040.0447.0
29CODENOTTI MarcoITA23235.037.5443.5
30COLON GARCIA EnriqueMKESP22765.037.5443.0
31HUERGA LEACHE MikelIMESP24535.034.0439.5
32SILVA RODRIGUEZ FernandoESP20645.033.5441.0
33BAS MAS Jose JoaquinESP21945.033.0339.0
34THAKUR AkashIND23275.032.0537.5
35CRUZ RAVINA Francisco JavierFMESP23995.032.0338.5
36THOMPSON Ian DFMENG22745.028.0533.0
37FENOLLAR JORDA ManuelFMESP23584.540.0346.5
38SANCHEZ IBERN MarcFMESP23274.537.0344.5
39MASCARO MARCH PedroIMESP24134.535.5242.0
40GARCIA ROMAN DanielIMESP24274.534.5339.5
94 players

35) Wroclaw Chess Festival

The Wroclaw Chess Festival took place 1st-12th July 2011. As reported last week Bartlomiej Macieja won the 6th Polonia Wroclaw open with 7.5/9. The 20th Adolf Anderssen Memorial took place 11th-12th July 2011. This rapid event was a 9 round swiss which produced 8 players for a final knockout section. Tomasz Markowski beat Vladimir Malaniu in the final. Michal Krasenkow finished 3rd. Joanna Dworakowska won the women's event.

XX Anderssen Mem Op Wroclaw POL Fri 1st Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1KRASENKOW, MichalGMPOL26077.544.0055.00642.0
2MARKOWSKI, TomaszGMPOL26117.043.0055.50537.0
3KOZAKOV, MikhailGMUKR24717.043.0055.00538.0
4MALANIUK, Vladimir PGMUKR24557.041.5053.50538.0
5KISLINSKY, AlexeyGMUKR25217.040.5051.50635.5
6DOBROWOLSKI, PiotrIMPOL24237.040.0050.50636.5
7CYBOROWSKI, LukaszGMPOL25376.544.0055.50535.5
8CZERWOŃSKI, AleksanderIMPOL23776.541.5053.50637.5
9MACIEJA, BartlomiejGMPOL26126.539.5051.00633.0
10DRAGUN, KamilIMPOL24286.539.5050.00535.5
11SZCZEPKOWSKA-HOROWSKA, KarinaWGMPOL23396.538.0047.50632.5
12VOLOSHIN, LeonidGMPOL24116.537.0047.00533.0
13SWICARZ, MaciejmPOL22866.038.5049.50530.5
14STACHOWIAK, KamilIMPOL24366.038.0049.00532.0
15KOZIAK, VitaliIMUKR24846.037.5047.50633.0
16KLIM, Kamilk++POL23286.035.5046.00532.5
17JANOCHA, WieslawFMPOL22756.034.5045.50631.0
18DWORAKOWSKA, JoannaWGMPOL23066.034.5045.00630.0
19WISNIOWSKA, KlaudiakPOL20376.033.5042.50629.0
20KISLOV, MikhailIMRUS23305.540.5051.50433.0
21HUDZIAK, PawelkPOL22075.540.5051.50430.5
22ZGADZAJ, RafalkPOL22515.540.5050.50532.5
23BORKOWSKI, FranciszekIMPOL23255.538.0048.50430.5
24TOMA, KatarzynaWIMPOL22525.538.0047.50529.5
25ULANOWSKI, KarolIPOL19385.536.0046.00526.5
26KOLOSOWSKI, PawelmPOL23025.535.5046.50530.0
27DOWGIRD, FilipkPOL21105.535.5045.50527.5
28WLODARCZYK, RobertFMPOL22645.533.5042.50528.5
29CUKROWSKI, FilipkPOL21135.532.0041.50426.0
30CZERNIAWSKI, MarekkPOL21315.531.5041.00426.5
31HASIŃSKI, KrystianI+POL19715.531.0041.50522.5
32KRUPA, MonikaWGMPOL22265.531.0041.00525.5
33CHOJNACKI, SlawomirkPOL22375.039.5050.00429.5
34ZARĘBA, RadoslawIPOL20395.038.0047.00529.0
35LACH, AleksandraWFMPOL21545.036.0045.00528.0
36KOT, JerzyFMPOL21865.035.5046.50528.0
37SKIBA, MartaIPOL17155.034.5041.00524.0
38ERENSKA-BARLO, HannaWGMPOL22415.034.0043.00426.5
39KOWALCZYK, RafalI++POL20855.033.5043.00526.0
40DZIECZKANIEC, PiotrIPOL19725.033.0042.50525.0
101 players
XX Anderssen Mem KO Wroclaw POL Tue 12th Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 3 Standings:
1Markowski, TomaszGMPOL2611
2Malaniuk, Vladimir PGMUKR2455
3Krasenkow, MichalGMPOL2607
4Dobrowolski, PiotrIMPOL2423
5Kislinsky, AlexeyGMUKR2521
6Cyborowski, LukaszGMPOL2537
7Kozakov, MikhailGMUKR2471
8Czerwonski, AleksanderIMPOL2377
8 players
XX Anderssen Mem w Wroclaw POL Tue 12th Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 3 Standings:
1Dworakowska, JoannaIMPOL2306
2Szczepkowska-Horowska, KarinaWGMPOL2339
3Toma, KatarzynaWIMPOL2252
4Lach, AleksandraWFMPOL2154
5Krupa, MonikaWGMPOL2226
6Wisniowska, KlaudiaPOL2037
7Erenska-Barlo, HannaWGMPOL2241
8Skib, MartaPOL1715
8 players

36) First Saturday July 2011

The First Saturday July tournaments took place 2nd-12th July 2011. GM Alexei Gavrilov won the GM Group with 7.5/9 and Sandor Farago won the IM Group with 6/10.

FSGM July Budapest HUN Sat 2nd Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011. Category: 7. Ave: (2404)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Gavrilov, Alexei GM RUS 2481 # 1 1 = = 1 1 1 1 = 7.5 2668
2 Vajda, Levente GM ROU 2504 0 # = = 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 2613
3 Varga, Zoltan GM HUN 2483 0 = # = = = = 1 1 1 5.5 2475
4 Szabo, Bence HUN 2362 = = = # = 0 = = 1 = 4.5 2408
5 Balazs, Gabor HUN 2383 = 0 = = # = = = = = 4 2363
6 Szablowski, Pawel IM POL 2433 0 0 = 1 = # 0 = = 1 4 2358
7 Feher, Adam HUN 2323 0 0 = = = 1 # 0 = 1 4 2370
8 Mihok, Oliver IM HUN 2457 0 0 0 = = = 1 # 1 = 4 2355
9 Lorscheid, Gerhard FM GER 2265 0 0 0 0 = = = 0 # 1 2.5 2253
10 Blasko, Istvan IM HUN 2347 = 0 0 = = 0 0 = 0 # 2 2190
FSIM July Budapest HUN Sat 2nd Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011
Final Round 10 Standings:
1Farago SandorIMHUN22696.028.500.03
2Kantor GergelyHUN22555.527.000.03
3Lengyel BelaIMHUN22765.526.250.03
4Battey AlexanderUSA23265.024.500.01
5Lyell MarkFMENG22244.520.500.04
6Husari SateaIMSYR23063.519.250.02
FSFMA July Budapest HUN Sat 2nd Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011. Category: None. Ave: (2046)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Pts TPR
1 Juracsik, Jozsef HUN 2193 # = = = 1 = 1 1 1 1 = 1 8.5 2243
2 Tran, Minh Thang VIE 2092 = # 0 1 1 1 = 1 1 1 0 1 8 2216
3 Borda, Lajos HUN 2130 = 1 # = = 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 7.5 2171
4 Darazs, Zoltan HUN 2133 = 0 = # 0 = 1 1 0 1 = 1 6 2074
5 Kis, Bela HUN 2058 0 0 = 1 # = = 1 1 0 1 = 6 2081
6 Letay, Gyula FM HUN 2020 = 0 0 = = # = 1 1 0 1 1 6 2084
7 Farkas, Richard HUN 2039 0 = 0 0 = = # 0 1 1 1 1 5.5 2046
8 Zala, Gyula HUN 2021 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 # 1 1 0 = 4.5 1983
9 Gulyas, Attila HUN 2038 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 # 0 1 1 4 1944
10 Winkler, Stefan GER 1864 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 # = = 4 1960
11 Somogyi, Gabor HUN 1995 = 1 0 = 0 0 0 1 0 = # 0 3.5 1917
12 Kantor, Reka SVK 1965 0 0 0 0 = 0 0 = 0 = 1 # 2.5 1842
FSFMB July Budapest HUN Sat 2nd Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011
Final Round 10 Standings:
1Zsembery AronHUN18568.032.250.07
2Balla AttilaHUN17227.029.000.06
3Breen AnthonyIRL16635.525.500.05
4Fabian LaszloGER17284.014.750.03
5Alfier CeciliaITA16543.010.500.03
6Vasilev SergeyRUS14212.513.500.02
FSFMC July Budapest HUN Sat 2nd Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011
Final Round 10 Standings:
1Nagy PeterHUN15357.529.500.07
2Hetesi ZoltanHUN15017.031.000.07
3Patrickson MarkENG07.024.500.07
4Vujosevics EszterHUN14314.514.500.04
5Szabo MiklosHUN13583.012.250.02
6Mihajlova DianaENG14431.03.750.00

37) 111th ch-SUI 2011

The 11th Swiss Championships took place in Leukerbad 7th-15th July 2011. The event allowed foreign participants and so Christian Bauer won the tournament with 7.5/9 half a point clear of Andrei Sokolov. However the title of Swiss Champion had to be settled between the top two Swiss players tied on 6.5/9 and chess legend Viktor Korchnoi beat Joseph Gallagher in a playoff game to secure his 5th title. That game doesn't appear to be available. Korchnoi was a little lucky to get into the playoff as he was lost against Alex Domont but eventually turned the game round to a win.

111th ch-SUI Leukerbad SUI Thu 7th Jul 2011 - Fri 15th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Bauer ChristianGMFRA265049446
23Sokolov AndreiGMFRA2579749½446½
34Kortschnoj ViktorGMSUI255350½424½
46Gallagher JosephGMSUI251350441
515Zueger BeatIMSUI241049433
611Raetsky AlexanderGMRUS242547½404½
725Carron JulienIMSUI235546428
82Ovseyevych SergeyGMUKR258945½417½
98Siebrecht SebastianGMGER247044½420
109Cherniaev AlexanderGMRUS244543½402
1117Gerber RichardIMSUI2408647402
1210Kurmann OliverIMSUI2431645½404
1314Filipovic BrankoIMCRO2421645418
147Cebalo MisoGMCRO2484645414½
1530Grandadam NicolasFMSUI2314644½389½
1612Sermier GuillaumeIMSUI2425644404
1732Schiendorfer EmanuelFMSUI2304643½392
1828Georgiadis NicoFMSUI2328642387½
1939Colmenares AurelioFMSUI2267641½385
2051Gaehwiler GabrielSUI2215640½395½
2162Lipecki AlexanderSUI2164640370½
2229Nuri KambezFMSUI2324636½372
2322Nueesch GerardFMSUI237847407
245Kosteniuk AlexandraGMRUS253046409
2520Kaenel HansjuergIMSUI238744½399½
2619Domont AlexandreIMSUI238844½398½
2716Netzer JeanIMFRA240944379½
2813Sher Miron NGMUSA242142394½
2924Sutter OliverFMSUI237441½379½
3041Hugentobler PatrikFMSUI225641395½
3148Widmer SimonSUI222640389½
3221Klauser MarkusIMSUI238638½375½
3357Stoeri SimonSUI219338½349½
3431Huss AndreasIMSUI231137354
3542Rindlisbacher LarsSUI224635½363½
3646Simon Ralf-AxelFMGER223535361
3735Gloor RogerSUI2286544379
3860Kriste VincentSUI2169543407½
3926Riff VincentFMFRA2354543396½
4038Kappeler KasparSUI2272542½395½
134 players

38) 31st Benasque Open

The 31st Benasque Open took place 7th-16th July 2011. Tigran Petrosian won the event with 8.5/10 half a point clear of the field.

31st Open Benasque ESP Thu 7th Jul 2011 - Sat 16th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
1PETROSIAN Tigran LGMARM26368.550.50.056.0
3DELCHEV AleksanderGMBUL26228.
4SARIC IvanGMCRO26398.
6TUROV MaximGMRUS26308.
7MARIN MihailGMROU25488.
8STOCEK JiriGMCZE25967.547.00.058.5
9OLEKSIENKO MikhailoGMUKR25647.546.50.057.5
10TIMOSHENKO GeorgyGMUKR25687.546.00.056.0
11NARODITSKY DanielIMUSA24517.546.00.056.0
12BURG TwanIMNED24507.544.50.054.0
13BAKRE TejasGMIND25227.544.50.055.5
14ANDRIASIAN ZavenGMARM26167.544.00.055.5
15RECUERO GUERRA DavidIMESP24417.544.00.053.0
16MORADIABADI ElshanGMIRI25327.544.00.053.5
17PARDO SIMON DavidFMESP23887.543.50.054.0
18BURMAKIN VladimirGMRUS25797.543.00.053.0
19GOMEZ ESTEBAN Juan MarioGMESP24657.543.00.053.5
20SZABO KrisztianGMHUN25427.542.50.051.0
21CIFUENTES PARADA RobertoGMESP25237.541.00.049.0
22FORCEN ESTEBAN DanielIMESP24417.541.00.050.0
23LALIC BogdanGMCRO24707.540.50.050.5
25LEVIN FelixGMGER24757.
26RUBIO MEJIA Luis IgnacioIMESP24177.
30VOLODIN AleksandrGMEST25237.
33JANSA VlastimilGMCZE24937.
34TUROVA IrinaIMRUS24137.
35STOPA JacekIMPOL24747.
36BACHES GARCIA GuillermoIMESP23827.
37GARCIA GildardoGMCOL23687.
471 players

39) 48th Canadian Open 2011

The 48th Canadian Open took place 9th-17th July. Joel Benjamin, Dejan Bojkov and Walter Arencibia tied for first on 7/9.

48th Canadian Open Toronto CAN Fri 8th Jul 2011 - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Joel BenjaminGM26417
2Dejan BojkovGM25447
3Walter ArencibiaGM25377
4Leonid GerzhoyIM26476.5
5Mark BluvshteinGM26346.5
6Alexander ShabalovGM26186.5
7Eduardas RozentalisGM26146.5
8Nikolay NoritsynIM25976.5
9Vitali GolodGM25766.5
10Artiom SamsonkinIM25326.5
11Eugene PerelshteynGM25326.5
12Bindi ChengFM25006.5
13Tomas KrnanIM24706.5
14Luis Manuel Perez RodriguezGM24676.5
15David CummingsIM24596.5
16Shiyam ThavandiranFM24476.5
17Victor MikhalevskiGM26646
18Irina KrushIM25786
19John Peter FedorowiczGM25086
20Jean HebertIM24866
21Roman SapozhnikovFM24246
22Michael MulyarIM24226
23Vladimir PechenkinFM24086
24Stefan MacakIM23916
25Aman HambletonFM23496
26Richard Wang23466
27Michael Humphreys22776
28Haizhou Xu21496
29Bator SambuevGM27395.5
30John C YoosFM24395.5
31Iryna ZenyukWIM24295.5
32Kenneth W. ReganIM24225.5
33Michal MeszarosIM24095.5
34Goran MilicevicFM24005.5
35Nelson CastanedaFM23775.5
36Michael KleinmanFM23435.5
37Michael DoughertyFM23145.5
38Liam Henry22905.5
39Michael BarronFM22775.5
40Lorne Yee22605.5
152 players

40) 6th Poti Chess Festival 2011

The 6th Poti Chess Festival with the top open, the Nana Alexandria Cup, takes place 11th-19th July 2011.

Nana Alexandria Cup Poti GEO Mon 11th Jul 2011 - Tue 19th Jul 2011
Leading Round 7 (of 9) Standings:
1Pantsulaia LevanGMGEO26126.
2Shanava KonstantineGMGEO25356.
3Nigalidze GaiozIMGEO24486.
4Mammadov Zaur Fazahir OgluIMAZE23256.
5Chighladze IveriIMGEO24015.523.00.030.5
6Benidze DavitIMGEO25145.521.50.029.5
7Shahinyan DavidARM23145.
8Zarkua DavitGEO24335.
9Kalashian DavidIMARM24105.
10Beradze IrakliGEO22815.
11Quparadze GigaIMGEO24675.
12Bagaturov GiorgiGMGEO24595.
13Arabidze MeriWIMGEO23115.
14Qashashvili AlexandreIMGEO23325.
15Hayrapetian OvikFMARM24065.
16Azaladze ShotaIMGEO24365.
17Gelazonia ParmenGEO23075.
18Mikaelyan ArmanARM21975.
19Tutisani NoeGEO19075.
20Purtseladze MakaIMGEO23645.
21Morchiashvili BachanaIMGEO23764.522.00.032.0
22Shalamberidze AkakiIMGEO23274.521.50.029.0
23Gharagyozian ArturARM22334.520.50.031.0
24Lomsadze DavitGEO23574.519.50.028.0
25Gamzardia GiorgiFMGEO21704.519.00.029.0
26Batsiashvili NinoWGMGEO23814.518.50.029.5
27Nadirashvili ShalvaGEO19854.518.00.027.0
28Gharibyan Karen VARM21244.518.00.028.5
29Azaryan TigranARM18374.517.50.028.5
30Kvaratskhelia DimitriGEO20894.517.00.024.5
31Imnadze NatoGEO19914.516.50.024.5
32Eranyan KhachaturARM21784.
33Khmiadashvili TamarWGMGEO21814.
34Khelaia GiorgiGEO21024.
35Torosyan NorayrARM21304.
36Kviriashvili IosebGEO22534.
37Kumsiashvili NikolozGEO19954.
38Shanmugam RavindranFMSIN22914.
39Khomeriki GiorgiGEO21354.
40Gasparian NarineWIMARM21114.
127 players

41) Asian Zonal 3.1

The Asian Zonal 3.1 took place in Sharjah, UAE, 5th-12th July 2011. Salem A R Saleh came from behind with two wins in the final two rounds to take clear first with 6.5/9 half a point clear of Darini Pouria, Sami Khader and Ehsan Ghaem Maghami.

Asian Zonal 3.1 Sharjah UAE Tue 5th Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Salem A R SalehGMUAE24936.52420
2Darini PouriaIMIRI246262422
3Khader SamiIMJOR240262397
4Ghaem Maghami EhsanGMIRI258862393
5Al-Sayed MohammedGMQAT24985.52376
6Nezad Husein AzizIMQAT242352381
7Alavi Sayed JavadIMIRI243652361
8Ali Layth AhmedFMIRQ227852346
9El Jawich AmroCMLIB21254.52348
10Omar NoamanUAE22964.52316
11Ayyad HusainFMBRN21874.52301
12Al-Hadarani HatimFMYEM22804.52264
13Khouri Ibrahim MohamedFMUAE221242330
14Shobaita TalalPLE21622.52306
15Al Rafai AbdulqaderSYR02.52236
16Nasser BaderKUW002236
16 players
Asian Zonal w 3.1 Sharjah UAE Tue 5th Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011. Category: None. Ave: (1991)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Ghader Pour, Shayesteh WIM IRI 2246 # = 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 7.5 2236
2 Hakimifard, Ghazal WIM IRI 2197 = # 1 = = 1 1 1 1 1 7.5 2241
3 Mouradian, Knarik WIM LIB 2186 0 0 # 1 = 1 1 1 1 1 6.5 2135
4 Iman, H M Al-Rufaye WIM IRQ 2160 0 = 0 # 1 = 1 1 1 1 6 2097
5 Saleh, Nora Mohd WIM UAE 1911 1 = = 0 # = 1 0 = 1 5 2043
6 Al-Zarouni, Kholoud Essa WFM UAE 1853 0 0 0 = = # 0 1 = 1 3.5 1926
7 Al-Khelaifi, Salama WFM QAT 1757 0 0 0 0 0 1 # 1 = 1 3.5 1937
8 Mir Mahmoud, Afamia SYR 1993 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 # 1 1 3 1866
9 Dahdal, Lougain WIM JOR 1882 0 0 0 0 = = = 0 # 0 1.5 1730
10 Nouman, Amna WFM UAE 1725 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 # 1 1670

42) Oberwart Open

The Oberwart Open took place 9th-17th July 2011. Imre Hera edged out Robert Zelcic, Gabor Kovacs and Milos Perunovic on tie-break after all finished on 7/9.

Oberwart Open 11 Oberwart AUT Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Hera ImreGMHUN25367.056.544.52416
2Zelcic RobertGMCRO25557.053.542.02401
3Kovacs GaborIMHUN24967.051.540.52333
4Perunovic MilosGMSRB25707.050.039.02387
5Sergeev VladimirGMUKR25226.550.539.52344
6Palac MladenGMCRO25926.550.039.52389
7Danner GeorgIMAUT24016.549.038.02256
8Milanovic DaniloGMSRB25156.547.037.02233
9Kummer HelmutIMAUT23626.546.536.02255
10Nemeth MiklosIMHUN24336.545.535.02229
11Lizak PeterFMHUN23916.545.034.52190
12Kovacevic BlazimirIMCRO24806.055.543.52408
13Schreiner PeterFMAUT23266.050.540.02332
14Karner ChristophFMAUT23726.050.539.02294
15Bukal Vladimir JrIMCRO24156.048.038.02286
16Schneider-Zinner HaraldIMAUT23466.047.036.52323
17Anton TeodorFMROU23556.046.536.02211
18Rogulj BrankoIMCRO23996.044.033.02221
19Videki SandorIMHUN24606.043.534.02181
20Wallner JoachimFMAUT23286.041.532.52156
21Antal Tibor KendeHUN22565.551.040.52316
22Gergacz AttilaIMHUN24365.550.039.52333
23Handler LukasFMAUT23015.548.538.02331
24Sadilek PeterCMAUT22335.547.037.02230
25Schachinger MarioFMAUT23605.546.036.02268
26Neumeier Klaus Mag.FMAUT22815.545.535.02272
27Froewis GeorgFMAUT23295.545.535.02244
28Liedl WolfgangAUT22135.545.035.02225
29Radnetter GeorgAUT22575.544.034.02250
30Makk RobertHUN22465.543.034.02227
31Hansen Kay Mag.NMAUT22055.543.033.02189
32Wiedermann DanielNMAUT22095.541.531.02145
33Wiedner RobertMKAUT21535.541.031.52146
34Freitag ManfredIMAUT23845.049.539.52282
35Wegerer Fred Ing.FMAUT21425.045.034.52139
36Klocker BenediktAUT22185.044.535.52222
37Menezes ChristophAUT22005.044.534.52231
38Schwarhofer ChristopherMKAUT22645.042.032.52182
39Wolfram BerndMKAUT21955.042.032.52175
40Alvir AcoIMAUT23595.042.031.52180
120 players

43) 101 Years of FC St Pauli

The 101 years of the St Pauli Football Club tournament took place 9th-17th July 2011. Dorian Rogozenco took clear first place on 7.5/9. Final round games not yet available.

St Pauli Open 2011 Hamburg GER Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
7Reddmann,Dr. HaukFMGER23354146.046.0348.0
8Fries Nielsen,JenIMDEN23946306.046.0327.5
20Hochgraefe,Dr. MarFMGER23563155.547.0338.0
26Andersen,Jens KnuGER21863155.541.0327.5
116 players

44) 118th Scottish Championships

The 118th Scottish Championships took place in Edinburgh 9th-17th July 2011. Keti Arakhamia-Grant won after beating the leader Anthony Dempsey in the final Round.

118th ch-SCO 2011 Edinburgh SCO Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Arakhamia-Grant, KetiGM246411011½½117.02370
2Pritchett, CraigIM234211½½1½1016.52343
3Grant, Jonathan2204011½11½1½6.52219
4Dempsey, Anthony220111½1011106.52188
5Sreeves, Clement2169111½1½01½6.52324
6Roberts, PaulCM2231111½01½016.02144
7Green, Andrew215511½½1½½016.02203
8Doyle, James20490½10111015.51947
9O'Neill, Jim1980011½10½1½5.52076
10Scott, Jonathan18100½1½11½105.52111
11Burnett, Walter202011010½½015.01979
12McKerracher, Douglas1984½01½101015.01874
13Kynoch, Richard19661½0110½015.01975
14Will, Douglas1946011½0110½5.01830
15Grove, Michael1851 *0011011105.01890
16James, Chris1714 *½11½0½½105.02072
17Olson, Hamish1667 *½11010½½½5.02038
18Brechin, Hugh205201½½1½00+4.51734
19Mollison, Jamie19191010110½04.51876
20Brown, Allan18870+0010½114.51399
21Anderson, Thomas1834 *000+½1½½14.51981
22Smith, Stephen179310100½1½½4.51951
23Parks, Joe1927100½01=104.01743
24Schmerwitz, Reinhard1895011½00½½½4.01791
25Campbell, Eoin187610½1001½04.01929
26Sanderson, Mark179910011½0½04.01896
27Gregory, Sam1670 *+00½½00114.01843
28Heatlie, Douglas1587 *0010110104.01749
29Way, JulianFM1878=1½½0001-3.51799
30Robertson, Jim1479 *0001101½03.51128
31Zamvar, Vipin1471 *01000011½3.51741
32Paul, Rabindra1909 *0000+01013.01717
33MacRae, James174400+1010003.01260
34Campbell, Kevin1627 *10000+½002.51788
35Lampard, Alice15231½0½0½0002.51803
36McEwan, Peter1488 *=000010012.51237
37Emery, Keith1990½001000--1.51195
38Walker, Duncan1985+--------1.00
38 players

45) 9th Niki Open

The 9th Niki Open took place 2nd-10th July 2011. Vitali Koziak took first place.

9th Niki Open Nachod CZE Sat 2nd Jul 2011 - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Koziak VitaliIMUKR248424.00128.0158.0
2Kislinsky AlexeyGMUKR252121.00124.0161.0
3Sodoma JanCZE236521.00120.0153.0
4Voloshin LeonidGMCZE241120.00122.0150.0
5Sergienko SergeyIMRUS241120.00112.0147.0
6Vrana JanFMCZE230620.00101.0134.0
7Kozakov MikhailGMUKR247119.00106.0134.0
8Jirka JiriIMCZE241819.00104.0138.0
9Bernasek JanIMCZE246918.00120.0150.0
10Karlik VladimirFMCZE226818.00107.0138.0
11Mareckova MartinaCZE215418.00104.0135.0
12Zidek VaclavCZE216618.0095.0129.0
13Horak JiriCZE225617.00124.0155.0
14Adamek JiriCZE228917.00113.0145.0
15Furman BorisFMRUS226217.00110.0145.0
16Kulhanek TomasIMCZE237517.00106.0139.0
17Kraus TomasCZE219417.00103.0132.0
18Cernik LukasCZE220217.0092.0118.0
19Velecky ViktorCZE216116.00113.0145.0
20Mojzis JaroslavFMCZE219416.00113.0143.0
21Trojan LubosCZE201416.00103.0130.0
22Mrovec JanCZE202216.0091.0119.0
23Srejber MichalCZE215816.0090.0117.0
24Malivanek JiriCZE213515.00118.0141.0
25Kracik TomasCZE210415.00101.0130.0
26Pribyl JaroslavCZE186415.0098.0127.0
27Trapl DaliborCZE213215.0097.0126.0
28Hylkema RemcoNED203915.0089.0116.0
29Machan JanCZE201215.0084.0111.0
30Novotny JosefCZE214315.0081.0107.0
31Komarek DavidCZE212915.0077.099.5
32Tichy MiroslavCZE210115.0076.0100.0
33Masak PavelCZE213814.0099.0125.0
34Chladek VaclavCZE204514.0090.0116.0
35Bednar JiriCZE194614.0089.0110.0
36Shanel JaroslavCZE219014.0089.0109.0
37Saucuk MartinCZE183914.0081.0103.0
38Vesecky MartinCZE208313.0099.0129.0
39Kraus OndrejCZE196913.0095.0125.0
40Gogela JanCZE194213.0089.0109.5
103 players

46) International Championship of Slovakia 2011

The International Championship of Slovakia took place 9th-17th July 2011. Evgeny Gleizerov edged out Tomas Petrik and Jan Markos on tie-break after all finished on 7/9. Lajos Portisch beat Lubomir Kavalek in a game of Blindfold Living Chess but the game is unavailable.

Open ch-SVK A Banska Stiavnica SVK Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Gleizerov EvgenyGMRUS25907.
2Petrik TomasGMSVK25057.046.035.550.0
3Markos JanGMSVK25857.045.534.549.0
4Boros DenesGMHUN25026.546.033.551.0
5Michalik PeterGMSVK25056.545.531.549.5
6Cernousek LukasIMCZE24246.541.031.045.0
7Timoscenko GennadijGMSVK25026.540.031.543.5
8Ftacnik LubomirGMSVK25566.049.035.554.0
9Gonda LaszloGMHUN25126.047.534.552.5
10Medvegy ZoltanGMHUN25276.
11Petenyi TamasFMSVK23986.045.530.049.5
12Jurcik MarianIMSVK24816.043.531.047.5
13Vojtek VladimirFMSVK22986.035.524.537.5
14Aczel GergelyHUN24705.546.531.050.5
15Likavsky TomasGMSVK24945.545.030.048.5
16Manik MikulasGMSVK23975.543.529.546.5
17Butkiewicz LukaszIMPOL24355.543.029.545.5
18Csiba DominikFMSVK23555.542.026.045.5
19Jurcik MartinFMSVK23605.542.025.046.0
20Vyskocil NeklanIMCZE22975.541.028.544.0
21Varga DavidFMSVK23645.541.025.544.0
22Plachetka JanGMSVK23875.540.530.041.0
23Zaskalski ArkadiuszPOL22145.539.526.541.5
24Petran PeterIMSVK22955.539.526.042.5
25Kantorik MarianIMSVK23125.539.024.539.5
26Straka JozefFMSVK23055.538.526.041.5
27Ponizil CyrilFMCZE23885.045.530.049.0
28Leniart ArkadiuszIMPOL24555.
29Konnyu JanosIMHUN23705.042.527.546.5
30Mazur StefanIMSVK23865.042.026.546.0
31Pacher MilanIMSVK24085.
32Lukac RomanSVK21485.040.524.044.0
33Vukovic IvoFMCRO22165.
34Banas JanIMSVK23205.040.024.542.5
35Sosovicka JurajSVK21755.040.023.544.0
36Weglarz LeszekIMPOL22155.039.523.042.5
37Ondrus MartinSVK23135.039.023.542.0
38Dolnak MichalSVK20435.038.524.042.5
39Kolesar MilanFMSVK21435.
40Hagara EduardIMSVK23995.037.527.041.0
98 players
Open ch-SVK B Banska Stiavnica SVK Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Jancovic PeterSVK21317.547.538.552.0
2Svaralova MonikaSVK19407.
3Nemergut MatejSVK18857.040.534.044.0
4Andras TomasSVK20256.547.536.551.5
5Lorenc TomasCZE21026.547.534.052.0
6Pesztericz LaszloFMHUN21366.544.033.048.5
7Milovnik JurajSVK20456.542.031.546.0
8Wasik PiotrPOL19896.539.529.043.5
9Kikinder RomanSVK21606.
10Hudoba OndrejSVK21766.047.534.051.0
11Balogh PeterSVK19446.042.030.545.5
12Hyll JanSVK19106.
13Laho MarosSVK19656.037.528.041.0
14Tomcik MichalSVK17686.
15Sucikova SvetlanaSVK17525.546.527.550.0
16Ostrochovsky AntonSVK19455.544.531.548.5
17Molnar ErnoSVK17605.542.029.545.0
18Wasik JozefPOL18385.540.527.044.0
19Gajdosik MarianSVK18715.540.526.044.0
20Voros GellertSVK19365.540.526.044.0
21Minich MiroslavSVK17265.540.028.543.5
22Budinsky EmilSVK18705.538.529.540.5
23Galbavy DusanSVK19075.537.528.040.5
24Kerdik AdamSVK18475.537.527.039.5
25Vavra AntoninCZE19405.045.530.549.0
26Nemergut PatrikSVK19045.045.530.548.5
27Spacek OliverSVK19445.045.528.049.0
28Kral KlaudiaSVK18885.
29Lorencova VeraCZE20015.039.523.042.5
30Rabovszky GyorgyHUN19085.038.525.541.5
31Goga FrantisekSVK20045.
32Kaminska PaulinaPOL19225.
33Nahalka JanSVK19015.037.524.541.0
34Pasztor LadislavSVK18655.037.023.540.0
35Spacek MarcelSVK17475.
36Paulicka IvanSVK18364.544.026.045.5
37Geffert AntonSVK19404.544.025.547.5
38Vitek MatejSVK16704.541.522.544.5
39Karas MarekSVK17414.538.023.041.0
40Adamciak TomasSVK17374.537.520.539.5
82 players

47) Opatija Chess Summer

The Opatija Chess Summer took place 11th-17th July 2011. Nanad Fercec took clear first place with 5.5/7.

Opatija Summer Open Rijeka CRO Mon 11th Jul 2011 - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Fercec NenadCRO24505.524.032.524.5
2Rukavina JosipCRO24305.022.530.023.0
3Zelenika SrđanCRO23105.020.528.521.5
4Valiunas RimantasLTU05.019.527.019.5
5Hecht Hans-JoachimGER23815.019.027.520.5
6Plenca JulijanCRO23395.018.526.518.0
7Golubović BorisCRO24144.523.531.522.5
8Pejić IgorCRO20404.518.526.017.0
9Zrilić BoEoCRO20154.518.024.516.5
10Vujnović PatricijaCRO19304.515.521.516.0
11Vrhovnik DamirCRO20824.
12Tica SvenCRO16874.
13Plenca JadrankoCRO18683.523.530.518.5
14Slamar VelimirCRO21843.521.028.515.5
15Pejić IrvingCRO20973.520.027.017.0
16Molnar Ivan DorianCRO17953.520.027.014.5
17Krsnik Cohar Ivan VihorCRO18973.519.527.514.5
18Rajter EmilCRO18213.517.525.012.5
19Jergović AndrijaCRO20013.517.023.013.5
20Racki BarbaraCRO18753.515.021.012.5
21Kukić LoraCRO17743.
22Sunjić DylanUSA03.
23Hrescak IvanaSLO03.013.018.511.0
24Beljan MladenCRO18002.516.522.011.0
25Causević MiroCRO17382.515.522.07.5
26Berić ŽeljkoCRO02.514.520.08.0
27Pridigar LovroSLO15482.514.019.57.5
28Jerković MarojeCRO18152.016.022.510.0
29Susa MaksSLO02.
30Krejic NikSLO02.
31 players

48) ch-Central Serbia 2011

The championship of Central Serbia took place in Paracin 8th-15th July 2011. Mikhail Ulibin took clear first place with 7.5/9. There may be more games from the Open A and the final rounds of the Open B to follow.

ch-Central Serbia Paracin SRB Fri 8th Jul 2011 - Fri 15th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Ulibin MikhailGMRUS25387.549.540.06
2Nenezic MarkoSRB22747.047.536.06
3Saric SinisaIMSRB24727.047.038.05
4Lajthajm BorkoGMSRB24817.045.535.05
5Savic Miodrag RGMSRB25206.550.536.05
6Petkov VladimirGMBUL24906.545.033.05
7Miljkovic Miroslav DIMSRB24956.542.533.54
8Pavlov SergeyIMUKR25056.538.529.06
9Abramovic BoskoGMSRB24646.048.036.04
10Miladinovic IgorGMSRB25666.046.531.55
11Smith Bryan GIMUSA25036.046.033.55
12Blagojevic DragisaGMMNE25166.045.032.54
13Radlovacki JovanIMSRB24176.044.533.55
14Damljanovic BrankoGMSRB26116.044.030.05
15Doric DarkoIMCRO24916.043.533.55
16Nestorovic LazarIMSRB24286.042.529.05
17Zlatanovic BoroljubFMSRB24336.042.030.55
18Pezelj NovakFMSRB23646.042.029.54
19Farago IvanGMHUN24856.036.526.05
20Bogosavljevic BobanGMSRB25485.549.533.55
21Sertic RudolfIMCRO24065.545.531.53
22Pancevski FilipIMMKD24105.543.032.54
23Pikula DejanGMSRB25325.540.528.54
24Nestorovic DejanIMSRB24045.540.028.54
25Arsovic ZoranIMSRB24635.540.028.03
26Brankovic DejanFMSRB23385.539.527.05
27Martic IvanFMSRB23475.539.525.54
28Milenkovic MladenIMSRB24055.538.527.54
29Ardeleanu AlinIMROU23945.536.027.53
30Djukic NikolaGMMNE25085.044.029.04
31Toth AleksandarSRB23155.043.528.02
32Doric NenadIMCRO23225.043.526.54
33Indjic AleksandarSRB23735.043.028.54
34Stankovic MilosSRB23645.042.528.54
35Radusinovic LazarSRB22835.042.527.03
36Radosavljevic Slobodan DFMSRB22235.042.024.04
37Cvetanovic UrosCMSRB22325.041.022.53
38Vucinic GojkoSRB20815.040.026.05
39Weinzettl ErnstIMAUT23355.040.025.53
40Nikolov SashoIMBUL24125.038.525.54
107 players
ch-Central Serbia B Paracin SRB Fri 8th Jul 2011 - Fri 15th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Tomic SlobodanMKSRB20827.548.040.07
2Hrenic MisaMKSLO20447.548.038.06
3Drobne MarjanMKSLO20607.546.536.57
4Majstorovic DusanMKSRB20677.049.036.56
5Nikolic VladimirMKSRB19997.043.032.07
6Arandjelovic Aleksandar ZMKSRB20657.042.534.07
7Mirkovic DejanISRB19036.547.537.06
8Radovic JankoMKSRB19856.546.034.56
9Ostojic Nikola MMKSRB20936.543.031.55
10Jaklin DamirICRO19846.542.033.06
11Radovic LukaMKSRB19106.541.033.56
12Bratkovic ShamISLO17926.050.033.05
13Blagojevic TijanaIMNE18366.047.536.05
14Mijovic CedomirMKSRB19816.044.532.55
15Jovic BrankoMKSRB19816.044.532.54
16Cvetkovski SlobodanIMKD19576.044.532.06
17Tosic DragoljubIISRB06.044.531.04
18Zivkovic ZivojinMKSRB19846.043.531.55
19Djuretanovic IvanMKSRB20776.043.530.06
20Gagic MiroljubISRB18726.043.530.05
21Stojanovic Vladimir MISRB19386.042.531.04
22Djukanovic MitarIMNE17196.041.529.55
23Kosir FranciMKSLO19786.040.530.55
24Milosavljevic MilicaISRB18815.549.033.04
25Bratkovic JakobISLO18385.546.533.55
26Arsic DjordjeMKSRB18545.545.031.55
27Brankovic SlavoljubIISRB05.544.527.53
28Krstic AcaMKSRB20745.541.529.54
29Stojkovic Dragan DIISRB19055.541.528.55
30Franca VeronikaMKSLO18025.541.527.05
31Vaskovic DraganIISRB18125.541.025.55
32Stojadinovic TomislavISRB19035.540.528.05
33Antonijevic MilutinISRB18455.540.527.55
34Lukic MilutinFMCRO20265.540.027.54
35Unuk LauraMKSLO17625.539.527.05
36Brinovec DavidIISLO17955.045.528.54
37Filipovic Tomislav SMKSRB19125.043.527.03
38Pavlovic Slobodan ZISRB18415.043.026.05
39Znidaric AnzeIISLO17065.042.027.04
40Draskovic DavorIMNE17785.042.027.03
126 players

49) 4th Summer Solstice Open

The 4th Summer Solstice Open had some games broadcast on Monroi but beyond that I couldn't find anything out.

4th Summer Solstice Fort Lauderdale USA Fri 8th Jul 2011 - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 5 Standings:
1Fernandez, DanielIM24344.513.515.513.5$439.73+Trophy
2Becerra, Julio JGM26354.512.51513.5$439.73
3Mandelkern, Jeremy21463.510.510.59$202.95
4Heung, Christopher22063.014.51712$54.12
5Goss, Mel H21413.012.512.59.5$54.12
6Krienke, Makaio W20863.010.510.58$54.12
7Henley, Ronald WGM24963.09.59.58$54.12
8Poza, Juan Carlos21253.09119$54.12
9La Rota, FabioFM22922.5915.59
10Xanthos, Constantine22002.5814.57
11Dubow, Arnold20832.5595
12Perez, Reinaldo Jr21892.08.511.57
13Rosenthal, Nicholas20442.0711.56
14Nieto, Manuel Valerio16782.0710.53.5
15Daly, Chaz21152.0584
16Ferreira, Saulo21091.56.592
17Nieto, Guillermo L17301.568.53.5
18Muro, Paul A19901.53.576
19Perez, Robert M23151.53.56.57
20Rodriguez, EricFM23970.0030
20 players

50) ch-SLO Qualifier

The Slovakian Chess Championship qualifier took place 6th-12th July 2011. Jure Zorko won with 7.5/9. The link to the zipped game file doesn't work.

ch-SLO Qualifier Ljubljana SLO Wed 6th Jul 2011 - Tue 12th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Zorko, JureIMSLO24347.539.51
2Tomazini, ZanMKSLO22886.541.02
3Mazi, LeonIMSLO23326.540.53
4Srebrnic, MarkoFMSLO23326.537.54
5Kokol, PeterFMSLO22826.532.55
6Gjuran, DenisFMSLO23236 37.56
7Buzeti, JernejMKSLO22916 36.57
8Zupancic, JernejMKSLO21156 36.08
9Janzelj, TimMKSLO20476 32.09
10Gombac, JanFMSLO22615.539.510
11Tomazini, AljosaMKSLO23045.539.011
12Crepan, MarjanFMSLO23465.538.012
13Spalir, JernejMKSLO21555.538.013
14Jelen, IgorIMSLO23995.535.514
15Logar, MetodMKSLO20445.533.515
16Gorsek, GregorMKSLO21275.533.516
17Barle, JanezIMSLO24105.533.017
18Gantar, JanMKSLO21755.533.018
19Rozman, MitjaISLO19855 37.019
20Starcic, TadejMKSLO20915 36.520
21Kavcic, ZanFMSLO22935 35.021
22Debevec, BlazMKSLO20995 35.022
23Stajner, SamoFMSLO23015 32.023
24Susnik, MatejMKSLO21335 31.524
25Jokovic, DusanMKSLO20984.536.025
26Rozic, SamoMKSLO20464.535.026
27Titan, MatejMKSLO21014.534.027-28
28Drnovsek, GalISLO20214.534.027-28
29Kavcic, JanezISLO21124.533.529
30Mejak, SeverinISLO20074.531.030
31Hiti, DomenISLO19324.531.031
32Janzekovic, KlemenISLO19014.530.532
33Orehek, SpelaWMKSLO20474.530.533
34Nadvesnik, VilmaWMSLO19394.530.034
35Saradjen, JankoMKSLO21334.528.035
36Kralj, MancaWISLO17454.526.036
37Petrovic, MarkoIISLO19774 33.537
38Skok, BorisMKSLO20754 33.038
39Zupancic, UrbanISLO19184 30.039
40Peric, BernardMKSLO20254 30.040
59 players

51) 34th Ikaros International

The Aegean Open as part of the 34th Ikaros International took place 9th-17th July 2011. Sergey Zagrebelny edged out Georgios Goumas on tie-break after both finished on 7.5/9. I couldn't see any games.

Aegean Open Aghios Kirykos GRE Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
2GOUMAS GEORGIOSGRE23237.549.039.07
5DOGGERS PETERNED22636.554.542.55
6RIS ROBERTIMNED23956.554.043.04
10SKINKE KATRINAWIMLAT22426.549.038.56
12BERZINA ILZEWGMLAT23076.054.042.05
20UNGURE LIGAWFMLAT21015.547.036.54
21GOUMAS IOANNISGRE22025.546.536.03
25FAHOURI NIDALJOR18825.544.035.55
28NIKOMANIS ANDREASGRE19805.543.533.05
36LAZARIDIS STAVROSGRE20795.046.535.54
37EIJK YURINED20805.045.536.02
38DOUNI MARIAGRE15385.043.534.04
39PAGALI MARIANNAGRE18425.043.534.02
117 players

52) 3rd Rethymno Open

The 3rd Rethymno Open took place 11th-18th July 2011. Yuriy Kryvoruchko edged out 9 other players on tie-break after they all scored 7/9. Final round games not yet available.

3rd Rethymno Open Rethymno GRE Mon 11th Jul 2011 - Mon 18th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Kryvoruchko YuriyGMUKR26527.00.054.543.0
2Prohaszka PeterGMHUN25477.00.054.542.0
3Svetushkin DmitryGMMDA25767.
4Banikas HristosGMGRE25937.00.052.541.5
5Zubarev AlexanderGMUKR25977.
6Nikolov MomchilGMBUL25897.
7Ipatov AlexanderGMESP25627.
8Bosiocic MarinGMCRO25737.
9Pap MisaGMSRB25077.
10Ashwin JayaramIMIND24497.
11Sandipan ChandaGMIND26566.
12Rychagov AndreyGMRUS25606.50.053.542.5
13Maiorov NikitaGMBLR25356.
14Stavrianakis IoannisGRE22706.
15Kohlweyer BerndIMGER24946.50.047.537.0
16Jankovic AlojzijeGMCRO25866.
17Can EmreGMTUR24986.
18Zinchenko YaroslavGMUKR25436.
19Chulivska VitaWIMUKR22196.00.050.539.5
20Kharitonov AlexandrGMRUS25396.00.050.539.0
21Georgakopoulos NikolaosGRE22836.00.049.539.5
22Khabarov SergeyFMRUS23056.
23Simonian TigranARM22946.
24Moen AndreasFMNOR23336.
25Vafiadis KleanthisGRE23016.
26Georgiadis IoannisIMGRE24646.
27Guramishvili SopikoWGMGEO23296.
28Yilmaz MustafaIMTUR25196.00.047.537.0
29Skembris SpyridonGMGRE24756.
30Kekki PetriIMFIN23406.
31Raeva ElitsaWIMBUL23246.
32Bellia FabrizioIMITA24246.
33Theodorou NikolasGRE18596.00.045.535.0
34Trygstad KristianFMNOR23536.
35Felgaer RubenGMARG25735.
36Vas PeterFMSWE22955.
37Markidis KonstantinosGRE23305.50.048.537.0
38Stubberud OrnulfFMNOR23225.
39Smith ThijmenNED21495.
40Georgiou KostantinosGRE22565.
186 players

53) Polugaevsky Memorial 2011

The Polugaevsky Memorial took place 5th-12th July 2011. Semen Dvoirys took clear first place with 7.5/9.

Polugaevsky Memorial Samara RUS Tue 5th Jul 2011 - Wed 13th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Dvoirys Semen IGMRUS25547.550.539.56
2Smirnov PavelGMRUS25587.053.040.05
3Geller JakovIMRUS25357.049.038.55
4Papin VasilyGMRUS25657.047.533.06
5Aleksandrov AleksejGMBLR26096.551.034.05
6Panarin MikhailGMRUS25036.550.534.05
7Maletin PavelGMRUS25756.549.031.55
8Shaposhnikov EvgenyGMRUS25406.548.535.04
9Predke AlexandrRUS24506.541.529.55
10Kovalenko IgorIMUKR25676.055.036.05
11Rakhmanov AleksandrGMRUS25856.053.534.55
12Kokarev DmitryGMRUS25966.052.534.55
13Volkov SergeyGMRUS26076.049.031.53
14Zenzera AlexeyRUS22366.049.031.05
15Ziatdinov RasetGMUSA24136.049.030.06
16Dzhumaev MaratGMUZB24816.048.530.55
17Yakovich YuriGMRUS25396.047.533.05
18Bukavshin IvanIMRUS25066.047.033.04
19Potapov PavelIMRUS24886.046.529.05
20Kharlov AndreiGMRUS25326.046.030.55
21Sanzhaev DarsenRUS22116.045.529.55
22Yaksin OlegRUS24146.045.030.05
23Pogonina NatalijaWGMRUS24426.044.530.54
24Khismatullin DenisGMRUS26565.551.033.04
25Lastin AlexanderGMRUS26115.549.531.03
26Iskusnyh SergeiGMRUS24555.549.030.53
27Iljushin AlexeiGMRUS25285.548.532.54
28Gabrielian ArturGMRUS25395.548.031.04
29Polivanov AnatoliyIMUKR24355.547.030.54
30Zernyshkin VladislavFMRUS23195.546.529.55
31Tologontegin SemeteyFMKGZ23115.546.028.55
32Borisenko AndreiIMRUS23765.545.529.54
33Chuprov DmitryGMRUS25315.545.030.04
34Vasilov ArturRUS21995.544.527.04
35Palachev PetrRUS22075.544.027.53
36Sidorov AnatolyIMRUS23315.544.027.04
37Tunik GennadyGMRUS24405.543.027.54
38Khazieva ElzaRUS19575.538.023.04
39Mokshanov AlexeyFMRUS23725.050.029.54
40Dimukhametov ArturFMRUS23205.048.528.05
124 players

54) 21st Heart of Finland 2011

The 21st Heart of Finland is under way today.Yrjö Rantanen took clear first place with 8/9.

21st Heart of Finland Jyvaskyla FIN Mon 11th Jul 2011 - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Rantanen YrjöGMFIN23828.050.544.508
2Vorotnikov Vladislav VGMRUS24227.054.040.506
3Agopov MikaelIMFIN24437.049.037.006
4Sepman YuliusRUS23196.554.037.006
5Järvenpää JariFIN22146.553.536.756
6Sulskis SarunasGMLTU25916.552.536.505
7Kanep MeelisGMEST25316.551.035.754
8Pohjala HenriFIN22416.053.534.254
9Pudas TeemuFIN22286.052.533.006
10Kiuttu RoopeFIN22836.052.033.504
11Novik MaximGMRUS24786.050.531.755
12Valli FransFIN22426.050.032.753
13Yrjölä JouniGMFIN23666.050.031.004
14Kiltti JyrkiFIN22546.049.531.504
15Mertanen JanneFMFIN23336.049.528.505
16Anttila PerttuFIN21096.048.527.006
17Köykkä PekkaFIN22056.048.029.505
18Wallin AleksiFIN20696.047.030.503
19Kiik KalleIMEST24256.047.029.005
20Kuzevanova EvgeniaWIMRUS20966.047.028.254
21Immonen VihtoriFIN21086.046.528.505
22Alho SauliFIN21606.043.027.254
23Kivimäki JaakkoFIN21906.041.524.005
24Lauk UlarIMEST24035.550.028.503
25Franssila TommiFIN22135.547.527.004
26Nyysti SampsaIMFIN23485.547.027.004
27Seppälä AkiFIN19685.546.526.255
28Ladva OttomarEST20375.544.524.004
29Tiitta SauliFIN21765.543.523.754
30Simkin AlexanderRUS19205.543.523.504
31Sihvonen TeroFIN20355.543.025.004
32Jäntti PetriFIN20995.543.023.505
33Ahvenjärvi JaniFIN20925.541.023.753
34Johansson JukkaFIN21325.540.523.004
35Mednikova SvetlanaWFMRUS21745.540.522.505
36Liu DennisFIN18575.540.023.255
37Kilpelä PanuFIN20775.540.023.004
38Tuomala TimoFIN22405.049.025.253
39Kivipelto Kaj-ErikFMFIN21905.046.523.754
40Porrasmaa TimoFIN21215.045.522.754
128 players

55) ch-BRU 2011

Pg Abd Rahman Yussof won the Brunei Championships with 5/7. The Brunei names in the FIDE rating list cause problems some even exceeding the length allowed in ChessBase.

ch-BRU 2011 Bandar Seri Begawan BRU Fri 1st Jul 2011 - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Yee, Soon WeiFMBRU228128½
2Yussof, Pg Abd RahmanBRU0530
3Hj, Azahari Md AliuddinBRU207631½
4Munir, Azizi bin AhmadBRU188528½
5Hj Kura,A.BRU229828
6Yap,Choow TunBRU199426
7Hj, Azahari Siti Nur FatimahBRU2066428
8Dr.Hasnul HashiemBRU0423
9Syairazi SuniBRU0423
10Ahmad,Md Siraj MunirBRU207521
11Pg,Hassan Pg KhashiemBRU203619
12Hj,Sulaiman Hj Md BaharuddinBRU2170325½
13Pg,L Wijaya Pg Hj Mohd LimbangBRU2127324
14Muhd, Ahsanuddien Bin BadarudinBRU0322
15Md, Adib Syauqi Bin Hj. Khir ZakBRU022½
16Hj, Azahari Siti Nur FatanahBRU1911220½
17Adenan MetussinBRU0219½
18Pg Md Fhame MasiswaddyBRU0020½
18 players

56) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

Chinese League 2011

The Chinese League started 12th April. This week saw rounds 7-9: 10th-12th July. There was a bit of a mess this time with Round 7 occuring a day earlier than stated on chess-results and the live coverage of round 9 failing after only a few moves. Hopefully the games will turn up at Chinese League Games at some point but they haven't so far, even after a week. Next Rounds 10-12 18th-20th September.

Chinese League Ningbo CHN Tue 12th Apr 2011 - Tue 6th Dec 2011
Leading Round 6 (of 18) Standings:
10 teams

Swiss Teams National A

The Swiss Teams National A takes place 27th Feb - 23rd October 2011. Players include Fabiano Caruana, Vadim Milov, Alexey Dreev, Chrisitan Bauer, Viktor Korchnoi etc. Next Rounds 6-7 27th-28th August 2011.

TCh-SUI National A Geneva SUI Sun 27th Feb 2011 - Sun 23rd Oct 2011
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Riehen 1823
2Reichenstein 1822½
3Reti 1724½
4Geneve 1722½
5Luzern 1622
6Zuerich 1523
7Winterthur 1519½
8Wollishofen 1419
9Joueur 1016
10Echallens 108
10 teams

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2011

The Polish Ekstraliga started with the first three rounds in Wroclaw. David Navara was amongst the players. Next Rounds 4-6 2nd-4th September 2011.

TCh-POL Ekstraliga Wroclaw POL Fri 6th May 2011 - Sun 9th Oct 2011
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
12KSz WASKO HetMaN Szopienice KatowicePOL2500511.5
26PGNiG POLONIA WarszawaPOL2483510.5
45KSz STILON Gorzow WielkopolskiPOL241749.5
610LKS PASJONAT DankowicePOL2450310.5
79POLONIA VOTUM WroclawPOL2433310
81KSz ODRODZENIE KozuchowPOL238316
107KS POCZTOWIEC PoznanPOL236707
10 players

57) Commonwealth and South African Open

The Commonwealth Championships was part of the South African Open in Ekurhuleni in the region of Gauteng. Gawain Jones edged out Nigel Short on tie-break after both finished on 9.5/11. Convenor of the Championships Graham Jurgensen has sent a reworked file with many corrections.

ch-Commonweath Ekurhuleni RSA Sat 25th Jun 2011 - Sun 3rd Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Jones Gawain CBGMENG25969.556.574.252254
2Short Nigel DGMENG26829.555.573.002286
3Smerdon DavidGMAUS25209.054.063.002117
4Huschenbeth NiclasIMGER25029.053.064.252095
5Kunte AbhijitGMIND25269.050.563.002131
6Lafuente PabloGMARG25558.555.063.002191
7Jere DanielFMZAM23448.554.062.002182
8Grover SahajIMIND24858.553.561.752154
9Laxman RajaramGMIND24468.551.559.752099
10Ringoir TanguyIMBEL23998.550.559.002090
11Karavade EeshaIMIND23438.548.558.251992
12Gupta AbhijeetGMIND26048.054.557.252269
13van der Nat Nicholas PFMRSA23088.054.055.502183
14Harika DronovaliIMIND25208.053.557.002164
15Kobese Watu AKWIMRSA23558.052.056.502126
16Ghate SwatiWGMIND23178.052.055.752099
17Mokal Prathamesh SIMIND24058.051.557.002095
18Bouah LyndonCMRSA21478.049.553.501992
19Subbaraman MeenakshiWGMIND23178.049.054.501980
20Dole AnantRSA21038.049.053.001987
21Mabusela Johannes MIMRSA22728.049.052.752059
22Makoto RodwellZIM21668.048.053.001957
23Anderson Gavin ARSA21578.047.552.251943
24Cawdery Daniel JCMRSA22748.047.551.001986
25Phiri RichmondFMZAM21658.047.048.251991
26Simutowe MusaZAM21198.046.550.501958
27Ovcina DenisRSA22488.046.549.002069
28Notha MoakofiCMBOT21238.044.550.251777
29Sachdev TaniaIMIND24167.550.050.751953
30Takawira ErickZIM20357.548.546.501995
31Gumpo ThaboCMBOT19447.548.045.751908
32Gluckman DavidIMRSA22627.547.548.501921
33Oatlhotse ProvidenceCMBOT22517.547.045.751962
34Boikanyo CinkyBOT20297.547.044.251918
35Mamombe KudzanaiIMZIM20897.546.545.251928
36Gaealafshwe BarilengCMBOT21287.546.045.751877
37Kromhout AlexanderRSA20057.545.544.251908
38Pitso Fusi PRSA19497.545.543.001935
39Rubery Mark CRSA22397.545.047.751787
40Klaver CornelisRSA21267.545.045.501844
41Klein Bernard ARSA19377.545.041.251846
42Tafira TinasheZIM19537.544.545.251840
43van Rensburg Ryan PRSA20977.544.046.251876
44Skosana StephenRSA19597.544.044.251745
45Nene ThembaRSA19027.543.041.751807
46Mathe Lehlogonolo DRSA22227.542.544.001735
47Paiva DonaldoMOZ21217.541.543.251834
48Tapera UzeniZIM20287.541.540.501848
49Zwakala NtandoRSA17477.540.540.751688
50Klaasen Calvin JRSA20687.051.045.502055
51Feng ThomasAUS18537.049.543.751990
52Bornheim CraigRSA18067.049.542.001947
53Ivana Maria FurtadoWFMIND19997.049.540.001979
54Goosen AntonCMRSA21827.049.045.501926
55Meintjes Jacques CRSA20787.048.543.001992
56Gems PatrickRSA19037.047.041.501869
57Barrish DanielFMRSA16787.046.043.751870
58Stevens TristanAUS20877.046.041.001889
59Odendaal FrederickRSA19597.046.038.501843
60Njobvu IgnatiusCMBOT22287.045.543.251890
61Irving LauraWFMRSA17337.045.540.751817
62Bhawoodien ShabirFMRSA21157.045.043.001832
63Bhawoodien Mohamed OFMRSA18597.045.040.251854
64Ristovich DmitarRSA19397.044.537.501809
65Lewis Mark MMRSA19937.044.040.251789
66James MichaelRSA19327.044.038.751803
67Mokomele AndrewRSA18987.043.038.251831
68Bornheim DarrenRSA17307.043.036.501833
69Chettiar EvesanRSA18827.042.040.251783
70Foley Patrick JRSA20757.042.038.251774
71Naidu SayenRSA17977.042.037.251728
72van der Walt Pierre ERSA18907.041.535.001835
73Hercules Benjamin VincentRSA20897.041.037.001843
74Bezuidenhout Roland RRSA17957.041.035.001818
75Mulder Cornelis JRSA17597.041.034.001741
389 players

58) 22nd Czech Open 2011

The huge Czech Open takes place 14th-31st July. The main open A starts next week.

59) 34th Taminco Open

Sergey Fedorchuk is the top seed in the 34th Taminco Open in Ghent. 141 players.

34th Ghent Open Ghent BEL Sat 16th Jul 2011 - Wed 20th Jul 2011
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
5DOCX S.FMBEL23604.0
10HAMBLOK R.BEL22723.5
11PONNET H.BEL22603.5
13BRASSER P.NED21703.5
14NICOLAI E.NED21663.5
15VERMAAT M.NED21503.5
17STUEMER P.GER21353.5
18WITKAMP J.NED20123.5
19ALDERS R.NED19153.5
20DE JONG J.W.IMNED24243.0
26RECHNER K.GER22553.0
27SARRAU J.BEL22493.0
30STONE A.ENG22313.0
31ROOS A.BEL22193.0
33TONOLI B.BEL21883.0
34EERENS P.NED21833.0
36VAN ONZEN J.NED21433.0
38JANSSEN E.NED21323.0
39APEMIYE A.NIG21283.0
272 players

60) 10th Condom Open

The 10th Condom Open and GM event tournament alongside took place 9th-16th July 2011. Game files not yet available.

10th Condom Open Condom FRA Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Sat 16th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1PICEU TomBEL2313742392475
2MAENHOUT ThibautBEL2365742362443
3DAVID VincentmFRA2386741.5372448
4CIOARA Andrei-NestormROU24306.543352415
5COLIN VincentmFRA24106.542.533.52383
6FANTINEL ThibaultFRA22666.541.533.52360
7DEGLMANN LudwigGER23356.54133.52360
8OLLIER PabloFRA22776.541332357
9BUJISHO BenjaminmFRA23696.539.531.52335
10GEIRNAERT StevenBEL2347644.5342378
11KURAYAN RuslanUKR230364434.52359
12STETS DmitrymUKR248664132.52363
13VERLINDE TiemeBEL2207640.532.52277
14DUFF RufusENG197364029.52299
15LEWIS JohnFRA2107639302232
16FEJZOVSKI EnverFRA2156638.5302222
17GERTOSIO FranckFRA2202637.530.52242
18FORESTIE PierreFRA2115636.529.52259
19WOHL Aleksandar H.mAUS24055.54332.52313
20FAVAREL AntoineFRA22355.540.528.52173
21MICHIELS RobBEL22835.53932.52249
22BILLON OlivierFRA21495.53927.52155
23IWANESKO AlexandreFRA22175.538292215
24DESLIAS GregoireFRA19925.53427.52047
25SANCHEZ NicolasFRA21635.53323.52050
26BOUKHRIS-FERRE YacineFRA20485.53322.52002
27GRYSON WouterBEL2249540.530.52196
28GELIN BaptisteFRA1926540262148
29LEMEILLE FrancoisFRA2059538.526.52118
30VIAENE ArvidBEL2124537.5272105
31MARCINIAK AlexandreFRA219353728.52117
32DARGAGNON RemiFRA2041536272069
33LERICHE LucFRA2002536262070
34VERDUYN FredericBEL2192535.525.52098
35SCHUERMANS RobertBEL2143535262087
36LACROIX RomainFRA2176534.5292116
37LEBRAUD EricFRA2022534.5252069
38HUGAERT ArthurBEL2077534.5252044
39VANDERVORST Jean-MarcFRA2056533.524.52024
40VAILLANT StephaneFRA1997533.5241943
100 players
10th Condom GM Condom FRA Sat 9th Jul 2011 - Sat 16th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
1COSSIN SebastienFRA250212116.530.754+12.32
2DEMUTH AdrienFRA2427111126283+18.95
3LAGARDE MaximeFRA2435011522.53+7.71
4JANEV EvgeniBUL2528½11½4.522.253-11.60
5GRIGORE George-GabrielROU248811½½1421.250-10.42
6BARSOV AlexeiUZB253410½1419.752-17.57
6 players

61) 86th ch-Paris IdF 2011

The 86th Paris Championship IdF took place 2nd-10th July 2011. S Arun Prasad took clear first with 7/9 half a point clear of Elo favourite Sergey Fedorchuk. Sochacki-Wirig a barely worthwhile game was missing.

62) Karvina Open

The Karvina Open took place 2nd-10th July 2011. Robert Cvek won on tie-break from Alexey Pakhomov after both finished on 7/9. More games from the final rounds now available.

Karvina Open Karvina CSR Sat 2nd Jul 2011 - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Cvek RobertGMCZE25067.
2Pakhomov AlexeyIMRUS24047.
3Andreev EduardGMUKR24586.56.542.535.5
Zwardon VojtechCZE22316.56.542.535.5
5Rojicek VojtechIMCZE23966.56.541.535.5
6Klima LukasIMCZE23496.56.540.535.0
7Dubiel JacekIMPOL24166.56.540.534.5
8Plat VojtechIMCZE24106.56.540.037.5
9Talla VladimirGMCZE24276.56.539.534.5
10Kireev AlekseiIMRUS23606.56.537.029.5
11Zabystrzan PavelFMCZE23096.
12Kociscak JiriFMCZE23276.06.038.532.0
13Vesselovsky SergueiIMCZE23796.
14Tymrakiewicz RafalFMPOL23196.
15Banasik KrzysztofPOL22536.06.033.529.5
16Olsar JaroslavFMCZE22496.
17Worek JoannaWIMPOL23065.55.539.031.5
18Fargac MartinCZE20695.55.538.530.0
19Dmitrenko ViktorIMUKR23535.55.538.034.0
20Sobek JaroslavFMCZE22765.55.537.029.0
21Mrazek LumirCZE21485.55.536.530.0
22Jaworski MiroslawIMPOL23375.55.535.529.0
23Misiuga AndrzejPOL22195.55.535.029.5
24Zimniok LubomirCZE21095.55.535.028.5
25Helis TadeuszFMPOL22325.55.534.530.0
26Kocwin BartoszFMPOL22415.55.534.029.5
27Lys JosefFMCZE21855.55.534.028.0
28Pacl VaclavFMCZE21935.55.533.026.5
29Novosadova KristynaCZE20765.55.532.025.5
30Borovicka BohumilCZE20315.55.531.026.5
31Szotkowski JakubCZE19485.05.038.530.5
32Ockay TomasCZE21835.05.035.527.5
33Dobes VojtechCZE20715.
34Mitura KarelCZE21785.05.034.528.0
35Kolar StanislavCZE20465.05.034.526.0
36Sieber MartinCZE20295.05.034.525.5
37Neumann JoachimGER21355.
38Miturova MagdalenaWFMCZE20725.05.033.526.5
39Stehlik JiriCZE20155.05.032.525.0
40Pawlowski RomanCZE17065.
96 players

63) 7th Rhone Open

Vladimir Okhotnik won the 7th Rhone Open. No games available.

7th Rhone Open Charbonnieres-les-Bains FRA Sun 3rd Jul 2011 - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1OKHOTNIK, VladimirmUKR2455743.536.52460
2FOISOR, Cristina-AdelamROU24276.542.5362365
3MARHOLEV, DimitarmBUL23766.54236.52360
4FOISOR, Sabina-FrancescagfUSA23636.54234.52336
5GUEDON, StephanefFRA22586.53731.52297
6FOISOR, Mihaela-VeronicaffROU2217640.531.52239
7CHAMBA, AntoineFRA2107638282165
8DUBREUIL, JulienfFRA22485.542312228
9CANDY, RomainFRA21205.539282117
10FOISOR, Ovidiu-DorumROU23945.536.528.52104
11LEFEVRE, MargauxFRA20045.536.5262021
12GRAILLON, DavidFRA19305.535.527.52082
13POULET, Pierre-EmmanuelFRA19095.535.523.52134
14MALKA, SamuelFRA2071542.529.52206
15FAYEL, NicolasFRA1918537.524.52110
16BOMBAIL, LeonardFRA172853422.52024
17MONNERET, GuyFRA2040532.524.52004
18DUJARDIN, FranckFRA2074531221911
19FROMENT, TheophileFRA18594.53418.51874
20CHARPENTIER, DenisFRA18564.532.521.51943
21RAVOT, CyrilFRA17804.53222.51981
22GUERICHE, GuillaumeFRA2104438272226
23SCHERRER, RochFRA1970435241939
24AKSENOV, AlexandreFRA1851432.5171914
25POULET, SebastienFRA1766431201886
26CROUZET, EmericFRA190743018.51924
27COLIN-KHUU, VincentFRA194042817.51820
28SEGERBERG, TomasSWE19783.537211942
29N'GUYEN, EmilienFRA18173.536211941
30KIECKEN, Jean-MarcFRA19363.533.5191836
31VERGES, BriceFRA18703.532171811
32VIDALINC, Jean-LouisFRA19013.529.5141786
33ABDESSELEM, AhmedFRA18683.529131841
34JEHAN, JulienFRA1891332161767
35STROHL, AntoineFRA168132414.51723
36LIARSOU, PatrickFRA19062.53316.51780
37LAMBERT, ThierryFRA18632.532.512.51738
38MERCIER, Jean-YvesFRA17682.525111647
39MONIN, PhilippeFRA1797228111626
40FROMENT, VictorFRA1669227.521501
40 players

64) 13th Saint-Lo Open 2011

The 13th Saint-Lo Open and an IM closed tournament took place 7th-14th July 2011. Lucian-Costin Miron took clear first in the IM tournament with 7.5/9. No games available.

13th St-Lo IM Saint-Lo FRA Thu 7th Jul 2011 - Thu 14th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1MIRON Lucian-CostinmROU25061½½1½11½1729332.28
2LYRBERG PatrikmSWE242801½½11½116.524.7533.56.73
3STEPHAN VictorFRA2280½01011½11622.53422.31
4DUBESSAY BastienfFRA2310½½010½1115.521.534.513.04
5PUCHER OlivierfFRA23510½101½110520.5352.34
6BAKALARZ MietekmLUX2361½001010013.514.536.5-14.05
7MIGOT TangiFRA2254000½½01½13.511.7536.50.87
8VALUET BertrandfFRA23180½½001001311.7537-12.97
9AMOYAL PierreFRA2234½00001½10311.7537-1.5
10GOUDRIAAN EtiennefNED22830000100012837-18.19
10 players
13th St-Lo Open Saint-Lo FRA Thu 7th Jul 2011 - Thu 14th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1PUCHER SebastienFRA22248,5422527
2BREAHNA RadufROU22727442289
3MARCHAND FrancoisfFRA22596432184
4ADAM Gyorgy Sr.HUN2058640,52130
5VERON CyprienFRA20626432112
6POIGNOT QuentinFRA2154641,52108
7ADAM Gyorgy Jr.HUN20726402077
8SMITH MatthieuFRA2011641,52047
9LEPIGOCHE CyrilFRA21075,5442114
10LELONG EricFRA19465,5402067
11GEORGESCU Gabriel-IoanfROU20405,540,51975
12DUCHATEAU ThomasFRA20605,5371975
13BENARD Anne-LaurieFRA19525,540,51951
14TARBUCK DavidFRA19035,5371933
15TURMEL FabienFRA18775,537,51879
16LETORT SamuelFRA19715,530,51817
17HUISMAN HuguesFRA2019536,51895
18BOUQUIN ArnaudFRA18515361888
19FERNANDEZ ClementFRA17775371860
20SIGURDSSON PallISL1957531,51850
21AGGOUNE LizaFRA18725331735
22AUBRY PascalFRA1540531,51684
23LE MASLE RaphaelFRA20384,535,51865
24BOGRDANOV AlexanderRUS18094,5361852
25BUSSON DidierFRA17864,535,51791
26OLLAGNIER AurelienFRA17394,533,51748
27PERROT PierreFRA17124,5351736
28ORLANDI DanielFRA17304,535,51703
29HENRY SolenneFRA16954,5341690
30LE FLANCHEC EricFRA14504,530,51642
31DELABBEY OlivierFRA14914,5291570
32JAMAR MarcBEL15724,527,51455
33LETOURNEUR MichelFRA1605435,51713
34CHRETIEN CatherineFRA1670435,51676
35MARIE OlivierFRA1513436,51654
36MIRGUET BernardFRA16084351592
37ZWENGER EmmanuelFRA14004301552
38BRAULT DavidFRA1360429,51517
39KERBAOL JacquesFRA16213,5341619
40LEGRAND FrancoiseFRA16613,5341580
52 players

65) Minsk Open 2011

Vitaly Teterev edged out favourite Ivan Popov and Natalija Popova on tie-break after all finished on 7.5/9. I couldn't find any games.

Minsk Open 2011 Minsk BLR Fri 8th Jul 2011 - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Teterev, Vitaly25247.553.543.2538.5
2Popov, Ivan26147.551.541.7539
3Popova, Natalija23177.54940.7537
4Kovalev, Andrei25317493734
5Zhigalko, Andrey25736.555.539.2537.5
6Kurukin, Dmitry23986.555.537.535.5
7Omariev, Maksim23246.55233.7535.5
8Lutsko, Igor23226.549.532.7535
9Bulanov, Dmitri23796.54933.7534.5
10Trifonov, Denis22686.548.53333
11Gorovets, Andrey24176.5463331.5
12Podolchenko, Evgeniy248365232.7533
13Kovalev, Vladislav2439650.531.534
14Tihonov, Jurij2460649.53233.5
15Smirnov, Valerij2358648.529.533.5
16Mochalov, Evgeny V23926473129.5
17Podobedov, Filipp2137645.525.7530.5
18Meribanov, Vitaly228664527.2531.5
19Leinov, Roman2176644.527.2530
20Maljush, Andrej2316644.52929
21Pankov, German23876442731.5
22Harshkou, Mikita223664326.529.5
23Pyatin, Alexander2107642.525.527.5
24Prikhodko, Anton2071638.523.528
25Kolesnik, Eduard23225.554.530.2536
26Stupak, Kirill25305.550.528.2531
27Smolich, Pavel21865.5492732
28Elkin, Leonid21595.54624.7528.5
29Boldovskaya, Lidiya05.5462326
30Khaiminov, Alexandr22775.545.524.528.5
31Lagashin, Pavel21785.545.525.2528.5
32Prihodko, Ilja21195.545.525.2528.5
33Zarivkina, Victorya20855.54524.528
34Cherepov, Alexej22495.5452629
35Zamruk, Aleksandar23665.5422525
36Chepel, Nikolay22535.54221.7529
37Sarichev, Sergey20885.540.520.7525.5
38Sheremet, Anton2099553.527.2530
39Shushpanov, Vladimir2364547.524.529
40Sichinava, Zviad2364547.523.2530.5
126 players

66) Norwegian Championships 2011

The Norwegian Championships took place 2nd-10th July 2011. Axel Smith, Frode Elsness and Berge Ostenstad finished on 6/9. It turns out that last week I was wrong and Smith is not eligible for the title. Elsness and Ostenstad will have a playoff match to decide who is Norwegian Champion.

ch-NOR 2011 Oslo NOR Sat 2nd Jul 2011 - Sun 10th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1 Axel SmithIMSWE 2450636.540.543.5
2 Frode ElsnessIMNOR 2485635.539.543.5
3 Berge OstenstadGMNOR 24626353943
4 Frode Olav Olsen UrkedalIMNOR 24485.536.540.544.5
5 Leif E JohannessenGMNOR 24965.53638.541
6 Rune DjurhuusGMNOR 24595374143.5
7 Nicolai GetzFMNOR 23855343840.5
8 Oystein HoleIMNOR 2383532.53537.5
9 Joachim ThomassenIMNOR 23984.5374143.5
10 Stig GabrielsenFMNOR 22974.532.53537.5
11 Daniel Jakobsen KovachevFMNOR 23154394347
12 Espen ForsaFMNOR 23214343739.5
13 Katrine TjolsenWIMNOR 22254333638.5
14 Atle GronnIMNOR 24094323537.5
15 Andreas G.R. MoenFMNOR 2333431.53436.5
16 Trond GabrielsenFMNOR 2290331.53436.5
17 Edwin DavidNOR 22772.532.535.538
18 Bjarke SahlIMNOR 23632.5323537.5
18 players

67) 2nd SPI Open

The 2nd SPI Open takes place in Satu Mare 15th-21st July 2011. Andrei-Mihai Bonte started with a perfect 4/4.

2nd SPI Open Satu Mare ROU Fri 15th Jul 2011 - Thu 21st Jul 2011
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Bonte Andrei-MihaiNMROU23294.0129.04.5
2Vedmediuc SergheiIMMDA24403.51011.05.5
3Manolache MariusGMROU25333.51010.05.5
4Filip LucianIMROU24693.5109.54.5
5Manea AlexandruIMROU24133.5109.05.0
6Carmaciu Lucian-CatalinIMROU23883.5109.04.0
7Drenchev PetarGMBUL25233.0911.05.5
8Chereches MariusFMHUN22803.0910.55.0
9Sandor PetrutCMROU21533.098.04.0
10Florescu Codrut-ConstantinIMROU22663.097.54.0
11Manole StefanIROU19813.097.54.0
12Costin PetricaFMROU20773.097.03.5
13Suciu Dinu-SimiFMROU21163.089.55.0
14Secheres Adrian-SimionIROU20053.087.54.5
15Dobre Claudiu-CristianFMROU23532.5711.55.5
16Bizovi MihaiMDA19932.5710.05.5
17Marinescu MirceaNMROU22392.5710.04.5
18Marcu-Lapadat AlinCMROU20632.579.04.5
19Bogdan DanIMROU23622.578.54.5
20Boros SergiuIROU20192.578.54.0
21Helmer JanosNMROU22112.578.53.5
22Todosiciuc IoanCMROU19582.576.54.0
23Czegledi DanielGER15292.0610.55.0
24Samu Sorin-MihaiCMROU21782.0610.05.0
25Bonte ArghirCMROU20052.0610.05.0
26Sogor Andras-CsabaIROU19112.069.04.5
27Veklinec AndreiCMROU20482.069.04.5
28Krajla Ciprian-ZoltanIROU18482.068.54.0
29Doros Doru-LucianIROU17762.068.05.0
30Bulmaga ElenaIROU17912.067.53.5
31Borodi Raul-CosminIROU17722.067.04.0
32Dan FranciscIROU17432.067.03.5
33Rucsandescu DanIROU18642.066.53.0
34Moldovan Gheorghe-ZamfirCMROU20302.066.03.0
35Geiger Alex-EmanuelIROU17592.066.03.0
36Szatmari AlexandruROU19002.058.54.5
37Lazin Robert-TamasIROU16922.058.04.0
38Moldovan RaresIROU16382.058.04.0
39Ambru Dan-CalinIROU18881.548.54.5
40Fenyvesi DoinaWCMROU18751.548.54.0
60 players

68) Forthcoming Events and Links

Open NK 2011

4th Paleohora Open

39th Chess Meeting 2011

39th GM Dortmund GER Thu 21st Jul 2011 - Sun 31st Jul 2011
Player List
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Kramnik, Vladimir GM RUS 2785 4101588
2 Nakamura, Hikaru GM USA 2774 2016192
3 Ponomariov, Ruslan GM UKR 2743 14103320
4 Giri, Anish GM NED 2690 24116068
5 Le, Quang Liem GM VIE 2689 12401137
6 Meier, Georg GM GER 2669 4675789

37th Sitges Open

26th Avoine Open

Quebec Open 2011

ch-AUT 2011

6th Edmonton International 2011

98th British Championships 2011

3rd Vitoria-Gasteiz Open

112th US Open

15th Hogeschool Zeeland

Politiken Cup 2011

Stara Pazova-Ilindan 2011

Rostov FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2011

World Juniors 2011

16th Creon Open

37th Badalona Open

Euro Chess Tournament

Magistrales de Martelli

14th Olomouc Chess Summer 2011

Baden-Baden Sommer Open 2011

Split Open 2011

Arad Open 2011

20th ZDMI Open

19th Milan Vidmar Mem

9th Davos Open

64th ch-RUS

64th ch-RUS 2011 Moscow RUS Mon 8th Aug 2011 - Mon 15th Aug 2011
Player List
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Karjakin, Sergey GM RUS 2788 14109603
2 Kramnik, Vladimir GM RUS 2781 4101588
3 Grischuk, Alexander GM RUS 2746 4126025
4 Svidler, Peter GM RUS 2739 4102142
5 Nepomniachtchi, Ian GM RUS 2711 4168119
6 Morozevich, Alexander GM RUS 2694 4116992
7 Timofeev, Artyom GM RUS 2665 4140419
8 Galkin, Alexander GM RUS 2598 4120426
61st ch-RUS w Moscow RUS Mon 8th Aug 2011 - Mon 15th Aug 2011
Player List
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Kosteniuk, Alexandra GM RUS 2497 4128125
2 Galliamova, Alisa IM RUS 2492 4129725
3 Gunina, Valentina WGM RUS 2487 4167570
4 Pogonina, Natalija WGM RUS 2442 4147855
5 Bodnaruk, Anastasia IM RUS 2431 4181751
6 Zaiatz, Elena IM RUS 2419 4139518
7 Shadrina, Tatiana WGM RUS 2373 4119118
8 Girya, Olga WGM RUS 2371 4195752
9 Kovanova, Baira WGM RUS 2354 4164083
10 Charochkina, Daria WIM RUS 2310 4180917

Riga Technical University Open

12th Miquel Mas Open

6th Ptuj Open

26th Teteven Open

ch-FRA 2011

1st Metropolitan International

1st Isthmia Open

13th Sants Open

10th Sunny Beach Open 2011

FIDE World Cup 2011

Cup of Lion

Shenzhen FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2011

13th Trieste Open

91st Montreal Open 2011

2nd Zlatni Rat Open

8th Highlands Open 2011

4th Bilbao / Sao Paulo Final Masters

Oslo Chess International

e2e4 High Wycombe Congress

Nalchik FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2011

15th Unive Tournament

Pearl Spring Super GM 2011

12th Liberec Open 2011

2nd Brno Open 2011

5th Mediterranean 2017 Open 2011

Tal Memorial 2011

21st World Seniors 2011

World Youth Championships 2011

3rd London Chess Classic

Czech Chess Christmas 2011

Northern California International

12th Prague Open 2012

3rd Novy Bor Open

1st Lanta Open 2012

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