THE WEEK IN CHESS 835 8th November 2010 by Mark Crowther

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1) Introduction
2) Tal Memorial
3) Karpov against Hou Yifan
4) Russian Cup Final
5) Magistral Barcelona
6) 16th Kostic Memorial
7) Spartak Suboticka
8) 14th Unive Tournament
9) SPICE Cup 2010
10) US Chess League
11) 36th Guernsey chess festival
12) World Youth Chess Championships
13) 14th Corsica Masters
14) Liberec Open
15) Chigorin Memorial
16) Swiss Team Championships 2010
17) Uxbridge International 2010
18) 14th Bavarian Open
19) TCh-CZE Extraliga 2010-11
20) Brazilian Championships Semi-Finals
21) 4NCL 2010-11
22) Chinese Chess League Division A
23) First Saturday November
24) Medosz Hotel Rating
25) 20th World Seniors
26) Metropolitan Invitational IM
27) 16th Asian Games
28) 16th Boston University Open
29) 77th Greater Boston Open
30) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
Tal Memorial20 games
Karpov against Hou Yifan3 games
Russian Cup Final49 games
Magistral Barcelona25 games
16th Kostic Memorial18 games
Spartak Suboticka88 games
14th Unive Tournament274 games
SPICE Cup 201063 games
US Chess League16 games
36th Guernsey chess festival199 games
World Youth Chess Championships1650 games
14th Corsica Masters97 games
Liberec Open222 games
Chigorin Memorial955 games
Swiss Team Championships 2010277 games
Uxbridge International 2010191 games
14th Bavarian Open450 games
Chinese Chess League Division A75 games
First Saturday November91 games
Medosz Hotel Rating66 games
20th World Seniors479 games
5278 games

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1) Introduction

My thanks to Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Luis Blasco de la Cruz, Adolivio Capece, Dave Clayton, Kopylov Michael, Holger Lieske, Gerard Demuydt, Miklos Orso, Gediminas Sarakauskas, Gujuan Tzu, Arthur Brameld (doing that unsung job of entering games from scoresheets as well as ever), Anikt Gupta, George Mirijanian and everyone else who helped with the issue.

A Brutal week for me. The short issue last week should at least be made up for this week with a big selection of games. Doing a job like this is about habit, I've gradually deconstructed the routine I followed for many years and have needed for some time to construct a new one. I'm almost at the end of that process. This week I've been programming many routines into a structured system (I'm no programmer but getting better) and I'm running on fumes at the moment of writing this. Games this week were entirely processed by this new routine. Better details in the PGN, hopefully many fewer misidentifications of players (I hope to make that practically impossible). If you notice any weird errors in this issue, especially in the games section don't hesitate to let me know, I hope not, but this is material running through programs of my construction! I hope the format of the text will change next week, this week my hoped for new system for producing that didn't work out so I had to construct the text entirely by hand. There will be far more events in the calendar next week, didn't have time to get that working. So don't fret if your event didn't make it this week.

I've barely had chance to look at the games from the Tal Memorial but Levon Aronian's 3/4 start is a confirmation of his hot form. When did this happen? I like Aronian, but he went through a patch of playing horrible chess by his standards, maybe the Olympiad but I guess it must have been before. Anyhow he's certainly playing to his potential at the moment and may well be world number one in January.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) Tal Memorial

The Tal Memorial and World Blitz takes place 4th-18th November 2010. Players: Kramnik, Grischuk, Karjakin, Aronian, Gelfand, Shirov, Eljanov, Nakamura, Wang Hao and Mamedyarov. It is followed by the World Blitz Championships with the same format as last year: 22 participants in playing a double round robin which will include Carlsen and Svidler in addition to the players in the main event.

Tal Memorial Moscow (RUS), 5-14 xi 2010 cat. XXI (2757)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
1. Aronian, Levon g ARM 2801 * ½ . . . ½ 1 1 . . 3 2948
2. Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar g AZE 2763 ½ * ½ ½ . . . . . 1 2854
3. Karjakin, Sergey g RUS 2760 . ½ * ½ . . . 1 . ½ 2840
4. Nakamura, Hikaru g USA 2741 . ½ ½ * . . ½ . 1 . 2859
5. Grischuk, Alexander g RUS 2771 . . . . * ½ ½ ½ 1 . 2845
6. Wang Hao g CHN 2727 ½ . . . ½ * . . ½ 1 2857
7. Kramnik, Vladimir g RUS 2791 0 . . ½ ½ . * . 1 . 2 2763
8. Gelfand, Boris g ISR 2741 0 . 0 . ½ . . * . 1 2679
9. Eljanov, Pavel g UKR 2742 . . . 0 0 ½ 0 . * . ½ 2435
10. Shirov, Alexei g ESP 2735 . 0 ½ . . 0 . 0 . * ½ 2425
Round 1 (November 5, 2010)
Aronian, Levon - Kramnik, Vladimir 1-0 41 D38 QGD Ragozin
Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar - Nakamura, Hikaru ½-½ 43 D56 Queens Gambit Lasker's Defence
Karjakin, Sergey - Gelfand, Boris 1-0 57 C42 Petroff's Defence
Grischuk, Alexander - Eljanov, Pavel 1-0 60 E00 Catalan
Shirov, Alexei - Wang Hao 0-1 51 C11 French Defence
Round 2 (November 6, 2010)
Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar - Karjakin, Sergey ½-½ 39 E21 Nimzo Indian 4.Nf3
Nakamura, Hikaru - Eljanov, Pavel 1-0 40 E00 Catalan
Wang Hao - Aronian, Levon ½-½ 39 E06 Catalan
Kramnik, Vladimir - Grischuk, Alexander ½-½ 39 D37 QGD 5.Bf4
Gelfand, Boris - Shirov, Alexei 1-0 61 D16 Slav Lasker/Smyslov
Round 3 (November 7, 2010)
Aronian, Levon - Gelfand, Boris 1-0 41 D43 Anti-Meran Gambit
Karjakin, Sergey - Nakamura, Hikaru ½-½ 70 C67 Ruy Lopez Berlin
Grischuk, Alexander - Wang Hao ½-½ 22 D17 Slav Defence
Eljanov, Pavel - Kramnik, Vladimir 0-1 49 E37 Nimzo Indian 4.Qc2
Shirov, Alexei - Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar 0-1 71 C95 Ruy Lopez Breyer
Round 4 (November 8, 2010)
Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar - Aronian, Levon ½-½ 35 D11 Slav Defence
Karjakin, Sergey - Shirov, Alexei ½-½ 63 C78 Ruy Lopez Moeller Defence
Nakamura, Hikaru - Kramnik, Vladimir ½-½ 33 C42 Petroff's Defence
Wang Hao - Eljanov, Pavel ½-½ 79 A29 English Four Knights
Gelfand, Boris - Grischuk, Alexander ½-½ 41 D02 Queen's Pawn Game

3) Karpov against Hou Yifan

Anatoly Karpov plays his postponed match against Hou Yifan Sat 6th Nov - Thu 11th Nov 2010. Four standard timerate games plus two Rapid games in Sanya City, China. Karpov won game one and the next two were drawn.


4) Russian Cup Final

The Russian Cup Final takes place in Belgorod Sat 6th Nov - Tue 16th Nov 2010. 32 players in the men's group and 8 in the women's play a knockout event. Round one completed.


Russian Cup Final KO Belgorod RUS Sat 6th Nov - Tue 16th Nov 2010
Bologan, ViktorMDA2686GM13900048
Timofeev, ArtyomRUS2681GM4140419
Zvjaginsev, VadimRUS2676GM4113403
Moiseenko, AlexanderUKR2670GM14102560
Potkin, VladimirRUS2646GM4131061
Khairullin, IldarRUS2637GM4151348
Maletin, PavelRUS2636GM4146786
Sjugirov, SananRUS2626GM4189302
Frolyanov, DmitryRUS2616GM4151976
Sakaev, KonstantinRUS2612GM4104226
Bocharov, DmitryRUS2610GM4138716
Zakhartsov, Viacheslav V.RUS2602GM4115333
Amonatov, FarrukhTJK2594GM14700077
Kryakvin, DmitryRUS2593GM4153278
Rakhmanov, AleksandrRUS2590GM4173708
Andriasian, ZavenARM2585GM13302000
Ponkratov, PavelRUS2585GM4157800
Dvoirys, Semen I.RUS2581GM4100379
Chernyshov, KonstantinRUS2579GM4117328
Shomoev, AntonRUS2563GM4135148
Chadaev, NikolaiRUS2554GM4167392
Yevseev, DenisRUS2550GM4126378
Papin, VasilyRUS2541IM4143183
Danin, AlexandreRUS2527IM4144031
Shinkevich, VitalyRUS2520IM4122690
Smirnov, PavelRUS2518GM4123425
Kharlov, AndreiRUS2510GM4102185
Mozharov, MikhailRUS2494IM4189825
Dzhumaev, MaratUZB2492GM14200236
Sharafiev, AzatRUS2455FM4186214
Gutov, AndreyRUS2439GM4130480
Nozdrachev, VladislavRUS2438FM24113441

5) Magistral Barcelona

The Magistral Barcelona takes place Thu 4th Nov - Fri 12th Nov 2010 in Barcelona ESP 10 players 9 Rounds SRR


Magistral Barcelona Barcelona ESP Thu 4th Nov 2010 - Fri 12th Nov 2010
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Salgado Lopez IvanGMESP26024.08.5004
2Bruzon Batista LazaroGMCUB26683.59.5002
3Alsina Leal DanielGMESP25273.06.7501
4Inarkiev ErnestoGMRUS26672.55.5002
5Jussupow ArturGMGER25892.55.5001
6Edouard RomainGMFRA26362.55.0002
7Oms Pallisse JosepGMESP25282.05.2501
8Hess Robert LGMUSA26022.04.0002
9Cuartas Jaime AlexanderGMCOL25341.53.7500
10Magem Badals JordiGMESP25931.52.7501

6) 16th Kostic Memorial

16th Kostic Memorial takes place Tue 2nd Nov - Fri 12th Nov 2010 in Vrsac SRB 6 player 10 Rounds DRR


16th Kostic Mem Vrsac SRB Tue 2nd Nov 2010 - Fri 12th Nov 2010
Leading Round 6 (of 10) Standings:
1Kovacevic AleksandarGMSRB25944.011.000.02
2Ivanisevic IvanGMSRB26283.59.500.02
3Sedlak NikolaGMSRB25463.09.750.01
4Nevednichy VladislavGMROU25473.08.000.01
5Bogosavljevic BobanGMSRB25692.57.000.01
6Spasov VasilGMBUL26062.06.250.00

7) Spartak Suboticka

The Spartak Suboticka GM and IM tournaments took place in Subotica Sat 23rd Oct - Fri 29th Oct 2010.

Website Results

Spartak GM Subotica SRB Sat 23rd Oct 2010 - Fri 29th Oct 2010
Final Round 9 Standings:
1Ilincic ZlatkoSRB24476.024.000.03
2Sax GyulaHUN25295.523.250.02
3Nestorovic NikolaSRB24205.021.500.03
4Sertic RudolfCRO24225.021.000.02
5Kosic DraganMNE24814.518.500.01
6Krivokapic MarkoMNE24174.017.500.00
7Pap MisaSRB25044.017.250.52
8Boskovic DraskoSRB24174.017.250.51
9Nadj Hedjesi BalindSRB24073.515.250.00
10Mrkonjic NenadCRO23942.511.000.00
Spartak IM Subotica SRB Sat 23rd Oct 2010 - Fri 29th Oct 2010
Final Round 9 Standings:
1Nestorovic LazarSRB23355.524.750.04
2Tancik KristijanSRB22615.523.500.02
3Dumpor AtifIMBIH23915.523.000.03
4Andrejic VladicaSRB21634.521.250.02
5Arapovic VitomirIMBIH24014.520.250.00
6Ardeleanu AlinIMROU24014.519.500.01
7Tesik CsabaHUN22584.518.250.02
8Farkas TiborIMSRB22594.017.250.01
9Jotic VladimirFMSRB23103.515.000.01
10Cabarkapa NovakSRB21303.014.000.01

8) 14th Unive Tournament

The 14th Unive Tournament took place in Hoogeveen, Netherlands 22nd-30th October 2010. There was an open alongside the main tournament reported last week.

Official Site

Unive Open Hoogeveen NED Fri 22nd Oct 2010 - Sat 30th Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Ikonnikov, VyacheslavGM25716.549.034.752612
2L'Ami, ErwinGM26246.548.034.252638
3Ernst, SipkeGM25876.547.533.752618
4Vocaturo, DanieleGM25816.544.531.52564
5Bonafede, AlessandroFM22806.543.530.252595
6Kempinski, RobertGM26156.051.532.52638
7Negi, ParimarjanGM25966.047.029.52525
8Nijboer, FrisoGM25826.046.529.752604
9Perez Candelario, ManuelIM25266.046.528.252539
10Dvirnyy, DaniyylIM24816.044.530.252544
11Ulibin, MikhailGM25446.042.026.02488
12Haslinger, Stewart GGM25435.549.529.52462
13Nyzhnyk, IllyaIM25385.548.527.52484
14Sengupta, DeepGM25585.545.025.252444
15Rombaldoni, AxelIM24535.544.023.252517
16Saravanan, VenkatachalamIM24085.543.023.752382
17Naroditsky, DanielFM24255.540.022.752357
18Caspi, IsraelIM24575.536.521.02281
19Pavlovic, MilosGM25315.046.525.02494
20Moskalenko, ViktorGM25805.044.522.52433
21Stella, AndreaFM23345.044.522.02456
22Okkes, MennoFM23785.044.022.02401
23Matsenko, SergeiIM24615.043.021.252402
24Raznikov, DannyFM23545.043.021.252426
25L'Ami, AlinaWGM23395.042.022.02302
26Hendriks, WillyIM24245.040.018.52356
27Tondivar, BabakFM23025.038.519.752367
28Ris, RobertIM24165.037.517.02332
29Warmelink, Evie19775.037.016.752260
63 players

9) SPICE Cup 2010

The SPICE Cup (Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence) took place Thu 28th - Sun 7th Nov 2010 at tghe Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Onischuk took first place under the three points for a win system. 1. GM Onischuk 18.0 +3 2. GM Meier 17 points +3 3-4. GM Almasi (+2), GM So (+1) 14.0 5-6. GM Robson, GM Perelshteyn 7.0

A number of games from the B-Group are not yet available.

Official site: Website

Susan Polgar Blog

SPICE Cup GMA Lubbock USA (USA), 28 x-7 xi 2010 cat. XVI (2632)
1 2 3 4 5 6
1. Meier, Georg g GER 2659 * * 1 0 ½ ½ 1 ½ 1 ½ ½ 1 2736
2. Onischuk, Alexander g USA 2688 0 1 * * ½ 0 ½ 1 1 ½ 1 1 2730
3. Almasi, Zoltan g HUN 2707 ½ ½ ½ 1 * * ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 ½ 6 2688
4. So, Wesley g PHI 2668 0 ½ ½ 0 ½ ½ * * 1 ½ 1 1 2660
5. Perelshteyn, Eugene g USA 2528 0 ½ 0 ½ ½ ½ 0 ½ * * ½ 0 3 2503
6. Robson, Ray m USA 2539 ½ 0 0 0 0 ½ 0 0 ½ 1 * * 2457

Round 1 (October 28, 2010)
Almasi, Zoltan - Perelshteyn, Eugene ½-½ 39 E10 Blumenfeld Counter Gambit
So, Wesley - Onischuk, Alexander ½-½ 43 E06 Catalan
Robson, Ray - Meier, Georg ½-½ 34 C11 French Defence
Round 2 (October 29, 2010)
Meier, Georg - Onischuk, Alexander 1-0 44 C67 Ruy Lopez Berlin
Perelshteyn, Eugene - So, Wesley 0-1 76 E92 King's Indian Classical
Robson, Ray - Almasi, Zoltan 0-1 40 C48 Four Knights Rubinstein
Round 3 (October 30, 2010)
Onischuk, Alexander - Perelshteyn, Eugene 1-0 58 E44 Nimzo Indian Rubinstein
Almasi, Zoltan - Meier, Georg ½-½ 38 C11 French Defence
So, Wesley - Robson, Ray 1-0 27 B76 Sicilian Modern Dragon
Round 4 (October 31, 2010)
Onischuk, Alexander - Almasi, Zoltan ½-½ 31 E55 Nimzo Indian
So, Wesley - Meier, Georg 0-1 60 C07 French Tarrasch
Perelshteyn, Eugene - Robson, Ray ½-½ 23 A05 Various
Round 5 (November 1, 2010)
Meier, Georg - Perelshteyn, Eugene 1-0 81 A15 English counter King's Fianchetto
Almasi, Zoltan - So, Wesley ½-½ 105 A07 Barcza System
Robson, Ray - Onischuk, Alexander 0-1 54 C45 Scotch Game
Round 6 (November 3, 2010)
Meier, Georg - Robson, Ray 1-0 37 E98 King's Indian Classical
Onischuk, Alexander - So, Wesley 1-0 32 E32 Nimzo Indian 4.Qc2
Perelshteyn, Eugene - Almasi, Zoltan ½-½ 71 E15 Queens Indian
Round 7 (November 4, 2010)
Onischuk, Alexander - Meier, Georg 1-0 35 E00 Catalan
Almasi, Zoltan - Robson, Ray ½-½ 75 A13 Reti Opening
So, Wesley - Perelshteyn, Eugene ½-½ 42 D38 QGD Ragozin
Round 8 (November 5, 2010)
Meier, Georg - Almasi, Zoltan ½-½ 45 E15 Queens Indian
Perelshteyn, Eugene - Onischuk, Alexander ½-½ 54 C44 Scotch Gambit
Robson, Ray - So, Wesley 0-1 32 B94 Sicilian Najdorf with 6.Bg5
Round 9 (November 6, 2010)
Meier, Georg - So, Wesley ½-½ 39 A15 English counter King's Fianchetto
Almasi, Zoltan - Onischuk, Alexander 1-0 62 C88 Ruy Lopez Closed
Robson, Ray - Perelshteyn, Eugene 1-0 14 C51 Evans Gambit
Round 10 (November 7, 2010)
Onischuk, Alexander - Robson, Ray 1-0 54 D45 Anti-Meran Variations
So, Wesley - Almasi, Zoltan ½-½ 41 A29 English Four Knights
Perelshteyn, Eugene - Meier, Georg ½-½ 51 A40 Unusual Replies to 1.d4
SPICE Cup GMB Lubbock (USA), 28 x-5 xi 2010 cat. X (2485)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
1. Bykhovsky, Anatoly m ISR 2497 * ½ 1 ½ ½ 1 ½ ½ ½ 1 6 2609
2. Antal, Gergely m HUN 2526 ½ * 0 ½ 1 1 ½ 1 ½ 1 6 2605
3. Smith, Bryan G m USA 2478 0 1 * ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 1 2566
4. Ippolito, Dean m USA 2469 ½ ½ ½ * ½ ½ 1 ½ 0 1 5 2530
5. Kuljasevic, Davorin m CRO 2555 ½ 0 ½ ½ * 1 ½ ½ ½ 1 5 2520
6. Yang, Darwin f USA 2402 0 0 ½ ½ 0 * 1 1 1 ½ 2494
7. Diamant, Andre g BRA 2498 ½ ½ ½ 0 ½ 0 * 1 ½ ½ 4 2440
8. Krush, Irina m USA 2490 ½ 0 ½ ½ ½ 0 0 * 1 ½ 2404
9. Finegold, Benjamin g USA 2534 ½ ½ 0 1 ½ 0 ½ 0 * 0 3 2354
10. Rensch, Daniel m USA 2404 0 0 0 0 0 ½ ½ ½ 1 * 2328
Round 1 (October 28, 2010)
Kuljasevic, Davorin - Bykhovsky, Anatoly ½-½ 31 D44 Anti-Meran Gambit
Yang, Darwin - Antal, Gergely 0-1 0
Diamant, Andre - Finegold, Benjamin ½-½ 19 B13 Caro Kann Exchange
Krush, Irina - Smith, Bryan G ½-½ 0
Rensch, Daniel - Ippolito, Dean 0-1 29 B12 Caro Kann Advanced
Round 2 (October 29, 2010)
Bykhovsky, Anatoly - Yang, Darwin 1-0 34 A12 Reti Opening
Antal, Gergely - Rensch, Daniel 1-0 28 B50 Sicilian Defence
Smith, Bryan G - Ippolito, Dean ½-½ 31 B10 Caro Kann
Krush, Irina - Diamant, Andre 0-1 66 E32 Nimzo Indian 4.Qc2
Finegold, Benjamin - Kuljasevic, Davorin ½-½ 23 B30 Sicilian Rossolimo
Round 3 (October 30, 2010)
Ippolito, Dean - Antal, Gergely ½-½ 10 D20 QGA
Kuljasevic, Davorin - Krush, Irina ½-½ 21 E43 Nimzo Indian Rubinstein
Yang, Darwin - Finegold, Benjamin 1-0 27 D45 Anti-Meran Variations
Diamant, Andre - Smith, Bryan G ½-½ 32 B70 Sicilian Dragon
Rensch, Daniel - Bykhovsky, Anatoly 0-1 0
Round 4 (October 31, 2010)
Bykhovsky, Anatoly - Ippolito, Dean ½-½ 40 D58 Queens Gambit Tartakover
Smith, Bryan G - Antal, Gergely 1-0 0
Diamant, Andre - Kuljasevic, Davorin ½-½ 0
Krush, Irina - Yang, Darwin 0-1 57 E25 Nimzo Indian Saemisch
Finegold, Benjamin - Rensch, Daniel 0-1 0
Round 5 (November 1, 2010)
Antal, Gergely - Bykhovsky, Anatoly ½-½ 34 B89 Sicilian Sozin Attack
Ippolito, Dean - Finegold, Benjamin 0-1 39 E32 Nimzo Indian 4.Qc2
Kuljasevic, Davorin - Smith, Bryan G ½-½ 35 E30 Nimzo Indian Leningrad
Yang, Darwin - Diamant, Andre 1-0 39 E81 King's Indian Saemisch
Rensch, Daniel - Krush, Irina ½-½ 75 B13 Caro Kann Exchange
Round 6 (November 2, 2010)
Smith, Bryan G - Bykhovsky, Anatoly 0-1 26 B31 Sicilian Rossolimo
Kuljasevic, Davorin - Yang, Darwin 1-0 36 A05 Various
Diamant, Andre - Rensch, Daniel ½-½ 45 B91 Sicilian Najdorf with 6.g3
Krush, Irina - Ippolito, Dean ½-½ 51 A61 Benoni
Finegold, Benjamin - Antal, Gergely ½-½ 19 B02 Alekhine's Defence
Round 7 (November 3, 2010)
Bykhovsky, Anatoly - Finegold, Benjamin ½-½ 9 A55 Old Indian Defence
Antal, Gergely - Krush, Irina 1-0 29 B12 Caro Kann Advanced
Ippolito, Dean - Diamant, Andre 1-0 37 D76 Gruenfeld 3.g3
Yang, Darwin - Smith, Bryan G ½-½ 0
Rensch, Daniel - Kuljasevic, Davorin 0-1 48 C12 French MacCutcheon
Round 8 (November 4, 2010)
Smith, Bryan G - Finegold, Benjamin 1-0 44 B01 Centre Counter
Kuljasevic, Davorin - Ippolito, Dean ½-½ 46 E90 King's Indian Classical
Yang, Darwin - Rensch, Daniel ½-½ 49 E47 Nimzo Indian
Diamant, Andre - Antal, Gergely ½-½ 8 D21 QGA
Krush, Irina - Bykhovsky, Anatoly ½-½ 25 D85 Gruenfeld Defence
Round 9 (November 5, 2010)
Bykhovsky, Anatoly - Diamant, Andre ½-½ 8 E11 Bogo Indian Defence
Antal, Gergely - Kuljasevic, Davorin 1-0 32 C07 French Tarrasch
Ippolito, Dean - Yang, Darwin ½-½ 26 E00 Catalan
Finegold, Benjamin - Krush, Irina 0-1 56 A01 Larsen Opening
Rensch, Daniel - Smith, Bryan G 0-1 35 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation

10) US Chess League

The US Chess League takes place August 23rd - 20th November 2010. The first phase is now complete.

Time Controls range from 60+30 to 90+30 depending on the start time and time zone. Games take place on ICC.

Official site:

USCL ICC (INT), 23 viii - 20 xi 2010
Quarter Finals
New EnglandvsNew York
1.IMSam Shankland NEvsGMAlex Lenderman NY 1-0
2.GMPascal Charbonneau NYvsIMRobert Hungaski NE 0-1
3.FMChristopher Chase NEvsFMAlec Getz NY 0-1
4.FMAleksandr Ostrovskiy NYvsNMAlex Cherniack NE 1/2-1/2
1.GMSergey Erenburg BALvsGMLarry Christiansen BOS 1-0
2.IMMarc Esserman BOSvsIMTegshsuren Enkhbat BAL 1-0
3.FMRalph Zimmer BALvsNMVadim Martirosov BOS 1/2-1/2
4.NMIlya Krasik BOSvsNMAdithya Balasubramanian BAL 1-0
1.GMJulio Becerra MIAvsGMDmitry Gurevich CHC 1/2-1/2
2.GMMesgen Amanov CHCvsGMRenier Gonzalez MIA 0-1
3.FMMarcel Martinez MIAvsIMFlorin Felecan CHC 1/2-1/2
4.FMGauri Shankar CHCvsNicholas Rosenthal MIA 0-1
1.IMLevon Altounian ARZvsGMVaruzhan Akobian SEA 1/2-1/2
2.FMCostin Cozianu SEAvsIMRogelio Barcenilla ARZ 1-0
3.FMRobby Adamson ARZvsFMSlava Mikhailuk SEA 1/2-1/2
4.Michael Wang SEAvsNMNick Thompson ARZ 0-1
USCL ICC (INT), 23 viii - 20 xi 2010
EASTERN DIVISION WLGame Points Opps Avg Rating Opps Record
# - New England 9.50.528.0/40 (70%)234540.0 - 46.0 (47%)
@ - Boston (54%)2402 40.0 - 46.0 (47%)
@ - Baltimore 5.54.522.0/40 (55%) 2417 41.5 - 44.5 (48%)
@ - New York (59%) 2408 43.0 - 43.0 (50%)
X - Philadelphia 3.56.518.0/40 (45%)2399 47.0 - 39.0 (55%)
X - New Jersey 3.56.516.5/40 (41%)2407 45.0 - 41.0 (52%)
X - Manhattan 3.56.515.5/40 (39%)2396 40.0 - 46.0 (46%)
X - Carolina (35%)2405 43.0 - 43.0 (50%)
WESTERN DIVISIONWLGame Points Opps Avg Rating Opps Record
# - Arizona 6.53.522.5/40 (56%)2407 44.5 - 41.5 (52%)
@ - Chicago (51%)2410 43.0 - 43.0 (50%)
@ - Miami 5.54.521.0/40 (53%) 2412 42.0 - 44.0 (49%)
@ - Seattle (55%) 2400 42.0 - 44.0 (49%)
X - St. Louis (46%)2411 49.0 - 37.0 (57%)
X - Los Angeles 4.55.518.5/40 (46%) 2402 42.0 - 44.0 (49%)
X - San Francisco (48%) 2424 46.0 - 40.0 (53%)
X - Dallas (48%)2394 40.0 - 46.0 (47%)

11) 36th Guernsey chess festival

The 36th Guernsey chess festival took place 17th-23rd of October 2010, at the Peninsula Hotel, Grand Havre Bay. Tiger Hillarp-Persson, Nick Pert and Evgeny Sveshnikov finished on 6/7. Nick Pert took first on tie-break. Arthur F Brameld has done a fine job in entering all the games.

He notes that there was an illegal game. Nicholson vs Goris Schouwstra. Quoting him: "As I state in the notes to the game, "after Black's 15th move, White appears to have played an illegal move 15.Nf2 and both players played on presumably not noticing!? The remaining moves were 15.Nf2 Bc6 16.Qd2 Qc7 17.Rad1 Rcd8 18.Qe2 d5 19.fe5 de4 20.Bxe4 Bxe5 21.Bxc6 Nxc6 22.Ng4 Bg7 23.Qf3 f5 24.Nf2 Nc5 25.Qe2 Qc6 (0-1, 25) (AFB)"

Official site:

12) World Youth Chess Championships

The World Youth Chess Championships took place in Porto Carras, Greece 20th October - 31st October. 1400 participants from 80 countries took part in Boys and Girls age sections that ran from under-8 to under-18.

Official site:

WY Boys-U18 Porto Carras GRE Tue 19th Oct 2010 - Sun 31st Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Zierk Steven CFMUSA23919.524439
2Ter-Sahakyan SamvelGMARM25168.524574
3Grandelius NilsGMSWE25008.023897
4Arribas Lopez AngelFMESP24548.023807
5Shimanov AleksandrGMRUS25128.023784
6Cruz CristhianIMPER24977.523524
7Kanarek MarcelFMPOL24017.523192
8Idani PouyaFMIRI22787.024318
9Priyadharshan KIMIND23577.024065
10Belous VladimirRUS24987.024028
11Anwesh UpadhyayaIND24207.023983
12Mazur StefanIMSVK24027.023863
13Sethuraman S PIMIND25357.023786
14Danilenko DmitriyFMUKR23077.023763
15Baron TalIMISR24557.023681
16Salem A R SalehGMUAE25017.023646
17Iljiushenok IliaRUS24127.023605
18Yilmaz MustafaIMTUR24827.023478
19Durarbeyli VasifGMAZE24957.023398
20Lovik Lasse OsteboFMNOR22987.023146
21Kanmazalp OgulcanIMTUR24117.022660
22Mammadov Ayaz ArzuFMAZE23586.544.0
23Terry RenatoFMPER24346.542.0
24Klein DavidNED22996.540.5
25Massoni MichaelFMFRA22996.540.0
26Dilanyan GrigorARM22456.539.5
27Radusinovic LazarSRB22576.539.5
28Nuber BlasiusGER22436.539.0
29Dounis AlexandrosGRE22076.539.0
30Sieciechowicz MarcinIMPOL24436.539.0
31Swayams MishraIND23776.539.0
32Bures JaroslavCZE23706.538.5
33Dragomirescu Robin-AlexandruFMROU24236.538.0
34Jorczik JulianFMGER23986.537.5
35Filippas SebastianGRE21916.534.5
36Nuri KambezSUI22806.024395
37Koohestani ShFMIRI23446.024001
38Khoroshev NikitaUZB22066.023633
39Lozhnikov VyacheslavFMKAZ22886.023331
40Gemy Jose DanielFMBOL23256.023190
41Alonso Rosell AlvarIMESP24856.023172
42Vasques Antonio Pedro FreixialPOR21156.022732
43Tsyhanchuk StanislavBLR23286.022706
44Arslanov ShamilIMRUS23836.022588
45Nitin SIMIND24136.022569
46Ulziibayar BoldbaatarMGL22026.022500
47Rios Cristhian CamiloFMCOL23806.022492
48Pourramezanali AmirrezaFMIRI23426.022222
49Petenyi TamasFMSVK23786.021954
50Firat BurakIMTUR24245.538.5
51Codenotti MarcoITA21755.536.0
52Martin Fuentes AlbertoESP23165.535.5
53Nikolashvili GiorgiGEO22945.535.0
54Ketzetzis GeorgiosGRE21785.533.0
55Mocanu SergiuMDA22055.533.0
56Csirik AndrasFMHUN23435.533.0
57Larmuseau MaartenBEL22715.533.0
58Tomazini AljosaSLO22555.533.0
59Ivanov Stojan LubomirovBUL22405.532.5
60Setkauskas VaidasLTU22475.532.5
61Ashiku FrancALB20985.532.0
62Barbosa Evandro AmorimFMBRA23935.530.5
63Espinosa Aranda AngelFMESP24035.039.0
64Hesham AbdelrahmanFMEGY22485.036.0
65De Arco Luis CarlosCOL22185.035.5
66Griffiths Ryan RhysIRL22835.034.0
67Blazeka MatejCRO21325.031.0
68Grandadam NicolasSUI22455.030.5
69Holvason JuriEST21635.028.5
70Tran Ngoc LanVIE22275.028.0
71Asimakopoulos IoannisGRE18455.027.0
72Spalir JernejSLO21515.026.5
73Sreeves ClementSCO21045.026.0
74Schnegg DanielAUT22125.025.0
75Titan MatejSLO21075.025.0
76Borisenko MaximUKR21985.024.0
77Kannemeyer WernerRSA19645.023.0
78Pedersen Nicolai Kvist BrondtDEN21614.531.0
79Kerigan DemreTUR21594.529.5
80Haskel JeffreyUSA22294.529.5
81Rostgaard Tobias ValentinDEN21144.528.5
82Olander AleksiFIN19854.527.5
83Osborne SamIRL20384.526.5
84Potpara NikolaMNE21574.526.5
85Homatidis PanagiotisGRE21344.525.5
86Pipia BekaGEO19934.525.0
87Kottahachchy K O VSRI19994.523.0
88Lydiard Robert GENG19884.522.5
89Marcinkevics OskarsLAT19794.522.0
90Koskinen RikuFIN19754.521.0
91Jefic SrdjanBIH21524.026.0
92Rigopoulos-Tsigkos AlexandrosGRE20654.024.0
93Larmuseau MichielBEL20854.022.5
94Taushanov MihailMKD19774.021.5
95Setala ToukoFIN20264.021.0
96Amarasena KaveeshaSRI18994.020.0
97Linden LariFIN19194.020.0
98Alnami SalaheddinLBA16924.018.5
99Chettiar EvasanRSA04.018.0
100Tambini JasperENG19304.016.5
101Esenbek Uulu BeknazarKGZ19854.015.0
102Stander JacquesRSA03.524.0
103Rozman MitjaSLO19453.521.5
104Khanan RagsitTHA19493.517.5
105Poscic MarkBEL18463.517.5
106Coetzee ChristianRSA03.517.5
107Norri RogerFIN18993.517.0
108Lee Xuan-YiTPE02.014.0
109Kim TaehyunKOR01.010.0
109 players
WY Boys-U16 Porto Carras GRE Tue 19th Oct 2010 - Sun 31st Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Dragun KamilFMPOL23928.558.5
2Sadzikowski DanielPOL23518.551.0
3Bukavshin IvanFMRUS24308.547.0
4Liu ChangCHN21628.023603
5Lagarde MaximeFMFRA24338.023281
6Savitskiy SergeyRUS23738.023156
7Krzyzanowski MarcinPOL23568.022797
8Andersen MadsFMDEN23858.022683
9Bok BenjaminIMNED24538.022407
10Ten Hertog HugoNED22087.522919
11Anton Guijarro DavidFMESP24037.522244
12Cori JorgeGMPER24967.522045
13Zhou Yang-FanFMENG23207.048.0
14Abasov Nijat AzadIMAZE25177.047.0
15Van Kampen RobinIMNED24307.046.0
16Predke AlexandrRUS24367.045.5
17Donskov AnatolyRUS22807.045.5
18Kosmas-Lekkas DimitirosGRE21377.044.0
19Pardo Simon DavidFMESP23367.042.0
20Topak EnginTUR22147.041.5
21Handler LukasAUT22257.041.0
22De Filomeno SimoneITA22757.039.5
23Kigel DmytroFMUKR21317.039.5
24Narayanan SrinathIMIND23837.039.0
25Nagy GaborHUN23727.038.5
26Nasanjargal UrtnasanMGL22306.545.5
27Gabuzyan HovhannesARM22616.545.0
28Volkov NikaGEO21596.542.5
29Juhasz KristofHUN22686.542.5
30Meribanov VitalyBLR22196.542.5
31Bajarani UlviIMAZE24086.542.0
32Muskardin MarioCRO21386.541.5
33Makhmutov RailRUS21566.540.5
34Igambergenov AlibekKAZ21956.540.0
35Srbis JuricaCRO22776.539.5
36Villalba MarceloIMPAR21066.538.5
37Yashas DIND22416.538.5
38Wertjanz DavidAUT22096.538.5
39Kriebel TadeasFMCZE22996.538.0
40Kadric DenisBIH22916.538.0
41Weichhold PawelPOL22916.537.5
42Hosseinipour MehdiFMIRI23046.536.5
43Tilicheev ViacheslavFMRUS23436.536.0
44Straka Josef JrFMSVK23076.535.5
45Stoeri SimonSUI20746.533.5
46Petrovski IgorMKD21526.531.5
140 players
WY Boys-U14 Porto Carras GRE Tue 19th Oct 2010 - Sun 31st Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Izzat Kanan AzarAZE21399.021845
2Shiven KhoslaIND23548.521716
3Alekseenko KirillFMRUS22848.521525
4Bortnik AlexandrUKR23028.050.0
5Grib RomanBLR22508.046.5
6Chu Wei ChaoCHN20758.046.5
7Javanbakht NimaIRI22047.522189
8Ynojosa Felix JoseENG22297.522111
9Vaibhav SuriIMIND24187.522004
10Boruchovsky AvitalISR22507.521926
11Tran Tuan MinhFMVIE22277.521737
12Rapport RichardGMHUN25237.521722
13Georgiadis NicoSUI22627.521213
14Sai Krishna G VFMIND23377.521077
15Dastan BatuhanTUR20877.520861
16Amstadt AronHUN22627.520611
17Laurusas TomasLTU22917.056.0
18Harutyunian Tigran KARM20637.047.0
19Drozdowski KacperFMPOL23037.046.5
20Beradze IrakliGEO22427.045.0
21Berbatov KiprianIMBUL24617.044.0
22Wagner DennisGER21667.042.0
23Usmanov VasilyRUS22197.041.0
24Aghaei AlirezaIRI21127.039.5
25Flermoen PeterNOR21557.039.5
26Petrov NikitaRUS20987.037.0
27Nasuta GrzegorzPOL21306.549.0
28Lamard GuillaumeFMFRA21866.547.0
29Santos Latasa JaimeESP22636.545.5
30Tomici StefanROU20516.544.0
31Gagare ShardulFMIND21946.543.5
32Bluebaum MatthiasGER21916.542.5
33Boscolo FedericoITA21526.539.5
34Navarrete Espi SamuelESP20246.538.5
35Svane RasmusGER22086.538.5
36Carow JohannesGER20796.537.0
37Ebeling DanielFIN20196.537.0
38Kowsarinia AmirFMIRI21916.530.0
128 players
WY Boys-U12 Porto Carras GRE Tue 19th Oct 2010 - Sun 31st Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Wei YiCHN22389.520875
2Troff Kayden WUSA22169.021309
3Duda Jan-KrzysztofFMPOL22478.521027
4Petrosyan ManuelARM19908.052.0
5Tari AryanNOR20538.052.0
6Ali Marandi Cemil CanFMTUR21808.048.5
7Wang Yi YeCMCHN20118.048.0
8Donchenko AlexanderGER22048.045.5
9Sanal VahapCMTUR21707.552.5
10Ghosh DiptayanFMIND21937.552.0
11Karthikeyan MuraliIND20597.549.5
12Mohammad Nubairshah ShaikhIND20717.549.0
13Xu YiCMCHN20397.547.5
14Williams Justus DUSA21557.546.5
15Sidhant MohapatraIND21257.546.5
16Bai JinshiCHN07.546.5
17Chandran KapilUSA20587.545.5
18Steinberg NitzanISR22637.544.5
19Lorparizangeneh ShahinFMIRI20217.542.5
20Vetoshko VolodymyrUKR22117.047.5
21Schroeder Jan-ChristianGER21087.045.5
22Abramciuc MariusMDA20067.044.5
23Sadikhov Ulvi RamilAZE20607.044.5
24Huber Martin ChristianAUT19857.044.0
25Barros CristhianECU19467.043.0
26Savenkov KonstantinRUS19437.043.0
27Stremavicius TitasLTU19437.042.0
28Rydl JiriCZE19067.041.5
29Ghvamberia NikaGEO17527.040.0
30Saiyn ZhanatKAZ20747.039.0
31Aron Teh Eu WenMAS16417.034.5
156 players
WY Boys-U10 Porto Carras GRE Tue 19th Oct 2010 - Sun 31st Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Cao JasonCAN09.056.5
2Xiong JeffreyUSA18249.054.5
3Puranik AbhimanyuIND17908.555.0
4Gupta BhaskarIND17428.554.5
5Wheeler CameronUSA08.053.0
6Sevian SamuelUSA21058.053.0
7Drozdowski KonradPOL17698.050.5
8Tabatabaei M AminFMIRI17938.048.0
9Panchanatham VigneshUSA18038.046.5
10Trjapishko AlexandrUKR19318.046.0
11Lagunow RaphaelGER16237.552.5
12Costachi MihneaROU18397.546.0
13Maltsev LeonidUKR18697.545.0
14Nigmatov OrtikUZB18907.544.5
15He Tommy OFMUSA18307.049.0
16Djordjevic VukSRB18267.048.0
17Grahesh YIND17957.048.0
18Carnicelli ValerioITA18807.046.0
19Haring ViktorSVK18937.045.0
20Omidi AryaIRI18477.044.5
21Gholami AryanFMIRI19027.044.5
22Lopez Mulet InigoESP17797.044.0
23Liao Yu HaoCHN17007.043.0
24Elistratov SemenRUS19557.041.5
25Tran Minh ThangVIE20187.041.5
26Golubov SaveliyRUS07.041.0
27Kazakovskiy ValeriyBLR17507.040.5
28Goltsev DmitryRUS07.035.0
157 players
WY Boys-U8 Porto Carras GRE Tue 19th Oct 2010 - Sun 31st Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Gadimbayli Abdulla AzarAZE17559.556.5
2Rudraksh ParidaIND15639.054.0
3Shevchenko KirillUKR08.559.5
4Lomasov SemenRUS17818.552.5
5Iniyan PIND15348.552.5
6Yakubboev NodirbekUZB08.053.5
7Petkov MateyBUL08.050.5
8Chukavin KirillEST08.048.0
9Liang AwonderUSA08.046.5
10Nguyen Anh KhoiFMVIE19807.548.5
11Oboladze LukaGEO07.547.0
12Ziaziulkin PavelBLR07.546.5
13Barseghyan ArmenARM07.536.5
14Ram Aravind L NIND16827.052.0
15Lagarde DimitriFRA16747.047.0
16Zarubitski ViachaslauBLR07.046.0
17Gurvich VitalyRUS07.046.0
18Kumar AravindUSA07.045.0
19Wong Yinn LongMAS07.045.0
20Levytskyy AndriyUKR07.044.0
21Praveen BalakrishnanUSA07.044.0
22Taghizadeh RayanUSA07.043.5
23Aditya S S VIND07.043.0
24Quirhuayo GonzaloPER07.042.5
25Willathgamuwa KevinAUS07.042.5
26Tarlabasi EmirhanTUR07.039.0
27Pranizin EvgenyRUS07.038.5
28Thilakaratne G M HSRI07.031.0
29Yavari AryaIRI06.541.5
30Sadhu S AdithyaIND15856.541.5
31Sidorov AntonRUS06.538.5
32Doknjas JoshuaCAN06.538.5
33Gavrilescu DavidROU06.538.5
34Sedykh EgorRUS06.537.0
35Willathgamuwa RowanAUS06.537.0
36Kharitonov IvanRUS06.536.5
37Wong Wan TatMAC06.536.5
38Moser NicolasAUT06.534.0
39Tahmasebi Hamid RezaIRI06.533.5
124 players
WY Girls-U18 Porto Carras GRE Tue 19th Oct 2010 - Sun 31st Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Kazimova Narmin NizamiWIMAZE22609.022146
2Cori T DeysiWGMPER23689.021847
3Hoang Thi Nhu YWIMVIE22148.022065
4Havlikova KristynaWIMCZE23188.021629
5Bhakti KulkarniCMIND22948.021544
6Stetsko LanitaBLR21487.521908
7Tsatsalashvili KetiWIMGEO22667.521668
8Vo Thi Kim PhungWIMVIE21477.048.0
9Rakhmangulova AnastasiyaUKR21537.048.0
10Kulon KlaudiaWFMPOL21967.046.0
11Hejazipour MitraWFMIRI22397.042.0
12Efroimski MarselWFMISR22447.042.0
13Eric JovanaWIMSRB22187.040.5
14Bulmaga IrinaWIMROU22676.549.0
15Grigorian MarineWFMRUS21786.542.0
16Travkina AnastasiaWFMRUS21896.542.0
17Haast AnneWIMNED22566.541.5
18Pavlidou EkateriniWIMGRE21916.541.5
19Semenova ElenaWFMRUS21356.539.5
20Miladinovic LenaSRB20646.539.0
21Gorozhankina JuliaWFMRUS20696.537.5
22Trapeznikova DaryaRUS19986.529.0
23Iordanidou ZoiGRE21526.046.0
24Bezgodova MariaWFMRUS21706.043.5
25Warakomska AnnaWFMPOL21886.042.0
26Purgar IvonaWFMCRO20916.039.0
27Endress AnnaGER21606.038.5
28Suslova AlenaWFMRUS22076.038.0
29Herrera Sosa JessicaWFMVEN19646.035.5
30Le Hoang Tran ChauWFMVIE20826.034.5
72 players
WY Girls-U16 Porto Carras GRE Tue 19th Oct 2010 - Sun 31st Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Ziaziulkina NastassiaWIMBLR22848.521612
2Nguyen Thi Mai HungWIMVIE22588.521218
3Schut LisaWIMNED22888.520272
4Arabidze MeriWIMGEO22888.021091
5Danelia MariamWIMGEO22138.021086
6Phan Nguyen Mai ChiWCMVIE21068.020481
7Saranya JWFMIND21218.020008
8Zmarzly AleksandraPOL20638.019302
9Hakimifard GhazalWFMIRI21737.552.5
10Chumpitaz AnnWFMPER21507.549.5
11Ibrahimova Sabina OqtayAZE20297.546.5
12Gevorgyan MariaARM19817.544.5
13Schulz AnjaGER20527.049.0
14Ainutdinova YekaterinaKAZ19997.048.5
15Narva TriinEST19297.044.5
16Gagare ShalmaliWIMIND21107.044.0
17Jalabadze NatiaGEO20437.041.0
18Skrabakova KatarinaSVK20387.040.5
19Badamkhand NorovsambuuMGL17927.039.5
20Imeeva AisaRUS20597.038.0
21Wisniowska KlaudiaPOL20096.544.0
22Eid MahaFRA20656.543.0
23Leks MariaWCMPOL20526.542.5
24Lach AleksandraWFMPOL22066.542.0
25Ivanenko Olga IWFMUKR21086.542.0
26Iwanow AnnaWFMPOL21126.542.0
27Perera Borrego MarielaESP20686.541.5
28Neuhauser SalomeFRA20646.540.0
29Pujari RuchaWFMIND20906.536.0
30Castrillon Gomez MelissaWFMCOL20136.535.0
31Unapkoshvili NaniGEO19746.534.5
97 players
WY Girls-U14 Porto Carras GRE Tue 19th Oct 2010 - Sun 31st Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Saduakassova DinaraWFMKAZ21429.019666
2Hakimifard RaanaIRI19308.519703
3Nandhidhaa PvIND20608.519692
4Lei TingjieCHN19908.519604
5Bivol AlinaRUS20768.519313
6Kostitsina LiubovRUS19108.039.0
7Tantsiura MarjaUKR20307.550.5
8Fataliyeva Ulviyya HasilWCMAZE19597.547.5
9Styazhkina AnnaWFMRUS19747.547.5
10Beinenson KatsiarynaBLR19217.545.0
11Turk TajanaCRO17727.540.0
12Zarkovic MilaSRB19537.045.5
13Lasya GIND18837.045.0
14Jacimovic SaraBIH19087.044.0
15Osmanodja FilizWFMGER20597.043.5
16Bala Kannamma PIND18667.042.5
17Pachon AdrianaWFMCOL19237.042.0
18Navrotescu Andreea-CristianaFRA19107.035.0
19Gaboyan SusannaARM18066.545.0
20Khademalsharieh SarasadatWFMIRI20756.544.5
21Shamatava AnaGEO19226.543.5
22Schmalhorst SophiaGER18506.542.5
23Chiang SarahWCMUSA18646.540.5
24Rodriguez Rueda Paula AndreaWFMCOL20996.540.0
25Khursanova FaridaUZB06.539.5
26Garcia-Castany Musellas Gal LaESP17686.043.5
27Ruiz Font ElisabetESP19026.042.5
28Kahramanova MohinurUZB18116.041.5
29Nicolas Zapata IreneESP20276.039.5
30Dragieva DenitzaBUL18036.038.5
31Kalaydina Regina VeronickaCAN18396.038.0
32Milutinovic StefanaSRB18596.037.5
33Belova OlgaRUS19466.037.0
34Vanagaite GiedreLTU18336.036.5
35Rykala MonikaPOL17676.036.0
36Shakhmurzova FatimaRUS17476.036.0
37Oliveira Maria InesPOR17286.036.0
38Nur Nabila Azman HishamWCMMAS18296.036.0
39Cyboran KatarzynaPOL18006.035.5
40Bitalzadeh MahsaNED18206.035.5
41Moradi KimiaIRI18276.035.5
42Blagojevic TijanaMNE17756.035.0
43Srija SeshadriWFMIND18326.035.0
44Tomin KsenijaSRB19096.034.5
45Spiegelberg SilviaGER17336.034.5
46Papathanasiou ElisavetGRE17926.033.5
47Hincu OlgaMDA17706.032.5
99 players
WY Girls-U12 Porto Carras GRE Tue 19th Oct 2010 - Sun 31st Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Osmak IulijaUKR19799.018518
2Ivana Maria FurtadoWCMIND19249.018121
3Mahalakshmi MWFMIND18158.555.5
4Sunyasakta SatpathyIND18998.551.5
5Li ZhuolingWFMCHN18638.053.5
6Vasenina AnnaWFMRUS18448.052.0
7Derakhshani DorsaIRI17998.050.0
8Monnisha GkWFMIND18438.043.5
9Bulmaga ElenaROU17848.042.0
10Hua MargaretUSA19437.546.5
11Menzi Nezihe EzgiTUR18187.545.0
12Peng JackieWCMCAN17937.049.5
13Malatsilava VolhaBLR18427.049.5
14Hojjatova Aydan HikmatWCMAZE18187.049.0
15Liao RuiCHN18307.047.5
16Rodionova DariaRUS18567.047.0
17Rakic TeodoraSRB17087.045.5
18Dordzhieva DinaraWCMRUS19507.044.0
19Goryachkina AleksandraWFMRUS20577.044.0
20Vidic TejaSLO17677.043.5
21Zamalova RamilyaRUS18647.041.0
22Egorova AyyynaWCMRUS18697.036.5
23Paramzina AnastasyaRUS18306.547.0
24Vasova MariaBUL17766.545.0
25Khomeriki NinoGEO18126.544.0
26Rosales PierinaWFMPER17856.543.5
27Tohirjonova GulruhbegimUZB17626.542.0
28Mammadzada Gunay VuqarWFMAZE18156.541.5
29Wozniak MariolaPOL17236.541.5
30Gal Hanna KrisztinaHUN19026.540.0
31Valieva RufinaRUS19036.540.0
32Kisteneva LizaWFMRUS19536.539.5
33Gazikova VeronikaSVK17846.539.5
34Vu Hoang LanWCMVIE18276.538.5
35Haussernot CecileWFMFRA20286.536.5
36Bluhm Sonja MariaGER18186.535.0
37Oreshko MariyaUSA16516.533.5
38Nur Najiha HishamWFMMAS17796.530.0
117 players
WY Girls-U10 Porto Carras GRE Tue 19th Oct 2010 - Sun 31st Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Nominerdene DavaademberelWFMMGL17559.054.5
2Abdumalik ZhansayaKAZ18709.053.5
3Obolentseva AlexandraRUS08.057.5
4Kazarian Anna MajaNED16588.054.5
5Yuan YeCHN08.052.5
6Tsolakidou StavroulaGRE17837.551.5
7Zhou QiyuFIN07.550.5
8Aksoy AycaTUR16397.547.5
9Tejaswini SagarIND16457.547.0
10Khushi DharewaIND15597.546.5
11Azhar Puteri Rifqah FahadaMAS07.545.0
12Broly MathildeFRA16347.544.0
13Kiolbasa OliwiaPOL15957.544.0
14Kurcsics ErikaHUN16737.538.0
15Avramidou AnastasiaGRE16347.047.0
16Bauyrzhan ArnashKAZ18997.046.5
17Jibuti NataGEO07.045.0
18Bansi Prathima MIND15477.044.0
19Caballero Quijano Mitzy MishelPER16897.042.0
20Al Mansouri MozaWFMUAE07.042.0
21Borunova TatianaRUS07.040.5
22Jorge Rita Maria OsorioPOR16987.038.0
23Akbari Zahmati NazaninIRI06.546.0
24Simon LiliHUN17406.543.0
25Copilu Codruta-AlexaROU16096.542.5
26Balajayeva Khanim AsadAZE06.542.0
27Tukaeva AdelyaRUS06.541.5
28Savant RiyaIND15856.540.5
29Wong KitMAC06.539.0
30Zlotchevsky NicoleUSA06.538.5
31Waechter NathalieGER06.536.5
32De Bruyn AleidaRSA06.536.5
33Gankhuyag UchralMGL06.536.0
34Valeva AnaBUL06.535.5
35Wang KellyCAN06.040.5
36Korchagina AlenaRUS06.039.5
37Radeva ViktoriaBUL06.037.0
38Martynkova OlenaUKR06.036.5
39Marjanovics AnnamariaHUN16316.036.0
40Stebel AgataPOL06.035.5
41Vrtiakova AnnaSVK06.034.0
42Muratova SaltanatKAZ06.033.0
43Feofilova ElizavetaRUS17806.032.5
44Moses SelinaGER06.032.0
45Peng JanetCAN06.030.5
107 players
WY Girls-U8 Porto Carras GRE Tue 19th Oct 2010 - Sun 31st Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Li YunshanCHN010.563.5
2Morvay EszterSVK09.055.0
3Serikbay AsselKAZ08.056.0
4Riddhi ZantyeIND08.048.0
5Adyasa MahapatraIND08.043.5
6Wang AnnieWFMUSA07.549.5
7Goltseva EkaterinaRUS07.548.0
8Ferkova DominikaSVK07.547.5
9Nguyen EmilyUSA07.546.0
10Ismayilzada Zeynab AydinAZE07.545.0
11Usmonova ZeboUZB07.539.5
12Tejasvi MIND12727.049.0
13Badzgaradze ElenaRUS07.043.0
14Antova GabrielaBUL07.041.0
15Esadze TamarGEO07.038.5
16Bahavar HelyaIRI07.035.0
17Salimova NurgyulBUL06.546.0
18Badelko OlgaBLR06.544.5
19Gombocz ZsofiaHUN06.543.5
20Lengyel AndreaHUN06.543.0
21Salonika SainaIND13426.542.5
22Joanna LiuUSA06.542.5
23Munkhzul TurmunkhMGL06.541.5
24Ramesh KaavyaUSA06.540.0
25Botez AndreaCAN06.540.0
26Swiech JoannaPOL06.042.0
27Glebova AnastasiaRUS17206.041.0
28Ros Alonso JoanaESP06.039.0
29Olde GreteEST06.038.5
30Iyehgar SharanyaKEN06.038.0
81 players

13) 14th Corsica Masters

The 14th Corsica Masters took place October 24th-30th 2010. There was a 7 Round Swiss System tournament which provided qualifiers for a later rapid knockout. The start was in Bastia but the final of the knockout was in Ajaccio where Shakhriyar Mamedyarov beat Teimour Radjabov in a blitz playoff.

Official site:

14th Corsica Masters FRA Sun 24th Oct 2010 - Fri 29th Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1BOLOGAN ViktorgMDA2690629322778
2VAN WELY LoekgNED267930½342717
3FRESSINET LaurentgFRA27182831½2677
4DAVID AlbertogLUX258953135½2592
5HORVATH AdamgHUN2493530½34½2544
6SHCHEKACHEV AndreigFRA252753033½2569
7JONES Gawain C BgENG2576529½342619
8MESZAROS TamasmHUN2448529332631
9MALANIUK Vladimir PgUKR252752932½2603
10BLUVSHTEIN MarkgCAN2583529322606
11BALOGH CsabagHUN2608528½32½2593
12CZEBE AttilagHUN2479528½32½2489
13BOKROS AlbertmHUN2501528½322534
14SHIRAZI KamranmFRA2394528½322419
15VAJDA LeventegROU2499528½312549
16VAJDA SzidoniamHUN234252830½2512
17DIMITROV RadoslavmBUL2388527½312415
18ELDESOKY HatemEGY2225527302298
19DRAGOJLOVIC AndjelkomSRB237952729½2350
20KARPATCHEV AleksandrgRUS2472526½30½2468
21KOZLOV OlegmRUS2296525282296
22BUCHY DanielFRA211352527½2262
23BERNARD ChristophemFRA2347524½27½2318
24ZEPEDA LorenamfESA2194524½27½2193
25GOCZO MelindamfHUN2206524½272229
26FRICK ChristophGER2237524272185
174 players

14) Liberec Open

The 11th Liberec Open 2010 took place Sat 23rd Oct 2010 - Sat 30th Oct 2010. Pawel Szablowski won with 7.5/9.

Official site: Website

11th Liberec Open Liberec CZE Sat 23rd Oct 2010 - Sat 30th Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Szablowski PawelPOL7.538.549.07
2Vavra PavelIMCZE6.541.053.05
3Dambrauskas VirginijusIMLTU6.539.551.05
4Plischki SebastianIMGER6.538.050.04
5Jorgensen JorgenDEN6.537.548.05
6Kulhanek TomasIMCZE6.041.553.54
7Kool GerardNED6.041.052.03
8Straka VojtechCZE6.040.050.53
9Sorensen BentDEN6.039.049.04
10Christensen Bo GarnerDEN6.038.048.54
11Kaderabek JiriCZE6.038.047.05
12Nemcova KaterinaWGMCZE6.037.548.54
13Vlasak LukasCZE6.037.045.53
14Kucera PetrCZE6.036.045.54
15Pedersen Henrik BoldingDEN6.035.544.04
16Novak MichalCZE6.034.543.03
17Andersen Lars ChristoffDEN6.034.042.54
18Snorek MilanCZE6.033.042.06
19Sott PavelCZE5.539.050.03
20Bednar MarcelCZE5.538.047.54
21Broekman WillemNED5.537.046.54
22Klecker TadeasCZE5.536.547.54
23Bartos JanFMCZE5.536.546.54
24Paldus PetrCZE5.534.545.04
25Ruzicka VaclavCZE5.042.052.03
26Cakl ZdenekCZE5.037.046.53
27Benes PetrCZE5.036.546.55
28Selig RainerGER5.036.047.05
29Krivanek VladimirCZE5.035.544.05
30Schuettler ThomasGER5.034.043.53
85 players

15) Chigorin Memorial

The Chigorin Memorial took place in St. Petersburg, Russia, October 26th to November 5th 2010 and consisted of a rapid and a classic tournament. Official site:

Classic Open St Petersburg RUS Thu 28th Oct 2010 - Fri 5th Nov 2010
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Safarli, EltajGMAZE26077.553.042.02787
2Sokolov, IvanGMBIH26417.056.544.02772
3Areshchenko, AlexanderGMUKR26647.053.541.02755
4Andreikin, DmitryGMRUS26697.052.540.52711
5Dreev, AlexeyGMRUS26497.052.040.52725
6Sakaev, KonstantinGMRUS26077.051.540.52750
7Fedoseev, VladimirIMRUS24777.051.040.52742
8Smirin, IliaGMISR26576.554.043.02700
9Zhigalko, SergeiGMBLR26406.554.042.52684
10Grachev, BorisGMRUS26686.553.042.02693
11Andriasian, ZavenGMARM25796.552.541.52722
12Savchenko, BorisGMRUS26276.552.540.52683
13Khairullin, IldarGMRUS26206.552.040.52631
14Chadaev, NikolaiGMRUS25746.550.540.02680
15Khismatullin, DenisGMRUS26546.549.538.52613
16Demchenko, AntonIMRUS25296.549.039.02665
17Papin, VasilyIMRUS25346.548.538.02632
18Volkov, SergeyGMRUS25956.548.537.52654
19Burmakin, VladimirGMRUS25936.547.036.52564
20Stefansson, HannesGMISL25856.547.036.52639
21Yemelin, VasilyGMRUS25716.545.535.52587
22Swiercz, DariuszGMPOL25076.545.034.52560
23Geller, JakovIMRUS25446.544.534.02597
24Matlakov, MaximGMRUS26136.544.034.52565
25Kryakvin, DmitryGMRUS25916.542.032.52505
26Romanov, EvgenyGMRUS25986.051.540.52597
27Popov, ValerijGMRUS25596.050.539.52602
28Lintchevski, DaniilGMRUS25286.050.039.02579
29Malakhov, IgorFMRUS24256.049.538.52600
30Fedorov, AlexeiGMBLR25996.049.537.52550
31Zvjaginsev, VadimGMRUS26646.048.538.02603
32Grigoryan, Karen H.CMARM22906.048.538.02546
33Malakhatko, VadimGMBEL25786.048.037.02563
34Maletin, PavelGMRUS26216.047.537.52585
35Svetushkin, DmitryGMMDA25526.047.537.02536
36Ponkratov, PavelGMRUS25926.047.536.52542
37Pakhomov, EgorIMRUS23956.046.036.02548
38Makarov, MaratGMRUS25216.046.035.02514
39Vorobiov, Evgeny E.GMRUS25656.045.535.52522
40Chernobay, ArtemIMRUS24686.045.535.52542
41Klimov, SergeyGMRUS25066.044.035.02472
42Shinkevich, VitalyIMRUS25256.041.032.52488
43Amonatov, FarrukhGMTJK26025.551.540.02551
44Kuzubov, YuriyGMUKR26285.550.539.02542
45Kharlov, AndreiGMRUS25105.549.538.52547
46Kokarev, DmitryGMRUS26235.549.038.52530
47Vysochin, SpartakGMUKR25505.549.038.02528
48Lovkov, RomanIMRUS24145.549.038.02504
49Korobov, AntonGMUKR26705.548.537.02528
50Aleksandrov, AleksejGMBLR26475.548.037.52539
51Goganov, AlekseyIMRUS24785.547.036.52479
52Bocharov, DmitryGMRUS26125.547.036.02514
53Petrosian, Davit G.GMARM24875.547.036.02477
54Paikidze, NaziWGMGEO23765.546.538.52563
55Ipatov, AlexanderIMESP25215.546.536.52495
56Khusnutdinov, RustamGMKAZ25245.546.036.52438
57Ovod, EvgenijaIMRUS24015.546.036.52480
58Bodnaruk, AnastasiaIMRUS23995.546.036.02512
59Shomoev, AntonGMRUS25365.546.035.02474
60Melkumyan, HrantGMARM26145.545.535.02492
61Levin, Evgeny A.GMRUS24835.545.535.02456
62Bogdanovich, StanislavIMUKR24645.544.535.02485
63Airapetian, GorIMRUS24515.544.535.02444
64Lafuente, PabloGMARG25655.544.534.52426
65Kalegin, EvgenijIMRUS24535.544.035.02523
66Epishin, VladimirGMRUS25945.544.034.52463
67Sergienko, SergeyIMRUS24175.544.034.52427
68Neverov, ValeriyGMUKR25195.544.034.02457
69Krylov, MikhailIMRUS25165.544.033.02445
70Stukopin, AndreyIMRUS24585.543.534.52436
71Zherebukh, YaroslavGMUKR25635.543.033.52477
72Kurukin, DmitryRUS22775.542.535.52476
73Pankov, GermanFMRUS23505.542.033.52414
74Mozharov, MikhailIMRUS24945.542.033.02376
75Smirnov, ArtemIMRUS24265.541.532.02375
76Rozum, IvanIMRUS24765.540.530.52414
77Vorotnikov, Vladislav VGMRUS24285.540.030.52344
78Shipov, SergeiGMRUS25575.539.031.02399
79Rodshtein, MaximGMISR26325.538.530.02389
80Iskusnyh, SergeiGMRUS24655.049.539.02475
81Jumabayev, RinatGMKAZ25475.049.039.02476
275 players
Rapid Open St Petersburg RUS Tue 26th Oct 2010 - Wed 27th Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Yudin, SergeiGMRUS25217.053.042.52792
2Andriasian, ZavenGMARM25797.052.542.02727
3Lafuente, PabloGMARG25657.051.041.02696
4Vorobiov, Evgeny E.GMRUS25657.051.040.02714
5Gasanov, EldarGMUKR24827.049.540.52756
6Melkumyan, HrantGMARM26147.044.535.52688
7Sokolov, IvanGMBIH26416.552.541.52683
8Geller, JakovIMRUS25446.550.541.02712
9Areshchenko, AlexanderGMUKR26646.550.040.02662
10Alekseev, EvgenyGMRUS26916.550.039.02699
11Tkachiev, VladislavGMFRA26326.550.039.02677
12Demchenko, AntonIMRUS25296.549.539.02704
13Grachev, BorisGMRUS26686.549.039.02696
14Krylov, MikhailIMRUS25166.548.038.52668
15Khismatullin, DenisGMRUS26546.546.536.52697
16Chadaev, NikolaiGMRUS25746.546.035.52667
17Rozum, IvanIMRUS24766.541.533.52647
18Sakaev, KonstantinGMRUS26076.541.532.52621
19Jumabayev, RinatGMKAZ25476.052.042.02642
20Zvjaginsev, VadimGMRUS26646.051.040.02657
21Rodshtein, MaximGMISR26326.050.039.02634
22Inarkiev, ErnestoGMRUS26716.049.538.52655
23Kryakvin, DmitryGMRUS25916.049.037.52558
24Bogdanovich, StanislavIMUKR24646.047.038.52678
25Shipov, SergeiGMRUS25576.047.038.02656
26Romanov, EvgenyGMRUS25986.046.536.02605
27Sulypa, OleksandrGMUKR24956.044.535.02588
28Dreev, AlexeyGMRUS26496.043.533.02600
29Kokarev, DmitryGMRUS26236.043.533.02572
30Zhigalko, SergeiGMBLR26406.042.031.52532
31Stukopin, AndreyIMRUS24585.552.041.52637
32Volkov, SergeyGMRUS25955.550.540.02597
33Bocharov, DmitryGMRUS26125.549.038.02543
34Savchenko, BorisGMRUS26275.548.038.02602
35Szabo, KrisztianGMHUN25285.547.537.52575
36Shomoev, AntonGMRUS25365.546.535.52522
37Popov, ValerijGMRUS25595.546.036.02533
38Matlakov, MaximGMRUS26135.545.034.52515
39Eliseev, AlexeiIMRUS23985.544.033.52549
40Khusnutdinov, RustamGMKAZ25245.543.533.52540
41Yevseev, DenisGMRUS25315.543.033.52484
42Prokopchuk, EvgenyGMRUS25225.542.532.52452
43Mozharov, MikhailIMRUS24945.541.532.52542
44Shukh, NikolaiIMRUS24295.541.033.52584
45Utkin, AlekseyFMRUS23285.541.031.52471
46Kovalev, VladislavFMBLR23285.539.031.02496
47Mokshanov, AlexeyRUS22715.538.031.02495
48Amonatov, FarrukhGMTJK26025.051.040.02488
49Vysochin, SpartakGMUKR25505.048.037.52559
50Glek, IgorGMGER24675.047.537.52544
51Malakhatko, VadimGMBEL25785.046.536.52488
52Kuzubov, YuriyGMUKR26285.046.035.52534
53Stefansson, HannesGMISL25855.045.535.52494
54Dubov, DaniilIMRUS24565.045.535.52528
55Epishin, VladimirGMRUS25945.045.534.52478
56Swiercz, DariuszGMPOL25075.042.032.52484
57Hamitevici, VladimirIMMDA24155.041.032.52430
58Yemelin, VasilyGMRUS25715.041.031.52474
59Alavkin, ArsenyGMRUS24375.040.030.52377
60Lovkov, RomanIMRUS24145.039.531.52420
61Efanov, NikolaiIMRUS24115.038.530.02373
62Glidzhain, GorFMRUS23765.038.530.02420
63Levin, Evgeny A.GMRUS24835.036.528.02333
64Poghosyan, SurenARM23355.035.027.52297
65Shaydullina, SandugachWGMRUS21755.034.527.52337
155 players

16) Swiss Team Championships 2010

The Nationalliga A of Switzerland took place 14th February - 7th November 2010. The results was the 24th title for Zurich. The team included joerg Gruenenwald, Werner Hug, Christian Issler, Lothar Vogt, Viktor Korchnoi, Lucas Brunner, Christian Bauer and Norbert Friedrich. Games from the first seven rounds now available. I will give the final two rounds and tables next week hopefully.

Dates: Round 1 (2010.02.14), Round 2 (2010.03.21), Round 3 (2010.04.25), Round 4 (2010.06.13), Round 5 (2010.06.27), Round 6 (2010.08.28), Round 7 (2010.08.29), Round 8 (2010.11.06) and Round 9 (2010.11.07).


TCh-SUI NatLigaA Switzerland (SUI), 14 ii-7 xi 2010
Final Standings

17) Uxbridge International 2010

The Uxbridge International Premier and Young Masters took place Sun 24th Oct 2010 - Thu 28th Oct 2010.

The same organisers are responsible for the e2e4 Brighton Congress Fri 12th Nov 2010 - Sun 14th Nov 2010.

Official site:

Premier Open Denham ENG Sun 24th Oct 2010 - Thu 28th Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Summerscale, Aaron PGMENG24197.02438
2Rudd, JackIMENG22517.02416
3Buckley, Graeme NIMENG23976.52362
4Arkell, Keith CGMENG24396.02335
5Lock, Gavin RENG21985.52169
6Ociepka, AdrianPOL21575.52188
7Mcintyre, PaulSCO21195.52194
8Holland, James PENG20345.52273
9Foster, James MENG19615.52198
10Shaw, PeterENG21645.02153
11Clark, RobertENG20275.02132
12Lexton, Michael JWLS20095.02158
13Willmoth, Robert FENG22144.51953
14Lyell, MarkFMENG22024.52157
15Smith, Andrew PhilipFMIRL21904.52014
16Fox, AnthonyIRL21304.52060
17Veit, Darlan RodrigoBRA21234.52029
18Cafolla, PeterIRL20884.51962
19Bennett, DominicENG19914.52045
20Obiamiwe, PaulNGR20234.01995
21Whitfield, Craig MENG19874.02011
22Campbell, EoinSCO19364.01895
23Wadsworth, Matthew JENG18684.02023
24Taylor, Adam AENG18214.01871
25Shakespeare, JohnWLS0 *4.01893
26De Coverly, Roger DENG20823.51921
27Kennedy, CraigSCO20313.51968
28Kingston, IanENG19923.51796
29Taylor, Dale CENG19053.51979
30Foo, WilliamENG18953.51924
31Jain, RadhaENG18533.51877
32Quinn, Joseph RENG18083.51929
33McKerracher, DouglasSCO19403.01933
34Lazarevic, LjubicaSRB0 *2.51527
35Nettleton, Robin0 *0.01273
Uxbridge Young Masters Denham ENG Sun 24th Oct 2010 - Thu 28th Oct 2010
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Messam-Sparks, LateefahENG19286.51913
2Juciute, EinoraLTU18436.52041
3Foord, DominicENG20716.01863
4Archer-Lock, AdrianENG18626.01934
5Nettleton, CharlieENG18246.01859
6Dias, TheodoreFRA17936.01861
7Ignatovic, ErnestLTU0 *3.51572
8Waddingham, PaulENG17042.51510
9Ociepka, DominikaPOL14321.51349
10Cavendish, JoshuaENG0 *1.01485

18) 14th Bavarian Open

The 14th Bavarian Open took place Sat 30th Oct 2010 - Sun 7th Nov 2010. Alexander Khalifman took first place on tie-break from Daniel Fridman, Sergei Azarov, Chanda Sandipan, Igor Khenkin and Alexander Graf after all finished on 7.5/9.


14th Bavarian Open Bad Wiessee Sat 30th Oct 2010 - Sun 7th Nov 2010
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Khalifman, Alexan26267.5592427
2Fridman, Daniel26457.557.52429
3Azarov, Sergei25967.5552415
4Sandipan, Chanda26417.554.52429
5Khenkin, Igor26147.554.52391
6Graf, Alexander26067.551.52319
7Iordachescu, Vior2632756.52384
8Brodsky, Michail2549753.52335
9Drozdovskij, Yuri2608752.52324
10Rivas Pastor, Man2529751.52255
11Petrov, Marijan25507512325
12Ovsejevitsch, Ser2597749.52268
13Siebrecht, Sebast24217492342
14Poetsch, Hagen2395748.52262
15Buhmann, Rainer2563747.52228
16Mainka, Romuald24836.5572356
17Naumann, Alexande25446.5562336
18Hertneck, Gerald25416.554.52335
19Rozentalis, Eduar26116.5542325
20Eingorn, Vereslav25626.5532315
21Solomon, Kenny23946.5522310
22Abergel, Thal25216.5522281
23Deglmann, Ludwig23976.551.52280
24Meins, Gerlef24756.5512326
25Zude, Arno24706.5512292
26Singer, Christoph23696.5512231
27Roy Chowdhury, Sa24576.550.52324
28Telljohann, Sven24036.550.52312
29Zhigalko, Andrey25806.5502326
30Fedorovsky, Micha24116.549.52232
31Kindermann, Stefa25266.548.52226
32Carlstedt, Jonath23766.5482284
33Schmitz, Thorsten23206.5482223
34Turov, Maxim26396.547.52244
35Lomineishvili, Ma23556.547.52207
36Cordts, Ingo22926.547.52202
37Schneider, Ilja25196.546.52231
38Schultz, Andreas22096.545.52209
39Cocchi, Andrea22666.543.52101
40Andersson, Ulf25666.537.52229
41Radulski, Julian25946552364
42Krivoborodov, Ego24996552343
43Kunin, Vitaly2538652.52277
44Duhayon, Yves22206522305
45Ringoir, Tanguy2379651.52288
48Delitzsch, Juerge22226512312
49Satyapragyan, Swa24516512280
50Mons, Leon2178650.52226
51Fradkin, Boris24546502216
52Buchal, Stephan23346492222
53Meister, Peter24466492185
54Lindemann, Christ22176492183
55Baum, Bernd, Dr.2253648.52254
56Weber, Ulrich2413648.52234
57Bach, Matthias2276648.52233
58Waldschmidt, Geor2245648.52213
59Rasch, Holger22796482247
60Maurer, Jochen21916482220
61Pauw, Martijn2040647.52181
62Hoffmann, Michael2510646.52211
63Forchert, Martin24206462220
64Loew, Gerald22636462181
65Tillmann, Markus22006462175
66Oberhofer, Andre22736452143
67Czap, Bernard21686452125
68Krueger, Andre20926442183
69Egger, Thomas22166442137
70Rogobete, Nikolas2269643.52146
71Vandrey, Wolfgang2305643.52088
72Schoenberger, Pet21746432156
73Lederle, Vitus2191642.52087
74Rau, Juergen21476422053
75Lupor, Stefan2295640.52056
76Weichelt, Jens2139640.52046
462 players

19) TCh-CZE Extraliga 2010-11

The TCh-CZE Extraliga 2010-11 started in Frydek Mistek and takes place Sat 6th Nov 2010 - Sun 17th Apr 2011. Games were broadcast live but I'll wait for the full selection hopefully for next week.


20) Brazilian Championships Semi-Finals

Two Semi-Finals of the Brazilian Championships, both 7 Round Swisses took place Sat 30th Oct - Tue 2nd Nov 2010 ch-BRA S/F Region 1 2010 Sao Paolo BRA 61 players 7 Swiss ch-BRA S/F Region 2 2010 Recife BRA 50 players 7 Round Swiss. No games available.

Website Region 1 Website Region 2

ch-BRA SF Region 1 Sao Paolo BRA Sat 30th Oct 2010 - Tue 2nd Nov 2010
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Fier AlexandrGMBRA25886.023.531.524.0
2Matsuura EveraldoIMBRA24845.023.032.522.5
3Shumyatsky VictorFMBRA23385.023.031.521.0
4Gonzalez Bolivar RibeiroFMBRA22865.022.029.520.5
5Choma Ernani FranciscoFMBRA23325.021.529.521.0
6Matsuura FredericoFMBRA23135.
7Molina Roberto Junio BritoIMBRA23845.020.529.521.5
8Bueno Alfeu Junior VarelaFMBRA23035.020.527.520.0
9Abdalla Luiz Guilherme AureliBRA22945.019.527.518.5
10Terao Rodrigo AkiraFMBRA23175.019.026.520.0
11Umetsubo Cesar HidemitsuBRA21245.017.524.518.0
12Teixeira Ricardo da SilvaFMBRA23244.520.029.020.0
13Egoroff JomarBRA22694.519.026.519.5
14Tsuboi Edson KenjiIMBRA23944.516.524.016.5
15Toth Christian EndreIMBRA23704.022.030.520.5
16Marra Eduardo da CostaFMBRA22684.
17Santos Junior Haroldo Cunha dosBRA22054.021.528.018.0
18Di Berardino Diego RafaelIMBRA24924.
19Santos Marcus Vinicius MoreiraIMBRA23744.
20Calcado Acyr RogerioBRA21794.
21Disconzi RodrigoIMBRA23734.018.526.515.5
22Bispo LeonardoBRA21584.017.525.515.5
23Mandetta Joao DaniloBRA20514.017.523.514.0
24Feliciano VanessaWFMBRA21564.
25Cruz Eider Tiago daBRA21854.
26Reis Alan de Albuquerque MaranhaBRA20174.
27Pirola Claudionor Alcides LimaBRA21114.
61 players
ch-BRA SF Region 2 Recife BRA Sat 30th Oct 2010 - Tue 2nd Nov 2010
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Oliveira Reis Paulo Fernando JatFMBRA23765.522.530.020.0
2Barreto Filho Carlos AlbertoFMBRA23465.522.030.524.0
3Barbosa Paulo Eduardo e SilvaBRA22185.522.029.523.0
4Barata Adriano AlbianiBRA22065.519.028.022.5
5Silveira Filho Neri da SilvaBRA22335.021.529.021.0
6Fernandes Filho Bergson FragosoBRA20835.
7Silva Evandro Rodrigues daBRA21825.
8Moura Soares Alberto Manoel ColaBRA21705.017.523.518.5
9Brito Luismar Jorge deFMBRA23324.524.033.022.0
10Azevedo Junior Jose FerreiraBRA20394.520.027.015.5
11Carvalho Felipe LoboBRA21584.520.026.020.0
12Miranda Jr Roberto Calheiros deBRA22404.519.527.519.0
13Farias Sergio Roberto AlvesBRA20724.519.025.018.0
14Lucas Leone MorenoBRA22124.516.524.517.5
15Macedo Maximo Iack Miranda deFMBRA23344.021.530.018.0
16Santos Eudismar AbreuBRA21314.
17Patroclo Arthur RuizBRA21054.017.525.017.0
18Bouwman Marcelo WanderleyBRA22304.017.025.516.0
19Nunes Marcelo BasilioBRA20314.
20Oliveira Hebert Silva deBRA21114.014.019.512.0
21Zallio Luciano SouzaBRA20613.522.530.517.0
22Pinto Carlos Henrique LopesFMBRA20993.520.528.016.0
23Fiaes Mario Henrique AndradeBRA19943.519.527.514.5
24Brandao Marcius GomesBRA19833.518.025.513.5
25Santiago Yago de MouraFMBRA22523.517.524.516.5
26Macedo Maximo Valerio Soares deFMBRA21033.516.023.013.5
27Azevedo Edmundo Roberto RamosBRA21223.515.522.513.0
28Andrade Roberto Luiz CostaFMBRA22333.514.521.513.5
29Monteiro Neto Cesidio RochaBRA20723.513.518.09.0
50 players

21) 4NCL 2010-11

The 4NCL started in Daventry ENG and runs Sat 6th Nov - Mon 2nd May 2011 11 Round Team League. I will round up the games and results next week.


22) Chinese Chess League Division A

The Youngor Chinese Chess League Division A takes place April 16th - November 4th 2010 in China. 10 teams competed in the Double Round-Robin event. The final rounds were publicised as being in December but the final rounds did take place earlier this week. Shangdong Linglong (Bu Xiangzhi, Zhao Jun, Wen Yang, Wu Kaiyu, Hou Yifan, Zhang Jilin and Nana Dzagnidze) won the title but the final table has yet to be updated for the final round although all the games are available.

Time control: 1 hour 30 minutes for the whole game with an incremental time of 30 seconds per move.

Prize: 500,000 yuan or Euro 50,000.

Official website : -

Archive of games:


Round 16-18 in November 2nd-4th 2010 in Beijing.

Gujuan Tzu Blog is

6th TCh-CHN (CHN), 16 iv-30 xii 2010
Round 17 (of 18) Standings:
Rk.SNoTeamGames + = - TB1 TB2
11SHANGDONG Linglong1714122954,5
28BEIJING Aigo1711242453,5
45SHANGHAI Jianqiao1710342350,0
510Lanpo JIANGSU177551944,0
67China Mobile CHONGQING176471646,5
84TIANJIN Nan Kai1752101236,5
96GUANGDONG Huateng174013831,0
103BEIJING Rendafuzhong170116121,0

23) First Saturday November

The First Saturday November tournaments take place in Budapest Sat 6th Nov 2010 to Wed 17th Nov 2010. GM, IM and three FM Groups. Also I give the games from the FS October GM event as I don't think I had a complete file.


FSGM November Budapest HUN Sat 6th Nov 2010 - Wed 17th Nov 2010
Leading Round 2 (of 10) Standings:
1Saravanan VIMIND24081.51.000.01
2Ilincic ZlatkoGMSRB24511.50.750.01
3Del Monaco AndreaITA22851.01.250.00
4Hoang Thanh TrangGMHUN24731.00.750.00
5Czebe AttilaGMHUN24870.50.750.00
6Feher AdamHUN23480.50.500.00
6 players
FSIM November Budapest HUN Sat 6th Nov 2010 - Wed 17th Nov 2010
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1Tran Tuan MinhFMVIE22561.51.500.01
2Lengyel BelaIMHUN22891.51.250.01
3Adams Nick AUSA22771.50.750.01
4Antipov Mikhail AlCMRUS23231.50.500.01
Oparin GrigoriyFMRUS23061.50.500.01
6To Nhat MinhIMHUN24001.01.500.00
7Lyell MarkFMENG22101.01.000.00
8Farago SandorIMHUN22841.00.000.01
9Biro DavidHUN22110.50.500.00
10Horvath DavidHUN22920.00.000.00
Szalanczy EmilIMHUN22470.00.000.00
Kahn Evarth DrIMHUN22600.00.000.00
12 players
FSFMA November Budapest HUN Sat 6th Nov 2010 - Wed 17th Nov 2010
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1Flaata Alexander RNOR20782.01.000.02
2Rousseau DanielCAN20772.00.500.02
Tran Minh ThangVIE20682.00.500.02
4Zala GyulaHUN19881.00.500.01
5Schenkerik CsabaHUN21271.00.500.00
6Gross WilliGER01.00.000.01
7Tessedik KarolyHUN19930.50.500.00
Farkas RichardHUN20050.50.500.00
9Krizsany Laszlo SrHUN19610.50.250.50
Koczo KristofHUN21870.50.250.50
11Heyl ThomasGER20420.00.000.00
Henrichsen JensDEN19490.00.000.00
12 players
FSFMB November Budapest HUN Sat 6th Nov 2010 - Wed 17th Nov 2010
Leading Round 2 (of 10) Standings:
1Mayer IstvanFMHUN20491.51.250.01
2Wanger TamasHUN18011.51.000.01
3Vecsernyes NorbertHUN18941.01.000.00
4Kron GaborHUN18641.00.500.01
5Toth AntalHUN16700.50.750.00
6 players
FSFMC November Budapest HUN Sat 6th Nov 2010 - Wed 17th Nov 2010
Leading Round (of 10) Standings:
1Yilmaz HarunTUR01.00.000.01
2Somogyi TheodoraHUN12640.00.000.00
Vujosevics EszterHUN13340.00.000.00
Kelemen Lajos DrHUN14510.00.000.00
Hetesi ZoltanHUN15230.00.000.00
Olah AttilaHUN15560.00.000.00
6 players

24) Medosz Hotel Rating

The Medosz Hotel Rating tournament took place Tue 26th Oct 2010 - Tue 2nd Nov 2010. The event was won by Kristof Koczo on tie-break from Balazs Sebestyen who both scored 9.5/11.

After the tournament there was the following press release from Laszlo Nagy:

After a successful Rating tournament organized at MEDOSZ Hotel Budapest, International Organizer Laszlo Nagy has the pleasure to inform the chess world that a one year contract has brought the First Saturday Tournaments to a new venue beginning with 5th February 2011. At the same time we are glad to announce that the 27th Budapest Spring Festival will be organized also at the new venue scheduled at 18th-26th March 2011.

Official site:

Medosz Hotel Rating Budapest HUN Tue 26th Oct 2010 - Tue 2nd Nov 2010
Final Round 11 Standings:
1Koczo KristofHUN21899.59.545.753.5
2Sebestyen BalazsFMHUN22279.59.545.503.5
3Schenkerik CsabaHUN21276.56.530.252.0
4Torok Tamas TituszHUN20746.06.033.753.0
5Dombai IstvanHUN21636.
6Mayer IstvanFMHUN20795.55.524.251.5
7Farkas RichardHUN19605.05.021.752.0
8Zala GyulaHUN20235.
9Molnar Marton MarcelloHUN19924.54.522.002.5
10Gruz JanosHUN19513.53.514.751.0
11Sudhakar RagulIND03.
12Sudhakar MonishIND02.02.08.500.5

25) 20th World Seniors

The 20th World Seniors with an Open and Women's section took place 26th October - 6th November 2010. Anatoly Vaisser took first place on tie break from Vlastimil Jansa, Viacheslav Dydyshko after all finished on 8.5/11.

Tamar Khmiadashvili edged out former World Chess Champion Nona Gaprindashvili and Tatyana Fomina after all scored 7/9.

Official Website

20th World Seniors Arco ITA Tue 26th Oct 2010 - Sat 6th Nov 2010
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Vaisser AnatolyGMFRA25078.
2Jansa VlastimilGMCZE24998.
3Dydyshko ViacheslavGMBLR25478.
4Kaufman Larry CGMUSA24138.
5Shvedchikov Anatoli IIMRUS24218.
6Timoscenko GennadijGMSVK24998.
7Rukavina JosipIMCRO24238.
8Filipenko Alexander VIMRUS23278.
9Pushkov NikolaiGMRUS24668.
10Van Riemsdijk Herman CIMBRA23908.
11Cebalo MisoGMCRO24938.
12Tseshkovsky VitalyGMRUS25647.
13Suba MihaiGMROU24647.
14Danner GeorgIMAUT24187.
15Farago IvanGMHUN24207.
16Ruckschloss KarolFMSVK22937.
17Garcia RaimundoIMARG23317.
18Chernikov Oleg LGMRUS24257.
19Bogdanov ValentinIMUKR23937.
20Plachetka JanGMSVK23457.
21Hammar BengtFMSWE22407.
22Butnorius AlgimantasGMLTU24397.
23Rajkovic DusanGMSRB24437.
24Ermenkov EvgenijGMPLE24427.
25Wahlbom MagnusSWE22827.
26Pritchett Craig WIMSCO23147.
27Simon Padros EmiliFMESP22417.
28Jacobsen BoDEN23177.
29Pavlov MirceaIMROU23627.
30Westerinen Heikki M JGMFIN23657.
31Klundt KlausIMGER23557.
32Zakharchenko ArnoldIMUKR21927.
33Lucena LincolnFMBRA21297.
34Lederman LeonIMISR22557.
35Sloth JornFMDEN23027.
36Micheli CarloFMITA22637.
37Agzamov ValeryUZB22097.
38Trois Francisco R TIMBRA23097.
39Gruzmann BorisFMRUS22367.
40Jadrijevic AnteCRO22427.
41Vrhovnik DamirCRO20667.
42Schemm Michael AUSA07.
43Grinberg Iosif PRUS22176.
44Roth PeterFMAUT22606.
45Malmdin Nils-AkeSWE23006.
46Belliard LuisDOM22186.
47Gutkin BorisISR22756.
48Rosino AntonioFMITA22376.
49Anguera Maestro JaimeESP22056.
50Van Den Berg AdNED22026.
51Rooze JanFMBEL22886.
52Wittmann WalterIMAUT23036.
53Busu CorneliuIMROU23056.
54Haubt GeorgFMGER22246.
55Karl HansFMSUI22116.
56Gundersen HelgeNOR22306.
57Villing DieterGER21896.
58Dragasevic SrdjaFMMNE22776.
59Welz Peter DrFMGER21566.
60Chubar VladimirIMUKR21006.
61Santos JulioPOR20576.
62Chehlov AleksanderFMLAT22596.
63Kunz KonstantinGER22736.
64Mesiarik RudolfCZE21736.
65Vogel JaapFMNED21976.
66Zunker Reinhard DrFMGER21986.
67Ziltener WernerSUI21166.
68Barlocco CarloFMITA21756.
69Baeta Marcio NettoBRA22216.
70Bondick Karl-HeinzGER21666.
71Elfert Aleksandr VIMRUS20226.
72Huss BenjaminSUI21786.
73Acers JudeUSA22316.
74Zhelesny StanislavFMRUS21946.
75Eperjesi Laszlo DrIMHUN21946.
76Serra Olives TomasFMESP22016.
77Titz HeimoFMAUT22256.
78Ozbilen HayriTUR21146.
79Keserovic MilanSRB21946.
80Biller Helmut DrGER21356.
81Aijala JoukoFIN21576.
82Laco GiuseppeITA21266.
83Nordstrom FelixFMSWE21846.
84Belokopyt BorisRUS20416.
85Buxade Roca GuillermoESP21966.
86Zoltek TadeuszFMPOL21946.
87Nordby BerntNOR21456.
88Limberg SiegfriedGER21396.
89Gutzeit AvrahamISR21756.
90Carlsten PeterSWE20976.
91Doehner Hans-JuergenGER21696.
92Wuensch UlrichGER20566.
93Strekalovski ViktorRUS21026.
94Thieme HansGER21126.
95Zilahi GaborHUN19466.
96Batakovs OlegsLAT21435.
97Candea GheorgheIMROU21425.
98Radomsky Viacheslav GRUS21665.
99Dietzsch HerbertGER21215.
100Schweiger GeorgCMGER21665.
224 players
World Seniors Women ITA Tue 26th Oct 2010 - Sat 6th Nov 2010
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Khmiadashvili TamarWGMGEO21627.
2Gaprindashvili NonaGMGEO23637.
3Fomina TatyanaWIMEST22567.
4Fatalibekova ElenaWGMRUS22706.
5Miednikova SwietlanaWFMRUS21465.
6Khropova LarisaWFMRUS20375.
7Borisova BorislavaWIMSWE20965.
8Komysheva MargaritaWFMRUS20845.
9Tsygankova EnniUZB05.
10Chireykina NataliaRUS17995.
11Shushpanova NinaWFMRUS19934.
12Blagonadezhnaya IdeyaRUS19584.
13Savinova YuliaRUS18204.
14Benova ZitaSVK17504.
15Mira HeleneWIMAUT21334.
16Abdikasova PanuKAZ20104.
17Volskaya VeraRUS19484.
18Smith Vivian JWFMNZL18274.
19Centofante Maria RosaITA16194.
20Patton RenataITA02.
21Di Cicco DanielaITA15391.
21 players

26) Metropolitan Invitational IM

The Metropolitan Invitational IM tournament takes place Fri 12th Nov - Mon 22nd Nov 2010. Los Angeles USA 10 players 9 rounds SRR. Ankit Gupta hopes this is just the start and that GM events will be possible in the future. He hopes it will save the rising generation of US young players the difficulties of travelling to Europe for norm opportunities.

Further details Live

1st Metropolitan IM Los Angeles USA Fri 12th Nov 2010 - Mon 22nd Nov 2010
Banawa, JouaquinPHI23005201632
Abrahamyan, TatevUSA2355WFM13301918
Taylor, TimothyUSA2317IM2000393
Sevillano, EnricoUSA2508IM5200156
Gupta, AnkitUSA22352023164
Amanov, ZhanibekKAZ2394IM13700189
Banawa, Joel Cholo B.USA2341FM2024055
Yankovsky, RomanRUS238124110760
Kavutskiy, KonstantinUSA21492026384
Kretchetov, AlexandreRUS2358FM4124588

27) 16th Asian Games

The 16th Asian Games takes place in Guangzhou, China Fri 12th Nov - Sat 27th Nov 2010. There are a number of Team and Individual tournaments, the games have started, the chess starts next week.


28) 16th Boston University Open

George Mirijanian reports: The 16th Boston University Open took place on 6th November 2010 in the George Sherman Union at Boston University in Massachusetts, USA. Tying for 1st-4th place with scores of 3-5-0.5 were IM Robert Hungaski of Connecticut, FIDE master William Kelleher of Watertown, Mass., national master Alex Fikiet of Storrs, Connecticut, and candidate master Andrew Wang of Cambridge, Mass. The tournament drew a record-breaking 107 players in three sections and was directed by Bernardo Iglesias of Stoughton, Mass., assisted by Robert Oresick of Norton, Mass.

29) 77th Greater Boston Open

George Mirijanian reports: The 77th Greater Boston Open took place on October 31st, 2010 at the Katherine Kennedy Senior Center in Natick, Massachusetts, USA. Candidate master Alex Fikiet of Storrs, Connecticut posted a perfect score of 4-0, including victories against three of the four highest-rated masters in the Open section, to win the event. FIDE master William Kelleher of Watertown, Mass., who lost to Fikiet in the final round, tied for second place with national master Lawyer Times of Hyde Park, Mass., who lost to Fikiet in the second round. Both tallied 3-1. Tying for the Under 2150 prize with scores of 2-2 were experts Winston Huang of Newton and Alan Schalk of Berwick, Maine. The Massachusetts Chess Association-sponsored tournament drew 45 players in four sections and was directed by associate national TD Alex Relyea of Bedford, New Hampshire. He was assisted by his wife, Nita Patel, and national tournament director Ken Ballou of Framingham, Mass.

30) Forthcoming Events and Links

Vladas Mikenas-100

International Chess Tournament "Vladas Mikenas-100"

Programme: "Domus Maria", Ausros vartu str. 12, Vilnius, Lithuania 26 of November 15.00 - Youth Team tournament: Lithuania-Norway and Lithuania- Sweden. 27 of November 10.00 - Open Lithuanian Rapid Chess Championship- Tournament semifinal. 28 of November 09.00 - Youth Team tournament: Norway-Sweden, Open Lithuanian Blitz Chess Championship.

Vilnius City Hall, Didzioji str. 31, Vilnius, Lithuania 28 of November 10.00-14.45 - Tournament Final. 28 of November 15.00 - Vladas Mikenas-100 Commemoration. 28 of November 15.30-16.00 - Tournament Superfinal, played by Mikenas system (English Opening).

Official Lithuanian chess federation site: "Vladas Mikenas-100"

73rd Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2011

The 73rd Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2011 takes place Friday 14th to Sunday, January 30th, 2011, in the traditional "De Moriaan" venue in Wijk aan Zee. The event which has taken place since 1938 will carry a new name, that of Tata Steel, they bought Corus a number of years ago.

Confirmed players are: World Number One Magnus Carlsen (last year's winner), reigning world champion Viswanathan Anand and his predecessor Vladimir Kramnik along with Levon Aronian, Veselin Topalov doesn't play. The composition of the A and B Groups been finalised The start for the registration for the amateur groups is on November 1, 2010. The official website will change to (not yet active probably from October the old Official Site is currently the one to look at)

Tata Steel Chess GMA Wijk aan Zee (NED), 14-30 i 2011 cat. XX (2736)
GMMagnus CarlsenNOR128261990
GMViswanathan AnandIND328001969
GMLevon AronianARM427831982
GMVladimir KramnikRUS527801975
GMAlexander GrischukRUS727601983
GMRuslan Ponomariov UKR1127491983
GMAlexey ShirovESP1227491972
GMHikaru NakamuraUSA1527331987
GMWang HaoCHN2227241989
GMMaxime Vachier-LagraveFRA2527211990
GMIan NepomniachtchiRUS3427061990
GMAnish GiriNED6126771994
GMJan SmeetsNED7026691985
GMErwin l'AmiNED11426241985
Tata Steel Chess GMB Wijk aan Zee (NED), 14-30 i 2011 cat. XVII (2657)
GMDavid NavaraCZE27221985
GMLaurent FressinetFRA27181981
GMRadek WojtaszekPOL27111987
GMLe Quang LiemVIE26941991
GMZahar EfimenkoUKR26831985
GMGabriel SargissianARM26771983
GMWesley SoPHI26681993
GMLuke McShaneENG26571984
GMSurya GangulyIND26501983
GMLi ChaoCHN26331983
GMJon Ludvig HammerNOR26331990
GMVlad TkachievFRA26321973
GMFriso NijboerNED25821965
GMWouter SpoelmanNED25381990
Tata Steel Chess GMC Wijk aan Zee (NED), 14-30 i 2011
GMMurtas KazhgaleyevKAZ26201973
GMIvan IvanisevicSRB26131977
GMMark BluvshteinCAN25831988
GMDaniele VocaturoITA25811989
GMKatherina LahnoUKR25391989
IMIlya NyzhnykUKR25381996
IMBenjamin BokNED24531995
IMJan Willem de JongNED24441981
IMMark van der WerfNED24321968
IMRobin van KampenNED24301994
GMSebastian SiebrechtGER24211973
IMTania SachdevIND23821986
Cultural Village Qualifier
Cultural Village Qualifier

53rd Reggio Emilia 2010

The 53rd "Torneo di Capodanno", takes place December 28th 2010 - January 6th 2011. Venue hotel Astoria Mercure in Reggio Emilia. Games start at 2.30 pm. Free day: Jan 01, 2011 - Press conference December 28th, morning.

53rd Reggio Emilia Tournament (ITA), 28 xii 2010 - 6 i 2011 cat. XVIII (2696)
NameNATSept Elo
Ivanchuk, Vassily UKR2754
Movsesian, Sergei SLO2723
Navara, David CZE2722
Gashimov, Vugar AZE2719
Morozevich, Alexander RUS2715
Caruana, Fabiano ITA2702
Vallejo Pons, Francisco SPA2697
Short, Nigel ENG2690
Onischuk, Alexander USA2688
Godena, Michele ITA2548

European Chess Championship in Rapid and Blitz

European Chess Championship in Rapid and Blitz, Warsaw, 17-19.12.2010.

The Amplico Life International Chess Tournaments: European Blitz Chess Championship and European Rapid Chess Championship. This yearly event is the biggest tournament in Poland and one of the biggest in whole Europe. In previous year 697 players competed in one Swiss Tournament with Gashimov, Ivanchuk and Shirov as a top seed. In this year, for the first time in history, this tournament will also consist of European Blitz Chess Championship with the prize fund 10,000 Euro (another 20,000 Euro is for rapid tournament). Since now already many strong players have confirmed their participation in the event: Ivanchuk, Shirov, Movsesian, Wojtaszek, but surely more strong players will take part in this splendid event.

Official website:

70th Italian Championship

The 70th Italian Championship takes place 23rd November - 4th December 2010. The tournament will consist of 12 players in a round robin at the 4 star Hotel Athena in Siena. Games will be played on DGT boards, and viewable live at the Italian Chess Federation's web site. The players are: GM Fabiano Caruana, GM Michele Godena, GM Sabino Brunello, GM Lexy Ortega, GM Carlos Garcia Palermo, IM Denis Rombaldoni, IM Carlo D'Amore, IM Daniyyl Dvirnyy, IM Axel Rombaldoni, IM Daniele Genocchio, IM Pierluigi Piscopo, and FM Alessandro Bonafede.

Official federation site:

Schachbundesliga 2010-11

The Schachbundesliga takes place 9th October 2010 - 10th April 2011.

Official site:


London Chess Classic 2010

Viswanathan Anand will become the first reigning world chess champion to play in a major tournament in London since Anatoly Karpov in 1984 when he joins the eight-player field for the second London Chess Classic, which runs from 8-15 December 2010 at the Olympia Conference Centre.

Alongside him will be World Number one Magnus Carlsen, former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, US number one Hikaru Nakamura and the top four English players Michael Adams, Nigel Short, Luke McShane and David Howell.

NameTitleCountryRating (May 2010)World Rnk MayDate of Birth
Carlsen, Magnus grandmasterNOR2813130.11.1990
Kramnik, Vladimirex-world championRUS2790325.06.1975
Anand, Viswanathanworld championIND2789411.12.1969
Nakamura, HikarugrandmasterUSA27331909.12.1987
Adams, MichaelgrandmasterENG26974117.11.1971
Short, NigelgrandmasterENG26854801.06.1965
McShane, LukegrandmasterENG262313807.01.1984
Howell, DavidgrandmasterENG262014414.11.1990

For more information and to buy tickets to The London Chess Classic, please go to Tickets will go on sale in July.

The London Chess Classic doesn't just feature the World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand and the World Number one Magnus Carlsen and a strong field of English and foreign stars. There are a large number of side events for amateur and professional alike. There are two simuls with chess legend Viktor Korchnoi, the very popular daily blitz tournaments, weekend and rapidplays. Finally, and definitely not least, there is the FIDE rated open which last year was won by Jon Ludvig Hammer with a first prize of £2500. This year you can play the full schedule 8th-15th December or the busy person's 11th-15th December.

The Entry form is now available.


See body of this article for links to tickets and downloads and a grid of the schedule of the events.

Swedish Elitserien

The Swedish Elitserien league takes place 8th October 2010 - 13th March 2011. I couldn't see any games so far.


Official site:



49th Danish League

The 49th Danish XtraCon Chess League takes place 6th November 2010 - 13th March 2011. I couldn't see any games so far.

Official site:


The 4NCL takes place 6th November 2010 - 2nd May 2011.

Official site:

Vasylyshyn Memorial

The Vasylyshyn Memorial Chess Festival takes place in Lviv, Ukraine November 23rd - December 1st 2010. Men's and women's events.

For more details:

Men's event tournament director GM Yuri Vovk (English, Ukrainian, Russian languages ) via: mobile phone:+380 673912027 skype:Imperator15chess ICC: Imperator15 Playchess: JohnConnor

Women's tournament director IM Vladimir Grabinsky (English, Ukrainian, Russian languages) via: mobile phone:+380 977471673 skype: perfectchess ICC: grandcoach

Final list of players in the GM event so far: GM round robin: Oleksienko, Mikhailo g UKR 2559; Vysochin Spartak g UKR 2550; Vovk, Andrey g UKR 2540; Fedoseev Vladimir m RUS 2477;Petr, Martin m CZE 2468; Smith, Axel m SWE 2445; Bernadskiy, Vitaliy m UKR 2430; Semcesen Daniel m SWE 2416; Grabliauskas, Virginijus m LTU 2404; Polivanov Anatoliy m UKR 2388.

List of players in the IM event so far (9 of 10 players): Grekh, Andrey m UKR 2373; Nester, Ihor m UKR 2340; Duzhakov, Ilya f RUS 2336; Tsyhanchuk, Stanislav f BLR 2328; Orzechowski, Jacek POL 2283; Vovk, Ilja f EST 2267; Vetoshko, Volodymyr UKR 2211; Terletsky, Oleg UKR 2170; Leinov, Roman BLR 2162;

List of players in the WGM event so far (7 of 10 players): Hryhorenko, Nataliya wm UKR 2344; Soloviova, Liza wg UKR 2315; Matseyko, Katerina wg UKR 2243; Chulivska, Vita wm UKR 2215; Gasik, Anna wf POL 2203; Cherednichenko, Elena wf UKR 2147; Chlost, Marlena wf POL 2146;

Bansko Grand Chess Open

The Bansko Grand Chess Open 12th-19th December 2010, Bansko - Bulgaria.


Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2011

The 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival takes place at the Caleta Hotel, Gibraltar, from Monday 24 January to Thursday 3 February 2011. The new primary sponsors, Tradewise Insurance Company Ltd, have enabled the prize fund to be increased to £126,000, with £17,500 going to the winner of the Gibraltar Masters, £10,000 to the top woman scorer and two extra rating prizes (of £2,000 and £1,000) being awarded to each of two further rating bands (2000-2099 and under 2000) in the Masters. The tournament will be powered by previous primary sponsors Gibtelecom.

Official site:

Gibraltar Masters

The 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival takes place at the Caleta Hotel, Gibraltar, from Monday 24 January to Thursday 3 February 2011. The new primary sponsors, Tradewise Insurance Company Ltd, have enabled the prize fund to be increased to £126,000, with £17,500 going to the winner of the Gibraltar Masters, £10,000 to the top woman scorer and two extra rating prizes (of £2,000 and £1,000) being awarded to each of two further rating bands (2000-2099 and under 2000) in the Masters. The tournament will be powered by previous primary sponsors Gibtelecom.

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X Benidorm Chess Festival 2010

The X Benidorm Chess Festival takes place 3rd-12th December 2010.

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XL Rilton Cup 2010-11

The XL Rilton Cup takes place in Stockholm, Sweden 27th December 2010 - 5th January 2211.


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4th Rijeka open chess tournament "Mediterranean 2017"

The 4th Rijeka open chess tournament "Mediterranean 2017" takes place 13th-20th November 2010 in the city of Rijeka, located at the North-west part of the Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea.

The president of the Republic of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, has accepted to be a sponsor of this chess event while the County primorsko-goranska and the City of Rijeka are the co-sponsors.


IX Festival Internacional de Ajedrez Benidorm 2010

The IX Festival Internacional de Ajedrez Benidorm 2010 takes place 3rd-12th December 2010.

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Mobile: 0034-615547567

European Individual Senior Championship 2011

The European Individual Senior Championship 2011 has been awarded by the ECU to Courmayeur, Aosta Valley, Italy 10th-20th April 2010.

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World Chess Tour Events

Tournaments, simuls and classes in Moscow.

Contact: Contact: Igor Glek, International Grandmaster, FIDE Trainer, Deputy Chairman of the RSUPES&T Chess Chair E-mail: Russia: (7)903-5593052, (Germany/World): (49)152-04014194


Czech Tour 2010-11

The 10th International Chess Festivals Series Czech Tour 2010-11 has the following preliminary list. (Subject to small changes.)

11th Liberec Open (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 23rd-30th October 2010.

1st BRNO OPEN (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 14th-20th November 2010

4th SOUTH BOHEMIA OPEN - Cesky Krumlov (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 21st-27th November 2010.

Czech Chess Christmas 2010 Litomysl (CZE) 26.12.2010-2.1.2011

12th christmas chess FIDE tournament, swiss system of 9 round, rate of game 2 x 1,5h + 30s/move, prize fund 33.000 CZK (1st prize 10.000 CZK = 400 EUR), special conditions for IM, WGM and GM, New Year's Eve programme.

Children's Chess Christmas 2010 Litomysl (CZE) 28.-30.12.2010 1st international chess tournament of youth under 12, categories U10 and U12, swiss system of 9 rounds, rate of game 2 x 1 h.

Contact: Proclient s.r.o., Jaroslav Fuksik, Svedska 3, 772 00 Olomouc, mobile: +420 608 364 664, e-mail:, web:

2nd PILSNER OPEN (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament).4th-11th December 2010.

10th PRAGUE OPEN (2 FIDE opens, one of them with IM norm, active chess, blitz tournament). 7th-14th January 2011.

10th MARIENBAD OPEN (FIDE open, closed GM and IM tournaments, active chess, blitz tournament). 15th-22nd January 2011.

2nd NOVY BOR OPEN (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 12th-19th February 2011.

More detailed information: AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o., Sukova 1556, 530 02 Pardubice, Czech Republic tel./fax + 420 466 535 200, mobile phone + 420 608 203 007 e-mail:

Historical Elo Ratings has a list of historical top ten FIDE lists. The text is in Finnish but is understandable anyhow.