THE WEEK IN CHESS 831 11th October 2010 by Mark Crowther

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1) Introduction
2) Bilbao Masters Final 2010
3) Schachbundesliga 2010-11
4) Korchnoi - Hort Match
5) Dutch League
6) 4NCL Team and Individual Rapidplay Championship
7) Karen Asrian Open
8) Continental Class Championships
9) First Saturday October
10) I Oliver Gonzalez Memorial
11) Swedish Elitserien
12) 49th Danish League
13) 9th Forchheim Open
14) Leicester Chess Congress
15) Chinese Chess League Division A
16) US Chess League
17) Munich Open
18) 7th Highlands Open
19) Tatry Open
20) World Computer Chess Championships
21) European Youth Championships
22) Sants Open
23) 10th Winterthurer Schachwoche
24) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
Bilbao Masters Final 20109 games
Schachbundesliga 2010-11152 games
Korchnoi - Hort Match3 games
4NCL Team and Individual Rapidplay Championship139 games
Karen Asrian Open101 games
Continental Class Championships98 games
First Saturday October193 games
I Oliver Gonzalez Memorial8 games
Leicester Chess Congress91 games
Chinese Chess League Division A25 games
US Chess League32 games
Munich Open90 games
7th Highlands Open126 games
Tatry Open638 games
World Computer Chess Championships45 games
European Youth Championships2121
Sants Open1 game
3870 games

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1) Introduction

My thanks to Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Luis Blasco de la Cruz, Adolivio Capece, Yuri Vovk, John Hoggatt, Jim Hill, Laszlo Nagy, Dave Clayton, Mindaugas Genutis, Mihajlo Savic and everyone else who helped with the issue.

The 3rd Grand Slam Masters final is well under way. Vladimir Kramnik leads with 2 wins and a draw from Viswanathan Anand. The main story is the continue poor form of Magnus Carlsen who lost his first two games along with three at the recently concluded Olympiad. He did at least get on the scoreboard with a marathon draw against Shirov in Round 3.

I have been working hard for the last few years on my computing skills. It has been a long hard road. However this issue is the start of something new. The games have been processed, almost completely, by a new set of programs I have written. Things are still in the development stage so any problems please let me know. One of my hopes is to work towards using players' full names. This is something I am getting the ability to do, but there is still a lot to think about. The idea in the past has been to use a consistant naming system of the players so that the games would slot together week by week. There were some problems, especially in recent years with that as more names were added to the FIdE rating list. A shortened form of the name was designed to cope with limitations of the long gone old ChessBase format. Consistant naming conventions remains the key problem that I need to address, even with full names. There are many players with the same names in the rating list and their games would appear together, so how to differentiate different players? The identifiers in TWIC have used arbitrary numbers at the end. I'm not sure this is the best solution, but it may be the most reliable. Secondly the FIDE rating list is far from perfect. For instance the naming of Indian players is an appalling mess. It is hard enough for a foriegner to understand the subtlties of the correct order for Indian names, but it seems that the Indian Chess Federation doesn't know either and changes its mind a lot. Let us examine for instance player number 5015693. Currently given in the list as: Gopal G.N., a return to its old form, recently his name has appeared without punctuation as Geetha Narayanan Gopal which can't be right, it might be that Gopal Narayanan, Geetha is the correct final version, as used on the official site for the Olympiad not a form I would have guessed. This for a very active Grandmaster, my feeling is there is much worse below the surface (Is it Tania, Sachdev, or Sachdev, Tania? is another one with a very active player and there are a lot of unpunctuated names in the list). So even with full names I would probably have to use a master list of names of my own construction. There is a lot to be worked out but I'm starting to get the computing power to do it.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) Bilbao Masters Final 2010

The Bilbao Masters Final takes place October 9th-15th 2010. Viswanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen plus two players from the Shanghai Masters compete in the four player double round robin.

Official site:

Grand Slam Final Masters Bilbao (ESP), 2010.10.09 - 2010.09.15
Name Ti FED Elo + = - Pts Gms
Kramnik, Vladimir GM RUS 2780 2 1 0 7 3
Anand, Viswanathan GM IND 2800 1 2 0 5 3
Shirov, Alexei GM ESP 2749 0 2 1 2 3
Carlsen, Magnus GM NOR 2826 0 1 2 1 3

3) Schachbundesliga 2010-11

The Schachbundesliga takes place 9th October 2010 - 10th April 2011.

Official site:


4) Korchnoi - Hort Match

Viktor Korchnoi plays Vlastimil Hort in a match in the Spa Resort of Vraz in the Czech Republic. Three draws so far.

Four standard time-rate games followed by four rapid games.

Official site:

5) Dutch League

The Dutch League officially started on the 25th September 2010 (one match took place a week earlier). Round 2 was on October 9th 2010 games should appear next week.

Official site:

Additional coverage:

Meesterklasse 2010-11 (NED), 18 ix 2010 - 15 v 2011
Pl Meesterklasse Mp Bp 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1. HSG 2 x . . . . . . . .
2. Groningen 2 . x . . . . . . .
3. LSG 2 . . x . . . . . .
4. Voerendaal 2 . . . x . . . . .
5. Braceland ESGOO 1 5 . . . . x 5 . . . .
6. SO Rotterdam 1 5 . . . . 5 x . . . .
7. Utrecht 0 . . . . . x . . .
8. HMC Calder 0 . . . . . . x . .
9. Homburg Apeldoorn 0 . . . . . . . x .
10. Caissa 0 . . . . . . . . x

6) 4NCL Team and Individual Rapidplay Championship

The 4NCL Team and Individual Rapidplay Championship took place 9th-10th October 2010 at Harben House, near Milton Keynes. Saturday's team championship was won by Barbican I and Sunday's individual championship was won by Thomas Rendle. Some of the games were broadcast live and they appear in the games section.

Official site:

Live games

7) Karen Asrian Open

The Karen Asrian Memorial takes place 5th-14th October 2010 in Jermuk, Armenia.


Official site:

8) Continental Class Championships

The Continental Class Championships took place at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, VA, October 7th-11th 2010.

Official site:

9) First Saturday October

First Saturday October tournaments take place 2nd-13th October 2010, GM, IM and FM events.

Official site:


10) I Oliver Gonzalez Memorial

The I Oliver Gonzalez Memorial takes place in Madrid 9th-17th October 2010. Oleg Korneev is the top seed.


Official site:

11) Swedish Elitserien

The Swedish Elitserien league takes place 8th October 2010 - 13th March 2011.


Official site:



12) 49th Danish League

The 49th Danish XtraCon Chess League takes place 6th November 2010 - 13th March 2011.

Official site:

13) 9th Forchheim Open

The 9th Forchheim Open took place 1st-3rd October 2010. FM Harald Golda won the Open. Games are likely to follow.

Official site:

14) Leicester Chess Congress

The Leicester Chess Congress (H. E. Atkins Memorial) took place 1st-3rd October 2010. Mark Hebden took clear fist with 5/5.

Official site:

15) Chinese Chess League Division A

The Youngor Chinese Chess League Division A takes place April 16th - December 30th 2010 in China. 10 teams compete in the Double Round-Robin event.

Time control: 1 hour 30 minutes for the whole game with an incremental time of 30 seconds per move.

Prize: 500,000 yuan or Euro 50,000.

The first 3 rounds took place in Ningbo city.

Official website : -

The live games broadcast :

Archive of games should be here eventually:


Rounds 4-6 take place June 6th - June 9th 2010 in Shenzhen

Rounds 7-9 July 23rd - July 26th 2010 in Shanghai

Rounds 10-12 9th-11th Sept 2010 in Guangzhou

Rounds 13-15 in Oct. 10th-13th 2010

Round 16-18 in Dec. 28th-30th 2010 in Beijing.

Leading players: Wang Yue g CHN 2749; Wang Hao g CHN 2713; Alexander Motylev g RUS 2705; Bu Xiangzhi g CHN 2682; Zhou Jianchao g CHN 2650; Li Chao b g CHN 2613; Zhang Pengxiang g CHN 2605; Zhou Weiqi g CHN 2585; Peng Xiaominn g CHN 2581; Zhao Jun g CHN 2575; Yu Yangyi g CHN 2574; Hou Yifan g CHN 2570; Ding Liren g CHN 2564; Wen Yang g CHN 2520; Li Shilong g CHN 2514; Xu Jun g CHN 2513; Liang Chong g CHN 2502; Ju Wenjun wg CHN 2500; Xiu Deshun CHN 2493; Zhao Xue g CHN 2490; Ruan Lufei wg CHN 2479; Xu Yuhua g CHN 2478; Zhu Chen g QAT 2476; Tan Zhongyi wg CHN 2464; Wu Shaobin g SIN 2453; Lin Chen CHN 2448; Liu Qingnan m CHN 2445; Shen Yang wg CHN 2444; Huang Qian wg CHN 2439; Zhang Xiaowen wg CHN 2437; Le Thanh Tu wg VIE 2318

Gujuan Tzu Blog is

6th TCh-CHN (CHN), 16 iv-30 xii 2010
Round 12 (of 18) Standings:
Rk.SNoTeamGames + = - TB1 TB2
11SHANGDONG Linglong1211102341,5
28BEIJING Aigo127141537,5
35SHANGHAI Jianqiao126331533,5
57China Mobile CHONGQING125431434,0
710Lanpo JIANGSU124441230,0
84TIANJIN Nan Kai12327824,0
96GUANGDONG Huateng122010421,0
103BEIJING Rendafuzhong120111114,5

16) US Chess League

The US Chess League takes place August 23rd - 20th November 2010.

Time Controls range from 60+30 to 90+30 depending on the start time and time zone. Games take place on ICC.

Official site:

USCL ICC (INT), 23 viii - 20 xi 2010
CarolinavsNew York
1.IMJonathan Schroer CARvsGMGiorgi Kacheishvili NY 1-0
2.GMAlex Lenderman NYvsFMRon Simpson CAR 1-0
3.NMCarlito Agner CARvsFMAlec Getz NY 1-0
4.Justus Williams NYvsNMCraig Jones CAR 1-0
1.GMAlex Stripunsky MANvsGMSergey Erenburg BAL 0-1
2.GMLarry Kaufman BALvsIMLev Milman MAN 0-1
3.IMEli Vovsha MANvsFMRalph Zimmer BAL 1-0
4.NMAdithya Balasubramanian BALvsJames Black MAN 1/2-1/2
1.GMJulio Becerra MIAvsGMAlejandro Ramirez DAL 1-0
2.IMDaniel Fernandez DALvsGMRenier Gonzalez MIA 0-1
3.FMMarcel Martinez MIAvsFMKeaton Kiewra DAL 1-0
4.WFMBayaraa Zorigt DALvsNicholas Rosenthal MIA 1-0
San FranciscovsArizona
1.GMJesse Kraai SFvsIMRogelio Barcenilla ARZ 1-0
2.IMDaniel Rensch ARZvsIMDavid Pruess SF 1-0
3.FMDaniel Naroditsky SFvsFMRobby Adamson ARZ 0-1
4.NMDavid Adelberg ARZvsNMYian Liou SF 1/2-1/2
BostonvsNew Jersey
1.GMLarry Christiansen BOSvsGMJoel Benjamin NJ 1/2-1/2
2.GMBoris Gulko NJvsSMDenys Shmelov BOS 1/2-1/2
3.NMVadim Martirosov BOSvsIMAlbert Kapengut NJ 1/2-1/2
4.Anna Matlin NJvsNMIlya Krasik BOS 1/2-1/2
PhiladelphiavsNew England
1.IMJay Bonin PHIvsIMRobert Hungaski NE 1/2-1/2
2.IMJan van de Mortel NEvsFMKarl Dehmelt PHI 1-0
3.IMRichard Costigan PHIvsFMCharles Riordan NE 1/2-1/2
4.NMAlex Cherniack NEvsNMElvin Wilson PHI 1-0
St. LouisvsChicago
1.GMHikaru Nakamura STLvsGMDmitry Gurevich CHC 1-0
2.GMMesgen Amanov CHCvsGMBen Finegold STL 1/2-1/2
3.IMMichael Brooks STLvsIMFlorin Felecan CHC 1/2-1/2
4.WIMCindy Tsai CHCvsSpencer Finegold STL 1/2-1/2
Los AngelesvsSeattle
1.FMAlexandre Kretchetov LAvsGMVaruzhan Akobian SEA 0-1
2.FMSlava Mikhailuk SEAvsFMJoel Banawa LA 1-0
3.NMKonstantin Kavutskiy LAvsWGMKaterina Rohonyan SEA 1-0
4.NMJoshua Sinanan SEAvsNMAnkit Gupta LA 0-1
USCL ICC (INT), 23 viii - 20 xi 2010
EASTERN DIVISION WLGame Points Opps Avg Rating Opps Record
@ - New England 6.50.518.5/28 (66%) 2342 18.0 - 22.0 (45%)
Boston (54%) 2419 21.0 - 19.0 (53%)
New York 4.52.518.5/28 (66%) 2407 17.0 - 25.0 (40%)
Baltimore 3.53.515.0/28 (54%) 2421 20.5 - 19.5 (51%)
Manhattan (39%) 2402 17.0 - 21.0 (45%)
New Jersey (39%) 2406 20.5 - 19.5 (51%)
Philadelphia 1.55.511.5/28 (41%) 2418 25.0 - 15.0 (63%)
Carolina 1.55.510.5/28 (38%) 2408 18.0 - 22.0 (45%)
WESTERN DIVISIONWLGame Points Opps Avg Rating Opps Record
Arizona (61%) 2404 21.5 - 20.5 (51%)
Chicago 4.52.514.5/28 (52%) 2419 19.5 - 20.5 (49%)
San Francisco (57%) 2411 23.0 - 19.0 (55%)
St. Louis 3.53.513.0/28 (46%) 2405 22.0 - 16.0 (58%)
Seattle (52%) 2396 20.0 - 20.0 (50%)
Miami (46%) 2420 20.0 - 20.0 (50%)
Los Angeles (45%) 2408 21.5 - 20.5 (51%)
Dallas 2.54.512.5/28 (45%) 2409 17.5 - 22.5 (44%)

17) Munich Open

The Munich tournament took place 25th September - 3rd October 2010. Alex Wohl took clear first place with 7.5/9.

Official site:

18) 7th Highlands Open

The 7th Highlands Open FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament took place 25th September - 2nd October 2010. Mikhail M Ivanov won with 7/9.

Official site:

19) Tatry Open

The Tatry Open took place 2nd-10th October 2010. Evgenij Piankov won with 7.5/9.

Official site:


Tatry Open (CZE), 2-9 ix 2010
1Piankov EvgenijIMUKR23107,548,0652,5
2Talla VladimirGMCZE24567,046,5551,5
3Michenka JozefIMCZE23656,550,0555,0
4Kriebel TadeasFMCZE22996,549,5454,5
5Jasny StanislavIMCZE23326,548,0452,0
6Pacher MilanIMSVK24496,547,5553,0
7Kantorik MarianIMSVK23796,545,5550,5
8Kernazhitsky LeonidIMUKR23476,544,0548,0
9Frink FerenczHUN22056,541,5646,0
10Petran PeterIMSVK23256,050,0454,5
11Vojta TomasFMCZE23696,048,5553,5
12Jossien RemyFRA22676,044,0548,0
13Docekal JanCZE22636,043,5547,5
14Koval AntonSVK21566,043,0546,5
15Banas JanIMSVK23106,043,0447,5
16Motuz KarolFMSVK22446,042,5546,5
17Zambor NorbertFMSVK22816,042,5446,5
18Skreno VladimirSVK21606,042,5446,0
19Sikora JanCZE22406,042,0546,0
20Janousek PetrCZE21766,041,5445,5
21Vul Arkadi EremeevichGMRUS22916,041,0345,5
22Kubik MichaelCZE18066,040,5544,0
23Demeter PeterSVK22465,546,0550,0
24Vojtek VladimirFMSVK22965,546,0450,5
25Jandourek LukasCZE21775,546,0350,5
26Vukovic IvoFMCRO22515,544,5548,5
27Kvassay PeterSVK20085,544,5348,5
28Volodin ViktorIMRUS22195,543,0347,5
29Parak DominikCZE21685,542,5447,0
30Bargel MartinCZE21795,542,0546,5
31Jelen PeterSVK21725,542,0545,5
32Jablonicky FrantisekSVK21505,541,5544,5
33Burdik LubomirCZE22155,541,5445,5
34Krak TomasSVK22455,540,0544,0
35Rueckschloss KarolFMSVK22935,540,0344,0
Obona JanSVK21455,540,0344,0
37Sturc JanSVK19615,539,5343,5
38Mohapl PetrCZE21205,539,0442,5
39Mejsnar MiroslavSVK18805,538,0441,5
40Sebo ViktorSVK19035,538,0441,0
41Jossien ArnaudFMFRA23485,537,0540,0
42Burianek PetrCZE18495,537,0339,5
196 Players

20) World Computer Chess Championships

The World Computer Chess Championships took place 25th September - 1st October 2010. Rybka maintained its reputation at the top.


Official site:

World Computer Chess Championship Kanazawa Programs (JPN), 25 ix - 1 x 2010
ProgramAuthorAuthor opening book
DarmeniosDariusz CzechowskiDariusz Czechowski
Deep JuniorAmir Ban, Shay BunshinskyAlon Greenfeld (Israel)
FridolinChristian SommerfeldErdogan Gunes (Turkey)
Hector for ChessCsaba JerglerCsaba Jergler
JonnyJohannes ZwanzgerMark Roberts (USA)
PandixBreakthroughGyula HorvatchGyula Horvatch
RondoZach WegnerErdogan Gunes (Turkey)
RybkaVasik RajlichJiri Dufek (CZ)
ShredderStefan Meyer-KahlenSandro Necchi (It)
ThinkerKerwin MedinaAnson Williams (UK), Nelson Hernandez (USA)
World Computer Chess Championship Kanazawa Details (JPN), 25 ix - 1 x 2010
RankProgramOriginHardwareScoreSB PointsPlace
1RybkaPoland200 Nehalem EP Westmere, 2.93-3.6 GHz81 (Gold)
2RondoUSABeckton 7560 32 Core6.523.52 (Silver)
3ThinkerUSAQuad Core Intel I7 (4 Cores)6.5223 (Bronze)
4ShredderGermany12 Core Intel Xeon64
5JonnyGermany8x100 Core5.55
6PandixBreakthroughHungaryXeon 4 Core (4 Cores in use)56
7Deep JuniorIsrael12 Core Intel Westmere47
8DarmeniosPolandXeon 4 Core (1 Core in use)28
9FridolinGermanyXeon 4 Core (1 Core in use)19
10Hector for ChessHungaryXeon 4 Core (1 Core in use)0.510
World Computer Chess Championship Kanazawa Crosstable (JPN), 25 ix - 1 x 2010
2Deep Junior0X0½0½11014
4Rondo½½1X1½11016 ½
5Jonny01½0X111015 ½
8Hector for Chess000000½X00½
9Thinker01011½11X16 ½

21) European Youth Championships

The European Youth Championships took place in Batumi, Georgia 20th-28th September 2010. Vasif Durarbeyli took clear first place with 8/9 in the Boys Under-18 event.

Official site:


22) Sants Open

Mindaugas Genutis sends an additional game from the Sants Open.

23) 10th Winterthurer Schachwoche

The 10th Winterthurer Schachwoche takes place 9th-16th October 2010.

Official site:

24) Forthcoming Events and Links

Vasylyshyn Memorial

The Vasylyshyn Memorial Chess Festival takes place in Lviv, Ukraine November 23rd - December 1st 2010. Men's and women's events.

For more details:

Men's event tournament director GM Yuri Vovk (English, Ukrainian, Russian languages ) via: mobile phone:+380 673912027 skype:Imperator15chess ICC: Imperator15 Playchess: JohnConnor

Women's tournament director IM Vladimir Grabinsky (English, Ukrainian, Russian languages) via: mobile phone:+380 977471673 skype: perfectchess ICC: grandcoach

Final list of players in the GM event so far: GM round robin: Oleksienko, Mikhailo g UKR 2559; Vysochin Spartak g UKR 2550; Vovk, Andrey g UKR 2540; Fedoseev Vladimir m RUS 2477;Petr, Martin m CZE 2468; Smith, Axel m SWE 2445; Bernadskiy, Vitaliy m UKR 2430; Semcesen Daniel m SWE 2416; Grabliauskas, Virginijus m LTU 2404; Polivanov Anatoliy m UKR 2388.

List of players in the IM event so far (9 of 10 players): Grekh, Andrey m UKR 2373; Nester, Ihor m UKR 2340; Duzhakov, Ilya f RUS 2336; Tsyhanchuk, Stanislav f BLR 2328; Orzechowski, Jacek POL 2283; Vovk, Ilja f EST 2267; Vetoshko, Volodymyr UKR 2211; Terletsky, Oleg UKR 2170; Leinov, Roman BLR 2162;

List of players in the WGM event so far (7 of 10 players): Hryhorenko, Nataliya wm UKR 2344; Soloviova, Liza wg UKR 2315; Matseyko, Katerina wg UKR 2243; Chulivska, Vita wm UKR 2215; Gasik, Anna wf POL 2203; Cherednichenko, Elena wf UKR 2147; Chlost, Marlena wf POL 2146;


32nd Arco Open takes place 16th-24th October 2010.

Official site:

Lichtenrader Autumn

The Lichtenrader Autumn tournament takes place in Berlin 16th-24th October 2010.

Official site:

Chigorin Memorial

The Chigorin Memorial takes place in St. Petersburg, Russia, October 26th to November 5th 2010 and will consist of a rapid and a classic tournament. Details and regulations at:

73rd Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2011

The 73rd Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2011 takes place Friday 14th to Sunday, January 30th, 2011, in the traditional "De Moriaan" venue in Wijk aan Zee. The event which has taken place since 1938 will carry a new name, that of Tata Steel, they bought Corus a number of years ago.

Confirmed players are: World Number One Magnus Carlsen (last year's winner), reigning world champion Viswanathan Anand and his predecessor Vladimir Kramnik. The composition of the A-Group is expected to be finalised shortly after the conclusion of the Olympiad in early October with the remaining groups to follow after that. The start for the registration for the amateur groups is on November 1, 2010. The official website will change to (not yet active probably from October the old Official Site is currently the one to look at)

London Chess Classic 2010

Viswanathan Anand will become the first reigning world chess champion to play in a major tournament in London since Anatoly Karpov in 1984 when he joins the eight-player field for the second London Chess Classic, which runs from 8-15 December 2010 at the Olympia Conference Centre.

Alongside him will be World Number one Magnus Carlsen, former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, US number one Hikaru Nakamura and the top four English players Michael Adams, Nigel Short, Luke McShane and David Howell.

NameTitleCountryRating (May 2010)World Rnk MayDate of Birth
Carlsen, Magnus grandmasterNOR2813130.11.1990
Kramnik, Vladimirex-world championRUS2790325.06.1975
Anand, Viswanathanworld championIND2789411.12.1969
Nakamura, HikarugrandmasterUSA27331909.12.1987
Adams, MichaelgrandmasterENG26974117.11.1971
Short, NigelgrandmasterENG26854801.06.1965
McShane, LukegrandmasterENG262313807.01.1984
Howell, DavidgrandmasterENG262014414.11.1990

For more information and to buy tickets to The London Chess Classic, please go to Tickets will go on sale in July.

The London Chess Classic doesn't just feature the World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand and the World Number one Magnus Carlsen and a strong field of English and foreign stars. There are a large number of side events for amateur and professional alike. There are two simuls with chess legend Viktor Korchnoi, the very popular daily blitz tournaments, weekend and rapidplays. Finally, and definitely not least, there is the FIDE rated open which last year was won by Jon Ludvig Hammer with a first prize of £2500. This year you can play the full schedule 8th-15th December or the busy person's 11th-15th December.

The Entry form is now available.


See body of this article for links to tickets and downloads and a grid of the schedule of the events.

53rd Reggio Emilia 2010

The 53rd "Torneo di Capodanno", takes place December 28th 2010 - January 6th 2011. Venue hotel Astoria Mercure in Reggio Emilia. Games start at 2.30 pm. Free day: Jan 01, 2011 - Press conference December 28th, morning.

53rd Reggio Emilia Tournament (ITA), 28 xii 2010 - 6 i 2011 cat. XVIII (2696)
NameNATSept Elo
Ivanchuk, Vassily UKR2754
Movsesian, Sergei SLO2723
Navara, David CZE2722
Gashimov, Vugar AZE2719
Morozevich, Alexander RUS2715
Caruana, Fabiano ITA2702
Vallejo Pons, Francisco SPA2697
Short, Nigel ENG2690
Onischuk, Alexander USA2688
Godena, Michele ITA2548

Bansko Grand Chess Open

The Bansko Grand Chess Open 12th-19th December 2010, Bansko - Bulgaria.


Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2011

The 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival takes place at the Caleta Hotel, Gibraltar, from Monday 24 January to Thursday 3 February 2011. The new primary sponsors, Tradewise Insurance Company Ltd, have enabled the prize fund to be increased to £126,000, with £17,500 going to the winner of the Gibraltar Masters, £10,000 to the top woman scorer and two extra rating prizes (of £2,000 and £1,000) being awarded to each of two further rating bands (2000-2099 and under 2000) in the Masters. The tournament will be powered by previous primary sponsors Gibtelecom.

Official site:

Pearl Spring Masters Nanjing 2010

The Pearl Spring Masters (I'm assuming the sponsor remains the same) takes place in Nanjing 18th-30th October 2010. ChessDom reports that the field has been finalised and that it should be just about the strongest of the year with Magnus Carlsen, Viswanathan Anand, Veselin Topalov, Vugar Gashimov, Wang Yue and Etienne Bacrot. 6 players 10 Round Double Round Robin.

Official site:

Gibraltar Masters

The 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival takes place at the Caleta Hotel, Gibraltar, from Monday 24 January to Thursday 3 February 2011. The new primary sponsors, Tradewise Insurance Company Ltd, have enabled the prize fund to be increased to £126,000, with £17,500 going to the winner of the Gibraltar Masters, £10,000 to the top woman scorer and two extra rating prizes (of £2,000 and £1,000) being awarded to each of two further rating bands (2000-2099 and under 2000) in the Masters. The tournament will be powered by previous primary sponsors Gibtelecom.

Official site:

Tal Memorial 2010

The likely dates for the Tal Memorial are 4th-13th November 2010. As yet there seem to be no details at all as to the composition of the field. I would welcome any news as to any early indications of the players and confirmation of the dates.

X Benidorm Chess Festival 2010

The X Benidorm Chess Festival takes place 3rd-12th December 2010.

Official site:

XL Rilton Cup 2010-11

The XL Rilton Cup takes place in Stockholm, Sweden 27th December 2010 - 5th January 2211.


PDF Invitation:

4th Rijeka open chess tournament "Mediterranean 2017"

The 4th Rijeka open chess tournament "Mediterranean 2017" takes place 13th-20th November 2010 in the city of Rijeka, located at the North-west part of the Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea.

The president of the Republic of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, has accepted to be a sponsor of this chess event while the County primorsko-goranska and the City of Rijeka are the co-sponsors.


IX Festival Internacional de Ajedrez Benidorm 2010

The IX Festival Internacional de Ajedrez Benidorm 2010 takes place 3rd-12th December 2010.

Further details:



Mobile: 0034-615547567

14th Unive Tournament

The 14th Unive Tournament takes place in Hoogeveen, Netherlands Fri 22nd - Sat 30th Oct 2010.

The 4 player double round robin sees Alexei Shirov, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Anish Giri and Sergei Tiviakov compete.

There is an open alongside for which entry is invited on the official site. Both events don't have a rest day in order to accommodate travel to Bulgaria for the European Club Cup.

(4 players 6 Rds DRR Indiv TC: 90m:30m+30spm(1))

Official Site

14th Unive Chess Tournament (NED), 25-30 x 2010 cat. XVIII (2682)
NameNATMay EloWorld Rnk
Alexei ShirovESP274210
Maxime Vachier-LagraveFRA271030
Anish GiriNED264297
Sergey TiviakovNED2634111

European Individual Senior Championship 2011

The European Individual Senior Championship 2011 has been awarded by the ECU to Courmayeur, Aosta Valley, Italy 10th-20th April 2010.

Official site:

Chinese Events 2010

Gujuan Tzu sends new of events in China in 2010. At the moment if you don't grab the games live they have a tendency to disappear (although does now seem to have the early rounds of the Chinese League). It would be nice to find one spot where the Chinese Federation archives all their games.

1. The 2nd Chess King and Queen Matches in 29 August-3 Sept. 2010 in Jiangzhou, China. Live games:

2. Chinese League A Round 10-12 in 9-12 Sept. 2010 in Guangzhou, China. Live Games:

3. Chinese League A Round 13-15 in 10-13 October 2010 in Hangzhou, China. Live Games:

4. The 3rd Nanjing Super Chess Tournament in 18-28 October 2010 in Nanjing, China. 6 players, Official site:

5. The second half of Bilbao Final Masters in 10-16 October 2010 in Shanghai, China. Official site:

6. Chinese League A Round 16-18 in 28-30 December 2010 in Beijing, China. Live Games:

Gujuan Tzu Website:

World Chess Tour Events

Tournaments, simuls and classes in Moscow.

Contact: Contact: Igor Glek, International Grandmaster, FIDE Trainer, Deputy Chairman of the RSUPES&T Chess Chair E-mail: Russia: (7)903-5593052, (Germany/World): (49)152-04014194


Swiss Team Championships 2010

The Nationalliga A of Switzerland takes place 14th February - 7th November 2010. Round 2 games not yet available.

Dates: Round 1 (2010.02.14), Round 2 (2010.03.21), Round 3 (2010.04.25), Round 4 (2010.06.13), Round 5 (2010.06.27), Round 6 (2010.08.28), Round 7 (2010.08.29), Round 8 (2010.11.06) and Round 9 (2010.11.07).


TCh-SUI NatLigaA Switzerland (SUI), 14 ii-7 xi 2010
Round 2 21st March 2010
Tribschen 1-Wollishofen 12:6
Reichenstein 1-Bern 1:
Zuerich 1-Geneve 16:2
Luzern 1-Riehen 15:3
Joueur 1-Winterthur 1:

Czech Tour 2010-11

The 10th International Chess Festivals Series Czech Tour 2010-11 has the following preliminary list. (Subject to small changes.)

7th HIGHLANDS OPEN - Zdar nad Sazavou (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 25th September - 2nd October 2010.

11th LIBEREC OPEN (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 23rd-30th October 2010.

1st BRNO OPEN (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 14th-20th November 2010

4th SOUTH BOHEMIA OPEN - Cesky Krumlov (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 21st-27th November 2010.

2nd PILSNER OPEN (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament).4th-11th December 2010.

10th PRAGUE OPEN (2 FIDE opens, one of them with IM norm, active chess, blitz tournament). 7th-14th January 2011.

10th MARIENBAD OPEN (FIDE open, closed GM and IM tournaments, active chess, blitz tournament). 15th-22nd January 2011.

2nd NOVY BOR OPEN (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 12th-19th February 2011.

More detailed information: AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o., Sukova 1556, 530 02 Pardubice, Czech Republic tel./fax + 420 466 535 200, mobile phone + 420 608 203 007 e-mail:

Historical Elo Ratings has a list of historical top ten FIDE lists. The text is in Finnish but is understandable anyhow.