THE WEEK IN CHESS 817 4th July 2010 by Mark Crowther

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1) Introduction
2) July FIDE Rating List 2010
3) 4th Women's Grand Prix Jermuk
4) Polonia Wroclaw Chess Festival
5) 38th Greek Team Championships 2010
6) Championnat International de Paris 2010
7) HSG Open
8) ROC Nova College GpA Haarlem
9) Kfar Saba Experience vs Youth
10) King's Gambit Tournament Lipetsk
11) First Saturday July 2010
12) Guadeloupe tournament
13) 1st Marrakech International
14) 38th Annual World Open
15) Montcada Open
16) Asian Junior Chess Championship
17) 45th Capablanca Memorial
18) Arvier (Aosta Valley) July
19) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
4th Women's Grand Prix Jermuk36 games
Polonia Wroclaw Chess Festival190 games
38th Greek Team Championships 201048 games
Championnat International de Paris 201029 games
HSG Open53 games
ROC Nova College GpA Haarlem22 games
Kfar Saba Experience vs Youth50 games
King's Gambit Tournament Lipetsk50 games
1st Marrakech International261 games
38th Annual World Open143 games
Montcada Open90 games
45th Capablanca Memorial5 games
977 games

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1) Introduction

My thanks to Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Miklos Orso, Adolivio Capece, Luis Blasco de la Cruz, Yuri Vovk, Mitko Iliev, Zenon Franco Ocampos, Martin Matthiesen, Laszlo Nagy, Yuri Zimmerman, Dave Clayton and everyone else who helped with the issue.

The new FIDE Rating list sees Carlsen rise to 2826, a record for him, after his performance in Medias. That performance suggested that there was more to come too. Nana Dzagnidze won the women's Grand Prix in Jermuk, only a slowing towards the end stopped it being a huge Elo performance too after a 7.5/8 start. Viktor Laznicka leads the World Open (a great title for an open, even though there are many stronger in Europe, you can't not cover the World Open!) with a couple of rounds to go. Elsewhere Karpov has started a legal battle to see Ilyumzhinov's nomination papers, this is a story that is likely to run and run. Summer is here and its already hard to keep track of all the opens that are running at the moment. So plenty of chess to come.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) July FIDE Rating List 2010

The new FIDE rating list for July has been released. Magnus Carlsen remains World Number but this time he has extended his lead over Veselin Topalov after his triumph in Medias and Topalov's loss of points in his world title match against Anand. Anand moved to third in the world and these three players are 2800 and above. Ratings inflation is a real thing and it is a scandal that the ratings required to get titles have not moved with it.

Wang Yue was the major casualty dropping from 8 to 28 in the world. Ian Nepomniachtchi is at 34 in the world and Anish Giri up to 62.

There were very few other dramatic changes to the list with Boris Avrukh at 80 in the world last time dropping out as did Beliavsky, Seirawan, Lastin, Savchenko, Nguyen, Ngoc Truong Son, Vuckovic and Sandipan. The actual mark to make the top 100 list dropped from 2640 to 2639.

Full list available at:

FIDE Rating List July 2010 Top 100
11Carlsen, MagnusgNOR19902770277227722801281028132813282610
22Topalov, VeselingBUL19752812281328132810280528052812280312
34Anand, ViswanathangIND19692783278827882788279027872789280013
43Kramnik, VladimirgRUS1975275927592772277227882790279027900
55Aronian, LevongARM1982275427682773278627812782278327830
66Mamedyarov, ShakhriyargAZE19852725271727212719274127602763276113
77Grischuk, AlexandergRUS1983274827332733273627362756276027600
89Eljanov, PavelgUKR19832693271627172729273627362751275516
910Shirov, AlexeigESP1972274527322730271927232737274227497
1013Radjabov, TeimourgAZE19872756275627572748273327402740274823
1114Karjakin, SergeygRUS19902721271727222723272027252739274711
1212Ivanchuk, VassilygUKR19692746270327562739274927482741273925
1311Gelfand, BorisgISR19682733275527562758276127502741273923
1418Ponomariov, RuslangUKR19832726272727412739273727372733273423
1515Svidler, PetergRUS19762726273927412754274427502735273418
1616Leko, PetergHUN19792751275627622752273927352735273413
1722Malakhov, VladimirgRUS19802709270727152706271627212722273216
1824Navara, DavidgCZE1985265426872692270727082708271827319
1919Nakamura, HikarugUSA19872701271027352715270827352733272910
2021Jakovenko, DmitrygRUS19832753276027422736273027252725272627
2123Wang, HaogCHN19892696269026902708271527152722272436
2230Vachier-Lagrave, MaximegFRA19902684270327182718273027272710272312
2325Movsesian, SergeigSVK1978274727162711271827082709271727232
2432Vitiugov, NikitagRUS19872688268126812694269227102707272218
2529Bacrot, EtiennegFRA19832728272127092700271327142710272011
2617Gashimov, VugargAZE19862730274027402758275927402734271917
2720Almasi, ZoltangHUN1976268526842685270427102720272527172
288Wang, YuegCHN19872738273627362734274927492752271629
2928Dominguez Perez, LeiniergCUB19832721271627192719271227132713271610
3027Morozevich, AlexandergRUS1977275127512750275027322715271527150
3136Kamsky, GatagUSA19742720271726922695269327022702271310
3226Jobava, BaadurgGEO19832687268426962696270426952715271017
3331Tomashevsky, EvgenygRUS1987268426892688270827052701270827080
3442Nepomniachtchi, IangRUS19902624263226322626265826562695270620
3541Adams, MichaelgENG19712703269926822698269427042697270615
3638Onischuk, AlexandergUSA19752684269926992672267026872699270121
3740Nielsen, Peter HeinegDEN1973266826802687269726972697269827002
3839Kasimdzhanov, RustamgUZB1979269526722702270527022702269926990
3957Caruana, FabianogITA19922649267026622652267526802675269721
4045Fressinet, LaurentgFRA1981266426672658265326702670268926978
4135Vallejo Pons, FranciscogESP1982268826932696271127052708270326974
4264Bologan, ViktorgMDA19712690268926882692269226842668269528
4337Alekseev, EvgenygRUS19852716271427252715270327002700269123
4443Akopian, VladimirgARM19712696271226982700267826882694269113
4554Timofeev, ArtyomgRUS19852677268126682651265226552677269018
4648Short, Nigel DgENG19652674268427062707269626862685269014
4753Efimenko, ZahargUKR19852682265426542668265726402677268910
4834Rublevsky, SergeigRUS19742702270327032697269726972704268813
4949Miroshnichenko, EvgenijgUKR19782680269626902686268626862684268610
5033Motylev, AlexandergRUS19792677271027102695269727052704268514
5147Naiditsch, ArkadijgGER19852700269726852689268726912686268418
5259Nisipeanu, Liviu-DietergROU19762675267526642677268126612672268321
5358Riazantsev, AlexandergRUS19852635264726462661266126602674268215
5450Polgar, JuditgHUN1976269326872687268026822682268226820
5546Le, Quang LiemgVIE1991259126022602262426472689268726819
5644Sasikiran, KrishnangIND1981268226692661266426532686269026799
5784Van Wely, LoekgNED19722622265526502652264126392653267727
5851Bu, XiangzhigCHN19852704270227022682267326822681267626
5974Georgiev, KirilgBUL19652637264526632672267226692662267513
6067So, WesleygPHI19932641264626402640265626652665267418
6155Sargissian, GabrielgARM19832660266726782676268026752677267316
6297Giri, AnishgNED19942517251825522585258826242642267225
6370Najer, EvgeniygRUS19772669266326812666266526652663267212
6461Inarkiev, ErnestogRUS19852676267526642645264926672669267113
6556Berkes, FerencgHUN1985263826472663266126592659267626708
6677Smeets, JangNED1985262626322642265026572651265926699
6786Zhou, JianchaogCHN19882635262326232629263226502652266835
6865Grachev, BorisgRUS19862652266926842652265326672667266813
6978Khismatullin, DenisgRUS1984260126042614264326512657265726679
7062Moiseenko, AlexandergUKR1980269026822694267726772668266926677
7190Fedorchuk, Sergey A.gUKR19812656265526432619264126492646266527
7275Sutovsky, EmilgISR19772660267526762666265726502661266520
7371Areshchenko, AlexandergUKR1986265726512667266426702670266326641
7472Bareev, EvgenygRUS1966263626342633263426432667266326630
7573Wojtaszek, RadoslawgPOL1987263026372640263726392660266326630
7652Kurnosov, IgorgRUS1985265826692669266626682674268026629
77101Cheparinov, IvangBUL1986267826782667267126602657264026617
7869Volokitin, AndreigUKR1986267126782681269126922687266426614
7981Dreev, AlexeygRUS19692668266026622655265026532655266033
8085Mamedov, RaufgAZE19882645264526262626264026392653266010
8187Korobov, AntongUKR1985261626232633264226482663264926576
8289Zhigalko, SergeigBLR1989262226212646264626682648264726568
8379Zvjaginsev, VadimgRUS1976263526352635264126422643265626560
8460Ganguly, Surya ShekhargIND1983262526372634265426542672267226559
8563Bruzon Batista, LazarogCUB19822617261926192619261526412668265310
8695Andreikin, DmitrygRUS19902625264826592636263526452643265010
87--Gharamian, TigrangFRA1984260026152611261426092597263226509
88--Meier, GeorggGER19872641265826642653265826632638264813
8988Kobalia, MikhailgRUS1978264526452648264326372637264826480
9076Harikrishna, P.gIND19862686267926732672267226602660264618
91--Smirin, IliagISR19682641265026482662266826472634264616
9292Socko, BartoszgPOL1978263726562637264326432637264426469
9366Ni, HuagCHN19832724270126922665265726672667264535
9482Fridman, DanielgGER19762646266526612649265426502654264523
9568Roiz, MichaelgISR19832635265826582659265726522664264511
9694Milov, VadimgSUI1972265926592659265226442644264426440
97100Gustafsson, JangGER19792631262226222622262726462640264311
98--Aleksandrov, AleksejgBLR1973262426162639----261726012604264231
9983Sokolov, IvangBIH19682669265526572652264926382654264125
100--Macieja, BartlomiejgPOL19772601261226182627262426252618263916

3) 4th Women's Grand Prix Jermuk

The 4th Women's Grand Prix took place in Jermuk 24th June - 6th July 2010. Nana Dzagnidze took clear first place with 9/11, she slowed with three draws in the final rounds but started with 7.5/8.

Official site:

4th FIDE GP w Jermuk (ARM), 24 vi-5 vii 2010 cat. X (2486)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2
1. Dzagnidze, Nana g GEO 2478 * 1 1 1 1 ½ ½ ½ 1 ½ 1 1 9 2748
2. Kosintseva, Tatiana m RUS 2534 0 * 0 ½ ½ 1 ½ 1 1 1 1 1 2614
3. Danielian, Elina m ARM 2473 0 1 * ½ 0 ½ ½ 1 1 ½ 1 ½ 2551
4. Mkrtchian, Lilit m ARM 2477 0 ½ ½ * 1 0 ½ ½ 1 1 ½ 1 2551
5. Stefanova, Antoaneta g BUL 2560 0 ½ 1 0 * 0 ½ 1 1 1 ½ 1 2543
6. Hou Yifan g CHN 2589 ½ 0 ½ 1 1 * 1 0 ½ 0 ½ 1 6 2512
7. Cramling, Pia g SWE 2536 ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 0 * ½ 0 ½ 1 1 2480
8. Shen Yang wg CHN 2452 ½ 0 0 ½ 0 1 ½ * ½ ½ 1 1 2488
9. Chiburdanidze, Maia g GEO 2514 0 0 0 0 0 ½ 1 ½ * 1 ½ 1 2417
10. Xu Yuhua g CHN 2484 ½ 0 ½ 0 0 1 ½ ½ 0 * 1 0 4 2383
11. Kovanova, Baira wg RUS 2366 0 0 0 ½ ½ ½ 0 0 ½ 0 * 1 3 2321
12. Fierro Baquero, Martha L m ECU 2363 0 0 ½ 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 * 2187
Round 6 (June 29, 2010)
Dzagnidze, Nana - Kosintseva, Tatiana 1-0 51 E46 Nimzo Indian Rubinstein
Mkrtchian, Lilit - Chiburdanidze, Maia 1-0 36 E32 Nimzo Indian 4.Qc2
Stefanova, Antoaneta - Danielian, Elina 1-0 28 A48 King's Indian Defence /c2-c4
Hou Yifan - Cramling, Pia 1-0 50 B47 Sicilian Paulsen
Shen Yang - Fierro Baquero, Martha L 1-0 42 E92 King's Indian Classical
Xu Yuhua - Kovanova, Baira 1-0 48 C92 Ruy Lopez Chigorin
Round 7 (July 1, 2010)
Kosintseva, Tatiana - Shen Yang 1-0 51 C11 French Defence
Danielian, Elina - Mkrtchian, Lilit ½-½ 28 D37 QGD 5.Bf4
Cramling, Pia - Stefanova, Antoaneta ½-½ 23 D17 Slav Defence
Chiburdanidze, Maia - Dzagnidze, Nana 0-1 45 D47 Queens Gambit Meran
Kovanova, Baira - Hou Yifan ½-½ 51 B56 Sicilian Defence
Fierro Baquero, Martha L - Xu Yuhua 1-0 66 C07 French Tarrasch
Round 8 (July 2, 2010)
Danielian, Elina - Cramling, Pia ½-½ 69 E12 Queens Indian Petrosian
Mkrtchian, Lilit - Dzagnidze, Nana 0-1 43 E32 Nimzo Indian 4.Qc2
Stefanova, Antoaneta - Kovanova, Baira ½-½ 25 A45 Trompowsky
Hou Yifan - Fierro Baquero, Martha L 1-0 55 B23 Sicilian Closed
Shen Yang - Chiburdanidze, Maia ½-½ 21 E11 Bogo Indian Defence
Xu Yuhua - Kosintseva, Tatiana 0-1 33 B51 Sicilian Rossolimo
Round 9 (July 3, 2010)
Dzagnidze, Nana - Shen Yang ½-½ 33 D16 Slav Lasker/Smyslov
Kosintseva, Tatiana - Hou Yifan 1-0 48 C11 French Defence
Cramling, Pia - Mkrtchian, Lilit ½-½ 45 A04 Dutch System
Chiburdanidze, Maia - Xu Yuhua 1-0 34 E11 Bogo Indian Defence
Kovanova, Baira - Danielian, Elina 0-1 63 B42 Sicilian Paulsen
Fierro Baquero, Martha L - Stefanova, Antoaneta 0-1 41 B12 Caro Kann Advanced
Round 10 (July 4, 2010)
Danielian, Elina - Fierro Baquero, Martha L ½-½ 70 E60 King's Indian without Nc3
Mkrtchian, Lilit - Shen Yang ½-½ 43 A28 English Four Knights
Stefanova, Antoaneta - Kosintseva, Tatiana ½-½ 57 D38 QGD Ragozin
Hou Yifan - Chiburdanidze, Maia ½-½ 39 B10 Caro Kann
Cramling, Pia - Kovanova, Baira 1-0 52 A15 English counter King's Fianchetto
Xu Yuhua - Dzagnidze, Nana ½-½ 36 B51 Sicilian Rossolimo
Round 11 (July 5, 2010)
Dzagnidze, Nana - Hou Yifan ½-½ 13 E06 Catalan
Kosintseva, Tatiana - Danielian, Elina 0-1 26 B12 Caro Kann Advanced
Shen Yang - Xu Yuhua ½-½ 29 C07 French Tarrasch
Chiburdanidze, Maia - Stefanova, Antoaneta 0-1 37 D12 Slav Defence
Kovanova, Baira - Mkrtchian, Lilit ½-½ 30 C45 Scotch Game
Fierro Baquero, Martha L - Cramling, Pia 0-1 38 B51 Sicilian Rossolimo

Women's Grand Prix 2009-10

The Women's Grand Prix series will see four more events in 2010.

The 5th Grand Prix will take place in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia, on 29 July - 12 August 2010

The 6th Grand Prix will take place in Santiago, Chile, on 27th October - 9th November 2010

The first Grand Prix was in Istanbul 5th-20th March 2009 and was won by Humpy Koneru. The 2nd Grand Prix was in Nanjing, China, 27th Sept - 9th October 2009 and was won by Xu Yuhua.

4) Polonia Wroclaw Chess Festival

The Polonia Wroclaw Chess Festival took place 26th June - 4th July 2010. Incorporating the 5th Open and 19th Adolf Anderssen Memorial. The Open saw Radoslaw Wojtaszek and Bartlomiej Macieja finish on 7/9. The Adolf Anderssen Memorial was won by Daniel Fridman. The games for this second event were broadcast live but I couldn't find an archive of the games from this knockout tournament.

Official site:

5th Open Wroclaw (POL), 26 vi-2 vii 2010
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
PlName ImieTi.Rank.Pkt.MBch.Bch.
1WOJTASZEK, RadoslawGM2663740.551.5
2MACIEJA, BartlomiejGM2618738.549.5
3MARKUS, RobertGM26156.54251
4TIVIAKOV, SergeiGM26346.539.550.5
5FRIDMAN, DanielGM26546.537.547
6RODSHTEIN, MaximGM26266.53748
7PAIKIDZE, NaziWIM23176.53341.5
8BARTEL, MateuszGM2609639.550.5
9MARKOWSKI, TomaszGM2628638.548
10BUTNORIUS, AlgimantasGM243963038.5
11STOMA, Pawelm230963038
12BALOGH, CsabaGM26215.539.550.5
13WARAKOMSKI, TomaszIM24995.537.547
14BAKLAN, VladimirGM26335.53748
15DOBROWOLSKI, PiotrIM23975.536.547
16SAKALAUSKAS, VaidasIM24125.53645.5
17SWIERCZ, DariuszGM25015.53545.5
18ALIAVDIN, NikolaiIM23675.534.544
19KALVAITIS, Sigitas22905.534.544
20KREJCI, JanIM24555.53442
21SADZIKOWSKI, Danielk++22585.53342
22SIECIECHOWICZ, MarcinIM24275.531.541
23LENIART, ArkadiuszIM24235.530.539
24WIECZOREK, Oskarm23055.53038.5
25PIORUN, KacperIM249953949
26SIMACEK, PavelIM251853748.5
27KRUPA, MonikaWGM221453746.5
28MATUSZEWSKI, Michalm2308536.546
29SOLYS, LaimutisFM2305535.544.5
30ZEBERSKI, JakubIM2403533.543.5
31FEUERSTACK, Aljoscha2371532.541.5
32LUCH, MichalIM239852937
33BAKALARZ, MietekIM2305526.534
34ZAWADZKA, JolantaWGM24154.537.548
35BEBEL, Arkadiuszk22474.535.546
36BURES, Jaroslav23274.53444.5
37STRZEMIECKI, ZbigniewFM23814.53241.5
38SOKALSKY, Alexanderk22174.53239.5
39ORZECHOWSKI, Jacekm22834.531.540.5
40KRZYZANOWSKI, Marcinm23774.531.540
41OBRUSNIK, Michalk21844.53039
42DUDA, Jan-KrzysztofFM21754.53038
43DAULYTE, DeimanteWGM23344.52736
44LAURUSAS, Tomas2222434.543.5
45LACH, PiotrI++216443240
46BARTEL, Michalk2287431.541
47LACH, AleksandraWFM217943139.5
48LEKS, HannaWIM216543139
49SZUMILAS, PiotrI++2197430.538.5
50SABUK, Piotrk2193429.537
51POZNANSKA, Katarzynak+2068429.536.5
53SZABLOWSKI, PawelI++2312428.536
54KUCHYNKA, LukasFM233442836.5
55WARAKOMSKA, AnnaWFM219242633.5
56SETKAUSKAS, Vaidas224642534.5
57IWANOW, AnnaWFM2097424.531.5
58KUDZMA, Laimonask22073.53545
59SVANE, Rasmus22063.530.538.5
60MALEC, SebastianI++21143.52936
61SCHNEIDER, VeronikaWIM23393.528.536
62GOLUCH, PiotrI++21393.52534
63KRAWCZYK, AndrzejI++21373.523.530
64CZYZ, ArturI+206133240
65GOSLAWSKI, MichalI2044330.538.5
66LEKS, MariaWCM198732937
67CHRZASZCZ, Malvinak203232734
68ZMARZLY, AleksandraI++2026325.532.5
69BELENKAYA, Dinak212532431.5
70PRZEZDZIECKA, MartaWGM22782.530.539
71LEWICKI, MiroslawI++20942.530.538.5
72OTTO, Andreas21312.52735
73KACZMAREK, MaciejI2032222.529.5
74LIMONTAITE, SimonaWIM223022129.5
75HETZER, Volkhard206322129.5
76ZYSKO, JanI++22031.52027.5

5) 38th Greek Team Championships 2010

The 38th Greek Team Championships takes place in Peristeri 5th-11th July 2010. 7 Rounds (I think), I don't have the time control. Vassily Ivanchuk, David Navara, Peter Heine Nielsen, Viktor Bologan etc play.

Official site:


6) Championnat International de Paris 2010

Le Championnat International de Paris takes place 3rd-11th July 2010.

Official site:

Championnat International de Paris (FRA), 3-11 vii 2010
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
Pl Name Ti NAT Elo Pts Perf.
1FELLER Sebastien FRA 261123000
2DAVID Alberto LUX 262222996
4VIDIT Santosh Gujrathi m IND 249222982
5SETHURAMAN S.P. m IND 251322966
6CORI Jorge g PER 248622961
7ADHIBAN B. m IND 248322954
8SHOKER Samy m EGY 247222907
9CHOMET Pascal m FRA 23271.52699
10RICHTER Michael m GER 24281.52652
11LARSEN Karsten f DEN 22931.52641
12RENDBOE John f DEN 22521.52608
13NEFFE Axel GER 22351.52606
15KIRAN Manisha Mohanty gf IND 22721.52589
16LOISEAU Quentin FRA 22141.52578
17GHARAMIAN Tigran FRA 26501.52574
18POOBALASINGAM Peter S f ENG 23261.52563
19AL-MODIAHKI Mohamad g QAT 25661.52507
20ZOLER Dan m ISR 24741.52496
21ZHU Chen g QAT 24761.52454
22BREDER Dennis m GER 24291.52454
23D'COSTA Lorin A R m ENG 24561.52448
24ARANOVITCH Emiliano f ITA 23551.52423
25BERNARD Christophe m FRA 23561.52386
26MANOEUVRE Antoine FRA 227112472
27LAGARDE Maxime f FRA 241412436
28SHIVEN Khosla IND 233512436
29LAMORELLE Julien FRA 227812434
30STRUGNELL Carl FRA 223612434
31CORI T. Deysi gf PER 240312432
32GIROYAN Gary FRA 222512427
33PLUKKEL Sjoerd NED 227912410
34MANOUCK Thierry m FRA 233012403
35WILLEMZE Thomas m NED 240512403
36DEN HEETEN Djurre f NED 227712386
37LE QUANG Kim f BEL 231412371
38SOCHACKI Christophe f FRA 236512371
39NEZAD Husein Aziz m QAT 239812366
40SAATDJIAN Thomas f FRA 236912358
41CARSTENSEN Jacob f DEN 229512350
42DEBRAY Christopher f FRA 236212350
43FIDERER Lukas GER 219212302
44KUNTE Abhijit g IND 252112300
45BERGEZ Luc m FRA 239412282
46SRIRAM Jha g IND 249012266
47KARAVADE Eesha m IND 237812260
48NGUYEN Chi-Minh m FRA 240812227
49LANZANI Mario m ITA 236212210
50RABINEAU Clement FRA 23050.52339
51SPIELMANN Alain f FRA 22860.52321
52LECONTE Maria gf FRA 23370.52242
53BERTHIER Hugo FRA 22000.52192
54HOLM Sejer f DEN 22400.52181
55SALVETTI Alec f ITA 23130.52176
56PERRIN Guillaume f FRA 23010.52168
57BRETHES Francois FRA 22380.52166
58FAYARD Alain f FRA 22270.52160
59BOULARD Eric FRA 22270.52146
60HAGER Joshua Aarash GER 21810.52123
61SHCHEKACHEV Andrei g FRA 25460.52118
62SHIRAZI Kamran m FRA 24280.52094
63SOCHACKI Wojtek FRA 22680.52079
64DAURELLE Herve FRA 22390.52072
65MOUSSARD Jules f FRA 23720.52060
66GUILLEUX Fabien f FRA 24220.52054
67SALAUN Yann m FRA 234101838
68GOMES Mary Ann gf IND 228401807
69JABLONSKI Noham f FRA 228301791
70SPRANGERS Remco c NED 226001748
71RABEYRIN Jean-Jacques f FRA 224601742
72TEN HAGEN Yorick NED 222701714
73CARPENTIER Pierre FRA 221401702
74DRAOUI Najib f March238901632

7) HSG Open

The HSG Open took place in Hilversum 26th June - 4th July 2010. Leading players: Konstantin Landa, Friso Nijboer and Hedinn Steingrimsson. Friso Nijboer took clear first place with 7/9.

Official site:

HSG Open Hilversum (NED), 26 vi-4 vii 2010
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
Rank Name TiFed. Rating Score BH SB TPR
1Nijboer, Friso GMNED 256775139.252585
2Steingrimsson, Hedinn GMISL 25506.553.537.252566
3Landa, Konstantin GMRUS 26036.553372544
4Nyzhnyk, Illya IMUKR 25446.549.533.752519
5Lalith, Babu M.R. IMIND 2493651.5322469
6Goudriaan, Etienne NED 2249646.528.752271
7Afek, Yochanan IMISR 2282645.528.52333
8Hendrikx, Niels NED 2063 * 64325.752376
9Piasetski, Leon IMCAN 23015.546.525.52362
10De Rover, Yong Hoon NED 22455.545.5252296
11Galje, Hans NED 21335.541.522.752272
12Slingerland, Fred IMNED 239754824.52362
13Nagtegaal, Kees NED 2200545.522.52246
14Vogel, Jaap FMNED 2210544.522.252191
15Van Apeldoorn, Janton CMNED 2156542.522.52223
16Van Engen, Herman NED 2161541.520.752035
17De Wit, Albert NED 195554121.252104
18Wieringa, Helmer NED 2083 * 539.519.752098
19De Jongh, Adriaan NED 22274.544192240
20Spiler, Angelo NED 2115 * 4.541.515.752092
21Henseler, Jorgen NED 20734.540172034
22Kampman, Tijmen NED 20584.53914.752118
23Bonoo, Iwan NED 1949 * 4.537.5172042
24Burton, Graham P ENG 20834.53717.252067
25Schroer, Marcel NED 21054.53714.252008
26Van Den Hoogen, Arie NED 19984.53312.751931
27Koudinov, Dimitri NED 206344219.52106
28Van De Groep, William NED 197044217.252071
29Zimmermann, Luc NED 205744216.752056
30De Visser, Arno NED 188344118.252053
31Veldhuysen, Klaas NED 2010438.514.252006
32Van den Bergh, Ben NED 2008432.510.51950
33Ten Have, Roland NED 16543.541.513.752027
34Van Den Bergh, Jan NED 21243.53810.252003
35Abma, Klaas NED 19813.53711.751995
36Kunnen, Ruurd NED 19863.5348.751992
37Bloem, Mark NED 19053.5329.751923
38Van Brussel, Bert NED 18873.52891857
39Van Der Kooij, Paul NED 20542.538.513.752032
40Tulfer, Paul NED 19012.529.54.51636
41Mostertman, Loek NED 209024115.51951
42Van De Peut, Aart NED 19892336.251774
43De Groot, Rene NED 1814 * 228.52.251654
44Lasschuit, Rene NED 19171.5321.251307

8) ROC Nova College GpA Haarlem

The ROC Nova College tournament took place 2nd-4th July 2010 in Haarlem. Matthew Sadler won with 5/6.

ROC Nova College GpA Haarlem (NED), 2-4 vii 2010
Final Round 6 Standings:
Pl Name TiRating Score TPR W-We BH-HiLo
1Sadler, Matthew GM2590527090.8616
2Kravtsiv, Martyn GM25464.526030.514
3Van Oosterom, Chiel IM23814.524900.9714
4Turov, Maxim GM25124.525260.2513
5Van den Doel, Erik GM2576425760.0715
6Swinkels, Robin GM2485425470.5815
7Perez Garcia, Hebert 2047423722.0112.5
8Peng, Zhaoqin GM23883.523800.0915.5
9Haslinger, Stewart GM25483.52461-0.5415
10Ris, Robert IM24183.524300.2315
11Turova, Irina IM24093.52292-0.614
12Hortensius, Lisa 20803.523261.5313.5
13Wunnink, Michael 22953.52271-0.0312.5
14Strating, Sybolt FM23213.523430.2312
15Haast, Mark 23203.52298-0.1112
16Kerkvliet, Max 19573.521971.4611
17Vroombout, Enrico 2150322300.4313
18De Roode, Peter 21482.521980.2313
19Beeke, Bob 22022.52132-0.5112
20Von Meijenfeldt, Bart 21912.52209-0.0312
21Van der Lende, Ilias 21412.521690.1111.5
22De Bruijn, Aad 19632.520520.4911
23Mulder, Bart-Piet 22152.52009-1.3810.5
24De Ruiter, Danny 21722.52161-0.29.5
25Nieland, Wim 19612.520360.49.5
26Lie, Michael 21312.52099-0.279
27Lambrechts, Koen 223322002-1.7711
28Thoma, Sophia 1935220120.398
29De Roode, Martijn 20611.51955-0.869.5
30Sparreboom, Wil 19701.51875-0.569
31Helder, Marc 21201.51976-1.148
32Ypma, Peter 216011801-2.7210
33Burggraaf, Jan-Theodoor 196901584-0.1110

9) Kfar Saba Experience vs Youth

The Experience against Youth Scheveningen tournament took place in Kfar Saba 20th June - 1st July 2010. Most of the young players are the students of Yoel Geva's young chess talents project and the representatives of the local Kfar Saba Chess Club .

Scheveningen Kefar Sava (ISR), 20 vi 1 vii 2010
1Boruchovsky,Avital2159 5.5/10
2Efroimski,Marsel2170 5.0/10
3Ben Artzi,Ido2143 4.5/10
4Steinberg,Nitzan2221 4.0/10
5Foo,Benjamin2112 4.0/10
6Levine,Yonatan2085 3.5/10
7Veinberg,Nimrod1952 3.0/10
8Wee,Chun Jie Eugene2024 2.5/10
9Beker,Ziv1834 2.0/10
10Reshef,Omer1950 2.0/10
2Lerner,Konstantin Z25308.5/10
10Belytsky,Alexandr2323 4.0/10

10) King's Gambit Tournament Lipetsk

The "King's Gambit" Chess Festival took place in Lipetsk, Russia, June 22nd (arrival day) - July 1st, 2009. The festival consisted of two round-robin tournaments (one with GM norm and one with IM norm) and an open for FIDE rating. Andrey Zontakh won the A-Group with 8/9. Konstantin Tarlev won the B-Group with 7.5/9.

Festival director: Yuri Zimmerman who sent the games.


King's Gambit A Lipetsk (RUS), 23 vi-1 vii 2010 cat. IX (2458)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
1. Zontakh, Andrey g UKR 2532 * ½ ½ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 8 2800
2. Neverov, Valeriy g UKR 2542 ½ * ½ 0 ½ ½ 1 1 1 1 6 2573
3. Gladyszev, Oleg m RUS 2480 ½ ½ * ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 5 2498
4. Kasparov, Sergey g BLR 2504 0 1 ½ * ½ 0 1 ½ ½ ½ 2452
5. Lomako, Pavel m BLR 2431 0 ½ ½ ½ * ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 2460
6. Romanko, Marina m RUS 2411 0 ½ ½ 1 ½ * 1 0 0 ½ 4 2420
7. Airapetian, Gor f RUS 2429 0 0 ½ 0 ½ 0 * 1 1 1 4 2418
8. Kargin, Arseny m RUS 2392 0 0 ½ ½ ½ 1 0 * 1 0 2385
9. Slugin, Sergey m RUS 2439 0 0 ½ ½ ½ 1 0 0 * ½ 3 2334
10. Ovod, Evgenija m RUS 2418 0 0 0 ½ 0 ½ 0 1 ½ * 2296
Round 5 (June 27, 2010)
Neverov, Valeriy - Slugin, Sergey 1-0 32 D30 Queen's Gambit (without Nc3)
Lomako, Pavel - Kasparov, Sergey ½-½ 68 B01 Centre Counter
Airapetian, Gor - Gladyszev, Oleg ½-½ 45 E69 King's Indian Fianchetto
Kargin, Arseny - Romanko, Marina 1-0 64 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Ovod, Evgenija - Zontakh, Andrey 0-1 73 E20 Nimzo Indian
Round 6 (June 28, 2010)
Zontakh, Andrey - Kargin, Arseny 1-0 29 D12 Slav Defence
Kasparov, Sergey - Gladyszev, Oleg ½-½ 57 A49 King's Indian Defence /c2-c4
Lomako, Pavel - Ovod, Evgenija 1-0 60 D10 Slav Defence
Romanko, Marina - Neverov, Valeriy ½-½ 8 E62 King's Indian 6...Nc6
Slugin, Sergey - Airapetian, Gor 0-1 44 D15 Slav Defence
Round 7 (June 29, 2010)
Neverov, Valeriy - Zontakh, Andrey ½-½ 38 D30 Queen's Gambit (without Nc3)
Gladyszev, Oleg - Slugin, Sergey ½-½ 19 E32 Nimzo Indian 4.Qc2
Airapetian, Gor - Romanko, Marina 0-1 68 D78 Gruenfeld 3.g3
Kargin, Arseny - Lomako, Pavel ½-½ 12 B13 Caro Kann Exchange
Ovod, Evgenija - Kasparov, Sergey ½-½ 41 A43 Old Benoni
Round 8 (June 30, 2010)
Zontakh, Andrey - Airapetian, Gor 1-0 43 D11 Slav Defence
Kasparov, Sergey - Slugin, Sergey ½-½ 27 D30 Queen's Gambit (without Nc3)
Lomako, Pavel - Neverov, Valeriy ½-½ 17 A46 Queen's Pawn Opening
Romanko, Marina - Gladyszev, Oleg ½-½ 51 E69 King's Indian Fianchetto
Ovod, Evgenija - Kargin, Arseny 1-0 59 D18 Slav Defence
Round 9 (July 1, 2010)
Neverov, Valeriy - Ovod, Evgenija 1-0 44 D43 Anti-Meran Gambit
Gladyszev, Oleg - Zontakh, Andrey ½-½ 9 D43 Anti-Meran Gambit
Airapetian, Gor - Lomako, Pavel ½-½ 61 E16 Queens Indian
Kargin, Arseny - Kasparov, Sergey ½-½ 10 C41 Philidor's Defence
Slugin, Sergey - Romanko, Marina 1-0 50 E92 King's Indian Classical
King's Gambit B Lipetsk (RUS), 23 vi-1 vii 2010 cat. III (2303)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
1. Tarlev, Konstantin m UKR 2484 * ½ 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 2555
2. Lavretzkij, Roman m BLR 2289 ½ * ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 ½ 1 1 6 2429
3. Pogosian, Manvel BLR 2373 0 ½ * 1 1 1 ½ 1 0 0 5 2337
4. Odnorozhenko, Evgenyi m UKR 2309 0 ½ 0 * 1 ½ ½ ½ 1 1 5 2344
5. Bezgodova, Maria wf RUS 2193 1 ½ 0 0 * 0 1 ½ 1 ½ 2314
6. Venevtsev, Andrey RUS 2310 0 ½ 0 ½ 1 * 0 1 ½ 1 2301
7. Vakhlamov, Igor L RUS 2280 0 0 ½ ½ 0 1 * ½ 1 ½ 4 2262
8. Rysbayeva, Aigerim wf KAZ 2219 0 ½ 0 ½ ½ 0 ½ * 1 1 4 2268
9. Morev, Ivan RUS 2286 0 0 1 0 0 ½ 0 0 * 1 2138
10. Nikitin, Yuri2 f RUS 2283 0 0 1 0 ½ 0 ½ 0 0 * 2 2084
Round 5 (June 27, 2010)
Pogosian, Manvel - Odnorozhenko, Evgenyi 1-0 26 D15 Slav Defence
Bezgodova, Maria - Morev, Ivan 1-0 28 B06 Modern Defence
Venevtsev, Andrey - Tarlev, Konstantin 0-1 38 B40 Sicilian Classical
Vakhlamov, Igor L - Lavretzkij, Roman 0-1 74 D11 Slav Defence
Rysbayeva, Aigerim - Nikitin, Yuri2 1-0 57 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Round 6 (June 28, 2010)
Tarlev, Konstantin - Bezgodova, Maria 0-1 48 C85 Ruy Lopez Steenwijker Defence
Lavretzkij, Roman - Venevtsev, Andrey ½-½ 18 A45 Trompowsky
Odnorozhenko, Evgenyi - Vakhlamov, Igor L ½-½ 36 D10 Slav Defence
Rysbayeva, Aigerim - Pogosian, Manvel 0-1 72 B15 Caro Kann
Nikitin, Yuri2 - Morev, Ivan 0-1 23 B08 Pirc Defence
Round 7 (June 29, 2010)
Pogosian, Manvel - Nikitin, Yuri2 0-1 35 D47 Queens Gambit Meran
Bezgodova, Maria - Lavretzkij, Roman ½-½ 74 B36 Sicilian Maroczy Bind
Venevtsev, Andrey - Odnorozhenko, Evgenyi ½-½ 15 B36 Sicilian Maroczy Bind
Vakhlamov, Igor L - Rysbayeva, Aigerim ½-½ 58 B53 Sicilian Hungarian
Morev, Ivan - Tarlev, Konstantin 0-1 33 B72 Sicilian Dragon
Round 8 (June 30, 2010)
Lavretzkij, Roman - Morev, Ivan 1-0 19 B06 Modern Defence
Pogosian, Manvel - Vakhlamov, Igor L ½-½ 72 D13 Slav Exchange
Odnorozhenko, Evgenyi - Bezgodova, Maria 1-0 55 D20 QGA
Rysbayeva, Aigerim - Venevtsev, Andrey 0-1 38 C08 French Tarrasch
Nikitin, Yuri2 - Tarlev, Konstantin 0-1 53 C10 French Rubinstein
Round 9 (July 1, 2010)
Tarlev, Konstantin - Lavretzkij, Roman ½-½ 12 C92 Ruy Lopez Chigorin
Bezgodova, Maria - Rysbayeva, Aigerim ½-½ 53 B63 Sicilian Rauzer
Venevtsev, Andrey - Pogosian, Manvel 0-1 42 B11 Caro Kann Two Knights
Vakhlamov, Igor L - Nikitin, Yuri2 ½-½ 50 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Morev, Ivan - Odnorozhenko, Evgenyi 0-1 42 B36 Sicilian Maroczy Bind

11) First Saturday July 2010

The First Saturday July tournaments takes place 3rd-13th June 2010, Budapest. Rey Vera Gonzalez-Quevedo is the top seed in the GM Group.

Official site:

12) Guadeloupe tournament

The Guadeloupe tournament took place 12th-13th June 2010. Kevin Terrieux won with 6.5/7 ahead of the favourite Thal Abergal.


13) 1st Marrakech International

The 1st Marrakech International took place June 25th - July 1st 2010. 9 rounds - Swiss system - 75 min per player. Georg Meier of Germany and Sergey Fedorchuk of the Ukraine are the stars. Games from the final two rounds are missing.

Official site:

1st Open Marrakesh (MAR), 26 vi-2 vii 2010
1SHCHEKACHEV, AndreigFRA25497,5743,5412752
2MEIER, GeorggGER26387,564848,52809
3EVDOKIMOV, AlexandergRUS25517740362637
4KUNIN, VitalygGER25357737,532,52562
5ANTONIEWSKI, RafalmPOL26077645382761
6GEORGIEV, KirilgBUL26627644,539,252734
7GUSEINOV, GadirgAZE26027643,539,752711
8ROMANOV, EvgenygRUS25947545,5412704
9BERELOWITSCH, AlexandergGER25666,5640,532,752637
10KRASENKOW, MichalgPOL26286,5635,528,752525
11DEL RIO DE ANGELIS, SalvadorgESP25216,5544,536,52683
12TESKE, HenrikgGER25426,553933,252541
13HAMDOUCHI, HichamgFRA26096,5537,533,752537
14LUTHER, ThomasgGER25416638,5262462
15ARNAUDOV, G. PetarmBUL24166637,5252435
16MAZE, SebastiengFRA2564654331,252639
17MIKHALEVSKI, VictorgUSA26146541322575
18MILADINOVIC, IgorgSRB2559654127,52566
19CHOUKRI, AdelMAR21056540,529,752702
20IOTOV, ValentingBUL25696539,5312550
21ITURRIZAGA, EduardogVEN25996539,5302527
22PERALTA, FernandogARG2570643930,252487
23DAVID, AlbertogLUX26315,5545302598
24FEDORCHUK, Sergey AgUKR26465,554229,252560
25SRIRAM, JhagIND25075,5539,525,752398
26STRIKOVIC, AleksagSRB25575,5442,5282476
27SEBBAR, AliMAR22905,5441,5282569
28BENITAH, YohanmFRA23855,5440,527,52439
29SHOKER, SamymEGY24665,5440,524,252443
30VERNAY, ClovismFRA24425,544025,52511
31DONCEA, VladimirmROU24655,5440252444
32FARGERE, FrancoisgFRA24895,5439,5262476
33LIBISZEWSKI, FabiengFRA24785,543823,752452
34MALAKHATKO, VadimgBEL25695,5437,526,52442
35BISSIERES, MatthieufFRA23415,5436,525,52312
36GLEIZEROV, EvgenygRUS25785,5435,525,52377
37KISS, PalmHUN23885,543320,252225
38TISSIR, MohamedmMAR24745,5430,522,252153
39COSSIN, SebastienmFRA24945,533925,252400
40ONKOUD, AbdelazizmMAR23775,5337,524,252435
41COLIN, VincentmFRA24285540,5232463
135 players

14) 38th Annual World Open

The World Open takes place in King of Prussia, Philadelphia June 29th - 5th July 2010. The event is extremely difficult to cover as it has multiple schedules and allows byes, re-entry if you start badly (although quite what Re-entry: $160, no re-entry from Open to Open means I'm not sure). Leading players from round 1: Francisco Vallejo Pons, Alexander Onischuk, Surya Shekhar Ganguly, Evgeny Najer, P Harikrishna, Loek Van Wely, Sandipan Chanda, Jan Gustafsson, Luke McShane etc. Gata Kamsky is in the list of advance entries.

Official site:

38th World Open King of Prussia (USA), 29 vi - 5 vii 2010
Leading Round 7 (of 9) Standings:
1Viktor LaznickaGM2636CZE6.5
2P HarikrishnaGM2660IND5.5
3Ilya SmirinGM2634ISR5.5
4Luke McShaneGM2623ENG5.5
5Murtas KazhgaleyevGM2609KAZ5.5
6Robert L HessGM2590NY5.5
7Francisco Vallejo PonsGM2703ESP5.0
8Surya Shekhar GangulyGM2672IND5.0
9Loek Van WelyGM2653NED5.0
10Jan GustafssonGM2640GER5.0
11Vladimir PotkinGM2634RUS5.0
12Aleksandr LendermanGM2598NY5.0
13Alexander ShabalovGM2585PA5.0
14Alexander StripunskyGM2570NJ5.0
15Eugen PerelshteynGM2534MA5.0
16Gata KamskyGM2702NY4.5
17Evgeny NajerGM2663RUS4.5
18Sandipan ChandaGM2640IND4.5
19Jaan EhlvestGM2591NY4.5
20Giorgi KacheishviliGM2587GEO4.5
21Sergey KudrinGM2571CT4.5
22Ray RobsonGM2569FL4.5
23Mark C ParaguaGM2497PHI4.5
24Vladimi RomanenkoIM2496BLR4.5
25Puchen WangIM2469NZL4.5
26Amon Sol SimutoweGM2452ZAM4.5
119 players

15) Montcada Open

The Montcada Open took placed 25th June - 3rd July 2010. Lazaro Bruzon took clear first place with 7/9.

Games and results:

XVIII Open Montcada i Reixac (ESP), 25 vi - 3 vii 2010
Leading Round 9 (of 9) Standings:
1Bruzon Batista LazaroGMCUB26687,033,0
2Gonzalez Vidal YuriGMCUB25436,533,5
3Narciso Dublan MarcGMESP25356,532,0
4Larino Nieto DavidIMESP24616,035,0
5Cuartas Jaime AlexanderGMCOL25296,033,0
6Mihailovs JurijsIMLAT24056,028,5
7Munoz Pantoja MiguelIMPER24766,027,5
8Cruz FilemonFMPER24475,531,0
9Karlsson LarsGMSWE24535,530,0
10Mestre Bellido HectorFMESP24045,528,0
11Panelo MarceloIMARG24505,527,0
12Almeida Quintana OmarGMCUB25415,029,0
13Asis Gargatagli HipolitIMESP24065,028,0
14Perpinya Rofes Lluis MariaFMESP23445,026,0
15Sanchez Ibern MarcESP22415,025,0
16Bhat Vinay SGMUSA25475,024,0
17Cruz JonathanPER24375,021,5
18Alonso Garcia Rene MarcialIMCUB23934,526,0
19Cruz CristhianIMPER25334,522,5
20Martinez Duany Lelys StanleyGMCUB25154,521,5
21Cotonnec MelkiorFRA22964,521,5
22Hernando Rodrigo Jose MariaIMESP23284,520,5
23Perez Mitjans OrelvisFMESP24204,024,5
24Lorenzo De La Riva LazaroFMESP23904,024,0
25Gomez Jurado Luis AlbertoFMESP22874,021,0
26Subirats Ruiz SergiESP21384,018,0
27Fenollar Jorda ManuelFMESP23694,013,5
28Randazzo AdrianITA22433,519,5
29Llaneza Vega PatriciaWIMESP22873,517,5
30Shatko DanilESP20003,517,5
31Carbonell Bofill Carlos EloyFMESP22333,517,0
32Capellades Subirana MarcESP22543,515,0
33Albets Armengol RolandESP21333,515,0
34Gonzalez Valenzuela DidacESP21563,514,5
35Ridameya Tatche Jose MiguelESP20623,014,0
36Martinez Ramirez ErikESP21963,010,5
37Gonzalez Hernandez FerranESP18852,511,0
38Gardela Batlle JordiESP21712,510,5
39Del Valle Cirera AdriaESP21992,014,0
40Costa Trave JaumeESP20651,02,0
41Oms Fuentes LluisFMESP23600,00,0
Arribas Robaina MaritzaWGMCUB23260,00,0
Fandino Reyes RoquelinaWIMCUB21770,00,0
43 players

16) Asian Junior Chess Championship

The Asian Junior Chess Championship took place June 14th-23rd 2010. International Master Shyam Sundar of India and WFM Vo Thi Kim Phung of Vietnam won the Stree Seva Mandir Asian Junior & Asian Junior Girls Chess Championships respectively.

Official site:

17) 45th Capablanca Memorial

The 45th Capablanca Memorial took place in Havana, Cuba 9th-22nd June 2010. Vassily Ivanchuk had won the event three times in a row 2005-7, returned to the Elite Group alongside Evgeny Alekseev, Ian Nepomniatchi, Nigel Short and Leinier Dominguez and Lazaro Bruzon. Vassily Ivanchuk beat Nigel Short in Round 1 and Evgeny Alekseev in Round 2. All three games were drawn in Round 3. Nigel Short got back to a 50% score with a sacrificial win over Evgeny Alekseev in Round 4. Round 5 saw Ivanchuk defeat Nepomniachtchi and Short move into clear 2nd place with a win over Bruzon on the black side of a MacCutcheon French. In Round 8 Ian Nepomniachtchi found a difficult sacrificial idea against Nigel Short and won a crushing victory to move within half a point of the leader Vassily Ivanchuk. Round 9 Ivanchuk won with black against Bruzon to take a full point lead over Nepomniachtchi into the final round. Ivanchuk secured first place for the 4th time with a draw against Nepomniachtchi who finished second. Dominguez and Short both won in the final round and shared 3rd place.

Games from the final round of the Premier Group is now availabe but the last two rounds of the open are still not available.

Official site:

45th Capablanca Mem Premier Havana (CUB), 10-20 vi 2010 cat. XIII (2574)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
1. Quesada Perez, Yuniesky g CUB 2582 * ½ ½ 1 ½ ½ 1 ½ 1 ½ 6 2697
2. Cordova, Emilio g PER 2552 ½ * ½ 1 ½ ½ 0 1 0 1 5 2619
3. Khairullin, Ildar g RUS 2617 ½ ½ * ½ ½ ½ 1 ½ ½ ½ 5 2611
4. Hernandez Carmenates, Holden g CUB 2543 0 0 ½ * ½ 1 ½ 1 1 ½ 5 2620
5. Potkin, Vladimir g RUS 2634 ½ ½ ½ ½ * ½ 0 0 1 1 2566
6. Bachmann, Axel g PAR 2563 ½ ½ ½ 0 ½ * 1 ½ 0 1 2574
7. Nogueiras Santiago, Jesus g CUB 2570 0 1 0 ½ 1 0 * ½ 1 0 4 2531
8. Almeida Quintana, Omar g CUB 2541 ½ 0 ½ 0 1 ½ ½ * ½ ½ 4 2534
9. Ortiz Suarez, Isan Reynaldo m CUB 2544 0 1 ½ 0 0 1 0 ½ * 1 4 2533
10. Corrales Jimenez, Fidel g CUB 2590 ½ 0 ½ ½ 0 0 1 ½ 0 * 3 2446
Round 9 (June 20, 2010)
Quesada Perez, Yuniesky - Khairullin, Ildar ½-½ 41 B12 Caro Kann Advanced
Cordova, Emilio - Bachmann, Axel ½-½ 11 D27 QGA
Nogueiras Santiago, Jesus - Potkin, Vladimir 1-0 38 D45 Anti-Meran Variations
Ortiz Suarez, Isan Reynaldo - Hernandez Carmenates, Holden 0-1 59 B99 Sicilian Najdorf
Corrales Jimenez, Fidel - Almeida Quintana, Omar ½-½ 11 D27 QGA

18) Arvier (Aosta Valley) July

2nd Festival Francophone (open, 9 rounds) ARVIER (Aosta Valley) - July, 3-9 2010.

Official site: -

19) Forthcoming Events and Links

Aarhus Chess Summer

The Aarhus Chess Summer takes place in Aarhus, Denmark July 10th-18th and consists of a closed IM tournament (10 player round robin) and a candidates group, hopefully also with 10 participants (9 players have shown interest at the time of writing). The winner of the candidates group earns the right to participate in next years' IM group.

The tournament is being organized by the chess cafe Chess House, and there will be live coverage of all games from the IM group and some of the games from the candidates group.

Info on

The players, who are participating, are:

IM Aleksandar Colovic, MKD, 2452

IM Karsten Rasmussen, DEN, 2446

IM Klaus Berg, DEN, 2423

FM Arne Matthiesen, DEN, 2323

Poul Rewitz, DEN, 2306

FM Martin Matthiesen, DEN, 2304

CM Inge Sandstad Skrondal, NOR, 2230

Hans Olav Lahlum, NOR, 2230

Bella Gesser and Jackie Andersen.

Scottish Championship 2010

The Scottish Championship takes place in Hamilton over 9 rounds over 7 days. Sunday 11 - Saturday 17 July 2010.

Top 6 so far are: GM Colin McNab 2463, IM Andew Greet 2451, GM John Shaw 2445, GM Hans-Joachim Hecht 2374, FM Neil Berry 2343 and IM Harald Groetz 2315

Live Games

Web site is:

XIV "Battle Of Senta 1697"

The XIV "Battle Of Senta 1697" takes place 17th-24th July 2010.

Official site:

32nd Oberwart Open

The 32nd Oberwart Open takes place 10th-18th July 2010.

Paignton Congress

This year's week-long Paignton Congress starts on Sunday September 5th, the 60th consecutive congress held in the same room, the magnificent Ballroom of Oldway Mansion. This record of consistency is probably unique in chess.

To commemorate this milestone, the committee has planned several extra features. Michael Adams is coming to put on a simultaneous display, and there will be a Junior International tournament held in the Mayor's Parlour.

In addition, Committee Member, Bob Jones, is publishing a book on the history of the event, which was won spectacularly by Harry Golombek after he beat the former World Champion, Max Euwe, on the very first day of the first congress. Since that day, many top players have tested the Paignton waters; from the likes of Barden, Wade, Yanofsky, Alexander and Clarke in the early days, to youngsters like Keene, Hartston, Adams, Hodgson, Norwood, Arkell, the list goes on.

Details can be found on the chessdevon website, or obtained from the Congress Secretary, Alan Crickmore on 01752-768206.

43rd Biel International Chess Festival

The 43rd Biel International Chess Festival takes place 17th-30th July 2010. There will be 9 events including a strong Open, Fischer, Rapid and blitz tournaments and of course the traditional closed tournament. This year they have decided to go with a tournament of youngsters and with the talent around at the moment they probably couldn't have chosen a better moment.

Official site with full details:

43rd Biel International Chess Festival (SUI), 17-30 vii 2010
Maxime Vachier-LagraveFrance192710
Evgeny TomashevskyRussia222708
Fabiano CaruanaItaly172675
Wesley SoPhilippines162665
Dmitry AndreikinRussia202643
Anish GiriNetherlands162642
Nguyen Ngoc Truong SonVietnam202642
Parimarjan NegiIndia172636
Maxim RodhsteinIsrael212626
David HowellEngland192620

4th Rijeka open chess tournament "Mediterranean 2017"

The 4th Rijeka open chess tournament "Mediterranean 2017" takes place 13th-20th November 2010 in the city of Rijeka, located at the North-west part of the Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea.

The president of the Republic of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, has accepted to be a sponsor of this chess event while the County primorsko-goranska and the City of Rijeka are the co-sponsors.


IX Festival Internacional de Ajedrez Benidorm 2010

The IX Festival Internacional de Ajedrez Benidorm 2010 takes place 3rd-12th December 2010.

Further details:



Móvil: 0034-615547567

Geller Memorial 2010

The 6th Efim Geller Memorial (Open) will take place in Odessa, Ukraine on 21-29 August 2010 (Open A, Open B), the children's open will take place on 16-19 August. There also will be a blitz tournament on 30 August.

Details in Russian:

Contact with organisers:

X Savaria Summer Chess Festival

X Savaria Summer Chess Festival 27.07.2010.- 04.08.2010. Szombathely, Hungary GM,IM Round-Rubin, Open A,B,C Group Contact: Csonka Attila


London Chess Classic 2010

Viswanathan Anand will become the first reigning world chess champion to play in a major tournament in London since Anatoly Karpov in 1984 when he joins the eight-player field for the second London Chess Classic, which runs from 8-15 December 2010 at the Olympia Conference Centre.

Alongside him will be World Number one Magnus Carlsen, former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, US number one Hikaru Nakamura and the top four English players Michael Adams, Nigel Short, Luke McShane and David Howell.

IM Malcolm Pein is back as tournament director.

Vishy Anand is the one change from the stellar field which brought spectators flocking to London to watch elite chess in December 2009. The great Indian player, who will turn 41 during the tournament, recently retained his title as the undisputed champion of the world by defeating Veselin Topalov in the latter’s home city of Sofia, Bulgaria. In London he will meet his immediate predecessor as champion, Vladimir Kramnik, 36, of Russia, and also the young man who is currently riding high as the world’s highest rated player and widely tipped to be Anand’s next challenger – Magnus Carlsen of Norway, who will be 20 by the time the tournament starts.

London is thus privileged to witness a clash of the past, present and likely future chess champions. At the time of writing Carlsen is world number one on the FIDE (World Chess Federation) Rating List, Kramnik is number three and Anand number four. Looking forward, London is also bidding to host the 2012 World Championship title match, so Anand’s clashes with Carlsen and Kramnik could well be a preview of what happens in London’s Olympic year.

Five more players make up the field of eight, all of whom played in the exciting 2009 event. Each one earned his place for his fighting play last year. The fourth non-British player is Hikaru Nakamura, USA, who will turn 23 during the London event. The American is known as the ‘H-Bomb’ for his explosive and totally uncompromising style of play. He has won the US Championship twice and also won major events in San Sebastian and Gibraltar in the past couple of years. He is improving all the time and can be expected to press hard for wins against the leading trio of players.

England has an established quartet of elite players and all four will be playing in London. Michael Adams, 39, from Cornwall, has recently wrested back his position as England number one and he spent a number of years as the world number four. He is fresh from winning the prestigious Gibraltar International. Nigel Short, 45, became a chess legend when he broke the Kasparov-Karpov strangehold on world title matches, beating Anatoly Karpov on the way to a title match with Garry Kasparov in 1993. He is still one of the most entertaining players on the circuit – and not to be missed in the commentary room after the game! Luke McShane, 26, started a financial career after university but couldn’t resist the lure of the international chess scene. He is now re-establishing his status as one of the most talented of the world’s young grandmasters. David Howell, 20 in November, had a sensational elite tournament debut in this event last year when he finished third behind Carlsen and Kramnik. He had recently won the British Championship by a handsome margin and has subsequently shared first at Hastings and won the British Rapidplay Championship for the second year in succession. Tournament Line-Up

NameTitleCountryRating (May 2010)World Rnk MayDate of Birth
Carlsen, Magnus grandmasterNOR2813130.11.1990
Kramnik, Vladimirex-world championRUS2790325.06.1975
Anand, Viswanathanworld championIND2789411.12.1969
Nakamura, HikarugrandmasterUSA27331909.12.1987
Adams, MichaelgrandmasterENG26974117.11.1971
Short, NigelgrandmasterENG26854801.06.1965
McShane, LukegrandmasterENG262313807.01.1984
Howell, DavidgrandmasterENG262014414.11.1990

For more information and to buy tickets to The London Chess Classic, please go to Tickets will go on sale in July.

For further information please call:

Malcolm Pein

Tournament Director, London Chess Classic

T: 020 7388 2404


Chinese Chess League Division A

The Youngor Chinese Chess League Division A takes place April 16th - December 30th 2010 in China. 10 teams compete in the Double Round-Robin event.

Time control: 1 hour 30 minutes for the whole game with an incremental time of 30 seconds per move.

Prize: 500,000 yuan or Euro 50,000.

The first 3 rounds took place in Ningbo city.

Official website : -

The live games broadcast :

Archive of games should be here eventually:


Rounds 4-6 take place June 6th - June 9th 2010 in Shenzhen

Rounds 7-9 in July 23th - July 26th 2010 in Shanghai

Rounds 10-12 9th-11th Sept 2010 in Guangzhou

Rounds 13-15 in Oct. 10th-13th 2010

Round 16-18 in Dec. 28th-30th 2010 in Beijing.

Leading players: Wang Yue g CHN 2749; Wang Hao g CHN 2713; Alexander Motylev g RUS 2705; Bu Xiangzhi g CHN 2682; Zhou Jianchao g CHN 2650; Li Chao b g CHN 2613; Zhang Pengxiang g CHN 2605; Zhou Weiqi g CHN 2585; Peng Xiaominn g CHN 2581; Zhao Jun g CHN 2575; Yu Yangyi g CHN 2574; Hou Yifan g CHN 2570; Ding Liren g CHN 2564; Wen Yang g CHN 2520; Li Shilong g CHN 2514; Xu Jun g CHN 2513; Liang Chong g CHN 2502; Ju Wenjun wg CHN 2500; Xiu Deshun CHN 2493; Zhao Xue g CHN 2490; Ruan Lufei wg CHN 2479; Xu Yuhua g CHN 2478; Zhu Chen g QAT 2476; Tan Zhongyi wg CHN 2464; Wu Shaobin g SIN 2453; Lin Chen CHN 2448; Liu Qingnan m CHN 2445; Shen Yang wg CHN 2444; Huang Qian wg CHN 2439; Zhang Xiaowen wg CHN 2437; Le Thanh Tu wg VIE 2318

Gujuan Tzu Blog is

6th TCh-CHN (CHN), 16 iv-30 xii 2010
Round 5 (of 18) Standings:
Rk.Team1a1b2a2b3a3b4a4b5a5b6a6b7a7b8a8b9a9b10a10b TB1 TB2
1SHANGDONG Linglong * * 33916,5
2HEBEI * * 334815,0
3Lanpo JIANGSU2 * * 33714,0
4BEIJING Aigo * * 2234615,5
5ZHEJIANG2 * * 44615,0
6SHANGHAI Jianqiao23 * * 613,5
China Mobile CHONGQING3 * * 2613,5
8TIANJIN Nan Kai½2213 * * 28,5
9GUANGDONG Huateng121 * * 07,0
10BEIJING Rendafuzhong2½1 * * 06,5

14th Unive Tournament

The 14th Unive Tournament takes place in Hoogeveen, Netherlands Fri 22nd - Sat 30th Oct 2010.

The 4 player double round robin sees Alexei Shirov, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Anish Giri and Sergei Tiviakov compete.

There is an open alongside for which entry is invited on the official site. Both events don't have a rest day in order to accommodate travel to Bulgaria for the European Club Cup.

(4 players 6 Rds DRR Indiv TC: 90m:30m+30spm(1))

Official Site

14th Unive Chess Tournament (NED), 25-30 x 2010 cat. XVIII (2682)
NameNATMay EloWorld Rnk
Alexei ShirovESP274210
Maxime Vachier-LagraveFRA271030
Anish GiriNED264297
Sergey TiviakovNED2634111

VIII Marx Gyorgy Memorial

The VIII Marx Gyorgy Memorial takes place 5th-16th August, 2010.

Double Round Robin with 6 players.

Time limit: 100 minutes/40 moves+40minutes+30 seconds/move from the first move. Sophia rule: The players can offer a draw in the first 40 moves only with arbiter’s permission in particular cases. Criteria used for tie: 1. more wins, 2. result against each other, 3. Berger.

XIV. Paks open 11th-15th August 2010

7 rounds swiss tournament A and B (under1900) groups, 90 minutes + 30 seconds/move.

Application and information Videki Sandor (0036-75421225; 0036-304012866 Email: )

Children-tournament 8th August, 2010 Rapid-tournament 10th August, 2010 Blitz-tournament 13th August, 2010

VIII Gyorgy Marx Memorial Men Paks (HUN), 5-16 viii 2010 cat. XVI (2627)
gAlmasi, Zoltan2725HUN
gBerkes, Ferenc2676HUN
gLaznicka, Viktor2636CZE
gTimman, Jan2586NED
gAcs, Peter2569HUN
gRobson, Ray2569USA
VIII Gyorgy Marx Memorial Women Paks (HUN), 5-16 viii 2010 cat. IV (2343)
wgGalojan, Lilit2402ARM
mMadl, Ildiko2393HUN
mKononenko, Tatiana2374UKR
mVajda, Szidonia2363HUN
gGaprindashvili, Nona2348GEO
wmToth, Lili2175HUN

European Individual Senior Championship 2011

The European Individual Senior Championship 2011 has been awarded by the ECU to Courmayeur, Aosta Valley, Italy 10th-20th April 2010.

Official site:

IV Torneo Internacional A.D.San Juan

The IV Torneo International Closed tournament A.D.San Juan takes place in Pamplona 24th July - 1st August 2010. Alexander Morozevich is the star.

Chess Results entry:

IV Torneo Internacional A.D.San Juan Cerrado (ESP), 24 vii - i viii 2009.
10GMMorozevich AlexanderRUS2715
5GMFressinet LaurentFRA2689
8GMKurnosov IgorRUS2680
3GMWojtaszek RadoslawPOL2663
7GMZvjaginsev VadimRUS2656
9GMFedorchuk Sergey AUKR2646
4GMGranda Zuniga Julio EPER2639
1GMIturrizaga EduardoVEN2599
6GMLopez Martinez Josep ManuelESP2548
2IMReinaldo Castineira RoiESP2511

7th South Wales International

The 7th South Wales International takes place 10th -15th July 2010. 4 GM’s and 2 IM’s are confirmed entrants to this year’s Tournament.

Titled Entrants so far: GM K.Arkell ENG, GM P.Wells ENG, GM K.Rusev BUL, GM V.Georgiev MAC, IM J.Rudd ENG and IM P.Marusenko UKR.

Official site:

Canadian Open Chess Championship 2010

The 47th Canadian Open Chess Championship takes place 10th-18th July, in Westin Harbour Castle, downtown Toronto, Ontario. This is a 9-round one-game-per-day single-section Swiss with a guaranteed prize fund of C$ 32,000. Additional side events will include the Speed Chess Championship, GM simuls (including one by GM Mark Bluvshtein), lectures, Chess960, and a chess camp for kids. Grandmasters already confirmed are P. Harikrishna, E. Bareev, L. McShane, E. Rozentalis, A. Shabalov, J. Friedel , M. Gagunashvili and W. Arencibia.

Contacts: Michael Barron ( ) and Brian Fiedler ( )

Registration form and more information is available at, and

Satu Mare Romanian Open

SPI Open" International Chess Tournament Venue: Satu Mare Organiser: IO Ciprian-Sorin Muntean Period: 16-23 July 2010 Prize fund: 2000 Euro (1st place: 700 Euro) Free entrance for IM, WIM, GM and WGM (with FIDE rating >2400) Contact:

11th World University Chess Championship

The 11th World University Chess Championship takes place in Zurich 5th-11th September 2010.

Official site:

Chinese Events 2010

Gujuan Tzu sends new of events in China in 2010. At the moment if you don't grab the games live they have a tendency to disappear (although does now seem to have the early rounds of the Chinese League). It would be nice to find one spot where the Chinese Federation archives all their games.

1. The 4th All China Games in cluding chess game in 17-23 May 2010 in Hefei, Anhui, China. 11 rounds rapid games, Live games:

2. Chinese Championships: in 23 May-4 June 2010 in Xinghua, Jiangsu, China. Live games:

3. Chinese League A, Round 4-6, in 6-9 June 2010 in Shenzhan, China. Live games:

4. The 1st Chinese GM Super Tournament in 10-20 June 2010 in Hainan, China. 10 players: Wang Hao 2722; Bu Xiangzhi 2682; Ni Hua 2667; Zhou Jianchao 2652; Li Chao b 2619; Hou Yifan 2589; Yu Yangyi 2585; Zhou Weiqi 2585; Zhao Jun 2575; Ding liren 2547. Prize fund: 500,000 yuan or 50,000€. Live games:

5. Hou Yifan vs Kapov Match : 4-game and 4-rapid game in 9-15 July 2010 in Hainan, China. Live games:

6. Asia Boys and Girls in 8-18 July 2010 in Beijing, China. Live games:

7. Chinese League A Round 7-9 in 23-25 July 2010 in Shanghai, China. Live games:

8. The 7th China vs Russia Match in 14-25 August 2010 in Ningbo, China. Live games:

9. The 2nd Chess King and Queen Matches in 29 August-3 Sept. 2010 in Jiangzhou, China. Live games:

10. Chinese League A Round 10-12 in 9-12 Sept. 2010 in Guangzhou, China. Live Games:

11. Chinese League A Round 13-15 in 10-13 October 2010 in Hangzhou, China. Live Games:

11. The 3rd Nanjing Super Chess Tournament in 18-28 October 2010 in Nanjing, China. 6 players, Official site:

12. The second half of Bilbao Final Masters in 10-16 October 2010 in Shanghai, China. Official site:

13. Chinese League A Round 16-18 in 28-30 December 2010 in Beijing, China. Live Games:

Gujuan Tzu Website:

Ikaros Chess Festival (Aegean Open) 2010

The Ikaros Chess Festival 2010 is a traditional annual chess event which sees its 33rd consecutive edition on the picturesque island of Ikaria in Greece.

The main event of the festival, the International Aegean Open Championship, takes place from 13th-21st July 2010.

It is a 9 round swiss event with prize fund 3600 Euros in total (1st prize 1000 Euros, special money prizes for ladies and veterans). Special conditions are offered to GMs/IMs/WGMs/WIMs. Special discounts for families and club teams are also offered.

Apart from the Aegean Open, Ikaros Chess Festival 2010 also includes the 1st Mediterranean Rapid Team Tournament 2010 that will be a 5 round swiss event for 4-member teams coming from the countries of the Mediterranean Sea.



E-mail is: (Mr. Ulysses Vazelakis) while participants can also call: (++30) 6947-829772 (Mr. Dimitris Kapagiannidis) or (++30) 6977-730286 (Mrs. Antzela Shiaka)

The island of Ikaria is a good choice for combining chess and vacation in a relaxing atmosphere - particiants can check at:

World Chess Tour Events

Tournaments, simuls and classes in Moscow.

Contact: Contact: Igor Glek, International Grandmaster, FIDE Trainer, Deputy Chairman of the RSUPES&T Chess Chair E-mail: Russia: (7)903-5593052, (Germany/World): (49)152-04014194


Dortmund Sparkassen Chess-Meeting

The Sparkassen Chess-Meeting in Dortmund takes place 15th - 25th July 2010. Former World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik is the top seed. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Ruslan Ponomariov, Peter Leko, Arkadij Naiditsch and the winner of the Aeroflot Open Le Quang Liem compete.

Official site:

Sparkassen Chess-Meeting Dortmund (GER), 15-25 vii 2010
Name TiNATMar10YofB
Kramnik, Vladimir gRUS27901975
Mamedyarov, ShakhriyargAZE27601985
Ponomariov, Ruslan gUKR27371983
Leko, Peter gHUN27351979
Naiditsch, Arkadij gGER26911985
Le, Quang Liem gVIE26891991

15th Pannonia-Nitrokemia Cup

The 15th Pannonia-Nitrokemia Cup takes place in Balatonalmadi 28th July - 1st August 2010.

Group A: International Open Tournament for FIDE ratings. Group B: International Open Tournament for FIDE ratings, but competitors over 2000 ELO points can't attend, and competitors under 18 years will be rated separately.

Swiss system chess competition with 7 rounds and without age limits

Venue: The air-conditioned Conference Hall of Pannonia Kulturalis Kozpont es Konyvtar Address: Balatonalmadi, Varoshaz Square 6.


Entry Address and further information Address: Fancsy Imre: 8222. Balatonalmadi, Gabor Aron utca 15. HUNGARY E-mail:

Swiss Team Championships 2010

The Nationalliga A of Switzerland takes place 14th February - 7th November 2010. Round 2 games not yet available.

Dates: Round 1 (2010.02.14), Round 2 (2010.03.21), Round 3 (2010.04.25), Round 4 (2010.06.13), Round 5 (2010.06.27), Round 6 (2010.08.28), Round 7 (2010.08.29), Round 8 (2010.11.06) and Round 9 (2010.11.07).


TCh-SUI NatLigaA Switzerland (SUI), 14 ii-7 xi 2010
Round 2 21st March 2010
Tribschen 1-Wollishofen 12:6
Reichenstein 1-Bern 1:
Zuerich 1-Genève 16:2
Luzern 1-Riehen 15:3
Joueur 1-Winterthur 1:

Mihajlo Savic Website

The international arbiter, FIDE master and international organizer, Mihajlo Savic, the author of the book Commentary on the Laws of chess, has launched a new column You ask, we answer at website:

Chess Classic Mainz 2010

The 17th Chess Classic Mainz takes place 6th-8th August 2010. The festival has suffered from the general economic slowdown with the open taking the lead along with simuls.

The rapid chess open has been upgraded to the Grenke Rapid World Championship. The tenth edition of the Chess Classic in Mainz is sponsored by GRENKE Group, FiNet AG, Livingston GmbH, Hilton Mainz, Congress Centre Mainz, Stadtwerke Mainz AG and our Prime-Partners ChessBase, DGT and Schach Niggemann.

The prize fund for the rapid chess world championship is no less than Euro 30.000. Chess960 has to take a break for a year.

On the first day of the event, 6th August 2010, Anand will play a standard simul on 40 boards. On the same day, Alexandra Kosteniuk will play a 20-board Chess960 simul.

The Grenke Rapid World Championship will also be a treat for chess lovers: Levon Aronian, who is the current rapid chess world champion and the winner of the 2009 ORDIX Open, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, will play the open tournament to face a unique mixture of numerous world-class grandmasters and amateurs.

The Open will be played in the same established format as in the previous editions. On 7th-8th August 2010 11 rounds will be played, in which the time control is 20 minutes + 5 seconds per move.

Official site:

Arvier (Aosta Valley) - September

ARVIER (Aosta Valley) - September, 4-12 2010. 6th European Union championship (open, 9 rounds) - Free to all the players of the countries belonging to European Union, plus players from Croatia, Fyrom and Turkey without the right to the title. Aosta Valley is one of the most famous touristic regions in Italy, very well known for its castles, food and wines

Livigno (Sondrio, Valtellina)

LIVIGNO (Sondrio, Valtellina) - September, 10-18 2010. Open A (players more than 2000 elo) Open B (players less than 2000 elo) Open C (players without elo) - Livigno is very well known as touristic skying town. It is said "the little Tibet". A few km far there is the village of Trepalle at 2250 metres above sea level, the highest inhabited place of Europe!

Vitoria-Gasteiz Open

The Vitoria-Gasteiz Open takes place 26th July 2010 - 1st August 2010.


Victor Mikhalevski Website

GM, author and coach Victor Mikhalevski has launched a new website at:

33nd Taminco Open

33nd Taminco Open International Chess Tournament Gent (Belgium) takes place 17th-21st July 2010, 9 rounds Swiss, two hours KO chess, prize money 6875 Euros for 300 participants, first price 1800 Euros Guaranteed This traditional open tournament takes place near the center of the medieval town of Gent in the week of the famous annual Gent festivities. Organisers Royal Gent Chessclub (KGSRL).

Information and registration:


Info Gent annual festivities:

7th Knokke International Open

The 7th Knokke International Open takes place August 26th-29th 2010, consisting of 7 rounds "Swiss system" - 2 hours K.O.

Prize fund for a total amount of 3.730 Euros (increased by 1000 Euro this year)

Official site:


11th World University Chess Championship

Zurich hosts the World University Chess Championship 2010 5th-11th September 2010. The Academic Chess Club Reti, which is organising the event, is expecting that up to 150 participants from over 25 countries will enter the contest, to be held at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Many international masters and grandmasters between 18 and 28 years of age will fight for individual and team medals. The tournament will comprise nine rounds and will be played in accordance with the Swiss System.

The World University Chess Championship is held under the auspices of the Federation Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU). The organising club, the Academic Chess Club Reti in Zurich, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. It is one of the four largest clubs in Zurich and has an ambitious team in the Swiss League. In 2009 many of the greatest champions and legends in the history of the game participated in the Zurich Chess Club’s 200-year jubilee. This year, some of the strongest champions of the future will be in Zurich.

Official site:

WUCC 2010 is an event of the FISU:

1st Vaujany International Chess Festival

The 1st Vaujany International Chess Festival takes place July 10th-18th 2010.


XXX Villa de Benasque Open

The XXX Open Internacional "Villa de Benasque" takes place 8th-17th July 2010.

Official site: http;//

Hungarian Tournaments March - October 2010

The list of the HUN GM-IM norm and Open chess tournaments from March until October 2010:

1. 6th-18th of March, FIRST SATURDAY (FS) GM-IM-rating Budapest, Org: Nagy Laszlo,

2. 19th-28th of March, 26th Budapest Spring Festival, 9 rounds Swiss Open, org: Nagy Laszlo

3. 19th-27th of March IM + rating CAISSA Kecskemet (85 km from Budapest), Org: Dr.Erdelyi,

4. 3rd-16th of April FIRST SATURDAY GM-IM-rating Budapest, org: Nagy L,

5. 17th-25th of April, CAISSA Kecskemet, IM + rating, org: Erdelyi,

6. 1st-13th May, FIRST SATURDAY, Budapest, GM-IM-rating - org: Nagy L,

7. 14th-22nd May CAISSA Kecskemet IM + rating, org: Erdelyi,

8. 26th May-3rd June ZALAKAROS open, org: IM Horvath, Tamas,,

9. 5th-17th June, FIRST SATURDAY Budapest, GM-IM-rating, org Nagy L,

10.19th-27h June, Balaton Open, HEVÍZ, GM-IM, org: IM Rigo, e-mail:

11.19th-27th June, CAISSA Kecskemet, IM + rating, Org: Erdelyi,

12.3rd-15th July, FIRST SATURDAY Budapest, GM+IM+rating, org: Nagy L,

13.17th-25th July, CAISSA Kecskemet, GM+IM+rating, org: Erdelyi,

14.27th July-4th August, GM-IM + Open, Szombathely (250 km West from Budapest), org: Csonka, Attila, e-mail:

15.7th-19th August, FIRST SATURDAY Budapest GM+IM+rating, org: Nagy L

16.21st-29th August, CAISSA Kecskemet, GM+IM+rating, org: Erdelyi

17.4th-16th Sept, FIRST SATURDAY GM+IM+rating Budapest, org: Nagy L

18.17th-25th Sept CAISSA Kecskemet IM+rating, org: Erdelyi.

8th Davos Open

The 8th Davos Open takes place August, 8th-14th 2010, in the Hotel "Sunstar". Sinisa Joksic will organise the event which he hopes to be an old fashioned friendly tournament.

All information at:

Aosta Valley

Championship of Francophone countries, July 3th-10th 2010.

UE Championship, September 4th-12th 2010.

Official site: http:\\

XXVIII Andorra International Chess Open

The XXVIII Andorra International Chess Open takes place 17th-25th July 2010. Prizes: 10.000 Euros / 1st Prize: 2.100 Euros


Contact: - FEVA - Tel/Fax: 00.376.824465

Czech Tour 2010-11

The 10th International Chess Festivals Series Czech Tour 2010-11 has the following preliminary list. (Subject to small changes.)

1st HRADEC KRALOVE OPEN (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 15th-22nd May 2010.

21st CZECH OPEN - Pardubice (European Youth Chess Teams Championship, European Amateurs Championship, GM open taken in ACP-TOUR, 4 FIDE opens, Open Championship of the Czech Republic in active chess taken in ACP-TOUR, Open Championship of the Czech Republic of 4-member teams, in blitz marathon, bughouse and Fischerandom chess, problem solving competition, blitz tournaments for individuals, pairs and teams, pairs active chess, youth tournament etc.). 15th July - 1st August 2010.

13th OLOMOUC CHESS SUMMER - Olomouc (FIDE open, closed GM and IM tournaments, seniors tournament, active chess, blitz chess tournament). 4th-12th August 2010.

9th Georgiev's and Kesarovsky´s Memorial - Sunny Beach, Bulgaria (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 28th August - 5th September 2010.

7th HIGHLANDS OPEN - Zdar nad Sazavou (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 25th September - 2nd October 2010.

11th LIBEREC OPEN (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 23rd-30th October 2010.

1st BRNO OPEN (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 14th-20th November 2010

4th SOUTH BOHEMIA OPEN - Cesky Krumlov (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 21st-27th November 2010.

2nd PILSNER OPEN (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament).4th-11th December 2010.

10th PRAGUE OPEN (2 FIDE opens, one of them with IM norm, active chess, blitz tournament). 7th-14th January 2011.

10th MARIENBAD OPEN (FIDE open, closed GM and IM tournaments, active chess, blitz tournament). 15th-22nd January 2011.

2nd NOVY BOR OPEN (FIDE open, active chess, blitz tournament). 12th-19th February 2011.

More detailed information: AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o., Sukova 1556, 530 02 Pardubice, Czech Republic tel./fax + 420 466 535 200, mobile phone + 420 608 203 007 e-mail:

9th Czech Tour 2009/2010

13-20.2. 2010 1st NOVY BOR OPEN (the Prazak Grandhotel)

8.-15.1. 2010 9th PRAGUE OPEN (TOP HOTEL Praha)

16.-23.1. 2010 9th MARIENBAD OPEN (the Kossuth hotel)

Dates of the first tournaments of the 10th jubilee CZECH TOUR 2010 / 2011 Series:

15.-22.5. 2010 1st HRADEC KRALOVE OPEN (the Cernigov hotel)

15.7.-1.8. 2010 21st CZECH OPEN (Pardubice, CEZ Arena)

4.-12.8. 2010 13th OLOMOUC CHESS SUMMER (the Sigma hotel)

Official site:

International Correspondence Chess Federation

The International Correspondence Chess Federation has announced the Preliminary Sections of the World Correspondence Chess Championship will start on March 10th. 2010.

Also Slovenia's 15 Years Membership of ICCF tournament semi-finals.

Details on the ICCF Official site:

FIDE World Amateur Chess Championship

FIDE World Amateur Chess Championship - an Official FIDE World Chess Championship! 9R-SS G/90 + 30/sec increment. Holiday Inn Hotel: 5300 W Touhy Ave Skokie, IL 60077. 847.679.8900. $20,000 Guaranteed. Open to players with no FIDE title and rated under 2000 FIDE. All players compete in a single section. Please see tournament website for more detailed rating regulations.

Prizes: Overall: $3000-2000-1600-1400; Top Women: $1000-600-400-200; (1799-1600): $1000-600-400-200; (1599-1400): $1000-600-400-200; (U1400): $1000-600-400-200; (Unrated): $1000-600-400-200;

EF: $120 by 6pm 02/15, $150 by 6pm 03/15; $200 thereafter and onsite. No re-entries allowed. No half-point byes allowed (zero point byes only). Onsite registration from 3-5pm 03/19.

Rds: 3/19 - 6:30pm; 3/20-21 - 12pm and 6:30pm per day; 3/22-25 - 6:30pm per night.

Mail entries with registration information to: North American Chess Association (make checks payable to) 4957 Oakton Street, Suite 113, Skokie, IL 60077.

More information and online registration available at: Questions via email only:

Mundial Chess Internet Tournament

The organising Committee Mundial Chess invites all the players (from the amateurs to Grandmasters) to take part in the 1st Internet tournament with the prize fund of more than 130.000 EUR in cash and many special prizes. The 1st prize in the main tournament will be not less than 10.000 EUR.

Registration (and information in English) in the tournament is possible following the link - Registration and information in Spanish - Registration and information in Russian -

Ajedrez 21 English site

Ajedrez 21 now has an English site:

Kingpin Magazine

The humourous and satirical chess magazine Kingpin has a new website.

New website address:

Historical Elo Ratings has a list of historical top ten FIDE lists. The text is in Finnish but is understandable anyhow.

European Union Website

The European Chess Union Website ECU website has changed address to

Chess Study

Dr Robert Howard is making a study of rated chess players.

The full article:

If you would like to participate, please go to this website:

For any queries, please contact Dr Robert Howard, University of New South Wales, on