THE WEEK IN CHESS 782 2nd November October 2009 by Mark Crowther

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1) Introduction
2) 17th European Team Championship
3) 48th World Junior Championships
4) FIDE Rating List for November
5) Corsica Masters
6) Chigorin Memorial
7) Tal Memorial
8) US Chess League
9) Liberec Open
10) 24th Le Touquet Open
11) III Sitges International
12) 4th Universidad Central Bogota
13) World Senior Championship
14) 76th Greater Boston Open
15) Club Penya Escacs Cerdanyola
16) First ACP Women World Rapid Cup
17) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
17th European Team Championship528 games
48th World Junior Championships618 games
Corsica Masters126 games
Chigorin Memorial131 games
US Chess League28 games
Liberec Open200 games
24th Le Touquet Open139 games
III Sitges International45 games
4th Universidad Central Bogota123 games
1943 games

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1) Introduction

My thanks to Sergey Sudakov, Lennarth Eriksson, George Mirijanian, Laszlo Nagy, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Jan Mazuch, Emmanuel Variniac, Mikhail Golubev and everyone else who helped with the issue.

The European Team Championship came down to an exciting finish in the final round. Russia led but could only draw against Spain. Azerbaijan took the title with a dramatic win against the Netherlands which was settled with a win for Vugar Gashimov in a drawish Rook and Pawn ending. Gashimov had more reasons to celebrate as he enters the top 10 in the world for the first time also. The big move has been Magnus Carlsen's move to number 2 in the world just a little behind Veselin Topalov. Carlsen (but not Topalov) plays in the Tal Memorial which starts this week and is the strongest tournament of the year. A result even close to that which he achieved in China will surely take Carlsen to number one in the world, especially as a sick Topalov dropped a few points more (unrated by FIDE in this list) in the European Teams. The World Junior has two rounds to go and it seems that either Maxime Vachier-Lagrave or leader on tie-break Sergei Zhigalko who have a point lead over the rest of the field. World Champion Viswanathan Anand warmed up for the Tal Memorial by beating up a severely diminished Anatoly Karpov 3.5-0.5 in a rapid match. Karpov was a great, great player but now his performances are so far off the pace that they are getting a bit embarrassing. It is unclear whether the postponement of his proposed rematch against Kasparov in Paris is that or a cancellation because of a fear that he would be badly beaten again but it is clear he would have to train hard to make it even moderately interesting.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) 17th European Team Championship

The 17th European Team Championship took place in Novi Sad (Serbia) October 21st-31st 2009.

Azerbaijan took first place after beating the Netherlands 2.5-1.5. They overhauled Russia in the final round after they were held 2-2 by Spain. Alexander Morozevich won on board 2 but Ivan Salgado Lopez beat Evgeny Alekseev in spite of a huge rating gap to level the match. It all came to one game. With the Azerbaijan - Netherlands match tied at 1.5 each the final game saw Vugar Gashimov convert an extra pawn against Daniel Stellwagen. The R+4P to R+3P should have been held with best play, the final blunder came within sight of the draw 70...Rf4? was an error when there were plenty of opportunities to draw such as 70...Rb4 going for checks from the side. Russia did hold on to win the women's event.

Official site:

Videos: Results:

17th European Teams Novi Sad (SRB), 22-30 x 2009
Final Round 9 Standings:
Rk.SNoTeamTeamGames + = - TB1 TB2 TB3
1017Serbia 1SRB 194321120,0169,0
2313Czech RepublicCZE9333916,5181,0
2522Serbia 2SRB 29405819,5148,0
2827Former Yug Rep of MacedoniaMKD9405816,5156,0
2932Bosnia & HerzegovinaBIH9234717,5153,5
17th European Teams Novi Sad (SRB), 22-30 x 2009
Round 9 30th October 2009
613CZECzech Republic159:1018PolandPOL12
717SRB 1Serbia 117½9:918FranceFRA9
1018ENGEngland168:½816Former Yug Rep of MacedoniaMKD27
124BULBulgaria16½7:716Bosnia & HerzegovinaBIH32
1722SRB 2Serbia 215½64:0210½ScotlandSCO37
Round 8 29th October 2009
625SUISwitzerland1592:2815½Serbia 1SRB 117
89FRAFrance1682:2813Czech RepublicCZE13
1332BIHBosnia & Herzegovina1462:2614CroatiaCRO20
1427MKDFormer Yug Rep of Macedonia13½6:614Serbia 2SRB 222
Round 7 28th October 2009
313CZECzech Republic12½8½:814½UkraineUKR5
617SRB 1Serbia 1148:814½NetherlandsNED15
1022SRB 2Serbia 212½6:612½RomaniaROU14
1428LTULithuania1152:2512Bosnia & HerzegovinaBIH32
1627MKDFormer Yug Rep of Macedonia104:½48WalesWLS35
Round 6 27th October 2009
517SRB 1Serbia 11272:2713½HungaryHUN10
613CZECzech Republic106:611½BulgariaBUL4
1334BELBelgium941:34Serbia 2SRB 222
1732BIHBosnia & Herzegovina834:03LuxembourgLUX36
1833ISLIceland2:2Former Yug Rep of MacedoniaMKD27
17th European Teams Novi Sad (SRB), 22-30 x 2009
Leading performers by rating:
1GMEljanov Pavel2717Ukraine28236,0875,01
2GMMorozevich Alexander2750Russia28204,5675,01
3GMGashimov Vugar2740Azerbaijan28136,5972,22
4GMHammer Jon Ludvig2585Norway27926,5972,21
5GMMamedov Rauf2626Azerbaijan27833,0475,04
6GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2721Azerbaijan27776,5972,23
7GMSvidler Peter2741Russia27775,0862,51
8GMPetrosian Tigran L2602Armenia27586,0875,04
9GMBacrot Etienne2709France27585,0862,51
10GMNavara David2692Czech Republic27525,5961,11
11GMCaruana Fabiano2662Italy27515,5868,81
12GMSargissian Gabriel2678Armenia27475,5868,82
13GMAlmasi Zoltan2685Hungary27434,5764,31
14GMShirov Alexei2730Spain27385,5961,11
15GMTomashevsky Evgeny2688Russia27225,5868,84
16GMJobava Baadur2696Georgia27215,0955,61
17GMFressinet Laurent2658France27175,0862,51
18GMTopalov Veselin2813Bulgaria27102,5462,51
19GML'Ami Erwin2606Netherlands27096,0966,72
20GMNyback Tomi2615Finland27086,5972,21
21GMAronian Levon2773Armenia27074,5856,31
22GMFridman Daniel2661Germany27035,5868,82
23GMVolokitin Andrei2681Ukraine26965,0862,51
24GMMiladinovic Igor2547Serbia 226925,0862,51
25GMGajewski Grzegorz2572Poland26853,0475,04
26GMAvrukh Boris2668Israel26835,0862,54
27GMBalogh Csaba2620Hungary26814,5764,32
28GMIllescas Cordoba Miguel2591Spain26794,0757,13
29GMRadjabov Teimour2757Azerbaijan26774,5950,01
30GMNisipeanu Liviu-Dieter2664Romania26755,0862,51
8th European Teams w Novi Sad (SRB), 22-30 x 2009
Final Round 9 Standings:
Rk.SNoTeamTeamGames + = - TB1 TB2 TB3
716Czech RepublicCZE94321119,5184,5
2424Bosnia & HerzegovinaBIH9306614,0130,5
2625Former Yug Rep of MacedoniaMKD9126412,0137,5
8th European Teams w Novi Sad (SRB), 22-30 x 2009
Round 9 30th October 2009
316CZECzech Republic17½102:21118UkraineUKR3
1425MKDFormer Yug Rep of Macedonia1141:3411Bosnia & HerzegovinaBIH24
Round 8 29th October 2009
11RUSRussia20½123:11016½Czech RepublicCZE16
424BIHBosnia & Herzegovina104½:511½SerbiaSRB9
1322ENGEngland134:½410Former Yug Rep of MacedoniaMKD25
Round 7 28th October 2009
516CZECzech Republic148:814½FranceFRA6
1223MNEMontenegro1043:149Former Yug Rep of MacedoniaMKD25
1426FINFinland72:2Bosnia & HerzegovinaBIH24
Round 6 27th October 2009
87GERGermany10½51:3611Czech RepublicCZE16
1224BIHBosnia & Herzegovina72½:3AustriaAUT21
1325MKDFormer Yug Rep of Macedonia732:224TurkeyTUR28

3) 48th World Junior Championships

The 48th World Junior Championships (27th for Girls) take place in Mar del Plata, Argentina 21st October - November 4th 2009.

There are many junior titles but this is the only one of historic importance. Borislav Ivkov was the first champion, Oscar Panno, Boris Spassky, William Lombardy, Anatoly Karpov, Alexander Beliavsky, Tony Miles, Artur Jussupow, Yasser Seirawan, Garry Kasparov, Viswanathan Anand and Levon Aronian are by no means the only well known players to have taken the title over the years. The event is for players under-20. (List:

Official site: - Results:

World Juniors Puerto Madryn (ARG), 21 x - 4 xi 2009
Round 11 (of 13) Standings:
Rk.NameFEDRtgPts. TB1 TB2 TB3
1GMZHIGALKO SergeiBLR26469,02556655,02796
2GMVACHIER-LAGRAVE MaximeFRA27189,02552354,52797
3GMGRIGORYAN AvetikARM25158,02506646,02654
4GMPOPOV IvanRUS25828,02498746,52657
5GMITURRIZAGA EduardoVEN26057,52563950,02675
6GMANDREIKIN DmitryRUS26597,52545646,52656
7IMMARGVELASHVILI GiorgiGEO25097,52511746,02606
8GMRODSHTEIN MaximISR26237,02545848,02628
9GMOLSZEWSKI MichalPOL25447,02542047,52622
10GMYU YangyiCHN25097,02541446,02609
11IMROBSON RayUSA25277,02521544,52601
12GMJUMABAYEV RinatKAZ25487,02490443,02575
13GMBINDRICH FalkoGER25167,02482345,02561
14GMDIAMANT AndreBRA25267,02475643,02558
15IMLENDERMAN AlexUSA25427,02459244,02540
16GMLI Chao BCHN26176,52548347,02593
17IMLALITH Babu M RIND24776,52503041,02528
18GMLEON HOYOS ManuelMEX25166,52459241,52483
19IMVOCATURO DanieleITA25106,52433741,52477
20FMBAJARANI UlviAZE23926,52428037,52381
21FMCORI JorgePER24456,52412741,02440
22GMCHIRILA Ioan-CristianROU25046,52386138,52343
23IMKARTHIKEYAN PIND24496,52351937,02385
24GMHOWELL David W LENG26246,02530345,02549
25FMMAENHOUT ThibautBEL23036,02461436,52457
26GARNELIS JuliusLTU22286,02456734,02446
27IMADHIBAN BaskaranIND24906,02451937,02458
28FMSCHIENDORFER EmanuelSUI23116,02434335,52431
29FMYILMAZ MustafaTUR24756,02422538,52424
30GUNDAVAA BayarsaikhanMGL24776,02416939,02421
31IMBRUNELLO SabinoITA25336,02370337,02379
32IMSHYAM Sundar MIND24036,02351336,02348
33IMPOTAPOV PavelRUS24296,02314136,02322
34IMCAN EmreTUR24556,02291134,02301
35FMMEZA HugoARG22766,02260730,52268
36GALLEGO ALCARAZ Andres FelipeCOL24046,02257933,52265
37BLIT JacquesARG23505,52495738,52464
38IMIBARRA CHAMI Luis FernandoMEX23935,52478239,02422
39FMZASLAVSKY MikhailISR23925,52362236,52257
40IMPEREZ PONSA FedericoARG24225,52358735,02323
41IMASHWIN JayaramIND24515,52341535,52312
42SALINAS HERRERA PabloCHI21295,52339831,02236
43FMVISHNU Prasanna VIND23425,52327434,02225
44FMMACIAS MURILLO BryanECU23635,52317333,52289
45ONDRUS MartinSVK23045,52274131,02176
46CATELLI HernanARG22005,52251527,02216
47FMKOKOL PeterSLO23225,52234028,02214
48FMSTELLA AndreaITA23305,52133026,52048
49GMSWIERCZ DariuszPOL24925,02426937,52364
50IMTRISTAN LeonardoARG24125,02386935,02315
51GRYSON WouterBEL21455,02362130,52271
52CRESPO EugenioARG20195,02311228,52259
53GARCIA FUENTES Sergio MigGUA21195,02276124,52210
54STAVRIANAKIS IoannisGRE22735,02243728,02113
55CUBERLI EmilianoARG21615,02235427,02105
56CMALVAREZ RAMIREZ Miguel AngelMEX22595,02185925,52125
57FMLOVIK Lasse OsteboNOR23205,02184827,52059
58HUGAERT ArthurBEL20665,02129728,02118
59BOMANS ArnoBEL20854,52380228,02217
60FMHOURIEZ ClementFRA23044,52326030,52159
61DIMURO MatiasARG22144,52291029,02187
62AHARON OfirISR21924,52041226,52009
63LEHTIMAKI TeroFIN20004,51963721,51938
64DOLE AnantRSA20684,51737522,01842
65GUO-YUTHOK SherabAUS19664,51520516,01754
66SOARES EriksonANG22554,51479622,01924
67AGUINAGA MaximilianoARG20094,02207120,02014
68TAHER RamiLBA19464,02191623,01998
69MALDONADO FedericoARG20034,02097625,02023
70GOMEZ GUSTAV PizzocaroBRA21764,02068827,52040
71CHAVARRIA BilyARG04,01971723,01943
72OCAMPOS IanARG20474,01840621,01899
73BEN FARAHAT RamadanLBA04,01677518,01846
74JOAO MarioANG04,01467219,01862
75GATOR MosabLBA21394,01456220,01744
76CALDERON LucianoARG03,51898817,01811
77CADELAGO CristianARG03,51700317,51747
78RAMOS Vasco Miguel De MatosPOR19153,02229519,52021
79MORALES Ramon AlejandroARG19412,52192020,01891
80DECUADRO SebastianURU20342,51897111,01732
81GONCALVES Marcus Vinicius MBRA18652,51665014,51630
82JOAO AmaralANG01,080654,01161
83SALEH A R SalemUAE24780,000,00
FMTOLOGONTEGIN SemeteyKGZ23550,000,00
World Juniors Girls Puerto Madryn (ARG), 21 x - 4 xi 2009
Round 11 (of 13) Standings:
Rk.NameFEDRtgPts. TB1 TB2 TB3
1WGMSOUMYA SwaminathanIND22978,52277749,02467
2WIMSEVERIUKHINA ZojaRUS23398,02259448,02414
3WIMYILDIZ Betul CemreTUR22248,02256048,52403
4WIMCORI TELLO DeysiPER23617,52261147,02384
5WIMKIRAN Manisha MohantyIND21537,52194841,52279
6WIMZHANG XiaowenCHN23917,02266748,52358
7WIMIVAKHINOVA InnaRUS22497,02240740,52318
8WGMPAULET IozefinaROU23427,02236846,52310
9WFMTJOLSEN KatrineNOR21787,02213945,02286
10WIMMIKADZE MirandaGEO23176,52247843,02274
11WIMPADMINI RoutIND23316,52246942,02287
12WIMOZTURK KubraTUR21766,52171636,52210
13WIMUMUDOVA NargizAZE22546,52171538,02218
14WIMLEKS HannaPOL21696,52078334,02113
15WIMCONGIU MathildeFRA21496,02234636,52226
16WFMAMED StephanieARG21596,02230340,52226
17WIMKALININA OlgaUKR22296,02207243,02152
18WFMHERRERA MilenaCOL21416,02166733,52168
19WGMDAULYTE DeimanteLTU23076,02142935,52135
20WGMGOMES Mary AnnIND23966,02101732,52117
21WFMSTEIL-ANTONI FionaLUX21525,52258039,52248
22WFMHAIRAPETIAN AnnaARM22125,52246541,02217
23WIMPAIKIDZE NaziGEO22795,52206038,52187
24FUCHS JudithGER22075,52198638,52173
25HARINI SankaranIND21095,52181632,02154
26ANU BayarMGL18765,52155328,52130
27OLSAROVA TerezaCZE21505,52127530,02100
28FERNANDEZ Maria FlorenciaARG21595,52069333,02039
29HEREDIA SERRANO CarlaECU21525,52007228,51934
30WIMGREEFF MelissaRSA20815,02195032,52110
31GUO EmmaAUS19205,02140630,52087
32WFMCOLOMBO CamilaURU21294,52158031,02048
33MOTYCAKOVA MonikaSVK20384,52098027,01951
34WIMMENDOZA VELAZQUEZ Lorena AlejandMEX19734,52071425,51984
35FERREIRA Susana Carolina GPOR16604,51872526,51937
36REGINATO SabrinaITA18804,51842325,01852
37MARTINEZ JanineBRA19484,51804923,51861
38DE LEON PatriciaURU17414,51761219,51771
39BUCAR NatasaSLO19724,51744821,51755
40FLORES NancyARG19274,01867721,51839
41MARTINEZ DE NEGRI M AgustinaARG19454,01814221,51831
42HATTINGH AngeliqueRSA17904,01799916,51771
43ANTON SarahAUS18203,51857422,51784
44JORQUERA CABELLO ValentinaCHI19973,51754717,51682
45HEINRICHS VivianBRA02,51780517,01659

4) FIDE Rating List for November

Magnus Carlsen moves into second and to within 9 points of Veselin Topalov as a result of his super win in the Pearl Spring tournament. He overtakes Viswanathan Anand who will play with Carlsen in the Tal Memorial which starts in a few days. Levon Aronian gained 13 points to move within a couple of points of Anand but he drops from 3rd to 4th due to Carlsen's rise. Vugar Gashimov enters the top 10 for the first time with a gain of 18 points. Peter Svidler re-enters the top 10 with a gain of 14 points. Radjabov and Ivanchuk drop out of the top 10 to 11th and 12th. Farrukh Amonatov, Gadir Guseinov, Dmitry Andreikin, Julio Granda Zuniga, Wesley So and Sergey Fedorchuk drop out of the top 100.

Source: The full list is available for download there.

FIDE Rating List November 2009 Top 100
11Topalov, VeselingBUL19752767277727912796281228132813281010
24Carlsen, MagnusgNOR19902765277527862776277027722772280110
32Anand, ViswanathangIND1969280327982783279127832788278827880
43Aronian, LevongARM19822763273727572750275427682773278613
55Kramnik, VladimirgRUS1975278827882772275927592759277227720
614Gashimov, VugargAZE19862679271727032723273027402740275811
79Gelfand, BorisgISR19682723272027192733273327552756275811
812Svidler, PetergRUS19762746273827272723272627392741275417
96Leko, PetergHUN19792741274127472751275127562762275210
1010Morozevich, AlexandergRUS1977277427882787277127512751275027500
117Radjabov, TeimourgAZE19872751274427512761275627562757274810
128Ivanchuk, VassilygUKR19692740278127862779274627032756273913
1313Ponomariov, RuslangUKR1983271927182719272627262727274127395
1417Grischuk, AlexandergRUS19832716272827192733274827332733273613
1511Jakovenko, DmitrygRUS19832711270927372760275327602742273610
1615Wang, YuegCHN19872689270427362739273827362736273427
1724Eljanov, PavelgUKR19832687271627202693269327162717272915
1820Karjakin, SergeygUKR19902732272727302706272127172722272312
1921Mamedyarov, ShakhriyargAZE19852752274227312724272527172721271925
2018Shirov, AlexeigESP19722740274127262745274527322730271918
2122Dominguez Perez, LeiniergCUB1983269527082719271727212716271927190
2226Movsesian, SergeigSVK19782695272327322751274727162711271816
2323Vachier-Lagrave, MaximegFRA1990263226812716269626842703271827180
2416Nakamura, HikarugUSA19872686269727042699270127102735271517
2519Alekseev, EvgenygRUS1985271127082715271827162714272527157
2636Vallejo Pons, FranciscogESP19822684265026642702268826932696271120
2744Tomashevsky, EvgenygRUS19872658264626462664268426892688270821
2842Wang, HaogCHN19892689270427362739269626902690270813
2929Short, Nigel DgENG19652660265526422663267426842706270716
3039Navara, DavidgCZE1985267226462633263826542687269227079
3125Malakhov, VladimirgRUS19802689268926752692270927072715270626
3231Kasimdzhanov, RustamgUZB1979268126792672268726952672270227055
3348Almasi, ZoltangHUN19762674266826632680268526842685270415
3428Bacrot, EtiennegFRA19832705269127052722272827212709270027
3534Akopian, VladimirgARM1971267326732679270026962712269827007
3650Adams, MichaelgENG19712729273527342712270326992682269812
3730Rublevsky, SergeigRUS19742695269927022702270227032703269717
3845Nielsen, Peter HeinegDEN19732629265226622660266826802687269710
3935Jobava, BaadurgGEO1983265826652664266926872684269626960
4027Motylev, AlexandergRUS19792666267426722676267727102710269523
4138Kamsky, GatagUSA19742726272327292725272027172692269516
4253Vitiugov, NikitagRUS19872617261626382687268826812681269424
4343Bologan, ViktorgMDA19712665268626822687269026892688269224
4452Volokitin, AndreigUKR19862684267226592671267126782681269116
4547Naiditsch, ArkadijgGER19852623266526782693270026972685268926
4641Miroshnichenko, EvgenijgUKR19782642259326322667268026962690268626
4732Bu, XiangzhigCHN19852708271027142702270427022702268222
4846Polgar, JuditgHUN1976270927112711269326932687268726806
4937Moiseenko, AlexandergUKR19802650263226782676269026822694267717
5067Nisipeanu, Liviu-DietergROU19762684269226842675267526752664267714
5154Sargissian, GabrielgARM19832643266026422678266026672678267616
5233Onischuk, AlexandergUSA19752664267026442659268426992699267218
5356Harikrishna, P.gIND19862679266826592673268626792673267216
5468Georgiev, KirilgBUL19652665267126452634263726452663267213
5562Cheparinov, IvangBUL1986269526872696267926782678266726715
5683Efimenko, ZahargUKR19852660267026802688268226542654266824
5755Sutovsky, EmilgISR19772630265426512660266026752676266626
5859Kurnosov, IgorgRUS19852593261726062602265826692669266620
5951Najer, EvgeniygRUS19772627267026822669266926632681266617
6040Ni, HuagCHN19832703270527102709272427012692266535
6157Tiviakov, SergeigNED19732634264526862684269726742670266434
6263Areshchenko, AlexandergUKR19862650266426642673265726512667266416
6381Landa, KonstantingRUS19722633261526132626262726552655266416
6474Sasikiran, KrishnangIND1981267926842694271126822669266126649
6588Smirin, IliagISR19682630263726492647264126502648266216
6669Berkes, FerencgHUN19852618264526452651263826472663266121
6793Riazantsev, AlexandergRUS19852638261726562634263526472646266116
6878Roiz, MichaelgISR1983265926802677264726352658265826593
6985Krasenkow, MichalgPOL19632624263926242620262226312651265619
7090Lastin, AlexandergRUS19762622263926512643265026482648265611
7170Pashikian, ArmangARM19872537256426112621265526502663265611
7271Dreev, AlexeygRUS19692657265726702688266826602662265544
7392Baklan, VladimirgUKR19782647263126252627261826392646265532
7460Avrukh, BorisgISR1978263226562657264526472641266826557
75--Ganguly, Surya ShekhargIND19832614263126032614262526372634265425
7695Fier, AlexandrgBRA19882527255825812590259526042644265328
77100Kazhgaleyev, MurtasgKAZ19732617264126402630262626392643265315
7877Fressinet, LaurentgFRA19812656267326762666266426672658265314
7965Meier, GeorggGER19872560255625582608264126582664265310
8049Grachev, BorisgRUS19862610264026532655265226692684265223
8172Caruana, FabianogITA19922620263026402646264926702662265221
8282Predojevic, BorkigBIH19872651263426152650265226442654265217
8386Van Wely, LoekgNED19722676264426182625262226552650265215
8479Sokolov, IvangBIH19682690265826502657266926552657265211
8576Milov, VadimgSUI1972269027052681266926592659265926525
8661Timofeev, ArtyomgRUS19852664265026702671267726812668265122
8784Postny, EvgenygISR19812649266126742652264826472651265026
88--Smeets, JangNED19852578259326042601262626322642265017
8973Fridman, DanielgGER19762640263726302650264626652661264915
9094Seirawan, YassergUSA1960263026342634263426342646264626491
91--Vescovi, GiovannigBRA19782617263126352635263126312636264819
9280Beliavsky, Alexander GgSLO19532641260626192646264026622656264817
9391Zhigalko, SergeigBLR1989256825832592258726222621264626460
9466Inarkiev, ErnestogRUS19852684267526692656267626752664264521
95--Savchenko, BorisgRUS19862569257826482654265526502638264429
96--Khismatullin, DenisgRUS19842584261326062601260126042614264316
97--Socko, BartoszgPOL19782644262726312631263726562637264315
9889Kobalia, MikhailgRUS1978262726182630263426452645264826439
99--Korobov, AntongUKR19852590259026052613261626232633264214
10058Tkachiev, VladislavgFRA19732657266426642657265726502669264214
10187Tregubov, Pavel V.gRUS19712629265826462647262826522649264211

5) Corsica Masters

Viswanathan Anand defeated Anatoly Karpov 3.5-0.5 in the rapid match which took place in Bastia and Ajaccio 31st October and 2nd November 2009. Karpov really does have to do, at least some, remedial work on his game if he is to play any more of these exhibitions. At the moment they're close to being a waste of time. Match of World Champs (2 players 4 Rds Match Indiv TC: 15m+3spm).

Europe-echecs is reporting that the planned match between Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov in Paris in December has been cancelled. There is some hope that it will take place in 2010.

The Open tournament in Bastia was won by Ivan Sokolov on tie-break from Vladimir Malaniuk and Hicham Hamdouchi after all scored 7.5/9.

Official Site

Rapid Match Corsica
Anand, Viswanathan - Karpov, Anatoly 1-0 46 D31 Semi-Slav Defence
Karpov, Anatoly - Anand, Viswanathan ½-½ 41 D45 Anti-Meran Variations
Anand, Viswanathan - Karpov, Anatoly 1-0 30 D37 QGD 5.Bf4
Karpov, Anatoly - Anand, Viswanathan 0-1 32 E32 Nimzo Indian 4.Qc2
Rapid Match Corsica (FRA), 31 x - 2 xi 2009
Name Ti NAT Rtng 1 2 3 4 Total Perf
Anand, Viswanathan g IND 2788 1 ½ 1 1 2955
Karpov, Anatoly g RUS 2619 0 ½ 0 0 ½ 2466
Corsica Masters Bastia (FRA), 25-31 x 2009
Final Round 9 Standings:
Pl NameTiElo Pts Tr. Bu. Perf
1SOKOLOV Ivan g 265746½ 57½ 2726
2MALANIUK Vladimir P g 258646½ 57½ 2684
3HAMDOUCHI Hicham g 259045½ 562676
4MASLAK Konstantin g 2551747582600
5BUJISHO Benjamin m 2403744½ 552506
6CASPI Israel m 2404742½ 51½ 2429
7PALAC Mladen g 257674251½ 2525
8KARPATCHEV Aleksandr g 247774251½ 2465
9SHISHKIN Vadim g 251147572538
10GULIYEV Namig g 252545½ 55½ 2543
11GRUENFELD Yehuda g 247445½ 552511
12KOZLOV Oleg m 22264553½ 2434
13KOZAKOV Mikhail g 243743532457
14LEHTIVAARA Petri f 23774352½ 2405
15VUILLEUMIER Alexandre m 23324250½ 2321
16SHIRAZI Kamran m 241041½ 50½ 2391
17PRIE Eric g 24934150½ 2435
18BRESSAC Stephane 215340½ 482272
19WANTIEZ Fabrice f 233939½ 48½ 2263
20MULLON Jean-Baptiste f 236864555½ 2423
21DIMITROV Pavel m 237664554½ 2392
22DIMITROV Radoslav m 2365643½ 532374
23NJILI Kamel f 231664352½ 2279
24GODARD Maxence m 2344642512287
25IWANESKO Alexandre 2191642492270
26LJUBISAVLJEVIC Zivojin Z m 2291641½ 512329
27DAVITIAN Achot 2261641½ 502256
28GUEDON Stephane f 2164641½ 492244
29BATES Caspar J 2190640½ 492228
30NIEMINEN Kari 2219639482140
31COSTA Pierre-Mathieu 195863945½ 2078
32VALGMAE Toomas 1999638472188
33CRISTOFARI Antoine 210963744½ 2098
34BEREZOVICS Alexander f 222043522261
35MASSONI Michael 229142½ 50½ 2281
36HOURIEZ Alain 21004149½ 2249
37GERONIMI Pierre-Francois 190041472078
38HAMDOUCHI Adina-Maria gf 230840½ 49½ 2177
39REMILLE Tristan 221640½ 48½ 2214
40LE QUANG Kim f 23094048½ 2208
41HUMEAU Cyril 21714047½ 2152
42VLASHKI Nino 228839½ 482169
43BUDISIN Stanislav 209039462141
44DOMENECH Vianney 201838462117
45ANGELOV Zvetomir 213637½ 462075
46FOURCAND Pierre 196837½ 44½ 2021
47AUTRAN Yann 19463744½ 2064
48BIGONNET Jean-Michel 18893743½ 1961
49CLEMENT Alexandre 18093743½ 1923
50KOLEV Vasil 198336442002
51BARNIER Alain 20673643½ 2039
52CANONNE Antoine 20273643½ 2034
53KUROCHKA Irina ff 210835½ 43½ 2032
54SERRA Yvan 209135½ 43½ 2022
55OBRINGER Jean-Marc 200835½ 432045
56OUPINDRIN Narayanin 202134½ 42½ 1978
57TEYCHENE Jean-Louis 195634411972
58HAVE Didier 194733½ 411888
184 players

6) Chigorin Memorial

The Chigorin Memorial took place in St Petersburg 14th-25th October 2009. The Rapid tournament finished with a win for Zaven Andriasian and the Blitz was won by Pentala Harikrishna. The Open tournament was won by Sergey Volkov on tie-break from Zhou Weiqi, Andrey Rychagov, Andrei Deviatkin and Hrant Melkumyan, all finished on 7/9. Final Round 9 games now available.

The Chigorin Memorial 2009 (St Petersburg RUS) took place Wed 14th Oct 2009 - Sun 25th Oct 2009.

Open (264 players 9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:90m:30m+30spm(1))

Rapid (159 players 11 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:15m+5spm)

Blitz (22 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:5m)

Official site:

Chigorin Memorial Open St Petersburg (RUS), 16-24 x 2009
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
Rank Name TiFed. Score Rating TPR W-We BH
1Volkov, Sergey GMRUS 7261627611.6551.5
2Zhou, Weiqi GMCHN 7259327041.2851.5
3Rychagov, Andrey GMRUS 7255227342.1449.5
4Deviatkin, Andrei GMRUS 7259327251.5349
5Melkumyan, Hrant GMARM 7256926731.2647.5
6Areshchenko, Alexander GMUKR 6.5266726740.2253
7Savchenko, Boris GMRUS 6.5263826710.4552
8Fedorov, Alexei GMBLR 6.5260027141.4651
9Popov, Valerij GMRUS 6.5259526630.9151
10Dreev, Alexey GMRUS 6.5265927010.5749
11Epishin, Vladimir GMRUS 6.5259026490.8149
12Hovhannisyan, Robert IMARM 6.5246326532.4548.5
13Khairullin, Ildar GMRUS 6.5260426290.3748.5
14Lysyj, Igor GMRUS 6.5261226480.548
15Harikrishna, P. GMIND 6.5267326680.1148
16Sjugirov, Sanan GMRUS 6.5258526290.6348
17Sandipan, Chanda GMIND 6.526112594-0.0246.5
18Iordachescu, Viorel GMMDA 6.5260726200.3344.5
19Kurnosov, Igor GMRUS 626692660-0.0554
20Kazhgaleyev, Murtas GMKAZ 6264326620.2752
21Klimov, Sergey GMRUS 6250126281.6250
22Burmakin, Vladimir GMRUS 625992582-0.1350
23Vorobiov, Evgeny E. GMRUS 626062590-0.1149
24Makarov, Marat GMRUS 6250525300.4949
25Kryakvin, Dmitry GMRUS 6257125950.3949
26Chadaev, Nikolai IMRUS 6256126050.6249
27Negi, Parimarjan GMIND 6261526240.1649
28Levin, Evgeny A. IMRUS 6245026001.8848.5
29Papin, Vasily IMRUS 6252926021.0448.5
30Turov, Maxim GMRUS 625952570-0.2148.5
31Shimanov, Aleksandr GMRUS 6250825790.9748.5
32Amonatov, Farrukh GMTJK 626432583-0.5248
33Vysochin, Spartak GMUKR 6255025710.3548
34Babujian, Levon IMARM 6247426111.7448
35Andriasian, Zaven GMARM 626122600-0.148
36Sakaev, Konstantin GMRUS 626252555-0.6647.5
37Matlakov, Maxim IMRUS 625742529-0.3846
38Tunik, Gennady GMRUS 6249325731.145.5
39Yakovich, Yuri GMRUS 625762557-0.1444.5
40Tovmasian, Vardges ARM 6222825063.1144
41Safarli, Eltaj GMAZE 625872557-0.3144
42Zontakh, Andrey GMUKR 6254025310.0543
43Shomoev, Anton GMRUS 625662514-0.5442
44Lovkov, Roman IMRUS 6243524660.540.5
45Zhigalko, Andrey GMBLR 626012475-1.239.5
46Predke, Alexandr RUS 6236124891.638.5
47Alavkin, Arseny IMRUS 5.5242826152.3553
159 players
Chigorin Memorial Blitz St Petersburg (RUS), 25 x 2009
Final Standings:
12Harikrishna. PentalaGMIND2673267316.5140116.5
238Melkumyan. HrantGMARM2569256915.5150.5124
341Chadaev. NikolaiIMRUS2561256115.5147.5123.5
413Sakaev. KonstantinGMRUS2625262515.5137.5112.5
525Popov. ValerijGMRUS2595259515146.5121.5
619Bocharov. DmitryGMRUS2607260715146.5120
733Maletin. PavelGMRUS2576257615142118
89Aleksandrov. AleksejGMBLR2639263915141.5116
924Yudin. SergeiIMRUS2599259915134.5109.5
1061Levin. Evgeny A.IMRUS2450245015131.5111
1127Deviatkin. AndreiGMRUS2593259314.5146.5121.5
126Dreev. AlexeyGMRUS2659265914.5146120.5
137Kobalia. MikhailGMRUS2648264814.5145121
1426Turov. MaximGMRUS2595259514.5143.5118.5
1522Khairullin. IldarGMRUS2604260414.5137113.5
1651Simonian. HrairGMARM2513251314138114
1729Epishin. VladimirGMRUS2590259014136.5110.5
1839Shomoev. AntonGMRUS2566256613.5143119.5
1935Matlakov. MaximIMRUS2574257413.5142.5118
2028Zhou. WeiqiGMCHN2593259313.5137113
211Vitiugov. NikitaGMRUS2681268113.5137112.5
2216Andriasian. ZavenGMARM2612261213.5135.5110
2340Grigoriants. SergeyGMRUS2564256413.5133109
2462Ju. WenjunWGMCHN2443244313.5128.5104.5
2552Shimanov. AleksandrGMRUS2508250813.5127104
2673Vlasenko. MiroslavIMRUS2384238413135.5111.5
274Timofeev. ArtyomGMRUS2668266813135.5110.5
2878Fedoseev. VladimirFMRUS2352235213132107
2920Iordachescu. ViorelGMMDA2607260713131.5108
3065Smirnov. ArtemIMRUS2432243213122101.5
3142Ovetchkin. RomanGMRUS2556255613121.597
3236Kryakvin. DmitryGMRUS257125711312197.5
136 players

7) Tal Memorial

The Tal Memorial takes place 4th-19th November 2009. Players: Viswanathan Anand, Levon Aronian, Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik, Peter Leko, Boris Gelfand, Vassily Ivanchuk, Alexander Morozevich, Peter Svidler and Ruslan Ponomariov. The main event will be followed by the World Blitz Championship.

Official Site

Tal Mem (10 players 9 Rds SRR Indiv TC:120:60:15+30spm(61))

Tal Memorial Moscow (RUS), 5-14 xi 2009 cat. XXI (2761)
Name Ti NAT Elo Sept DoB
Anand, Viswanathan g IND 2788 1969
Aronian, Levon g ARM 2773 1982
Carlsen, Magnus g NOR 2772 1990
Kramnik, Vladimir g RUS 2772 1975
Leko, Peter g HUN 2762 1979
Gelfand, Boris g ISR 2756 1968
Ivanchuk, Vassily g UKR 2756 1969
Morozevich, Alexander g RUS 2750 1977
Svidler, Peter g RUS 2741 1976
Ponomariov, Ruslan g UKR 2741 1983

8) US Chess League

The US Chess League got under way on August 31st 2009. Reaches week 9.

US Chess League ICC (INT), 31 viii - 5 xii 2009
EASTERN DIVISION WLGame PointsOpps Avg RatingOpps Record
# - New Jersey (69%)240936.5-31.5 (54%)
@ - Boston 6.52.521.0/36 (58%)239929.0-39.0 (43%)
@ - New York (57%)240537.0-31.0 (54%)
Baltimore 3.55.516.0/36 (44%)241332.5-35.5 (48%)
Philadelphia (40%)241034.0-34.0 (50%)
Queens 2.56.514.0/36 (39%)240932.5-35.5 (48%)
X - Carolina (35%)241532.0-36.0 (47%)
WESTERN DIVISION WLGame PointsOpps Avg RatingOpps Record
@ - Seattle (60%)239734.5-33.5 (51%)
@ - Arizona (60%)239939.5-28.5 (58%)
@ - San Francisco (57%)240135.5-34.5 (51%)
@ - Miami (53%)240333.0-35.0 (49%)
X - Chicago 3.55.516.5/36 (46%)240433.5-34.5 (49%)
X - Dallas (42%)241235.5-34.5 (51%)
X - Tennessee (40%)240933.0-35.0 (49%)
US Chess League ICC (INT), 31 viii - 5 xii 2009
Week1: Monday, August 31st 2009
1Queens PioneersvsBoston Blitz Boston 3-1
2Miami SharksvsDallas Destiny Miami 3-1
3San Francisco MechanicsvsSeattle Sluggers Tie 2-2
Week1: Wednesday, September 2nd 2009
4New York KnightsvsNew Jersey Knockouts New Jersey 2.5-1.5
5Carolina CobrasvsBaltimore Kingfishers Carolina 3-1
6Philadelphia InventorsvsTennessee Tempo Tennessee 2.5-1.5
7Arizona ScorpionsvsChicago Blaze Arizona 3.5-0.5
Week2: Tuesday, September 8th 2009
1New Jersey KnockoutsvsPhiladelphia Inventors New Jersey 2.5-1.5
2Queens PioneersvsBaltimore Kingfishers Tie 2-2
3Seattle SluggersvsNew York Knights Tie 2-2
Week2: Wednesday, September 9th 2009
4Boston BlitzvsCarolina Cobras Boston 3-1
5Chicago BlazevsMiami Sharks Miami 3-1
6San Francisco MechanicsvsDallas Destiny San Francisco 3-1
7Tennessee TempovsArizona Scorpions Tie 2-2
Week3: Monday, September 14th 2009
1Carolina CobrasvsNew Jersey Knockouts New Jersey 3-1
2Queens PioneersvsNew York Knights New York 3.5-0.5
3Baltimore KingfishersvsPhiladelphia Inventors Philadelphia 2.5-1.5
4Dallas DestinyvsBoston Blitz Dallas 4-0
Week3: Wednesday, September 16th 2009
5Tennessee TempovsChicago Blaze Chicago 2.5-1.5
6Miami SharksvsSan Francisco Mechanics San Francisco 3-1
7Arizona ScorpionsvsSeattle Sluggers Seattle 2.5-1.5
Week4: Monday, September 21st 2009
1Miami SharksvsTennessee Tempo Tie 2-2
2Chicago BlazevsSan Francisco Mechanics San Francisco 2.5-1.5
3Baltimore KingfishersvsArizona Scorpions Baltimore 2.5-1.5
Week4: Wednesday, September 23rd 2009
4New Jersey KnockoutsvsNew York Knights New Jersey 2.5-1.5
5Carolina CobrasvsQueens Pioneers Queens 2.5-1.5
6Boston BlitzvsPhiladelphia Inventors Boston 3.5-0.5
7Dallas DestinyvsSeattle Sluggers Seattle 3-1
Week5: Monday, September 28th 2009
1Baltimore KingfishersvsBoston Blitz Boston2.5-1.5
2Miami SharksvsCarolina Cobras Miami2.5-1.5
Week5: Wednesday, September 30th 2009
3Philadelphia InventorsvsQueens Pioneers Tie2-2
4New Jersey KnockoutsvsChicago Blaze New Jersey2.5-1.5
5New York KnightsvsSF Mechanics New York3-1
6Arizona ScorpionsvsDallas Destiny Tie2-2
7Seattle SluggersvsTennessee Tempo Seattle2.5-1.5
Week6: Monday, October 5th 2009
1New York KnightsvsBaltimore Kingfishers Tie2-2
2Chicago BlazevsPhiladelphia Inventors Tie2-2
3Arizona ScorpionsvsNew Jersey Knockouts Arizona3-1
Week6: Wednesday, October 7th 2009
4Carolina CobrasvsBoston Blitz Boston4-0
5Tennessee TempovsDallas Destiny Dallas2.5-1.5
6San Francisco MechanicsvsMiami Sharks Tie2-2
7Queens PioneersvsSeattle Sluggers Seattle2.5-1.5
Week7: Monday, October 12th 2009
1New York KnightsvsPhiladelphia Inventors Tie2-2
2Carolina CobrasvsDallas Destiny Carolina3-1
Week7: Wednesday, October 14th 2009
3Boston BlitzvsQueens Pioneers Boston2.5-1.5
4Baltimore KingfishersvsNJ Knockouts New Jersey3.5-0.5
5Chicago BlazevsTennessee Tempo Chicago2.5-1.5
6Seattle SluggersvsMiami Sharks Seattle2.5-1.5
7Arizona ScorpionsvsSF Mechanics Arizona2.5-1.5
Week8: Monday, October 19th 2009
1New Jersey KnockoutsvsBoston Blitz New Jersey4-0
2Dallas DestinyvsMiami Sharks Tie2-2
3Chicago BlazevsArizona Scorpions Arizona2.5-1.5
Week8: Wednesday, October 21st 2009
4New York KnightsvsCarolina Cobras Tie2-2
5Philadelphia InventorsvsBaltimore Kingfishers Tie2-2
6San Francisco MechanicsvsQueens Pioneers San Francisco3-1
7Tennessee TempovsSeattle Sluggers Seattle3.5-0.5
Week9: Monday, October 26th 2009
1Queens PioneersvsCarolina Cobras Tie2-2
2Dallas DestinyvsChicago Blaze Chicago 3,5-0.5
3San Francisco MechanicsvsTennessee Tempo San Francisco2.5-1.5
Week9: Wednesday, October 28th 2009
4Philadelphia InventorsvsNJ Knockouts New Jersey3.5-0.5
5Baltimore KingfishersvsNew York Knights New York3-1
6Boston BlitzvsMiami Sharks Tie2-2
7Seattle SluggersvsArizona Scorpions Arizona3-1
Week10: Wednesday, November 4th 2009
1Boston BlitzvsNew York Knights 7:00 PM ET
2New Jersey KnockoutsvsQueens Pioneers 7:15 PM ET
3Philadelphia InventorsvsCarolina Cobras 7:30 PM ET
4Tennessee TempovsBaltimore Kingfishers 8:00 PM ET
5Dallas DestinyvsSan Francisco Mechanics 8:45 PM ET
6Seattle SluggersvsChicago Blaze 9:00 PM ET
7Miami SharksvsArizona Scorpions 9:15 PM ET
US Chess League ICC (INT), 31 viii - 5 xii 2009
Quarterfinals: Wednesday, November 11th 2009
11st Place Eastvs4th Place East 1st Place East gets draw odds and chooses colors
22nd Place Eastvs3rd Place East 2nd Place East gets draw odds, 3rd Place East chooses colors
31st Place Westvs4th Place West 1st Place West gets draw odds and chooses colors
42nd Place Westvs3rd Place West 2nd Place West gets draw odds, 3rd Place West chooses colors
Semifinals: Wednesday, November 18th 2009
1Eastern QF Winner 1vsEastern QF Winner 2Higher seed gets draw odds, color choice based on seeding
2Western QF Winner 1vsWestern QF Winner 2Higher seed gets draw odds, color choice based on seeding
Championship: Saturday, December 5th 2009
1Winner of Eastern SemifinalsvsWinner of Western Semifinals No draw odds, better regular season record chooses colors
Tie results in playoff

9) Liberec Open

The 10th International Chess Festival Liberec Open 2009 took place 24th-31st October 2009 in Liberec (the Czech Republic).

Results: and Games

Liberec Open (CZE), 24-30 x 2009
Rk.NameFEDRtgIPts.TB1 TB2
6GOLCMAN EVGENYRUS23066.550.539.5
10BEDNAR MARCELCZE2159651.541.5
11SZUMILAS PIOTRPOL2109650.540.5
15KUCERA PETRCZE2156646.537
17BENES PETRCZE215964434.5
19BARTOS JANFMCZE224964333.5
22JARES JIRICZE19665.54838
24KADERABEK JIRICZE22055.546.536
25SNOREK MILANCZE21645.546.535.5
26SABUK PIOTRPOL22065.54433
27THIER JUERGENGER20585.543.533
28CERNIK LUKASCZE22295.543.532.5
29SISAK RICHARDCZE20605.540.530.5
112 players

10) 24th Le Touquet Open

The 24th Le Touquet Open (France) took place 24th-30th October 2009. IM Jean-Noel RIFF won the 24th International Open of Le Touquet (France) with 7/9 and made a GM norm. 2nd : GM Jean-Marc DEGRAEVE (FRA), 3rd : GM Yuri VOVK (UKR), 4th : GM Bartlomiej HEBERLA (POL) The young FM Sahaj GROVER from India (former world champion under 10) is unbeaten 5th and he has a IM norm. 147 players : 71 in the A-Open and 76 in the B-Open. News: Emmanuel Variniac.

Official web site : or direct link:

24th GP Open A Le Touquet (FRA), 24-30 x 2009
Pl NameTiNATElo Pts Tr. Perf.
1RIFF Jean-Noel m FRA 2501743.52605
2DEGRAEVE Jean-Marc g FRA 25737432593
3VOVK Yuri g UKR 25387422564
4HEBERLA Bartlomiej g POL 2536740.52525
5GROVER Sahaj f IND 22886.5432485
6IKONNIKOV Vyacheslav g RUS 25586432475
7VOVK Andrey g UKR 2512642.52462
8BURG Twan f NED 2449640.52439
9BERNARD Christophe m FRA 2356640.52362
10ROY CHOWDHURY Saptarshi m IND 24366402357
11HOUSIEAUX David m FRA 2432639.52390
12FATIANOVA Tatiana gf RUS 23026392289
13CLERY Nicolas f FRA 23745.5432402
14KIEFFER Christian FRA 21095.540.52311
15PYTEL Krzysztof m FRA 23805.5392337
16PAYEN Arnaud m FRA 23565.538.52303
17VAN KERKHOF David NED 22195.538.52286
18SONG Julien f FRA 22895.5382274
19GIUA Frederic FRA 22225.537.52230
20MELNIKOVA Yana gf RUS 22885.5362167
21SHARMA Dinesh K. m IND 23355.535.52224
22MANDON Fabrice FRA 22395.535.52185
23THERKILDSEN Thomas f FRA 23065.5342182
24LOISEAU Quentin FRA 2120541.52348
25SOYEZ Cyril FRA 2246540.52289
26MALEKI Nicolas FRA 2179538.52225
27LADISIC Alex-Sacha FRA 20675382151
28PLATEL Alexandre FRA 2244536.52154
29VALETTE Christian FRA 2087535.52131
30JOIE Sebastien FRA 2113535.52130
31PROST Frederic FRA 21415342128
32HAMEAU Cyril FRA 20385322057
33VALENTI Richard FRA 21355312009
34FLAMENT Frederic FRA 2124530.51968
35BENSON Oisin P. IRL 20404.5402156
76 players

11) III Sitges International

The III Sitges International took place 25th October - 1st November 2009. Filemon Cruz won with 6.5/9.

Official site:

III It Sitges (ESP), 25 x-1 xi 2009 cat. V (2364)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
1. Cruz, Filemon f PER 2404 * 1 ½ 0 ½ 1 1 1 ½ 1 2525
2. Karlsson, Lars g SWE 2483 0 * 1 1 ½ 0 ½ 1 1 1 6 2475
3. Oms Fuentes, Lluis f ESP 2370 ½ 0 * 1 ½ 1 ½ ½ 1 1 6 2487
4. Lacasa Diaz, Jose Antonio m ESP 2405 1 0 0 * 1 1 ½ ½ ½ 1 2438
5. Cruz, Jonathan PER 2292 ½ ½ ½ 0 * 1 1 1 ½ ½ 2451
6. Fernandez Aguado, Enrique m ESP 2354 0 1 0 0 0 * 1 0 1 1 4 2321
7. Beltran Rueda, Santiago f ESP 2427 0 ½ ½ ½ 0 0 * ½ ½ 1 2276
8. Ayas Fernandez, Antonio f ESP 2340 0 0 ½ ½ 0 1 ½ * ½ 0 3 2241
9. Gonzalez, Raul f ARG 2327 ½ 0 0 ½ ½ 0 ½ ½ * ½ 3 2242
10. Castano, Henry Augusto COL 2233 0 0 0 0 ½ 0 0 1 ½ * 2 2158

12) 4th Universidad Central Bogota

The 4th Universidad Central Bogota takes place 29th October - 2nd November 2009. Some games available. Although the round 1 games don't seem to fully coincide with the games file.


4th Universidad Central Bogota (COL), 29 x - 2 xi 2009
Rk.TiNameFEDRtgPts. TB1 TB2 TB3
1GMDelgado Ramirez NeurisCUB25956.526.0292.06
2IMBarrientos Sergio EVAL24686.032.0292.05
3IMCastro Oscar HBOG23695.527.0297.03
4GMZapata AlonsoRIS25365.527.0295.54
5Morales Jhon AlexanderVAL22625.526.5282.55
6FMMendoza RafaelATL23175.526.5280.04
7IMPerez Garcia Rodney OscarCUB24265.026.5282.03
8WGMMarrero Lopez YanietCUB22595.024.0266.03
9FMZuluaga CesarCAL23035.022.0274.54
10Sanabria Rangel Sergio AndresSAN21875.021.5268.04
11FMGarcia AlvaroBOG22225.021.0259.55
12Alvarez JavierVAL21585.020.5258.03
13Perez Olarte Cesar CamiloBOG21025.020.0268.04
14GMPerez Rodriguez Luis ManuelCUB25114.522.5268.03
15Narvaez Faber AlbertoCUN21374.520.5230.03
16Ruiz Aguilar Pablo AlexanderSAN22714.518.0249.03
17Camargo SantiagoBOG20504.514.5253.03
18FMRenteria Jorge EliecerBOG22484.022.0263.53
19Beltran Carlos ArmandoVAL22424.020.0241.03
20IMGutierrez Jose AntonioBOG22504.019.5260.03
21Univio Sanchez GermanBOG20034.019.0252.04
22IMRivera AlbertoCUB23574.019.0248.03
23Mateus AlejandroVAL22414.017.0243.54
76 players

13) World Senior Championship

The World Senior Championship takes place in Condino a little village not far from Trento 27th October - November 7th 2009. Free day November 1st. 11 rounds.

Official site:

20 games will be transmitted daily on internet There is already the list of players; about 15 GMs in the men group (Over 60), in the female group (Over 50) Nona Gaprindashvili will play. 11 rounds. Last round November 7th; free day November 1st

14) 76th Greater Boston Open

George Mirijanian reports: The 76th Greater Boston Open took place October 25th, 2009 at the Kennedy Senior Center in Natick, Massachusetts, USA. U.S. Chess Federation-rated senior master Denys Konstantin Shmelov, 23, of Pepperell, Massachusetts, a FIDE-rated player from Ukraine, captured first place with a score of 3.5-0.5. IM David Vigorito, 39, of Somerville, Massachusetts, national master Ilya Krasik, 29, of Newton, Massachusetts, and USCF-rated expert Daniel Rozovsky of West Hartford, Connecticut were runners-up with 3-1 tallies. The tournament was sponsored by the Massachusetts Chess Association and drew 70 players in four sections. F. Alexander Relyea of Bedford, New Hampshire, was the chief tournament director, assisted by his wife, Nita Patel, senior TD Robert Messenger of Nashua, New Hampshire, and associate national TD Ken Ballou of Framingham, Massachusetts.

15) Club Penya Escacs Cerdanyola

Club Penya Escacs Cerdanyola is organising some tournaments 24th October - 14th November 2009.

Official site:

16) First ACP Women World Rapid Cup

The First ACP Women World Rapid Cup takes place at the Rixos hotel in Konya, Turkey from November 30th to December 4th 2009. The event will be a Round Robin rapid tournament with twelve participants including eight qualifiers from the ACP Women Series 2008-09, three Turkish Chess Federation nominees, one ACP nominee. The total prize fund will amount to USD 20,000.

The full players' list is now announced. ACP WS 2008-09 qualifiers: Kosintseva, Tatiana Kosteniuk, Alexandra Kosintseva, Nadezhda Cramling, Pia Cmilyte, Viktorija Zhukova, Natalya Javakhishvili, Lela Socko, Monica (replaces Pogonina) ACP nominiee: Klinova, Masha TCF nominies: Ozturk, Kubra Menzi, Nezihe Ezgi Yildiz, Betul Cemre


17) Forthcoming Events and Links

First Saturday November

The First Saturday GM-IM all-play-all tournaments take place Budapest, 7th-18th of November 2009. There are a couple of vacancies. - Mobile phone: +(36)-30-230-19-14 Office phone from 12:00 (noon) until 22:00 hour Central European Time: +(36)-1-263-28-59 E-mail:

Spassky - Korchnoi Match

Boris Spassky vs Viktor Korchnoi 8 game Match Elista, Russia, 17th-27th Dec, 2009. 400th Aniversary Kalmykia - Russia. Prize Fund US$ 20.000

Rilton Cup 2009-10

The XXXIX Rilton Cup takes place 27th December 2009 - 5th January 2010.

The 39th Rilton Cup has a prize fund of more than SEK 200 000 (about 22 000 euro) and will be played in three groups: Rilton Cup, Rilton Elo and Rilton Open (Rilton Open is only open for Nordic players with a rating lower than national 1800). Rilton Cup and Rilton Elo is Elo registrated and play 9 rounds FIDE-Swiss.

Send your entry with name, address, country, Elo rating and Elo ID by mail, fax or e-mail, no later than the 17th of December to: Stockholm’s Chess Federation, att.: "Rilton Cup". Pg 25 79 58-9 or Bg 822-1301.

Mobile telephones (cell phones) are not allowed in the playing hall! Playing hall: Malarsalen, Münchenbryggeriet, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Stockholm, SWEDEN

Details: - -

Lorenzo Forlani

33rd international rapid Cup "Lorenzo Forlani" takes place November 29th, 2009. in Vodnjan. For more information please contact on e-mail

World Cup 2009

The World Cup takes place in Khanty-Mansiysk 20th November - 15th December 2009. The event is part of the next world championship cycle. 7 rounds of knockout chess produce the winner.

FIDE World Cup Khanty-Mansiysk (Khantiy Mansiysk RUS)

Fri 20th Nov 2009 - Tue 15th Dec 2009 - Official Site

World Cup (128 players 7 Rds KO Indiv TC:90m:30m+30spm(1))

World Cup Khanty-Mansiysk (RUS), 20 xi - 15 xii 2009
128 players:
A from World Cup 2007
01G. KamskyUSA
02A. ShirovESP
03S. KarjakinUKR
B) Women's World Champion 2008:
04A. KosteniukRUS
C) Junior World Champions 2007 & 2008:
05A. AdlyEGY
06A. GuptaIND
D) From FIDE Rating List, 22 players, average 7/2008 & 1/2009:
07V. IvanchukUKR 2780,00
08A. MorozevichRUS 2779,50
09T. RadjabovAZE 2752,50
10D. JakovenkoRUS 2734,50
11S. MamedyarovAZE 2733,00
12P. SvidlerRUS 2730,50
13A. GrischukRUS 2730,50
14B. GelfandISR 2726,50
15R. PonomariovUKR 2722,00
16Wang YueCHN 2721,50
17V. GashimovAZE 2720,00
18E. AlekseevRUS 2713,00
19L. Dominguez PerezCUB 2712,50
20Ni HuaCHN 2707,00
21E. BacrotFRA 2706,50
22Bu XiangzhiCHN 2706,00
23P. EljanovUKR 2704,50
24J. PolgarHUN 2702,00
25S. RublevskyRUS 2700,50
26K. SasikiranIND 2697,50
27Wang HaoCHN 2691,00
28V. MalakhovRUS 2690,50
E) 46 players from European Championships 2008 & 2009
29S. TiviakovNED 2008
30S. MovsesianSVK 2008
31S. VolkovRUS 2008
32P. TregubovRUS 2008
33E. L'AmiNED 2008
34M. Vachier-LagraveFRA 2008
35B. GrachevRUS 2008
36V. BaklanUKR 2008
37Y. KryvoruchkoUKR 2008
38T. NybackFIN 2008
39E. SutovskyISR 2008
40V. LaznickaCZE 2008
41D. PavasovicSLO 2008
42Z. EfimenkoUKR 2008
43I. PapaioannouGRE 2008
44A. KhalifmanRUS 2008
45E. NajerRUS 2008
46D. AndreikinRUS 2008
47G. SargissianARM 2008
48J. GustafssonGER 2008
49L. FressinetFRA 2008
50I. SmirinISR 2008
51V. BologanMDA 2008
52E. TomashevskyRUS 2009
53B. JobavaGEO 2009
54E. InarkievRUS 2009
55I. SokolovNED 2009
56A. NaiditschGER 2009
57D. NavaraCZE 2009
58M. KobaliaRUS 2009
59G. GuseinovAZE 2009
60G. MeierGER 2009
61F. NijboerNED 2009
62S. FedorchukUKR 2009
63A. TimofeevRUS 2009
64S. SjugirovRUS 2009
65M. BartelPOL 2009
66R. MamedovAZE 2009
67B. SavchenkoRUS 2009
68K. SakaevRUS 2009
69N. VitiugovRUS 2009
70T. L. PetrosianARM 2009
71L. NisipeanuROU 2009
72C. LupulescuROU 2009
73A. MotylevRUS 2009
74A . AreshchenkoUKR 2009
F) 19 players from Americas
75I. Morovic FernandezCHI Zonal 2.5
76A. Rodriguez VilaURU Zonal 2.5
77R. HessUSA Zonal 2.1
78A. OnischukUSA Zonal 2.1
79V. AkobianUSA Zonal 2.1
80Y. ShulmanUSA Zonal 2.1
81J. FriedelUSA Zonal 2.1
82A. FierBRA Zonal 2.4
83R. LeitaoBRA Zonal 2.4
84L. BruzonCUB Zonal 2.3
85E. IturrizagaVEN Zonal 2.3
86J. HebertCAN Zonal 2.2
87J. EhlvestUSA Continental 2008
88A. ShabalovUSA Continental 2009
89F. Corrales JimenezCUB Continental 2009
90J. Granda ZunigaPER Continental 2009
91G. MilosBRA Continental 2009
92D. FloresARG Continental 2009
93A. IvanovUSA Continental 2009
G) 19 players from Asia/Oceania
94S. GangulyIND Continental
95Zhou WeiqiCHN Continental
96Yu YangyiCHN Continental
97Yu ShaotengCHN Continental
98Le Quang LiemVIE Continental
99A. Rogelio JrPHI Continental
100Hou YifanCHN Continental
101C. SandipanIND Continental
102A. KunteIND Continental
103Negi ParimarjanIND Continental
104Zhou JianchaoCHN Zonal 3.5
105Li ChaoCHN Zonal 3.5
106D. SmerdonAUS Zonal 3.6
107J. SriramIND Zonal 3.2
108D. LayloPHI Zonal 3.3
109Wesley SoPHI Zonal 3.3
110Al Sayed, Mohamed N.QAT Zonal 3.1
111Amonatov, A.TJK Zonal 3.4
112Filipov, A.UZB Zonal 3.4
H) 6 players from Africa
113B. AminEGY
114K. Abdel RazikEGY
115E. El GindyEGY
116W. SarwatEGY
117M. EzatEGY
118A. RizoukALG
I) 6 nominees of the FIDE President
119Robson, RayUSA
120Tkachiev, VladislavFRA
121Ghaem Maghami, EhsanIRI
122Caruana, FabianoITA
123Cheparinov, IvanBUL
124Pelletier, YannickSUI
J) 4 nominees of the local Organising Committee
125Pridorozhni, AlexeiRUS
126Bezgodov, AlexeiRUS
127Kabanov, NikolaiRUS
128Obodchuk, AndreiRUS

World Blitz Championship

The World Blitz Championship takes place in Moscow following the Tal Memorial. 20 players compete.

V World Blitz 2009 (Moscow RUS)
Mon 16th Nov 2009 - Wed 18th Nov 2009 - Official Site

World Blitz (20 players 19 Rds SRR Indiv TC:5m)

World Blitz Moscow (RUS), 16-18 xi 2009 cat. XIX (2715)
Tal Memorial Players
Name Ti NAT Elo Sept DoB Note
Anand, Viswanathan g IND 2788 1969
Aronian, Levon g ARM 2773 1982
Carlsen, Magnus g NOR 2772 1990
Kramnik, Vladimir g RUS 2772 1975
Leko, Peter g HUN 2762 1979
Gelfand, Boris g ISR 2756 1968
Ivanchuk, Vassily g UKR 2756 1969 (2007 Champion)
Morozevich, Alexander g RUS 2750 1977
Svidler, Peter g RUS 2741 1976
Ponomariov, Ruslan g UKR 2741 1983
Qualified from Aeroflot Blitz
Karjakin, Sergey g UKR 2722 1990
Gashimov, Vugar g AZE 2740 1986
Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar g AZE 2721 1985
Bareev, Evgeny g RUS 2633 1966
Tkachiev, Vladislav g FRA 2669 1973
Zhou, Jianchao g CHN 2623 1988
Karpov, Anatoly g RUS 2619 1951
Grischuk, Alexander g RUS 2733 1983 (2006 Champion)
Kosteniuk, Alexandra g RUS 2516 1984 (current WCh w)
Dominguez Perez, Leinier g CUB 2719 1983 (2008 Champion)

BNbank Blitz 2009

On October 31 the stage is set for a great chess spectacle in Norway. In six citys - Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Tromsø, Trondheim and Porsgrunn - there will be arranged blitz tournaments in shopping malls. The winner from each city will earn a spot in the final in Oslo on November 28 where he or she will compete against ten invited world class players for a prize fund of 74 000 NOK. You do not have to be a member of a federation or a chess club to participate in these qualifiers. Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura star in the final.

Official site:

Corus Wijk aan Zee 2010

The field for the 2010 Corus tournament in Wijk aan Zee has been announced. Dates Friday 15th January 2010 - Sunday 31st January 2010.

Official site:

The A-Group is category XIX and once again is a pretty exciting field.

Corus A Wijk aan Zee (NED), 15-31 i 2010 cat. XIX (2720)
TiPlayerNATElo SeptWRkDoB
GMViswanathan AnandIND278821969
GMMagnus CarlsenNOR277241990
GMVladimir KramnikRUS277251975
GMPeter LekoHUN276261979
GMVassily IvanchukUKR275681969
GMHikaru NakamuraUSA2735161987
GMAlexei ShirovESP2730181972
GMSergey KarjakinRUS2722201990
GMLeinier Dominguez PerezCUB2719221983
GMNigel ShortENG2706291965
GMSergey TiviakovNED2670571973
GMFabiano CaruanaITA2662711992
GMLoek van WelyNED2650861972
GMJan SmeetsNED26421011985

The B-Group is a not too shabby category 16 and once again they have a mixed field of youth and experience that should provide some real entertainment.

Corus B Wijk aan Zee (NED), 15-31 i 2010 cat. XVI (2627)
TiPlayerNATElo SeptDoB
GMNi HuaCHN26921983
GMArkadij NaiditschGER26851985
GMEmil SutovskyISR26761977
GMPentala HarikrishnaIND26731986
GMLiviu-Dieter NisipeanuROM26641976
GMWesley SoPHI26441993
GMVaruzhan AkobianUSA26371983
GMDavid HowellENG26241990
GMParimarjan NegiIND26151993
GMTomi NybackFIN26151985
GMErwin l'AmiNED26061985
GMDimitri ReindermanNED25721972
GMAnish GiriNED25521994
WGMAnna MuzychukSLO25331990

There will also be a C-Group, the field will be announced later.

Schachbundesliga 2009-10

The Schachbundesliga in Germany is the strongest league in the world. Although with the recession as it is we will have to see how their teams are affected. Games started on Friday 16th with some of the Round 7 games that were played on different dates for the teams. The real Round 1 and 2 were on Saturday and Sunday 17th-18th October 2009.

After two rounds (plus additional round 7 matches played on Friday night) Emsdetten have started with a perfect record of three wins and 6 points. Eppingham are a point behind after two wins and a draw. Bremen, top seeds Baden Baden and Hamberger SK are on two wins from two matches and 4 points.

Rounds 4 and 5 are on the 14th and 15th of November 2009.

Official site:

Hastings Chess Congress 2009-10

The Hastings Chess Congress takes place 28th December 2009 - 5th January 2010.

Contact details

Official site:

Hastings Chess Congress (ENG), 28 xii 2009 - 4 i 2010
Leading Entries
EDOUARD RomanFRAgm2620
HOWELL DavidENGgm2620
HEBDEN MarkENGgm2500
ARKELL KeithENGgm2478
PHILIPPE ChristopheFRAim2430
ZDEBSKAJA NataliaUKRwgm2410
KOLBUS DietmarGERim2355
RUDD JackENGim2296

Gibtelecom Masters 2010

The Gibtelecom Masters takes place 26th January - 4 February 2010.

Contact details: hotel; technical

Official site:

Gibtelecom Masters (ENG), 26 i - 4 ii 2010
Leading Entries
Zhu Chen QTR GM2473
Al-Modiahki Mohamad QTR GM2570
Cmilyte Victorja LTU IM2475
Zhukova Natalia UKR WGM2465
Skripchenko Almira FRA IM2450
Fressinet Laurent FRA GM2667
Zatonskih Anna USA IM2466
Fridman Daniel GER GM2665
Dzagnidze Nana GEO GM2536
Krush Irina USA IM2458
Zozulia Anna BEL IM2341
Malakhatko Vadim BEL GM2573
Cramling Pia SWE GM2531
Bellon Juan ESP GM2430
Sachdev Tania IND IM2410
Muzychuk Mariya UKR IM2441
Houska Jovanka ENG IM2380+
Roiz Michael ISR GM2662
Golod Vitali ISR GM2592
Calzetta Monica ESP WGM2344
Koneru Humpy IND GM2611
Siebrecht Sebastian GER GM2456
Hoffmann Michael GER GM2513
Stefanova Antoaneta BUL GM2522
Dronavalli Harika IND IM2449
Kruttika Nadig IND WGM2264
Karavade Eesha IND WGM2391
Mohota Nisha IND WGM2336
Speelman Jon ENG GM2525
Agdestein Simen NOR GM2570
Arakhamia Ketevan SCO GM2500
Sedina Elena ITA IM2335
Adams Michael ENG GM2682
Romain Edouard FRA GM2622
Istratescu Andrei ROU GM2624
Movsesian Sergey CZE GM2711
Kosteniuk Alexandra RUS GM2516
Gopal Naravanyan IND GM2586
Sandipan Chandra IND GM2585
Vitiugov Nikita RUS GM2689
Romanov Evgeny RUS GM2591

World Memory Championship 2009

The World Memory Championship takes place 12th-14th November 2009, plus training day 11th. Strand Palace Hotel, London Required voluntary staff as 'arbiters' from 11am-5pm on the 11th and 9am-6pm on 12-14. Skills required reading, writing and recognising playing cards. RECOMPENSE : £125 total including own refreshments.

Further details:


Moscow Non-Stop Chess Events of the World Chess Tour

Following round-robin tournaments (GM. IM. rating) of the "World Chess Tour 2009/10" series. Autumn / Winter 2009/10:

2009: 1-12.11. 15-26.11. 29.11-10.12. 13-22.12.

2010: 2-13.01. 17-28.01. 9-20.02 etc.

Since November 2009 also "Non-stop" events are available. in different formats (depending of participant’s wish: 1) 5-6 days 2) 7-8 days 3) 9-11 days 4) 12-15 days 5) 16-21 days 6) 22-31 days 7) more than 1 month.

Contact: GM Igor GLEK: Fax (7)495-4336634. Phone moblie (7)903-5593052.

Official site:

II World Chess Open In Leon

The II WORLD CHESS OPEN in Leon (Spain) takes place 1st-3rd January 2010, from Friday to Sunday.

31st December 2009 sees a special dinner and a party, which will be of course optional for the players and companion and which will have an special price. We hope that all chess legends invited by the organisation will come and enjoy this celebration.

1st day of January first game starts at 17.00 pm and ches players who cannot arrive in time can ask 2 byes for both games of 1st of january (2 half points).

Total Prizes are around 30.000€, and first is 5000€. Prizes for players below 2350 ELO FIDE (10 prizes and 1st is 1000 €), below 2200 ELO FIDE, and below 2000 ELO FIDE.

TIME CONTROL: Players will have 35 minutes plus 3 additional seconds per move so they are not so rapid games as usual.

Amongst the players who can be invited by the organisation this time are Nigel Short, Robert Hubner, Mark Taimanov, Vlastimil Hort, Henrique Mecking, Bent Larsen, Eugene Torre, Jan Elhvest, Borislav Ivkov, Svetozar Gligoric, Maia Chiburdanidze, Oleg Romanishin, Lev Psakhis, Gyula Sax, Gheorguiu, Uhlmann, Sveshnikov, Smejkal, Vasiukov, Vaganian, Unzicker, Kurajica, Suba, Lilienthal…We will invite 8-10 players.

Official web page,

Contact: GM Alfonso Romero Holmes, Tournament Director

8th Nancy Chess Festival

The 8th Nancy (France) Chess Festival takes place 22nd-28th February 2010.

Website (with english informations page) : Contact :

Serie of closed tournaments round-robins 10 players each : Group A for GM-norm (in 2009 : category 13, average 2557, winner Harikrishna), group B for IM-norms, group C for 10 players over 2200 elo, group D for 10 players over 2100 elo, group E for 10 players over 2000 elo, group F for 10 players over 1900 elo ...etc...18 groups with 174 players in 2009. 9 rounds 90min/40moves+30min(+30sec). Entry fee : adult 56 euros young 28 euros. Possibilities of hotels with special chess prices : see tournament website.

Icelandic Teams

The Icelandic Team Championship takes place 25th September 2009 - 3rd March 2010. Rounds 1-4 have taken place.


Official site in Icelandic:


The 4NCL starts Sat 24th Oct - Sun 25th Oct. 2009.

Official site:

Live games:

Sydney International and Doeberl Cup

Entries are invited for the 2010 Sydney International Open and Challengers Chess Tournaments, to be held 7-11 April 2010.

The organisers have received financial support from a variety of sources and the principal sponsor for 2010 is GM Murray Chandler.

The venue is again the historic Parramatta Town Hall in Western Sydney and free hotel accommodation (twin share room) is offered to International Chess Grandmasters. There are two nine-round FIDE-rated swiss tournaments, the Sydney International Open (SIO) and the Sydney International Challengers (SIC). Cash prizes exceed A$16,000 and visas can be arranged on request for overseas players (please provide passport details). More Information is available at

For those players that want even more chess, the Doeberl Cup will be held in Canberra from 1-5 April 2010. See Transport from Canberra to Sydney on Tuesday 6 April 2010 will be provided free of charge for all overseas players.

18th Donau Open

The 18th Donau Open takes place in Aschach, Austria, 26th-31st December 2009.


Contact: Guenter Mitterhuemer, Seebach 19, 4070 Eferding Tel.: 07272 / 4398 (Vorwahl Österreich: 0043) Email:

Leocity Cup

Leocity Cup Round Robin GM Tournament takes place November 25th - December 3rd 2009 Lviv , Ukraine

ORGANIZERS: GM Yuri Vovk (tournament director) IM Grabinsky Volodymyr (honorable coach of Ukrainian Youth team) The playing time will be 90 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move one. Under the auspices of Lviv Chess Federation.

PARTICIPATION 10 players participate in the tournament .11 rounds will be played. Players can participate only according to prior negotiations with tournament director.Also all non-GM players must pay entry fee according to the following table. ELO USD >2500 50 2500-2480 60 2480-2460 70 2460-2440 80 2440-2420 90 2420-2400 100 2400-2350 125 2350-2300 150 2300-2200 200 <2200 300

To participate the tournament please contact the tournament director IGM Yuri Vovk (English,Ukrainian,Russian languages ) via: mobile phone:+380 673912027 skype:Imperator15chess

World Youth Championships

World Youth Championships takes place in Kemer-Antalya, Turkey, November 11th 2009 (arrival) - November 23rd 2009 (departure). These are of less historic interest although the under-18 group is always pretty well fought, there are way too many sections (I'd cut off at under-16 or under-14 and have a more fun based festival for the younger players) the idea of a World under-8 Championship of anything is just not right.

Official site:

Computer events in Italy

The first event will be hosted in Genoa (Genova) on November 1st. It will start at 2.30 pm in the central "Biblioteca Berio" (Via del Seminario 16). After the conference, the chess program "Equinox" (it took part to the world championship in pamplona soe months ago) will challenge GM Igor Efimov and WGM Elena Sedina.

The second event will be hosted in Carugate, a village near Milano, on November 6, 7 and 8. In the night of November 6, there will be the conference (Auditorium Atrium). On Saturday, November 7, afternoon there will be an international tournament for computer programs at the Commercial Centre Carosello. This tournament will go on and end on Sunday, November 8, at Auditorium Atrium, and at the end the first two programs classified will challenge GM Djuric and WGM Olga Zimina.

CECLUB Spanish Teams

The Spanish Teams CECLUB Division de Honor - Grupo I took place 20th-24th September 2009 in Lugo. Escuela Internacional Kasparov Marcote (Gashimov, Vallejo) took first place ahead of Kutxa-Gros (Gelfand, Kasimdzhanov etc) Grupo 2 took place in Montcada 16th-20th September 2009 and saw Linex Magic, Ponomariov, Shirov, Adams etc win.

The final will be in Linares 7th-8th November 2009.

Officials site: - Results:

The London Chess Classic in December

The London Chess Classic takes place in the Olympia Conference Centre 7th-15th December 2009

A star studded field comprising England's four leading Grandmasters; Nigel Short, Michael Adams, Luke McShane and David Howell, former world champion Vladimir Kramnik, 18 year old Magnus Carlsen widely seen as a future champion, one of China's finest players; Ni Hua and the US Champion Hikaru Nakamura completes the field.

The London Chess Classic 2009 will offer free admission to children for the duration of the event which runs from December 8th to 15th.

Adult tickets are just £10 per day or just £50 for all seven rounds. Adult and junior ticket holders receive admission to the tournament, which is being staged at London's prestigious Olympia Conference Centre, plus a guaranteed seat in the auditorium and access to the Commentary Room where some of the UK's leading Grandmasters will give insights into the play and answer questions.

Full details at: or call the London Chess Center on 0207 388 2404.

Press Release Malcolm Pein 26th September 2009

A week long chess festival including a FIDE Rated Open with a guaranteed £8000 prize fund will run alongside the London Chess Classic 2009 which takes place at the Olympia Conference Centre from December 8-15 2009. The tournament has been scheduled to allow players to watch the opening moves of the Classic before their games in the Open begin. A minimum of six Grandmasters will be invited to the Open Classic and title norm opportunities will be available.

There will also be a weekend tournament, a one day Rapidplay and every evening, Blitz in the foyer. Anyone entering the Open, Rapidplay or Weekend Classic will receive free entry to the auditorium to watch the main event and they will also be able to access the Grandmaster Commentary Room. In addition the games will be relayed on screens throughout the Olympia Conference Centre.

Details on how to enter and the tournament regulations are at I am delighted to announce that there will be no entry fees to any Classic tournament for children under the age of 16.

For those who would rather just watch, tickets are now on sale and again, admission for children under 16 will be free throughout the event.

Adult tickets are just £10 per day or just £50 for all seven rounds. Adult and junior ticket holders receive admission to the tournament plus a guaranteed seat in the auditorium and access to the Commentary Room where some of the UK's leading Grandmasters will give insights into the play and answer questions. Tickets can be purchased from the London Chess Centre on 0207 388 2404 or online at

The London Chess Classic is the strongest all play all tournament to be held in Britain for 25 years with four of the world's finest players and England's leading quartet of Grandmasters. Heading the field is the fourteenth world champion Vladimir Kramnik and 18 year old Norwegian Magnus Carlsen already hailed as a future champion by Garry Kasparov who has recently agreed to train the chess genius.

Malcolm Pein (IM)

London Chess Centre

Official website:

1st London Chess Classic (ENG), 8-16 xii 2009. Cat XIX (2699.75) Players list (September ratings)
NoName Ti NAT Sept Elo DoB
1Carlsen, Magnus g NOR 2772 1990
2Kramnik, Vladimir g RUS 2772 1975
3Nakamura, Hikaru g USA 2735 1987
4Ni, Hua g CHN 2692 1983
5Adams, Michael g ENG 2682 1971
6Short, Nigel D g ENG 2706 1965
7McShane, Luke J g ENG 2615 1984
8Howell, David W L g ENG 2624 1990
Dates of the London Chess Classic. 7th-16th December 2009
Monday 7th December 2009 Press Conference and drawing of lots
Tuesday 8th December 2009 Round 1
Wednesday 9th December 2009 Round 2
Thursday 10th December 2009Round 3
Friday 11th December 2009 Rest day
Saturday 12th December 2009 Round 4
Sunday 13th December 2009 Round 5
Monday 14th December 2009 Round 6
Tuesday 15th December 2009 Round 7 + Closing ceremony, charity simultaneous

Cappelle-la-Grande 2010

The 26th International Open of Cappelle-la-Grande will take place 13th-20th February 2010.

For every players wishing to be invited, please contact Mr GOUVART at the following address: phone: +33671624629

Official site :

IV Open Internacional Ciutat de Palma

The IV International Open Chess City of Palma, Iberostar Trophy takes place 21st-28th November 2009.

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Czech Chess Christmas 2009-10

Czech Chess Christmas 2009 Litomysl (CZE) 26th December - 2nd January 2010

11th christmas chess FIDE tournament, swiss system of 9 round, rate of game 2 x 1,5h + 30s/move, prize fund 64.000 CZK (1st prize 20.000 CZK = 800 EUR), special conditions for IM, WGM and GM, New Year’s Eve programme.

Contact: Proclient s.r.o., Jaroslav Fuksik, Svedska 3, 772 00 Olomouc, mobile: +420 608 364 664, e-mail:, web:

Hungarian Tournaments October 2009 - April 2010

First Saturday chess tournaments, GM-IM-FM sections, 50-60-70 players usually out of 10-15 countries, for 9...14 days here.

Upcoming tournaments:

1. 3rd-15th of October, GM-IM-FM First Saturday Budapest, org: Nagy Laszlo,,

2. 23rd-31st of October, GM tmt, Pecs, 250 km West from Budapest,

3. 7th-19th of November, GM-IM-FM, First Saturday, Budapest, 4. 26th of Nov-3rd of Dec, Harkany Open, 250 km South-West from Budapest, org: Mr.Fulop, e-mail to:

5. 5th-17th of December, GM-IM-FM, First Saturday, Budapest,

6. 8th-16th of January 2010 Perenyi memorial Open, 9 rounds Swiss, Budapest, info: Nagy Laszlo,

7. 6th-18th of February 2010 FS GM-IM-FM, Budapest,

8. 6th-18th of March 2010, FS GM-IM-FM Budapest,

9. 19th-28th of March 2010 26th Budapest Spring Festival, 9 rounds Swiss Open, org: Nagy Laszlo

10.3rd-16th of April 2010 FS GM-IM-FM Budapest

Contact: Nagy, Laszlo International chess organizer, member of the FIDE organizers' committee, "GENS UNA SUMUS" ET "PACTA SUND SERVANDA"

Possible in the website online chat also... Mobile: +36-30-230-19-14 Phone-fax: +36-1-263-28-59 E-mail: ICC, SKYPE, YAHOO, MSN, nickname: mrfirstsaturday

2nd Haye Kramer Invitation tournament

The 2nd Haye Kramer Invitation tournament and 27th Waling Dijkstra tournament Friday 13th - Sunday 15th November 2009 in Provincial Library ‘Tresoar’, Leeuwarden, Holland.

Haye Kramer Invitation tournament This 5-round tournament features GMs Yge Visser, Sipke Ernst, Jan Werle, IMs Daan Brandenburg and Mark van der Werf, and FM Migchiel de Jong.

Waling Dijkstra Open tournament. This 6-round Open has 2 level groups. Starting fees for International (Woman) Grandmasters and free entry for (Woman) International Masters as well as youth players under 18. For the latter, cheap boarding can also be arranged (10 euros for 2 nights). Students pay an entry fee of 20 euros. Participants in the Waling Dijkstra Open will include grandmasters Malakhatko, Zherebukh, Y. Vovk, Swinkels, Peng, Kravtsiv, Zozulia, Kunin, Rusev, V. Georgiev and M. Ivanov.

For more information: mail, or see website

Kasparov and Karpov in Paris 2009

In addition to their match in Valencia, Kasparov and Karpov will play again in December 11th-13th 2009 as part of fund raising for medical research and UNICEF. There will be a whole host of activities. Full details in French and now a nice video in English.

Czech Coal Match 2009

Jan Timman, Viktor Korchnoi, Robert Huebner and Vlastimil Hort play against a team of ladies in the Czech Coal Match event which takes place 28th November - 5th December 2009 in the hotel Crystal Palace in Marianske Lazne. The final lineup is waiting for the women players and a potential clash with the FIDE Women's Grand Prix.

Details - Likely official site:


Milano (Italy), December 5th-13th 2009 - International tournament "Memorial Crespi" - edition number 30 details:

Mundial Chess Internet Tournament

The organising Committee Mundial Chess invites all the players (from the amateurs to Grandmasters) to take part in the 1st Internet tournament with the prize fund of more than 130.000 EUR in cash and many special prizes. The 1st prize in the main tournament will be not less than 10.000 EUR.

Registration (and information in English) in the tournament is possible following the link - Registration and information in Spanish - Registration and information in Russian -

Commonwealth Chess Championships

The Masterskill Commonwealth Chess Championships take place 9th-15th December 2009 in conjunction with the 6th Singapore International Chess Festival.

Details of the change:

Ajedrez 21 English site

Ajedrez 21 now has an English site:

World Youth Championship

The World Youth Chess Championship 2009 (under 8, under 10, under 12, under 14, under 16 and under 18 years old - open and girls) which will take place in Kemer-Antalya, Turkey, between November the 11th, 2009 (arrival) and November the 23th, 2009 (departure).

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FIDE World Cup Nov-Dec 2009

FIDE have announced some of the qualifiers for the FIDE World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, 20 November to 15 December 2009. In a few days the list with qualifiers from the Continental and Zonal Championships 2008-09 will also be published.

FIDE announcement:

Khanty-Mansiysk (RUS), 20 xi - 15 xii 2009
a) From World Championship Match 2008:
1. V. Anand INDWorld Champion
b) From World Cup 2007:
2. G. KamskyUSA
3. A. ShirovESP
4. M. CarlsenNOR
5. S. KarjakinUKR
c) Women's World Champion 2008:
6. A. KosteniukRUS
d) Junior World Champions 2007 & 2008:
7. A. AdlyEGY
8. A. GuptaIND
d) From FIDE Rating List, 20 players, average 7/2008 & 1/2009:
09. V. TopalovBUL 2786,50
10. V. IvanchukUKR 2780,00
11. A. MorozevichRUS 2779,50
12. V. KramnikRUS 2773,50
13. T. RadjabovAZE 2752,50
14. P. LekoHUN 2746,00
15. L. AronianARM 2743,50
16. S. MovsesianSVK 2737,00
17. D. JakovenkoRUS 2734,50
18. S. MamedyarovAZE 2733,00
19. P. SvidlerRUS 2730,50
20. A. GrischukRUS 2730,50
21. B. GelfandISR 2726,50
22. M. AdamsENG 2723,50
23. R. PonomariovUKR 2722,00
24. Wang YueCHN 2721,50
25. V. GashimovAZE 2720,00
26. E. AlekseevRUS 2713,00
27. L. Dominguez PerezCUB 2712,50
28. Ni HuaCHN 2707,00
e) 90 players from the Continental & Zonal Championships 2008 & 2009:
(to be published soon)...
Reserve players who may qualify by rating, average 7/2008 & 1/2009:
1. E. BacrotFRA 2706,50
2. Bu XiangzhiCHN 2706,00
3. P. EljanovUKR 2704,50
4. J. PolgarHUN 2702,00
5. S. RublevskyRUS 2700,50
6. H. NakamuraUSA 2698,00
7. K. SasikiranIND 2697,50
8. Wang HaoCHN 2691,00
9. V. MalakhovRUS 2690,50
10. M. Vachier-LagraveFRA 2688,50
11. V. MilovSUI 2687,00
12. V. BologanMDA 2686,50
13. V. AkopianARM 2686,50
14. L. NisipeanuROU 2683,50
15. R. KasimdzhanovUZB 2683,00
16. I. CheparinovBUL 2683,00
17. Z. EfimenkoUKR 2679,00
18. A. NaiditschGER 2679,00
19. F. Vallejo PonsESP 2676,00
20. A. MotylevRUS 2675,00

Kingpin Magazine

The humourous and satirical chess magazine Kingpin has a new website.

New website address:

VIII Benidorm International Chess Festival

VIII Benidorm International Chess Festival 2009 takes place 27th November - 8th December 2009.


Torch Real Estate Cup

The Chinese team competition the Torch Real Estate Cup started in Chengdu China on 4th May 2009. I'm hoping for a full game file.

Live games:

Official site:


Historical Elo Ratings has a list of historical top ten FIDE lists. The text is in Finnish but is understandable anyhow.

Reno Far West Open

The Far West Open Chess Tournament took place April 10th-12th 2009 in Reno Nevada. Sergey Kudrin edged out Enrico Sevillano and Gergerly Antal who finished on 5/6. Games should follow.

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European Union Website

The European Chess Union Website ECU website has changed address to

Alushta Diary 2009

Alushta Diary 2009:

GM Norm events: 23.05 - 1.06, 2.06 - 12.06, 15.06 - 25.06, 2.09 - 12.09, 14.09 - 24.09, 26.09 - 6.10, IM Norm: 23.05 - 1.06, 2.06 - 12.06, 15.06 - 25.06, 2.09 - 12.09, 14.09 - 24.09, 26.09 - 6.10, Rating tournament: 4.06 - 12.06, 22.06 - 27.06, 5.09 - 13.09, Open tournament (under 16 years) 3.06 - 11.06, 13.06 - 21.06, Alushta Swiss 9 rounds Open tournament First prize - 1000$ First prize (woman) - 500$ 28.06 - 6.07, 10.07 - 18.07, 20.07 - 28.07, 22.08 - 30.08, Alushta Swiss 9 rounds Blitz tournament 7.07, 19.07, 29.07, Alushta Swiss 9 rounds Open tournament (rapid chess) 8.07 - 9.07, 30.07 - 31.07, Alushta Session of school of Gennadi Kuzmin 21.06 - 27.06, 15.07 - 24.07. Individual and group studying Further information: phone +38 (06560)5-05-32, +380505828911 (for Russian speaking), + 380506692604 (for English speaking) e-mail:

Chess Study

Dr Robert Howard is making a study of rated chess players.

The full article:

If you would like to participate, please go to this website:

For any queries, please contact Dr Robert Howard, University of New South Wales, on