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THE WEEK IN CHESS 1188 14th August 2017 by Mark Crowther


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1) Introduction
2) 5th Sinquefield Cup 2017
3) Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz 2017
4) Tower of Concord Chess Festival 2017
5) Ding Liren vs Giri Match 2017
6) 24th Abu Dhabi Masters 2017
7) Speed Chess 2017
8) 21st Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament 2017
9) Riga Technical University Open 2017
10) 43rd Badalona Open 2017
11) 10th Arad Open 2017
12) 20th Olomouc Chess Summer 2017
13) 21st Battle of Senta Open 2017
14) 10th Calgary International 2017
15) 6th Washington International 2017
16) 78th ch-ARM 1st League 2017
17) 47th Annual Continental Open 2017
18) Bruges Masters 2017
19) 51st Mislata Open 2017
20) 55th ch-IND Challengers 2017
21) 5th Pontevedra Open 2017
22) 6th Arber Open 2017
23) China Zonal 3.5 Women 2017
24) 21st Copa Mercosur 2017
25) 25th Troya Open 2017
26) Letnji Open Jezero 2017
27) Wroclaw Chess Festival 2017
28) ch-ESP Rapid 2017
29) ch-IRQ 2017
30) ch-UAE 2017
31) 187th YMCA Summer A 2017
32) 18th Miquel Mas Open 2017
33) 1st Irena Warakomska Memorial 2017
34) First Saturday August 2017
35) Graz Chess Summer 2017
36) La Palma Island Open 2017
37) Stare Mesto Open 2017
38) Stockholm Open 2017
39) Open Championship of Macedonia 2017
40) SS Manhem Chess Week 2017
41) 33rd Faaker See Open 2017
42) 15th Kesan Open 2017
43) 17th European Senior Championships 2017
44) Grafica Yael GM 2017
45) Liepajas Rokade 2017
46) 4th Prague Summer Open 2017
47) 30th Kiel Open 2017
48) TCh-ESP 2nd Div 2017
49) TCh-ESP Div Honor 2017
50) TCh-ESP Div Primera 2017
51) Active Team Events
52) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
5th Sinquefield Cup 201720 games
Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz 201715 games
Tower of Concord Chess Festival 201711 games
Ding Liren vs Giri Match 20174 games
24th Abu Dhabi Masters 201752 games Speed Chess 201727 games
21st Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament 2017284 games
Riga Technical University Open 2017280 games
43rd Badalona Open 201721 games
10th Arad Open 2017240 games
20th Olomouc Chess Summer 201748 games
21st Battle of Senta Open 2017270 games
10th Calgary International 201796 games
78th ch-ARM 1st League 201742 games
Bruges Masters 201740 games
51st Mislata Open 201765 games
55th ch-IND Challengers 201720 games
5th Pontevedra Open 201772 games
6th Arber Open 2017117 games
China Zonal 3.5 Women 2017189 games
25th Troya Open 201772 games
Letnji Open Jezero 2017140 games
ch-ESP Rapid 2017287 games
ch-IRQ 201768 games
ch-UAE 201718 games
187th YMCA Summer A 201740 games
18th Miquel Mas Open 201750 games
1st Irena Warakomska Memorial 2017172 games
Graz Chess Summer 201762 games
SS Manhem Chess Week 201710 games
Liepajas Rokade 201712 games
4th Prague Summer Open 2017213 games
30th Kiel Open 2017228 games
TCh-ESP 2nd Div 2017224 games
TCh-ESP Div Honor 201721 games
TCh-ESP Div Primera 201710 games
3540 games


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1) Introduction

My thanks to Olexandr Prohorov, Holger Lieske, Hugh Brodie, Marek Prus, Peter Doggers, David Clayton, Hans Groffen, Jan Mazuch, and everyone else who helped with this issue.

Maxim Vachier-Lagrave won the Sinquefield Cup half a point clear of Magnus Carlsen who at one stage had a winning position in their individual game. Straight after follows the St Louis Rapid and Blitz which sees Garry Kasparov return to the board in rated games for the first time in 12 years. Last year he did well in the Ultimate Blitz against Caruana, Nakamura and So. Here Kasparov will also play blitz. I don't expect Kasparov to win but nor do I expect him to do badly. He drew his first day of rapid games. Like it or not he's the most charismatic and watchable player in the field and will remain so if his performance stays reasonable. As usual plenty of chess in the summer with festivals pitching amatuers against Professionals.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


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2) 5th Sinquefield Cup 2017

The 5th Sinquefield Cup took place 2nd to 12th August 2017. Players: Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Sergey Karjakin, Hikaru Nakamura, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Viswanathan Anand, Wesley So, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Levon Aronian and Peter Svidler. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave won with 6/9 half a point clear of Magnus Carlsen.

5th Sinquefield Cup 2017 Saint Louis USA Mon 31st Jul 2017 - Sat 12th Aug 2017. Category: 22. Ave: (2788)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime GM FRA 2791 # 1 = = = = = = 1 1 6 2912
2 Carlsen, Magnus GM NOR 2822 0 # = 1 1 = = = = 1 5.5 2864
3 Anand, Viswanathan GM IND 2783 = = # = = = 1 = 1 = 5.5 2868
4 Karjakin, Sergey GM RUS 2773 = 0 = # = 1 = = = 1 5 2832
5 Aronian, Levon GM ARM 2809 = 0 = = # = 0 1 1 1 5 2828
6 Svidler, Peter GM RUS 2749 = = = 0 = # 1 = = = 4.5 2792
7 Caruana, Fabiano GM USA 2807 = = 0 = 1 0 # = = = 4 2743
8 Nakamura, Hikaru GM USA 2792 = = = = 0 = = # 0 = 3.5 2707
9 Nepomniachtchi, Ian GM RUS 2742 0 = 0 = 0 = = 1 # 0 3 2668
10 So, Wesley GM USA 2810 0 0 = 0 0 = = = 1 # 3 2660
Round 1. Wed 2nd Aug 2017
Caruana, Fabiano 1/2-1/2 Carlsen, Magnus 43 C84 Ruy Lopez
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 1-0 So, Wesley 43 C50 Giuoco Piano
Aronian, Levon 1-0 Nepomniachtchi, Ian 29 A34 English
Anand, Viswanathan 1/2-1/2 Nakamura, Hikaru 30 C65 Ruy Lopez
Karjakin, Sergey 1-0 Svidler, Peter 39 C53 Giuoco Piano
Round 2. Thu 3rd Aug 2017
Carlsen, Magnus 1-0 Karjakin, Sergey 42 A05 Reti opening
Aronian, Levon 0-1 Caruana, Fabiano 110 D27 QGA
Nakamura, Hikaru 1/2-1/2 Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 33 B90 Sicilian
Svidler, Peter 1/2-1/2 Anand, Viswanathan 31 A35 English
Nepomniachtchi, Ian 0-1 So, Wesley 39 A10 English opening
Round 3. Fri 4th Aug 2017
Anand, Viswanathan 1/2-1/2 Carlsen, Magnus 66 C78 Ruy Lopez
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 1/2-1/2 Svidler, Peter 43 C84 Ruy Lopez
Caruana, Fabiano 1/2-1/2 Nepomniachtchi, Ian 38 B23 Sicilian
So, Wesley 1/2-1/2 Nakamura, Hikaru 69 C50 Giuoco Piano
Karjakin, Sergey 1/2-1/2 Aronian, Levon 23 C53 Giuoco Piano
Round 4. Sat 5th Aug 2017
Carlsen, Magnus 0-1 Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 71 A34 English
Caruana, Fabiano 1/2-1/2 Karjakin, Sergey 31 C65 Ruy Lopez
Aronian, Levon 1/2-1/2 Anand, Viswanathan 27 A35 English
Svidler, Peter 1/2-1/2 So, Wesley 29 C53 Giuoco Piano
Nepomniachtchi, Ian 1-0 Nakamura, Hikaru 33 D37 QGD
Round 5. Sun 6th Aug 2017
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 1/2-1/2 Aronian, Levon 45 C50 Giuoco Piano
Anand, Viswanathan 1-0 Caruana, Fabiano 29 A29 English
So, Wesley 0-1 Carlsen, Magnus 29 C45 Scotch game
Karjakin, Sergey 1/2-1/2 Nepomniachtchi, Ian 60 B09 Pirc
Nakamura, Hikaru 1/2-1/2 Svidler, Peter 53 C88 Ruy Lopez
Round 6. Tue 8th Aug 2017
Caruana, Fabiano 1/2-1/2 Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 30 B96 Sicilian
Carlsen, Magnus 1/2-1/2 Nakamura, Hikaru 94 D37 QGD
Karjakin, Sergey 1/2-1/2 Anand, Viswanathan 30 A45 Queen's pawn game
Aronian, Levon 1-0 So, Wesley 32 D38 QGD
Nepomniachtchi, Ian 1/2-1/2 Svidler, Peter 48 C91 Ruy Lopez
Round 7. Wed 9th Aug 2017
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 1/2-1/2 Karjakin, Sergey 45 C67 Ruy Lopez
Svidler, Peter 1/2-1/2 Carlsen, Magnus 47 C45 Scotch
Nakamura, Hikaru 0-1 Aronian, Levon 54 A29 English
Anand, Viswanathan 1-0 Nepomniachtchi, Ian 40 B90 Sicilian
So, Wesley 1/2-1/2 Caruana, Fabiano 33 D27 QGA
Round 8. Thu 10th Aug 2017
Anand, Viswanathan 1/2-1/2 Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 30 A31 English
Aronian, Levon 1/2-1/2 Svidler, Peter 19 A34 English
Nepomniachtchi, Ian 1/2-1/2 Carlsen, Magnus 32 A29 English
Caruana, Fabiano 1/2-1/2 Nakamura, Hikaru 48 E71 King's Indian
Karjakin, Sergey 1-0 So, Wesley 63 C50 Giuoco Piano
Round 9. Fri 11th Aug 2017
Carlsen, Magnus 1-0 Aronian, Levon 52 C88 Ruy Lopez
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 1-0 Nepomniachtchi, Ian 52 B92 Sicilian
So, Wesley 1/2-1/2 Anand, Viswanathan 33 E32 Nimzo-Indian
Nakamura, Hikaru 1/2-1/2 Karjakin, Sergey 34 A29 English
Svidler, Peter 1-0 Caruana, Fabiano 44 A20 English opening

3) Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz 2017

The Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz tournament takes place 14th to 19th August 2017. Two time controls rapid 25 minutes with a 10 second delay each move and blitz 5 minutes with a 3 second delay. Garry Kasparov plays for the first time since the 2016 Ultimate Blitz Challenge. Players: Fabiano Caruana, Sergey Karjakin, Hikaru Nakamura, Viswanathan Anand, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Levon Aronian, David Navara, Le Quang Liem, Lenier Dominguez and Garry Kasparov.

Saint Louis Rapid 2017 Saint Louis USA Sun 13th Aug 2017 - Sat 19th Aug 2017. Category: 21. Ave: (2773)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Le, Quang Liem GM VIE 2739 # 1 0 1 2 2916
2 Nepomniachtchi, Ian GM RUS 2751 # 1 = = 2 2883
3 Caruana, Fabiano GM USA 2807 0 # 1 1 2 2875
4 Aronian, Levon GM ARM 2799 0 # 1 1 2 2882
5 Karjakin, Sergey GM RUS 2773 1 0 # = 1.5 2786
6 Kasparov, Garry GM RUS 2812 = # = = 1.5 2768
7 Dominguez Perez, Leinier GM CUB 2739 = = # = 1.5 2782
8 Nakamura, Hikaru GM USA 2792 0 = # 1 1.5 2778
9 Navara, David GM CZE 2737 = 0 0 # 0.5 2513
10 Anand, Viswanathan GM IND 2783 0 = 0 # 0.5 2504
Round 1. Mon 14th Aug 2017
Kasparov, Garry 1/2-1/2 Karjakin, Sergey 44 E34 Nimzo-Indian
Anand, Viswanathan 0-1 Nakamura, Hikaru 46 C50 Giuoco Piano
Le, Quang Liem 1-0 Caruana, Fabiano 53 D20 QGA
Aronian, Levon 1-0 Navara, David 31 E15 Queen's Indian
Nepomniachtchi, Ian 1/2-1/2 Dominguez Perez, Leinier 51 C65 Ruy Lopez
Round 2. Mon 14th Aug 2017
Nakamura, Hikaru 1/2-1/2 Kasparov, Garry 77 D80 Gruenfeld
Aronian, Levon 0-1 Nepomniachtchi, Ian 63 A34 English
Karjakin, Sergey 1-0 Le, Quang Liem 69 C50 Giuoco Piano
Dominguez Perez, Leinier 1/2-1/2 Anand, Viswanathan 43 C65 Ruy Lopez
Navara, David 0-1 Caruana, Fabiano 38 D20 QGA
Round 3. Mon 14th Aug 2017
Kasparov, Garry 1/2-1/2 Dominguez Perez, Leinier 29 D53 QGD
Caruana, Fabiano 1-0 Karjakin, Sergey 32 E21 Nimzo-Indian
Le, Quang Liem 1-0 Nakamura, Hikaru 75 E10 Queen's pawn game
Nepomniachtchi, Ian 1/2-1/2 Navara, David 21 B12 Caro-Kann
Anand, Viswanathan 0-1 Aronian, Levon 39 C50 Giuoco Piano

4) Tower of Concord Chess Festival 2017

Tower of Concord Chess Festival took place 2nd to 13th August 2017. The main event is an 18 game match between Boris Gelfand and Ernesto Inarkiev over one classical and two rapid time controls. Gelfand won the Classical section 4-2 but lost both rapid matches.

Tower of Concord Match Nazran RUS Wed 2nd Aug 2017 - Sun 13th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Gelfand, BorisGMISR27291==0114
2Inarkiev, ErnestoGMRUS27020==1002
2 players
Tower of Concord Rapid 1 Nazran RUS Wed 2nd Aug 2017 - Sun 13th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Inarkiev, ErnestoGMRUS27021=1===4
2Gelfand, BorisGMISR27290=0===2
2 players
Tower of Concord Rapid 2 Nazran RUS Wed 2nd Aug 2017 - Sun 13th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Inarkiev, ErnestoGMRUS2702=1==114.5
2Gelfand, BorisGMISR2729=0==001.5
2 players

5) Ding Liren vs Giri Match 2017

Anish Giri beat Ding Liren 2.5-1.5 in a four game match 8th-12th August 2017.

Ding-Giri Match Match Wenzhou
Giri, Anish - Ding, Liren ½-½ 57 C84 Ruy Lopez Centre Attack
Ding, Liren - Giri, Anish 0-1 45 C50 Giuoco Piano
Giri, Anish - Ding, Liren ½-½ 61 C88 Ruy Lopez Closed
Ding, Liren - Giri, Anish ½-½ 33 A09 Reti Opening
Ding-Giri Match Match Wenzhou (CHN), 8-12 viii 2017
Name Ti NAT Rtg 1 2 3 4 Total Perf
Giri, Anish g NED 2772 ½ 1 ½ ½ 2872
Ding, Liren g CHN 2777 ½ 0 ½ ½ 2685

6) 24th Abu Dhabi Masters 2017

The 24th Abu Dhabi Masters takes place 14th to 22nd August 2017.

24th Abu Dhabi Masters Abu Dhabi UAE Mon 14th Aug 2017 - Tue 22nd Aug 2017
Leading Round 1 (of 9) Standings:
13Mamedov RaufGMAZE26801.00.000.0
4Korobov AntonGMUKR26681.00.000.0
6Lupulescu ConstantinGMROU26371.00.000.0
8Salem A.R. SalehGMUAE26241.00.000.0
9Adly AhmedGMEGY26191.00.000.0
10Sethuraman S.P.GMIND26181.00.000.0
11Parligras Mircea-EmilianGMROU26161.00.000.0
12Hovhannisyan RobertGMARM26061.00.000.0
13Maghsoodloo ParhamGMIRI25901.00.000.0
14Andersen MadsGMDEN25861.00.000.0
15Pantsulaia LevanGMGEO25851.00.000.0
16Indjic AleksandarGMSRB25811.00.000.0
17Paichadze LukaGMGEO25811.00.000.0
18Fier AlexandrGMBRA25791.00.000.0
19Karthikeyan MuraliGMIND25791.00.000.0
20Rozum IvanGMRUS25791.00.000.0
21Ter-Sahakyan SamvelGMARM25771.00.000.0
22Deac Bogdan-DanielGMROU25731.00.000.0
23Stupak KirillGMBLR25731.00.000.0
24Idani PouyaGMIRI25691.00.000.0
25Gabuzyan HovhannesGMARM25661.00.000.0
26Wagner DennisGMGER25631.00.000.0
27Bernadskiy VitaliyGMUKR25621.00.000.0
28Batchuluun TsegmedGMMGL25551.00.000.0
29Ghaem Maghami EhsanGMIRI25401.00.000.0
30Mekhitarian Krikor SevagGMBRA25341.00.000.0
31Harika DronavalliGMIND25261.00.000.0
34Golubov SaveliyIMRUS25121.00.000.0
35Aryan ChopraGMIND25071.00.000.0
37Puranik AbhimanyuIMIND24951.00.000.0
39Abdusattorov NodirbekIMUZB24701.00.000.0
41Vignesh N RIMIND24481.00.000.0
42Bellia FabrizioIMITA24441.00.000.0
43Nguyen Anh KhoiIMVIE24441.00.000.0
45Neelotpal DasGMIND24411.00.000.0
46Raja HarshitIND24341.00.000.0
47Fernandez Borrego PabloFMESP24271.00.000.0
48Asgarizadeh AhmadIMIRI24231.00.000.0
49Fawzy AdhamIMEGY24221.00.000.0
50Vogt LotharGMGER24201.00.000.0
124 players

7) Speed Chess 2017

The Speed Chess takes place 3rd May to 21st December 2017. Alexander Grischuk beat Richard Rapport winning his match easily in the end but it was all rather close until the bullet chess when he ran away with things. Speed 2017 INT Wed 3rd May 2017 - Thu 21st Dec 2017
Leading Round 1 (of 4) Standings:
1Nakamura, HikaruGMUSA278620.5
2Grigoriants, SergeyGMRUS25767.5
1Karjakin, SergeyGMRUS278319
2Meier, GeorgGMGER26307
1So, WesleyGMUSA281515.5
2Giri, AnishGMNED278514.5
1Grischuk, AlexanderGMRUS275017.5
2Rapport, RichardGMHUN26989.5
Nepomniachtchi, IanGMRUS2751
Aronian, LevonGMARM2789
Caruana, FabianoGMUSA2802
Hou, YifanGMCHN2652
Vachier-Lagrave, MaximeGMFRA2795
Xiong, JefferyGMUSA2652
Carlsen, MagnusGMNOR2832
Guseinov, GadirGMAZE2645
16 players

8) 21st Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament 2017

The 21st Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament took place 5th to 12th August 2017. Eduard Iturrizaga Bonelli edged out Jorden Van Foreest and Benjamin Bok after all scored 7.5/9.

21st HZ Open 2017 Vlissingen NED Sat 5th Aug 2017 - Sat 12th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Iturrizaga Bonelli, EduardGMVEN26621111½1½½17.556.546.02726
2Van Foreest, JordenGMNED2600111½101117.555.044.02649
3Bok, BenjaminGMNED2615111½1½1½17.554.544.52654
4Pruijssers, RoelandGMNED24891111½½½1½7.056.042.02606
5Landa, KonstantinGMRUS26231111½1½½½7.054.040.252627
6Ikonnikov, VyacheslavGMRUS25321011111½½7.052.539.752540
7Lai, Hing TingFMNED2388111½½10117.050.037.52505
8Gonzales, JaysonGMPHI2378½111½10117.049.537.252435
9Praggnanandhaa RIMIND24871111½½1½06.559.041.02576
10Ernst, SipkeGMNED25531½1½111½06.557.039.752506
11Admiraal, MiguoelIMNED24471½11½1½016.553.536.252434
12Hausrath, DanielGMGER249111½½1½½1½6.553.037.752463
13Czebe, AttilaGMHUN2465111½½½1½½6.553.036.52454
14Beerdsen, ThomasIMNED244711101101½6.552.535.252449
15Warmerdam, MaxFMNED2387111½011016.551.034.252422
16Vedder, HenkIMNED234011101011½6.551.034.252386
17Stillger, BernhardFMGER22621½11½½½1½6.550.035.02434
18Kuipers, StefanIMNED23991110½11016.550.033.252412
19Van Foreest, LucasIMNED246711½0111106.549.533.02407
20Vereggen, LarsFMNED2336110½110116.549.031.752364
21Zwirs, NicoNED239911½011½1½6.548.534.52353
22Maatman, NickFMNED238611½½1½1½½6.548.034.252343
23Van Leent, DimitriFMNED224411010½1116.546.531.02277
24Ten Hertog, HugoIMNED246611½½110106.052.532.752398
25De Jong, MigchielIMNED23381101011016.051.032.02340
26Leenhouts, KoenIMNED24861110011106.050.030.52399
27Van Delft, MerijnIMNED239311½½1½10½6.049.031.02321
28Vaishali RWIMIND23271½1½101016.049.030.752322
29Bluhm, Sonja MariaWFMGER225511½½0½11½6.048.530.252313
30Hummel, Erik-JanFMNED22641½½110½½16.047.530.752235
31Bezemer, ArnoFMNED2310½½111½½016.047.029.52307
32Vedder, RichardFMNED2255110½½11016.047.029.02230
33Sparenberg, ErikNED21581½½101½1½6.046.528.752240
34Boel, MarcelNED22121101101016.046.526.52296
35Zevenhuizen, DanielNED2103½1011101½6.045.527.252204
36Mellema, AndriesNED21551010111016.044.025.02255
37Brouwer, DennisNED22231101010116.043.024.52229
38Hng, Mei-En EmmanuelleSGP20611001101116.039.024.02073
39Peek, MarcelIMNED229311001110½5.549.527.252229
40Marzano, CarloITA21581101½01015.549.027.52228
226 players

9) Riga Technical University Open 2017

The Riga Technical University Open took place 7th to 13th August 2017. Vladimir Onischuk edged out Sergey Pavlov on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9.

Riga Tech Open A 2017 Riga LAT Mon 7th Aug 2017 - Sun 13th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
17Onischuk VladimirGMUKR26107.545.057.02737
249Pavlov SergeyIMUKR24757.540.551.02717
32Nabaty TamirGMISR26547.043.055.02712
428Schroeder Jan-ChristianGMGER25397.040.051.52640
564Lugovskoy MaximGMRUS24407.039.049.52731
611Kovchan AlexanderGMUKR25877.038.550.52644
731Zeng ChongshengGMCHN25377.036.547.02609
826Sarana AlexeyGMRUS25407.036.547.02532
922Boruchovsky AvitalGMISR25567.035.547.02627
1056Baldauf MarcoIMGER24607.034.544.02611
115Smirin IliaGMISR26346.542.054.52629
12111Gokerkan Cem KaanFMTUR23576.541.551.52639
1333Ladva OttomarGMEST25326.541.050.52617
1478Mu KeCHN24116.540.550.52625
1514Neiksans ArtursGMLAT25826.540.051.02585
1630Vishnu Prasanna. VGMIND25386.539.552.02574
1716Kulaots KaidoGMEST25776.539.550.52600
1829Zakhartsov Viacheslav V.GMRUS25396.539.049.02562
198Bogner SebastianGMSUI26006.538.550.02577
2017Alekseenko KirillGMRUS25756.538.549.52588
2150Tang AndrewIMUSA24756.538.049.02557
2232Bailet PierreIMFRA25366.537.048.02505
2312Kryakvin DmitryGMRUS25836.535.545.52564
2410Tregubov Pavel V.GMRUS25936.535.043.52539
2546Valsecchi AlessioIMITA24936.534.544.02509
2645Meskovs NikitaIMLAT24956.041.053.02575
2741Lei TingjieGMCHN25146.041.052.52607
2827Sanal VahapGMTUR25396.041.052.02519
2938Sulskis SarunasGMLTU25196.040.551.52561
3054Hambleton AmanIMCAN24616.040.050.52539
31113Pershin DenisRUS23536.040.050.02592
3215Braun ArikGMGER25776.039.551.02545
3313Stocek JiriGMCZE25836.039.049.52556
341Sasikiran KrishnanGMIND26886.038.549.52546
353Shirov AlexeiGMLAT26486.038.549.52528
369Ovsejevitsch SergeiGMUKR25966.038.049.02515
376Jumabayev RinatGMKAZ26106.038.048.02529
3820Ghosh DiptayanGMIND25626.038.048.02516
3963Ochsner Bjorn MollerIMDEN24436.037.549.02537
4052Fedorovsky MichaelIMGER24676.037.548.02552
319 players

10) 43rd Badalona Open 2017

The 43rd Badalona Open took place 2nd to 10th August 2017. Karen Grigoryan edged out Tigran S Petrosyan on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9. I just have the games from the live coverage as the file download on chess-results is broken.

43rd Badalona Open 2017 Badalona ESP Wed 2nd Aug 2017 - Thu 10th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Grigoryan Karen H.GMARM25707.542.550.0
215Petrosyan Tigran S.IMARM24307.541.549.0
34Krysa LeandroGMARG25377.041.549.0
20Iniyan PIMIND24047.041.549.0
55Vera Siguenas DeivyIMPER25257.039.545.5
69Oliva Castaneda KevelIMCUB24977.036.043.0
73Peralta FernandoGMARG25406.540.547.0
86Himanshu SharmaGMIND25146.539.547.0
926Perpinya Rofes Lluis MariaIMESP23666.539.046.5
1011Narciso Dublan MarcGMESP24676.538.044.0
1124Panelo MarceloIMARG23866.537.043.5
1216Lorenzo De La Riva LazaroIMESP24156.536.041.5
1317Salinas Herrera PabloIMCHI24116.042.550.0
1425Motuz KarolFMSVK23856.039.546.5
157Gonzalez Garcia JoseGMMEX25136.037.544.5
27Arjun KalyanIND23666.037.544.5
1712Fernandez FernandoIMPER24556.037.044.5
1849Srijit PaulIND22556.037.044.0
192Ortiz Suarez Isan ReynaldoGMCUB25566.037.043.5
2014Diaz Camallonga CarlesFMESP24376.036.043.0
29Grafl FlorianIMGER23646.036.043.0
2223Dhulipalla Bala Chandra PrasadIND23926.033.539.0
2319Gual Pascual AntonioIMESP24046.031.537.0
22Oblitas CarlomagnoIMPER23976.031.537.0
2544Matta Vinay KumarFMIND22936.031.038.0
2638Karthik VenkataramanFMIND23165.539.046.0
72Vergara Jofre FelipeFMCHI21195.539.046.0
288Gascon Del Nogal Jose RafaelIMVEN24985.538.045.5
2934Escalante Ramirez Brian SebastiFMPER23265.537.544.5
3060Cimer EmanuelARG21845.537.044.0
3142Akash Pc IyerIND23045.536.543.5
3228Gukesh DCMIND23655.536.042.5
3347Deshmukh Anup M.IMIND22605.535.542.5
3421Quirhuayo Chumbe German GonzaloFMPER23975.535.541.5
3513Fluvia Poyatos JordiIMESP24385.534.541.5
3689Riu Lopez DanielESP20465.534.541.0
3751Gomez Jurado Luis AlbertoFMESP22465.534.540.5
3843Mouhamad JoachinFMFRA22955.533.541.0
3967Valls Marti ArturMKESP21455.526.032.0
4032Morales Jhon AlexanderCOL23435.038.545.5
143 players

11) 10th Arad Open 2017

The 10th Arad Open took place 6th to 13th August 2017. Alexander Zubov won with 7.5/9.

10th Arad Open 2017 Arad ROU Sun 6th Aug 2017 - Sun 13th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Zubov AlexanderGMUKR26147.52369268945.50
22Istratescu AndreiGMROU26047.02369260341.50
33Szabo Gergely-Andras-GyulaGMROU25597.02333256840.25
46Nevednichy VladislavGMROU25257.02303254638.75
525David Alexandru-VasileCMROU23907.02292252939.25
613Kovacevic AleksandarGMSRB24817.02268255237.50
717Costachi MihneaIMROU24237.02207247835.25
827Bogdan DanIMROU23737.02136236635.00
95Damljanovic BrankoGMSRB25416.52328253737.00
107Antal GergelyGMHUN25216.52317254336.50
114Jianu Vlad-CristianGMROU25586.52311249236.50
1218Sundararajan KidambiGMIND24226.52279244035.50
1356Stoleriu GeorgeCMROU22336.52231237633.25
1429Balla Tamas-KristofIMROU23716.52218240333.50
1523Filip Lucian-IoanIMROU23956.52211242434.25
1622Peptan Corina-IsabelaIMROU23976.52188240133.50
1712Miron Lucian-CostinIMROU24956.52176238733.25
1830Baratosi DanielIMROU23706.52166236635.25
1914Georgescu Tiberiu-MarianGMROU24706.52123233631.75
2015Vedmediuc SergheiIMMDA24596.02310245231.75
219Zajic MilanGMSRB24996.02268239032.75
2216Bida Mihai-EugenIMROU24296.02258245532.00
2333Marjanovic AnnamariaWFMHUN23546.02245234831.00
2434Abramciuc MariusFMMDA23516.02238235730.00
258Stefansson HannesGMISL25216.02236238431.75
2624Dolana Andrei-TheodorFMROU23936.02228237131.75
2711Manolache MariusGMROU24956.02217239331.00
2810Korpa BenceIMHUN24976.02216236633.25
2952Cvetkovic SrdjanIMSRB22496.02183223929.50
3042Stanciu Alexandru-OvidiuFMROU22916.02177231330.50
3186Trifan Andrei IoanGER21426.02177222327.25
3236Vrencian LehelFMROU23366.02155235028.75
3332Itkis BorisIMROU23576.02150233530.25
3438Schitco IvanMDA23156.02149235429.75
3519Abramovic BoskoGMSRB24156.02124230929.25
3621Sanduleac VasileGMMDA24036.02087230328.25
3751Dicu Razvan-StefanFMROU22516.02078218628.00
3840Pop AlexandruFMROU23006.02070221129.00
3972Ciorica Mihai-VladCMROU21726.02057208427.00
4049Pisu Robert-DanielCMROU22616.02040224328.00
245 players

12) 20th Olomouc Chess Summer 2017

The 20th Olomouc Chess Summer takes place 12th to 19th August 2017.

20th Olomouc GM 2017 Olomouc CZE Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Sat 19th Aug 2017
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
14Cernousek LukasIMCZE24471.51.000.00
29Koksal EgeFMTUR23601.01.250.00
31Biolek Richard Jr.IMCZE24441.01.000.00
2Pulpan JakubFMCZE23901.01.000.00
5Domogaev SergeyGMRUS24001.01.000.00
6Rosner JonasFMGER24051.01.000.00
7Torma RobertIMHUN24921.01.000.00
8Vokac MarekGMCZE24161.01.000.00
11Saiyn ZhanatIMKAZ23811.01.000.00
12Camarena Gimenez RufinoIMESP23631.01.000.00
113Neuman PetrGMCZE24571.00.750.00
1210Yagupov IgorGMRUS23950.50.500.00
12 players
20th Olomouc GM 2017 Olomouc CZE Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Sat 19th Aug 2017. Category: 7. Ave: (2413)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Pts TPR
1 Cernousek, Lukas IM CZE 2447 # = 1 1.5 2571
2 Koksal, Ege FM TUR 2360 = # = 1 2424
3 Camarena Gimenez, Rufino IM ESP 2363 # = = 1 2468
4 Domogaev, Sergey GM RUS 2400 = # = 1 2388
5 Biolek, Richard Jr. IM CZE 2444 = # = 1 2377
6 Vokac, Marek GM CZE 2416 = # = 1 2403
7 Saiyn, Zhanat IM KAZ 2381 # = = 1 2424
8 Pulpan, Jakub FM CZE 2390 = = # 1 2413
9 Torma, Robert IM HUN 2492 = # = 1 2384
10 Rosner, Jonas FM GER 2405 = = # 1 2454
11 Neuman, Petr GM CZE 2457 = # = 1 2388
12 Yagupov, Igor GM RUS 2395 0 = # 0.5 2259
Round 1. Sat 12th Aug 2017
Biolek, Richard Jr. 1/2-1/2 Camarena Gimenez, Rufino 32 D20 Queen's gambit accepted
Pulpan, Jakub 1/2-1/2 Saiyn, Zhanat 21 B06 Robatsch defence
Neuman, Petr 1/2-1/2 Yagupov, Igor 31 D12 QGD Slav
Cernousek, Lukas 1/2-1/2 Koksal, Ege 23 D12 QGD Slav
Domogaev, Sergey 1/2-1/2 Vokac, Marek 9 E73 King's Indian
Rosner, Jonas 1/2-1/2 Torma, Robert 20 C00 French
Round 2. Sun 13th Aug 2017
Camarena Gimenez, Rufino 1/2-1/2 Torma, Robert 43 D45 QGD semi-Slav
Vokac, Marek 1/2-1/2 Rosner, Jonas 8 A06 Reti
Koksal, Ege 1/2-1/2 Domogaev, Sergey 37 A42 Modern defence
Yagupov, Igor 0-1 Cernousek, Lukas 68 B90 Sicilian
Saiyn, Zhanat 1/2-1/2 Neuman, Petr 53 E94 King's Indian
Biolek, Richard Jr. 1/2-1/2 Pulpan, Jakub 45 E12 Queen's Indian
20th Olomouc IM2 2017 Olomouc CZE Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Sat 19th Aug 2017
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
13Galyas MiklosIMHUN24861.51.000.00
24Olsarova KarolinaWIMCZE22831.50.750.00
39Biolek RichardIMCZE24391.01.250.00
41Tymrakiewicz RafalFMPOL21881.01.000.00
2Jurek JosefIMCZE22741.01.000.00
6Pranav AnandIND21551.01.000.00
10Burnett AndrewFMSCO22091.01.000.00
85Nitish BelurkarFMIND22691.00.750.00
98Mammadova NarminWIMAZE22770.50.750.00
107Leeb SimonGER22070.50.500.00
10 players
20th Olomouc IM2 2017 Olomouc CZE Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Sat 19th Aug 2017. Category: 2. Ave: (2279)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Galyas, Miklos IM HUN 2486 # = 1 1.5 2551
2 Olsarova, Karolina WIM CZE 2283 # = 1 1.5 2435
3 Biolek, Richard IM CZE 2439 = # = 1 2380
4 Pranav, Anand IND 2155 # = = 1 2239
5 Burnett, Andrew FM SCO 2209 = # = 1 2172
6 Jurek, Josef IM CZE 2274 = # = 1 2314
7 Tymrakiewicz, Rafal FM POL 2188 = = # 1 2242
8 Nitish, Belurkar FM IND 2269 = # = 1 2181
9 Mammadova, Narmin WIM AZE 2277 0 = # 0.5 2192
10 Leeb, Simon GER 2207 0 = # 0.5 2083
Round 1. Sat 12th Aug 2017
Tymrakiewicz, Rafal 1/2-1/2 Burnett, Andrew 60 A48 King's Indian
Jurek, Josef 1/2-1/2 Biolek, Richard 9 E94 King's Indian
Galyas, Miklos 1-0 Mammadova, Narmin 44 D00 Queen's pawn, Mason variation
Olsarova, Karolina 1-0 Leeb, Simon 40 B06 Robatsch defence
Nitish, Belurkar 1/2-1/2 Pranav, Anand 57 C69 Ruy Lopez
Round 2. Sun 13th Aug 2017
Burnett, Andrew 1/2-1/2 Pranav, Anand 42 A17 English
Leeb, Simon 1/2-1/2 Nitish, Belurkar 58 A46 Queen's pawn game
Mammadova, Narmin 1/2-1/2 Olsarova, Karolina 22 C49 Four knights
Biolek, Richard 1/2-1/2 Galyas, Miklos 11 A37 English
Tymrakiewicz, Rafal 1/2-1/2 Jurek, Josef 16 A40 Queen's pawn
20th Olomouc IM1 2017 Olomouc CZE Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Sat 19th Aug 2017
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
11Nagy GaborIMHUN24721.51.500.00
25Szotkowski JakubCZE23741.51.000.00
34Klima LukasIMCZE23321.50.500.00
47Chkhaidze NikolozFMGEO23671.01.500.00
52Chetverik MaximIMRUS22501.01.000.00
9Hoefelsauer ThomasFMGER23571.01.000.00
10Mukashev AssanCZE21991.01.000.00
83Karayev KananFMAZE22281.00.000.00
96Kulkarni BhaktiWGMIND22910.50.500.00
108Brhel JanSVK21130.00.000.00
10 players
20th Olomouc IM1 2017 Olomouc CZE Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Sat 19th Aug 2017. Category: 2. Ave: (2298)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Nagy, Gabor IM HUN 2472 # = 1 1.5 2418
2 Szotkowski, Jakub CZE 2374 # = 1 1.5 2522
3 Klima, Lukas IM CZE 2332 # = 1 1.5 2433
4 Chkhaidze, Nikoloz FM GEO 2367 = = # 1 2353
5 Mukashev, Assan CZE 2199 = # = 1 2382
6 Chetverik, Maxim IM RUS 2250 0 # 1 1 2415
7 Hoefelsauer, Thomas FM GER 2357 0 # 1 1 2239
8 Karayev, Kanan FM AZE 2228 0 # 1 1 2235
9 Kulkarni, Bhakti CM IND 2291 0 = # 0.5 2094
10 Brhel, Jan SVK 2113 0 0 # 0 2280
Round 1. Sat 12th Aug 2017
Nagy, Gabor 1/2-1/2 Mukashev, Assan 25 A15 English opening
Chetverik, Maxim 1-0 Hoefelsauer, Thomas 37 A57 Benko gambit
Karayev, Kanan 1-0 Brhel, Jan 35 C06 French
Klima, Lukas 1/2-1/2 Chkhaidze, Nikoloz 9 B92 Sicilian
Szotkowski, Jakub 1-0 Kulkarni, Bhakti 55 D11 QGD Slav
Round 2. Sun 13th Aug 2017
Mukashev, Assan 1/2-1/2 Kulkarni, Bhakti 42 E09 Catalan
Chkhaidze, Nikoloz 1/2-1/2 Szotkowski, Jakub 47 B11 Caro-Kann
Brhel, Jan 0-1 Klima, Lukas 51 A61 Benoni
Hoefelsauer, Thomas 1-0 Karayev, Kanan 60 E15 Queen's Indian
Nagy, Gabor 1-0 Chetverik, Maxim 49 B03 Alekhine's defence
20th Olomouc Open 2017 Olomouc CZE Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Sat 19th Aug 2017
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
112Kula DominikCZE21532.00.02.02
22Trevelyan JohnWLS20472.00.02.02
37Hoerr MatthiasGER21962.00.01.52
9Baasansuren ErdeneFMMGL21692.00.01.52
14Lushnikov EvgenyRUS21212.00.01.52
25Dolansky LukasCZE20242.00.01.52
26Jayaram R.IND20212.00.01.52
31Yanjinlkham BayarsaikhanWFMMGL19882.00.01.52
44Kalinowska ZuzannaPOL18962.00.01.52
101Nasanjargal UrtnasanFMMGL24192.00.01.02
8Steiner BrunoAUT21852.00.01.02
27Benes MiroslavCZE20152.00.01.02
32Musil VitezslavCZE19632.00.01.02
45Gombocz Ferenc Jr.HUN18942.00.01.02
46Zdrazil JanCZE18922.00.01.02
162Stigar PetterFMNOR22361.50.02.51
11Leite Oralova CatarinaWIMPOR21641.50.02.51
13Schmid ThomasAUT21271.50.02.51
15Fogel PierreBEL21061.50.02.51
17Valenta VitFMCZE20861.50.02.51
20Spice AlanWLS20701.50.02.51
24Brown ThomasWLS20251.50.02.51
78Koci VladimirCZE16431.50.02.51
2423Kusina JanPOL20291.50.02.01
71Pawlak Wojciech ZbigniewDEN17081.50.02.01
2629Zakoucka AdelaCZE20091.50.01.51
37Fischer ErikGER19371.50.01.51
40Molnar JiriCZE19181.50.01.51
41Izquierdo Arruferia JosebaESP19121.50.01.51
43Sadzikowski MarianPOL18981.50.01.51
47Szotkowski DavidCZE18831.50.01.51
326Dvorak MartinCZE21971.50.01.01
10Zvolanek LiborFMCZE21671.50.01.01
344Mitchell MartinSCO22281.00.03.01
5Houska JiriCZE22021.00.03.01
18Vitak JiriCZE20861.00.03.01
19Zdrazil TomasCZE20781.00.03.01
21Ochmann ReimundGER20491.00.03.01
34Patil Mitali MadhukarWFMIND19591.00.03.01
38Palka MiroslavSVK19361.00.03.01
98 players

13) 21st Battle of Senta Open 2017

The 21st Battle of Senta Open too kplace 24th to 31st July 2017. Games now available. Lazar Nestorovic won with 7.5/9.

21st Battle of Senta Open Senta SRB Mon 24th Jul 2017 - Mon 31st Jul 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
15Nestorovic LazarSRB23717.547.552.038.5
24Csonka BalazsHUN24247.049.554.037.5
36Dimitrov VladimirBUL23596.547.051.535.0
48Farkas TiborSRB23096.546.550.533.5
59Andrijevic MilanSRB22896.545.549.033.5
610Kuzmin YuriyRUS22866.542.046.031.0
722Peycheva GerganaBUL21616.048.552.534.0
82Markovic MiroslavSRB24626.047.551.535.0
97Sredojevic IvanSRB23556.047.051.533.5
1018Simonyi ZoltanSRB21886.046.550.533.0
113Drazic SinisaSRB24366.046.549.533.5
1212Yordanov LachezarBUL22466.
131Stojanovic MihajloSRB25106.044.547.532.0
1411Tancik KristijanSRB22626.043.547.032.0
1521Nagy Attila NSRB21786.
1613Pletl AkosSRB22176.041.546.030.0
1764Hereklioglu SudeTUR17216.041.043.527.0
1829Bernath RobertHUN20876.038.541.028.5
1927Pacal MihalySRB20986.038.041.526.5
2019Meszaros BelaSRB21855.541.544.529.5
2124Pajzer IstvanSRB21085.540.044.027.5
2226Dikic VeljkoSRB21025.539.540.027.5
2336Dzaja Martin ZorislavCRO20165.538.541.526.0
2416Scepanovic LabudSRB22105.538.541.525.5
2515Kecskemeti ArpadSRB22115.046.550.529.5
2647Otawa YutoJPN18935.
2717Mijic VladimirSRB22055.043.547.029.0
2823Juhasz BenczeSRB21585.042.045.527.5
2920Vranic LjubomirSRB21855.042.042.526.5
3030Csikos MihalyHUN20705.
3142Molnar Gabor RolandSRB19365.038.541.526.0
3238Kovacs Arthur Dr.HUN19705.038.540.525.5
3331Lazarevic DusanSRB20575.
3440Petric IvanSRB19555.036.037.525.0
3534Kusina JanPOL20294.544.547.026.0
3650Slavic NikolaSRB18724.540.543.525.5
3758Shanya MishraIND17794.540.543.523.0
3848Zhukov AntonRUS18884.540.543.021.0
3933Jovanovic Milan BSRB20374.540.043.027.0
4037Nagy Aleksz MSRB19854.539.042.024.5
84 players

14) 10th Calgary International 2017

The 10th Calgary International took place 2nd to 7th August 2017. With a final round win Victor Mikhalevski won the event with 7.5/9. Additional games available from last week.

10th Calgary Int 2017 Calgary CAN Wed 2nd Aug 2017 - Mon 7th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Mikhalevski, VictorGM2533W21W18W6D3L2W20W4W7W97.5
2Sambuev, BatorGM2522W16W12D3W25W1L4W8W6D57
3Gareyev, TimurGM2620W19W7D2D1W18D5D10D4W116.5
4Preotu, RazvanGM2501W17L25W15W11W8W2L1D3W106.5
5Becerra, JulioGM2539W26D8D25D12W11D3D6D10D25.5
6Foisor, Sabina FrancescaWGM2358W23W9L1W21D7D10D5L2W175.5
7Ratte, Olivier Kenta ChikuFM2332W33L3W17W9D6D8D18L1W165.5
8Cao, JasonFM2328W27D5W20W10L4D7L2W21D125.5
9Haessel, DaleFM2205W34L6W31L7D16W14W23W12L15.5
10Moradiabadi, ElshanGM2530W15D20W14L8W12D6D3D5L45
11Clement, Agnieszka MatrasWIM2230D13D14W22L4L5W24W15W20L35
12Niemann, Hans MokeFM2254W22L2W13D5L10W32W16L9D85
13Timmerman, Brian1615D11D19L12D17L32W27D14W26W215
14Findlay, IanFM2226W30D11L10L20W33L9D13D15W264.5
15Shirazi, Behrooz Ebrahim2037L10W27L4L22W30W31L11D14W284.5
16Kostadinov, Georgi1997L2L22W19W27D9W26L12W18L74.5
17Willis, Bradley J.1991L4W30L7D13D31W22D19W23L64.5
18Zhang, YuanchenFM2272W24L1W33W23L3D21D7L16D194.5
19Perron, Sean2080L3D13L16L29W27W33D17W24D184.5
20Shi, DiwenFM2261W28D10L8W14W25L1D21L11U---4
21Malek, Omid2090L1W24W26L6W22D18D20L8L134
22Chandra, Anand Rishi1682L12W16L11W15L21L17L26W34W294
23Gold, Itohan1988L6W34W32L18W26D25L9L17U---3.5
24Zhao, Ian1844L18L21W30L26W29L11W31L19D273.5
25Yoo, Christopher2242W29W4D5L2L20D23U---U---U---3
26Booker, Brad2114L5W28L21W24L23L16W22L13L143
27Gashgarian, Rob1679L8L15W34L16L19L13D28W30D243
28Dave, Bhavik1771L20L26D29L32L34W30D27W33L153
29Sharma, Vishruth1454L25L33D28W19L24L34D30W31L223
30Sklenka, Steve1533L14L17L24W34L15L28D29L27W332.5
31Mikhalevski, Binyaminunr.U---W32L9D33D17L15L24L29D342.5
32Daniluk, Jim1909H---L31L23W28W13L12U---U---U---2.5
33Franco, Juan Carlos Garcia1842L7W29L18D31L14L19W34L28L302.5
34Miller, Reubenunr.L9L23L27L30W28W29L33L22D312.5
34 players

15) 6th Washington International 2017

The 6th Washington International takes place 12th to 16th August 2017.

6th Washington Int 2017 Rockville USA Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Wed 16th Aug 2017
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1Perelshteyn, EugenGM2507W69W26W193
2Sevian, SamuelGM2620W50D21W242.5
3Gordievsky, DimitriIM2613W27W32D102.5
4Postny, EvgenyGM2570W38D35W332.5
5Friedel, Joshua EGM2536W53W23D112.5
6Barbosa, Oliver AqGM2533D54W63W342.5
7Gorovets, AndreyIM2527W55D25W472.5
8Libiszewski, FabienGM2523W39W36D122.5
9Paragua, Mark CGM2500D40W54W352.5
10Yang, DarwinGM2493W56W43D32.5
11Chandra, AkshatGM2480W57W45D52.5
12Boros, DenesGM2452W74W14D82.5
13Tiglon, BryceIM2395D63W40W282.5
14Naroditsky, DanielGM2647W67L12W552
15Nyzhnyk, Illia IGM2621D68W41D222
16Azarov, SergeiGM2588W51D34D212
17Hevia Alejano, CarlosGM2492W73L24W572
18Burke, John MichaeIM2489D41W68D252
19Rao, Prasanna RaghIM2455W58W60L12
20Yang, KaiqiIM2441L45W73W592
21Balakrishnan, PravIM2427W46D2D162
22Panjwani, RajaIM2408W61D28D152
23Mulyar, Michael AIM2393W64L5W602
24Jacobson, BrandonCM2384W70W17L22
25Brodsky, DavidIM2382W65D7D182
26Li, ZhaozhiFM2336W49L1W642
27Li, BenFM2305L3W74W652
28Huschenbeth, NiclaGM2575W52D22L131.5
29Fishbein, AlexanderGM2460D42D44D431.5
30Checa, NicolasIM2454L43W71D421.5
31Kalikshteyn, AlexaFM2442D44D42D461.5
32Song, MichaelIM2419W59L3D451.5
33Shetty, AtulyaIM2418D47W66L41.5
34Shmelov, DenysIM2414W48D16L61.5
35Hilby, CraigIM2401W62D4L91.5
36Nolte, RolandoIM2394W75L8D441.5
37Rodriguez Garcia, VictorIM2367D71L47W621.5
38Piasetski, Leon DIM2283L4W75D491.5
39Zhang, YuanchenFM2272L8D70W711.5
40Gorti, AkshitaFM2265D9L13W701.5
75 players

16) 78th ch-ARM 1st League 2017

The 78th ch-ARM 1st League takes place 9th to 22nd August 2017.

78th ch-ARM 1st League Yerevan ARM Wed 9th Aug 2017 - Tue 22nd Aug 2017
Leading Round 6 (of 13) Standings:
14Harutyunian Tigran K.ARM25134.512.5030.0
23Petrosyan ManuelARM25654.014.5020.0
312Sargsyan ShantARM24164.010.5030.0
45Shahinyan DavidARM24283.59.7530.0
59Torosyan NorayrARM23503.58.7540.0
614Kalashian DavidARM23893.57.7530.0
713Harutjunyan GevorgARM24543.08.0030.0
811Hakobyan AramARM24663.08.0030.0
91Baghdasaryan VaheARM24692.57.2520.0
107Mikaelyan ArmanARM24862.56.0030.0
112Hayrapetyan HovikARM25022.07.5020.0
128Danielyan VaheARM23442.06.0040.0
136Mkrtchyan EduardARM22032.06.0030.0
1410Manukyan Sargis A.ARM22332.04.0040.0
14 players
78th ch-ARM 1st League Yerevan ARM Wed 9th Aug 2017 - Tue 22nd Aug 2017. Category: 7. Ave: (2416)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Pts TPR
1 Harutyunian, Tigran K. IM ARM 2513 # 0 = 1 1 1 1 4.5 2672
2 Petrosyan, Manuel IM ARM 2565 1 # 1 1 0 1 0 4 2582
3 Sargsyan, Shant IM ARM 2416 = 0 # = 1 1 1 4 2548
4 Shahinyan, David IM ARM 2428 = # 1 = = 0 1 3.5 2480
5 Torosyan, Norayr ARM 2350 # = = 1 0 = 1 3.5 2411
6 Kalashian, David IM ARM 2389 0 = # 0 1 1 1 3.5 2468
7 Harutjunyan, Gevorg GM ARM 2454 0 1 0 # 0 1 1 3 2450
8 Hakobyan, Aram IM ARM 2466 0 = = # 1 1 0 3 2387
9 Baghdasaryan, Vahe GM ARM 2469 0 0 = 1 # 1 0 2.5 2376
10 Mikaelyan, Arman IM ARM 2486 0 0 1 0 # = 1 2.5 2320
11 Hayrapetyan, Hovik GM ARM 2502 0 1 1 0 0 0 # 2 2345
12 Mkrtchyan, Eduard ARM 2203 0 1 0 0 1 # 0 2 2273
13 Danielyan, Vahe FM ARM 2344 0 = 0 1 = # 0 2 2265
14 Manukyan, Sargis A. FM ARM 2233 0 0 0 0 1 1 # 2 2242
Round 1. Wed 9th Aug 2017
Baghdasaryan, Vahe 1-0 Kalashian, David 55 B28 Sicilian
Hayrapetyan, Hovik 0-1 Harutjunyan, Gevorg 33 E62 King's Indian
Petrosyan, Manuel 1-0 Sargsyan, Shant 39 A06 Reti opening
Harutyunian, Tigran K. 1-0 Hakobyan, Aram 54 A15 English opening
Shahinyan, David 1-0 Manukyan, Sargis A. 83 A07 Reti
Mkrtchyan, Eduard 1-0 Torosyan, Norayr 31 E94 King's Indian
Mikaelyan, Arman 1/2-1/2 Danielyan, Vahe 51 A45 Trompovsky attack (Ruth, Opovcensky opening)
Round 2. Thu 10th Aug 2017
Kalashian, David 1-0 Danielyan, Vahe 26 A30 English
Torosyan, Norayr 1-0 Mikaelyan, Arman 30 C84 Ruy Lopez
Manukyan, Sargis A. 1-0 Mkrtchyan, Eduard 51 D10 QGD Slav defence
Hakobyan, Aram 1/2-1/2 Shahinyan, David 77 B00 King's pawn opening
Sargsyan, Shant 1/2-1/2 Harutyunian, Tigran K. 23 D41 QGD
Harutjunyan, Gevorg 1-0 Petrosyan, Manuel 37 C47 Four knights
Baghdasaryan, Vahe 1-0 Hayrapetyan, Hovik 28 B41 Sicilian
Round 3. Fri 11th Aug 2017
Hayrapetyan, Hovik 0-1 Kalashian, David 57 B06 Robatsch defence
Petrosyan, Manuel 1-0 Baghdasaryan, Vahe 62 D12
Harutyunian, Tigran K. 1-0 Harutjunyan, Gevorg 57 E67 King's Indian
Shahinyan, David 1/2-1/2 Sargsyan, Shant 62 A00 Benko's opening
Mkrtchyan, Eduard 0-1 Hakobyan, Aram 71 D43 QGD semi-Slav
Mikaelyan, Arman 1-0 Manukyan, Sargis A. 41 D37 QGD
Danielyan, Vahe 1/2-1/2 Torosyan, Norayr 29 A45 Trompovsky attack (Ruth, Opovcensky opening)
Round 4. Sat 12th Aug 2017
Kalashian, David 1/2-1/2 Torosyan, Norayr 50 D37 QGD
Manukyan, Sargis A. 1-0 Danielyan, Vahe 60 A58 Benko gambit accepted
Hakobyan, Aram 1-0 Mikaelyan, Arman 39 C92 Ruy Lopez
Sargsyan, Shant 1-0 Mkrtchyan, Eduard 40 D30 Queen's gambit declined
Harutjunyan, Gevorg 0-1 Shahinyan, David 41 A07 Reti
Baghdasaryan, Vahe 0-1 Harutyunian, Tigran K. 52 A07 Reti
Hayrapetyan, Hovik 1-0 Petrosyan, Manuel 57 E39 Nimzo-Indian
Round 5. Sun 13th Aug 2017
Petrosyan, Manuel 1-0 Kalashian, David 59 B38 Sicilian
Harutyunian, Tigran K. 1-0 Hayrapetyan, Hovik 42 A30 English
Shahinyan, David 1/2-1/2 Baghdasaryan, Vahe 22 A07 Reti
Mkrtchyan, Eduard 0-1 Harutjunyan, Gevorg 28 E15 Queen's Indian
Mikaelyan, Arman 0-1 Sargsyan, Shant 27 D38 QGD
Danielyan, Vahe 1-0 Hakobyan, Aram 41 A45 Trompovsky attack (Ruth, Opovcensky opening)
Torosyan, Norayr 1-0 Manukyan, Sargis A. 37 D00 Queen's pawn, Mason variation
Round 6. Mon 14th Aug 2017
Kalashian, David 1-0 Manukyan, Sargis A. 46 B23 Sicilian
Hakobyan, Aram 1/2-1/2 Torosyan, Norayr 92 C80 Ruy Lopez
Sargsyan, Shant 1-0 Danielyan, Vahe 85 E60 King's Indian, 3.Nf3
Harutjunyan, Gevorg 0-1 Mikaelyan, Arman 35 A05 Reti
Baghdasaryan, Vahe 0-1 Mkrtchyan, Eduard 48 B41 Sicilian
Hayrapetyan, Hovik 1-0 Shahinyan, David 41 A15 English opening
Petrosyan, Manuel 1-0 Harutyunian, Tigran K. 41 D35 QGD

17) 47th Annual Continental Open 2017

The 47th Annual Continental Open took place 10th to 14th August 2017. Priyadharshan Kannappan edged out Alexander Ivanov on tie-break after both scored 5/6.

47th Continental Open Sturbridge USA Thu 10th Aug 2017 - Sun 13th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Kannappan, PriyadharshanGM2593W37W15W9D2W5D35211st-2nd/Bonus $2450.00
2Ivanov, AlexanderGM2556W24W30W5D1D6W95201st-2nd $2250.00
3Murshed, NiazGM2560D21W36W12D6W11D14.53rd $700.00
4Meredith, Mathew2112X-H-L7W29W13W144.51st U2300 $1400.00
5Stripunsky, AlexanderGM2641W19W16L2W7L1W2144th-5th/Other $214.29
6Kudrin, SergeyGM2557W18D17W29D3D2D744th-5th/Other $214.29
7Sowa, Ryan2307D25W23W4L5W16D644th-5th/Other $214.29
8Lu, Maxim2247H-H-L31W34W30W2344th-5th/2nd U2300 $214.29
9Wu, Brandon D2235W33W40L1W22W21L244th-5th/2nd U2300 $214.29
10Vertkin, Sergey2214H-H-W18D31D17W2444th-5th/2nd U2300 $214.29
11Zhou, Liran2147L36W39W40W20L3W1944th-5th/2nd U2300 $214.29
12Isakov, Michael2269W32W31L3D16D23D153.5
13Kavi, Nithin2226H-D25W43D17L4W313.5
14Fishbein, Matthew E2206L40W33W24D25W31L43.5
15Samadashvili, MarthaWFM2170W39L1L25W42W35D123.5
16Sage, J Timothy2148W41L5X44D12L7W323.5
17Martin, Zachary2128W45D6D20D13D10D223.5
18Taylor, Steven A2113L6W45L10W26D20W283.5
19Times, Lawyer2286L5D32H-W33W25L113
20King, Robert2227W34D35D17L11D18H-3
21Torres, Yelfry2178D3D27W38W35L9L53
22Tang, Jason2163L35W41W27L9D28D173
23Zhang, Alan2156H-L7W42W36D12L83
24Sowa, Aidan2104L2W46L14W39W37L103
25Ramanathan, Suraj2101D7D13W15D14L19D303
26Song, Alan2071D28L29D37L18W39W383
27Hu, Merric2034D29D21L22D38D36W413
28Gueler, Sebastian2200D26D38D35D30D22L182.5
29Poliannikov, Danila2162D27W26L6L4L33W462.5
30Li, Jerry2126W42L2D36D28L8D252.5
31Mejia, Sergio2120W46L12W8D10L14L132.5
32Liang, Dustin2089L12D19D34W45D38L162.5
33Lu, Jason2076L9L14W41L19W29D362.5
34Deng, Leon Y2074L20D37D32L8W45D352.5
35Padmanabhan, Karthik Sai2036W22D20D28L21L15D342.5
36Wen, Yili1950W11L3D30L23D27D332.5
37Tsay, Vincent2181L1D34D26W40L24-2
38Thomas, Kenneth Patrick2100H-D28L21D27D32L262
39Yu, Alex2037L15L11W46L24L26W422
40Hallenbeck, Alex2073W14L9L11L37U-H-1.5
41Zhu, Evelyn2028L16L22L33D46B-L271.5
42Xiong, Yinian1750L30B-L23L15D46L391.5
43Perl, Joseph2122H-H-L13U-U--1
44Sadiq, Immad2015H-H-F16U-U--1
45Chinnambeti, Abhinav1848L17L18B-L32L34-1
46Hu, QiyuL31L24L39D41D42L291
46 players

18) Bruges Masters 2017

The Bruges Masters takes place 13th to 18th August 2017.

Bruges Masters 2017 Bruges BEL Sun 13th Aug 2017 - Fri 18th Aug 2017
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
18Varga ZoltanHUN24343.
10Lai Hing TingNED23883.
34Van Foreest LucasNED24673.
14Pel BonnoNED22553.
27Guelsen TaylanGER21563.
62Dgebuadze AlexandreBEL25153.
6Geirnaert StevenBEL24543.
15Ratsma RosaNED22533.
95Czebe AttillaHUN24653.
13Carstensen JacobDEN23533.
117Beerdsen ThomasNED24473.
11Vandenbussche ThibautBEL23873.
131Epishin VladimirRUS25412.
3Motwani PaulSCO24702.
1516Frayna Janelle MaePHI22482.
18Provoost SimonNED22152.
1726Marzano CarloITA21582.
1822Luminet DenisBEL21762.
1961Hummel JoopNED19342.
2036Cocquyt TijsBEL20892.
45Van De Wynkele EricBEL20052.
2229Stone Andrew MENG21532.
38Somerfield Adrian PENG20812.
2420De Boer EelkeNED21902.
2517Dardha DanielBEL22182.
2631Tozer Philip A AENG21412.
37Maddens MartijnBEL20872.
2862Danneel GeertBEL19322.
299Gourlay IainSCO24012.
19Hill AlistairENG21922.
25Kokje JorisNED21662.
33Bianchi GuillaumeFRA21102.
34Faure StephaneFRA21092.
39Peeters TimBEL20522.
3523Decrop BenjaminBEL21732.
30Smith Andrew PhilipIRL21462.
3735Gray Mark SENG21032.
40Grigoryan MeriENG20392.
3944Mueller MartinGER20062.
46Mullink JochemNED20022.
159 players

19) 51st Mislata Open 2017

The 51st Mislata Open took place 7th to 13th August 2017. Pablo Cruz Lledo won with 7.5/9.

51st Mislata Open 2017 Mislata ESP Mon 7th Aug 2017 - Sun 13th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Cruz Lledo PabloIMESP24397.537.038.2544.5
215Garcia Sancho JosepESP20766.039.527.7546.5
33Remolar Gallen JoseFMESP23046.039.029.5048.0
47Jordan Martinez MiguelESP22126.037.028.7545.0
58Hidalgo Duque CarlosESP22056.031.024.5037.0
610Segarra Martinez AxelESP21505.538.023.2544.0
72Kovacevic SlobodanIMSRB23045.537.021.5043.5
84Garcia Fernandez CarlosIMESP22955.535.523.2542.0
924Redondo Flores DavidESP19935.038.025.5047.0
1028Gonzalvez Perales Jose LuisESP19315.035.522.7543.5
1111Jordan Arenas ManuelESP21225.031.019.0036.5
1212Marin Corresa ArturoESP21144.536.014.0040.5
139Mingo Fernandez MatiasESP22014.535.018.7542.0
1418Alvarez Morales MiguelESP20554.534.014.2538.5
1525Balada Moreno Jose LuisESP19914.532.017.2538.0
166Insa Alfonso PabloESP22234.041.021.0049.5
1716Gonzalvez Tamarit RubenESP20734.037.520.2545.0
1821Hernandez Torralba Jose JoaquESP20204.034.517.7542.0
1923Torrijos Garcia BorjaESP19974.031.016.2537.0
2020Martinez Villena DavidESP20374.030.510.0034.5
2119Lucas Leon AngelESP20553.531.513.7537.5
2213Jordan Martinez DavidESP20953.531.512.2537.0
2327Nieto Tornero JoseESP19433.528.58.5032.5
245Cano Gimenez VicenteESP22853.036.514.0044.0
2530Carmona Huertas Juan AntonioESP18323.030.58.7535.0
2626Carbonell Sancho MarcESP19473.029.59.7533.5
2722Morato Tent FranciscoESP20133.029.08.0033.5
2829Garcia Perez RamonESP19092.532.58.0037.5
2917Cebrian Flores Juan AntonioESP20572.031.08.0037.5
3031Gimenez Ruiz JesusESP16972.028.57.0034.0
3114Sendra Tormo JuanESP20820.024.50.0027.0
31 players

20) 55th ch-IND Challengers 2017

The 55th ch-IND Challengers takes place 13th to 23rd August 2017.

55th ch-IND Challengers Ahmedabad IND Sun 13th Aug 2017 - Wed 23rd Aug 2017
Leading Round 2 (of 13) Standings:
12Sunilduth Lyna NarayananIND25642.
5Swapnil S. DhopadeIND25162.
7Kunte AbhijitIND25052.
8Debashis DasIND24932.
10Deepan Chakkravarthy J.IND24662.
11Bakre TejasIND24642.
12Swayams MishraIND24552.
14Nitin S.IND24212.
17Laxman R.R.IND23972.
18Krishna C R GIND23872.
21Hemant Sharma (del)IND23712.
23Gomes Mary AnnIND23442.
26Padmini RoutIND23272.
27Fenil ShahIND23262.
29Roy Chowdhury SaptarshiIND23172.
33Chakravarthi Reddy MIND22772.
37Gajwa AnkitIND22672.
41Wagh SuyogIND22342.
48Jayakumaar SIND21972.
50Koshy VarugeeseIND21762.
52Kushagra MohanIND21592.
53Moksh Amit DoshiIND21482.
59Arindam MukherjeeIND21342.
63Pranavananda VIND21222.
68Sinha Sudhir KumarIND20912.
232Shah Vandan PIND13202.
279Thejkumar M. S.IND24812.
15Das ArghyadipIND24192.
24Erigaisi ArjunIND23422.
34Sammed Jaykumar SheteIND22772.
35Kathmale SameerIND22752.
43Ram S. KrishnanIND22142.
49Raja Rithvik RIND21852.
55Aaryan VarshneyIND21422.
356Himanshu SharmaIND25142.
19Ravi Teja S.IND23832.
38Sankalp GuptaIND22542.
39Tiwari ArjunIND22512.
42Rathore S.K.IND22302.
66Mehta Naitik RIND21072.
258 players

21) 5th Pontevedra Open 2017

The 5th Pontevedra Open took place 8th to 14th August 2017. Daniil Yuffa won with 7.5/9.

5th Pontevedra Open 2017 Pontevedra ESP Tue 8th Aug 2017 - Mon 14th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12Yuffa DaniilGMRUS25157.5219043.038.5
25Oratovsky MichaelGMISR24947.0217242.536.0
34Petkov VladimirGMBUL24987.0215543.036.0
43Strikovic AleksaGMSRB25007.0210144.534.0
518Espineira Gonzalez DiegoIMESP23687.0209940.035.0
620Silva Luis Neves DaFMPOR23547.0209242.535.5
711Lazarev VladimirGMFRA24187.0203140.032.0
81Burmakin VladimirGMRUS25206.5220646.537.0
96Pap MisaGMSRB24916.5215244.037.0
1022Ambartsumova KarinaWGMRUS23256.5214444.536.0
1115Sousa Andre VenturaIMPOR23856.5211941.033.5
129Huerga Leache MikelIMESP24466.5209043.533.5
1321Sanchez Aller FernandoFMESP23376.5204441.034.5
1414Portela Peleteiro AlbertoFMESP23976.5200540.533.0
1517Lillo Castany VictorFMESP23826.0216645.536.5
167Firat BurakGMTUR24826.0216344.537.0
1716Konguvel PonnuswamyIMIND23836.0209641.533.0
1833Lorenzo Duran MarcosESP21726.0207140.032.0
1919Estremera Panos SergioIMESP23626.0202141.034.0
2028Padeiro JoseFMPOR22556.0200341.033.0
2124Cabezas Ayala IvanFMESP23006.0200339.529.5
2235Fernandez Diaz CristianFMESP21536.0193640.532.5
2341Veiga Jose Francisco R P NevePOR20826.0192440.030.0
2440Ladron De Guevara Galar Fco JESP20996.0191738.529.0
2576Garralda Ruiz AnderESP18416.0190138.527.5
2668Gonzalez Regueiro RodrigoESP18956.0188936.526.0
2762Bouza-Brey Teijeiro GonzaloESP19366.0188435.527.5
2850Perez Carballo DavidESP20286.0173334.021.0
2923Rodriguez Lopez RafaelIMESP23035.5217342.531.5
3012Erdogdu MertIMTUR24155.5210140.532.5
3161Santos Martinez GuillermoESP19455.5200839.027.5
3251Gomez Carreno MartinESP20145.5199741.028.0
3389Recuna Aranda MiguelESP17415.5199538.529.5
3436Rebole Arbea Jose IgnacioESP21405.5199439.529.0
3538Alonso Alonso IvanESP21065.5197340.528.0
3634Vidal Fernandez PabloESP21675.5196840.530.5
3713Ramiro Ovejero Juan LuisIMESP23995.5194538.530.5
3847Lopez De Turiso Jose AngelESP20355.5194440.027.5
3956Otero Nogueira BraisESP19815.5188136.028.5
4027Garcia Carbo MarcialFMESP22685.5187938.528.0
170 players

22) 6th Arber Open 2017

The 6th Arber Open took place 29th July to 6th August 2017. Misa Pap edged out a big group on tie-break all of whom scored 7/9. Additional games available.

6th Arber Open 2017 Bayerisch Eisenstein GER Sat 29th Jul 2017 - Sun 6th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Pap, MisaGMSRB24915047.0225919.0
2Prusikin, MichaelGMGER25175047.0223619.0
3Sergeev, VladimirGMUKR24185047.0220419.0
4Milov, LeonidGMGER24445047.0216919.0
5Meijers, ViestursGMLAT24726127.0216420.0
6Ehmann, ThiloFMGER22946127.0209020.0
7Pirrot, DieterIMGER23716127.0207520.0
8Schelle, ArturGER21906216.5201619.0
9Medunova, VeraWIMCZE21036216.5200919.0
10Bensch, PatrickFMGER21776216.5190819.0
11Womacka, MathiasGMGER24365226.0221417.0
12Hausner, IvanIMCZE23635226.0216517.0
13Knechtel, RolandFMGER22356306.0209318.0
14Reis, GerhardGER21855226.0209017.0
15Babiy, OlgaWGMUKR23885226.0208917.0
16Terhorst, JochenGER21645226.0199717.0
17Richter, GeraldBEL20555226.0196717.0
18Krastev, AlexanderGER20715226.0191917.0
19Comes, BrunoGER21695226.0187317.0
20Kasueschke, LarsGER19164146.0186016.0
21Schmidt, OlafGER21204146.0184616.0
22Palmi, HerbertGER20985226.0178017.0
23Hopman, PieterFMNED23315315.5214916.0
24Miesbauer, JanCZE21865315.5214616.0
25Stinka, JakubCZE5315.5201716.0
26Schunk, ThomasFMGER21524235.5201315.0
27Schwenkreis, ThomaGER21025315.5201016.0
28Zepke, ArminGER21203155.5199714.0
29Frank, BjoernGER21255315.5192316.0
30Hoffmann, SebastiaGER18654235.5191415.0
31Gower, SamENG21085315.5187316.0
32Kucuk, DogukanTUR17644235.5180215.0
33Huber, FlorianGER18573245.0205213.0
34Friedel, MarcusGER21883245.0204013.0
35Herbold, ManfredCMGER21704225.0199214.0
36Villani, CristianGER19934325.0198214.0
37Schnicke, RobertCMGER21514325.0194214.0
38Fuchs, MichaelGER20964325.0193814.0
39Schleich, Theodor,GER19665405.0193715.0
40Kolb, WolfgangGER20634325.0193014.0
120 players

23) China Zonal 3.5 Women 2017

The China Zonal 3.5 Women took place 7th to 14th August 2017. Zhai Mo won with 8.5/11.

China zt 3.5 Women 2017 Zibo CHN Mon 7th Aug 2017 - Mon 14th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
15Zhai MoCHN23178.
21Ni ShiqunCHN24328.00.574.069.0
33Zhu JinerCHN23678.00.572.567.0
414Sun FanghuiCHN20687.
54Wang JueCHN23657.00.076.571.0
62Guo QiCHN24047.
713Nie XinCHN20847.00.069.566.0
89Gu TianluCHN21807.00.065.560.5
97Ning KaiyuCHN22097.00.061.557.0
106Ren XiaoyiCHN22536.
1123Yan TianqiCHN18986.00.068.564.5
1221Hu YueCHN19406.00.068.563.5
1312Zhao ShengxinCHN20996.00.067.563.5
148Li XueyiCHN21926.00.065.561.5
1510Xu TongCHN21796.00.060.557.5
1625Zhang YuxuanCHN18616.
1726Bai XueCHN18586.00.056.553.5
1816Hong XingCHN20285.
1917Yang YijingCHN20035.50.065.561.5
2015Li YunshanCHN20295.
2127Wan QianCHN18405.
2222Cai YouyangCHN19345.50.062.559.0
2319Zhou ZirunCHN19875.
2411Xu YuzeCHN21425.50.060.556.5
2533Wang XuwenCHN16195.
2618Zhang XiaoCHN19915.00.056.555.5
2728Chen YiruCHN18195.
2820Fu YutingCHN19535.
2924Guo WeibaoCHN18824.50.058.555.5
3029Zhao YuxuanCHN18124.50.052.551.5
3130Gao HanxueCHN17174.00.048.547.5
3231Xue YueCHN16844.
3334Wang YiruCHN15854.
3436Ha YihanCHN15384.
3537Lu MiaoyiCHN15374.00.044.543.5
3632Mu ChenchenCHN16393.
3735Zhang Jing BCHN15532.00.047.546.5
3838Wang ShunshunCHN14371.
38 players

24) 21st Copa Mercosur 2017

The 21st Copa Mercosur taeks place 14th to 23rd August 2017.

21st Copa Mercosur 2017 Buenos Aires ARG Mon 14th Aug 2017 - Wed 23rd Aug 2017
Leading Round (of 9) Standings:
11Quintiliano Pinto Renato R.IMBRA24690.00.000.00
2Rodriguez Vila AndresGMURU24830.00.000.00
3Valerga DiegoGMARG24510.00.000.00
4Slipak SergioGMARG24390.00.000.00
5Abarca Gonzalez NicolasCHI23780.00.000.00
6Perez MaximilianoIMARG23850.00.000.00
7Villanueva MarioIMARG24370.00.000.00
8Della Morte GermanIMARG23290.00.000.00
9Sosa TomasIMARG24630.00.000.00
10Perez Gormaz MatiasFMCHI23980.00.000.00
10 players

25) 25th Troya Open 2017

The 25th Troya Open took place 7th to 12th August 2017. Boris Savchenko won with 8/9.

25th Troya Open 2017 Canakkale TUR Mon 7th Aug 2017 - Sat 12th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
22RASULOV VUGARGMAZE25097.549.543.25
33BENIDZE DAVITGMGEO2476745.535.75
56SEVGI VOLKANFMTUR22336.544.531.25
67GRIGORIEV ARMENGEO21606.542.532.25
78ALIYEV ELNURAZE2150644.528.50
84GUSEYNOV ALIHANUZB2399642.529.75
99RZAYEV ASKARTUR2133642.528.50
1011ALAZ AHMET EFEKANTUR209264225.50
1121UNAT CAN HAKTANCMTUR203563826.25
1224UZUNER TUFAN CANTUR202363625.50
1431SAHIN HANDENURTUR19695.545.530.00
1516MADEN MIRAC KEREMTUR20545.54528.25
1634TINARLIOGLU EMRETUR19575.542.524.00
1837DEMIRBAS EMRETUR19485.54226.00
1913TARLABASI EMIRHANTUR20815.541.523.00
2023OZSAKALLIOGLU OKANTUR20305.540.524.25
2145ALBAYRAK KEREMTUR19165.539.526.75
2215DEMIRAG BATUHANTUR20595.53825.75
2414YASIN HURAGMTUR2069543.526.50
2565ILKIMEN MEHMET EMRETUR1845540.520.25
2641INAN CANBERKTUR192654021.75
2732YANIK MURATTUR196754021.25
2862BOZ FATIH EMRETUR1854539.521.50
2954KAYAN VELITUR188353821.25
3080BUKE FURKANTUR1810537.520.25
3136OZDILEK HASANTUR1954537.516.00
3318DEMIRBAG ALIHANTUR2039535.519.75
3455OZ OZANTUR1883531.516.25
3520YOLSAL UMUTTUR20374.544.521.50
3638KARA ALI BARKINTUR19394.543.521.25
3748YERDEN HUSEYIN ERENTUR19074.54219.25
3856UNLU AHMET BERKINTUR18814.540.519.75
3944SAT ERAYTUR19174.540.517.00
4039UNLU ALP BUGRATUR19364.53917.00
84 players

26) Letnji Open Jezero 2017

The Letnji Open Jezero took place 7th to 13th August 2017. Miroslav Tosic edged out Ivan Martic on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9.

Letnji Open Jezero 2017 Belgrade SRB Mon 7th Aug 2017 - Sun 13th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Tosic MiroslavGMSRB24387.552.00.056.0
24Martic IvanFMSRB23247.549.00.054.0
32Ostojic NikolaIMSRB24167.
46Vrbljanac AleksandarFMSRB23047.
514Matovic Mihajlo ZMKSRB22487.
612Mirkovic SlobodanIMSRB22597.
77Popchev MilkoGMBUL23006.547.50.052.0
811Skare GoranFMSRB22686.546.50.551.0
924Svicevic RastkoFMSRB21916.546.50.549.5
1016Radivojevic Milan RFMSRB22396.544.50.048.0
1121Maric DraganFMSRB22106.543.00.046.5
129Milosevic MilosFMSRB22916.542.00.046.0
1362Ivanovic MarkoMKSRB19626.541.00.043.0
1413Cvetkovic NemanjaMKSRB22496.
1515Kocic SasaFMSRB22396.
1634Becelic DejanMKSRB21356.
1717Chelushkina IrinaWGMSRB22386.044.00.548.5
185Djokic NenadFMSRB23176.044.00.548.0
1910Andrijevic MilanIMSRB22896.
2040Jovanovic Dejan RMKSRB20886.
2149Tadic StefanMKSRB20206.
2237Srdanovic JovanaMKSRB21056.
2342Stamatovic AleksandarMKSRB20726.
2432Al Atarji SamiMKSRB21516.
2535Miladinovic LenaWFMSRB21306.
2638Jakovljevic ZivotaFMSRB21016.
2722Vulinovic RadivojeMKMNE22105.546.00.050.0
2826Jeremic MilanFMSRB21805.545.00.049.0
2920Zivkovic MarkoMKSRB22225.543.00.047.5
3019Savic Mihailo SMKSRB22325.543.00.047.0
3125Maksimovic MarkoMKSRB21845.542.00.046.0
3254Lalic MileMKSRB20145.541.00.044.0
3363Nestorovic KatarinaISRB19415.541.00.043.0
3456Mladenovic MilanMKSRB19805.540.50.043.5
3543Mihajlovic MiodragFMSRB20705.540.00.043.5
3664Radovic GoranMKSRB19275.540.00.043.5
3779Kuzmanovic RatkoMKSRB18375.540.00.042.5
3870Otawa YutoIJPN18935.539.00.042.5
3939Krstic MilosMKSRB20925.537.50.041.0
408Rajkovic MladenMKSRB22975.
146 players

27) Wroclaw Chess Festival 2017

The Wroclaw Chess Festival takes place 10th to 15th August 2017.

28) ch-ESP Rapid 2017

The Spanish Rapid Championship took place on 13th August 2017. Renier Vazquez Igarza won with 8/9.

ch-ESP Rapid 2017 Linares ESP Sun 13th Aug 2017 - Sun 13th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
110Vazquez Igarza, RenierESP26028.02477.955.044.0
21Anton Guijarro, DavidESP27157.52519.156.544.0
32Ponomariov, RuslanUKR27117.52503.955.543.5
411Volkov, SergeyRUS25927.02518.357.545.0
53Fedorchuk, Sergey A.UKR26787.02433.354.542.0
64Salgado Lopez, IvanESP26667.02404.252.541.5
716Dvirnyy, DanyyilITA25557.02363.752.040.5
817Del Rio De Angelis, Salvador G.ESP25427.02326.153.041.0
97Granda Zuniga, Julio EPER26447.02300.349.038.0
1014Korneev, OlegESP25777.02208.745.035.5
1172Podvin, Francois-xavierFRA21947.02039.144.535.0
126Iturrizaga Bonelli, EduardoVEN26476.52519.156.044.5
1313Saric, IvanCRO25866.52444.955.042.5
1424Larino Nieto, DavidESP25096.52429.153.541.5
1512Arizmendi Martinez, Julen LuisESP25866.52423.054.043.0
1621Forcen Esteban, DanielESP25236.52361.751.539.5
1723Oliva Castaneda, KevelCUB25166.52334.951.539.5
1822Narciso Dublan, MarcESP25166.52164.652.541.5
1919Ljubojevic, LjubomirSRB25246.02342.949.037.5
2015Alonso Rosell, AlvarESP25606.02313.450.539.5
2149Blanco Acevedo, Cristobal JoseVEN22976.02309.349.538.5
2220Santos Latasa, JaimeESP25246.02303.647.036.5
2333Bernal Moro, Luis JavierESP24346.02302.752.541.5
2446Suarez Gomez, JulioESP23056.02301.951.540.5
2538Ladron De Guevara Pinto, PaoloESP23686.02282.748.037.0
2635Llobell Cortell, EnriqueESP24106.02279.147.536.5
2736Alonso Moyano, JonathanESP24046.02248.146.537.0
2828Almagro Llamas, PabloESP24466.02239.847.036.5
298Cordova, EmilioPER26296.02223.847.035.5
3027Ortega Ruiz, Jose MiguelESP24476.02204.947.035.0
3139Montoliu Cervero, FranciscoESP23586.02184.846.035.0
32136Guerra Rivera, SalvadorESP19186.02182.648.537.5
339Martinez Duany, Lelys StanleyCUB26156.02131.750.539.5
3488Domingo Nunez, RubenESP21166.02119.839.530.5
3542Perez Manas, BenjaminESP23316.02094.841.030.0
3629Rubio Mejia, Luis IgnacioESP24375.52308.452.541.0
3718Alsina Leal, DanielESP25315.52299.349.538.0
3831Perez Mitjans, OrelvisESP24355.52297.850.040.0
395Bruzon Batista, LazaroCUB26485.52276.447.037.0
4065Silva Rodriguez, FernandoESP22315.52266.748.036.5
193 players

29) ch-IRQ 2017

The Iraqi Championship takes place 10th to 16th August 2017.

ch-IRQ 2017 Baghdad IRQ Thu 10th Aug 2017 - Wed 16th Aug 2017
Leading Round 8 (of 11) Standings:
11Noah A .H. Al-AliIRQ23036.039.529.528.50
24Ahmed Ali Layth AhmedIRQ22616.037.528.026.75
33Al-Ali Hussein Ali HusseinIRQ22686.
45Mohammed Zozek Salah MohammedIRQ22615.036.528.521.00
59Ahmed Jaza JamalIRQ20875.
62Salih Akar Ali SalihIRQ22934.536.026.520.25
711Moazaz Dhahir HabeebIRQ20704.533.525.015.75
814Rawand Hamid AbdullahIRQ20564.533.025.015.25
98Ismael Namir Mohammed IsmaelIRQ20884.530.522.015.75
106Abdulwahhab Ahmed AbdulsattarIRQ22334.038.529.516.25
1117Esam Naama LaftaIRQ19364.
1213Mohammed Ali Mahdial-KinaniIRQ20574.029.521.511.75
1316Rabeea Sabah NoriIRQ19443.531.023.010.00
1415Aryan Ali EhsanIRQ19833.530.522.59.50
1512Taleb Salem HatamIRQ20583.525.519.09.25
1618Al-Turaihi Dhari Satea SaeedIRQ18643.028.521.59.00
177Adil Ali JalalIRQ21412.530.023.08.75
1810Noori Sabah NoriIRQ20772.029.521.55.00
1919Ramzi Khazaal Ahmed Al - DahwiIRQ18542.027.520.55.25
2020Ali Adnan YounusIRQ18132.024.518.56.00
20 players

30) ch-UAE 2017

The UAE Championship took place 4th to 11th August 2017. Saleh Salem won with 6.5/7.

ch-UAE 2017 Sharjah UAE Fri 4th Aug 2017 - Fri 11th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
18Salem A.R. SalehUAE26246.
26Omar NoamanUAE23555.
31Othman A. MoussaUAE22564.51.58.751.0
42Alhuwar JasemUAE22664.51.09.751.0
57Saeed IshaqUAE24364.
64Abdulkarim AliUAE19602.
73Mohd A. AltaherUAE19920.
5Mahmoud AhmedUAE16270.
8 players

31) 187th YMCA Summer A 2017

The 187th YMCA Summer A took place 5th to 11th August 2017. Pawel Kasperkiewicz won with 7/10.

187th YMCA Summer A 2017 Warsaw POL Wed 5th Jul 2017 - Fri 11th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
16Kasperkiewicz, Pawelk200978.539.25
21Moskwinski, MarekI180556.529.75
38Rozowski, MarcinI+195646.020.50
44Celinski, KamilI187945.522.75
53Koziol, PawelI++195124.516.25
67Szukalski, AntoniI175824.020.50
75Omar, Mohamed179824.013.00
82Prus, MarekI166701.04.00
8 players

32) 18th Miquel Mas Open 2017

The 18th Miquel Mas Open takes place 10th to 17th August 2017.

18th Miquel Mas Open 2017 Castell de Sant Ferran ESP Thu 10th Aug 2017 - Thu 17th Aug 2017
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
12Munoz MiguelGMCAT24974.09.515.513.5
21Riff Jean-NoelGMFRA24994.09.515.013.5
36Vidal Zamora AlexFMCAT23654.
411Touzane OlivierIMFRA22643.58.513.511.0
55Alonso Bouza Julio JavierFMCUB23773.58.014.511.0
610Gonzalez Rodriguez Jorge A.IMCOL22743.58.014.510.5
74Mellado Trivino JuanIMCAT23923.08.514.09.5
812Serra Pages JordiCAT22323.08.513.510.5
918Paraschiv Paul-AlexandruAIMROU20173.07.512.08.5
109Hernando Rodrigo Julio AntoniIMCAT22763.
117Renteria JorgeFMCOL23323.06.512.09.0
1219Parals Marce LuisCAT20153.05.510.07.0
133Campos Moreno Javier B.GMCHI24132.510.517.510.0
1415Pinsach Gelabert AlexandreCAT21052.
1514Martorell Aubanell AdriaCAT21912.58.514.08.5
1616Serra Canals OriolCAT21052.
1720Castells Briones MiquelCAT20112.
1826Izagirre Alsua AritzESP18692.
1913Sole Pijuan FerranCAT22162.
2023Sanchez Arevalo LuisESP19902.
2117Guix Torres DavidCAT20402.
2230Paraschiv Petronela-AlexandraAFMROU17342.06.510.04.5
238Cuadras Avellana JordiFMESP22821.
2422Vilalta Vidal JavierCAT19921.
2528Carranza Font JoanCAT17801.
2632Bueble JoschuaGER16821.07.513.05.0
2729Salleras Mercader Josep M.CAT17461.07.512.55.0
2827Jijo JoyIND17951.07.512.52.0
2925Falgueras Marti CarlesCAT19101.06.510.52.0
3031Castella Margarit Joan EnricCAT17071.
3121Rex TorstenGER20061.05.511.02.0
3224Cisneros Avendano DiegoPER19550.
32 players

33) 1st Irena Warakomska Memorial 2017

The 1st Irena Warakomska Memorial takes place 11th to 16th August 2017.

1st Irena Warakomska Mem Suwalki POL Fri 11th Aug 2017 - Wed 16th Aug 2017
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Vetoshko, VolodymyrGM25173.55.511
2Grib, RomanFM24273.55.510.5
3Leniart, ArkadiuszIM24803.558
4Tomczak, JacekGM25983.54.59.5
5Mastrovasilis, DimitriosGM259635.59.5
6Almasi, IstvanIM2408359.5
7Warakomski, TomaszGM2536359.5
8Kanarek, MarcelGM2530358.5
9Czerwonski, AleksanderIM2392358
10Mihok, OliverGM253434.510
11Sadzikowski, DanielIM259434.59.5
11Sandipan, ChandaGM256834.59.5
13Markowski, TomaszGM2552349
14Kveinys, AloyzasGM2548348.5
14Krzyzanowski, MarcinIM2464348.5
16Czarnota, PawelGM2577348
17Jarmula, LukaszIM2457348
18Bilguun, SumiyaIM2443347.5
19Bartel, MateuszGM260833.58.5
20Kashlinskaya, AlinaIM244033.56.5
21Sagar, ShahIM2397325
22Walter, SzymonK21942.55.511
23Ulybin, MikhailGM25182.559
24Koziol, KamilFM23212.558.5
25Jakubowski, KrzysztofGM25152.54.59.5
26Gleizerov, EvgenyGM25192.54.59
26Teclaf, PawelCM23732.54.59
28Zielinski, WojciechK21052.54.58.5
29Zawadzka, JolantaWGM24202.548
30Kulon, KlaudiaWGM23592.547.5
30Plichta, KamilFM23412.547.5
32Goluch, PiotrFM23602.53.57.5
33Bartel, MartaWGM23132.53.57
34Molenda, MarcinFM24202.537
35Cukrowski, FilipFM24132.536.5
36Kaczmarek, AleksanderFM23682611
37Nowak, LukaszK+23072610
38Zochowski, KacperK2239259
39Bednarek, SylwesterFM230824.59
39Mulet, PiotrFM229524.59
86 players

34) First Saturday August 2017

The First Saturday August events take place 5th to 15th August 2017.

FSGM August 2017 Budapest HUN Sat 5th Aug 2017 - Tue 15th Aug 2017
Leading Round 8 (of 9) Standings:
12Dobrov VladimirRUS25106.021.000.0
28Nguyen Thai Dai VanCZE24796.020.500.0
37Kaczur FlorianHUN24465.018.000.0
46Hoeglauer PatrickGER23105.015.500.0
510Ivanov Mikhail MRUS23914.015.000.0
64Minko VladimirRUS24114.012.500.0
71Farago IvanHUN23893.014.000.0
83Grimm DanielHUN23263.09.500.0
99Cuhendi Sean WinshandINA24172.09.000.0
105Balint VilmosHUN22552.05.000.0
10 players
FSIM August 2017 Budapest HUN Sat 5th Aug 2017 - Tue 15th Aug 2017
Leading Round 8 (of 9) Standings:
17Kantsler BorisISR24277.022.500.0
28Ilincic ZlatkoSRB24366.019.500.0
32Nguyen Van ThanhVIE22716.018.750.0
43Yao LanCHN22534.516.000.0
54Citra Dewi Ardhiani AnastasiaINA22643.511.000.0
69Radlovacki JovanSRB23823.010.250.0
76Lyell MarkENG21933.010.000.0
81Dushyant SharmaIND21003.07.500.0
910Becskei ZoltanHUN22852.510.750.0
105Nazarenus OlafGER20891.54.750.0
10 players
FSFM August 2017 Budapest HUN Sat 5th Aug 2017 - Tue 15th Aug 2017
Leading Round 8 (of 9) Standings:
14Eperjesi Laszlo Dr.HUN20987.024.250.0
28Sivanesan SubramanianMAS19986.525.000.0
39Farago SandorHUN22706.022.500.0
46Zoltan AndrasHUN19135.014.250.0
510Juhasz AgostonHUN20354.517.000.0
62Lantos AttilaHUN20403.58.500.0
71Cimpean AndraROU19593.08.500.0
83Nagy ZoltanHUN18952.08.250.0
95Zoldy RobertHUN18842.05.250.0
107Hana Jamal Qadir GhaffooriIRQ19440.51.000.0
10 players

35) Graz Chess Summer 2017

The Graz Chess Summer features the Austrian Championship and takes place 12th to 20th August 2017.

ch-AUT 2017 Graz AUT Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Sun 20th Aug 2017
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
11Dragnev Valentin24952.
3Diermair Andreas24752.
8Huber Martin Christian24172.
37Goessler Markus21702.
55Kessler Luca24322.
10Schneider-Zinner Harald23962.
18Danner Georg23122.
30Schieder Andreas22242.
92Schreiner Peter24841.
23Fahrner Kurt22791.
27Sandhoefner Florian22571.
28Khalakhan Jurij22541.
1364Mayrhuber Tobias20021.
1417Blohberger Felix23191.
43Morgunov Marc21301.
1613Pilaj Herwig Dr.23721.
44Titz Heimo Dr.21241.
1814Horvath Dominik23551.
199Schnider Gert24071.
11Menezes Christoph23951.
2119Kummer Helmut23071.
26Hiermann Dietmar22611.
2315Wallner Joachim23251.
24Sadilek Peter22741.
2545Mostbauer Maximilian21231.
266Mesaros Florian24211.
31Fauland Peter22231.
284Froewis Georg24391.
2920Petschar Kurt Mag.23021.
21Rieger Robert22911.
22Wertjanz David22811.
25Frosch Ronald22661.
29Mostbauer Florian22501.
32Singer Richard22051.
34Frank Paul21801.
39Toelly Michael21561.
3716Knoll Hermann23231.
3812Schwabeneder Florian23821.
33Bauer Thomas21901.
48Wegerer Fred Ing20881.
64 players

36) La Palma Island Open 2017

The La Palma Island Open takes place 12th to 18th August 2017.

La Palma Island Open 2017 Santa Cruz de La Palma ESP Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Fri 18th Aug 2017
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
17Roeder MatthiasGER23952.
9Del Rey DiegoESP23532.
11Cabrera Trujillo JorgeESP23512.
12Acosta Sosa Juan ManuelESP23012.
17Garcia Blanco OmarESP22412.
18Ramirez Medina VictorESP22282.
20Ulyanovskyy ViktorUKR22012.
21Leon Varela LuisESP21872.
22Molina Rodriguez BorjaESP21812.
24Korneev Leskova SvyatoslavESP21682.
28Cruz Pino AdrianESP21152.
121Turov MaximRUS26092.
2Kogan ArthurISR25292.
4Schoppen CasperNED24322.
10Brito Garcia AlfredoESP23512.
14Hernandez Leon AlbertoESP22762.
15De La Cruz Sanchez Carlos G.ESP22752.
29Degro HeikoGER20932.
39Cruz Ramirez NauzetESP19512.
2026Gabaldon Gomez Miguel AngelESP21182.
30Guerra Arrocha DanielESP20922.
225Turova IrinaRUS24131.
13Meneses Gonzalez Kevin MoisesESP22801.
19Rodriguez Ferraz BorjaESP22121.
256Rojicek VojtechCZE24031.
2675Perez Santos ManuelESP16091.
83Diaz Reyes KillianESP14841.
2837Batista Yanez JairESP19941.
48Rodriguez Perez MauroESP18981.
60Pinero Hernandez AtreyuESP17521.
3136Gonzalez Garcia ZoiloESP20031.
42Sanjuan Morigosa IsauraESP19191.
51Alba Santana CayetanoESP18911.
54Santos Ramos CarlosESP18601.
3538Perez Perez GabrielESP19741.
3657Ramirez Maillo CristianESP17761.
88Rodriguez Molina MarioESP14341.
3825Motycakova MonikaSVK21581.
398Van Dooren DirkNED23621.
35Fernandez Fernandez Juan CarlESP20121.
117 players

37) Stare Mesto Open 2017

The Stare Mesto Open takes place 11th to 19th August 2017.

Stare Mesto Open 2017 Stare Mesto CZE Fri 11th Aug 2017 - Sat 19th Aug 2017
Leading Round 3 (of 10) Standings:
14Plischki SebastianGER23833.02.05.5
25Jasny StanislavCZE23593.02.05.5
31Plat VojtechCZE25303.02.05.0
47Zetocha ClaudiuSVK23263.02.05.0
510Vrana FrantisekCZE22473.02.05.0
623Zetocha AdrianSVK20973.02.05.0
79Mrazek LumirCZE22773.02.05.0
82Talla VladimirCZE24053.01.04.5
912Marsalek ZdenekCZE21972.52.06.0
103Kanovsky DavidCZE24042.52.06.0
1121Skalsky AlexandrCZE21052.52.05.5
126Zpevak PavelCZE23512.51.55.5
1343Krupa MiroslavSVK19132.51.53.5
1455Skalka JanCZE18372.51.53.5
1549Gyerpal AdrianSVK18712.51.53.0
1645Uricar ZdenekCZE18912.51.03.5
1718Husek MartinCZE21482.51.03.5
1844Olvecky JaroslavSVK19102.51.03.0
1916Buran JaroslavCZE21602.02.56.0
2011Babula MilanCZE22192.02.06.5
21111Petlan IvanCZE19762.02.06.0
2217Kuchar MatejCZE21592.02.06.0
2319Jarmany JohnENG21192.02.06.0
248Rabatin JakubCZE22852.02.06.0
2526Svanda OndrejCZE20872.02.06.0
2625Vavruska AntoninCZE20892.02.06.0
2715Volodin ViktorRUS21772.02.06.0
2813Kubos RostislavCZE21952.02.05.5
2928Hradecky IvoCZE20622.02.05.5
3053Kasparek OndrejCZE18492.02.05.0
3148Nytra OndrejCZE18772.01.54.0
3257Hanak TomasCZE18362.01.53.5
3361Pelikan JaromirCZE18222.01.05.0
3462Mizicka MatusSVK18172.01.05.0
3538Sroubova LenkaCZE19792.01.05.0
3639Balazec LudovitCZE19622.01.05.0
3754Mica MarekCZE18422.01.05.0
3860Frank AdamCZE18232.01.04.5
3931Vrtal JaroslavCZE20422.01.04.5
4037Wasik PiotrPOL19862.01.04.5
119 players

38) Stockholm Open 2017

The Stockholm Open takes place 14th to 20th August 2017.

39) Open Championship of Macedonia 2017

The Open Championship of Macedonia takes place 13th to 21st August 2017.

40) SS Manhem Chess Week 2017

The SS Manhem Chess Week takes place 11th to 20th August 2017.

SS Manhem GM 2017 Gothenburg SWE Fri 11th Aug 2017 - Sun 20th Aug 2017
Leading Round 1 (of 9) Standings:
1Antonsen, MikkelIM2440110010
2Westerberg, JonathanIM2488110010
3Gritsak, OrestGM247410010.50.25
4Golubka, PetroIM244510010.50.25
5Hillarp Persson, TigerGM252210010.50.25
6Andersson, TommyFM241410010.50.25
7Bahr, Oskar VonFM243310010.50.25
8Johansson, LinusIM245910010.50.25
9Rydstrom, TomFM2301101000
10Rozentalis, EduardasGM2517101000
10 players
SS Manhem GM 2017 Gothenburg SWE Fri 11th Aug 2017 - Sun 20th Aug 2017. Category: 8. Ave: (2449)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Antonsen, Mikkel IM DEN 2440 # = 1 1.5 2696
2 Westerberg, Jonathan IM SWE 2488 = # 1 1.5 2564
3 Von Bahr, Oskar FM SWE 2433 # = 1 1.5 2637
4 Golubka, Petro IM UKR 2445 # = 1 1.5 2661
5 Gritsak, Orest GM UKR 2474 = # = 1 2475
6 Johansson, Linus IM SWE 2459 # = = 1 2412
7 Andersson, Tommy FM SWE 2414 0 = # 0.5 2246
8 Rozentalis, Eduardas GM LTU 2517 0 = # 0.5 2264
9 Rydstrom, Tom FM SWE 2301 0 = # 0.5 2281
10 Hillarp Persson, Tiger GM SWE 2522 0 = # 0.5 2259
Round 1. Sat 12th Aug 2017
Andersson, Tommy 1/2-1/2 Golubka, Petro 28 A40 Queen's pawn
Von Bahr, Oskar 1/2-1/2 Gritsak, Orest 15 B52 Sicilian
Rozentalis, Eduardas 0-1 Antonsen, Mikkel 40 C50 Giuoco Pianissimo
Westerberg, Jonathan 1-0 Rydstrom, Tom 37 A06 Reti opening
Johansson, Linus 1/2-1/2 Hillarp Persson, Tiger 56 E48 Nimzo-Indian
Round 2. Sun 13th Aug 2017
Antonsen, Mikkel 1/2-1/2 Westerberg, Jonathan 17 D22 QGA
Golubka, Petro 1-0 Hillarp Persson, Tiger 43 D37 QGD
Gritsak, Orest 1/2-1/2 Rozentalis, Eduardas 30 C01 French
Rydstrom, Tom 1/2-1/2 Johansson, Linus 53 C11 French
Andersson, Tommy 0-1 Von Bahr, Oskar 51 A36 English

41) 33rd Faaker See Open 2017

The 33rd Faaker See Open takes place 12th to 19th August 2017.

33rd Faaker See Open 2017 Latschach AUT Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Sat 19th Aug 2017
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
11KAZAKOV MikhailGMUKR25262.
3GRÖTZ Harald Mag.IMAUT23292.
8KREBS JohannFMAUT22512.
9SUTA AndrazSLO21972.
11WAGNER FlorianFMGER21812.
13BESNER BernhardGER21492.
14ISRAEL JensGER21492.
19SUESS Werner DI.AUT21202.
20HAFNER RobertAUT20982.
21DE BOER BasNED20922.
24HEINDL MatthiasAUT20862.
27MEUDT Markus Dr.GER20812.
29DANNER LambertMkAUT20542.
166FURLAN MihaFMSLO22912.
12HANISCH JörgGER21642.
16JÜRGENS KlausGER21342.
26NAGEL Herbert Dr.MKAUT20822.
28KWOSSEK GeorgGER20572.
237CARUSO AugustoITA22411.
10DJURIC PetarSLO21841.
17SCHMOLDT RüdigerGER21311.
23IVANUSA BlazSLO20891.
25VERHOEF HelgeGER20831.
2815ERMEL DirkGER21341.
31KNECHT Guntram Dr.AUT19761.
34SZUDRA Heinz-WernerGER20141.
42SUSTER OttoAUT19341.
53KÜSPERT ErwinGER18621.
3340VLASAK Reinhard Dr.AUT19501.
47RICHTER NilsGER19041.
57LEDERER Peter Jun.AUT18531.
63KAINZ Josef Dr.AUT18321.
65RAUCH Heribert Dr.AUT17811.
109KATTER KatharinaAUT14701.
3918KERSIC MatejSLO21271.
30OCCARI MaurizioITA20491.
134 players

42) 15th Kesan Open 2017

The 15th Kesan Open takes place 13th to 18th August 2017.

43) 17th European Senior Championships 2017

The 17th European Senior Championships takes place 12th to 21st August 2017.

17th ch-Euro Seniors 2017 Sabadell ESP Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Mon 21st Aug 2017
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
16Akesson, RalfSWE24452.5
25Fernandes, AntonioPOR24572.5
39Pablo Mari, AlejandroESP23672.5
42Movsziszian, KarenARM25022.5
57Kalegin, EvgenijRUS24242.5
61Sturua, ZurabGEO25482.5
78Tunik, GennadyRUS23882.5
83Prie, EricFRA24812.5
911Berend, FredLUX23542.5
104Gavrilov, AlexeiRUS24792.5
1115Druckenthaner, AndreasAUT22782.0
1213Rodgaard, JohnFAI23282.0
1318Kolesar, MilanSVK22182.0
1416Koskinen, HenriFIN22562.0
1523Gayson, Peter MENG21612.0
1621Kiselev, Alexander S.RUS21782.0
1710Elissalt Cardenas, HectorESP23602.0
1814Thorsteinsson, ThorsteinnISL22792.0
1925Marino Bravo, Miguel AngelESP21582.0
2022Crickmore, Neil E GENG21621.5
2119Canal Oliveras, JoanESP22051.5
2226Busom Isach, CarlosESP21551.5
2332Torner Planell, Josep RamonESP20811.5
2412Pomes Marcet, JuanESP23401.5
2520Muratet Casadevall, AlbertESP21931.5
2624Rorvik, Jon F.NOR21591.5
2733Miquel Jaureguibeitia, XavierESP20791.5
2847Arias Castanedo, JacintoESP18961.5
2949Melero Sanchez, PereESP18241.5
3050Fernandez Calzada, Juan A.ESP17991.0
3130Vanheirzeele, DanielBEL21151.0
3228Ernst, MichaelAUT21351.0
3336Menac Comas, Joan RamonESP20121.0
3427Holst, ConnySWE21431.0
3535Fluvia Frigola, JoanESP20151.0
3646Torner Planell, JordiESP18981.0
3734Balague Canadell, JordiESP20191.0
3831Colls Gelaberto, EmiliESP20931.0
3944Kirppo, RonnySWE19261.0
4043Canonne, AntoineFRA19351.0
51 players
17th ch-Euro Seniors +65 Sabadell ESP Sat 12th Aug 2017 - Mon 21st Aug 2017
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
13Renman, Nils-GustafSWE23533.0
28Barle, JanezSLO22563.0
34Gaprindashvili, NonaGEO23162.5
49Lederman, LeonISR22412.5
51Giorgadze, TamazGEO25042.5
629Hutchinson, Norman AENG20402.5
737Ilyes, PeterNOR19962.5
811Fatalibekova, ElenaRUS22262.5
921Simon Padros, EmiliESP21502.5
1019Van Oosten, ArendNED21692.5
1123Schouten, NicoNED21232.5
1217Wahlbom, MagnusSWE21942.5
1313Kolbak, JensDEN22162.5
1427Mueller, RudolfGER20762.0
1525Hohler, PeterSUI21042.0
1612Malmdin, Nils-AkeSWE22262.0
1720Keserovic, MilanSRB21552.0
1835Hewson, Brian W RENG20072.0
1924Halldorsson, BragiISL21162.0
2014Gruzmann, BorisGER22102.0
2122Bautista Sanchez, JoanESP21432.0
2226Batakovs, OlegsLAT20782.0
2331Zhelesny, StanislavRUS20282.0
2428Myall, Ivan JENG20462.0
257Kierzek, Matthias, Dr.GER22772.0
2645Zachariassen, JohnDEN19522.0
2732Anguera Maestro, JaimeESP20261.5
282Vasiukov, EvgeniRUS23901.5
2938Estrada Martinez, CesarESP19931.5
305Rooze, JanBEL23071.5
3116Furman, BorisRUS22021.5
3210Vucenovic, DragomirSUI22351.5
3342Sanz Bastos, FernandoESP19721.5
346Ackermann, Hans WernerGER22951.5
3530Ladisic, Alex-SachaFRA20371.5
3634Fernandez Perez, JosepESP20081.5
3750Gorzeltsen, EdwardISR18851.5
3815Vikulov, AlexanderRUS22051.5
3943Garcia i Riera, JosepESP19621.0
4057Kabanova, IrinaRUS17911.0
66 players

44) Grafica Yael GM 2017

The Grafica Yael GM took place 5th to 13th August 2017. Maximiliano Perez edged out Sebastian Iermito on tie-break after both scored 6/9. Hopefully games will turn up.

Grafica Yael GM 2015 Buenos Aires ARG Sat 5th Aug 2017 - Sun 13th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
17Perez MaximilianoIMARG23856.024.250.04
23Iermito SebastianIMARG25016.023.750.03
31Hungaski Robert AndrewGMUSA25115.523.000.03
410Liascovich LucasIMARG24725.021.500.01
52Acosta Pablo IsmaelIMARG24155.019.000.03
68Molina Roberto Junio BritoIMBRA24535.017.750.04
76Sorin ArielGMARG24174.519.000.01
85Rodriguez Vila AndresGMURU24834.516.500.02
94Menna Barreto Felipe KubiakiFMBRA22933.010.750.02
109Llorens Silvio AndresARG21350.52.500.00
10 players

45) Liepajas Rokade 2017

The Liepajas Rokade tournament took place 3rd to 6th August 2017. Vladimir Kovalev won the open with 10.5/13. There was then a super tournament won by Daniel Fridman on tie-break from Igor Kovalenko. Unfortunately I forgot about this second super event and can't find an archive of games from it anywhere. Hopefully they were all saved somewhere but I fear they may be lost forever. At such a busy time merely broadcasting games and hoping someone saves them is not good enough and Latvian organisers have been particularly poor at documenting and saving material from their own events. I did retrieve the games from day 2.

Liepajas Rokade Super Liepaja LAT Thu 3rd Aug 2017 - Sun 6th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
18Fridman DanielGMGER26915.015.005.02739
24Kovalenko IgorGMLAT26545.014.505.02744
33Kovalev VladislavGMBLR25714.515.003.02700
46Meskovs NikitaIMLAT25023.513.503.02608
51Neiksans ArtursGMLAT26393.08.003.02538
65Lugovskoy MaximGMRUS25012.58.001.02506
72Lintchevski DaniilGMRUS26092.57.501.02491
87Ehlvest JaanGMUSA25912.06.500.02437
8 players
Liepajas Rokade Open 2017 Liepaja LAT Thu 3rd Aug 2017 - Sun 6th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 13 Standings:
13Kovalev VladislavBLR257110.5106.5114.02583
25Meskovs NikitaLAT250210.0103.5108.52545
32Lintchevski DaniilRUS26099.5108.0115.02507
46Lugovskoy MaximRUS25019.5104.0110.52448
51Chigaev MaksimRUS26319.5103.5109.52456
615Lavendelis EgonsLAT23019.5101.5108.52434
721Tokranovs DmitrijsLAT22469.0105.5111.02426
820Zuckovs AleksejsLAT22559.0102.5108.52425
931Makovskis GeorgijsLAT21239.0100.0106.52347
1010Mustaps MatissLAT23649.098.5103.52302
119Bernotas ArtursLAT23889.098.0104.02309
1211Rogule LauraLAT23449.097.0103.52291
1318Berzinsh IvarsLAT22769.095.0100.52257
144Kanep MeelisEST25158.5108.5115.02441
1527Zatonskih V.UKR21548.5102.5108.02344
1613Berzinsh RolandLAT23378.5101.5107.02348
178Zatonskih AnnaUSA24188.596.5103.02280
1824Viskelis DariusLTU21698.591.096.52193
197Cmilyte ViktorijaLTU24518.095.0101.02166
2017Tronenkovs ValdisLAT22848.095.0100.02191
2114Muhamadejevs RinatsLAT23138.094.0100.52168
2212Pultinevicius PauliusLTU23438.091.597.02161
2330Baliasnyj TimurLTU21408.091.096.52171
2429Dr Agafonov YuriLAT21428.089.594.52152
2532Mierins EriksLAT21168.089.093.52120
2644Kolesnikovs IvansLAT20188.088.091.52126
2719Stepins EdgarsLAT22748.087.593.02034
2841Daudzvardis JanisLAT20478.086.091.52074
2950Kapce ViestursLAT19778.085.590.52063
3060Auzins ArtisLAT18958.084.587.52023
3123Chernyak ViktoriaRUS21757.596.0102.52162
3236Terentiev SergeiLAT20867.595.599.52169
3334Laimins LaurisLAT20947.594.099.02192
3437Bolsakovs VadimsLAT20717.592.595.52135
3540Ivanov IgorLAT20487.591.597.52149
3625Ungurs EdgarsLAT21627.591.597.02110
3751Salna AleksandrasLTU19767.590.094.02136
3846Zukauskas Arnas PovilasLTU20057.586.590.52066
3954Vaitkevicius PauliusLTU19647.585.589.51936
4067Lielmezs GirtsLAT18267.584.088.01999
130 players

46) 4th Prague Summer Open 2017

The 4th Prague Summer Open took place 4th to 11th August 2017. Zaur Mammadov won with 8/9.

4th Prague Summer Open Prague CZE Fri 4th Aug 2017 - Fri 11th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
18Mammadov ZaurGMAZE24248.039.550.07
210Urtnasan NasanjargalFMMGL24197.539.551.57
31Iordachescu ViorelGMMDA25817.045.056.56
411Brokken DennisNED24017.042.555.06
55Lin ChenGMCHN24507.041.552.55
67Vichnar DavidFMCZE24287.038.550.06
79Kraus TomasIMCZE24246.541.552.55
814Plischki SebastianIMGER23836.538.549.56
92Xiu DeshunGMCHN25326.043.054.05
103Chernyshov KonstantinGMRUS24966.041.552.04
1115Saiyn ZhanatIMKAZ23816.039.050.54
1213Yagupov IgorGMRUS23956.038.050.05
1312Domogaev SergeyGMRUS24006.037.548.05
1428Matras OndrejFMCZE22646.036.047.56
1561Slovak KilianCZE21016.036.044.53
1634Karayev KananFMAZE22286.035.544.55
1718Aliyev RavanFMAZE23466.035.047.04
1830Pauly CarloGER22616.035.045.05
1927Nitish BelurkarFMIND22696.034.043.54
206Campora DanielGMARG24365.541.554.04
2153Zlatin AlexISR21495.539.048.54
224Neuman PetrGMCZE24575.538.049.55
2317Hoefelsauer ThomasFMGER23575.537.047.02
2416Lamorelle JulienFMFRA23585.536.547.53
2521Petran PeterIMSVK23085.536.048.04
2648Baasansuren ErdeneFMMGL21695.536.044.53
2733Vanek LadislavCZE22355.535.546.54
2837Egorov PavelRUS22055.535.545.54
2943Toman OndrejCZE21875.535.045.55
3041Yuan YeCHN21975.535.045.52
3135Sbarra MarcoFMITA22285.535.044.04
3238Sindler MichalCZE22015.534.544.54
3351Soural JanCZE21635.534.543.54
3419Chkhaidze NikolozFMGEO23415.534.046.05
3522Kulkarni BhaktiWGMIND22915.534.044.04
3623Certek PavelFMSVK22875.533.543.05
3725Hollan PetrFMCZE22735.532.543.05
3826Schmitz ThorstenFMGER22735.532.542.03
3945Haase PavelCZE21775.531.542.04
4039Mukashev AssanCZE21995.531.541.03
135 players

47) 30th Kiel Open 2017

The 30th Kiel Open took place 29th July to 4th August 2017. Benedict Krause won with 7.5/9. Additional games available but round 6 is atill missing.

30th Kiel Open 2017 Kiel GER Sat 29th Jul 2017 - Fri 4th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Krause, Benedict24217.591
2Krause, Jonah2310793
3Jahncke, Giso2300791
4Lanka, Zigurds24056.592
5Uksini, Bardhyl23036.592
6Voloshin, Leonid23426.595
7Kopylov, Michael24016.594
8Wichmann, Cliff22686.597
9Kopylov, Daniel20896.598
10Bente, Bjoern22726.596
11Syrov, Arkadi22236911
12Light, Bjarne21336913
13Gaede, Derek2299693
14Junge, Ralph, Dr.2239699
15Boehm, Thomas21036914
16Beeck, Mats21456912
17Kuberczyk, Christo21775.595
18Fernandez, Michael22365.5910
19Weber, Samuel21465.594
20Buchholz, Sebastia20755.5916
21Pluska, Alexander21305.596
22Arndt, Magnus20475.5910
23Rieper, Julian20225.5919
24Oltzen, Samuel19745.5915
25Mueller, Jan Hendri20565.5918
26Lenhardt, Manfred20195.597
27Niering, Martin2170598
28Bendel, Ralf20185920
29Dittmann, Hans-Ado19445912
30Tresch, Lukas19935911
31Horn, Peter20785921
32Roettig, Hans-Peter203258
33Wanner, Lukas20465923
34Hartwig, Frank19295917
35Besenthal, Klaus-G2051599
36Basey, Matthew19405926
37Haffner, Alexander20615917
38Moeller, Dustin20785922
39Gutschenreiter, Do17065913
40Sasaki, Yu17325914
103 players

48) TCh-ESP 2nd Div 2017

The Spanish Team Championship second division took place 8th to 12th August 2017.

TCh-ESP 2nd Div 2017 Linares ESP Tue 8th Aug 2017 - Sat 12th Aug 2017
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Club d'Escacs Barbera13.022.5592496
2Club Ajedrez Grandama Santa Lucía11.019632410
364 Villalba10.019572415
4C.A. Laboratorio SyS Paterna10.018.5632505
5C.X. Fontecarmoa - Viajes Interrias Sanxenxo10.017.5582327
6Miraflores Smartick10.017602306
7Liberty Chess10.013.5522345
8C.A. Centro Goya-Villa de Teror9.016512425
9C.A. Tomelloso9.015.5502212
10Ajedrez Gambito9.014.5472115
11Club Ajedrez EVA-Manises8.017522315
12Club d'Escacs Xeraco8.015572216
13iAcere Casareño8.015522304
14Sa Creu Petra8.014.5562256
15C.D. Antonio Rico-Gijón8.014.5552317
16Ateneo Marítimo8.014.5552238
17Club Ajedrez Nazarí8.013.5452120
18Club de Ajedrez Albatros7.016462131
19Reverté Minerals7.015.5552129
20Oromana Broncesval7.015.5442147
21Club Ajedrez Jaque7.015502200
22Circulo Ferrolano de Ajedrez7.014.5532181
23CAC Beniajan-Duochess B7.014.5512202
24Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga6.015532204
25Club Ajedrez Orvina6.015402139
26C.D. Excalibur Albacete6.013.5512266
27Peña Barcelonista de Melilla6.012462015
28C. D. Oberena6.012392100
29CDA Trebejos6.012321973
30Club Ajedrez Alfaro6.011.5361922
31C.A. Promesas de Valladolid6.011411936
32Casino Primitivo Jaén5.012.5542250
33A.D. Ajedrez Móstoles5.010.5392070
34Grupo 645.09462053
35Casa del Ajedrez de Sevilla4.011522177
36Real Oviedo B4.010422168
37Circulo de las Artes4.07.5371852
38CTD Naranco3.08.5362090
39Club de Ajedrez Burjassot3.07381846
39 players

49) TCh-ESP Div Honor 2017

The Spanish Division Honor takes place 14th to 20th August 2017. This is the top Spanish League.

50) TCh-ESP Div Primera 2017

The Spanish Division Primera takes place 14th to 20th August 2017.

51) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

TCh-CHN 2017

The Chinese Team Championship takes place 18th April to 5th December 2017.

TCh-CHN 2017 China CHN Tue 18th Apr 2017 - Tue 5th Dec 2017
Leading Round 11 (of 22) Standings:
12 teams

TCh-SUI 2017

The Swiss Team Championship takes place 19th March to 15th October 2017.

TCh-SUI 2017 Switzerland SUI Sun 19th Mar 2017 - Sun 15th Oct 2017
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
10 teams

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2017

The first three rounds of the Polish Ekstraliga took place in Gorzow Wlkp. 5th to 7th May 2017. There are two more extended weekends, in Wroclaw 29th September to 1st October and Katowice 20th to 22nd October 2017.

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2017 Poland POL Fri 5th May 2017 - Sun 22nd Oct 2017
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1Wasko HETMAN GKS Katowice26476.
2VOTUM SA POLONIA Wroclaw25716.
3K.Sz. MIEDZ Legnica24786.
4Akademia Szachowa ChessGrow Gliwice25114.
5KSz STILON Gorzow Wlkp.25834.
6WKS Kopernik25092.
7TS Wisla Krakow23972.
8UKS HETMAN Czestochowa23720.
9KSz SILESIA JAS-FBG Raciborz23790.
10Sz.S.O.N. Zaglebie Dabrowa Gornicza23270.
10 teams

53) Forthcoming Events and Links

St Petersburg Summer 2017

19th Sants Open 2017

Goteborg Open 2017

32nd Schwarzacher Open 2017

37th Bratto Open 2017

53rd Rubinstein Memorial 2017

92nd ch-FRA 2017

Brasschaat Open 2017

Lichtenberger Sommer 2017

25th Poznan Chess Festival 2017

26th Feffernitz Open 2017

7th Split Open 2017

Herzliya Summer 2017

34th Collado Villalba 2017

28th Porto San Giorgio Open 2017

US Chess Masters 2017

26th TCh-MKD 2017

49th Atlantic Open 2017

5th Golden Apricot 2017

44th North Shore Open 2017

Ricany Open 2017

Wuerttemberg Championship 2017

FIDE World Cup 2017

139th Annual New York State Championship 2017

Kristianstad Chess Cup 2017

Pyramiden Cup 2017

19th Trieste Festival 2017

First Saturday September 2017

Lidkoping Open 2017

21st Heraklion Open 2017

27th European Youth Championship 2017

16th Kesarovski-Stanchev Memorial 2017

16th Sunny Beach Open 2017

8th Hatay Open 2017

15th 4NCL Congress 2017

Svenska Cup 2017

189th MGU Open 2017

31st Pula Open 2017

1st League Central SRB 2017

11th Highlands Open 2017

16th Lviv Tradition 2017

Brazil Telecom Sesc Open 2017

82nd ch-ESP 2017

TCh-SVK 2017-18

8th Hradec Kralove Open 2017

World Juniors 2017

33rd European Club Cup 2017

4NCL Rapidplay 2017

Tatry Open 2017

43rd Guernsey Chess Festival 2017

1st Shaoxing Open 2017

21st OIBM 2017

16th 4NCL Congress 2017

76th Nona Gaprindashvili Cup 2017

Northern Lights Open 2017

4NCL 2017-18

7th Brno Open 2017

2nd Hainan Open 2017

Palma De Mallorca Grand Prix 2017

9th Pilsen Open 2017

9th London Chess Classic 2017

European Rapid and Blitz Championships 2017

47th Rilton Cup 2017-18

Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2018

18th Liberec Open 2018

Haspa-Schachpokal 2018

6th Norway Chess 2018

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