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THE WEEK IN CHESS 1094 26th October 2015 by Mark Crowther


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1) Introduction
2) 31st European Club Cup 2015
3) VIII Grand Slam Masters Final 2015
4) 6th ch-Iberoamericano 2015
5) 41st Guernsey Chess Festival 2015
6) 13th Cap D'Agde 2015
7) Haarlem Masters 2015
8) 19th Hoogeveen Chess 2015
9) 3rd Krk Golden Island Open 2015
10) XTRACON GM 2015
11) 10th Mediterranean Cup 2015
12) Highlander Cup 2015
13) Checkmate Gozo 2015
14) 19th Corsican Circuit 2015
15) Kolomenskaya Open 2015
16) Pankrac Cup 2015
17) SPICE Cup Open 2015
18) World Youth Championships 2015
19) 153rd MGU Open 2015
20) 2nd Pleven Open 2015
21) Brasil Athenas Engenharia Open 2015
22) Jeruchess Four Seasons IM Fall 2015
23) Lichtenrader Herbst 2015
24) Ptuj Open 2015
25) World Chess Championship for Disabled 2015
26) TCh-ARG Liga Nacional Superior 2015
27) 15th Sautron Open 2015
28) US Chess League 2015
29) Moscow Team Championship 2015
30) TCh-SUI 2015
31) Active Team Events
32) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
31st European Club Cup 20151194 games
VIII Grand Slam Masters Final 20152 games
6th ch-Iberoamericano 201510 games
41st Guernsey Chess Festival 201544 games
13th Cap D'Agde 201532 games
Haarlem Masters 201530 games
19th Hoogeveen Chess 201535 games
3rd Krk Golden Island Open 201559 games
XTRACON GM 201523 games
Highlander Cup 20151 game
19th Corsican Circuit 201548 games
Pankrac Cup 201513 games
SPICE Cup Open 2015109 games
World Youth Championships 2015168 games
153rd MGU Open 201524 games
2nd Pleven Open 201521 games
Brasil Athenas Engenharia Open 2015133 games
Ptuj Open 2015125 games
World Chess Championship for Disabled 2015216 games
TCh-ARG Liga Nacional Superior 2015167 games
15th Sautron Open 201521 games
US Chess League 201540 games
Moscow Team Championship 201536 games
TCh-SUI 201580 games
2631 games


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Chess and Bridge Komodo

London Chess Classic Titled Tuesday

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1) Introduction

My thanks to Olexandr Prohorov, Holger Lieske, Lennart Ootes, Paul Truong, and everyone else who helped with this issue.

Vladimir Kramnik had a fantastic European Club Cup that put him back in the race to get the final Candidates place on rating from Anish Giri, he at least gave him something to think about. Kramnik's Siberia team won the event. Giri had a disappointing event and moved straight on to play the Bilbao Grand Slam Masters tournament with Anand, So and Liren Ding. Elsewhere there are a number of other nice events including the World Youth event which gets more important year by year.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


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2) 31st European Club Cup 2015

The 31st European Club Cup took place 18th to 24th October 2015. Leading players: Nakamura, Topalov, Giri, Caruana, Aronian, Kramnik, Grischuk, etc Vladimir Kramnik scored a fantastic 4.5/5 to lead his team Siberia to victory ahead of ratings favourites SOCAR of Azerbaijan. Nona of Georgia won all their matches in the women's event.

31st ECC Open 2015 Skopje MKD Sat 17th Oct 2015 - Sun 25th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
12SIBERIA (RUS)760113246.028.5
21SOCAR (AZE)751111239.028.0
35MEDNYI VSADNIK (RUS)751111199.528.0
56AVE NOVY BOR (CZE)752010220.031.0
63ALKALOID (MKD)752010212.027.5
78SHSM LEGACY SQUARE (RUS)752010201.029.0
914LSG LEIDEN (NED)752010162.527.5
1019SC MPA - MARIA SAAL (AUT)752010155.525.5
1110BEER-SHEVA (ISR)752010147.526.5
1226TAMMER-SHAKKI (FIN)7421995.522.0
139ODLAR YURDU (AZE)74308187.524.5
1616RIEHEN (SUI)73228140.022.0
1715VAALERENGA (NOR)74308131.021.0
1824RISHON LEZION (ISR)74308130.022.0
1921KSK 47 EYNATTEN (BEL)74308118.022.5
2023GENEVA CHESS CLUB (SUI)74308114.521.0
2112OSLO SCHAKSELSKAP (NOR)74308101.020.0
2218CHEDDLETON (ENG)73317136.022.0
2322SK TEAM VIKING (SWE)73317122.523.0
2417HAMBURGER SCHACHKLUB VON 1830 E.V. (GER73317121.020.0
2620GAMBIT ASSEKO SEE (MKD)73317106.020.0
2734WHITE ROSE (ENG)73317102.021.0
2841JETSMARK (DEN)7331788.520.0
2927KBSK BRUGGE (BEL)73406130.021.0
3031HMC CALDER (NED)73406110.521.0
3136ECHIQUIER AMAYTOIS (BEL)73406104.520.0
3225SV WERDER BREMEN (GER)7340689.518.0
3444MSK CENTAR (MKD)7232679.518.0
3728BLACKTHORNE RUSSIA (ENG)7340674.016.5
3835BESIKTAS J.K. (TUR)7340666.517.0
3932EXPIK (KOS)7241592.019.0
50 players
31st ECC Women 2015 Skopje MKD Sat 17th Oct 2015 - Sun 25th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
11NONA (GEO)770014157.022.0
23GAMBIT ASSEKO SEE (MKD)751111122.521.5
34UGRA (RUS)741210100.518.0
42SHSM LEGACY SQUARE (RUS)74219123.018.0
58BOSSA NOVA (BLR)7430862.014.0
75SPB (RUS)7340666.013.5
86DE STUKKENJAGERS (NED)7241563.011.0
910RISHON LEZION (ISR)7241542.010.5
109MIDLAND MONARCHS (ENG)7142447.010.0
1111OSLO SCHAKSELSKAP (NOR)7142433.08.5
1212HERZLIYA CHESS CLUB (ISR)7061139.58.5
12 players

3) VIII Grand Slam Masters Final 2015

The VIII Grand Slam Masters Final takes place in Bilbao 25th October to 1st November 2015. Viswanathan Anand, Anish Giri, Ding Liren and Wesley So play in this 4 player 6 round event.

8th Grand Slam Masters Bilbao (ESP), 26 x-1 xi 2015 cat. XXII (2786)
1 2 3 4
1. So, Wesley g USA 2760 * * . . . . 1 . 1
2. Anand, Viswanathan g IND 2803 . . * * ½ . . . ½ 2798
3. Giri, Anish g NED 2798 . . ½ . * * . . ½ 2803
4. Ding, Liren g CHN 2782 0 . . . . . * * 0
Round 1 (October 26, 2015)
So, Wesley - Ding, Liren 1-0 60 E98 King's Indian Classical
Anand, Viswanathan - Giri, Anish ½-½ 39 C65 Ruy Lopez Berlin

4) 6th ch-Iberoamericano 2015

The 6th Iberoamericano Championship takes place in Bilbao 26th October to 3rd November 2015.

6th ch-Iberoamericano Bilbao ESP Mon 26th Oct 2015 - Tue 3rd Nov 2015
Leading Round 1 (of 9) Standings:
11Vallejo Pons, FranciscoESP26841.00.00.02685
22Granda Zuniga, Julio EPER26671.00.00.02661
33Bruzon Batista, LazaroCUB26591.00.00.02676
44Fier, AlexandrBRA26241.00.00.02577
55Bachmann, AxelPAR25931.00.00.02623
66Peralta, FernandoARG25631.00.00.02553
77Pichot, AlanARG25231.00.00.00
88Santos Latasa, JaimeESP25181.00.00.02500
99Del Rio De Angelis, Salvador G.ESP25121.00.00.02514
1010De La Riva Aguado, OscarAND24971.00.00.02518
1111Gonzalez Acosta, BernalCRC24971.00.00.00
1212Martinez Duany, Lelys StanleyCUB24701.00.00.00
1313Perez Mitjans, OrelvisESP24571.00.00.02461
1414Suarez Pousa, DiegoESP24321.00.00.02417
1515Astasio Lopez, DavidESP24241.00.00.02419
1616Barria Zuniga, DanielCHI24131.00.00.02414
1717Roselli Mailhe, BernardoURU24111.00.00.00
1818Fernandez Borrego, PabloESP24101.00.00.02403
1919Martinez Romero, MartinCOL24021.00.00.02376
2021Ruiz Gomez, AlejandroESP23901.00.00.02378
2122Aguera Naredo, JavierESP23751.00.00.02345
2223Trigo Urquijo, SergioESP23621.00.00.02326
2324Matnadze, AnaESP23531.00.00.02368
2425Ladron De Guevara Pinto, PaoloESP23351.00.00.02334
2526Medarde Santiago, Luis MarcosESP23241.00.00.02314
2627Larrea, ManuelURU23111.00.00.00
2728Rodriguez Fontecha, MarcosESP23091.00.00.02330
2830Marchena Hurtado, JavierESP22941.00.00.02245
2931Murillo Tsijli, AlexisCRC22911.00.00.00
3032Alonso Bouza, Julio JavierCUB22901.00.00.00
3133Gonzalez Trigal, Jose LuisESP22681.00.00.02269
3234Laiz Ibanez, HectorESP22631.00.00.02244
3335Burgos Figueroa, Carlos E.ESA22531.00.00.02282
3436Villalta Bustillo, IgorESP22411.00.00.02234
3537Picado, JorgeNCA22151.00.00.00
3638Diez Fraile, DavidESP22001.00.00.02190
3739Lozoya Rodriguez, AlbertoESP22001.00.00.02152
3840Izquierdo, DanielURU21721.00.00.00
3941Arias Garcia, Luis JavierESP21471.00.00.02146
4042Alonso Alonso, IvanESP21281.00.00.02130
93 players

5) 41st Guernsey Chess Festival 2015

The 41st Guernsey Chess Festival took place 18th to 24th October 2015. Thorben Koop edged out Petar Drenchev, Mark Hebden and Marian Petrov on tie-break after all scored 5.5/7.

41st Guernsey Open 2015 Vale GCI Sun 18th Oct 2015 - Sat 24th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
15Koop ThorbenGER24075.534.024.525.75
22Drenchev PetarBUL24655.531.523.025.25
31Hebden Mark LENG24905.531.522.523.25
43Petrov MarianBUL24625.529.521.023.25
56Godard MaxenceFRA23275.028.520.018.50
631Havenaar JanNED20165.027.520.018.25
74Cherniaev AlexanderRUS24584.531.522.518.00
87Corkett Anthony RENG23064.529.020.018.00
911Abbas DanielENG21684.528.520.017.00
1034Oehne TimoGER20104.527.021.515.75
1129Wager John DENG20294.527.018.515.00
1256Fassaert DesireNED19124.526.519.016.75
1315Reijneveld AdNED20954.526.019.516.25
1433Kraft Karl-Heinz Prof. Dr.GER20154.029.521.015.25
1555Hickman John EENG19244.029.020.514.50
1626Purdon ColinENG20424.028.521.015.50
1742Goris TonNED19754.
1810Broek ThomasNED22054.
199Mack WolfgangGER22234.
2039Magnussen PalSWE19874.027.018.513.00
2119Dilleigh Stephen PENG20744.026.519.014.00
2223Hewson Brian WrENG20594.
2343Maloberti DavidFRA19754.
2436Shaw MeyrickENG20034.024.518.510.50
2514Curtis John EENG21014.023.016.512.25
2637Vonhoff NilsGER19994.
2720Prins JanNED20734.022.516.511.75
2816Heppell Ian NENG20894.022.516.011.50
2953Sikkel DirkNED19373.528.520.512.75
3027Fruteau SabineFRA20373.527.019.511.75
3141Kirby Peter J.GCI19773.525.518.012.00
3240Van Den Boogaart Jan MaartenNED19803.525.518.011.50
338Upton Ian JENG22553.525.018.510.75
3421Rosen Daniel BENG20633.524.017.59.50
3524Taylor Mark VENG20533.524.017.011.00
65Downey KeithWLS18693.524.017.011.00
3728Collier David OENG20373.523.517.011.75
3812Salimbeni George P WENG21423.523.517.09.25
3913Norman Kenneth IENG21243.523.017.010.75
4048De Kruif KeesNED19543.523.016.510.00
71 players

6) 13th Cap D'Agde 2015

The 13th Cap D'Agde tournament takes place 23rd to 31st October 2015.

4th Karpov Trophy Prelim Cap d'Agde FRA Fri 23rd Oct 2015 - Thu 29th Oct 2015
Leading Round 8 (of 14) Standings:
1Fressinet, Laurent27028*½½½11½16.0
2Edouard, Romain26368½*½1½1½15.5
3Karpov, Anatoly26288½½*½½1½15.0
4Gharamian, Tigran26548½0½*0½1½4.0
5Sebag, Marie249680½½1*½½½3.5
6Abdumalik, Zhansaya23908000½½*1½3.0
7Muzychuk, Anna25498½½½0½0*02.511.50
8Muzychuk, Mariya25288000½½½1*2.57.75
8 players

7) Haarlem Masters 2015

The Haarlem Masters took place 17th to 25th October 2015.

Haarlem Masters 2015 Haarlem NED Sat 17th Oct 2015 - Sun 25th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Bosboom, ManuelIMNED23841½11½½01½6.02473
2De Jager, JaapFMNED241500111½1½16.02469
3Brink, BarryNED2323½½00111116.02479
4Van der Lende, IliasFMNED23311101½½0½½5.02397
5Yankelevich, LevGER2404½0½½0½1½14.52345
6Klekowski, MaciejIMPOL248601½1½0½014.52336
7Molinaroli, MartinGER22471½0½0½½104.02320
8Erwich, FrankFMNED2370½1½0½10003.52269
9Duijn, RobNED22560½½00½1½03.02237
10Rooze, JanIMBEL2297½010100002.52191
10 players
Haarlem Masters 2015 Haarlem NED Sat 17th Oct 2015 - Sun 25th Oct 2015. Category: 5. Ave: (2351)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Bosboom, Manuel IM NED 2384 # = 1 = 0 1 = = 1 1 6 2473
2 De Jager, Jaap FM NED 2415 = # 1 0 = 0 1 1 1 1 6 2469
3 Brink, Barry NED 2323 0 0 # 1 1 1 1 = = 1 6 2479
4 Van der Lende, Ilias FM NED 2331 = 1 0 # 1 = = 1 = 0 5 2397
5 Yankelevich, Lev GER 2404 1 = 0 0 # = = 1 = = 4.5 2345
6 Klekowski, Maciej IM POL 2486 0 1 0 = = # = 0 1 1 4.5 2336
7 Molinaroli, Martin GER 2247 = 0 0 = = = # 1 1 0 4 2320
8 Erwich, Frank FM NED 2370 = 0 = 0 0 1 0 # = 1 3.5 2269
9 Duijn, Rob NED 2256 0 0 = = = 0 0 = # 1 3 2237
10 Rooze, Jan IM BEL 2297 0 0 0 1 = 0 1 0 0 # 2.5 2191
Round 1. Sat 17th Oct 2015
Brink, Barry 1/2-1/2 Erwich, Frank 64 E43 Nimzo-Indian
Duijn, Rob 0-1 Molinaroli, Martin 30 A48 King's Indian
Bosboom, Manuel 1-0 Klekowski, Maciej 49 A14 English
De Jager, Jaap 0-1 Van der Lende, Ilias 53 A13 English
Yankelevich, Lev 1/2-1/2 Rooze, Jan 28 E52 Nimzo-Indian
Round 2. Sun 18th Oct 2015
Erwich, Frank 1-0 Rooze, Jan 36 B40 Sicilian defence
Van der Lende, Ilias 1-0 Yankelevich, Lev 48 E60 King's Indian, 3.Nf3
Klekowski, Maciej 1-0 De Jager, Jaap 84 A04 Reti v Dutch
Molinaroli, Martin 1/2-1/2 Bosboom, Manuel 32 B24 Sicilian
Brink, Barry 1/2-1/2 Duijn, Rob 91 D10 QGD Slav defence
Round 3. Mon 19th Oct 2015
Duijn, Rob 1/2-1/2 Erwich, Frank 64 A45 Trompovsky attack (Ruth, Opovcensky opening)
Bosboom, Manuel 1-0 Brink, Barry 46 A30 English
De Jager, Jaap 1-0 Molinaroli, Martin 51 A15 English opening
Yankelevich, Lev 1/2-1/2 Klekowski, Maciej 41 E52 Nimzo-Indian
Rooze, Jan 1-0 Van der Lende, Ilias 41 C07 French
Round 4. Tue 20th Oct 2015
Erwich, Frank 0-1 Van der Lende, Ilias 51 B38 Sicilian
Klekowski, Maciej 1-0 Rooze, Jan 55 E11 Bogo-Indian defence
Molinaroli, Martin 1/2-1/2 Yankelevich, Lev 73 A01 Nimzovich-Larsen attack
Brink, Barry 0-1 De Jager, Jaap 35 A57 Benko gambit
Duijn, Rob 0-1 Bosboom, Manuel 48 A40 Modern defence
Round 5. Wed 21st Oct 2015
Bosboom, Manuel 1/2-1/2 Erwich, Frank 18 A13 English
De Jager, Jaap 1-0 Duijn, Rob 51 A09 Reti opening
Yankelevich, Lev 0-1 Brink, Barry 38 B47 Sicilian
Rooze, Jan 1-0 Molinaroli, Martin 85 B12 Caro-Kann
Van der Lende, Ilias 1/2-1/2 Klekowski, Maciej 51 E35 Nimzo-Indian
Round 6. Thu 22nd Oct 2015
Erwich, Frank 1-0 Klekowski, Maciej 47 B30 Sicilian
Molinaroli, Martin 1/2-1/2 Van der Lende, Ilias 124 A14 English
Brink, Barry 1-0 Rooze, Jan 39 E16 Queen's Indian
Duijn, Rob 1/2-1/2 Yankelevich, Lev 60 D85 Gruenfeld
Bosboom, Manuel 1/2-1/2 De Jager, Jaap 40 A01 Nimzovich-Larsen attack
Round 7. Fri 23rd Oct 2015
De Jager, Jaap 1-0 Erwich, Frank 35 A13 English
Yankelevich, Lev 1-0 Bosboom, Manuel 56 B94 Sicilian
Rooze, Jan 0-1 Duijn, Rob 29 B12 Caro-Kann
Van der Lende, Ilias 0-1 Brink, Barry 80 E39 Nimzo-Indian
Klekowski, Maciej 1/2-1/2 Molinaroli, Martin 48 B15 Caro-Kann
Round 8. Sat 24th Oct 2015
Erwich, Frank 0-1 Molinaroli, Martin 45 B00 Owen defence
Brink, Barry 1-0 Klekowski, Maciej 42 E52 Nimzo-Indian
Duijn, Rob 1/2-1/2 Van der Lende, Ilias 66 A40 Queen's pawn
Bosboom, Manuel 1-0 Rooze, Jan 44 A46 Queen's pawn
De Jager, Jaap 1/2-1/2 Yankelevich, Lev 24 E63 King's Indian
Round 9. Sun 25th Oct 2015
Yankelevich, Lev 1-0 Erwich, Frank 47 E18 Queen's Indian
Rooze, Jan 0-1 De Jager, Jaap 58 B12 Caro-Kann
Van der Lende, Ilias 1/2-1/2 Bosboom, Manuel 62 E68 King's Indian
Klekowski, Maciej 1-0 Duijn, Rob 42 A11 English
Molinaroli, Martin 0-1 Brink, Barry 50 A46 Queen's pawn game
Haarlem Masters Open 2015 Haarlem NED Sat 17th Oct 2015 - Sun 25th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Hopman, PieterFM2379111½½½11=7.02378
2Gijswijt, BartFM2301½=11½½1117.02383
3De Ruiter, DannyFM2325111½½½1½=6.52305
4Van Baar, Esper1836½0111½0116.02221
5Vroombout, Enrico21741101½½0015.02164
6Merbis, Max2135=½====½=15.02150
7Van Nieuwkerk, Ton2001½½01½1½½½5.02028
8Kerkvliet, Max21791100110105.02170
9Ritsema, Ronald196901½0½11½½5.02042
10Noordhoff, Enno2153011==½0014.52006
11Van Brussel, Bert1837101½01=½04.52030
12Bodicker, Rob1943011½½½1004.52088
13Boelhouwer, Collin2132=110½0½½04.02025
14Seelemeijer, Jasper1968½=01½0½½=4.01983
15Joziasse, David1935=101=½½004.02016
16Van Duijn, Roel2037=01100½½½4.01898
17Bloem, Mark19760000=1½114.01993
18Kastelijn, Toine189710½010½½03.51948
19Mestrom, Wolf1949000½110013.51963
20Lips, Harry210310000½½=13.51917
21Mesman, Edwyn1875001000½1½3.01890
22Van der Meiden, Dirk21040=01½0½002.51737
23Lattuada, Davide196610000½½=02.51890
24In 't Veld, Rene2064---½1----1.52105
25Overeem, MarcFM22110--------0.01166
25 players

8) 19th Hoogeveen Chess 2015

The 19th Hoogeveen Chess Festival took place 17th to 24th October 2015. Two matches Timman - Van Foreest and Kazarian - Guramishvili. In addition there is an open.

Hoogeveen Matches
Van Foreest, Jorden - Timman, Jan H ½-½ 36 B12 Caro Kann Advanced
Timman, Jan H - Van Foreest, Jorden ½-½ 38 A05 Various
Van Foreest, Jorden - Timman, Jan H 0-1 39 B12 Caro Kann Advanced
Timman, Jan H - Van Foreest, Jorden 1-0 45 A07 Barcza System
Van Foreest, Jorden - Timman, Jan H 1-0 30 C80 Ruy Lopez Open
Timman, Jan H - Van Foreest, Jorden ½-½ 34 A04 Dutch System

Hoogeveen Matches Hoogeveen (NED), 18-24 x 2015
Name Ti FED Rtg 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pts Perf
Timman, Jan H g NED 2562 ½ ½ 1 1 0 ½ 2605
Van Foreest, Jorden m NED 2548 ½ ½ 0 0 1 ½ 2505
Hoogeveen Matches
Guramishvili, Sopiko - Kazarian, Anna-Maja 1-0 35 D45 Anti-Meran Variations
Kazarian, Anna-Maja - Guramishvili, Sopiko 0-1 37 B44 Sicilian Paulsen
Guramishvili, Sopiko - Kazarian, Anna-Maja 1-0 62 D11 Slav Defence
Kazarian, Anna-Maja - Guramishvili, Sopiko 0-1 59 B44 Sicilian Paulsen
Guramishvili, Sopiko - Kazarian, Anna-Maja ½-½ 16 D21 QGA
Kazarian, Anna-Maja - Guramishvili, Sopiko 0-1 47 B22 Sicilian Alapin

Hoogeveen Matches Hoogeveen (NED), 18-24 x 2015
Name Ti FED Rtg 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pts Perf
Guramishvili, Sopiko m GEO 2365 1 1 1 1 ½ 1 2649
Kazarian, Anna-Maja wf NED 2248 0 0 0 0 ½ 0 ½ 1964
19th Hoogeveen Open 2015 Hoogeveen NED Sat 17th Oct 2015 - Sat 24th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Gupta, AbhijeetGMIND262910111½1½17.02652
2Sengupta, DeepGMIND2580111½10½½16.52636
3Bok, BenjaminGMNED259111½½1½½1½6.52646
4Werle, JanGMNED252411011101½6.52588
5l'Ami, ErwinGMNED2619111½½½½½½6.02617
6Vishnu Prasanna. VGMIND250311½1½½½½½6.02600
7Pavlidis, AntoniosGMGRE252211½011½½½6.02577
8Neelotpal, DasGMIND24651011½½1106.02560
9Pruijssers, RoelandGMNED250111½½0½11½6.02486
10Ernst, SipkeGMNED252711½½½1½½½6.02529
11Shabalov, AlexanderGMUSA25221101010116.02464
12Schroeder, Jan-ChristianIMGER2519½1½½½1½1½6.02392
13Beerdsen, ThomasFMNED231310½10111½6.02436
14Debashis, DasGMIND2501111½01½0½5.52519
15Halkias, SteliosGMGRE2534110½1½½105.52459
16Ehlvest, JaanGMUSA25351½1011½0½5.52420
17Stocek, JiriGMCZE25661½½1½01½½5.52446
18Rudolf, AnnaIMHUN23291010½11015.52372
19Gopal G.N.GMIND25361½½1½½0½15.52426
20Maris, IvoFMNED2319½1½0½11015.52358
21Baskin, RobertFMGER2338½1½1½01½½5.52410
22Van Kooten, LuukFMNED23501½½0½½11½5.52324
23Hulshof, PeterNED21750101½½½115.52368
24De Jong, MigchielIMNED232810½1½1½015.52366
25Dijkhuis, TychoFMNED2355½1010½11½5.52248
26Ankit, R. RajparaGMIND246711½½½½½0½5.02500
27Gieben, StijnNED19551011001015.02325
28Das, ArghyadipIMIND2467½1½0111005.02355
29Bogner, SebastianGMSUI255711½½½0½1-5.02466
30Clemens, AdrianFMNED21750101½½½½15.02296
31Bluhm, Sonja MariaWFMGER2128½010110½15.02296
32Paulet, IozefinaWGMNED21841011000115.02232
33Zepeda, LorenaWIMESA21060001111015.02229
34Van Osch, MeesNED2285101½½01½04.52332
35Kevlishvili, RobbyFMNED23611½½1½00014.52314
36Valdes Romero, LeonardoIMCRC23621001½½½104.52218
37Heemskerk, WimFMNED21810110½0½1½4.52213
38Sparenberg, ErikNED2088½0101½01½4.52203
39Klapwijk, BramNED21510101½01104.52187
40Van der Marel, LambertusNED22120110½00114.52118
78 players

9) 3rd Krk Golden Island Open 2015

The 3rd Krk Golden Island Open took place 16th to 23rd October 2015.

3rd Krk Golden Island Op Malinska CRO Fri 16th Oct 2015 - Fri 23rd Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
13Vajda LeventeROU25687.545.548.00.0
22Banusz TamasHUN26047.545.049.00.0
31Vovk YuriUKR26177.045.549.50.0
45Bilguun SumiyaMGL23485.547.050.50.0
57Tica SvenCRO23005.546.549.00.0
66Chkhaidze NikolozGEO23235.545.049.00.0
713Bajlo KristijanCRO21055.539.040.50.0
810Kalajzic IvanCRO21445.042.546.50.0
914Kolaric SpelaSLO20925.
1016Chinguun SumiyaMGL20675.
1112Vojak DanielCRO21315.037.539.50.0
124Doncea VladimirROU24044.545.049.00.0
1317Plass Mariana-CameliaROU20574.539.543.00.0
1421Both AaronCAN18604.537.539.00.0
1515Valkovic KristianCRO20784.536.037.50.0
168Gutsko AnastasiaUKR22194.040.544.50.0
1711Berke AnaCRO21414.039.542.00.0
1826Radikovic AnamarijaCRO16374.
1925Hrbek StepanCZE17114.
2023Bogdanic KatarinaCRO17504.028.530.00.0
219Mandekic IvanCRO22083.541.545.50.0
2219Lazic DuskoCRO19933.533.535.00.0
2322Maderner ArnulfAUT17503.036.538.50.0
2428Schneider GeraldAUT02.
2524Dolic StipanCRO17311.
2620Samblic SilvanoCRO19321.028.530.50.0
2727Kovacic AndrijanCRO14201.
2818Ladisic Alex-SachaFRA20230.025.526.50.0
2929Kovacic NikolaCRO00.
29 players

10) XTRACON GM 2015

The XTRACON GM Open took place 12th to 18th October 2015. Boris Chatalbashev won with a score of 20 points (3 points for a win 1 for a draw) with 6 wins, 2 draws and a loss. A small number of extra games.

XTRACON GM 2015 Koge DEN Mon 12th Oct 2015 - Sun 18th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Chatalbashev, BorisGM9201173132625
2Rozentalis, EduardasGM9191142912620
3Maiorov, NikitaGM919922622603
4Miezis, NormundsGM9181162682538
5Fier, AlexandrGM9181112702495
6Danielsen, HenrikGM9181032522493
7Korneev, OlegGM9181032512471
8Jensen, Simon BekkerIM9181032222465
9Hagen, Andreas SkytteIM9171022242369
10Ahlander, BjornIM917852192444
11Blomqvist, ErikGM9161102352385
12Antonsen, Mikkel DjernaesIM9161022072453
13Nielsen, Hogni EgilstoftFM916931962210
14Percivaldi, MartinFM9151132152435
15Okhotnik, VladimirGM9151061822364
16Doluhanova, EvgeniyaWGM915941712289
17Pedersen, Henrik Dahl915851442150
18Eriksson, Christian Altenburg915831672157
19Jacobsen, Mikkel ManosriFM915811692163
20Kristiansen, JensGM915801772280
21Pedersen, Jan Nordenbaek915771602233
22Hoi, CarstenGM914991612216
23Pedersen, Hans Dahl914971642221
24Lauritsen, Martin Lee914891491998
25Bruun, Henrik Emil914871312146
26Henriksen, Kasper914851512122
27Nielsen, Rogvi EgilstoftFM914821382135
28Andreasen, Henrik9131041602273
29Jensen, David BekkerFM913961492211
30Nielsen, Jan Mose913781342128
31Andersen, Rune912961232100
32Nielsen, Jens Hartung912931282153
33Molvig, Julius912911412177
34Lauritsen, Niels912871052082
35Petersen, Peter Birk912861352180
36Moldt, Thomas Schou912851342183
37Wang, Peter912791151818
38Jacobsen, Heidrikur T.912771131983
39Moe, MogensFM912761122027
40Larsen, Ulrik91186932048
69 players

11) 10th Mediterranean Cup 2015

The 10th Mediterranean Cup took place 16th to 25th October 2015. Ahmed Adly won with 7.5/9. I couldn't find any games.

10th Mediterranean Cup Beirut LIB Fri 16th Oct 2015 - Sun 25th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Adly AhmedEGY25967.
22Haddouche MohamedALG24797.
38Pavlidis AnastasiosGRE23767.
43Haznedaroglu KivancTUR24666.50.541.052.5
55Fargere FrancoisFRA24216.50.538.550.5
610Khader SamiJOR23626.00.034.545.0
719Nelis Jean-FrancoisMNC21506.
826Abdulaziz MahmoudLIB20976.00.032.541.0
911Iyti BasherSYR22995.50.041.553.0
1012Khairallah FaisalLIB22835.
117Del Rey DiegoESP23895.50.039.551.0
129Milliet SophieFRA23655.
1314Najjar AhmadLIB22225.50.034.546.0
1416Pavlidou EkateriniGRE22115.
1515Mona KhaledEGY22205.00.036.547.0
1620Van Hoolandt PatrickMNC21365.00.036.545.0
1738Zenaidi KaisTUN18885.
1813Sursock SameerLIB22405.00.033.544.0
1927Ishoo YounanSYR20705.00.033.542.0
2031Moudallal TarekLIB19765.00.031.540.0
2128Latreche SabrinaALG20285.00.031.538.0
2217Kuntz PierreMNC22055.
2333Sharbel MarwanLIB19395.00.028.536.0
2439Abdimanoglu Beste BasakTUR18805.
2529Nassar MarwanLIB20184.
2623Shamieh JamalLIB21244.
2734Gjergji RozanaALB19364.
2840Khaled LakkiPLE18794.50.030.538.5
2945Habash MohamadLIB17744.
3030Aristotelous VassilisCYP19834.50.024.534.0
3118Mouradian KnarikLIB21514.
3222Bassel CharafLIB21264.
3324Mezioud AminaALG21054.00.032.542.0
3425Maasarani MahmoudLIB21044.
3544Jouni HassanLIB17784.00.029.537.5
3641Haydar AminLIB18584.00.028.536.5
3742El Ayyash RawadLIB18253.
3837Djikerian RafiPLE18913.50.029.537.5
3951Mikati HaniLIB16713.50.029.537.0
4052Khairallah RalphLIB16523.
55 players

12) Highlander Cup 2015

The Highlander Cup was a winner takes all knockout on 17th October. Rustam Kasimdzhanov won the final, I believe 3-1 beating Benjamin Gledura who eliminated Anatoly Karpov. Missing game now available.

Highlander Cup 2015 Budapest HUN Sat 17th Oct 2015 - Sat 17th Oct 2015
Player List
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Kasimdzhanov, Rustam GM UZB 2704 14200244
2 Balogh, Csaba GM HUN 2657 718939
3 Karpov, Anatoly GM RUS 2628 4100026
4 Gledura, Benjamin IM HUN 2513 712779

13) Checkmate Gozo 2015

The Checkmate Gozo tournament is being filmed for a TV program and took place 13th to 21st October 2015.

Checkmate Gozo 2015 Gozo MLT Tue 13th Oct 2015 - Wed 21st Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
19RAPPORT RichardHUN26638.0740.0
23NAIDITSCH ArkadijAZE26826.5630.0
37SHORT Nigel DENG26786.0520.0
42LYSYJ IgorRUS26715.5310.0
510JU WenjunCHN25425.0420.0
68PAEHTZ ElisabethGER24474.0320.0
76HILLARP PERSSON TigerSWE25463.5220.0
84KRUSH IrinaUSA24753.0100.0
91HOUSKA JovankaENG23722.5100.0
105MAISURADZE NinoFRA22861.0000.0
10 players

14) 19th Corsican Circuit 2015

The 19th Corsican Circuit took place 17th to 19th October. Igor Kovalenko won the event.

19th Open 2015 Bastia FRA Sat 17th Oct 2015 - Mon 19th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1KOVALENKO Igorg2700+116N+52B+20N=16B-2N+40B+18N+13N+3B46372778
2MELKUMYAN Hrantg2622+97B+55N+42B+50N+1B+13N=3B=4N=5B45½422776
3SETHURAMAN S.p.g2640+148B+36N+25B+19N=7B+14N=2N+9B-1N748402723
4FRESSINET Laurentg2702+99B+47N+22B+9N-13B+21N+8B=2B=10N747½38½2721
5ALMASI Zoltang2689+75B+38N+23B=8N=15B+22N=7N+20B=2N746½37½2699
6FRIDMAN Danielg2649+73B+56N+43B=15N=8B+23N=19B=7N+22B744½372669
7KRAVTSIV Martyng2621+102N+58B+26N+31B=3N=12N=5B=6B+27N745½382657
8ISTRATESCU Andreig2602+70N+62B+27N=5B=6N+28B-4N+50B+24N74436½2651
9ONISCHUK Vladimirg2612+88B+35N+30B-4B+51N+50N+12B-3N+25B743½372637
10KOGAN Arturg2540+80B+89N+33B=12N-14B+45N+42B+17N=4B74336½2611
11EDOUARD Romaing2636+82B+83N-50B+40B+32N+25N=15B=19N+23B741½35½2598
12TKACHIEV Vladislavg2658+39N+53B+21N=10B+16N=7B-9N+15N=19B4736½2650
13FEDORCHUK Sergey A.g2635+108N+54B+28N+41B+4N-2B+26N-1B=16N4638½2618
14RAKHMANOV Aleksandrg2637+86N+57B+24N=18B+10N-3B=16N+28B=21N45½362614
15HORVATH Adamg2535+49N+61B+44N=6B=5N+27B=11N-12B+40N44½362589
16IORDACHESCU Viorelg2583+121B+59N+51B=1N-12B+46N=14B+30N=13B43½352587
17MOTYLEV Alexanderg2649+72N+45B=40N+85B=18N+24B=20N-10B+41N42½35½2543
18LIBISZEWSKI Fabieng2523+106B+95N+34B=14N=17B=42N-1B+46N+43B4334½2529
19CHABANON Jean-Lucg2474+77N+92B+37N-3B+41N+52B=6N=11B=12N44362517
20KOZIAK Vitalim2472+114B+81N-1B+59N+33B+30N=17B-5N+42B4334½2503
21MOVSZISZIAN Kareng2454+90B+64N-12B+95N+34B-4B+53N+35N=14B4233½2433
22BELLAHCENE Bilelm2455+63N+98B-4N+60B+37N-5B+52N+26B-6N643332428
23ABERGEL Thalg2446+91N+93B-5N+61B+31N-6B+57N+51B-11N642332405
24MULLON Jean-Baptistem2402+111B+65N-14B+81N+56B-17N+38B+34N-8B642332356
25DJURIC Stefang2400+124N+66B-3N+93B+53N-11B+58N+33B-9N641½332353
26DEBRAY Christopherm2346+119B+107N-7B+94N+55B+29N-13B-22N+54B639½332343
27BRESSAC Stephanef2307+118B+67N-8B+48N+35B-15N+36B+29N-7B644332339
28SKOMOROKHIN Romanm2396+79B+48N-13B+69N+36B-8N+55B-14N+56B641½322334
29DEMUTH Adrieng2545+100N+60B-41N+62B+44N-26B+31N-27B+57N639322315
30HUMEAU Cyrilf2307+129N+109B-9N+68B+58N-20B+61N-16B+62N640322246
31TOMASI Albert2103+112B+131N+46B-7N-23B+99N-29B+98N+65B637½312147
32IGLESIAS Joachim2305+74B=84N=47B+126N-11B+69N-35B+92N+55B63829½2135
33PIERI Pierre-Louis2123>172N+78B-10N+71B-20N+66B+92N-25N+58B639½312125
34BOURSIER Julien2106+117N+87B-18N+78B-21N+68B+39N-24B+60N640312096
35LAGUNES Matthieu1918+141N-9B+49N+110B-27N+70B+32N-21B+51N641302083
36GERONIMI Pierre-Francois2012+135N-3B+108N+39B-28N+72B-27N+68B+50N640292077
37CRISTOFARI Antoine2112+113B+143N-19B+76N-22B-67N+97B+64N+59B636½292030
38MOHOREA Vasile2071+120N-5B-39N+119B+85N+71B-24N+94B+61N637½271991
39TOMASI Elise1609-12B+115N+38B-36N+157B+56N-34B+95N+52N638½271945
40CZEBE Attilag2441+150B+69N=17B-11N+63B-1N+45B+44N-15B43½30½2393
172 players
Corsican Circuit Final Bastia FRA Sat 17th Oct 2015 - Mon 19th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 4 Standings:
1Onischuk, VladimirGMUKR2612
2Kovalenko, IgorGMLAT2700
3Fressinet, LaurentGMFRA2702
3Almasi, ZoltanGMHUN2689
5Fedorchuk, Sergey A.GMUKR2635
5Kravtsiv, MartynGMUKR2621
5Melkumyan, HrantGMARM2622
5Rakhmanov, AleksandrGMRUS2637
9Kogan, ArturGMISR2540
9Sethuraman, S.P.GMIND2640
9Istratescu, AndreiGMFRA2602
9Horvath, AdamGMHUN2535
9Tkachiev, VladislavGMFRA2658
9Edouard, RomainGMFRA2636
9Hou, YifanGMCHN2671
9Fridman, DanielGMGER2649
16 players

15) Kolomenskaya Open 2015

The Kolomenskaya Open took place 15th to 22nd October 2015. Oleg Ivanov won with 7/9. I couldn't find any games.

Kolomenskaya Open 2015 Moscow RUS Thu 15th Oct 2015 - Thu 22nd Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Ivanov Oleg VUKR25137.042.540.036.0
26Igonin TemurUZB23906.045.542.038.5
37Milanovic SlavisaMNE23756.045.041.537.0
43Sitnikov AntonUKR24406.041.538.034.0
55Nozdrachev LeonidRUS24105.544.041.537.5
620Danielyan VaheARM21515.543.539.535.0
74Balashov Yuri SRUS24185.045.541.537.5
821Martynkova OlenaUKR21454.546.041.537.0
915Velikanov IgorRUS22704.543.041.538.0
1011Tomilova ElenaRUS23154.543.041.537.0
112Simantsev MikhailUKR24574.541.539.035.5
1210Gurvich VitalyRUS23154.540.537.033.5
138Golubev RomanUZB23734.540.038.535.0
1414Ofitserian BorisRUS22734.539.035.532.0
159Dmitrenko ViktorUKR23334.537.534.030.5
1616Lavretzkij RomanBLR22674.536.535.031.5
1717Bykov OlegRUS22324.038.537.034.5
1818Basencyan MarkARM21874.038.036.534.0
1924Martynyuk ElizavetaRUS20314.036.534.030.5
2012Sysoev VjacheslavRUS23033.540.537.033.0
2122Gavryushin DmitryRUS20893.534.032.530.0
2219Aleksandrovskiy DmitriyRUS21823.039.537.033.5
2313Chekletsov IlyaRUS22992.537.536.032.5
2423Chekletsov EgorRUS20822.
24 players

16) Pankrac Cup 2015

The Pankrac Cup takes place weekly 15th September to 3rd November 2015.

Pankrac Cup 2015 Prague CZE Tue 15th Sep 2015 - Tue 3rd Nov 2015
Leading Round 6 (of 8) Standings:
11Cernousek LukasCZE24635.518.012.519.5
212Matsenko AndreiCZE23075.
36Kulhanek TomasCZE23504.517.013.020.5
44Rydl JiriCZE24134.016.513.020.5
59Sodoma JanCZE23374.013.511.517.5
611Polasek JaroslavCZE23163.513.513.020.5
78Kovar VojtechCZE23413.513.513.019.5
83Kourousis EpaminondasCZE24273.512.013.520.0
23Soural JanCZE21883.512.013.520.0
1024Matras OndrejCZE21873.59.511.518.5
117Vavra PavelCZE23493.
122Carlsson PontusSWE24343.012.014.522.0
1310Jüptner JanCZE23223.012.014.520.0
145Studnicka TomasCZE23763.010.512.018.5
1521Prochazka DaliborCZE21913.
1617Smutny JanCZE22183.07.510.516.0
1720Hosticka FrantisekCZE21922.59.012.518.0
1814Smid MiroslavCZE22362.
1915Gregor JiriCZE22352.57.512.519.0
2016Postupa PavelCZE22262.
2119Anaskin ArsenijCZE22032.
2226Vokoun JanCZE21172.
2325Postupa MartinCZE21252.
2413Haba ZdenekCZE22861.
2518Vetrovsky MichalCZE22111.
2622Formanek MartinCZE21891.03.08.512.5
26 players

17) SPICE Cup Open 2015

The SPICE Cup Open took place 17th to 22nd October 2015. Le Quang Liem won with 7/9.

SPICE Cup Open 2015 Saint Louis USA Sat 17th Oct 2015 - Thu 22nd Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Le Quang LiemGMVIE2697749
24Shimanov AleksandrGMRUS259350
27Troff Kayden WGMUSA251747½
43Nyzhnyk IllyaGMUKR2628651
45Sevian SamuelGMUSA2556648½
42Robson RayGMUSA2680646
415Priyadharshan K.IMIND2462644½
410Friedel Joshua EGMUSA2513643½
96Corrales Jimenez FidelGMUSA252346
1017Kiewra Keaton FIMUSA243145½
1111Chandra AkshatIMUSA2506550½
1223Kavutskiy KonstantinFMUSA2349546½
1319Rosen Eric SIMUSA2406545½
149Yermolinsky AlexGMUSA2515544½
1514Boros DenesGMHUN2465544
1620Brown Michael WilliamFMUSA2361542
1716Li RuifengIMUSA2446540
1822Gulamali KazimFMUSA2349538½
1935Yanayt EugeneFMUSA2195534
2013Gurevich DanielIMUSA247249
2127Patel AdvaitUSA230941½
2218Sukandar Irine KharismaIMINA241141½
2324Nemcova KaterinaWGMUSA233640
248Ashwin JayaramGMIND251539½
2512Leon Hoyos ManuelGMMEX250337½
2621Banawa Joel Cholo B.FMUSA2359446
2725Santarius Erik FUSA2334441
2828Wang QibiaoCHN2282440½
2930Menna Barreto Felipe KubiakiFMBRA2275440½
3029Sharevich AnnaWGMUSA2280438½
3139Richter Alex JUSA2118436½
3233Betaneli AlexanderFMUSA220040
3336Eckert Doug D.FMUSA218438½
3438Rosenthal NicholasUSA212635½
3542Mercado Luisa FernandaWFMCOL193633½
3644Cervantes Landeiro ThaliaWCMUSA187833
3737Voelker JamesUSA215933
3841Proleiko JulianUSA198332½
3940Velez Ryan AUSA206329½
4031Adamson RobbyFMUSA2269340
45 players

18) World Youth Championships 2015

The World Youth Championships takes place 25th October to 5th November 2015.

World Youth Boys U18 2015 Porto Carras GRE Sun 25th Oct 2015 - Thu 5th Nov 2015
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
12Alekseenko KirillRUS25392.
7Bellahcene BilelFRA24552.
11Ali Marandi Cemil CanTUR24392.
17Mosadeghpour MasoudIRI24202.
18Codenotti MarcoITA24192.
24Carneiro Vitor Roberto CastroBRA23812.
25Kessler LucaAUT23802.
26Kaczur FlorianHUN23762.
64Aradhya GargIND21802.
101Vaibhav SuriIND25612.
20Sosa TomasARG24052.
23Sardana RishiAUS23852.
28Sibashvili GiorgiGEO23672.
1437Stathopoulos IoannisGRE23382.
40Lai Hing TingNED23342.
43Wu ChristopherUSA23242.
44Jarmula LukaszPOL23212.
185Harutyunian Tigran K.ARM24591.
16Iovcov ValeriiMDA24211.
21Marek MatyasCZE23981.
29Vucinic GojkoSRB23581.
33Khodashenas MersadIRI23501.
2357Nikolovski NikolaMKD22121.
244Yuffa DaniilRUS24851.
34Di Giannantonio NinoARG23491.
45Huber Martin ChristianAUT23121.
48Viennot DylanFRA22791.
58Serikbay ChingizKAZ22041.
293Sanal VahapTUR25011.
27Cuellar DiegoPER23721.
318Tan JustinAUS24451.
12Korpa BenceHUN24301.
22Faizrakhmanov RamilRUS23891.
38Daskalov DimitarBUL23381.
39Tutisani NoeGEO23351.
50Pomini AurelienSUI22731.
52Papadopoulos GeorgiosGRE22641.
389Tran Tuan MinhVIE24441.
10Vavulin MaksimRUS24411.
14Ladva OttomarEST24231.
116 players
World Youth Girls U18 2015 Porto Carras GRE Sun 25th Oct 2015 - Thu 5th Nov 2015
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
11Velikic AdelaSRB23632.
10Amrayeva AytanAZE21932.
11Assaubayeva BibisaraKAZ21832.
16Bellaiche EliseFRA21542.
18Lingur ZalinaRUS21342.
22Gueci TeaITA21102.
72Derakhshani DorsaIRI23562.
23Varshini VIND21052.
95Khomeriki NinoGEO22952.
13Barchuk IrinaUKR21802.
20Ivanova SimonetaBUL21212.
26Harazinska EwaPOL20872.
32Mahalakshmi MIND20192.
144Blagojevic TijanaMNE23151.
7Heinemann JosefineGER22531.
8Uuriintuya UurtsaikhMGL22371.
19Parnali S DhariaIND21301.
30Fuskova MartinaCZE20501.
38Trippold DeniseAUT19821.
2027Machlik MonikaNOR20701.
29Gholami Orimi AnahitaIRI20581.
2215Terbe ZsuzsannaHUN21601.
17Ghukasyan SiranushARM21381.
52Parpieva NodirabegimUZB19011.
253Styazhkina AnnaRUS23181.
9Wozniak MariolaPOL22111.
35Fuentes Godoy Lilia IvonneMEX19971.
46Kyrkjebo Hanna B.NOR19261.
2924Vidic TejaSLO20961.
25Choladze MariamGEO20951.
28Janzelj LaraSLO20661.
31Virkud ApurvaUSA20271.
33Salahidou RevekaGRE20031.
34Assaubayeva DianaKAZ19981.
36Hernandez LaraFRA19951.
39Besso GuadalupeARG19611.
40Head LouiseENG19551.
41Machlik EditNOR19461.
50Srija SeshadriIND19111.
51Jedrocha KatarzynaPOL19071.
80 players
World Youth Girls U16 2015 Porto Carras GRE Sun 25th Oct 2015 - Thu 5th Nov 2015
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
11Zhou QiyuCAN23282.
4Avramidou AnastasiaGRE22492.
7Eswaran AshrithaUSA22072.
9Gazikova VeronikaSVK21902.
10Kiolbasa OliwiaPOL21822.
12Sieber FionaGER21802.
13Pychova NelaCZE21372.
17Bykovtsev AgataUSA21172.
20Rogozenco TeodoraGER21102.
55Schloffer Jasmin-DeniseAUT18682.
1122Kassay LillaHUN20892.
23Chung MathildeMNC20872.
1316Abdusattorova BakhoraUZB21202.
24Di Benedetto DesireeITA20832.
27Buiza Prieto EihartzeESP20572.
31Salah NadezhdaUKR20152.
43Monroy G. Nataly A.BOL19312.
44Chandreyee HajraIND19282.
1929Argote Heredia ValentinaCOL20292.
2011Harshita GuddantiIND21811.
52Stashis AnnaBLR18971.
87Balasuriya Sajini HasaraSRI14891.
233Tsolakidou StavroulaGRE22791.
2425Aakanksha HagawaneIND20611.
28Gitu Paula-AlexandraMDA20511.
32Afraoui AnaelleFRA20141.
36Feng MaggieUSA19691.
2861Choladze TeaGEO18001.
292Dordzhieva DinaraRUS22981.
18Keetman MaaikeNED21151.
19Garcia Martin MartaESP21131.
39Hu Yu A.CHN19441.
53Gundogan Sinem CaglaTUR18861.
68Temmerman SaraBEL17291.
3530Olde MargarethEST20191.
45Sapale SaloniIND19271.
46Parhomenko MargaritaLAT19241.
47Li YilinCAN19161.
70Wickramasinghe Dilhara IshiniSRI16831.
4095Tomic VladankaBIH01.
95 players
World Youth Boys U16 2015 Porto Carras GRE Sun 25th Oct 2015 - Thu 5th Nov 2015
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
11Rambaldi FrancescoITA25472.
2Fawzy AdhamEGY24832.
5Maghsoodloo ParhamIRI24572.
18Capone NicolaBEL23912.
25Livaic LeonCRO23722.
27Martirosyan Haik M.ARM23662.
34Mihajlov SebastianNOR23362.
35Lopez Mulet InigoESP23332.
37Muthaiah AlIND23162.
39Haldorsen BenjaminNOR22952.
69Agmanov ZhandosKAZ21672.
77Lazov ToniMKD21392.
1317Nikitenko MihailBLR23932.
30Janik IgorPOL23442.
43Morozov NichitaMDA22812.
118Shpati TedALB19182.
1711Shtembuliak EvgenyUKR24162.
13Costachi MihneaROU24072.
23Acosta Pablo IsmaelARG23772.
28Wheeler CameronUSA23562.
49Papadopoulos ArgiriosGRE22672.
65Abdisalimov AbdimalikUZB21782.
237Haria RaviENG24451.
8Lorparizangeneh ShahinIRI24401.
29Tahbaz ArashIRI23501.
46Thybo Jesper SondergaardDEN22781.
51Ritviz ParabIND22671.
110Loutragotis DimitriosGRE19671.
2914Kantor GergelyHUN24031.
53Sousa Andre VenturaPOR22511.
313Preotu RazvanCAN24631.
12Sarana AlexeyRUS24131.
42Thorgeirsson Jon KristinnISL22821.
44Arcuti DavideSUI22801.
50Petrov MartinBUL22671.
59Mamyrbay AssadKAZ21951.
72Schwab LukasAUT21551.
116Gesyan SurenARM19281.
3921Dragnev ValentinAUT23801.
22Mesaros FlorianAUT23791.
154 players
World Youth Boys U14 2015 Porto Carras GRE Sun 25th Oct 2015 - Thu 5th Nov 2015
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
12Checa Nicolas DUSA24372.
8Erenberg ArielISR23662.
17Plazuelo Pascual JuanESP23022.
18Hakobyan AramARM22882.
24Brodsky DavidUSA22512.
25Taghizadeh RayanUSA22402.
29Rajdeep SarkarIND22332.
30Kandil AdhamEGY22312.
32Gantsooj GanzorigMGL22082.
33Martin JulianGER22072.
38Schmidek EmilGER21742.
43Pultinevicius PauliusLTU21572.
45Drori SaarISR21562.
50Giannoulakis LabrosGRE21392.
67Kalavannan KobyENG20632.
167Esipenko AndreyRUS23842.
9Shevchenko KirillUKR23592.
11Kozak AdamHUN23492.
13Gaifullin ArturRUS23282.
19Zhu YiCHN22842.
28Di Benedetto EdoardoITA22382.
41Chylewski PatrykPOL21612.
2339Miyasaka Marcus MUSA21702.
241Tabatabaei M.AminIRI24882.
15Zarubitski ViachaslauBLR23102.
47Pantzar MiltonSWE21532.
54Peng HongchiCHN21312.
61Raja HarshitIND21102.
294Nguyen Thai Dai VanCZE24091.
5Gholami AryanIRI24001.
6Lobanov SergeiRUS23941.
12Vokhidov ShamsiddinUZB23361.
20Ioannidis EvgeniosGRE22771.
21Burri QuentinFRA22711.
22Buckels ValentinGER22681.
23Chetrari NikitaMDA22651.
37Furfine JacobUSA21741.
3816Fakhrutdinov TimurRUS23051.
26Mitsis GeorgiosGRE22401.
56Quirhuayo Chumbe German GonzaPER21181.
187 players
World Youth Boys U12 2015 Porto Carras GRE Sun 25th Oct 2015 - Thu 5th Nov 2015
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
11Abdusattorov NodirbekUZB24322.
4Keymer VincentGER23472.
9Gavrilescu DavidROU22082.
11Bjerre JonasDEN21932.
12Henderson De La Fuente LanceESP21802.
17Hong Andrew ZUSA21362.
21Muradli MahammadAZE21212.
23Ahmadzada AhmadAZE21072.
26Gharibyan MamikonARM21062.
28Nihal SarinIND20962.
30Mitev ValentinBUL20902.
34Pribelszky BenceHUN20642.
40Niemann Hans MUSA20462.
43Wang WesleyUSA20322.
45Subelj JanSLO20262.
49Sanz Wawer DanielPOL20162.
117Patrelakis EvaggelosGRE17402.
138Bai XuhuiCHN16092.
142Seyranyan GorARM15872.
203Firouzja AlirezaIRI23642.
22Pajeken Jakob LeonGER21182.
31Golding AlexENG20882.
42Stefansson Vignir VatnarISL20332.
44Martinovici IlieMDA20312.
48Katopodis DimitriosGRE20182.
54Nogerbek KazybekKAZ19862.
2733Gines Esteo Pedro AntonioESP20652.
50Tan Jun YingMAS20132.
53Lukin ElishaISR19952.
56Huang RenjieCHN19832.
65Kacharava NikoloziGEO19562.
70Martinez Cristian CamiloCOL19182.
80Scherbak YaroslavUKR18772.
88Isfan Ioan-MariusROU18442.
3571Yang Kevin SUSA19042.
366Aydincelebi KaganTUR22471.
7Sahidi SamirSVK22441.
83Zhang Yifan(a)CHN18541.
93Liu YutongCHN18271.
96Vuckovic MarkoMNE18101.
202 players

19) 153rd MGU Open 2015

The 153rd MGU Open took place 24th to 25th October 2015.

153rd MGU Open 2015 Sofia BUL Sat 24th Oct 2015 - Sun 25th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
12Gelemerov Yane20275.0
21Orev Petar20755.0
33Metev Martin19894.5
410Nikolov Petko16824.0
54Andreev Dobrotich19064.0
66Mehmed Elif18393.5
78Mihalev Daniil17293.5
816Toncheva Nadya15493.5
926Mirchev Miroslav03.5
109Krastev Krasimir N.17283.5
1111Mustedjeb Anher16303.0
1220Gadzhev Denislav13883.0
1313Mladenov Andrey16043.0
1417Bozhkov Stoil14883.0
1523Todev Simeon11833.0
165Petrov Anton18702.5
177Punchev Ivan18382.5
1814Georgiev Nikolay15822.0
1912Tsenkov Tsenko15872.0
2021Bozhilov Georgi13022.0
2122Durhan Batuhan12012.0
2224Ilieva Damiana02.0
2325Mahluzaridis Elenos02.0
2415Neycheva Monika Vl.15711.0
2519Berberyan Maruke14720.5
2618Stathopoulos Fotios14750.5
26 players

20) 2nd Pleven Open 2015

The 2nd Pleven Open took place 17th to 18th October 2015.

2nd Pleven Open 2015 Pleven BUL Sat 17th Oct 2015 - Sun 18th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
14Цеков Светозар21987.0
29Бочев Красимир21336.0
32Ташков Румен21986.0
45Нинов Даян21245.5
510Григоров Даниел05.5
66Шукин Емил22245.5
711Димитров Александър20105.0
87Стефанов Емил22285.0
93Янев Павел22485.0
1017Митев Валентин20905.0
1114Арнаудов Петър20235.0
1220Вутов Бисер05.0
1331Николов Петко16825.0
1427Дюлгеров Волен19954.5
151Раев Ростислав22384.5
1613Пашев Димитър19694.5
178Иванова Симонета21214.5
1819Дюлгеров Димитър20324.5
1926Ралчев Стоян04.5
2035Петков Мартин17814.5
2123Тодоров Димитър04.5
2218Бояджиев Димитър04.0
2321Дочев Мариан20414.0
2412Дерешки Дарио19814.0
2525Кръстев Красимир Ил.04.0
2622Цветанов Давид19244.0
2740Върбанов Владимир16644.0
2828Тодоров Калоян18864.0
2924Симеонов Светослав18014.0
3030Димитров Иван18434.0
3133Чолаков Николай17564.0
3232Ботев Стойко17504.0
3337Ватковски Митко17464.0
3439Нейков Радостин16094.0
3536Атанасов Альоша04.0
3629Маринов Мариян03.5
3743Илиева Никол16183.5
3842Кирилов Ивайло16953.5
3947Илиев Красимир03.5
4034Цонков Цветелин18503.5
80 players

21) Brasil Athenas Engenharia Open 2015

The Brasil Athenas Engenharia Open took place 16th to 18th October 2015. Jose Fernando Cubas won with 5.5/6.

Brasil Athenas Engenharia Barreirinhas BRA Fri 16th Oct 2015 - Sun 18th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
17Cubas Jose FernandoPAR24095.
22Mareco SandroARG25995.
38Santiago Yago De MouraBRA24025.
43Mekhitarian Krikor SevagBRA25514.50.022.524.5
56Quintiliano Pinto Renato R.BRA24434.
64Diamant AndreBRA24924.50.020.523.0
71Delgado Ramirez NeurisPAR26154.
85Rodriguez Vila AndresURU24684.
910Fernandez Maria FlorenciaARG22144.
1016Damous Felipe SoaresBRA21004.00.016.519.0
1112Fernandes Filho Bergson FragosoBRA21194.
1213Leitao NicolauBRA21073.
139Guimaraes Marcelo CunhaBRA22333.50.018.521.0
1422Cunha Adriano De Jesus SilvaBRA19843.50.018.520.0
1519Guara Neto Argemiro BragaBRA20583.50.018.519.0
1614Luz Edmundo ReisBRA21063.
1711Borges Wagner Da SilvaBRA21273.50.017.519.0
1825Reis Virginia Lagrange M.BRA19273.50.016.518.0
1918Santos Roberto CarlosBRA20893.50.015.517.0
2020Abreu Nilton SilvaBRA20483.
2115Dias Yuri De Carlos SantosBRA21033.50.014.516.0
2228Coelho Tatiane CristinaBRA18403.
2321Hiramine Ricardo Hiroshi FerrBRA20123.
2417Lobato Junior NivaldoBRA20923.
2523Lopes Silva Luiz EduardoBRA19513.
2631De S Oliveira Francinato MeneBRA20053.00.015.516.0
2734Sousa Antonielson Do ValeBRA17903.00.015.516.0
2826Farias EdilsomBRA19113.
2924Pereira Jefferson Luis De S.BRA19503.
3046Saraiva Marconi AzevedoBRA03.00.013.515.0
3132Da Silva Jose Zenildo EugenioBRA17983.00.013.514.0
3230Barbosa Bruno Master MonteiroBRA16532.50.018.519.0
3340Araujo RaoniBRA02.50.016.518.5
3439Silva Filho Dombosco LimaBRA17292.50.016.518.0
3529Cardoso Da Silva RobertoBRA18332.50.014.516.0
3627Cunha Filho GilbertoBRA18752.50.014.516.0
3749Sousa Luciana Da SilvaBRA02.50.013.515.0
3841Carvalho Nicholas AugustoBRA02.50.013.514.5
3936Ferreira Antonia Kaly SousaBRA17852.00.016.517.0
4037Lobo Pedro Aluizio De AbreuBRA17832.
50 players

22) Jeruchess Four Seasons IM Fall 2015

The Jeruchess Four Seasons IM Fall took place 12th to 20th October 2015. Ori Kobo edged out Alon Mindlin on tie-break after both scored 6.5/9. No games available.

Jeruchess Four Seasons IM Jerusalem ISR Mon 12th Oct 2015 - Tue 20th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
110Kobo OriISR24276.525.750.05
24Mindlin AlonISR23806.524.500.04
33Bykhovsky AvigdorRUS24106.022.750.04
46Veinberg NimrodISR23925.519.250.05
55Zanan EvgenyISR23935.021.000.03
68Erenberg ArielISR23664.514.500.04
71Battaglini GabrielFRA24424.010.500.04
89Prilleltensky MatanUSA21503.011.750.02
92Kraus YairISR22232.07.500.00
107Lux Hugo De MeloBRA21471.03.500.00
10 players

23) Lichtenrader Herbst 2015

The Lichtenrader Herbst takes place 24th October to 1st November 2015.

24) Ptuj Open 2015

The Ptuj Open takes place 24th to 31st October 20145.

Ptuj Open 2015 Ptuj SLO Sat 24th Oct 2015 - Sat 31st Oct 2015
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
14Kokol PeterSLO23634.
22Tratar MarkoSLO24774.
31Zelcic RobertCRO25183.55.511.00.0
48Gantar JanSLO21653.
57Murko DavidSLO22753.
611Sorcnik FrancSLO20613.
715Stevanic DavidSLO20113.
85Mikalsen ErlendNOR23583.04.510.00.0
910Skuhala JernejSLO21473.
103Rogulj BrankoCRO24123.
1121Zagorsek DavidSLO19033.
1220Kodric TilenSLO19213.
1325Zajdela KarelSLO18273.
1419Kejzar PetraSLO19303.
1530Kuzner CirilSLO17483.
1612Cojhter KarlSLO20442.
176Tomazini AljosaSLO23382.
14Solmajer LukaSLO20252.
18Janzekovic KlemenSLO19332.
209Suta AndrazSLO21652.
2123Skuhala BarbaraSLO18472.
2226Meglic JakaSLO18262.
2329Dominko DarkoSLO17832.
2413Skuhala LukaSLO20282.
2544Meglic EnejSLO14012.
2617Bohak JankoSLO19712.
2728Dadello AndrzejPOL17962.
2824Florjancic RudolfSLO18392.
2934Hrbek StepanCZE17112.
3027Kontler SasaSLO18112.
3122Nikolic StankoSLO18832.
3231Podkriznik AleksanderSLO17272.
3338Prelog MirkoSLO15272.
3416Rozman MonikaSLO19912.
3533Zajsek FrancSLO17132.
3642Dajcman AleksanderSLO14262.
3746Boc GregorSLO13112.
3845Gabrijan TimotejSLO13512.
50Dadello BarbaraPOL12452.
4048Dajcman NikolajSLO12992.
65 players

25) World Chess Championship for Disabled 2015

The World Chess Championship for the Disabled took place 15th to 25th October 2015. Alexey Smirnov won with 6/7.

ch-Chess Disabled 2015 Dresden GER Thu 15th Oct 2015 - Sun 25th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Smirnov, AlexeyRUS2446633.5205
2Babarykin, StanislavFMRUS23695.532199.5
3Mikheev, StanislavIMRUS22965.530.5205
4Gurbanov, AndreiIMISR23365.530200.5
5Meshkov, Yuri A.IMRUS23515.529.5198.5
6Yarmonov, IgorIMUKR23755.528196
7Wassin, SergejFMUKR2290530.5182
8Pakhomov, AlexeyIMRUS2335529.5200
9Dukaczewski, PiotrIMPOL22614.531191.5
10Kovalenko, Vladimir N.UKR20684.529193
11Miozga, TomaszPOL19954.528176.5
12Gedgafov, ChamalRUS22434.527.5186.5
13Stachanczyk, JacekIMPOL22404.527.5183
14Mate, BalazsHUN21214.526181.5
15Gerasimov, AleksanderRUS21894.525182.5
16Scerbin, DmitrijIMRUS23684.523185
17Aleksandrova, AleksandraWFMISR19314.521.5171.5
18Grigorchuk, SergeyCMUKR2278430191
19Suder, RyszardPOL2128427.5183
20Eremin, AnatolyRUS2201427.5178
21Zimmer, RaphaelGER1985426.5178.5
22Messalla, JamalMAR2057425.5189
23Varezhkin, ViktorRUS2267425184
24Myronenko, NatalyaUKR1901425166.5
25Checiak, KrzysztofPOL2102422159
26Chojnowski, MarcinPOL20153.530.5184.5
27Mackowiak, MarekPOL21403.529.5188.5
28Tillmann, MarcSUI20393.528171.5
29Strzelecki, JerzyPOL20633.528170
30Tsapalin, SergeyRUS20603.527168.5
31Wirth, AdamHUN19643.526175.5
32Frink, FerencFMHUN21233.525168.5
33Gerasimova, OlgaWIMRUS20583.524.5168
34Kasimov, RustamRUS21593.524172
35Raibl, ZoltanHUN19873.524169
36Gruender, MichaelGER19993.524166
37Flock, DanielGER18673.521.5168
38Sookruus, HeikiEST3.521167.5
39Kononov, Viktor V.RUS20963.520.5178
40Kabyzhanov, BulatKAZ2042325.5163
63 players

26) TCh-ARG Liga Nacional Superior 2015

The Argentine Liga Nacional Superior took place 29th August to 24th October 2015. Obras Aysa won the title.

TCh-ARG Superior 2015 Villa Martelli ARG Sat 29th Aug 2015 - Mon 24th Oct 2016
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12OBRAS AYSA981022.016126.0
21AJEDREZ PLUS970219.016126.5
33REPUBLICA MARTELLI962118.013129.5
44FERRO CARRIL OESTE952218.012128.5
55USHUAIA JAQUE MATE953116.511126.5
89CLUB ARGENTINO944113.59125.5
910TACTICOS Y ESTRATEGAS944113.59109.0
1112TREN VERDE923412.5899.5
1213SAN ISIDRO935111.57123.0
1515MAR DEL PLATA92618.55107.5
1616LA TORRE DEL CASTILLO90901.00101.5
16 teams

27) 15th Sautron Open 2015

The 15th Sautron Open takes place 24th to 31st October 2015.

28) US Chess League 2015

The US Chess League takes place weekly 25th August to 1st December 2015.

US Chess League 2015 ICC INT Tue 25th Aug 2015 - Tue 1st Dec 2015
Leading Round 9 (of 10) Standings:
1New York366.52.521.5
2New England366.52.521.0
4New Jersey366.03.022.5
2St. Louis366.03.021.0
3Las Vegas365.53.519.5
4San Francisco365.04.017.0
8Rio Grande364.05.016.5
10San Diego362.07.014.0
20 players

29) Moscow Team Championship 2015

The Moscow Team Championship takes place 15th October to 1st November 2015.

TCh-Moscow 2015 Moscow RUS Thu 15th Oct 2015 - Sun 1st Nov 2015
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
23SergArk team5311718.50
51Команда Андрея Калиничева5320616.50
611Юность Москвы-15221516.50
76Академия Гроссмейстера И.В.Глека5221515.50
84ШК РГГУ5122414.50
1313Юность Москвы-2504119.00
13 players

30) TCh-SUI 2015

The Swiss Team Championship took place 29th March to 11th October 2015. Final rounds 10th to 11th October 2015. Geneve 1 won the title.

TCh-SUI 2015 Switzerland SUI Sun 29th Mar 2015 - Sun 11th Oct 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Geneve 11749½
2Zurich 11444½
3Luzern 11343
3Riehen 11343
5Winterthur 11037
6Wollishofen 1733½
7Echallens 1728½
8Reti 1530½
9Schwarz-Weiss Bern 1331
10Neuchatel 1119½
10 teams

31) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

TCh-FIN 2015-16

The Finnish Team Championship takes place 12th September 2015 to 13th March 2016. Games from rounds 3-4 now available. Next rounds 11th November.

TCh-FIN 2015-16 Finland FIN Sat 12th Sep 2015 - Sun 13th Mar 2016
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1EtVaS, Vantaa4821
2TammerSh, Tampere4817
3JyS, Jyvaskyla4711
4MatSK, Espoo4612
5Aatos, Helsinki449
6SalSK, Salo446
7Velhot, Helsinki439
8TuTS, Turku428
9KymS, Kotka427
10OSS, Oulu426
11Garde, Helsinki424
12HSK, Helsinki403
12 players

Dutch League 2015-16

The Dutch League takes place 26th September 2015 to 23rd April 2016. Next rounds 7th November 2015.

Dutch League 2015-16 Netherlands NED Sat 26th Sep 2015 - Sat 23rd Apr 2016
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
12356XX 6 8414
22432 XX 413
32357 XX 412
42389 XX 5 311½
52401 XX 7 211½
62344 XX 6 210½
723974 5 XX 19
82372 XX 07
92305 34 XX 07
1021782 XX0
10 players

TCh-AUT 2nd Bundesliga 2015-16

The Austrian Bundesliga second division started on October 2nd with the Mitte Division. The events run until April. Next rounds 14th to 15th November 2015.

TCh-AUT 2nd Mitte 2015-16 Austria AUT Fri 2nd Oct 2015 - Sun 17th Apr 2016
Leading Round 3 (of 11) Standings:
1SC MPOE Maria Saal 2*4614.00
2ESV Austria Graz*4611.00
3SPG. Sparkasse Fürstenfeld/Hartberg*24410.50
4SV Steyregg4*410.00
5Schachfreunde Graz*343410.00
6RbEJ Gleisdorf*3439.50
7SV Wolfsberg*229.00
8ASK Case IH SteyrSt. Valentin4*28.00
9Union Ansfelden233*28.00
10Union Hartkirchen22*27.50
11ESV Admira Villach23*16.50
12SPG Sauwald 2½2*04.00
12 players

Fraubundesliga 2015-16

The German Fraubundesliga takes place 26th September 2015 to 20th March 2016. Next rounds 5th to 6th December 2015.

Fraubundesliga 2015-16 Germany GER Sat 26th Sep 2015 - Sun 20th Mar 2016
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1SC Bad Koenigshofen2+5410½
2SF 1891 Friedberg2+49
3Rodewischer Schachmiezen2+54
4OSG Baden Baden2+3639
5Hamburger SK von 183023+3
6SF Deizisau2+62
7Karlsruher SF 18532+26
8SK Schwaebisch Hall21+526
9SK Grosslehna2½+03
10SK Lehrte21½+0
11SK Doppelbauer Kiel20+0
12Gruen-Weiss Niederwiesa201+01
12 players

TCh-ISL 2015-16

The Icelandic Team Championships take place 24th September 2015 to 5th March 2016. The first 5 rounds were in September and games should follow at some point.

TCh-ISL Div 1 2015-16 Reykjavik ISL Thu 24th Sep 2015 - Sat 5th Mar 2016
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Huginn Chess Club a-team*76632.0100
2Reykjavik Chess Club a-team*7831.5100
3Akureyri Chess Club a-team1*7623.060
4Fjolnir Chess Club2*5721.060
5The Viking Club3*620.560
6Huginn Chess Club b-team½*6518.560
7Bolungarvik Chess Club2*16.000
8KR Chess Club112*412.530
9Akureyri Chess Club b-team12*12.520
10Reykjavik Chess Club b-team0234*12.510
10 players

TCh-SVK 2015-16

The Slovakian Team Championships take place 10th October 2015 to 10th April 2016. Next rounds 21st to 22nd November 2015.

TCh-SVK 2015-16 Slovakia SVK Sat 10th Oct 2015 - Sun 10th Apr 2016
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1Slovan Commander*5611.50
2SK Dunajska Streda*5610.50
3Liptovska sachova skola*55610.00
4SKS Dubnica nad Vahom*448.50
5SK Prakovce3*639.00
6REINTER Humenne*36.00
7SK Modra*417.50
8SKM Angelus Stara Lubovna34*17.00
TJ INBEST Dunajov34*17.00
10TJ Slavia UPJS Kosice*416.50
11SK Strelec Devinska Nova Ves24*16.00
12SK Caissa Cadca3*06.50
12 players

Belgian Interclubs 2015-16

The Belgian Interclubs take place 27th September 2015 to 24th April 2016. Next round 8th November 2015.

TCh-BEL 2015-16 Belgium BEL Sun 27th Sep 2015 - Sun 24th Apr 2016
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1Wirtzfeld 1412
2KSK Rochade 1411
3KGSRL 1410
4KSK47-Eynatten 1410
5Amay 1210
6Borgerhout 128
7KBSK 126
8Fontaine 117
9Jean Jaures 116
10TBCC 106.5
11CRELEL 104.5
12Namur 103
12 players

14th Iranian Super League 2015

The 14th Iranian Super League takes place 17th July to 21st September. The July games aren't available but most of the games from all rounds in September were. Final rounds are in November.

14th Iranian Super League Tehran IRI Fri 17th Jul 2015 - 13th November 2015
Leading Round 8 (of 13) Standings:
1Shahrdari Tabriz*344426.0160
3Damon Sakht Shomal*233320.0110
4Park Fanavari Pardis*33319.0120
5Rah & Shahrsazi Lorestan*3418.580
6Esteghlal Tehran22*2416.590
7Donya Felez Rasht½2*1214.080
8Bank Sarmayeh1½3*14.060
9Faravardehayeh Nasouz Azarakhsh½0*412.560
10Tarbiat Qom1211½2*310.540
11Darya Borj Shiraz0½1½1*410.020
12Bashgah Paeiz Ahvaz001101*4.500
13Perspolis Tehran0½0½00*2.500
13 teams

Bundesliga 2015-16

The German Bundesliga season opened on Friday 18th September with two matches from the floating round 7. The event runs until 24th April 2015. Not all the round 1 and 2 matches were played with a couple being postponed until October.

Bundesliga 2015-16 Germany GER Fri 18th Sep 2015 - Sun 24th Apr 2016
Leading Round 3 (of 15) Standings:
1OSG Baden-Baden3300617
2SK Schwaebisch Hall3210414.5
3SC Hansa Dortmund2200412
4SV Muelheim Nord2200411
5SG Solingen2200410.5
6SV 1930 Hockenheim211028.5
7FC Bayern Muenchen312028.5
8SG Trier201117
9Erfurter SK303008
10SV Griesheim 1976202006
11Hamburger SK202006
12SK Norderstedt 1975202003
13USV TU Dresden000000
14SV Werder Bremen000000
15SK Turm Emsdetten000000
16SF Berlin 1903000000
16 teams

TCh-CHN 2015

The Chinese Team Championship takes place 10th April to 11th December 2015 over a marathon 22 rounds. Next rounds 28th to 30th October 2015.

TCh-CHN 2015 China CHN Fri 10th Apr 2015 - Fri 11th Dec 2015
Leading Round 15 (of 22) Standings:
15Beijing North Austrian team1512122648.0
26Chongqing team1510232349.0
34Shanghai Institute of bridge team1510412146.0
49Tianjin Chunhua campus team157172144.0
51Zhejiang team157621641.5
611Jiangsu Green Sheep Springs team156631539.5
72Hangzhou team155551536.5
83Shandong Jingzhi wine team155821236.0
912Qingdao experimental junior high school team155821235.0
107Hebei Lottery team152103723.0
1110Shenzhen Pengcheng team153120626.5
128Chengdu bud club team152112625.0
12 teams

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