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THE WEEK IN CHESS 1086 31st August 2015 by Mark Crowther


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1) Introduction
2) 3rd Sinquefield Cup 2015
3) 22nd Abu Dhabi Masters 2015
4) 17th Sants Open 2015
5) 5th Isthmia Open 2015
6) 76th ch-ARM 1st League 2015
7) 80th Spanish Championship 2015
8) Brno Chess 2015
9) Mongolian Open 2015
10) 51st Rubinstein Memorial 2015
11) 90th ch-ARG Semi-Final 2015
12) 53rd ch-IND Challengers 2015
13) 32nd Collado Villalba 2015
14) 20th Rewal Open 2015
15) 26th Porto San Giorgio Open 2015
16) 30th Schwarzacher Open 2015
17) St Petersburg Summer 2015
18) 35th Bratto Open 2015
19) Bruges Masters 2015
20) 3rd Golden Apricot 2015
21) 1st open World VIP Club 2015
22) 12th Battle of Crete Open 2015
23) 3rd China National Mind Games 2015
24) Lidkoping Open 2015
25) Styrian Open 2015
26) Open ch-MKD 2015
27) Portugal Open 2015
28) 6th Interchess Cup 2015
29) US Chess Masters 2015
30) Atlantis Open 2015
31) US Chess League 2015
32) TCh-SRB Premier 2015
33) Active Team Events
34) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
3rd Sinquefield Cup 201530 games
22nd Abu Dhabi Masters 2015330 games
17th Sants Open 2015489 games
5th Isthmia Open 201513 games
76th ch-ARM 1st League 201537 games
80th Spanish Championship 2015224 games
Brno Chess 2015256 games
Mongolian Open 2015604 games
51st Rubinstein Memorial 2015126 games
90th ch-ARG Semi-Final 201598 games
53rd ch-IND Challengers 2015269 games
32nd Collado Villalba 2015164 games
26th Porto San Giorgio Open 201570 games
30th Schwarzacher Open 2015135 games
St Petersburg Summer 2015132 games
35th Bratto Open 2015126 games
Bruges Masters 201550 games
3rd Golden Apricot 2015108 games
1st open World VIP Club 201520 games
3rd China National Mind Games 201560 games
Lidkoping Open 201514 games
Styrian Open 201520 games
Open ch-MKD 2015213 games
6th Interchess Cup 201535 games
Atlantis Open 201562 games
US Chess League 201540 games
TCh-SRB Premier 2015472 games
4197 games


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1) Introduction

My thanks to Olexandr Prohorov, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Igor Kragelj, Paulo Rocha, Tom Piceu, Hugh Brodie, Mitko Iliev, Ariel Fabian and everyone else who helped with this issue.

The Sinquefield Cup is reaching the final stages and it looks like Levon Aronian is favourite to take first place with 2 of the 5 games concluded in the 8th round. Magnus Carlsen threw away much of his huge advantage against Hikaru Nakamura and a draw is looking likely. Elsewhere Nils Grandelius won the Abu Dhabi Masters. It felt like a quieter week but there are still over 4000 games in the issue.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


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2) 3rd Sinquefield Cup 2015

The 3rd Sinquefield Cup takes place in Saint Louis Sunday 23rd (Round 1) to 1st September 2015. There is potentially a playoff on 2nd September and "Ultimate moves" exhibition on the 3rd. Players: Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Veselin Topalov, Alexander Grischuk, Viswanathan Anand, Anish Giri, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Levon Aronian and Wesley So. The event is the second of three in the 2015 Grand Chess Tour. The final one being in London in December. Play starts at 1pm local time, 7pm UK time, 8pm CET.

3rd Sinquefield Cup 2015 Saint Louis USA (USA), 21 viii-3 ix 2015 cat. XXII (2795)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
1. Aronian, Levon g ARM 2765 * ½ ½ ½ ½ . 1 1 1 5 2950
2. Giri, Anish g NED 2793 ½ * 1 ½ . ½ ½ ½ ½ 4 2852
3. Grischuk, Alexander g RUS 2771 ½ 0 * 1 ½ . 1 1 0 4 2854
4. Carlsen, Magnus g NOR 2853 ½ ½ 0 * 1 0 1 . 1 4 2830
5. Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime g FRA 2731 ½ . 0 * 1 ½ ½ ½ 1 4 2857
6. Topalov, Veselin g BUL 2816 . ½ ½ 1 0 * 1 0 ½ 2798
7. Nakamura, Hikaru g USA 2814 0 ½ . ½ 0 * ½ 1 1 2786
8. Caruana, Fabiano g USA 2808 0 0 0 ½ 1 ½ * ½ . 2693
9. Anand, Viswanathan g IND 2816 ½ 0 . ½ ½ 0 ½ * ½ 2685
10. So, Wesley g USA 2779 0 ½ 1 0 0 0 . ½ * 2 2633
Round 1 (August 23, 2015)
Aronian, Levon - Caruana, Fabiano 1-0 39 D37 QGD 5.Bf4
Giri, Anish - Grischuk, Alexander 1-0 34 D02 Queen's Pawn Game
Carlsen, Magnus - Topalov, Veselin 0-1 40 B51 Sicilian Rossolimo
Nakamura, Hikaru - Anand, Viswanathan 1-0 43 E06 Catalan
So, Wesley - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 0-1 35 A15 English counter King's Fianchetto
Round 2 (August 24, 2015)
Giri, Anish - So, Wesley ½-½ 30 A30 English Symmetrical
Grischuk, Alexander - Anand, Viswanathan 1-0 35 A45 Trompowsky
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime - Aronian, Levon ½-½ 32 D38 QGD Ragozin
Topalov, Veselin - Nakamura, Hikaru 1-0 73 C65 Ruy Lopez Berlin
Caruana, Fabiano - Carlsen, Magnus 0-1 40 C78 Ruy Lopez Moeller Defence
Round 3 (August 25, 2015)
Aronian, Levon - Giri, Anish ½-½ 42 A29 English Four Knights
Carlsen, Magnus - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 1-0 43 A15 English counter King's Fianchetto
Nakamura, Hikaru - Caruana, Fabiano ½-½ 76 D81 Gruenfeld Botvinnik
Anand, Viswanathan - Topalov, Veselin ½-½ 31 B51 Sicilian Rossolimo
So, Wesley - Grischuk, Alexander 1-0 41 A35 English Symmetrical
Round 4 (August 26, 2015)
Giri, Anish - Carlsen, Magnus ½-½ 31 B33 Sicilian Sveshnikov
Grischuk, Alexander - Topalov, Veselin ½-½ 31 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime - Nakamura, Hikaru ½-½ 51 E81 King's Indian Saemisch
Caruana, Fabiano - Anand, Viswanathan ½-½ 42 D43 Anti-Meran Gambit
So, Wesley - Aronian, Levon 0-1 28 E20 Nimzo Indian
Round 5 (August 27, 2015)
Aronian, Levon - Grischuk, Alexander ½-½ 30 A30 English Symmetrical
Carlsen, Magnus - So, Wesley 1-0 56 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Topalov, Veselin - Caruana, Fabiano 0-1 53 C65 Ruy Lopez Berlin
Nakamura, Hikaru - Giri, Anish ½-½ 39 B48 Sicilian Paulsen
Anand, Viswanathan - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime ½-½ 42 B92 Sicilian Najdorf with 6.Be2
Round 6 (August 28, 2015)
Aronian, Levon - Carlsen, Magnus ½-½ 32 A29 English Four Knights
Giri, Anish - Anand, Viswanathan ½-½ 32 D11 Slav Defence
Grischuk, Alexander - Caruana, Fabiano 1-0 40 D37 QGD 5.Bf4
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime - Topalov, Veselin 1-0 37 C67 Ruy Lopez Berlin
So, Wesley - Nakamura, Hikaru 0-1 39 E99 King's Indian Classical
Round 7 (August 29, 2015)
Carlsen, Magnus - Grischuk, Alexander 0-1 66 B92 Sicilian Najdorf with 6.Be2
Topalov, Veselin - Giri, Anish ½-½ 33 A15 English counter King's Fianchetto
Nakamura, Hikaru - Aronian, Levon 0-1 51 C88 Ruy Lopez Closed
Caruana, Fabiano - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime ½-½ 30 B51 Sicilian Rossolimo
Anand, Viswanathan - So, Wesley ½-½ 39 C65 Ruy Lopez Berlin

3) 22nd Abu Dhabi Masters 2015

The 22nd Abu Dhabi Masters took place 23rd to 31st August 2015. Nils Grandelius edged out Martyn Kravtsiv, Baadur Jobava, Alexander Areshchenko and Richard Rapport on tie-break after all scored 7/9.

22nd Abu Dhabi Masters Abu Dhabi UAE Sun 23rd Aug 2015 - Mon 31st Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
112Grandelius NilsSWE26287.00.0260953.0
224Kravtsiv MartynUKR25997.00.0260153.5
35Jobava BaadurGEO26647.00.0259651.5
47Areshchenko AlexanderUKR26617.00.0256550.0
54Rapport RichardHUN26717.00.0255048.0
627Salem A.R. SalehUAE25956.50.0257148.5
722Prohaszka PeterHUN26026.50.0255345.5
810Jones Gawain C BENG26476.50.0252946.0
917Gupta AbhijeetIND26196.50.0251749.0
1013Iturrizaga Bonelli EduardoVEN26256.00.0258450.5
113Kryvoruchko YuriyUKR26976.00.0257448.5
1219Swiercz DariuszPOL26176.00.0256849.5
139Akopian VladimirARM26476.00.0255645.5
1415Petrosian Tigran L.ARM26236.00.0252647.5
1537Vaibhav SuriIND25526.00.0252645.0
1616Rakhmanov AleksandrRUS26206.00.0250446.5
176Sjugirov SananRUS26646.00.0248944.5
182Almasi ZoltanHUN27006.00.0247943.0
1918Onischuk VladimirUKR26186.00.0245543.0
2048Sadzikowski DanielPOL24806.00.0235940.0
2153Pascua HaridasPHI24475.50.0259749.5
2231Kulaots KaidoEST25735.50.0258445.5
2339Nevednichy VladislavROU25495.50.0256147.5
2411Kuzubov YuriyUKR26385.50.0255249.0
2547Debashis DasIND24895.50.0254144.0
2629Romanov EvgenyRUS25865.50.0253444.0
2746Harika DronavalliIND25095.50.0252846.5
2844Vakhidov JahongirUZB25255.50.0251144.0
2934Esen BarisTUR25675.50.0250846.5
3020Ghaem Maghami EhsanIRI26095.50.0250144.5
3123Papp GaborHUN26015.50.0247946.0
3221Kovchan AlexanderUKR26055.50.0246741.0
3366Abhishek KelkarIND24005.50.0245741.0
3436Gopal G.N.IND25625.50.0245442.0
3555Czebe AttilaHUN24395.50.0237740.0
3614Vovk YuriUKR26245.00.0252347.0
3742Timofeev ArtyomRUS25425.00.0251147.5
3828Gabuzyan HovhannesARM25935.00.0249747.0
3960Karavade EeshaIND24095.00.0248346.5
4025Sumets AndreyUKR25965.00.0246845.0
129 players

4) 17th Sants Open 2015

The 17th Sants Open tookk place 21st to 30th August 2015. Kacper Piorun won with 8.5/10.

17th Sants Open 2015 Barcelona ESP Fri 21st Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
15Piorun KacperPOL25928.50.052.565.0
22Edouard RomainFRA26348.
36Vocaturo DanieleITA25788.06.050.562.0
411Dvirnyy DanyyilITA25458.05.055.568.5
57Dragun KamilPOL25728.04.050.563.5
652Kobo OriISR24128.
721Blomqvist ErikSWE25088.
824Oliva Castaneda KevelCUB24888.
99Peralta FernandoARG25647.
103Bachmann AxelPAR26237.
1136Arenas DavidCOL24397.50.050.562.5
121Cori JorgePER26357.50.049.560.5
1322Cuartas Jaime AlexanderCOL25037.
1446Cawdery DanielRSA24247.50.046.557.5
1562Hernando Rodrigo Julio AntoniCAT23897.50.042.552.0
1638Rios Cristhian CamiloCOL24357.
1716Libiszewski FabienFRA25337.00.052.565.5
1823Bailet PierreFRA25027.
194Potkin VladimirRUS25997.
2027Schroeder Jan-ChristianGER24737.00.050.563.5
2132Aloma Vidal RobertCAT24547.00.050.563.0
2256Ootes LarsNED24007.00.050.563.0
2351Admiraal MiguoelNED24147.
2418Kanarek MarcelPOL25287.00.049.562.5
2545Cori T. DeysiPER24267.00.049.562.5
2649Akesson RalfSWE24187.
2729Bellia FabrizioITA24617.
2867Valderrama Quiceno Esteban ACOL23577.
2943Vassallo Barroche MauricioCAT24307.
308Nijboer FrisoNED25667.
3144Wegerle JoergGER24307.00.048.561.5
3226Ducarmon QuintenNED24757.00.048.559.5
3341Abergel ThalFRA24337.00.047.559.0
3428Andersen MadsDEN24677.00.046.559.5
3591Santarius Erik FUSA23027.
3655Mullon Jean-BaptisteFRA24027.00.045.557.0
3717Narciso Dublan MarcCAT25327.
3833Cruz JonathanPER24507.
3910Burmakin VladimirRUS25586.
4013Boruchovsky AvitalISR25406.50.053.566.0
380 players

5) 5th Isthmia Open 2015

The 5th Isthmia Open took place 18th to 25th August 2015. Nazar Firman won with 7/9.

5th Isthmia Open 2015 Vrachati GRE Tue 18th Aug 2015 - Tue 25th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
16Firman NazarUKR25027.00.052.541.5
21Papaioannou IoannisGRE26336.
39Drenchev PetarBUL24636.
42Banikas HristosGRE26186.00.052.541.0
55Mastrovasilis AthanasiosGRE25176.00.052.541.0
63David AlbertoITA25846.
74Nikolaidis IoannisGRE25596.
87Petrov MarianBUL24826.
912Skembris SpyridonGRE24126.
1014Dimitrov AtanasGRE23195.50.046.536.5
1110Drazic SinisaSRB24325.50.044.535.5
1213Bodiroga PredragSRB23425.50.043.535.0
1316Mastrokoukos GeorgiosGRE22975.
1411Georgiev KrumBUL24145.50.041.532.0
158Kislinsky AlexeyCZE24755.
1624Roinos IliasGRE20555.
1717Gogolis AlexandrosGRE22385.00.041.533.0
1828Mitsis GeorgiosGRE20125.00.039.531.0
1923Kalofonos PanayotisGRE20765.00.038.529.5
2015Papadopoulos GeorgiosGRE23184.50.045.535.0
2150Bleker HindrikhermanfritsGRE04.50.042.532.5
2222Papadimitriou LoukasGRE20804.
2329Korniotis FilipposGRE20064.50.040.532.0
2426Poulos GeorgiosGRE20524.
2519Pandavos PanayotisGRE21914.
2638Nikolakopoulos NikolaosGRE19394.
2727Soultatis KostasGRE20264.
2836Sverkounos SpyridonGRE19574.
2933Sideris TheodorosGRE19924.00.044.535.0
3037Beliotis GeorgiosGRE19544.
3131Hrisanthopoulos DimitriosGRE19964.00.041.532.0
3240Kampitsis VasiliosGRE18614.
3334Kakkanas EvangelosGRE19864.00.039.530.5
3430Sideris NikiforosGRE19964.
3532Spyropoulos NikolaosGRE19934.
3620Spiropoulos Panagiotis I.GRE21113.
3743Iasman InnaFRA17893.
3821Grigoriadis MihailGRE20993.
3948Mavromoustakos ThomasGRE15503.
4047Louka MagdaliniGRE16123.50.034.526.5
50 players

6) 76th ch-ARM 1st League 2015

The 76th ch-ARM 1st League takes place 21st August to 3rd September 2015.

76th ch-ARM 1st League Yerevan ARM Fri 21st Aug 2015 - Thu 3rd Sep 2015
Leading Round 10 (of 13) Standings:
13Babujian LevonARM24447.028.2540.0
21Hayrapetyan HovikARM24676.530.0040.0
35Petrosyan ManuelARM24436.026.7540.0
44Torosyan NorayrARM23136.024.0040.0
510Chibukhchian ArturARM24105.520.5050.0
69Yegiazarian ArsenARM24265.018.7560.0
78Sargsyan ShantARM23625.018.0060.0
813Harutyunian Tigran K.ARM24724.017.0050.0
92Shahinyan DavidARM24574.016.2540.0
1014Bakunts RafaelARM23283.515.2550.0
1112Dilanyan GrigorARM22923.011.7550.0
127Hakobyan AramARM23482.510.7550.0
1311Kocharyan HovikARM21172.06.7560.0
146Petrosyan Tigran S.ARM24410.00.0050.0
14 players
76th ch-ARM 1st League Yerevan ARM Fri 21st Aug 2015 - Thu 3rd Sep 2015. Category: 6. Ave: (2380)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Pts TPR
1 Hayrapetyan, Hovik GM ARM 2467 # = = = = 1 = 1 1 1 1 7.5 2590
2 Babujian, Levon GM ARM 2444 = # 0 = 1 1 1 1 1 6 2592
3 Petrosyan, Manuel IM ARM 2443 = 1 # = = = = = 1 1 6 2492
4 Torosyan, Norayr ARM 2313 = = = # = 1 1 = = 1 6 2499
5 Yegiazarian, Arsen GM ARM 2426 = # 1 = = 0 = 0 = 1 1 5.5 2405
6 Harutyunian, Tigran K. IM ARM 2472 0 = = 0 # = 1 0 1 = 1 5 2376
7 Chibukhchian, Artur GM ARM 2410 0 = = = # 1 = = = 1 5 2421
8 Sargsyan, Shant CM ARM 2362 = 0 = 0 0 # 1 = 1 1 = 5 2376
9 Shahinyan, David FM ARM 2457 0 0 = 0 1 1 0 # = 1 4 2357
10 Bakunts, Rafael ARM 2328 0 0 = 0 = = = = # = = 3.5 2263
11 Dilanyan, Grigor FM ARM 2292 0 = 1 0 = # 0 0 1 3 2260
12 Petrosyan, Tigran S. IM ARM 2441 0 = 0 = 1 # 1 3 2364
13 Hakobyan, Aram FM ARM 2348 0 0 = 0 = = 0 0 1 # 0 2.5 2183
14 Kocharyan, Hovik ARM 2117 0 0 0 0 0 = = 0 0 1 # 2 2144

7) 80th Spanish Championship 2015

The 80th Spanish Championship 2015 took place 23rd to 31st August 2015. Francisco Vallejo Pons edged out David Anton Guijarro and Mikel Huerga Leache on tie-break after all scored 7/9.

80th ch-ESP 2015 Linares ESP Sun 23rd Aug 2015 - Mon 31st Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Vallejo Pons, FranciscoESP26867,043.550.538.5
22Anton Guijarro, DavidESP26357,041.548.537.0
318Huerga Leache, MikelESP24367,037.544.534.0
45Korneev, OlegESP25696,542.549.537.0
54Vazquez Igarza, RenierESP25816,540.547.535.5
615Pardo Simon, DavidESP24686,539.046.035.0
76Arribas Lopez, AngelESP25596,538.545.031.0
87Lopez Martinez, Josep ManuelESP25406,538.045.032.0
912Moreno Trujillo, AlejandroESP24996,537.543.533.5
1011Del Rio De Angelis, Salvador G.ESP25116,533.540.532.5
113Salgado Lopez, IvanESP26156,038.545.034.0
1223Vega Gutierrez, SabrinaESP23816,036.543.029.0
1328Martin Duque, JesusESP23546,
1419Espinosa Aranda, AngelESP24276,031.538.029.5
1531Santos Ruiz, MiguelESP23415,543.050.033.0
1621Alvarado Diaz, AlejandroESP24085,540.047.031.5
1727Aguera Naredo, JavierESP23585,539.046.029.0
1810Cuenca Jimenez, Jose FernandoESP25265,538.545.532.5
1914Asis Gargatagli, HipolitoESP24875,536.543.030.0
209Arizmendi Martinez, Julen LuisESP25295,536.042.530.0
2130Pazos Porta, AntonioESP23435,536.042.529.0
2213Fernandez Romero, ErnestoESP24885,535.541.530.5
2334Ladron De Guevara Pinto, PaoloESP23205,535.041.529.0
2417Gonzalez De La Torre, SantiagoESP24385,534.541.029.0
2522Suarez Garcia, CarlosESP24085,534.541.028.5
2620Suarez Gomez, JulioESP24175,534.041.028.0
278Alsina Leal, DanielESP25315,533.539.027.0
2816Garriga Cazorla, PereESP24615,533.039.027.5
2925Quintin Navarro, AlbertoESP23635,531.538.028.5
3049Escudero Manzano, AlejandroESP21955,531.038.025.5
3145Ortega Lopez, MikelESP22045,530.536.025.0
3252Henderson de La Fuente, LanceESP21715,527.532.521.0
3336Martinez Lopez, DavidESP23055,040.046.531.5
3438Portela Peleteiro, AlbertoESP22735,035.542.026.0
3539Perez Garcia, AlejandroESP22645,033.540.526.0
3687Gonzalez Manchon, Juan MiguelESP19735,033.540.022.5
3751Ponce Cano, AdrianESP21835,031.538.022.5
3840Merario Alarcon, AndresESP22565,
3953Tudela Corbalan, CarlosESP21695,030.537.022.5
4024Matnadze, AnaESP23684,537.544.028.5
101 players

8) Brno Chess 2015

The Brno Chess Festival took place 23rd to 30th August 2015. Tomas Polak won with 7.5/9.

Brno Chess Open 2015 Brno CZE Sun 23rd Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Polak TomasCZE25247.541.553.043.25
22Zwardon VojtechCZE23987.
33Roubalik JakubCZE23796.540.552.536.50
45Strebkovs AndrejsLAT23586.540.552.535.25
59Fiala VaclavCZE22416.537.049.031.50
64Vyskocil NeklanCZE23766.039.050.532.50
76Kozusek DanielCZE23476.037.548.030.75
87Lanc AloisSVK22906.034.043.526.50
910Dvorak AdamCZE22305.538.049.026.50
1013Vechet StanislavCZE21685.538.048.026.50
1112Skacelik PetrCZE21725.537.547.026.75
1211Novosadova KristynaCZE22265.537.047.027.00
138Chudinovskikh AlexanderRUS22755.536.547.026.25
1414Pokorny PetrCZE21645.536.046.024.75
1517Musil JiriCZE21225.532.542.522.75
1620Habina MartinCZE20105.530.038.521.75
1721Zpevakova JanaCZE19975.038.046.523.25
1815Markovic IvanCZE21575.035.547.023.50
1925Tovarek AntoninCZE19725.035.545.023.00
2019Popper TomasCZE20345.035.544.022.50
2147Krajicek FilipCZE16635.034.043.523.25
2223Kuchynka LubosCZE19805.
2329Kopecek IvanCZE19525.
2428Kubala KarelCZE19555.030.539.518.50
2524Stehlik JiriCZE19795.029.537.016.75
2634Zeman RadekCZE18664.534.043.518.75
2758Krejci PetrCZE04.533.042.519.25
2830Licka VlastimilCZE19504.531.542.017.50
2922Zuziak PetrCZE19854.531.541.519.00
3032Janous PetrCZE18834.531.541.018.75
3116Meszaros LudekCZE21234.531.040.015.25
3259Halamka RadekCZE04.530.038.017.25
3339Dumkova DanielaCZE17774.529.537.515.50
3427Spodny JosefCZE19594.527.533.514.25
3531Paulik MartinCZE18914.527.036.014.75
3652Glozar PetrCZE15884.033.544.017.00
3740Straka VojtechCZE17704.
3835Zitny PetrCZE18484.029.538.514.75
3936Jurak StanislavCZE18354.027.535.012.25
4026Zeman ArnostCZE19694.027.534.510.50
59 players

9) Mongolian Open 2015

The Mongolian Open and World Youth Olympiad took place 19th to 29th August 2015.

World U16 Olympiad 2015 Ulan Bator MGL Wed 19th Aug 2015 - Sat 29th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
59China 1107301428.00
713China 2105321221.50
1230MGL Team F105411122.00
1420MGL Team A105411121.00
1826MGL Team D104421020.50
1921Singapore 2105501019.00
207Kazakhstan 1104421018.50
2224MGL Team B10451920.00
2332MGL Team C10343920.00
2418Sri Lanka10451918.50
2519Kazakhstan 210451918.50
2622MGL Team E10343918.50
2725Macau 110343918.50
2931MGL Team H10352818.00
3033MGL Team G10361717.50
3135Zavkhan 210361713.00
3234Russia 210262614.50
3328Macau 210262614.00
3429United States of America1018139.00
35 players
Mongolian Open 2015 Ulan Bator MGL Wed 19th Aug 2015 - Sat 29th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Gundavaa BayarsaikhanMGL24927.553.041.044.25
26Battulga NamkhaiMGL23947.550.539.041.00
318Tuvsanaa NyamaaMGL22177.
43Enkhnar EnkhbaatarMGL24576.553.041.536.00
523Mungunkhuu MijgeeMGL21996.551.540.034.75
67Khatanbaatar BazarMGL23746.550.039.032.75
711Gan-Od SereenenMGL23036.547.537.032.25
827Ariunbuuvei BadamdorjMGL21416.546.537.532.00
919Erkhembayar DuurenbayarMGL22156.544.034.029.50
104Sharavdorj DashzegveMGL24236.543.033.029.25
1135Batchuluun AriunboldMGL20106.540.032.027.25
122Batchuluun TsegmedMGL24856.
1316Bayarmandakh BalganMGL22256.044.533.527.25
1433Munkhchuluun TsegmedMGL20266.
1514Byambaa ZulzagaMGL22585.551.539.529.25
1612Erdene GanzorigMGL22925.551.040.529.50
1713Lkhagvasuren TsedveeMGL22675.550.040.528.00
189Galmandakh BadrakhMGL23285.550.039.530.25
198Gunbayar MyagmarsurenMGL23625.550.038.526.75
2010Nasanjargal UrtnasanMGL23255.549.039.027.25
2138Orgil GantumurMGL19695.549.038.028.75
2228Lkhamsuren UuganbayarMGL21335.547.036.024.75
235Munkhgal GombosurenMGL24135.546.536.526.75
2426Amgalanbaatar RavdanlkhumbuuMGL21525.544.534.023.25
2531Ganduulga DagiiMGL20425.544.035.023.25
2620Otgonjargal SengeravdanMGL22135.543.034.523.75
2741Dagiisuren JargalsaikhanMGL19155.535.027.519.75
2834Mamontov AlexandrKGZ20245.044.534.521.00
2946Saikhanchimeg TsMGL19005.044.035.522.00
3030Munkhbayar GijirMGL20535.044.034.519.00
3136Badamkhand NorovsambuuMGL19935.
3239Bayarkhuu KhurelchuluunMGL19645.043.033.521.50
3347Oyunbayar BatbayarMGL18965.
3424Ankhchimeg BayanmunkhMGL21805.
3540Sarantungalag SengeebaatarMGL19525.039.030.519.00
3642Choijamts BattuvshinRUS19125.038.528.521.00
3732Chuluun GonchigdorjMGL20335.035.026.516.00
3822Batzorig OrgoiMGL21994.549.038.521.25
3944Sukhbold YadamsurenMGL19034.545.034.519.00
85 players

10) 51st Rubinstein Memorial 2015

The 51st Rubinstein Memorial took place 21st to 30th August 2015. Tomasz Warakomski won with 6/9.

51st Rubinstein Mem Polanica Zdroj POL Fri 21st Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1WARAKOMSKI, TomaszIMPOL246656.023.753.0
2KOVALEV, AndreiGMBLR250935.524.503.5
3CYBOROWSKI, LukaszGMPOL253035.522.753.5
4KLEKOWSKI, MaciejIMPOL249035.021.003.0
5SIVUK, VitalyGMUKR247955.019.503.0
6EGGLESTON, David JIMENG239224.520.503.0
7BRODSKY, MichailGMUKR254024.517.502.0
8KRZYZANOWSKI, MarcinIMPOL242014.017.753.0
9GAJEK, RadoslawIMPOL238413.513.252.0
10BASSO, Pier LuigiFMITA244301.57.001.0
10 players
51st Rubinstein Mem Polanica Zdroj POL Fri 21st Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015. Category: 9. Ave: (2465)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Warakomski, Tomasz IM POL 2466 # 0 = = 1 0 1 1 1 1 6 2590
2 Kovalev, Andrei GM BLR 2509 1 # = 1 0 = = = 1 = 5.5 2540
3 Cyborowski, Lukasz GM POL 2530 = = # 0 1 1 = = = 1 5.5 2538
4 Klekowski, Maciej IM POL 2490 = 0 1 # 1 0 = = = 1 5 2506
5 Sivuk, Vitaly GM UKR 2479 0 1 0 0 # 1 1 0 1 1 5 2507
6 Eggleston, David J IM ENG 2392 1 = 0 1 0 # = = = = 4.5 2473
7 Brodsky, Michail GM UKR 2540 0 = = = 0 = # 1 = 1 4.5 2457
8 Krzyzanowski, Marcin IM POL 2420 0 = = = 1 = 0 # = = 4 2427
9 Gajek, Radoslaw IM POL 2384 0 0 = = 0 = = = # 1 3.5 2394
10 Basso, Pier Luigi FM ITA 2443 0 = 0 0 0 = 0 = 0 # 1.5 2195
Round 1. Sat 22nd Aug 2015
Cyborowski, Lukasz 1/2-1/2 Krzyzanowski, Marcin 64 A48 King's Indian
Basso, Pier Luigi 0-1 Gajek, Radoslaw 35 E38 Nimzo-Indian
Sivuk, Vitaly 0-1 Warakomski, Tomasz 39 E32 Nimzo-Indian
Brodsky, Michail 1/2-1/2 Klekowski, Maciej 27 E15 Queen's Indian
Kovalev, Andrei 1/2-1/2 Eggleston, David J 43 B51 Sicilian
Round 2. Sun 23rd Aug 2015
Krzyzanowski, Marcin 1/2-1/2 Eggleston, David J 22 E17 Queen's Indian
Klekowski, Maciej 0-1 Kovalev, Andrei 53 A25 English
Warakomski, Tomasz 1-0 Brodsky, Michail 86 B93 Sicilian
Gajek, Radoslaw 0-1 Sivuk, Vitaly 67 E04 Catalan
Cyborowski, Lukasz 1-0 Basso, Pier Luigi 32 C46 Four knights game
Round 3. Mon 24th Aug 2015
Basso, Pier Luigi 1/2-1/2 Krzyzanowski, Marcin 42 E63 King's Indian
Sivuk, Vitaly 0-1 Cyborowski, Lukasz 41 C42 Petrov
Brodsky, Michail 1/2-1/2 Gajek, Radoslaw 68 E15 Queen's Indian
Kovalev, Andrei 1-0 Warakomski, Tomasz 72 C70 Ruy Lopez
Eggleston, David J 1-0 Klekowski, Maciej 31 B43 Sicilian
Round 4. Tue 25th Aug 2015
Krzyzanowski, Marcin 1/2-1/2 Klekowski, Maciej 31 D41 QGD
Warakomski, Tomasz 0-1 Eggleston, David J 55 B22 Sicilian
Gajek, Radoslaw 0-1 Kovalev, Andrei 39 B08
Cyborowski, Lukasz 1/2-1/2 Brodsky, Michail 29 E18 Queen's Indian
Basso, Pier Luigi 0-1 Sivuk, Vitaly 29 D71 Neo-Gruenfeld,
Round 5. Wed 26th Aug 2015
Sivuk, Vitaly 0-1 Krzyzanowski, Marcin 42 A56 Czech Benoni defence
Brodsky, Michail 1-0 Basso, Pier Luigi 35 D11 QGD Slav
Kovalev, Andrei 1/2-1/2 Cyborowski, Lukasz 31 C42 Petrov
Eggleston, David J 1/2-1/2 Gajek, Radoslaw 39 B43 Sicilian
Klekowski, Maciej 1/2-1/2 Warakomski, Tomasz 51 D31 QGD
Round 6. Thu 27th Aug 2015
Krzyzanowski, Marcin 0-1 Warakomski, Tomasz 38 A49 King's Indian
Gajek, Radoslaw 1/2-1/2 Klekowski, Maciej 30 B31 Sicilian
Cyborowski, Lukasz 1-0 Eggleston, David J 60 B50 Sicilian
Basso, Pier Luigi 1/2-1/2 Kovalev, Andrei 18 E60 King's Indian, 3.Nf3
Sivuk, Vitaly 1-0 Brodsky, Michail 69 E17 Queen's Indian
Round 7. Fri 28th Aug 2015
Brodsky, Michail 1-0 Krzyzanowski, Marcin 29 E40 Nimzo-Indian
Kovalev, Andrei 0-1 Sivuk, Vitaly 47 B47 Sicilian
Eggleston, David J 1/2-1/2 Basso, Pier Luigi 31 C53 Giuoco Piano
Klekowski, Maciej 1-0 Cyborowski, Lukasz 30 B42 Sicilian
Warakomski, Tomasz 1-0 Gajek, Radoslaw 46 B23 Sicilian
Round 8. Sat 29th Aug 2015
Krzyzanowski, Marcin 1/2-1/2 Gajek, Radoslaw 50 E56
Cyborowski, Lukasz 1/2-1/2 Warakomski, Tomasz 31 B40 Sicilian defence
Basso, Pier Luigi 0-1 Klekowski, Maciej 50 E35 Nimzo-Indian
Sivuk, Vitaly 1-0 Eggleston, David J 28 E12 Queen's Indian
Brodsky, Michail 1/2-1/2 Kovalev, Andrei 16 B09 Pirc
Round 9. Sun 30th Aug 2015
Kovalev, Andrei 1/2-1/2 Krzyzanowski, Marcin 60 B72 Sicilian
Eggleston, David J 1/2-1/2 Brodsky, Michail 10 B90 Sicilian
Klekowski, Maciej 1-0 Sivuk, Vitaly 50 E52 Nimzo-Indian
Warakomski, Tomasz 1-0 Basso, Pier Luigi 47 C45 Scotch
Gajek, Radoslaw 1/2-1/2 Cyborowski, Lukasz 11 E10 Queen's pawn game
51st Rubinstein Mem Open Polanica Zdroj POL Fri 21st Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1SABUK, Piotrk+234067.540.0051.00
2SERGEEV, VladimirGM245267.039.5050.50
3MALANIUK, Vladimir PGM248546.542.5055.00
4ANTONIEWSKI, RafalGM253156.539.5051.50
5NASUTA, GrzegorzFM237246.539.0050.00
6WISNIEWSKI, Michalk213356.539.0048.00
7RÓZYCKI, Bartlomiejk++216966.538.0048.00
8STOMA, Pawelm234666.535.5046.00
9NOWAK, KamilI+213356.039.0050.00
10ZOCHOWSKI, Kacperk215456.035.5046.00
11PULTORAK, JanI+212656.035.5044.50
12MAZALON, Mariuszk204066.034.5044.50
13NOWAK, Lukaszk211356.034.0044.00
14KOWALCZYK, PawelI++235255.540.0051.50
15SWICARZ, Maciejm230045.537.0047.00
16CHYLEWSKI, Patrykk214345.534.5045.00
17KOKOSZCZYNSKI, JanI++196645.533.5042.00
18KOCWIN, BartoszFM225055.532.5042.00
19OGLAZA, OskarI+202045.040.0050.00
20WIDLA, PiotrI++200945.037.0046.50
21DUBINSKI, MateuszCM220745.035.5045.50
22LEKS, MariaWCM210145.035.0045.00
23KANICKI, Krzysztofk220545.034.0044.00
24PANAS, Pawelk210045.033.5043.50
25ZEBRACKI, Tomaszk215845.033.0043.00
26PSYK, Radoslawk212855.033.0041.50
27BAJKOWSKI, MarcinI+189235.032.5042.00
28LUBA, LukaszI213945.031.5040.50
29KULAS, Szymonk226645.031.5038.50
30SUJKOWSKI, PawelI++192735.031.0039.50
31DANIEL, DamianI+200835.027.0035.50
32KOZIOL, Kamilk218734.537.5048.50
33LUKASIEWICZ, Krzysztofk200034.534.0043.50
34ZAREBA, RadoslawI207134.534.0042.50
35CZACHOR, RadoslawI++199444.531.0038.50
36SALAKHOVA, GulnaraWIM217934.530.5040.00
37WACIOR, MaciejI++196834.530.0039.00
38SEMERAK, Pavelk208044.529.0037.00
39SERNECKI, FranciszekI193834.528.0036.00
40CZUCHNICKI, AdamI+206344.527.5037.50
70 players

11) 90th ch-ARG Semi-Final 2015

The 90th ch-ARG Semi-Final took place 20th to 26th August 2015. Alan Pichot edged out Alejo De Dovitiis, Ernesto Real de Azua and Leonardo Tristan on tie-break after all scored 7/9.

90th ch-ARG Semi-Final Buenos Aires ARG Thu 20th Aug 2015 - Wed 26th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11PICHOT AlanARG25227.00.050.543.00
219DE DOVITIIS AlejoARG23357.
34REAL DE AZUA ErnestoARG24417.
48TRISTAN LeonardoARG24257.
57SLIPAK SergioARG24276.
65DOLEZAL CristianARG24356.
712ACOSTA Pablo IsmaelARG23646.
814MAHIA GustavoARG23566.
99PAVETO KevinARG24156.50.043.532.50
1020DUARTE LeonardoARG23356.
112VALERGA DiegoARG24826.
1337RODRIGUEZ LaureanoARG21976.
1426FELL SebastianARG22956.00.045.530.50
1521PEREZ MaximilianoARG23306.00.044.528.75
1623MOREDA LucasARG23166.00.043.528.00
1710DELLA MORTE GermanARG24146.
1818PERELMAN HernanARG23376.00.042.530.25
193KRYSA LeandroARG24696.00.042.530.25
2013JULIA ErnestoARG23576.00.042.529.75
2141RUPEREZ MiguelARG21636.
2215GAITAN Juan ManuelARG23485.
2322MUNOZ Francisco JavierARG23215.50.044.526.25
2442GARNIER ReneARG21625.50.042.523.25
2544LAGAR Valentin AlejoARG21445.
2630CUEVAS AlexARG22585.
2734AGUILAR AndresARG22195.
2828DI MURO MatiasARG22685.
296VILLANUEVA MarioARG24285.
3062CAMPOS MatiasARG20425.
3157GODOY CarlosARG20595.50.037.522.50
3233APARICIO AnibalARG22295.
3336CUBERLI EmilianoARG22035.50.036.523.00
3440MOLINA Pablo SebastianARG21665.50.035.521.00
3549VILLEGAS FrancoARG21215.50.034.522.50
3635TONIUTTI EzioARG22155.
3724BENEDETTI JulioARG23135.
3853GIMENEZ AGUIRRE Alejo IsmaelARG20775.00.043.523.75
3932MALBRAN GuillermoARG22375.00.042.523.00
4039PERNAS AgustinARG21675.00.041.522.75
124 players

12) 53rd ch-IND Challengers 2015

The Indian Challengers took place 17th to 27th August 2015. S. Dhopade Swapnil won with 10/13.

53rd ch-IND Challengers Nagpur IND Mon 17th Aug 2015 - Thu 27th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 13 Standings:
110Swapnil S. DhopadeIND245810.099.592.580.75
231K. Praneeth SuryaIND23479.5104.097.078.50
33Karthikeyan MuraliIND25109.5104.096.578.75
411Neelotpal DasIND24489.5103.596.578.00
58Venkatesh M.R.IND24849.5103.596.078.25
65Shyam Sundar M.IND24999.599.592.077.50
719Rathnakaran K.IND24179.599.092.073.50
815Karthikeyan P.IND24269.598.091.575.00
96Kunte AbhijitIND24939.597.590.575.50
1017Shyaamnikhil PIND24209.595.589.573.00
117Das ArghyadipIND24859.590.584.068.25
121Sengupta DeepIND25949.0105.097.575.00
139Thejkumar M. S.IND24799.0102.095.571.50
1430Harsha BharathakotiIND23609.098.591.568.00
1533Konguvel PonnuswamyIND23409.
1643Gusain HimalIND23029.092.586.065.50
1742Shailesh DravidIND23059.
1816Laxman R.R.IND24258.5104.597.569.00
1966Sahoo Utkal RanjanIND22158.5100.594.564.75
202Lalith Babu M.R.IND25708.5100.093.067.00
2122Satyapragyan SwayangsuIND23978.598.091.564.00
2236Rajesh V A VIND23308.595.589.563.50
2321Nitin S.IND24048.595.589.062.00
2413Das SayantanIND24448.595.588.564.00
24Stany G.A.IND23928.595.588.564.00
2650Karthik V. ApIND22568.595.088.562.25
2729Sharma Dinesh K.IND23638.592.586.064.25
2827Roy Chowdhury SaptarshiIND23738.592.586.062.75
2940Kulkarni VikramadityaIND23228.591.084.559.50
30100Aronyak GhoshIND20958.589.584.554.25
3125Krishna C.R.G.IND23858.589.583.060.75
3261Shashikant KutwalIND22238.587.081.057.50
3376Shetty RahulIND21928.0100.093.562.00
3432Palit SomakIND23458.098.591.560.50
3518Himanshu SharmaIND24178.096.088.559.25
3645Kathmale SameerIND22888.
374Deepan Chakkravarthy J.IND25008.095.088.559.75
3848Hemant Sharma (del)IND22708.
3946Sangma RahulIND22858.
4012Swayams MishraIND24468.093.086.558.50
261 players

13) 32nd Collado Villalba 2015

The 32nd Collado Villalba took place 22nd to 30th August 2015. Orelvis Perez Mitjans won with 8/9. Games from the final round not yet available.

32nd Collado Villalba Op Collado Villalba ESP Sat 22nd Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12Perez Mitjans OrelvisESP24348.00.08.02669
27Martinez Reyes Pedro RamonVEN23497.01.06.02503
321Martin Carmona Gaston ManuelESP20687.00.07.02437
49Longa Yauca JavierPER22556.50.06.02345
54Hernando Pertierra Jose C.ESP23856.50.05.02371
628Perdomo Araujo Angel EduardoVEN19986.00.06.02229
75Aranda Marin CristianESP23686.00.05.02398
86Elissalt Cardenas HectorFID23506.00.04.02383
91Moreno Ruiz JavierESP24675.50.05.02308
1031Torres Samper RafaelESP19715.50.05.02138
1129Jordana Vargas JulioESP19985.50.05.02135
1215Garcia Paolicchi RaulAND21485.50.04.02153
1346Perez Cameselle FranciscoESP18405.50.04.01909
143Valles Moreno IvanESP24215.50.03.02332
1526Aguilera Lopez AlejandroESP19995.00.05.01947
1622Lianes Garcia MarcosESP20595.00.04.02247
1713Bermejo Arruego LuisESP21675.00.04.02197
1818Palenciano Escolar AdrianESP21205.00.04.02074
198Collazo Hidalgo-Gato NialaESP22615.00.03.02270
2020Cortes Jurado RafaelESP20735.00.03.01968
2136Rodriguez De Robles IgnacioESP19325.00.03.01949
2219Cao Armillas JesusESP20905.00.02.02135
2310Semprun Martinez FernandoESP22154.50.04.02216
2417Aziz Ortego Omar LuisESP21234.50.04.02024
2514Pastor Alonso De Prado AlbertESP21674.50.04.02017
2635Martin Martin Luis VicenteESP19334.50.03.02152
2712Sanz Castillo SantiagoESP21974.50.03.02079
2816Rodriguez Melendez Juan HumbePER21304.50.03.02031
2923Erice Alonso SantiagoESP20134.50.03.02007
3047Perez Vazquez ManuelESP18374.50.02.02031
3148Eizaguerri Floris MariaESP18224.00.04.02051
3254Tipter NapoleonROU04.00.04.01938
3337Camarero Izquierdo Juan CarloESP19314.00.04.01830
3424Garcia Saez Juan CarlosESP20104.00.03.01842
3543Picazo Gonzalez AnaESP18514.00.03.01839
3638Gutierrez Mordini PabloESP19024.00.02.01907
3730Garcia Galeote LorenzoESP19734.00.02.01741
3827Esquivias Gomez Francisco J.ESP19993.50.03.02270
3933Antonano Fedz-Quincoces AveliESP19703.50.03.01945
4025De La Orden Alcocer AlejandroESP20063.50.02.02119
55 players

14) 20th Rewal Open 2015

The 20th Rewal Open took place 18th to 29th August 2015. Andrei Gurbanov edged out Aleksander Kaczmarek, Karol Kucza and Michal Karpus on tie-break after all scored 6.5/9. Games not yet available.

20th Rewal Open 2015 Rewal POL Thu 20th Aug 2015 - Sat 29th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Gurbanov, Andrei (2)FMISR23886,539,050,0
2Kaczmarek, Aleksander (9)FMPOL22386,538,548,0
3Kucza, Karol (28)kPOL20836,537,045,0
4Karpus, Michal (18)kPOL21816,534,043,0
5Tomczak, Mikolaj (6)k+POL23196,040,550,0
6Mroziak, Maciej (5)k+POL23336,038,048,5
7Tomaszewski, Kacper (12)kPOL22156,033,542,5
8Lewtak, Damian (3)mPOL23695,540,051,0
9Skawinski, Arkadiusz (4)FMPOL23675,535,044,0
10Lizak, Jakub (30)kPOL20615,533,543,0
11Teclaf, Pawel (16)CMPOL21845,532,041,5
12Olhovik, Andrei (7)BLR23055,531,540,5
13Reza, Wojciech (8)k+POL22655,531,540,0
14Marczuk, Dominik (17)kPOL21845,529,538,5
15Voloshin, Leonid (1)GMCZE24225,040,050,5
16Kosakowski, Jakub (13)kPOL22035,036,046,5
17Krainski, Slawomir (27)kPOL20835,035,544,5
18Lach, Aleksandra (20)WIMPOL21655,033,041,5
19Jaroch, Karol (11)k+POL22255,031,540,5
20Czerw, Dawid (15)kPOL21945,031,040,5
21Iwinski, Grzegorz (24)IPOL21175,027,035,5
22Lapaj, Mateusz (23)k+POL21274,539,048,5
23Marczuk, Anna (39)kPOL19694,531,540,0
24Pilzak, Marcin (26)kPOL21004,530,538,5
25Wisniowska, Klaudia (14)WFMPOL21964,530,039,5
26Smolka, Marcin (29)kPOL20734,530,038,0
27Kubicka, Anna (10)mPOL22264,527,536,0
28Szczyrba, Daniel (19)kPOL21784,527,035,5
29Zaleski, Lukasz (25)I++POL21074,523,530,5
30Palosz, Andrzej (21)kPOL21504,034,542,5
31Garbowski, Jakub (35)I+POL19954,032,040,5
32Bilczewski, Kacper (31)IPOL20564,031,541,0
33Paziak, Patryk (47)IPOL17024,031,540,0
34Szolc, Grzegorz (36)IPOL19954,031,039,5
35Murawko, Katarzyna (42)kPOL18754,030,538,5
36Czerniawski, Krzysztof (44)IPOL18464,025,032,5
37Powalka, Michal (38)I++POL19753,534,043,5
38Kindler, Przemyslaw (41)I+POL18993,529,038,0
39Klepek, Witold (37)I++POL19903,529,037,0
40Cieslak, Patrycjusz (45)IPOL18183,526,033,5
47 players

15) 26th Porto San Giorgio Open 2015

The 26th Porto San Giorgio Open took place 22nd to 30th August 2015. Alessio Viviani edged out Oleg Romanishin and Alessio De Santis on tie-break after all scored 7/9.

26th Porto San Giorgio Op Porto San Giorgio ITA Sat 22nd Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
17Viviani AlessioITA22737.047.550.52252.7
21Romanishin Oleg MGMUKR24717.046.549.52199.1
36De Santis AlessioFMITA22917.045.047.52226.7
43Gilevych ArtemFMITA24096.049.553.52260.4
52Drasko MilanGMMNE24396.044.047.52195.2
64Vezzosi PaoloIMITA23476.042.545.52171.8
712Begelman BorisRUS21256.042.045.02150.8
85Aleksic NenadIMSRB23375.544.048.02165.0
919Giancotti EraldoITA20835.541.545.52150.3
108Marsili RiccardoITA21945.538.041.52064.4
1110Carnicelli ValerioITA21495.536.540.52071.3
1218Rinaudo SergioITA20875.044.048.02174.8
1320Vincenzi MarcoITA20835.042.543.52123.0
1422Dobboletta AlexITA20785.041.044.02158.8
1540Santinelli MicheleITA19345.038.542.02089.6
1631De Carlo FabioITA20145.035.038.52057.3
1736Baiocchi EmanueleITA20114.539.042.02089.3
1827Tonel GiuliaITA20314.536.537.52077.2
1934Messina RobertaWFMITA20124.536.039.02087.9
2014Lantini MarcoITA21154.533.536.02018.2
2137Ciampi VincenzoITA20084.531.034.02081.7
2238Trasciatti MirkoITA19884.040.044.02133.3
2341Bernardini TommasoITA19194.039.042.52130.7
2430Rinaudo AndreaITA20174.037.540.52100.1
2524D Alfonso NicolaITA20554.037.040.02051.0
2617Calandri FaustoITA20884.036.539.52063.7
2711Foglia MaurizioITA21484.036.539.52028.0
2816Privitera FrancoITA20934.036.038.52038.3
2913Rotoni MatteoITA21184.035.538.52061.9
3025Viaggi StefanoITA20534.033.035.52013.0
3143Marvulli DarioITA19174.030.531.52031.4
3215Cardili MarianoITA20933.537.540.52069.4
3335Bellincampi StefanoITA20123.537.538.52110.4
3421Orfini Nicolo`ITA20803.534.535.51978.0
3523Rago RiccardoITA20753.534.036.52034.0
3628Lateana DomenicoITA20263.532.033.02037.0
3726Fagnani AlessandroITA20403.530.531.52048.5
3833Villani CristianGER20133.035.037.52090.8
3944Allegranti LucaITA19153.034.537.52066.6
4039Simeone GiulioITA19763.030.032.52032.9
44 players

16) 30th Schwarzacher Open 2015

The 30th Schwarzacher Open took place 22nd to 29th August 2015. Robert Zelcic edged out Mladen Palac and Sergey Ivanov on tie-break after all scored 6.5/9.

30th Schwarzacher Open Schwarzach AUT Sat 22nd Aug 2015 - Sat 29th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
19Zelcic RobertCRO25016.538.048.033.25
23Palac MladenCRO25766.538.047.533.25
35Ivanov SergeyRUS25656.533.542.532.00
41Berkes FerencHUN26596.040.552.534.75
57Yevseev DenisRUS25156.038.549.030.50
614Lizak PeterHUN24206.
72Stevic HrvojeCRO26066.037.547.531.25
84Kunin VitalyGER25715.539.049.528.50
912Stark LarsGER24375.536.546.527.25
1010Janssen RuudNED24835.535.545.024.25
116Krivoborodov EgorRUS25225.535.045.526.00
128Jovanovic ZoranCRO25085.534.043.023.00
1323Klek Hanna MarieGER22515.531.540.019.00
1413Krstic UrosCRO24295.531.040.022.75
1515Jerez Perez AlfonsoESP24065.035.545.021.25
1611Kovacevic BlazimirCRO24815.
1718Biti OzrenCRO23395.032.542.019.75
1826Borsos BogdanUKR22175.032.541.020.00
1920Kernazhitsky LeonidUKR22675.030.539.019.00
2021Niedermeier ThomasGER22635.028.538.019.50
2116Berchtenbreiter MaximilianGER23964.533.041.518.50
2222Llaneza Vega PatriciaESP22624.530.039.017.00
2338Carrasco PaulUSA20064.525.031.515.00
2425Hofmann ThomasAUT22234.039.549.521.25
2517Hilverda AlexanderGER23824.037.047.519.75
2630Rolletschek Heinrich Dr.DI.AUT21634.033.542.516.25
2729Dudas EszterHUN21714.032.541.516.50
2844Titov EvgenyRUS19674.
2933Seisenberger GeorgGER21094.027.536.014.75
3043Wegerer Josef Mag.AUT19794.
3127Mostbauer FlorianAUT22003.532.041.514.25
3234Behling RobertGER21063.528.036.512.25
3324Roeberg FrankGER22483.527.036.013.50
3440Wieser RupertAUT19933.526.534.512.75
3539Chubar VladimirUKR19953.524.531.59.50
3642Gschwendtner StanislavCZE19913.
3719Almeida Toledano DanielESP22833.027.536.58.75
3832Sandner MichaelGER21123.027.535.510.75
3936Holzbauer Johannes Mag.AUT20303.
4041Christen PierreLUX19923.023.531.08.75
45 players

17) St Petersburg Summer 2015

The St Petersburg Summer took place 22nd to 31st August 2015. The Rapid event (part of the Russian Rapid Cup series was very strong. Alexander Riazantsev edged out Sergei Rublevsky, Evgeny Alekseev, Farrukh Amonatov and Kirill Stupak on tie-break after all scored 8.5/11.

St.Petersburg Summer Rapid St Petersburg RUS Sat 22nd Aug 2015 - Mon 31st Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
16Riazantsev AlexanderRUS26898.582.076.561.00
23Rublevsky SergeiRUS27188.581.576.061.00
35Alekseev EvgenyRUS26928.579.574.060.00
49Amonatov FarrukhTJK26508.578.073.057.75
512Stupak KirillBLR25928.577.573.057.75
62Inarkiev ErnestoRUS27428.080.074.555.75
710Grachev BorisRUS26458.
816Khismatullin DenisRUS25628.
911Sakaev KonstantinRUS26078.078.573.055.75
101Svidler PeterRUS27568.
118Shirov AlexeiLAT26598.077.573.053.75
127Ponkratov PavelRUS26738.070.065.549.00
1364Bilguun SumiyaMGL22148.068.565.046.75
1417Aleksandrov AleksejBLR25547.582.577.553.50
1514Goganov AlekseyRUS25857.577.072.050.00
1631Malakhov IgorRUS24257.577.072.048.75
1718Levin Evgeny A.RUS25507.576.071.047.00
184Fedoseev VladimirRUS27177.574.070.047.50
1915Lintchevski DaniilRUS25777.573.068.046.75
2013Novikov StanislavRUS25877.572.067.548.00
2122Bodnaruk AnastasiaRUS24687.570.565.547.00
2226Lugovskoy MaximRUS24517.570.065.544.00
2336Shchukin DmitryRUS23557.568.565.043.00
2444Abramov NikitaRUS22987.568.564.044.75
2525Smirnov ArtemRUS24527.564.059.541.75
2619Alekseenko KirillRUS25347.078.072.547.25
2729Khusenkhojaev MuhammadTJK24317.076.070.543.50
2843Petrov NikitaRUS23067.074.069.544.00
2928Moiseenko VadimRUS24367.
3071Grigoriev SemyonRUS21907.069.565.040.00
3135Slugin SergeyRUS23567.069.565.039.50
3238Kashtanov RuslanRUS23467.069.565.039.00
3341Karasev Vladimir IRUS23137.068.564.040.25
3421Usmanov VasilyRUS24917.068.063.540.00
3520Mozharov MikhailRUS25207.067.062.541.00
3647Ganichev AlexanderRUS22857.
3739Babikov IvanRUS23407.063.559.039.00
3842Ovod EvgenijaRUS23127.
3940Nazaretyan TigranRUS23407.060.555.538.50
4030Pustovoitova DariaRUS24287.
186 players

18) 35th Bratto Open 2015

The 35th Bratto Open took place 22nd to 30th August 2015. Vladimir Sveshnikov won with 6.5/9.

35th Bratto Open 2015 Bratto ITA Sat 22nd Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
19Sveshnikov VladimirIMLAT23526.540.042.0
21Sveshnikov EvgenyGMLAT25086.044.549.5
38Aghayev MiraghaFMITA23546.043.547.0
47Cebalo MisoGMCRO23976.043.046.0
56Janev EvgeniGMBUL24096.041.545.0
63Movsziszian KarenGMARM24575.546.050.0
72Orlov AndreyGMRUS24895.541.545.5
821Lain LuigiITA21435.538.540.5
913Ranieri FabrizioFMITA22565.046.048.0
105Hunt Adam CIMENG24275.042.546.5
1111Qendro LlambiIMALB23385.041.544.0
1212Corvi MarcoFMITA23225.039.543.5
134Sulava NenadGMCRO24425.039.543.0
1414Madiai FedericoITA22275.036.039.5
1510Vuelban VirgilioIMPHI23495.035.037.5
1618Cattaneo MarcoITA21755.034.538.0
1720Brociner BeniaminoITA21675.034.036.5
1825Bonazzi EdoardoITA21134.533.035.0
1919Negro RobertoITA21694.530.032.0
2016Giretti Kanev JasenITA22114.040.544.0
2123Franciosi FaustoITA21394.037.539.5
2222Cocconcelli LorenzoITA21394.037.041.0
2326Bargeri LudovicoITA20924.037.040.5
2429Ventura SalvatoreITA20834.036.038.0
2517Bonato MarianoITA21774.035.537.5
2615Ferretti FolcoFMITA22114.035.038.0
2733Ottavi MarcoITA19914.030.532.5
2831Motola JacopoITA20613.539.543.5
2927Coppola FedericoITA20923.538.042.0
3032Ricci MarcoFMITA20403.532.534.5
3124Gennari JacopoITA21253.032.534.5
3228Cugini VerterITA20892.532.034.0
3334Ranfagni StefanoITA19702.034.036.0
3430Gentili GianguidoITA20742.030.532.5
34 players

19) Bruges Masters 2015

The Bruges Masters took place 24th and 28th August 2015. Vladimir Epishin edged out Sebastian Feller and Levente Vajda on tie-break after all scored 7.5/9.

Bruges Masters 2015 Bruges BEL Mon 24th Aug 2015 - Fri 28th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Epishin VladimirGM255897.52573
2Feller SebastienGM262297.52560
3Vajda LeventeGM257297.52543
4Fries Frederik2202972300
5Hamblok RoelFM230596.52370
6Piceu TomFM231096.52294
7Van Osch Mees225796.52273
8Maenhout ThibautFM237196.52338
9Sohier Julien223996.52206
10Boucquet Emile216196.52130
11Decrop Benjamin200496.52054
12De Weird Matthias187296.52036
13Ratsma Midas215096.52013
14Larsen Harald1949962025
15Mitran Anthony Cristian194195.52110
16Cocquyt Tijs212595.52057
17Loiret Stanislas219195.52036
18Ratsma Rosa208195.51995
19Decrop Hendrik194395.52058
20Van Kessel Wessel195495.52073
21Boons Patrick199695.51987
22Vandenbuerie Joachim197395.52060
23Barzeele Raf198295.51965
24Prior Stephen199295.51933
25De Waele Warre172095.51873
26Van Malder Dries167595.51773
27Higgs Joshua195175.52001
28Rosenauer Horst197595.51833
29Huygebaert Batist174395.51807
30Danneel Geert189395.51841
31Fischer Daniel175095.51879
32Maddens Martijn2041951968
33Smekens Ruben2083951898
34Carpentier Jannes1867951874
35Chimakadze Giorgi1813951887
36Vandendriessche Jan2132951915
37Parisis Apostolos1725951822
38De Smedt Gino0951791
39Pu Linden1717951662
40Van Den Bosch Arno1871951786
111 players

20) 3rd Golden Apricot 2015

The 3rd Golden Apricot took place 25th to 30th August 2015. Davit Benidze edged out Meilis Annaberdiev, Andrey Zhigalko, Sergey Volkov, Hur Yasin and Faruk Ozar Omar after all scored 7/9.

3rd Golden Apricot 2015 Malatya TUR Tue 25th Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
17Benidze DavitGMGEO751½4641,00
29Annaberdiev MeilisIMTKM7514641,25
33Andrey ZhigalkoGMBLR74844½37,50
42Volkov SergeyGMRUS7484338,75
524Yasin HurTUR741½38½32,00
622Ozer Omer FarukTUR741½37½32,75
71Sergey TivyakovGMNED4943½37,25
814Rahmanov ShahriyarAZE4641½31,75
917Erden KadirTUR4339½31,00
1053Keser MuratTUR4137½29,50
118Haznedaroglu KivancGMTUR647½4331,75
125Nevyerov ValeriyGMUKR6474232,25
136Azaladze ShotaIMGEO64641½31,75
1410Guliev LogmanIMAZE6464131,75
1519Zeynalli RashadAZE644½39½30,75
1618Metin OguzTUR644½39½29,00
1715Annaberdiyev BabagelDIFMTUR643½3929,75
1813Eminov OrkhanFMTUR64137½27,00
194Mirzoev AzerGMAZE4944½29,50
2011Bagaturov GiorgiGMGEO494431,00
2116Dogan Ali EkberTUR4439½25,00
2221Ozen BahadirFMTUR4338½26,75
2312Lami AlinaIMROU42½3825,00
2423Aliyev ElnurAZE4036½22,25
2528Yelligedik MuratTUR3935½22,25
2648Aydin ErsinTUR36½3419,75
2771Tanriverdi EnesTUR353221,50
2820Yayik MustafaTUR33½3020,75
2945Samani YamacTUR5464127,50
3041Aysoy VeysiTUR544½4023,50
3157Sakir RidvanTUR54439½25,50
3237Aydincelebi KaganFMTUR542½38½22,25
3374Turkmen Huseyin NaziFHANTUR54137½20,75
3482Yildiz, MehmetTUR540½3623,25
3566Kerem Halil OzgunTUR539½3620,75
3638Taskaya MuhammedTUR539½35½19,50
3796Bulut MuhammedTUR538½3519,50
3827Demircin KasimTUR537½3419,50
3929Agdelen Huseyin CanTUR537½3419,00
4042Kuruz YusufTUR5373320,50
105 players

21) 1st open World VIP Club 2015

The 1st open World VIP Club took place 20th to 23rd August 2015. Minko Shishkov edged out Viacheslav Tilicheev on tie-break after both scored 6/7.

1st open World VIP Club Sunny Beach BUL Thu 20th Aug 2015 - Sun 23rd Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
14Shishkov Minko22726.0
21Tilicheev Viacheslav24146.0
35Petrov Martin22605.5
47Ninov Dayan20914.5
53Nikolova Adriana23044.0
611Petrov Anton18294.0
713Ferdov Stavri17404.0
86Bukhteeva Viktoria21863.5
98Luca Ionel20543.5
1010Kirchev Krasimir18423.5
112Petrov Vladimir Sergeev23363.0
129Shivacheva Donika18783.0
1312Kolev Velio17983.0
1414Kosturkov Hristo16963.0
1515Nanovski Stiliyan15143.0
1617Zakov Kalofer02.0
1716Yagutian Mariya13401.5
17 players

22) 12th Battle of Crete Open 2015

The 12th Battle of Crete Open takes place 27th August to 9th September 2015.

12th Battle of Crete Open Chania GRE Thu 27th Aug 2015 - Wed 9th Sep 2015
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
16Karpatchev AleksandrRUS24704.0010.017.0
23Brunello SabinoITA25454.008.514.5
31Rusev KrasimirBUL25633.5010.017.0
45Nikolov MomchilBUL25313.509.014.5
512Zimina OlgaITA23563.509.014.0
62Nikolaidis IoannisGRE25593.509.014.0
722Kalogeris IoannisGRE21493.507.513.0
811Devereaux Maxim LNOR23683.506.511.0
919El Jawich AmroLIB21913.008.514.0
108Theodorou NikolasGRE24243.008.513.5
1116Sahl Sheila BarthNOR22073.007.513.0
1217Pavlidou EkateriniGRE22013.007.012.0
137Kelires AndreasCYP24263.007.011.5
149Souleidis GeorgiosGRE24043.006.511.0
1514Koutoukidis PanagiotisGRE22632.508.513.5
1620Galunova TsvetaBUL21782.508.012.0
1710Lekic DusanMNE23942.507.011.5
1815Dragomirescu AngelaROU22142.506.511.0
1928Karousos-Theodorakis NikolaosGRE20732.506.510.5
2018Milonakis GeorgiosGRE22012.009.515.0
2132Georgakopoulos Nikolaos K.GRE19802.008.012.5
2225Kwossek GeorgGER20842.007.512.5
2327Kalofonos PanayotisGRE20762.007.512.0
2429Skiadopoulos NikolaosGRE20592.007.012.5
2513Papadopoulos ArgiriosGRE22902.005.59.5
2621Dragomirescu CalinROU21772.004.08.0
2726Papadimitriou LoukasGRE20801.507.512.5
2830Mitsis GeorgiosGRE20121.507.512.0
2924Kazakos EmmanouilGRE21311.506.09.5
3031Fidrilakis StavrosGRE19800.507.512.5
314Halkias SteliosGRE25310.507.011.5
3223Mcmahon DaireIRL21410.006.010.0
32 players

23) 3rd China National Mind Games 2015

The 3rd China National Mind Games takes place 25th August to 3rd September 2015. I gather the rapid games were broadcast but unfortunately I didn't know about them and I also had my computer switch off overnight when trying to grab round one of the team event but have the recent rounds. Hopefully the games will turn up.

24) Lidkoping Open 2015

The Lidkoping Open took place 29th to 30th August 2015. Sandro Mareco won wtih 6.5/7.

Lidkoping Open 2015 Lidkoping SWE Sat 29th Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Mareco, SandroGMARG26056.524.533.027.5
2Bellon, JuanGMESP24195.524.534.024.0
3Karlsson, LarsGMSWE24765.523.032.522.5
4Arman, DenizFMTUR23325.523.031.022.5
5Rothen, HaakanFMSWE23595.522.532.024.5
6Ernst, ThomasGMSWE23845.522.531.023.5
7Fries Nielsen, Jens OveIMDEN24805.521.029.522.0
8Waalinder, LarsSWE2261524.534.024.0
9Fries Nielsen, Niels JorgenFMDEN2426522.531.022.0
10Andersson, FredrikFMSWE2346522.031.022.5
11Svensson, BengtIMSWE2391521.029.522.0
12Cramling, PiaGMSWE2550520.529.020.0
13Lind, Jan-OlovSWE2278520.028.521.0
14Marchand, EricFRA2236520.028.520.5
15Madebrink, LarsSWE2253520.028.520.0
16Wengholm, AndersSWE2227519.527.519.5
17Malmqvist, GlennSWE2187519.527.519.0
18Nyander, JoakimSWE2202519.027.519.5
19Forsberg, TimmySWE2239518.525.019.0
20Svensson, LeifSWE2204517.524.017.0
21Andreasson, IngvarSWE24294.522.531.521.5
22Svenn, MattiSWE22044.521.029.519.5
23Ask, JosefSWE21974.520.528.519.5
24Hammar, BengtFMSWE22164.520.028.518.5
25Hobber, AndersFMNOR23394.519.529.019.0
26Winsnes, RikardIMSWE24854.519.526.016.5
27Adler, BoSWE22314.519.028.018.0
28Svensson, SvenSWE22684.519.027.020.0
29Dahlstrom, RickardSWE20034.518.526.017.0
30Fransson, PatrickSWE21274.517.527.015.5
31Axelsson, HenrikSWE1916425.032.520.0
32NG, KlemensSWE1909422.530.517.5
33Lunde, SigmundNOR1898421.528.019.0
34Eklund, Lars-GoranFMSWE2344420.028.519.0
35Bjorking, LeifSWE2037420.027.518.0
36Kasib, LaithFMIRQ2055419.528.018.0
37Ronneland, DanielSWE2172419.527.018.5
38Andersson, Kjell-ĆkeSWE2052419.526.517.5
39Lindstrom, AndreasSWE1812419.526.514.0
40Johansson, MikaelSWE1966419.025.015.5
116 players

25) Styrian Open 2015

The Styrian Open takes place 29th August to 6th September 2015.

Styrian Open 2015 Graz AUT Sat 29th Aug 2015 - Sun 6th Sep 2015
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
14Schnider GertAUT23343.
22Schreiner PeterAUT24393.
38Frank Paul Dr. DIAUT22372.
413Titz Heimo Dr.AUT21592.
56Fahrner KurtAUT23242.
9Wiedner RobertAUT21932.
719Marzano CarloITA21292.
83Kokol PeterSLO23712.
91Diermair AndreasAUT24852.
1056Verhoef JaapNED02.
1111Humburg PhilippGER21862.
1210Besner BernhardGER21882.
1335Horvath RekaAUT20112.
1457Lymysalo VenlaAUT16602.
1527Schoenangerer HerbertAUT20621.
1633Waldmann GeraldAUT20301.
1744Spacapan SimonSLO19311.
48Kapus FlorianAUT19201.
1952Kassel WalterAUT18791.
2021Legenstein RobertAUT21121.
40Hiebler LauraAUT19561.
2217Kerschbaumer JohannesAUT21331.
2330Thalmeier BerndAUT20471.
2447Spelec DarkoSLO19211.
257Spindelboeck Gernot MMagAUT22611.
12Buzeti JernejSLO21841.
53Landl MargotAUT18551.
2815Wallner Dieter Dr.AUT21451.
18Wegerer Fred Ing.AUT21321.
305Halvax GeorgAUT23311.
3122Toefferl HeimoAUT20971.
3241Brunner GerhardAUT19381.
3326Hapala ElisabethAUT20831.
3425Gutmann AloisAUT20841.
3532Baierlein Martin Mag.GER20361.
3636Trippold DeniseAUT19991.
3714Mihevc IvoSLO21491.
3820Schriebl AlexanderAUT21131.
24Nickl KlausAUT20851.
58Tölly MichaelAUT19641.
58 players

26) Open ch-MKD 2015

The Open ch-MKD took place 22nd to 30th August 2015. Zvonko Stanojoski won with 7.5/9.

Open ch-MKD 2015 Struga MKD Sat 22nd Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
13Stanojoski ZvonkoMKD24237.546.550.06.0
21Pancevski FilipMKD25067.
32Nedev TrajkoMKD24756.547.551.54.0
414Kralevski AleksanderMKD21256.545.048.55.0
58Veleski RobertMKD22626.
64Bogdanovski VlatkoMKD24106.046.551.56.0
76Nikolov SashoBUL23506.046.550.55.0
87Popovic Aleksandar MSRB22636.
912Gentilleau Jean-PhilippeMNC21856.039.540.04.0
105Danchevski OrceMKD23665.545.550.05.0
119Petrov GeorgiSRB22485.541.045.04.0
1232Seviner KemalTUR17125.539.542.54.0
1310Nikolovski NikolaMKD22355.046.551.03.0
1427Mihov FilipMKD18585.043.547.03.0
1518Selkovski ZarkoMKD20105.042.544.54.0
1620Peev KostaMKD19995.
1717Konstantinov AleksandarMKD20225.
1822Kostadinovski ZoranMKD19535.
1915Koskoska GabrielaMKD20805.
2023Dimov DanielMKD19495.038.542.04.0
2116Krstev EmilMKD20785.038.541.54.0
2211Lazov ToniMKD22235.
2328Tevdovski ZoranMKD18075.037.540.54.0
2433Shabanaj LefterALB16535.033.535.54.0
2521Aleksovski AleksandarMKD19704.539.041.03.0
2619Hadzi - Manev LjubomirMKD20074.537.540.53.0
2729Stojanov Ptolomej PetarMKD17474.533.036.04.0
2835Velkovski KristijanMKD15844.532.535.52.0
2949Risteski EmilMKD04.038.542.52.0
3034Manova IvanaMKD16294.036.539.54.0
3130Pejchinoski DejanMKD17334.036.539.53.0
3225Jancev ValentinMKD18684.
3326Nikolovska DraganaMKD18634.035.538.53.0
3447Nedelkoski FilipMKD04.
3537Veljanoski AndrejMKD15714.
3631Lakinska SimonaMKD17233.540.042.03.0
3738Krstevski VladimirMKD15393.536.038.03.0
3839Pejchinoski NikolaMKD15313.532.534.52.0
3944Batkoski IgorMKD03.531.532.03.0
4024Batkoski NenadMKD18853.038.542.53.0
50 players

27) Portugal Open 2015

The Portugal Open takes place 30th August to 5th September 2105.

Portugal Open 2015 Oeiras POR Sun 30th Aug 2015 - Sat 5th Sep 2015
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
12Spraggett Kevin BarryCAN25452.
5Martinez Duany Lelys StanleyCUB24502.
8Gonzalez Perez ArianFID24402.
10Dias PauloPOR23902.
11Silva LuisPOR23342.
63Greenfeld AlonISR25352.
4Larińo Nieto DavidESP24632.
7Ferreira Jorge Joao ViterboPOR24472.
9Hoffman Alejandro SergioARG24332.
14Rodriguez Lopez RafaelESP22552.
1154Veiga Jose Francisco Reis PedPOR18012.
121Epishin VladimirRUS25581.
20Sanchez Jerez Emilio MiguelESP21871.
146Campora Daniel HARG24481.
17Ferreira Luis Pedro OliveiraPOR22181.
1616Carneiro Carlos Alberto C PPOR22321.
23Bray Daniel Jose Freire FariaPOR21561.
63Sa Claudio Simao Carvalho FarPOR17141.
65Oliveira Maria Alice Ramos MaPOR16781.
69Santos Jose Guilherme BarriaPOR16131.
76Antunes Ricardo Miguel MaissaPOR14101.
2262Gomes Hugo Antonio AlexandrePOR17161.
66Passeiro Diogo Miguel VPOR16641.
2415Rego PedroPOR22361.
18Santos Jose L Machado AlvesPOR22051.
19Aguiar Henrique Rui NevesPOR21881.
21Silva Miguel A Neto PiresPOR21741.
24Bolhari Orphe IrajIRI21521.
25Guimaraes Rui PintoPOR21441.
26Pires Emanuel Joao RobartsPOR21331.
28Aflalo SophieFRA21171.
31Fidalgo Andre NevesPOR20581.
34Margarido Jose Miguel TeixeirPOR20211.
36Martins Andre G Gomes BritoPOR20091.
37Prata Jose Miguel MendesPOR20031.
39Leao Tiago Miguel Da SilvaPOR19691.
52Mendes ModestePOR18161.
3847Aguiar Carlos Alberto BrancoPOR18371.
87Guia Artur Solovyov Eloy DaPOR12651.
4027Guerra Vitor Manuel VestiaPOR21191.
103 players

28) 6th Interchess Cup 2015

The 6th Interchess Cup took place 26th to 31st August 2015. Sergej Berezjuk won with 7.5/9.

6th Interchess Cup 2015 Senica SVK Wed 26th Aug 2015 - Mon 31st Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
13Berezjuk SergejCZE23797.529.000.06
210Sriram JhaIND24006.526.250.04
31Kuznetsov Mikhail V.RUS22786.525.250.04
46Aleksandrovskiy DmitriyRUS22074.516.250.02
58Richterova NatasaCZE21294.017.250.51
69Komliakov ViktorMDA24164.017.250.50
75Karas MarekSVK22023.513.000.01
82Istona MartinSVK23063.011.750.00
97Jablonicky MartinSVK22033.09.750.01
104Sahidi SamirSVK23152.59.750.01
10 players

29) US Chess Masters 2015

The US Chess Masters take place 27th to 31st August 2015.

30) Atlantis Open 2015

The Atlantis open took place 27th to 30th August took place 27th to 30th August 2015. Merijn Van Delft, Sipke Ernst and Migchiel De Jong all scored 5.5/7.

Atlantis Open 2015 Groningen NED Thu 27th Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Van Delft, MerijnIMNED243011½½½115.52482
2Ernst, SipkeGMNED25521½1½11½5.52482
3De Jong, MigchielIMNED236711½11½½5.52473
4Erwich, FrankFMNED23511½01½115.02388
5Klapwijk, BramNED2186101=½115.02249
6Hummel, PaulNED2059011½½115.02325
7Maris, IvoNED230111½½1½04.52371
8Hummel, Erik-JanFMNED233011½½½104.52273
9Maatman, NickNED22781½1½½014.52310
10Walinga, Eric JanNED1991=1½10104.02223
11Pel, BonnoFMNED227510=1½014.02194
12Tromp, PieterNED2158=11½½0½4.02212
13Steffens, OlafFMGER228610011014.02175
14De Boer, BasNED1902½1½0½1½4.02121
15Middelveld, MartineNED211900+110½3.52102
16Clemens, AdrianFMNED2166½=0½½1½3.52032
17Hulshof, PeterNED2167½0=½1103.52130
18Groenewold, Jan JorisNED2158½=1½00½3.02063
19Egli, UrsSUI202501110003.02055
20Hommes, ElmarNED203901100103.02151
21Van Foreest, LucasNED22801½0010½3.02099
22Bos, RobinNED20820½=10013.02023
23Elgersma, SimonNED19920½10½013.02048
24Hilwerda, JonasNED1953000+1103.01947
25Taal, RieksNED1955=001½0½2.51854
26Piket, RoelNED1673½=0½-½½2.51954
27Van der Meiden, DirkNED2078010½0012.51941
28Zuiderweg, EdwinNED19820000½1+2.51824
29Wielenga, WiebeNED19550010½½02.01887
30Heldt, Nils-LennartGER1895+0000102.01778
31De Boer, EelkeNED1912½=000001.01724
32Schlenter, RuedigerGER19240010-0-1.01833
32 players

31) US Chess League 2015

The US Chess League takes place weekly 25th August to 1st December 2015.

US Chess League 2015 ICC INT Tue 25th Aug 2015 - Tue 1st Dec 2015
Leading Round 1 (of 10) Standings:
1New England1.00.03.02341
2New York1.00.03.02226
4New Jersey0.50.52.02418
2Rio Grande1.00.02.52395
4St. Louis0.50.52.02437
5San Francisco0.50.52.02433
7Las Vegas0.50.52.02402
9San Diego0.01.01.52383
20 players

32) TCh-SRB Premier 2015

The Serbian Team Championship Premier League took place 20th to 30th August 2015.

TCh-SRB Premier w 2015 Kragujevac SRB Thu 20th Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1JELICA PEP (Goracici)*244332830.50
2BAS (Beograd)*234442531.50
3RAD (Beograd)2*23422126.50
4RADNICKI (Rudovci)22*224241725.50
5JUGOVIC (Kac)112*321721.50
6ZLATAR (Nova Varos)002*23231217.50
7SAHMATNI KRUZOK (Novi Sad)½½012*224916.00
8RADNICKI (Beograd)½0½212*22714.00
9LESTANE (Lestane)00½0½2*3711.50
10SOMBORSKI SK (Sombor)1½2222*2516.00
11IN (Debrc)1½½010212*29.50
11 players
TCh-SRB Premier 2015 Kragujevac SRB Thu 20th Aug 2015 - Sun 30th Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1NOVOSADSKI SK DDOR (Novi Sad)*3344452945.50
2JUGOVIC (Kac)*334462644.00
3JELICA PEP (Goracici)33*334542240.00
4SPARTAK (Subotica)*33252034.50
5METALAC TAKOVO (Gornji Milanovac)33*343421633.00
6POZEGA (Pozega)3233*33451434.50
7SLOVEN (Ruma)223433*3341434.00
8SLOGA TURIST (Kraljevo)2233*4451132.00
9SVETOZAR GLIGORIC (Pancevo)223*341130.00
10RADNICKI VODOVOD (Kragujevac)13223*41128.50
11KRAJINA (Krajisnik)1022222*3422.50
12DELFIN (Beograd)½½½141123*417.50
12 players

33) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

TCh-CHN 2015

The Chinese Team Championship takes place 10th April to 11th December 2015 over a marathon 22 rounds. Rounds 28th to 30th October 2015.

TCh-CHN 2015 China CHN Fri 10th Apr 2015 - Fri 11th Dec 2015
Leading Round 15 (of 22) Standings:
15Beijing North Austrian team1512122648.0
26Chongqing team1510232349.0
34Shanghai Institute of bridge team1510412146.0
49Tianjin Chunhua campus team157172144.0
51Zhejiang team157621641.5
611Jiangsu Green Sheep Springs team156631539.5
72Hangzhou team155551536.5
83Shandong Jingzhi wine team155821236.0
912Qingdao experimental junior high school team155821235.0
107Hebei Lottery team152103723.0
1110Shenzhen Pengcheng team153120626.5
128Chengdu bud club team152112625.0
12 teams

TCh-SUI 2015

The Swiss Team Championship takes place 29th March to 11th October 2015. Somehow I missed the start so there are four rounds to catch up with.

TCh-SUI 2015 Switzerland SUI Sun 29th Mar 2015 - Sun 11th Oct 2015
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Geneve 11029
2.Luzern 11028
3Riehen 1824½
4Zurich 1725½
5Echallens 1617
6Winterthur 1521
7Reti 1216½
8Wollishofen 1216
9Schwarz-Weiss Bern 1014½
10Neuchatel 108
10 teams

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2015

The Polish Ekstraliga had the first of three long weekends 8th to 10th May 2015. Next rounds 4th September 2015.

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2015 Poland POL Fri 8th May 2015 - Sun 4th Oct 2015
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1WASKO HETMAN Katowice6.
2KSz STILON Gorzow Wlkp.
4UKS ROTMISTRZ Grudziadz4.
5Sz.S.O.N. Zaglebie Dabrowa Gornicza3. Chrobry Gniezno2.
7TS Wisla Krakow2.
8Baszta MOS Znin1.
9Akademia Szachowa Future Processing Gliwice0.
10KSz SILESIA JAS-FBG Raciborz0.
10 players

Dutch League 2014-15

The Dutch League took place 27th September to 25th April 2014. Charlois Europoort won the title. 10 games from the final round still unavailable.

Dutch League 2014-15 Netherlands NED Sat 27th Sep 2014 - Sat 25th Apr 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Charlois Europoort23715566471451½
3En Passant244056761351½
4HMC Calder24044651149
8Pathena Rotterdam22436463638½
9Groninger Combinatie23673447441½
10 teams

34) Forthcoming Events and Links

8th Sabadell Open 2015

World Juniors 2015

14th Kesarovski-Stanchev Memorial 2015

8th Maria Albulet Memorial 2015

FIDE World Cup 2015

5th Holuj-Radzikowska 2015

Baku Open 2015

Tatry Open 2015

16th Karpov Poikovsky 2015

Chigorin Memorial 2015

PokerStars Isle of Man International 2015

1st European Universities Championships 2015

Millionaire Chess 2015

World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2015

3rd Krk Golden Island Open 2015

3!st European Club Cup 2015

BDO Chess tournament 2015

41st Guernsey Chess Festival 2015

20th European Teams 2015

7th London Chess Classic 2015

China-Russia Win and Continue Match Pt2 2015

Qatar Masters Open 2015

45th Rilton Cup 2015-16

Basel Schachfestival 2016

14th Parsvnath Delhi International 2016

78th Tata Steel 2016

Reykjavik Open 2016

Hasselbacken Chess Open 2016

39th Eastman Open 2016

42nd World Chess Olympiad 2016

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