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THE WEEK IN CHESS 1081 27th July 2015 by Mark Crowther


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1) Introduction
2) 48th Biel Chess Festival 2015
3) Politiken Cup 2015
4) 26th Czech Open 2015
5) 102nd British Chess Championships 2015
6) 33rd Andorra Open 2015
7) 9th Leiden Chess Tournament 2015
8) 7th St Louis GM Invitational 2015
9) 4th Sardaran Open 2015
10) Dutch Open 2015
11) 11th Gazi Open 2015
12) 6th ch-EUR I.B.C.A 2015
13) 41st Sitges Open 2015
14) 16th Mahalla Open 2015
15) 105 Jahre FC St. Pauli Open 2015
16) 10th Nana Aleksandria Cup 2015
17) Minsk Open 2015
18) 38th Eastman Open 2015
19) 8th Paleochora Open 2015
20) 30th Avoine Open 2015
21) XVII Sant Marti Open 2015
22) ch-Francophonie 2015
23) Karvina Open 2015
24) Brno Chess Festival 2015
25) Lviv July Tradition 2015
26) 35th Plunge Open 2015
27) Miljo Vujovic Memorial 2015
28) 23rd Saint-Affrique Open 2015
29) 12th South Wales International 2015
30) 8th New York International 2015
31) 147th MGU Open 2015
32) 3rd 4NCL Congress 2015
33) Policka Open 2015
34) Thracian Princess 2015
35) 45th ch-IND Junior 2015
36) ch-Panamerican U20 2015
37) 6th Vojvodina Open 2015
38) 12th Plancoet Open 2015
39) 20th Creon Open 2015
40) ch-AUT 2015
41) 21st Chambery Chess Festival 2015
42) Vietnam Team Championship 2015
43) TCh-TUR First League 2015
44) 24th TCh-MKD 2015
45) Glorney Gilbert International 2015
46) Chinese Teams and National B Championships 2015
47) TCh-CHN 2015
48) Active Team Events
49) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
48th Biel Chess Festival 2015138 games
Politiken Cup 2015276 games
26th Czech Open 2015894 games
102nd British Chess Championships 201532 games
33rd Andorra Open 2015120 games
9th Leiden Chess Tournament 201598 games
7th St Louis GM Invitational 201545 games
4th Sardaran Open 201584 games
Dutch Open 2015110 games
11th Gazi Open 201590 games
6th ch-EUR I.B.C.A 201596 games
41st Sitges Open 201549 games
16th Mahalla Open 20157 games
105 Jahre FC St. Pauli Open 2015361 games
10th Nana Aleksandria Cup 201520 games
Minsk Open 201535 games
38th Eastman Open 201548 games
8th Paleochora Open 2015150 games
30th Avoine Open 2015350 games
XVII Sant Marti Open 2015136 games
Karvina Open 2015245 games
Brno Chess Festival 2015187 games
Lviv July Tradition 20154 games
Miljo Vujovic Memorial 201590 games
23rd Saint-Affrique Open 201535 games
12th South Wales International 2015253 games
8th New York International 20153 games
147th MGU Open 201517 games
3rd 4NCL Congress 201568 games
Policka Open 201555 games
Thracian Princess 201590 games
ch-Panamerican U20 2015158 games
Vietnam Team Championship 2015516 games
24th TCh-MKD 2015166 games
Glorney Gilbert International 201596 games
Chinese Teams and National B Championships 2015356 games
TCh-CHN 201590 games
5577 games


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1) Introduction

My thanks to Olexandr Prohorov, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Holger Lieske, Steve Barrett, Sylvain Ravot, Mitko Iliev, Oscar de la Riva Aguado, Hugh Brodie, Pedro Alberdi, Richard Palliser, Etienne Van Leeuwen, Bryan Quick, Bohuslav Siekierka, Mike Kummer and everyone else who helped with this issue.

When the summer festival season reaches its height there isn't much time for me to appreciate the chess that is going on. From a British point of view David Howell's ascent to the 2700 club could be very important for the future of the game here. In China there were another four rounds of the Chinese Team Championships, Ding Liren scored 4/4 and moves into the top 10, again this could be very important. I only have a partial game score of his win against Wei Yi in the last round, hopefully next week. The Biel Chess tournament has seen some very exciting fighting chess including a memorable king march by David Navara. With over 5000 games this week there is plenty of material to look at.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


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2) 48th Biel Chess Festival 2015

The 48th Biel Chess Festival takes place Monday 20th Jul 2015 - Thursday 30th Jul 2015. Players in the main GM group: Michael Adams, Radoslaw Wojtaszek, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, David Navara, Pavel Eljanov and Richard Rapport. In addition there is a master open.

48th Biel GM 2015 Biel (SUI), 20-30 vii 2015 cat. XIX (2720)
1 2 3 4 5 6
1. Wojtaszek, Radoslaw g POL 2733 * * ½ . 0 . ½ 1 1 . ½ 1 2815
2. Adams, Michael g ENG 2740 ½ . * * 1 1 0 . 0 . ½ 1 4 2761
3. Navara, David g CZE 2724 1 . 0 0 * * ½ . 1 ½ 1 . 4 2773
4. Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime g FRA 2731 ½ 0 1 . ½ . * * ½ ½ ½ . 2721
5. Eljanov, Pavel g UKR 2723 0 . 1 . 0 ½ ½ ½ * * ½ . 3 2672
6. Rapport, Richard g HUN 2671 ½ 0 ½ 0 0 . ½ . ½ . * * 2 2574
Round 1 (July 20, 2015)
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Rapport, Richard ½-½ 42 D07 Tchigorin Defence
Adams, Michael - Navara, David 1-0 56 B91 Sicilian Najdorf with 6.g3
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime - Eljanov, Pavel ½-½ 56 C67 Ruy Lopez Berlin
Round 2 (July 21, 2015)
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw ½-½ 33 A14 Reti Opening
Eljanov, Pavel - Navara, David 0-1 46 A49 King's Indian Defence /c2-c4
Rapport, Richard - Adams, Michael ½-½ 33 C36 Kings Gambit Modern Variation
Round 3 (July 22, 2015)
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Eljanov, Pavel 1-0 58 E17 Queens Indian
Adams, Michael - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 0-1 36 B51 Sicilian Rossolimo
Navara, David - Rapport, Richard 1-0 48 D07 Tchigorin Defence
Round 4 (July 23, 2015)
Adams, Michael - Eljanov, Pavel 0-1 50 D10 Slav Defence
Navara, David - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw 1-0 48 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Rapport, Richard - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime ½-½ 43 A15 English counter King's Fianchetto
Round 5 (July 24, 2015)
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Adams, Michael ½-½ 46 E07 Catalan
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime - Navara, David ½-½ 36 B12 Caro Kann Advanced
Eljanov, Pavel - Rapport, Richard ½-½ 44 A95 Dutch Stonewall
Round 6 (July 25, 2015)
Navara, David - Adams, Michael 0-1 37 D35 QGD Exchange
Eljanov, Pavel - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime ½-½ 47 A29 English Four Knights
Rapport, Richard - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw 0-1 34 D30 Queen's Gambit (without Nc3)
Round 7 (July 27, 2015)
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 1-0 46 D83 Gruenfeld 4.Bf4
Adams, Michael - Rapport, Richard 1-0 118 C03 French Tarrasch
Navara, David - Eljanov, Pavel ½-½ 40 A33 English Symmetrical
48th Biel Master Open Biel SUI Mon 20th Jul 2015 - Thu 30th Jul 2015
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
1Adhiban, BaskaranGMIND26274025.020.096.5
2Gharamian, TigranGMFRA26493034.521.096.5
3Bok, BenjaminGMNED25623034.520.096.0
4Sutovsky, EmilGMISR26193034.519.593.0
5Erdos, ViktorGMHUN26103034.519.097.0
6Donchenko, AlexanderGMGER25674114.519.095.5
7Solak, DraganGMTUR26224114.518.592.5
8Dragun, KamilGMPOL25864114.518.097.0
9Fridman, DanielGMGER26393034.518.090.5
10Wagner, DennisGMGER25693034.516.094.0
11Fier, AlexandrGMBRA26283124.022.597.0
12Bartel, MateuszGMPOL26313124.019.593.0
13Moiseenko, AlexanderGMUKR27102044.019.092.5
14Yilmaz, MustafaGMTUR25823124.018.591.0
15Wallace, John PaulIMAUS23853124.017.589.5
16Cherniaev, AlexanderGMRUS24833124.017.090.5
17Zoler, DanGMISR24984204.017.089.0
18Wirig, AnthonyGMFRA25112133.520.092.0
19Esen, BarisGMTUR25672133.519.592.0
20Brkic, AnteGMCRO26072133.519.083.0
21Rambaldi, FrancescoIMITA25131053.519.083.0
22Ivanisevic, IvanGMSRB26622133.518.589.5
23Nezad, Husein AzizIMQAT24053213.518.093.0
24Cebalo, MisoGMCRO23973213.518.091.5
25Bogner, SebastianGMSUI25443213.518.088.5
26Can, EmreGMTUR25472133.518.085.5
27Ulybin, MikhailGMRUS25203213.517.590.5
28Haimovich, TalIMISR23612133.517.588.0
29Romanishin, Oleg MGMUKR24753213.516.585.0
30Heimann, AndreasIMGER25573213.516.584.5
31Meins, GerlefIMGER24362133.516.088.0
32Svane, RasmusIMGER25312133.516.087.0
33Andersen, MadsIMDEN24672133.515.588.5
34Giulian, Philip MFMSCO21362133.515.085.0
35Raetsky, AlexanderGMRUS24052133.515.083.0
36Studer, NoelIMSUI24163213.514.592.0
37Lampert, JonasIMGER24482223.019.588.5
38Haussernot, CecileWFMFRA20043303.018.084.0
39Griffith, Kyron WFMUSA23203303.017.084.5
40Kiewra, Keaton FIMUSA24211143.017.083.5
78 players

3) Politiken Cup 2015

The Politiken Cup take place 25th July to 2nd August 2015. Laurent Fressinet, Markus Ragger, Jon Ludvig Hammer, Ilia Smirin, Sam Shankland, Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu, Gawain Jones etc

Politiken Cup 2015 Helsingor DEN Sat 25th Jul 2015 - Sun 2nd Aug 2015
Leading Round 4 (of 10) Standings:
16Nisipeanu Liviu-DieterGER26544.06.011.50
22Ragger MarkusAUT26884.06.011.00
16Hillarp Persson TigerSWE25634.06.011.00
25Delorme AxelFRA24844.06.011.00
518Glud Jakob VangDEN25314.06.010.50
68Rakhmanov AleksandrRUS26264.05.511.00
717Brunello SabinoITA25394.05.010.00
51Aabling-Thomsen JakobDEN23334.05.010.00
915Timman Jan HNED25664.05.09.50
109Naroditsky DanielUSA26224.05.09.00
1114Hansen Sune BergDEN25714.04.59.50
28Schroeder Jan-ChristianGER24614.04.59.50
134Smirin IliaISR26634.04.59.00
42Haubro MartinDEN23824.04.59.00
1519Schandorff LarsDEN25204.04.09.00
1611Marin MihailROU25793.56.09.75
66Haria RaviENG22613.56.09.75
183Hammer Jon LudvigNOR26773.55.59.25
1943Johansson LinusSWE23793.55.08.75
205Shankland Samuel LUSA26563.55.08.25
21Aagaard JacobDEN25063.55.08.25
45Petersen Tom PetriDEN23603.55.08.25
53Kramer JulianGER23123.55.08.25
2446Vuilleumier AlexandreSUI23573.55.07.75
2538Adan Bermudez SergioESP24023.55.07.25
2620Rasmussen Allan StigDEN25073.54.57.25
2726Fernandez Daniel HowardENG24723.54.57.00
2852Harvey Marcus RENG23203.54.56.75
2927Antonsen MikkelDEN24693.54.07.25
3040Zude Erik Dr.GER23983.54.07.00
3157Kvisvik BredeNOR23043.54.06.75
3222Chabanon Jean-LucFRA24933.53.56.75
3344Jacobsen Mikkel ManosriDEN23703.06.07.50
56Fossan PetterNOR23083.06.07.50
351Fressinet LaurentFRA27073.05.57.50
55Percivaldi MartinDEN23103.05.57.50
95Thogersen RasmusDEN21923.05.57.50
3830Smith AxelSWE24493.05.57.00
397Jones Gawain C BENG26473.05.07.00
24Hector JonnySWE24853.05.07.00
431 players

4) 26th Czech Open 2015

The 26th Czech Open takes place 16th July to 2nd August 2015. The first major event was on Wednesday 22nd with the Rapid event and the main open started Friday 24th.

26th Czech Open A 2015 Pardubice CZE Thu 16th Jul 2015 - Sun 2nd Aug 2015
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
11LAZNICKA ViktorCZE26574.023935.010.0
220POPILSKI GilISR25194.023624.09.0
363BAGI MateHUN24174.023333.57.5
42MOVSESIAN SergeiARM26533.523895.09.0
55VOROBIOV Evgeny E.RUS25823.523875.510.5
6123MINDLIN AlonISR23103.523765.09.0
710JAKUBOWSKI KrzysztofPOL25653.523714.58.5
815PREDKE AlexandrRUS25373.523705.510.0
916PAP GyulaHUN25363.523574.59.0
1014BORUCHOVSKY AvitalISR25393.523495.010.0
1119GHOSH DiptayanIND25233.523444.08.0
1221CVEK RobertCZE25173.523355.09.0
1343WESTERBERG JonathanSWE24523.523354.510.0
1424RAZNIKOV DannyISR25003.523295.09.0
1525POETSCH HagenGER24983.523156.011.0
1650SUNDARARAJAN KidambiIND24333.024135.59.5
1749STEINBERG NitzanISR24353.024085.59.5
1852ALI MARANDI Cemil CanTUR24313.024084.59.0
19106KONGUVEL PonnuswamyIND23373.024014.07.0
2030TESKE HenrikGER24753.023985.09.0
213KONONENKO DmitryUKR26173.023835.511.0
22255BARAEVA IrinaRUS21223.023815.010.0
234PIORUN KacperPOL25913.023805.010.0
2439VALSECCHI AlessioITA24573.023735.511.5
2511MOZHAROV MikhailRUS25643.023734.59.0
2633GUTMAN GennadiUKR24683.023695.010.0
276SCHLOSSER PhilippGER25793.023695.09.0
2813STUPAK KirillBLR25473.023674.59.5
29122KUTYNEC VladimirRUS23103.023644.59.0
308STOCEK JiriCZE25733.023634.59.0
319BURMAKIN VladimirRUS25713.023595.010.0
3223KREJCI JanCZE25003.023505.511.5
3389NASUTA GrzegorzPOL23653.023384.59.5
3456ZUMSANDE MartinGER24233.023323.57.5
357LINTCHEVSKI DaniilRUS25743.023315.09.0
36148SHEVCHENKO KirillUKR22703.023303.07.0
37180MINKO VladimirRUS22263.023283.56.5
3888SKLIAROV ViktorUKR23683.023194.09.0
39104LOMASOV SemenRUS23423.023193.06.0
4066ARAT Ufuk SezenTUR24093.023174.09.0
289 players
26th Czech Rapid G1 2015 Pardubice CZE Thu 16th Jul 2015 - Sun 2nd Aug 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11MOVSESIAN SergeiARM27247.044.555.56
26STUPAK KirillBLR25737.043.054.55
313BRYZGALIN KirillRUS25277.042.554.05
45BELOV VladimirRUS25757.040.551.06
54PLAT VojtechCZE25907.036.046.05
611POPILSKI GilISR25477.035.546.56
762POPOV MikhailRUS22637.035.545.56
82LAZNICKA ViktorCZE26546.542.554.05
920GUTENEV AlexanderRUS24926.541.552.06
1024MOZHAROV MikhailRUS24656.540.550.55
1115CVEK RobertCZE25186.539.050.55
1218CHERNYSHOV KonstantinRUS25026.538.049.06
139KRYAKVIN DmitryRUS25526.537.047.55
1434BITENSKY IgorISR23956.536.547.05
1539ZPEVAK PavelCZE23806.535.545.56
1631CERVENY MartinCZE24086.535.045.56
1710LALIC BogdanCRO25486.044.556.04
1846NESTER IhorUKR23226.038.050.05
1936YAGUPOV IgorRUS23846.038.048.54
2035PONIZIL CyrilCZE23856.036.047.05
2148WESTERBERG JonathanSWE23156.035.045.05
2222YUFFA DaniilRUS24746.034.545.05
2330GUTMAN GennadiUKR24156.034.044.55
247SCHLOSSER PhilippGER25626.034.044.05
2561PULPAN JakubCZE22736.032.041.55
2626RASIK VitezslavCZE24466.027.536.55
2732MALAKHOV IgorRUS24035.541.051.55
2812GOLUBOV SaveliyRUS25315.539.049.53
298PIORUN KacperPOL25565.538.048.55
3033NEUMAN PetrCZE23975.537.547.54
3114BURMAKIN VladimirRUS25235.536.547.05
3221AKESSON RalfSWE24765.536.547.04
3341SURAN JanCZE23685.536.546.04
3463RESHEF OmerISR22525.536.045.54
3581BAKALAR PetrCZE22105.535.044.54
3656PALCHUN GrigoryRUS22945.534.544.05
3723ZWARDON VojtechCZE24675.533.544.04
38122ZPEVAKOVA JanaCZE20085.533.543.04
3943SHCHUKIN DmitryRUS23505.533.042.04
4044ZANAN EvgenyISR23365.531.541.55
153 players

5) 102nd British Chess Championships 2015

The 102nd British Chess Championships takes place in Coventry 26th July to 8th August 2015. Defending champions David Howell and Jonathan Hawkins both return.

102nd ch-GBR 2015 Coventry ENG Mon 27th Jul 2015 - Sat 8th Aug 2015
Leading Round 1 (of 11) Standings:
11Howell David W L26981.00.0
2Pert Nicholas25621.00.0
3Hawkins Jonathan25541.00.0
4Arkell Keith C25021.00.0
5Hebden Mark L25001.00.0
6Gormally Daniel W24841.00.0
7Emms John M24601.00.0
8Flear Glenn C24501.00.0
9Pert Richard G24401.00.0
12Summerscale Aaron P24161.00.0
15Batchelor Peter J23041.00.0
17Weaving Richard22571.00.0
18Rudd Jack22471.00.0
19Storey Charles H22451.00.0
22Osborne Marcus E21901.00.0
24Mckenna Jason P21751.00.0
27Hackner Oskar A21621.00.0
28Beckett Chris J21601.00.0
30Hill Alistair21591.00.0
31Burrows Martin P21481.00.0
33Shaw Peter21461.00.0
35Richards Heather S21411.00.0
37Jones Steven A21261.00.0
53Paterson Andrew I20391.00.0
58Eagleton Greg T19941.00.0
63Golding Alex19631.00.0
2710Williams Simon K24260.50.0
11Ward Chris G24230.50.0
13Jackson James P23430.50.0
14Cooper John G23130.50.0
20Coleman David J22310.50.0
23Kalavannan Koby21780.50.0
25Willmoth Robert F21730.50.0
29Wadsworth Matthew J21600.50.0
32Waters Clive L21470.50.0
34Mason Donald J21450.50.0
36Lam Paul G M21360.50.0
47Asenov Pavel20810.50.0
48Edge John20800.50.0
50Taylor Adam A20550.50.0
51Myall Ivan J20480.50.0
57Kalaiyalahan Akshaya19990.50.0
60Garnett John S19840.50.0
62Burke Mitchell R19660.50.0
66Evans Nicholas Thomas19230.50.0
69Ashworth Michael19120.50.0
71Grieve Harry18990.50.0
73Zhu Richard18690.50.0
4916Lewis Andrew P22950.00.0
21Chevannes Sabrina L22280.00.0
74 players

6) 33rd Andorra Open 2015

The 33rd Andorra Open took place 18th to 26th July 2015. Julio Granda Zuniga won with 8/9.

33rd Andorra Open 2015 Erts AND Sat 18th Jul 2015 - Sun 26th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12Granda Zuniga Julio E GM26528.0
25Vovk Andrey GM26217.5
33Vovk Yuri GM26327.0
411Kogan Artur GM25267.0
54Iturrizaga Bonelli Eduardo GM26257.0
613Riff Jean-Noel GM25027.0
71Tkachiev Vladislav GM26616.5
88Lagarde Maxime GM25446.5
99Demuth Adrien GM25316.5
1019Abergel Thal GM24406.5
1110Arizmendi Martinez Julen Luis GM25296.5
1212Narciso Dublan Marc GM25216.5
1315Aloma Vidal Robert IM24516.5
1416Pulvett Marin Daniel IM24466.5
1534Jolly Jean-Francois IM23456.0
1633Trepat Herranz Joan FM23516.0
177Gozzoli Yannick GM25676.0
186Vazquez Igarza Renier GM25816.0
1921Antoli Royo Joaquin Miguel IM24306.0
2014Asis Gargatagli Hipolito IM24726.0
2117Kalegin Evgenij IM24456.0
2236Rudolf Anna IM23356.0
2324Roser Kevin IM24036.0
2431Trigo Urquijo Sergio FM23586.0
2530Diaz Camallonga Carles FM23586.0
2622Loiseau Quentin IM24296.0
2723Jerez Perez Alfonso IM24066.0
2827Berkovich Mark A IM23766.0
2926Brochet Philippe IM23786.0
3062Dubois Pierre21126.0
3118Barbot Pierre FM24455.5
3245Llaneza Vega Patricia WIM22625.5
3340Garcia Trobat Francisco FM22735.5
3420Bernal Moro Luis Javier IM24355.5
3535Garcia Jhoel23365.5
3671Cortes Jurado Rafael20735.5
3738Congiu Mathilde WIM23035.5
3844Mingarro Carceller Sergi22645.5
3928Sos Andreu Eric FM23625.5
4064Grollemund Bertrand21005.5
166 players

7) 9th Leiden Chess Tournament 2015

The 9th Leiden Chess Tournament took place 18th to 26th July 2015. David Howell dominated and scored a fantastic 8.5/9 taking him well over the 2700 mark in the live ratings. He immediately moves on to play the British Chess Championships starting on Monday.

9th Leiden Open A 2015 Leiden NED Fri 17th Jul 2015 - Sun 26th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Howell, David W LGMENG269811111½1118.551.548.02895
2Postny, EvgenyGMISR2642½1111½½1½7.052.539.752675
3Nikolic, PredragGMBIH260111101011½6.553.035.02621
4Chatalbashev, BorisGMBUL2516=1110110½6.052.531.752543
5Tiviakov, SergeiGMNED263911½½½1½016.051.032.252512
6Milov, LeonidGMGER24621101½½1016.051.029.52491
7De Jong, Jan-WillemIMNED24481101½½1½½6.050.031.52478
8Das, ArghyadipIMIND24571½1½110½½6.049.530.02526
9Pijpers, ArthurNED24331½10½1½1½6.045.528.252431
10Petrov, MarianGMBUL2487=1½011½105.547.025.752383
11Van Overdam, JulianNED236711½=001½15.546.526.252351
12Erwich, FrankFMNED2361½110110½½5.545.525.52319
13Johansson, GunnarSWE222310½1½1½015.539.021.252236
14Wallgren, UlfSWE2141100½110115.536.020.752160
15Oosterom, ErikNED204300110½1115.535.018.252221
16Van der Marel, BertNED21611½11001½05.050.024.02411
17Van Delft, MerijnIMNED2428½10½110½½5.044.523.752241
18Gindi, ShacharFMISR23361101010½½5.044.020.02256
19Wilschut, PeterNED2238½1½½10½½½5.041.522.02205
20Van der Raaf, ErikNED2110½010+11½05.041.520.02164
21Palit, SomakIMIND2360½1001110½5.041.020.752201
22Heemskerk, WimFMNED21751010½½1½½5.041.020.02199
23Den Hartog, MarijnNED2088½001½½1+½5.040.021.02137
24Halfhide, SebastianNED20910½1½011½½5.040.019.02234
25Polak, AlexanderNED2114½101½00115.037.516.752153
26Happel, HenkFMNED2107½01½001115.034.516.252144
27Visser, Henk-JanNED227210½1½10½04.545.017.752231
28Van Halderen, HermanNED205201½1010104.540.516.752210
29Kerkvliet, MaxNED21861010101½04.537.013.02147
30Vistisen, LarsDEN2159½½½=0½½½14.536.517.751996
31Knudsen, MartinDEN2026½01½0½½1½4.536.516.252131
32Brantjes, YmeNED1937½=00½01114.532.013.252058
33Bebchuk, LeonidISR20720001101½14.531.513.52018
34Overeem, MarcFMNED2216101010½-½4.044.016.752198
35Corstjens, RolfNED1953½0110½½½04.042.518.02139
36Van der Elburg, FreddieNED2185½10½10½0½4.040.516.52028
37Kolodkin, DaniilNED22081½00110½04.040.516.02083
38Van Drunick, Jan-WillemNED1919½=0½10½½½4.040.016.52051
39Sorensen, BentFMDEN22170½11½00104.039.015.52008
40Dellert, LenaGER18350+1½½000½3.543.016.02031
59 players

8) 7th St Louis GM Invitational 2015

The 7th St Louis GM Invitational took place 16th to 21st July 2015. My thanks to Mike Kummer for typing in the first two rounds of games.

7th St Louis GM Inv 2015 Saint Louis USA Thu 16th Jul 2015 - Tue 21st Jul 2015. Category: 10. Ave: (2479)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Xiong, Jeffery IM USA 2523 # = = = 1 1 = 1 1 1 7 2694
2 Zierk, Steven C IM USA 2483 = # = = 1 1 = 1 = 1 6.5 2645
3 Diamant, Andre GM BRA 2472 = = # 1 = = 1 = = = 5.5 2560
4 Chirila, Ioan-Cristian GM ROU 2524 = = 0 # = = 1 1 = 1 5.5 2554
5 Gorovets, Andrey IM BLR 2505 0 0 = = # = = = = 1 4 2433
6 Georgiev, Vladimir GM MKD 2554 0 0 = = = # 0 1 = 1 4 2428
7 Rosen, Eric S FM USA 2414 = = 0 0 = 1 # 0 1 0 3.5 2406
8 Chandra, Akshat IM USA 2495 0 0 = 0 = 0 1 # = 1 3.5 2397
9 Bregadze, Levan IM GEO 2483 0 = = = = = 0 = # 0 3 2354
10 Burnett, Ronald IM USA 2339 0 0 = 0 0 0 1 0 1 # 2.5 2329
Round 1. Thu 16th Jul 2015
Burnett, Ronald 0-1 Xiong, Jeffery 35 A46 Queen's pawn game
Chirila, Ioan-Cristian 0-1 Diamant, Andre 42 E20 Nimzo-Indian
Zierk, Steven C 1-0 Gorovets, Andrey 49 C04 French
Georgiev, Vladimir 1-0 Chandra, Akshat 46 D30 QGD
Rosen, Eric S 1-0 Bregadze, Levan 41 B23 Sicilian
Round 2. Fri 17th Jul 2015
Xiong, Jeffery 1-0 Bregadze, Levan 47 B07 Robatsch defence
Chandra, Akshat 1-0 Rosen, Eric S 42 E15 Queen's Indian
Gorovets, Andrey 1/2-1/2 Georgiev, Vladimir 72 C77 Ruy Lopez
Diamant, Andre 1/2-1/2 Zierk, Steven C 39 A16 English
Burnett, Ronald 0-1 Chirila, Ioan-Cristian 39 D76 Neo-Gruenfeld, Nxd5, 7.O-O Nb6
Round 3. Fri 17th Jul 2015
Chirila, Ioan-Cristian 1/2-1/2 Xiong, Jeffery 22 D22 QGA
Zierk, Steven C 1-0 Burnett, Ronald 40 B06 Robatsch (modern) defence
Georgiev, Vladimir 1/2-1/2 Diamant, Andre 36 E53 Nimzo-Indian
Rosen, Eric S 1/2-1/2 Gorovets, Andrey 33 B23 Sicilian
Bregadze, Levan 1/2-1/2 Chandra, Akshat 64 B20 Sicilian defence
Round 4. Sat 18th Jul 2015
Xiong, Jeffery 1-0 Chandra, Akshat 59 B50 Sicilian
Gorovets, Andrey 1/2-1/2 Bregadze, Levan 46 A61 Benoni defence
Diamant, Andre 1-0 Rosen, Eric S 85 B40 Sicilian defence
Burnett, Ronald 0-1 Georgiev, Vladimir 33 C78 Ruy Lopez
Chirila, Ioan-Cristian 1/2-1/2 Zierk, Steven C 69 A15 English opening
Round 5. Sat 18th Jul 2015
Zierk, Steven C 1/2-1/2 Xiong, Jeffery 73 A22 English
Georgiev, Vladimir 1/2-1/2 Chirila, Ioan-Cristian 21 D85 Gruenfeld
Rosen, Eric S 0-1 Burnett, Ronald 23 C44 Ponziani
Bregadze, Levan 1/2-1/2 Diamant, Andre 28 E39 Nimzo-Indian
Chandra, Akshat 1/2-1/2 Gorovets, Andrey 30 D31 QGD
Round 6. Sun 19th Jul 2015
Xiong, Jeffery 1-0 Gorovets, Andrey 51 B40 Sicilian defence
Diamant, Andre 1/2-1/2 Chandra, Akshat 36 A20 English opening
Burnett, Ronald 1-0 Bregadze, Levan 72 B64 Sicilian
Chirila, Ioan-Cristian 1-0 Rosen, Eric S 52 D35 QGD
Zierk, Steven C 1-0 Georgiev, Vladimir 48 C78 Ruy Lopez
Round 7. Sun 19th Jul 2015
Georgiev, Vladimir 0-1 Xiong, Jeffery 32 D85 Gruenfeld
Rosen, Eric S 1/2-1/2 Zierk, Steven C 35 C15 French
Bregadze, Levan 1/2-1/2 Chirila, Ioan-Cristian 17 D79 Neo-Gruenfeld, 6.O-O, main line
Chandra, Akshat 1-0 Burnett, Ronald 68 C84 Ruy Lopez
Gorovets, Andrey 1/2-1/2 Diamant, Andre 23 B39 Sicilian
Round 8. Mon 20th Jul 2015
Xiong, Jeffery 1/2-1/2 Diamant, Andre 22 E15 Queen's Indian
Burnett, Ronald 0-1 Gorovets, Andrey 36 B01 Scandinavian (centre counter) defence
Chirila, Ioan-Cristian 1-0 Chandra, Akshat 77 D45 QGD semi-Slav
Zierk, Steven C 1/2-1/2 Bregadze, Levan 26 B08 Pirc
Georgiev, Vladimir 0-1 Rosen, Eric S 54 E12 Queen's Indian
Round 9. Tue 21st Jul 2015
Rosen, Eric S 1/2-1/2 Xiong, Jeffery 27 C10 French
Bregadze, Levan 1/2-1/2 Georgiev, Vladimir 11 A30 English
Chandra, Akshat 0-1 Zierk, Steven C 30 D17 QGD Slav
Gorovets, Andrey 1/2-1/2 Chirila, Ioan-Cristian 43 D76 Neo-Gruenfeld, Nxd5, 7.O-O Nb6
Diamant, Andre 1/2-1/2 Burnett, Ronald 46 A21 English opening

9) 4th Sardaran Open 2015

The 4th Sardaran Open takes place 22nd to 29th July 2015.

4th Sardaran Open 2015 Urmia IRI Wed 22nd Jul 2015 - Wed 29th Jul 2015
Leading Round 7 (of 9) Standings:
15Mirzoev AzerAZE25535.50.024414.0
23Ghaem Maghami EhsanIRI25705.50.024414.0
34Idani PouyaIRI25575.50.024364.0
46Tarlev KonstantinUKR25475.50.023444.0
59Darini PouriaIRI24795.50.023345.0
620Mosadeghpour MasoudIRI23705.50.023105.0
713Mousavi Seyed KhalilIRI24225.00.023443.0
814Asgarizadeh AhmadIRI24175.00.022913.0
98Tari AryanNOR24995.00.022684.0
1010Golizadeh AsgharIRI24485.00.021854.0
117Rasulov VugarAZE25045.00.021765.0
1211Tabatabaei M.AminIRI24414.50.024194.0
132Gagunashvili MerabGEO25774.50.023612.0
1450Rastbod AliIRI21564.50.023484.0
151Pantsulaia LevanGEO26104.50.023373.0
1616Javanbakht NimaIRI24064.50.023354.0
1715Maghsoodloo ParhamIRI24114.50.022983.0
1865Kazemiyan Eski AbolfazlIRI20654.50.022754.0
1917Guliev LogmanAZE24004.50.022664.0
2056Asgarizadeh MinooIRI21174.00.023803.0
2153Omidi AryaIRI21344.00.023643.0
2242Fendereski NimaIRI22024.00.023253.0
2318Gholami AryanIRI23874.00.023043.0
2421Noroozi OmidIRI23644.00.022993.0
2523Grabliauskas VirginijusLTU23344.00.022803.0
2622Chighladze IveriGEO23584.00.022723.0
2764Molaei MohammadaminIRI20884.00.022383.0
2848Sakhayi MostafaIRI21724.00.022244.0
2936Moradi BehroozIRI22284.00.022154.0
3033Bolourchifard FarzadIRI22474.00.021934.0
3132Asgari MortezaIRI22474.00.021892.0
3225Roghani ArashIRI23254.00.021883.0
3324Morchiashvili BachanaGEO23324.00.021584.0
3443Hosseinzadeh NimaIRI21914.00.021044.0
3529Khoshkalam Seyed MehrabIRI22743.50.022723.0
3638Sedaghati MehrdadIRI22253.50.022423.0
3727Sheykhhasani BardiaIRI22973.50.022263.0
3846Mohandesi ShahinIRI21843.50.022143.0
3966Javani ShahinIRI20533.50.021843.0
4034Soozankar A.M.IRI22443.50.021822.0
74 players

10) Dutch Open 2015

The Dutch Open takes place 21st to 30th July 2015.

Dutch Open 2015 Dieren NED Tue 21st Jul 2015 - Thu 30th Jul 2015
Leading Round 6 (of 9) Standings:
1Reinderman, DimitriGM25841111½15.52755
2L'Ami, ErwinGM262811½½1½4.52539
3Ikonnikov, VyacheslavGM2527111½½½4.52533
4Van Foreest, JordenIM2514½111½½4.52613
5Brandenburg, DaanGM2511½1½½114.52486
6Yankelevich, Lev242001½1114.52394
7Vereggen, LarsFM23141½01114.52400
8Harff, MarcelFM2313½1½11½4.52489
9Maris, Ivo226210½1114.52465
10Moradiabadi, ElshanGM25671½11½04.02460
11Haslinger, Stewart GGM252610½11½4.02354
12Beukema, StefanFM23631110014.02356
13Zwirs, Nico2346½1½½1½4.02352
14Kolbus, DietmarIM2309½½10114.02236
15Miedema, DavidIM23561½10103.52307
16Lecomte, Robin233101½1103.52265
17Beerdsen, ThomasFM231711½0103.52424
18Beeke, Bob22471½01013.52316
19Ypma, Peter22460½½11½3.52134
20Buckels, Valentin2152½½½0113.52329
21Beukema, Jasper1942+1010½3.52301
22Goudriaan, EtienneIM2376½½1½0½3.02173
23Hamblok, RoelFM23050½110½3.02206
24Van Foreest, Lucas229410½½013.02115
25Afek, YochananIM227310½10½3.02201
26Van Osch, Mees226410½01½3.02201
27Kollen, Zyon2220110½0½3.02330
28Lopez, JaselFM2210½0101½3.02287
29Mueer, Sebastian22101001103.02228
30Foisor, Sabina-FrancescaWGM22021½½0013.02204
31Patil, Pratik218101½01½3.02292
32Yogesh, Gautam21780½½½1½3.02204
33Mellema, Andries21710101103.02279
34Evengroen, Henk-Jan21630011013.02179
35Van Helvoort, Rob21301½½½0½3.02384
36Boersma, Jan2119½0½1103.02266
37Bakker, Guido2117½½½01½3.02275
38Maatman, Nick226610½1002.52089
39Schoppen, Casper221510½0012.52200
40Bus, Tom215310½1002.52254
59 players

11) 11th Gazi Open 2015

The 11th Gazi Open takes place 25th July to 1st August 2015.

11th Gazi Open 2015 Gazi GRE Sat 25th Jul 2015 - Sat 1st Aug 2015
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
18Antic DejanSRB25023.
18Bomans ArnoBEL22693.
33David AlbertoITA25753.
12Kerigan DemreTUR24033.
57Kharitonov AlexandrRUS25363.
69Firat BurakTUR24672.
71Delchev AleksanderBUL26062.
2Kovchan AlexanderUKR25912.
4Borovikov VladislavUKR25622.
10Kelires AndreasCYP24262.
14Goumas GeorgiosGRE23612.
126Stojanovic MihajloSRB25532.
1315Theodorou NikolasGRE23382.
21Lirindzakis TimotheosGRE22352.
22Dounis AlexandrosGRE22302.
1613Markidis KonstantinosGRE23782.
1732Mihopoulos KonstantinosGRE20552.
1816Kuprijanov AnatolyRUS23052.
1920Papadakis MichalisGRE22472.
205Rychagov AndreyRUS25562.
2142Stefanov EvtimBUL19432.
2217Djingarova EmiliaBUL22702.
23Milonakis GeorgiosGRE22232.
2426Djukic SandraSRB21682.
2529Anagnostopoulos KonstantinosGRE21172.
2624Goossens HanneBEL22062.
27Klokas KonstantinosGRE21502.
37Sideris NikiforosGRE19972.
2941Fidrilakis StavrosGRE19552.
3058Halkiadakis MariosGRE17612.
3119Tsilidis AlexandrosGRE22572.
39Hristodoulaki AntoniaGRE19872.
3363Douni MariaGRE16892.
3434Koroglou ViktorGRE20372.
3535Stefanidi Maria-AnnaGRE20312.
3655Serpetsidakis NikolaosGRE17962.
3743Fragaki MariaGRE19192.
3828Poulopoulos IoannisGRE21332.
3911Lekic DusanMNE24251.
4065Frosinos IoannisGRE16421.
96 players

12) 6th ch-EUR I.B.C.A 2015

The 6th European IBCA (International Braille Chess Association) Championships take place in Lyon 24 July to 2 August 2015. The official site has reports in French and English along with live games and PGN files.

6tth ch-EUR IBCA 2015 Lyon FRA Sat 25th Jul 2015 - Sun 2nd Aug 2015
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
17Grigorchuk SergeyUKR22953.
22Babarykin StanislavRUS23573.
10Dukaczewski PiotrPOL22373.
414Komissarov AlexeyRUS21912.
51Tazbir MarcinPOL25162.
4Pakhomov AlexeyRUS23462.
79Stachanczyk JacekPOL22592.
85Dimic PavleSRB23052.
916Fernandez Manrique AgustinESP21832.
106Wassin SergejUKR22982.
8Mueller OliverGER22692.
1217Nizam RasimBUL21802.
133Meshkov Yuri A.RUS23492.
1428Hervais AdrienFRA20292.
1531Eichstaedt MirkoGER19972.
1622Pribeanu Mihail-DacianROU21202.
1712Spinu EvgenyMDA22102.
1815Ross Chris NENG21842.
1919Mueller ThorstenGER21332.
24Schellmann FrankGER20932.
2139Gasperoni ClaudioITA18672.
2221Jandric DamjanSRB21222.
2333Tonteri AriFIN19382.
2411Zsiltzova-Lisenko LubovUKR22242.
20Draghici Flutur GavrilESP21252.
27Mlacnik FrancSLO20482.
2726Rositsan BorisLTU20512.
30Znuderl MatejSLO20002.
2946Carapit VasileROU17682.
3023Riegler DieterGER20951.
25Clemente Llamero RobertoESP20761.
3229Pirosca AlexandruROU20031.
3318Cajzler HinkoCRO21351.
3436Hilton Stephen HSCO18801.
3554Nedu RazvanROU15511.
3634Bindzus ErnstDEN18901.
3745Dalschaert DidierBEL18361.
3838Deville OlivierFRA18681.
40Klimis LaertisGRE18641.
4042Martinez Colomar AlejandroESP18531.
64 players

13) 41st Sitges Open 2015

The 41st Sitges Open takes palce 22nd to 30th July 2015.

41st Sitges Open 2015 Sitges ESP Wed 22nd Jul 2015 - Thu 30th Jul 2015
Leading Round 6 (of 9) Standings:
11Cori JorgePER26235.520.523.519.5
22Grigoryan Karen H.ARM25805.022.525.520.0
34Forcen Esteban DanielESP25395.019.522.019.0
413Pardo Simon DavidCAT24685.018.020.517.0
515Swapnil S. DhopadeIND24534.519.021.517.5
68Johannessen Leif ErlendNOR25174.518.020.017.0
718Cori T. DeysiPER24214.517.520.515.5
820Alarcon Casellas RolandoCUB24114.517.019.016.0
919Salomon JohanNOR24194.516.519.015.0
106Alonso Rosell AlvarCAT25284.022.025.515.5
1116Petrosyan Tigran S.ARM24414.021.524.517.5
1228Gonzalez Rodriguez Jorge A.COL23694.019.021.514.0
1336Roy PrantikIND22924.018.521.514.0
1422Cruz FilemonPER24024.018.520.516.0
1526Del Rey DiegoESP23784.018.520.015.0
1614Thejkumar M. S.IND24674.
1725Hernando Rodrigo Julio AntoniCAT23834.
1851Becerra Juan DavidCOL21784.
1911Oliva Castaneda KevelCUB24884.017.519.514.5
2027Mosquera MiguelCOL23754.017.519.514.0
215Aroshidze LevanCAT25354.
2221Hauge Lars OskarNOR24114.016.518.514.5
2310Hansen Torbjorn RingdalNOR24954.016.518.514.0
2434Pogorelov RuslanUKR23014.014.516.513.5
2535Cederstam Barsk CarlSWE22954.014.516.512.0
2631Puranik AbhimanyuIND23283.520.022.513.5
2742Banos OscarARG22373.519.520.013.5
2846Capellades Subirana MarcCAT22133.519.020.512.5
2941Lindh FredrikSWE22383.518.519.513.5
3045Masse HuguesCAN22223.518.519.013.5
313Vocaturo DanieleITA25723.518.020.513.5
3230Colon Garcia EnriqueCAT23283.517.019.512.5
3329Gurevich DanielUSA23683.516.518.014.0
3433Midoux SebastienFRA23163.516.018.012.0
3524Meister PeterGER23903.515.517.011.0
3643Ivana Maria FurtadoIND22363.515.516.012.0
3732Hernando Rodrigo Jose MariaCAT23183.021.023.515.0
3838Persson AndreasSWE22583.
397Gomez Garrido Camilo ErnestoCUB25193.019.522.013.0
4037Olivares Canelles FranciscoCUB22703.019.521.513.0
91 players

14) 16th Mahalla Open 2015

The 16th Mahalla Open takes place 24th July to 1st August 2015.

16th Mahalla Open 2015 El-Mahalla El-Kubra EGY Fri 24th Jul 2015 - Sat 1st Aug 2015
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
122Lotfy Abdel RahmanEGY21463.
218Zayan MohamedEGY21573.
33Elgabry MohsenEGY23763.
46Sadek SamehEGY22763.
10Amin AshrafEGY22223.
16Salah SayedEGY21653.
36Negm AhmedEGY20593.
63Diab MedhatEGY18913.
914Ahmed Ahmed AlaaEGY21763.
17Sayed HanyEGY21633.
21Anwar AshrafEGY21473.
122Ameir MohebEGY23813.
138Rahman YehyaEGY22303.
1426Ibrahim MohamedEGY21092.
46Ashraf ShereifEGY19782.
1620Sultan MohamedYEM21482.
171Amin BassemEGY26402.
7Eldesoky HatemEGY22492.
13Sayed Hassan MohamedEGY21912.
69Elkahky Khaled GoodaEGY18762.
2140Allam Emad HamdyEGY20402.
224Hassan Sayed BarakatEGY23332.
30Abdel Elah AhmedEGY21012.
2419Desoky IbrahimEGY21492.
2512Gabr MohsenEGY22122.
2627Kandil AdhamEGY21082.
29Nader MohamedEGY21022.
43Elashry AlyEGY20192.
2939Ibrahim SarwatEGY20412.
3037Shafek MohamedEGY20532.
3134Elobeid Asim AliSUD20662.
3231Tork MohamedEGY21002.
57Khater HamdyEGY19292.
90Morsy NaderEGY16312.
157Kamoun MohamedEGY02.
3654Elsenbary ElsayedEGY19522.
61Abbas AhmedEGY18962.
3873Beder OsamaEGY18352.
3935Saiid IbrahimEGY20632.
40127Desoky Alaa GaberEGY02.
185 players

15) 105 Jahre FC St. Pauli Open 2015

The 105 Jahre FC St. Pauli Open took place 18th to 26th July 2015. Bartosz Socko edged out Jo Cuenca Jimenez, Igor Khenkin, Nicla Huschenbeth and Aljos Feuerstack on tie-break after all scored 7/9.

105 Jahre FC St. Pauli Op Hamburg GER Sat 18th Jul 2015 - Sun 26th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Socko, BartoszGMPOL2624507.051.5370.0
2Cuenca Jimenez, JoIMESP2510507.050.5383.0
3Khenkin, IgorGMGER2590507.050.5380.0
4Huschenbeth, NiclaGMGER2535617.049.5378.5
5Feuerstack, AljoscIMGER2446617.045.5362.5
6Stark, LarsIMGER2433516.549.0364.0
7Ringoir, TanguyGMBEL2522406.548.5361.0
8Nedic, DusanGER2327516.547.5366.5
9Langheinrich, FereGER2376516.546.5350.0
10Souleidis, GeorgioIMGRE2405516.544.5337.5
11Doberitz, PaulGER2156506.542.5339.0
12Busse, Tom NiklasGER1861626.539.5320.5
13Shishkin, VadimGMUKR2507636.049.5366.5
14Lyell, MarkFMENG2259636.047.5359.0
15Bente, BjoernGER2296306.046.5343.5
16Riess, AlexanderGER2183416.045.0340.5
17De Jong, MigchielIMNED2309636.043.5345.5
18Voigt, MartinFMGER2331526.043.5345.0
19Hecht, CarstenGER2203416.043.5343.0
20Hartikainen, MarkkFMFIN2285636.043.5342.5
21Stenner, PatrickGER2254526.042.0333.5
22Voege, TobiasGER2171636.039.0328.5
23Uksini, BardhylAUT2181535.547.5355.0
24Trent, LawrenceIMENG2459425.545.0340.5
25Reddmann, HaukeFMGER2239535.545.0332.0
26Colpe, MalteGER2368315.543.5343.5
27Hess, ChristianFMGER2203425.543.5335.0
28Schroeder, ChristoGER2215425.543.0335.0
29Light, BjarneDEN2255315.542.5334.0
30Wollenweber, CarstGER2090425.541.5328.0
31Pfreundt, JakobGER2228425.541.5326.0
32Harder, ClemensGER2188425.540.0334.0
33Majhi, AnkitNED2136425.540.0316.0
34Groetzbach, JulianGER2165535.539.0323.0
35Lenaerts, LennertFMBEL2217425.538.5323.0
36Kitze, AlexanderGER2208535.538.5319.5
37Reppen, EllisivNOR2006535.537.0320.0
38Chittka, JuliusGER1963315.537.0307.0
39Klenburg, MikhailIMISR2357425.045.5328.0
40Winterberg, LukasFMGER2311435.045.0333.0
135 players

16) 10th Nana Aleksandria Cup 2015

10th Nana Aleksandria Cup took place 13th to 20th July 2015. Vahe Baghdasaryan edged out Alexander Zubov and Luka Paichadze on tie-break after all scored 7/9. Final round games now available.

10th Nana Aleksandria Cup Poti GEO Mon 13th Jul 2015 - Mon 20th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
123Baghdasaryan VaheARM24017.
24Zubov AlexanderUKR26157.048.553.05.0
35Paichadze LukaGEO25667.044.549.05.0
410Azaladze ShotaGEO24886.545.549.06.0
515Shahinyan DavidARM24516.544.548.05.0
68Maghalashvili DavitGEO25156.
76Bortnyk OlexandrUKR25506.
816Harutjunyan GevorgARM24496.043.547.04.0
99Rasulov VugarAZE25046.042.547.05.0
1018Hayrapetyan HovikARM24446.
112Kuzubov YuriyUKR26536.
1213Sivuk VitalyUKR24636.040.544.54.0
137Bernadskiy VitaliyUKR25486.039.543.05.0
1412Benidze DavitGEO24656.036.540.04.0
153Baklan VladimirUKR26195.548.553.54.0
1617Petrosyan ManuelARM24495.543.547.04.0
1727Morchiashvili BachanaGEO23325.541.044.54.0
1820Mikaelyan ArmanARM24365.541.044.05.0
1914Kostenko PetrKAZ24575.540.042.54.0
2022Javakhadze ZurabGEO24155.539.541.55.0
2119Pourramezanali AmirrezaIRI24415.538.542.03.0
2211Quparadze GigaGEO24845.538.540.04.0
2330Vardanian Haik G.ARM23015.047.550.03.0
2432Firouzja AlirezaIRI22775.
2526Mgeladze TamazGEO23375.044.547.04.0
2635Guseynov AlihanUZB22555.044.546.53.0
2734Poghosyan SurenARM22735.
2821Kekelidze MikheilGEO24265.041.545.03.0
291Jobava BaadurGEO26935.039.543.53.0
3024Beradze IrakliGEO23755.039.542.03.0
3161Khazhomia SalomeGEO20995.
3231Hayrapetyan Artavazd R.ARM22895.037.540.04.0
3344Mammadov GulamAZE21755.035.537.54.0
3440Styazhkina AnnaRUS22145.032.535.05.0
3554Ghvamberia NikaGEO21334.540.542.54.0
3666Mkrtchyan Sargis R.ARM20724.539.543.04.0
3728Pirverdiyev AgilAZE23134.538.542.03.0
3843Vakhania AlexandraGEO21784.538.040.54.0
3946Basencyan MarkARM21654.537.039.04.0
4070Gharibyan MamikonARM20364.536.539.53.0
75 players

17) Minsk Open 2015

The Minsk Open took place 15th to 23rd July 2015. Aleksej Aleksandrov edged out Vladislav Kovalev on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9.

Minsk Open 2015 Minsk BLR Wed 15th Jul 2015 - Thu 23rd Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Aleksandrov AleksejBLR26137.555.043.044.75
23Kovalev VladislavBLR25397.548.537.039.25
37Nikitenko MihailBLR24167.047.537.037.00
42Fedorov AlexeiBLR25566.553.541.537.00
522Kocheev AleksandrBLR23166.551.540.534.25
614Meribanov VitalyBLR23876.551.540.035.00
710Shtembuliak EvgenyUKR24026.550.039.035.00
86Podolchenko EvgeniyBLR24176.549.539.034.00
94Teterev VitalyBLR25056.547.037.033.25
1021Novitzkij DmitrijBLR23196.543.533.531.00
1118Mirzoev EmilUKR23446.052.540.533.25
1212Tihonov JurijBLR23986.
138Ziaziulkina NastassiaBLR24086.
1434Pogosian GeorgyRUS21906.048.038.529.50
1532Maksimov DmitriRUS22156.
1615Kupreichik Viktor DBLR23856.
1737Ivannikau MaksimBLR21566.
1816Lomako PavelBLR23476.
1927Zarubitski ViachaslauBLR22706.046.535.528.50
2019Geivondian ArmanRUS23316.046.035.528.25
2146Bogdan EkaterinaBLR20676.045.536.527.75
2223Smirnov ValerijBLR22966.
2333Cherepov AlexejBLR21966.
2425Khamitskiy SergeiBLR22896.044.033.528.00
2526Kolesnik EduardBLR22836.041.532.528.00
2617Lutsko IgorBLR23445.551.040.029.00
2738Aleksandrovskiy DmitriyRUS21545.550.038.530.25
289Vorontsov PavloUKR24055.549.038.026.25
2911Mochalov Evgeny VBLR23995.547.537.527.25
3035Drogovoz IrinaRUS21875.547.036.526.00
3129Harshkou MikitaBLR22615.545.035.525.25
3240Fedotov NikitaRUS21405.544.534.023.25
3347Badelka OlgaBLR20665.543.534.524.75
3413Kazakovskiy ValeriyBLR23895.543.033.025.50
3530Petrukhina IrinaRUS22365.543.032.523.50
3657Zhuk IvanBLR20285.539.531.518.75
3745Gorozhankina JuliaRUS20795.539.530.521.75
3863Kovalevsky StanislavBLR19715.538.030.019.75
3953Svjatocho AndrejBLR20485.049.039.524.75
4052Kusenkova NatalliaBLR20505.
128 players

18) 38th Eastman Open 2015

The 38th Eastman Open in Ghent took place 18th to 22nd July 2015. Alexei Gavrilov, Stefan Docx and Bart Michiels finished on 7.5/9.

38th Eastman Open 2015 Ghent BEL Sat 18th Jul 2015 - Wed 22nd Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Gavrilov A.GMRUS241197.52254
2Docx S.IMBEL241997.52235
3Michiels B.GMBEL253397.52201
4Dgebuadze A.GMBEL249997.01.0
5Pap M.GMSRB248697.00.0
6Sumets A.GMUKR259896.52258
7Feller S.GMFRA262296.52215
8Sarrau J.FMBEL235996.52173
9Cordts I.GER227296.52161
10Verstraeten R.FMBEL231296.52160
11De Groote E.NED233096.5213035.0
12Froeyman H.FMBEL231696.5213035.0
13Schalkx J.BEL216396.52107
14Stone A.ENG220996.52070
15Kegels P.BEL215996.52029
16Van Mechelen J.FMBEL224396.52003
17Stam H.NED208196.52000
18De Jong J.NED214796.51999
19Ghyselen W.BEL213396.51963
20Offringa J.NED223596.02160
21De Groote J.NED220796.02114
22Van Den Dikkenberg E.FMNED213396.02105
23Oranje R.NED211896.02096
24Mc Michael R.FMENG220796.02061
25De Hoogt I.NED197696.02037
26Van Melkebeke W.BEL209996.02033
27Verbaken O.NED211996.02017
28Polee H.NED210886.02005
29Rechner K.GER225596.01999
30De Feijter B.NED201596.01996
31Robert P.BEL210696.01992
32Vinke M.NED210496.01976
33Lacrosse M.FMBEL215796.01954
34Clemens A.NED217096.01950
35Hannaske A.GER200896.01949
36Stuemer P.GER206996.01936
37Kalmes R.LUX198996.01931
38Klaus D.GER197596.01884
39Knors R.BEL210196.01867
40Huhndorf A.FMGER226295.52142
246 players

19) 8th Paleochora Open 2015

The 8th Paleochora Open took place 17th to 24th July 2015. Vladislav Borovikov won with 7.5/9.

8th Paleochora Open 2015 Paleochora GRE Fri 17th Jul 2015 - Fri 24th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
17Borovikov VladislavUKR25627.50.051.540.5
212Kharitonov AlexandrRUS25367.
34Kovchan AlexanderUKR25917.00.054.542.5
49Zakhartsov Viacheslav V.RUS25487.00.053.543.0
514Firat BurakTUR24677.00.053.542.5
62Delchev AleksanderBUL26067.
76David AlbertoITA25757.00.051.540.5
811Stopa JacekPOL25417.00.049.540.0
95Gareyev TimurUSA25797.00.049.539.5
103Nabaty TamirISR26046.50.054.542.0
118Rychagov AndreyRUS25566.50.052.541.5
1229Dijkhuis TychoNED23136.50.052.541.5
1313Werle JanNED25326.50.052.540.5
141Banikas HristosGRE26286.
1516Zakhartsov VladimirRUS24506.
1610Ernst SipkeNED25456.
1730Stathopoulos IoannisGRE23116.50.049.539.0
1815Colovic AleksandarMKD24586.
1926Maki-Uuro MiikkaFIN23296.50.047.536.0
2044Naoum SpyridonGRE21946.50.046.536.0
2146Fossum Oystein BoyumNOR21826.
2221Kerigan DemreTUR24036.00.052.541.5
2324Theodorou NikolasGRE23386.00.052.541.5
2434Djingarova EmiliaBUL22706.
2518Skembris SpyridonGRE24226.
2640Gouloutis NikolaosGRE22186.00.049.539.0
2735Papadopoulos GeorgiosGRE22676.00.049.538.5
2820Sandalakis AngelosGRE24036.
2933Papadimitriou AthanasiosGRE22776.
3043Paulet IozefinaNED21976.
3139Azis Azizis EktorasGRE22326.
3266Serntedakis AthanasiosGRE20406.00.047.537.0
3342Tzouganakis PanteleimonGRE21976.00.047.536.0
3437Fatianova TatianaRUS22446.
3519Korchmar VasiliyRUS24065.50.053.542.5
3622Kourkoulos-Arditis StamatisGRE23795.
3723Markidis KonstantinosGRE23785.50.051.540.5
3836Tsolakidou StavroulaGRE22665.50.051.540.0
3927Senders MischaNED23175.
4055Makropoulou MarinaGRE20905.50.047.538.0
210 players

20) 30th Avoine Open 2015

The 30th Avoine Open took place 18th to 26th July 2015. Sergey Fedorchuk won with 7.5/9. Games from the final two rounds not yet available.

30th Avoine Open 2015 Avoine FRA Sat 18th Jul 2015 - Sun 26th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1FEDORCHUK Sergey A.gUKR2664472655
2NEVEDNICHY VladislavgROU2558747½2621
3BULMAGA IrinamROU23937472553
4SWAYAMS MishramIND24297472524
5MAIOROV NikitagBLR2573746½2564
6COLIN VincentmFRA23827452501
7COURSAGET NicolasfFRA2268743½2435
8FILIP LucianmROU24197432411
9MILU Romeo-SorinmROU23767432355
10INKIOV VentzislavgBUL2434452499
11KASPAROV SergeygBLR2497432399
12DUMITRACHE Dragos-NicolaemROU2423432394
13STEPHAN VictorfFRA2302432393
14GODART FrancoismBEL2426432365
15PAYEN ArnaudmFRA2329432359
16NAVROTESCU Andreea-CristianaffFRA224742½2376
17LE BORGNE PierreFRA225242½2350
18SHIRAZI KamranmFRA2399412376
19OLLIER PablofFRA236940½2315
20KIRK EzrafENG232140½2309
21MALASSAGNE IsabelleffFRA211340½2233
22MALASSAGNE RaphaelFRA2185402228
23MERENCIANO AlexandreFRA2188402209
24BOUGET AlexandrefFRA225639½2198
25BURRI QuentinfFRA229236½2172
26DELORME AlbanfFRA2353643½2329
27LAZAREV VladimirgFRA23716432340
28ROBIN SamyfFRA22476432285
29TERNAULT MathieuFRA2199642½2331
30OLLIER MilanFRA21936422276
31DEGARDIN SylvainFRA21456422250
32SANDU MihaelagfROU2347641½2261
33LE HUEC MarcFRA2236641½2228
34CAU BenjaminFRA21336412239
35LEGKY Nikolay AgFRA2420640½2217
36MONPEURT CyrielleffFRA21406402160
37GATINEAU YovannFRA21056402158
38SOYER Jean-YvesFRA20616392130
39GINOVART AxelFRA20896382209
40KASPAROVA TatianamfBLR21416382168
404 players

21) XVII Sant Marti Open 2015

The XVII Sant Marti Open took place 13th to 21st July 2015. Kidambi Sundararajan edged out Karen Grigoryan on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9.

XVII Sant Marti Open 2015 Barcelona ESP Mon 13th Jul 2015 - Tue 21st Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
128Sundararajan KidambiIND24337.543.054.00.0
21Grigoryan Karen H.ARM25807.540.552.50.0
333Gagare ShardulIND24257.041.552.50.0
424Petrosyan Tigran S.ARM24417.038.549.50.0
52Burmakin VladimirRUS25717.038.549.00.0
618Manolache MariusROU24677.037.548.50.0
713Diermair AndreasAUT24856.539.551.50.0
86Ghosh DiptayanIND25236.539.050.00.0
932Erdogdu MertTUR24266.537.048.50.0
105Alsina Leal DanielESP25316.537.046.50.0
1117Kanmazalp OgulcanTUR24686.536.547.00.0
127Gomez Garrido Camilo ErnestoCUB25196.535.545.00.0
1346Puranik AbhimanyuIND23286.040.550.00.0
1415Harutyunian Tigran K.ARM24726.038.549.50.0
1511Oratovsky MichaelISR24906.
1616Pardo Simon DavidESP24686.037.549.00.0
1714Ducarmon QuintenNED24756.037.548.50.0
1825Gonzalez Perez ArianFID24406.037.548.50.0
1926Rios Cristhian CamiloCOL24356.037.547.50.0
2038Cruz FilemonPER24026.
2120Narayanan SrinathIND24646.
2212Oliva Castaneda KevelCUB24886.
2380Juan Bartroli PauESP21956.
2471Chirivi C Jenny AstridCOL22186.029.537.50.0
2522Swapnil S. DhopadeIND24535.541.052.00.0
2655Roy PrantikIND22925.540.049.00.0
2723Das SayantanIND24445.539.550.50.0
2860Olivares Canelles FranciscoCUB22705.538.547.50.0
293Peralta FernandoARG25565.538.048.50.0
3010Shyam Sundar M.IND24925.538.048.00.0
3127Froewis GeorgAUT24345.537.048.00.0
3221Cruz JonathanPER24535.537.048.00.0
3348Morales Jhon AlexanderCOL23085.537.047.50.0
348Cicak SlavkoSWE25145.537.047.00.0
3545Konguvel PonnuswamyIND23375.537.047.00.0
3657Mateus AlejandroCOL22835.537.046.50.0
3729Munoz Pantoja MiguelESP24305.535.546.00.0
3830Vassallo Barroche MauricioESP24305.535.545.50.0
3952Pomini AurelienSUI22985.534.543.00.0
4041Satyapragyan SwayangsuIND23925.534.044.50.0
158 players

22) ch-Francophonie 2015

The Francophonie Championships took place 17th to 25th July 2015. Romain Edouard won with 8/9. Games should follow.

ch-Francophonie 2015 Montreal CAN Fri 17th Jul 2015 - Sat 25th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Edouard RomainFRA26398.049.57
26Shoker SamyEGY24777.551.06
310Fargere FrancoisFRA24207.046.06
432Bolduc SteveCAN21667.039.56
58Hambleton AmanCAN24456.550.56
67Rakotomaharo Fy AntenainaMAD24506.549.56
727Chiku-Ratte Olivier KentaCAN21956.549.05
85Dlugy MaximUSA25166.549.04
92Hansen EricCAN25836.547.55
1014Villegas PierreMNC23236.547.05
1115Claesen PieterBEL23196.546.56
1221Studen DamirUSA22596.544.55
134Le Siege AlexandreCAN25286.544.05
1425Humphreys MichaelCAN22076.543.56
1518Bouaziz SlimTUN23036.542.05
1638Oussedik EliasCAN21096.048.05
1722Le Quang KimBEL22536.046.05
189El Gindy EssamEGY24406.045.55
1917Onkoud AbdelazizMAR23086.043.05
2036Van Hoolandt PatrickMNC21296.042.05
2120Duong Thanh NhaCAN22776.041.06
2262Sprumont OscarCAN19756.040.54
2329Mona KhaledEGY21846.040.06
2456Poulin MathieuCAN20056.038.55
2524Voskanyan VahagnCAN22226.038.04
263Sambuev BatorCAN25325.547.55
2713Cummings DavidCAN23275.546.04
2811Sarkar JustinCAN24115.545.53
2923Yu Zong YangCAN22345.545.04
3028Zhu Hong RuiCAN21935.545.04
3131Mouradian KnarikLIB21705.544.04
3242Vanheirzeele DanielBEL20875.544.03
3349Tremblay AlainCAN20285.543.04
3455Sanon MondolyHAI20075.542.04
3576Zouaoui MohamedTUN05.541.54
3641Libersan ThierryCAN20905.540.05
3754Jacquet StephaneCAN20085.539.55
3843Mossong HubertLUX20865.538.54
3940Larochelle MartialCAN21075.538.05
4030Kassis AntoineLIB21785.538.04
157 players

23) Karvina Open 2015

The Karvina Open took place 27th June to 5th July 2015. Vojtech Zwardon edged out Alexander Chudinovskikh on tie-break after both scored 7/9. Games now available.

Karvina Open 2015 Karvina CZE Sat 27th Jun 2015 - Sun 5th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12Zwardon VojtechCZE23977.039.050.0
28Chudinovskikh Alexander MRUS22407.037.549.0
39Orzechowski JacekPOL22046.540.551.5
41Grishchenko SergeyRUS24406.537.048.5
53Ivanov Mikhail MRUS23976.536.548.0
64Strebkovs AndrejsLAT23406.039.049.0
713Taus MartinCZE21066.037.048.5
810Lys JosefCZE21606.037.047.5
911Shilov SergejUKR21556.036.548.0
1014Raszka JanuszPOL20975.540.051.0
117Olsarova KarolinaCZE22515.538.048.5
1224Lojek MarekCZE19325.535.045.0
1326Walica RomanCZE19005.534.542.5
1415Kolar StanislavCZE20915.039.050.5
1512Zimniok LubomirCZE21375.037.548.5
1616Reznicek MarcelCZE20765.037.546.5
175Sobek JaroslavCZE22815.035.546.5
186Olsar JaroslavCZE22635.035.044.0
1920Borovicka BohumilCZE19675.032.542.5
2037Szneider KazimierzPOL17415.032.041.5
2118Sramek TomasCZE19895.030.038.5
32Zielinski AndrzejPOL18285.030.038.5
2341Koci TomasCZE16965.029.038.5
2423Olsar ZdenekCZE19474.534.543.5
2517Kraus FrantisekCZE20524.534.045.5
2657Przepiora GabrielPOL04.532.040.0
2749Sramek VojtechCZE16004.531.542.0
2839Talik PatrykPOL17344.531.539.0
2919Stehlik JiriCZE19704.530.540.5
3022Labus ZbigniewPOL19554.530.540.0
3121Maroszczyk WieslawCZE19614.530.537.5
3252Suchanek PaulinaPOL14774.528.538.0
3344Kusak LubomirCZE16864.524.031.5
3433Folwarczny MarekCZE17924.033.042.5
3536Snopek JiriCZE17674.031.040.0
3640Petrov NikolajCZE17284.031.039.0
3731Krampol VladimirCZE18494.030.039.5
3835Biza MiroslavCZE17874.030.039.0
3929Konecny VladimirCZE18714.028.538.0
4051Lipus DrahomirCZE15534.025.533.0
57 players

24) Brno Chess Festival 2015

The Brno Chess Festival took place 27th June to 5th July. Marcin Myc won with 7.5/9. Games now available.

Duras BVK Open 2015 Brno CZE Sat 27th Jun 2015 - Sun 5th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
14Myc MarcinPOL22857.546.050.56
22Nurkiewicz MaciejPOL23707.046.551.05
31Vyskocil NeklanCZE23706.547.552.05
43Kosiorek MarekPOL23366.047.551.55
56Pokorny PetrCZE21636.044.048.04
68Majer JiriCZE20496.043.047.05
77Snorek MilanCZE20635.546.549.55
812Madynski PawelPOL20175.541.045.04
95Kuchynka LukasCZE22565.046.549.54
1016Sawicki MikolajPOL19595.046.048.04
1118Zuziak PetrCZE19375.044.547.54
1217Kopecek IvanCZE19555.042.546.53
1321Gajdos DanielCZE18145.039.042.53
1414Spodny JosefCZE19815.038.540.52
1537Baťa JiriCZE15835.036.539.04
1611Zavadil MichalCZE20184.542.045.04
1710Dirgas JosefCZE20234.541.043.04
1813Kuchynka LubosCZE19934.540.544.04
1915BalaEec LudovitCZE19644.538.541.54
2023Turza PavelCZE18014.537.540.53
2126Zikan KarelCZE17444.536.539.53
2222Randak PavelCZE18054.536.538.53
2325Dumkova DanielaCZE17544.536.039.03
249Paral StanislavCZE20464.035.538.53
2530Eichler BretislavCZE17164.035.038.03
2627Neduchal JiriCZE17374.033.535.52
2724BlaEek PavelCZE17944.031.534.03
2828Matula PavelCZE17204.030.533.03
34Glozar PetrCZE16204.030.533.03
3019Kladnak MartinCZE18563.537.540.53
3129Perutka TomasCZE17173.537.040.03
3235Pavlik VladimirCZE16023.536.039.03
3344Randak RichardCZE14463.533.036.02
3420VeEnik MichaelCZE18283.036.039.03
3533Weber TomasCZE16523.035.538.52
3631Nemec DavidCZE16773.032.035.01
3738Glacner KarelCZE15753.031.533.53
3839Nemec JakubCZE15403.031.533.51
3943Urbanec VladimirCZE14813.027.029.02
4041Tajovsky MatejCZE15312.034.037.01
44 players

25) Lviv July Tradition 2015

The Lviv July Tradition takes place 27th July to 1st August 2015.

Lviv July IM 2015 Lviv UKR Mon 27th Jul 2015 - Sat 1st Aug 2015
Leading Round 1 (of 9) Standings:
17Katashuk VBLR22011.00.000.01
21Sabuk PiotrPOL23350.50.250.50
3Doluhanova EvgeniyaUKR22440.50.250.50
5Odnorozhenko EvgenyiUKR23000.50.250.50
6Mischuk DmitryUKR23370.50.250.50
8Bondarets VadimUKR23030.50.250.50
10Bebel ArkadiuszPOL23070.50.250.50
82Adamowicz KatarzynaPOL21580.00.00-1.00
4Musiaka ViktorUKR19380.00.00-1.00
9Petrova IrinaUKR21730.00.00-1.00
10 players

26) 35th Plunge Open 2015

The 35th Plunge Open took place 20th to 26th July 2015. Tomas Laurusas edged out Titas Stremavicius, Sigitas Kalvaitis and Matas Narmontas on tie-break after all scored 7/9.

35th Plunge Open 2015 Plateliai LTU Mon 20th Jul 2015 - Sun 26th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
14Laurusas TomasLTU24127.051.055.0
21Stremavicius TitasLTU24527.049.553.5
36Kalvaitis SigitasLTU22207.049.053.5
42Narmontas MatasLTU24257.047.051.5
510Martinkus RolandasLTU21146.549.054.0
63Malisauskas VidmantasLTU24236.547.551.0
75Malinin YuriRUS22356.546.551.5
89Klabis RokasLTU21876.546.050.0
912Stauskas LukasLTU21096.048.553.0
108Juknis PauliusLTU22006.047.551.5
1123Jonkus LukasLTU18086.044.048.5
1222Juksta KarolisLTU18096.041.042.5
1324Buterlevicius RytisLTU17906.037.538.0
147Pultinevicius PauliusLTU22175.547.051.0
1516Vicas MarijusLTU19945.546.049.5
1619Zukauskas Arnas PovilasLTU18475.545.548.0
1720Bucinskas LukasLTU18355.544.047.0
1817Petraitis GintautasLTU19215.541.545.0
1913Narmontas RaimondasLTU20455.541.044.0
2015Vaitonis VytautasLTU20005.538.542.0
2127Sabaliauskis MartynasLTU17345.538.541.5
2211Bursteinas JosifasLTU21105.537.541.0
2369Kairys ViktorasLTU05.535.539.0
2436Indriunas MatasLTU15965.042.045.0
2518Baliuniene MargaritaDEN18835.042.044.5
2629Auskalnis DovydasLTU16905.040.544.5
2747Pluta PauliusLTU14755.039.542.5
2825Zalimaite IevaLTU17895.037.541.0
2942Maciuityte GretaLTU15385.037.540.0
3021Lukosius RimvydasLTU18265.037.039.5
3148Kerpe MantasLTU14655.035.037.0
3234Plaipa AntanasLTU16124.543.046.5
3368Jurksaitis JuozasLTU04.542.045.5
3431Griciute RositaLTU16504.541.545.0
3528Barsciauskas GintautasLTU17184.541.544.0
3663Gomberg BorisISR04.539.543.0
3730Jurcius MantasLTU16674.539.542.5
3850Bagdanskis DangisLTU14564.539.042.0
3943Rudzkis MazvydasLTU14994.538.541.0
4032Mickus BenasLTU16284.537.540.0
76 players

27) Miljo Vujovic Memorial 2015

The Miljo Vujovic Memorial GM and IM tournaments took place 19th to 24th July 2015. Davaademberel Nomin-Erdene won the GM event with 7/9.

Miljo Vujovic GM 2015 Novi Sad SRB Sun 19th Jul 2015 - Fri 24th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
110Nomin-Erdene DavaademberelMGL23037.028.250.05
28Bodrozic TomislavGER23826.023.250.04
36Kosic DraganMNE24875.523.250.03
43Tadic BrankoSRB24975.021.000.51
5Drazic SinisaSRB24395.021.000.51
64Lajthajm BorkoSRB24434.518.250.01
79Mrkonjic NenadCRO23803.514.750.00
82Tesic DraganSRB23193.514.500.00
97Martic IvanSRB23833.012.000.00
101Marholev DimitarBUL23172.07.750.00
10 players
Miljo Vujovic GM 2015 Novi Sad SRB Sun 19th Jul 2015 - Fri 24th Jul 2015. Category: 6. Ave: (2395)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Nomin-Erdene, Davaademberel WGM MGL 2303 # 1 = = = = 1 1 1 1 7 2625
2 Bodrozic, Tomislav GER 2382 0 # 1 = = 1 = = 1 1 6 2521
3 Kosic, Dragan GM MNE 2487 = 0 # = = = 1 1 1 = 5.5 2465
4 Drazic, Sinisa GM SRB 2439 = = = # = = = = = 1 5 2433
5 Tadic, Branko GM SRB 2497 = = = = # = = = = 1 5 2427
6 Lajthajm, Borko GM SRB 2443 = 0 = = = # = = = 1 4.5 2390
7 Mrkonjic, Nenad IM CRO 2380 0 = 0 = = = # = = = 3.5 2317
8 Tesic, Dragan IM SRB 2319 0 = 0 = = = = # = = 3.5 2323
9 Martic, Ivan FM SRB 2383 0 0 0 = = = = = # = 3 2271
10 Marholev, Dimitar IM BUL 2317 0 0 = 0 0 0 = = = # 2 2184
Miljo Vujovic IM 2015 Novi Sad SRB Sun 19th Jul 2015 - Fri 24th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
110Kontic DjordjijeMNE23066.025.500.03
29Velikic AdelaSRB21285.524.250.03
36Mikheev StanislavRUS23035.524.000.02
43Licina ZoranCRO22274.519.750.01
51Marjanovic DejanBIH23384.517.750.03
62Lukajic BojanSRB21424.017.750.52
75Bodiroga PredragSRB23614.017.750.50
87Kozhabekov AdilkhanKAZ21614.017.250.01
94Kiroski ToniMKD22713.516.500.00
108Besedes DaniloSRB23073.514.750.01
10 players
Miljo Vujovic IM 2015 Novi Sad SRB Sun 19th Jul 2015 - Fri 24th Jul 2015. Category: 1. Ave: (2254)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Kontic, Djordjije IM MNE 2306 # = = = 1 1 = = = 1 6 2374
2 Mikheev, Stanislav IM RUS 2303 = # = = 1 = 1 = = = 5.5 2329
3 Velikic, Adela SRB 2128 = = # 1 = 0 = 1 = 1 5.5 2348
4 Licina, Zoran FM CRO 2227 = = 0 # 1 = = = = = 4.5 2257
5 Marjanovic, Dejan FM BIH 2338 0 0 = 0 # 1 = 1 1 = 4.5 2245
6 Lukajic, Bojan SRB 2142 0 = 1 = 0 # = 0 = 1 4 2224
7 Bodiroga, Predrag IM SRB 2361 = 0 = = = = # = = = 4 2200
8 Kozhabekov, Adilkhan KAZ 2161 = = 0 = 0 1 = # = = 4 2222
9 Kiroski, Toni IM MKD 2271 = = = = 0 = = = # 0 3.5 2173
10 Besedes, Danilo SRB 2307 0 = 0 = = 0 = = 1 # 3.5 2169

28) 23rd Saint-Affrique Open 2015

The 23rd Saint-Affrique Open took place 18th to 25th July 2015. Sergey Grishchenko won with 7.5/9. Games from the final three rounds not yet available.

23rd Saint-Affrique Open Saint-Affrique FRA Sat 18th Jul 2015 - Sat 25th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1GRISHCHENKO SergeymRUS2430452581
2VEDMEDIUC SergheimMDA24007442459
3FLEAR Glenn CgENG2450743½2513
4MULLON Jean-BaptistemFRA24077422362
5DEGRAEVE Jean-MarcgFRA25537422440
6LIBISZEWSKI FabiengFRA2543462469
7IVANOV Mikhail MgRUS239145½2450
8MILCHEV NikolaymBUL237645½2431
9IGLESIAS JoachimFRA226743½2338
10KARPATCHEV AleksandrgRUS247343½2409
11STETS DmitrymUKR240643½2417
12VAVRIC PavelfMDA227942½2292
13BRETHES FrancoisFRA2243422319
14BOGDANOV EgorUKR232340½2341
15NAJART DavidFRA207739½2237
16OUAKHIR MehdiMAR217638½2241
17MAATOUG RedwanFRA2218643½2198
18MEUNIER ClementFRA21346432202
19N'GUYEN EmilienFRA22636432304
20SMITH MatthieuFRA21166412139
21BARCHUK IrinaUKR2087639½2080
22DELIVRE RaphaelFRA2067638½2025
23ROUBERT EmileFRA2116637½2032
24LEWIS JohnFRA20786372085
25CAZOTTES GuillaumeFRA2015636½1965
26GERTOSIO FranckFRA2178442215
27BAUER ChristiangFRA2618432415
28DUFF RufusENG211742½2102
29DAURELLE HervefFRA216741½2132
30BRESSY TheoFRA2032412102
31BILLIAR-BOURGY VincentFRA2113412058
32WEILL RolandfFRA2142412107
33BAROYAN DavitFRA1978392041
34DUSSOL PierrefFRA211636½1950
35PEYCHEVA GerganaBUL199535½1966
36MAACHE JawadFRA205935½2000
37JACKSON DanielFRA1746351893
38BERTHELOT NathanFRA1952341831
39RIVET CyrilleFRA1879341890
40FLAUJAC BenoitFRA176032½1864
138 players

29) 12th South Wales International 2015

The 12th South Wales International took place 11th to 17th July 2015. Games from the final two rounds not yet available as are official final standings. The table below is from the ratings submission to FIDE. Boris Chatalbashev won with 8/10.

12th South Wales Int 2015 Cardiff WLS Sat 11th Jul 2015 - Fri 17th Jul 2015
Leading Finla Round 10 Standings:
1Chatalbashev, BorisBUL25168
2Nikolov, MomchilBUL25307.5
3Wells, Peter KENG24487.5
4Petrov, MarianBUL24877
5Gormally, Daniel WENG24847
6Lauridsen, Jesper MorchDEN23167
7Rudd, JackENG22477
8Arkell, Keith CENG25026.5
9Teh, Eu Wen AronMAS23216.5
10Hernandez Jimenez, AlexanderVEN22856.5
11Rysbayeva, AigerimKAZ21426.5
12Ivekovic, TihanaCRO20396.5
13Young, AlanWLS20196.5
14Davis, LeeWLS19956.5
15Braun, WalterAUT22225.5
16Morris, Charles FWLS21446
17Brown, ThomasWLS20654
18Kett, TimWLS22194.5
19Marusenko, PetrUKR21925.5
20Jaunooby, Ali RENG21815.5
21Williams, WinstonSIN21665.5
22Pleasants, Allan JWLS21205.5
23Whitehead, Mark AENG20055.5
24Bullen, AlexWLS19945.5
25Ralphs, NigelWLS19655
26Taylor, Robert GrahamWLS19615.5
27Waterfield, John WWLS19135.5
28Thomas, BenWLS18504
29Chevannes, Sabrina LENG22285
30Fathallah, JoeWLS20025
31Freeland, AlexWLS19525
32Thorpe, ThomasWLS18595
33Stoll, KatjaGER18545
34Bridges, PaulWLS18535
35Wagner, GuyWLS18025
36James, DaiWLS19064.5
37Gosling, Brian G EENG18974
38Staniforth, MatthewWLS18774.5
39Bennett, RhysWLS18024.5
40Thomas, RoyWLS17284.5
41Bennett, OwenWLS16954.5
42McLaren, CharlieENG16633.5
43Ellis, GarethWLS04
44Robertson, JimSCO16734
45Guha, ChiragWLS16543.5
46Lutchman Singh, AishwaryaWLS16533
47Jukes, SamWLS16474
48Rovaretti, DavidWLS15874
49Livermore, RichardWLS15834
50McLaren, ThomasENG15213
71 players

30) 8th New York International 2015

The 8th New York International took place 15th to 19th July 2015. Gata Kamsky scored 7/9. I have two brilliancy prize games and Kamsky's win against a friend from Bradford from the first round.

8th New York Int 2015 New York USA Wed 15th Jul 2015 - Sun 19th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Kamsky, GataGMW36W44D17W43D12W10D6W3D474000
2Izoria, ZviadGMW27W5HW21D10L11HW24W61125
3Rohde, Michael AGMW29L14W53W33D13W21W24L1W111125
4Kalikshteyn, AlexaFMW30W24W14D10D6D12D11W17D11125
5Pressman, LeifFMW60L2W30W57D17L6W46W21W101125.00IM
6Hess, Robert LGMW15W13D21D17D4W5D1W7L26
7Mladenov, SvetlinIMD62W31W50D9D8D13W27L6W186
8Sorkin, IgorW47W26L10W45D7W9L12W15D146
9Burke, John MichaeW48D42W11D7D16L8D14W32W226500.00IM
10Azarov, SergeiGMW37W22W8D4D2L1W13D11L5
11Steingrimsson, HedGMD28W38L9W15W14W2D4D10L3
12Escobar, AlderGMW51D50W42W34D1D4W8UU
13Wyss, JonasFMW40L6W37W18D3D7L10D26W29
14Brodsky, DavidFMW52W3L4D32L11W36D9W27D8
15Sheng, JoshuaL6W54W22L11D32W35W42L8W26
16Molner, MackenzieGMHW28L45W29D9D32D18D20D195
17Ippolito, DeanIMW46W25D1D6D5D27W39L4U5
18Jacobson, AaronHD33W59L13HW34D16W23L75
19Tarhon, BrianW41L21L44D47D53W33D45W37D165
20Falcao, WesleyL43L61W49D60W63D45W25D16D235
21Checa, Nicolas DeFMW66W19D6L2W23L3W37L5U
22Bonin, Jay RichardIMW67L10L15D30D38D47W41W39L9
23Allicock, Rawle AnFMW49L43W47D44L21W28HL18D20
24Balakrishnan, PravW55L4D51W61W34W42L3L2U
25Taborsky, RostislaFMW61L17L33D38W60D43L20W47D28
26Tremblay, RejeanW59L8L32L39X65W40W38D13L15
27Prilleltensky, MatL2D63W40W53W43D17L7L14D30
28Kumar, AravindFMD11L16W31L51W54L23D52W40D25
29Wang, Andrew CL3D52W58L16D61D56W57W36L13
30Jacobson, BrandonCML4W48L5D22HL53W49W52D27
31Ren, YitianD38L7L28W48L36D57W55D44W47
32Miyasaka, Marcus ML44W41W26D14D15D16D43L9D36
33Sena, JuanD35D18W25L3L37L19W56W51H
34Wang, QibiaoW58W57D43L12L24L18L47W59D374
35Akylbekov, NasirD33L53L57W52D47L15W60F38W544
36Barrett, SteveL1HD38HW31L14W51L29D324
37Niemann, Hans MokeL10W60L13W67W33D46L21L19D344
38Sinha, SahilD31L11D36D25D22W61L26X35U4
39Bhatty, KaranHHUW26W57W51L17L22U4
40Juac, MajurL13HL27HW59L26W48L28W574
70 players

31) 147th MGU Open 2015

The 147th MGU Open took place 25th to 26th July 2015.

147th MGU Open 2015 Sofia BUL Sat 25th Jul 2015 - Sun 26th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
11Stoynov Yordan21765.0
23Gelemerov Yane20785.0
38Andreev Dobrotich19145.0
49Dochev Delyan18615.0
57Tashev Aleksandar19294.5
62Orev Petar20964.5
732Krustev Krasimir S.04.0
86Metev Martin20054.0
925Ivanov Svetlen15304.0
1016Ivanov Oleg17364.0
1115Atanasov Viktor17773.5
1210Petrov Anton18333.5
1311Cholakov Nikolay18053.5
144Hristov Hristo M.20743.5
1519Grabcheva Natalia16763.5
1614Kostov Nikolay17963.5
1724Georgiev Nikolay15593.5
1813Pavlov Vladimir18033.0
1917Mehmed Elif17263.0
2031Yordanov Kaloyan11213.0
2112Stoyanov Stefan18043.0
2223Sapareva Magdalena15793.0
2335Georgiev Kristian03.0
2421Simov Zahari16333.0
2528Toncheva Nadya13882.5
2629Petkov Gabriel13302.5
2718Kosturkov Krasimir16962.5
2833Tagarev Ivan02.5
2922Mustedjeb Anher15852.0
305Dereshki Dario20722.0
3120Mladenov Andrey16452.0
3226Neycheva Monika Vladimirova15242.0
3334Rutten Alexander02.0
3430Nikolova Angelika11422.0
3527Tenev Bogdan14262.0
3636Tsekov Nikolay02.0
3740Draganova Yana02.0
3838Bozhkov Stoil01.5
3937Bozhilov Georgi01.0
4041Simonski Plamen01.0
41 players

32) 3rd 4NCL Congress 2015

The 3rd 4NCL Congress took place 17th to 19th July 2015. Tamas Fodor won with 4.5/5.

3rd 4NCL Congress 2015 Birmingham ENG Fri 17th Jul 2015 - Sun 19th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 5 Standings:
12Fodor Tamas Jr.24914.5
23Wells Peter K24484.0
35Jackson James P23433.5
7Murphy Hugh W21703.5
8House Glenn L21693.5
9Mason Donald J21453.5
71Hebden Mark L25003.0
4Merry Alan B23483.0
6Kalavannan Koby21783.0
12Dilleigh Stephen P20963.0
13Fegan Chris20903.0
1214Martin Lewis20862.5
15Asenov Pavel20812.5
18Bridge Neil A20292.5
21Gregory Keith D F20112.5
27Parry Matthew18482.5
29Rowan Daniel17722.5
1810Jones Steven A21262.0
16Gostelow David W20442.0
19Savage Nicholas W20232.0
20Marsh Roger D W20132.0
23Shaw Meyrick19932.0
24Kingston Ian19592.0
25Disu Kayode19272.0
2517Paterson Andrew I20391.5
26Rowan Paul19161.5
28Anilkumar Anantha P18381.5
30Saravanan Karthik15321.5
2911Allor Chukwuka21031.0
22Okhai Shabir19941.0
30 players

33) Policka Open 2015

The Policka Open took place 4th to 11th July 2015. Marian Sabol won with 7.5/9.

Policka Open 2015 Policka CZE Sat 4th Jul 2015 - Sat 11th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
13Sabol MarianCZE23127.540.552.56
21Cerveny MartinCZE23947.039.050.07
32Vesselovsky SergueiCZE23427.039.050.06
45Piankov EvgenijUKR22696.038.549.55
56Tuma JanCZE21416.038.049.55
610Lorenc OldrichCZE20306.036.547.04
74Cerveny PetrCZE22895.540.051.53
89Vala FilipCZE20585.534.044.55
913Hurtak OttoCZE19465.036.547.04
108Kastner OldrichCZE20725.036.547.04
1112Mazoch JiriCZE19585.036.047.04
127Pascenko JaromirCZE20965.032.543.04
1314Pavlicek PetrCZE19275.030.539.54
1418Schaffer OndrejCZE18275.028.038.55
1522Hampel RudolfCZE16744.528.537.54
1619Navratil LadislavCZE17014.527.034.54
1728Jun Rudolf Sr.CZE14604.525.030.03
1811Tulis JanCZE20214.033.042.03
1921Veselsky JanCZE16904.030.036.04
2015Zeman LadislavCZE18744.028.534.54
2124Jun Rudolf Jr.CZE15634.027.032.53
2217Fiala MilanCZE18383.533.042.02
2316Kindl FrantisekCZE18603.531.041.03
2420Madera StanislavCZE16943.528.037.03
2527Simon MichalCZE14603.526.531.53
2625Brokl DanielCZE14653.030.036.03
2729Jirousek JanCZE13983.028.033.02
2823Simon JakubCZE15863.025.530.53
2926Rysava MonikaCZE14632.025.029.52
3030Houska FrantisekCZE12900.024.531.00
30 players

34) Thracian Princess 2015

The Thracian Princess Open took place in Vratsa 20th to 26th July 2015. Margarita Voiska won with 7/9.

Thracian Princess 2015 Vratsa BUL Mon 20th Jul 2015 - Sun 26th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
13Voiska MargaritaBUL23037.039.048.56
22Cosma Elena-LuminitaROU23266.539.051.04
34Avramidou AnastasiaGRE22796.538.548.54
49Antova GabrielaBUL21096.536.046.05
56Ionescu IrinaROU22516.038.548.54
61Nikolova AdrianaBUL23325.535.045.05
711Vasova MariaBUL20225.529.539.05
88Bukhteeva ViktoriaRUS21635.038.048.04
95Raeva ElitsaBUL22785.035.545.54
107Maksimovic SuzanaSRB22385.033.542.54
1112Shivacheva DonikaBUL18945.028.037.05
1210Azimova KarinaRUS20514.536.045.54
1321Andonova Luiza-DesislavaBUL19104.030.039.03
1414Krasteva BeloslavaBUL17603.531.540.52
1515Lakinska SimonaMKD16293.527.035.02
1618Galani DimitraGRE12923.525.533.52
1716Petkova DenitsaBUL14703.525.033.50
1813Bocheva MargaritaBUL17803.523.032.51
1919Ma IchenBUL12743.523.032.01
2020Papaefstratiou DespinaGRE12093.023.030.51
2117Galani AnnaGRE14503.022.530.01
21 players

35) 45th ch-IND Junior 2015

The 45th ch-IND Junior takes palce 23rd to 31st July 2015.

45th ch-IND Junior 2015 Dindigul IND Thu 23rd Jul 2015 - Fri 31st Jul 2015
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
14Akash GIND23546.019.516.022.50
22Aravindh Chithambaram Vr.IND25075.020.516.520.00
312Akash Pc IyerIND22435.
417Dhulipalla Bala Chandra PrasadIND22075.019.516.018.00
515Sahoo Utkal RanjanIND22155.017.514.518.25
61Karthikeyan MuraliIND25094.523.019.517.50
726Gajwa AnkitIND21074.522.018.516.50
819Krishna Teja NIND21924.520.517.018.00
924Ganesh RIND21394.520.517.016.50
105Sai Vishwesh.CIND23184.519.516.515.25
113Harsha BharathakotiIND23684.519.016.015.75
1214Abhilash Reddy M.L.IND22244.518.515.015.25
1311Pranavananda VIND22464.518.015.014.00
1413Harshal ShahiIND22284.517.014.014.75
1523Varun VIND21714.
1618Hirthickkesh PrIND22024.020.517.014.25
1731Adhithya SIND20744.019.517.012.25
70Abhishek T MIND17524.019.517.012.25
1949Barath Kalyan MIND19384.019.516.512.00
2057Srijit PaulIND18814.019.516.511.00
219Kumaran BIND22544.019.516.014.25
226Sammed Jaykumar SheteIND22674.019.015.514.00
2360Vaisnav MIND18544.018.015.511.50
2421Sai Agni Jeevitesh JIND21844.
258Karthik V. ApIND22564.
2635Satkar ChiragIND20554.017.515.012.25
2710Nihal SarinIND22484.
2853Marthandan K UIND19074.015.513.59.50
2967Subhayan KunduIND18014.
3033Yogit SIND20643.521.518.011.75
3127Hemanth RaamIND21033.521.518.011.25
3237Arjun KalyanIND20373.519.016.010.50
3325Rakesh Kumar JenaIND21263.518.516.59.25
3448Aurangabadkar PrasadIND19573.518.516.08.75
3520Shailesh DravidIND21883.518.515.510.75
3643Sadhu S AdithyaIND19783.518.515.59.75
3750Prathish AIND19333.518.515.010.00
3828Kumar GauravIND20923.518.015.510.00
3946Gandhi AnishIND19663.518.015.59.25
4034Nayak RajeshIND20623.517.515.09.25
116 players
45th ch-IND Junior Girls Dindigul IND Thu 23rd Jul 2015 - Fri 31st Jul 2015
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
12Vaishali RIND22765.020.517.018.50
21Monnisha G KIND22885.020.516.520.25
35Mahalakshmi MIND21494.521.018.017.00
412Sapale SaloniIND19814.521.017.517.25
53Michelle Catherina PIND22204.521.017.516.75
713Varshini VIND19584.520.517.517.50
828Bidhar RutumbaraIND18014.520.517.515.75
96Srija SeshadriIND21454.520.517.016.25
1018Ananya SureshIND18914.519.016.014.50
1111Chitlange SakshiIND19894.519.015.516.00
1222Hilmi ParveenIND18534.517.516.511.25
1315Bala Kannamma.PIND19484.517.514.514.25
1436Sunyasakta SatpathyIND17374.021.518.514.00
1535Priyamvada KaramchetiIND17414.020.517.013.25
1619Isha SharmaIND18814.018.515.512.50
1724Saranya YIND18184.018.515.512.00
1829Harshita GuddantiIND17854.018.015.511.00
1910Madhurima ShekharIND19994.017.514.513.25
207Priyanka NutakkiIND20434.017.514.512.00
2141Abirama Srinithi GIND16004.016.514.59.00
2221Meghna C HIND18564.015.513.59.50
2332Harshini AIND17583.519.517.010.00
2434Varsha C RIND17463.518.516.58.75
2540Aasha.C R.IND16483.518.515.510.25
2627Divya Lakshmi RIND18073.518.016.08.75
2726Akshaya NandakumarIND18163.518.015.59.75
2830Sanskriti GoyalIND17683.518.015.09.25
2925Sunyuktha C M NIND18173.517.515.09.75
3037Bhagya JayeshIND17053.516.514.56.75
3120Smaraki MohantyIND18813.516.514.08.75
3253Senthamizh Yazhini SIND14293.516.013.59.25
3316Potluri SupreethaIND19373.515.513.08.50
3438Krithigga KIND16863.018.515.58.50
3533Sangeetha PIND17493.
3643Parvathy S.LIND15573.017.515.56.50
3731Shalon Joanne PaisIND17613.016.514.54.00
3850Pooja S (2002)IND14763.016.514.08.00
3957Rindhiya VIND13193.
4017Tarini GoyalIND19243.
82 players

36) ch-Panamerican U20 2015

The Panamerican Panamerican U20 Championship took place 16th to 21st July 2015. Kevin Cori Quispe and Andrew Tang scored 7.5/9.

ch-Panamerican U20 2015 San Salvador ESA Thu 16th Jul 2015 - Tue 21st Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
13Cori Quispe KevinPER23697.50.551.039.5
24Tang AndrewUSA23657.50.550.038.0
31Escalante Ramirez Brian SebasPER23896.50.046.537.0
417Solano Cuya BryanCRC21496.50.046.536.0
58Arias DanielESA22426.
67Lopez Gonzalez Abel FabianCUB22515.50.053.541.5
75Chavez Estevez Hayler DavidCUB23475.
86Benedetti JulioARG23135.50.051.540.0
919Puppi Lazo Jorge LuisPER21115.50.047.538.0
102Hernandez Sanchez Jairo AndreCOL23815.
1116Carrera Gonzalez EnmanuelCUB21715.50.046.536.0
1214Ampie MauroNCA21935.
1313Singh VishnuTTO22005.
1424Santiago Vilca ChristianPER19225.50.043.533.5
1510Giron Jorge ErnestoESA22235.
1612Jimenez Garcia EmmanuelCRC22105.00.050.538.5
1715Squella Lavin Carlos FelipeCHI21835.00.042.534.0
18Lopez Raygoza Luis AlbertMEX21385.00.042.534.0
1926Colorado EfrainESA18415.
209Husbands OrlandoBAR22345.00.040.531.5
2129Mendez Alan StevenESA17445.
2221Ulloa Ruben GuillermoPAN20165.
2311Johnson JoshuaTTO22114.
2423Hernandez Mauricio DanielESA19264.50.044.534.5
2534Ruballo JoseESA16624.
2620Guzman OswaldoGUA20664.
2725Ortiz Perez CarlosGUA19014.
2832Munoz RandallESA17064.00.041.533.0
33Santos OliverESA16904.00.041.533.0
3022Hernandez DiegoESA19504.00.040.532.0
31Valencia OscarESA17284.00.040.532.0
3227De Leon GabrielESA18044.00.037.529.5
3328Melara MoisesESA17724.
3437Lemus HectorESA16163.50.535.027.5
3530Pinto AlejandroESA17283.50.533.025.0
3635Rodriguez WilfredoESA16313.00.037.530.0
3739Ariza LuisESA03.
3845Salazar DavidESA03.00.030.523.5
3938Garcia Daniel AlejandroESA13753.
4036Castillo ErnestoESA16163.
46 players

37) 6th Vojvodina Open 2015

The 6th Vojvodina Open takes place 25th to 31st July 2015.

38) 12th Plancoet Open 2015

The 12th Plancoet Open takes place 26th July to 1st August 2015.

39) 20th Creon Open 2015

The 20th Creon Open takes place 27th July to 2nd August 2015.

40) ch-AUT 2015

The Austrian Championship takes place 25th July to 2nd August 2015.

41) 21st Chambery Chess Festival 2015

The 21st Chambery Chess Festival takes place 25th July to 2nd August 2015.

42) Vietnam Team Championship 2015

The Vietnam Team Championship took place 15th to 25th July 2015. Plenty of games but I didn't understand what the team element was for the Men's and Women's event which were scored as Swisses.

VIE Team Men 2015 Ho Chi Minh City VIE Wed 15th Jul 2015 - Sat 25th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
15Le Tuan MinhHNO24297.
27Nguyen Thanh SonDAN23936.
32Nguyen Duc HoaCTH25006.
41Nguyen Huynh Minh HuyHCM25046.
510Nguyen Van HaiHNO23526.
64Cao SangLDO24336.
718Tu Hoang ThaiHCM22446.
86Tran Tuan MinhHNO24256.
93Nguyen Van HuyHNO24576.
1015Tran Quoc DungHCM22866.
1136Duong Thuong CongQDO20536.
129Nguyen Anh KhoiHCM23586.
1312Dinh Duc TrongDAN23476.
1423Bui Trong HaoBNI22076.
1513Duong The AnhQDO23176.
25Dang Hoang SonHCM21936.
1739Le Huu ThaiLDO20426.
1829Dong Bao NghiaBGI21375.
1919Bao KhoaLDO22395.
2030Nguyen Duc VietNAN21215.
2120Tran Minh ThangHNO22355.
28Doan Van DucQDO21425.
2327Pham Xuan DatHNO21455.
2424Hoang Van NgocBGI22045.
2514To Nhat MinhQDO23045.
2617Tran Ngoc LanHNO22565.
2731Le Minh HoangHCM20885.
2811Vo Thanh NinhKGI23485.
2916Nguyen Hoang NamQDO22575.
3035Nguyen Huu Hoang AnhLDO20565.
3126Ton That Nhu TungHCM21935.
3247Chuc Dinh TanBGI18455.
3341Nguyen Duy TrungKGI20085.
3432Nguyen Ha PhuongBGI20865.
65Phan Phuong DucNAN05.
3633Nguyen Hai QuanQNI20695.
3734Vuong Trung HieuQDO20615.
3822Bao QuangDAN22235.
398Hoang Canh HuanDAN23904.
37Vu Phi HungQNI20514.
82 players
VIE Team Women 2015 Ho Chi Minh City VIE Wed 15th Jul 2015 - Sat 25th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
15Vo Thi Kim PhungBGI21487.
22Nguyen Thi Mai HungBGI22277.
38Nguyen Thi Thu HuyenBTR20667.
41Hoang Thi Bao TramHNO22836.
53Nguyen Thi Thanh AnHCM22196.
614Doan Thi Van AnhBGI19826.
710Ton Nu Hong AnQNI20296.
86Luong Phuong HanhHNO21436.
99Tran Le Dan ThuyBTR20446.
104Nguyen Quynh AnhHCM21655.
1115Le Thi HaHPH19815.
1220Dao Thi Lan AnhHNO18335.
1311Ngo Thi Kim TuyenQNI20285.
147Le Thi Phuong LienQNI20915.
1527Pham Thanh Phuong ThaoHPH16795.
1626Nguyen Xuan NhiCTH17055.
1718Tran Thi Mong ThuBTR18985.
1812Tran Thi Kim LoanHPH20105.
1917Hoang Thi Hai AnhBGI19175.
2029Bach Ngoc Thuy DuongHCM16315.
2116Doan Thi Hong NhungHPH19285.
2230Tan Huynh Thanh TrucHCM16065.
2325Cao Minh TrangHPH17135.
2449Le Thi Bich LienQNI05.
2521Nguyen Thi Minh OanhHNO17724.
2638Nguyen Thanh Thuy TienHCM04.
2733Nguyen Hoang Vo SongLDO15264.
2840Phan Quynh MaiNAN04.
2913Ngo Thi Kim CuongQNI19954.
3023Bui Thuy VyHCM17504.
3124Kieu Bich ThuyHNO17294.
3219Nguyen Thi Thao LinhBGI18824.
3328Nguyen Thi Minh ThuHNO16574.
3443Vo Thi Thuy TienCTH04.
3522Bui Thi Diep AnhQNI17514.
3632Le Thuy ViBTR15594.
3731Phan Thao NguyenBTR15714.
3845Phung Thi Quynh TrangHPH04.
3934Le Thuy AnHCM15013.
4036Nguyen Hai Phuong AnhHCM14233.
51 players
VIE Team Pairs 2015 Ho Chi Minh City VIE Wed 15th Jul 2015 - Sat 25th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 5 Standings:
11TP.Ho Chi Minh540198.50
22Quang Ninh540197.50
33Can Tho522155.50
46Bac Giang512243.50
54Ben Tre513133.50
65Lam Dong505001.50
6 players

43) TCh-TUR First League 2015

The Turkish First League (Premier League to follow next month) takes place 25th to 31st July 2015.

44) 24th TCh-MKD 2015

The 24th TCh-MKD took place 20th to 26th July 2015. Alkaloid. Skopje won the title.

24th TCh-MKD 2015 Struga MKD Mon 20th Jul 2015 - Sun 26th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Alkaloid. Skopje*46661438.50
2Gambit Aseko-SEE. Skopje2*551232.00
3Gostivar. Gostivar0*344919.50
4GSK Kumanovo½13*3344718.51
5Stevo Patako. Bitola½13*44718.51
6Prilep. Prilep½23*517.50
7Karposh. Skopje0½22*214.00
84-ti Noemvri. Bitola0½222½*09.50
8 teams

45) Glorney Gilbert International 2015

The Glorney Gilbert International took place 19th to 23rd July 2015. England and Ireland shared first in both events.

Glorney Cup 2015 Enfield IRL Sun 19th Jul 2015 - Thu 23rd Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
4 players
Gilbert Cup 2015 Enfield IRL Sun 19th Jul 2015 - Thu 23rd Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
4 players

46) Chinese Teams and National B Championships 2015

The Chinese Teams event is different from the Chinese League. Games from this and the national B championships.

ch-CHN B Men 2015 Zhongshan CHN Fri 10th Jul 2015 - Wed 22nd Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
13Bai JinshiCHN25208.51.079.566.5
22Zeng ChongshengCHN25228.
34Xu YinglunCHN24548.00.078.565.5
41Liu QingnanCHN25258.00.077.566.0
516Dai ChangrenCHN22958.00.077.564.5
617Zhu YiCHN22858.
75Wang YiyeCHN24538.00.072.560.0
46Fan HuifengCHN20538.00.072.560.0
96Liu YanCHN24517.
109Liu GuanchuCHN23867.50.078.565.5
1112Xu YiCHN23617.
1230Zou ChenCHN22087.50.074.561.5
1315Li DiCHN22987.50.073.560.5
1413Chen FanCHN23487.50.072.559.5
1514Zhang XiaopengCHN23267.
1629Zhang ZijiCHN22187.50.069.558.0
1728Lan ZilunCHN22197.50.069.557.5
1833Wang TongsenCHN21857.
1938Liu ZhaoqiCHN21327.
2018Fang YanCHN22837.
2110Liu ChangCHN23867.
227Jia HaoxiangCHN23987.
2322Xu XiangyuCHN22567.
2419Wu XibinCHN22737.
2534Zhang ShengyunCHN21707.
2623Bao QilinCHN22537.
2727Xu MinghuiCHN22207.
2837Xu YiningCHN21357.
2931Huang MingqiCHN21907.
3039Peng HongchiCHN21187.00.068.557.5
3157Nie XinyangCHN19817.00.067.556.0
3263Li YuanxingCHN19627.00.067.555.5
33109Wu YuxuanCHN07.00.066.555.5
3440Chen Qi BCHN21067.00.064.552.5
3525Zhu YilunCHN22357.00.063.554.5
3626Zhang HanyuCHN22216.
3711Chu Wei ChaoCHN23616.
3851Wei YuyangCHN20056.
398Lu YijieCHN23936.
4058Chen BainingCHN19746.
182 players
ch-CHN B Women 2015 Zhongshan CHN Fri 10th Jul 2015 - Wed 22nd Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
11Gu TianluCHN22819.
27Wang DoudouCHN21628.50.077.563.5
32Xiao YiyiCHN22268.
414Zhu JinerCHN20357.50.072.560.5
55Qiu MengjieCHN22017.50.072.558.5
68Yuan YeCHN21537.50.069.555.5
742Guo ShuoCHN17677.50.068.556.0
838Du YuxinCHN18067.
973Pan ShimeiCHN07.
1021Hu Yu A.CHN19507.
1116Chu RuotongCHN20227.00.071.558.5
1218Zhang LanlinCHN20097.
133Yao LanCHN22077.00.070.558.0
146Li XueyiCHN21887.00.067.556.0
154Ren XiaoyiCHN22067.
1624Deng SiyuCHN19137.
1723Yang YijingCHN19187.00.066.555.0
1835Zhang YuxuanCHN18427.00.065.553.0
1911Zhu YingCHN21147.
2013Liu ManliCHN20377.
2132Zhao ShengxinCHN18566.50.077.563.0
2239Zhao YuxuanCHN18026.50.073.561.0
2315Nie XinCHN20326.
2417Qin RanranCHN20186.50.068.556.5
2571Mao YingzhouCHN06.50.067.556.5
2657Ning KaiyuCHN14706.50.066.554.0
2731Shi LeqinCHN18606.
2826Jiang ZhaoyiCHN18956.50.060.549.5
2968Xu MingweiCHN06.
3019Huang MofeiCHN19786.00.072.560.5
3125Peng TianluCHN19126.
329Hong XingCHN21296.
3336Zhang XiaoCHN18376.
3440Zhou ZirunCHN17986.00.064.555.5
3529Ye QianqianCHN18696.00.064.553.5
3630Liao RuiCHN18656.00.064.550.5
3720Li YunshanCHN19536.
3843Yan TianqiCHN17386.00.063.555.5
3928Lv XintongCHN18726.
4022Xu FeiCHN19436.00.062.551.5
98 players
Chinese Teams 2015 Zhongshan CHN Fri 10th Jul 2015 - Thu 16th Jul 2015
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
12Shenzhen Longgang1110012140.00
21Chengdu Qiyi1110102039.00
33Wuxi Tianyi119111941.00
46Beijing Guangcai117401429.00
64Qingdao Qingwei116411331.50
79Sichuan Chaoyue115421233.00
915Chengdu Qiyuan115421231.50
107Shenzhen Qiyuan116501229.50
1110Wuxi Jidi115421229.00
1212Chongqing Qiyuan115421228.50
1322Chongqing Qingzhi115421228.00
1418Chongqing Qilin114341225.50
1821Chengdu Beilei115511125.50
2019Shanghai Qiyuan114521030.00
2214Hong Kong Chess Workshop114521028.50
2426Qingdao Jidi114521025.50
2520Wuxi Dongbeitang11353926.00
2729Zhuhai Wuzhou11380619.50
2828Zhuhai Jinjing11191313.00
2930Zhuhai Shuxiang11191310.50
3027Zhongshan Xiaomabenteng11011002.00
30 players

47) TCh-CHN 2015

The Chinese Team Championship takes place 10th April to 11th December 2015 over a marathon 22 rounds. Rounds 5-7: 4th to 6th June. Next rounds 8-11 24th to 27th July 2015. Games from the 11th round weren't complete.

TCh-CHN 2015 China CHN Fri 10th Apr 2015 - Fri 11th Dec 2015
Leading Round 11 (of 22) Standings:
15Beijing North Austrian team119022036.0
24Shanghai Institute of bridge team119201835.5
36Chongqing team117221635.0
49Tianjin team116141633.0
51Zhejiang team115511130.0
63Shandong Jingzhi wine team114521027.5
711Jiangsu Green Sheep Springs team11353927.5
82Hangzhou team11245925.5
912Qingdao experimental junior high school team11461925.0
1010Shenzhen Pengcheng team11380623.0
118Chengdu bud club team11182417.0
127Hebei Lottery team11182415.0
12 players

48) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

TCh-SUI 2015

The Swiss Team Championship takes place 29th March to 11th October 2015. Somehow I missed the start so there are four rounds to catch up with.

TCh-SUI 2015 Switzerland SUI Sun 29th Mar 2015 - Sun 11th Oct 2015
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Geneve 11029
2.Luzern 11028
3Riehen 1824½
4Zurich 1725½
5Echallens 1617
6Winterthur 1521
7Reti 1216½
8Wollishofen 1216
9Schwarz-Weiss Bern 1014½
10Neuchatel 108
10 teams

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2015

The Polish Ekstraliga had the first of three long weekends 8th to 10th May 2015. Next rounds 4th September 2015.

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2015 Poland POL Fri 8th May 2015 - Sun 4th Oct 2015
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1WASKO HETMAN Katowice6.
2KSz STILON Gorzow Wlkp.
4UKS ROTMISTRZ Grudziadz4.
5Sz.S.O.N. Zaglebie Dabrowa Gornicza3. Chrobry Gniezno2.
7TS Wisla Krakow2.
8Baszta MOS Znin1.
9Akademia Szachowa Future Processing Gliwice0.
10KSz SILESIA JAS-FBG Raciborz0.
10 players

Dutch League 2014-15

The Dutch League took place 27th September to 25th April 2014. Charlois Europoort won the title. 10 games from the final round still unavailable.

Dutch League 2014-15 Netherlands NED Sat 27th Sep 2014 - Sat 25th Apr 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Charlois Europoort23715566471451½
3En Passant244056761351½
4HMC Calder24044651149
8Pathena Rotterdam22436463638½
9Groninger Combinatie23673447441½
10 teams

49) Forthcoming Events and Links

6th Terre degli Elimi 2015

24th Martigny Open 2015

116th US Open 2015

19th Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament 2015

4th Fano Summer Open 2015

Pays de Charleroi Open 2015

41st Badalona Open 2015

24th Kavala Open 2015

32nd Geneva Open 2015

TCh-TUR Super League 2015

8th Arad Open 2015

Liepajas Rokade 2015

2nd Prague Summer Open 2015

23rd Troya Open 2015

31st Faaker See Open 2015

4th Washington International 2015

5th Split Open 2015

90th ch-FRA 2015

23rd Poznan Chess Festival 2015

30th Teteven Open 2015

Riga Technical University Open 2015

16th Miquel Mas Open 2015

45th Annual Continental Open 2015

Emil Ungureanu Memorial 2015

18th Olomouc Chess Summer 2015

Brasschaat Open 2015

Lichtenberger Sommer 2015

TCh-ESP Div Honor 2015

VI Sarkany-Aranytiz 2015

VMCG Schachfestival 2015

Vienna Open 2015

ZMDI Open 2015

26th Jozef Kochan Mem 2015

Panevezys GM 2015

Stockholm Open 2015

20th Rewal Open 2015

TCh-SRB Premier 2015

3rd Sinquefield Cup 2015

51st Rubinstein Memorial 2015

30th Schwarzacher Open 2015

22nd Abu Dhabi Masters 2015

12th Battle of Crete Open 2015

Styrian Open 2015

8th Sabadell Open 2015

FIDE World Cup 2015

16th Karpov Poikovsky 2015

PokerStars Isle of Man International 2015

Millionaire Chess 2015

World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2015

3rd Krk Golden Island Open 2015

3!st European Club Cup 2015

BDO Chess tournament 2015

41st Guernsey Chess Festival 2015

20th European Teams 2015

7th London Chess Classic 2015

Qatar Masters Open 2015

45th Rilton Cup 2015-16

Basel Schachfestival 2016

14th Parsvnath Delhi International 2016

78th Tata Steel 2016

Reykjavik Open 2016

Hasselbacken Chess Open 2016

39th Eastman Open 2016

42nd World Chess Olympiad 2016

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