THE WEEK IN CHESS 1030 4th August 2014 by Mark Crowther


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1) Introduction
2) 41st Olympiad 2014
3) 101st British Chess Championships 2014
4) 5th ch-Iberoamericano 2014
5) Dutch Open 2014
6) Lake Sevan 2014
7) Pays de Charleroi Open 2014
8) First Saturday August 2014
9) Primorsky Debut 2014
10) International Championship Central Serbia 2014
11) 31st Geneva Open 2014
12) 3rd Ideon Andron Open 2014
13) 40th Badalona Open 2014
14) 22nd Saint-Affrique Open 2014
15) 18th Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament 2014
16) Politiken Cup 2014
17) 40th Sitges Open 2014
18) 23rd Martigny Open 2014
19) 3rd Fano Summer Open 2014
20) 115th US Open 2014
21) 17th Olomouc Chess Summer 2014
22) 11th Plancoet Open 2014
23) 20th Chambery Chess Festival 2014
24) Glorney Cup 2014
25) 19th Creon Open 2014
26) 7th Arad Open 2014
27) 10th Tabor Open 2014
28) World Senior Teams 2014
29) Active Team Events
30) Canadian Open 2014 31) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
41st Olympiad 20141828 games
101st British Chess Championships 201456 games
5th ch-Iberoamericano 201424 games
Dutch Open 201485 games
Lake Sevan 201435 games
Pays de Charleroi Open 201439 games
First Saturday August 20149 games
International Championship Central Serbia 201428 games
31st Geneva Open 201469 games
3rd Ideon Andron Open 201470 games
40th Badalona Open 201449 games
22nd Saint-Affrique Open 2014315 games
18th Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament 2014162 games
Politiken Cup 2014150 games
40th Sitges Open 201449 games
23rd Martigny Open 201436 games
115th US Open 201458 games
17th Olomouc Chess Summer 201430 games
20th Chambery Chess Festival 201445 games
19th Creon Open 20143 games
7th Arad Open 201417 games
World Senior Teams 2014500 games
Canadian Open 20142 games
3610 games


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1) Introduction

My thanks to Roland Wimmer, Olexandr Prohorov, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Sergey Vidyakin, Vladimir Mahnev, Hans Groffen, John Hartmann, Hugh Brodie, and everyone else who helped with this issue.

The Olympiad in Tromso finally got under way on Saturday. If the first three rounds are anything to go by we should see some absolutely tremendous chess. The early rounds suggest to me that the Russians are strong favourites but we're seeing a real strength in depth and quality of play so far. The standard of broadcasting in chess and accuracy is rising all the time and right from the start I have been impressed with the work from the team running the electronic boards in Tromso. Very tough job with so many games. I wrote a program to check results and there have been very few mistakes so far and could easily be none for the rest of the event. This allows us to watch and follow any of the teams which is just fantastic. I can't wait for the rest of the Olympiad.

Many thanks to those who have donated so far to TWIC following my appeal after my 1000th issue. I will write to those who have contributed recently. I'm very grateful and it has made a big difference to me. If you also wish to donate to help me keep TWIC going and move it forward then you can do so via PayPal at:

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) 41st Olympiad 2014

The 41st Olympiad takes place in Tromso 1st to 14th August 2014.

41st Olympiad Open 2014 Tromso NOR Fri 1st Aug 2014 - Thu 14th Aug 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 11) Standings:
1116Czech RepublicCZE3300618.010.0
346United States of AmericaUSA3210421.08.5
4058Norway 2NOR23102418.08.0
177 players
41st Olympiad Women 2014 Tromso NOR Fri 1st Aug 2014 - Thu 14th Aug 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 11) Standings:
3327Czech RepublicCZE3210415.59.5
357United States of AmericaUSA3210415.08.0
4041Bosnia & HerzegovinaBIH3210414.07.0
136 players

3) 101st British Chess Championships 2014

The 101st British Chess Championships took place in Aberystwyth 19th to 30th July 2014. Jonathan Hawkins and David Howell shared the title scoring 8.5/11. There was no tie-break scheduled this year. I imagine the proximity to the Olympiad factored into the decision, probably to reduce the length of the event by a day.

101st ch-GBR 2014 Aberystwyth WLS Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Sat 2nd Aug 2014
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Howell, David W LGMENG265011½0111½1½18.52615
2Hawkins, JonathanIMENG2516111111½½½½½8.52621
3Pert, NicholasGMENG256411½1½½1½½½½7.52544
4Hebden, Mark LGMENG255411011½½11½07.52533
5Emms, John MGMENG245611½1½½½01½17.52476
6Arkell, Keith CGMENG24331-1011½½11½7.52448
7Pert, Richard GIMENG243011½01½1½½1½7.52498
8Haria, RaviENG2202100½½111½117.52295
9Fernandez, Daniel HowardIMSIN239611½101½10½½7.02507
10Storey, Charles HFMENG2241011011001117.02251
11Zhou, Yang-FanIMENG2475110½11½010½6.52325
12Williams, Simon KGMENG24621½1110010106.52405
13Ward, Chris GGMENG24221110½101½0½6.52412
14Tan, JustinFMAUS237511100½1½½106.52333
15Jackson, James PFMENG23201011001101½6.52354
16Harvey, Marcus RENG22871101½0½101½6.52300
17Lewis, Andrew PFMENG2286-11½½½100116.52252
18Kett, TimWLS2270½½1010½01116.52184
19Fernandez, MichaelENG2029½101½½½101½6.52336
20Brown, MartinENG2194+01½01½01016.02241
21Bullen, AlexWLS2054+00100110116.02129
22Wadsworth, Matthew JENG22210½1110½010½5.52154
23McPhillips, JosephENG22000½11½½011005.52162
24Batchelor, Peter JENG21771½100½½11005.52261
25Mason, Donald JENG2167½01½½½½11005.52083
26Hill, AlistairENG2126½100½½½10½15.52046
27Hackner, Oskar AENG21080½10½½101105.52104
28Wager, John DENG20990½0½½1½0½115.52093
29Jones, Steven AENG2064100½½½½101½5.52129
30Pleasants, Allan JWLS20610½011½½01½½5.52128
31Tambini, JasperENG20470½1½½0½110½5.52122
32Zhang, Anthony YENG1926½½½0½½½10½15.52152
33Hill, Clive EENG2330 *0½0½½101½015.02004
34Shaw, PeterENG21780½1½10½½1005.02050
35Graham, David BENG2155½0110½0½10½5.02054
36Menadue, Jeremy F SENG21170½½10½½0½1½5.02026
37Simons, Martin JENG208700½½½0½1½1½5.02072
38Waddington, Mike PFMENG2085-+0½10½½½½½5.02009
39Taylor, Adam AENG2021101½010001½5.02171
40Elwin, Adrian GENG197400½½½1½01½½5.02097
60 players

4) 5th ch-Iberoamericano 2014

The 5th ch-Iberoamericano took place 22nd to 30th July 2014. Axel Bachmann won with 7.5/9.

5th ch-Iberoamericano 2014 Linares ESP Tue 22nd Jul 2014 - Wed 30th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11BACHMANN AxelPAR26527.553.040.00.0
23CORI JorgePER26087.049.534.00.0
35KORNEEV OlegESP25946.551.036.50.0
417ESCOBAR FORERO AlderCOL24606.547.532.00.0
57MILOS GilbertoBRA25836.
733FERNANDEZ GARCIA Jose MiguelESP23536.
934SOS ANDREU EricESP23456.
1110ALONSO ROSELL AlvarESP25316.047.532.50.0
126ORTIZ SUAREZ Isan ReynaldoCUB25926.047.531.00.0
1312IBARRA JEREZ Jose CarlosESP25216.
1415ALMAGRO LLAMAS PabloESP24926.044.530.00.0
1521HOFFMAN AlejandroARG24506.
1619PARDO SIMON DavidESP24576.
1714LEON HOYOS ManuelMEX25176.042.527.00.0
1811MATAMOROS FRANCO Carlos S.ECU25256.039.527.00.0
1922CAMACHO COLLADOS MarcosESP24405.549.030.00.0
2028MATNADZE AnaESP23895.544.026.50.0
2116REINALDO CASTINEIRA RoiESP24865.543.527.50.0
228ALSINA LEAL DanielESP25505.542.526.00.0
2325CORI T. DeysiPER24145.540.025.00.0
2420CUBAS Jose FernandoPAR24555.
259FORCEN ESTEBAN DanielESP25355.048.529.50.0
2640BAULES JorgePAN23175.048.529.00.0
2713DEL RIO DE ANGELIS Salvador GESP25205.
2824ROSELLI MAILHE BernardoURU24255.045.528.00.0
3037BRITO GARCIA AlfredoESP23325.044.527.00.0
3227VEGA GUTIERREZ SabrinaESP24005.043.526.00.0
3339GEMY Jose DanielBOL23305.
3436LARREA ManuelURU23335.
3546CU HOR Winston DarwinGUA22595.
3626VALDES ROMERO LeonardoCRC24045.037.524.00.0
3742CRUZ RAVINA Francisco JavierESP23114.545.524.00.0
3830RUIZ C Joshua DCOL23744.542.023.00.0
3947BURGOS FIGUEROA Carlos E.ESA22584.542.021.50.0
4035ALMAGRO MAZARIEGOS SebastianESP23394.541.024.00.0
82 players

5) Dutch Open 2014

The Dutch Open took place 22nd to 31st July 2014. Vyacheslav Ikonnikov edged out Deep Sengupta on tie-break after both scored 7/9.

Dutch Open 2014 Dieren NED Tue 22nd Jul 2014 - Thu 31st Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Ikonnikov, VyacheslavGM2556111½1½½½17.052.540.02659
2Sengupta, DeepGM2533111½11½½½7.051.038.02654
3Pruijssers, RoelandGM251711110011½6.552.535.52560
4Das, ArghyadipIM2439110111½½½6.549.033.52528
5Hausrath, DanielGM2526½11½101106.047.029.252490
6Horvath, CsabaGM2542101½½11½½6.046.529.52459
7Wiersma, EelkeIM23541101½1½½½6.046.027.52477
8Von Meijenfeldt, Bart23311011001116.040.025.52400
9Afek, YochananIM2298½0½111½1½6.039.526.02323
10L'Ami, ErwinGM2650111½½½½0½5.552.532.02474
11Pijpers, Arthur23711100½1½1½5.547.027.02309
12Stany, George AnthonyIM2399110½10½½15.544.023.752353
13Kolbus, DietmarIM230311001½1½½5.543.524.02412
14Sowray, Peter JFM232510½111½0½5.542.524.52406
15Goudriaan, EtienneIM240111½00½11½5.542.524.02364
16Beerdsen, Thomas226010110011½5.542.022.02412
17Bollen, Guus201110½½101½15.540.021.752358
18Mostertman, MilanFM2284001½111½½5.533.520.252253
19Van Foreest, JordenFM2461111½010½05.048.023.02448
20Zwirs, Nico2284101½½10015.047.523.752366
21Saravanan, VenkatachalamIM2320101½1010½5.045.520.752365
22Losekoot, Pascal21140110½1½015.042.521.752335
23Maatman, Nick221101½½½01½15.039.020.252191
24Ypma, Peter220301010½½115.037.017.02235
25Offringa, Joost224110½½½01½15.036.519.52166
26Van Foreest, Lucas21920001½11½15.036.517.252210
27Vogel, JaapFM22090110½½1½04.544.517.752235
28Struik, Tjapko22921001½1½½04.542.518.252168
29Maris, Ivo217801011½0½½4.539.516.02255
30Beukema, StefanFM23050½11001½½4.538.517.252162
31Markus, John21430½01½10½14.538.517.252091
32Stolwijk, Colin207500101011½4.534.516.52188
33Ernst, SipkeGM255411½½100004.047.019.752318
34Buckels, Valentin21001100½10½04.045.518.252267
35Van Osch, Mees220001½½½0½104.044.517.52164
36Kazarian, Anna-MajaWFM20250111000½½4.044.016.252216
37Vos, Tjark21300½½½1100½4.042.017.252142
38Go, Benjamin213301½½001104.040.014.752184
39De Jong, MigchielIM23451010010014.038.516.52046
40Dijkhuis, Sven19880½½0110104.036.513.52121
58 players

6) Lake Sevan 2014

The Lake Sevan tournament takes place 27th July to 4th August 2014.

Lake Sevan 2014 Martuni ARM Sun 27th Jul 2014 - Mon 4th Aug 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
14Santosh ViditIND26026.024.500.03
210Melkumyan HrantARM26475.524.000.02
33Fedoseev VladimirRUS26685.522.000.04
49Sjugirov SananRUS26435.021.000.03
58Kuzubov YuriyUKR26564.520.250.02
66Ter-Sahakyan SamvelARM25724.519.250.02
72Andriasian ZavenARM26284.518.250.01
87Hovhannisyan RobertARM25924.018.250.01
91Areshchenko AlexanderUKR27013.514.250.01
105Gabuzyan HovhannesARM25822.08.750.00
10 players
Lake Sevan 2014 Martuni ARM Sun 27th Jul 2014 - Mon 4th Aug 2014. Category: 16. Ave: (2629)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi GM IND 2602 # = = = = = 1 = 1 1 6 2757
2 Melkumyan, Hrant GM ARM 2647 = # = 1 = = = = 1 = 5.5 2707
3 Fedoseev, Vladimir GM RUS 2668 = = # 0 1 0 = 1 1 1 5.5 2705
4 Sjugirov, Sanan GM RUS 2643 = 0 1 # 0 1 = = = 1 5 2671
5 Kuzubov, Yuriy GM UKR 2656 = = 0 1 # 1 = 0 = = 4.5 2626
6 Ter-Sahakyan, Samvel GM ARM 2572 = = 1 0 0 # = = = 1 4.5 2635
7 Andriasian, Zaven GM ARM 2628 0 = = = = = # = = 1 4.5 2629
8 Hovhannisyan, Robert GM ARM 2592 = = 0 = 1 = = # 0 = 4 2590
9 Areshchenko, Alexander GM UKR 2701 0 0 0 = = = = 1 # = 3.5 2541
10 Gabuzyan, Hovhannes GM ARM 2582 0 = 0 0 = 0 0 = = # 2 2414

7) Pays de Charleroi Open 2014

The Pays de Charleroi Open took place 26th July to 2nd August 2014. Mher Hovhannisyan edged out Evgeny Gleizerov on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9.

Pays de Charleroi Open 2014 Charleroi BEL Sat 26th Jul 2014 - Sat 2nd Aug 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Hovhannisyan Mher251397.540.0226947.002574
2Gleizerov Evgeny254997.538.5224048.752557
3Ulybin Mikhail250197.037.5222643.252480
4Sarrau Jelle232597.036.5211940.002345
5Hoffmeister Frank221597.035.0212940.252353
6Maes Wim226797.035.0206138.502287
7Capone Nicola223197.033.0200836.752262
8Sclacmender Julien222396.535.5215336.502318
9Sadikhov Ulvi233596.534.0208636.752266
10Bomans Arno220996.534.0200337.252168
11Le Quang Kim228896.532.0203532.002248
12Verhasselt Karsten187696.531.0198432.252150
13Wiley Tom220896.531.0196634.252131
14Thirion Marcel215196.531.0195333.752120
15Callier Christophe208596.529.5196832.752121
16Barbier Wim211796.529.5189633.002066
17Van Melkebeke Willem203096.033.5210033.752225
18Herman Jean221896.033.5208133.252210
19Daels Marc223996.033.0208334.502211
20De Strycker Nathan211496.033.0205531.502183
21Henris Luc215496.032.5201829.002151
22Werner Ivan205996.032.0202528.752153
23Lacroix Bruno218496.032.0202132.502147
24Boons Patrick202996.032.0195829.502093
25Krasucki Youri202996.032.0194629.252084
26Barbier Sigiswald210196.030.5198932.752114
27Cornil Etienne200296.030.5187530.752021
28Nauts Patrick203196.030.0190629.002054
29Uhoda Philippe213686.029.5197632.752177
30Schuermans Robert208696.029.0183629.251997
31Schmitz Manuela198496.028.5185028.501981
32Van Vlaenderen Koen203996.028.5183927.751969
33Delmont Jean-Robert199296.028.0185026.501988
34De Villers Mourad208896.028.0184927.502021
35Carpentier Jannes165596.027.5178226.751915
36Okhotnik Vladimir239676.027.0180534.502404
37Da Ces Philippe199496.025.5174028.001868
38Van Mechelen Jan219795.532.5199729.502077
39Apemiye Austin199695.531.5202027.502106
40Charlier Jean-Paul205095.531.5194826.252060
227 players

8) First Saturday August 2014

The First Saturday tournaments take place 2nd to 11th August 2014.

FSGM August 2014 Budapest HUN Sat 2nd Aug 2014 - Mon 11th Aug 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 10) Standings:
15Tesik CsabaHUN23272.02.750.01
23Varga ZoltanHUN24592.02.250.01
31Molner MackenzieUSA25091.52.500.00
42Berczes DavidHUN24721.52.250.01
56Engqvist ThomasSWE23431.51.250.01
64Englert FabianGER23040.51.000.00
6 players
FSIMA August 2014 Budapest HUN Sat 2nd Aug 2014 - Mon 11th Aug 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
14Martins David Pires TavaresPOR2.52.750.02
210Szeberenyi AdamHUN2.02.500.02
35Juhasz KristofHUN2.01.750.01
42Lyell MarkENG2.00.500.02
3Bagi MateHUN2.00.500.02
68Farago SandorHUN1.53.000.01
77Frigieri FabrizioITA1.01.250.00
89Franchini GabrieleITA0.51.250.00
96Dudas EszterHUN0.50.500.00
101Szalanczy EmilHUN0.00.000.00
10 players
FSIMB August 2014 Budapest HUN Sat 2nd Aug 2014 - Mon 11th Aug 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 10) Standings:
13Mufic GoranCRO22312.52.500.02
26Xu YiCHN22862.02.000.02
32Petran PalHUN23031.52.500.01
45Kozak AdamHUN22201.02.000.00
51Keschitz GyorgyHUN22601.01.500.01
64Krumpacnik DomenSLO23171.01.000.01
6 players
FSFMA August 2014 Budapest HUN Sat 2nd Aug 2014 - Mon 11th Aug 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
110Grigoryan MeriENG19962.52.750.02
27Tong XinCHN02.02.500.01
34Ryan MartinFRA20552.02.250.01
43Toth-Katona TamasHUN19672.02.000.01
51Pakh AlexUSA18831.52.750.00
69Kovacs ArthurHUN20011.52.500.00
72Steer JozsefHUN19121.01.500.00
6Renaux OsminFRA19731.01.500.00
95Denous CyprienFRA20041.00.750.00
108Bartha SandorHUN20560.50.500.00
10 players
FSFMB August 2014 Budapest HUN Sat 2nd Aug 2014 - Mon 11th Aug 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 10) Standings:
14Bacsi AndrasHUN18152.52.500.02
21Gruz JanosHUN17402.02.250.01
32Benyeda TiborHUN16481.52.000.00
43Szlenka AttilaHUN17751.01.750.00
6Jarai CsengeSUI15761.01.750.00
65Bakos ViktorHUN16311.01.250.00
6 players

9) Primorsky Debut 2014

The Primorsky Debut took place 21st to 29th July 2014. Ernesto Inarkiev edged out Dmitry Bocharov on tie-break after both scored 7/9. My thanks to the organisers Sergey Vidyakin, Vladimir Mahnev for taking time to clear up a problem with the final rounds games. Hopefully they will become available. At the moment they are all duplicates of round 8.

Primorsky Debut 2014 Vladivostok RUS Mon 21st Jul 2014 - Tue 29th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12Inarkiev ErnestoRUS26667.052.50.05
26Bocharov DmitryRUS25607.051.50.06
31Grachev BorisRUS26726.552.50.04
47Ovetchkin RomanRUS25216.049.50.05
58Deviatkin AndreiRUS25126.049.50.04
614Yanchenko RomanRUS23116.046.50.05
79Kabanov NikolaiRUS24966.045.50.06
84Belous VladimirRUS25845.552.00.04
95Danin AlexandreRUS25725.550.50.03
103Timofeev ArtyomRUS25975.549.50.03
1110Gritsenko AndreyRUS24035.543.50.05
1218Sutormin DanilaRUS22285.045.00.04
1313Korniushin NikolayRUS23395.045.00.04
1412Guseva MarinaRUS23625.044.50.03
1517Tugarin AntonRUS22345.044.00.04
1611Ivanov Mikhail MRUS23925.043.00.03
1720Muratov SergeyRUS21855.042.50.04
1822Biryukov MikhailRUS21575.040.00.05
1925Zherebtsova AlexandraRUS21465.037.50.04
2015Vilchenko MaximRUS22564.542.50.03
21Chuhachev VladimirRUS21654.542.50.03
2226Zheltov RomanRUS21254.539.50.04
28Khokhlova DariaRUS20074.539.50.04
2416Pavlovskiy MikhailRUS22544.538.50.03
2529Snetkov IvanRUS19864.537.00.04
2636Kosenok AntonRUS17964.536.00.03
2727Belyi VladimirRUS20084.533.50.02
2819Vitinik MikhailRUS22134.039.50.03
2933Shubin KirillRUS18854.035.00.03
3037Ryabov Roman.RUS17884.032.00.02
3130Sin DenisRUS19843.537.00.03
3223Feduk ViktorRUS21563.534.00.01
3338Schukin MaksimRUS17743.533.50.02
3424Kilbienep ZakharRUS21473.531.51.03
3534Popov AgitRUS18713.531.50.02
3632Starkov DmitryRUS19203.036.50.02
3731Pats VladimirRUS19373.034.50.03
3835Kiseleva EkaterinaRUS18693.033.00.02
3940Perfilev AntonRUS03.027.50.01
4041Protasova AnastasiaRUS02.530.50.00
41 players

10) International Championship Central Serbia 2014

The International Championship of Central Serbia took place 4th to 11th July 2014. Richard Rapport edged out Akshat Chandra on tie-break. A full round 9 file is now available.

Int ch-Central SRB Open A 2014 Paracin SRB Fri 4th Jul 2014 - Fri 11th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Rapport RichardHUN27017.547.038.56
215Chandra AkshatUSA24427.545.036.56
37Drenchev PetarBUL25117.040.533.56
42Markus RobertSRB26076.545.532.04
513Tomic BoskoBIH24506.544.035.05
612Vojinovic GoranSRB24606.543.532.04
719Zajic MilanSRB24156.543.031.56
814Abramovic BoskoSRB24436.046.532.54
98Blagojevic DragisaMNE25056.044.531.55
1017Nestorovic NikolaSRB24396.043.032.05
1123Obodchuk AndreiRUS23746.043.031.55
1210Kosic DraganMNE24936.042.028.04
1324Miedema DavidNED23626.041.029.05
1427Masic PredragSRB23566.039.527.55
154Atalik SuatTUR25505.552.035.54
163Damljanovic BrankoSRB25625.549.034.54
1720Nestorovic DejanSRB24085.546.533.04
1822Liou YianUSA23875.546.033.03
1925Egorov EvgenyKAZ23585.543.030.55
2044Radovanovic NikolaSRB23035.541.025.55
2142Rakic MarijaSRB23065.540.525.05
2239Vucinic GojkoSRB23135.540.028.05
2338Doric NenadCRO23165.539.528.03
2431Ardeleanu AlinROU23385.536.024.04
256Savic Miodrag RSRB25225.046.030.53
2645Nakhbayeva GuliskhanKAZ23005.046.029.54
2756Selbes TarikTUR22415.045.527.53
2840Pantelic SasaSRB23125.042.526.53
2930Brankovic DejanSRB23445.042.028.04
3021Tosic SreckoSRB23995.041.529.53
3149Ratkovic MilovanSRB22955.040.523.52
3211Pikula DejanSRB24915.040.026.54
3380Lekic LazarMNE20815.037.527.04
3481Drogovoz IrinaRUS20735.037.022.53
3555Livaja MarioSRB22445.035.522.04
3651Davletbayeva MadinaKAZ22845.035.521.04
3735Carnic SrdjanSRB23245.034.523.52
3862Pecurica MilosMNE21925.033.020.54
3959Nielsen Hogni EgilstoftFAI22124.544.526.04
405Lajthajm BorkoSRB25264.542.027.03
94 players

11) 31st Geneva Open 2014

The 31st Geneva Open took place 29th July to 3rd August 2014. Christian Bauer edged out Andrej Istratescu, Alexandre Dgebuadze and Richard Gerber after all finished on 5.5/7.

31st Geneva Open 2014 Geneva SUI Tue 29th Jul 2014 - Sun 3rd Aug 2014
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
12BAUER ChristianFRA26495.523.529.52555
21ISTRATESCU AndrejFRA26705.523.529.52520
33DGEBUADZE AlexandreBEL24875.523.029.02472
47GERBER RichardSUI23685.519.025.02148
54CHERNIAEV AlexanderRUS24345.022.529.52454
66BONDAR YevgenSUI23725.022.527.52396
79LE CORRE BenjaminFRA22725.021.527.52397
810PRUNESCU ClaudiuROU22705.021.026.52336
911PREISSMANN EmmanuelSUI22554.520.025.02161
108COLMENARES AurelioSUI23204.519.525.52197
115VERNAY ClovisFRA24294.519.025.52194
1215BAGRI JaspaulSUI21304.518.526.02128
1314SCHMID PabloSUI21624.518.525.52154
1416GURTNER DanielSUI21104.518.026.02139
1522MALFAIT EmmanuelBEL19354.517.022.51867
1613DEBRAY TristanFRA21734.018.025.02121
1717RUIZ JoseSUI21084.017.025.52043
1818BELAZ ChristianSUI20644.016.525.52077
1931NAWROCKI BronislawSUI17644.014.524.01993
2028VIVIANI MarioSUI18114.014.023.51914
2136MIRALLES LoicFRA17224.014.022.01761
2212ZAPATA KarenPER22083.517.525.02011
2319PRUNESCU DanielESP20503.516.526.52068
2425DEGOVE ChristopheSUI18493.516.022.01805
2520NOYER OlivierSUI19993.515.521.51927
2624JARNJAK ZlatkoSUI18513.515.021.01616
2721SOUILLER FrankSUI19493.514.022.01769
2833BOUCHELAGHEM ArezkiSUI17463.513.522.51901
2926SCHAERER MarcSUI18443.513.520.01513
3050GUENIAT CharlesSUI03.511.516.51741
3123MANOJLOVIC NedelkoSUI18753.015.024.01759
3227FRAUCHIGER ThomasSUI18223.013.023.01714
3346BURCKHARDT LudovicSUI14773.012.019.51773
3443CAUDERAY PhilippeSUI15203.010.519.51727
3542CHAMPOUD GillesSUI15223.010.020.51653
3639CORBAT PhilippeSUI15843.010.019.01661
3734GUILLAUME RomaricFRA17453.010.018.51684
3837PECORINI Jean-MarcSUI15933.010.016.51554
3940DUPUIS Jean-FrancoisSUI15763.09.520.51570
4038HENDI PeterSUI15862.511.521.51571
52 players

12) 3rd Ideon Andron Open 2014

The 3rd Ideon Andron Open takes place 30th July to 6th August 2014.

3rd Ideon Andron Open 2014 Anogia GRE Wed 30th Jul 2014 - Wed 6th Aug 2014
Leading Round 7 (of 9) Standings:
17Narayanan SrinathIND24196.026.0530.5
28Anurag MhamalIND24055.524.0433.0
36Swapnil S. DhopadeIND24215.521.5430.5
43Antic DejanSRB24795.023.0334.0
510Galopoulos NikolaosGRE23615.022.5432.5
614Hristodoulou PanagiotisGRE22425.022.5331.5
79Goumas GeorgiosGRE23715.022.0431.5
84Kasparov SergeyBLR24605.022.0332.5
95Lekic DusanMNE24335.022.0330.5
1011Malikentzos SotiriosGRE23525.022.0329.5
1112Kourkoulos-Arditis StamatisGRE23305.021.0530.5
122Pap MisaSRB25145.020.0430.0
1315Simeonidis IoannisGRE22344.520.0428.0
1413Lirindzakis TimotheosGRE22714.519.0326.0
1519Kostopoulos EvaggelosGRE21354.518.5430.0
1627Papadogiannis SevastianosGRE20544.518.5327.0
1717Milonakis GeorgiosGRE21514.518.0429.0
181Kotronias VasiliosGRE25644.518.0428.5
1928Maris IoannisGRE20394.517.0427.5
2033Drakaki Anna-MariaGRE19164.517.0423.0
2121Galanos DimitriosGRE21244.018.0429.5
2223Kokolias KonstantinosGRE21094.018.0329.0
2324Kostouros AlexandrosGRE21014.017.5328.0
2422Makka EvanthiaGRE21174.017.5327.5
2531Papadopoulos PanayotisGRE19924.017.5326.5
2632Hristodoulaki AntoniaGRE19404.017.5325.0
2718Panagiotopoulos AlexandrosGRE21354.017.5324.5
2835Dimopoulos NikolaosGRE18694.016.5322.0
2937Koutsogiannopoulou TheodoraGRE18554.016.0426.5
3025Skaperdas KostantinosGRE20934.016.0324.5
3134Eleftherakis StavrosGRE19064.015.5323.0
3220Kasparova TatianaBLR21324.015.0325.5
3340Aggeletos MariosGRE18224.014.0425.5
3439Tolias FotisGRE18334.014.0424.5
3516Tsekouras TheodorosGRE22113.518.0331.0
3626Dionysopoulos ZachariasGRE20913.517.5329.5
3730Balokas DimitriosGRE20343.515.5326.0
3829Vazelakis DimitriosGRE20353.515.5324.5
3936Sgouros NikolaosGRE18643.515.5227.0
4044Eleftherakis PanagiotisGRE16603.513.0225.0
73 players

13) 40th Badalona Open 2014

The 40th Badalona Open takes place 2nd to 10th August 2014.

40th Badalona Open 2014 Badalona ESP Sat 2nd Aug 2014 - Sun 10th Aug 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
11Grigoryan Karen H.ARM25953.
8Oliva Castaneda KevelCUB24463.
319Martinez Alcantara Jose EduardoPER23793.
423Sagar ShahIND23393.
520Sanchez Enriquez Oscar GerardMEX23742.
26Santos Ruiz MiguelESP23062.
38Silva Rodriguez JulioESP22102.
813Kohlweyer BerndGER24222.
92Lopez Martinez Josep ManuelESP25492.
11Perez Mitjans OrelvisESP24352.
16Palit SomakIND23972.
129Panelo MarceloARG24452.
1321Akshat KhampariaIND23622.
22Hernando Rodrigo Julio AntoniESP23422.
30Aryan ChopraIND22462.
1624Vidarte Morales ArturoESP23262.
35Silva Rodriguez FernandoESP22172.
1828Piasetski LeonCAN22742.
193Narciso Dublan MarcESP25152.
27Ibanez Tarradellas EduardoESP23042.
2131Tallo Dominguez ImarESP22452.
224Gomez Garrido Camilo ErnestoCUB24962.
2325Vehi Bach Victor ManuelESP23162.
247Munoz Pantoja MiguelESP24512.
2517Perpinya Rofes Lluis MariaESP23912.
43Bru Rullo LlatzerESP21272.
276Huerga Leache MikelESP24572.
73Ayats Llobera GerardESP19342.
2958Mokal Amruta SunilIND20562.
3015Alarcon Casellas RolandoCUB24112.
3129Buchenau FrankGER22502.
75Severri Arrese CarlosESP19152.
335Cruz JonathanPER24592.
3439Gonzalez Vericat SergioESP22062.
3546Del Amo Carbo JordiESP21122.
3614Lorenzo De La Riva LazaroESP24152.
3737Valls Marti ArturESP22121.
3840Dave DhyaniIND21831.
3936Fernandez Cazorla AntonioESP22161.
4018Gonzalez Rodriguez Jorge A.COL23821.
86 players

14) 22nd Saint-Affrique Open 2014

The 22nd Saint-Affrique Open took place 19th to 28th July 2014. Nikolay Milchev won with 8/9. All games are now available. Sylvain Rivier did a great job compiling the games.

22nd Saint-Affrique Open Saint-Affrique FRA Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Mon 28th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1MILCHEV NikolaymBUL24248442575
2OGANISIAN RomanfRUS2245392285
3FLEAR Glenn CgENG24647482508
4LIBISZEWSKI FabiengFRA2523747½2537
5PETROSSIAN ArmenfFRA2380746½2462
6KARPATCHEV AleksandrgRUS24427442431
7MULLON Jean-BaptistemFRA2436742½2329
8BENMESBAH NatachamfFRA22247412200
9DEGRAEVE Jean-MarcgFRA257947½2490
10MEUNIER ClementFRA213244½2235
11SANCHEZ NicolasFRA2178432171
12YOUSSOUPOV MoisseFRA216938½2093
13RINGUET NoeFRA207038½2081
14KUKOV VelislavmBUL23696452277
15DAURELLE HervefFRA21896452256
16DUSSOL PierrefFRA2156641½2134
17PENALVER MarionFRA1901641½2025
18MANIA ClementFRA21776412089
19DUFF RufusENG21136412019
20RIVIERE GerardFRA1791639½1983
21NAVARRO RobinFRA19066392037
22LAFITTE LucFRA18676381866
23BOUGUERRA TayebFRA19066371918
24LAZOV StefanBUL18946371834
25CAZOTTES GuillaumeFRA2014636½2001
26ROUBAUD AlexandreFRA2171442102
27BILLIAR-BOURGY VincentFRA1959401947
28EL MCHAOURI MAS YounesFRA204939½1950
29JULIAN StephaneFRA2050391923
30HUSSON CybeleFRA191938½1889
31DANIELIAN KevinFRA184838½1885
32GROSSE LudovicFRA190338½1940
33RAYNAL AdrienFRA159137½1883
34GRIMAULT NathanFRA1820351731
35DEL VALLE ClemenceFRA1627341794
36COQUELLE ArnaudFRA176032½1941
37BAUDRY RemiFRA17705431999
38CLAIR MichaelFRA18065411869
39BIZEUL PierreFRA1757538½1798
40DEL VALLE JulieFRA15305381895
140 players

15) 18th Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament 2014

The 18th Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament takes place 2nd to 9th August 2014.

18th HZ Open 2014 Vlissingen NED Sat 2nd Aug 2014 - Sat 9th Aug 2014
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Fedorchuk, Sergey A.GMUKR266511114.010.010.03102
2Krasenkow, MichalGMPOL262811114.010.510.53082
3Ernst, SipkeGMNED256611114.010.510.53043
4Ikonnikov, VyacheslavGMRUS255111114.011.011.03034
5Hausrath, DanielGMGER253011114.09.09.03026
6Semcesen, DanielGMSWE248911114.010.010.02994
7Bu, XiangzhiGMCHN2707111½3.510.58.752684
8Van Den Doel, ErikGMNED255411½13.59.07.752545
9Romanishin, Oleg MGMUKR250911½13.59.07.52519
10Venkatesh, M.R.GMIND2503111½3.511.59.752505
11Vishnu Prasanna. VGMIND2469111½3.511.09.252617
12Zelbel, PatrickIMGER241011½13.58.57.252441
13De Jong, MigchielIMNED234511½13.59.58.02463
14Timmermans, MarkFMNED2320111½3.59.57.752465
15Afek, YochananIMISR22821½113.59.07.52334
16Senders, MischaNED2223111½3.58.57.02435
17Bijlsma, NickNED2210½1113.58.07.252314
18Timmermans, IvoNED220311½13.59.58.02411
19Van Foreest, JordenFMNED2467½1½13.09.06.52274
20Ponizil, CyrilIMCZE242810113.07.55.02248
21Geirnaert, StevenIMBEL24191½1½3.010.57.52303
22Hopman, PieterFMNED238711103.010.56.52434
23Leenhouts, KoenIMNED238511103.011.07.02425
24Ten Hertog, HugoFMNED235611103.010.56.52395
25Taddei, BenoitFMFRA234811103.010.56.52382
26Sadikhov, UlviFMBEL233511103.010.06.02368
27Piceu, TomFMBEL233011013.010.57.02269
28Dijkhuis, TychoFMNED232711½½3.010.06.752297
29Saravanan, V.IMIND232011103.010.06.02335
30Verstraeten, ReinFMBEL229811013.09.05.52364
31Pucher, SebastienFRA229311013.09.55.52339
32Sanders, Isaac BENG228211013.09.05.02300
33Kevlishvili, RobbyNED227711013.09.55.52294
34Vedder, RichardFMNED2277½11½3.08.56.02154
35Raghavi, N.WIMIND227511½½3.010.57.252284
36Linster, PhilippeLUX22691½½13.08.56.252167
37Provoost, SimonNED226011013.09.56.52239
38Visser, Henk-JanNED225611013.09.05.52270
39Colijn, StefanNED225401113.06.05.02055
40Rebers, EugeneFMNED224011013.07.54.52194
250 players

16) Politiken Cup 2014

The Politiken Cup took place 21st to 29th July 2014. Bu Xiangzhi continuing a great run of recent form won with 9/10. Gawain Jones was a point further back.

Politiken Cup 2014 Helsingor DEN Mon 21st Jul 2014 - Tue 29th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 10 Standings:
13Bu XiangzhiCHN26939.057.559.75
27Jones Gawain C BENG26658.057.054.25
34Matlakov MaximRUS26858.056.555.25
46Rodshtein MaximISR26718.054.051.00
58Negi ParimarjanIND26458.053.049.25
62Rapport RichardHUN27017.557.052.25
79Romanov EvgenyRUS26437.555.549.50
835Schroeder Jan-ChristianGER23707.553.547.00
912Ramirez AlejandroUSA25807.552.548.25
1020Hector JonnySWE25067.552.547.50
1117Schandorff LarsDEN25297.551.547.00
1219Smerdon DavidAUS25197.551.046.00
1322Svane RasmusGER24947.550.545.75
1421Semcesen DanielSWE25037.550.044.75
1514Le Roux Jean-PierreFRA25607.550.044.25
1640Smirnov AntonAUS23347.549.542.50
1723Ly MoulthunAUS24667.547.544.25
1813Hillarp Persson TigerSWE25697.054.543.75
1911Timman Jan HNED26107.053.545.50
2016Gao RuiCHN25297.053.041.50
2110Meier GeorgGER26327.052.043.75
2232Ikeda JuntaAUS24027.052.042.00
2315Cornette MatthieuFRA25327.051.042.75
2427Tari AryanNOR24127.050.542.00
2528Hoi CarstenDEN24097.049.036.25
2625Kristiansen JensDEN24157.048.039.50
2734Carstensen JacobDEN23757.046.539.00
2830Roser KevinFRA24067.046.538.75
29121Thogersen RasmusDEN20987.046.536.00
3062Veng JohnnyDEN22447.046.535.75
315Edouard RomainFRA26796.556.042.25
321Moiseenko AlexanderUKR27076.555.040.75
3318Rasmussen Allan StigDEN25226.554.540.00
3429Houska JovankaENG24096.551.039.25
3526Fries-Nielsen Jens OveDEN24126.549.037.75
3650Englert FabianGER23046.549.037.50
37113Hinrichs JanGER21246.549.035.50
3845Ochsner Bjorn MollerDEN23186.549.034.75
3951Buchal StephanGER22956.548.537.25
40100Olofsson-Dolk MattisSWE21436.548.536.75
313 players

17) 40th Sitges Open 2014

The 40th Sitges Open took place 22nd to 31st July 2014. Kevel Oliva Castaneda won with 7/9.

40th Sitges Open 2014 Sitges ESP Tue 22nd Jul 2014 - Thu 31st Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
112OLIVA CASTANEDA KevelCUB24197.044.537.50.0
27GOMEZ GARRIDO Camilo ErnestoCUB24956.548.038.00.0
39GHOSH DiptayanIND24686.547.536.00.0
414PALIT SomakIND24116.542.533.50.0
52GRIGORYAN Karen H.ARM25926.542.531.00.0
63BURMAKIN VladimirRUS25906.541.530.00.0
718AKSHAT KhampariaIND23676.043.530.00.0
84AROSHIDZE LevanGEO25656.042.530.50.0
917ALARCON CASELLAS RolandoCUB23785.548.032.00.0
1016DAS SayantanIND23815.543.531.50.0
1113PEREZ MITJANS OrelvisESP24145.543.530.00.0
1222HERNANDO RODRIGO Julio AntoniESP23325.542.530.00.0
136RAHMAN ZiaurBAN25155.541.028.00.0
1415MEISTER PeterGER24105.540.030.50.0
158GONZALEZ PEREZ ArianFID24945.538.526.50.0
1627LASINSKAS PovilasLTU22125.535.025.50.0
1732RAGHUNANDAN Kaumandur SrihariIND21485.
1811GOMEZ LEDO Roberto CarlosCUB24295.041.527.00.0
1919DEL REY DiegoESP23635.
2110MUNOZ PANTOJA MiguelESP24575.039.528.00.0
2250QUIRHUAYO GonzaloPER18585.
2320MOSQUERA MiguelCOL23624.544.526.50.0
2423VIDARTE MORALES ArturoESP23234.541.524.50.0
2525MARTINEZ ALCANTARA Jose EduarPER22954.539.525.00.0
2624PIASETSKI LeonCAN22974.539.524.50.0
2733GRAELLS RicardoSUI21414.536.019.50.0
2835BUXADE ROCA GuillermoESP20994.535.019.00.0
2953BIRNKRAUT TimGER18264.533.520.50.0
3047CASTELLS BRIONES MiquelCAT19794.530.516.00.0
3151TADEVOSYAN GalustARM18434.530.015.00.0
321FEDORCHUK Sergey A.UKR26654.042.527.00.0
3339MORENO GARCIA Elizabeth PaolaVEN20774.
3640BENET MORANT DamiaESP20484.
3736SANPERA BONET Juan CarlosESP20894.
3831SANZ RODERO MikelESP21783.540.020.50.0
3930DAVE DhyaniIND22013.538.020.00.0
4048LLUVEROL TORRENTS SalvadorESP19693.537.019.00.0
55 players

18) 23rd Martigny Open 2014

The 23rd Martigny Open took place 25th to 28th July 2014. Sergei Ovsejevitsch won with 6/7.

23rd Martigny Open 2014 Martigny SUI Fri 25th Jul 2014 - Mon 28th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Ovsejevitsch, SergeiGMUKR2569502634.529
2Rausis, IgorsGMCZE25784035.53426
3Dgebuadze, AlexandGMBEL24875115.53324.25
4Bosiocic, MarinGMCRO25444035.53223.75
5Cherniaev, AlexandeGMRUS24345115.53123
6Brunner, NicolasIMFRA24255115.52921.25
7Bauer, ChristianGMFRA264941253524
8Huss, AndreasIMSUI237852053221
9Habibi, AliIMGER2263412528.519.25
10Kelecevic, NedeljkoIMSUI2232412528.518.75
11Burnier, DavidFMSUI230141252818.5
12Barletta, MauroCMITA2197520527.517
13Mensch, EtienneIMFRA23364214.532.518.75
14Bondar, YevgenFMSUI23723134.529.517.25
15Pahud, CedricSUI21423134.52916.75
16Salzgeber, FrankSUI21574214.52915.5
17Curien, NicolasSUI21954214.528.515.25
18Wiesmann, DominiqSUI20554214.52716.5
19Perruchoud, BenoitSUI20114214.526.514.75
20Beney, EddySUI20654214.52614.75
21Stoeri, SimonSUI219632242913.75
22Besse, LeonardSUI2067430428.513
23Bussa, PaoloITA1812430427.513
24De Silva, Joel NielsGER2021430427.512
24Deschenaux, BernarSUI2011430427.512
26Janasik, GerhardGER1987322426.512.25
27Perruchoud, PierreSUI1992430426.512
28Schaub, MarcFRA1967322424.512
29De Kalbermatten, AdSUI17614304219
30Gibbs, DominicVENG19493313.52811.5
31Pannatier, ArnaudSUI17883313.525.510.25
32Moret, Jean-PaulSUI20153313.525.510
33Cittadini, DarioSUI19603313.5259.75
34Schmid, ChristophSUI20033313.524.510.25
35Fischer, DanielSUI17413313.524.59.25
36Boyer, Jean-FrancoiFRA18333313.5249.75
37Tabin, ReneSUI18963313.5249.5
38Maffioli, MassimoSUI19573313.523.57.75
39Jean, LudovicFRA17603313.5239.25
40Kuenzi, AntonSUI17913313.522.58.25
72 players

19) 3rd Fano Summer Open 2014

The 3rd Fano Summer Open took place 28th July to 3rd August 2014. Peter Prohaszka won with 7/9. I couldn't find any games.

3rd Fano Summer Open A Fano ITA Mon 28th Jul 2014 - Sun 3rd Aug 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
13Prohaszka PeterGMHUN25857.0
21Vovk AndreyGMUKR26166.0
35Sadzikowski DanielIMPOL24816.0
44Lajthajm BorkoGMSRB25266.0
52Vovk YuriGMUKR25915.5
67Laketic GojkoIMSRB24175.5
76Drazic SinisaGMSRB24305.5
811Grandadam NicolasFMSUI23065.0
910Gaehwiler GabrielFMSUI23385.0
109Bodiroga PredragIMSRB23685.0
1121Kizilkaya MehmetTUR21895.0
128Bonafede AlessandroFMTV23885.0
1316Bucher MichaelFMSUI22175.0
1417Iwanow AnnaWIMPOL22105.0
1513Klimentov RomanRUS22344.5
1618Brancaleoni MaurizioFMRN22104.5
1715Rindlisbacher JanSUI22284.5
1844Altieri Danilo MarioCMGE19624.5
1919Luciani ValerioFMVR22064.5
2014Formento PaoloMIM22284.5
2134Cocconcelli LorenzoCMCO20434.5
2249Minerba Paolo1NLE19224.5
2320Damia AngeloFMMI22054.0
2426Bifulco MichelCMPA20844.0
2539Di Benedetto EdoardoCMRM20244.0
2612Radonjanin VlastimirFMSRB22624.0
2728Der Manuelian Haik OUSA20664.0
2836Klimentov EvgenyRUS20324.0
2937Ciampi VincenzoMRM20304.0
3038Sonis FrancescoCMOR20294.0
3135Dann TimothyCMFE20334.0
3232Rago RiccardoMAN20443.5
3324Bisi SamueleCMCN20993.5
3429Rovedi MauroCMPU20563.5
3523Carnicelli ValerioCMRM21373.5
3627Lattanzio SavinoCMBT20763.5
3722Fregonese GiulioMPD21873.5
3846Falchi Claudio1NCO19453.5
3943Difronzo Andrea1NBA19733.5
4045Varriale Luca1NPA19593.0
51 players

20) 115th US Open 2014

The 115th US Open took place 26th July to 3rd August 2014. Conrad Holt beat Michael Mulyar in an Armageddon Blitz game to win the event after there was a big tie on 7.5/9. I give just some of the top games. A more substantial file should follow in a couple of weeks.

115th US Open 2014 Orlando USA Sat 26th Jul 2014 - Sun 3rd Aug 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Holt, ConradGM2645W186W 55W 48W265D 7W 9D 8W 12D27.547.558.040.5
2Mulyar, Michael AIM2544W356W167W110W 68D 8D 5W 14W 7D17.546.554.540.0
3Margvelashvili, GiorgiGM2641W144W 35W 43D 17W 38D 6D 26W 20W187.546.057.038.5
4Corrales Jimenez, FidelGM2625W204W 78W 23W 44L 9W 28W 38W 8D57.546.056.039.5
5Nyzhnyk, Illia IGM2728W215W 89W 63W 40D 10D 2W 19W 42D47.546.055.540.0
6Shabalov, AlexanderGM2588W240W 84W 73D 64W 67D 3W 63D 9W167.543.052.539.0
7Kore, AkshayrajGM2563W216W197W 28W 26D 1W 41D 12L 2W407.047.055.539.0
8Gurevich, DmitryGM2559W 79W134W372W 66D 2W 10D 1L 4W467.046.556.539.0
9Bregadze, LevanIM2530W332W182W117W 87W 4L 1W110D 6D117.045.053.539.5
10Tarjan, James EdwardGM2557W201W 34W116W 90D 5L 8W 23D 45W417.044.554.537.5
11Becerra, Julio JGM2627W253W140D 41W 53D 39W 52D 18W 21D97.044.052.537.0
12Bryant, John DanielIM2484W195D139W128W164W 29W 39D 7L 1W457.
13Li, Ruifeng2420W379W 94D 69D 22W 75L 30W 49W 71W437.041.550.034.5
14Haessler, Carl A2200W209D214W200D 16W185W 44L 2W 68W427.041.049.535.0
15Sana, Mariano2176L314W153W212W 61W161L 38W118W111W397.037.545.032.0
16Prasca Sosa, RafaelIM2494W205W280D 29D 14W 53W 57D 22W 17L66.546.054.036.0
17Peng, David Tianji2241W382W 25W 71D 3D 19D 21W 78L 16W726.544.554.035.5
18Burke, John Michael2280-H-W 85W138D 80W 33W 64D 11W 22L36.544.049.534.5
19Schmakel, Sam AFM2435W385D 70W 83W 49D 17W 45L 5W 73D286.543.553.035.0
20Langer, MichaelFM2286W 60W 36L 75W163W 71D 25W 66L 3W916.543.053.034.0
21La Rota, FabioFM2300W157W 95D 22W 47D 64D 17W133L 11W1066.542.551.535.0
22Chen, Baining2126W304W258D 21D 13W 83W298D 16L 18W1026.542.550.535.0
23Arencibia, Antonio2228-X-W158L 4W141W170D 27L 10W 89W656.541.546.032.0
24Ritter, MarkFM2357W306W100D 76L 32W 97W 34W 67-H-D336.541.545.033.5
25McCartney, Patrick1993W295L 17W234W336W 86D 20W 48D 46D516.541.048.533.5
26Xu, Grant Y2294W238W249W243L 7W113W 81D 3-H-D276.541.045.035.5
27Chirila, Ioan CristianGM2602W230W113W 81L 39W129D 23W 65D 41D266.540.549.535.5
28Krienke, Makaio W2190W208W148L 7W158W213L 4W113W119D196.540.549.033.5
29Wang, Jalen, Sir2206W293W187D 16W 59L 12W127D 39W121-H-6.540.544.034.0
30Boas, Toby2251W174L 77W307W130W 70W 13L 42D 65W666.540.048.033.0
31Henley, Ronald WGM2466W271W 37L 66W101W 76D 65W116D 43-H-6.540.043.534.0
32Brock, William H2066W289D160W334W 24L 65D 40D 44W 79W636.539.546.032.5
33Rea, Andrew B2121W156D114W169D109L 18W 93W158W 52D246.539.047.532.5
34Shepherd, Duncan2042W190L 10W271W268D 40L 24W159W109W886.539.046.030.5
35Rudra, Pranav2083W183L 3L157W252W212W124W 74W 38-H-6.537.041.029.0
36Biyiasas, Theodore Alexander2030W315L 20D223W251W179L 47W233W 64W696.536.042.529.5
37Hoffman, Guy G1947W349L 31D274W301L 74W312W269W112W926.533.539.028.5
38Sheng, Joshua2316W307W163W103W 75L 3W 15L 4L 35W1226.044.552.535.0
39Gulamali, KazimFM2426W213W111W112W 27D 11L 12D 29W110L156.
40Dean, Jim HFM2326W346W142W335L 5D 34D 32W 90W 47L76.
386 players

21) 17th Olomouc Chess Summer 2014

The 17th Olomouc Chess Summer takes palce 20th July to 7th August 2014.

17th Olomouc GM 2014 Olomouc CZE Wed 30th Jul 2014 - Thu 7th Aug 2014
Leading Round 6 (of 9) Standings:
11Mammadov ZaurAZE24415.514.500.00
210Firat BurakTUR24584.010.250.00
38Garcia Roman DanielESP23793.58.750.00
43Ali Marandi Cemil CanTUR23853.07.500.00
5Kislinsky AlexeyCZE24913.07.500.00
69Manik MikulasSVK23943.06.250.00
77Kanmazalp OgulcanTUR24122.56.500.00
82Neuman PetrCZE24882.07.250.00
96Johansson JanSWE23782.05.750.00
104Cernousek LukasCZE24571.53.750.00
10 players

22) 11th Plancoet Open 2014

The 11th Plancoet Open took place 27th July to 2nd August 2014. Nikita Maiorov won with 7/9. I couldn't find any games.

11th Plancoet Open 2014 Plancoet FRA Sun 27th Jul 2014 - Sat 2nd Aug 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1MAIOROV NikitagBLR2531742½2561
2MILCHEV NikolaymBUL242444½2488
3BRYZGALIN KirillgRUS2460432454
4TERRIEUX KevinmFRA241742½2398
5MANEA AlexandrumROU2373412381
6VEDMEDIUC SergheimMDA243040½2405
7RJABZEV KonstantinmRUS230840½2330
8KUKOV VelislavmBUL23696442413
9FILIP LucianmROU2458643½2411
10BOUGET AlexandrefFRA2287642½2362
11VAVRIC PavelfMDA2235641½2284
12MEVEL AlbericfFRA2226640½2249
13ROUFFIGNAC TanguyFRA21396372186
14ANGSKOG KentSWE22096362190
15JESSEL StephenfIRL2321635½2215
16O'DONNELL ConorIRL2122402261
17LE MASLE RaphaelFRA207239½2170
18BERNARD ChristophemFRA2259392268
19PETRE Nad-TitusmROU237138½2333
20LE MAREC SimonFRA213238½2097
21BOURGOIS BastienFRA2032382095
22DEKKER TobiasNED194037½2203
23MANCINI MariofFRA220937½2192
24MADDENS MartijnBEL201537½2178
25MOUHAMAD JoachinFRA2224372164
26NAJART DavidFRA2150372132
27EMMENECKER PhilippeFRA2191372113
28DUTREUIL RaphaelFRA2118362077
29BAUDIN FredericFRA2001362060
30AUBRY YannisFRA225535½2110
31BLEUNVEN AndreFRA219534½2030
32LUCAS Jean-ChristianFRA2180322007
33ESTADIEU RomeoFRA1857539½2172
34MASSET JacquesFRA20735372102
35FEYS BertBEL2066535½2062
36DELAIRE EricFRA18395351975
37PEYRE ThomasFRA21455341978
38BUSNEL LaurentFRA19365341975
39FAVREL NicolasFRA17865301893
40ROUFFIGNAC MarieFRA18405301863
105 players

23) 20th Chambery Chess Festival 2014

The 20th Chambery Chess Festival took place 26th July to 3rd August 2014. Joszef Horvath won the main GM section with 6.5/9.

20th Chambery GM 2014 Chambery FRA Sat 26th Jul 2014 - Sun 3rd Aug 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1HORVATH, Jozsefg25091½1½½½½1126¾2617
2DRENCHEV, Petarg25110101011116222571
3RAMBALDI, Francescof2444½0½½1½11½21½2537
4GUIDARELLI, Laurentm249801½01½1½121¼2531
5BAILET, Pierrem2469½0½1½0111202534
6DELORME, Axelm2494½100½1½1½5212490
7ESTREMERA PANOS, Sergiom2345½0½½101½1519¼2507
8VALLES, Manuelm2398½0000½01½2288
9CAMPOS MORENO, Javier B.g2458000½00½0122242
10MOUSSARD, Julesm242300½00½0½02178
10 players

24) Glorney Cup 2014

The Glorney Cup takes place 4th to 6th August 2014.

25) 19th Creon Open 2014

The 19th Creon Open took place 28th July to 3rd August 2014. Maxime Lagarde won with 7.5/9. There were three games a day broadcast live but only the final round was left when I checked.

19th Creon Open 2014 Creon FRA Mon 28th Jul 2014 - Sun 3rd Aug 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1LAGARDE MaximegFRA252144552668
2GOZZOLI YannickgFRA2529745½55½2583
3JEREZ PEREZ AlfonsomESP2374745532563
4DEMUTH AdrienmFRA248843522468
5RIFF Jean-NoelmFRA248242½502471
6SRIRAM JhagIND23754148½2442
7DOLUHANOVA EvgeniyagfUKR233439½492372
8SGIRCEA Silvia-RalucamfROU220738½462275
9LOISEAU QuentinmFRA23393846½2353
10BARBOT PierrefFRA2411645542441
11VELTEN PaulmFRA243464454½2449
12CASTELLANOS RODRIGUE ReniermESP247964352½2414
13TERNAULT MathieuFRA2220641½502318
14BOUDRE Jean-PierremFRA2280640½502349
15NAVROTESCU CatalinmFRA2415639472319
16FAVAREL AntoinefFRA236563945½2291
17LLANEZA VEGA PatriciamfESP2217637½462186
18DELORME LauriemfFRA215163643½2143
19HAUB Thorsten MichaelmGER242944½53½2438
20IDER BoryafFRA240941½50½2329
21NGUYEN Chi-MinhmFRA237041½502274
22BURRI QuentinFRA213540482204
23KIRK EzrafENG230837½45½2230
24SCHMIT VincentFRA214436½44½2110
25HAUSSERNOT CecileffFRA203233381962
26NAVROTESCU Andreea-CristianaffFRA2181540492206
27IPPOLITO ManuelfFRA228253947½2149
28PASSAGER Jean-PierreFRA2197538442149
29CALOONE ThomasFRA1945537½43½2063
30PILTE NicolasFRA2100536½44½2026
31SAVALLE AlexandreFRA2044536½442002
32GOETTELMANN GuillaumeFRA211953642½2102
33BUISSON LionelFRA177953641½2077
34RICHARD EmmaFRA2111536411985
35JAUREGUIBERRY CedricFRA212753643½1975
36FRICK ChristophGER2246535½432021
37LARCHEVEQUE FrancoisFRA210453540¼2081
38SUEZ-PANAMA GillesFRA2084534½40½1953
39VIVIER TheoFRA1904533½402057
40HERRY SerwanFRA1936533½38½2014
101 players

26) 7th Arad Open 2014

The 7th Arad Open takes place 4th to 10th August 2014.

7th Arad Open 2014 Arad ROU Mon 4th Aug 2014 - Sun 10th Aug 2014
Leading Round 1 (of 9) Standings:
14Piorun KacperPOL25601.000.00.50
5Jakubowski KrzysztofPOL25301.000.00.50
44Hristodorescu DanielROU22581.000.00.50
50Ocnarescu VictorROU22171.000.00.50
63Chirita-Mihaila Marius-ConstaROU21411.000.00.50
83Adoamnei Roxana-AntonelaROU20201.000.00.50
734Nikac PredragMNE23231.000.00.50
41Pop AlexandruROU22661.000.00.50
237Tus GabrielROU01.000.00.50
101Berkes FerencHUN26581.000.00.00
2Vovk AndreyUKR26141.000.00.00
3Mista AleksanderPOL26131.000.00.00
6Balog ImreHUN25201.000.00.00
7Tadic BrankoSRB24951.000.00.00
8Georgescu Tiberiu-MarianROU24781.000.00.00
9Lapshun YuryUSA24581.000.00.00
10Abramovic BoskoSRB24571.000.00.00
11Filip LucianROU24541.000.00.00
12Anton TeodorROU24351.000.00.00
13Battaglini GabrielFRA24311.000.00.00
14Nagy GaborHUN24231.000.00.00
15Petrisor Adrian-MarianROU24171.000.00.00
16Gledura BenjaminHUN24071.000.00.00
17Vasiesiu DanROU24061.000.00.00
18Doncea VladimirROU24051.000.00.00
19Mijovic StefanMNE24041.000.00.00
20Lukovic VladimirSRB23961.000.00.00
21Cioara Andrei-NestorROU23941.000.00.00
22Deac Bogdan-DanielROU23941.000.00.00
24Baratosi DanielROU23841.000.00.00
25Dobre Claudiu-CristianROU23741.000.00.00
26Milu Romeo-SorinROU23721.000.00.00
27Manea AlexandruROU23691.000.00.00
28Bogdan DanROU23691.000.00.00
29Ramiro Ovejero Juan LuisESP23641.000.00.00
30Balla Tamas-KristofROU23631.000.00.00
31Posedaru BogdanROU23511.000.00.00
32Ardeleanu AlinROU23351.000.00.00
33Miroiu George-CatalinROU23251.000.00.00
35Cvetkovic SrdjanSRB22941.000.00.00
237 players

27) 10th Tabor Open 2014

The 10th Tabor Open took place 27th July to 3rd August 2014. Jiri Lechtynsky won with 7.5/9. Photos of the score sheets were published. I couldn't find a game file currently.

10th Tabor Open 2014 Tabor CZE Sun 27th Jul 2014 - Sun 3rd Aug 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
16Lechtynsky JiriCZE23707.540.551.540.5
211Ganaus HannesAUT22917.042.052.536.5
316Trepka JanCZE21537.039.050.537.5
43Plischki SebastianGER24337.039.050.536.0
57Heinzel OlafGER23566.543.055.037.0
65Turner JanCZE23786.540.552.535.5
72Sergeev VladimirUKR24476.540.052.035.5
810Weinzettl ErnstAUT23046.539.049.532.0
91Lalic BogdanCRO24826.538.550.534.5
104Yagupov IgorRUS24106.536.047.032.5
1113Jedlicka AlesCZE22596.041.552.535.0
1228Tesar JanCZE20636.038.548.531.5
1340Barrish DanielRSA19866.038.547.532.0
149Mudrak JosefCZE23506.
1512Machan JanCZE22606.038.048.531.0
1621Meszaros LudekCZE20986.036.547.530.0
1714Lacina AdolfCZE22316.036.045.531.0
1849Havluj ZdenekCZE19256.036.045.529.0
1918Zapletal JindrichCZE21326.034.042.531.0
2048Masek JanCZE19306.032.542.027.5
2115Vybiral ZdenekCZE21965.541.552.533.5
228Hausner IvanCZE23555.540.051.534.0
2320Eretova JanaCZE21205.539.050.032.0
2446Eret JonasCZE19465.537.047.028.0
2554Vesely VitekCZE18975.536.546.028.0
2624Popelka OldrichCZE20895.535.546.028.0
2730Kubin PetrCZE20305.535.044.027.0
2822Bjerre TavsDEN20945.534.545.027.5
2938Matejka RadekCZE19935.534.544.527.5
3041Danko JiriCZE19805.533.543.527.5
3134Hasek VaclavCZE20095.532.042.526.0
3244Kopecky JiriCZE19565.531.041.027.5
3327Parak DominikCZE20715.531.040.525.0
3431Osmanovic FarukGER20295.528.537.024.5
3532Bjerre JonasDEN20215.
3636Miesbauer JanCZE20015.039.547.031.0
3717Vasicek MartinCZE21405.038.048.528.5
3825Lacina FilipCZE20835.
3942Chalupecky VladimirCZE19765.035.546.029.0
4023Groh JiriCZE20935.035.545.528.0
118 players

28) World Senior Teams 2014

The World Senior Teams took place 12th to 22nd July 2014. A full file of games now available.

World Senior Teams 50+ 2014 Vilnius LTU Sat 12th Jul 2014 - Tue 22nd Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Lithuania 1980117272.529.5
22England 1971115228.525.0
34Russia Women952212204.022.5
46Rositsan ir Maccabi Lithuania952212150.018.0
53Logika Lithuania953111179.519.5
77Georgia Women94419173.021.5
910Latvia Women9441995.015.5
1114Marijampole Lithuania94508124.515.0
1316New Zealand93428100.017.5
149England 29450896.517.5
1717Lithuania Women9171372.512.5
1818Lithuania 39180265.510.0
18 players
World Senior Teams 65+ 2014 Vilnius LTU Sat 12th Jul 2014 - Tue 22nd Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Saint Petersburg-Russia*2333341728.5137.00
8England II1½1½3*2513.532.50
10 players

29) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

TCh-CHN 2014

The Chinese Team Championship takes place 12th April to 9th December 2014. Rounds 5-7 took place 3rd to 5th June 2014. Rounds 8-11 24th to 27th July 2014. Rounds 12-15 10th to 13th September 2014.

TCh-CHN 2014 Beijing CHN Sat 12th Apr 2014 - Tue 9th Dec 2014
Leading Round 11 (of 22) Standings:
9Qingdao Experimental School22½32**3824.5
12Qingdao Qingwei00½02½½109
12 teams

TCh-SUI 2014

The Swiss Team Championship takes place 16th March to 12th October 2014. Round 3 was on 18th May 2014. Round 5 was on 29th June 2014, games now available. Round 6 is on 6th September 2014.

TCh-SUI 2014 Zurich SUI Sun 16th Mar 2014 - Sun 12th Oct 2014
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
3St. Gallen621½
4Luzern II619½
5Reti II619½
7II Nimzowitsch317
10Zuerich II014½
10 teams

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2014

The Polish Team Championship takes place 16th May to 3rd October 2014. The first three rounds took place in Gorzow 16th to 18th May, next rounds Wroclaw 5th to 7th September.

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2014 Gorzow POL Fri 16th May 2014 - Fri 3rd Oct 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
13K.Sz. WASKO HETMAN Katowice26266.014.5
210Akademia Szachowa Future Processing Gliwice24776.011.0
37VOTUM SA Polonia Wroclaw25565.012.0
44Baszta MOS Znin24854.010.0
56MLKS Nadnarwianka Pultusk23902.07.5
68Warsaw Sharks23682.07.0
69KSz Stilon Gorzow Wlkp.25382.07.0
81Rotmistrz Grudziadz24422.06.0
95SSz Gminy Pawlowice22541.05.5
102TS Wisla Krakow23750.06.5
10 teams

Frauenbundesliga 2013-14

The Frauenbundesliga 2013-14 took place Sat 5th Oct 2013 - Sun 30th Mar 2014. SC 1957 Bad Koenigshofen won the title. More games may become available but at the moment I've published.

Frauenbund 2013-14 Germany GER Sat 5th Oct 2013 - Sun 30th Mar 2014
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1SC 1957 Bad Koenigshofen11 + 545552253
2OSG Baden Baden11 + 44542047½
3SF 1891 Friedberg1112 + 333441534
4Rodewischer Schachmiezen11223 + 434641440½
5USV Volksbank Halle1132 + 1335½
6SK Grosslehna11½3 + 3351134½
7Schachverein Muelheim Nord11½13 + 245932
8SF Deizisau111½34 + 4930½
9Hamburger SK von 1830112 + 65833
10BSV Weissblau Allianz Leipzig111½32 + 4724½
11SK Lehrte11½½201½½0 + 4414
12TSV Schott Mainz111222½12122 + 017
12 players

30) Canadian Open 2014

Hugh Brodie has sent the two Armageddon games that decided first place in Sergei Tiviakov's favour in the Canadian Open.

31) Forthcoming Events and Links

44th Annual Continental Open 2014

1st Prague Summer Open 2014

29th Teteven Open 2014

VMCG Schachfestival 2014

48th Mislata Open 2014

Riga Technical University Open 2014

ZMDI Open 2014

4th Split Open 2014

89th ch-FRA 2014

BDO Chess tournament 2014

Portuguese Top League 2014

13th World University Chess Championship 2014

4th Isthmia Open 2014

24th Erfurter Schachfestival 2014

2nd Sinquefield Cup 2014

Yuri Privalov Memorial 2014

30th European Club Cup 2014

VII Grand Slam Masters Final 2014

World Youth Championships 2014

Baku Open 2014

Vasteras Open 2014

PokerStars Isle of Man International 2014

World Juniors 2014

Millionaire Chess 2014

18th Unive Chess 2014

Chigorin Memorial 2014

SPICE Cup Open 2014

ch-UKR 2014

Harkany Spa Open 2014

Qatar Masters Open 2014

European Rapid and Blitz Championships 2014

122nd New Zealand Open 2015

Cork Congress 2015

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