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THE WEEK IN CHESS 1029 28th July 2014 by Mark Crowther


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1) Introduction
2) 47th Biel Chess Festival 2014
3) 2nd Gideon Japhet Memorial Open 2014
4) 101st British Chess Championships 2014
5) 5th ch-Iberoamericano 2014
6) Dutch Open 2014
7) Lake Sevan 2014
8) Open ch-BUL Women 2014
9) Pays de Charleroi Open 2014
10) Primorsky Debut 2014
11) 37th Ikaros Chess Festival 2014
12) 37th Taminco Open 2014
13) 5th Vojvodina Open Championships 2014
14) International Championship Central Serbia 2014
15) XVI Sant Marti Open 2014
16) 25th Czech Open 2014
17) 51st Canadian Open Championship 2014
18) ch-ARG 2014
19) Corporation Cup 2014
20) 22nd Saint-Affrique Open 2014
21) 29th Avoine Open 2014
22) 32nd Andorra Open 2014
23) Minsk Open 2014
24) Vitoria-Gasteiz Open 2014
25) XVII Rhein-Main-Open 2014
26) 18th Battle of Senta Open 2014
27) 7th Paleochora Open 2014
28) Politiken Cup 2014
29) 104 Jahre FC St. Pauli Open 2014
30) 5th Terre degli Elimi 2014
31) 3rd Open 2014
32) 40th Sitges Open 2014
33) 3rd Fano Summer Open 2014
34) 115th US Open 2014
35) 11th Plancoet Open 2014
36) 19th Creon Open 2014
37) Chess in Kecskemet July 2014
38) TCh-European Youth 2014
39) TCh-CHN 2014
40) Active Team Events
41) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
47th Biel Chess Festival 2014209 games
2nd Gideon Japhet Memorial Open 201462 games
101st British Chess Championships 2014187 games
5th ch-Iberoamericano 2014127 games
Dutch Open 2014173 games
Lake Sevan 201410 games
Open ch-BUL Women 201449 games
Primorsky Debut 201479 games
37th Ikaros Chess Festival 201420 games
37th Taminco Open 201448 games
5th Vojvodina Open Championships 201495 games
International Championship Central Serbia 201445 games
XVI Sant Marti Open 201441 games
25th Czech Open 2014450 games
51st Canadian Open Championship 2014187 games
ch-ARG 20144 games
22nd Saint-Affrique Open 2014218 games
29th Avoine Open 2014383 games
32nd Andorra Open 2014140 games
Minsk Open 201436 games
XVII Rhein-Main-Open 2014415 games
18th Battle of Senta Open 2014180 games
7th Paleochora Open 2014238 games
Politiken Cup 20141383 games
104 Jahre FC St. Pauli Open 2014161 games
3rd 5th Terre degli Elimi 201437 games
3rd Open 201430 games
40th Sitges Open 201440 games
Chess in Kecskemet July 201442 games
TCh-European Youth 201460 games
TCh-CHN 2014120 games
5280 games


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1) Introduction

My thanks to Roland Wimmer, Olexandr Prohorov, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr, Dimitris Skyrianoglou, John Hartmann, Alessandro Monaco, Hugh Brodie, Petr Pisk, Gilad Japhet, and everyone else who helped with this issue.

This time next week we will be well into the 41st Olympiad in Tromso. This has meant a busy week as events avoid clashing with it. I imagine next week will be quieter. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave survived a late wobble to win in Biel. Peter Svidler beat Boris Gelfand in a rapid match as part of the 2nd Gideon Japhet Memorial. The British Chess Championships goes into the final rounds with nothing settled but Jonathan Hawkins leads. Bu Xiangzhi is tearing up the Politiken Cup. There are many other interesting events and much to look at.

Many thanks to those who have donated so far to TWIC following my appeal after my 1000th issue. I will write to those who have contributed recently. I'm very grateful and it has made a big difference to me. If you also wish to donate to help me keep TWIC going and move it forward then you can do so via PayPal at:

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) 47th Biel Chess Festival 2014

The 47th Biel Chess Festival took place 14th to 25th July 2014. The main GM tournament was the Hans Suri Memorial. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave survived a late wobble to win the event with 6/10 half a point clear of Radoslaw Wojtaszek. Final round 11 of the open is not yet available.

Hans Suri Mem 2014 Biel (SUI), 14-25 vii 2014 cat. XIX (2717)
1 2 3 4 5 6
1. Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime g FRA 2766 * * ½ ½ ½ ½ 1 0 1 ½ ½ 1 6 2779
2. Wojtaszek, Radoslaw g POL 2733 ½ ½ * * ½ 1 0 ½ ½ ½ 1 ½ 2749
3. Harikrishna, Pentala g IND 2726 ½ ½ ½ 0 * * 1 ½ ½ 1 0 ½ 5 2715
4. Giri, Anish g NED 2750 0 1 1 ½ 0 ½ * * 0 ½ 1 ½ 5 2710
5. Hou, Yifan g CHN 2629 0 ½ ½ ½ ½ 0 1 ½ * * ½ 1 5 2734
6. Motylev, Alexander g RUS 2698 ½ 0 0 ½ 1 ½ 0 ½ ½ 0 * * 2610
Round 1 (July 14, 2014)
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime - Harikrishna, Pentala ½-½ 51 A45 Trompowsky
Hou, Yifan - Giri, Anish 1-0 28 B51 Sicilian Rossolimo
Motylev, Alexander - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw 0-1 40 B52 Sicilian Rossolimo
Round 2 (July 15, 2014)
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime - Motylev, Alexander ½-½ 40 D10 Slav Defence
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Hou, Yifan ½-½ 40 D38 QGD Ragozin
Harikrishna, Pentala - Giri, Anish 1-0 41 C50 Giuoco Piano
Round 3 (July 16, 2014)
Giri, Anish - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw 1-0 84 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Hou, Yifan - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 0-1 63 B51 Sicilian Rossolimo
Motylev, Alexander - Harikrishna, Pentala 1-0 43 C67 Ruy Lopez Berlin
Round 4 (July 17, 2014)
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime ½-½ 38 E60 King's Indian without Nc3
Giri, Anish - Motylev, Alexander 1-0 53 D12 Slav Defence
Hou, Yifan - Harikrishna, Pentala ½-½ 69 B19 Caro Kann
Round 5 (July 18, 2014)
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime - Giri, Anish 1-0 61 C67 Ruy Lopez Berlin
Harikrishna, Pentala - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw ½-½ 47 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Motylev, Alexander - Hou, Yifan ½-½ 41 B48 Sicilian Paulsen
Round 6 (July 19, 2014)
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Motylev, Alexander ½-½ 29 D12 Slav Defence
Harikrishna, Pentala - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime ½-½ 40 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Giri, Anish - Hou, Yifan ½-½ 69 B85 Sicilian Scheveningen
Round 7 (July 21, 2014)
Giri, Anish - Harikrishna, Pentala ½-½ 26 E04 Catalan
Hou, Yifan - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw ½-½ 53 A07 Barcza System
Motylev, Alexander - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 0-1 35 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Round 8 (July 22, 2014)
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime - Hou, Yifan ½-½ 41 D38 QGD Ragozin
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Giri, Anish ½-½ 50 D31 Semi-Slav Defence
Harikrishna, Pentala - Motylev, Alexander ½-½ 29 B18 Caro Kann
Round 9 (July 23, 2014)
Wojtaszek, Radoslaw - Harikrishna, Pentala 1-0 40 D85 Gruenfeld Defence
Giri, Anish - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 1-0 52 E60 King's Indian without Nc3
Hou, Yifan - Motylev, Alexander 1-0 50 B18 Caro Kann
Round 10 (July 24, 2014)
Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime - Wojtaszek, Radoslaw ½-½ 42 B92 Sicilian Najdorf with 6.Be2
Harikrishna, Pentala - Hou, Yifan 1-0 73 B90 Sicilian Najdorf Variation
Motylev, Alexander - Giri, Anish ½-½ 19 B67 Sicilian Rauzer
47th Biel Master Open Biel SUI Mon 14th Jul 2014 - Fri 25th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Adhiban, BGMIND26106058.571.0690.0
2Mikhalevski, VictorGMISR25395157.571.5662.0
3Bartel, MateuszGMPOL26444077.569.5665.5
4Rakhmanov, AleksandrGMRUS26265157.569.0684.5
5Shankland, Samuel LGMUSA26325157.568.5670.0
6Bok, BenjaminGMNED25865157.566.0657.0
7Swiercz, DariuszGMPOL26175157.565.0651.0
8Erdos, ViktorGMHUN26484077.562.5638.5
9Sebenik, MatejGMSLO25165247.071.0663.5
10Roiz, MichaelGMISR25723087.070.5678.0
11Molner, MackenzieGMUSA25043087.070.5654.5
12Hera, Imre JrGMHUN25614167.068.5661.0
13Solak, DraganGMTUR26395247.068.5655.0
14Cvitan, OgnjenGMCRO25354167.065.5650.5
15Ganguly, Surya ShekharGMIND26194167.063.5634.5
16Banusz, TamasGMHUN25955247.062.0644.5
17Donchenko, AlexanderIMGER24994256.569.0625.5
18Antipov, Mikhail AlGMRUS25025336.567.5637.0
19Lampert, JonasGER24215336.567.0631.0
20Cherniaev, AlexanderGMRUS24344256.566.0627.0
21Studer, NoelFMSUI23756416.565.5627.5
22Rambaldi, FrancescoFMITA24446416.561.5615.5
23Bartel, MartaWGMPOL23284256.560.5608.0
24Gallagher, Joseph GGMSUI24844256.559.0600.0
25Hasenohr, BenedictSUI22326416.558.5612.5
26Vokarev, SergeyGMRUS24324346.065.0628.0
27Raetsky, AlexanderGMRUS24315426.063.0593.5
28Rudolf, AnnaWGMHUN22775426.062.0617.5
29Kovacevic, AleksandarGMSRB25643266.060.5612.5
30Antoli Royo, Joaquin MiguelIMESP24434346.060.5581.5
31Cebalo, MisoGMCRO24264346.060.0601.0
32Rindlisbacher, LarsFMSUI23325426.060.0571.5
33Misiano, FrancoFMITA22884346.059.0602.0
34Grandadam, NicolasFMSUI23064346.057.5605.0
35Grandadam, PatrikSUI22433266.057.5598.0
36Kamber, BrunoFMSUI22584346.056.0575.0
37Meier, VolkerFMGER22555426.055.0577.5
38Karrer, DamianSUI21696506.054.5557.0
39Hoang, HarrySUI19835426.050.0525.0
40Moeldner, JuergenGER22295515.561.0588.5
82 players

3) 2nd Gideon Japhet Memorial Open 2014

The 2nd Gideon Japhet Memorial took place in Jerusalem 16th to 24th July 2014. There was an international open won by Alexandr Kaspi with 7/9. Peter Svidler beat Boris Gelfand 5-3 in an 8 game rapid match.

2nd Gideon Japhet Mem Op Jerusalem ISR Wed 16th Jul 2014 - Thu 24th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
14Kaspi AlexandrISR24387.036.546.55
215Reshef OmerISR22756.539.550.04
311Kobo OriISR23086.537.046.54
46Alexikov AlexanderUKR23806.535.046.06
55Battaglini GabrielFRA24306.039.549.05
61Huzman AlexanderISR25896.038.549.03
710Gindi ShaharISR23196.036.046.05
82Soffer RamISR24726.036.046.03
916Bakalchuk JonathanISR22736.033.540.55
107Haimovich TalISR23696.032.541.06
1127Gershkowich DavidISR21465.537.547.04
123Gruenfeld YehudaISR24495.535.545.54
138Aharon OfirISR23675.535.045.04
1419Zaltz DovISR22545.038.549.53
1528Erenberg ArielISR21315.038.047.53
1613Zanan EvgenyISR22835.037.047.53
179Birnboim NathanISR23355.033.544.04
22Grinberg EyalISR22015.033.544.04
1914Mindlin AlonISR22805.032.542.04
2018Gukhvat PeterISR22555.030.540.04
2112Axelrod ArieISR22855.029.539.04
2220Zisman PhilipISR22324.537.548.04
2317Malisov BorisISR22644.535.544.53
2440Zlatin AlexanderISR19334.531.041.03
2529Vaisberg MichaelISR21224.530.540.04
2635Kali OmerISR20254.034.542.03
2733Calabrese GabrielISR20494.033.042.04
2824Gamayev OlegISR21814.031.541.53
2934Kerner MichaelISR20344.031.538.04
3021Slonimskij ArkadijRUS22074.028.538.54
3143Shohat YotamISR18804.028.035.53
3223Gal MosheISR21924.025.532.53
3344Ritvo DanISR18774.024.530.04
3437Iskhakabeev AlonISR20083.531.538.53
3530Kraus YairISR21023.530.537.03
3625Bar AvivISR21673.530.038.03
3739Parkhov YairISR19353.527.535.01
3831Shimonovich YoavISR21023.526.534.52
3938Poleg DanISR19993.526.533.03
4026Poleg MatanISR21573.525.532.03
46 players
Rapid Match Jerusalem
Gelfand, Boris - Svidler, Peter ½-½ 40 A41 Modern Defence
Svidler, Peter - Gelfand, Boris ½-½ 39 A10 Dutch, QI and KID Systems
Gelfand, Boris - Svidler, Peter 0-1 49 E60 King's Indian without Nc3
Svidler, Peter - Gelfand, Boris ½-½ 33 E60 King's Indian without Nc3
Svidler, Peter - Gelfand, Boris 0-1 25 D81 Gruenfeld Botvinnik
Gelfand, Boris - Svidler, Peter 0-1 37 E68 King's Indian Fianchetto
Svidler, Peter - Gelfand, Boris 1-0 53 D90 Gruenfeld Flohr
Gelfand, Boris - Svidler, Peter ½-½ 29 A48 King's Indian Defence /c2-c4

Rapid Match Jerusalem (ISR), 20-24 vii 2014
Name Ti NAT Rtng 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Perf
Svidler, Peter g RUS 2751 ½ ½ 1 ½ 0 1 1 ½ 5 2848
Gelfand, Boris g ISR 2753 ½ ½ 0 ½ 1 0 0 ½ 3 2664

4) 101st British Chess Championships 2014

The 101st British Chess Championships takes place 19th July to 2nd August 2014.

101st ch-GBR 2014 Aberystwyth WLS Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Sat 2nd Aug 2014
Leading Round 9 (of 11) Standings:
1Hawkins, JonathanIMENG2516111111½½½7.52665
2Howell, David W LGMENG265011½0111½17.02589
3Hebden, Mark LGMENG255411011½½117.02580
4Pert, NicholasGMENG256411½1½½1½½6.52547
5Zhou, Yang-FanIMENG2475110½11½016.02387
6Emms, John MGMENG245611½1½½½016.02459
7Arkell, Keith CGMENG24331-1011½½16.02388
8Pert, Richard GIMENG243011½01½1½½6.02461
9Ward, Chris GGMENG24221110½101½6.02457
10Fernandez, Daniel HowardIMSIN239611½101½106.02523
11Williams, Simon KGMENG24621½11100105.52451
12Tan, JustinFMAUS237511100½1½½5.52338
13Haria, RaviENG2202100½½111½5.52208
14McPhillips, JosephENG22000½11½½0115.52197
15Batchelor, Peter JENG21771½100½½115.52331
16Mason, Donald JENG2167½01½½½½115.52138
17Jackson, James PFMENG23201011001105.02344
18Harvey, Marcus RENG22871101½0½105.02289
19Storey, Charles HFMENG22410110110015.02181
20Wadsworth, Matthew JENG22210½1110½015.02198
21Brown, MartinENG2194+01½01½015.02277
22Shaw, PeterENG21780½1½10½½15.02106
23Tambini, JasperENG20470½1½½0½115.02153
24Fernandez, MichaelENG2029½101½½½105.02305
25Lewis, Andrew PFMENG2286-11½½½1004.52188
26Rudd, JackIMENG22781011½01004.52313
27Kett, TimWLS2270½½1010½014.52115
28Graham, David BENG2155½0110½0½14.52081
29Hackner, Oskar AENG21080½10½½1014.52065
30Jarmany, JohnENG2073001½1½½104.52135
31Pleasants, Allan JWLS20610½011½½014.52124
32Hill, Clive EENG2330 *0½0½½101½4.01992
33Hill, AlistairENG2126½100½½½104.02027
34Waddington, Mike PFMENG2085-+0½10½½½4.01998
35Villiers, ThomasENG20680½0+½1½½04.02051
36Jones, Steven AENG2064100½½½½104.02100
37Bullen, AlexWLS2054+001001104.02085
38Elwin, Adrian GENG197400½½½1½014.02093
39Zhang, Anthony YENG1926½½½0½½½104.02098
40Willmoth, Robert FENG2159½1½01½0--3.52169
60 players

5) 5th ch-Iberoamericano 2014

The 5th ch-Iberoamericano takes place 22nd to 30th July 2014.

5th ch-Iberoamericano 2014 Linares ESP Tue 22nd Jul 2014 - Wed 30th Jul 2014
Leading Round 7 (of 9) Standings:
11BACHMANN AxelPAR26526.
27MILOS GilbertoBRA25835.531.524.00.0
35KORNEEV OlegESP25945.531.524.00.0
418GONZALEZ ACOSTA BernalCRC24585.531.523.00.0
533FERNANDEZ GARCIA Jose MiguelESP23535.531.024.00.0
63CORI JorgePER26085.
734SOS ANDREU EricESP23455.
820CUBAS Jose FernandoPAR24555.027.519.50.0
1012IBARRA JEREZ Jose CarlosESP25215.026.519.00.0
1114LEON HOYOS ManuelMEX25175.
124VAZQUEZ IGARZA RenierESP26034.531.521.00.0
1317ESCOBAR FORERO AlderCOL24604.528.520.00.0
149FORCEN ESTEBAN DanielESP25354.528.519.50.0
1515ALMAGRO LLAMAS PabloESP24924.528.019.00.0
162ANTON GUIJARRO DavidESP26314.528.018.50.0
1719PARDO SIMON DavidESP24574.527.018.50.0
1821HOFFMAN AlejandroARG24504.526.519.00.0
198ALSINA LEAL DanielESP25504.526.516.00.0
2011MATAMOROS FRANCO Carlos S.ECU25254.524.016.00.0
2110ALONSO ROSELL AlvarESP25314.031.521.50.0
226ORTIZ SUAREZ Isan ReynaldoCUB25924.031.520.00.0
2313DEL RIO DE ANGELIS Salvador GESP25204.030.519.00.0
2424ROSELLI MAILHE BernardoURU24254.029.519.00.0
2540BAULES JorgePAN23174.
2637BRITO GARCIA AlfredoESP23324.027.517.00.0
2728MATNADZE AnaESP23894.
2842CRUZ RAVINA Francisco JavierESP23114.
2916REINALDO CASTINEIRA RoiESP24864.026.517.50.0
3039GEMY Jose DanielBOL23304.
3127VEGA GUTIERREZ SabrinaESP24004.025.517.00.0
3325CORI T. DeysiPER24144.023.515.00.0
3423BARRIA ZUNIGA DanielCHI24394.
3536LARREA ManuelURU23334.
3626VALDES ROMERO LeonardoCRC24044.022.515.00.0
3731CRUZ LLEDO PabloESP23734.
3829ESPINOSA ARANDA AngelESP23883.529.516.50.0
3956COPPOLA ClaudioURU21903.525.514.50.0
4061LOPEZ MULET InigoESP21783.525.512.00.0
82 players

6) Dutch Open 2014

The Dutch Open takes place 22nd to 31st July 2014.

Dutch Open 2014 Dieren NED Tue 22nd Jul 2014 - Thu 31st Jul 2014
Leading Round 6 (of 9) Standings:
1Sengupta, DeepGM2533111½115.52802
2Ikonnikov, VyacheslavGM2556111½1½5.02711
3Das, ArghyadipIM24391101115.02585
4L'Ami, ErwinGM2650111½½½4.52592
5Van Foreest, JordenFM2461111½014.52611
6Wiersma, EelkeIM23541101½14.52488
7Sowray, Peter JFM232510½1114.52420
8Ernst, SipkeGM255411½½104.02500
9Horvath, CsabaGM2542101½½14.02386
10Hausrath, DanielGM2526½11½104.02424
11Pruijssers, RoelandGM25171111004.02496
12Afek, YochananIM2298½0½1114.02229
13Zwirs, Nico2284101½½14.02443
14Stany, George AnthonyIM2399110½103.52333
15Pijpers, Arthur23711100½13.52287
16Saravanan, VenkatachalamIM2320101½103.52417
17Kolbus, DietmarIM230311001½3.52366
18Struik, Tjapko22921001½13.52219
19Mostertman, MilanFM2284001½113.52161
20Maris, Ivo217801011½3.52300
21Vos, Tjark21300½½½113.52238
22Tromp, Pieter21270½01113.52265
23Losekoot, Pascal21140110½13.52345
24Buckels, Valentin21001100½13.52388
25Goudriaan, EtienneIM240111½00½3.02332
26De Jong, MigchielIM23451010013.02100
27Von Meijenfeldt, Bart23311011003.02313
28Beerdsen, Thomas22601011003.02329
29Vogel, JaapFM22090110½½3.02287
30Markus, John21430½01½13.02099
31Bus, Tom210800½1½13.02170
32Kazarian, Anna-MajaWFM20250111003.02294
33Bollen, Guus201110½½103.02276
34Dijkhuis, Sven19880½½0113.02145
35Beukema, StefanFM23050½11002.52115
36Chalmeta Ugas, RamonFM229210½0102.52094
37Offringa, Joost224110½½½02.52089
38Maatman, Nick221101½½½02.52097
39Ypma, Peter220301010½2.52178
40Van Osch, Mees220001½½½02.52182
58 players

7) Lake Sevan 2014

The Lake Sevan tournament takes place 27th July to 4th August 2014.

Lake Sevan 2014 Martuni ARM Sun 27th Jul 2014 - Mon 4th Aug 2014
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
19Sjugirov SananRUS26431.51.500.01
26Ter-Sahakyan SamvelARM25721.51.250.51
10Melkumyan HrantARM26471.51.250.51
42Andriasian ZavenARM26281.01.000.00
54Santosh ViditIND26021.00.750.50
7Hovhannisyan RobertARM25921.00.750.50
73Fedoseev VladimirRUS26681.00.500.01
81Areshchenko AlexanderUKR27010.50.50-1.00
5Gabuzyan HovhannesARM25820.50.50-1.00
8Kuzubov YuriyUKR26560.50.50-1.00
10 players
Lake Sevan 2014 Martuni ARM Sun 27th Jul 2014 - Mon 4th Aug 2014. Category: 16. Ave: (2629)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pts TPR
1 Sjugirov, Sanan GM RUS 2643 # = 1 1.5 2841
2 Ter-Sahakyan, Samvel GM ARM 2572 # = 1 1.5 2808
3 Melkumyan, Hrant GM ARM 2647 = # 1 1.5 2830
4 Andriasian, Zaven GM ARM 2628 = # = 1 2672
5 Hovhannisyan, Robert GM ARM 2592 # = = 1 2592
6 Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi GM IND 2602 = # = 1 2624
7 Fedoseev, Vladimir GM RUS 2668 0 # 1 1 2650
8 Gabuzyan, Hovhannes GM ARM 2582 0 = # 0.5 2389
9 Areshchenko, Alexander GM UKR 2701 0 = # 0.5 2445
10 Kuzubov, Yuriy GM UKR 2656 = 0 # 0.5 2442

8) Open ch-BUL Women 2014

The Open ch-BUL Women took place 21st to 25th July 2014. Adriana Nikolova won with 5.5/7.

Open ch-BUL Women 2014 Vratsa BUL Mon 21st Jul 2014 - Fri 25th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
11Nikolova AdrianaBUL23035.521.530.54
24Maksimovic SuzanaSRB22275.019.527.05
35Bukhteeva ViktoriaRUS21654.522.530.04
42Ionescu IrinaROU22534.520.027.53
56Milutinovic StefanaSRB20554.519.526.04
63Dragomirescu AngelaROU22514.518.024.04
77Avramidou AnastasiaGRE20074.022.027.52
811Antova GabrielaBUL18594.015.521.03
98Krumova AniBUL19904.014.519.54
1010Tsekova ViktoriaBUL18792.518.524.02
119Boneva ZvezdelinaBUL19242.516.522.02
1212Bocheva MargaritaBUL17982.016.521.01
1313Krasteva BeloslavaBUL13611.515.520.01
1414Toncheva NadyaBUL00.015.020.50
14 players

9) Pays de Charleroi Open 2014

The Pays de Charleroi Open takes place 26th July to 2nd August 2014. I will round up the games next week.

Pays de Charleroi Open 2014 Charleroi BEL Sat 26th Jul 2014 - Sat 2nd Aug 2014
Leading Round 2 (of 9) Standings:
1Gleizerov Evgeny25492.019541.002934
2Hovhannisyan Mher25132.019511.002898
3Ulibin Mikhail25012.019470.502886
4Sarrau Jelle23252.019320.502710
5Maes Wim22672.019220.502657
6Persson Andreas22492.019130.502648
7Daels Marc22392.019130.502648
8Sclacmender Julien22232.018990.502634
9Hoffmeister Frank22152.018850.502620
10Wiley Tom22082.018810.502616
11Bomans Arno22092.018810.502616
12Van Mechelen Jan21972.018780.502613
13Lacroix Bruno21842.018760.502611
14Henris Luc21542.018670.502602
15Uhoda Philippe21362.018580.502593
16Van Uytven Eric21152.018500.502585
17De Strycker Nathan21142.018470.502582
18Barbier Sigiswald21012.018450.502580
19Remy Joel20872.018360.502571
20Callier Christophe20852.018260.502561
21Mueller Martin20842.018240.502559
22Marte Sebastien20622.018160.502551
23Schmitz Andreas Arnold20602.018090.502544
24Charlier Jean-Paul20502.018050.502540
25Werner Ivan20592.018050.502540
26Van Vlaenderen Koen20392.018040.502539
27Van Melkebeke Willem20302.017820.502517
28Krasucki Youri20292.017790.502514
29Boons Patrick20292.017790.502514
30Fontaine Pierre20232.017780.502513
31Cornil Etienne20022.017640.502499
32Bruno Ricardo20002.017530.502488
33Apemiye Austin19962.017520.502487
34Di Cosmo Jonathan19962.017470.502482
35Timmermans Daniel19862.017390.502474
36Dessomme Francois19872.017390.502474
37Schmitz Manuela19842.017330.502468
38Krzewinski Fabien19802.017320.502467
39Piron Didier19662.017310.502466
40Ramacker Quinten19231.522881.003008
227 players

10) Primorsky Debut 2014

The Primorsky Debut takes place 21st to 29th July 2014.

Primorsky Debut 2014 Vladivostok RUS Mon 21st Jul 2014 - Tue 29th Jul 2014
Leading Round 8 (of 9) Standings:
12Inarkiev ErnestoRUS26666.541.50.05
26Bocharov DmitryRUS25606.040.50.05
37Ovetchkin RomanRUS25216.038.50.05
41Grachev BorisRUS26725.542.00.03
54Belous VladimirRUS25845.541.00.04
68Deviatkin AndreiRUS25125.538.50.04
75Danin AlexandreRUS25725.041.00.03
83Timofeev ArtyomRUS25975.040.00.03
914Yanchenko RomanRUS23115.038.50.04
109Kabanov NikolaiRUS24965.036.00.05
1113Korniushin NikolayRUS23395.035.00.04
1218Sutormin DanilaRUS22284.536.00.54
1312Guseva MarinaRUS23624.536.00.53
1411Ivanov Mikhail MRUS23924.535.00.03
1510Gritsenko AndreyRUS24034.534.50.04
1620Muratov SergeyRUS21854.533.50.04
1717Tugarin AntonRUS22344.533.50.04
1815Vilchenko MaximRUS22564.533.00.03
1925Zherebtsova AlexandraRUS21464.530.00.04
2021Chuhachev VladimirRUS21654.034.00.03
2122Biryukov MikhailRUS21574.032.50.04
2228Khokhlova DariaRUS20074.031.00.04
2319Vitinik MikhailRUS22134.030.50.53
2416Pavlovskiy MikhailRUS22544.030.50.53
2529Snetkov IvanRUS19864.028.50.04
2636Kosenok AntonRUS17964.026.00.03
2727Belyi VladimirRUS20084.025.50.02
2826Zheltov RomanRUS21253.531.00.03
2930Sin DenisRUS19843.529.00.03
3034Popov AgitRUS18713.522.00.02
3133Shubin KirillRUS18853.027.50.02
3231Pats VladimirRUS19373.026.50.03
3338Schukin MaksimRUS17743.025.51.02
3435Kiseleva EkaterinaRUS18693.025.50.02
3537Ryabov Roman.RUS17883.024.50.01
3632Starkov DmitryRUS19202.529.00.02
3724Kilbienep ZakharRUS21472.527.50.02
3823Feduk ViktorRUS21562.527.50.01
3940Perfilev AntonRUS02.523.50.01
4041Protasova AnastasiaRUS02.025.50.00
41 players

11) 37th Ikaros Chess Festival 2014

The 37th Ikaros Chess Festival Aegean Open took place 12th to 20th July 2014. Peter Prohaszka scored a perfect 9/9 against a lower rated field. Games from the final two rounds now available. My thanks to Dimitris Skyrianoglou.

37th Aegean Open 2014 Aghios Kirykos GRE Sat 12th Jul 2014 - Sun 20th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11PROHASZKA PETERHUN25859.054.543.09
22VELICKA PETRCZE24137.053.040.56
34KHAIRALLAH FAISALLIB22967.051.037.56
46GAZIS EFSTATHIOSGRE22146.553.040.06
63FARAHAT ALIEGY23746.547.537.54
1318LAZARIDIS STAVROSGRE20606.046.036.54
1428ABRAHAMS DANIELCAN20216.046.035.04
1534PETOUGIAS GEORGIOSGRE19396.045.535.05
1626GRAPSA GEORGIAGRE20326.044.535.05
1710MAROROA SUEENG21566.044.034.05
1817KARAMALIS GEORGIOSGRE20706.043.533.06
1923SIDERIS NIKIFOROSGRE20486.042.033.05
2116KOKKALIS VASILIOSGRE20935.552.038.55
229SKALKOTAS NIKOLAOSGRE21835.551.041.04
2439MITSIS GEORGIOSGRE18115.550.540.53
2527DANCHENKO DIMITRIOSUKR20245.548.038.04
2930KAKKANAS EVANGELOSGRE19885.544.034.53
3024UROSEVIC MARIJASRB20385.543.534.05
3193BARRON LUKE JENG05.542.533.55
3344THEOCHAROUS STELIOSCYP17245.050.039.04
3414HOOKHAM JAMIESCO21045.049.538.04
3515KOSTAS PANAGIOTISGRE20975.049.037.54
3725VAZELAKIS DIMITRIOSGRE20355.046.036.53
3836DIRLIS NIKOLAOSGRE18755.045.535.54
3935PORTER SAM JENG19375.044.034.55
4043PAPADOULIS GEORGIOSGRE17275.043.033.54
121 players
Ikaros Blindfold Live Aghios Kirykos GRE Thu 17th Jul 2014 - Thu 17th Jul 2014
Player List
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Jones, Gawain C B GM ENG 2665 409561
2 Prohaszka, Peter GM HUN 2585 726265

12) 37th Taminco Open 2014

The 37th Taminco Open took place 19th to 23rd July 2014. Attila Czebe won with 8/9.

37th Taminco Open 2014 Ghent BEL Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Wed 23rd Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1CZEBE A.IGMHUN24398.02617
2SADIKHOV U.FMBEL23887.5249839.5
3SRIRAM J.IGMIND23757.5248339.0
4VAN DEN DOEL E.IGMNED25477.5250238.5
5ERNST T.IGMSWE23927.0249839.52282
6HOVHANNISYAN M.IMBEL25157.0247939.52263
7FROEYMAN H.FMBEL23337.0238336.5
8KLUNDT K.IMGER23147.0237036.0
9SADKOWSKI D.FMBEL22937.0230235.0
10MEIJERS V.IGMLAT24756.5240037.5
11BOKROS A.IMHUN24856.5237837.0
12DECOSTER F.FMBEL23296.5232336.0
13VAN DER STRICHT G.IMBEL23616.5227835.5
14VAN BAARLE J.FMNED22086.5224034.02074
15GOORMACHTIGH J.FMBEL22036.5224034.02074
16HUHNDORF A.FMGER22736.5223734.02071
17GHYSELEN W.BEL21246.5226933.5
18ROOS D.BEL21016.5221032.0
19VINKE M.NED21326.5219731.52031
20WILLEMSMA A.NED20946.5216531.51999
21LAMMENS T.FMNED23146.5216731.0
22SZEBERENYI A.IMHUN23166.0233035.0
23MC MICHAEL R.FMENG22066.0230234.52181
24STONE A.ENG22046.0225534.52134
25MARHOLEV D.IMBUL23496.0226034.0
26LACROSSE M.FMBEL21826.0225333.02132
27BOONS P.BEL20776.0222733.02106
28VERSTRAETEN R.FMBEL22986.0220333.02082
29MONTES GUTIERREZ I.ESP22886.0218833.02067
30BARENDSE T.NED21376.0221332.02123
31CLEMENS A.FMNED21876.0216432.02043
32DYCKMANS B.BEL21626.0215431.02033
33VERHAEREN G.BEL21426.0215331.02032
34DE JONG J.NED21016.0212230.52001
35HEKHUIS J.NED20826.0211530.51994
36LERUSTE G.FRA21836.0215530.02034
37SCHUERMANS R.FMBEL21076.0213930.02018
38DU PONT D.BEL20846.0213330.02012
39DE KRUIF K.NED19276.0206230.01941
40BLEYS M.BEL20406.0212129.52000
286 players

13) 5th Vojvodina Open Championships 2014

The 5th Vojvodina Open Championships took place 12th to 18th July 2014. Miodrag R Savic edged out Sinisa Saric on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9. Games from the final three rounds now available.

5th ch-Vojvodina Open Novi Sad SRB Sat 12th Jul 2014 - Fri 18th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
15Savic Miodrag RSRB25227.550.055.038.0
215Saric SinisaSRB24007.549.053.039.0
32Atalik SuatTUR25507.049.554.036.0
46Azaladze ShotaGEO24997.
511Drazic SinisaSRB24307.048.052.538.0
67Kadric DenisBIH24947.043.046.534.5
712Tosic MiroslavSRB24276.548.553.035.0
817Liou YianUSA23876.548.552.535.0
910Arsovic ZoranSRB24336.548.053.035.0
1022Burovic IsmetBIH23666.548.052.535.0
1136Napoli Nicolo'ITA22676.548.052.035.0
129Nestorovic NikolaSRB24396.547.051.535.0
1314Nestorovic DejanSRB24086.547.051.534.5
1462Erden KadirTUR21816.544.547.533.0
154Lajthajm BorkoSRB25266.544.047.031.5
1629Pantelic SasaSRB23126.541.044.032.0
1733Pasko LlambiALB22856.048.552.033.0
1827Nestorovic LazarSRB23316.
1920Obodchuk AndreiRUS23746.047.051.534.0
2042Jovic StevanSRB22546.047.050.534.0
2124Strebkovs AndrejsLAT23576.
2244Meszaros AndrasHUN22506.045.549.031.0
23104Nikolovski NikolaMKD20176.045.549.030.0
2423Egorov EvgenyKAZ23586.
2526Popchev MilkoBUL23316.044.548.530.5
2676Ratsma MidasNED21236.044.546.530.0
2731Ratkovic MilovanSRB22956.
2819Ratkovic MilojeSRB23836.
2951Sorgic DraganSRB22386.043.046.532.0
3030Stojanovic AndjelijaSRB23066.
3198Besedes DaniloSRB20296.040.042.528.5
3278Zarkovic MilaSRB21126.035.037.525.5
3359Banovic IvanSRB21975.545.549.028.5
3428Doric NenadCRO23165.545.548.532.0
3540Ljubinkovic MiodragSRB22545.545.049.030.5
3625Draskovic LukaMNE23405.545.048.032.0
3716Leskur DejanSRB23935.544.548.531.5
3886Tisma IvanSRB20955.544.546.029.5
398Radlovacki JovanSRB24435.543.548.031.0
18Cabarkapa NovakSRB23865.543.548.031.0
201 players

14) International Championship Central Serbia 2014

The International Championship of Central Serbia took place 4th to 11th July 2014. Richard Rapport edged out Akshat Chandra on tie-break. A full round 8 file is now available but still not round 9.

Int ch-Central SRB Open A 2014 Paracin SRB Fri 4th Jul 2014 - Fri 11th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Rapport RichardHUN27017.547.038.56
215Chandra AkshatUSA24427.545.036.56
37Drenchev PetarBUL25117.040.533.56
42Markus RobertSRB26076.545.532.04
513Tomic BoskoBIH24506.544.035.05
612Vojinovic GoranSRB24606.543.532.04
719Zajic MilanSRB24156.543.031.56
814Abramovic BoskoSRB24436.046.532.54
98Blagojevic DragisaMNE25056.044.531.55
1017Nestorovic NikolaSRB24396.043.032.05
1123Obodchuk AndreiRUS23746.043.031.55
1210Kosic DraganMNE24936.042.028.04
1324Miedema DavidNED23626.041.029.05
1427Masic PredragSRB23566.039.527.55
154Atalik SuatTUR25505.552.035.54
163Damljanovic BrankoSRB25625.549.034.54
1720Nestorovic DejanSRB24085.546.533.04
1822Liou YianUSA23875.546.033.03
1925Egorov EvgenyKAZ23585.543.030.55
2044Radovanovic NikolaSRB23035.541.025.55
2142Rakic MarijaSRB23065.540.525.05
2239Vucinic GojkoSRB23135.540.028.05
2338Doric NenadCRO23165.539.528.03
2431Ardeleanu AlinROU23385.536.024.04
256Savic Miodrag RSRB25225.046.030.53
2645Nakhbayeva GuliskhanKAZ23005.046.029.54
2756Selbes TarikTUR22415.045.527.53
2840Pantelic SasaSRB23125.042.526.53
2930Brankovic DejanSRB23445.042.028.04
3021Tosic SreckoSRB23995.041.529.53
3149Ratkovic MilovanSRB22955.040.523.52
3211Pikula DejanSRB24915.040.026.54
3380Lekic LazarMNE20815.037.527.04
3481Drogovoz IrinaRUS20735.037.022.53
3555Livaja MarioSRB22445.035.522.04
3651Davletbayeva MadinaKAZ22845.035.521.04
3735Carnic SrdjanSRB23245.034.523.52
3862Pecurica MilosMNE21925.033.020.54
3959Nielsen Hogni EgilstoftFAI22124.544.526.04
405Lajthajm BorkoSRB25264.542.027.03
94 players

15) XVI Sant Marti Open 2014

The XVI Sant Marti Open took place 13th to 21st July 2014. Karen H Grigoryan won with 7.5/9. Additional final round games available.

XVI Sant Marti Open 2014 Barcelona ESP Sun 13th Jul 2014 - Mon 21st Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
14Grigoryan Karen H.ARM25927.551.540.00.0
22Cori JorgePER26087.
347Martinez Alcantara Jose EduardoPER22957.
45Burmakin VladimirRUS25907.
525Oliva Castaneda KevelCUB24197.
613Cuartas Jaime AlexanderCOL24836.550.539.00.0
78Lopez Martinez Josep ManuelESP25486.547.536.00.0
81Bachmann AxelPAR26526.547.036.50.0
910Rahman ZiaurBAN25156.545.035.50.0
1035Alarcon Casellas RolandoCUB23786.050.541.00.0
1124Lorenzo De La Riva LazaroESP24266.048.538.00.0
123Peralta FernandoARG25966.048.537.00.0
1314Matsenko SergeiRUS24746.047.536.50.0
146Cruz CristhianPER25636.045.535.00.0
159Movsziszian KarenARM25206.
1612Gonzalez Perez ArianFID24946.
1716Ghosh DiptayanIND24686.
1828Cruz FilemonPER24126.
1952Persson AndreasSWE22496.039.531.50.0
2026Perez Mitjans OrelvisESP24145.554.042.50.0
2117Asis Gargatagli HipolitoESP24605.552.541.50.0
2220Saptarshi RoyIND24495.550.039.50.0
2318Huerga Leache MikelESP24585.548.037.50.0
2439Sardana RishiAUS23635.546.537.50.0
2522Hansen Torbjorn RingdalNOR24485.546.536.50.0
2619Munoz Pantoja MiguelESP24575.546.036.50.0
2754Amigo Vilalta JordiESP22315.544.535.50.0
2823Gomez Ledo Roberto CarlosCUB24295.543.534.00.0
2915Cruz JonathanPER24715.543.533.50.0
3051Larsson AndersSWE22705.543.033.00.0
3129Palit SomakIND24115.542.031.50.0
3253Porras Mateo FelipeCAT22435.537.030.00.0
3311Gomez Garrido Camilo ErnestoCUB24955.
3427Cori T. DeysiPER24145.047.537.00.0
3530Aloma Vidal RobertESP24065.
3641Gemy Jose DanielBOL23305.044.535.50.0
377Vasquez Schroeder RodrigoCHI25515.
3834Das SayantanIND23815.
3948Matsenko AndreiRUS22945.043.533.00.0
4037Cruz Lledo PabloESP23735.040.531.00.0
110 players

16) 25th Czech Open 2014

The Czech Open took place 10th to 27th July 2014. The Czech Rapid Championship Kraj Open took place 16th to 17th July. Levente Vajda edged out Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu, Kirill Bryzgalin, Andrey Baryshpolets, Mikhail Mozharov, David Navara, Antonios Pavlidis, Martin Petr and Bogdan Lalic on tie-break after all scored 7/9. The main Czech Open with Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu, Evgeny E. Vorobiov, Martyn Kravtsiv etc took place 18th to 27th July 2014. Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu won with 7.5/9.

25th Czech Open A 2014 Pardubice CZE Thu 10th Jul 2014 - Sun 27th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11NISIPEANU Liviu-DieterGER26867.5243539.050.5
231ARUN PRASAD S.IND24727.0244241.052.5
329PAVLIDIS AntoniosGRE24797.0242139.550.5
433ALEKSEENKO KirillRUS24687.0235335.044.5
573VAVULIN MaksimRUS23936.5246842.053.0
630POETSCH HagenGER24776.5245142.053.5
799VETOSHKO VolodymyrUKR23386.5243438.546.0
82VOROBIOV Evgeny E.RUS25916.5242438.549.5
93KRAVTSIV MartynUKR25696.5240338.550.0
106STOCEK JiriCZE25456.5238738.048.5
117GOPAL G.N.IND25446.5238638.548.0
1217CHERNYSHOV KonstantinRUS25086.5237538.048.5
1313CVEK RobertCZE25166.5237536.546.5
1423WAGNER DennisGER24856.5236136.547.0
1510STEFANSSON HannesISL25366.5234934.544.5
1659KANMAZALP OgulcanTUR24126.0242640.550.5
1738BELYAKOV BogdanRUS24566.0241440.050.0
1857NAKAR EylonISR24196.0241436.546.0
1920VENKATESH M.R.IND24986.0241339.550.5
209SARIC AnteCRO25366.0240736.546.0
218MOZHAROV MikhailRUS25406.0239737.047.0
2246MAMMADOV ZaurAZE24416.0239335.544.5
2312KREJCI JanCZE25286.0238237.046.5
2416BLUEBAUM MatthiasGER25106.0237536.046.0
2534AKESSON RalfSWE24626.0237337.548.0
2632SIMACEK PavelCZE24706.0236936.546.5
62YAGUPOV IgorRUS24106.0236936.546.5
285BARYSHPOLETS AndreyUKR25466.0236736.547.0
2911MEGARANTO SusantoINA25326.0236337.048.0
3044VOKAC MarekCZE24436.0236337.047.0
31104KOZLITIN OlegRUS23316.0233933.042.5
3228GUTMAN GennadiUKR24796.0233533.042.0
3396CAMARENA GIMENEZ RufinoESP23436.0232731.540.0
3426LALIC BogdanCRO24826.0232632.041.0
3536VISHNU Prasanna. VIND24596.0231936.046.5
3637FIRAT BurakTUR24586.0231034.545.0
37127CONSTANTINOU PeterENG22856.0225632.541.0
3868KRIEBEL TadeasCZE23985.5243140.550.5
3949NAGY GaborHUN24345.5242637.549.0
4052BIOLEK Richard Jr.CZE24295.5242039.049.0
259 players
25th Czech Rapid G1 2014 Pardubice CZE Thu 10th Jul 2014 - Sun 27th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
15VAJDA LeventeROU25617.046.058.05
21NISIPEANU Liviu-DieterGER26617.043.054.05
34BRYZGALIN KirillRUS25827.043.053.56
413BARYSHPOLETS AndreyUKR25137.042.552.55
518MOZHAROV MikhailRUS24917.042.052.56
62NAVARA DavidCZE26307.040.552.06
715PAVLIDIS AntoniosGRE25087.040.051.06
86PETR MartinCZE25597.033.041.56
911LALIC BogdanCRO25277.031.540.55
107BABULA VlastimilCZE25496.540.551.56
1127GORDIEVSKY DmitryRUS24416.539.050.56
1257GOLUBOV SaveliyRUS23296.537.046.05
1332DOLEZAL RadoslavCZE24116.536.046.55
1447SERGEYEV AlexanderRUS23686.532.040.06
1512CVEK RobertCZE25246.040.051.55
1621VISHNU Prasanna. VIND24736.039.551.06
1742GORBATOV AlexejRUS23806.037.047.55
1819POTAPOV PavelRUS24906.036.046.05
1934SUNDARARAJAN KidambiIND24026.035.546.05
2026BOCHKAREV AlexanderRUS24436.035.045.55
2136SATYAPRAGYAN SwayangsuIND23936.034.544.55
2233HNYDIUK AleksanderPOL24076.033.041.55
2328BELYAKOV BogdanRUS24346.032.543.05
249SERGEEV VladimirUKR25376.031.540.55
2517AKESSON RalfSWE24936.030.038.05
2655MUHAMMAD Luthfi AliINA23365.541.052.05
2710MEGARANTO SusantoINA25315.538.549.05
283OPARIN GrigoriyRUS25965.537.548.53
2970AGEICHENKO Genadi ARUS22705.537.548.04
3044ZPEVAK PavelCZE23755.537.047.05
3195LEHMANN HolgerGER21855.536.547.03
3214TESKE HenrikGER25125.535.546.04
3331POTAPOV AlexanderRUS24155.534.544.54
3437PISK PetrCZE23905.533.542.53
3556NUN JiriCZE23355.532.543.55
3643SHALIMOV ValeryUKR23775.532.541.54
3729ZWARDON VojtechCZE24335.531.541.54
3816YUFFA DaniilRUS25005.531.540.54
3922VENKATESH M.R.IND24715.531.540.04
4049NOVOTNY MichalCZE23625.530.039.05
143 players

17) 51st Canadian Open Championship 2014

The 51st Canadian Open Championship took place 19th to 26th July 2014. Sergei Tiviakov won in an Armageddon tie-break to edge out Robin Van Kampen and Ehsan Ghaem Maghami on tie-break after all scored 6.5/9. The Armageddon was just for the trophy - the money was split evenly. It is possible these tie-break games will become available as they were videod. Tiviakov got a bye in the first round (best tie-break) beating Ehsan Ghaem Maghami who beat Van Kampen in the first round.

My thanks to Hugh Brodie for the games from the event. He has a website with all available games played in Canada since 1873 (116,643 games) and all available games played worldwide by Canadian GM's, IM's, and other noted Canadian players (37,182 games). Most simul games, correspondence, and computer games are not included.

51st Canadian Open 2014 Montreal CAN Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Sat 26th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Tiviakov SergeyNED26566.528.034.50
23Van Kampen RobinNED26366.527.533.75
36Ghaem Maghami EhsanIRI25866.527.033.75
42Kovalyov AntonCAN26366.028.532.50
55Moradiabadi ElshanIRI25936.028.029.75
68De Firmian NickCAN25096.023.528.50
74Hansen EricCAN25965.527.528.50
815Fedorowicz John PeterCAN24225.526.526.00
97Sambuev BatorCAN25265.525.526.50
1013Xiong JefferyUSA24415.525.524.25
1112Sevian SamuelUSA24645.524.524.75
1220Preotu RazvanCAN23415.025.522.25
139Gerzhoy LeonidCAN24815.025.023.50
1431Taborsky RostislavCZE21935.025.023.25
1533Cao JasonCAN21775.025.020.75
1618Wang RichardCAN23655.024.521.75
1716Cheng BindiCAN24105.024.020.00
1841Humphreys MichaelCAN21295.023.523.00
1910Vera Gonzalez-Quevedo ReynaldCUB24685.022.520.25
2029Rodriguez AdrienFRA22035.022.019.25
2114Panjwani RajaCAN24324.525.018.25
2225Gentes KevinCAN22614.522.016.00
2319Perez Garcia Rodney OscarCUB23574.521.516.25
2411Ruiz Sanchez OrlenCUB24654.520.514.75
2523Leveille FrancoisCAN22814.025.015.50
2617Perez Rodriguez Luis ManuelCAN23874.023.017.25
2728Foisor Sabina FrancescaCAN22344.023.016.75
2822Sapozhnikov RomanCAN22994.023.015.50
2930Masse HuguesCAN22024.021.013.00
3032Chiku-Ratte Olivier KentaCAN21904.020.013.75
3137Villavieja ButchPHI21584.018.012.00
3239Rey FabriceFRA21524.017.512.75
3324Plotkin VictorCAN22753.524.515.50
3438Ramachandran Karthik NUSA21533.519.513.50
3521Pina Vega SulennisCUB23173.519.012.25
3643Poulin MauriceCAN19893.518.59.25
3734Zhang YuanchenCAN21703.019.510.00
3835Fleites Marti YuleikysCUB21633.018.59.25
3942Zhou QiyuCAN20293.018.09.00
4040Tomb MarounLIB21472.517.07.00
43 players

18) ch-ARG 2014

The Argentine Championship took place 9tb to 19th July 2014. Federico Perez Ponsa and Ruben Felgaer finished on 9.5/13. Ruben Felgaer won the title after a tie-break against Federico Perez Ponsa. I believe it took place on the 19th July. First two rapid games were drawn, Felgaer won 2-0 in the blitz.

89th ch-ARG 2014 Saenz Pena ARG Wed 9th Jul 2014 - Sat 19th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 13 Standings:
19Perez Ponsa FedericoARG25219.557.750.07
27Felgaer RubenARG25499.556.750.07
312Villanueva MarioARG24138.047.250.05
411Lorenzini MartinARG24887.046.250.04
514Alonso SalvadorARG25087.044.250.03
610Mareco SandroARG25927.039.750.04
78Pichot AlanARG24246.537.750.04
85Liascovich LucasARG24786.536.750.04
92Iermito SebastianARG24756.036.500.01
101Manzone AlessandroARG23175.536.250.02
113Obregon Andres CarlosARG25025.536.000.02
1213Mahia GustavoARG23665.533.250.03
134Real De Azua ErnestoARG24434.524.000.02
146Slipak SergioARG24523.018.500.01
14 players
89th ch-ARG 2014 Saenz Pena ARG Wed 9th Jul 2014 - Sat 19th Jul 2014. Category: 9. Ave: (2466)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Pts TPR
1 Perez Ponsa, Federico GM ARG 2521 # = 1 0 = 1 1 1 = = = 1 1 1 9.5 2637
2 Felgaer, Ruben GM ARG 2549 = # 1 0 = = = 1 1 1 1 = 1 1 9.5 2635
3 Villanueva, Mario IM ARG 2413 0 0 # = 1 1 1 = = = = 1 1 = 8 2557
4 Lorenzini, Martin ARG 2488 1 1 = # = 0 = = = = 0 0 1 1 7 2494
5 Alonso, Salvador GM ARG 2508 = = 0 = # 1 = 1 = 0 = = 1 = 7 2492
6 Mareco, Sandro GM ARG 2592 0 = 0 1 0 # = = = = = 1 1 1 7 2486
7 Pichot, Alan IM ARG 2424 0 = 0 = = = # 0 = 1 1 1 0 1 6.5 2470
8 Liascovich, Lucas IM ARG 2478 0 0 = = 0 = 1 # = 1 0 1 = 1 6.5 2465
9 Iermito, Sebastian IM ARG 2475 = 0 = = = = = = # = = 0 = 1 6 2437
10 Manzone, Alessandro ARG 2317 = 0 = = 1 = 0 0 = # 1 = = 0 5.5 2421
11 Obregon, Andres Carlos IM ARG 2502 = 0 = 1 = = 0 1 = 0 # 0 = = 5.5 2407
12 Mahia, Gustavo IM ARG 2366 0 = 0 1 = 0 0 0 1 = 1 # = = 5.5 2417
13 Real De Azua, Ernesto IM ARG 2443 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 = = = = = # 1 4.5 2358
14 Slipak, Sergio GM ARG 2452 0 0 = 0 = 0 0 0 0 1 = = 0 # 3 2256
89th ch-ARG TB Rapid 2014 Saenz Pena ARG Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Sat 19th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 2 Standings:
1Perez Ponsa, FedericoGMARG2521==1
1Felgaer, RubenGMARG2549==1
2 players
89th ch-ARG TB Blitz 2014 Saenz Pena ARG Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Sat 19th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 2 Standings:
1Felgaer, RubenGMARG2549112
2Perez Ponsa, FedericoGMARG2521000
2 players

19) Corporation Cup 2014

The Corporation Cup took place 12th to 22nd July 2014. Denis Khismatullin is the top seed. Detailed final standings now available but Denis Khismatullin won with 7.5/9. I didn't get games from the first two rounds.

Corporation Cup 2014 Izhevsk RUS Sat 12th Jul 2014 - Tue 22nd Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Khismatullin DenisGMRUS26801111011½17.52784
2Syugirov SananGMRUS264311111½½½½7.02747
3Ponkratov PavelGMRUS2610½1111½0117.02649
4Ulko QroslavIMRUS246111½1½½1½17.02695
5Kokarev DmitriyGMRUS26501½1½1½½1½6.52548
6Smirnov PavelGMRUS2626111½½½1½½6.52636
7Goganov AlekseyGMRUS25901½½1½11½½6.52558
8Lushnikov NikolayIMRUS2488110½½½1116.52480
9Matinyan NikitaIMRUS24731½½110½116.52412
10Mokshanov AlekseyFMRUS2440110½11½½16.52543
11Artemev VladislavGMRUS265211½1½1½½06.02619
12Gabrielyan ArturGMRUS25581110101½½6.02504
13Zakhartsov VyacheslavGMRUS2544111½011½06.02554
14Prizant QroslavIMRUS25231½½1½1½½½6.02398
15Shinkevich VitaliyIMRUS2484½01½110116.02310
16Balashov YuriyGMRUS24351½½1½101½6.02391
17Ozolin MaksimIMRUS23961½1½0½1½16.02414
18Kozionov KirillFMRUS239301½11101½6.02460
19Glukhov AleksandrRUS2224110½½11016.02542
20Demchenko AntonGMRUS26191101½01½½5.52417
21Maletin PavelGMRUS25831110½10015.52446
22Kryakvin DmitriyGMRUS2579½1½1½½1½05.52392
23Shariyazdanov AndreyGMRUS2545½011011105.52329
24Smirnov AlekseyRUS2413-1111½0015.52434
25Frolov ArtemFMRUS2403011½½10½15.52264
26Zakhartsov VladimirIMRUS23911½1½½01015.52453
27Akhmetov AyanIMKAZ23731001110½15.52268
28Fayzrakhmanov RamilFMRUS2347½110101½½5.52319
29Bochkarev AlekseyFMRUS23021011011½05.52400
30Esipenko AndreyRUS22861½0½1½½1½5.52417
31Fakhrutdinov TimurRUS223410101½0115.52341
32Gayfullin ArturRUS21770011½½½115.52248
33Murtazin BulatRUS2153½01½011½15.52371
34Ofitseryan BorisRUS2141½½1½11½0½5.52510
35Popov AlekseyRUS21200101½11105.52318
36Khusnutdinov RustamGMKAZ2495½½½½1½1½05.02248
37Matyushin GennadiyGMUKR2462½½½½10½½15.02194
38Kanter EduardIMRUS23951110½0½1-5.02446
39Khayrullin DenisFMRUS2354100111½0½5.02290
40Ziyatdinov RashitGMUSA2348½11½½0½015.02313
124 players

20) 22nd Saint-Affrique Open 2014

The 22nd Saint-Affrique Open took place 19th to 28th July 2014. Nikolay Milchev won with 8/9. Games from the final three rounds not yet available.

22nd Saint-Affrique Open Saint-Affrique FRA Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Mon 28th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1MILCHEV NikolaymBUL24248442575
2OGANISIAN RomanfRUS2245392285
3FLEAR Glenn CgENG24647482508
4LIBISZEWSKI FabiengFRA2523747½2537
5PETROSSIAN ArmenfFRA2380746½2462
6KARPATCHEV AleksandrgRUS24427442431
7MULLON Jean-BaptistemFRA2436742½2329
8BENMESBAH NatachamfFRA22247412200
9DEGRAEVE Jean-MarcgFRA257947½2490
10MEUNIER ClementFRA213244½2235
11SANCHEZ NicolasFRA2178432171
12YOUSSOUPOV MoisseFRA216938½2093
13RINGUET NoeFRA207038½2081
14KUKOV VelislavmBUL23696452277
15DAURELLE HervefFRA21896452256
16DUSSOL PierrefFRA2156641½2134
17PENALVER MarionFRA1901641½2025
18MANIA ClementFRA21776412089
19DUFF RufusENG21136412019
20RIVIERE GerardFRA1791639½1983
21NAVARRO RobinFRA19066392037
22LAFITTE LucFRA18676381866
23BOUGUERRA TayebFRA19066371918
24LAZOV StefanBUL18946371834
25CAZOTTES GuillaumeFRA2014636½2001
26ROUBAUD AlexandreFRA2171442102
27BILLIAR-BOURGY VincentFRA1959401947
28EL MCHAOURI MAS YounesFRA204939½1950
29JULIAN StephaneFRA2050391923
30HUSSON CybeleFRA191938½1889
31DANIELIAN KevinFRA184838½1885
32GROSSE LudovicFRA190338½1940
33RAYNAL AdrienFRA159137½1883
34GRIMAULT NathanFRA1820351731
35DEL VALLE ClemenceFRA1627341794
36COQUELLE ArnaudFRA176032½1941
37BAUDRY RemiFRA17705431999
38CLAIR MichaelFRA18065411869
39BIZEUL PierreFRA1757538½1798
40DEL VALLE JulieFRA15305381895
140 players

21) 29th Avoine Open 2014

The 29th Avoine Open took place 19th to 27th July 2014. Maxime Lagarde edged out Alon Greenfeld on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9.

29th Avoine Open 2014 Avoine FRA Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Sun 27th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1LAGARDE MaximegFRA252146½2618
2GREENFELD AlongISR2540452600
3BELENKAYA DinaffRUS2223746½2557
4FILIP LucianmROU24587462494
6VEDMEDIUC SergheimMDA24307432426
7INKIOV VentzislavgBUL2428742½2459
8MANEA AlexandrumROU23737402289
9OKHOTNIK VladimirgFRA23967392292
10PERRIN GuillaumefFRA229445½2386
11SOCHACKI ChristophemFRA2449442346
12HAUB Thorsten MichaelmGER242943½2375
13PETRE Nad-TitusmROU2371432370
14GODART FrancoisfBEL2399432348
15COLIN VincentmFRA243542½2364
16SGIRCEA Silvia-RalucamfROU220742½2319
17SHIRAZI KamranmFRA236342½2273
18BON MichaelfFRA2353422293
19MARIE MaximeFRA2211412260
20GOETTELMANN GuillaumeFRA211940½2251
21LUKASIEWICZ AnnaPOL206239½2270
22KIRK EzrafENG230839½2246
23GERARD NicolasfFRA2251392191
24DUTREUIL RaphaelFRA211835½2182
25PURENNE BenoitFRA22256452389
26VAVRIC PavelfMDA22356442334
27SONG JulienmFRA2417642½2268
28DOLUHANOVA EvgeniyagfUKR23346422274
29AFRAOUI AnaelleFRA18386422184
30KAMBRATH YannickfFRA2259641½2276
31OLLIER MilanFRA22056412232
32DELORME AlbanfFRA22926412217
33AUBRY YannisFRA22556412210
34LUKASIEWICZ GrzegorzmPOL22656412207
35FRICK ChristophGER2246640½2253
36BURRI QuentinFRA2135640½2224
37TERNAULT MathieuFRA2220640½2189
38LUKASIEWICZ KrzysztofPOL1791639½2192
39MICOTTIS DorianFRA2108639½2159
40LE CORRE BenjaminfFRA22726392129
394 players

22) 32nd Andorra Open 2014

The 32nd Andorra Open took place 19th to 27th July 2014. Julio Granda Zuniga won with 7.5/9.

32nd Andorra Open 2014 Erts AND Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Sun 27th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Granda Zuniga Julio E GMPER26747.5263937.053.0
212Demuth Adrien IMFRA24887.0264540.057.0
38Gozzoli Yannick GMFRA25297.0259638.553.5
47Gretarsson Hjorvar Steinn GMISL25357.0258638.553.0
52Tkachiev Vladislav GMFRA26257.0253336.051.5
611Almeida Quintana Omar GMCUB24927.0239232.049.5
73Vovk Andrey GMUKR26166.5255838.055.5
813Riff Jean-Noel IMFRA24826.5254937.056.0
922Jerez Perez Alfonso IMESP23746.5251434.550.5
105Kogan Artur GMISR25486.5247434.551.5
1127Berkovich Mark A IMISR23396.5246533.549.0
126Glud Jakob Vang IMDEN25386.5244834.051.5
134Arizmendi Martinez Julen Luis GMESP25536.5244734.051.5
1410Comas Fabrego Lluis GMESP25126.5243433.549.0
1515Zumsande Martin IMGER24306.5241934.049.0
1637Rodriguez Rueda Paula Andrea WIMCOL22446.5233331.043.0
1723Midoux SebastienFRA23746.5231232.045.5
1816Kantsler Boris GMISR24296.0244535.053.0
1924Arngrimsson Dagur IMISL23666.0242933.048.0
2026Nilsen Joachim Birger FMNOR23466.0239833.051.0
2136Trigo Urquijo SergioESP22456.0236731.049.5
2214Mikkelsen Nikolaj IMDEN24436.0234531.547.0
239Narciso Dublan Marc GMESP25236.0233531.550.0
2452Franco Valencia Beatriz Irene WIMCOL21756.0231129.547.5
2535Bannink Bernard FMNED22466.0231030.545.5
2625Alvarado Diaz Alejandro FMESP23546.0230931.044.0
2731Berthelot Yannick FMFRA22786.0230031.544.0
2819Navrotescu Catalin IMFRA24156.0229531.046.0
2954Castrillon Gomez Melissa WIMCOL21696.0228028.544.5
3076Dudognon ThibaultFRA20666.0213027.539.5
3118Rios Cristhian Camilo IMCOL24215.5244635.054.5
3220Barbot Pierre FMFRA24115.5237033.051.0
3317Sjodahl Pontus IMSWE24235.5236333.551.0
3444Hagen Anders GjerdrumNOR22035.5231529.046.5
3528Laclau Daniel FMFRA23265.5226630.548.5
3634Forsa Espen FMNOR22565.5225731.546.0
3741Gandrud Vegar KoiNOR22105.5225728.546.5
3821Jolly Jean-Francois IMFRA23765.5224829.551.0
3971Gil Quilez SoniaESP20865.5224428.047.5
4032Garcia Blanco Omar FMESP22725.5223829.548.0
171 players

23) Minsk Open 2014

The Minsk Open took place 16th to 23rd July 2014. Aleksej Aleksandrov won with 7.5/9.

Minsk Open 2014 Minsk BLR Wed 16th Jul 2014 - Wed 23rd Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Aleksandrov AleksejBLR25697.555.043.045.25
24Lintchevski DaniilRUS25537.054.542.041.00
37Podolchenko EvgeniyBLR24267.
46Stupak KirillBLR24997.052.541.539.50
55Nosenko AlexanderUKR25087.051.540.037.00
624Trifonov DenisBLR22147.050.539.537.25
713Meribanov VitalyBLR23806.554.543.038.00
82Fedorov AlexeiBLR25696.553.041.535.75
99Ponomarev DmitryRUS24166.550.038.535.25
1028Siagodnik AntonBLR21576.545.037.528.50
1111Grib RomanBLR24096.053.542.033.50
1212Kupreichik Viktor DBLR24056.
133Kovalev VladislavBLR25546.050.539.032.50
1410Tihonov JurijBLR24136.
1523Harshkou MikitaBLR22396.048.537.530.00
1619Kolesnik EduardBLR22926.047.536.028.00
1720Poley VladimirBLR22796.043.534.027.25
1826Filipets EgorBLR21816.
198Mochalov Evgeny VBLR24236.043.033.527.00
2014Lutsko IgorBLR23555.553.041.529.25
2148Talma SergeiBLR19825.548.539.026.75
2217Gagarin VasilijRUS23125.547.036.525.75
2318Burdalev KirillUKR22965.547.036.025.75
2421Nikitenko MihailBLR22585.546.036.525.00
2533Terzi AlexeiBLR21205.546.035.026.25
2635Maksimov DmitriRUS21165.544.535.025.75
2727Leinov RomanBLR21765.544.035.023.50
2832Lagashin PavelRUS21255.543.534.024.75
2939Fedotov NikitaRUS20545.543.533.525.50
3047Sarichev SergeyBLR19885.543.035.523.25
3162Ostapchik AntonBLR19165.541.031.522.50
3249Zarubitski ViachaslauBLR19815.540.032.522.25
3346Kaliadzich MaryiaBLR19985.540.030.021.25
3443Korolev AlexandrBLR20225.538.530.021.00
3515Novitzkij DmitrijBLR23455.051.540.026.00
3622Omelja ArtemUKR22535.049.038.523.50
3716Smirnov ValerijBLR23245.
3830Yezhel ValiantsinBLR21285.044.533.521.50
3941Lopatik NikitaBLR20485.043.534.522.50
4031Elkin LeonidBLR21275.
117 players

24) Vitoria-Gasteiz Open 2014

The Vitoria-Gasteiz Open took place 20th to 27th July 2014. Jaime Santos Latasa won with 7.5/9. No games available.

Vitoria-Gasteiz Open 2014 Vitoria-Gasteiz ESP Sun 20th Jul 2014 - Sun 27th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12Santos Latasa, JaimeFMESP24497.5
21Franco Alonso, AlejandroIMESP24797.0
33Argandona Riveiro, InigoIMESP24207.0
410Marchena Hurtado, JavierESP21336.5
58Prieto Aranguren, AlainESP22116.5
65Gonzalez Rodriguez, Jorge A.IMCOL23856.0
715Marchena Hurtado, AnderESP21016.0
89Banos, OscarARG22086.0
94Astasio Lopez, DavidFMESP24106.0
1014Daneri, MartinARG21015.5
1118Ochoa De Eribe Martinez, DanielESP19815.5
1228Bergara Ede, JosuESP18305.5
1313Albaina Alvarez, AlvaroESP21285.5
146Nava Pereda, CarlosFMESP22875.5
1512Fernandez Madrid, CarlosESP21295.5
167Martinez Fernandez de Arcaya, IgESP22225.5
1711Delgado Salcedo, EduardoFMESP21315.5
1817Miguelez Garcia, ErlantzESP20155.0
1924Di Candia, RobertoITA18735.0
2020Gomez Calvo, Jose RicardoESP19385.0
2116Segura Del Frago, ImanolESP20165.0
2240Gallastegui, Jon AnderESP16755.0
2322Montolio Benedicto, CesarESP19195.0
2425Alonso Igual, IgnacioESP18545.0
2523Gallastegi De La Fuente, IgorESP19184.5
2645Rivero Rivero, Jose MariaESP15514.5
2734Egana Arruti, JosebaESP17814.5
2821Fernandez De Pinedo Orive, JoseESP19304.5
2929Lomas Romero, BenatESP18234.5
3019Mosquera Ulloa, FernandoESP19434.5
3131Regillaga Otano, JonESP18004.5
3230Del Cerro Angulo, AlejandroESP18034.5
3336Meneses Arenas, MikelESP17724.5
3427Cuero Reid, Maximo JavierESP18494.5
3526Vea-Murguia Martin, DiegoESP18544.0
3633Balsategui Gonzalez, AitorESP17924.0
3758Zubizarreta Riego, MikelESP04.0
3832Uranga Iparraguirre, Jose JuanESP17964.0
3937Feal Iturralde, InakiESP17104.0
4048Arbulu Gallastegi, ArkaitzESP15224.0
58 players

25) XVII Rhein-Main-Open 2014

The XVII Rhein-Main-Open took place 18th to 22nd June 2014. Leonid Milov won with 8/9. The website credits Thomas Rondio with the enormous task of producing a game file for both the A and B Opens. I give just the A-Group here.

XVII Rhein-Main-Open 2014 Bad Homburg GER Wed 18th Jun 2014 - Sun 22nd Jun 2014
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Milov, LeonidGM24946.030.5202.5
2Hort, VlastimilGM24275.533.0197.0
3Khenkin, IgorGM25785.532.5204.0
4Schmid, Roland22435.531.0213.5
5Gawehns, KlausFM23655.531.0201.5
6Schroeder, Jan-ChristianFM23725.530.5197.5
7Malek, DanielFM23835.530.0204.0
8Schoellmann, JochenFM22845.528.0187.0
9Keller, Peter20485.035.5200.5
10Wolf, Ulrich Martin22025.031.5197.0
11Melamed, TetyanaWGM23725.030.5192.0
12Wiley, Tom EFM22495.030.5187.5
13Hoffmann, MichaelGM24525.030.0195.0
14Henrich, Thomas22425.028.5191.5
15Isserman, RyhorFM23335.027.5203.5
16Hahn, Florian20985.027.5186.5
17Davenport, Darcy21414.532.0191.0
18Fieberg, Samuel19784.529.0185.5
19Weise, Martin21714.528.5184.5
20Barthel, Ansgar22034.528.0193.0
21Bamber, ElaineWFM20854.527.5175.5
22Lenz, Jonas19314.526.0179.0
23Dunsbach, RalfFM21554.525.5174.0
24Krzesinski, Paul19964.525.0172.0
25Feicht, Arno20154.523.5182.0
26Wagner, Dirk20304.522.5184.5
27Kopf, Rainer19844.522.0181.5
28Holzschuh, Gerald21174.030.5168.5
29Konik, Michael20404.028.5188.0
30di Franco, Patricio20944.028.5178.0
31Schupp, Tobias21244.028.0193.0
32Roettinger, Eugen21484.028.0170.0
33Partzsch, Lukas21164.027.5180.0
34Cordes, Hans-JoergFM22534.027.0191.0
35Baskin, Robert22224.027.0176.5
36Boeddeker, Henry18624.026.5180.0
37Egenolf, Dirk19304.026.0189.5
38Kievelitz, Bernd20464.025.0181.5
39Held, Carsten20534.025.0176.5
40Zweschper, Erich20924.024.5184.0
122 players

26) 18th Battle of Senta Open 2014

The 18th Battle of Senta Open took place 19th to 26th July 2014. Suat Atalik edged out Irina Drogovoz on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9.

18th Battle of Senta Open Senta SRB Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Sat 26th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Atalik SuatTUR25507.549.053.5
229Drogovoz IrinaRUS20737.544.048.5
34Kosanovic Goran ASRB23947.048.051.5
421Kiproski BranislavSRB21397.047.551.0
59Vucinic GojkoSRB23137.046.049.5
611Simonyi ZoltanSRB22627.044.548.5
710Zivkovic NemanjaSRB22846.550.054.0
88Radusinovic LazarSRB23186.548.553.0
914Farkas TiborSRB22466.545.049.5
106Andrijevic MilanSRB23366.541.545.0
113Nestorovic DejanSRB24086.050.555.5
122Nadj Hedjesi BalindSRB24146.049.052.5
1317Nagy Attila NSRB22126.048.552.0
1415Jovanovic Aleksandar DSRB22346.047.551.5
1550Drogovoz MariaRUS19526.047.549.5
167Nestorovic LazarSRB23316.047.051.5
1728Miladinovic LenaSRB20796.046.050.0
1812Stanojevic BrankoSRB22516.045.049.5
1920Jovicic RadosavSRB21416.044.549.0
2019Scepanovic LabudSRB21446.044.047.5
2125Savic DraganSRB21046.041.545.0
2239Cvetanovic DamjanSRB20276.041.043.0
235Obodchuk AndreiRUS23745.549.052.5
2473Uzumcu Ahmet UtkuTUR17805.545.550.0
2544Lazov ToniMKD20015.543.548.0
2616Vranic LjubomirSRB22185.542.546.0
2747Kecskemeti ArpadSRB19665.542.544.5
2832Csikos MihalyHUN20585.542.044.5
2934Marjanovics AnnamariaHUN20515.542.044.5
3036Juhasz BenczeSRB20335.541.044.5
3122Vlajkovic GoranSRB21305.539.544.0
3213Kumic FilipSRB22485.539.543.0
3343Nestorovic IrenaSRB20185.539.542.0
3445Mulenko AlexanderRUS20005.538.542.0
3527Sente DamirSRB20935.538.041.5
3637Penjov DamjanSRB20325.537.540.5
3777Farkas JanosHUN17265.535.537.5
3818Popov StevanSRB21895.045.549.0
3965Sarnyai DanielSRB18515.045.546.0
4024Rajkovic MladenSRB21165.044.548.0
119 players

27) 7th Paleochora Open 2014

The 7th Paleochora Open took place 21st to 28th July 2014. Andrey Rychagov edged out Azer Mirzoev on tie-break after both scored 7.5/9.

7th Paleochora Open 2014 Paleochora GRE Mon 21st Jul 2014 - Mon 28th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
19Rychagov AndreyRUS25437.50.556.545.0
27Mirzoev AzerAZE25547.50.554.542.0
32Gupta AbhijeetIND26347.00.056.544.5
41Delchev AleksanderBUL26447.
56Kharitonov AlexandrRUS25547.
68David AlbertoITA25537.
710Zinchenko YaroslavUKR25327.
83Zubarev AlexanderUKR25837.00.052.540.5
923Lekic DusanMNE24337.
1017Stopa JacekPOL24827.
1113Rombaldoni AxelITA25057.
1239Theodorou NikolasGRE22577.00.047.536.0
1322Petrov MarijanBUL24386.50.053.542.0
1412Werle JanNED25116.50.053.542.0
1521Prasanna Raghuram RaoIND24556.
164Svetushkin DmitryMDA25576.
1715Pakleza ZbigniewPOL24876.50.050.538.5
1818Antic DejanSRB24796.
1916Rombaldoni DenisITA24846.
2054Linhart WolfgangGER21546.50.044.534.5
2128Anurag MhamalIND24056.
225Borovikov VladislavUKR25566.
2320Kapnisis SpyridonGRE24556.00.052.541.5
2419Skembris SpyridonGRE24736.00.051.540.0
2526Narayanan SrinathIND24196.
2611Pap MisaSRB25146.
2746Tchernyi ViktorRUS22076.00.049.538.5
2833Malikentzos SotiriosGRE23526.00.049.537.5
2949Liodakis Konstantinos-SpyrosGRE21776.
3048Tzouganakis PanteleimonGRE21856.
3129Michielsen JoostNED23976.
3235Kang ChuanqiCHN23276.
3338Papasimakopoulos AlexandrosGRE22626.
3434Kourkoulos-Arditis StamatisGRE23305.
3525Swapnil S. DhopadeIND24215.50.052.541.0
3636Markidis KonstantinosGRE23145.50.052.541.0
3714Gavrilov AlexeiRUS24945.50.052.541.0
3832Milosevic GoranSUI23645.50.049.539.0
3945Tchantcev ChalikoRUS22165.
4041Hristodoulou PanagiotisGRE22425.50.048.537.5
208 players

28) Politiken Cup 2014

The Politiken Cup takes place 21st to 29th July 2014.

Politiken Cup 2014 Helsingor DEN Mon 21st Jul 2014 - Tue 29th Jul 2014
Leading Round 9 (of 10) Standings:
13Bu XiangzhiCHN26938.546.552.25
24Matlakov MaximRUS26857.544.046.00
38Negi ParimarjanIND26457.542.542.75
46Rodshtein MaximISR26717.045.542.00
57Jones Gawain C BENG26657.044.041.75
62Rapport RichardHUN27017.043.542.25
79Romanov EvgenyRUS26437.043.541.75
812Ramirez AlejandroUSA25807.042.041.25
935Schroeder Jan-ChristianGER23707.042.039.00
1013Hillarp Persson TigerSWE25697.041.039.00
1116Gao RuiCHN25297.041.038.25
1219Smerdon DavidAUS25197.039.038.25
135Edouard RomainFRA26796.543.538.00
1418Rasmussen Allan StigDEN25226.543.036.00
1511Timman Jan HNED26106.542.538.00
161Moiseenko AlexanderUKR27076.542.537.00
1720Hector JonnySWE25066.541.036.50
1817Schandorff LarsDEN25296.541.036.00
1914Le Roux Jean-PierreFRA25606.540.534.75
2029Houska JovankaENG24096.540.035.50
2122Svane RasmusGER24946.540.035.00
2226Fries-Nielsen Jens OveDEN24126.540.034.75
2340Smirnov AntonAUS23346.540.034.00
2427Tari AryanNOR24126.539.034.75
2523Ly MoulthunAUS24666.537.034.25
2621Semcesen DanielSWE25036.537.032.25
2772Krantz ChristopherSWE22196.537.030.00
28113Hinrichs JanGER21246.536.531.00
2910Meier GeorgGER26326.043.535.00
3032Ikeda JuntaAUS24026.042.533.00
3115Cornette MatthieuFRA25326.042.033.50
3252Haugli PetterNOR22866.040.033.00
3355Fossan PetterNOR22576.040.030.25
3428Hoi CarstenDEN24096.039.527.50
3551Buchal StephanGER22956.038.531.75
3624Beshukov SergeiRUS24236.038.531.25
3730Roser KevinFRA24066.038.531.00
3850Englert FabianGER23046.038.530.25
3976Tleptsok RuslanRUS22126.038.029.75
4025Kristiansen JensDEN24156.038.029.50
313 players

29) 104 Jahre FC St. Pauli Open 2014

The 104 Jahre FC St. Pauli Open took place 19th to 27th July 2014. Igor Khenkin edged out Tanguy Ringoir after both scored 7/9. Games from the final round not yet available.

104 Jahre FC St. Pauli Op Hamburg GER Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Sun 27th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Khenkin, IgorGM25705047.048.5372.5
2Ringoir, TanguyIM25065047.047.0362.5
3Huschenbeth, NiclaGM25335136.548.5356.0
4Feuerstack, AljoscIM24534056.546.5354.5
5Godena, MicheleGM25174056.546.5348.0
6Trent, LawrenceIM24694056.545.0360.5
7Carlstedt, JonathaIM24425136.544.5348.0
8Krause, Benedict22745136.544.0345.5
9Moeller, Hendrik22365136.540.0342.5
10Gutman, LevGM24505136.539.5337.0
11Bente, Bjoern22253066.049.0360.0
12Jahncke, GisoCM22414046.044.0334.5
13Michna, MartaWGM23325226.043.5348.0
14Reddmann, HaukeFM22835226.043.5343.0
15Schuster, Mart22304146.043.0339.5
16Krause, Jonah21044146.042.5340.5
17Nedic, Dusan23235226.042.0323.0
18Kololli, Martin20935226.040.5337.0
19Voigt, MartinFM23134146.040.5334.5
20Wolloner, Thomas21265226.038.0320.0
21Jugelt, TobiasIM24124235.548.5347.0
22Kololli, Kevin20714235.543.0334.0
23Kalinitschew, SergGM24265315.542.5355.0
24Stigar, PetterFM22253155.541.5352.5
25Hochgraefe, MarFM23363155.541.5324.5
26Kahlert, ThomasFM21963155.541.0334.0
27Waldmann, Hans-Joa23224235.541.0323.5
28Stenner, Patrick22014235.540.5334.5
29Breyther, RuedigerFM23355315.540.0334.5
30Kurth, Michael19584235.539.5310.0
31Voigt, Gerrit21955315.539.0320.0
32Steingraeber, Kai21874235.537.5322.0
33Wronn, Bernd21515315.537.0316.0
34Krueger, David19205315.536.5322.0
35Groetzbach, Julian22204235.534.0294.5
36Lenaerts, Lennert21703245.049.5341.5
37Johansson, Gunnar22433245.046.5341.0
38Wollenweber, Carst21054325.046.5339.0
39Andersen, Jens Knu21523245.045.0327.5
40Mueller, Joerg21113245.045.0327.0
122 players

30) 5th Terre degli Elimi 2014

The 5th Terre degli Elimi took place 19th to 25th July 2014. Viorel Iordachescu edged out Nikita Maiorov on tie-break after both scored 8/9. My thanks to Alessandro Monaco for some games.

5th Terre degli Elimi Op Erice ITA Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Fri 25th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Iordachescu ViorelGMMDA2593849.5054.002381.332732
2Maiorov NikitaGMBLR2531847.0051.002335.222686
3Burg TwanIMNED2508749.0053.502376.892597
4Sieciechowicz MarcinIMPOL24386.546.5051.502280.002446
5Manakova MariaWGMSRB2273650.5054.502340.112465
6Van Der Eijk MartijnNED2198646.0049.002280.672406
7Warakomski TomaszIMPOL2501644.5048.502274.222399
8Ferro MarioITA2242644.0047.002203.892329
9Senders MischaNED2183642.0046.002248.222373
10AMATO AndreaFMPA2350641.0045.002169.442294
11Sadzikowski DanielIMPOL24815.547.0049.502268.672349
12Petkov VladimirGMBUL25385.546.0049.002252.002393
13Levitt Jonathan PGMENG24205.545.5049.502280.562361
14Aranaz Murillo AmaliaWIMESP22985.544.5046.502258.112338
15Dijkhuis TychoFMNED23215.544.0048.002218.782299
16SANTAGATI AlessandroMCT22165.541.0042.502257.002337
17Larsen KarstenFMDEN22655.540.0044.002193.562274
18Bijlsma NickNED22105.539.0041.002181.892262
19Bezemer ArnoFMNED2287546.0049.502262.332305
20Claesen PieterIMBEL2340544.0048.002177.442220
21GUECI TeaCMPA2089542.0044.502267.002310
22Iwanow AnnaWIMPOL2210540.5043.002220.442263
23Aleksic NenadIMSRB2348539.5043.502166.882262
24PISACANE PietroCMCT2058539.5042.502194.672238
25Smith ThijmenNED2225539.5042.002147.002190
26Mantovani RenzoIMITA2349538.0041.502129.112172
27Mollema ThomasNED2076538.0041.002135.782179
28Favaloro AndreaITA2008536.5039.002092.222135
29Friesen BorisNED2076533.5035.002088.672132
30De Wit TexFMNED23304.544.5048.502191.002191
31BIFULCO MichelCMPA20844.541.0044.502176.892177
32Mangelschots PeterBEL20534.538.5042.002191.892192
33Blom MartijnNED20204.538.0041.002148.782149
34DI MISA Salvatore1NPA19624.536.0038.002088.112088
35Burg BrentNED22204.535.5037.502101.782102
36VALGUARNERA GirolamoMPA20904.533.5035.502077.002077
37Sardo GabrieleITA2253442.0045.502139.562097
38Adrian ClaudeIMFRA2236439.5042.502157.002114
39Vanparys PhilipBEL2141438.0042.002157.002114
40Corsino GianlucaITA2110436.5039.002092.672050
68 players

31) 3rd Open 2014

The 3rd Open took place 6th to 13th July 2014. Games from the final rounds now available.

3rd Open 2014 Acqui Terme ITA Sun 6th Jul 2014 - Sun 13th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Del Rio De Angelis Salvador G.GMESP25207.545.550.02314.6
23Sergeev VladimirGMUKR24477.047.051.02314.3
32Lazic MiroljubGMSRB24666.048.053.02349.4
46Caprio GuidoIMITA24156.046.049.52254.6
59Aghayev MiraghaFMITA23646.044.547.02240.1
68Efimov IgorGMMNC24066.043.046.02262.4
77Altini NicolaFMITA24125.546.049.52306.2
85Laketic GojkoIMSRB24175.543.547.52257.2
913Damia AngeloFMITA22055.542.545.52140.9
104Cebalo MisoGMCRO24265.541.545.52180.8
1110Blechzin IgorIMRUS23605.541.545.02231.4
1219Bisi SamueleITA20995.539.041.52169.8
1311De Santis AlessioFMITA22635.043.547.02224.8
1415Yao StefanoITA21765.040.042.52156.7
1538Santeramo AlessiaITA19485.039.543.52150.0
1620Movileanu DanielaITA20875.039.042.52120.9
1712Di Paolo RaffaeleFMITA22595.039.042.02114.0
1817Kambor JoachimSUI21285.035.038.52034.2
1924Varvaglione AntonioITA20435.034.537.02037.2
2016Distaso AntonioMITA21325.034.037.52028.6
2133Briata FedericoITA19714.543.047.52274.4
2214Pepino EnricoMITA22004.543.047.02173.4
2332De Napoli GiuseppeITA19844.538.040.52059.8
2418Kradolfer GeorgSUI21144.537.540.02062.8
2523Chiarotto FilippoITA20594.537.540.02062.7
2622Abd El Gawad ShabanITA20654.530.533.01969.6
2736Mastrolonardo FrancescoITA19554.040.044.02132.4
2834Albanesi RobertoITA19644.039.043.02115.7
2921Astengo MarcelloITA20814.036.037.52075.4
3025Sibille EttoreITA20334.035.037.52038.0
3141Badano GiancarloITA19404.034.037.02021.3
3228D'Agostino MaurizioITA20114.031.533.02030.3
3326Beccaris GabrieleITA20314.031.032.52021.7
3427Bosca ValterITA20194.030.533.02019.2
3546Bisi RiccardoITA18413.535.038.02061.7
3644Ronzano LucaITA18813.534.537.52024.8
3729Guidi GiacomoITA20053.534.536.02072.9
3835Cordara MicheleFMITA19583.529.531.01959.3
3940Llupa OltjonITA19453.037.040.02095.4
4037Giuriato SergioITA19523.036.038.52024.1
46 players

32) 40th Sitges Open 2014

The 40th Sitges Open takes place 22nd to 31st July 2014.

40th Sitges Open 2014 Sitges ESP Tue 22nd Jul 2014 - Thu 31st Jul 2014
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
17GOMEZ GARRIDO Camilo ErnestoCUB24954.513.515.514.5
212OLIVA CASTANEDA KevelCUB24194.511.513.013.5
39GHOSH DiptayanIND24684.013.515.513.0
417ALARCON CASELLAS RolandoCUB23784.012.514.511.5
51FEDORCHUK Sergey A.UKR26654.011.514.011.0
616DAS SayantanIND23813.514.515.512.5
74AROSHIDZE LevanGEO25653.513.516.011.0
813PEREZ MITJANS OrelvisESP24143.511.514.011.0
915MEISTER PeterGER24103.511.512.512.5
1014PALIT SomakIND24113.511.512.511.0
1120MOSQUERA MiguelCOL23623.511.013.010.0
1222HERNANDO RODRIGO Julio AntoniESP23323.510.511.010.5
132GRIGORYAN Karen H.ARM25923.014.516.510.5
1418AKSHAT KhampariaIND23673.013.514.511.0
1510MUNOZ PANTOJA MiguelESP24573.013.015.511.0
168GONZALEZ PEREZ ArianFID24943.011.513.09.5
1719DEL REY DiegoESP23633.011.512.59.0
1824PIASETSKI LeonCAN22973.011.512.59.0
1925MARTINEZ ALCANTARA Jose EduarPER22953.010.512.59.0
203BURMAKIN VladimirRUS25903.010.512.58.5
2111GOMEZ LEDO Roberto CarlosCUB24293.09.511.58.5
2227LASINSKAS PovilasLTU22123.
236RAHMAN ZiaurBAN25152.515.017.010.5
2432RAGHUNANDAN Kaumandur SrihariIND21482.514.016.510.0
2526URIBE ARTEAGA DanielCOL22582.512.514.08.5
2631SANZ RODERO MikelESP21782.512.013.07.0
2723VIDARTE MORALES ArturoESP23232.511.013.08.0
285MOVSZISZIAN KarenARM25202.511.013.07.5
2937REAL PEREYRA Diana CarimeMEX20802.511.013.07.0
3030DAVE DhyaniIND22012.511.012.06.0
3140BENET MORANT DamiaESP20482.511.012.05.0
3228CAPELLADES SUBIRANA MarcESP22112.510.011.07.0
3353BIRNKRAUT TimGER18262.
3650QUIRHUAYO GonzaloPER18582.011.513.57.5
3738DOMINGUEZ RUEDA JuanESP20772.011.513.56.5
3834BERNAT ErnestESP21012.011.512.06.0
3952PULIDO LEON ManuelESP18322.010.511.55.0
4035BUXADE ROCA GuillermoESP20992.010.511.55.0
55 players

33) 3rd Fano Summer Open 2014

The 3rd Fano Summer Open takes place 28th July to 3rd August 2014.

3rd Fano Summer Open A Fano ITA Mon 28th Jul 2014 - Sun 3rd Aug 2014
Leading Round 1 (of 9) Standings:
151TAGLIAFERRI Valerio1NLO19091.0
21Vovk AndreyGMUKR26161.0
337CIAMPI VincenzoMRM20301.0
418BRANCALEONI MaurizioFMRN22101.0
53Prohaszka PeterGMHUN25851.0
65Sadzikowski DanielIMPOL24811.0
747Marzaduri RiccardoITA19441.0
815Rindlisbacher JanSUI22281.0
916Bucher MichaelFMSUI22171.0
109Bodiroga PredragIMSRB23681.0
112Vovk YuriGMUKR25911.0
1211Grandadam NicolasFMSUI23061.0
1323Carnicelli ValerioITA21371.0
1413Klimentov RomanRUS22341.0
158BONAFEDE AlessandroFMTV23881.0
1610Gaehwiler GabrielFMSUI23381.0
1750BINI LorenzoCMFI19111.0
1839DI BENEDETTO EdoardoCMRM20241.0
196Drazic SinisaGMSRB24301.0
2021Kizilkaya MehmetTUR21891.0
2120DAMIA AngeloFMMI22050.5
2219LUCIANI ValerioFMVR22060.5
237Laketic GojkoIMSRB24170.5
2444ALTIERI Danilo MarioCMGE19620.5
254Lajthajm BorkoGMSRB25260.5
2629Rovedi MauroITA20560.5
2745VARRIALE Luca1NPA19590.5
2824BISI SamueleCMCN20990.5
2917Iwanow AnnaWIMPOL22100.5
3042Vesce EmanueleITA19920.5
3149MINERBA Paolo1NLE19220.5
3232RAGO RiccardoMAN20440.5
3326BIFULCO MichelCMPA20840.0
3427Lattanzio SavinoITA20760.0
3543DIFRONZO Andrea1NBA19730.0
3634COCCONCELLI LorenzoCMCO20430.0
3728Der Manuelian Haik OUSA20660.0
3836Klimentov EvgenyRUS20320.0
3925Wieringa HelmerNED20930.0
4038SONIS FrancescoCMOR20290.0
51 players

34) 115th US Open 2014

The 115th US Open takes place 26th July to 3rd August 2014.

35) 11th Plancoet Open 2014

The 11th Plancoet Open takes place 27th July to 2nd August 2014.

36) 19th Creon Open 2014

The 19th Creon Open takes place 28th July to 3rd August 2014.

37) Chess in Kecskemet July 2014

Eduard Khatoev won the Chess in Kecskemet tournament 19th to 28th July 2014 with 9/12.

Kecskemet IM July 2014 Kecskemet HUN Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Mon 28th Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 14 Standings:
1Khatoev, EduardRUS24099.0
2Estrada Nieto, JulianMEX22827.5
3Sutorikhin, VladimirRUS23366.0
4Xu, YiCHN23045.5
5Becskei, ZoltanHUN23695.5
6Meszaros, AndrasHUN22505.0
7Nominerdene, DavaademberelMGL19823.5
7 players

38) TCh-European Youth 2014

The TCh-European Youth took place 15th to 21st July 2014. Turkey won the open event. Games from the final two rounds now available.

TCh-European Youth 2014 Iasi ROU Tue 15th Jul 2014 - Mon 21st Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
55ROMANIA "A"73228114.5
97ROMANIA "B"71513010.5
1010ROMANIA "C"7061106.0
10 players
TCh-European Youth g 2014 Iasi ROU Tue 15th Jul 2014 - Mon 21st Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
13SLOVENIA "A"760113011.5
26ROMANIA "A"74121009.0
42CZECH REPUBLIC "A"7322807.5
58SLOVENIA "B"7331706.5
84CZECH REPUBLIC "B"7133505.5
910ROMANIA "B"7142404.0
10 players

39) TCh-CHN 2014

The Chinese Team Championship takes place 12th April to 9th December 2014. Rounds 5-7 took place 3rd to 5th June 2014. Rounds 8-11 24th to 27th July 2014. Rounds 12-15 10th to 13th September 2014.

TCh-CHN 2014 Beijing CHN Sat 12th Apr 2014 - Tue 9th Dec 2014
Leading Round 11 (of 22) Standings:
9Qingdao Experimental School22½32**3824.5
12Qingdao Qingwei00½02½½109
12 teams

40) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

TCh-SUI 2014

The Swiss Team Championship takes place 16th March to 12th October 2014. Round 3 was on 18th May 2014. Round 5 was on 29th June 2014, games now available. Round 6 is on 6th September 2014.

TCh-SUI 2014 Zurich SUI Sun 16th Mar 2014 - Sun 12th Oct 2014
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
3St. Gallen621½
4Luzern II619½
5Reti II619½
7II Nimzowitsch317
10Zuerich II014½
10 teams

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2014

The Polish Team Championship takes place 16th May to 3rd October 2014. The first three rounds took place in Gorzow 16th to 18th May, next rounds Wroclaw 5th to 7th September.

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2014 Gorzow POL Fri 16th May 2014 - Fri 3rd Oct 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
13K.Sz. WASKO HETMAN Katowice26266.014.5
210Akademia Szachowa Future Processing Gliwice24776.011.0
37VOTUM SA Polonia Wroclaw25565.012.0
44Baszta MOS Znin24854.010.0
56MLKS Nadnarwianka Pultusk23902.07.5
68Warsaw Sharks23682.07.0
69KSz Stilon Gorzow Wlkp.25382.07.0
81Rotmistrz Grudziadz24422.06.0
95SSz Gminy Pawlowice22541.05.5
102TS Wisla Krakow23750.06.5
10 teams

Frauenbundesliga 2013-14

The Frauenbundesliga 2013-14 took place Sat 5th Oct 2013 - Sun 30th Mar 2014. SC 1957 Bad Koenigshofen won the title. More games may become available but at the moment I've published.

Frauenbund 2013-14 Germany GER Sat 5th Oct 2013 - Sun 30th Mar 2014
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1SC 1957 Bad Koenigshofen11 + 545552253
2OSG Baden Baden11 + 44542047½
3SF 1891 Friedberg1112 + 333441534
4Rodewischer Schachmiezen11223 + 434641440½
5USV Volksbank Halle1132 + 1335½
6SK Grosslehna11½3 + 3351134½
7Schachverein Muelheim Nord11½13 + 245932
8SF Deizisau111½34 + 4930½
9Hamburger SK von 1830112 + 65833
10BSV Weissblau Allianz Leipzig111½32 + 4724½
11SK Lehrte11½½201½½0 + 4414
12TSV Schott Mainz111222½12122 + 017
12 players

41) Forthcoming Events and Links

31st Geneva Open 2014

17th Olomouc Chess Summer 2014

3rd Ideon Andron Open 2014

41st Olympiad 2014

18th Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament 2014

40th Badalona Open 2014

7th Arad Open 2014

44th Annual Continental Open 2014

1st Prague Summer Open 2014

29th Teteven Open 2014

VMCG Schachfestival 2014

48th Mislata Open 2014

Riga Technical University Open 2014

ZMDI Open 2014

4th Split Open 2014

89th ch-FRA 2014

BDO Chess tournament 2014

Portuguese Top League 2014

13th World University Chess Championship 2014

4th Isthmia Open 2014

24th Erfurter Schachfestival 2014

2nd Sinquefield Cup 2014

Yuri Privalov Memorial 2014

30th European Club Cup 2014

VII Grand Slam Masters Final 2014

World Youth Championships 2014

Baku Open 2014

PokerStars Isle of Man International 2014

World Juniors 2014

Millionaire Chess 2014

18th Unive Chess 2014

Chigorin Memorial 2014

SPICE Cup Open 2014

ch-UKR 2014

Harkany Spa Open 2014

Qatar Masters Open 2014

European Rapid and Blitz Championships 2014

122nd New Zealand Open 2015

Cork Congress 2015

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