THE WEEK IN CHESS 1000 6th January 2014 by Mark Crowther


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1) Introduction
2) 89th Hastings Congress 2013-14
3) Rilton Cup 2013-14
4) Basel Schachfestival 2014
5) 51st Groningen Chess Festival 2013
6) 19th Bosnjaci Open 2014
7) 25th Roquetas de Mar Open 2014
8) 26th Staufer-Open 2014
9) 2nd Gurgaon Open 2014
10) Bay Area International 2014
11) ch-AUS 2014
12) 12th Nantes Open 2013
13) 4th Gutmann Memorial 2013
14) 7th Stadium Casablanca Open 2013
15) 22nd Donau Open 2013
16) Cracovia 2013
17) ch-RSA 2014
18) Czech Chess Christmas 2013
19) Wolfsberg Open 2013
20) 2nd Mare D'Inverno Deluxe Open 2014
21) 37th Zurich Christmas Open 2013
22) Dutch League 2013-14
23) Active Team Events
24) Forthcoming Events and Links

Games Section
89th Hastings Congress 2013-14270 games
Rilton Cup 2013-14191 games
Basel Schachfestival 201428 games
51st Groningen Chess Festival 201342 games
19th Bosnjaci Open 2014126 games
25th Roquetas de Mar Open 201460 games
26th Staufer-Open 2014254 games
2nd Gurgaon Open 201488 games
Bay Area International 2014174 games
ch-AUS 2014112 games
12th Nantes Open 201396 games
4th Gutmann Memorial 201313 games
7th Stadium Casablanca Open 201315 games
22nd Donau Open 201310 games
Cracovia 201395 games
ch-RSA 201418 games
Czech Chess Christmas 201327 games
2nd Mare D'Inverno Deluxe Open 201420 games
37th Zurich Christmas Open 201311 games
Dutch League 2013-1459 games
1709 games


NIC Kasparov steamrolling the Sicilian


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1) Introduction

My thanks to Roland Wimmer, Olexandr Prohorov, Luiz Roberto Da Costa Jr and everyone else who helped with this issue and indeed everyone who has helped me in any way over the last 1000 issues. I would particularly like to thank Malcolm Pein who sponsored the publication for the vast majority of the run so far.

This week we saw the tradtional chess for Christmas and New Year take place with the 89th Hastings Congress, Rilton Cup and Basel Master Open being the most important. Later this week the Tata Steel Chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee starts.

I'm sure I'll be forgiven for mentioning the 1000th issue of The Week in Chess a big personal milestone. I find it very hard to believe that I will have spent 20 years compiling the magazine in September this year and the 1000 issue mark really does have a great ring to it. As regular readers will know sponsorship of TWIC ended just over a year ago and I've been surviving purely on advertising which hasn't enough money to live on although it's been essential for any continuation. The exciting year culminating in Magnus Carlsen winning the title has certainly kept me going but now I've reached 1000 issues I will have to think about the future. It's certainly possible to have less games and work elsewhere, there being very few well paid gigs in chess, but I'm now going to be looking. I am reluctant to lose my recently gained independence for anything other than a great opportunity to earn and develop what I've achieved so far but a new challenge may be what I need the most. I've outlined something in more detail about the anniversary and future in A separate article 1000 issues and a 20th year for TWIC. It remains for me to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2014.

If you wish to donate to help me keep TWIC going and move it forward then you can do so via PayPal at:

Happy New Year everyone.

Hope you enjoy this issue.


2) 89th Hastings Congress 2013-14

The 89th Hastings Chess Congress took place 28th December 2013 to 5th January 2014. 7 players tied on 6.5/9. Mikheil Mchedlishvili, Igor Khenkin, Qun Ma, Mark Hebden, Jahongir Vakhidov, Justin Sarkar and Jovica Radovanovic all received the same prize and name engraved on the trophy.

Hastings Masters Hastings ENG Sat 28th Dec 2013 - Sun 5th Jan 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Mchedlishvili, MikheilGMGEO2649½1111½½½½6.52628
2Khenkin, IgorGMGER2598½1½1½11½½6.52548
3Ma, QunGMCHN259511½½1½½1½6.52631
4Hebden, Mark LGMENG25601011½01116.52479
5Vakhidov, JahongirIMUZB245211½0½111½6.52520
6Sarkar, JustinIMUSA24251011½1½1½6.52527
7Radovanovic, JovicaFMSRB233901½11=11½6.52511
8Pert, NicholasGMENG2554==111½½½½6.02542
9Gordon, Stephen JGMENG25191½½½1½0116.02421
10Hawkins, JonathanIMENG25121½1½½1½½½6.02513
11Gormally, Daniel WGMENG2500111½½½½016.02483
12Rahman, ZiaurGMBAN24961½1100½116.02451
13Flear, Glenn CGMENG247111½½½½½1½6.02558
14Arkell, Keith CGMENG24381½½11½0½16.02449
15Cherniaev, AlexanderGMRUS2434½1½½½11016.02354
16Milliet, SophieIMFRA238710½1½11½½6.02433
17Foisor, Cristina-AdelaIMROU23551½½1010116.02483
18Mu, KeCHN2302½0111011½6.02372
19Foisor, Ovidiu-DoruIMROU23971½½10½1½½5.52379
20Fernandez, Daniel HowardIMSIN2381½11½½01015.52401
21Kipper, JensGER23781011011½05.52428
22Mannion, Stephen RIMSCO2375½10½½½1½15.52276
23Tomczak, JacekGMPOL2569½11½1½½005.02397
24Wegerle, JoergIMGER24310111½100½5.02326
25Sowray, Peter JFMENG23261011½1½005.02388
26Erzhanov, ArmanFMKAZ2325010111½0½5.02227
27Knott, Simon J BIMENG2317½1½1½01½05.02373
28Strugnell, CarlFMFRA2291001½1½1105.02200
29Jackson, James PENG2282½½½½½½0115.02132
30Croad, NicolasFMNZL2272001½11½½½5.02172
31Harvey, Marcus RENG226901110½½½½5.02265
32Stewart, NeilFMGER22580110110105.02290
33Ledger, Dave JFMENG22460110011015.02238
34Repplinger, MarcGER2245011001½1½5.02183
35Snape, Ian LENG22290½½01½1½15.02066
36Kett, TimWLS2223=1½0011½½5.02220
37Rowe, DuaneCMJAM22180½10110½15.02128
38Foisor, Mihaela-VeronicaWIMROU2216½101½01105.02253
39Eames, Robert SFMENG2195011½½01015.02219
40Rayner, FrancisWLS219201½½101015.02125
96 players

3) Rilton Cup 2013-14

The Rilton Cup took place in Stockholm 27th December 2013 to 5th January 2013. Bartosz Socko, Ilya Smirin, Michal Krasenkow, Sergey Volkov and Jon Ludvig Hammer were the top seeds. Hammer completed a second event victory in a row after winning in London scoring 7.5/9 half a point clear of Sergey Volkov with whom he took a quick draw in the final round. Read

Rilton Cup 2013-14 Stockholm SWE Fri 27th Dec 2013 - Sun 5th Jan 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
15Hammer Jon LudvigNOR26127.549.054.0
24Volkov SergeyRUS26237.045.549.5
37Grandelius NilsSWE25766.551.556.0
43Krasenkow MichalPOL26336.548.553.0
52Smirin IlyaISR26426.547.551.5
61Socko BartoszPOL26576.547.051.5
76Goganov AlekseyRUS25816.546.550.0
89Hillarp-Persson TigerSWE25516.543.547.5
98Piorun KacperPOL25606.049.053.0
1011Lintchevski DaniilRUS25416.046.551.0
1114Urkedal FrodeNOR24926.040.044.0
1215Semcesen DanielSWE24885.542.045.5
1324Smirnov ArtemRUS24185.542.044.5
1420Socko MonikaPOL24405.541.044.5
1522Yagupov IgorRUS24275.541.044.0
1626Tsyhanchuk StanislavBLR23985.541.043.5
1723Sjödahl PontusSWE24205.540.543.0
1810Tikkanen HansSWE25485.539.042.5
1916Hansen Torbjorn RingdalNOR24735.538.542.0
2038Luukkonen TommiFIN22855.538.541.0
2113Blomqvist ErikSWE25195.536.540.0
2236von Bahr OskarSWE22985.535.038.5
2312Cramling PiaSWE25255.039.542.0
2430Furhoff JohanSWE23185.039.042.0
2540Henriksson JohanSWE22665.031.533.0
2625Bejtovic JasminBIH24024.541.544.0
2718Akesson RalfSWE24484.540.544.0
2821Eggleston DavidENG24344.540.543.0
46Lissäng ChristopherSWE22404.540.543.0
3019Lauber ArndGER24484.540.043.0
28Sagit RauanSWE23694.540.043.0
35Krupenski JüriEST23004.540.043.0
3327Bellon JuanESP23824.539.542.5
34Poley VladimirBLR23004.539.542.5
3547Hammar BengtSWE22344.536.540.0
3642Nielsen Rogvi EgilstoftFAI22524.535.037.5
3729Ornstein AxelSWE23344.534.537.5
44Johansson GunnarSWE22444.534.537.5
3950Annenkov KirillRUS22324.534.537.0
4017Mihok OliverHUN24664.534.037.0
70 players

4) Basel Schachfestival 2014

The Basel Schachfestival took place 1st to 5th January 2014. Radosla Wojtaszek won with 6.5/7.

Basel Master Open 2014 Basel SUI Wed 1st Jan 2014 - Sun 5th Jan 2014
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1Wojtaszek, RadoslaGMPOL27116016.526.033.0
2Popov, IvanGMRUS26444035.525.031.0
3Van Kampen, RobinGMNED26015115.524.533.5
4Fier, AlexandrGMBRA25724035.524.033.5
5Popilski, GilGMISR24905115.523.531.0
6Grachev, BorisGMRUS26694035.522.530.5
7Sethuraman, S PGMIND25535115.522.030.5
8Kovalenko, IgorGMLAT26433045.022.532.0
9Rodshtein, MaximGMISR26835205.022.030.0
10Bartel, MateuszGMPOL26494125.021.533.5
11Istratescu, AndreGMFR26703045.021.531.5
12Heimann, AndreasIMGER25114125.021.530.5
13Mareco, SandroGMARG25814125.021.529.5
14El Debs, Felipe deGMBRA25204125.021.028.0
15Mozharov, MikhailIMRUS25354125.021.027.0
16Loetscher, RolandFMSUI24124125.020.526.5
17Degtiarev, EvgenyIMGER24364125.020.027.5
18Hort, VlastimilGMGER24394125.019.526.0
19Ben Artzi, Ido ISR23415205.018.027.0
20Sengupta, DeepGMIND25704214.522.032.5
21Dann, MatthiasIMGER24433134.521.030.5
22Pelletier, YannickGMSUI25763134.520.030.5
23Brunner, NicolasIMFRA24414214.519.531.5
24Maier, ChristianIMGER23663134.518.525.0
25Zude, ErikIMGER23634214.518.025.5
26Yankelevich, Lev GER22504214.517.526.5
27Faibisovich, VadimIMRUS23374214.517.026.0
28Stets, DmitryIMUKR24104214.515.526.0
29Kopylov, MichaelIMUKR24554304.019.030.5
30Braeunlin, Klaus GER21323224.019.030.5
31Andersson, UlfGMSWE25464104.018.029.5
32Hess, Max GER20053224.018.029.5
33Reinhart, EmmanuelFMFRA23434304.018.028.0
34Toth, BelaIMITA23584304.018.027.0
35Vulevic, VjekoslavFMMNE23414304.017.028.0
36Andersen, Alf R NOR22324304.017.027.0
37Bogdanovich, GrigoIMGER23414304.017.025.5
38Schaack, HarryFMGER22114304.017.023.0
39Lerch, PatriceFMFRA23633224.016.526.5
40Maisuradze, NinoWGMFRA22794304.016.027.0
114 players

5) 51st Groningen Chess Festival 2013

51st Groningen Chess Festival took place 21st to 30th December 2013. Zaven Andriasian edged out Erwin L'Ami, Benjamin Bok (GM norm) and Sipke Ernst on tie-break after all scored 7/9. Some additional games are now available.

51st Groningen Open Groningen NED Sat 21st Dec 2013 - Mon 30th Dec 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Andriasian, ZavenGMARM261011½1½1½½17.053.541.252709
2L'Ami, ErwinGMNED2645111½½11½½7.053.040.02723
3Bok, BenjaminIMNED2540111011½1½7.051.037.52695
4Ernst, SipkeGMNED2566½½1½11½117.047.536.752577
5Romanov, EvgenyGMRUS26541½111½0½16.553.037.52656
6Rodshtein, MaximGMISR268311½101½½16.548.534.252634
7Greenfeld, AlonGMISR25311011101½16.545.530.02528
8Michalik, PeterGMSVK2577111½1½½0½6.055.034.752630
9Stukopin, AndreyIMRUS250911½1½½1½06.052.532.52624
10Kovchan, AlexanderGMUKR2562½111½½½½½6.049.531.752526
11Novikov, StanislavGMRUS2556110½11½106.047.529.52527
12Simonian, TigranIMARM24011011½0½116.046.027.52485
13Peng, ZhaoqinGMNED236911½011½½½6.045.527.752570
14Svane, RasmusIMGER24721½100½1116.044.027.52458
15Goudriaan, EtienneFMNED242910011½½116.043.527.02420
16Beukema, StefanFMBEL22801010111016.040.524.02428
17Garcia Palermo, CarlosGMITA24501½0011½116.040.025.52389
18Arslanov, ShamilIMRUS240310½10111½6.040.024.02444
19L'Ami, AlinaWGMROU2390-011110116.038.023.52394
20Spoelman, WouterGMNED2585111½001105.548.026.752505
21Kohlweyer, BerndIMGER2431110½11½½05.547.526.752485
22Lobzhanidze, DavitIMGEO2445111½00½1½5.547.526.02481
23Zakhartsov, VladimirRUS2358110½001115.547.526.02407
24Cernousek, LukasIMCZE2455½11½100½15.547.026.752412
25Klein, DavidIMNED2491½110½11½05.547.025.52465
26Danielian, ElinaGMARM246211½0110½½5.546.024.752488
27Zakhartsov, Viacheslav V.GMRUS25551010½11105.545.525.52407
28Van Foreest, JordenNED2326011½½½1015.539.522.252417
29Azaladze, ShotaIMGEO24821101101005.050.523.52446
30Javakhadze, ZurabIMGEO2451110½11½005.049.526.252425
31Pruijssers, RoelandGMNED253911½½½10½05.048.024.252435
32Pijpers, ArthurNED2366101½0½1105.047.022.02321
33Von Meijenfeldt, BartNED2207½01½½101½5.046.023.752452
34Willemze, ThomasIMNED24211½0½110½½5.044.522.252368
35Burg, TwanIMNED24901½½½10½015.044.022.52344
36Struik, TjapkoNED2262011½10½½½5.043.524.52301
37De Jong, MigchielIMNED2347½1½10½½015.042.521.52387
38Offringa, JoostNED2178½½01½½1015.042.022.252397
39Chytilek, RomanIMCZE2374101½½½½½½5.041.521.52310
40Donchenko, AlexanderIMGER24551½1½0½½105.041.020.252367
103 players
Karpov-Timman m Groningen NED Thu 26th Dec 2013 - Mon 30th Dec 2013
Leading Final Round 4 Standings:
1Karpov, Anatolyg2619½½½12695
2Timman, Jan Hg2600½½½02532
2 players
Maatman-Werle m Groningen NED Sat 21st Dec 2013 - Mon 30th Dec 2013
Leading Final Round 4 Standings:
1Werle, JanGMNED251211114
2Maatman, NickNED220900000
2 players

6) 19th Bosnjaci Open 2014

The 19th Bosnjaci Open takes place 3rd to 9th January 2014. Zoran Jovanovic leads on 5/7 from Dragisa Blagojevic, Emir Dizdarevic and Ivan Zaja with two rounds to go.

19th Bosnjaci Open Bosnjaci CRO Fri 3rd Jan 2014 - Thu 9th Jan 2014
Leading Round 6 (of 9) Standings:
12Jovanovic ZoranGMCRO252652224.54
23Blagojevic DragisaGMMNE251652224.54
34Dizdarevic EmirGMBIH2502520.523.54
47Zaja IvanGMCRO245752022.54
55Fercec NenadGMCRO24734.52225.53
61Kuljasevic DavorinGMCRO25804.521243
712Jakic IvanFMCRO24044.520.523.54
816Burovic IsmetFMBIH23724.520.5234
99Kovacevic BlazimirIMCRO24494.52022.54
1011Saric SinisaIMSRB24064.520224
1113Plenkovic ZdenkoIMCRO24044.519224
1214Leskur DejanIMSRB23954.519223
138Leventic IvanGMCRO24574.518.520.53
1417Armanda IvicaIMCRO23684.517.5204
156Zufic MiroslavIMCRO24664.517.519.54
1618Zivkovic VjekoslavIMCRO2365420222
1715Mrkonjic NenadIMCRO2376419223
1829Sargac RajnaWIMCRO2172419213
1920Petrusic ToniNMCRO2302418.520.54
2027Lazor VladimirMKSRB2194418.520.53
2142Matanovic LukaMKCRO2055418203
2239Novak KsenijaWFMSLO2069417.519.54
2357Burovic RijadBIH1949417.5193
2424Stocko JosipMKCRO2241417.5193
2523Abdil HalilFMBIH2263416.5194
2628Ljikar ZoranMKCRO2180416.5194
2721Bobanac MiroFMCRO228541618.53
2822Videnova IvaWGMBUL22753.52022.52
2919Sertic RudolfIMCRO23543.519.5223
3052Blagojevic TijanaMNE20063.519.5203
3125Bosnjak NinoMKCRO22123.51921.53
3210Rogulj BrankoIMCRO24293.519213
3332Monjac MislavMKCRO21483.51820.53
3435Patarcic DomagojMKCRO20963.518203
3531Knezevic IgorMKCRO21523.518203
3634Plenca JadrankoMKCRO21273.518203
3744Sribar PeterMKCRO20473.517.519.53
3850Matanovic ZlatkoICRO20093.517.5193
3930Blagojevic MarijanMKCRO21603.515163
4038Pasalic AdnanBIH20703.514.5163
105 players

7) 25th Roquetas de Mar Open 2014

The 25th Roquetas de Mar Open took place 2nd to 6th January 2014. Jose Carlos Ibarra Jerez edged out Diego Del Rey, James Plaskett and Quinten Ducarmon on tie-break after all scored 7/9.

25th Roquetas de Mar Roquetas de Mar ESP Thu 2nd Jan 2014 - Mon 6th Jan 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
12IBARRA JEREZ Jose CarlosESP25107.0250438.540.0
221DEL REY DiegoESP23737.0239736.535.5
37PLASKETT H JamesENG24907.0234135.534.0
410DUCARMON QuintenNED24567.0233037.037.0
514BARRIA ZUNIGA DanielCHI24356.5250041.037.0
61SVETUSHKIN DmitryMDA25866.5241438.034.5
79FERNANDEZ ROMERO ErnestoESP24686.5240438.536.5
811FIRAT BurakTUR24486.5238238.536.0
96GONZALEZ PEREZ ArianCUB24926.5236636.534.0
1017KANMAZALP OgulcanTUR24016.5233435.033.0
113MOVSZISZIAN KarenARM25096.5231734.031.0
1233SOS ANDREU EricESP22856.5226933.032.0
1320CAMACHO COLLADOS JoseKOR23776.5225134.533.5
148CUENCA JIMENEZ Jose FernandoESP24846.0238037.534.5
1524KOVACEVIC SlobodanSRB23476.0237837.533.0
1631SANTOS RUIZ MiguelESP22976.0235134.533.5
1716LAZAREV VladimirFRA24146.0232634.531.5
1815CAMACHO COLLADOS MarcosESP24206.0225835.031.5
1922BYKOV AlexeyRUS23566.0224333.532.0
2026LADRON DE GUEVARA PINTO PaoloESP23286.0215732.529.0
2134ARANAZ MURILLO AmaliaESP22846.0211729.528.0
2212HOFFMAN AlejandroARG24475.5239739.035.0
2340CLAROS EGEA CristianESP22595.5234035.029.5
2413PANELO MarceloARG24435.5232236.033.0
255CASTELLANOS RODRIGUEZ RenierESP25065.5229235.030.5
2654GUADAMURO TORRENTE AnabelESP21705.5224435.028.0
2792GONZALEZ CAPACETE Jose MiguelESP19745.5222932.526.5
2853MORAL GARCIA SerafinESP21755.5221035.528.0
2936GAVILAN DIAZ MarioESP22705.5220032.029.0
304PAUNOVIC DraganSRB25075.5217331.528.0
3119POGORELOV RuslanUKR23775.5217132.029.0
3227QUINTIN NAVARRO AlbertoESP23205.5217029.524.5
3325CRUZ LLEDO PabloESP23305.5212332.027.5
3429VAARALA EricSWE23035.5210228.026.5
3549LASINSKAS PovilasLTU22105.5206230.024.5
3656SUAREZ GOMEZ JulioESP21625.0232936.028.5
3737ESCUDERO MANZANO AlejandroESP22675.0230935.528.0
3842NICOLAS ZAPATA IreneESP22495.0228238.028.5
3981PLAZUELO PASCUAL JuanESP20135.0222233.525.5
4045MARTINEZ LOPEZ DavidESP22335.0221532.526.0
133 players

8) 26th Staufer-Open 2014

The 26th Staufer-Open took place 2nd to 6th January 2014. Tamir Nabaty won with 7.5/9.

26th Staufer-Open Schwaebisch Gmuend GER Thu 2nd Jan 2014 - Mon 6th Jan 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Nabaty, Tamir256848S127W123S16W14S112W½3S½8W12S½7.551.5
2Burmakin, Vladimir257418W114S½13W162S19W½7W18S½21S11W½7.050.5
3Starostits, Ilmars245820S129W115S031W126S123W11W½7S14S½7.049.5
4Dgebuadze, Alexand251445W187S195W122S11W09S½42W112S13W½7.046.5
5Mladenov, Svetlin246743W117S½78W½44S145W111S022W126S112W17.044.5
6Carlstedt, Jonatha242661W190S170W11S064W18W063S143S121W17.042.5
7Zeller, Frank241834W½32S177W114S121W12S013W13W029S16.548.0
8Miezis, Normunds255532W½34S189W½47S142W16S12W½1S025W16.548.0
9Grimberg, Boris238264S124W½54S163W12S½4W½10S½39W111S½6.547.5
10Poetsch, Hagen247437S½46W179S138W112w-66S19W½11W½35S16.545.0
11Schroeder, Jan-Chri237365W1146S188W121S061W15W112S½10S½9W½6.544.5
12Epishin, Vladimir254881S135W152S115W110s+1S½11W½4W05S06.051.0
13Jurek, Josef229369S128W12S036W½41S115W17S031W116S½6.047.5
14Wiley, Tom E226841S12W½80S17W024S½69W131S½36W119S½6.046.0
15Schackmann, Oliver192857W1129S13W112S025W½13S044W123S½43w+6.045.0
16Bergauz, Noam2055112W118S068W117S½34W125S121W033S113W½6.044.5
17Bravo Lutz, Sebast2252125S15W½93S½16W½28W½51S½55W122S½49W16.043.0
18Namyslo, Holger21902S016W1101S½72W½88S124W130S½76W127S½6.042.5
19Neyman, Igor230650W½44S½134W192S½73W½64S133W½37S114W½6.040.0
20Krockenberger, Mar21613W088S0141w+127W199S½106W146S130W½42S16.037.0
21Berchtenbreiter, M242771S138W½67S111W17S048W116S12W06S05.548.0
22Walter, Andreas1993136S1125W130S14W029S½35W15S017W½39S½5.545.0
23Kahrovic, Mersid227573W151S11W089S150W13S043W015W½61S15.544.5
24Jussupow, Nadejda212040W19S½60W142S014W½18S087W164S126W½5.544.0
25Dimitrijevic, Alek227663S½58W196S½52W115S½16W028S141W18S05.544.0
26Bodrozic, Tomislav225644W½50S½83W149S13W073S165W15W024S½5.543.5
27Bock, Juergen227347W11S059W151S½107W133S½61W½49S½18W½5.543.5
28Richter, Gerald210168W113S0118W130W½17S½45S125W065S132W½5.542.5
29Jansen, Dirk Norbe2218129W13S075W178S122W½65S½70W142S½7W05.542.0
30Kersten, Uwe228782W1107S122W028S½92W143S½18W½20S½34W½5.542.0
31Ott, Florian211487W0102S1112W13S075W132S114W½13S066W15.541.5
32Wagner, Florian21898S½7W0121S1110W½72S131W052S169W128S½5.541.5
33Hahn, Markus220646S079W½140S1101W136S127W½19S½16W072S15.541.0
34Loewe, Lennard21557S½8W0126S1108W116S067W½111S163W130S½5.540.5
35Henrich, Thomas223192W112S057W195S½94W122S051W161S110W05.540.5
36Hacker, Jonas209066W½40S½119W113S½33W091S168W114S081W15.540.5
37Denisow, Jewgeny217810W½42S085W197S½57W162S½74W119W076S15.540.5
38Fleischer, Frank220674W121S½91W110S062W½70S092W147S½82W15.539.0
39Hoegy, Kevin2255107W089S½103W167W½83S150S147W19S022W½5.539.0
40Schulze, Andreas225624S036W½55S½102W152S084W189S½74W171S15.538.5
147 players

9) 2nd Gurgaon Open 2014

The 2nd Gurgaon Open takes place 1st to 8th January 2014.

2nd Gurgaon Open Gurgaon IND Wed 1st Jan 2014 - Wed 8th Jan 2014
Leading Round 8 (of 10) Standings:
11Kravtsiv MartynUKR26286.
23Evdokimov Alexander A.RUS25586.
310Grover SahajIND24786.50.039.535.0
46Sanikidze TornikeGEO25416.
518Prasanna Raghuram RaoIND23996.50.037.533.0
26Kulkarni VikramadityaIND23366.50.037.533.0
712Swayams MishraIND24266.50.036.532.0
82Barbosa OliverPHI25796.
95Gomez John PaulPHI25416.00.040.535.5
1013Shyam Nikil P.IND24246.00.039.534.5
1124Kunal M.IND23466.00.038.534.0
1221Ziatdinov RasetUSA23546.
1344Tillyaev UlugbekUZB22436.00.037.533.5
1411Gasanov EldarUKR24696.00.037.533.0
1527Nitin S.IND23316.00.036.532.5
1614Narayanan SrinathIND24146.00.036.532.5
19Ravi Teja S.IND23626.00.036.532.5
1823Kathmale SameerIND23516.00.035.531.5
1932Faizulaev AkmalUZB23146.00.035.531.0
2054Karthik V. ApIND21796.00.034.531.5
2153Deepthamsh Reddy. MIND21816.00.034.531.0
2225Karthikeyan P.IND23426.00.034.530.5
2316Rajesh V A VIND24045.50.037.532.5
2428Shivananda B.S.IND23315.
2536Akash Pc IyerIND23045.
267Dzhumaev MaratUZB25215.50.035.531.5
274Gagunashvili MerabGEO25475.50.035.531.0
2834Pradeep Kumar R.A.IND23125.
2930Gusain HimalIND23225.
39Abhishek KelkarIND22775.
3115Sundararajan KidambiIND24115.50.034.531.0
3217Satyapragyan SwayangsuIND24015.50.034.530.5
3361Lakshmi Narayanan MvIND21275.
3448Jaiswal PuneetIND22025.
359Arun Prasad S.IND25045.
49Surendran N.IND22025.
37130Sadhu S AdithyaIND17785.50.032.529.5
3851Navalgund NiranjanIND21975.50.032.528.5
3943Lokesh P.IND22495.50.032.528.5
40119Neelash SahaIND18195.
252 players

10) Bay Area International 2014

The Bay Area International takes place 2nd to 8th January 2014.

Bay Area Open Santa Clara California USA Thu 2nd Jan 2014 - Wed 8th Jan 2014
Leading Round 6 (of 9) Standings:
1Kovalyov, AntonGM2617 5.0
2Shankland, SamGM2602 5.0
3Yi, WeiGM2607 4.5
4Macieja, BartlomiejGM2583 4.5
5Margvelashvili, GiorgiGM2555 4.5
6Mikhalevski, VictorGM2536 4.5
7Naroditsky, DanielGM2535 4.5
8Yang, DarwinIM2463 4.5
9Ipatov, AlexanderGM2615 4.0
10Roiz, MichaelGM2614 4.0
11Molner, MackenzieGM2525 4.0
12Berczes, DavidGM2519 4.0
13Friedel, JoshGM2490 4.0
14Rui, GaoGM2454 4.0
15Xiong, JefferyFM2331 4.0
16Ashe, BrandonNM2193 4.0
17Hernandez, HoldenGM2548 3.5
18Chen, WangIM2507 3.5
19Gorovets, AndreyIM2494 3.5
20Gerzhoy, LeonidIM2481 3.5
21Bregadze, LevanIM2417 3.5
22Bryant, JohnIM2410 3.5
23Sevian, SamuelIM2401 3.5
24Jue, WangWGM2396 3.5
25Liou, YianFM2391 3.5
26Cornejo, MaxIM2365 3.5
27Abrahamyan, TatevWGM2356 3.5
28Aleskerov, FaikNM2331 3.5
29Remlinger, LarryIM2304 3.5
30Kaufman, RayIM2301 3.5
31Shiqun, NiWIM2299 3.5
32Piasetski, LeonIM2289 3.5
33Vovsha, EliIM2483 3.0
34Panjwani, RajaIM2468 3.0
35Shen, VictorIM2424 3.0
36Santarius, ErikNM2343 3.0
37Breckenridge, StevenFM2342 3.0
38Ishkhanov, TigranNM2314 3.0
39Haessel, DaleFM2211 3.0
40Viswanadha, KesavNM2153 3.0
74 players

11) ch-AUS 2014

The Australian Championship takes place in Melbourne 2nd to 11th January 2014.

ch-AUS 2014 Melbourne AUS Thu 2nd Jan 2014 - Sat 11th Jan 2014
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
13Bobby ChengIMAUS24335.021.0
21Vasily PapinGMRUS25104.520.5
35Moulthun LyIMAUS24164.520.5
44Tu Hoang ThongGMVIE24284.518.5
511Stephen SolomonIMAUS23714.518.0
615Igor BjelobrkIMAUS23394.020.5
712Irene SukandarWGMINA23694.018.0
88Gary LaneIMAUS23754.017.5
917Zuhao (Luke) LiFMNZL23364.016.0
109Igor GoldenbergIMAUS23734.015.5
112Max IllingworthIMAUS24343.519.0
127James MorrisIMAUS24053.519.0
1327Laurence MathesonAUS21613.518.0
1421Karl ZelescoAUS22423.517.5
156Darryl JohansenGMAUS24063.517.5
1616Anton SmirnovFMAUS23383.517.0
1728Fedja ZulficAUS21523.516.0
1823Gene NakauchiFMAUS22103.515.0
1910Aleksandar WohlIMAUS23713.513.0
2026Eugene SchonAUS21953.017.5
2125Domagoj DragicevicFMAUS21993.016.5
2230Eddy LeviFMAUS21343.016.0
2341Justin PenroseAUS19863.016.0
2419Brodie McClymontAUS22613.016.0
2533Jason HuAUS21183.014.5
2629Gareth CharlesAUS21503.012.5
2739Zachary LohAUS20322.518.0
2813Christopher WallisFMAUS23462.517.5
2924Yita ChoongAUS22032.516.5
3014Greg CanfellFMAUS23432.516.0
3137Jason TangAUS20672.511.0
3231David CastorAUS21252.016.5
3336Jack PucciniCMAUS20782.016.5
3434John NemethAUS21152.015.5
3520Andrew BrownIMAUS22592.015.0
3632Malcolm PykeAUS21232.014.5
3740Svetozar StojicAUS20292.013.5
3842Ryan LouieAUS19091.514.5
3935Laurent MichailleAUS21151.514.5
4018William JordanFMAUS22701.513.0
42 players

12) 12th Nantes Open 2013

The 12th Nantes Open took place 26th to 30th December 2013. Vitaly Kunin won with 6.5/7.

12th Nantes Open Nantes FRA Fri 27th Dec 2013 - Mon 30th Dec 2013
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
1KUNIN Vitalyg255230342730
2KOZIAK Vitalim248631352539
3LALIC Bogdang249227312423
4COLIN Vincentm2413531342411
5LE ROUX Jean-Pierreg2568529½33½2413
6LAGARDE Maximeg251152932½2435
7STETS Dmitrym2410528½31¼2434
8JAULIN Philippe2181528½312238
9BONN Thomas228452830½2275
10CROUAN Stephanef217452730½2291
11LE RUYET Leopold2259526½29½2260
12LE GOFF Ronan2189525½28½2219
13KURAYAN Ruslan2393525½282228
14HUTOIS Mickael2141523½25¾2293
15LE GALLO Frederic1990522½25½1991
16MARIE Maxime216827302117
17LE PEN Steven195626291966
18PICARD Remi205725½28½1992
19HENNO Francois199224½27½1952
20LE BORGNE Pierre2257429322166
21OTMANI Kamel2105428½322164
22NOULET Jeremy1943427½30½2018
23JULIEN Jules-Alois1975426½28½2021
24MARCHADOUR Emilie2043424½27½1949
25PRIMEL Dominique2013424½27½1923
26LAMBERT Romain2085424½272034
27BRARD Laurent1890424½271882
28DURAND-LE LUDEC Brendan-Budok1890424271878
29LAMBERT Thomas1686424271848
30GIRAUD Thierry1853424271800
31RIDER Palmer1631424261792
32SENTIS Maxime1876423261883
33HUMEAU Mickael1926423251894
34NICOLLEAU Mathias1986422½25½1812
35COURTIN Anas1585422½251775
36LE GOUELLEC Marc1692422½251748
37DELPY Pierre1836422241732
38BRAULT Maxime151042123½1664
39PERRIER Jean-Francois1733421221775
40SAUCOURT Charles15042325½1672
86 players

13) 4th Gutmann Memorial 2013

The 4th Gutmann Memorial took place 27th December to 4th January 2013 in Augsburg, Germany. Evan Moser won with 7.5/9. Only a tiny number of games from the final rounds available.

4th Max Gutmann Memorial Augsburg GER Fri 27th Dec 2013 - Sat 4th Jan 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
18Moser EvaAUT24367.531.000.06
23Prusikin MichaelGER25327.025.000.06
37Arnaudov G.PetarBUL24426.021.750.04
41Bromberger StefanGER25005.020.500.01
510Schmittdiel EckhardGER24404.517.250.02
69Renner ChristophGER23854.012.250.03
72Geske JulianGER24023.513.250.02
86Rooze JanBEL23403.512.000.02
95Kukov VelislavBUL24133.011.750.00
104Lipok ChristophGER21931.03.250.00
10 players

14) 7th Stadium Casablanca Open 2013

The 7th Stadium Casablanca Open took place 26th to 31st December 2013. Fernando Peralta won with 7.5/9. Games from the final four rounds not available.

Stadium Casablana Op Zaragoza ESP Thu 26th Dec 2013 - Tue 31st Dec 2013
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Peralta FernandoARG26007.541.50.045.5
22Cruz CristhianPER25497.
35Paunovic DraganSRB25007.
46Del Rio De Angelis Salvador GESP24987.
53Strikovic AleksaSRB25297.
614Kanmazalp OgulcanTUR24147.
713Firat BurakTUR24336.537.00.043.0
88Cruz JonathanPER24686.536.00.039.0
911Hoffman AlejandroARG24476.535.50.040.0
107Adla DiegoARG24866.535.00.040.0
119Oms Pallisse JosepESP24536.534.00.038.0
1216Antoli Royo Joaquin MiguelESP24056.532.50.036.0
134Forcen Esteban DanielESP25116.
1410Garza Marco SergioESP24476.
1520Quintin Navarro AlbertoESP23176.
1615Vassallo Barroche MauricioESP24076.
1712Glavina PabloARG24446.
1817Ramiro Ovejero Juan LuisESP23976.
1925Villuendas Valero AdrianESP22766.
2034Suarez Gomez JulioESP21286.
2121Renteria JorgeCOL23156.
2261Bayo Milagro AlvaroESP18876.
2319Lillo Castany VictorESP23246.
2431Martins David Pires TavaresPOR21726.
2553Sarto Ramos AngelESP19726.
2665Chueca Lorente JavierESP18556.
2718Chueca Forcen AlbertoESP23265.531.00.038.5
2822Rudolf AnnaHUN23025.531.00.038.5
2923Sanchez Saez FranciscoESP22955.530.50.038.0
3042Esteban Romo Francisco JESP20555.530.00.036.0
3132Amores Gago JavierESP21625.529.50.038.5
3227Garriga Cazorla PereESP22275.529.50.035.0
3328Banos OscarARG22075.529.50.039.0
3468Calvo Simon JorgeESP18455.528.00.032.0
3535Ribera Bazan JoseAND21175.528.00.034.5
3663Martins Guilherme Pires TavarPOR18705.524.00.032.5
3736Gracia Suarez JesusESP21155.
3852Ruperez Benito AntonioESP19775.
3930Iagar Razvan-GabrielROU21725.
4024Ryan JosephIRL22805.
144 players

15) 22nd Donau Open 2013

The 22nd Donau Open took placed 26th to 31st December 2013. Dusan Popovic won with 6/7.

22nd Donau Open 2013 Aschach AUT Thu 26th Dec 2013 - Tue 31st Dec 2013
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
12Popovic DusanGMSRB2547624.02315
29Diermair AndreasIMAUT244925.02339
34Krejci JanGMCZE252323.52322
46Schreiner PeterIMAUT247123.02256
58Pacher MilanIMSVK245122.02194
65Neuman PetrGMCZE249621.52263
710Meskovs NikitaFMLAT243121.52221
821Jurek JosefIMCZE2289524.02343
918Abdumalik ZhansayaWIMKAZ2342523.52321
1011Froewis GeorgIMAUT2423523.02311
1117Deglmann LudwigFMGER2349522.02363
1219Burlacu BogdanFMROU2317520.52234
1345Windhager HannesAUT2104519.52191
147Belezky AlexanderIMUKR245121.02337
153Arutinian DavidGMGEO253721.02286
1613Kantans TomsFMLAT241220.52281
1712Mazur StefanIMSVK242120.02279
1815Wallner JoachimFMAUT236820.02222
1969Hapala LisaWMKAUT199513.02079
2014Handler LukasFMAUT2402419.52313
2120Sandhoefner FlorianFMAUT2307418.02112
2248Bahl FelixAUT2090417.52210
2346Hajdarevic DinoBIH2103417.52201
2424Wiesinger RobertMKAUT2232417.02183
2538Frank EmanuelAUT2136417.02161
2633Cherednichenko ElenaWFMUKR2171417.02153
2727Popovic Milan SSRB2185417.02141
2816Schwabeneder FlorianFMAUT2363417.02106
2925Schelle ArturGER2199416.02191
3042Posch RolandAUT2123416.02118
3126Konrad EdmundAUT2192415.52123
3234Schmid FranzGER2166415.02060
3359Mostbauer MaximilianAUT2051414.52172
3422Sadilek PeterFMAUT2277414.02050
3563Mostbauer FlorianAUT2039413.52117
3673Ehs DominikAUT1989412.52113
3750Dragnev ValentinAUT2084411.52089
3823Ivanov Stojan EmilovBUL224118.52263
3930Pierecker MarkusNMAUT217817.02042
4028Rieger RobertAUT218015.52108
98 players

16) Cracovia 2013

Cracovia 2013 took place in Krakow 27th December 2013 to 4th January 2014. Vladimir Malaniuk edged out Arkadiusz Leniart on tie-break after both scored 7/9.

Cracovia Open 2013-4 Krakow POL Fri 27th Dec 2013 - Sat 4th Jan 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
15Malaniuk, Vladimir PGMUKR25457.039.0049.5035.02586
28Leniart, ArkadiuszIMPOL24727.034.0044.0032.52511
32Bernadskiy, VitaliyIMUKR25616.543.0053.5039.52582
44Mastrovasilis, AthanasiosGMGRE25506.540.5050.5036.02565
57Kanarek, MarcelIMPOL24736.540.5050.5034.52510
612Kolosowski, MateuszIMPOL24386.540.0050.5035.02569
79Grabarczyk, MiroslawGMPOL24706.539.0048.5036.52552
814Habu, YoshiharuFMJPN24046.537.0046.0033.52486
96Warakomski, TomaszIMPOL24996.536.0046.0031.02480
1013Matuszewski, MichalIMPOL24086.035.5045.0031.52450
1126Yarmysty, MikhailUKR22656.031.0041.5029.02362
1234Lewicki, MiroslawCMPOL22256.030.5039.0026.02277
1317Janczarski, MichalmPOL23855.539.0049.0030.02403
143Heberla, BartlomiejGMPOL25615.538.0049.0030.02373
1520Martynov, PavelFMRUS23395.536.5046.0030.52404
1664Adamowicz, KatarzynaWFMPOL20945.535.5045.5025.52405
1711Bae, TorsteinIMNOR24495.535.0045.0028.02309
1822Nasuta, GrzegorzFMPOL23315.532.0041.5027.52340
1936Cukrowski, FilipkPOL22155.531.0040.5026.02201
2015Klekowski, MaciejmPOL24025.530.5040.5026.02304
2118Aliavdin, NikolaiIMBLR23695.529.5038.0023.52259
2228Ruecker, BenjaminGER22585.529.0039.0027.02271
2323Skawinski, ArkadiuszFMPOL23195.529.0037.0023.52191
2430Gajek, RadoslawFMPOL22525.035.5044.5027.02366
2524Kulon, KlaudiaWIMPOL23095.035.0044.5028.02294
2610Sieciechowicz, MarcinIMPOL24575.033.0042.5026.52266
2729Nazarenus, MoritzGER22535.032.5042.0024.52225
2851Mucha, RomankPOL21795.032.5041.5023.02282
2916Hnydiuk, AleksanderIMPOL23995.032.0041.0028.02223
3021Vojinovic, JovanaWGMSRB23355.030.0039.0027.52184
3181Lewtak, DominikIPOL18485.027.0035.5020.52182
3248Wisniowska, KlaudiaWFMPOL21824.536.5045.0024.02240
3338Dietmayer-Kraeutler, MarcoFMAUT22134.535.5044.5026.52263
3474Chmiel, MarcinI+POL20144.535.0046.0026.02299
3533Thompson, Ian DFMENG22284.534.5044.5025.52240
3631Nowicki, Bartoszk+POL22514.534.5043.5024.02197
3744Paprocki, JaroslawkPOL21994.534.5043.0024.52336
3825Swiech, PrzemyslawI++POL22704.533.0043.0024.52262
3960Khamidov, KomilI++POL21094.532.5041.5024.52289
4039Lomakin, ViktorUKR22094.532.5041.5020.02251
81 players

17) ch-RSA 2014

The South African Championship takes place in Cape Town 3rd to 12th January 2014.

ch-RSA 2014 Cape Town RSA Fri 3rd Jan 2014 - Sun 12th Jan 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 11) Standings:
111De Villiers CharlesRSA22552.50.023.50
24Van Rensburg Ryan PierreRSA21182.01.014.00
39Bhawoodien ShabirRSA21352.0-1.022.50
48Gluckman DavidRSA22352.0-1.012.50
56Van Den Heever DonovanRSA22801.51.012.50
67Mabusela Johannes ManyediRSA22601.5-1.012.00
10Klaasen Calvin JongRSA21271.5-1.012.00
82Bhawoodien Mohamed OzayrRSA19131.5-1.011.25
95Cawdery DanielRSA23481.0-1.011.50
103Solomons DeonRSA21751.0-1.010.50
12Kobese WatuRSA23561.0-1.010.50
121Meintjes Jacques C.RSA19870.50.000.75
12 players
ch-RSA 2014 Cape Town RSA Fri 3rd Jan 2014 - Sun 12th Jan 2014. Category: None. Ave: (2182)
Rk Name Title FED Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Pts TPR
1 De Villiers, Charles FM RSA 2252 # = 1 1 2.5 2338
2 Van Rensburg, Ryan Pierre RSA 2123 = # 1 = 2 2296
3 Gluckman, David IM RSA 2232 # = = 1 2 2430
4 Bhawoodien, Shabir FM RSA 2135 0 # 1 1 2 2385
5 Van den Heever, Donovan FM RSA 2274 = 0 # 1 1.5 2209
6 Johannes Manyedi, Mabusela IM RSA 2260 = 0 # 1 1.5 2282
7 Klaasen, Calvin Jong FM RSA 2127 = # 0 1 1.5 2221
8 Bhawoodien, Mohamed Ozayr FM RSA 1913 0 # 1 = 1.5 2194
9 Cawdery, Daniel FM RSA 2382 0 0 1 # 1 2040
10 Kobese, Watu IM RSA 2341 0 0 # 1 1 1929
11 Solomons, Deon FM RSA 2159 0 0 # 1 1 1998
12 Meintjes, Jacques C. RSA 1989 = 0 0 # 0.5 1865

18) Czech Chess Christmas 2013

The Czech Chess Christmas took place in Litomysl 26th December to 2nd January 2014. Alexey Kislinsky won with 7.5/9.

Czech Christmas Litomysl CZE Thu 26th Dec 2013 - Thu 2nd Jan 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Kislinsky AlexeyCZE25047.541.553.02307
25Golubka PetrUKR23857.039.551.52258
32Plat VojtechCZE24707.039.050.52256
48Kulhanek TomasCZE23456.540.552.02169
53Petenyi TamasSVK24696.537.048.02265
621Varga KlaraHUN22116.535.044.52099
74Chojnacki KrzysztofPOL24056.040.552.02272
810Gazik IgorSVK23216.040.052.02203
914Cerveny PetrCZE22926.038.048.02133
1035Pulpan JakubCZE21026.037.546.02210
1123Kowalczyk PawelPOL21896.036.547.52138
1222Balacek TadeasCZE22106.036.546.52207
1317Novotny MichalCZE22416.036.546.02126
147Mishuchkov Nikolai M.RUS23536.036.047.02126
1526Seidl StepanCZE21786.035.545.52132
1634Cip DaliborCZE21106.032.541.02074
1728Gazik ViktorSVK21556.031.041.01957
189Cerveny MartinCZE23345.542.553.52282
1911Jasny StanislavCZE23205.542.053.52263
2013Sabol MarianCZE23085.536.548.02139
2116Krupa MonikaPOL22515.536.547.02070
2237Cap AdamCZE20775.536.046.02117
2333Gazikova VeronikaSVK21245.536.045.02167
2425Kubik MichaelCZE21875.535.545.52184
2519Boguszlavszkij JevgenyijHUN22235.533.544.52127
2624Zakharchenko ArnoldUKR21885.529.037.51959
2720Bombek PeterSVK22185.527.536.51945
286Mueller FabianGER23565.038.047.52114
2936Ptacek LubosCZE20925.037.046.52150
3015Kovar VojtechCZE22855.033.543.02082
3130Pekar VaclavCZE21515.032.040.52033
3244Stehlik JiriCZE20125.031.541.52008
3348Kotva MilanCZE19905.031.040.01973
3431Herbold ManfredGER21395.030.039.52006
3549Ptacek TomasCZE19905.029.538.02034
3646Malinovsky PetrCZE20085.027.036.01831
3718Kiselev PavelRUS22334.538.048.02124
3842Houska BronislavCZE20364.538.047.02053
3939Wichs JakubCZE20674.536.044.02116
4032Korpalski RobertPOL21344.534.043.02084
86 players

19) Wolfsberg Open 2013

The Wolfsberg Open took place 26th to 31st December 2013. I couldn't find any games.

Wolfsberg Open 2013 Wolfsberg AUT Thu 26th Dec 2013 - Tue 31st Dec 2013
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
13Buhmann RainerGMGER25695.52607
22Kozul ZdenkoGMCRO259052602
31Stevic HrvojeGMCRO261152557
45Tratar MarkoGMSLO24804.52514
54Jovanovic ZoranGMCRO25364.52478
66Cebalo MisoGMCRO24034.52450
710Spalir JernejFMSLO228542388
87Boricsev OlegIMHUN23443.52304
99Tomazini ZanFMSLO22953.52258
1011Kragelj IgorFMSLO21783.52222
118Petschar Kurt Mag.FMAUT23383.52214
1217Jakits LeopoldAUT20743.52209
1313Breznik KristijanSLO21623.52164
1419Savio AlfredAUT20253.51989
1515Nickl Klaus Prof.MKAUT213532226
1612Titz Heimo Dr.FMAUT216832198
1718Hafner RobertAUT207232095
1820Ramusch Arnulf Dr.AUT197531982
1914Wegerer Fred Ing.FMAUT215722006
2022Thier RobertAUT18771.51899
2121Eberhardt ChristianAUT011825
2216Toefferl HeimoMKAUT212100
22 players

20) 2nd Mare D'Inverno Deluxe Open 2014

The 2nd Mare D'Inverno Deluxe Open run by the Fano Chess Club was won by Vladimir Petkov with 7/9. All the games from the final round were drawn, I'll check back next week to see if this indeed was the case. A very slim game file is also available.

2nd Mare D'Inverno Deluxe Open 2014 Gabicce Mare ITA Thu 2nd Jan 2014 - Mon 6th Jan 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
11Petkov VladimirGMBUL25727.046.551.039.25
25Kalegin EvgenijIMRUS24296.546.050.034.75
36Drazic SinisaGMSRB24216.047.051.532.50
49Altini NicolaFMITA23636.046.049.531.00
54Collins Sam E.IMIRL24716.044.547.529.75
610Aghayev MiraghaFMITA23526.042.045.526.75
72Kosic DraganGMMNE25045.544.547.026.00
83Collutiis DuilioIMITA24845.542.546.527.00
98Bodiroga PredragIMSRB23765.541.545.525.75
107Kostic Vladimir GGMSRB24115.
1115Brancaleoni MaurizioFMITA22075.040.544.023.75
1211Minko VladimirFMRUS23065.040.543.521.75
1314Baldazzi StefanoITA22235.038.541.021.00
1426Cocconcelli LorenzoITA20145.
1512Sbarra MarcoFMITA22634.543.547.019.75
1618Lantini MarcoITA21114.541.544.018.50
1713Rindlisbacher JanSUI22504.538.541.518.00
1831Brizzi MatteoITA19634.538.041.018.75
1924Rovedi MauroITA20504.536.539.517.25
2028Bini MassimoITA19954.536.539.517.25
2119Movileanu DanielaITA20964.536.539.016.25
2237Fuochi TommasoITA18804.534.537.516.50
2317Foglia MaurizioITA21194.533.035.516.25
2420Bonade MassimoITA20924.036.539.515.25
2521Bisi SamueleITA20744.034.036.512.25
2623Tirelli MauroITA20594.031.534.013.50
2727Felix Raimundo NascimentoBRA20013.534.537.011.00
2829Di Primio EugeniaITA19853.534.036.511.00
2935Guglielmi DanteITA19213.533.035.513.75
3030Vesce EmanueleITA19693.532.535.512.00
3122Rago RiccardoITA20683.532.535.010.25
3234Faini MarcoITA19273.532.034.511.50
3316Capaliku AleksITA21283.529.532.010.75
3425Bartolozzi RobertoITA20333.030.032.510.00
3536Di Lascio SavinoITA19173.
3632Rebeggiani AndreaITA19592.533.035.59.00
3733Briffault PhilippeITA19392.530.533.08.50
37 players

21) 37th Zurich Christmas Open 2013

The 37th Zurich Christmas Open took place 26th to 30th December 2013. Radoslaw Wojtaszek won with 6/7. Additional games now available.

37th Zurich Christmas Zuerich SUI Thu 26th Dec 2013 - Mon 30th Dec 2013
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
11Wojtaszek RadoslawPOL27116.032.0210.523.0
28Kovalenko IgorLAT26435.532.5199.523.5
35Balogh CsabaHUN26485.531.0205.022.5
46Georgiev KirilBUL26485.530.5197.023.0
515Bogner SebastianSUI25585.530.0190.520.5
624Gallagher JosephSUI24955.526.5198.519.0
710Van Kampen RobinNED26015.033.0207.024.0
84Bartel MateuszPOL26495.033.0201.024.0
92Alekseev EvgenyRUS26985.030.0201.022.0
103Grachev BorisRUS26695.030.0197.522.0
1117Miezis NormundsLAT25545.030.0189.021.5
1214Sengupta DeepIND25705.028.0193.520.0
1323Sebenik MatejSLO24965.028.0193.021.5
1421Turner Matthew JSCO25095.028.0182.020.5
1511Mareco SandroARG25815.027.0183.019.0
1626Kashlinskaya AlinaRUS24225.024.5190.019.0
1719Malakhatko VadimBEL25425.024.0173.517.0
189Bauer ChristianFRA26304.532.0193.023.5
197Popov IvanRUS26444.531.5193.022.5
2013Fier AlexandrBRA25724.531.0196.522.5
2112Pelletier YannickSUI25764.530.5193.522.5
2243Bartel MartaPOL23064.530.5185.023.0
2320Mozharov MikhailRUS25354.530.0196.021.5
2437Gloor RogerSUI23354.528.5189.020.5
2533Doluhanova EvgeniyaUKR23504.528.0177.019.5
2656Turci StefanoITA22194.528.0176.520.5
2731Kaczmarczyk DennisGER23614.527.0178.519.0
2818Sethuraman S.P.IND25534.526.5179.018.5
2948Schneider VeronikaHUN22734.526.0180.519.0
3022Pikula DejanSRB24994.525.0189.018.0
3153Hauser CarlosGER22284.522.0169.016.0
3242Nuri KambezSUI23084.030.5188.522.5
3327Lekic DusanMNE24174.030.0181.522.0
3436Zozulia AnnaBEL23394.027.5176.020.5
3552Moroni Luca JrITA22294.027.5173.019.0
3625Kurmann OliverSUI24274.027.0184.519.5
3730Zude ErikGER23634.026.5189.519.0
3839Gähwiler GabrielSUI23274.026.5182.019.0
3935Ben Artzi IdoISR23414.026.5180.018.0
4047Modler AndreasGER22764.026.0170.018.5
118 players

22) Dutch League 2013-14

The Dutch League 2013-14 takes place 21st September to 10th May 2014. Round 4 was on 4th Jan 2014. Round 5 8th Feb 2014.

Dutch League 2013-14 Netherlands NED Sat 21st Sep 2013 - Sat 10th May 2014
Leading Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1En Passant24767827½
3Groninger Combinatie23843420½
6HMC Calder239136417
7Accres Apeldoorn240059323
8SO Rotterdam236458322
10ESG Dr. Max Euwe22301209
10 teams

23) Active Team Events

A list of ongoing team events without an update this week.

TCh-CZE Extraliga 2013-14

The Czech Extraliga takes place 2nd November 2013 to 23rd March 2014. The first rounds of the 1st division Zapad and Vychod leagues took place last month. Round 3-4 of the Extraliga were on 30th Nov to 1st December 2013 and games are already available. Next rounds 5-6 18th to 19th Jan 2014. Additional Vychod and Zapad games.

TCh-CZE Ext 2013-14 Prague CZE Sat 2nd Nov 2013 - Sun 23rd Mar 2014
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
11. Novoborsky ŠK*561223.07.5
2BŠŠ Frydek-Mistek*46551020.05.0
3Rapid Pardubice3*6919.04.0
4Labortech Ostrava*6917.54.0
5A64 VALOZ Grygov*344518.56.5
6Vystaviště Lysa nad Labem45*4516.52.5
7ŠK Zikuda Turnov*45415.02.0
8Slavoj Ostrava - Poruba4*36414.53.0
9TŽ Třinec245*414.52.5
10ANCORA Tatran Litovel243*413.52.0
11ŠK Karvina3242*111.01.5
12ŠK ERA Poštovni spořitelna32½*09.01.5
12 teams
TCh-CZE Zapad 13-14 Prague CZE Sat 2nd Nov 2013 - Sun 23rd Mar 2014
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1ŠK JOLY Lysa nad Labem B*561222.08.0
2AD Mahrla*541020.06.5
3ŠK AD Jičin3*4717.05.0
4QCC Česke Budějovice4*715.54.0
5TJ Bohemians Praha*267618.58.0
6Karlovarsky šachklub Tietz23*614.04.0
7TJ Pankrac6*4417.05.5
8TJ Slavia Hradec Kralove2*64413.54.5
9ŠK Holdia DP Praha B2*4413.03.5
101. Novoborsky ŠK B444*315.55.0
11ŠK Zikuda Turnov B*6315.54.5
12SK OAZA Praha142*110.53.0
12 teams
TCh-CZE Vychod 2013-14 Prague CZE Sat 2nd Nov 2013 - Sun 23rd Mar 2014
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1Slavia Kroměřiž “A“*55918.04.5
22222 ŠK Polabiny “A“*355917.55.5
3ŠK Caissa Pivovar Dalešice5*916.54.0
4BŠŠ Frydek-Mistek “B“3*4720.55.0
5SK Slavia Orlova “A“*4719.57.0
6ŠK Duras BVK Kralovo Pole “A“3*4718.05.0
7ŠK Stare Město “A“3*616.55.5
8TJ ŠO Chrudim4*4519.55.0
9ŠK Zlin “A“34*4519.06.0
10TJ Tatran Litovel “B“44*516.04.5
11TJ Ostrava*314.54.0
12Lokomotiva Brno “A“4*112.53.0
12 teams

52nd TCh-DEN ExtraCon 2013-14

The 52nd Danish ExtraCon League takes place 2nd November 2013 to 9th March 2014. Round 3 8th December 2013 games now available. Round 4 11th Jan 2014.

52nd TCh-DEN XtraCon Copenhagen DEN Sat 2nd Nov 2013 - Sun 9th Mar 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1Bronshoj 1 618½
2Team Nordea Skb 616
3Nordkalotten 414
5Jetsmark 1413
9SK 1968 1 0
10K41 1 0
10 teams

Belgian Interclubs 2013-14

The Belgian Interclubs 2013-14 takes place 22nd September 2013 to 14th March 2014. Round 6 was 15th December 2013. Round 7 12th Jan 2014.

TCh-BEL 2013-14 Belgium BEL Sun 22nd Sep 2013 - Fri 14th Mar 2014
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
1KSK47-Eynatten 111119
2Fontaine 11098
3KGSRL 19107
4KSK Rochade 19104
5Wirtzfeld 17102
6Amay 16100
7Borgerhout 1699
8CREC 1689
9Anderlecht 1491
10CRELEL 1386
11KBSK 1184
12Deurne 1071
12 teams

Bundesliga 2013-14

The Bundesliga takes place 12th October 2013 to 6th April 2014. Round 5-6 14th to 15th December 2013. Rounds 7-8 8th to 9th Feb 2014.

Bundesliga 2013-14 Germany GER Sat 12th Oct 2013 - Sun 6th Apr 2014
Leading Round 6 (of 15) Standings:
1OSG BadenBaden
2Werder Bremen
3SG Solingen4.5
4SV 1930 Hockenheim 2.55.5445.586829.5
5Hamburger SK4 454.53.576828
6SC Eppingen3.55.54 44.566827.5
7SK Turm Emsdetten1.55.5 3556.56826.5
8SV Muelheim Nord2.52.545 566725
9SG Trier3.533.5 4.555.56625
10SV Wattenscheid 19303.5423 4.55.56522.5
11SF Katernberg2433.5 4.54.56521.5
12SF Berlin 19031. 44.56320.5
13SV Griesheim12.533.54 6.56320.5
14FC Bayern Muenchen3.52.54.5232.5 6218
15SK Koenig Tegel3.52.512.51.5 46115
16SC Viernheim0.501.53.53.54 6113
16 teams

TCh-SVK 2013-14

The Slovakian Team Championship extraliga takes place 9th November 2013 to 30th March 2014. Rounds 3-4 7th to 8th December 2013. Rounds 5-6 25th-26th January 2014. All games so far now available.

TCh-SVK Ext 2013-14 Bratislava SVK Sat 9th Nov 2013 - Sun 30th Mar 2014
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1TJ INBEST Dunajov*51220.50
2SK Dunajska Streda*51218.50
3SK Caissa Cadca*27920.00
4SK Liptov Liptovsky Mikulas*46720.00
5SK Doprastav Bratislava4*716.50
6SK Slovan Bratislava A6*618.50
7SO SKM Stara Lubovna3*5615.00
8SKS Dubnica n/V31*47415.00
9TJ Slavia UPJS Kosice24*414.00
10SK PK Trencin*313.00
11SK Slovan Bratislava B*012.00
12TJ Slavia TU Kosice31*09.00
12 teams

TCh-SWE Elitserien 2013-2014

The Swedish Elitserien takes place 22nd November 2013 to 9th March 2014. Hakan Winfridsson did a great job on the first three rounds of games. Rounds 4 18th Jan 2014.

TCh-SWE Elitserien Stockholm SWE Fri 22nd Nov 2013 - Sun 9th Mar 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1Eksjo SK3300617
2SK Rockaden, Sthlm3300617
3Lunds ASK3201515
4SK Team Viking3210415.5
5Limhamns SK3102413.5
6Farsta SK3120211.5
7Vasteras SK3012210.5
8Burgsvik Alva SK3021110
9Upsala ASS303006
10Orgryte SK303004
10 teams

TCh-AUT 1st Bundesliga 2013-14

The Austrian League takes place 6th December 2013 to 23rd April 2014. Round 4-6 30th Jan to 1st Feb 2014.

TCh-AUT 2013-14 Jenbach AUT Fri 6th Dec 2013 - Wed 23rd Apr 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 11) Standings:
1SK Hohenems*44611.50
2SV Raika Rapid Feffernitz*44611.50
3SV ASVÖ St. Veit/Glan*3511.00
4Schachklub Sparkasse Jenbach*6412.00
5Schachclub MPÖ Maria Saal I2*49.00
6ASVÖ Wulkaprodersdorf*3310.00
7SIR Bernhard Glatz3*39.00
8SK Absam2*28.00
9SV Wolfsberg*318.00
10Union Ansfelden3*17.00
11SK Advisory Invest Baden23*16.50
12 teams

TCh-AUT 2nd liga 2013-14

The Austrian 2nd Bundesliga takes place 4th October 2013 to 6th April 2014. Rounds 4-5 on 23rd to 24th November 2013 games now available. Round 6-8 take place 21st to 23rd March 2014.

TCh-AUT 2nd Ost 2013-14 Austria AUT Fri 4th Oct 2013 - Sun 6th Apr 2014
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
2ASVÖ Mattersburg*24819.50
3ASVÖ Pamhagen*54818.50
4Spg Data Technology Eichgraben/P.*4618.00
5SG Hietzing/Ottakring1*55617.00
6SK Austria4*616.00
7Blackburne Nickelsdorf1*414.00
8ASVOE VHS Poechlarn21*412.52
10ASVÖ Wulkaprodersdorf25*213.50
11SGM Sparkasse Ternitz½12*5210.00
12Raiffeisen Währing221*08.00
12 teams
TCh-AUT 2nd Mitte Austria AUT Fri 4th Oct 2013 - Sun 6th Apr 2014
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
1Spg. Grieskirchen/Sedda B.Schallerbach*4551022.00
2Union Styria Graz*44820.50
3SK Sparkasse Fürstenfeld*3717.00
4Spg. Sauwald*4617.00
5ESV Austria Graz2*4616.50
6RbEJ Gleisdorf*44615.50
7SV Steyregg*326517.00
8ASK St. Valentin23*516.50
9SC MPÖ Maria Saal II124*6415.50
10Strassenbahn Graz232*313.00
11SV Raika Rapid Feffernitz II½22*07.50
12SPG Freistadt/Wartberg1½0½0*02.00
12 teams
TCh-AUT 2nd West Austria AUT Fri 4th Oct 2013 - Sun 6th Apr 2014
Leading Round 5 (of 11) Standings:
2SIR Bernhard 2*435919
4Rochade Rum3*4717.5
5Kufstein / Woergl2*25617
8Hohenems II224*3514.5
11ASK Salzburg 1312*110
12 teams

Frauenbundesliga 2013-14

The Frauenbundesliga 2013-14 takes place Sat 5th Oct 2013 - Sun 30th Mar 2014. Rounds 3-4 were 30th November to December 1st, games not yet available. Round 5 is 26th Jan 2014 although at least one of these matches has already taken place.

Frauenbund 2013-14 Germany GER Sat 5th Oct 2013 - Sun 30th Mar 2014
Leading Round 4 (of 11) Standings:
1SC 1957 Bad Koenigshofen5+51025
2OSG Baden Baden4+54819
3SF Deizisau4+44817
4Rodewischer Schachmiezen4+434715½
5SF 1891 Friedberg51+34715
6Schachverein Muelheim Nord512+45413½
7USV Volksbank Halle423+311
8SK Grosslehna4½3+310½
9BSV Weissblau Allianz Leipzig42+429
10TSV Schott Mainz522212+09
11Hamburger SK von 18304+08
12SK Lehrte4½½½2+0
12 teams

TCh-NOR Eliteserien 2013-14

The TCh-NOR Eliteserien takes place 1st November 2013 to 23rd March 2014. Next rounds 10-12 January 2014.

TCh-NOR Elite 13-14 Oslo NOR Fri 1st Nov 2013 - Sun 23rd Mar 2014
Leading Round 3 (of 9) Standings:
1 Asker23665.012.0
2 Valerenga24055.011.5
3 OSS23904.012.0
4 Black Knights23224.012.0
5 SK 191123234.010.5
6 Akademisk22234.08.5
7 SOSS Selvaagbygg22322.05.0
8 Bergens22811.07.0
9 SK 9622231.06.5
10 Moss22390.05.0
10 teams

4NCL 2013-14

The 4NCL takes place 16th November 2013 to 3rd May 2014. Rounds 3-4 12th to 13th Jan 2014.

4NCL 2013-14 Hinckley Island ENG Sat 16th Nov 2013 - Sat 3rd May 2014
Leading Round 2 (of 11) Standings:
1Cheddleton 16-27-1134
2Guildford 15½-2½6-211½4
3Grantham Sharks 12½-5½6-22
4Wood Green HK 22-66-282
5Blackthorne Russia2½-5½5½-2½82
6Barbican 4NCL 22-65½-2½2
7Kings Head 12-62-640
8Oxford 11-72½-5½0
1Wood Green HK 15½-2½6½-1½124
2Guildford 24½-3½7-011½4
3Barbican 4NCL 14½-3½5½-2½104
4White Rose 13½-4½5½-2½92 12½-5½4½-3½72
63Cs 12½-5½3½-4½60
7Grantham Sharks 22½-5½3½-4½60
8Cambridge University 11½-6½0-70
16 teams

TCh-FIN 2013-14

The Finnish Team Championship takes place 21st September to 14th March 2013. Rounds 7-8 take place 8th-9th Feb 2014.

TCh-FIN SM 2013-14 Finland FIN Sat 21st Sep 2013 - Fri 14th Mar 2014
Leading Round 6 (of 11) Standings:
1Velhot, Porvoo650124811
2EtVaS, Vantaa651018310
3MatSK, Espoo651020810
4JyS, Jyvaskyla641116109
5Tammer-Shakki, Tampere64201398
6VammSK, Sastamala633013126
7Aatos, Helsinki623111115
8SalSK, Salo62318125
9TuTS, Turku623112185
10OSS, Oulu61416143
11Kimmel, Joensuu60605190
12Garde, Helsinki60606270
12 teams

Icelandic Team Championship 2013-14

The Icelandic Team Championship saw the first five rounds 10th to 14th October 2013. Final rounds 27th February to 1st March 2014.

TCh-ISL Div1 2013-14 Reykjavik ISL Thu 10th Oct 2013 - Sat 1st Mar 2014
Leading Round 5 (of 9) Standings:
1Taflfelag Vestmannaeyja a-sveit*4628.590
2GM Hellir - a-sveit*728.080
3Vikingaklubburinn a-sveit4*5827.090
4Taflfelag Reykjavikur a-sveit3*324.540
5Skakfelag Akureyrar a-sveit5*723.580
6Taflfelag Bolungarvikur a-sveit*23.560
7Skakdeild Fjölnis a-sveit2*519.540
8GM Hellir - b-sveit½3*12.000
10Taflfelag Reykjavikur b-sveit½1½3*6.500
10 teams

24) Forthcoming Events and Links

12th Delhi Open 2014

76th Tata Steel Tournament 2014

76th Tata Steel GpA Wijk aan Zee NED Sat 11th Jan 2014 - Sun 26th Jan 2014
Player List
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Aronian, Levon GM ARM 2812 13300474
2 Nakamura, Hikaru GM USA 2789 2016192
3 Caruana, Fabiano GM ITA 2782 2020009
4 Gelfand, Boris GM ISR 2777 2805677
5 Karjakin, Sergey GM RUS 2759 14109603
6 Dominguez Perez, Leinier GM CUB 2754 3503240
7 Giri, Anish GM NED 2734 24116068
8 So, Wesley GM PHI 2719 5202213
9 Naiditsch, Arkadij GM GER 2718 4650891
10 Harikrishna, Pentala GM IND 2706 5007003
11 Rapport, Richard GM HUN 2691 738590
12 Van Wely, Loek GM NED 2672 1000268
76th Tata Steel GpB Wijk aan Zee NED Sat 11th Jan 2014 - Sun 26th Jan 2014
Player List
Rk Name Ti FED Elo FIDE Id
1 Wojtaszek, Radoslaw GM POL 2711 1118358
2 Jobava, Baadur GM GEO 2710 13601520
3 Yu, Yangyi GM CHN 2677 8603820
4 Saric, Ivan GM CRO 2637 14508150
5 Timman, Jan H GM NED 2607 1000012
6 Brunello, Sabino GM ITA 2602 813613
7 Reinderman, Dimitri GM NED 2593 1001302
8 Zhao, Xue GM CHN 2567 8601283
9 Muzychuk, Anna GM SLO 2566 14111330
10 Bok, Benjamin IM NED 2560 1017063
11 Duda, Jan-Krzysztof GM POL 2553 1170546
12 Troff, Kayden W IM USA 2457 2047896
13 Goudriaan, Etienne IM NED 2431 1021150
14 Van Delft, Merijn IM NED 2430 1004670

Prague Open 2014

74th ch-ARM Highest League 2014

ch-AUS Junior 2014

13th Marienbad Open 2014

Grosvenor Leeds Casino Rapidplay 2014

Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2014

Zuerich Chess Challenge 2014

17th Guben New Year Open 2014

Vladimir Petrov Memorial 2014

e2e4 West Bromwich Congress 2014

European Individual Championship 2014

Reykjavik Open 2014

e2e4 Sunningdale Congress 2014

2nd Lanta Open 2014

37th San Sebastian International Open 2014

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