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83rd FIDE Congress (Big nation suspension threat)

Turkish Chess Federation proposes throwing out many of FIDE's biggest nations

A look through the FIDE agenda for their 83rd FIDE Congress reveals a proposal by the hosts, the Turkish Chess Federation that the 7 Federations (French, USCF, Ukraine, German, Switzerland, Georgia and the English Chess Federation) that brought 2 legal actions (both lost on technicalities rather than the actual facts of the case) "must be given suspension from FIDE including players, arbiters, trainers, ratings and organising FIDE rated events, till damage is covered by those federations". This proposal came from Ali Nihat Yazaci who will be leaving his Turkish post to pursue his ambitions within FIDE. I generally only cover FIDE politics in detail when the FIDE Presidency is at stake. It is mostly too distressing. But it is my general feeling that Yazaci is one of the most derided figures in the game even by people who he thinks of as supporters. He is essentially a man who makes money off professional chess players and presents it as a service. Put brutally, if these Federations were forced out like this they may simply end up being pointed in a direction they were contemplating going in voluntarily, given the manifest problems with FIDE democracy. I doubt it will even be seriously considered but shows the hosts attitude won't be entirely welcoming to some nations.

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