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Yuri Razuvaev (1945-2012)

Yuri Razuvaev 1945-2012

Yuri Razuvaev. Photo ©

Yuri Razuvaev. Photo © |

Grandmaster Yuri Razuvaev has died at the age of 66. Razuvaev's playing career peaked in the mid-1980s when he appeared for the Soviet Union in their match against the Rest of the World in London 1984. A historian by profession he was later one of the most respected chess coaches in the world (Alexandra Kosteniuk and Evgeny Tomashevsky won European titles) and was recently heavily involved in Russia's chess in schools programme.

Yuri Razuvaev was born 10th October 1945 and died 21st March 2012 after a four year illness. Razuvaev earned his IM title in 1973 and GM title in 1976.

His playing career was solid rather than spectacular. His wins include: Dubna 1978, Polanica-Zdrój 1979, London 1983, Dortmund 1985, Jurmala 1987, Pula 1988, Protvino 1988, Reykjavik 1990, Leningrad 1992, Tiraspol 1994, Reggio Emilia 1996, San Sebastian 1996 according to Wikipedia. His peak rating of 2590 came in July 1991

A historian by profession he was also a chess journalist and writer. However chess coaching seems to have dominated the last half of his life. He earned the Honoured Coach of Russia title in 1976 and worked with Anatoly Karpov and the Botvinnik School.

He coached the Soviet team at the European Championships of 1977 and 1980 and in the 1980 Olympiad, where the team won the gold medals.

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