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Watter Browne (1949-2015)

Walter Browne 1949-2015

Walter Browne wrote a book

Walter Browne wrote a book "The Stress of Chess (and its infinite finesse) My Life, Career and 101 Best Games" in 2012. Photo © |

Walter Shawn Browne born 10th January 1949 in Sydney Australia, died 24th June 2015 in Las Vegas Navada.

Walter Browne was six time US Champion (1974, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1981, 1983) as well as numerous opens, Wijk aan Zee (twice), Lone Pine, and five medals in the Olympiad. He was also a professional poker player often financing his chess this way. By the mid-1980s his chess was in decline and poker gradually became his main game although he played many others throughout his life. In recent years Browne became more visable in the chess world again giving interviews and finally producing a chess book of his games "The Stress of Chess ... and its Infinite Finesse."

Browne was known for his deep calculations, high energy and severe time trouble. One of the great characters of the game and a legend of US Chess.

He was already in decline when I started to take a real interest in international chess so I don't know his career as well as those slightly older than myself but there is already a lot of material available. Many links below.

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