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Konstantin Lerner (1950-2011)

Konstantin Zaivelevich Lerner 1950-2011

There is sad news from Israel where Yochanan Afek reports the death of twice time Ukrainian Champion Konstantin Lerner at the age of 61. He and his family emigrated to Israel in 2001. Further information below.

Konstantin Zaivelevich Lerner was born 28th February 1950 and died Hertzlia, Israel 24th September 2011.

Konstantin Lerner was twice Ukrainian Champion in 1978 and 1982 and finished 2nd behind Andrei Sokolov in 1984. He became a GM in 1986.

According to Konstantin Lerner's Wikipedia entry:

Lerner won or shared first place in many tournaments, among others at Polanica Zdrój 1985 and 1986 (Rubinstein Memorial), Tallinn 1986, Moscow 1986, Genova 1989, Copenhagen 1990, Gausdal 1992, Nikolaev 1995 (zonal), Berlin 1997, Graz 1997, Recklinghausen 1999, Bad Wörishofen 2000, Tel Aviv 2001 and 2002, Rishon Le Zion 2004, Giv'atayim 2005 (Ettinger Memorial), and Herzlia 2005 (Arye Urieli Memorial).

News of his death is reported by Yochanan Afek.

It's my sad duty to inform you that GM Konstantin Lerner passed away on Saturday evening (24/9) in Hertzlia Israel at the age of 61 following illness. In 2001 he immigrated to Israel with his wife Sara and son Andrey from Ukraine and played for the club of the city of Kfar- Saba.

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