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Two more games to go, Anand-Gelfand tied at 5 - 5

25th May 2012

Game 10 of the World Chess Championship


Viswanathan Anand was unable to gain any advantage from having the white pieces in the 10th game as it ended in yet another draw, leaving the match tied at 5-5 with two more games to go in the World Chess Championships (game 11 is Saturday 26 May and game 12 is on Monday 28 May).
Boris Gelfand equalised pretty quickly against Viswanathan Anand's Sicilian Rossolimo (3.Bb5) to hold the draw in only 25 moves. With just two games left, it is increasingly becoming a lottery. Anand, who had two whites in the last three games, now has just one in the remaining two. So that slight extra edge of two whites against one which existed before Thursday is now entirely even.


If the score remains level after 12 games, a tie-breaker will be held on Wednesday 30 May, with the grandmasters playing four matches with a shortened time limit of 60 minutes per player. If that fails to determine a winner, the next stage is Armageddon, whereby White gets five minutes while Black gets just four but is named the winner in the event of a draw.
Asked whether it's fair to decide the World championship match in tiebreaker, Anand retorted at the post-game press conference. "Don't forget that there are still two more games to go,".
For more information on the World Chess Championships click here.


Game 11 - 3pm Moscow time, 12pm BST, 07.00 EST Saturday 26th May 2012. CLICK HERE FOR LIVE COVERAGE


Click here to download games 1 to 10 of the World Chess Championship annotated by IM Malcolm Pein

To view this database of games you will need a ChessBase compatible database or playing program. If you don’t already have one you can download one by clicking here.

The Ultimate in Man Vs Machine

GM Alexander Grischuk takes on a chess robot

GM Alexander Grischuk and the chess-playing robot!


The Anand - Gelfand match is not the only World Chess Championships taking place in Moscow. Last Saturday saw the robot version of the chess world championships!

Kuka Monstr from Germany and Chesska from Russia faced off in a four-game match played at 5-minute blitz time-control. Incidentally, the Chesska robot was created by Konstantin Kosteniuk, father of former women's world champion Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Prior to the two robots facing off, former world championship candidate Alexander Grischuk and current world number 11 played six blitz games against KUKA.

An excellent video of one of these matches is embedded below:


Click below to play video:

Fischer-Spassky 1972 Auction

May 2012

An auction of notable chess equipment, some of which was used at the 1972 Fischer-Spassky match, is to be held in Copenhagen on 14 June by the Danish auction house Bruun Rasmussen ( The expected price for the equipment is between 215,000 and 320,000 US dollars. The chessboard up for auction is likely to be the most valuable item. It was first used in the celebrated third Fischer-Spassky game held backstage. Fischer was unhappy with the original stone and marble board used onstage for games one and two, and the board in the auction (which featured his first ever victory over Spassky) was subsequently used onstage in games 7-21.


The chess pieces and clock in the auction were not used for the main games but apparently in adjournment sessions (and what the auction house mysteriously calls ‘training sessions’).

The chess table and side tables in the auction were made immediately after the match but are to the same design as those used; the chess table was used for the 1977 Candidates’ match between Spassky and Hort. The chess table, board, pieces and clock used in the first game of the match remain in the National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik.




Free instructional article from Peter Lalic - courtesy of CHESS Magazine (Click here to download)

Instructional Material for the club player by CHESS Magazine columnist Peter Lalic

Click below to play video:


Peter presents hundreds of free lectures at

- with comprehensive courses on tactics, endgames, blindfold, analysed games and live blitz. The channel is aimed at players of 100-180 ECF grade, and has one thousand subscribers.

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In game 9 and 10 of this World Championship Match, the Nimzo-Indian and Sicilian Rossolimo were played respectively. Here's some material on it:


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Proud to annouce the launch of IM Malcolm Pein's youtube channel


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Malcolm Pein is the Daily Telegraph Chess Correspondent, Executive Editor of CHESS Magazine and founder of the London Chess Centre.


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