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Kasparov unlawful protest court case (Not Guilty)

Garry Kasparov found not guilty of unlawful protest

"Kasparov tells NYT that this is a historical judgement for Russia. Kasparov tells NYT he's going to press charges against police for illegal arrest, false testimony, slander. Case today help him" Photo © Ilya Mouzykantskii. |

Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov has been found not guilty of "unlawful protest" in a court appearance on 24th August just a week after his arrest whilst being interviewed outside the Pussy Riot trial on Friday 17th August, Ilya Mouzykantskii @ilyamuz Summer Contributing Reporter with @nytimes in Moscow was in court tweeting during the verdict. He initially reported a guilty verdict as the judge was hard to hear but then it became clear that the judge was highly critical of the prosecution case. In particular the police testimony on the timeline was directly contradicted by video evidence. Mig Greengard was also tweeting and was obviously pleased however he said that the "Bigger issue is whether or not prosecutors will go forward with absurd 'biting' case against Kasparov, which is a serious criminal charge." Kasparov will comment shortly on his Facebook page.

Video of Kasparov commenting in Russian after the verdict.

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