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World Chess Championship 2016 (5)

Karjakin gets his first winning chances in World Championship game 5

The fifth game of the World Chess Championship in New York finished in a draw after 51 moves leaving the match tied at 2.5-2.5.

Magnus Carlsen played the fashionable Giuoco Piano but it didn't really go his way for most of the game even though he'd clearly prepared it quite deeply. After 19.dxe5 Karjakin had a couple of interesting options 19...Qh4 which he played and 19...a5 but he then turned down sharp play with 20...Bxc5 and it looked like he was settling for another draw.

Black's position was pretty solid and it was here Carlsen, with a small edge started to drift and at first time control the position was level with black having the only chances in the position. Carlsen's 41.Kg2 was a poor move which gave Karjakin a serious advantage if he had used the opportunity to take the h-file. Karjakin's first comment after the game was he should have played 43...Rh8 instead of 43...Bd5. Carlsen had immediate equality with 44.Kg3 but there were scary variaitons and his 44.e6 worked well in practice. 45...Qe7 was played quickly and after 46.Rh2 real equality was established and the game had no further adventures and was drawn on move 51.

Carlsen admitted he made errors "I was lucky" and seemed very disappointed with his play.

Score Carlsen 2.5 Karjakin 2.5

Karjakin now has two games in a row with the white pieces so that the player with the white pieces directly after the rest day is changed.

Game 6 Friday 18th Nov 2pm local time 7pm UK time. Karjakin vs Carlsen.

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