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World Chess Championship 2016 (1)

Carlsen's Trompowsky neutralised as World Championship Game 1 is drawn

Carlsen and Karjakin draw the first game of their World Chess Championship match in New York.

Magnus Carlsen opened his World Championship defence against Sergey Karjakin with a small surprise when he chose the Trompowsky Attack. 1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5 doesn't hope for much of an advantage at this level and Carlsen got little or no edge.

Karjakin considered his options at move 6 before playing 6...e6 and 8.Nd2 was the first new move. 10...Na5 was interesting and Carlsen spent 15 minutes over 12.Qc2. After 14...Qd5 Carlsen had nothing better than to enter an endgame with 15.Nxc4 which was only very slightly better for white.

25.Ne1 perhaps didn't turn out as well for white as Carlsen had hoped. Perhaps the more natural try was 25.g4.

After 27.f4 h5 the game moved closer to equality. 31...a5 was an accurate move from Karjakin.

Carlsen fell behind on the clock for the first time. Rooks came off on move 35 and a draw seemed inevitable. Carlsen pressed a little with not much and Karjakin defended very solidly and the game was agreed drawn on move 42.

Score Magnus Carlsen 0.5 - Sergey Karjakin 0.5

Game 2 Karjakin-Carlsen 2pm local time 7pm UK time Saturday 12th November 2016

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