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World Chess Championship 2016 (7)

Carlsen holds second draw in a row with black in World Championship Game 7

The World Chess Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin remains tied after 7 draws.

Karjakin switched from 1.e4 to 1.d4 and Carlsen replied with the Slav Defence. This wasn't a complete surprise from either player but it soon became apparent that yet again Carlsen was the better prepared.

Carlsen's 10...Nc6 was a rare move only played once before and Karjakin's response 11.Nd2 was not a good one allowing black at least equality, if not a small edge. If Carlsen had wanted to try for more then probably 15...f5 was the try. As it was both players headed for an early finish when Carlsen played the pretty careless 16...Rc8? losing a pawn. As it was it didn't cause too much damage as the resulting endgame was very drawish, but Carlsen could have drawn from a position of strength with almost any other move. 19...Bf6 seemed to show Carlsen was on top of the task of drawing and the players agreed a draw on move 33.

Thus Carlsen has survived two games in a row with black with few scares and now has white in three of the last five games. Can he make this count?

Score Carlsen 3.5 Karjkin 3.5

Game 8 Monday 21st November 2pm local time 7pm New York Carlsen vs Karjakin

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