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World Chess Championship 2016 (2)

Carlsen holds Karjakin to a draw with black in World Championship Game 2

Sergey Karjakin played the Ruy Lopez in game two of the World Chess Championship, his first with white, and Magnus Carlsen repeated a classical line he had used to beat Veselin Topalov in June in the Grand Chess Tour rapid event in Paris.

The game itself wasn't that thrilling. Carlsen's 12...Re8 was a departure from his game against Topalov and 13.Ra1 was a new move by Karjakin played after some thought.

The game was pretty much equal after 19 moves and Karjakin's 22.Ne2 was a tacit draw offer. Carlsen tried to extend the game a little with 22...Bb4 rather than 22...Nxe4 but the game was nevertheless drawn by repetition in 33 moves.

Score Carlsen 1 Karjakin 1.

Game 3 Monday Carlsen-Karjakin 2pm local time 7pm UK time.

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