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World Chess Championship 2016 (4)

Carlsen frustrated again by Karjakin in World Championship game 4

Magnus Carlsen outplayed Sergey Karjakin with black and again achieved a winning position before failing to convert this advantage to a win in game 4 of the World Chess Championship in New York. This followed Karjakin's save in drawing the previous game.

There was a classical Ruy Lopez and Karjakin's 14.Ng3 was a novelty. 19.Bxc4 was a serious error from Karjakin leaving him under pressure. Carlsen kept fine control until 45...f4?! which left him with a stable advantage but one not sufficient for a win. Carlsen's first comment after the game was that he thought this won by force. 45...Be6 or 45...gxf4 should have led to a decisive advantage.

Carlsen tried for a long time after this but Karjakin held the fortress and the game was drawn in 94 moves.

Ir's hard to say who has the psychological advantage. Carlsen who failed to win two games in a row where he should have or Sergey Karjakin who managed to save these positions.

Standings after game 4 Carlsen 2 Karjakin 2.

Rest day Wednesday 16th November 2016.

Game 5 Carlsen-Karjakin Thursday 17th November 2016. 2pm local time, 7pm UK time.

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