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US Junior Championship 2014 (Games and Results)

US Junior Championship 2014

The US Junior Championship takes place 20th to 29th June 2014. Games and Results. Official site has video coverage. Kayden W Troff, Samuel Sevian, Jeffrey Xiong etc

US Junior Championship 2014 (Saint Louis USA)
Thu 19th Jun 2014 - Sun 29th Jun 2014 - Official Site

ch-USA Junior 2014 (10 players 9 Rds SRR Indiv ) - Games in PGN: Games

ch-USA Junior 2014 (10 players 9 Rds SRR Indiv ) - Games in PGN: Games


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ch-USA Junior 2014 Saint Louis USA Thu 19th Jun 2014 - Sun 29th Jun 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Troff, Kayden WGM249411½½011117.02567
2Sevian, SamuelIM2442001011½115.52432
3Bodek, Michael HFM23891½0½1½1105.52438
4Xiong, JeffreyIM243711½10100½5.02396
5Harmon-Vellotti, LukeIM24120111½00½½4.52356
6Ostrovskiy, Aleksandr AIM242301½½0½1½04.02311
7Shen, ArthurFM23310½00110013.52285
8Williams, Justus DFM227810½½½01003.52291
9Larson, Matthew WNM216000½½10½103.52304
10Colas, JoshuaNM224710½½000013.02249
10 players

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