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10th Tal Memorial 2016 (3)

Giri and Nepomniachtchi lead the Tal Memorial after 3 rounds

Anish Giri and Ian Nepomniachtchi lead the Tal Memorial with 2.5/3 after they both won in round 3.

Ian Nepomniachtchi beat Vladimir Kramnik in an English. Kramnik had more or less equalised when he blundered with 36...Bxf2? (36...Nxf2=) and lost two pieces for a rook. Kramnik couldn't save the resulting endgame.

Boris Gelfand grabbed a hot b2 pawn on the black side of a Moscow Variation Semi-Slav and his position quickly became difficult and then impossible after the wild 23...g5. It's possible the computer suggestion of 20...Bf6 was the only way to hold his position without serious disadvantage.

Anish Giri ground down Evgeny Tomashevsky from the smallest of edges in the endgame. The game started as a London System vs the Queen's Indian.

Aronian and Svidler drew a sharp Gruenfeld Li Chao and Anand drew in a Nimzo-Dutch.

Round 3 standings: Nepomniachtchi, Giri 2.5pts/3, Anand 2pts, Svidler, Li Chao, Aronian, Mamedyarov 1.5pts, Kramnik 1pt, Tomashevsky, Gelfand 0.5pts

Round 4 Friday 30th Sept 1pm UK time: Kramnik-Anand, Gelfand-Li, Tomashevsky-Mamedyatov, Svidler-Giri, Nepomniachtchi-Aronian

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