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10th Tal Memorial 2016 (5)

Anish Giri retains the lead after Tal Memorial Round 5

Anish Giri had to be satisfied with a draw against Ian Nepomniachtchi in a Gruenfeld Russian System. 22.Rc1 was new to the elite level. Giri was a little unhappy he didn't make more of his edge but had to make do with an extra pawn in a Rook and Pawn endgame which could have been tricky but Nepomniachtchi's technique was excellent.

Viswanathan Anand came armed with a novelty 15.Ne4! in the Rossolimo Sicilian, improving over a previous game of his opponent Boris Gelfand. Anand then executed an excellent long term plan to dominate the dark squares. Anand then gave up his bishop so he had four pawns for a bishop with a pair of rooks also. The endgame doesn't look savable and Anand won in 58 moves.

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov tried an anti-Gruenfeld system against Peter Svidler he'd previously used against Fabiano Caruana. Svidler however gradually took the advantage and was annoyed he chose 32...Bxe6 rather than 32...Kh9 which allowed Mamedyarov to trade into a holdable endgame.

Li Chao against Evgeny Tomashevsky was a Nimzo-Indian that converted to a closed Benoni structure where black held comfortably enough.

The final game to finish was an English between Levon Aronian and Vladimir Kramnik. They reached a rook and pawn endgame where Aronian had an extra pawn but not many winning chances.

Round 5 Standings: 1st Giri 4pts/5, 2nd Nepomniachtchi 3.5pts 3rd-4th Anand, Li Chao3pts 5th-7th Kramnik, Aronian, Mamedyarov 2.5pts, 8th Svidler 2pts 9th Tomashevsky 1.5pts 10th Gelfand 0.5pts

Round 6 pairings: 1pm UK time Sunday 2nd Oct 2016: Kramnik-Gelfand, Tomashevsky-Anand, Svidler-Li, Nepomniachtchi-Mamedyarov, Aronian-Giri

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