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Schachbundesliga German League 2011-12 (4-5)

Schachbundesliga Rounds 4-5 19th-20th November

Schachbundesliga German League 2011-12.

Schachbundesliga German League 2011-12. |

The 4th and 5th round of the Schachbundesliga take place 19th-20th November 2011. There are matches at the venues Hockenheim, Dortmund, Solingen and Berlin-Tegel. The top match of the weekend will take place in Solingen where the hosts will meet the German champion of the last six years, OSG Baden-Baden. Baden-Baden lost one match at the beginning of the season against Muelheim and is surely not looking for any further surprises.

Playing venue: Stadtsparkasse Solingen, Koelner Str. 72, 42651 Solingen

4th round: Saturday, 19th of November 2011, 2pm
SG Solingen-OSG Baden-Baden
SC Remagen-SG Trier
5th round: Sunday, 20th of November 2011, 10 am
OSG Baden-Baden-SC Remagen
SG Trier-SG Solingen

One of the best players in the history of chess will attend the matches in Hockenheim. Anatoly Karpov is a member of the host team and will be present during the 4th and 5th round. The matches will take place at the Hockenheim-Ring where normally motorsport events are organised. All four teams are considered to be of nearly equal strength, so close fights can be expected.

Playing venue: Baden-Wuerttemberg-Center am Hockenheim Ring, Am Motodrom 1, 68766 Hockenheim

4th round: Saturday, 19th of November 2011, 2pm
SV Hockenheim-SV Muelheim Nord
SC Eppingen-SF Katernberg
5th round: Sunday, 20th of November 2011, 10 am
SV Muelheim Nord-SC Eppingen
SF Katernberg-SV Hockenheim

It is in Dortmund that potentially the most interesting match will take place on Sunday. Wattenscheid - top of the table after three rounds - encounters Werder Bremen.

Playing venue: TuS Eintracht 1848/95 Korporation zu Dortmund, Viktor-Toyka-Str. 6, 44137 Dortmund

4th round: Saturday, 19th of November 2011, 2pm
SC Hansa Dortmund-SV Werder Bremen
SV Wattenscheid-SK Turm Emsdetten
5th round: Sunday, 20th of November 2011, 10 am
SV Werder Bremen-SV Wattenscheid
SK Turm Emsdetten-SC Hansa Dortmund

In Berlin all four teams are considered to be fighting relegation this season. In this regard every encounter is of high importance.

Playing venue: Hotel am Borsigturm, Am Borsigturm 1, 13307 Berlin

4th round: Saturday, 19th of November 2011, 2pm
SK Koenig Tegel-Hamburger SK
USV TU Dresden-SF Berlin
5th round: Sunday, 20th of November 2011, 10 am
Hamburger SK-USV TU Dresden
SF Berlin-SK Koenig Tegel

Live coverage: All matches of the Schachbundesliga are covered live by the official Liveportal. All games are analyzed by one of the strongest engines in the world - Houdini 2.0.

Standings after three rounds
1SV Wattenscheid6
2SG Solingen5
3OSG Baden-Baden4
4SF Berlin4
5Werder Bremen4
6SC Eppingen4
7SF Katernberg4
8SV 1930 Hockenheim3
9Muelheim Nord3
10SK Koenig Tegel3
11Turm Emsdetten3
12USV TU Dresden2
13SG Trier1
14SC Hansa Dortmund1
15Hamburger SK1
16SC Remagen0

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