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Schachbundesliga 2010-11 (10-11)

Schachbundesliga 2010-11 Rounds 10 and 11

Arkadij Naiditsch plays for the favourites Baden-Baden this weekend. Photo ©

Arkadij Naiditsch plays for the favourites Baden-Baden this weekend. Photo © |

The 10th and 11th rounds of 15 of the Schachbundesliga take place 26th-27th February 2011. Georgios Souleidis previews.

Preliminary decisions

On 26th and 27th of February the 10th and 11th round of the Schachbundesliga will take place. Take a look at the pairings at the venues Bremen, Griesheim, Solingen and Aue.

By Georgios Souleidis

The most important match of the weekend will take place in Bremen. The only serious contender of Baden-Baden is facing the strong team of Muelheim. Bremen needs to win in order not to loose the contact to the top of the table. The match starts on Saturday on 2pm and will be broadcastedlivein the net as any other games from the Schachbundesliga.

Playing venue: Swissotel Bremen, Hillmannplatz 20, 28195 Bremen

10th round: Saturday, 26th of February 2011, 2pm
Werder Bremen - SV Muelheim Nord
Delmenhorster SK - SF Katernberg

11th round: Sunday, 27th of February 2011,

SV Muelhein Nord - Delmenhorster SK
SF Katernberg - Werder Bremen

At the playing venue Solingen the host team will face Hamburg and Berlin. Solingen ist one of the strongest teams in the league and is aiming to qualify fot the European Club Cup. An interesting match will take place between Berlin and Remagen. Both teams are fighting against relegation.

Playing venue: Stadtsparkasse Solingen, Kölner Str. 72, 42631 Solingen

10th round: Saturday, 26th of February 2011, 2pm
SG Solingen - Hamburger SK
SC Remagen - SF Berlin

11th round: Sunday, 27th of February 2011,

Hamburger SK - SC Remagen
SF Berlin - SG Solingen

At the playing venue Griesheim the top duo Baden-Baden/Eppingen will face the duo Trier/Griesheim. This two teams surprised throughout the season with some unexpected results and will be hard rivals to beat for the favourites. As usual the lineups from Baden-Baden and the teams at the same venue are published in advance.

Playing venue: Buergerhaus St. Stephan, Am St. Stephansplatz 26, 64337 Griesheim

10th round: Saturday, 26th of February 2011, 2pm

SV Griesheim OSG Baden-Baden
1 Aleksander Mista 2574 Etienne Bacrot 2716
2 Marcin Tazbir 2523 Peter-Heine Nielsen 2670
3 Piotr Murdzia 2477 Arkadij Naiditsch 2674
4 Miroslaw Grabarczyk 2475 Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu 2683
5 Bogdan Grabarczyk 2448 Georg Meier 2659
6 Krzysztof Bulski 2459 Jan Gustafsson 2646
7 Julian Geske 2364 Fabian Döttling 2579
8 Stefan Walter 2321 Philipp Schlosser 2574
SG Trier SC Eppingen
1 Constantin Lupulescu 2617 Ferenc Berkes 2678
2 Lukasz Cyborowski 2531 Csaba Balogh 2608
3 Pawel Jaracz 2543 Evgeny Postny 2595
4 Laszlo Gonda 2550 Arik Braun 2538
5 Ruediger Seger 2416 Robert Ruck 2555
6 Andrei Nestor Cioara 2426 Namig Guliyev 2510
7 Miklos Galyas 2484 Zoltan Medvegy 2531
8 Dietmar Kolbus 2332 Elisabeth Pähtz 2467

11th round: Sunday, 27th of February 2011, 10am

OSG Baden-Baden SG Trier
1 Etienne Bacrot 2716 Constantin Lupulescu 2617
2 Peter-Heine Nielsen 2670 Lukasz Cyborowski 2531
3 Arkadij Naiditsch 2674 Pawel Jaracz 2543
4 Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu 2683 Laszlo Gonda 2550
5 Georg Meier 2659 Ruediger Seger 2416
6 Jan Gustafsson 2646 Andrei Nestor Cioara 2426
7 Fabian Döttling 2579 Miklos Galyas 2484
8 Philipp Schlosser 2574 Dietmar Kolbus 2332
SC Eppingen SV Griesheim
1 Ferenc Berkes 2678 Aleksander Mista 2574
2 Csaba Balogh 2608 Marcin Tazbir 2523
3 Evgeny Postny 2595 Piotr Murdzia 2477
4 Arik Braun 2538 Miroslaw Grabarczyk 2475
5 Robert Ruck 2555 Bogdan Grabarczyk 2448
6 Namig Guliyev 2510 Krzysztof Bulski 2459
7 Zoltan Medvegy 2531 Julian Geske 2364
8 Elisabeth Pähtz 2467 Stefan Walter 2321

At the playing venue Aue most teams are playing against relegation and so some very hardfought matches can be awaited. Especially Bayern Munich has to score in order to have chances to survive.

Playing venue: Aula der Mittelschule Aue-Zelle, Agrikolastraße 5, 08280 Aue

10th round: Saturday, 26th of February 2011, 2pm
ESV Nickelhuette Aue - SK Turm Emsdetten
Bayern Muenchen - SV Wattenscheid

11th round: Sunday, 27th of February 2011, 10am
SK Turm Emsdetten - Bayern Muenchen
SV Wattenscheid - ESV Nickelhuette Aue

Live coverage:

All games of the Schachbundesliga are covered live in the internet. This season the games are presented within a newlive portal. Its possible to follow any game just by one click and all games are analyzed by one of the strongest engines in the world - Rybka 4. Also its possible to download all games by one click.


Rank Team P
1. OSG Baden-Baden 17
2. Werder Bremen 15
3. SC Eppingen 15
4. SG Solingen 14
5. Muelheim Nord 14
6. SF Katernberg 10
7. SG Trier 10
8. Hamburger SK 9
9. SV Wattenscheid 9
10. Turm Emsdetten 7
11. SF Berlin 6
12. Nickelhuette Aue 6
13. SV Griesheim 6
14. SC Remagen 4
15. Bayern Muenchen 2
16. Delmenhorster SK 0

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