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Schachbundesliga 2010-11 (14-15)

Final Weekend of the Bundesliga 2010-11

Top scorer in the Bundesliga Arkadij Naiditsch.

Top scorer in the Bundesliga Arkadij Naiditsch. |

The final rounds 14 and 15 of the Schachbundesliga took place 9th-10th April 2011. OSC Baden-Baden had a two point lead over Werder Bremen (who they met on Saturday and beat 5-3) and SC Eppingen. (Shirov-Eljanov and Svidler Gashimov were the top pairings, Baden Baden player is first named). There would have been a play-off if the teams finish level on match points. Arkadij Naiditsch (OSG Baden-Baden) made 13.5 out of 15 to be the top scorer winning both his final weekend games. Bremen beat Eppingen in Round 15 to take 2nd place on tie-break. OSG Baden-Baden routed Delmenhorster SK who were relegated with no points to win the title for a 6th time and were four points clear. The conceded just one match draw throughout the season. See the body of the article for Georgios Souleidis' preview of the round.

Showdown in Baden-Baden by Georgios Souleidis (Editor Website Schachbundesliga)

At 9th and 10th of April the 14th and 15th round of the Schachbundesliga will take place. The title bout will take place in Baden-Baden where the German champion faces his strongest contender Werder Bremen.

By Georgios Souleidis

The red carpet is rolled out in Baden-Baden. The German champion awaits his hardest rival to fight for the title in the Schachbundesliga. At the 14th round the best German teams meet each other for the top match of the season 2010/11. Both teams will compete with their nearly strongest lineup. All chess fans can await a hard fought battle between two teams which consists only of players in the top 100 of the world ranking. Theoretically speaking the team of SC Eppingen has also chances to win the title but will compete in Baden-Baden with a weakened formation. Take a look at the crucial pairings concerning the fight for the title in the highest German chess league.

14th round: Saturday, 9th of April 2011, 2pm

OSG Baden-Baden Werder Bremen
1 Alexei Shirov 2749* Pavel Eljanov 2761
2 Peter Svidler 2731 Vugar Gashimov 2719
3 Sergei Movsesian 2723 Zahar Efimenko 2683
4 Etienne Bacrot 2716 Laurent Fressinet 2718
5 Michael Adams 2728 Luke McShane 2657
6 Peter-Heine Nielsen 2670 Alexander Areshchenko 2664
7 Francisco Vallejo Pons 2697 Michael Roiz 2637
8 Arkadij Naiditsch 2674 Tomi Nyback 2635
SC Eppingen Delmenhorster SK
1 Sergei Tiviakov 2637 Bartlomiej Heberla 2534
2 Evgeny Postny 2595 Tobias Jugelt 2409
3 Arik Braun 2538 Markus Lammers 2395
4 Robert Ruck 2555 Michal Luch 2335
5 Namig Guliyev 2510 Malte Meyer 2348
6 Zoltan Medvegy 2531 Florian Mossakowski 2335
7 Elisabeth Paehtz 2467 David Höffer 2259
8 Christian Mann 2444 Alex Isakson 1958

15th round: Sunday, 10th of April 2011, 10am

Werder Bremen SC Eppingen
1 Pavel Eljanov 2761 Sergei Tiviakov 2637
2 Vugar Gashimov 2719 Evgeny Postny 2595
3 Zahar Efimenko 2683 Arik Braun 2538
4 Laurent Fressinet 2718 Robert Ruck 2555
5 Luke McShane 2657 Namig Guliyev 2510
6 Alexander Areshchenko 2664 Zoltan Medvegy 2531
7 Michael Roiz 2637 Elisabeth Paehtz 2467
8 Tomi Nyback 2635 Christian Mann 2444
Delmenhorster SK OSG Baden-Baden
1 Bartlomiej Heberla 2534 Alexei Shirov 2749
2 Tobias Jugelt 2409 Peter Svidler 2731
3 Markus Lammers 2395 Sergei Movsesian 2723
4 Michal Luch 2335 Etienne Bacrot 2716
5 Malte Meyer 2348 Michael Adams 2728
6 Florian Mossakowski 2335 Peter-Heine Nielsen 2670
7 David Höffer 2259 Francisco Vallejo Pons 2697
8 Tobias Sturm 2037 Arkadij Naiditsch 2674

The fight against relegation will take place in Hamburg and Aue. The teams of Griesheim, Remagen, Berlin and Aue fight for two remaining places in the Schachbundesliga. Here are the parings in Hamburg and Aue.

Playing venue: Kasino der Signal Iduna, Kapstadtring 8, 22297 Hamburg

Saturday, 9th of April, 2 pm, 14th Round

Hamburger SK - SG Trier

SF Berlin - SV Griesheim

Sunday, 10th of April, 10 am, 15th Round

SG Trier - SF Berlin

SV Griesheim - Hamburger SK

Playing venue: Aula der Mittelschule Aue-Zelle, Agrikolastraße 5, 08280 Aue

Saturday, 9th of April, 2 pm, 14th Round

Nickelhuette Aue - SG Solingen

Bayern Muenchen - SC Remagen

Sunday, 10th of April, 10 am, 15th Round

SG Solingen - Bayern Muenchen

SC Remagen - Nickelhuette Aue

In the fourth playing venue of the last weekend of the season all teams fight for the prestige achieving the best possible ranking in the table.

Playing venue: Haus der Evangelischen Kirche, III. Hagen 39, 45127 Essen

Saturday, 9th of April, 2 pm, 14th Round

SF Katernberg - SK Turm Emsdetten

SV Muelheim Nord - SV Wattenscheid

Sunday, 10th of April, 10 am, 15th Round

SK Turm Emsdetten - SV Muelheim Nord

SV Wattenscheid - SF Katernberg

Live coverage:

All games of the Schachbundesliga are covered live in the internet. This season the games are presented within a new live portal. Its possible to follow any game just by one click and all games are analyzed by one of the strongest engines in the world - Rybka 4. Also its possible to download all games by one click.

Standings after 13 rounds

Rank Team Points
1. OSG Baden-Baden 25
2. Werder Bremen 23
3. SC Eppingen 23
4. SG Solingen 20
5. Muelheim Nord 16
6. Turm Emsdetten 15
7. SG Trier 14
8. SV Wattenscheid 13
9. Hamburger SK 12
10. SF Katernberg 12
11. SV Griesheim 10
12. SC Remagen 8
13. SF Berlin 7
14. Nickelhuette Aue 6
15. Bayern Muenchen 4
16. Delmenhorster SK 0

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