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PokerStars IoM Masters 2014 (Games and Results)

PokerStars IoM Masters 2014

The PokerStars IoM Masters took place 4th to 12th October 2014. Leading players: Michael Adams, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Laurent Fressinet, Gabriel Sargissian, Julio E Granda Zuniga, Sergei Tiviakov, Gawain C B Jones, David W L Howell, Nigel D Short, Abhijeet Gupta, Daniel Fridman, Mihail Marin, Tiger Hillarp Persson, Alon Greenfeld, Mark L Hebden, Jonathan Hawkins, Anatoly Vaisser, etc. Games and results. Nigel Short fell out of the top 100 in September but made a quick return with an impressive victory with 7.5/9 a point clear of the field. On Short's twitter account he commented "Nice to be back in the top 100 (85th) after briefly exiting for the 1st time in 30 years. I am ecstatic. So pleased with my result. Actually I would have contented just to stop the rot. But I know I can play well when not distracted."

PokerStars Isle of Man International 2014 (Douglas ENG)
Sat 4th Oct 2014 - Sun 12th Oct 2014 - Official Site - Live

PokerStars IoM Masters (9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:100:50:15+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games

PokerStars Major 2014 (7 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:100:50:15+30spm(1))

PokerStars Minor 2014 (7 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:100:50:15+30spm(1))

PokerStars IoM Masters (9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 100:50:15+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games


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PokerStars IoM Masters 2014 Douglas ENG Sat 4th Oct 2014 - Sun 12th Oct 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
19Short Nigel DENG26467.5
23Fressinet LaurentFRA27136.5
6Tiviakov SergeiNED26686.5
8Howell David W LENG26576.5
21Popilski GilISR24936.5
61Adams MichaelENG27586.0
2Vachier-Lagrave MaximeFRA27576.0
4Sargissian GabrielARM26906.0
7Jones Gawain C BENG26646.0
16Hawkins JonathanENG25336.0
57Merry Alan BENG22696.0
1210Gupta AbhijeetIND26405.5
11Fridman DanielGER26355.5
12Marin MihailROU25835.5
13Hillarp Persson TigerSWE25555.5
14Greenfeld AlonISR25425.5
18Harika DronavalliIND25285.5
19Tarjan James EUSA25255.5
23Gormally Daniel WENG24885.5
24Smith Bryan GUSA24825.5
28Van Foreest JordenNED24555.5
58Mindlin AlonISR22595.5
235Granda Zuniga Julio EPER26745.0
15Hebden Mark LENG25405.0
17Vaisser AnatolyFRA25315.0
20Boruchovsky AvitalISR25015.0
22Raznikov DannyISR24925.0
25Paehtz ElisabethGER24775.0
30Arkell Keith CENG24505.0
31Steinberg NitzanISR24355.0
34Nakar EylonISR24245.0
37L'ami AlinaROU23865.0
38Kobo OriISR23805.0
54Veinberg NimrodISR22895.0
3527Williams Simon KENG24574.5
32Givon AsafISR24314.5
33Skripchenko AlmiraFRA24294.5
35Ferguson MarkENG24144.5
39Ansell Simon TENG23704.5
48Duncan Chris RENG23194.5
55Afek YochananISR22874.5
4229Jedynak RadoslawPOL24534.0
36Reshef OmerISR23974.0
40Cox John JENG23684.0
41Haimovich TalISR23654.0
42Peek MarcelNED23594.0
45Mannion Stephen RSCO23474.0
46Wallis ChristopherAUS23474.0
47Tate AlanSCO23204.0
50Kolbus DietmarGER23164.0
77 players

PokerStars Major 2014 (7 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 100:50:15+30spm(1))

PokerStars Minor 2014 (7 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 100:50:15+30spm(1))

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